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Grant/Funding Source            Hyperlink              Description                                                                            Deadline
NLM Express Research Grants http://grants.nih.gov/ The National Library of Medicine supports research grants that advance the                 5th of Feb.,
                                   grants/guide/pa- sciences of biomedical informatics and bioinformatics. Informatics is                     June and
in Biomedical Informatics (R01)
                                     files/PAR-08-                                                                                            October
                                         080.html      concerned with the optimal management of information, and in practice is
                                                       usually located at the intersection of computer and information sciences with
                                                       an application domain such as health care, public health, basic biomedical
                                                       research or clinical translational research.
Research on the Economics of    http://grants.nih.gov/ Funding opportunities in the area of energy balance (i.e., the relationship            Feb. 5; June 5;
                                   grants/guide/pa- between diet, physical activity, and body composition) known to researchers               Oct. 5
Diet, Activity, and Energy
Balance (R01)                                          with expertise and experience in health economics, health services, and
                                                       econometric modeling (including multi-level analyses) who otherwise might
                                                       not be aware of the opportunity to apply their disciplines and efforts
                                                       collectively to this area of research. Obesity has become a major focus of
                                                       public health efforts at the national, State, and local levels. The major focus
                                                       of this FOA is to solicit projects that enhance the state-of-the-science on the
                                                       causes of obesity and to inform Federal decision making on effective public
                                                       health interventions for reducing the rate of obesity in the United States. This
                                                       FOA is also intended to promote collaborative activities between researchers
                                                       trained in economics and researchers specializing in public health, cancer,
                                                       cardiovascular diseases, and other chronic diseases so that the desired goals
                                                       can be more efficiently, quickly, and successfully attained.
Nanoscience and                     http://grants.nih.gov/   This funding opportunity (FOA) is aimed at enhancing nanoscience and              Feb. 5
                                       grants/guide/pa-      nanotechnology research focused on problems in biology and medicine.
Nanotechnology in Biology and
Medicine (R01)                                               Nanoscience and nanotechnology refer to research and development on the
                                                             understanding and control of matter at a length scale of approximately 1 - 100
                                                             nanometers, where novel properties and functions occur because of the size. A
                                                             major challenge facing medicine is to develop novel and more sophisticated
                                                             approaches for the diagnosis, treatment and management of an array of
                                                             diseases and traumatic injuries. Nanotechnology and nanoscience have the
                                                             capacity to drive a new wave of medical innovation through the engineering of
                                                             bioactive nanoscale structures, processes and systems based on the
                                                             advancement of our understanding of biology at the nanoscale.
Research on Terrorism               http://www.ncjrs.gov     NIJ is seeking applications for funding to conduct social science research on Feb. 5
                                    /pdffiles1/nij/sl00081   terrorism that will inform national criminal justice policy and practice.
                                                             Proposed research should aim to improve criminal justice and first-responder
                                                             strategies for preventing, preparing for, responding to, and mitigating terrorist
                                                             incidents at the Federal, State, and local levels. Applications may address
                                                             either domestic or international terrorism, but research should have direct,
                                                             immediate, and obvious implications for criminal justice policy and practice in
                                                             the United States.
Technology and Methods              http://grants.nih.gov/   The National Human Genome Research Institute (NHGRI), along with the              Feb. 5
                                       grants/guide/pa-      National Institute on Deafness and Other Communication Disorders (NIDCD),
Development for Genomics,
Population Genomics and ELSI                                 the National Institute of Dental and Craniofacial Research (NIDCR) and the
(R01)                                                        National Institute of Mental Health (NIMH) invites grant applications for
                                                             research related to genomics, including analysis of genome structure and
                                                             function, genetic variation, population genomics, and ELSI (ethical, legal, and
                                                             social implications). NHGRI places a high priority on research projects that
                                                             address technology and methods development in all relevant areas, new
                                                             approaches to bioinformatics that facilitate data management and data
                                                             dissemination, new computational biology approaches to data analysis, new
                                                             strategies to apply genomics to clinical problems, new approaches that
                                                             combine genomics and population studies, and studies of the ethical, legal and
                                                             social implications of genomics research including the exploration of new
                                                             policy approaches to address social issues raised by new capabilities in
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Landing Sensor Advanced            http://prod.nais.nasa    The National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) Langley                   Feb. 5
                                          .gov/cgi-         Research Center (LaRC) plans to release a NASA Research Announcement
Component Technologies
                                      ?acqid=127873         (NRA) for the Explopration Technology Technology Development Program
                                                            Autonomous Landing and Hazard Avoidance Technology Project. The
                                                            purpose of this NRA is to solicit partners to research, develop, and
                                                            demonstrate component- and subsystem-level technologies specifically related
                                                            to ALHAT that will increase performance, reduce risk, cost, size, and mass of
                                                            a state of the art sensor capable of enabling a descent vehicle to autonomously
                                                            perform a safe and accurate landing.
Healthy Eating Research:           http://www.rwjf.org/a    Healthy Eating Research is a national program of the Robert Wood Johnson           Feb. 6
                                   pplications/solicited/   Foundation The program supports research on environmental and policy
Building Evidence to Prevent
Childhood Obesity                  =EMC-FA138               strategies to promote healthy eating among children to prevent childhood
                                                            obesity, especially among low-income and racial/ethnic populations at highest
                                                            risk for obesity. Findings are expected to advance RWJF’s efforts to reverse
                                                            the childhood obesity epidemic by 2015. Round 3 funding focuses on policy
                                                            and environmental studies in four areas: Food pricing and economic
                                                            approaches; Food and beverage marketing and promotion; Interventions and
                                                            policies to increase access to affordable healthy foods in low-income
                                                            communities; and Evaluations of other promising food-related policy and
                                                            environmental strategies.
RGK Foundation Education,          http://www.rgkfound      RGK Foundation awards grants in the broad areas of Education, Community,           Feb. 8
                                   ation.org/guidelines.    and Medicine/Health. The Foundation's primary interests within Education
Community, and
Medicine/Health                                             include programs that focus on formal K-12 education (particularly
                                                            mathematics, science and reading), teacher development, literacy, and higher
Hispanic-Serving Institutions      http://www.csrees.u      This competitive grants program is intended to promote and strengthen the          Feb. 8
                                   sda.gov/funding/rfas     ability of Hispanic-Serving Institutions to carry out higher education programs
Education Grants Program
                                                            in the food and agricultural sciences. Programs aim to attract outstanding
                                                            students and produce graduates capable of enhancing the Nation's food and
                                                            agricultural scientific and professional work force. EXECUTIVE
                                                            SUMMARY: CSREES requests applications for the Hispanic-Serving
                                                            Institutions Education Grants Program (HSI) for fiscal year (FY) 2008 to
                                                            promote and strengthen the ability of Hispanic-Serving Institutions to carry out
                                                            higher education programs that attract, retain, and graduate outstanding
                                                            students capable of enhancing the nation’s food and agricultural scientific and
                                                            professional work force. CSREES anticipates the total amount available for
                                                            support of the HSI in FY 2008 will be approximately $5.5 million.
Broadening Participation           http://www.nsf.gov/p
                                                      With the goal of broadening participation to all engineers including members Feb. 8
                                   ubs/2007/nsf07589/ from groups underrepresented in the engineering disciplines, the Directorate
Research Initiation Grants in
Engineering                                           for Engineering (ENG) at NSF offers a research initiation grant funding
                                                      opportunity. These grants are intended to increase the diversity of researchers
                                                      who apply for and receive ENG funding to initiate research programs early in
                                                      their careers, including those from under-represented groups, engineers at
                                                      minority serving institutions, and persons with disabilities.
Career Development Grants in   http://grants.nih.gov/ The National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health (NIOSH), Centers      Feb. 12; June
                                 grants/guide/pa- for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) invite grant applications for              12; Oct. 12
Occupational Safety and Health
Research (K01)                         070.html       research career development related to occupational safety and health. The
                                                      goal of the NIOSH research program is to support research that is relevant and
                                                      of high quality, and will have an impact in reducing occupational disease and
                                                      injury. This program is intended to contribute to this goal by facilitating the
                                                      preparation of the next generation of occupational safety and health
                                                      researchers. Emphasis for funding is placed on projects that specifically
                                                      address the priority goals of the NIOSH National Occupational Research
                                                      Agenda (NORA) which is described at http://www.cdc.gov/niosh/programs/.
                                                      This industrial sector-based agenda has been developed to focus resources on
                                                      priority problems that significantly impact the illness and injury burden on
                                                      United States (US) workers. Research training supported by this
                                                      announcement may include a wide range of training modalities reflecting the
                                                      diverse approaches needed to effectively address occupational safety and
                                                      health problems.
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Proactive Species Conservation     http://www.grants.go The Proactive Species Conservation Program supports voluntary conservation Feb. 12
                                   v/search/search.do;j efforts designed to conserve marine and anadromous species before they reach
                                   Mr9HSppY5hv1WQ the point at which listing as threatened or endangered under the Endangered
                                   pJWJSc3msR119fv Species Act (ESA) becomes necessary. Such proactive conservation efforts
                                   FYJgvPP3TKjs87Lf!- can serve as an efficient, non-regulatory, and cost-effective means of
                                   1420172016?oppId= managing potentially at-risk species. To raise awareness of potentially at-risk
                                                        species and to foster their proactive conservation, the NMFS created a `species
                                                       of concern' list in April 2004 (69 FR 19975). `Species of concern' are species
                                                       that are potentially at risk of becoming threatened or endangered or may
                                                       potentially require protections under the ESA, yet for which sufficient data are
                                                       lacking. The species-of- concern status carries no procedural or regulatory
                                                       protections under the ESA. The list of species of concern and descriptions of
                                                       each species are available at
ONR 312 Electronic Warfare         http://www.grants.go ONR 312 Electronic Warfare (EW) seeks white papers for efforts that shall   Feb. 12
                                   v/search/search.do;j develop and demonstrate technologies for the next generation components and
(EW) Seeks White Papers
                                   Mr9HSppY5hv1WQ systems in Electronic Warfare. Although white papers addressing any truly
                                   pJWJSc3msR119fv innovative EW S&T will be considered, the primary emphasis of this BAA is
                                   FYJgvPP3TKjs87Lf!- on Advanced Radio Frequency (RF) Countermeasures Technology and
                                   1420172016?oppId= Techniques. Proposed efforts should focus on development of technology and
                                                        techniques to counter advanced threat radar and RF threat guidance systems
                                                       employing waveform diversity, imaging techniques, passive
                                                       detection/tracking, and advanced Electronic Protection (EP) features. The
                                                       scope also includes multi-spectral threats and countermeasures to Integrated
                                                       Air Defense Systems (IADS), as well as methods to monitor and assess the
                                                       effectiveness of countermeasures on threat systems in real-time.
NCI Transition Career        http://grants.nih.gov/ This Funding Opportunity Announcement (FOA) represents the continuation            Feb. 12 &
                               grants/guide/pa- of an NCI program to make possible the diversification of the cancer research June 12
Development Award to Promote
Diversity (K22)                      047.html       workforce via facilitation of the transition of investigators from minority
                                                    groups underrepresented in biomedical research, primarily those with clinical
                                                    doctoral degrees as well as those with doctoral degrees working in the areas of
                                                    cancer prevention, control, behavioral, or population science research, from
                                                    the mentored stage of career development in academic cancer research to the
                                                    independent stage. This goal is achieved by providing protected time through
                                                    salary and research support for 3 years to: postdoctoral individuals or junior
                                                    faculty in mentored positions transitioning into their first independent position;
                                                    and investigators within the first 2 years of their first independent cancer
                                                    research position, to initiate and develop their independently-supported cancer
                                                    research programs.
Promoting Careers In Aging and http://grants.nih.gov/ The goals of NIH-supported career development programs are to help ensure Feb. 12
                                 grants/guide/pa- that diverse pools of highly trained scientists are available in adequate
Health Disparities Research
(K01)                                  033.html       numbers and in appropriate research areas to address the Nation's biomedical,
                                                      behavioral, and clinical research needs. The focus of this FOA is limited to
                                                      health disparities related to aging. For purposes of this funding opportunity,
                                                      eligible individuals are applicants who have been determined by the grantee
                                                      institution to be committed to a career in health disparities research related to
                                                      aging and who are members of or knowledgeable about health disparity
                                                      population groups. Nationally, health disparity population groups include but
                                                      are not limited to African Americans, Hispanic Americans, American
                                                      Indians/Alaska Natives, Native Hawaiians, Pacific Islanders, the medically
                                                      underserved, low socioeconomic populations and rural populations. This FOA
                                                      is related to the NIA Health Disparities Strategic Plan and will help to build
                                                      capacity in aging and health disparity research. See:
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Short Term Career Development http://grants.nih.gov/ The National Institutes of Health accept applications for the Short Term         Feb. 12
                                grants/guide/pa- Career Development Award in the Environmental Health Sciences for
Award in the Environmental
Health Sciences for Established       402.html       Established Investigators (K18). The purpose of these short term career
Investigators                                        development awards is to allow established, well funded clinician
                                                     investigators to expand research programs to answer questions relevant to the
                                                     environmental health sciences, and to provide established environmental
                                                     health sciences research investigators the tools to expand their efforts to
                                                     translational research. This award is intended for mid-career and senior
                                                     investigators holding a research or health professional doctorate who are at the
                                                     academic rank of Associate Professor or Professor, or the equivalent in
                                                     nonacademic settings, who have established records of independent, peer-
                                                     reviewed Federal or private research grant funding, primarily from NIH, who
                                                     seek an intense, mentored career development experience which will
                                                     substantially impact upon their ability to pursue future research in the
                                                     environmental health sciences.
Arts in Education Model            http://www.grants.go    The Arts in Education Model Development and Dissemination Grant                 NOI due Feb.
Development and Dissemination      v/search/search.do;js   (AEMDD) program supports the enhancement, expansion, documentation,             13 and full
Grant Program CFDA 84.351D         MTXN8vQP5Q7yJZ
                                                           evaluation, and dissemination of innovative, cohesive models that are based on March 14
                                   zpMyMhPL4fbvy1xl        research and have demonstrated that they effectively--(1) integrate standards-
                                   bZFWDL2slwJTbnC         based arts education into the core elementary and middle school curriculum;
                                             !-            (2) strengthen standards- based arts instruction in these grades; and (3)
                                    636134439?oppId=1      improve students' academic performance, including their skills in creating,
                                                           performing, and responding to the arts. Projects funded through the AEMDD
                                   http://a257.g.akamai    program are intended to increase the amount of nationally available
                                   tech.net/7/257/2422/0   information on effective models for arts education that integrate the arts with
                                   1jan20081800/edocke     standards-based education programs.

