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					                                                                                 Healthcare Solutions

  Encounter Collaborative
                            Single source solution provider for all your conferencing needs

  In today’s global healthcare environment, quick and effective collaboration is the key to success. Regardless
  of location, you and your teams need to work together to share ideas, gather feedback and collaborate in
  real-time. With Encounter’s web and audio conferencing services, you’ll be able to exchange information
  with physicians, train staff, communicate with patients and suppliers, quickly and cost-effectively - all without
  having to leave your office.

                                         Healthcare Solutions Using Encounter Collaborative

                                         Consult with colleagues                       Increase Staff and Department
                                         With Encounter’s state-of-the art prod-       Communications
                                         ucts, physicians, nurse practitioners and     Healthcare professionals are often work-
                                         specialists can consult with each other       ing in multiple practices, hospitals, clinics
                                         quickly – and effectively online. Conduct     and labs. Increase the communication
                                         your next peer consult with colleagues        between your disparate staff members
                                         around the globe with media-rich confer-      by conducting your department and clinic
                                         encing tools and crystal clear audio con-     meetings online. With interactive confer-
                                         nections. Encounter’s services allow you      encing tools, attendees can be active

  10 Ways Encounter Helps                to consult with more colleagues, at less      participants in your web meetings. From
                                         cost, than traditional communication          white boards to polling, desktop sharing
  Healthcare Professionals
                                         methods.                                      to live Q&A, your staff members will be
                                                                                       up to speed on critical information.
:: Physician Collaboration               Exchange Information with Physicians
                                         Exchanging information, quickly and           Medical Auditing for Less
:: Nurse and Staff Training              comprehensively, is critical in the health-   Add to the bottom line of skyrocketing
                                         care industry. Encounter’s products have      healthcare costs by using Encounter’s
:: Supplier Communication                been designed for speed: ad-hoc,              time – and money – saving products
                                         impromptu and on-the-fly meetings are         and services to conduct medical audits
:: Medical Auditing                                                                    and investigations. With meeting archive
                                         at your disposal. There’s no need to
                                         schedule meetings in advance – simply         features, medical auditors can capture
:: Lab and Clinic Collaboration
                                         login, click, and start your online meet-     critical interview information for archive
                                         ings and conference calls. With services      and playback at a later time. Combined
:: Patient Consult
                                         this easy to use, you’ll be able to           with Encounter’s unique break-out
:: Health Program Launches               exchange critical patient information         session capabilities, auditors can conduct
                                         with physicians across town or across         multiple interviews concurrently – saving
:: Specialist Presentations              the globe.                                    both time and money.

:: Pharmaceutical Rep Meetings

:: Patients Benefit, too!


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