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									 Subject 1                     Subject 1(Desc.)       ISBN10      ISBN13
LS00         General & Introductory Life Sciences   0471441538 9780471441533
LS00         General & Introductory Life Sciences   0471155896 9780471155898
LS00         General & Introductory Life Sciences   0471273961 9780471273967
LS00         General & Introductory Life Sciences   0471226149 9780471226147
LS00         General & Introductory Life Sciences   0471215325 9780471215325
LS00         General & Introductory Life Sciences   0471401757 9780471401759
LS00         General & Introductory Life Sciences   0471648795 9780471648796
LS10         Anatomy and Physiology                 0764554220 9780764554223
LS10         Anatomy and Physiology                 0471689351 9780471689355
LS10         Anatomy and Physiology                 0471770671 9780471770671
LS10         Anatomy and Physiology                 0471714283 9780471714286
LS10         Anatomy and Physiology                 0471701416 9780471701415
LS10         Anatomy and Physiology                 0471761044 9780471761044
LS10         Anatomy and Physiology                 0471761052 9780471761051
LS10         Anatomy and Physiology                 0471701386 9780471701385
LS10         Anatomy and Physiology                 0471420646 9780471420644
LS10         Anatomy and Physiology                 0470040009 9780470040003
LS10         Anatomy and Physiology                 0471691232 9780471691235
LS10         Anatomy and Physiology                 0471649821 9780471649823
LS10         Anatomy and Physiology                 0471689343 9780471689348
LS10         Anatomy and Physiology                 047146516X 9780471465164
LS10         Anatomy and Physiology                 0470016108 9780470016107
LS10         Anatomy and Physiology                 0471465151 9780471465157
LS10         Anatomy and Physiology                 0471691224 9780471691228
LS10         Anatomy and Physiology                 0471718718 9780471718710
LS20         Biological Anthropology                0471319287 9780471319283
LS20         Biological Anthropology                0471418234 9780471418238
LS20         Biological Anthropology                0471210064 9780471210061
LS30         Cell and Molecular Biology             0471382248 9780471382249
LS30         Cell and Molecular Biology             0471678538 9780471678533
LS30         Cell and Molecular Biology             0471732125 9780471732129
LS30         Cell and Molecular Biology             0471239577 9780471239574
LS30         Cell and Molecular Biology             047143258X 9780471432586
LS30         Cell and Molecular Biology             0471103543 9780471103547
LS30         Cell and Molecular Biology             047139128X 9780471391289
LS30         Cell and Molecular Biology             0471065137 9780471065135
LS30         Cell and Molecular Biology             0471438537 9780471438533
LS30         Cell and Molecular Biology             047125391X 9780471253914
LS30         Cell and Molecular Biology             0471201332 9780471201335
LS30         Cell and Molecular Biology             0471219479 9780471219477
LS30         Cell and Molecular Biology             0471253944 9780471253945
LS30         Cell and Molecular Biology             0471411256 9780471411253
LS30         Cell and Molecular Biology             0470014571 9780470014578
LS30         Cell and Molecular Biology             0470016248 9780470016244
LS30         Cell and Molecular Biology             0471483397 9780471483397
LS30         Cell and Molecular Biology             0470015977 9780470015971
LS30         Cell and Molecular Biology             0471250929 9780471250920
LS30         Cell and Molecular Biology             0471453447 9780471453444
LS30         Cell and Molecular Biology             0471656046 9780471656043
LS30   Cell and Molecular Biology                 0470847581 9780470847589
LS30   Cell and Molecular Biology                 0471483389 9780471483380
LS30   Cell and Molecular Biology                 0471396281 9780471396284
LS30   Cell and Molecular Biology                 0471784079 9780471784074
LS30   Cell and Molecular Biology                 0471453293 9780471453291
LS40   Biology                                    0764563750 9780764563751
LS40   Biology                                    0764558420 9780764558429
LS40   Biology                                    0470002077 9780470002070
LS40   Biology                                    0764553267 9780764553264
LS40   Biology                                    0471223301 9780471223306
LS40   Biology                                    0471182192 9780471182191
LS40   Biology                                    0471699446 9780471699446
LS40   Biology                                    0470012765 9780470012765
LS40   Biology                                    0470012773 9780470012772
LS40   Biology                                    0471473219 9780471473213
LS40   Biology                                    0471433659 9780471433651
LS45   Microbiology and Virology                  0471299928 9780471299929
LS45   Microbiology and Virology                  0822053330 9780822053330
LS45   Microbiology and Virology                  0471420824 9780471420828
LS45   Microbiology and Virology                  0470016434 9780470016435
LS45   Microbiology and Virology                  0471386650 9780471386650
LS45   Microbiology and Virology                  0471482447 9780471482444
LS45   Microbiology and Virology                  0470035455 9780470035450
LS45   Microbiology and Virology                  0470851120 9780470851128
LS45   Microbiology and Virology                  0471420840 9780471420842
LS45   Microbiology and Virology                  0470851139 9780470851135
LS45   Microbiology and Virology                  0471650714 9780471650713
LS50   Comparative Biology (Botany and Zoology)   0471389153 9780471389156
LS51   Plant Science                              0471628824 9780471628828
LS51   Plant Science                              0471192082 9780471192084
LS52   Zoology                                    0471250317 9780471250319
LS60   Genetics                                   047137217X 9780471372172
LS60   Genetics                                   0471738301 9780471738305
LS60   Genetics                                   0471465631 9780471465638
LS60   Genetics                                   0471268216 9780471268215
LS60   Genetics                                   047121003X 9780471210030
LS60   Genetics                                   0471188670 9780471188674
LS60   Genetics                                   0470095016 9780470095010
LS60   Genetics                                   0471308706 9780471308706
LS60   Genetics                                   0470095024 9780470095027
LS60   Genetics                                   0470870249 9780470870242
LS60   Genetics                                   047169939X 9780471699392
LS60   Genetics                                   0471467812 9780471467816
LS60   Genetics                                   047135015X 9780471350156
LS60   Genetics                                   0471474266 9780471474265
LS60   Genetics                                   0470870257 9780470870259
LS60   Genetics                                   0471089524 9780471089520
LS60   Genetics                                   0471649872 9780471649878
LS60   Genetics                                   0471725978 9780471725978
LS61   Proteomics                                 0471699756 9780471699750
LS61   Proteomics                                 0471457140 9780471457145
LS61   Proteomics                                 0471160059 9780471160052
LS62   Genomics                                  0471453315 9780471453314
LS70   Bioinformatics                            0471430595 9780471430599
LS70   Bioinformatics                            0471201995 9780471201991
LS70   Bioinformatics                            0471436224 9780471436225
LS70   Bioinformatics                            0470863048 9780470863046
LS70   Bioinformatics                            0470020016 9780470020012
LS70   Bioinformatics                            0471210048 9780471210047
LS70   Bioinformatics                            0471478784 9780471478782
LS80   Neuroscience                              0471783978 9780471783978
LS80   Neuroscience                              0471430587 9780471430582
LS80   Neuroscience                              0470018607 9780470018606
LS80   Neuroscience                              0471694622 9780471694625
LS80   Neuroscience                              0470012331 9780470012338
LS80   Neuroscience                              0471210056 9780471210054
LS80   Neuroscience                              0471783994 9780471783992
LS95   Life Sciences Special Topics              0764595547 9780764595547
MD00   General & Introductory Medical Sciences   047002836X 9780470028360
MD00   General & Introductory Medical Sciences   0787987921 9780787987923
MD00   General & Introductory Medical Sciences   0470091304 9780470091302
MD00   General & Introductory Medical Sciences   0470027290 9780470027295
MD00   General & Introductory Medical Sciences   0470870400 9780470870402
MD10   Endocrinology                             0470015047 9780470015049
MD11   Endocrinology / Diabetes                  0470028823 9780470028827
MD15   Hematology                                0471347590 9780471347590
MD21   Imaging / Radiology                       0471382264 9780471382263
MD21   Imaging / Radiology                       0471394939 9780471394938
MD21   Imaging / Radiology                       0471251232 9780471251231
MD23   Imaging / MRI                             0471692735 9780471692737
MD23   Imaging / MRI                             0471433101 9780471433101
MD23   Imaging / MRI                             0471373400 9780471373407
MD25   Immunology                                0471226890 9780471226895
MD30   Obstetrics & Gynecology                   0470025387 9780470025383
MD30   Obstetrics & Gynecology                   0470019786 9780470019788
MD30   Obstetrics & Gynecology                   0470090103 9780470090107
MD35   Surgery                                   0470093161 9780470093160
MD40   Oncology                                  0470012021 9780470012024
MD40   Oncology                                  0470038012 9780470038017
MD40   Oncology                                  0470012943 9780470012949
MD55   Pharmacology & Pharmaceutical Medicine    0471601500 9780471601500
MD55   Pharmacology & Pharmaceutical Medicine    0471254010 9780471254010
MD60   Psychiatry                                0471434787 9780471434788
MD60   Psychiatry                                0470016574 9780470016572
MD60   Psychiatry                                0470010541 9780470010549
MD60   Psychiatry                                0470028211 9780470028216
MD60   Psychiatry                                0470018542 9780470018545
MD60   Psychiatry                                0470019158 9780470019153
MD65   Sports Medicine                           0470010975 9780470010976
MD65   Sports Medicine                           0470010983 9780470010983
MD68   Audiology                                 1861565070 9781861565075
MD68   Audiology                                 0470029641 9780470029640
MD70   Clinical Microbiology                     0470849762 9780470849767
MD75   Nursing                                   1861564708 9781861564702
MD75   Nursing                047001993X 9780470019931
MD75   Nursing                0470019840 9780470019849
MD75   Nursing                0470019719 9780470019719
MD75   Nursing                1861564600 9781861564603
MD75   Nursing                0470019611 9780470019610
MD75   Nursing                0470019778 9780470019771
MD75   Nursing                0470019700 9780470019702
MD75   Nursing                0470019883 9780470019887
MD75   Nursing                0470019824 9780470019825
MD75   Nursing                0470019832 9780470019832
MD75   Nursing                0470025840 9780470025840
MD75   Nursing                0470019670 9780470019672
MD75   Nursing                1861564716 9781861564719
MD75   Nursing                1861564996 9781861564993
MD75   Nursing                0470019646 9780470019641
MD75   Nursing                1861564880 9781861564887
MD76   Occupational Therapy   0470019697 9780470019696
MD76   Occupational Therapy   0470019638 9780470019634
MD76   Occupational Therapy   1861565046 9781861565044
MD76   Occupational Therapy   047001962X 9780470019627
MD76   Occupational Therapy   1861564228 9781861564221
MD77   Speech Therapy         1861565054 9781861565051
MD77   Speech Therapy         1861564422 9781861564429
MD77   Speech Therapy         0470019751 9780470019757
MD77   Speech Therapy         0470027444 9780470027448
MD80   Consumer Health        0787952516 9780787952518
MD80   Consumer Health        0470019085 9780470019085
MD80   Consumer Health        0471249971 9780471249979
MD80   Consumer Health        0764559133 9780764559136
MD80   Consumer Health        047175062X 9780471750628
MD80   Consumer Health        0471747041 9780471747048
MD80   Consumer Health        0764551728 9780764551727
MD80   Consumer Health        0471233595 9780471233596
MD80   Consumer Health        047138139X 9780471381396
MD80   Consumer Health        0471149047 9780471149040
MD80   Consumer Health        0764554417 9780764554414
MD80   Consumer Health        0764551329 9780764551321
MD80   Consumer Health        0764542338 9780764542336
MD80   Consumer Health        0764578324 9780764578328
MD80   Consumer Health        0471746924 9780471746928
MD80   Consumer Health        047138741X 9780471387411
MD80   Consumer Health        0471267562 9780471267560
MD80   Consumer Health        0471393266 9780471393269
MD80   Consumer Health        0471739030 9780471739036
MD80   Consumer Health        0764554476 9780764554476
MD80   Consumer Health        0764554247 9780764554247
MD80   Consumer Health        0764584510 9780764584510
MD80   Consumer Health        0764554859 9780764554858
MD80   Consumer Health        0787980714 9780787980719
MD80   Consumer Health        0471794015 9780471794011
MD80   Consumer Health        0764584472 9780764584473
MD80   Consumer Health        0764568205 9780764568206
MD80   Consumer Health                          0471430285 9780471430285
MD80   Consumer Health                          0471750239 9780471750239
MD80   Consumer Health                          0764544837 9780764544835
MD80   Consumer Health                          0470027355 9780470027356
MD80   Consumer Health                          0471787558 9780471787556
MD80   Consumer Health                          0764524615 9780764524615
MD80   Consumer Health                          0471775479 9780471775478
MD80   Consumer Health                          0470025824 9780470025826
MD80   Consumer Health                          0471715492 9780471715498
MD80   Consumer Health                          0471353116 9780471353119
MD80   Consumer Health                          0471687200 9780471687207
MD80   Consumer Health                          0471269115 9780471269113
MD80   Consumer Health                          0470038640 9780470038642
MD81   Consumer Health / Alternative Medicine   047134964X 9780471349648
MD81   Consumer Health / Alternative Medicine   0764551272 9780764551277
MD81   Consumer Health / Alternative Medicine   076455171X 9780764551710
MD82   Consumer Health / Diet & Nutrition       0471347019 9780471347019
MD82   Consumer Health / Diet & Nutrition       0471347132 9780471347132
MD82   Consumer Health / Diet & Nutrition       0471478814 9780471478812
MD82   Consumer Health / Diet & Nutrition       0471435961 9780471435969
MD82   Consumer Health / Diet & Nutrition       0471442224 9780471442226
MD82   Consumer Health / Diet & Nutrition       0471349623 9780471349624
MD82   Consumer Health / Diet & Nutrition       0471398586 9780471398585
MD82   Consumer Health / Diet & Nutrition       0764525662 9780764525667
MD82   Consumer Health / Diet & Nutrition       0471772011 9780471772019
MD82   Consumer Health / Diet & Nutrition       0764541498 9780764541490
MD82   Consumer Health / Diet & Nutrition       0470027533 9780470027530
MD82   Consumer Health / Diet & Nutrition       0471267554 9780471267553
MD82   Consumer Health / Diet & Nutrition       0764584502 9780764584503
MD82   Consumer Health / Diet & Nutrition       0470041153 9780470041154
MD82   Consumer Health / Diet & Nutrition       0471773832 9780471773832
MD82   Consumer Health / Diet & Nutrition       0471798681 9780471798682
MD82   Consumer Health / Diet & Nutrition       0471790478 9780471790471
MD82   Consumer Health / Diet & Nutrition       0764599054 9780764599057
MD82   Consumer Health / Diet & Nutrition       0470048425 9780470048429
MD82   Consumer Health / Diet & Nutrition       0471778672 9780471778677
MD82   Consumer Health / Diet & Nutrition       0471668761 9780471668763
MD83   Consumer Health / Fitness                0764553054 9780764553059
MD83   Consumer Health / Fitness                0764551175 9780764551178
MD83   Consumer Health / Fitness                0764553976 9780764553974
MD83   Consumer Health / Fitness                0764553518 9780764553516
MD83   Consumer Health / Fitness                0471768456 9780471768456
MD83   Consumer Health / Fitness                0764558293 9780764558290
MD83   Consumer Health / Fitness                0764572075 9780764572074
MD83   Consumer Health / Fitness                0471736279 9780471736271
MD84   Consumer Health / Special Topics         0764525492 9780764525490
MD84   Consumer Health / Special Topics         0764570749 9780764570742
MD84   Consumer Health / Special Topics         0764539019 9780764539015
MD84   Consumer Health / Special Topics         0764524828 9780764524820
MD84   Consumer Health / Special Topics         0764556886 9780764556883
MD84   Consumer Health / Special Topics         0764541552 9780764541551
MD84   Consumer Health / Special Topics         0764519743 9780764519741
MD84   Consumer Health / Special Topics             0764551442 9780764551444
MD84   Consumer Health / Special Topics             0470050470 9780470050477
MD84   Consumer Health / Special Topics             0764598147 9780764598142
MD84   Consumer Health / Special Topics             0471791466 9780471791461
MD84   Consumer Health / Special Topics             0764525476 9780764525476
MD85   Health Care Administration                   0787964581 9780787964580
MD85   Health Care Administration                   0787959804 9780787959807
MD85   Health Care Administration                   0787952583 9780787952587
MD85   Health Care Administration                   0787959375 9780787959371
MD85   Health Care Administration                   0787974684 9780787974688
MD85   Health Care Administration                   0471788708 9780471788706
MD85   Health Care Administration                   0471790788 9780471790785
MD90   Public Health / General                      0787977640 9780787977641
MD90   Public Health / General                      0787973831 9780787973834
MD90   Public Health / General                      0787988952 9780787988951
MD90   Public Health / General                      0787901377 9780787901370
MD90   Public Health / General                      0787976792 9780787976798
MD91   Public Health / Practice                     0787959766 9780787959760
MD92   Public Health / Behavior & Education         0787983748 9780787983741
MD92   Public Health / Behavior & Education         0787957151 9780787957155
MD92   Public Health / Behavior & Education         078797899X 9780787978990
MD92   Public Health / Behavior & Education         0787984337 9780787984335
MD92   Public Health / Behavior & Education         0787975605 9780787975609
MD93   Public Health / Health Services and Policy   078798454X 9780787984540
MD93   Public Health / Health Services and Policy   0787962228 9780787962227
MD93   Public Health / Health Services and Policy   078798745X 9780787987459
MD93   Public Health / Health Services and Policy   0787983837 9780787983833
MD95   Medical Sciences Special Topics              0471296864 9780471296867
MD95   Medical Sciences Special Topics              0471400289 9780471400288
                                                        Number of Price, current
