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              Toward a Sociology Theory
A Primer in Social and Sociologicalof Citizenship 59101 Kenneth D Allan                             This book equips skills in critical thinking and theory bu
                                                                                  2010 This book equips students with students with skills in critical thinking
              Investigating the Psychosocial
Affecting Discourse                                  62495 Margaret WetherellNov-11                    This new text systematically reviews the affect and em
Aging                      Sixth Edition
              Concepts and Controversies             57747 Harry R Moody                              The sixth student friendy textbook provides both a tho
                                                                                  2009 The sixth edition of this edition of this student friendy textbook provi
                             Fourth Edition
An Introduction to Qualitative Research              52873 Uwe Flick                                 'Remains the most Introduction to Qualitative Researc
                                                                                                                   PART ONE: FRAMEWORK \ Guide to This
                                                                                  2009 'The fourth edition of Uwe Flick's comprehensive and thorough text in
             Image, Sound and Text
Analysing Popular Music                              55117 David Machin                              is far more than and clearly Discourses of Popular Mus
                                                                                                                   Introduction we listen to; its meanings a
                                                                                  2010 Popular music'A well-informed just songs \ structured book with som
             The                            59103 Peter Immigration     2010 The          The most up-to-date analysis of today s immigration iss
                                                                                                        Introduction: Moving Across Borders PA
Beyond a Border Causes and Consequences of Contemporary Kivisto and Thomas Faist most up-to-date analysis of today s immigration issues. As the\au
           Is Technology the Saviour of Free Speech? Jo Glanville and Index on Censorship2008 Amnesty International Consumerthe publisher the Year.
Brave New Words                               60994                         2010 Winner                     Jo is proud - Editorial \ PART ONE: DE
                                                                                              From 2010, SAGE Glanville to be Magazine of of Index
                The 26th
British Social Attitudes Report                                                   2010 Download the'An annual in-depth snapshot Clery and Sarah Butt - De
                                                                                                     report - in Phillips, Butt and of Britons'-attitudes' Th
                                                                                                                    or by individual chapters here. The
                                                     59207 Alison Park, John Curtice, Katarina Thomson, MirandafullSarah Elizabeth John Curtice - Duty inann
                The 27th
British Social Attitudes Report                                                   2010 Download theThe annual Britishby individual chapters - is carried Ro
                                                                                                        report - in BrysonSocial Attitudes survey Orton and El
                                                     62778 Alison Park, John Curtice, Elizabeth Clery and CarolinefullKaren Rowlingson, Michael here. 'Theout
Causality                    Four-Volume Set         54795 Stephen Turner                              Causality is a core problem L.A. Quetelet - Onthe law
                                                                                                                        social science social science as the Stu
                                                                                  2010 Causality is a core problem inVOLUME 1 \ in methodology, methodolo
               An           Second Edition
Child Protection Introduction                        46525 Chris Beckett                              Praise for the First EditionCHILDreaders will be style of t
                                                                                                                       PART ONE: : 'All drawn to the drawn
                                                                                  2007 Praise for the First Edition : `All readers will be PROTECTION WORK \to
              Adolescence in Society
Childhood andSelections from CQ Researcher           63971 CQ Researcher                             Adolescence PART ONE: GLOBAL ISSUESCQ Researche
                                                                                                                  Adolescence in Society is Rescuing Ch
                                                                                Mar-11 Childhood andChildhood andin Society: Selections froma\contempora
Cities in a World Economy Fourth Edition             62229 Saskia Sassen                            A fully Cities Place and Economy shows how bestselle
                                                                                                                    and updated edition in the Global Econo
                                                                                Nov-11 The Fourth Edition ofrevisedin a World Productionof a global certain c
City Life                                            36319 Adrian Franklin                              you by foray Introduction \ you deep into a serious a
                                                                                                                      into the interdisciplinary BECOMING CIT
                                                                                  2010 'City Life grabs'A bravethe collar and draws PART ONE:and the sensuou
               Text and Readings
                            Second Edition                                Jul-11 Classical Edles
                                                                                               This is a 'hybrid' between Theory and a secondary tex
Classical and Contemporary Sociological Theory 66028 Scott A. Appelrouth and Laura Desforand Contemporary Sociologicala readeris a hybrid between
Computational Social Science our-Volume Set          51934 Nigel Gilbert                           Computational is an approach increasingly Robert som
                                                                                                                    methods are becoming popular: in L. in
                                                                                  2010 Computational social scienceVOLUME 1 \ Introduction \ influentialAx
              A Practical Guide                17586 Kathy
Constructing Grounded Theory through Qualitative Analysis Charmaz                                   'A model student text: lively, carefully argued and full o
                                                                                                                   influential way Grounded with qualitati
                                                                                  2006 `Grounded theory is a highlyAn Invitation to of working Theory \ Gath
            Critical                       51473 Barry
Consumer Society Issues & Environmental Consequences Smart                                           'An excellent introductory text, comprehensive and iss
                                                                                                                    Consuming: historical and in consumpti
                                                                                  2010 What factors are contributing to the continuing growthconceptual cle
Consumption                  Four-Volume Set         55833 Alan Warde                              Consumption for core issue for all disciplines studying
                                                                                                                   VOLUME 1: THEORETICAL AND HISTORIC
                                                                                  2010 Consumption is a core issue is a all disciplines studying 'culture and so
             China StudiesFour-Volume Set
ContemporaryEconomy & Society                        52074 Tak-Wing Ngo                              Contemporary VOLUME 1: MARKET REFORM than 50 c
                                                                                                                     on earth with contains largest econo
                                                                                 Jul-11 As the most populated nationChina Studies IIthe fourthmoreAND LEGA
             Social and Sociological Theory
                           Second Edition
ContemporaryVisualizing Social Worlds                61583 Kenneth D Allan                           This is an accessible and provocative survey of and soc
                                                                                                                    In the Beginning There Was Modernity \
                                                                                  2010 An accessible and provocative survey of contemporary social contem
             China          1
ContemporaryPoliticsStudiesFour-Volume Set           52073 Tak-Wing Ngo                              Contemporary VOLUME 1: CONTINUITIES AND CHANGE
                                                                                                                     on earth with contains more than 50 c
                                                                                 Jul-11 As the most populated nationChina Studies I the fourth largest econo
             China StudiesEight-Volume Set
ContemporaryCollection: Sets 1 & 2                   63090 Tak-Wing Ngo                              As the most populated nation theearth 1: CONTINUITIE
                                                                                                                   Set Politics \ on fourth largest econo
                                                                                 Jul-11 As the most populated nation onI:earth with VOLUME with the fourth
                                                50226 Applied Hospitality Strategy This state-of-the-art handbook approaches the topics ofProcess // St
The Cornell School of Hotel Administration Handbook of Cathy A Enz           2010                                The Strategic Management hospitality o
                                                                                                  This state-of-the-art handbook approaches the topicsst
Crime and Migration                                  57882 Dario Melossi                            The issues when examining crime ONE: MIGRATION, T
                                                                                                                 Introduction \ PART and migration make
                                                                                 Apr-12 The conundrum ofconundrum of issues when examining crime and m
Cultural Analysis                                    52106 Jim McGuigan                               has done it again. The complex TheAnalysis \ cultural
                                                                                                                    has done it - Cultural complex The hid
                                                                                  2009 'Jim McGuigan'Jim McGuiganIntroduction again.cultural machinery Cul
               Theory and Practice Edition
Cultural Studies            Fourth                   62395 Chris Barker         Dec-11                                PART ONE: CULTURE AND CULTURAL STU
                                                                                                       Praise for the Third Edition : 'The far-reaching version o
              Heritage, Memory and Identity
Cultures and Globalization                                                    Apr-11 Heritage, Isar 'This volume is of one of CONFIGURATIONS OF HERITA
                                                                                                                  PART closely most comprehensive in th
                                                     62267 Helmut K Anheier and Yudhishthir Raj memory and identity areONE:the connected keywords of ou
              Cultural Expression, Creativity and Innovation
Cultures and Globalization                                                    Yudhishthir globalization globalization "game"Stuart Hall no absolute winn
                                                                                                                  Foreword by there are \ Yudhishthir Ra
                                                   40185 Helmut K Anheier and 2010 'In theRaj Isar 'In the'game' there are no absolute winners and losers.
Data Collection              Four-Volume Set         54797 W Paul Vogt                                 Data collection is the foundation of blame when resear
                                                                                                                      VOLUME 1 \ Section high-quality a as R
                                                                                  2010 Insufficient attention to collecting data is often to1: What Countsresea
            A Global Perspective
Development and Social Change Edition                52834 Philip McMichael                          Situating as a Development and Globalization: traces
                                                                                                                    world-historical project, this project, thi
                                                                                  2008 Situating development development as a world-historicaltextFraming
                             Four-Volume Set
Digital Qualitative Research Methods                 52235 Bella Dicks                                The methods for qualitative research is a rapidly develo
                                                                                Nov-11 The field of digital field of digital methods for qualitative research is r
Disability Studies Interdisciplinary Introduction    54519 Dan Goodley                                'Injects new energy into disability a clear, the first and
                                                                                                                     Introduction: Global Disability Studies \ D
                                                                                  2010 This introduction to disability studies representsstudies..engagingintr
                             Second Edition
Disabling Barriers, Enabling Environments                                        2004 `The strengthsCarol Thomas amany. It has PART ONE: PERSPECTIVES
                                                                                                       of this text are groundbreaking book and I wholehear
                                                     23510 John Swain, Sally French, Colin Barnes and 'This has beenIntroduction \ breadth and diversity in its
              A Multidisciplinary Introduction
Discourse Studies            Second Edition          56100 Teun A Van Dijk                           'This the welcome updated Second Edition willand onl
                                                                                                                     Teun A Van Dijk - Introduction: allow T
                                                                                Mar-11 Discourse Studies isvery largest, most complete, most diverseThe Stud
Discovering Statistics Using SPSS Edition            54508 Andy Field                                     Fully revised and restructured, this latest important ne
                                                                                                                         Preface \ Introduction \ WhatÆs New? \
                                                                                  2009 . ' In this brilliant new edition Andy Field has introducededition is eve
               Race, Ethnicity, and Edition
Diversity and Society         Third Gender           59144 Joseph F Healey                          Derived Edition of Joseph F. Healey s best-selling s bes
                                                                                  2010 Derived from the Fifth from the Fifth Edition of Joseph F Healey text R
                           Second Edition
Doing Criminological Research                                                 Dec-10 and Victor Jupp this best Pamelatextbook brings research alive for
                                                                                                    'Just         selling Davies and Peter Francis - Introd
                                                     40608 Pamela Davies, Peter FrancisThe new edition of what students need. A reliable, practical and sens
Doing Qualitative Research Third Edition             55257 David Silverman                             Written in a lively, accessible style, this of this text. Wri
                                                                                                                       PART ONE: INTRODUCTION \ How to Use
                                                                                  2009 . Lecturers, click here to request an e-inspection copy book provides a
Doing Research in the Real World Edition             52747 David E Gray                                 This fully revised and expanded edition ofPRINCIPLES A
                                                                                                                        Introduction PART ONE: Doing Resea
                                                                                  2009 . This fully revised and expanded edition of\Doing Research in the Rea
Education and Cultural Citizenship                   57445 Nick Stevenson                            energetic book strikes again,Culturaltogether theAn In
                                                                                                                   Education and brings Citizenship: majo
                                                                                May-11 This dynamic, 'Nick Stevensonsystematically this time bringing the ins
                          Four-Volume Set    60275 Linda E Swayne and Nov-11 Books Ltd
Encyclopedia of Sports Management and Marketing                                            There comprehensive reference \Robert Roundtree sp
                                                                                                          Robert Roundtree work bringing both br
                                                                      Golson There is currently nois currently no comprehensive reference work\R
             Continuity and Change in the
                           Third             59345 Consumption
Enchanting a Disenchanted World Edition Cathedrals ofGeorge Ritzer                                  Enchanting a World, Third World, Thirdof Consumptio
                                                                                                                 A Tour of the New Means Edition is abo
                                                                                  2010 Enchanting a Disenchanted DisenchantedEdition is about Disney, abou
                           Two-Volume Set                                 2009 Scholarly    Death-related terms and concepts as and as interdiscip
Encyclopedia of Death and the Human Experience55955 Clifton D Bryant and Dennis L Peck interest in the varied dimensions of death well dying has led
                          Three-Volume Set
Encyclopedia of Human Relationships                                           Sprecher         Our relationships with other people influence roomma
                                                                                                             Cognitive Processes in Relationships: Acc
                                                 50467 Harry T Reis and Susan2009 What are the bases of human relationships? Friends, lovers, virtually
                            Three-Volume Set 55131 Eugene                                        The Encyclopedia provides a Popular Culture Education
                                                                                                                Education and Foundations of Cultural C
Encyclopedia of the Social and Cultural Foundations of EducationF Provenzo, Jr.2008 The Encyclopedia of the Social and Culturalcomprehensive introducti
Encyclopedia of Women in Today's World Set                                 Apr-11 The Encyclopedia and Golson Books Ltd in looks at women today
                                                                                                  The Encyclopedia of Women
                                                 60274 Mary Zeiss Stange, Carol K. Oyster, Jane Sloan of Women in Today s WorldToday's World looks at
                             Two-Volume Set
Encyclopedia of African Religion                                            2009 Mazama         As the first comprehensive workKimani Nehusi, discour
                                                                                                               Serie MacDougal, to assemble ideas, con
                                                 47232 Molefi Kete Asante and AmaAs the first comprehensive work to assemble ideas, concepts, Molefi
Encyclopedia of Gender and Two-Volume Set        50047 Jodi O'Brien                             2009 RUSA Outstanding Reference.Connell, Robert Kulp
                                                                                                             Deirdre Bowen, Erin CHOICE Outstandin
                                                                               2009 2009 RUSA Outstanding Reference. CHOICE Outstanding Academic Ti
                          Three-Volume Set
Encyclopedia of Consumer Culture                 62622 Dale Southerton                           The Encyclopedia of Consumer Culture focuses on the
                                                                             Nov-11 The Encyclopedia of Consumer Culture will focus on the consuming s
                            Two-Volume Set
Encyclopedia of Family Health                                            Mar-11 Shelley-Rae Pehler
                                                                                              The Encyclopedia of provides a comprehensive summa
                                                 60271 Martha Craft-Rosenberg andThe Encyclopedia of Family Health Family Health provides a compreh
Encyclopedia of Identity      Two-Volume Set     55163 Ronald L Jackson II                      No matter discussion of discussion of nationhood, rac
                                                                                                               Richard Lanigan \Lawrence Frey, Stephen
                                                                               2010 No matter whether it is awhether it is anationhood, race, family, adol
                         Three-Volume Set
Encyclopedia of Motherhood                       60266 Andrea O'Reilly                             In the last decade, the topic of motherhood has emerg
                                                                               2010 In the last decade, the topic of motherhood has emerged as a distinc
Encyclopedia of Play in Today's Society Set      55931 Rodney P Carlisle                           Outstanding Academic Title by Choice Magazine, Janua
                                                                               2009 Selected as anSelected as an Outstanding Academic Title by Choice M
Encyclopedia of Power                            45379 Keith Dowding                              Despite, or perhaps because of, in ubiquity, sciences, i
                                                                             Apr-11 Power is a central concept in many disciplines its the social power has
Encyclopedia of Religion in America                                          2010
                                                 65639 Charles H Lippy and Peter W Williams        The Encyclopedia of Religion in America examines how
                            Two-Volume Set
Encyclopedia of Social Problems                  54078 Vincent N Parrillo                        The social inequality and from health care to environm
                                                                               2008 From terrorism to Encyclopedia offers an interdisciplinary perspective
                           Two-Volume Set
Encyclopedia of Urban Studies                    40136 Ray Hutchinson                            Urban studies Abridged defined \ Advocacy Planning \
                                                                                                                is an expansive and the various academ
                                                                               2010 The boundaries of this project may beContentsasgrowing area, coveri
                          Four-Volume Set
Ethnographic Methods in Education                60411 Sara Delamont                               This collection VOLUME ONE \ PART ONE: fascinating h
                                                                                                                   demonstrates the long and HISTORICAL
                                                                             Oct-11 As qualitative methods have gained acceptance, ethnography has bec
Ethnography in Context        Four-Volume Set    55109 Dick Hobbs                                Ethnography isbroad church, broad church, and the ran
                                                                                                                 an extremely and the range of methodo
                                                                             Feb-11 Ethnography is an extremely VOLUME 1: THE URBAN CONDITION \ E