National Sea Grant College         http://www.grants.go
                                                      The National Sea Grant College Program seeks to fund research and outreach Feb. 14
                                   v/search/search.do?projects addressing the introduction and spread of aquatic invasive species.
Program Aquatic Invasive
                                           =VIEW      The goal of the program is to discover and develop information and tools that
                                                      can lead to the prevention, detection, monitoring and control of aquatic
                                                      invasive species threatening United States coastal, oceanic and Great Lakes
                                                      communities, resources and ecosystems. The opportunity seeks especially to
                                                      support NOAA-relevant regional research and outreach priorities identified by
                                                      the Regional Panels of the Aquatic Nuisance Species Task Force. Gulf of
                                                      Mexico/Southeast Atlantic Regional Priorities: (Outreach) Research to
                                                      determine the most effective means to change the attitudes and behaviors of
                                                      people in regards to practices leading to the release or spread of non-
                                                      indigenous species. (Research) Investigations into the methodology for
                                                      predicting range extensions for known invaders based upon their basic life
                                                      history biology, with particular reference to the potential effects of natural
                                                      disasters (hurricanes and floods) and extreme climatic events.
Research Opportunities in Space http://nspires.nasapr Proposal due dates are scheduled starting on May 9, 2008, and continue         Opens on or
                                   s.com/external/    through March 27, 2009. NNH08ZDA001N, entitled "Research Opportunities about Feb. 15
and Earth Sciences 2008
                                                      in Space and Earth Sciences - 2008 (ROSES-2008)," will be available on or
                                                      about February 15, 2008, by opening the NASA Research Opportunities
                                                      homepage at http://nspires.nasaprs.com/ and then linking through the menu
                                                      listings "Solicitations" to "Open Solicitations." This NASA Research
                                                      Announcement (NRA) solicits proposals for supporting basic and applied
                                                      research and technology across a broad range of Earth and space science
                                                      program elements relevant to one or more of the following NASA Research
                                                      Programs: Earth Science, Heliophysics, Planetary Science, and Astrophysics.
                                                      This ROSES NRA covers all aspects of basic and applied supporting research
                                                      and technology in space and Earth sciences, including, but not limited to:
                                                      theory, modeling, and analysis of SMD science data; aircraft, stratospheric
                                                      balloon, and suborbital rocket investigations; development of experiment
                                                      techniques suitable for future SMD space missions; development of concepts
                                                      for future SMD space missions; development of advanced technologies
                                                      relevant to SMD missions; development of techniques for and the laboratory
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Council on Library and          http://www.clir.org/fe The Council on Library and Information Resources invites applications for the        Feb. 15
                                 llowships/postdoc/p Postdoctoral Fellowship in Scholarly Information Resources for Humanists
Information Resources - 2008
Postdoctoral Fellowship in                             2008. The program offers recent Ph.D. recipients in the humanities
Scholarly Information Resources                        opportunities to develop as scholars and teachers while learning about modern
for Humanists                                          librarianship, digital resources, e-publishing, archives, and collection
                                                       development both digital and analog.
Thomas B. Fordham Institute - http://www.edexcelle The Thomas B. Fordham Institute is launching a new grant program called                  Feb. 15
Fordham Scholars (Key Issues in nce.net/foundation/f Fordham Scholars that aims to fund junior researchers working on key issues
American K-12 Education                 ex.cfm         in American K-12 education. Each year, the Fordham Scholars program will
                                                       announce a theme and solicit applicants for research grants ranging in value
                                                       from $15,000 to $25,000. Three to five such grants will ordinarily be made.
                                                       Advanced doctoral students and junior faculty members--especially those in
                                                       economics, law, political science, and public policy--are invited to apply for
                                                       these grants.
The Lewis and Clark Fund for http://www.amphilso The Lewis and Clark Fund (initially supported by the Stanford                              Feb. 15
Exploration and Field Research c.org/grants/lewisan Ascherman/Baruch Blumberg Fund for Basic Science, established by a
                                                       benefaction from the late Stanford Ascherman, MD, of San Francisco)
                                                       encourages exploratory field studies for the collection of specimens and data
                                                       and to provide the imaginative stimulus that accompanies direct observation.
                                                       Applications are invited from disciplines with a large dependence on field
                                                       studies, such as archeology, anthropology, biology, ecology, geography,
                                                       geology, linguistics, and paleontology, but grants will not be restricted to these
                                                       fields. Graduate students and postdoctoral.
The Lewis and Clark Fund for http://www.amphilso In 2006 the American Philosophical Society and the NASA Astrobiology                       Feb. 15
Exploration and Field Research c.org/grants/astrobio Institute (NAI) partnered to promote the continued exploration of the world
in Astrobiology                                        around us through a program of research grants in support of astrobiological
                                                       field studies. The NAI-supported Lewis and Clark Fund for Exploration and
                                                       Field Research in Astrobiology awarded over $25,000 to 6 scholars in 2006,
                                                       its first year of existence, and expects to award at least that amount in 2007.
Department of State - Request   http://a257.g.akamai The Office of Citizen Exchanges of the Bureau of Educational and Cultural              Feb. 15
                                tech.net/7/257/2422/ Affairs has announced an open competition for Grants that support exchanges
for Grant Proposals:
Professional Exchange Programs cket.access.gpo.gov and build relationships between U.S. non-profit organizations and civil society
                                /2007/E7-22659.htm and cultural groups in Africa, East Asia, Europe, the Near East, North Africa,
                                                       South Central Asia and the Western Hemisphere Projects should promote
                                                       mutual understanding and partnerships between key professional and cultural
                                                       groups in the United States and counterpart groups in other countries through
                                                       multi-phased exchanges taking place over one to two years. Proposals should
                                                       encourage citizen engagement in current issues, with a particular focus on
                                                       youth and those who influence them, and promote the development of
                                                       democratic societies and institutions, with a view toward creating a more
                                                       stable world. To the fullest extent possible, programs should be two-way
                                                       exchanges supporting roughly equal numbers of participants from the U.S. and
                                                       foreign countries.
American Councils for          http://www.american The National Endowment for the Humanities Collaborative Research                  Feb. 15
International Education - NEH councils.org/progra Fellowship provides support of up to $40,000 for U.S. scholars conducting
Grants for Collaborative               =NTc=       humanities research in any country of East-Central Europe and Eurasia. A
Research in Eastern Europe and                     wide range of humanities topics are eligible for support (see below); however,
Eurasia                                            all projects must involve at least one collaborator from the region and field-
                                                   based research in the region itself. In addition, applicants must hold a Ph.D. or
                                                   other terminal degree and have a working knowledge of one or more of the
                                                   languages of East-Central Europe or Eurasia, or be able to demonstrate that
                                                   such language proficiency is not critical for the successful completion of their
                                                   particular projects. Applications with a strong regional focus and the potential
                                                   to strengthen academic linkages beyond the traditional centers are particularly
                                                   encouraged. American Councils for International Education: ACTR/ACCELS
                                                   administers this program in conjunction with the National Council for
                                                   Eurasian and East European Research (NCEEER). Scholars conducting
                                                   research in East-Central Europe should contact NCEEER for information and
                                                   advice on preparing applications; scholars conducting research in Eurasia
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American Historical Association - http://www.historian The American Historical Association (AHA) offers the following grant                  Feb. 15
AHA Research Grants (for                                opportunities for graduate students: Bernadotte Schmitt Grants to support
Graduate Students)                                      research in the history of Europe, Asia, and Africa. Individual grants will not
                                                        exceed $1,000; Albert J. Beveridge Grants to support research in the history
                                                        of the Western hemisphere (US, Canada, and Latin America). Individual
                                                        grants will not exceed $1,000; Littleton-Griswold Research Grant to
                                                        support research in US legal history and in the general field of law and
                                                        society. Individual grants will not exceed $1,000; Michael Kraus Research
                                                        Grant to support research in colonial American history, with particular
                                                        reference to the intercultural aspects of American and European relations.
                                                        Individual awards will not exceed $800. Funds may be used for, but are not
                                                        limited to, travel to a library or archive; microfilming, photography, or
                                                        photocopying; borrowing or access fees; and similar research expenses.
Dwight David Eisenhower          http://www.fhwa.dot. The EISENHOWER GRADUATE FELLOWSHIP (GRAD) provides funding                             Feb. 15
                                 gov/opd/2008_grad_ for the pursuit of Master's Degrees or Doctorates in transportation related
Transportation Fellowship
Program                                                 fields. The program objective is to attract qualified students to the fields of
                                                        transportation education and research, and advance transportation workforce
                                                        development. The Program is intended to help upgrade the scope of
                                                        knowledge of the entire transportation community in the United States and
                                                        encompasses all modes of transportation. The Department of Transportation
                                                        encourages students from Historically Black Colleges and Universities
                                                        (HBCUs), Hispanic Serving Institutions (HSIs), and Tribal Colleges and
                                                        Universities (TCUs) to apply for the Eisenhower Graduate Transportation
The National Institute of        http://grants.nih.gov/ The National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences (NIEHS) invites              LOI Feb. 15
                                    grants/guide/rfa- qualified investigators from domestic institutions of higher education to              and Full April
Environmental Health Sciences
                                   files/RFA-ES-07-                                                                                          15
(NIEHS) Superfund Basic                  006.html       submit an application for a Superfund Basic Research and Training Program
Research and Training Program                           (SBRP) multi-project program grant. With the assignment of the SBRP to
(P42)                                                   NIEHS, the emphasis for this Program is the protection of human health. A
                                                        secondary emphasis which complements the activities of its sister agencies,
                                                        EPA and ATSDR, is to understand both the potential risk for being exposed to
                                                        hazardous substances by characterizing environmental fate and movement, and
                                                        the effects of these exposures on biological processes that determine disease
                                                        risk. By understanding both components, strategies for mitigating risk can be
                                                        developed that encompass approaches based on either reducing exposure
                                                        through environmental remediation methods and/or through public
                                                        health/clinical interventions.
Research on the Economics of        http://grants.nih.gov/   Funding opportunities in the area of energy balance (i.e., the relationship      Feb. 16; June
                                       grants/guide/pa-      between diet, physical activity, and body composition) known to researchers 16; Oct. 16
Diet, Activity and Energy
Balance (R21)                                                with expertise and experience in health economics, health services, and
                                                             econometric modeling including multi-level analyses who otherwise might not
                                                             be aware of the opportunity to apply their disciplines to this area of research.
                                                             Obesity has become a major focus of public health efforts at the national,
                                                             State, and local levels. The major focus of this FOA is to solicit projects that
                                                             enhance the state-of-the-science on the causes of obesity and to inform Federal
                                                             decision making on effective public health interventions for reducing the rate
                                                             of obesity in the United States. Especially, this FOA aims to promote
                                                             collaborative activities between researchers trained in economics and
                                                             researchers specializing in public health, cancer, cardiovascular diseases and
                                                             other chronic diseases.
The Science and Ecology of          http://grants.nih.gov/   This Funding Opportunity Announcement (FOA) encourages submission of             Feb. 16
                                       grants/guide/pa-      investigator-initiated research grant applications that seek to develop a
Early Development (SEED)
[R03]                                                        comprehensive program of research focused on the mechanisms through which
                                                             social, economic, cultural, and community-level factors, and their interactions,
                                                             impact the early cognitive, neurobiological, socio-emotional, and physical
                                                             development of children.
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Nanoscience and                   http://grants.nih.gov/   This funding opportunity (FOA) is aimed at enhancing nanoscience and                Feb. 16, June
                                     grants/guide/pa-      nanotechnology research focused on problems in biology and medicine.                16 & Oct. 16
Nanotechnology in Biology and
Medicine (R21)                                             Nanoscience and nanotechnology refer to research and development on the
                                                           understanding and control of matter at a length scale of approximately 1 - 100
                                                           nanometers, where novel properties and functions occur because of the size. A
                                                           major challenge facing medicine is to develop novel and more sophisticated
                                                           approaches for the diagnosis, treatment and management of an array of
                                                           diseases and traumatic injuries. Nanotechnology and nanoscience have the
                                                           capacity to drive a new wave of medical innovation through the engineering of
                                                           bioactive nanoscale structures, processes and systems based on the
                                                           advancement of our understanding of biology at the nanoscale.
ELSI Small Research Grant         http://grants.nih.gov/   This Funding Opportunity Announcement (FOA) issued by the National                  Feb. 16
                                     grants/guide/pa-      Human Genome Research Institute, National Institutes of Health, encourages
Program (R03)
                                                           Small Research Grant (R03) applications from institutions/organizations that
                                                           propose to study the ethical, legal and social implications (ELSI) of human
                                                           genome research. This announcement is specifically designed to: 1) encourage
                                                           the development of small, focused research projects by legal, historical, ethics,
                                                           humanities, social sciences and behavioral scholars; 2) support exploratory
                                                           studies that may provide preliminary findings or pilot data for larger research
                                                           proposals; 3) support the secondary analysis of existing data; 4) support the
                                                           development of new methodologies; and 5) stimulate and facilitate the entry of
                                                           promising new investigators into ELSI Research.
Feasibility Studies to Develop http://grants.nih.gov/      To support feasibility studies to conduct innovative high risk/high payoff          Feb. 16
                                  grants/guide/pa-         research related to genomics, including analysis of genome structure and
Technology and Methods for
Genomics, Population Genomics                              function, genetic variation, population genomics, and ELSI (ethical, legal, and
and ELSI (R21)                                             social implications).
Math and Science Partnership   http://www.nsf.gov/p        The Math and Science Partnership (MSP) program is a major research and              LOI Feb. 18
                                   ubs/2008/nsf08525/      development effort that supports innovative partnerships to improve K-12            and fulls
                                     nsf08525.htm                                                                                              March 25 and
                                                           student achievement in mathematics and science. MSP projects are expected
                                                           to raise the achievement levels of all students and significantly reduce            April 10
                                                           achievement gaps in the mathematics and science performance of diverse
                                                           student populations. In order to improve the mathematics and science
                                                           achievement of the Nation's students, MSP projects contribute to the
                                                           knowledge base for mathematics and science education and serve as models
                                                           that have a sufficiently strong evidence base to be replicated in educational
Microbial Genome Sequencing       http://www.nsf.gov/p     As a collaborative, interagency effort, the National Science Foundation (NSF),      Feb. 19
                                  ubs/2008/nsf08511/       and the Cooperative State Research, Education, and Extension Service
Program FY 2008
                                                           (CSREES) of the U.S. Department of Agriculture invite research proposals (i)
                                                           to support high-throughput sequencing of the genomes of microorganisms
                                                           (including viruses, bacteria, archaea, fungi, oomycetes, protists and
                                                           agriculturally important nematodes) and (ii) to develop and implement
                                                           strategies, tools and technologies to make currently available genome
                                                           sequences more valuable to the user community. The availability of genome
                                                           sequences provides the foundation for understanding how microorganisms
                                                           function and live, and how they interact with their environments and with
                                                           other organisms.
                                                                          Page 8