    Medium(Desc.)     Status(Desc.)      Author short     pages   list ($-China)
Paper               ACTIVE TITLE      Satinover         288                 15.95
Cloth               ACTIVE TITLE      Bakalar           272                 24.95
Paper               ACTIVE TITLE      Mortenson         272                 16.95
Paper               ACTIVE TITLE      Sapienza          264                 47.95
Cloth               ACTIVE TITLE      Evans             320                 27.95
Cloth               ACTIVE TITLE      Adler             240                 25.95
Cloth               ACTIVE TITLE      Wagner            256                 24.95
Paper               ACTIVE TITLE      Siegfried         384                 24.95
Paper               ACTIVE TITLE      Tortora           721                 41.95
Paper               ACTIVE TITLE      Jenkins           744                 25.95
Paper               ACTIVE TITLE      Tortora           80                  14.95
Paper               ACTIVE TITLE      Allen             48                  29.95
Paper               ACTIVE TITLE      Tortora           425                 19.95
Paper               ACTIVE TITLE      Tortora           383                 38.95
Paper               ACTIVE TITLE      Allen             32                  29.95
Paper               ACTIVE TITLE      Tortora           245                 46.95
Paper               ACTIVE TITLE      Leichnetz         92                  69.95
Cloth               ACTIVE TITLE      Tortora           656                114.95
Paper               ACTIVE TITLE      Pakurar           248                 69.95
Cloth               ACTIVE TITLE      Tortora           1264               154.95
Paper               ACTIVE TITLE      Allen             384                 71.95
Cloth               ACTIVE TITLE      Xu                402                200.00
Paper               ACTIVE TITLE      Allen             576                 71.95
Paper               ACTIVE TITLE      Allen             792                100.95
Cloth               ACTIVE TITLE      Tortora           1146               154.95
Cloth               ACTIVE TITLE      Schwartz          616                224.95
Cloth               ACTIVE TITLE      Holloway          315                224.95
Cloth               ACTIVE TITLE      Klepinger         220                 89.95
Paper               ACTIVE TITLE      Givan             296                 54.95
Cloth               ACTIVE TITLE      Schena            852                129.95
Cloth               ACTIVE TITLE      Harvey Society    180                109.95
Cloth               ACTIVE TITLE      Stewart           448                159.95
Paper               ACTIVE TITLE      Freshney          896                184.95
Cloth               ACTIVE TITLE      Cleland           544                134.95
Cloth               ACTIVE TITLE      Saccone           442                114.95
Cloth               ACTIVE TITLE      Quick             312                164.95
Paper               ACTIVE TITLE      Pfragner          435                114.95
Cloth               ACTIVE TITLE      Murphy            384                 99.95
Paper               ACTIVE TITLE      Bregman           352                 64.95
Cloth               ACTIVE TITLE      Lockshin          568                109.95
Cloth               ACTIVE TITLE      Dee               248                109.95
Cloth               ACTIVE TITLE      Shapiro           736                137.95
Cloth               ACTIVE TITLE      Novartis          300                145.00
Cloth               ACTIVE TITLE      Novartis          284                145.00
Paper               ACTIVE TITLE      Bonifacino        826                128.95
Cloth               ACTIVE TITLE      Novartis          302                145.00
Paper               ACTIVE TITLE      Ausubel           1512               168.95
Cloth               ACTIVE TITLE      Zhang             136                 78.95
Paper               ACTIVE TITLE      Knudsen           184                 44.95
Cloth   ACTIVE TITLE   Harris           418    130.00
Paper   ACTIVE TITLE   Coligan          810    128.95
Cloth   ACTIVE TITLE   Jena             300    124.95
Cloth   ACTIVE TITLE   Knudsen          185    124.95
Cloth   ACTIVE TITLE   Freshney         672     89.95
Paper   ACTIVE TITLE   Alcamo           256      9.95
Paper   ACTIVE TITLE   Rechtman         384     14.95
Cloth   ACTIVE TITLE   Grosvenor        992     97.95
Paper   ACTIVE TITLE   Siegfried        384     19.95
Paper   ACTIVE TITLE   Garber           368     19.95
Cloth   ACTIVE TITLE   Goldsmith        384     73.95
Paper   ACTIVE TITLE   Alters           272     33.95
Cloth   ACTIVE TITLE   Gunn             304    130.00
Paper   ACTIVE TITLE   Gunn             304     45.00
Paper   ACTIVE TITLE   Pruitt           672     92.95
Cloth   ACTIVE TITLE   Alters           864    115.95
Paper   ACTIVE TITLE   Kirchman         552     94.95
Paper   ACTIVE TITLE   Alcamo           264      9.95
Paper   ACTIVE TITLE   Pollack          280     53.95
Cloth   ACTIVE TITLE   Novartis         276    145.00
Cloth   ACTIVE TITLE   Streips          672    144.95
Paper   ACTIVE TITLE   Black            356     43.95
Paper   ACTIVE TITLE   Singleton        908    110.00
Cloth   ACTIVE TITLE   Hiscox           294    145.00
Cloth   ACTIVE TITLE   Black            920    145.95
Paper   ACTIVE TITLE   Hiscox           294     70.00
Cloth   ACTIVE TITLE   Bitton           768     99.95
Cloth   ACTIVE TITLE   Hopkins          576    118.95
Cloth   ACTIVE TITLE   Lewis            832    109.95
Cloth   ACTIVE TITLE   Dawes            496    139.95
Cloth   ACTIVE TITLE   Nelson           624    139.95
Cloth   ACTIVE TITLE   Pai              376    119.95
Paper   ACTIVE TITLE   Snustad          408     47.95
Paper   ACTIVE TITLE   Hefti            319     99.95
Cloth   ACTIVE TITLE   Redei            1392   214.95
Cloth   ACTIVE TITLE   Brown            288     62.95
Paper   ACTIVE TITLE   Baker            456     82.95
Cloth   ACTIVE TITLE   Caldwell         246    165.00
Cloth   ACTIVE TITLE   Cassidy          720    174.95
Paper   ACTIVE TITLE   Caldwell         246     65.00
Cloth   ACTIVE TITLE   Serre            270    145.00
Cloth   ACTIVE TITLE   Snustad          888    128.95
Paper   ACTIVE TITLE   Costa            557    109.95
Cloth   ACTIVE TITLE   O'Brien          714    349.95
Cloth   ACTIVE TITLE   Pasternak        656     89.95
Paper   ACTIVE TITLE   Serre            270     60.00
Paper   ACTIVE TITLE   Haines           512     99.95
Cloth   ACTIVE TITLE   Sharpe           624     89.95
Paper   ACTIVE TITLE   Snustad          888    125.95
Cloth   ACTIVE TITLE   Humphery-Smith   512    124.95
Paper   ACTIVE TITLE   Figeys           320     89.95
Paper   ACTIVE TITLE   Veenstra         326     69.95
Cloth   ACTIVE TITLE    DeSalle           240     29.95
Paper   ACTIVE TITLE    Jamison           208     49.95
Paper   ACTIVE TITLE    Bourne            672     84.95
Cloth   ACTIVE TITLE    Hancock           664    114.95
Cloth   ACTIVE TITLE    Nagl              300    120.00
Cloth   ACTIVE TITLE    Dardel            252     65.00
Paper   ACTIVE TITLE    Pevsner           792     99.95
Cloth   ACTIVE TITLE    Baxevanis         560     84.95
Paper   ACTIVE TITLE    Gerfen            610    128.95
Paper   ACTIVE TITLE    Woolsey           264     69.95
Cloth   ACTIVE TITLE    Novartis          302    145.00
Cloth   IN PRODUCTION   O'Rahilly         368    294.95
Cloth   ACTIVE TITLE    Novartis          314    145.00
Cloth   ACTIVE TITLE    Butler            744    131.95
Paper   ACTIVE TITLE    Gerfen            592    128.95
Paper   ACTIVE TITLE    Rodden Robinson   384     19.95
Paper   ACTIVE TITLE    Dorey             244     50.00
Cloth   IN PRODUCTION   Carroll                  374.95
Paper   ACTIVE TITLE    Bowers            244     45.00
Paper   ACTIVE TITLE    Peate             522     37.50
Cloth   ACTIVE TITLE    Machin            278     85.00
Cloth   ACTIVE TITLE    Boulton           464    110.00
Paper   ACTIVE TITLE    Taylor            188     37.50
Paper   ACTIVE TITLE    Kern              352     99.95
Cloth   ACTIVE TITLE    Hendee            536    154.95
Cloth   ACTIVE TITLE    Hendee            472    141.95
Cloth   ACTIVE TITLE    Huang             704    141.95
Cloth   ACTIVE TITLE    Semelka           1440   294.95
Paper   ACTIVE TITLE    Brown             280     62.95
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Down Syndrome: A Promising Future, Together                                 Y
Epidemiology Kept Simple: An Introduction to Traditional and Modern Epidemiology, 2nd Edition
                                                          Book                  Date,
                              LC card      Publisher     weight      Book     announced
       Product line(Desc.)    number        division      (kg.)     width     publication
CONSUMER                                 PT            0.41       15.50 cm.        5-Apr-06
CONSUMER                                 PT            0.57       16.05 cm.       24-Oct-06
CONSUMER                    2003005318   PT            0.34       15.15 cm.      23-Aug-06
LIFE SCIENCES               2003025317   ST            0.44       15.45 cm.      19-May-06
CONSUMER                    2003024669   PT            0.59       16.25 cm.       18-Oct-06
CONSUMER                    2003014212   PT            0.47       16.30 cm.       25-Jan-06
CONSUMER                    2005022236   PT            0.44       16.10 cm.      15-Mar-06
HUNGRY MINDS CONSUMER DUMMIES            PT            0.61       18.79 cm.        4-Aug-06
LIFE SCIENCES AND CHEMISTRY              C             1.44       21.30 cm.       14-Jun-06
LIFE SCIENCES AND CHEMISTRY              C             1.47       23.65 cm.      26-May-06
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CHI STM P/R                 2006016185   ST            0.93       17.45 cm.       16-Jun-06
LIFE SCIENCES AND CHEMISTRY              C             1.20       22.20 cm.       12-Oct-06
LIFE SCIENCES AND CHEMISTRY              C             1.55       22.30 cm.      15-Nov-06
LIFE SCIENCES AND CHEMISTRY              C             3.27       24.30 cm.       13-Oct-06
LIFE SCIENCES               200102664    ST            2.20       22.25 cm.       25-Oct-06
LIFE SCIENCES               200102664    ST            1.35       22.20 cm.       25-Oct-06
LIFE SCIENCES               2005058368   ST            0.45       16.00 cm.       16-Jun-06
LIFE SCIENCES               92-5004      ST            0.43       15.75 cm.      22-Sep-06
LIFE SCIENCES                            ST            2.06       22.20 cm.      29-Nov-06
LIFE SCIENCES                            ST            0.38       13.35 cm.       19-Apr-06
LIFE SCIENCES               99-042858    ST            0.76       16.20 cm.       25-Oct-06
LIFE SCIENCES                            ST            1.63       17.90 cm.       25-Oct-06
CHEMISTRY                   95-18093     ST            1.08       17.95 cm.       23-Jun-06
LIFE SCIENCES               2002011158   ST            0.98       18.30 cm.       25-Oct-06
LIFE SCIENCES               2002011162   ST            0.76       18.40 cm.       25-Oct-06
LIFE SCIENCES               2002011003   ST            0.78       17.75 cm.      29-Nov-06
LIFE SCIENCES               2001024021   ST            0.81       18.35 cm.      26-May-06
LIFE SCIENCES AND CHEMISTRY              C             0.80       21.35 cm.      25-May-06
LIFE SCIENCES               2003009326   ST            0.92       16.25 cm.       25-Oct-06
LIFE SCIENCES               2002005591   ST            0.57       18.10 cm.       14-Apr-06
LIFE SCIENCES                            ST            1.86       22.00 cm.       19-Jun-06
CHI STM P/R                              ST            0.61       15.95 cm.       13-Jan-06
CHI STM P/R                              ST            0.59       16.00 cm.       30-Jun-06
CURRENT PROTOCOL            2003017781   ET            1.87       21.50 cm.       25-Oct-06
CHI STM P/R                              ST            0.61       16.05 cm.        28-Jul-06
CURRENT PROTOCOL            2002027224   ST            3.42       21.70 cm.        6-Oct-06
LIFE SCIENCES               2003026922   ST            0.41       16.15 cm.      29-Nov-06
LIFE SCIENCES               2003026036   ST            0.34       15.35 cm.      29-Nov-06
CHI STM P/R                  2005029713   ST   1.07   19.55 cm.     3-Jun-03
CURRENT PROTOCOL             2003012325   ET   1.84   21.55 cm.    25-Oct-06
LIFE SCIENCES                2005058118   ST   0.72   18.20 cm.   30-Jun-06
LIFE SCIENCES                             ST   0.54   18.45 cm.   25-Aug-06
LIFE SCIENCES                             ST   1.85   22.15 cm.   22-Jun-06
HMI LIFESTYLES/PETS/BUSINESS 2001016953   PT   0.24   13.46 cm.    11-Oct-06
HMI LIFESTYLES/PETS/BUSINESS 2004006763   PT   0.57   20.82 cm.    10-Oct-06
LIFE SCIENCES AND CHEMISTRY               C    2.49   22.15 cm.    24-Oct-06
HUNGRY MINDS CONSUMER DUMMIES             PT   0.54   18.89 cm.     8-Nov-06
CONSUMER                                  PT   0.62   19.20 cm.   10-Feb-06
LIFE SCIENCES AND CHEMISTRY 00-021456     C    1.08   22.15 cm.    12-Oct-06
LIFE SCIENCES AND CHEMISTRY               C    0.55   21.35 cm.    24-Oct-06
CHI STM TEXT                 2006010920   ST   0.71   16.75 cm.    21-Apr-06
CHI STM TEXT                              ST   0.57   16.10 cm.    21-Apr-06
LIFE SCIENCES AND CHEMISTRY               C    1.46   23.55 cm.     2-Aug-06
LIFE SCIENCES AND CHEMISTRY               C    2.21   24.20 cm.   29-Nov-06
LIFE SCIENCES                99-045537    ST   0.76   15.45 cm.     19-Jul-06
HMI LIFESTYLES/PETS/BUSINESS              PT   0.27   13.46 cm.   23-Aug-06
LIFE SCIENCES AND CHEMISTRY 2004053002    C    0.64   21.80 cm.     1-Sep-06
CHI STM P/R                               ST   0.57   16.10 cm.   25-Aug-06
LIFE SCIENCES                2001045534   ST   1.34   18.30 cm.   29-Nov-06
LIFE SCIENCES AND CHEMISTRY               C    0.84   21.55 cm.    24-Oct-06
CHI STM P/R                  2006028457   ST   1.93   18.95 cm.     8-Sep-06
CHI STM P/R                  2005028183   ST   0.71   16.80 cm.     4-Nov-03
LIFE SCIENCES AND CHEMISTRY 2004042291    C    2.06   24.00 cm.   29-Nov-06
CHI STM P/R                  2005028183   ST   0.57   16.80 cm.     4-Nov-03
LIFE SCIENCES                2004019935   ST   1.47   18.60 cm.     3-Feb-06
LIFE SCIENCES AND CHEMISTRY 2002192271    C    1.44   22.00 cm.   25-May-06
ARCHITECTURE/ENGINEERING 2002028806       PT   1.54   19.85 cm.     6-Sep-06
ARCHITECTURE/ENGINEERING 97-10372         PT   0.83   16.40 cm.   23-Aug-06
ARCHITECTURE/ENGINEERING 2005033605       PT   0.98   16.35 cm.     4-Oct-06
LIFE SCIENCES                2002028847   ST   0.86   18.00 cm.    25-Oct-06
LIFE SCIENCES AND CHEMISTRY               C    0.81   21.45 cm.     1-Jun-06
LIFE SCIENCES                2004013849   ST   0.57   17.90 cm.   29-Nov-06
LIFE SCIENCES                2002011131   ST   3.40   22.50 cm.   29-Nov-06
LIFE SCIENCES                2002011163   ST   0.61   15.80 cm.    25-Oct-06
LIFE SCIENCES                98-5906      ST   0.63   14.80 cm.     14-Jul-06
CHI STM TEXT                 2006017997   ST   0.92   22.35 cm.     28-Jul-06
LIFE SCIENCES                2004004693   ST   1.84   22.15 cm.    10-Oct-06
CHI STM TEXT                 2006017997   ST   0.71   18.90 cm.     28-Jul-06
CHIC. STM OTHER              2006010655   ST   0.66   17.45 cm.   25-Aug-06
LIFE SCIENCES AND CHEMISTRY               C    2.01   24.15 cm.    18-Apr-06
LIFE SCIENCES                             ST   0.76   15.50 cm.   24-Feb-06
LIFE SCIENCES                2006014871   ST   2.32   22.00 cm.     4-Aug-06
LIFE SCIENCES                             ST   1.75   22.40 cm.    19-Oct-06
CHIC. STM OTHER              2006010655   ST   0.52   17.00 cm.   25-Aug-06
LIFE SCIENCES                2005022234   ST   0.72   15.75 cm.   29-Sep-06
LIFE SCIENCES                2005029736   ST   0.96   16.25 cm.   13-Jan-06
LIFE SCIENCES AND CHEMISTRY               C    0.03   1.00 cm.     21-Apr-06
LIFE SCIENCES                             ST   1.07   18.55 cm.     28-Jul-06
LIFE SCIENCES                2004013223   ST   0.46   15.55 cm.    24-Oct-06
LIFE SCIENCES                2005056740   ST   0.62   17.25 cm.     9-Jun-06
LIFE SCIENCES                         ST   0.58   19.65 cm.    24-Oct-06
LIFE SCIENCES            2002152547   ST   0.37   17.85 cm.   29-Sep-06
LIFE SCIENCES                         ST   1.17   17.80 cm.   20-Jan-06
LIFE SCIENCES            2003018952   ST   1.32   18.60 cm.    24-Oct-06
CHI STM P/R              2005030787   ST   0.73   17.35 cm.   27-Jan-06
CHIC. STM OTHER          2006011225   ST   0.63   17.50 cm.     28-Jul-06
LIFE SCIENCES            2002156139   ST   1.78   21.60 cm.   29-Nov-06
LIFE SCIENCES            2004011822   ST   1.42   22.35 cm.   15-Feb-06
CURRENT PROTOCOL         2006019138   ST   1.38   21.45 cm.    13-Oct-06
LIFE SCIENCES            2002013579   ST   0.88   22.40 cm.   15-Sep-06
CHI STM P/R                           ST   0.62   15.80 cm.    21-Apr-06
LIFE SCIENCES            2005057462   ST   N/A    N/A          13-Oct-06
CHI STM P/R              2005034270   ST   0.64   14.80 cm.   13-Jan-06
LIFE SCIENCES                         ST   1.91   22.35 cm.     6-Nov-06
CURRENT PROTOCOL         2006016055   ET   1.35   21.30 cm.     21-Jul-06
HUNGRY MINDS CONSUMER DUMMIES         PT   0.56   18.92 cm.   22-May-06
WHURR PROFESSIONAL       2006004909   ST   0.37   15.50 cm.   30-Jun-06
BOOKS (EDUCATION)                     PT   N/A    N/A          18-Oct-06
CHI STM P/R                           ST   0.54   18.90 cm.    21-Apr-06
WHURR PROFESSIONAL       2006001919   ST   0.74   15.35 cm.   30-Jun-06
CHI STM P/R              2005033616   ST   0.68   17.20 cm.     7-Apr-06
CHI STM P/R              2006014653   ST   1.02   17.25 cm.   12-May-06
CHI STM P/R              2006001394   ST   0.48   16.60 cm.   31-Mar-06
LIFE SCIENCES            99-25101     ST   1.11   21.05 cm.   15-Sep-06
LIFE SCIENCES                         ST   1.41   22.45 cm.   29-Sep-06
LIFE SCIENCES            2004005205   ST   1.32   22.25 cm.   29-Sep-06
LIFE SCIENCES            2003021220   ST   1.34   18.15 cm.   17-Feb-06
LIFE SCIENCES                         ST   3.99   22.10 cm.    14-Apr-06
LIFE SCIENCES            2003004787   ST   0.39   15.60 cm.    27-Apr-06
LIFE SCIENCES            2004013847   ST   0.87   17.75 cm.   26-May-06
LIFE SCIENCES            2002156133   ST   0.81   21.90 cm.   29-Nov-06
WHURR PROFESSIONAL       2006004515   ST   0.37   15.40 cm.     14-Jul-06
WHURR PROFESSIONAL       2006005573   ST   0.37   14.70 cm.   16-Jun-06
CHI STM P/R              2005036439   ST   1.19   17.25 cm.   30-Nov-04
CHI STM P/R              2006015509   ST   1.79   19.30 cm.   11-Aug-06
CHI STM ENCYCLOPEDIA     2005036102   ST   2.95   21.95 cm.   12-May-06
MEDICINE                 2005035951   ST   0.54   15.35 cm.     2-Jun-06
CHI STM P/R              2005030791   ST   0.88   17.25 cm.   17-Mar-06
LIFE SCIENCES            2003020804   ST   0.64   16.00 cm.     7-Apr-06
LIFE SCIENCES            2006042968   ST   0.57   15.25 cm.     9-Jun-06
LIFE SCIENCES            2003006225   ST   1.44   18.35 cm.    24-Oct-06
CHI STM P/R                           ST   0.59   16.05 cm.    13-Apr-06
CHI STM P/R              2006001098   ST   0.60   17.00 cm.    21-Apr-06
CHI STM P/R              2006004739   ST   0.28   12.10 cm.   31-Mar-06
CHI STM ENCYCLOPEDIA     2006001884   ST   2.98   21.20 cm.   30-Jun-06
CHI STM ENCYCLOPEDIA     2006008578   ST   1.08   19.15 cm.   12-May-06
CHI STM TEXT             2006024882   ST   0.92   19.55 cm.   18-Aug-06
CHI STM TEXT             2006024882   ST   0.77   19.20 cm.   18-Aug-06
WHURR PROFESSIONAL       2005025592   ST   1.13   15.20 cm.     7-Apr-06
WHURR PROFESSIONAL       2006006471   ST   0.54   15.35 cm.   25-Aug-06
CHI STM P/R              2005013983   ST   1.98   22.45 cm.    4-May-04
WHURR PROFESSIONAL       2006011235   ST   0.38   15.35 cm.   25-Aug-06
WHURR PROFESSIONAL           2006011246   ST   0.29   15.40 cm.     8-Sep-06
WHURR PROFESSIONAL           2005036664   ST   0.34   15.15 cm.   24-Mar-06
WHURR PROFESSIONAL           2005025382   ST   0.37   15.20 cm.   24-Feb-06
WHURR PROFESSIONAL                        ST   0.28   15.25 cm.   13-Jan-06
WHURR PROFESSIONAL           2005029943   ST   0.81   15.20 cm.   24-Mar-06