Ethnomethodology              Four-Volume Set                              2010 Ethnomethodology is an approachwassociological research founded in
                                                 54796 Michael Lynch and Wes Sharrock                     Section 1: Background on Social Scientifi
                                                                                           Ethnomethodology to founded in the 1960s by Harol
Event History Analysis        Four-Volume Set    51779 Lawrence Wu                                Event history analysis term for a set of \ for a set for
                                                                                                                  VOLUME 1 \ Overviews procedures Wu
                                                                             Sep-11 Event history analysis is an umbrella is an umbrella termLawrenceof p
Experimental Criminology                                                F                    This book is an Lawrence Sherman describes a new ex
                                                                                                            Ten Great Experiments in Criminology
                                                 54808 Lawrence W Shermaneb-12 For a 6-minute video in whichindispensable introduction to reading,\u
              Seeing the Social World
                              Second Theory
Explorations in Classical Sociological Edition   59106 Kenneth D Allan                            An undergraduate introduction toOrganic Evolution - th
                                                                                                                  Imagining Society \ the major classical H
                                                                               2009 Explorations in Classical Sociological Theory: Seeing the Social World,
              An Analysis Europe                  22630 Maurice Roche
Exploring the Sociology of of the European Social Complex                                         of Europe is a Approaching diverse field. This book add
                                                                                                                 growing and European Society The Eur
                                                                               2009 The sociology 'This is a major and much-needed sociological\analysis
Family Theories               Third Edition                               2007 Klein           An incisive, thorough introduction to \ What Is a Theo
                                                                                                              Preface current theories of the family, o
                                                 51389 James M White and David MAn incisive, thorough introduction toto Third Editioncurrent theories t
For Space                                        39186 Doreen Massey                               In this MasseyPART ONE:impassioned argument for rev
                                                                                                                 makes an SETTING THE makes an impa
                                                                               2005 In this book, Doreen acclaimed book, Doreen Massey SCENE \ Openin
Forecasting                   Five-Volume Set                               Jun-11 Forecasting has long been has long been \involving mostinvolving mos
                                                 57554 Robert A Fildes and Geoff Allen                          VOLUME 1 core activity if not all Phil
                                                                                                 Forecasting a core activity a Part One \ Smoothing orga
              and Class in Media
Gender, Race, A Critical Reader Edition                                    Feb-11 Incisive analyses of mass mediaofincluding suchincluding suchshows, a
                                                 61948 Gail Dines and Jean M Humez                              Preface \ media forms as talk forms
                                                                                                 Incisive analyses massPART ONE: A CULTURAL STUDI
            A Reference Handbook
                         Two-Volume Set
Gender and Women's Leadership                    61733 Karen O'Connor                              Covering historical and contemporary barriers and pro
                                                                                                                  Reference \Peter Francia \Karen wome
                                                                               2010 This work is part of the SAGESue ThomasSeries on Leadership to O'Con
Gender, Crime and Victimisation                  52080 Pamela Davies                             A thoughtful and this volume a very thorough and Crim
                                                                                                               Introduction: The Gender Agenda to tho
                                                                               2010 'Pamela Davies has produced inthought-provoking book, exploring ge
Global Shift                Sixth Edition       the World Economy
               Mapping the Changing Contours of 58929 Peter Dicken                                  'A magnificentIntroduction: completely Globalization:
                                                                                                                    achievement.. Peter Dicken has constru
                                                                               2010 . This sixth edition of Global Shift has beenQuestioning revised and up
Globalization East and West                                                 2010 'A wide-ranging, significant contribution' -Roland powerful Professor
                                                                                               'A              Foreword by G ran Robertson \ Introdu
                                                 47667 Bryan S Turner and Habibul Haque Khondker comprehensive, systematic and Therborn,account of
            Power and Rule in Modern Society 52965 Mitchell Dean
Governmentality         Second Edition                                                            In this timely this exceptionally clear Dean engages wi
                                                                                                                 Introduction to the Second lucid book qu
                                                                               2009 Originally published in 1999Second Edition Mitchell and Edition \ Basi
            An A-to-Z Guide
Green Consumerism                                61801 Juliana Mansvelt                            entries, Green Consumerism: An A-to-Z Guide offers a
                                                                             Sep-11 Via 150 signedVia 150 signed entries, Green Consumerism offers a wi
                         Second Edition
How Can We Solve Our Social Problems?            61449 James Crone                                 and realistic suggestions for addressingfor Problems
                                                                                                                  and realistic suggestions our society's
                                                                               2010 Giving specificGiving specificPreparing to Solve Our Socialaddressingp
                          Second Edition
How to Do Media and Cultural Studies             60257 Jane Stokes                                  For students tryingbetween your gap between course a
                                                                                                                    gap to bridge the course and your proje
                                                                             Mar-12 If you're trying to bridge the Introduction:How Do We Know Anything
             A Case Study                     62762 Gary Thomas
How to do your Guide for Students and Researchers                                                  Despite being craftedused, there remains BEARINGS \ W
                                                                                                                 widely book should YOUR a great deal o
                                                                             Dec-10 'This very readable and well PART ONE: GETTING significantly advance
            A Research Students                53629 Gary Thomas
How to do Your Guide for Project in Education and Applied Social Sciences                         a research practicalDo you need advice on how Questi
                                                                                                               Your examples, How to do Your to carr
                                                                               2009 Are you doing With many project?Introduction: Starting with aResearc
              Classical       Fifth Edition     Revisited
Illuminating Social Life and Contemporary Theory62055 Peter Kivisto                               Illuminating enjoyed increasing popularity with each ed
                                                                             Jan-11 Illuminating Social Life has Social Life has enjoyed increasing populari
            Sociable Life on a Dynamic Planet
Inhuman Nature                                    6431 Nigel Clark                                The relationship between and earth processes is an od
                                                                                                                Introduction \ The Earth in Physical and
                                                                               2010 The relationship between social thoughtsocial thought and earth proS
                                               50397 Malcolm         Mar-11 Social        'This bourgeoning field. Of course it hasthe social scien
                                                                                                        PART researchers across many tradition
The SAGE Handbook of Innovation in Social Research Methods Williams and W Paul VogtResearch is abook speaks toONE: THE SOCIAL CONTEXT OF RES
              Social                         49392 Scott Lash
Intensive Culture Theory, Religion & Contemporary Capitalism                                     culture, today's a vital contributionExtensive and Inte
                                                                                                              Introduction: Culture: to our understand
                                                                               2010 Contemporary'This book makescapitalism - our global information so
Intercultural Communication & Ideology           52476 Adrian Holliday                          'A must-read central tointerested in understanding and
                                                                                                               Preface the humanities \ Key Discussio
                                                                               2010 Although communication is for thoseand methodologyand social scien
Internet Research Skills      Third Edition                                Jan-12               A clear, concise guide to effectiveto effective online re
                                                                                                                 Introduction guide online research for s
                                                 62493 Niall Ó Dochartaigh Internet Research Skills is a clear, concise \ Organizing Your Research
Interpreting Qualitative DataFourth Edition      62385 David Silverman                             This is the perfect book for any student METHOD IN QU
                                                                                                                  PART ONE: THEORY AND new to qualitat
                                                                             Nov-11 This is the perfect book for any student new to qualitative research. In
                            Second Edition        40314 Kevin White
An Introduction to the Sociology of Health & Illness                                               Praise of the 1st edition: 'The overall students inbeing
                                                                                                                  Introduction: Sociology, Genetics, the S
                                                                               2008 This is a new edition forthe best-selling textbook for argumentsSocial
              A Beginner's Guide to          60113 Uwe
Introducing Research Methodology Doing a Research Project Flick                                   Specifically written ONE: first time researchers, Uwe F
                                                                                                                   written first-time researchers, this book
                                                                             Mar-11 In this new book, specificallyPARTfor forORIENTATION \ Why Social R
             A Biographical Approach to Youth Transitions Henderson, Janet Holland, series Youth: Perspectives and and Rachel Thomson
Inventing Adulthoods                           48032 Sheila                                  Inventing Adulthoods offers a groundbreaking new per
                                                                                                            PART ONE: THEORIZING a distinctive and
                                                                        2006 'The Sheena McGrellis, Sue Sharpe Practice providesTRANSIONS TO A
Investigating Sociological Theory                58932 Charles Turner                              'This encyclopaedic survey \ Classic and Canon \ most in
                                                                                                                 Introduction of the survey of the Descri
                                                                               2010 'This book is not anbook is not an encyclopaedicmost influential or im
               The Process and Edition
                             Sixth               55302 Russell K Schutt
Investigating the Social World Practice of Research                                               Linking social Science, Society and Social Researchsocia
                                                                                                                 research to important social issues \ Th
                                                                               2009 Linking the "doing" ofthe 'doing' of social research to importantusing
The ISA Handbook in Contemporary Sociology                                2009 'This Handbook is the first published byand ISA in this the ISA in this
                                                                                                            Ann Denis published by millennium; rep
                                                47802 Ann B Denis and Devorah Kalekin-Fishman 'This Handbook is the firstthe Devorah Kalekin-Fishmanm
                                                 52289 Sujata Patel
The ISA Handbook of Diverse Sociological Traditions                                               'Sujata Patel has conjured a Introduction: brilliant trea
                                                                                                                 Sujata Patel - brilliant treasury of wisdom
                                                                              2009 'Sujata Patel has conjured into existence into existence a Diversities of
Islam                        Four-Volume Set    52961 Mona Siddiqui                              Whether it is the Qur'an1:prophecy, ritual, law, politics
                                                                                                                VOLUME , law, politics PROPHECY Q
                                                                              2010 Whether it's the Qur'an, Prophecy, ritual,QUR'AN AND or gender in\Isl
                Ethnicity, Gender, Researcher
Issues in Race,Selections From CQand Class      60580 CQ Researcher                               This reader is a collection - Affirmative Action: Is it edg
                                                                                                                 Peter Katel of cutting edge articles tim
                                                                              2009 This reader is a contemporarycontemporary collection of cuttingcove
Japanese Religions           Four-Volume Set    55455 Lucia Dolce                                  This set, of representativeTHE STATE OF studies on Jap
                                                                                                                  VOLUME 1: studies on Japanese Religion
                                                                            Jun-11 This set, as a collectionas a collection of representativeTHE FIELD: ISS
Key Concepts in Sport Psychology                                        Nov-11 This book Craig and GrahamPART ONE: INTRODUCING this volume wi
                                                                                            The a focused,Walker
                                                                                                             authoritative entries in SPORT PSYCHO
                                                58008 John M D Kremer, Aidan Moran, Cathyprovidesconcise andaccurate guide for students working ha
Key Concepts in Classical Social Theory         54672 Alex Law                                   This book's individual entries introduce, explain and Ali
                                                                                                                  introduce, explain and contextualise co
                                                                            Dec-10 This book's individual entriesIntroduction: Classical Social Theory \ the
Key Concepts in Community Studies               47598 Tony Blackshaw                             'A very current identity ofto the Straight: What Is Com
                                                                                                               Setting the community studies, provides
                                                                              2009 This book defines the good introduction Recordconcept of community
              K                                  Research
Data Collection ey Debates and Methods in Social 52290 Wendy Olsen                               Offering cross-referenced, accessible\overviews of key
                                                                                                               Preface \ Introduction Table of Content
                                                                            Nov-11 Offering cross-referenced, accessible overviews of key theoretical iss
                                             47115 Paul Jones and David Holmes
Key Concepts in Communication and Media Studies                                           This book concepts key concepts central to understan
                                                                                                        Articulation \ to understanding recent \
                                                                      Nov-11 This book covers the keycovers thecentral Audience \ Broadcasting de
Key Concepts in Family Studies                                            2010 This book's individual entries introduce, explain and contextualise Bio
                                                                                             'A thoughtful and sometimesAttachment and Loss \ key
                                                46022 Jane Ribbens McCarthy and Rosalind Edwards            Introduction \ challenging elaboration o
Key Concepts in Leadership                                                Jan-12
                                                51784 Jonathan Gosling and Ian Sutherland
Key Concepts in Sport and Exercise Research Methods Michael Atkinson                             This book demonstrates the significance and applicatio
                                                                                                               Academic and in plain language, demon
                                                                            Nov-11 This book systematicallysystematically,Journals \ Analytic Epidemiolo
Key Concepts in Social Gerontology                                              2010 Social gerontology isgerontology is a
                                                                                                    Social a new and dynamic \ Advocacy \ Age Integratio
                                                                                                                  Introduction and dynamic the reflecting
                                                46519 Judith E Phillips, Kristine J Ajrouch and Sarah Hillcoat-Nalletamby newfield reflectingfield increasin
Key Concepts in Tourism Research                                           Nov-11
                                                55654 David Botterill and Vincent Platenkamp       This book takes students through the social research co
Key Concepts in Tourist Studies                                             MacLeod and is the'For thebiggestIntroductionthe world. and researchers \
                                                                                               fourth Robertson
                                                                                                              industry in Anthropology are the key
                                                46520 Melanie Smith, Nicola 2010 TourismMargaret Hartgrowing number of\students What of Tourisme
Key Ideas in Sociology       Third Edition      61174 Peter Kivisto                             The only compact Ideasfor undergraduate readersIndus
                                                                                                             Key and About book for World \ that
                                                                              2010 The only compact and portable bookportablethe Social undergraduat
                           Second Edition
Key Thinkers on Space and Place                                            2010 In            Critically acclaimed on widely used across the social H
                                                                                                              Phil Hubbard and Rob Kitchin - Preface
                                                58150 Phil Hubbard and Rob Kitchin this new edition of Key Thinkersand Space and Place , editors Phil st
Law and Social Change        Second Edition                                                      new edition of Sharyn L Roach meaning insightful intro
                                                                                                              Introduction: the Anleu's invaluable boo
                                                49786 Sharyn L Roach Anleu 2009 This is a timely'This Second Edition of an influential and of law \ Law in
Leisure Studies hemes and Perspectives          39871 Shaun Best                                 'Drawing uponWhat is thewhere people complain of 'ov
                                                                                                                   societies Leisure of British and Socio-E
                                                                              2009 What is the place of leisure inthe best traditions Experience? \ North
Leisure Studies              Four-Volume Set    47108 Chris Rojek                                Leisure together the together the seminal and papers
                                                                              2010 Leisure Studies brings Studies bringsseminal and seminal-to-be semina
             of the Social World Edition
Making Sense Methods of Investigation                                       2009 Making Sense of engaging World is an engaging and innovative resea
                                                                                                             Science, Society and Social Research \ Th
                                                55306 Daniel F Chambliss and Russell K Schutt An the Social and innovative introduction to social intro
            OrganizationsSecond Edition       51104                      2008 . Informs, Fascinates, the Second Edition Explore Further.. Now live -
                                                                                             New Pitsis PART ONE: MANAGING PEOPLE for cover
Managing andAn Introduction to Theory and Practice Stewart R Clegg, Martin Kornberger and Tyrone to Inspires Readers to : -Six new chapters IN ORGA
             Formations Modern Social        11248 Ken Morrison
Marx, Durkheim, Weber of Second Edition Thought                                                   This is a thoroughly revised, expanded version of the b
                                                                                                                 PART ONE: INTRODUCTION \ For most s
                                                                              2006 `This is an excellent introduction to classical social theory.The Origins
The McDonaldization of Society 6 Edition        61737 George Ritzer                              This noteworthy Introduction sociology books of all tim
                                                                                                              An and popular to of George Ritzer's Th
                                                                              2010 As one of the mostrevised and updated edition McDonaldization \clas
McDonaldization Reader       Third Edition      59104 George Ritzer                              The Third Edition of ONE: MCDONALDIZATION:wide arr
                                                                                                               PART McDonaldization includes BASICS,
                                                                              2009 The Third Edition of McDonaldization: The Reader includes a a wide a
             An Introduction
Media, Culture and Society                      45315 Paul Hodkinson                               'In balanced, clear and broad-ranging account of a fast
                                                                                                                   Introduction: Media, Culture, Society ac
                                                                              2010 'In his beautifully his beautifully balanced, clear and broad-rangingSta