Conservation Innovation Grants http://www.nrcs.usd The purpose of CIG is to stimulate the development and adoption of              Feb. 20
                               a.gov/programs/cig/ innovative conservation approaches and technologies while leveraging the
                                                    Federal investment in environmental enhancement and protection, in
                                                    conjunction with agricultural production. CIG projects are expected to lead to
                                                    the transfer of conservation technologies, management systems, and
                                                    innovative approaches (such as market-based systems) into NRCS technical
                                                    manuals, guides, and references, or to the private sector. There are eight
                                                    review groups for FY 2008 applications: Water Quality-Livestock; Water
                                                    Quality-Not Livestock; Water Quantity; Soils; Atmospheric; Grazing Land and
                                                    Forest Health; Wildlife; and Energy. Applicants may indicate which of these
                                                    review groups should review the application. Scored applications will be
                                                    forwarded to a Grants Review Board. The Grants Review Board will make
                                                    recommendations for project approval to the Chief. Final award selections will
                                                    be made by the Chief of NRCS. Link to Full Announcement: Conservation
                                                    Innovation Grants Announcement for Program Funding (link is:
Environmental Literacy Grants                       NOAA anticipates the availability of approximately $4,000,000 Tessa
                               http://www.grants.go http://www.nrcs.usda.gov/programs/cig ), Technical Contact:of Federal          Prelim Feb. 20
                                    v/search/search.do;j financial assistance in FY 2009 and FY2010 for K-12 education projects.       & full June 25
for Formal K-12 Education
                                    Mr9HSppY5hv1WQ Approximately 5 to 7 awards in the form of grants or cooperative agreements
                                    pJWJSc3msR119fv will be made. NOAA will only consider projects that have duration of 1 to 5
                                    FYJgvPP3TKjs87Lf!- years. The total Federal amount for all years that may be requested from
                                    1420172016?oppId= NOAA for the direct and indirect costs of the proposed project shall not
                                                         exceed $750,000. The minimum Federal amount that must be requested from
                                                           NOAA for all years for the direct and indirect costs is $200,000. Applications
                                                           requesting Federal support from NOAA of less than $200,000 total or more
                                                           than $750,000 total for the duration of the project will not be considered for
Interdisciplinary Training for      http://www.nsf.gov/p   The goal of the Undergraduate Biology and Mathematics (UBM) activity is to Feb. 21
                                    ubs/2008/nsf08510/     enhance undergraduate education and training at the intersection of the
Undergraduates in Biological
and Mathematical Sciences                                  biological and mathematical sciences and to better prepare undergraduate
                                                           biology or mathematics students to pursue graduate study and careers in fields
                                                           that integrate the mathematical and biological sciences. The core of the
                                                           activity is jointly-conducted long-term research experiences for
                                                           interdisciplinary balanced teams of at least two undergraduates from
                                                           departments in the biological and mathematical sciences. Projects should
                                                           focus on research at the intersection of the mathematical and biological
Morris K Udall Foundation -      http://udall.gov/udall.   The Udall Foundation awards two one-year Fellowships of up to $24,000 to         Feb. 21
                                     asp?link=400          doctoral candidates whose research concerns U.S. environmental public policy
Environmental Public Policy &
Conflict Resolution Dissertation                           and/or environmental conflict resolution and who are entering their final year
Fellowship                                                 of writing the dissertation. Dissertation Fellowships are intended to cover both
                                                           academic and living expenses from July 1, 2008 through June 30, 2009.
Human and Social Dynamics           http://www.nsf.gov/f   The Human and Social Dynamics (HSD) priority area fosters breakthroughs in Feb. 19 & 22
                                    unding/pgm_summ.j      understanding the dynamics of human action and development, as well as
                                                           knowledge about organizational, cultural, and societal adaptation and change.
                                                           HSD aims to increase our collective ability to (1) understand the complexities
                                                           of change; (2) understand the dynamics of human and social behavior at all
                                                           levels, including that of the human mind; (3) understand the cognitive and
                                                           social structures that create, define, and result from change; and (4) manage
                                                           profound or rapid change, and make decisions in the face of changing risks
                                                           and uncertainty. Accomplishing these goals requires multidisciplinary research
                                                           teams and comprehensive, interdisciplinary approaches across the sciences,
                                                           engineering, education, and humanities, as appropriate.
                                                                          Page 9

Theoretical Research in               https://e-     The Office of Fusion Energy Sciences (OFES) of the Office of Science (SC),            LOI due Feb.
Magnetic Fusion Energy Science center.doe.gov/iips/f U.S. Department of Energy (DOE), hereby announces its interest in receiving           22 and full
                               aopor.nsf/UNID/604                                                                                          April 1
                               13C44210E9C8085 grant applications for theoretical research relevant to the U.S. program in
                               2573D90057D417? magnetic fusion energy sciences. All individuals or groups planning to submit
                                  OpenDocument applications for new or renewal funding in Fiscal Year 2009 should submit in
                                                     response to this Notice. The specific areas of interest are: 1.
                                                     Magnetohydrodynamics ; 2. Confinement and Transport ; 3. Boundary Physics
                                                     ; 4. Plasma Heating, Non-inductive Current Drive, and Energetic Particles ; 5.
                                                     Innovative Magnetic Confinement Concepts ; 6. Atomic and Molecular
                                                     Processes in Plasmas
FY 2008 Summer                 http://www.grants.go The SURF Gaithersburg program is soliciting applications in the areas of               Feb. 25
                               v/search/search.do;j Electronics and Electrical Engineering, Manufacturing Engineering,
Undergraduate Research
Fellowship (SURF) –            pMP1hBMXRwLq2h Nanoscale Science and Technology, Chemical Science and Technology,
Gaithersburg                   n1jvpYJGtY6TZhJW Physics, Materials Science and Engineering/Neutron Research, Building and
                               Zdq1z7RJCLQL1lc!- Fire Research, and Information Technology. The SURF program will provide
                               1596891246?oppId= an opportunity for the NIST laboratories and the National Science Foundation
                                                     (NSF) to join in a partnership to encourage outstanding undergraduate students
                                                     to pursue careers in science and engineering. The program will provide
                                                     research opportunities for students to work with internationally known NIST
                                                     scientists, to expose them to cutting-edge research and promote the pursuit of
                                                     graduate degrees in science and engineering.
Fiscal Year (FY) 2008 Summer   http://www.grants.go The SURF NIST Boulder program is soliciting applications in the areas of               Feb. 25
                               v/search/search.do;j Electronics and Electrical Engineering, Chemical Science and Technology,
Undergraduate Research
Fellowship (SURF) Boulder      pMP1hBMXRwLq2h Physics, Materials Science and Engineering, and Information Technology.