WHURR PROFESSIONAL           2006008577   ST   0.24   15.35 cm.     28-Jul-06
WHURR PROFESSIONAL           2006004385   ST   0.47   15.40 cm.     21-Jul-06
WHURR PROFESSIONAL           2005030100   ST   0.36   15.15 cm.     7-Apr-06
WHURR PROFESSIONAL           2005036435   ST   0.31   15.20 cm.   24-Feb-06
WHURR PROFESSIONAL           2006011820   ST   0.37   15.20 cm.   22-Sep-06
WHURR PROFESSIONAL           2006001111   ST   0.43   14.60 cm.   16-Jun-06
WHURR PROFESSIONAL                        ST   0.23   15.20 cm.   13-Jan-06
WHURR PROFESSIONAL                        ST   0.57   15.20 cm.     7-Apr-06
WHURR PROFESSIONAL                        ST   0.51   18.75 cm.   20-Jan-06
WHURR PROFESSIONAL           2006000907   ST   0.34   15.20 cm.   24-Feb-06
WHURR PROFESSIONAL                        ST   0.96   15.25 cm.   17-Feb-06
WHURR PROFESSIONAL           2006005572   ST   0.45   15.20 cm.   16-Jun-06
WHURR PROFESSIONAL           2005025318   ST   0.42   15.50 cm.   24-Feb-06
WHURR PROFESSIONAL                        ST   0.51   15.20 cm.     7-Apr-06
WHURR PROFESSIONAL           2005030099   ST   0.42   15.45 cm.   24-Mar-06
WHURR PROFESSIONAL           2006001396   ST   0.40   15.40 cm.     14-Jul-06
WHURR PROFESSIONAL           2006001186   ST   0.83   15.30 cm.     14-Jul-06
WHURR PROFESSIONAL                        ST   0.21   22.05 cm.   11-Aug-06
WHURR PROFESSIONAL           2006008773   ST   0.36   15.60 cm.   11-Aug-06
WHURR PROFESSIONAL           2006007374   ST   0.65   15.30 cm.   16-Jun-06
BOOKS (EDUCATION)                         PT   0.25   15.10 cm.     21-Jul-06
UK DUMMIES                                PT   0.48   15.60 cm.    13-Oct-06
CONSUMER                     98-55120     PT   0.42   18.70 cm.   17-May-06
HMI LIFESTYLES/PETS/BUSINESS 2004101607   PT   0.38   15.24 cm.   30-Jun-06
CONSUMER                     2006040951   PT   0.44   15.40 cm.   14-Jun-06
CONSUMER                     2006004868   PT   0.47   16.35 cm.    18-Oct-06
HUNGRY MINDS CONSUMER DUMMIES99-64908     PT   0.56   18.79 cm.   24-Feb-06
CONSUMER                                  PT   0.53   18.85 cm.   17-May-06
CONSUMER                                  PT   0.31   15.15 cm.   21-Jun-06
CONSUMER                     96-7758      PT   0.37   15.15 cm.   21-Jun-06
HUNGRY MINDS CONSUMER DUMMIES2002107902   PT   0.54   18.79 cm.   13-Mar-06
HUNGRY MINDS CONSUMER DUMMIES99-62838     PT   0.54   18.79 cm.   10-Jan-06
HUNGRY MINDS CONSUMER DUMMIES2004103499   PT   0.54   18.79 cm.   24-Feb-06
HUNGRY MINDS CONSUMER DUMMIES2005921459   PT   0.57   18.54 cm.     2-Jun-06
CONSUMER                     2005031917   PT   0.46   16.30 cm.   13-Jan-06
CONSUMER                     2001026450   PT   0.28   15.30 cm.   10-Feb-06
CONSUMER                                  PT   0.34   14.40 cm.    25-Oct-06
CONSUMER                     2004003681   PT   0.31   15.60 cm.    24-Oct-06
CONSUMER                     2005032764   PT   0.42   19.00 cm.     19-Jul-06
HUNGRY MINDS CONSUMER DUMMIES2002110284   PT   0.54   18.54 cm.     8-Nov-06
HUNGRY MINDS CONSUMER DUMMIES             PT   0.54   18.54 cm.   19-Sep-06
HUNGRY MINDS CONSUMER DUMMIES2005924620   PT   0.54   18.79 cm.     8-Nov-06
HUNGRY MINDS CONSUMER DUMMIES2002114816   PT   0.49   18.89 cm.   11-Jan-06
BOOKS (EDUCATION)                         PT   0.86   18.25 cm.    5-May-06
CONSUMER                                  PT   0.37   14.55 cm.     7-Jun-06
HUNGRY MINDS CONSUMER DUMMIES2005923242   PT   0.57   18.84 cm.     7-Apr-06
HUNGRY MINDS CONSUMER DUMMIES2004105879   PT   0.59   18.79 cm.     7-Mar-06
CONSUMER                                  PT   0.38   15.65 cm.   22-Sep-06
CONSUMER                     2006005496   PT   0.66   19.55 cm.   18-Aug-06
HUNGRY MINDS CONSUMER DUMMIES             PT   0.59   18.79 cm.    10-Oct-06
UK DUMMIES                                PT   0.70   18.90 cm.     14-Jul-06
HUNGRY MINDS CONSUMER DUMMIES2006920628   PT   0.54   18.79 cm.   15-Jun-06
HMI LIFESTYLES/PETS/BUSINESS              PT   0.59   15.49 cm.     8-Sep-06
CONSUMER                     2005029363   PT   0.27   15.20 cm.     2-Aug-06
UK DUMMIES                                PT   0.71   18.90 cm.   10-Feb-06
CONSUMER                     2005019104   PT   0.59   19.40 cm.    12-Apr-06
CONSUMER                     99-052442    PT   0.32   15.20 cm.     8-Nov-06
CONSUMER                     2005001258   PT   0.46   19.10 cm.   20-Jan-06
CONSUMER                     2004005764   PT   1.97   19.85 cm.   10-May-06
CONSUMER                     2005036110   PT   0.21   14.05 cm.     5-Jan-06
CONSUMER                                  PT   0.42   15.80 cm.     4-Oct-06
HUNGRY MINDS CONSUMER DUMMIES98-88386     PT   0.54   18.79 cm.   21-Aug-06
HUNGRY MINDS CONSUMER DUMMIES99-65840     PT   0.54   18.54 cm.    5-May-06
CONSUMER                                  PT   0.25   14.15 cm.     2-Nov-06
CONSUMER                                  PT   0.30   17.25 cm.     5-Apr-06
CONSUMER                                  PT   0.34   15.35 cm.   17-May-06
CONSUMER                     2001046892   PT   0.39   15.50 cm.   23-Aug-06
CONSUMER                     2002014018   PT   0.30   13.95 cm.   31-May-06
CONSUMER                     99-32330     PT   0.47   18.80 cm.    18-Oct-06
CONSUMER                     99-049639    PT   0.36   15.60 cm.   13-Sep-06
HUNGRY MINDS CONSUMER DUMMIES             PT   0.53   18.79 cm.    10-Oct-06
CONSUMER                     2005030938   PT   0.23   13.85 cm.    5-May-06
HUNGRY MINDS CONSUMER DUMMIES2003114568   PT   0.56   18.66 cm.    10-Oct-06
UK DUMMIES                                PT   0.27   13.97 cm.     7-Apr-06
CONSUMER                                  PT   0.34   15.60 cm.    25-Oct-06
HUNGRY MINDS CONSUMER DUMMIES2005924592   PT   0.61   18.79 cm.   22-Sep-06
CONSUMER                     2006041746   PT   1.33   20.40 cm.   30-Aug-06
HUNGRY MINDS CONSUMER DUMMIES             PT   0.56   18.79 cm.     8-Nov-06
HUNGRY MINDS CONSUMER DUMMIES2006925913   PT   0.59   18.89 cm.    18-Oct-06
CONSUMER                     2006002082   PT   0.26   13.90 cm.     2-Aug-06
HUNGRY MINDS CONSUMER DUMMIES2005933595   PT   0.54   18.79 cm.     1-Mar-06
CONSUMER                                  PT   1.62   21.55 cm.   30-Aug-06
CONSUMER                                  PT   0.32   14.50 cm.     8-Mar-06
LIFE SCIENCES AND CHEMISTRY 2004062039    C    1.38   21.70 cm.    12-Oct-06
HUNGRY MINDS CONSUMER DUMMIES00-107694    PT   0.50   18.54 cm.     8-Feb-06
HUNGRY MINDS CONSUMER DUMMIES99-60532     PT   0.59   19.05 cm.     2-Mar-06
HUNGRY MINDS CONSUMER DUMMIES             PT   0.53   18.79 cm.   23-Jan-06
HUNGRY MINDS CONSUMER DUMMIES2001089345   PT   0.54   18.54 cm.     8-Nov-06
HUNGRY MINDS CONSUMER DUMMIES2005937354   PT   0.59   18.79 cm.     5-Sep-06
HUNGRY MINDS CONSUMER DUMMIES2004103166   PT   0.54   18.79 cm.   21-Sep-06
HUNGRY MINDS CONSUMER DUMMIES2004114966   PT   0.55   18.84 cm.   21-Sep-06
CONSUMER                                  PT   0.27   13.85 cm.    5-May-06
HUNGRY MINDS CONSUMER DUMMIES2003101859   PT   0.59   18.79 cm.   13-Mar-06
HUNGRY MINDS CONSUMER DUMMIES2004111126   PT   0.56   19.10 cm.   10-Mar-06
HUNGRY MINDS CONSUMER DUMMIES2004103133   PT   0.54   18.54 cm.    10-Oct-06
HUNGRY MINDS CONSUMER DUMMIES2003101673   PT   0.56   18.79 cm.    10-Oct-06
HUNGRY MINDS CONSUMER DUMMIES2004103167   PT   0.53   18.79 cm.     5-Jan-06
HUNGRY MINDS CONSUMER DUMMIES2004100891   PT   0.55   18.79 cm.    10-Oct-06
HUNGRY MINDS CONSUMER DUMMIES2003101850   PT   0.55   18.94 cm.   12-Jun-06
HUNGRY MINDS CONSUMER DUMMIES         PT   0.48   18.79 cm.   10-Aug-06
HUNGRY MINDS CONSUMER DUMMIES         PT   0.54   18.79 cm.    20-Oct-06
HUNGRY MINDS CONSUMER DUMMIES         PT   0.57   18.54 cm.     8-Nov-06
HUNGRY MINDS CONSUMER DUMMIES         PT   0.53   18.79 cm.   20-Jun-06
HUNGRY MINDS CONSUMER DUMMIES         PT   0.57   18.79 cm.    25-Oct-06
BOOKS (EDUCATION)                     PT   0.82   18.35 cm.     6-Oct-06
BOOKS (EDUCATION)                     PT   0.78   18.50 cm.     8-Sep-06
BOOKS (EDUCATION)                     PT   1.60   17.55 cm.     21-Jul-06
BOOKS (EDUCATION)                     PT   0.56   15.30 cm.     8-Sep-06
BOOKS (EDUCATION)                     PT   0.99   17.95 cm.   19-May-06
LIFE SCIENCES            2005056950   ST   0.59   16.05 cm.    14-Apr-06
APPLIED MARKETS          2006020342   C    0.65   18.70 cm.     8-Aug-06
BOOKS (EDUCATION)                     PT   1.05   18.45 cm.     8-Mar-06
BOOKS (EDUCATION)                     PT   1.91   18.25 cm.     6-Oct-06
BOOKS (EDUCATION)                     PT   0.37   15.40 cm.    12-Oct-06
BUSINESS                 95-20785     PT   0.63   16.10 cm.   20-Jan-06
BOOKS (EDUCATION)                     PT   0.90   18.55 cm.     5-Jan-06
BOOKS (EDUCATION)                     PT   0.83   18.20 cm.   19-May-06
BOOKS (EDUCATION)                     PT   0.90   17.85 cm.     8-Mar-06
BOOKS (EDUCATION)                     PT   1.17   18.30 cm.     4-Aug-06
BOOKS (EDUCATION)        2005036844   PT   1.43   18.55 cm.   15-Feb-06
BOOKS (EDUCATION)        2006013528   PT   0.48   15.20 cm.     7-Jun-06
BOOKS (EDUCATION)        2005036447   PT   1.00   18.35 cm.     5-Apr-06
BOOKS (EDUCATION)        2006007386   PT   0.53   15.20 cm.   17-May-06
BOOKS (EDUCATION)                     PT   0.44   15.35 cm.     21-Jul-06
BOOKS (EDUCATION)                     PT   0.96   17.95 cm.   27-Sep-06
BOOKS (EDUCATION)        2006014167   PT   0.34   15.30 cm.   16-Aug-06
LIFE SCIENCES            98-3117      ST   0.60   16.20 cm.    24-Oct-06
LIFE SCIENCES            2002155583   ST   0.75   17.90 cm.    25-Oct-06
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This unique book uses the legendary adventures of Sherlock Holmes as a jumping-off point to discuss the growth of forensic sc
Form & Function: Anatomy For Dummies combines anatomical terminology and well-described functions so readers not only le
Written by a team of highly acclaimed authors, Anatomy ll need to move forward in their allied health careers. Instead of focusin
This laboratory guide directs students through a series of dissection activities for use in the lab accompanied by full color phoos
Introduction to the Human Body has provided countless readers with a strong understanding of the structure and function of the
Introduction to the Human Body has provided countless readers with a strong understanding of the structure and function of the
This laboratory guide directs students through a series of dissection activities for use in the lab accompanied by full color photo
Digital Essential Neuroanatomy is an interactive, annotated digital atlas of over 300 original images with text labels micrographs
Introduction to the Human Body has provided countless readers with a strong understanding of the structure and function of the
                                                                                               along with an accompanying review t
Digital Histology is an interactive, annotated digital atlas of over 700 original micrographs,18
This highly-acclaimed, widely used book provides a superb balance between structure and function, emphasizing the correlatio
The use of animal models in the study of cardiovascular diseases is essential to answer158 questions. For instance, evaluat
The Anatomy Laboratory Manual provides a comprehensive companion to the study of Human Anatomy suitable for use in the
This interactive manual by Allen and Harper presents exercises that will enhance ones understanding of anatomy and physiolog
This highly-acclaimed, widely used book provides a superb balance between structure and function, emphasizing the correlatio
The Human Fossil Record: The Human Brain Evolving--Paleoneurological Evidence presents the paleoneurological evidence fo
The most recent textbook for forensic anthropology was published over twenty years ago--an update is sorely needed. The boo
This new edition to the most broadly accessible introduction in the field offers a concise, tutorial approach to exploring flow cyto
Immunophenotyping represents the second volume in the new series Cytometric Cellular Analysis. This series embraces all cyt
No other book is available that provides the combination of a review-style summary of the underlying concepts as well as metho
Human cell culture in experimental cancer research is taking on new importance in this post-genomic era when new methods f
Electronic imaging modalities are the future of biomedical imaging. This text introduces the topic succinctly, accurately, and in a
When Cells Die in its second edition will provide a thorough review of the mechanisms, concepts, and implications of cell death
The fields of Tissue-Implant Interactions and Cell/Tissue Engineering are rapidly expanding. Advances in technology and pertin
Oxygen sensing is a key physiological function of many tissues, but the identity of the sensor, the signalling pathways linking th
The SLC26 family is a recently discovered family of anion transporters that have broad physiological functions since mutations
In 1896, E.B. Wilson published his classic textbook The Cell in Development and Inheritance, summarizing the 60 years of biol
Over the past five years, there has been dramatic progress in unravelling the cellular circuitry involved in cardiac failure, as wel
"The authors offer many useful suggestions based on their experiences and literature reports. They provide specific examples
This book is a revision of the most concise and easy-to-understand introduction to microarray analysis. It details the most reliab
The Essential Techniques series format proved popular but only some of the titles sold well. This book will be the first in a new
Over the past twenty to twenty-five years we have witnessed a revolution in biological research which is fueled by our increasin
This book provides an overview of the utility of force microscopy in biology and medicine, offering the reader some perspective
This book is the first of its kind in dealing with direct clinical application of microarray data to oncology diagnosis, with the intent
Since publication of the previous edition, there have been numerous groundbreaking advances in the realm of stem cell resear
CliffsStudySolver Biology is organized by topic, with problems and solutions throughout: Pretest at the beginning of workbook w
Biology is a core science subject in schools and essential to understanding "how life works". Biology For Dummies is the fun a
A clear, concise overview of all major biological concepts and terms, and an ideal study guide for any introductory biology class
This text uses evolution as the unifying theme to trace the connections between levels of 16      biological complexity from genes throu
Rather than emphasizing mastery of technical topics, this book will help readers quickly learn key concepts and ideas in biology
This book will provide a concise, accessible introduction to the essentials of forensic biology for undergraduate students. There
This book will provide a concise, accessible introduction to the essentials of forensic biology for undergraduate students. There
Learning about living things is like piecing together a complex puzzle. BioInquiry, a National Science Foundation-supported pro
Rather than emphasizing mastery of technical topics, this book will help readers quickly 719 key concepts and ideas in biology
Now in its second edition, the Microbiology Laboratory Manual presents exercises and experiments covered in a 1 or 2-semest
Dengue fever is becoming more prevalent and is regarded as an emerging disease. After an initial infection with the virus, whic
This is a revised edition of a unique, encyclopaedic reference work covering the whole field of pure and applied microbiology an
An opportunity to publish the first, and hopefully definitive text on viral/nuclear interactions that adopts a truly interdisciplinary ap
This best-selling text brings microbiology to life with its special attention to lively applications and real-life connections. It covers
An opportunity to publish the first, and hopefully definitive text on viral/nuclear interactions that adopts a truly interdisciplinary ap
The many advances made in wastewater and drinking water microbiology have been thoroughly integrated into what is widely r
Offering an excellent balance of traditional and modern topics, Hopkins' perennial bestseller presents basic principles of plant p
Pharmacognosy is the study of natural products (found in plants and animals) that are used therapeutically in medicine. At leas
Ichthyology is the scientific study of fishes. An ichthyologist is a person who devotes a career to studying some of the estimated
Handbook of Chromosomal Syndromes would be the first reference to focus exclusively on clinical syndromes due to chromoso
In the rapidly advancing science of genetics, currency and accuracy are critical in any book. This book presents the most up-to-
The book focuses on drug discovery for psychiatric and neurological diseases, which is in a phase of explosive growth. Chapte
Rapid advances in the field present any student or professional with the daunting challenge of keeping up-to-date. This expand
Medical Genomics provides a lively and captivating summary of everything today's medical practitioner should know about geno
The increase in genetic testing and screening witnessed in the past decade shows no signs of slowing as spectacular advance
Integrated Genomics: A Discovery-Based Laboratory Course introduces the excitement of discovery to the basic molecular biol
Improvements in the molecular diagnostic testing of genetic conditions have greatly facilitated identification of afflicted individua
Integrated Genomics: A Discovery-Based Laboratory Course introduces the excitement of discovery to the basic molecular biol
Diagnostic Techniques in Genetics provides a broad overview of the fundamental theory and applications used in the diagnosis
In the rapidly advancing science of genetics, currency and accuracy are critical in any book. This book presents the most up-to-
This book covers basic and applied concepts of ecogenetics. The book is organized into four sections. The first section covers
This revision provides the most coverage of the molecular genetics of human inherited diseases, explaining the interaction of g
Diagnostic Techniques in Genetics provides a broad overview of the fundamental theory and applications used in the diagnosis
Completion of the human genome sequencing project as well as the concurrent advances in SNP technology and association m
This book provides the only such concise, clearly written, practical treatment of the genetic, clinical, legal, and ethical issues co
In the rapidly advancing science of genetics, currency and accuracy are critical in any book. This book presents the most up-to-
This work provides an overview of microbial proteomics with the aim of highlighting practical deliverables that can be applied to
This book covers both basic elements and the state-of-the-art in applications of proteomics. The first section gives an introduct
Proteomics is the study concerned with proteins expressed by an organism. The completion of the genomes for a large numbe
This book is a "user's guide" to the genome, thrilling the reader about the wonders of this 15unraveling mystery while simultaneou
Working on the assumption that the reader has never had any formal training in programming, and using examples geared tow
The genomics and post-genomics revolutions in biology have led to a widespread appreciation of the importance of three-dime
Cancer bioinformatics is now emerging as a new interdisciplinary field which is facilitating82 unprecedented synthesis of knowl
The book provides an introduction to and general overview of the use of bioinformatics to analyse genomic data. It has been tra
from the Foreword "For the biologists, we have an invaluable guide to the application of non-trivial tools to non-trivial biologica
This fully revised Third Edition to an already classic resource provides readers with a practical guide covering the full scope of k
As recently as 25 years ago, a wide technical gulf separated neuroscience from the rest of7     biology. To address the complex an
"An excellent reference text. We recommend The Brain Atlas to all who explore the intricate wonders of the human brain." --Tre
ATP, the intracellular energy source, is also an extremely important cell-cell signalling molecule for a wide variety of cells acros