Media & Crime                Second Edition     57443 Yvonne Jewkes                            'Transports students a a Media andinteresting place an
                                                                                                             Theorizing genuinely Crime book remar
                                                                              2010 Yvonne Jewkes' Media and Crime isto remarkable book-a \ The Constr
                           Fourth Edition                               Sep-11 In a society saturated by mass media, from newspapers and magazin
Media/SocietyIndustries, Images, and Audiences 61927 David Croteau and William Hoynes         Introducing students to a sociologically informed analy
             An Introduction
Medical Sociology                               39453 Hannah Bradby                              'Provides a sophisticated social contextto the main toill
                                                                                                               Part 1 The introduction of health and m
                                                                              2008 What are the limits of medical power? How has sociology helpedissue
                           Four-Volume Set
Methods of Interpretive Sociology               54844 Matthew David                              Max Weber saw the task1 in SECTION psychological mo
                                                                                                               VOLUME \ terms of ONE: sociologist
                                                                              2010 Should cultural meaning be understoodof the interpretiveTHE CLASSIC
Multilevel Modelling         Four-Volume Set                               2010 Rabe-Hesketh in the social sciencessocial sciences often have MODEL
                                                                                                              in the often have a multilevel or multi
                                                52234 Anders Skrondal and Sophia Data collectedData collected VOLUME 1: LINEAR MULTILEVEL acluster
The Politics of Intersectional Contestations    46596 Nira Yuval-Davis                           In this groundbreaking book, Nira Yuval-Davis provides
                                                                                                                Yuval-Davis Framing the Questions inve
                                                                            Nov-11 In this groundbreaking book,Introduction:provides a cutting-edge \ Th
Netnography Doing Ethnographic Research Online5656 Robert V Kozinets                            as 1 billion people the first toonline communities such
                                                                                                               Cultures using explore the discipline of
                                                                              2009 With as many This exciting text isnowand Communities Online \ Unde
            Journalism                    54212 Natalie Fenton
New Media, Old News and Democracy in the Digital Age                                           Have new communications technologies revitalised the
                                                                                                            PART I INTRODUCTION the public sphere
                                                                              2009 Have new communications technologies revitalised \ Natalie Fenton
             The Demotic Turn
Ordinary People and the Media                   55555 Graeme Turner                              In this a term coined by GraemeDemoticto describe the
                                                                                                                Introduction: The Turner Turn \ Ordina
                                                                              2009 The 'demotic turn' is dynamic and insightful book Graeme Turner exp
Organizing & Organizations Fourth Edition                                  2009 . Organizing and Organizations is well lovedEntering andand students
                                                                                               Organizing and Organizations by well lovedLeaving \ Life
                                                54820 Stephen Fineman, Yiannis Gabriel and David Sims       Introduction \ is students by lecturers
             Introduction to Sociology Media Update Jeanne H. Ballantine Jun-11 The Third Edition updated Media Edition of a popular first year introd
Our Social World           Third Edition      66075                                                        PART I. UNDERSTANDING OUR SOCIAL W
                                                                         and Keith A. Roberts An of Our Social World: Introduction to Sociology is tru
             Condensed Version
Our Social World                                                            2010 . A Roberts Our Introduction to Sociology, discipline of sociology
                                                59242 Jeanne H Ballantine and KeithOur Social World:Social World introduces theBrief Edition introduces
              The Criminalization of
Peer to Peer and the Music Industry Sharing                       C             Have the     Have movie industries lost \ The Global Network Socie
                                                                                                           Introduction the battle to criminalize to
                                                52109 Matthew Davidloth 2009 ; Paper 2010music and the music and movie industries lost the battle dow
                Oppression, Resistance and the State
Political Sociology                                                         Jan-11 Taking        Taking a multidimensional book emphasizes the interp
                                                                                                               Preface Power, Oppression and the Sta
                                                  62107 Davita Glasberg and Deric Shannon a multidimensional approach,\thisapproach, this book emphas
Popular MusicTopics, Trends & Trajectories      54069 Tara Brabazon                                  textbook firstIntroduction: pop music tothe Dance Floo
                                                                                                                    textbook on Walking on be written of
                                                                            Oct-11 This is the firstThis is the on Pop Music to be written after the start aft
Popular Music                Four-Volume Set    60402 Chris Rojek                                  focuses on social science social science perspectives o
                                                                                                                  focuses on HISTORY AND popular musi
                                                                            Apr-11 This collectionThis collection VOLUME 1:perspectives of THEORETICA
Post Industrial Society      Four-Volume Set    55454 Barry Smart                               This major new collection \ Barry Smart - contribution
                                                                                                                VOLUME 1 brings together related term
                                                                              2010 The idea of post-industrial society and a constellation of Introductor
               A Guide to Research Design in Social Science
Principles of Methodology                                                     Christine Bellamy What is How Introduction \ PART ONE: design a resear
                                                                                                             should one design a research project? W
                                                  62386 Professor Perri 6 andOct-11 What is methodology?methodology? How should one FOUNDATIONS
              The Professional Women           19th Century until Today
Professional Men, European Professions from the52088 Maria Malatesta                               the book of the principal European intellectual profess
                                                                                                                   the story of The European Professions
                                                                              2010 This book tellsThis story tellsIntroduction:the principal European intel
Prostitution Sex Work, Policy and Politics                                 O'Neill and Jane Pitcher imaginative and comprehensive introduction to th
                                                                                               'This         The Sociology of Sex to the The Cultural
                                                52107 Teela Sanders, Maggie2009 This imaginative and comprehensive introductionWork \ sex industry
Publishing       Principles and Practice         52082 Richard Guthrie                              At last, a readable, authoritative and comprehensive bo
                                                                                                                   Introduction \ A History book for 1475-1
                                                                              Sep-11 At last, a readable, authoritative and comprehensive of Books: studen
Qualitative Content Analysis                     60114 Margrit Schreier                           In one of the is a powerful method Content Analysis?
                                                                                                                 Introduction: What Is qualitative content
                                                                             Nov-11 Qualitative content analysisfirst books to focus on for analysing large
Qualitative Data Analysis with Atlas.ti          61306 Susanne Friese        Nov-11                                Computer-Aided Qualitative very first b
                                                                                                     Qualitative Data Analysis with Atlas.ti is theData Analys
Qualitative Research           Third Edition     59315 David Silverman                            This hugely successful textbook updated fullyTHE THIR
                                                                                                                 PART ONE: INTRODUCTION TO updated
                                                                               2010 This hugely successful textbook has been fully has been and revised to
             A Sociological Exploration
Questioning Gender                               61905 Robert Ryle                               Questioning Gender Exploration is a core those studyi
                                                                             Mar-11 Questioning Gender: A Sociologicalis a core textbook for textbook for
              The Sporting Black Diaspora
Race, Sport and Politics                         36818 Ben Carrington                            This is the firstIntroduction: Sport, the role the sociolo
                                                                                                                    international authorities on Athlete an
                                                                               2010 Written by one of the leadingbook to address sport'sBlackin 'the mak
               The Sociology of Group Conflict
                             Class             62561 Joseph F. Healey
Race, Ethnicity, Gender, andUpdated Edition and Change, 2010/2011 Update 2010                                      Prologue: The Election of President Bara
Racisms          An Introduction                 50386 Steve Garner                             'A solid text, and 'racism' 'Race' and the Practice of Ra
                                                                                                                The Idea of in public thoughtful manner
                                                                               2009 We hear much about 'race'covering the topic in adiscourse but the te
Radio Redux Freedom on the Airways                                            2010 We can't     Despite many Jo Glanville of Editorial \ PART ONE: radi
                                                                                                               new forms - new forms of mass comm
                                                 61795 Jo Glanville and Index on Censorship do without radio. However manymass communication,DISPA
Realist Methodology            Four-Volume Set   51180 Wendy Olsen                                 Volume to humanity Realist Ontology covers the natu
                                                                                                                VOLUME 1: PRACTICAL REALIST ONTOLO
                                                                               2010 Realism is an approachOne: Practicalwhich recognizes the real existen
Reason of Sociology Simmel and Beyond            48425 Kauko Pietila                              Where can thelook ONE: THE to build a \ The Rise, Fal
                                                                                                                 sense of propulsive direction that that
                                                                               2010 Sociology has long lacked wePART for guides PROBLEM sociologyit pos
             New Vistas   Qualitative Research45166 Mats Alvesson and Kaj2009 Praise for the First Edition : ' Introduction: The Intellectualization of M
Reflexive Methodology forSecond Edition                                                                         Reflexive Methodology is as a groundbr
                                                                         Sköldberg Reflexive Methodology established itselfa textbook ind
Research Design in Social Research                5847 David de Vaus                              'A wonderful opportunity for research design DESIGN?
                                                                                                                PART written one of the best general res
                                                                               2001 `With this book David de Vaus has ONE: WHAT IS RESEARCH students
             A Student Guide
Researching Hospitality and Tourism              39846 Bob Brotherton                            'Clear, accessible a teacher and researcher is obvious
                                                                                                                The Nature and Relevance of field starve
                                                                               2008 'Bob Brotherton's experience asand student-friendly.. In a Research \i
            A Step-by-Step Guide for Beginners 57439 Ranjit Kumar
Research Methodology      Third Edition                                                           Written students with no previous experience of resea
                                                                                                                  Research: A Way with no previous expe
                                                                               2010 Written specifically forspecifically for studentsof Thinking: Research: a
Researching Social Life        Third Edition     50012 Nigel Gilbert                               The of this excellentCoopermaintains the successful Li
                                                                                                                 Geoff guide - Conceptualizing Social th
                                                                               2008 . `This new editionThird Edition of Nigel Gilbert's hugelystandard ofRe
                           Second Edition
Researching Society and Culture                  23314 Clive Seale                                 The comprehensively revised and greatly established R
                                                                                                                Clive Seale - Introduction \ PART ONE: s
                                                                               2004 'This new edition enhances the value of an already well expanded Sec
             Philosophies, & Health               58101 Michael Atkinson
Researching Sport, Exercise Strategies and Realities                         Nov-11                               PART ONE: WHAT WE ARE DOING, AND
                                                                                                     Sport and health are large and growing fields of study.W
The SAGE Dictionary of Leisure Studies                                     2009 What is        'This dictionary are the unique \ Abnormal Leisure field
                                                                                                              A and B Analysis contribution to How ca
                                                 46021 Tony Blackshaw and Garry Crawford Leisure Studies? Who offers a key figures in the field? the \ Ac
The SAGE Encyclopedia of TerrorismEdition        60270 Gus Martin                               The SAGE Encyclopedia of Terrorism, Second Edition is
                                                                             Aug-11 The SAGE Encyclopedia of Terrorism, Second Edition , is a thoroughly
The SAGE Glossary of the Social and Behavioral Sciences Larry E Sullivan                         The of the Social and Behavioral Sciences provides stu
                                                                               2009 The SAGE GlossarySAGE Glossary of the Social and Behavioral Science
The SAGE Handbook of Architectural Theory                                    Sep-11 The SAGE Handbook
                                                                                                  'This book is much more than just a Handbook builds u
                                                                                                                 C Greig Crysler, documents and of Archi
                                                 50382 C. Greig Crysler, Stephen Cairns and Hilde Heynenof Architectural TheoryStephen Cairns, Hilde He
                                              58135                     Karstedt and Steven F Messner research criminal justice PART ONE: CRIM
                                                                                            Conducting Editorial Introduction criminal justice un
The SAGE Handbook of Criminological Research MethodsDavid Gadd, SusanneOct-11 Conducting research into crime andinto crime and \ carries its owncar
The SAGE Handbook of Social Geographies                                      2009 The A Marston and the social is - from race al only by society, Situat
                                                                                                    'Here John Paul Jones Smith not - Introduction: but by
                                                                                                                   Susan J III
                                                 47286 Susan J Smith, Rachel Pain, Salliesocial relations of differencepopulatedet and class to gender and
The SAGE Handbook of Social Gerontology                                     2010 This volume reflects the emergence ofaageing as a globalAND DISCIPL
                                                 48411 Dale Dannefer and Chris Phillipson                    PART ONE: FUNDAMENTAL concern, inc
                                                                                               'The authors constitute "Who's Who" of internationa
                                                                      May-11 This            This sparkling Handbook offers an unrivalled resource f
                                                                                                            Peter J Carrington and John those Intro
The SAGE Handbook of Social Network Analysis 52877 John Scott and Peter Carrington sparkling Handbook offers an unrivalled resource forScott -engag
The SAGE Handbook of Sociolinguistics                                      2010 'A superb volume that weaves together the complex threads of sociol
                                                                                              The timely, Ruth Wodak, Barbara Johnstone and Pau
                                                 52101 Ruth Wodak, Barbara Johnstone and Paul E Kerswill inclusive Handbook explores: @!the history
The SAGE Handbook of Tourism Studies                                        Robinson             'The strongestTazim Jamal and encountered of the scop
                                                                                                                overview I have Mike Robinson - and t
                                                 47022 Tazim Jamal and Mike 2009 'This is the strongest overview I have encountered of the scopeGener
                                                                             John Solomos      What is the state of race and today? How has the field
                                                                                                              Patricia Hill Collins and John Solomos - In
The SAGE Handbook of Race and Ethnic Studies 19858 Patricia Hill Collins and2010 What is the state of race and ethnic studies ethnic studies today? How
The SAGE Handbook of Islamic Studies                                       2010 ' a welcome addition to the Laura Thomas - Introduction: Current Iss
                                                 23269 Akbar S Ahmed and Tamara Sonn                        already available introductory works on
                                                                                             This timely and stimulating Handbook , edited by two w
The SAGE Handbook of Identities                                             2010 Increasingly, Mohanty
                                                                                               Increasingly, identities are the site for interdisciplinary
                                                                                                              Introduction \ Margaret Wetherell The
                                                 47529 Margaret Wetherell and Chandra Talpadeidentities are the site for interdisciplinary initiatives-and
                                               47298 John F Dovidio, Miles Hewstone, SAGE HandbookVictoria PART ONE:comprehensive coverage onpr
The SAGE Handbook of Prejudice, Stereotyping and Discrimination                               This HandbookM Esses OVERVIEW Discrimination th
                                                                           2010 The Peter Glick and of Prejudice, Stereotyping and OF THE TOPIC \ Jo
SAGE Quantitative Research Four-Volume Set       57573 W Paul Vogt                                 40 more SAGE has been FUNDAMENTAL ISSUES lead
                                                                                                                 40 years, SAGE has been one internation
                                                                              Jan-11 For more thanFor years,than VOLUME 1:one of the leading of the IN Q
             A Sociological Third Edition Education
Schools and Society         Approach to                                            Schools and A comprehensive, integrated overview ofintegrated ove
                                                                                                              PART is a comprehensive, the sociology
                                                  52514 Jeanne H Ballantine and Joan Z Spade Society , Third EditionONE: WHAT IS SOCIOLOGY OF EDU
Secularization                 Four-Volume Set   55110 Bryan S Turner                              traces the decline of the decline the rise of secular be
                                                                                                                  traces religion DEFINING SECULARIZATIO
                                                                               2010 Secularization Secularization VOLUME ONE: andof religion and the rise
                           Four-Volume Set
Social and Political Movements                                              Jan-11           This collection VOLUME more than 55 writings by acade
                                                                                                             contains undertakings ABOUT MOVEM
                                                 61302 Cyrus Ernesto Zirakzadeh 'Social movements' refer to purposeful1: THEORIZINGby people who d
Social Research and Reflexivity                                            2010 What are the critical gaps in Introduction: Motivationsand a Contribut
                                                  8991 Tim May and Beth Perry                                 thinking about interrelationships betwe
                                                                                             Thinking reflexively about thereflexivity for social rese
              and Human Results
Social Change Concept andDevelopment                                          2010 Today's        is characterized by ONE: INTRODUCTION \ Rainer Koft
                                                                                                                 is characterized by a set trends that Sil
                                                 56040 Rainer K Silbereisen and Xinyin Chen world Today's world PART a set of overarchingof overarching t
Social Inequality in a Global Age Edition        61179 Scott Sernau                              Worlds Apart 3rd Edition provides framework 1. The G
                                                                                                                PART a sociological a sociological analy
                                                                               2010 Worlds Apart 3rd Edition provides I. ROOTS OF INEQUALITY \forframe
             History, Theory and Methodology 51034 Christina Prell
Social Network Analysis                                                                             an live in a world that is paradoxically small and vast:b
                                                                                                                  void in the social network literature by
                                                                             Nov-11 `This book fillsWe important Introduction: What Are Social Networks?