Advancing Theory in Biology        http://www.nsf.gov/p The Biological Sciences Directorate invites submission of proposals that          Feb. 25
                                   ubs/2008/nsf08513/   advance our conceptual and theoretical understanding of living systems. The
                                                        Advancing Theory in Biology (ATB) solicitation supports the development of
                                                        new theoretical approaches that will improve our understanding of
                                                        fundamental biological principles that integrate phenomena across levels of
                                                        biological organization.
Human Origins (HOMINID)            http://www.nsf.gov/p This competition is directed towards increasing our knowledge of the complex Feb. 25
                                   ubs/2008/nsf08512/ biological, physical, and behavioral interrelationships that led to the
                                                        development of our species and that are responsible for both the shared and
                                                        variable features that characterize living human populations. It recognizes that
                                                        understanding of the processes and pathways of human evolution requires
                                                        input from a wide range of disciplines which examine our species from
                                                        multiple perspectives and across both time and space. Accomplishing this goal
                                                        requires a large scale initiative which allows research activities that go beyond
                                                        the smaller, shorter duration, single investigator awards that disciplinary
                                                        programs have been able to provide in the past. The Human Origins: Moving
                                                        In New Directions (HOMINID) competition will support large scale, long
                                                        term, integrative research and infrastructure projects through awards of up to
                                                        $500,000 per year for up to five years. Contingent on the availability of funds,
                                                        the program expects to make two awards in each fiscal year. It is intended that
                                                        HOMINID awards will provide for transformative approaches to long-standing
Genomic Applications in                                 This FOA solicits applications to species. Infrastructure development is
                                   http://www.grants.go questions about the history of our conduct research that will accelerate the      Feb. 27
                                   v/search/search.do;j   translation of genomic applications into public health practice. Research
Practice and Prevention
(GAPP): Translation Research       vmCr921Thxh21TB        supported by this FOA will advance knowledge about the validity, utility,
(U18)                              HlB1CqSNLFHr8wT        utilization and population health impact of genomic applications for improving
                                   YFJ85ZTTrm30HfZ        health and preventing disease in large, well-defined populations or practice
                                   Q!1393137344?oppI      settings in the United States, specifically research that will move genomics
                                                          applications along the translation research continuum phases T2 through T4
                                                          (i.e., from development of evidence-based guidelines to outcomes research).
                                                                          Page 10

Collaborative Research in          http://www.nsf.gov/p   Computational neuroscience provides a theoretical foundation and a rich set of Feb. 26
                                   ublications/pub_sum    technical approaches for understanding the functions of complex
Computational Neuroscience
                                            8514          neurobiological systems, building on the theory, methods, and findings of
                                                          computer science, neuroscience, and numerous other disciplines. Through the
                                                          CRCNS program, participating NSF Directorates and NIH Institutes support
                                                          innovative interdisciplinary collaborative research to make significant
                                                          advances in the understanding of nervous system function, mechanisms
                                                          underlying nervous system disorders, and computational strategies used by the
                                                          nervous system. Two classes of proposals will be considered in response to
                                                          this solicitation: Research proposals describing new collaborative research
                                                          projects, and Data sharing proposals to enable sharing of data and other
                                                          resources. As detailed in the solicitation, appropriate scientific areas of
                                                          investigations may be related to any of the participating funding organizations.
NMFS/Sea Grant Joint               http://a257.g.akamai   The Graduate Fellowship Program awards at least two new Ph.D. fellowships         Feb. 27
                                   tech.net/7/257/2422/   each year to students who are interested in careers related to the population
Graduate Fellowship Program
in Population Dynamics             cket.access.gpo.gov    dynamics of living marine resources and the development and implementation
                                    /2007/07-4225.htm     of quantitative methods for assessing their status. Fellows will work on thesis
                                                          problems of public interest and relevance to NMFS under the guidance of
                                                          NMFS mentors at participating NMFS Science Centers or Laboratories. This
                                                          solicitation is responsive to NOAA Mission Goal 1: protect, restore and
                                                          manage the use of coastal and ocean resources through ecosystem-based
Interagency School Readiness       http://grants1.nih.go The NICHD invites applications from investigators willing to participate under     LOI Feb. 27
                                   v:80/grants/guide/rfa- a cooperative agreement in a multi-site research consortium designed to           and full
Consortium (U01)
                                     files/RFA-HD-07-                                                                                       March 27
                                          008.html        perform experimental or quasi-experimental efficacy trials on integrative early
                                                          childhood programmatic approaches that promote school readiness for
                                                          children ages 3-5 who are English Language Learners (ELL) and at-risk for
                                                          later school difficulties. The purpose of this solicitation is to increase our
                                                          understanding of the types of integrative programmatic approaches that
                                                          promote ELL child learning and development across multiple domains of early
                                                          childhood competence, as well as those that address teacher and parent
                                                          behaviors that promote ELL children’s development in these areas.
Research and Development for              https://e-       The Department of Energy’s (DOE) Office of Energy Efficiency and                 Preapps Feb.
                                   center.doe.gov/iips/f Renewable Energy (EERE) is requesting applications to support the
On-Board Vehicular Hydrogen                                                                                                                 28 invite to
Storage                            8431B05C4D98185 President’s Hydrogen Fuel and Advanced Energy Initiatives in developing a                full April 18,
                                   2573CC0070C077? pathway to the widespread commercialization of hydrogen and fuel cell                    and full May
                                      OpenDocument technologies. To support these initiatives, this DOE Funding Opportunity                 22
                                                          Announcement (“FOA” or “announcement”) seeks to fund the research and
                                                          development of viable hydrogen storage technologies for on-board vehicular
                                                          applications. The application process includes two phases - a preliminary
                                                          application phase and a final application phase. Only applicants who are
                                                          favorably selected in the preliminary application phase will be eligible to
                                                          submit final applications. The technical topic of Materials Discovery is the
                                                          only eligible research area under this announcement. Research and
                                                          development areas sought include new materials and concepts in the following
                                                          areas: advanced metal hydrides, chemical hydrogen storage materials, carbon-
                                                          based materials, high surface area sorbents including bridged catalyst
                                                          (spillover) materials and conducting polymers, and other novel approaches.
National Geospatial Intelligence   http://www.grants.go   This Broad Agency Announcement, by the National Geospatial Intelligence           Feb. 28
                                   v/search/search.do;j   Agency (NGA), announces its Fiscal Year 2008 University Research
Agency Fiscal Year 2008
University Research Initiatives    XXQq6BTsR6lkjHcV       Initiatives (NURI) Program to enhance the capabilities of U.S. universities to
                                   QfYGQnnfhvslJVW1       perform research and related education in science and engineering areas
                                   6zMT6ZR0KtL88!40       critical to our mission and the national defense. The NURI Program is a
                                   4692629?oppId=165      component of the NGA Academic Research Program (NARP).
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Robert Noyce Teacher               http://www.nsf.gov/p   The Robert Noyce Teacher Scholarship program seeks to encourage talented LOI Feb. 28;
                                   ubs/2008/nsf08532/     science, technology, engineering, and mathematics majors and professionals to full April 9 &
Scholarship Program
                                                          become K-12 mathematics and science teachers. The program provides funds 10
                                                          to institutions of higher education to support scholarships, stipends, and
                                                          programs for students who commit to teaching in high-need K-12 school
                                                          districts. Innovation through Institutional Integration (I3) projects enable
                                                          institutions to think and act strategically about the creative integration of NSF-
                                                          funded awards, with particular emphasis on awards managed through
                                                          programs in the Directorate for Education and Human Resources (EHR), but
                                                          not limited to those awards. For Fiscal Year 2008, proposals are being
                                                          solicited in six EHR programs that advance I3 goals: CREST, ITEST, MSP,
                                                          Noyce, RDE, and TCUP.
Biotechnology Risk Assessment      http://www.csrees.u    The purpose of the USDA Biotechnology Risk Assessment Grants (BRAG)             Feb. 28
                                   sda.gov/funding/rfas   Program is to assist Federal regulatory agencies in making science-based
Research Grants Program
                                                          decisions about the effects of introducing genetically modified organisms into
                                                          the environment. Investigations of effects on both managed and natural
                                                          environments are relevant. Applications to the USDA BRAG Program must
                                                          seek partial funding for a conference or address one of the following areas: 1)
                                                          Identify and develop practices to minimize risks associated with genetically
                                                          engineered organisms; 2) Research methods to monitor the dispersal of
                                                          genetically engineered organisms; 3) Research to increase knowledge about
                                                          the characteristics, rates, and methods of gene transfer that may occur between
                                                          genetically engineered organisms, and related organisms; 4) Perform
                                                          assessments to provide analysis which compares impacts of organisms
                                                          modified through genetic engineering to other types of production systems; 5)
                                                          Other areas of research designed to further the purposes of the USDA BRAG
RFP Title VIII Program for         http://www07.grants.   The Department of State, Bureau of Intelligence and Research, invites          Feb. 29
                                   gov/search/search.d    organizations with substantial and wide-reaching experience in administering
Research and Training on
Eastern Europe and Eurasia         SctnWk09GLqRQP         research and training programs to serve as intermediaries conducting
                                   LWbNLsMKKDRKB          nationwide competitive programs for U.S. scholars, students and institutions
                                   GLlChmWPzq9tvyp        pertaining to advanced research and language training on the countries of
                                   L3nN9!404692629?       Eastern Europe and Eurasia. U.S.-based public and private nonprofit
                                                          organizations and educational institutions may submit proposals to carry out
                                            EW            Title VIII-funded programs that 1) support and sustain American expertise on
                                                          the countries of Eurasia and Southeast Europe, 2) bring American expertise to
                                                          the service of the U.S. Government, and 3) further U.S. foreign assistance and
                                                          policy goals. An explicit connection must be made to current policy relevant
                                                          issues, broadly defined. The grants will be awarded through an open, merit-
                                                          based competition. The purpose of this request for proposals is to inform
                                                          potential applicant organizations of programmatic, procedural and funding
                                                          information for the fiscal year 2008 Title VIII grants competition.
Strategic Agricultural Initiative http://www.epa.gov/r EPA Region 6 is soliciting proposals to help implement the Food Quality         Feb. 29
                                     egion6/6pd/pd-      Protection Act (FQPA) and to support efforts by the agricultural community to
Program: FY 2008 Request for
Proposals                                                “transition” away from high-risk pesticides to lower risk pesticides and
                                                         sustainable practices in food production. The program supports grants for
                                                         education, extension and demonstration projects for FQPA transition and
                                                         reduced risk practices for pest management in agriculture. All projects must
                                                         occur in one or more of the Region 6 states: Arkansas, Louisiana, New
                                                         Mexico, Louisiana, and Texas.
Faculty Fellowship Summer         http://www.ff2israel. The Faculty Fellowship Summer Institute in Israel is a competitive academic            1-Mar
                                            org/         fellowship that invites full-time university and college faculty members to
Institute In Israel-2008
                                                         apply to participate in a two-week Summer Fellowship in Israel.
MUST Scholarship Program--        http://scholarships.hi This program is open to all U.S. citizens, who are pursuing an undergraduate          1-Mar
                                  spanicfund.org/appli degree in a STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering & Mathematics)
pursuing an undergraduate
degree in a STEM                  D.1,pageID.139/def discipline at a college or university that is accredited in the United States are
                                          ault.asp       eligible for the MUST funding opportunity. Students of all underrepresented
                                                         groups (Women, African Americans, Hispanic Americans, Native Americans
                                                         and persons with disabilities) are encouraged to apply.
                                                                         Page 12