This atlas represents the integration of analysis of the serial sections of human embryos in the Carnegie collection with results
The underlying theme is to address how the brain uses sensory information to develop and decide upon the appropriate action
This unique reference provides the only comprehensive survey of the field of comparative neuroanatomy, with an authoritative
As recently as 25 years ago, a wide technical gulf separated neuroscience from the rest132   of biology. To address the complex an
Genetics For Dummies is an introduction to genetics, including cells and DNA of both people and animals, and how they effect
Following on from the first book entitled Conservative treatment of Male Urinary Incontinence and Erectile Dysfunction this book
Continuing its superiority in the health care risk management field, The Risk Management Handbook for Health Care Organizat
Now in its second edition this book helps to unravel the process of evidence-based practice which requires clinicians to evaluat
The purpose of this book is to provide students with material related to the standards of education. The students will be able to
                                                                                            to an
The first edition of Survival Analysis was well received, mainly for its practical approach 108 essential subject but a difficult on
Since the publication of the last edition, there have been important developments in the field of diabetic foot care and its scienti
The previous booklet, A Practical Guide , was allegedly one of Serviers most popular products in terms of free handouts. With
Hemodynamic Rounds (2nd Edition) will be an expanded reprint of this highly successful compilation of articles from Catheteriz
In recent years the field of PACS and image informatics has advanced due to both conceptual and technological developments
This landmark reference provides the most complete coverage of magnetic resonance imaging of the abdomen and pelvis, with
Since publication of the previous edition, there have been a number of key advances in the field. Notably, this Third Edition incl
This primer provides a concise, methodological approach to abdominal MR imaging techniques. It offers the user an invaluable
Immunology: A Short Course, Fifth Edition introduces all the critical topics of modern immunology in clear and succinct yet com
The book discusses a wide range of topical gynaecological issues. The areas chosen reflect the changes that are taking place
This book is written with both degree and diploma student midwives in mind. Those students who are previously registered nur
The first edition of Embryos, Genes and Birth Defects, edited by the late Peter Thorogood, was a radical new book aimed at bri
A graphic, highly visual how-to book, Surgery for Congenital Heart Defects 3e describes in detail appropriate operative techniqu
This book was widely acclaimed by the medical press as a highly original concept when it26 first published in 1988 under the
As greater significance is placed on evidence-based medicine, the study of prognostic factors will be of paramount importance.
The goal of this book is review the current status and future potential of vascular disrupting approaches in cancer management
This book offers a step-by-step introduction to all the key processes involved in bringing a drug to the market, including the perf
The present era of managed health care delivery favors the "split" model for mental health are combining a physician, who deliv
A Textbook of Biological Psychiatry will be a unique psychopharmacology textbook through its distinctly psychiatric (ie. clinical)
This book deals with the problems involved in understanding and treating nicotine and tobacco addiction. In 1988 the US Surge
Severe dementia has not had a high profile in the clinical literature as until recently prognosis was poor and there were few ben
A practical, concise, clear and comprehensive packet-sized text of all the key information44  needed to prescribe psychiatric drugs
Essentials of Psychiatry maintains the patient focus of Psychiatry: Second Edition. An introductory section details the approach
The DSM-IV-TR books already on the market provide full information on the diagnostic criteria (presenting symptoms, behaviou
Coaching Science and Coaching Studies courses are appearing in increasing numbers in many universities. The textbooks use
Coaching Science and Coaching Studies courses are appearing in increasing numbers in many universities. The textbooks use
The aim of the book is to provide a text which brings together the expertise from two separate disciplines applied to a shared pr
   To update this very well received reference title                                         46
                                                          To expand its editor and contributor base       To compliment other Ps p
The book introduces academics to new areas of endeavour and encourages researchers14 students to think broadly when de
The book will include 11 chapters each one with a detailed glossary. The text will be designed to be used as as a refernce book
Until recently COPD was largely neglected by health professionals and viewed as the Cinderella of respiratory conditions. Many
This book provides physiotherapists and exercise professionals with a comprehensive resource on the exercise components an
Starting with an introduction to cancer and a history of its treatment, the book has chapters on the most common cancers, inclu
This new edition has developed as a result of the changes that have occurred since the first edition was published. The empha
This book aims to supply knowledge and information on the subject of resuscitation in this specialist area. Many different aspe
The aim of this text is to help students understand fundamental aspects of clinical practice in order to provide safe and effective
Using Burnard's thematic analysis and Heron's analytic framework, this study was conducted in a mental health division of a pr
The book begins by placing clinical guidelines within the context of the broader movement towards evidence based practice; it e
Traditionally cardiac textbooks have been aimed at a select few nurses practicing within the coronary care unit. Whilst this text
The book is set out in five key sections. Each section features chapters that address the 24  conceptual and real life issues. In ea
Beginning with clear descriptions of the pathogenesis of osteoporosis and secondary osteoporosis, and the development of frac
Cardiac Care provides a quick and simple reference guide for clinicians to enable them to provide effective and evidence-based
This book provides a comprehensive guide to limb X-ray trauma diagnosis. The content is separated into two distinct parts; pa
The purpose and aim of this book of best practice guidelines for epidural analgesia in adult pain management is to promote the
This contributed work has chapters on the structure and function of the eye, the examination of the eye as well as describing th
While this book is based primarily on experiences of occupational therapy practice education in South Africa, it aims to have int
This practical text addresses a gap in the literature by mapping the links between philosophy, research methods and practice in
In this comprehensive book the authors describe how the principles of ergonomics should be applied by occupational therapists
This book discusses occupational therapy in the treatment of conditions such as cancer and others requiring palliative care. Th
The book is designed for all those involved in education within the practice-based setting.38 encourages the reader to become i
This book offers a concise, readable explanation of the theory of dysphagia and bridges that with material on clinical application
This is an aphasia assessment pack, consisting of a test manual and a laminated stimulus picture card with stimulus sentences
This book critically analyses and reviews the development of language in direct relation to social disadvantage in the early year
This is the third book in the series Childrens Speech and Literacy Difficulties and is based on research and practice with schoo
Detox For Dummieswill offer expert advice on detox dieting safely and healthily. Spring clean your system and feel great with
A comprehensive book for the average consumer about how to keep the hips in good working order -- and the ins and outs of s
The Mother of All Pregnancy Organizer helps moms keep their pregnancies organized and4keeps it all at their fingertips wherev
A complete guide to knowing your treatment options and taking control of your therapy. Written by top expert Edward Drummo
Two innovative cardiologists, with a combined fifty years of experience, share their clinical 7 insights on how to stop, reverse, and
Quick Medical Terminology is the reference of choice for health practitioners who need to expand, improve, or refresh their me
The primary topic that people have to focus on when they get diagnosed with diabetes is 10 immediate changes that they have
Fibromyalgia is a complex, rheumatologic syndrome that affects connective and muscular tissue causing pain in muscles and t
Asthma For Dummies replaces Allergies and Asthma For Dummies (0-7645-5218-X) and15             focuses entirely on Asthma. Written b
Chemotherapy and Radiation can be frightening and confusing for cancer patients and their families. Chemotherapy & Radiatio
Book about the latest cutting-edge methods to treat, detect, and prevent heart disease. 17
This book informs readers about the complex emotional side of cancer, providing a guide18 understanding what is to be expec
A breakthrough program for men over 40 and the women who love them showing men how they can maximize their passion, p
This is the first collection of recipes from the editors of Diabetic Gourmet. It features more than 200 original gourmet recipes, in
Geralyn Coopersmith, an exercise physiologist and certified personal trainer, has developed a unique approach to fitness and n
Overcoming Anxiety For Dummies presents step-by-step guidelines and exercises to help sufferers make lifestyle changes tha
High Blood Pleasure For Dummies helps you figure out if you are at risk for high blood pressure by drawing on the latest medic
Bipolar Disorder For Dummies delivers the latest information to help sufferers and loved ones learn about and cope with the dis
As migraines are often misdiagnosed, misunderstood, and debilitating, Migraines For Dummies gives the reader a clear idea of
So why a book about Jewish Health, what's so special or different about Jews, medically or culturally? usual with Jews
The Fat-Burning Bible shows women and men how to burn fat by using Mackie Shilstone's unique nutrition and fitness secrets
Weight Loss Surgery For Dummies serves as an authoritative and compassionate guide 54understanding weight-loss surgerie
With over 25% new material Diabetes For Dummies, 2E includes new information on the 56        epidemic of type 2 diabetes in obese
A definitive, state-of-the-art book about how the aging brain affects all aspects of your health, from memory to cancer, from hea
An up-to-date, comprehensive handbook for preventing and managing Type 2 diabetes. AMA suggests lifestyle guidelines for p
Having a baby is one of the most exciting times for a parent. Each pregnancy is different from the last. Both new and seasoned
Your children's good health is central to their happiness and yours! For a parent, coping with a sick child is worrying and the am
Thyroid FD, 2e is updated to address advances made since the first edition was published, including detailed information on alt
ER isn't the only place to hear a slew of medical jargon. Increasingly more Americans are81          focusing on the health issues that the
Written by a team of specialist, IBS Relief succeeds where single-dimensional treatment attempts fall short because it addresse
Arthritis For Dummies is a book for the millions who suffer from chronic joint conditions classified under arthritis looking for last
Hollywood Body shows readers how to get a great new body like a Hollywood star--shapely legs, great butt, strong and lean bac
Antioxidants are increasingly being discovered to be crucial factors in fighting off heart disease, cancer, indeed aging itself: num
This book provides a whole body approach to back, neck and shoulder pain relief, offering customized exercise routines to perf
This is the long-awaited complete revision of the bestselling family medical guide. Part One is What You Should Know: Inform
Marc Siegel expects the rhetoric to cycle back up this winter as birds in Asia continue spread the infection, and as the US gove
This is a comprehensive, popular approach to preventing, treating, and healing cancer using both alternative and traditional me
Paperback conversion by one of our bestselling health authors.                                        6
A series of healthy cooking books with a heavy emphasis on healthy vegetarian recipes and with the imprimatur of the Physicia
From The American Dietetic Association, a major authority on eating right, comes this definitive guide on how to eat to maintain
This complete guide gives natural techniques to achieve perfect digestion and better health. A huge number of people suffer di
Syndrome X, marked by increasing insulin resistance which can lead to diabetes and heart disease, is a condition that may affe
Low-carbohydrate, high-protein diets have been called everything from miraculous to downright dangerous. Regardless of whic
Due to the level of news coverage the updated Dietary Guidelines for Americans received, including stories in national papers l
Dieting For Dummies, 2E contains over 25% new material, and is filled with practical and 30          comprehensive information on how to
If youre sick of no-carb diets, or just looking for a healthy eating plan, then the GL Diet is 43 you. No more calculations, no calo
Written by the world's leading expert on Paleolithic eating styles, this is a prescriptive, consumer-friendly guide to losing weight
Since Diabetes Cookbook For Dummies was first published in June of 2000, there have been many changes in our understand
The American Dietetic Association has analyzed the newest nutrition research to provide 67 most up-to-date and reliable answ
Covering the practical, medical, and emotional aspects of the lifestyle, Gluten-Free Living83 Dummies offers hope, guidance,
Nutrition FD, 4E contains over 25% new material covering everything from suggestions for recognizing harmful eating habits an
Everyone who has been on and off the diet roller coaster knows that in order to lose weight, you must eat foods that contain few
The American Dietetic Association has analyzed the newest nutrition research to provide the most up-to-date and reliable answ
For anyone who has a family history of cancer, heart disease, Alzheimers or other common diseasesor for anyone worried abo
In todays world of super-sized fast food, this much-needed book provides readers with the decision-making skills necessary to
Pilates For Dummies take readers through the Pilates Method with step-by-step exercises targeted at toning problem areas lik
Provides readers with insight into the 5,000 year old practice of Tai ChiExplains the mental and physical benefits that readers c
Weight Training For Dummies 3E has 25% new material, and includes information on new weight training equipment, combinin
Fit Pregnancy For Dummies is the expectant mother's guide to exercising safely and staying fit during pregnancy, and how that
Ten Minute Tone-Ups For Dummies gives readers a safe and sensible exercise program that will show results in 30 days by do
Deepak Chopraone of the world's bestselling health writers and the worlds leading popularizer of Ayurvedawriting on yoga for th
Infertility, or the inability to conceive a child at all or with great difficulty, is a growing phenomenon in the United States as wome
With over 25% new material, Arthritis For Dummies, 2nd Edition includes information on the latest drugs approved for the treatm
Overall, sleep loss has been found to impair the ability to perform tasks involving memory, learning, and logical reasoning, and
Receiving a diagnosis of breast cancer can be overwhelming at first. On top of that, since19         cancer is not just one disease, and s
Heartburn and Reflux FD is a comprehensive guide that shows sufferers how to recognize the symptoms, get an accurate diag
Heart Disease For Dummies is a comprehensive guide that includes information on understanding the heart and cardiovascula
Over 300,000 men develop prostate cancer in the U.S. each year. Prostate Cancer For Dummies tells you everything you need
Endometriosis For Dummies includes information on the nature of the disease and how it57        affects the body, symptoms and warn
IBS For Dummies includes information on the nature of the disease and how it affects the body; symptoms and warning signs;
This useful guide gives parents and children a positive and safe beginning to lifetime weight management. Conquering Childho
Understanding Autism For Dummies is a companion and counselor to caregivers of autistic children and adults. Drawing from a
Statistics is a field of perennial importance both in academia and in practice. It is being increasingly recognized that no health c
Harvard Business School professor Regina E. Herzlinger believes that the future of heath13      care depends on people becoming e
This inspiring book, a substantial revision of an industry best-seller, explores negotiation in situations where unacknowledged in
This book is intended to serve as a primary textbook for students enrolled in health administration or health care-management
The first edition of this book represented the first time that managers of clinical trials were addressed directly, with key informat
Managing a health services organization is a difficult task that requires the right mindset264 skills. Critical decisions must be m
With the growing appreciation for the role of behavioral science in addressing public health problems in general, and injuries in
This book is a survey of the major issues in contemporary environmental health. It covers the complete range of public health w
Research Methods in Health Promotion will provide students (advanced undergraduate and graduate students) and practitioner
Process evaluation can be defined as "data collection and analysis focused on measuring 4 documenting implementation of
This comprehensive introduction to the components of successful school health programs 4         emphasizes the between school hea
This book is the second and substantial revision of THE best-selling text in health education currently used in public health and
This book explains how to explicitly link theories of health promotion to program development and to evaluation. In Health Pro
Advancing Health Literacy: A Framework for Understanding and Action examines the critical role both basic literacy and health
For ten years, public health and health services researchers have turned to Designing and Conducting Health Surveys (two edi
This book examines and explores the application of operations management in the framework of health care organizations. It is
Reviewer comments: (1) This book would be of great interest to faculty and students in most public health and health administr
Reviewer Comments: (1) "Quality management in hospitals is increasingly prevalent but there is a lack of good quality textbook
An all-encompassing book, covering current information and trends in a diverse collection 1 topics of interest to parents and pr
Arranged to facilitate use and highlight key concepts, this clear and concise text also includes many practical exercises, case s
                            Market description
General Readers of trade science and Psychology Readers; some Readers with interest in scientific perspectives on religious s
Pop science readers, germophobes and hypochondriacs.
Nature watchers (Discovery channel; National Geographic; etc.), language mavens, students, libraries
Practical guidance for scientists, engineers, managers, and others in scientific research and development.
Readers of the Casebook of Forensic Detection; true crime buffs
1. General science/medical history readers 2. Students.
1. Devotees of Sherlock Holmes mysteries, especially the members of the many Sherlock Holmes literary societies. 2. Those
Nearly 11 million people-over 10% of the total US workforce-currently work within the healthcare sector, and that number contin