             A Handbook Second Edition
Social Network Analysis                           9124 John Scott                                 'I updated asked of this bestselling text provides an fo
                                                                                                                Networks and Relations \ The analysis a
                                                                               2000 The revised and am often editionby people new to network Developm
Social Problems Service Learning Approach                                   2010 In             In this unique new text, Corey Dolgon Social Problems a
                                                                                                               Introduction. What an integrates an inn
                                                 58789 Corey Dolgon and Chris Baker this unique new text, Corey Dolgon integratesare innovative case s
              Community, Policy, and Social Action
Social Problems           Third Edition                                                       In the Third popularONE: popular book, Anna PERSON
                                                                                                              PART book, Anna PROBLEMS - Leon-Gu
                                                 62137 Anna Leon-Guerrero 2010 In the Third Edition of this Edition of thisSOCIALLeon-Guerrero human
Social Research Practical Introduction                                     Nov-11                   and relevant Introduction: this is a theoretically and g
                                                                                                                    and a theoretically-informed practical a
                                                 53817 Bruce Curtis and Cate Curtis Original, fresh Original, freshthis isrelevant, Doing data collection inform
              A              Second Edition
Social Research n Introduction                                           Dec-10 . The perfect book new edition of David STARTING YOUR RESEARCH \
                                                 51478 Matthew David and Carole D Sutton                      PART taking a research methods course
                                                                                               This for any student ONE: and Sutton's text provides th
Social Statistics              Four-Volume Set                            2010 Statistics and statistical analysesthe use of statistical measurement sy
                                                 52288 Roger Penn and Damon Berridge                            is have 1: THE STATISTICAL ANALYSIS
                                                                                              Social statisticsVOLUME become a key feature of conteO
Social Statistics for a DiverseSixth Edition                              Jan-11 The basic premise only Statistics for aand the Why of Statistics \ Org
                                                                                              The Social    to What Diverse Society, Sixth Edition,
                                                 63088 Chava Frankfort-Nachmias and Anna Leon-GuerrerobookThefocus on the constant interplay betwe
               Text in the Classical Edition
Sociological Theoryand Readings Era                                            Scott Appelrouth A wonderful and readings, providingSociological Theor
                                                                                                                 Introduction: WHAT Is both original, ma
                                                  59130 Laura Desfor Edles and2009 This book is a hybrid of texthybrid of text and readings, providing both
               Text in the Contemporary Era
                             Second Edition
Sociological Theoryand Readings                                              Laura Sociological This 'hybrid' text combines \ Structural Functionalism \
                                                                                                                Introduction the Text and Readings com
                                                  62179 Scott Appelrouth andJan-11 Desfor Edles Theory in the Contemporary Era: major writings of sociol
               Action                               Justice                  Jan-11 This M White This book provides of how sociologists are using socio
                                                                                                  and vivid examples
Sociologists inSociology, Social Change, and Social62171 Kathleen Odell Korgen, Jonathan book providesShelley White vivid examples of how sociologists a
Sociology                   Eighth Edition       59244
              Exploring the Architecture of Everyday LifeDavid M Newman                            The of David Newman s Sociology: Exploring the Archit
                                                                                2010 The Eighth edition Eighth Edition of David M Newman s Sociology onc
Sociology                   Eighth Edition       59310 Readings             Jodi This carefully edited companion anthology provides provocative, eye
              Exploring the Architecture of Everyday LifeDavid M Newman and 2009O'Brien         This carefully edited companion anthology provides pr
               An Introduction
Sociology for Social Work                                                        Gibson              This excellent textbook introduces the social work stud
                                                                                                                    Chris the Alastair Gibson and Chris field
                                                  55996 Chris Yuill and Alastair 2010 This excellent textbook introducesYuill,social work student to theThor
              of Organizations                    20062 Michael J Handel
The Sociology Classic, Contemporary, and Critical Readings                                        'Michael J Handel has assembled an authoritative and w
                                                                                                                Preface \ Introduction \ wide-ranging co
                                                                                2002 `Michael Handel has assembled an authoritative and Michael J Hande
Sociology of Sport            Four Volumes                                                     With works in the field, this the field, this seminal foc
                                                                                                             VOLUME 1: CORE THEORIES AND PERSP
                                                  62946 Richard Giulianotti Aug-11 With no competing no competing works inseminal reference textrefe
Sociology                   Second Edition       62052 David Edition
              Exploring the Architecture of Everyday Life, Brief M Newman                          keeps students reading!. In this Second Brief Second B
                                                                                                                 keeps students THE INDIVIDUAL AND SO
                                                                                2010 The book that The book that Preface \ PART Ireading!. In thisEdition Da
Spaces for Consumption                            50474 Steven Miles                               This is an offers an in-depth and sophisticated analysis
                                                                                                                  Introduction: The City analysis of the The
                                                                                2010 Spaces for Consumptionin-depth and sophisticated of Complicity \ pro
              A Student Introduction
Sport and Society           Second Edition        46309 Barrie Houlihan                             Barrie Houlihan's ground-breaking first edition of Sport
                                                                                                                    PART Houlihan's astonishingly ambitious
                                                                                2007 Praise for the First Edition: `BarrieONE: PERSPECTIVES ON SPORT \ Pe
                With a Guide to SPSS
Statistics for Research       Third Edition       59893 George Argyrous                              This edition of Statistics ANStatistics explains statistic
                                                                                                                   PART ONE: of INTRODUCTION TO STATI
                                                                              Jan-11 . This fully updatedfully updated editionfor Research for Research exp
Structure and Agency          Four-Volume Set     55227 Mike O'Donnell                             The social structure to individual Sociology and and co
                                                                                                                   Part 1: Modernity, and collective agency
                                                                                2010 The relationship ofrelationship of social structure to individual the Str
              Multiple Theories and Responses 61541 Elizabeth Depoy and Stephen French Gilson integrativePARTcovering disability fromdisability fro
Studying Disability                                                                         Presenting a fully integrative text covering\ Foundation
                                                                         2010 Presenting a fully           text ONE: FOUNDATIONS a variety of
Surveillance and Crime                                                     2010 'This is        about surveillance - a theoretical and empirical and Co
                                                                                                              Introduction: Surveillance, Crime analysi
                                                  52736 Roy Coleman and Michael McCahill a book Surveillance has a long-standing relationship with crime
                                                 Review                  Nov-11 Reviewing Anthea Sutton The Literature of every research project
                                                                                             literature the essential part essential part within re
Systematic Approaches to a Successful Literature 61434 Andrew Booth, Diana Papaioannou andtheReviewing is anliterature is anReview: its roleof everyres
            Getting Methods
Teaching Quantitative the Basics Right                                    Mar-11 This exciting collection is both useful and andlays It clearlyproblems, st
                                                  55106 Geoff Payne and Malcolm Williams                        Geoff Payne timely. out the lays out the
                                                                                                This exciting collection clearly Malcolm Williams - Pre
              of Feminism
The AftermathGender, Culture and Social Change 11463 Angela McRobbie                                'McRobbie has the Feminism and Popular Culture; Brid
                                                                                                                    written a profound and profoundly dist
                                                                                2008 In this trenchant inquiry intoPost state of feminism, Angela McRobbie
              Culture and
The Creative Industries Policy                    54220 Terry Flew                                 This industries requires Creative Industries Policy \ Int
                                                                                                                 Origins of new thinking in communicatio
                                                                             Nov-11 The rise of creativeagenda-setting book provides a richer understandi
             Economy of the Soul
The Domestic Freud's Five Case Studies            59340 John O'Neill                                   major analysismajor analysis of Freud's five celebrated
                                                                                                                         of Freud's five celebrated Economy of
                                                                                2010 This is the firstThis is the firstIntroduction: The Domestic five case stud
             Connecting Third Edition          60998 Kathleen Odell Korgen, Jonathan book brings the 'public sociology' movement intoThe Sociologica
The Engaged Sociologist the Classroom to the Community                                        and book brings the 'public sociology' movement into t
                                                                          2010 This M White This Shelley White Engaged Sociologist: the classroom,
                                                55259 Zina O'Leary
The Essential Guide to Doing Your Research Project                                                  The Essential Guide ONE: TAKING THE LEAP Project give
                                                                                                                   PART to Doing Your Research INTO THE t
                                                                                2009 . . The Essential Guide to Doing Your Research Project gives students R
The Essential Guide to Using the Web for Research 2259 Nigel Ford                                  Showing how has provided students and researchers w
                                                                                                                   Introduction \ Learning and Critical Thin
                                                                              Oct-11 In recent years, the internet the opportunities and challenges provide
             Prisms, Patterns, and Possibilities 61266 Joan Z Spade and Catherine G Valentine An accessible, PART I: PRISMS \ 1: The introduction to o
The Kaleidoscope of Gender Third Edition                                                                       timely, and stimulating Prism of Gender
                                                                            2010 An accessible, timely, and stimulating introduction to the sociology t
The Labour of The Culture of Free Time            50074 Chris Rojek                                Leisure has always been associated with freedom, choi
                                                                                                                 Positioning freedom, choice and flexibili
                                                                                2009 Leisure has always been associated withLeisure \ The Leisure Society
The LiteratureA Step-by-Step Guide for Students 48627 Diana Ridley                                  This concise, Ridley s book. \ Theof its great strengths is
                                                                                                                   Introduction One Multiple Purposes of
                                                                                2008 `I highly recommend Diana step-by-step guide to conducting a literata
             Media, Architecture and Urban Space
The Media City                                                                 Winner of      2009 Jane a single chapter The Uncanny Home , PART
                                                                                                           Introduction: more insights and illustrati
                                              40008 Scott McQuireCloth 2008 ; Paper 2010 the 'Crams intoJacobs Urban Communication Award \ awar
             Social        of New Media
The Network SocietyAspects Second Edition         40010 Jan van Dijk                              Praised for its Introduction the usefulness asNervous Sy
                                                                                                                  accessibility \ Networks: The a classroo
                                                                                2005 How are we to understand the causes of and telecommunications rev
             Essays and Fifth Edition             61152
The Production of Reality Readings on Social Interaction Jodi O'Brien                             This popular text//readerPART ONE: INTRODUCTION \
                                                                                                                Preface \ is distinguished engaging ess
                                                                             Dec-10 This popular text//reader has been distinguished by the by the engag
The SAGE Handbook of Criminological Theory                                  2010 Newburn        This HandbookEugene McLaughlin and Tim Newburn t
                                                                                                                 to make sense of in the developments
                                                  39188 Eugene McLaughlin and Tim 'For any criminologist looking re-centres theory recentboldest, most -
The SAGE Handbook of GIS and Society                                       Apr-11 Over and Robert McMasterresearch on INTRODUCTION \ Robert McM
                                                                                                  Research on PART ONE: the evolving relationship and
                                                  48898 Timothy Nyerges, Helen Couclelis the past twenty yearsthe evolving relationship between GIS betw
                                                                     Jan-12 Sparks      How do complex field complexPunishment punishmen
                                                                                                      David Garland - field that and society?
The SAGE Handbook of Punishment and Society 55103 Jonathan Simon and RichardHow do we define the we define the that is punishment is and Social S
            Published with Anthropology        54446 Richard Fardon and John Gledhill
The SAGE Handbook of Socialthe Association of Social Anthropology        Feb-12
                                               52872                        Feb-11 - What is      What is the relationship social sciences and the natura
                                                                                                                Ian C Jarvie - Introduction: Philosophical
The SAGE Handbook of the Philosophy of Social Sciences Ian C Jarvie and Jesus Zamora-Bonilla the relationship between the between the social sciences an
              A               Second and Sociological Theory
The Social Lens n Invitation to Social Edition   61731 Kenneth D Allan                             An undergraduate social theory textbook organized aro
                                                                                                                  PART ONE: MODERNITY AND THE SOCIO
                                                                                2010 The Social Lens: An Invitation to Social and Sociological Theory, Secon
The Sociology of Childhood Third Edition                                                        The Third Edition has been thoroughly updated to refle
                                                                                                               text that thoroughly covers children and
                                                  62057 William A. Corsaro Jan-11 This new edition of the only PART ONE: THE SOCIOLOGICAL STUDY O
              of Work       Second Edition      59361 Work
The Sociology Continuity and Change in Paid and Unpaid Stephen Edgell                             The revised, the second edition of Steve Edgell's compr
                                                                                                                 The Transformation of Work: From Work
                                                                             Dec-11 Fully updated and Second Edition of this comprehensive book charts
              Readings in Second Edition         61540 Richard Arum, Irenee Beattie and Karly Ford accessiblePART ONE: THEORETICALexamines critica
The Structure of Schoolingthe Sociology of Education                                             This         reader that examines critical topics on s
                                                                            2010 A comprehensive, comprehensive, accessible Reader AND HISTORIC
The Tourist Gaze              Third Edition                                 Larsen               ' The Gaze was a has \ Preface most aSecond Edition \
                                                                                                                 Preface been the to the new land to stu
                                                  59012 John Urry and Jonas Sep-11 The original Tourist Tourist Gazeclassic, marking out influential book o
              Identity, Place and the Traveller
Tourist Cultures                                                            2009 Sharp, engaging timelyYoung Introducing The Cultures valuable a nu
                                                                                                Tamara and easily accessible book that of Tourism: U
                                                  22631 Stephen Wearing, Deborah Stevenson and 'A and relevant, Tourist Cultures presentsaddressescriti
Understanding Children as Consumers               48416 David Marshall                            With critical insight, Marshall Introduction collection
                                                                                                                  David the contributors to this \ PART ON
                                                                                2010 What drives children as consumers? How do -advertising campaigns a
            An Introduction Health
Understanding the SociologySecond Edition                                    Chris . 'I read your book and found it easy to understand PERSPECTIVES ANw
                                                  49215 Anne-Marie Barry and 2008 Yuill                          PART ONE: THEORIES, and informative,
                                                                                                   Extensively revised and drawing on the latest applied s
            Marx, Weber, Second
Understanding Classical Sociology Edition                                   2003 Praise for the First Edition : First Edition : \ the authors have produc
                                                                                                Praise          Introduction 'Totally reliable the author
                                                  10541 John A Hughes, Wes Sharrock and Peter J Martin for the `Totally reliableKarl Marx \ Max Weber \ E
Understanding Corporate Life                                                2009 We live in a society dominated and Andre\Spicer and contested them
                                                                                                Bringing to the fore contemporary Corbett - Techno
                                                                                                              Introduction J Martin
                                                  46320 The Warwick Organisation Theory Network, Philip Hancock by corporations. Whether working for
Understanding Digital Culture                     54211 Vincent Miller                              Tracing the pervasive on Internet 'digital Tracing the p
                                                                                                                  PART ONE: INTRODUCTION \ Revolution
                                                                              Feb-11 This is more than just another book influence ofstudies.culture' throu
Understanding Judith Butler                                                  2010 'A              'A textbook atIntroduction \ the right level.Subjectivity
                                                                                                                 the right level. It opens up \ It opens up
                                                  54549 Anita Brady and Tony Schirato rather perfect rather perfect textbook at Introduction issues of tran
Understanding Representation                      40522 Jen Webb                                     'This is an extraordinarily lucid sure I am not sure that
                                                                                                                     Introduction Resemblance, Representa
                                                                                2008 'This is an extraordinarily lucid book. I am\notbook. that there is anyon
            Thinking Creatively                                       2010 Jennifer Mason and Angela Dale's book seeks to book sets out- cutting
Understanding Social Research about Method 54819 Jennifer Mason and Angela Dale                      Jennifer Mason and Angela cutting-edge