National Institutes of Health -  http://www.training.n The Summer Internship Program (SIP) at the NIH provides an opportunity to             1-Mar
Summer Internship Program in ih.gov/student/index. spend the summer working side-by-side with some of the leading scientists in
Biomedical Research                                     the world in an environment devoted exclusively to biomedical research.
                                                        Students sixteen years of age or older who are U.S. citizens or permanent
                                                        residents and are currently enrolled at least half-time in high school, an
                                                        accredited U.S. college or university or an accredited U.S. medical/dental
                                                        school are eligible to apply. Students who have been accepted into a college or
                                                        university may also apply.
Netherlands Institute for         http://www.nias.kna Fellows from universities or institutes outside the Netherlands receive                1-Mar
                                 w.nl/en/fellowships/r financial stipends, which are determined by the Rector on the basis of
Advanced Study in the
Humanities and Social Science                           individual circumstances. NIAS strives to ensure a reasonable level of support,
                                                        but the stipend may not always be sufficient. Fellows are responsible for
                                                        supplementing their means of support. The maximum stipend that NIAS can
                                                        award does not exceed half the gross annual salary of a university professor of
                                                        equal rank and seniority in the Netherlands. In practice, this means that full
                                                        financial stipends range from approximately € 2000 to € 4100 per month.
Newberry Library - Newberry http://www.newberry The Newberry Library Center for Renaissance Studies offers the Audrey                        1-Mar
                                 .org/research/felshp/ Lumsden-Kouvel Fellowship for post-doctoral scholars who wish to use the
Library Programs
                                                        Newberry's extensive holdings in late medieval and Renaissance history and
                                                        literature. Provides a stipend of $4,000. Check the Newberry Library web site
                                                        for additional fellowship listings.
Folger Shakespeare Library       http://folger.edu/tem Short-term fellowships are supported by the Library’s endowments and carry a          1-Mar
                                   plate.cfm?cid=298 stipend of $2,000 per month. The criteria for success in the annual short-term
Short-term Fellowships
                                                        fellowship competition are the same as those for long-term fellowships. Each
                                                        year the Folger awards 30 to 35 short-term fellowships. The Folger joins the
                                                        American Council of Learned Societies in support of fellowships for recently
                                                        tenured faculty in the humanities. Applicants must apply directly to the ACLS
                                                        for a Frederick Burkhardt Fellowship, which carries a stipend of $75,000.
                                                        Contact the ACLS.
Phillips Fund Grant for Native http://www.amphilso The Phillips Fund of the American Philosophical Society provides grants for               1-Mar
                                 c.org/grants/phillips. research in Native American linguistics, ethnohistory, and the history of
American Research
                                                        studies of Native Americans, in the continental United States and Canada.
                                                        Grants are not made for projects in archaeology, ethnography,
                                                        psycholinguistics, or for the preparation of pedagogical materials. The
                                                        committee distinguishes ethnohistory from contemporary ethnography as the
                                                        study of cultures and culture change through time. The grants are intended for
                                                        such costs as travel, tapes, films, and consultants' fees but not for the purchase
                                                        of books or permanent equipment.
Tinker Foundation Awards         http://foundationcent The Tinker Foundation awards Institutional Grants to organizations and                1-Mar
                                  er.org/grantmaker/ti institutions that promote the interchange and exchange of information within
Institutional Grants
                                                        the community of those concerned with the affairs of Spain, Portugal, Ibero-
                                                        America, and Antarctica. (For the foundation's purposes, Ibero-America is
                                                        defined as the Spanish- and Portuguese-speaking countries of the Western
Fusion Energy Postdoctoral       http://www.orau.gov/ The Fusion Energy Postdoctoral Research Program offers recent doctoral                 1-Mar
                                  fusion/Postdoc/post degree recipients the opportunity to conduct research in the U.S. Department
Research Program
                                                        of Energy's (DOE) fusion energy research and development programs.
                                                        Participants acquire experience and training in areas of fusion energy, interact
                                                        with outstanding scientists and engineers, and have access to advanced
                                                        equipment and facilities. Appointments are made to designated DOE
                                                        laboratories, universities, and contractor fusion energy centers.
Nurses Educational Funds, Inc. - http://www.n-e-f.org/ The Nurses' Educational Funds, Inc. (NEF) is a not-for-profit organization            1-Mar
Scholarships for Graduate                               which seeks and distributes funds to baccalaureate-prepared registered nurses
Nursing Students                                        who are in need of scholarhsip assistant for graduate study. NEF is a source of
                                                        funds for graduate nursing education--masters and doctoral degrees.
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NEA Literature Fellowships:      http://www.arts.gov/     Fellowships in prose (fiction and creative nonfiction) or poetry are available to   3-Mar
                                 grants/apply/Lit/Gra     exceptionally talented, published creative writers. Fellowships enable
Creative Writing, FY2009
                                          ml              recipients to set aside time for writing, research, travel, and general career
                                                          advancement. This program operates on a two-year cycle with fellowships in
                                                          prose available in FY 2008 and fellowships in poetry available in FY 2009.
                                                          Individuals may apply only once each year. Competition for fellowships is
                                                          extremely rigorous. Potential applicants should consider carefully whether
                                                          their work will be competitive at the national level. For FY 2009/Poetry
                                                          Complete application packages must be postmarked (or show other proof of
                                                          mailing) no later than March 3, 2008. Do not expect notification of awards
                                                          and rejections before late December 2008. The Arts Endowment’s support of a
                                                          fellowship may begin any time between January 1, 2009, and January 1, 2010,
                                                          and extend for up to two years. An individual may submit only one application
                                                          per year.
National Endowment for the       http://www.arts.gov/     If you have questions concerning the Literature Fellowships please call the         3-Mar
                                 grants/apply/Lit/inde    Literature Fellowship Hotline at 202/682-5034 or email davisg@arts.gov.
Arts - Literature Fellowships:
Creative Writing: Poetry                                  Instructions For The March 2008 Deadline (For Fy 2009 Fellowships In
                                                          Poetry) Will Be Available In January 2008. The National Endowment for the
                                                          Arts (NEA) offers Creative Writing Literature Fellowships in prose (fiction
                                                          and creative nonfiction) or poetry to exceptionally talented, published creative
                                                          writers. Fellowships enable recipients to set aside time for writing, research,
                                                          travel, and general career advancement.
Centers for Ocean Sciences       http://www.nsf.gov/p     The COSEE Network, which consists of eleven coordinated COSEE Centers,              3-Mar
                                 ubs/2008/nsf08509/       fosters the integration of ocean research into high-quality educational
Education Excellence (COSEE)
                                                          materials, enables ocean researchers to gain a better understanding of
                                                          educational organizations and pedagogy, provides educators with an enhanced
                                                          capacity to understand and deliver high-quality educational programs in the
                                                          ocean sciences, and provides material to the public that promotes a deeper
                                                          understanding of the ocean and its influence on each person's quality of life
                                                          and our national prosperity.
Crime and Justice Research       http://www.ncjrs.gov     The National Institute of Justice (NIJ) is the research, development, and           5-Mar
                                 /pdffiles1/nij/sl00082   evaluation agency of the U.S. Department of Justice (DOJ) and a component
                                                          of the Office of Justice Programs (OJP). NIJ provides objective, independent,
                                                          evidence-based knowledge and tools to enhance the administration of justice
                                                          and public safety. NIJ solicits applications to inform its search for the
                                                          knowledge and tools to guide policy and practice. NIJ is seeking applications
                                                          for funding of social and behavioral research on, and evaluations related to,
                                                          crime and justice topics relevant to State and/or local criminal and juvenile
                                                          justice policy and practice.
Intelligence Community 2008      http://www.grants.go     This Broad Agency Announcement by the National Geospatial-Intelligence              7-Mar
                                 v/search/search.do;j     Agency announces the Fiscal Year 2008 competition for the Intelligence
Postdoctoral Research
Fellowship Program, Academic     Kzw4xvJhdTV61WJ          Community 2008 Postdoctoral Research Fellowship Program. Funded
                                 KtnrJgvTk3fn2hppW        primarily by the Director of National Intelligence (DNI) and the Central
                                 Hn7gTWYnGLGp1!-          Intelligence Agency’s Office of the Chief Scientist (OCS),the Program was
                                 836806206?oppId=4        created in response to the Intelligence Community (IC) requirement to address
                                                          long-term IC research and technology needs. The Program serves the IC and
                                                          research communities by engaging experts in the solution of problems critical
                                                          to IC goals and missions. Science and technology are fundamental drivers of
                                                          global developments, and the IC Postdoctoral Research Fellowship Program
                                                          facilitates the necessary research in leading-edge technologies to support
                                                          broad Intelligence Community technology needs. The Program awards multi-
                                                          year postdoctoral research fellowship grants to address these needs. The
                                                          mission of the IC Postdoctoral Research Fellowship Program is to establish
                                                          long-term relationships and mentoring of postdoctoral researchers and to
                                                          provide research institutions with an understanding of the Intelligence
                                                          Community’s research requirements. The program fosters partnerships with
                                                                         Page 14

American Chemical Society -     http://www.acsmedc The ACS Division of Medicinal Chemistry announces the continuation of its                 7-Mar
                                       hem.org/      Predoctoral Fellowship program. Nine $24,000 fellowships will be awarded in
Division of Medicinal Chemistry
- Predoctoral Fellowships                            2008. The awards are for predoctoral students in their third or fourth year of
                                                     graduate study (second or third year of graduate study at the time of
                                                     application) engaged in medicinal chemistry research in a Medicinal
                                                     Chemistry, Pharmaceutical Chemistry, Biochemistry, or Chemistry department
                                                     listed in the current ACS Directory of Graduate Research.
David Library of the American http://www.dlar.org/ The David Library of the American Revolution offers short-term Library                    7-Mar
Revolution Research Fellowships                      Resident Research Fellowships for conducting research in its collections. The
                                                     Library’s rich resources in microfilm and print on virtually every aspect of the
                                                     era of the American Revolution (1750-1800) are fully listed at this web site.
                                                     The stipend is $1600 per month (plus housing), and the term of the Fellowship
                                                     is a minimum of one month and a maximum of three. Both doctoral and post-
                                                     doctoral applicants are welcome; doctoral candidates must have passed their
                                                     general examinations before beginning their fellowships.
Science, Technology,            http://a257.g.akamai The Employment and Training Administration (ETA), U.S. Department of             March 11
Engineering, and Mathematics tech.net/7/257/2422/ Labor (DOL), announces the availability of approximately $10 million in grant Prelim
Opportunities in Workforce      cket.access.gpo.gov funds for the Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM)
Initiative                          /2008/pdf/E8-    Opportunities in the Workforce System Initiative (STEM Initiative). These
                                        473.pdf      grants will be awarded through a two-phased competitive process to primarily
                                                     expand and align current and new STEM workforce education and training
                                                     strategies, activities, and resources in One Stop Career Centers to promote,
                                                     attract, and prepare disadvantaged youth and dislocated workers for STEM
                                                     careers, while simultaneously enhancing the competitive position of local and
                                                     regional employers.
21st Century Research Awards    http://www.jsmf.org/ A maximum of $450,000 total costs can be requested and the funds can be                12-Mar
                                apply/research/inde expended over a minimum of 3 years or a maximum of 6 years. The James S.
                                                     McDonnell Foundation accepts applications for 21st Century Research
                                                     Awards. 21st Century Research Awards are designed to support research
                                                     projects with a high probability of generating new knowledge and insights.
                                                     Projects submitted for funding consideration should be at an early, even
                                                     preliminary stage of development that intend to break new ground or to
                                                     challenge commonly-held assumptions. Projects submitted should be
                                                     sufficiently novel, cross-disciplinary, or heterodox so that they have a strong
                                                     likelihood of influencing the development of new ways of thinking about
                                                     important problems. It is anticipated that research funded in this program will
                                                     address issues in fields such as biology, biodiversity, climate, demography,
                                                     epidemiology, technological change, economic development,
William T. Grant Foundation -      http://www.wtgrantfo   The William T. Grant Foundation and the Spencer Foundation have jointly       LOI due
                                       undation.org/      issued the 2008 Request for Proposals for the Development and Improvement March 14 and
2008 RFP for the Development
and Improvement of the                                    of the Measurement of Classroom Quality. The RFP is a grants competition to full June 13
Measurement of Classroom                                  support research on the development and improvement of the measurement of
Quality                                                   indicators of classroom quality in grades K through 12. Quality is defined as
                                                          those features and processes of classrooms that are likely to cause
                                                          improvements in important youth outcomes such as academic achievement
                                                          and engagement or reducing disruptive and antisocial behavior. This
                                                          collaboration was borne of the need to measure classroom features and
                                                          processes in ways that support demonstrably valid inferences about classroom
                                                                          Page 15

Department of Defense - Sensor    http://www.fbo.gov/s    The Air Force Research Laboratory, RF Assessments Branch, (AFRL/RYRA )                    14-Mar
                                  pg/USAF/AFMC/AF         solicits research proposals for the Sensor Technology Assessment and
Technology Assessment and
Evaluation Research               0003/SynopsisP.htm      Evaluation Research Methodologies (STEM) Program. Interested offerors may
Methodologies (STEM) Program      l                       view and/or download the full BAA solicitation, BAA NUMBER PKD-08-
                                                          0003, by accessing the FedBizOpps homepage at http://www.fbo.gov/ . The
                                                          Sensor Technology Assessment and Evaluation Research Methodologies
                                                          (STEM) program will develop/evolve research methodologies for rapid
                                                          assessments/evaluations (qualitative and quantitative) of layered sensing
                                                          advanced sensors and EW technologies/systems through IDAL synthetic
                                                          battlespace simulation. The program will conduct applications
                                                          assessment/evaluation research through man/hardware-in-the-loop simulation
                                                          to develop/evolve layered sensing advanced sensor/EW technology, concepts
                                                          and systems.
Assembling the Tree of Life       http://www.nsf.gov/p    A flood of new information, from whole-genome sequences to detailed                       14-Mar
                                  ubs/2008/nsf08515/      structural information to inventories of earth's biota to greater appreciation of
                                                          the importance of lateral gene transfer, is transforming 21st century biology.
                                                          Along with comparative data on morphology, fossils, development, behavior,
                                                          and interactions of all forms of life on earth, these new data streams make
                                                          even more critical the need for an organizing framework for information
                                                          retrieval, analysis, and prediction. Phylogeny, the genealogical map for all
                                                          lineages of life on earth, provides an overall framework to facilitate
                                                          information retrieval and biological prediction. Currently, single investigators
                                                          or small teams of researchers are studying the evolutionary pathways of
                                                          heredity usually concentrating on taxonomic groups of modest size.
Gerald R. Ford Foundation         http://www.fordlibrar   Two grant programs are available to support research in the holdings of the         March 15 and
                                  ymuseum.gov/librar      Gerald R. Ford Library. These holdings focus on Federal policies, U.S. foreign      Sept. 15
awards several Research Travel
Grants                                                    relations, and national politics in the 1960s and 1970s.
Sigma Xi Grants-in-Aid of         http://www.sigmaxi.o    The Sigma Xi Grants-in-Aid of Research (GIAR) program has been providing            March 15 and
                                  rg/programs/giar/ind    undergraduate and graduate students with valuable educational experiences for       October 15
Research Program --
Undergraduate and Graduate                                more than 80 years. By encouraging close working relationships between
Students                                                  students and faculty, the program promotes scientific excellence and
                                                          achievement through hands-on learning. The program awards grants of up to
                                                          $1,000 to students from all areas of the sciences and engineering. Designated
                                                          funds from the National Academy of Sciences allow for grants of up to $5,000
                                                          for astronomy research and $2,500 for vision related research. Students use the
                                                          funding to pay for travel expenses to and from a research site, or for purchase
                                                          of non-standard laboratory equipment necessary to complete a specific
National Council Eurasian East http://www.nceeer.or       The National Council for Eurasian and East European Research (NCEEER)                     15-Mar
European Research - 2007 Ed A. g/Programs/ed_hew          offers the Ed A Hewett Policy Research Fellowships, designed to support the
Hewett Policy Fellowship                                  field research of recent graduates. The fellowships are meant to support
                                                          research that is relevant to United States policy towards the former Soviet
                                                          Union or Central or Eastern Europe. The stipend will be up to $40,000.
National Council for the Social   http://www.socialstu    Since 1983, National Council for the Social Studies has annually honored the              17-Mar
                                    dies.org/awards/      outstanding performance of teachers and encouraged unique and innovative
                                                          social studies education projects through its award programs. NCSS, which
                                                          defines social studies as "the integrated study of the social sciences and
                                                          humanities to promote civic competence," engages and supports educators in
                                                          strengthening and advocating social studies at all levels and in all settings.
                                                                         Page 16

