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Medical Operations Committee


									                             Medical Operations Committee

Committee Purpose AND MEMBERSHIP

The Medical Operations Committee (MOC) was established by the Board of Trustees to provide
objective, unbiased oversight of all aspects of the medical missions/programs for Physicians for
Peace. The MOC shall consist of a diverse spectrum of medical specialties, healthcare
professionals, and other thought leaders relevant to Physicians for Peace (PFP).

              •       A summary of the Medical Operations Committee responsibilities
              •       Oversee medical missions/programs

                      •     Recommend, as required, country/regional plans to the Executive
              Committee for inclusion in Strategic Plan, and, once approved, oversee execution
              of the plans

                     •       Evaluate new mission proposals against predetermined criteria,
              recommend to the Executive Committee those countries/regions in which
              Physicians for Peace will operate

                      •      Oversee continuing Missions/Programs

                     •       Review (mission funding) budgets and funding sources as

                      •      Establish a medical Mission/Program outcome assessment and
              quality assurance program

              •       Oversee volunteers

                     •       Oversee and manage a predetermined and appropriate
              credentialing process

                      •      Oversee professional review process
                        •      Oversee a volunteer recognition orientation and training program

                •       Oversee gifts-in-kind, supplies, and materials

             •       Oversee the submission of articles to peer-reviewed journals regarding
       medical missions/programs


All education missions must support those core priority areas as identified by the Strategic Plan.

       Maternal and Child Health

       Walking Free

Burn Care

       Resource Mothers

All clinical care missions must support the following core program areas:

       Seeing Clearly


       Infectious Diseases


All mission proposals that fall within these eight core priority areas will be thoroughly reviewed
and vetted by the staff in concert with the team leader and submitted to the MOC for

Mission/Program proposals submitted to the MOC for approval should have a plan that details
evidence-based outcome measures, a plan for evaluating those measures, and a budget. The
MOC will evaluate, then prioritize and approve/disapprove or postpone proposed medical
Missions/Programs. To be approved, each proposal must meet the following minimally
acceptable criteria:
               •      Adherence to PFP mission, vision, and values and within core program

              •        Geographic equity – location of the country and its ranking on the United
       Nations’ Human Development Index – particular emphasis should be placed on countries
       ranked in the lower third of the United Nations’ Human Health Development Index,
       although countries not ranked in the lower third will not automatically be disqualified

             •      Be “sponsored/invited” by a competent authority (e.g., MOH, host country
       NGO, teaching hospital, etc.) and provide in-country support

                      •       Providing resources and support within the limits of the
               organization for the team/mission e.g., lodging, meals, in-country transportation,

                •       Host contact with local hospital, university, or institution/organization
       affiliation in-country

               •       Contributes to the overall quality of the medical Mission/Program as
       identified in the strategic plan

               •      Sustainability/replicability

               •      Medical Education – has a medical/health education and/or training focus

               •      Safety of the area and what potential danger there is for the team

              •        Financial viability (proposals need to identify how the mission would be
       funded, e.g., self pay, mission fund, donations)

               •      Identifies country and mission focus/patient population needing/requesting

              •       Addresses a problem or question that arises out of a specific, unmet health
       care need

             •       Identifies and addresses any potential limiting factors (cultural, religious,
       medical, and political) unique to specific host country

All mission/program proposals shall include reasonable evidence-based outcome measures.
MOC will determine the effectiveness of each Mission/Program based on the attainment of the
stated goals and measures identified in the written report submitted by the team leader following
the completion of the Mission/Program.

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