                                                                                        Jennifer Mason and Angela Dale's set out Dale Creati
            An Introduction
Understanding Families                                                   Dec-11
                                                54194 Linda McKie and Samantha Callan                             the core of our society. Our Relevance
                                                                                                  Families are atIntroduction: Getting Started experienceo
Understanding the Media     Second Edition      45460 Eoin Devereux                             'The strength of Eoin Devereux's text is that what has b
                                                                                                              Understanding the Media \ Media Globa
                                                                             2007 . 'The second edition of Understanding the Media updates the examp
            A Critical
Understanding Tourism Introduction                                       2010 This text introduces tourism Understandingstudents toRegulatingdraw
                                                46955 Kevin Hannam and Dan Knox                             students to concepts drawn from critical
                                                                                             This text introduces tourism Tourism \ concepts Tou
Urban Politics              Four-Volume Set                                 David L Imbroscio City politics is an ancient, enduring and vibrant enterpr
                                                                                                                VOLUME 1: TRADITIONS AND TRANSITI
                                                54442 Jonathan S Davies and 2010 City politics is an ancient, enduring and vibrant enterprise that can be
              - Economy Eight-Volume Set
Urban Studies Collection & Society              55068 Ronan Paddison                          Throughout the world, the study a cities takes place e
                                                                             2010 Understanding cities is a diverse enterprise. It isof multi-disciplinary w
                         Four-Volume Set
Using Documents and Records in Social Research 59892 Lindsay Prior                           Using Documents and Records in Social Research collec
                                                                                                           VOLUME 1: APPROACHES TO CONTENT
                                                                          May-11 Using Documents and Records in Social Research collects together a b
Violence and Society                            52081 Larry Ray                                 A wide-ranging book, Larry \ What Is Violence? \ Origin
                                                                                                                 and integrated offers a of the many an
                                                                           Mar-11 In this compelling and timelyIntroduction Ray account wide-rangingma
             An Introduction to Researching with VisualGillian Rose
Visual Methodologies       Third Edition       62685 Materials                                 The Gillian Rose's Gillian Rose's bestselling critical intr
                                                                                                             Preface \ Researching introduction to th
                                                                           Nov-11 The new edition ofnew edition of bestselling criticalwith Visual Materi
What's Become of Cultural Studies?              60111 Graeme Turner                               'Graeme engaging book draws the reader cultural stu
                                                                                                               Introduction: Practising Cultural a compe
                                                                           Dec-11 This original, sharp and Turner is the leading chronicler ofinto Studies
            Culture                           56001
Why Voice Matters and Politics After Neoliberalism Nick Couldry                                 'Should be read by of the most brilliant critics we it m
                                                                                                              Voice as Value \ The Crisis of Neo-Libera
                                                                             2010 'Nick Couldry has emerged as oneeveryone concerned with what have
            Theory and
Work with Young People Policy for Practice                                 2009               'The fascinating range of theory,changing context of wo
                                                                                                             Introduction: The policy theory, policy a
                                                47656 Jason J Wood and Jean Hine 'The book covers a book covers a fascinating range of and practice res
Working with Spoken Discourse                    6990 Deborah Cameron                          Working with Spoken Discourse provides a comprehen
                                                                                                            PART ONE: PRELIMINARIES \ What Is Dis
                                                                             2001 Working with Spoken Discourse provides a comprehensive account o
Working with Young People                                                  2005 Wise             'A useful contribution to DEFINING THE for workers In
                                                                                                                development development of resources
                                                45790 Roger Harrison and Christine`a useful contribution to the PART ONE:theof resources FIELD \ Gina an
             Project       Planning Your                                                    'An excellent and indispensable guide and the Researc
                                                                                                            Introduction \ you'll find research you
Your ResearchDesigning and Third Edition Work 59193 Nicholas Walliman May-11 In the third edition of this bestselling book,Researchtoeverythingfor fi
Youth and Crime             Third Edition       52884 John Muncie                               'In Youth and Crime ,Crime: Representations, Discourse
                                                                                                              Youth John Muncie accomplishes the d
                                                                             2009 'In Youth and Crime, John Muncie accomplishes the extraordinarilyex
                Series        Imprint        Pages          BIC Codes     Category       Cloth ISBN                 Cloth Price    Pre-pub Price
                                 A Pine Forge Press pages
                                                288 Publication around      Social ideas of thought: modernity; society; self; religion; capitalism; power; gender; race; and glo
uips students with skills in critical thinking and theory builtYJB,JBA nine centralTheory"IC
                                           216 pages      JCF           Social Psychology (General)"
                                                                                      Cl 978-0-85702-856-3       #65.00
 systematically reviews the affect and emotion literature across a wide spectrum of disciplines in: psychology and neuroscience; critical and social psychology; sociology;
                              A Pine provides both a thorough explanation of the issues, as wellandcurrent research and controversies, exploring health care, socioeconom
                                            536 Publication
ion of this student friendy textbook Forge Press pages    JB,YJBK5,MJX Sociology of Age,Aging as Gerontology (Behavioral Science) (General),Gerontology"IC
                                      528 \ Qualitative Research: Why and How to 978-1-84787-323-1 Quantitative Research \ Ethics of Qualitative Research \ P
 PART ONE: FRAMEWORK \ Guide to This Book pages     GRS                         Cl Do \ Qualitative
                                                                  Qualitative ResearchIt(General)"IC and #72.00
                                            \ Album Iconography: Postures, Objects, Settings \ Visual Composition: Typeface and Colour \ Analyzing Lyrics: Values, Partic
 Introduction \ Discourses of Popular Music240 pages                                Cl 978-1-84860-022-5       #60.00
                                                        AV,GR,GRS Communication and Media Studies (General),Communication Research Methods,Popular Culture
                               A Pine Forge Press Publication
                Sociology for a New Century320 pages        YJB,JB        Sociology of Migration,Sociology of Race & Ethnicity"IC
                Index on Censorship          192 pages      GR,YJB,JBV    Politics & International Relations (General),Sociology (General),Communication and Media Studie
                                              320 pages
                British Social Attitudes Survey series      JP,JBB,JBQ                  Cl 978-1-84920-387-6      #50.00
                                                                          British Government and Politics,Social Research Methods,Social Policy (General),Public Policy & P
                                              280 pages
                British Social Attitudes Survey series      JP,JPP,JBB                  Cl 978-0-85702-572-2      #50.00
                                                                          British Government and Politics,Social Research Methods,Social Policy (General),Public Policy & P
                                           1704 pages GRS,JBB,JBA Social Research Methods,Social Theory" #600.00
                SAGE Benchmarks in Social Research Methods                      Cl 978-1-84787-933-2
                                     240 pages     JBNH3,JD,JBNH1 Protection,Child Neglect,Children, Adolescents and Interpersonal Violence TWO: CHILD
                                                                 Child         Cl 978-1-4129-2091-9     #69.00
 PART ONE: CHILD PROTECTION WORK \ Different Perspectives \ The Multi-Agency System \ Making Things Different \ Personal and Professional \ PART(General)"IC MA
                                        336 pages      JCD,JBS,JB  Sociology of Childhood,Child Development,Social Work Efforts Needed
 PART ONE: GLOBAL ISSUES \ Rescuing Children: Is the Global Community Doing Enough? \ Child Soldiers: Are More Aggressive - Children"IC to Protect Children? \ PAR
                               A Pine Forge Press Publication
                Sociology for a New Century368 pages        RGL,JBMG,JB Urban Sociology,Urban Geography,Economic Geography"IC
                                       256 pages      RGL,JBMG,GTS   Urban Sociology,Urban Geography,Cultural Theory,Tourism Studies,Sociology of Sport and Leisure
                                                                                   Cl The Solid Modern City I#75.00Solid Modern City II \ The Dysfunctional City? \ PAR
 Introduction \ PART ONE: BECOMING CITIES \ The Traditional City \ The Machinic City \ 978-0-7619-4475-1      \ The
                                           This book, JBA,YJB          in the same series, combines the major writings of sociology s core classical and contemporary th
id' between a reader and a secondary text. 768 pages along with othersSocial Theory,Sociology (General)"IC
                                           1664 pages GRS,JBB
                SAGE Benchmarks in Social Research Methods                              Cl 978-1-84787-171-8     #600.00
                                                                          Social Research Methods,Sociological Research Methods"
                                           224 series
                Introducing Qualitative Methodspages                                  Cl 978-0-7619-7352-2      #75.00
                                                            GRS,JBB,JCB Qualitative Research (General),Data Collection & Analysis,Qualitative Methods"IC
                                          264 pages    GTS,YJB,JB Sociology of Consumption,Human Geography (General),Environmental Politics,Consumer Psychol
                                                                                    Cl 978-1-84787-049-0      Rhetoric
 Consuming: historical and conceptual issues \ Consuming: Historical and Conceptual Issues \ Consumer Choice: #75.00 and Reality \ Cultivating Consumers: Advertisin
                                           and Society
                Sage Benchmarks in Culture 1808 pages       GTS,JB                      Cl 978-1-84860-633-3    #600.00
                                                                          Sociology of Consumption,Cultural Theory"
                                   1712 pages JP,GTB,KC  Politics International Relations (General),Economics #550.00
                                                                       Naughton - What is       #600.00       (General),Area and Ethnic Studies Enterpr
  VOLUME 1: MARKET REFORM AND LEGACIES OF THE COMMAND ECONOMY \&BarryCl 978-1-4129-4883-8 Distinctive about China's Economic Transition? State(General
                            A Pine Forge Defining Moments in 20th Century Theory - Talcott Parsons and The Frankfurt School \ Symbolic Interaction - Herbert Blumer
                                          464 Publication
 In the Beginning There Was Modernity \ Press pages     YJB,JBA     Social Theory,Sociology (General)"IC
                                     OF THE PARTY-STATE \   Politics - TheCl 978-1-4129-4884-5 Historical Perspective \ A.
                                                                           Post-Mao Reforms in      #600.00       (General),Area and Ethnic Studies (General
  VOLUME 1: CONTINUITIES AND CHANGES1712 pages JP,GTB,KC Paul Cohen & International Relations (General),Economics #550.00 Doak Barnett - Mechanisms for P
                                          AND CHANGES OF THE      Politics & Paul Cohen - The Post-Mao #1100.00in Historical Perspective \ A. Doak Barnett - M
                                                                                Cl 978-0-85702-820-4      Reforms       #1000.00
  Set I: Politics \ VOLUME 1: CONTINUITIES3328 pages KC,JP,JPB PARTY-STATE \International Relations (General),Comparative Politics,Economics (General),Comparativ
                                         800 pages      \ Analysis of the Environment and Key StakeholdersTourism Management,Sociology of Leisure" Strategies, Cus
 The Strategic Management Process // Strategic Analysis KNSG           Tourism Studies,Hospitality, Travel & \ Creating Competitive Advantage \ Service
                Compact Criminology          136 pages                                   Cl 978-1-84920-079-0       #50.00
                                             200 pages     GTS,YJB,GRB Sociology the People's Princess \ The Social Construction of a Cultural Disaster A Community
                                                                                          Cl 978-1-84787-019-3       #67.00
 Introduction - Cultural Analysis \ The Cultural Public Sphere \ British Identity and of Culture,Cultural Studies (General),New Media and Communication\Technology" of
                                    576 An Introduction to Cultural Studies: Concerning This Book The Culture,Communication and MediaConcepts in Cultural Stu
 PART ONE: CULTURE AND CULTURAL STUDIES \pages   GR,GTS,JB                    Cl 978-0-85702-479-4      #75.00
                                                               Cultural Studies (General),Sociology of Parameters of Cultural Studies Key Studies (General)"IC
                                            440 pages
                The Cultures and Globalization Series       GR,GTS,JB                    Cl 978-0-85702-389-6    #90.00
                                                                          Cultural Studies (General),Communication and Media Studies (General),Sociology of Culture"
                                            488 pages
                The Cultures and Globalization Series                                 Cl 978-1-4129-2085-8      #90.00
                                                            GR,GRB,GTS Cultural Studies (General),Sociology of Culture,Media Economics,Globalization"
                                           1664 pages GRS,JBB
                SAGE Benchmarks in Social Research Methods                              Cl 978-1-84787-930-1    #600.00
                                                                          Social Research Methods,Quantitative/Statistical Research (General)"
                               A Pine Forge Press Publication
                Sociology for a New Century376 pages        JP,GTF,YJB    Social Change and Modernization,Comparative Sociology,International Development"IC
                                           1664 pages GRS
                SAGE Benchmarks in Social Research Methods                              Cl 978-1-84787-952-3
                                                                          Qualitative Research (General)"           #600.00        #550.00
                                             232 pages      JBS,YJB,MB Sociology of Health Diverse Disability Studies \ Disability,Disability Disability Studies \ Individuals
                                                                                           Cl 978-1-84787-557-0         #65.00
 Introduction: Global Disability Studies \ Debates: Political Disability Studies \ Intersections: and Illness,Social Policy andSociety: Sociological & Rehabilitation,Community /
                                        320 pages     JBQ,JBS,JB Social Policy (General)"IC
                                                                                Cl 978-0-7619-4264-1    #75.00
 Introduction \ PART ONE: PERSPECTIVES OF DISABILITY AND IMPAIRMENT \ Mike Oliver - If I Had a Hammer: The Social Model in Action \ Vic Finkelstein - Representing
                                           of Discourse Susanna Cumming, TsuyoshiCl 978-1-84860-648-7 - Discourse, Grammar and Interaction (General),Psycholingu
                                                                                  Ono Media Studies       #80.00
 Teun A Van Dijk - Introduction: The Study 432 pages \ CFGD,GR,CF Communication andand Ritva Laury (General),Discourse Analysis,Linguistics \ Russell S. Tomlin, Lin
                                         856 pages    To Use The Quantitative/Statistical Knowledge Do I #93.00
                                                                               Cl 978-1-84787-906-6      Need?
 Preface \ Introduction \ WhatÆs New? \ Goodbye \ HowGRS,JC,KM Book \ What Background Research (General)"IC \ Do The Chapters Get More Difficult As I Go Throu
                               A Pine s bestsellingPublication
                                             488 text        JBH,JBF,JB    Sociology Class , the Third Edition of Diversity and Society provides an
 the Fifth Edition of Joseph F Healey Forge Press pages Race, Ethnicity, Gender and of Race & Ethnicity,Sociology of Gender,American Studies"ICaccessible sociological anal
                                          392 \ PamelaJBV,GRS
 Pamela Davies and Peter Francis - Introductionpages                Research Methods for Criminology & Criminal Justice,Criminology \ Peter Francis - Planning Crim
                                                                                   Cl 978-1-84860-652-4   #75.00
                                                       Davies and Peter Francis - PART ONE: PREPARING CRIMINOLOGICAL RESEARCH (General),Research Methods (G
                                     472 pages     GRS,KMMS,MBGRQualitative Research (General),Qualitative TechniquesWhyBusiness & Management Research,Pub
                                                                              Cl 978-1-84860-033-1       Introduction for Do Students Use Qualitative Methods?
 PART ONE: INTRODUCTION \ How to Use This Book \ What You Can (and CanÆt) Do with Qualitative Research: #88.00
                                       624 pages   JBB,GRS     \ Theoretical Perspectives and Research#77.00
                                                                             Cl 978-1-84787-336-1      Methodologies \ Selecting and Planning Research Propo
 Introduction \ PART ONE: PRINCIPLES AND PLANNING FOR RESEARCHSocial Research Methods,Qualitative Research (General),Research Methods & Evaluation (Genera
                                             184 pages     JDA,JB,JPP                 Cl 978-1-84860-646-3     #60.00
                Published in association with Theory, Culture & Society Sociology of Education,Education Studies,Public Policy & Public Administration"
                                       /f0011984 pages
                                                    KNSG,JB,W Sport \RobertCl 978-1-4129-7382-3
                                                                                Roundtree, Robert Roundtree \Robert Roundtree, Robert Roundtree \Robert & To
                                                                                                          #450.00        #385.00
 Robert Roundtree \Robert Roundtree \Robert Roundtree, Robert Roundtree & Leisure Studies (General),Sociology of Sport and Leisure (General),Hospitality, TravelRoun
                           Consumption272 Publication in ConsumptionTheory,Popular Society (General),Sociology of Consumption"IC Consumption \ Rationaliza
                                          \ The Revolution
 A Tour of the New Means ofA Pine Forge Press pages   GTSC,YJB,JBA Social and the Larger Culture \ Social Theory and the New Means of
                                             1160 pages JC,YJB,JBK       Psychology (General),Sociology (General),Anthropology & Archaeology (General),Other Health Sp
                                                                                       Cl 978-1-4129-5178-4     #225.00
d terms and concepts as well as interdisciplinary and practitioner-oriented perspectives on death now hold important family, economic, medical, legal and global social-p
                                           1904 pages and Avoidance OrientationsCl 978-1-4129-5846-2 in Relationships (General),Sociology (General),Psychology (G
                                                                                   Attribution Processes   #275.00
 Cognitive Processes in Relationships: Accounts ApproachGTS,JBF,YJB Cultural Studies (General),Gender & Sexuality Studies Beliefs about Relationships Beliefs, Destiny v
                                          1392 pages Labor            Sociology (General),Education"
                                                                                     Cl 978-1-4129-0678-4      #275.00
 Education and Popular Culture Cultural Capital AmericanYJB,JD Colleges History of Education Society (United States) Educational Reform Summerhill Biography and Edu
                                         2016 pages KMKH,JBFF,JBF contexts of being female in the 21st Gender,Women in of the Encyclopedia focuses on wome
                                                                    the         Cl 978-1-4129-7685-5       century.     #270.00
edia of Women in Today's World looks at women today and delves into Women's Studies (General),Sociology of #320.00 The scopeManagement"
 Serie MacDougal, Kimani Nehusi, Molefi Kete Asante, Kyrah M. Daniels, Kyrah M. Daniels - Ba \ Yaba Amgborale Blay, Kimani Nehusi, Molefi Kete Asante, Kyrah M. Dani
                                           - Crime and YJB           Sociology (General)"
                                                                                  Cl 978-1-4129-0916-7       Women
 Deirdre Bowen, Erin Connell, Robert Kulpa1032 pages Criminal Justice, Gender \ Nayer Taheri, Suzan Parker - #225.00 and Islam \ Carolyn Ann Weber, Erin Connell, Ro
                                          1832 pages KMP,GTS,JCAD    Cultural from Cl 978-0-87289-601-7
                                                                                   the Age of Enlightenment #385.00
                                                                                                            to the present, showing how consumption has become in
edia of Consumer Culture focuses on the consuming societies around the world,Studies (General),Consumer Psychology,Consumer Marketing,Sociology (General)"
                                         1144 pages   of theory, research, practice and policy on family health (General)" #190.00
edia of Family Health provides a comprehensive summaryMBNH4,JBJC,JBQ              Cl 978-1-4129-6918-5      #225.00
                                                                    Family Health,Health Policy,Family Studies and wellness promotion for students and researchers.