Research Education Grants for   http://grants.nih.gov/   This FOA invites applications focused on research education for the                18-Mar
                                grants/guide/pa-         development and testing of new statistical models to address genetics-based
Statistical Training in the
Genetics of Addiction (R25)     081.html                 research problems in addiction. Applicants are expected to propose a well-
                                                         integrated research education and training program in statistical models or
                                                         computational methods in genetics for undergraduate, graduate, and/or
                                                         postdoctoral level students. Since this is a novel program, participants may be
                                                         supported for as long as five years, however shorter durations of funding of
                                                         some individual participants are encouraged. Achieving the capacity of the
                                                         institution to address the identified research area(s) is an additional goal of
                                                         this award. During this award, institutions will be expected to implement
                                                         strategies for enhancing research infrastructure and capacity building at their
                                                         institution and in collaborative activities.
Advancing Knowledge: The        http://www.neh.gov/      The Institute of Museum and Library Services (IMLS) and the National               18-Mar
                                grants/guidelines/Di     Endowment for Humanities (NEH) invite proposals for innovative,
IMLS/NEH Digital Partnership
                                         ml              collaborative humanities projects using the latest digital technologies for the
                                                         benefit of the American public, humanities scholarship, and the nation's
                                                         cultural institutions.
Federal Cyber Service:          http://www.nsf.gov/p     The Federal Cyber Service: Scholarship for Service (SFS) program seeks to          20-Mar
                                ubs/2008/nsf08522/       increase the number of qualified students entering the fields of information
Scholarship for Service
                                                         assurance and computer security and to increase the capacity of the United
                                                         States higher education enterprise to continue to produce professionals in
                                                         these fields to meet the needs of our increasingly technological society.
Human Frontier Science          http://www.hfsp.org/     The aim of the HFSP is to support basic research focused on complex                21-Mar
                                how/appl_forms_RG        mechanisms of living organisms; fields supported range from molecular and
                                                         cellular approaches to biological functions to systems and cognitive
                                                         neuroscience. Research Grants are now designed to bring together scientists
                                                         from fields such as physics, mathematics, chemistry, computer science,
                                                         bioinformatics, nanoscience, engineering and biology to open up new
                                                         approaches to understanding complex biological systems. Fellowship
                                                         Programs are aimed specifically to support young scientists who wish to
                                                         change their field of research either within the life sciences or across major
U.S. Nuclear Regulatory      http://www.grants.go        Funding Opportunity Description: The primary purpose of the U.S. Nuclear           21-Mar
Commission Nuclear Education v/search/search.do;j        Regulatory Commission Nuclear Education Grant Program is to support the
Grant Program; Fiscal Year   Q2W6sLp8KwK8Bv              educational infrastructure necessary for the nation to safely move forward with
2008                         nwRy5DyQw95BFg              its nuclear energy initiatives. The program promotes and strengthens teaching
                                 Z9rFLVTqp4gGd2v         programs in nuclear safety, nuclear security, nuclear environmental protection,
                                      HRG!-              and other fields that the Commission determines to be critical to the NRC’s
                                                         regulatory mission at higher education institutions, by enhancing curricula and
                                  e&mode=VIEW            increasing faculty teaching competencies. NRC anticipates as much as $4.7
                                                         million may be available through this announcement
Shared Instrumentation Grant    http://grants.nih.gov/   The NCRR Shared Instrument Grant (SIG) program solicits applications from          24-Mar
                                  grants/guide/pa-       groups of NIH-supported investigators to purchase or upgrade commercially
Program (S10)
                                        036.html         available instruments that cost at least $100,000. The maximum award is
                                                         $500,000. Types of instruments supported include confocal and electron
                                                         microscopes, biomedical imagers, mass spectrometers, DNA sequencers,
                                                         biosensors, cell sorters, X-ray diffraction systems, and NMR spectrometers
                                                         among others. The NCRR intends to commit approximately $43 million in
                                                         FY2009 to fund approximately 125 new awards. Since the cost of the various
                                                         instruments will vary, it is anticipated that the size of awards will also vary.
                                                         The total amount awarded and the number of awards will depend on the funds
                                                         available for the SIG program.
                                                                          Page 17

Program on Exposure-Dose         http://www.cdc.gov/  CDC’s Procurement and Grants Office has published a funding opportunity                  25-Mar
                                 od/pgo/funding/TS0   announcement entitled, “Program on Exposure-Dose Reconstruction and
Reconstruction and
Computational Methods to                              Computational Methods to Quantify Exposures to Hazardous Substances.”
Quantify Exposures to                                 Approximately $500,000 will be available in fiscal year 2008 to fund 1 award.
Hazardous Substances (U01)                            The purpose of the program is to provide (R01) grant funds to develop and
                                                      evaluate exposure-dose reconstruction methods. For complete program details,
                                                      please see the full announcement on the CDC website at
                                                      http://www.cdc.gov/od/pgo/funding/TS08-001.htm The estimated funding
                                                      date is August 31, 2008.
Networking Technology and        http://www.nsf.gov/p The Networking Technology and Systems (NeTS) program supports                            25-Mar
                                 ubs/2008/nsf08524/ pioneering visions and transformative research agendas that explore the
                                                      frontiers of networking, provide a better understanding of the dynamics of
                                                      large-scale networks, expand networking capabilities and use, and help pave
                                                      the way for the next generation Internet. Since its inception, the NeTS
                                                      program has continuously sought to ensure that its mission and scope is at the
                                                      forefront of research. In previous years, the program identified core
                                                      networking technologies worthy of further investigation, emphasized the
                                                      importance of future Internet design, and encouraged groundbreaking research
                                                      in broadly defined areas of networking. In FY 2008, the NeTS program is
                                                      organized by research challenges, rather than core technologies, and
                                                      emphasizes multi-disciplinary, holistic approaches that augment our
                                                      knowledge about the design and deployment of robust, large-scale,
                                                      heterogeneous networks
For the Study of Minorities in   http://www.mysticse  Since 1989, Mystic Seaport's Paul Cuffe fellowship has provided funds to                 30-Mar
                                 aport.org/index.cfm? thirty-five researchers from universities, colleges, and museums. The
American Maritime History
                                 ewpage&page_id=B     fellowships are offered to encourage research that considers the participation
                                   A0F6A5D-D0B2-      of Native and African Americans in the maritime activities of New England,
                                         1CEA-        primarily its southeastern shores. Fellowships support research and writing, a
                                 5778CABEA131F76      portion of which should normally be carried out in the Mystic area. The
                                                      fellowships of up to $2,400 are made possible through the generosity of a local
                                                      private foundation.
Petascale Computing Resource     http://www.nsf.gov/p In 2011, a new NSF-funded petascale computing system, Blue Waters, will go               31-Mar
                                 ubs/2008/nsf08529/ online at the University of Illinois. The goal of this facility is to open up new
                                                      possibilities in science and engineering by providing computational capability
                                                      that makes it possible for investigators to tackle much larger and more
                                                      complex research challenges across a wide spectrum of domains. The purpose
                                                      of this solicitation is to invite research groups thathave a compelling science or
                                                      engineering challenge that will require petascale computing resources to
                                                      submit requests for allocations of resources on the Blue Waters system.
                                                      Proposers must be prepared to demonstrate that they have a science or
                                                      engineering research problem that requires and can effectively exploit the
                                                      petascale computing capabilities offered by Blue Waters. Proposals from or
                                                      including junior researchers are encouraged as one of the goals of this
                                                      solicitation is to build a community capable of using petascale computing.
2008 NIH Director’s New          http://grants.nih.gov/   The NIH Director’s New Innovator                                                     31-Mar
                                   grants/guide/rfa-      Awardhttp://grants.nih.gov/grants/new_investigators/innovator_award/ was
Innovator Award Program
(DP2)                                   014.html          created in 2007 to support a small number of new investigators of exceptional
                                                          creativity who propose bold and highly innovative new research approaches
                                                          that have the potential to produce a major impact on broad, important
                                                          problems in biomedical and behavioral research. The research proposed need
                                                          not be in a conventional biomedical or behavioral discipline but must be
                                                          relevant to the mission of NIH. The New Innovator Awards complement
                                                          ongoing efforts by NIH and its institutes and centers to fund new investigators
                                                          through R01 grants, which continue to be the major sources of NIH support for
                                                          new investigators. Thirty New Innovator Awards were made in 2007. Awards
                                                          will be for up to a total of $1.5 million in direct costs (average of $300,000 per
                                                          year) for a five-year budget/project period, Standard F&A costs will be
                                                          determined at the time of award.
                                                                           Page 18

Harry S. Truman Library            http://www.trumanlib    Grants of up to $2,500 are awarded biannually and are intended to enable             1-Apr
                                      rary.org/grants/     graduate students, post-doctoral scholars and other researchers to come to the
Institute Research Grants
Program                                                    Harry S. Truman Library for one to three weeks to use its collections. Awards
                                                           are to offset expenses incurred for this purpose only.
Gloeckner (Fred C.) Foundation - http://www.gloeckne       The Gloeckner Foundation awards grants for research and educational projects         1-Apr
                                rfoundation.org/fundi      in floriculture and related fields at universities, colleges and Federal research
Floriculture Research Grants
                                                           institutions in the United States. The proposed research and educational
                                                           projects must be of substantial importance, and the results made available to
                                                           the interested public.
APS - John Hope Franklin           http://www.amphilso     The John Hope Franklin Dissertation Fellowship, named in honor of a                  1-Apr
                                   c.org/grants/johnhop    distinguished member of the American Philosophical Society, is designed to
Dissertation Fellowship
                                                           support an outstanding doctoral student at an American university who is
                                                           conducting dissertation research. The John Hope Franklin Fellow is expected
                                                           to spend a significant amount of time in residence at the APS Library, and,
                                                           therefore, all applicants should be pursuing dissertation topics in which the
                                                           holdings of the APS Library are especially strong, such as early American
                                                           history, the study of natural history in the 18th and 19th centuries, American
                                                           Indian linguistics and culture, the development of cultural anthropology, the
                                                           history of genetics and eugenics, nuclear physics, quantum mechanics, or
                                                           computer development.
Digital Humanities Start-Up         http://www.neh.gov/    The National Endowment for the Humanities and the Institute of Museum and            2-Apr
                                   grants/guidelines/dig   Library Services invite applications to the Digital Humanities Start-Up Grants
                                            .html          program. This program is designed to encourage innovations in the digital
                                                           humanities. By awarding relatively low-dollar grants during the planning
                                                           stages, the goal is to identify projects that are particularly innovative and have
                                                           the potential to make a positive impact on the humanities. In an effort to foster
                                                           new collaborations and advance the role of cultural repositories in online
                                                           teaching, learning, and research, this program is co-sponsored by the Institute
                                                           of Museum and Library Services. NEH and IMLS encourage library and
                                                           museum officials as well as scholars, scientists, educational institutions, and
                                                           other non-profit organizations to apply for these grants and to collaborate
                                                           when appropriate.
High End Computing University http://www.nsf.gov/p The HECURA initiative invites research and education projects focused on                     8-Apr
                              ubs/2008/nsf08531/ novel programming models, languages, compilers and underlying
Research Activity
                                                   communication libraries to enable extreme-scale highly computation- and data-
                                                   intensive scientific and engineering applications in high-end computing (HEC)
                                                   environments. Researchers in a wide range of science and engineering fields
                                                   increasingly depend upon computation and simulation to augment theoretical
                                                   and experimental studies. In fact, modern HEC systems comprised of
                                                   thousands to tens-of-thousands of processors now allow researchers to solve
                                                   previously intractable scientific problems. However, researchers depend not
                                                   only on access to state-of-the-art HEC systems, but on the availability of state-
                                                   of-the-art tools that allow them to exploit HEC system capabilities to the
                                                   fullest extent.
Systems Biology, Model                  https://e-         The Office of Biological and Environmental Research (BER) of the Office of           9-Apr
                                   center.doe.gov/iips/f   Science (SC), U.S. Department of Energy (DOE), hereby announces its
Organism Development, and
Enzyme Discovery for Biological    1DBB378827A0A85         interest in receiving applications for research that supports the Genomics:
Hydrogen Production                2573DE006ECCD6          GTL research program (http://www.genomicsGTL.energy.gov). In this
                                    ?OpenDocument          Solicitation, applications are solicited for: i.) systems-level research to
                                                           improve understanding of microbial regulatory and metabolic networks related
                                                           to hydrogen production, ii.) development of new model organisms for
                                                           microbial hydrogen production, and iii.) targeted approaches for the
                                                           identification and characterization of enzymes and biochemical pathways
                                                           relevant to biological hydrogen production in genome and metagenome
                                                                          Page 19