Nurses, Medical Assistants, Physical Therapists, and Students and Instructors of Anatomy & Physiology.

Allied Health Professionals, Students of Biology
Nurses, Medical Assistants, Physical Therapists, and Students and Instructors of Anatomy & Physiology.
Nurses, Medical Assistants, Physical Therapists, and Students and Instructors of Anatomy & Physiology.
Allied Health Professionals, Students of Biology

Students, teachers, and scientists in neuroanatomy, neurology, neuroscience, psychiatry, and psychology; medical school neur
Nurses, Medical Assistants, Physical Therapists, and Students and Instructors of Anatomy & Physiology.
The target audience is students and teachers in histology and biology. It will be useful for courses in medical, dental, graduate a
Scientists and Physiologists. Students in Allied Health Fields.

Researchers in cardiovascular disease, pathology, physiology, interested in the mechanism of vascular disorders and therapeu
Allied Health Professionals; Students of Anatomy
Allied Health Professionals and Students in Allied Health Fields.
Scientists and Physiologists. Students in Allied Health Fields.
Professors and researchers in the fields of paleontology, paleoanthropology, physical or biological anthropology, archaeology, a
Advanced students, researchers, and instructors in paleoanthropology, neurology, and evolutionary biology. Any professional a
advanced undergraduate and graduate students in biological anthropology as well as forensic scientists and medical anthropolo
students, researchers, clinicians, and laboratory technicians & specialists in analytical cytology, immunology, oncology/hematol
Guide to Analysis of DNA Microarray Data, Second Edition Written for those without any advanced background in math, statis

Researchers, Lab Supervisors, and Students in the areas of Flow Cytometry, Cytology, Pathology, Clinical and Laboratory Hem

Researchers working in Molecular Biology, Molecular Evolution, Genomics, Bioinformatics; Post-graduate and Ph.D. Students.
Transporter biologists, neuroscientists, cell biologists, molecular biologists, biochemists, biophysicists, and graduate students in
Graduate students, technicians, postdoctorals, and clinical researchers with interest in oncology and tumor culture; senior scien
Laboratory researchers and investigators in biology and medicine, including faculty, project directors, students in microscopy, o

Medical students (esp. immunology, neurology, oncology, and pediatrics); graduate students and postdocs in the same fields a
Undergraduate students in biomedical engineering, as well as premed students and engineering graduate students.
Basic researchers and technicians in clinical laboratory diagnostics in immunology, cell and molecular biology, microbiology, on
Biochemists and molecular cell biologists. Also those working in drug discovery and biotechnology; cancer researchers, physiol
Biochemists and molecular cell biologists. Respiratory physiologists, gastroenterologists, molecular pathologists. Also those wo
Short Protocols Cell Biology is an authoritative and indispensable guide for all life scientists, researchers, and students at the g
Biochemists and molecular cell biologists involved in cardiovascular research. Also people working in drug discovery and biotec
Short Protocols in Molecular Biology, Fifth Edition is an authoritative and indispensable guide for all life scientists, researchers,
This book is aimed at biomedical researchers working with microarrays or commercial microarrays, biotechnologists, computat
Written for those without any advanced background in math, statistics, or computer sciences, this book is essential for anyone
Cell biologists, molecular biologists, biochemists, students, post-doctoral fellows and laboratory technicians.
Short Protocols Protein Science is an authoritative and indispensable guide for all life scientists, researchers, and students at th
Advanced undergraduate and graduate students, cell biologists, molecular biologists, geneticists, physiologists, neuroscientists
Primary: Research and clinical oncologists; pharmacologic research and development professionals; biomedical statisticians (3
Researchers in clinical and basic areas, scientists in the biopharmaceutical industry, trainees, undergraduate and graduate stud

96% of high school students take a biology course before graduating (14.1 million students enrolled in high school 1996; 16.2 m

96% of high school seniors take a biology course. (National Center for Educational Statistics, January 2001)Approximately 28%
College students; high school students; med students; anyone else seeking a basic understanding of biology.
Students of Biology
Provides undergraduate and postgraduate students with a textbook they can use for background reading. The text assumes litt
Provides undergraduate and postgraduate students with a textbook they can use for background reading. The text assumes litt
Students and practicing professionals in biology, nursing and allied health fields.
Students of Biology
Researchers in Biological and Chemical Oceanography, Geochemistry, Marine Chemistry, Microbial Ecology, and Microbiology

Allied Health Students
Tropical disease specialists, virologists. Also molecular biologists, immunologists, public health specialists.
The second edition of Modern Microbial Genetics will, as before, appeal to instructors of advanced undergraduate and graduate

Primary: researchers and practitioners working in a range of disciplines in the biomedical and related sciences. Secondary: le
Advanced virology students and life and medical science students. Virology is increasingly popular and this is reflected in the in
Students of Biology, Allied Health, Agriculture and Food Sciences Courses, and Biologists.
Advanced virology students and life and medical science students. Virology is increasingly popular and this is reflected in the in
This work is the definitive text reference in wastewater microbiology for students, instructors, and researchers in environmental
Horticulturists, botanists, biologists, and readers interested in learning more about plants.
Graduate students of pharmacology, medicine, biology and botany. Also useful for practicing medical doctors and pharmacolog

Professional ichthyologists, marine biologists, fish breeders, aquaculturists, and conservationists. Many ichthyologists work in g
Human geneticists, human medical cytogeneticists, genetic counselors, primary medical care providers, health care profession
Geneticists, Biologists, Medical Professionals, Scientists, and Business Professionals working in the biotech field.
This book is targeted to scientists embarking on or interested in drug discovery of nervous system diseases. The audience inclu
Scientists and physicians working in genetics, molecular biology, biochemistry, and medicine; undergraduate, graduate, and me
Medical students and physicians.
Students and Professionals in the field of Genetic Counseling, as well as Researchers and Students in Medical and Human Ge
This book is appropriate for final year undergraduates, and Masters students in biological sciences, cell and molecular biology,
Primary care and specialty physicians and medical geneticists; families of patients with these disorders.
This book is appropriate for final year undergraduates, and Masters students in biological sciences, cell and molecular biology,
Aimed at 2nd/3rd year undergraduate students taking courses in medical genetics, medicine and molecular biology. This book
Geneticists, Biologists, Medical Professionals, Scientists, and Business Professionals working in the biotech field.
The book is targeted to graduate students and educators in various branches of the life sciences interested in the field of gene-
Cytogeneticists, geneticists, zoologists, biologists interested in comparative genomics, systematics, evolution.
This textbook is written for advanced undergraduates, beginning graduates, and medical students. It is also appropriate for rese
Aimed at 2nd/3rd year undergraduate students taking courses in medical genetics, medicine and molecular biology. This book
Molecular biologists, human geneticists, genetic epidemiologists, clinical researchers, epidemiologists, and researchers in the p
This book will be useful to clinical geneticists, genetic counselors, and nurses, as well as specialists including cardiologists, obs
Geneticists, Biologists, Medical Professionals, and Scientists.
This book will appeal to professionals and students across the genomic sciences, including biochemists, microbiologists, molec
Scientists involved in proteomics studies in addition to any life science researchers and students interested in proteomics.
Students, post-doctoral fellows, and researchers across all fields of biomedical research, including biochemistry, protein chemis
This book is written expressly as a serious, accessible guide to genomics for the public to understand already emerging change
4th year undergraduate students, graduate students, biologists who are transitioning to bioinformatics, scientists in any disciplin
Graduate students of bioinformatics and related life sciences fields, established scientists from related disciplines.
bioinformaticians, including molecular biologists and computational biologists; computer scientists; undergraduate and postgrad
This multidisciplinary book will be of interest to a broad audience including clinical oncologists, basic researchers in both acade
Undergraduates in bioinformatics and those studying biological and computer science/informatics with an interest in bioinforma
Undergraduate and graduate level students in semester bioinformatics courses; faculty, postdoctoral fellows, and students in va
This new edition is aimed at advanced undergraduate and graduate school students taking an introductory bioinformatics cours
Short Protocols in Neuroscience: Systems and Behavioral Methods is the authoritative and indispensable guide for life scientist
Scientists in neuroanatomy, neurology, neuroscience, psychiatry, and psychology; medical school neuroscience courses.
Cell and molecular biologists, neuroscientists, pathologists, pharmacologists, biochemists, physiologists and medicinal chemist
Neuroscientists, developmental biologists, comparative anatomists, neurologists, pathologists, radiologists, and neurosurgeons
Neuroscientists, Neurophysiologists, Neuroanatomists, Clinical and Experimental Psychologists.
Advanced undergraduates, graduates, and professionals in the fields of neuroscience, biology, psychology, and anatomy.
Short Protocols in Neuroscience: Cellular and Molecular Methods is the authoritative and indispensable guide for life scientists,
The primary audience includes people taking a course in genetics or interested in a career in forensic sciences. The secondary
Physiotherapists, urologists, GPs, urology nurses, continence nurses and advisors, medical students, student nurses and phys
    Attorneys and risk managers for health care organizations, including hospitals, long term care facilities, medical practices, a
Primarily, this book should be of interest to:     Clinicians currently practising. This includes GPs, doctors in hospitals, in the co
Student nurses, nurse tutors and heads of school
The book is relevant to all those practicing Medical Statistics and Biostatistics:      Epidemiologists Health Care Specialists an
All members of the diabetes specialist team including diabetologists, podiatrists, specialist nurses, general practitioners, surgeo
Retinal screeners, Optometrists, Ophthalmologists, Diabetologists, Nurses (particularly Diabetes Specialist Nurses) and Medica
Specialists and Residents in Invasive Cardiology, Fellows in training in Interventional Radiology and Vascular Surgery.
   Residents in radiology, beginning graduate students in medical physics, biomedical engineering and imaging science Radiog
medical students and residents in radiation physics/therapy, radiation physicists, radiation therapists, and oncologists
Advanced undergraduates, graduates, and professionals in medicine, radiology, engineering, and medical informatics.
Radiologists and technologists.
Medical professionals, radiology residents, graduate students, and radiologic technologists.
Radiology residents and fellows, as well as radiologists, are the target audience. This handy reference will also be invaluable to
Undergraduate and medical school students, medical and non-medical professionals interested in learning or keeping up with i
Primary market: specialist nurses working in gynaecology, specialist professionals allied to medicine Secondary market: all nu
Student midwives, student nurses, qualified midwives, and qualified midwives from overseas adapting to UK practice
Written primarily for paediatricians, obstetricians, clinical geneticists and allied workers, this book guides the reader through the
Primary Market: Residents and staff surgeons in cardiothoracic surgery (both adult and paediatric) for reference and training p
Primary Market: Clinical oncologists both medical oncologists and radiation oncologists. Haematologists and other specialists
Medical, Surgical and Radiation oncologists, pathologists, cancer researchers, epidemiologists.
Invaluable to cancer researchers and clinical oncologists; of interest to, cell and developmental biologists working on blood ves
This book is written for professionals in the pharmaceutical industry, others with an interest in pharmaceuticals, as well as stude
Non-Physician Mental Health Professionals and Students in Psychology, Therapy, Psychiatric Social Work, Nursing, Family Th
Advanced undergraduate and graduate students in psychology and neuroscience, medical and nursing school students in psyc
Psychologists and psychiatrists working on addiction to nicotine but also addiction studies in general. Neuroscientists and pha
Primary: geriatric psychiatrists, general psychiatrists (who all manage patients with dementia), geriatric medicine specialists, ne
Primary: All psychiatrists, trainees in psychiatry and some medical students with an interest in the subject, Secondary: psycho
Primary Market:        Residents (USA) and Specialist Registrars (UK/Europe)            Residency Training Directors and Directors o
This book appeals to anybody involved in the management of mental health disorders: Psychiatrists, clinical psychologists, clin
Primary: undergraduate students in sport science, coaching science and physical education taking a first course in coaching sc
Primary: undergraduate students in sport science, coaching science and physical education taking a first course in coaching sc
Paediatricians; physicians; researchers; academics.
Clinicians in Audiology and genetics, Educators in medicine, Genetists, EWT Surgeons, Genetic Counsellors
   Scientists, Researchers and Academics in Microbiology, Bacteriology, Infectious Diseases, Tropical Medicine             Clinicians
Researchers and research students in all subjects.
Student nurses, Students studying for NVQ levels II and III, Higher Education Nursing Course students.
GP practice nurses; nurses working in outpatients; district and community nurses.
Physiotherapists; exercise professionals.
Nurses; other healthcare workers in both primary and secondary care
Nurses working in the fields of rheumatology, orthopaedic surgery, general practice and the community.
Nurse on long stay wards, in care homes and in hospices. Trauma care and A&E
Student nurses
Healthcare researchers; healthcare lecturers; psychologists; counsellors; psychotherapists; nurses; occupational therapists; so
All senior nurses whatever their specialism.
Suitable for all nurses who have who have a responsibility for cardiac patients including community nurses.
Critical nurses and doctors, nursing students, medical and physiotherapy students, post registration nurses.        The outreach ap
Nurses and other healthcare workers in both primary and secondary care, particularly those working with the elderly.
Nurses; junior doctors; allied health professionals.
Nurses Emergency Nurse Practitioners; Trauma Nurses; A&E Nursing Staff Jnr Doctors Reporting Radiographers Physioth
Qualified nurses, student nurses, trainee healthcare professionals, lecturers at training institutes and universities, hospital mana
Ophthalmic nurses, medical staff in A&E departments, occupational health nurses, optometrists, ophthalmologists
Occupational therapy practice educators; clinical supervisors; occupational therapy students; nurses; therapists; social workers
Therapists and health professionals; postgraduate physiotherapy and occupational therapy students; lecturers of physiotherapy
 Occupational therapists Organisational psychologists Physiotherapists Vocational counsellors
Occupational therapists in training and qualified; other allied health professionals eg physiotherapists; university libraries where
All clinical educators in physiotherapy, occupational therapy and other allied health professions.
Speech pathologists; ENT practitioners; otolaryngologists; paediatricians; gastroenterologists; speech therapists. Both clinician
Primary Market: Community and hospital based stroke services; stroke nurse specialists/consultants; allied health stroke spec
Speech and language therapists; psychologists; teachers; educational psychologists; all those researching in the field of social
Practitioners, researchers and students in speech and language therapy/pathology, special education, language specialists in e