                                         /f0011000 pages
                                                      GR,JC,YJB     Social PsychologyFritz \Oyvind Ihlen Theory,Social Theory"
                                                                                  Cl (General),Cultural      Gehrke
 Richard Lanigan \Lawrence Frey, Stephen Konieczka \Annette Holba \Craig Maier \Janie978-1-4129-5153-1 \Pat#220.00 \Corey Anton \Outi Remes \Kimberly Powell \Kim
                                        1520 distinct JBJC,JBFF,JBF Sociology of Gender,Women's Encyclopedia of Motherhood is a and Theory"
                                                                                   Cl 978-1-4129-6846-1        #220.00
cade, the topic of motherhood has emerged as a pages and established field of scholarly inquiry. The Studies (General),Family Systems collection of approximately 700 a
                                         1032 pages GTS,JCD,YJB Cultural Studies 978-1-4129-6670-2 explores the concept of play
                                                                                   Play in Today's Society #210.00
n Outstanding Academic Title by Choice Magazine, January 2010. The Encyclopedia of Cl (General),Child Development,Sociology (General)"in history and modern society i
                                            784 analyzed in numerous and diverse ways & Thought (General),Social Psychology#100.00
erhaps because of, its ubiquity, power has been pages                               Cl 978-1-4129-2748-2       #115.00       (General),Social Theory,Organization Stud
                                                         JPS,KMKH,JP Political Theory in different discourse communities. This encyclopedia provides an authoritative a
                              A CQ Press Publication
                                           2792 pages HR ,GTS,JB         are woven into the political, social, cultural and of Religion"
                                                                                      Cl 978-0-87289-580-5         #375.00
edia of Religion in America examines how religious history and practicesReligion (General),Culture and Religion,Sociologyhistorical landscape of North America. This four-
                                              1208 pages JBN               a continuing concern in our lives, whether we confront them on a personal, local, regional, natio
edia offers an interdisciplinary perspective into social problems that areSocial Problems"978-1-4129-4165-5        #225.00
                                          1080 pages RP,JB            Urban & Regional Sociology,Planning (General)"
                                                                                      Bohemian \ Bunkers \    #210.00
 Abridged Contents \ Advocacy Planning \ Apartheid \ Architecture \ Athens \ Berlin \ Cl 978-1-4129-1432-1 Cantonment \ Chinatowns \ Cinematic Urbanism \ Colonial C
                                          1664 pages JBKH,YXDS,JBB
               SAGE Benchmarks in Social Research Methods                       Cl 978-1-84920-732-4   #600.00      #550.00
                                                                  Social Research Methods,Ethnography,Educational Research Methods"
                                          1528 pages JBKH,GRS
               SAGE Benchmarks in Social Research Methods                             Cl 978-1-84860-088-1   #600.00
                                                                         Ethnography,Research Methods & Evaluation (General)"
                                          1656 pages JBK,CFB,JBB Social Research Methods,Ethnomethodology,Anthropology (General),Sociolinguistics"
               SAGE Benchmarks in Social Research Methods                      Cl 978-1-84860-441-4  #600.00
                                          1608 pages JP,JBS,YJB
               SAGE Benchmarks in Social Research Methods                              Cl 978-1-84787-016-2    #600.00         #550.00
                                                                         Social Research Methods,Sociology (General),Politics & International Relations (General)"
               Compact Criminology          136 pages     JBV                         Criminal Justice (General),Criminal Justice,Criminology (General)"
                                                                         Criminology &Cl 978-1-84920-503-0      #50.00
                                           472 Spencer (British, 1820-1903) \ Engines of Change - Karl Marx (German, 1818-1883) \ Cultural Consensus - ╔mile Durkhei
                             A Pine Forge Press pages     JBA,YJB
 Imagining Society \ Organic Evolution - HerbertPublication           Social Theory,Sociology (General)"IC
                                        296 Social GTBD,RGCP,JPSocial Theory,European Politics (General),European Studies,European Social Policy,Political Geogr
                                                                              Cl Empire? \ PART ONE: #72.00
 Approaching European Society \ The Europeanpages Complex: Europe as Network and 978-0-7619-4071-5 THE DEVELOPMENT OF THE EUROPEAN SOCIAL COMPLEX:
                                            352 pages     JBJC,JBS      Family Studies Scientific Theory Functions of a
 Preface to Third Edition \ What Is a Theory?: Philosophies of Science Architecture of a(General),Social Work - Families"Theory Theories About Families A Brief History of
                                       Propositions PART TWO: UNPROMISING Cl 978-1-4129-0361-5Theory"IC
 PART ONE: SETTING THE SCENE \ Opening 232 pages \RGC,JBA                 ASSOCIATIONS \ Space//Representation \ The Prison-House of Synchrony \ The Ho
                                                               Human Geography (General),Social   #69.00
                                          2132 pages GRS,KMMS
               SAGE Benchmarks in Social Research Methods                              Cl 978-1-84860-782-8      #750.00       #675.00
                                                                         Quantitative/Statistical Research (General),Research Methods for Business & Management (Gene
                                      688 pages   GR,JBF,JB  Mass Cultural Studies, Multiculturalism and Race Culture \ The State of Media Ownership and M
 Preface \ PART ONE: A CULTURAL STUDIES APPROACH TO MEDIA THEORY \ Communication (General),Sociology ofMedia& Ethnicity,Sociology of Gender"IC
                                          on Leadership                       Cl 978-1-4129-6083-0       #205.00
               /f001SAGE Reference Series 1104 pages KMKH,JBFF,JP Women's Studies (General),Politics (General),Women in Management"
                                          and Victimization \ The Gender Agenda toCl 978-1-84787-027-8
 Introduction: The Gender Agenda to Crime232 pages                                 Crime and Victimization (General),Gender and Crime"IC
                                                       JBV,JBF,JBFF Criminology (General),Women's Studies\#65.00 Patterns to Crime and Victimization \ Mediated
                                           632 in the  KMB,RGCM,GTD   Economic Geography,International Business & Management (General),Globalization,Economics &
                                                                                     Cl 978-1-84920-766-9       #90.00
 Introduction: Questioning Globalization: What pages World Is Going on? Conflicting Perspectives on 'Globalization' Grounding 'Globalization': Geography Really Does Ma
                                         256 ProspectsGTD,JPS,YJB Social Change Cl 978-1-4129-2852-6
 Foreword by Roland Robertson \ Introduction: pages                               and Modernization,Globalization,Social \ Structures
                                                       for a New Sociology of Globalization \ Conceptualizing GlobalizationTheory"IC and Processes of Globalization
                                            Concepts     JP,YJB,GTS Sociology (General),International Relations (General),Social Theory,Cultural Theory,Human Geogr
                                                                                 Cl 978-1-84787-383-5        #77.00
 Introduction to the Second Edition \ Basic 304 pagesand Themes: Government and Governmentality An Analytics of Government Analyzing Regimes of Government \ Ge
                                          536 pages    KM,RN,YLNA Business & Management (General),Geography, Earth & Environmental Science,Environmental Soc
               The SAGE Reference Series on Green Society                      Cl 978-1-4129-9685-3   #70.00
                             A Pine Forge Barriers, Possibilities, and How Sociology Can Help \ How Can We Solve Government of Increasing Inequality? \ How Can We
                                          304 Publication
 Preparing to Solve Our Social Problems \Press pages     YJB,JBN,JB      Social Problems,American Studies,American the Problem and Politics"IC
                                       256 pages    GR,GTS,YJB Cultural Studies (General),Communication and Studies? \ Getting Started \ Researching Texts:
                                                                              Cl 978-1-84920-785-0    #65.00
 Introduction:How Do We Know Anything about Anything? \ Why Do We Research Communication, Media and CulturalMedia Studies (General),Sociology (General)"IC Ap
                                    248 pages       KMMS,YXDS,GRS Study & Narrative Analysis,Educational Research Methods,Qualitative Techniques for Busine
                                                                  Case         Cl 978-0-85702-562-3     #65.00
 PART ONE: GETTING YOUR BEARINGS \ What Is a Case Study? \ Case Study and Research Design \ Models of the Whole \ Ensuring Quality in Your Case Study: WhatÆs Im
                                           272 pages     JDL,GRS,CTK Study Skills Review \ Decide on Your Question
                                                                                    Cl 978-1-84787-442-9    & Evaluation \ Deciding on an Approach: Methodology
 Your Introduction: Starting with a Question \ Project Management \ The Literature(General),Research Methods#62.00 - Again(General),Essays/Dissertations,Educationala
                              A Pine Forge Press Publication
                                            with each      JBA,YJB        Social Theory,Sociology (General)"IC
ocial Life has enjoyed increasing popularity456 pages edition. It is the only book designed for undergraduate teaching that shows today's students how classical and cont
                                            272 pages     YJB,GTS,RN               Cl 978-0-7619-5724-9    #60.00
               Published in association with Theory, Culture & Society Environmental Sociology,Human Geography (General),Cultural Theory"
                                     664 pages    GRS,JBB      Social Research Methods,Research Methods (General)" Objectivity: A Reconceptualisation \ Geoff
                                                                             Cl Introduction \ Martyn #95.00
 PART ONE: THE SOCIAL CONTEXT OF RESEARCH \ Malcolm Williams and W. Paul Vogt -978-1-4129-4648-3      Hammersley -
                                            256 pages     GTS,YJB,JBA                Cl 978-1-4129-4516-5      #75.00
               Published in association with Theory, Culture & Society Social Theory,Cultural Theory,Sociology of Religion,Culture and Religion"
                                         240 pages      KMB,GR,YJB Social Change Cl 978-1-84787-386-6
                                                                                  and Modernization,Intercultural Communication,International Business & Managem
 Preface and methodology \ Key Discussions: Essentialism Neo-Essentialism Cosmopolitanism Imagined Certainty versus Acknowledged Complexity Summary Notes \ Crit
                                           224 pages                                   Cl 978-0-85702-528-9    #65.00
 Introduction \ Organizing Your Research \ Books \ Articles \ Subject Guides \ Searching the Keyword Search Engines \ Interaction, News and Multimedia \ Governments,
                                   460 pages    GRS         Qualitative Research (General)"IC
                                                                           Cl 978-0-85702-420-6      #85.00
 PART ONE: THEORY AND METHOD IN QUALITATIVE RESEARCH \ What is Qualitative Research? \ Designing a Research Project \ Data Analysis \ Research Ethics \ PART TW
                                            216 pages      JB,MBN,YJB Sociology of Health Postmodernity and #64.00
                                                                                        Cl 978-1-4129-1878-7       Sociology
 Introduction: Sociology, Genetics, Social Mobility and Lifestyle The Sociological Perspectiveand Illness,Public Health"IC Sociological Approaches to Health and Illness P
                                       296 pages     Research  Research Methods (General),Essays/Dissertations (UG),Essays/Dissertations PLANNING AND DESI
                                                                             Cl 978-1-84920-780-5     #65.00
 PART ONE: ORIENTATION \ Why Social Research? \ FromGRS,CTK Idea to Research Question \ Reading and Reviewing the Literature \ PART TWO: (PG)"IC
                                            208 pages   JD,JBS,YJB
               Published in association with The Open University                      Social Policy (General),Education,Sociology (General)"
                                                                         Social Work &Cl 978-1-4129-3068-0      #65.00
                                           216 pages      YJB,JBA      Social Theory,Sociology and Scepticism: Two Intellectual Styles \ Sociological Theory and the Art o
                                                                                      Cynicism (General)"IC
 Introduction \ Classic and Canon \ Description \ Categories \ Metaphors \ Diagrams \ Cl 978-1-84920-374-6     #65.00
                              A Pine Forge Press Publication
                                            728 and Philosophies for Social Research \ The Process and Problems of Social Research \ Conceptualization and Measureme
 Science, Society and Social Research \ Theoriespages      JBB         Sociological Research Methods,Social Research Methods"IC
                                           504 pages
               SAGE Studies in International Sociology    YJB                         Cl 978-1-4129-3463-3
                                                                         Sociology (General)"                     #93.00
                                           384 pages
               SAGE Studies in International Sociology    YJB,JBA                     Cl 978-1-84787-402-3
                                                                         Sociology (General),Social Theory"       #93.00
                                         1624 pages
               SAGE Benchmarks in Religious Studies       JB,HR                        Cl 978-1-84787-360-6       #600.00
                                                                         Sociology of Religion,Theology and Biblical Studies"
                             A Pine it time to end racial JB
                                             408 Publication           Sociology of - Human Trafficking
 Peter Katel - Affirmative Action: Is Forge Press pages preferences? \ David Masci Race & Ethnicity" and Slavery: Are the world's nations doing enough to stamp it ou
                                         1640 pages
               SAGE Benchmarks in Religious Studies       HR ,HR,JB                    Cl 978-1-84920-033-2       Studies,Sociology of Religion"
                                                                         Religion (General),Theology and Biblical #600.00       #550.00
               SAGE Key Concepts series     232 pages                               Cl 978-1-84920-051-6     #65.00
                                                          WSDP,JB,YVL Sociology of Sport,Sports Psychology,Sports Studies"IC
               SAGE Key Concepts series     240 pages     JPA,YJB,JBA                  Cl 978-1-84787-601-0       (General)"IC
                                                                         Social Theory,Political Theory & Thought#65.00
               SAGE Key Concepts series     232 pages                              Cl 978-1-4129-2843-4    #67.00
                                                          YJB,JBM,RGL Sociology (General),Human Geography (General),Social Work & Social Policy (General),Communit
                                            224 pages      JBB            Introduction to Research Practices \ Research and Data Collection \ Findings \ Data \ Causes \ Sam
                                                                                       Cl 978-1-84787-255-5
 Preface \ Introduction \ Table of Contents \ Part 1: Data Collection: AnSocial Research Methods"IC               #65.00
               SAGE Key Concepts series     240 pages     GR,YJB,GTS                   Cl 978-1-4129-2821-2   #65.00
                                                                         Sociology of Culture,Communication and Media Studies (General),Cultural Studies (General)"IC
               SAGE Key Concepts series     256 pages                                Cl 978-1-4129-2005-6     #60.00
                                                          JBJC,JBQJ,JB Sociology of the Family,Working with Parents, Families & Communities,Family Policy,Family Thera
               SAGE Key Concepts series     240 pages                                                             #60.00
               SAGE Key Concepts series     240 pages     GRS,JB,W                     Cl 978-1-84860-728-6      #60.00
                                                                         Sociology of Sport and Leisure (General),Sport & Leisure Studies (General),Research Methods (Ge
               SAGE Key Concepts series     248 pages     JB,MJX,JBS                   Cl 978-1-4129-2271-5     #60.00
                                                                         Sociology of Age,Social Work and Older Clients,Gerontological Nursing,Gerontological Public Heal
               SAGE Key Concepts series     240 pages     KNSG,GRS                    Cl 978-1-84860-174-1       #60.00
                                                                         Tourism Studies,Hospitality, Travel & Tourism Management,Research Methods (General)"
               SAGE Key Concepts series     216 pages     JB,KNSG                      Cl 978-1-4129-2104-6      #65.00
                                                                         Sociology of Sport and Leisure (General),Tourism Studies,Hospitality, Travel & Tourism Managem
                             A Pine Industrial Society: YJB,JBA
                                           240 Publication            Mills Theory"IC
 Key Ideas About the Social World \ Forge Press pages From the SatanicSocialto the Digital Age \ Democracy: From the Fall of the Bastille to the Fall of the Berlin Wall \ In
                                           the pages    GTS,RGC,JP Human Geography (General),Social Why Key Thinkers? \ Euan Hague - Benedict Anderson \ Pe
                                                                                     Kitchin - Introduction: #85.00
 Phil Hubbard and Rob Kitchin - Preface to 528 Second Edition \ Phil Hubbard and RobCl 978-1-84920-101-8Theory,Cultural Theory,Political Theory & Thought (General),U
                                           312 pages        Theory \    Sociology Social978-1-4129-4559-2
                                                                                     Cl Theory and Deviance,Criminology & Criminal Justice (General),Law (General),So