Research in Disabilities           http://www.nsf.gov/p   The RDE program seeks to broaden the participation and achievement of           April 10, 11,
                                   ubs/2008/nsf08527/     people with disabilities in all fields of science, technology, engineering, and 21
                                                          mathematics (STEM) education and associated professional careers. The
                                                          RDE program has been funding this objective since 1994 under the prior
                                                          name "Program for Persons with Disabilities." Particular emphasis is placed
                                                          on increasing the number of students with disabilities successfully completing
                                                          quality associate, undergraduate and graduate degrees in STEM and increasing
                                                          the number of students with disabilities entering the professional STEM
                                                          workforce. This goal is addressed by three RDE program tracks: Regional
                                                          Alliances for Persons with Disabilities in STEM Education (RDE-RAD);
                                                          Focused Research Initiatives (RDE-FRI); and Demonstration, Enrichment, and
                                                          Information Dissemination projects (RDE-DEI).
Domestic Nuclear Detection         http://www.nsf.gov/p   In FY 2008, the Domestic Nuclear Detection Office (DNDO) within the                     11-Apr
                                   ubs/2008/nsf08534/     Department of Homeland Security (DHS) will invest, in partnership with the
Office/NSF Academic Research
Initiative                                                National Science Foundation (NSF), in frontier research at academic
                                                          institutions. This transformational research effort will be focused on detection
                                                          systems, individual sensors or other research that is potentially relevant to the
                                                          detection of nuclear weapons, special nuclear material, radiation dispersal
                                                          devices and related threats. The joint DNDO/NSF effort, in coordination with
                                                          the efforts of other agencies, seeks to advance fundamental knowledge in new
                                                          technologies for the detection of nuclear threats and to develop intellectual
                                                          capacity in fields relevant to long-term advances in nuclear detection
                                                          capability. This research and the research community that will be built under
                                                          the ARI are seen as critical to our nation's ability to deploy effective nuclear
                                                          detection measures to counter the serious threat of a nuclear terrorist attack.

AHRQ Grant Program for        http://grants.nih.gov/ The Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality (AHRQ) supports                   12th of April,
Large Conference Support (R13) grants/guide/pa- conferences that help to further its mission to improve the quality, safety,          August, and
                              files/PA-06-378.html                                                                                    December
and (U13)                                            efficiency, and effectiveness of health care for all Americans. AHRQ large
                                                     conference grants are those with up to $100,000 per year in total costs with a
                                                     total project period not to exceed 3 years.
Boston Athenaeum Library -    http://www.bostonat The Boston Athenaeum Library offers the Mooney Research Fellowships.                        15-Apr
Mooney Short-Term Residential henaeum.org/fellow These short-term fellowships will support the use of the Athenaeum
Research Fellowships                                 collections for research, publication, curriculum and program development, or
                                                     other creative projects. The Athenaeum, one of the oldest and most
                                                     distinguished independent libraries in the United States, has important
                                                     holdings in the fields of Boston history, New England state and local history,
                                                     biography, English and American literature, and the fine and decorative arts.
                                                     Each grant provides a stipend of $1,500 for a residency of four weeks.
Gilman International          http://www.iie.org/pr The Fall 2008 application cycle is for study abroad programs beginning                    15-Apr
                              ograms/gilman/over between July 15 and October 15, 2008. The Gilman International Scholarship
Scholarship Program
Undergraduate Students Of                            Program offers grants for U.S. citizen undergraduate students of limited
Limited Means                                        financial means to pursue academic studies abroad. Such international study is
                                                     intended to better prepare U.S. students to assume significant roles in an
                                                     increasingly global economy and interdependent world. 820 scholarships of
                                                     up to $5,000 will be awarded this academic year for U.S. citizen
                                                     undergraduates to study abroad. Award amounts will vary depending on the
                                                     length of study and student need with the average award being $4,000.
                                                     Undergraduate students who are receiving federal Pell Grant funding at 2-year
                                                     or 4-year colleges or universities are eligible to apply. Students who apply for
                                                     and receive the Gilman Scholarship to study abroad are now eligible to receive
                                                     an additional $3,000 Critical Need Language Supplement from the Gilman
                                                     Program for a total possible award of up to $8,000. 25 Critical Need Language
                                                     Supplements will be offered to Gilman Scholarship recipients during the 2007-
                                                     2008 academic year.
                                                                       Page 20

Community Participation       http://grants.nih.gov/ Purpose. The ultimate goal of this Funding Opportunity Announcement                 LOI April 16
                                grants/guide/pa-     (FOA) with a special review issued by the Office of Behavioral and Social           and full May
Research Targeting the
                                  files/PAR-08-                                                                                          16
Medically Underserved (R01)           075.html       Sciences Research (OBSSR), National Institutes of Health (NIH) is to solicit
                                                     Research Project Grant (R01) applications that propose research on health
                                                     promotion, disease prevention, and health disparities that is jointly conducted
                                                     by communities and researchers and targets medically underserved areas
                                                     (MUAs) and medically underserved populations (MUPs) as defined by the
                                                     Department of Health and Human Services (DHHS) Health Resources and
                                                     Services Administration (HRSA). This FOA will use the R01 grant
                                                     mechanism to encourage studies that specifically target medically underserved
                                                     areas as well as underserved and underrepresented populations. This focus
                                                     will allow studies to assess the nature and scope of health problems in
                                                     underserved communities, formulate hypotheses about the relationship of
                                                     community dynamics and health problems as they relate to underrepresented
                                                     populations, design targeted interventions aimed at addressing health
                                                     disparities in specified communities and specific populations, and track the
Community Participation                              Purpose: The ultimate goal that result from Opportunity Announcement
                              http://grants.nih.gov/ efficacy of outreach efforts of this Funding CBPR research in the community.        LOI April 16
                                grants/guide/pa- (FOA) with a special review issued by the Office of Behavioral and Social               and full May
Research Targeting the
                                  files/PAR-08-                                                                                          16
Medically Underserved (R21)           076.html       Sciences Research (OBSSR), National Institutes of Health (NIH) is to solicit
                                                     Research Project Grant (R01) applications that propose research on health
                                                     promotion, disease prevention, and health disparities that is jointly conducted
                                                     by communities and researchers and targets medically underserved areas
                                                     (MUAs) and medically underserved populations (MUPs) as defined by the
                                                     Department of Health and Human Services (DHHS) Health Resources and
                                                     Services Administration (HRSA). This FOA will use the R01 grant
                                                     mechanism to encourage studies that specifically target medically underserved
                                                     areas as well as underserved and underrepresented populations. This focus
                                                     will allow studies to assess the nature and scope of health problems in
                                                     underserved communities, formulate hypotheses about the relationship of
                                                     community dynamics and health problems as they relate to underrepresented
                                                     populations, design targeted interventions aimed at addressing health
                                                     disparities in specified communities and specific populations, and track the
Human Microbiome                                     This FOA outreach efforts that result from CBPR examine, the community.
                              http://grants.nih.gov/ efficacy ofinvites applications for projects that willresearch inthrough            LOI due April
                                grants/guide/rfa-      molecular approaches, the relationship between changes in the human                22; full May
Demonstration Projects
(UH2/UH3)                            012.html          microbiome and human health and disease. This program is a component of 22
                                                       the NIH Roadmap 1.5 Human Microbiome Project
                                                       (http://nihroadmap.nih.gov/hmp/ ). In the UH2/UH3 application for an HMP
                                                       demonstration project, the applicant must address the following specific
                                                       objectives: Identification of an important biological system that holds the
                                                       potential to demonstrate the relationship between the human microbiome and
                                                       health or disease. Included in this objective is the identification of an existing
                                                       or readily accessible set or collection of donors/samples, consented in a way
                                                       consistent with HMP guidelines (will be posted at
                                                       http://nihroadmap.nih.gov/hmp/RFA-RM-08-012/ ), which can be studied to
                                                       determine the role (if any) played by the microbiota in the chosen anatomical
                                                       region or regions in the specific health condition to be studied; Use of high-
                                                       throughput, cost-effective technologies to produce a data set that can be used
                                                       to study the human microbiome in the selected body region(s) under specified
                                                       conditions, and to make those data publicly available; Design and/or
                                                                        Page 21