Primary market     People looking for trusted advice on detoxing safely and successfully to give their body a boost or lose a few
The estimated 5 million North Americans who are considering hip surgery; their Families and Loved Ones (250,000 Americans
The Mother of All Pregnancy Organizer is ideal for both new and repeat moms. Over 4 million women give birth every year. A c
The millions of people currently taking psychiatric medications; those seeking alternatives to commonly prescribed drugs; and t
General health market

Health professionals, including nurses, medical secretaries, receptionists, transcribers, physician's office managers and billers,
16 million Americans who are diabetic, and their families.

 The audience includes the estimated 26 million Americans who have either fibromyalgia syndrome (FMS), myofascial pain syn

Audience includes the more than 17 million adult asthmatics in the U.S., as well as the parents of asthmatic children as it is the
The primary audience is made up of individuals who have recently been diagnosed with cancer or are currently going through c
General health audience
The millions of people who have cancer, or have had cancer, and their families and friends.
All men over 40 and their partners
People who have diabetes.
Women in their 20s and 30s who want a hip and realistic approach to fitness that takes their unique body types into account, cr
 The primary audience is made up of the estimated 25 million Americans that suffer from significant anxiety at any given time a
 High Blood Pressure, or Hypertension, is called the "silent killer" because it strikes one in four Americans without warning. It's
Bipolar Disorder affects many more people than just the 2.5 million American's who suffer from the disease. Spouses, siblings,
 The main audience for this book includes the estimated 28 million people who suffer from migraines and want a plan of attack
Members of Hadassah (300,000 active). Broad market among Jews of all ages, primarily in families but also individuals, plus lib
General health and fitness audiencebook is more gender-balanced than either of Mackies previous books
The primary audience consists of readers considering gastric bypass surgery who want to know whether it is the right choice fo
Primary audience includes readers who either have or are newly diagnosed with diabetes. Secondary audience includes reader
General audience; baby boomers (there are 77 million North American baby boomers)
People who have diabetes or family members with diabetes, or who are at risk for diabetes
There were 4,058,814 births in the United States in 2000. This number reflects a 3-percent increase from 1999, and the third st
Primary market: Parents who want to receive measured advice, in plain English, on keeping their children healthy. Secondary
The primary audience is comprised of the approximate 13 million Americans who suffer from thyroid-related disorders. The sec
Since the healthcare industry became dominated by HMOs and managed care systems, it has become increasingly important f
The one in five Americans who has IBS (it one of the most common disorders diagnosed by doctors). It occurs more often in w
Primary market     Arthritis sufferers who want measured, friendly advice on the treatment and management of their condition
The huge health and fitness book audience
General Audience, Those interested in alternative medicine (1/3 North Americans have tried alternative medicine), Baby Boome

General audience

Health/Prevention Audience, Wellness/Alternative Health Market, Cancer Patients and their Loved Ones.

general health audience
General family audience; vegetarians
People who have diabetes.
People with digestive problems of any kind; those interested in natural healing, Nutritionists.
77 million North American Baby Boomers, Health Enthusiasts, those who are 10 pounds+ overweight and worried, people who
The audience for this book has heard all the fuss about limiting carbohydrate intake as an effective way to lose weight. Readers
Consumers who find the newly released (and elaborate) Dietary Guidelines for Americans confusing and difficult to translate int
This updated edition targets the more than 100 million Americans who are overweight according to the National Institutes of He
Primary Market      People interested in knowing more about the latest healthy eating plan People disenchanted with low-carb
General diet book audience; health book audience; both women and men
Approximately 17 million people in the United States, or 6.2% of the U.S. population, have diabetes, and each year one million
Anyone who has an interest in food and nutrition will appreciate this complete reference book; both consumer and professional
The primary audience for Gluten-Free Living For Dummies includes the more than 10 million Americans who now suffer from g
The main audience for this book is anyone interested in learning what constitutes good nutrition and some easy, everyday ways
enormous market of North Americans who eat at least one or two meals a week at fast-food restaurants; huge diet book audien
Despite the fact that most dieters are repeat performers, everyone knows that to lose weight, you must eat foods that contain fe
Anyone who has an interest in food and nutrition will appreciate this complete reference book; both consumer and professional
General health audience, diet and nutrition audience, natural health audience
General Readers. Students in nutrition and allied health

As aging boomers and refugees from the high-impact workouts of the ‘ 0s discover it, Pilates has made it's way from dance stu
Exercise is good for the mind--and the body and is especially popular with baby boomers finding they need more meaning in th
   Men and women interested in setting up a weight training regimen       People interested in using weight training to develop s
The audience for this book includes all expectant mothers whether they are just starting a fitness program for the first time or a
According to a recent U.S. survey by Psychology Today, 58% of women and 43% of men are dissatisfied with their overall appe
The tens of millions who practice yoga; the many fans of The Seven Spiritual Laws of Success; Deepak Chopra's many other fa
 Couples (especially women) who've tried to conceive and who have been recommended for fertility treatments.          Couples (e
Primary audience includes the more than 70 million Americans who suffer from chronic joint conditions classified under arthritis
Audience is made up of the approximately 40 million Americans who suffer from sleep disorders as well as those who have lov
Primary audience is made up women diagnosed with breast cancer, as discussed above this amount is about 182,800 of U.S. w
Audience is made up of individuals who have been recently diagnosed with heartburn or reflux or who suspect they may suffer
The audience for this book includes the more than 61 million Americans who have been diagnosed with some form of cardiova
The audience is made up men who develop prostate cancer each year as well as middle-aged men who are concerned about b
The audience for this book is the estimated five million people in the United States that suffer from this disease.
The primary audience includes those who suspect they may have IBS, or have been recently diagnosed with IBS, as well as rea
The main audience for Conquering Childhood Obesity For Dummies is for parents and guardians looking for information, tips a
The primary caregivers of autistic children and adults, including teachers, day care providers, summer camp counselors, and p

Students and professionals in health services administration, including executives, managers, nursing executives, and nursing
American Hospital Association, Association of University Professionals in Health Administration, American Public Health Assoc

Faculty, students and researchers in health administration, business administration, and public administration who are preparin
Executive and managerial personnel responsible for gaining approval of new drug and device applications; clinical research ass
Healthcare Managers.
 Professionals in the field of health promotion/injury prevention (APHA, PHEHP, SOPHE, AAHE) Faculty and students in sch
Members of Association of Environmental Health Academic Programs, National Environmental Health Science & Protection Ac

Faculty/students/research faculty in:    ASPH-accredited Schools of public health (33 accredited programs)CEPH-accredited M
Researchers, faculty and students in public health.
  Public health faculty and students in schools of public health and programs in public or community health. School Health is a
Researchers, teachers, and students in public health.
 Faculty and students in health education and promotion programs (Schools of Public Health, Colleges of Health Education, Co
 Students in MPH programs and PhD public health and community health programs, particularly course sequences in health be
Faculty, students, and researchers in public health fields such as epidemiology, biostatistics, social and behavioral sciences, he
 Faculty, students, and researchers in schools of public health, freestanding health care masters programs (MHS and MBA), M

  Perfect for courses in tobacco policy and alcohol/tobacco control, frequent in health management and policy programs         R
 Faculty and students in MHS and MBA/health programs Faculty and students in nursing programs Professionals in health
Parents and Relatives of Individuals with Down Syndrome, Physicians involved in the Treatment of Down Syndrome, such as P
Undergraduate and graduate students in schools of public health; public health professionals interested in learning the core sci
                              Table of contents
THE QUANTUM BRAIN. Introduction: The Quantum Crisis. Mind Out of Matter--The Machinery of the Fourth Brain. Opening
Preface. Acknowledgments. 1. Microbes: An Introduction. 2. Hungry? Let's Eat: The Contaminated Kitchen. 3. Toilet Training
Acknowledgments. Introduction. 1. NOMENCLATURE AND TAXONOMY. Nomenclature (Scientific; Common). Kingdom;
Preface to the Second Edition. Acknowledgments. 1. Introduction. 2. Condition of Being Different. 3. Understanding What
Acknowledgments. Introduction. Allan, John1998. Amos, Lowell1994. Anthropology (Forensic). Armstrong, Troy1992. A
Acknowledgments. Introduction. 1. Hippocrates: A Principle and a Method. 2. Herophilus and Erasistratus: The Light That F
Preface. Acknowledgments. 1. Dialogue with the Dead. 2. Beastly Tales and Black Dogs. 3. A Fly in the Ointment. 4. Pro
Introduction. Part I: Positioning Yourself to Study Anatomy. Chapter 1: Parts of the Whole. Chapter 2: Spanning the Ages: Wh
UNIT 1: ORGANIZATION OF THE HUMAN BODY. Chapter 1. An Introduction to the Human Body. Chapter 2. The Chemica

Unit 1. Orientation to the Human Body. Unit 2. Tissues. Unit 3. The Skeletal System. Unit 4. Articulations. Unit 5. The Mus
Preface. Acknowledgments. 1. Light-Microscopic (LM) Neurohistology. 2. Electron-Microscopic (EM) Neurohistology. 3. Sk
About the Authors. Preface. Acknowledgements. Note to the Student. Chapter 1. Organization of the Human Body. Chap
Contents of the CD. Cells. Basics. Structures. Mitosis. Quiz. Tissues. Epithelium. Connective. Muscle. Nervous. O
Preface. Acknowledgments. To the Student. UNIT 1: ORGANIZATION OF THE HUMAN BODY. Chapter 1. An Introductio
Preface. Exercise 1 - Anatomical Language. Exercise 2 - Organ Systems and Body Cavities. Exercise 3 - Compound Light
Contributors. Preface. 1 general information Hermann Dietrich. Historical perspective of the house mouse as a laboratory a
Preface.     Exercise 1 Anatomical Language. Exercise 2 Organ Systems and Body Cavities. Exercise 3 Compound Light M
Preface. Introduction. Exercise 1 Anatomical Language. Exercise 2 Organ Systems and Body Cavities. Cell and Tissues.
Unit I: Organization of the Human Body 1. An Introduction to the Human Body 2. The Chemical Level of Organization 3. The Ce
Preface to Volumes One and Two. PART 1. INTRODUCTION. Descriptive Protocol. Descriptive Format. Anatomical Term
PREFACE. ACKNOWLEDGMENTS. PART 1: Brain Evolution and Endocasts INTRODUCTION. Lines of Evidence, DIREC
Preface. Acknowledgments (First Edition). Acknowledgments (Second Edition). The Past as Prologue. Setting the Scene. In

Constitution of Harvey Society. By-Laws of the Harvey Society, Inc. Officers of the Harvey Society. Corporate Sponsors. P
Preface. Contributors. 1. Kinetics of Antibody Binding to Cells (Carleton C. Stewart and George L. Mayers). 2. Flow Cytometr

Partial table of contents: Protein Conformation (F. Cohen & D. Hearst). Predicting the Conformation of Proteins from Sequen
SECTION I: GENOME FEATURES.Preface.The Prokaryotic Genome.Eukaryotes.Organelles.SECTION II: METHODOLOGIES
Series Preface.Preface.Contributors. Families of Transporters and Their Classification (M. Saier).Yeast as a Model System for
Preface. Contributors. List of Abbreviations. 1. Growth of Human Lung Tumor Cells in Culture (Reen Wu). 2. Culture of No
Preface.Fundamentals of Light Microscopy. Light and Color. Illuminators, Filters, and Isolation of Specific Wavelengths. Len
Preface. Introductory Chapter. Writing a Laboratory Report. Project 1. Microscopy. Project 2. Cellular Carbohydrates. Proj
Contributors. Preface. SECTION I: CELL DEATH ORIGIN AND PROGRESSION. 1. Introduction (R. Lockshin & Z. Zakeri).
Preface.Acknowledgments.Introduction.Biomaterials.Proteins.Protein-Surface Interactions.Blood-Biomaterial Interactions and C
List of Tables and Figures. Preface to the Fourth Edition: Why You Should Read the Book Or Not. Foreword to the Third Ed
Symposium on Signalling pathways in acute oxygen sensing, held at the Novartis Foundation, London, 2527 January 2005. Ed
Michael Welsh Chairs introduction.     Juha Kere Overview of the SLC26 family and associated diseases. Discussion.           Mar
Chapter 1. Cell Culture. Chapter 2. Preparation and Isolation of Cells. Chapter 3. Subcellular Fractionation and Isolation of O
Introduction (Eric N. Olson).   Control of cardiac hypertrophy and heart failure by histone acetylation/deacetylation (Eric N. Ols
VOLUME 1 Chapter 1: Eschericia Coli,:Plasmids, and Bacteriophages Chapter 2: Preparation and Analysis of DNA Chap
Foreword. Preface. 1. Quality of Biological Samples. 1.1 Tissue Acquisition, Handling, and Storage. 1.2 Pathological Evalu
Preface. Acknowledgments. 1. Introduction to DNA Microarray Technology. 1.1 Hybridization. 1.2 Gold Rush? 1.3 The T
Contents.           List of Contributors. Preface. 1         Basic Light Microscopy Minnie OFarrell. Introduction. Key compo
Strategies of Protein Purification & Characterization. Computational Analysis. Detection and Assay Methods. Extraction, Sta
Preface. Contributors. Chapter 1. Porosome: The Universal Secretory Machinery in Cells (Bhanu P. Jena). Chapter 2. Mole
Preface. Acnowldegments. 1. Introduction to DNA Microarray Technology. 2. Image Analysis. 3. Basic Data Analysis. 4. V
List of Figures. List of Color Plates. Preface. Abbreviations. 1. Introduction. 2. Training Programs. 3. Biology of Cultured
Introduction. Chapter 1: The Science of Biology. Chapter 2: The Chemical Basis of Life. Chapter 3: The Biology of Cells. Cha
Publishers Acknowledgments. Pretest. Chapter 1: Introduction to Biology. Chapter 2: The Unity of Life. Chapter 3: The Div
1. Defining Nutrition. 2. Applying the Science of Nutrition. 3. Nutrient Digestion, Absorption, and Excretion. 4. Carbohydrates.
Introduction. About This Book. Conventions Used in This Book. What You're Not to Read. Foolish Assumptions. How This B
How to Use This Book. Preface. Acknowledgments. Origin of Life. Cell Structure. Cell Division. Reproduction. Cellular
FOUNDATIONS. Why Study Biology? Charles Darwin and the Origins of Evolutionary Theory. Cells and the Molecules of L