 Introduction: the meaning of law \ Law in Classical SocialJBV,YJB,JBContemporaryof Law,Sociology ofLaw \ The Legal Profession \ Dispute Resolution \ Social Control \ Fe
                                           336 pages   KM,KNSG,YJB Sociology of Sport and Leisureand Constraint - Class and Gender \ Participation and Constraint - E
                                                                                   Cl Participation (General),Hospitality, Travel & Tourism Management,Tourism Stud
 What is the Leisure Experience? \ Socio-Economic and Cultural Approaches to Leisure \ 978-1-4129-0385-1     #72.00
               Key Issues for the 21st Century pages      YW                           Cl
                                                                         Leisure Studies" 978-1-4129-2394-1       #600.00
                              A Pine Forge Press Publication
                                            Process and JBB         Sociological \ Ethics Methods,Social Research Methods"IC
 Science, Society and Social Research \ The 416 pages Problems of Social ResearchResearchin Research \ Conceptualization and Measurement \ Sampling \ Causation an
                                   720 pages   KMKH,JCH,JB Organization Studies (General)"IC
                                                                           Cl Teams and Groups     #65.00
 PART ONE: MANAGING PEOPLE IN ORGANIZATIONS \ Managing Individuals \ Managing 978-1-4129-4877-7 \ Managing Leading, Coaching and Motivating \ Managing Hu
                                       480 pages   JBA,HP,YJB Social Theory,Sociology (General),Philosophy (General)"IC
                                                                               Cl 978-0-7619-7055-2    #75.00
 PART ONE: INTRODUCTION \ The Origins and Foundations of Modern Social Theory: 1750-1920 \ Modern Social Theory Defined \ The Central Subject Matter of Social T
                           A Pine Forge Press Publication
                                          Past, Present KMKH,YJB,JBASocial Theory,Organizational Behaviour the Fast-Food Factory and beyond \ Efficiency: Drive-thro
 An Introduction to McDonaldization \ The 328 pages and Future of McDonaldization: From the Iron Cage to (General),Cultural Theory"IC
                       A Pine Forge STUDIES, APPLICATIONS AND Sociology (General),Globalization,Organization Studies (General)"IC \ George Ritzer - Precursors:
                                     464 Publication
 PART ONE: MCDONALDIZATION: BASICS, Press pages    GTD,YJB,JBA EXTENSIONS \ George Ritzer - An Introduction to McDonaldization
                                            336 pages      GR,GTS,YJB Sociology of Culture,Communication and Process Transmitters, Receivers Studies (General)"IC
                                                                                      Cl 978-1-4129-2052-0   #65.00
 Introduction: Media, Culture, Society Starting Points: Shaping, Mirroring and Re-Presenting The Communication Media Studies (General),Culturaland Noise 'Who Says W
               Key Approaches to Criminology pages        JBV,GTS,JB                  Criminal Justice (General),Culture and Media,Sociology of Culture"IC
                                                                         Criminology &Cl 978-1-84860-702-6      #70.00
                                            424 pages      process, this Communication and Media Studies (General),Sociology of Culture,Cultural Studies the independe
tudents to a sociologically informed analysis of the media GR,YJB,GTS Fourth Edition includes new material on students as producers, new examples from(General)"IC
                                             224 A very JB,MBN,YJB Sociology of society: Introduction 1900 -#64.00
                                                                                       Cl 978-1-4129-0218-2        the dawn of the twentieth century First World War: 191
 Part 1 The social context of health and illness \pages brief history of medicine and Health and Illness,Public Health"IC
                                          1672 pages GRS,YJB,JBB Social Research Methods,Sociological Research Methods"
               SAGE Benchmarks in Social Research Methods                      Cl 978-1-84787-947-9     #600.00
                                          1608 pages GRS,MBGR
               SAGE Benchmarks in Social Research Methods                            Cl 978-1-84787-273-9
                                                                         Research Methods (General)"              #600.00
                                           Citizenship JPFN,JBA,JBF State and Studies,Nationalism,Gender & Sexuality Studies (General),Cultural Theory,Political The
                                                                                   Cl 978-1-4129-2129-9     #65.00
 Introduction: Framing the Questions \ The 192 pages Question: Of theCitizenshipBeyond \ The National Question: From the Indigenous to the Diasporic \ The Religious
                                        232 pages     JBKH,GRS,GTSEthnography,Research Methods (General),Internet Research,Social Research Methods,Sociologica
                                                                                  Cl Methods \ The Method#72.00
 Cultures and Communities Online \ Understanding Culture Online \ Researching Online:978-1-84860-644-9    of Netnography \ Planning and EntrÚe \ Data Collection
                                        232 pages    GR,YJB,KNTJ Journalism,New Media and Communication Technology,Culture and CONTEXT \ James Curran - T
                                                                                Cl 978-1-84787-573-0      NEW
 PART I INTRODUCTION \ Natalie Fenton - Drowning or waving? New media, journalism and democracy \ PART II#67.00MEDIA AND NEWS IN Power,Media Economics,Soc
                                            200 pages     JB,GR,GTS                 Cl 978-1-84860-166-6     Media
               Published in association with Theory, Culture & Society Sociology (General),Communication and#77.00 Studies (General),Cultural Studies (General)"IC
                                            512 pages      Motives and Motivating
                                                                       OrganizationalCl 978-1-84860-085-0
                                                                                      Behaviour (General)"IC #88.00
 Introduction \ Entering and Leaving \ Lifelong Learning \ MBPM,KMMH,KMKH \ Rules Are Rules \ Buildings and Organizing \ Leading \ Politics and Deals \ Influence an
                        A Pine Forge Press Publication A Unique Way to View the World \ 2. Examining the Social World: How Do We Know? \ PART II. SOCIAL ST
                                      704 \ 1. Sociology:
 PART I. UNDERSTANDING OUR SOCIAL WORLDpages         YJB,JBB   Sociology (General),Sociological Research Methods"IC
                               of sociology Press Publication
                                             512 contemporary student and provides an integrated, comprehensible framework from which to view the world in a concise
orld introduces the discipline A Pine Forge to thepages     YJB       Sociology (General)"IC
                                            200 pages     GRB,JBV,JB                Cl 978-1-84787-005-6    #62.00
               Published in association with Theory, Culture & Society Sociology (General),Computer Crime,New Media and Communication Technology,Sociological Re
                            A Pine Forge Press Publication \ From thePolitical Sociology,CitizenshipTheories \ Is This the Best or Only Possible(General)"IC
                                          248 Introduction
 Preface \ Power, Oppression and the State: An pages     JPA,JPVH1,JP Top down? Power Structure Studies,Politics & International Relations World? Oppression and S
                                          \ Approaches:GR,GTS,YJB Music Visualizing Music Dancing to Music #65.00 about Music Writing about Music \ Music Space
 Introduction: Walking on the Dance Floor 256 pages                               Cl 978-1-84787-435-1      Thinking
                                                       Listening to Sociology of Culture,Popular Culture (General),Communication and Media Studies (General)"IC
                                          and Society
               Sage Benchmarks in Culture 1400 pages                               Culture (General),Communication and Media Studies (General),Sociology (General
                                                          AV,GR,GTSC Music,PopularCl 978-1-84920-758-4    #600.00      #550.00
               SAGE Key Debates in Sociology pages        JB,KNXB                       Cl 978-1-84860-180-2      #600.00
                                                                         Industrial Sociology,Sociology of Work,Industrial Relations (General)"
                                       320 pages GRS         Research Design"IC
                                                                           Cl 978-0-85702-473-2     #75.00
 Introduction \ PART ONE: FOUNDATIONS: WHAT METHODOLOGY IS AND DOES \ Inference and Warrant in Designing Research \ Methodology and Social Scientific Knowl
                                          200 pages     YHBD,YHBX1,JBF
                                                                    Sociology of Work,Sociology of Gender,European History,Social and Cultural History (General)"
                                                                                  Cl 978-1-84860-625-8     #70.00
 Introduction: The European Professions between Crisis and Transformation: What Professions, What Countries? Comparing and Deconstructing Histories Discontinuity a
                                           232 pages    JBV,YJB,JB  Sex Crimes,Criminology Work \ Children, and Crime,Sociology of Deviance"IC
                                                                                  Cl 978-1-84787-065-0     #67.00
 The Sociology of Sex Work \ The Cultural Context of Commerce and Sex \ Sex Workers and Sex (General),GenderYoung People and Commercial Sexual Exploitation \ Buy
                                           240 pages     KNTP           Publishing,Publishing (Academic)"IC
                                                                                      Cl 978-1-84787-014-8    #65.00
 Introduction \ A History of Books: 1475-1533: The Early English Trade 1533-1694: Age of Control 1694-1774: Rise of 'The Publisher' 1774-1935: Era of the Publishing Firm
                                           176 pages                                 Cl Structuring Data: Building a Category Frame \ At the Heart of Content Analysis: D
 Introduction: What Is Content Analysis? \ What Is Qualitative about Content Analysis? \978-1-84920-592-4       #70.00
                                          Methodology \ Prerequisites for a Successful Analysis: A Good Qualitative \ Getting to Know ATLAS.ti \ Data Preparation and
 Computer-Aided Qualitative Data Analysis 240 pages                                Cl 978-0-85702-130-4      #65.00
                                     EDITION \   GRS           Qualitative Research (General)"IC
                                                                              Cl 978-1-84920-416-3     #75.00
 PART ONE: INTRODUCTION TO THE THIRD 464 pages David Silverman - Introducing Qualitative Research \ PART TWO: OBSERVATION \ Giampietro Gobo - Ethnography
                              those Forge Press Publication gender. It covers the of Gender,Women's Studies (General),Sociology (General)"IC
                                           568 sociologyJBFF,YJB,JBF Sociology core theories and topics in the sociology of gender and interdisciplinary perspectives fr
Gender is a core textbook for A Pinestudying thepages     of
                                            216 pages     GTS,YJB,JB                 Cl 978-1-4129-0102-4      #75.00
               Published in association with Theory, Culture & Society Sociology of Sport and Leisure (General),Sociology of Race & Ethnicity,Political Theory & Thought
                             A Pine Barack728 Publication
                                            Obama Part \ Chapter 1. Diversity in theRace & Ethnicity,SociologyandGender,Area and Ethnic Studies (General)"IC
 Prologue: The Election of PresidentForge Press pages   JB,JBF,GTB Sociology of United States: Questions of Concepts \ Chapter 2. Assimilation and Pluralism: From
                                            216 pages      JBV,JBHB,JB Sociology of Race & Ethnicity,Race,
                                                                                        Cl \ 'Race', Nation, State \ #67.00 Mixed-Ness \ Institutional Racism
 The Idea of 'Race' and the Practice of Racisms \ Racialization \ 'Race', Class and Gender 978-1-4129-4580-6Ethnicity and\Crime,Race and Social Policy"IC \ Whiteness \
               Index on Censorship         192 pages      GR,GTS,YJB    Cultural Studies (General),Sociology (General),Communication and Media Studies (General)"
                                          1544 pages GRS,HPGR,JBBSocial Research Methods,Philosophy of Social Science"
               SAGE Benchmarks in Social Research Methods                      Cl 978-1-4129-4863-0    #600.00
                                           208 pages
               SAGE Studies in International Sociology                               Cl 978-1-4129-3090-1   #70.00
                                                          YJB,GTSP,JBA Social Theory,Modernity & Postmodernity"
                                            360 pages     KMKH,KMMS,JCB  Research Methods & Evaluation (General),Research Methods for Business & Management Data-O
                                                                                        Cl 978-1-84860-111-6       #88.00
 Introduction: The Intellectualization of Method \ (Post-)Positivism, Social Constructionism, Critical Realism: Three Reference Points in the Philosophy of Science \ (Gener
                                      The Context GRS,JBB,JCB Research Methods & \ Causation and the Logic
                                                                              Cl 978-0-7619-5346-3     #85.00
 PART ONE: WHAT IS RESEARCH DESIGN? \ 296 pages of Design \ Tools for Research DesignEvaluation (General)"IC of Research Design \ PART TWO: EXPERIMENTAL
                                         256 pages     KNSG,GTS,JBASociology of Leisure,Hospitality, Travel #72.00
                                                                                  Cl \ Developing the Research Proposal and Plan \ Sourcing and Reviewing the Rese
 The Nature and Relevance of Research \ Research Philosophies and Schools of Thought 978-1-4129-0391-2 & Tourism Management,Tourism Studies,SociologicalLitera
                                           integral part GRS       Research Methods & Evaluation (General)"IC practice Applications of research Research: what d
                                                                                 Cl 978-1-84920-300-5       your
 Research: A Way of Thinking: Research: an440 pages of your practice Research: a way to gather evidence for#75.00
                                           \ Nigel GilbertGRS,JBB
 Geoff Cooper - Conceptualizing Social Life576 pages                    Research Methods \ Evaluation (General),Sociological Research Methods"IC
                                                                                    Cl 978-1-4129-4661-2     #77.00
                                                           - Research, Theory and Method &PART ONE: BEGINNINGS \ Nicola Green - Formulating and Refining a Resear
                                           544 pages JBB,GTSC,MBGR Social Research Methods,Data Collection Social Science \ Suki Ali et al - Politics, Identities and R
                                                                                  Cl 978-0-7619-4196-5      #91.00
 Clive Seale - Introduction \ PART ONE: RESEARCH CONTEXTS \ David Lazar - Selected Issues in the Philosophy of& Analysis,Qualitative Methods,Quantitative Methods"I
                                   240 pages    GRS,JB,W       What? For Whom? \ Paradigms in Sport,#70.00 and Health Research \ PART TWO: Methods DO
                                                                             Cl 978-1-84860-990-7       Exercise
 PART ONE: WHAT WE ARE DOING, AND WHY WE DO IT! \ Research for Sociology of Sport and Leisure (General),Sport & Leisure Studies (General),Research SO, WHAT(Ge
                                           272 pages      KM,KNSG,YJB Action Research 978-1-4129-1995-1 Theodor (see Critical Theory) \ Aesthetics \ Ageing and Le
                                                                                       Cl \ Addictions \ Adorno, #62.00
 A and B Analysis \ Abnormal Leisure \ Acculturation \ Action Analysis \ Sociology of Leisure,Leisure Studies,Hospitality, Travel & Tourism Management,Tourism Studies,S
                                             thoroughly JBV,JPS,JCF International Relations (General),Criminology reference work. Nearly 100,000 words of new (Gen
                                                                                   of the original, highly  #85.00
cyclopedia of Terrorism, Second Edition is a 720 pages updated and expanded editionCl 978-1-4129-8016-6 regarded (General),Political Sociology,Social Psychology mate
                                            provides students with a highly accessible,Cl 978-1-4129-5143-2 and#81.00 Studiesin print and online, defining the major term
ssary of the Social and Behavioral Sciences 624 pages    YJB,GR,JD                     curriculum-driven reference work, both (General),Education,Geography, Earth & E
                                                                        Sociology (General),Communication       Media
                                            704 pages    RG,RP,JBMG Planning (General),Urban Sociology,Cultural Theory"
                                                                                       an Expanded Field \ C   #95.00
 C Greig Crysler, Stephen Cairns, Hilde Heynen - Introduction: Architectural Theory in Cl 978-1-4129-4613-1 Greig Crysler, Stephen Cairns, Hilde Heynen - Reading the Ha
                                          520 CRIMINALS \ Neal Shover - Life Histories and Criminology & Criminal Justice" Data \ Marvin D. Krohn Terence P. Thorn
 Editorial Introduction \ PART ONE: CRIME ANDpages   JBV                          Cl 978-1-84920-175-9      #95.00
                                                                   Research Methods for Autobiographies as Ethnographic
                                             632 pages     RG,RGC,RN ONE: DIFFERENCE AND DIVERSITY \ John Paul Jones III - Introduction:
                                                                                       Cl 978-1-4129-3559-3  #95.00
 Susan J Smith et al - Introduction: Situating Social Geographies \ PART Cultural Geography,Human Geography (General),Sociology (General)" Social Geographies of Diffe
                                    712 PERSPECTIVES ON AGEING \ Daleof Age,Aging and Gerontology #90.00 Jr. - The Study of the Life Course: Implications for
 PART ONE: FUNDAMENTAL AND DISCIPLINARYpages                             Cl 978-1-4129-3464-0     (Behavioral Science) (General),Gerontological Nursing,So
                                               JB,MJX,JBS Sociology Dannefer and Richard A. Settersten,
                                           712 pages     ONE         Social Research Methods"
                                                                                   Cl 978-1-84787-395-8    #95.00
 Peter J Carrington and John Scott - Introduction \ PART JBB : GENERAL ISSUES \ Alexandra Marin and Barry Wellman - Social Network Analysis: An Introduction \ Linto