Integrative Graduate Education http://www.nsf.gov/p The Integrative Graduate Education and Research Traineeship (IGERT)                 prelim April
                               ublications/pub_sum program has been developed to meet the challenges of educating U.S. Ph.D.            24 and full
and Research Traineeship
                               m.jsp?ods_key=nsf0                                                                                       Oct. 20
Program                                 8540        scientists and engineers who will pursue careers in research and education,
                                                    with the interdisciplinary backgrounds, deep knowledge in chosen disciplines,
                                                    and technical, professional, and personal skills to become, in their own
                                                    careers, leaders and creative agents for change. The program is intended to
                                                    catalyze a cultural change in graduate education, for students, faculty, and
                                                    institutions, by establishing innovative new models for graduate education and
                                                    training in a fertile environment for collaborative research that transcends
                                                    traditional disciplinary boundaries. It is also intended to facilitate diversity in
                                                    student participation and preparation, and to contribute to a world-class,
                                                    broadly inclusive, and globally engaged science and engineering workforce.
Ruth L. Kirschstein National        http://grants.nih.gov/
                                                         The objective of this NRSA T32 program is to provide research training to          LOI April 25;
                                      grants/guide/pa-   predoctoral students interested in establishing research careers that use          full May 25
Research Service Award
Institutional Predoctoral                   054.html     systems biology approaches to study developmental biology and the formation
Training                                                 of structural birth defects.
Foundation For the Future -         http://www.futurefou The Foundation For the Future conducts and funds a Research Grants Program         April 30
                                    ndation.org/awards/r to provide financial support to scholars undertaking research at a macro level     prelim and
Future of Humanities Research
                                    ga_home.htm                                                                                             full Aug. 1
Grants                                                   that is directly related to better understanding the factors affecting the long-
                                                         term future of humanity. The Future of Humanity Grants are $5,000–$25,000
                                                         only for subjects that are of interest to the Foundation. Preliminary Grant
                                                         Applications, in this cycle, will be considered for funding only if they pertain
                                                         to one of the four specific subject areas described below: How will global
                                                         changes in birth rates, mortality rates, and reproductive technology affect the
                                                         human genome over the long-term future? What effect will the current global
                                                         immigration and emigration of populations have on the demography of the
                                                         planet over the long-term future? What are likely to be the major global
                                                         driving forces/initiatives/issues for humanity through the new millennium?
                                                         Are mechanisms of biological and cultural evolution in sync with our systems
                                                         of governance and economy? How are they likely to evolve and develop over
                                                         the long-term future?
American Competitiveness in         http://www.nsf.gov/pThe American Competitiveness in Chemistry-Fellowship program is a                           1-May
                                    ublications/pub_sum program to support postdoctoral associates in chemistry. It seeks to (1) build
                                             8541       ties between academic and industrial, and/or national laboratory, and/or
                                                        Chemistry Division-funded center researchers (partners) and (2) involve
                                                        beginning scientists in efforts to broaden participation in chemistry. Fellows
                                                        will pursue research with industrial, and/or national laboratory, and/or
                                                        Chemistry Division-funded center partners that will enrich their in-house
                                                        research program. In addition, fellows will develop and implement their own
                                                        plans for broadening participation in the chemical sciences. Successful
                                                        applicants must propose a well-integrated, synergistic research plan with their
                                                        chosen affiliate as well as an effective outreach plan that will broaden
                                                        participation by underrepresented groups in chemistry. The research must be
                                                        in a thematic area that is supported by the NSF Division of Chemistry. The
                                                        Program will support Fellows for two years of postgraduate study. The
                                                        Chemistry Division envisions that Postdoctoral Fellows with successful
The Coalition for Western                               The $1,000 prize supports travel to collections have opportunities for
                                    http://www.westernw programs who pursue careers in academia will or other research expenses                     1-May
                                    omenshistory.org/cf related to the histories of women and gender in the American West.
Women’s History
                                                        Applicants must be enrolled in a Ph.D. program and members of the CWWH.
                                                        The prize honors the memory of Irene Ledesma whose contributions to
                                                        Chicana and working-class history were ended by her untimely death in 1997.
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Antarctic Research -- Proposals http://www.nsf.gov/p Scientific research and operational support of that research are the principal  May 2 & June
                                ublications/pub_sum activities supported by the United States Government in Antarctica. The goals 6
that make use of IPY datasets
                                8535                 are to expand fundamental knowledge of the region, to foster research on
                                                     global and regional problems of current scientific importance, and to use
                                                     Antarctica as a platform from which to support research. For projects
                                                     involving fieldwork, the U.S. Antarctic Program supports only research that
                                                     can be done exclusively in Antarctica or that is best done from Antarctica. The
                                                     program also supports antarctic-related analytical research performed at home
                                                     organizations. NSF is the designated lead agency for the International Polar
                                                     Year, 2007-2009, for the United States and has made a number of awards in
                                                     response to IPY solicitations (see list of awards at
                                                     http://www.nsf.gov/od/opp/ipy/ipy_awards_list.jsp ). These awards will result
                                                     in new data sets that could be used in follow-on research such as modeling and
                                                     synthesis work. Proposals that make use of IPY datasets or that otherwise
                                                     build on IPY investments are welcome in the regular programs. For
Workforce Program in the                             The long-range goal of other Federal agencies and their IPY programs, please
                                http://www.nsf.gov:8 information concerningthe DMS Workforce Program is to increase the number             15-May
                                   0/funding/pgm_sum       of well-prepared U.S. citizens, nationals, and permanent residents who
Mathematical Sciences
                                           233             successfully pursue careers in the mathematical sciences and in other NSF-
                                                           supported disciplines. Among intermediate goals to this end are improvements
                                                           in recruitment, retention, education, and placement of trainees in the
                                                           mathematical sciences. The program's primary interest is in activities centered
                                                           on education through research involvement for trainees at the undergraduate
                                                           through postdoctoral educational levels. Activities that broaden participation
                                                           in the mathematical sciences are of significant interest to the Division of
                                                           Mathematical Sciences.
Horses & Humans Foundation        http://www.horsesan      The purpose of Horses & Humans Foundation (HHF) funded research is to                   15-May
                                  dhumans.org/News.        provide evidence for the therapeutic effects of horses on humans. The broad
2008 Call for Proposals
                                  9&CFTOKEN=3149           research agenda includes basic research as well as clinical studies that will
                                          7182             ultimately impact physical and mental health and the quality of life for people
                                                           with disabilities who are involved with equine assisted activities (EAA).
                                                           Interested Applicants: Before completing an application, carefully review the
                                                           'Guidelines and Information' document and the 'Application Checklist'
                                                           documents on the foundation's Web site. You also may be required to submit a
                                                           Letter of Intent before a full proposal.
The Science and Ecology of        http://grants.nih.gov/   This Funding Opportunity Announcement (FOA) encourages submission of             June 5; Oct. 5
                                     grants/guide/pa-      investigator-initiated research grant applications that seek to develop a
Early Development (SEED)
[R01]                                                      comprehensive program of research focused on the mechanisms through which
                                                           social, economic, cultural, and community-level factors, and their interactions,
                                                           impact the early cognitive, neurobiological, socio-emotional, and physical
                                                           development of children.
Broad Agency Announcement         http://es.epa.gov/nc     The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) is issuing this Broad             June 5; Dec. 9
                                  er/rfa/2008/2008_ba      Agency Announcement (BAA) soliciting applications from eligible applicants
for Conferences, Workshops,
and/or Meetings                                            for the planning, arranging, administering and/or conducting of conferences,
                                                           workshops, and/or meetings (hereinafter referred to as “conferences”) that
                                                           focus on research to protect human health and safeguard the environment.
                                                           Specifically, EPA is interested in supporting scientific and technical research
                                                           conferences that address the following research program areas: (1) human
                                                           health; (2) ecosystems; water and security; (3) economics and sustainability;
                                                           (4) air and global climate change; and (5) technology. This BAA is open from
                                                           December 10, 2007 through December 9, 2008. Applications must be received
                                                           by January 7, 2008; June 5, 2008; and December 9, 2008 depending upon the
                                                           cycle (as identified in Section II of this BAA) for which the applicant is
                                                           requesting funding.
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Chemistry Research                 http://www.nsf.gov/p
                                                     The Chemistry Research Instrumentation and Facilities Program is structured                  23-Jun
                                                     to enable the National Science Foundation's Division of Chemistry to respond
Instrumentation and Facilities
Program                                    8539).    to a variety of needs for infrastructure that promotes research and education in
                                                     areas traditionally supported by the Division (NSF Chemistry Homepage).
                                                     The Departmental Multi-User Instrumentation component of CRIF
                                                     (CRIF:MU) provides funds to universities, colleges, and consortia thereof for
                                                     the purchase of multi-user instruments. The maximum request is $500,000 for
                                                     instrumentation. Additional funds may be requested for personnel who are
                                                     needed to support cyber-enhanced projects. Other components of CRIF
                                                     include: CRIF:ID The Instrument Development component of CRIF (CRIF:ID)
                                                     provides funds for the design and construction of instruments that will enable
                                                     new chemical measurements or will significantly broaden the use of chemical
                                                     instrumentation. CRIF:CRF Cyberinfrastructure and Research Facilities
                                                     (CRIF:CRF) provides funds to establish and support either centers for the
                                                     development of cyber-enabled chemical research, or regional or national
Smith Richardson Foundation                          The Smith Richardson Foundation’s CRIF:CRF range from $300,000-
                               http://www.srf.org/gr instrumentation facilities. Awards in International Security and Foreign Policy              29-Jun
                               ants/JF_Domestic_ Program is pleased to announce its annual grant competition to support junior
Junior Faculty Research Grants
/ International Security and                         faculty research on American foreign policy, international relations,
Foreign Policy Program                               international security, military policy, and diplomatic and military history.
                                                     The Foundation will award at least three research grants of $60,000 each to
                                                     support tenure-track junior faculty engaged in the research and writing of a
                                                     scholarly book on an issue or topic of interest to the policy community. These
                                                     grants are intended to buy-out up to one year of teaching time and to
                                                     underwrite research costs (including research assistance and travel). Each
                                                     grant will be paid directly to, and should be administered by, the academic
                                                     institution at which the junior faculty member works. Projects in military and
                                                     diplomatic history are especially encouraged. Group or collaborative projects
                                                     will not be considered.
The Smith Richardson               http://www.srf.org/gr The Smith Richardson Foundation’s Domestic Public Policy Program seeks to                  29-Jun
                                   ants/Domestic_Publi   support the work of the next generation of public policy researchers and
Foundation, Domestic Public
Policy Program                             .php          analysts. In 2007, the Foundation will award at least three research grants in
                                                         the amount of $60,000 each to individuals who are interested in conducting
                                                         research and writing on domestic public policy issues. Grantees are expected
                                                         to produce a book or an article suitable for publication in a peer-reviewed
                                                         journal. The grant can be used to cover the salary costs of the researcher and to
                                                         underwrite research costs, such as travel, research assistance, and data
                                                         acquisition. Each grant will be paid directly to, and should be administered by,
                                                         the institution at which the researcher works.
Partners for Fish and Wildlife     http://ecos.fws.gov/p The Partners for Fish and Wildlife Program Act authorizes the Secretary of        Sept. 30
                                   artners/viewContent. Interior to provide direct technical and financial assistance to private
                                                         landowners interested in restoring, enhancing, and managing fish and wildlife
                                                         habitats on their own lands. It is a goal of the program to secure at least 50
                                                         percent of project costs from non-Service sources, but this goal applies to the
                                                         national program as a whole, and does not have to be achieved on a project-by-
                                                         project basis. Funding above $25,000 for an individual project must be
                                                         approved at the Washington Office level. If you are interested in pursuing a
                                                         project under the Partners for Fish and Wildlife Program you must contact
                                                         your local coordinator. A listing of coordinators by state is available at
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Coastal Program                  http://www.grant       Coastal ecosystems comprise less than 10 percent of the Nation's land area,        Sept. 30
                                 s.gov/search/sear      but support far greater proportions of our living resources. Specifically, coastal
                                 ch.do;jsessionid=      areas support a much higher percentage of the Nation's threatened and
                                 HQcW4mJwCV5            endangered species, fishery resources, migratory songbirds, and migrating and
                                  fGyKGfngNy7P          wintering waterfowl. The U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service welcomes your
                                 KHr2SpbJbpqB3          participation in the Coastal Program. If you are interested in exploring the
                                  lMbz9rML88vy          possibility of pursuing a cooperative agreement for habitat assessment,
                                 Mtwl!169559763?        protection, and/or restoration, or simply receiving technical advice, the first
                                 oppId=40488&fla        step is to contact your local Coastal Program coordinator. A listing of all
                                 g2006=false&mo         Coastal Program coordinators is available at: http://www.fws.gov/coastal .
Climate Change Research,         http://www.science.d The program seeks to understand the basic physical, chemical, and biological Sept. 30
                                 oe.gov/grants/FAPN   processes of the Earth's atmosphere, land, and oceans and how these processes
United States Department of
Energy (DOE)                                          may be affected by energy production and use. The research is designed to
                                                      provide data that will enable an objective assessment of the potential for, and
                                                      the consequences of, human-induced climate change at global and regional
                                                      scales. It also provides data and models to enable assessments of mitigation
                                                      options to prevent such a change. The program is comprehensive with an
                                                      emphasis on: understanding and simulating the radiation balance from the
                                                      surface of the Earth to the top of the atmosphere (including the effect of
                                                      clouds, water vapor, trace gases, and aerosols); enhancing and evaluating the
                                                      quantitative models necessary to predict natural climatic variability and
                                                      possible human-caused climate change at global and regional scales;
                                                      understanding and simulating both the net exchange of carbon dioxide
                                                      between the atmosphere, terrestrial and ocean systems, and the effects of
                                                      climate change on the global carbon cycle; understanding ecological effects of
Life Sciences Research, United                        For Life Sciences, research is focused to integrated assessments of of
                                 http://www.science.d climate change; improving approacheson using the U.S. Departmenteffects of, Sept. 30
                                 oe.gov/grants/FAPN Energy's (DOE's) resources and facilities to develop fundamental knowledge
States Department of Energy
(DOE)                                                 of biological systems that can be used to address DOE needs in clean energy,
                                                      carbon sequestration, and environmental cleanup that will underpin
                                                      biotechnology based solutions to energy challenges. The objectives are: to
                                                      develop the experimental and, together with the Advanced Scientific
                                                      Computing Research program, the computational resources, tools, and
                                                      technologies needed to understand and predict the complex behavior of
                                                      complete biological systems, principally microbes and microbial communities;
                                                      to take advantage of the remarkable high throughput and cost-effective DNA
                                                      sequencing capacity at the Joint Genome Institute to meet the DNA
                                                      sequencing needs of the scientific community through competitive, peer-
                                                      reviewed nominations for DNA sequencing; to develop and support DOE
                                                      national user facilities for structural biology at synchrotron and neutron
                                                      sources; to develop novel research and computational tools that provide the
                                                      basis for understanding and predicting the responses of complex biological
Applied Mathematics, United                           systems, is sought on the mathematical methods and numerical for energy
                                 http://www.science.d Researchinformation needed to develop biotechnology solutions algorithms        Sept. 30
                                 oe.gov/grants/FAPN     that enable the effective description, understanding, and prediction of complex
States Department of Energy
(DOE)                                                   physical, biological, and human- engineered systems. For example, the
                                                        subjects of supported research efforts may include: (1) numerical methods for
                                                        the parallel solution of systems of partial differential equations, large- scale
                                                        linear or nonlinear systems, or very large parameter-estimation problems; (2)
                                                        analytical or numerical techniques for modeling complex physical or
                                                        biological phenomena, such as fluid turbulence or microbial populations; (3)
                                                        analytical or numerical methods for bridging a broad range of temporal and
                                                        spatial scales; (4) optimization, control, and risk analysis of complex systems,
                                                        such as computer networks and electrical power grids; and (5) mathematical
                                                        research issues related to petascale science.
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