Introduction. 1. The Decay Process. The stages of decomposition. Fresh. Bloat. Putrefaction. Putrid dry remains. Fact
Introduction. 1 The Decay Process. Chapter outline. Objectives. The stages of decomposition. Fresh. Bloat. Putrefacti
1. Biology: What is the Study of Life? 2. Evolution: Why Are There So Many Living Things? 3. Mendelian Genetics: How Are
PART ONE: AN INTRODUCTION. Chapter 1. Biology: Understanding Life. Chapter 2. How Scientists Do Their Work. PAR
Introduction (D. Kirchman & P. Williams). Marine Microbes: An Overview (E. Sherr & B. Sherr). Evolution, Diversity, and Mole
Introduction to Microbiology. The Chemical Basis of Microbiology. Microscopy. Microorganisms as Prokaryotes and Eukaryote
Preface. Introduction: Laboratory Operations and Safety: Hand Washing. PART I. GENERAL MICROSCOPY AND ASEPTIC
Chairs introduction (Charles Rice).    Dengue/dengue hemorrhagic fever: history and current status (Duane J. Gubler). Discu
Preface. Preface to the First Edition. Introduction. Contributors. SECTION I: DNA METABOLISM. Prokaryotic DNA Replic

Contributors. 1. The Nucleus - An Overview Dean A. Jackson. 1.1 Introduction. 1.2 The gene expression pathway in mamm
Chapter 1. Scope and History of Microbiology. Why Study Microbiology? Scope of Microbiology. The Microbes. The Microb
Preface. Contributors. 1. The Nucleus - An Overview (Dean A. Jackson). 1.1 Introduction. 1.2 The gene expression pathw
Preface. Preface to the First Edition. Preface to the Second Edition. PART A. FUNDAMENTALS OF MICROBIOLOGY. 1.
Chapter 1.Cells, Tissues, and Organs: The Architecture of Plants. PART 1. PLANTS AND ENERGY. Chapter 2. Bioenergetic
Proprietary Registered and Trademark Names and Owners. Preface. Acknowledgements. 1. Introduction. 2. Complement
Marine Plants and Their Habitats. Abiotic Factors. Biotic Factors. Physiological Ecology. Human Affairs and Marine Plants
Preface. Chromosome 1p partial trisomy. Chromosome 1p partial monosomy. Chromosome 1q partial trisomy. Chromosome
PART I Chapter 1. The Science of Genetics. Chapter 2. Cellular Reproduction and Model Genetic Organisms. Chapter 3. M
Preface. 1. Introduction. 2. Drug Receptors and the Fundamentals of Pharmacology. 3. Drug Discovery. 4. Drug Target Se

Preface.Acknowledgments.Deciphering the Human Genome Project.Genomic Technology.Bioinformatics Tools.Genome Datab
The Practice of Genetic Counseling (A. Walker). Lessons in History: Obtaining the Family History and Constructing a Pedigree

Preface. Author biographies. Acknowledgments. List of figures. 1 Introduction to basic laboratory genetics. 1.1 Transferri

1. The Science of Genetics. 2. Cellular Reproduction and Model Genetic. 3. Mendelism: The Basic Principles of Inheritance.
Foreword. Acknowledgments. Contributors. PART I. Chapter 1. Introduction (Lucio G. Costa and David L. Eaton). Chapte
Foreword. Preface. Acknowledgments. MONOTREMATA. Order Monotremata. MARSUPIALIA. Order Didelphimorphia
Preface. Preface to the First Edition. Chapter 1. Understanding Human Disease. Chapter 2. the Genetic System: Chromoso
Preface. List of Contributors. 1 Techniques and Tools in Molecular Biology Used in Genetic Diagnoses. 1.1 Nucleic acids.

Contributors. Foreword. 1. Genetic Counseling and the Physician-Patient Relationship. 2. Communication. 3. Psychologica

Preface. Contributors. 1. Proteomics: The Basic Overview (Daniel Figeys). 2. Mapping Protein-Protein Interactions (Daniel F
Forward. Genomics: Where We Are and Where Are We Going (T. Pawson). PART I: FOUNDATIONS OF PROTEOMICS.
Foreword. Acknowledgments. Introduction: Welcome to the Genome. PART I: DISCOVERY. 1. From Mendel to Molecules
PART I: THE BASICS. Introduction. Chapter 1. An Introduction to Perl. Chapter 2. Variables and Data Types. Chapter 3.
Foreword. Preface. Acknowledgments. Contributors. SECTION I. INTRODUCTION. Defining Bioinformatics and Structur
Letter Contents. Contributors. Preface. Entries A to Z. Synonym List. Author Index. Index of Entries.
List of Contributors. Preface. SECTION I. CANCER SYSTEMS. 1. A Path to Knowledge: from Data to Complex Systems M
Chapter 1. Genome sequencing. 1.1 Automatic sequencing. 1.2 Sequencing strategies. 1.3 Fragmentation strategies. 1.4
Foreword (Lee Hood). Preface. Contributors. PART ONE: BIOLOGICAL DATABASES. 1. Sequence Databases (Rolf Apw
1. NEUROPHYSIOLOGY (Michael A. Rogowski). 1.0 Introduction. 1.1 Fabrication of Patch Pipets. 1.2 Whole-Cell Voltage C
Preface.Acknowledgments.PART I: INTRODUCTION. Overview. The Nervous System. Using This Book. Materials and M
Symposium on Purinergic signalling in neuronglia interactions, held at the Novartis Foundation, London, 79 June 2005. Editors
Preface to the Third Edition. 1. Historical Aspects. 2. Techniques. 3. Prenatal Measurements. 4. Embryonic Staging. 5. P
Chairs introduction (Ranulfo Romo). Active construction of percepts about object location (Dori Derdikman, Marcin Szwed, Kn
Preface. 1. NEUROANATOMICAL METHODS-Gerfen. 1.0 Introduction. 1.1 Basic Neuroanatomical Methods. 1.2 Immuno
Introduction. Part I: Genetics Basics. Chapter 1: What Genetics Is and Why You Need to Know Some. Chapter 2: Celling O
List of Figures. List of Tables Preface. Acknowledgements. 1. History of the Male Pelvic Floor. 2. Lower Urinary Tract Sy

Preface to the First Edition. Preface to the Second Edition. Acknowledgements. PART I: SETTING THE SCENE: WHO DID
Author. Acknowledgments. Introduction. I: Professional and Ethical Practice. 1. Professional Practice. 2. Ethical and lega
Preface to the First Edition. Preface to the Second Edition. Chapter 1: Introduction and Review of Statistical Concepts. Cha
Foreword. Preface. Contributors. 1. Epidemiology and Economic Impact of Foot Ulcers (Joseph W. LeMaster and Gayle E.
Preface. How to use this book. 1 Type 1 Diabetes. What causes type 1 diabetes? Who gets type 1 diabetes? How does i
Partial table of contents: VALVULAR HEMODYNAMICS. Pressure Wave Artifacts (M. Kern, et al.). Pitfalls of Right-Heart H
Preface.Preface to the First Edition.Acknowledgments.Imaging in Medicine. Structure of Matter. Radioactive Decay. Interac
Preface. Preface to the Second Edition. Preface to the First Edition. 1. Atomic Structure and Radioactive Decay. 2. Produc
Foreword. Preface. Preface to the First Edition. Acknowledgements. List of Acronyms. PART I: MEDICAL IMAGING PRI
Preface. Contributors. 1. Diagnostic Approach to Protocoling and Interpreting Mr Studies of the Abdomen and Pelvis (R. Sem
Preface to the Third Edition. Preface to the Second Edition. Preface to the First Edition. 1. Production of Net Magnetization.
Preface. Acknowledgment. 1. Introduction. 2. Liver. 3. Gallbladder and Bile Ducks. 4. Pancreas. 5. Spleen. 6. Kidneys.
About the Authors. Contributors. Preface and Acknowledgments to the Fifth Edition. Preface and Acknowledgments to the F
List of contributors. Preface. Introduction. 1. Nurse-led Assessment in Gynaecology (Sue Jolley). 2. Promoting Sexual Hea
About the authors. Foreword, by Dame Lorna Muirhead, DBE, President of the Royal College of Midwives 19972004. Prefac
Preface to the First Edition. Preface to the Second Edition. Contributors.
Preface to the Third Edition. List of Contributors. part I: General Considerations. 1 Classification and Nomenclature of Cong
List of Contributors. Preface. Section 1: Genitourinary Cancer. 1. Uncommon Tumors of the Kidney (Sujith R. Kalmadi, M
Preface. Acknowledgements. Contributors. PART A. PRINCIPLES OF PROGNOSTIC FACTORS. 1. The Importance of P
Preface. List of Contributors. 1 Tumor Vasculature: a Target for Anticancer Therapies (Dietmar W. Siemann). 1.1 Introduc
Preface. Chapter 1. Introduction. Chapter 2. Drug Discovery: Targets and Receptors. Chapter 3. Drug Discovery: Small Mo
Preface. Faculty Disclosure. 1 INTRODUCTION AND OVERVIEW. Additional Reading. 2 BASICS OF PSYCHOPHARMA
Symposium on Understanding nicotine and tobacco addiction, held at the Novartis Foundation, London, 1719 May 2005. Edito
List of contributors. Introduction. PART 1: INTRODUCTORY. Chapter 1: Assessment and Diagnosis of Severe Dementia (P
Preface. Acknowledgements. Disclaimer. 1 Antipsychotic Drugs. Introduction. Pharmacology. Chemistry. Mechanism o
Preface. Acknowledgements. Part One: Approaches to the Patient. Chapter 1. Listening to the Patient. Chapter 2. The Cu
Preface. Acknowledgments. Chapter 1. Psychiatric Diagnosis. Chapter 2. Childhood Disorders: Mental Retardation. Diagn
Series Preface. Preface. I SOCIO-PSYCHOLOGICAL FACTORS. 1 Motivation. 2 Leadership and Cohesion. 3 Anxiety, A

Contributors. Preface. 1. Basic Anatomy and Physiology of the Ear (J. Irwin). 2. Development of the Ear and of Hearing (V.E
List of contributors. Preface - The rationale of having a book on familial hearing impairment. Acknowledgements. Retrospec
List of Contributors. Preface. SECTION ONE: GRAM-POSITIVE COCCI. 1 Beta-Haemolytic Streptococci (Androulla Efstrat
Preface. Chapter 1: Research today (Professor Malcolm Crowe, University of Paisley). Chapter 2: Studying complexity (Profe
Dedication.      About the Editors.   List of Contributors.   Acknowledgements.      Introduction.      Chapter 1: Working with a
Foreword by Dr Rupert Jones. Preface. Acknowledgements. Abbreviations. 1 The Background to COPD. The prevalence
Contributors. Foreword. Preface. Acknowledgements. 1 Cardiac Rehabilitation Overview (Christine Proudfoot). 2 Risk St
Preface. Chapter 1: Understanding cancer. Chapter 2: Health promotion in cancer care. Chapter 3: Colorectal cancer. Cha
SECTION 1 SETTING THE SCENE. 1 The Principles, Practice and Evolution of Rheumatology Nursing (Sarah Ryan and Jac
DEDICATION. FOREWORD. PREFACE. LIST OF TABLES: table one: Table comparing quoted success rates of studies o
About the Editors. About the Contributors. Acknowledgements. 1. Introduction (Ian Peate and Lisa Whiting). 2. Children an
           About the Author. Foreword. Acknowledgements. List of Figures. List of Tables. 1. Introduction. Background to
List of Abbreviations. 1. Evidence-based Practice, Clinical Guidelines and Care protocols. 2. Evidence. 3. Clinical Guideline
List of contributors. Foreword. Preface. 1. The context of cardiac care (Tom Quinn). 2. The history of cardiac care (Tom Q
List of Contributors. Part I: The Evolution of Critical Care Outreach. 1. The Origins of critical care outreach Derek Bainbridge
Preface. Chapter 1: Pathogenesis of osteoporosis. Chapter 2: Secondary osteoporosis. Chapter 3: Osteoporosis and fractu
Preface. Contributors. Acknowledgements. Chapter 1. The physiology and pathophysiology of the cardiovascular system (F
Foreword (Ashis Banerjee). Preface. Acknowledgements. PART 1 TECHNICAL AND PROFESSIONAL ISSUES. Chapter
List of Figures. List of Tables. Contributors. Foreword. Preface. Acknowledgements. 1 Responsibilities of the Multidiscip
Foreword. Preface. Contributors. Acknowledgements. Chapter 1. Physiology of vision (Ramesh Seewoodhary). Chapter
List of Contributors. Foreword I by Alfred Ramukumba. Foreword II by Jennifer Creek. I: THE CONTEXT OF PRACTICE AN
Contributors. Prologue. PART I: Planning the research. Chapter 1: Going exploring: The nature of qualitative research (Lind
Preface. Acknowledgements. Chapter 1. Introduction: Purposes, Theory and Assumptions. Chapter 2. Applying Ergonomic
  List of Contributors. Foreword (Derek Doyle, MD, OBE). Preface. Acknowledgements. Introduction. 1 What is Cancer?
Contributors. Foreword. Preface. Acknowledgments. 1. About This Book and How to Use It. Introduction. Who will find
Contibutors. Part I: Foundations of Swallowing. 1. Applied anatomy and physiology of the normal swallow (Jonathan Cichero
Acknowledgments.        Introduction. Description of the Frenchay Aphasia Screening Test. Comprehension. Expression. Re
List of contributors. Introduction. PART I. Chapter 1 Language and social disadvantage: the effects of socio-economic statu
Foreword. Preface. Acknowledgements. Chapter 1: Persisting Speech Difficulties. Chapter 2: Theory, Therapy and Metho
List of Figures and Tables. About the Author. Preface. Acknowledgements. Why Customer Service. Setting Your Course

Ten Minutes in Water, Ten Minutes on Land. Healthy and Unhealthy Hips. The Right Diagnosis: Doing Your Part. X Rays, C
1. Operation Healthy Baby. 2. Your Weekly Planner. 3. Revving Up For Baby. 4. Gearing Up for Delivery. 5. Babys Grand
Acknowledgments. Who Should Read This Book? PART I: The Myths about Medication. 1. Psychiatric DrugsPoison or Pan
Preface: From Crisis to Prevention: The Transformation of Two Cardiologists. Acknowledgments. Introduction: The New Car
Foreword. Introduction. PART I: Discovering Massage for Greater Health and Happiness. Chapter 1: Not Just a Rub: How Ma
To the Reader. Objectives of the Program. Pronunciation Key. The Word-Building Strategy. List of Illustrations. 1 Basic Wor
The Basics of Eating with Diabetes. What You Need to Know about Weight Loss. Understanding the Food Pyramid Plan. Le
Many Suffer, Few Are Treated. The Facts About Sleep. What Kind of Insomniac Are You? Keeping a Sleep Log. Three Th
Introduction. Part I: Fibromyalgia Is the Real Deal: What It Is and Is Not. Chapter 1: Yes, Fibromyalgia Is Real. Chapter 2: Re
Introduction. PART I: Getting Back to Back Basics. Chapter 1: Ouch! The Problem of Back Pain. Chapter 2: Introducing the P
Foreword. Introduction. Part I: Asthma Basics. Chapter 1: Knowing Whats Ailing You. Chapter 2: The Basics of Treating a
Introduction. Part I: Your Journey Through Cancer Treatments: Preparing for the Trip. Chapter 1: Recognizing the Realities o
Foreword by James M. Rippe, M.D. Acknowledgments. Introduction: The Heart Smart Advantage. Step One: Recognize the
Acknowledgments. Introduction. PART ONE: CANCER AND FEELINGS. Understanding the Emotional and Physical Realiti
Acknowledgments. Introduction. PART I: MEN'S HEALTH OVER 40. How Men Can Live Long and Well. My Own Health J
Preface. 1. Diabetes Basics. 2. The Diabetic Pantry and Kitchen. 3. Healthy Cooking Techniques. 4. Meal Planning. 5. Br
Acknowledgments. Introduction. 1. What We Want to Look Likeand Why. 2. What We Do Look Likeand Why. 3. The Secr
Introduction. Part I: Detecting and Exposing Anxiety. Chapter 1: Analyzing and Attacking Anxiety. Chapter 2: Examining Anxie
Introduction. Part I: Understanding High Blood Pressure. Chapter 1: Getting Acquainted with High Blood Pressure. Chapter 2
Introduction. Part I: Boning Up on Bipolar Disorder. Chapter 1: Living La Vida Bipolar. Chapter 2: Demystifying Bipolar Disor
Introduction. Part I: Looking at the Big Picture: Migraines Demystified. Chapter 1: Knowing What Youre Dealing With: An Ove
Acknowledgments. Introduction: Why a Hadassah Jewish Family Health Book? PART ONE: Health in the Jewish Tradition.
Foreword by (Kathy Smith). Preface. Acknowledgments. PART ONE: WHAT YOU NEED TO KNOW ABOUT YOUR OWN
Foreword. Introduction. Part I: Is This for You? Chapter 1: The Ins and Outs of Weight Loss Surgery. Chapter 2: Voting for
Introduction. Part I: Dealing with the Onset of Diabetes. Chapter 1: Dealing with Diabetes. Chapter 2: It Starts with the Gluc
Acknowledgments. PART ONE: THE BRAIN AND EVERYDAY CONCERNS. Introduction: Healthy But Realistic in the Secon
Introduction. PART ONE: Type 2 Diabetes: A Modern Epidemic. 1. What Is Diabetes? 2. Are You at Risk? PART TWO: Pr
Introduction. Part I: The Game Plan. Chapter 1: From Here to Maternity. Chapter 2: I Think Im Pregnant! Chapter 3: Prepa
Introduction. About This Book. Conventions Used in This Book. How This Book Is Organised. Part I: Childrens Health: The
Introduction. Part I: Examining the Thyroid. Chapter 1: The Big Role of a Little Gland. Chapter 2: How the Thyroid Works.

Acknowledgments. Introduction. 1. What Is IBS? 2. How Do I Know I Have Irritable Bowel? 3. How the Gut Works, and So
Introduction. Part I: Getting a Grip on Types of Arthritis. Chapter 1: Looking at Arthritis Basics. Chapter 2: Osteoarthritis, the
Acknowledgments. Introduction: What Is the Hollywood Body? 1. Hollywood Body Goals and Motivation. 2. Secrets of the S
THE ANTIOXIDANT ADVANTAGE. The Antioxidant Miracle. The Antioxidant Network in Action: Vitamins C and E, Co Q10,
Acknowledgments. Introduction. Part One: How Our Body Talks to Us. 1. The Path to Pain. 2. A New Perspective. 3. Pict
Acknowledgments. Introduction. PART I: FACTS AND FICTIONS. 1. Bird Flu Basics. 2. The History of Bird Flu. 3. Spanis
Understanding Cancer. Eavesdropping on the Mind-Body Conversation. Nutritional Healing. Heroic Biochemicals. The Wis
Introduction. PART I: So, What Are Herbal Remedies, Anyway? Chapter 1: Using (Not Abusing) Herbal Remedies. Chapter 2
Introduction. PART I: Aromatherapy Essentials. Chapter 1: Making Sense Out of Scents. Chapter 2: Sniffing the Diff: What to
THE RECIPES. Everyday Recipes. Weekend Recipes. Gourmet Recipes. Index.
Foreword by Ronald E. Hunninghake, M.D., and Hugh D. Riordan, M.D. Acknowledgments. Introduction. PART I: THE INFL
List of Recipes. Foreword. PART I: ESSENTIALS 1. AGEPROOFING FROM THE INSIDE. Gather Your Defenses. Know
Acknowledgments. Introduction. PART ONE: Understanding Diabetes. 1. Planning for Success. 2. Understanding Diabetes.
ALL ABOUT DIGESTION. Understanding Your Digestion. Fiber, Water, and Intestinal Exercises: Secrets to Healthy Digestio
Preface. Acknowledgments. INTRODUCTION. Syndrome X in a Nutshell. Nutrition Is Your Best Medicine. SYNDROME
Introduction. Part I: Understanding the Carbohydrate Controversy. Chapter 1: Mapping Out Low-Carb Dieting. Chapter 2: Th
Acknowledgments. Introduction. Part One: So What Are the Guidelines and How Can You Fit Them into Your Life? 1. Sittin
Introduction. Part I: So You Wanna Lose Weight? Chapter 1: Getting Started. Chapter 2: Exploring the Connection between
Introduction. Part I: Getting Started. Chapter 1: Introducing GL: Healthy Eating in the Real World. Chapter 2: Checking Out
Acknowledgments. PART ONE: UNDERSTANDING THE PALEO DIET. Introduction. Not Just Another Low-Carb Diet. Th
Introduction. Part I: Thriving with Diabetes. Chapter 1: What It Means to Thrive with Diabetes. Chapter 2: How What You Ea
Foreword. Acknowledgments. Introduction. PART I: Eat Smart, Live Well: Its about You! Chapter 1: Food Choices: A Fit Y
Foreword. Introduction. Part I: Going Gluten-Free: Who, What, Why, and How. Chapter 1: Gluten-Free from A to Z: The Ba
Introduction. Part I: The Basic Facts about Nutrition. Chapter 1: Whats Nutrition, Anyway? Chapter 2: Digestion: The 24-Ho
Acknowledgments. Foreword by Barry Sears, Ph.D. Introduction. Get Smarter, Get Slimmer on Fast Food. 1 The 80/20 Ru
Introduction. Part I: Understanding the Basics of Low-Calorie Dieting. Chapter 1: Living a Low-Calorie Lifestyle. Chapter 2: F

Foreword by Kilmer S. McCully, M.D. Preface. Acknowledgments. PART I: THE NUTRITION-GENE CONNECTION. 1. Yo
Chapter 1. Nutrition: Choices for Health. Chapter 2. Guidelines for a Healthy Diet. Chapter 3. The Digestive System: From M
Introduction. PART I: Getting Started. Chapter 1: So, You Want to Get Fit. Chapter 2: Oh, My Aching Bones: What Happens W
Foreword. Introduction. PART I: Off to a Good Start with yoga. Chapter 1: Yoga 101: What You Need to Know. Chapter 2: Re
Introduction. Part I: Pilates Basics. Chapter 1: A Pilates Primer. Chapter 2: Get Ready, Get Set. Chapter 3: Getting on a Mat
Introduction. About This Book. Why You Need This Book. How to Use This Book. Conventions Used in This Book. How This
Introduction. Part I: Before You Pick Up a Weight. Chapter 1: Weight Training for Life. Chapter 2: Workout Lingo and Prove
Introduction. Part I: Fit Pregnancy: Isnt That an Oxymoron? Chapter 1: Making Your Pregnancy a Fit Pregnancy. Chapter 2
Introduction. Part I: Get Ready, Get Set, Get Active! Chapter 1: Maximizing Ten Minutes for Life. Chapter 2: Devising a 30-D
Preface: The Four Yogas. Acknowledgments. Introduction. PART I: THE PHILOSOPHY OF YOGA. 1. Yoga Is Union. 2.
Introduction. Part I: The No-Tech Road to Baby. Chapter 1: In the Beginning. Chapter 2: Baby Steps. Part II: The Low-Tec
Introduction. Part I: Getting a Grip on Types of Arthritis. Chapter 1: What Is Arthritis? Chapter 2: Osteoarthritis: The Most Co
Foreword. Introduction. Part I: I Couldnt Sleep at All Last Night. Chapter 1: Sleep, Blessed Sleep. Chapter 2: Evaluating Yo
Introduction. Part I: Will My Hair Fall Out? Coming to Grips with Breast Cancer. Chapter 1: Tackling Breast Cancer One Step
Introduction. Part I: Naming Your Pain. Chapter 1: Picturing Heartburn and Reflux. Chapter 2: Tracking Your Digestive Trac

Introduction. Part I: Prostate Cancer: What It Is and Is Not. Chapter 1: Identifying Basic Realities of Prostate Cancer. Chapt
Foreword. Introduction. PART I: Stress Management —     Without the Stress. Chapter 1: Stressed-Out? Welcome to the Club! C
Introduction. Part I: Endometriosis: What It Is and Isnt. Chapter 1: The Lowdown on Endometriosis: A Quick Run-Through.
Introduction. Part I: Just the Facts about IBS. Chapter 1: IBS Is Real. Chapter 2: Classifying the Condition. Chapter 3: How
Introduction. Part I: Understanding Childhood Obesity. Chapter 1: Looking for Answers. Chapter 2: The Growing Problem o
Foreword. Introduction. Part I: Understanding Autism. Chapter 1: Autism: The Big Picture. Chapter 2: From Classification t
PREFACE. CHAPTER 1: INTRODUCTION. 1.1 How This Book Differs from Other Statistics Texts. 1.2 Examples of Statist
Tables, Figures, and Exhibits. Preface. Acknowledgments. About the Author. 1 January. What Is Health Care? What Is Man
Preface. Introduction. PART ONE: WHY WE NEED CONSUMER-DRIVEN HEALTH CARE. 1. Fear and Loathing of Define
Preface to the First Edition. Preface to the Second Edition.The Author. Prologue. PART ONE: CREATING THE CONTEXT
Tables, Figures, and Exhibits. Foreword. Acknowledgments. About the Authors. Introduction. PART ONE: HEALTH CAR
1. Cut Costs and Increase Profits. No Excuse for the Wastage. Front-Loaded Solution. Downsizing. Think Transnational.
Part I: Stepping Into Management. 1. Meeting the Challenge. 2. Doing the Right Thing. Part II: Organizing. 3. Putting Everyth

Tables and Figures. The Editor. The Contributors. Introduction (Howard Frumkin). PART ONE: METHODS AND PARADIG

Introduction: Social Marketing: A Powerful Approach to Social Change. PREPARING FOR SOCIAL MARKETING. Putting th
Figures, Tables, and Boxes. Foreword. Acknowledgments. The Editors. The Contributors. PART ONE: FOUNDATIONS
Foreword (Barbara A. Israel). Preface. The Editors. The Contributors. 1. Process Evaluation for Public Health Interventions a
Sources. The Editors. First Authors. Foreword by Risa Lavizzo-Mourey. Editors Introduction (Julia Graham Lear, Stephen
Tables and Figures.Foreword by Noreen M. Clark, Ph.D. Preface. The Editors. The Contributors. PART ONE: Health Educ
List of Figures and Tables. Preface. Acknowledgments. The Authors. PART ONE: FOUNDATIONS. 1. Overview of Interv
List of Tables, Figures, and Exhibits. Preface. The Authors. 1. Health Literacy: Why Is It a Public Health Issue? Definitions
Figures, Tables, and Exhibits. Foreword by Steven B. Cohen. Preface. The Authors. 1. Thinking About Topics for Health S
Figures and Tables. Foreword (Donald M. Berwick). Preface. About the Authors. PART ONE: THE DYNAMIC HEALTH CA

Figures and Tables. Preface. The Author. Introduction. 1 Overview: What Measures Measure. Measures and the Medica
Partial table of contents: ADVOCACY SKILLS. If You Don't Like the Rules, Change Them! (R. Bolduc). Extra Efforts Neede
Preface to the Second Edition. Preface to the First Edition. Acknowledgments. 1. Epidemiology Past and Present. 1.1 Epid
"...My advice is to buy the book..." (Physics World, June 2002)
In the last 12 months Americans have watched as germs made the headlines: anthrax, West Nile virus, bubonic plague and ou
Pedants rejoice as Morenson sets verbal misapplication in his sights and lets loose a broadside of correction and proper vocab
"Managing Scientists is a useful lesson for new leaders with limited training or experience." (Black Enterprise Magazine, July 20

Adler writes enthusiastically and engagingly about his subjects (British Medical Journal, 2nd October 2004) A valuable edition
"Fascinating.... The Science of Sherlock Holmes will intrigue readers with incredible stories and amazing tales from the early da

"it is nice to have the book and CD together for easy navigation. A CD is also useful for computers with no Internet hookup." (E

The work entailed in developing such a series is phenomenal and the authors must be congratulated for producing such a thoro
"...strongly recommended to anyone interested in human evolutionary its contents has frequent and even surprising
"...the first of its level written in more than twenty essential foundation for the practice of forensic anthropology." (SirR
"...reflects innovations in the field since the first edition was published..." (SciTech Book News, Vol. 26, No. 2, June 2002)

"...provides the most comprehensive, readable and informative text I have read in this field, and should be available in every lab

"an excellent addition to the field of comparative genomics." (ASM News, December 2004) ...will provide interesting reading a
"superb, wide-ranging, and up-to-date volume is highly recommended for researchers, college instructors, and graduate and ad
"This book should be used as reference source for culturing different tumor types. It is a cookbook of sorts, but instead of recip
"...To conclude, it is an outstanding book!" (Fundamentals of Light Microscopy and Electronic Imaging Microscopy and Analys

"...thoughtfully edited and readable. The book illustrates the importance of apoptosis in development, homeostasis, and human
"...well illustrated with a glossary, end-chapter summaries, and references...materials, scientists, medical device designers and
"one of the most valuable of its genre and...addressed to a wide audience.... Written in such an attractive way, being both inform
"This an excellent resource for those in the field of oxygen sensing." (Doody's Health Services)

"The book may be recommended for all researchers and students working with the DNA microarray technology" (Annals of Bio
"...useful for anybody who wants to catch up with the marvels of modern laboratory technology..." (Chemistry & Industry, 17th J
"A valuable possession for every cell biologists library." (BSCB Newsletter, September 2006)

"This is a well written and illustrated introduction to modern biology, notably thorough and useful in the way it builds upon evolut

"The collection brings together concepts from autoecological studies of individual bacterial groups and from ecological studies o

"..provide a clear prospective, often laced with insight and informative and very browseable addition to the lab b

"provides readers with concise, up-to-the-moment coverage of the role of microorganisms in water and wastewater treatment."

" extremely good read...a productive mine of information...laced liberally with humour, human observation and practical exa

"includes an extensive collection of references and clinical photographs." (American Journal of Medical Genetics, January 1, 20

"an outstanding overview of the current state of drug discovery" (Drug Development and Industrial Pharmacy, No. 10, 2005) "h
"This high quality reference book would be an excellent additionwhile there are other genetics dictionaries available, this is the m
"makes a complex subject accessible to medical students with a variety of backgrounds" (American Journal of Medical Genetic

"...continue[s] to fill an extremely important need in the day-to-day practice of clinical genetics...No clinical geneticist would wan

"...a must-have for all toxicology and pharmacology students as well as a great resource for researchers and physicians." (Envi

"...very readable...I would recommend this text to students studying human molecular genetics as well as those involved in thei

" excellent practical resource on genetic testing in health care...contains an exponential amount of information, presented i

"...very well written and cover[s] a wide range of methods." (The Quarterly Review of Biology, September 2005) " excellen
"...a welcome introduction to the broader aspects of how the genetic revolution will influence our lives." (American Journal of Me
"This well written book illustrates PERL with examplesThose with less or no programming skills should read this book before at
"This book is a gold mine of fundamental and practical information in an area not previously well represented in book form. (Bio
"One would think this book rather be called an encyclopedia, because the descriptions are so lucid and detailed." (E-STREAMS
"Overall an excellent and well-edited book that could be read from cover to cover or used as a reference." (British Journal of H

"provides non-trivial tools and biological motivations to learn bioinformatics." (Journal of Statistical Computation this appears to
"an outstanding achievement and will be a sound resource for bioengineers, cellular and molecular biotechnologists, and bioinf

"Overall, this atlas is an excellent tool for understanding the central nervous system. It is a good companion at every level of tra

"As a textbook for advanced courses and reference work for anyone whose interests touch on vertebrate is a

" essential reference book for physiotherapists working in the field of male pelvic floor disorders simple layout " (Associatio

"What strikes the reader ... straight away is clarity promises to become a recommended text for undergraduate and postgradua

...fulfills the authors goal of providing an up-to-date survey of the physics of medical imaging in a format that will appeal to stude
" excellent introduction to undergraduate physics students, and radiation oncology residents involved in education program
" excellent book for people involved in the design, implementation, or simply the operations of PACS and an appropriate te
"useful for practicing radiologists, as well as for residents or fellows, who seek quality illustrations and a comprehensive discuss
"...a useful tool for those engaged in the technical aspects of MRI...a practical basic guide for general radiologists, technologists
"...a concise, handy reference outlining important imaging features of a myriad of pathologic processes." (Doody's Health Servic
"This book is clearly a precious resource for undergraduate, graduate and medical students alike. For those who need an introd

"... clear, concise and well-presented guideuseful references throughoutessential for the student to gain further insight." (Nursin

an exciting and novel textexcellent and essential text (Journal of Chemical Technology and Biotechnology, Vol. 80 (8), August 2

"This book is a must for the library of every medical school, basic medical science facility, and psychiatric hospital...useful for st
"Cheerful, down-to-earth, and widely experienced, Baird has written a well-organized, readable book with a can-do message" (A

books in this series are well known for their easy-to-read style and Asthma For Dummies is no exception. (The Airways Journa
"....spiced with humour... succeeds in demystofying cancer therapy....a compassionate and practical book...a welcome addition

This user-friendly guide to surviving a cancer diagnosis and the ensuing treatment will be enormously helpful to patient and the

Coopersmith, resident fitness instructor on the Fine Living Channel's Simplify Your Life, has devised a fitness and nutrition plan

"...Bipolar expert Candida Fink has written a book that explains it clearly, and provides plenty of advice on the latest drugs as w
an accurate and informative readgiving essential information without instilling fear (Junior Pregnancy & Birth, February 2005)
"practical, accessible advice" (Mother youll be home-educating in a trice." (Families South East, September 2006) " can

Despite its tabloid-ish title, this book contains detailed workouts designed to create a toned figure. Using a few simple props (st
Finally, a book by a renowned and active researcher that proves the value of nutritional supplements. The Antioxidant Miracle p

"...a very nice update". (Library Journal, October 1, 2004) Diet, exercise, heart disease, cancer, stress reductionthese are amo
Dr. Marc Siegel's slim volume, "Bird Flu: Everything You Need to Know About the Next Pandemic," contends that the world's re

a plain English guide explaining the latest researchtasty tips and recipes for ensuring success.. (Northern Echo, 25th May 2004

this comprehensive book is for youall aspects of exercise in pregnancy are covered (Health practical advice on all aspects of pr
"is a book that belongs on the desktop of every medial educator..." (The Journal of Continuing Education in the Health Professi

"Overall, the editors, Drs Hassold and Paterson, must be congratulated for their effort in preparing this celebrated book which w
"remains a key textbook for introducing the subject to students and self-learners with little previous exposure to epidemiology o
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