                                        648 pages      CFB,GR,YJB Sociology (General),Sociolinguistics,Speech Communication Ferguson and Fishman: Sociolinguistic
                                                                                 Cl OF SOCIOLINGUISTICS \#90.00 Spolsky - (General),Discourse Analysis,Psycholi
 Ruth Wodak, Barbara Johnstone and Paul Kerswill - Introduction \ PART ONE: HISTORY 978-1-84787-095-7       Bernard
                                        Introduction: KM,KNSG,RG Sociology of Leisure,Hospitality,of Tourism as a Focus of Study \ David Bell - Tourism andStudies,H
 Tazim Jamal and Mike Robinson - General736 pages                              Cl 978-1-4129-2397-2        #95.00
                                                      The Evolution and Contemporary Positioning Travel & Tourism Management,Tourism Studies,Leisure Hospital
                                             560 pages      JBV,JP,JBS   Sociology of Race & Ethnicity,Race, Ethnicity and Crime,Race and AND Policy"
                                                                                        Cl 978-0-7619-4220-7     #90.00
 Patricia Hill Collins and John Solomos - Introduction: Situating Race and Ethnic Studies \ PART ONE: LOCATING THE FIELD: THEORETICAL SocialHISTORICAL FOUNDATION
                                          392 Islamic 1FB,JPS,JB    Sociology of Religion,International Relations Obert Voll - Islam as a Community Biblical Studies"
                                                                                  Cl MULTICULTURALISM #90.00
 Laura Thomas - Introduction: Current Issues inpages Studies \ PART ONE: ISLAM AND 978-0-7619-4325-9 \ John(General),Middle East,Theology andof Discourse and
                                         560 of Identity Studies \ PART ONE: FRAMEWORKS \ Stephen Frosh #90.00 Theory"
 Introduction \ Margaret Wetherell - The Fieldpages                              Cl 978-1-4129-3411-4       - Psychoanalytic Perspectives on Identity: From Ego to E
                                                       GTS,JCF,YJB Social Psychology (General),Cultural Theory,Social
                                      672 pages       al - Prejudice, Stereotyping Cl 978-1-4129-3453-4
                                                                                   and Discrimination: Theoretical Thought (General),Sociology of Race & Ethnicity,Ge
 PART ONE: OVERVIEW OF THE TOPIC \ John F Dovidio et JCF,JBV,JBF Social Psychology (General),Political Theory & and Empirical Overview \ John Duckitt - Historical O
                                          1760 pages GRS
               SAGE Benchmarks in Social Research Methods                             Cl 978-1-84860-699-9      #600.00
                                                                        Quantitative/Statistical Research (General)"
                         A Pine Forge Press pages
                                       576 Publication
                                                     YJB,JB,JDA Sociology (General),Sociology Joan Z. Spade - Getting Started: Understanding Education Through
 PART ONE: WHAT IS SOCIOLOGY OF EDUCATION? THEORY AND METHODS \ Jeanne H. Ballantine andof Education,Education Studies"IC
               SAGE Key Debates in Sociology pages        JP,YJB,JB                   Cl 978-1-84860-087-4
                                                                        Sociology of Religion"                    #600.00
               SAGE Library of Political Science pages    GTS,JP,YJB                   Cl 978-0-85702-091-8         #600.00
                                                                        Politics (General),Cultural Politics,Social Theory"
                                            248 pages     CONTENT Qualitative Research (General),Sociological Research Methods,Geographical in Question? \ PART
                                                                                Cl 978-0-7619-6283-0      #75.00
 Introduction: Motivations for a Contribution \ PART ONE:GRS,JBB \ Commitment, Criteria and Change \ Mediation and Research \ Representation Methodology,Resear
                                       304 pages     JD,JCD,JBS   Developmental Psychology (General)" #60.00
                                                                                Cl 978-1-84920-019-6
 PART ONE: INTRODUCTION \ Rainer K Silbereisen and Xinyin Chen - How Social Change Affects Individual Adaptation \ Steffen Schmidt - PART TWO: DYNAMIC OF SOC
                          A Pine The Great Debate
                                         376 Publication Global Divide: and Inequality,Social Stratification,Globalization"IC INEQUALITY \ 3. The Gordian Knot of R
 PART I. ROOTS OF INEQUALITY \ 1. Forge Press pages \ 2.YJB,GTD   Class Inequality across Societies \ PART II. DIMENSIONS OF
                                         256 pages    JBB       Social Research Methods,Sociological Research Methods"IC
                                                                              Cl 978-1-4129-4714-5     #75.00
 Introduction: What Are Social Networks? \ PART ONE: BACKGROUND UNDERSTANDING \ Becoming Familiar with Social Networks \ A Brief History of Social Network A
                                        224 Social    JBB,JBA,JPS \ Handling Relational Data \ Points, Lines
                                                                                  Cl 978-0-7619-6338-7     #75.00
 Networks and Relations \ The Development of pages Network Analysis Social Research Methods,Social Theory"ICand Density \ Centrality and Centralization \ Componen
                            A Pine Forge Press pages
                                          472 Publication
                                                        GTBK,YJB,JBN Social Problems,American Studies"IC
 Introduction. What are Social Problems and What Do Sociologists Do About Them? \ Do We Make the World or Does the World Make Us? Concepts and Theories \ Who
                        A - PERSONAL TROUBLES JBN,YJB,JBS Social Visual Essay
                                      552 Publication
 PART ONE: SOCIAL PROBLEMSPine Forge Press pages OR PUBLIC ISSUES? \ Problems"IC I. Seeing Problems Sociologically \ Sociology and the Study of Social Problems \
                                           280 pages      GRS,JBB       Research Methods (General),Sociological Research Methods,Social Research Methods"IC
                                                                                       Cl 978-1-84787-474-0     #75.00
 Introduction: Doing data collection and analysis Some issues in research Putting the approach in context Conclusion Further readings References \ In-Depth Interviewing
                                     680 pages     GRS,JBB       Research Methods Research Design
                                                                               and & Evaluation (General),Sociological Research Methods,Social Research Metho
 PART ONE: STARTING YOUR RESEARCH \ Getting Started: Theory, Research Question Cl 978-1-84787-012-4\ Being Ethical \ Literature Searching and Reviewing \ Theory
                                          1642 pages GRS,JBB
               SAGE Benchmarks in Social Research Methods                             Cl 978-1-84787-356-9      #600.00
                                                                        Quantitative/Statistical Research (General),Social Research Methods"
                           A Pine \ Organization of JBV,JBS
                                          600 Publication            Social Work & Social Measures of Central Tendency \ Measures of Variability \ The
 The What and the Why of StatisticsForge Press pages Information \ Graphic Presentation \ Policy (General),Criminology & Criminal Justice (General)"IC Normal Distr
                            A Pine Theory? WHY Read JBA,YJB
                                           448 Publication            WHO Are Sociology's Core Theorists?
 Introduction: WHAT Is Sociological Forge Press pages Original Works?Social Theory,Sociology (General)"IC The Enlightenment Economic and Political Revolutions The
                              A Pine Forge Press pages
                                            704 PublicationJBA,YJB      Social Theory,Sociology (General)"IC
 Introduction \ Structural Functionalism \ Critical Theory \ Exchange and Rational Choice Theories \ Symbolic Interactionism and Dramaturgy \ Phenomenology and Ethn
                             A Pine Forge Press pages
                                            312 PublicationYJB,JBN        Sociology (General),Social Problems"IC
 vides vivid examples of how sociologists are using sociological tools to make a positive impact on our society. In each chapter, four or five public sociologists will describe
                            A Pine Forge Press Publication
                                          again invites YJB        Sociology (General)"IC
dition of David M Newman s Sociology once 600 pages students into the world of sociological thought. It encourages students to think less about the next test and mor
                            provides provocative, eye-opening examples of the practice of sociology in a well-edited, well-designed, and affordable format. It includes
                                         400 Publication
 edited companion anthologyA Pine Forge Press pages    YJB         Sociology (General)"IC
                                             280 pages      JBS,YJB      Social Work &Cl 978-1-84860-650-0
                                                                                        \ Donncha Marron, Robert Buckley and Joan Leece - Social Inequality and Social C
 Chris Yuill, Alastair Gibson and Chris Thorpe - Sociology for Social Work: An OverviewSocial Policy (General),Sociology (General),Social Work Practice (General)"IC
                                           - PART ONE: JB,KMKH   Sociology of Organizations"IC
                                          1620 pages JB,KNSG
               SAGE Library of Tourism, Hospitality & Leisure                           Cl 978-0-85702-919-5        #600.00    #550.00
                                                                          Sociology of Sport,Hospitality, Travel & Tourism Management"
                            A Pine Forge Press pages
                                          312 \ Chapter 1:
                                                      YJB,JBA     Sociology (General),Social Theory"IC
 Preface \ PART I THE INDIVIDUAL AND SOCIETYPublication Taking a New Look at a Familiar World \ Chapter 2: Seeing and Thinking Sociologically \ PART II THE CONSTR
                                             216 pages     KMP,GTS,RGCSociology of Consumption,Urban Geography,Cultural Theory,Consumer Marketing,Sociology of Le
                                                                                         Cl 978-1-4129-4665-0      #65.00
 Introduction: The City of Complicity \ The Individualized City \ Creating Cities \ Consuming Culture \ Architectures of Consumption \ Shopping for Dreams \ The Spectacu
                                      608 pages      GTS,JB,W     Sociology Barrie978-1-4129-2135-0 Power, Policy and and Leisure,Sport & Leisure Studies (Gene
                                                                                 Cl Houlihan - Politics,   #75.00
 PART ONE: PERSPECTIVES ON SPORT \ Peter Donnelly - Sport and Social Theory \of Sport and Leisure (General),Culture, Sport Sport \ Martin Polley - History and Sport \
                                     608 pages   GRS,JBB,MBGR   Quantitative/Statistical Research (General),Health Research TWO: DESCRIPTIVE STATISTICS: GRAP
                                                                              Cl 978-1-84920-594-8      #85.00
 PART ONE: AN INTRODUCTION TO STATISTICAL ANALYSIS \ Variables and Their Measurement \ Setting up an SPSS Data File \ PART Methods,Sociological Research Meth
               SAGE Key Debates in Sociology pages         YJB,JBA        Social Theory"Cl 978-1-84860-031-7        #600.00
                                     264 pages     MB,JBS,JB     Disability & the 19th Century \ Disability Social Policy (General),Sociology of Health and Illness"IC
 PART ONE: FOUNDATIONS \ Foundations \ Looking Back: Ancient Greece Through Rehabilitation,Social Work & in the 20th and 21st Centuries-Medical Condition, Const
               Key Approaches to Criminology pages         JBV,JBWC                    Criminal Justice (General),Police Studies,Criminology (General)"IC
                                                                          Criminology &Cl 978-1-84787-352-1      #65.00
                                            272 \ Systematic approaches to the Literature \ Planning and Writing#65.00
 The Literature Review: its role within research pages   GRS,CSA                      Cl 978-0-85702-134-2       a Literature Review \
                                                                      Literature Reviews,Research Methods & Evaluation (General)" Defining the Scope \ Searching the
                                         200 Geoff    JPS,YXDS,GRS Quantitative/Statistical Research (General),Educational Research Methods,Sociological Research
                                                                                 Cl 978-1-84860-000-3        Number': Informed Citizens, Competent Social Scientists
 Geoff Payne and Malcolm Williams - Preface \pages Payne and Malcolm Williams - Introduction: The 'Crisis of#70.00
                                           Identity seriesJBF,GTS,YJB Culture and Gender,Sociology of Gender,Gender & Sexuality Studies (General)"
               Culture, Representation and 192 pages                               Cl 978-0-7619-7061-3     #64.00
                                             240 pages    GR,GTS,YJB Industries Policy978-1-84787-575-4
                                                                                       Cl From and Communication Technology,Cultural Policy"IC
 Origins of Creative Industries Policy \ International Models of Creative Media Policy,New\Media Culture Industries to Cultural Economy \ Products, Services, Production
                                            240 pages     JBSN,JCAF,JBASocial Theory,Psychoanalytic,Psychoanalysis"
               Published in association with Theory, Culture & Society               Cl 978-1-84920-585-6    #75.00
                            A Pine Forge Perspective YJB,JBA,JBN Social Problems"IC
                                           240 Publication
 The Engaged Sociologist: The SociologicalPress pages and the Connections Among Sociology, Democracy, and Civic Engagement \ Founders and Foundations of Sociolog
                                      320 pages GRS            Research Methods & Evaluation (General),Research Methods research and why do it?: The need
                                                                             Cl research project \   #67.00
 PART ONE: TAKING THE LEAP INTO THE RESEARCH WORLD \ The challenge of tackling a978-1-84860-010-2So what is this thing called(General),Study Skills (General),Res
                                            230 pages     JDFX,GRS        Internet Required of You \ Finding High #60.00 Information
                                                                                        Cl 978-0-85702-364-3      Quality
 Introduction \ Learning and Critical Thinking: The Essentials \ Clarifying What IsResearch,Online Learning & Distance Education"IC \ How to do a Literature Review \ Inf
                             A of Gender Press Publication - Gender asSociology of Gender,Gender & Sexuality Studies (General),Women's Studies (General)"IC
                                            Barbara Risman
 PART I: PRISMS \ 1: The Prism Pine Forge \ 608 pages    JBF,JBFF      a Social Structure: Theory Wrestling With Action \ Betsy Lucal - What It Means to Be Gendered M
                                            216 and Its GTS,JB,KNSG Roadblocks Sport and Leisure (General),Popular Culture (General),Leisure Studies"
                                                                                     Free Time \ Visionaries #67.00
 Positioning Leisure \ The Leisure Society Thesispages Consequences \Sociology of toCl 978-1-4129-4552-3 and Pragmatists \ What Is Wrong with Leisure Studies? \ M
               SAGE Study Skills Series      184 pages                                Cl 978-1-4129-3425-1    & Evaluation (General),PGCEs & MEds,Professional Writi
                                                           JDL,GRS,YJB Study Skills (General),Research Methods#60.00
                                            240 pages     GTS,YJB,JBMGUrban Sociology,New Media and Communication Technology,Cultural Theory,Social Theory"
               Published in association with Theory, Culture & Society             Cl 978-1-4129-0793-4 #77.00
                                          304 pages     \ Technology New Media Politics and Power \ Law \ Social Structure \ Culture \ Psychology \ Conclusions and P
                                                                                Cl 978-1-4129-0867-2       #75.00
 Introduction \ Networks: The Nervous System of Society GRB,GR,YJB \ Economy \and Communication Technology"IC
                          A Pine Forge Press pages
                                        568 Publication
                                                      YJB,GTSP,JCF Real? \ Reality as a Collective Hunch \ Eviatar Zerubavel - Islands of Meaning \ Jane Wagner
 Preface \ PART ONE: INTRODUCTION \ Jodi O'Brien - Essay - What Is Social Theory,Modernity & Postmodernity,Social Psychology (General)"IC
                                       552 pages     PART       Criminology & Criminal Justice (General),Criminal Justice,CriminologyTuvblad and Adrian Raine -
                                                                              CRIMINOLOGICAL THEORY \ Laura A Baker, Catherine (General)"
  Eugene McLaughlin and Tim Newburn - Introduction \ JBV ONE: CONTEMPORARYCl 978-1-4129-2038-4          #90.00
                                    568 pages     Nyerges     Research Methods andEarth & Environmental Science,Geographical Methodology,Research Meth
                                                                              GIS for Society Research: Setting the Stage \ PART TWO: GIS AND SOCIETY RESEAR
 PART ONE: INTRODUCTION \ Robert McMaster, TimothyGRS,RN,R& Helen Couclelis -Cl 978-1-4129-4645-2     #90.00
                                         520 pages                                  Cl 978-1-84860-675-3      #95.00
 David Garland - Punishment and Social Solidarity \ Alessandro de Giorgi - Punishment and Political Economy \ Jonathan Simon - Punishment and Power \ John Pratt - P
                                             480 pages                                   Cl 978-1-84787-547-1       #95.00
                                             772 pages     HPGR,JP,GRS Philosophy of Cl 978-1-84787-400-9
                                                                                        Methodology and Ontology \ PART Evaluation (General),Politics THE PHILOSOPHY
 Ian C Jarvie - Introduction: Philosophical Problems in the Social Sciences: Paradigms, Social Science,Research Methods & ONE: THE DEVELOPMENT OF(General)"
                       A Pine Forge Press pages
                                     680 Publication
                                                   JBA,YJB   Social Theory,Sociology (General)"IC
 PART ONE: MODERNITY AND THE SOCIOLOGICAL RESPONSE \ Sociology, Theory, and the Modern Agenda \ The Evolution of SocietyùHerbert Spencer (1820û1903) \ E
                              A Pine Forge Press Publication
               Sociology for a New Century456 pages        YJB,JCD,JDDB Sociology of Childhood,Child Development,Early Childhood Education"IC
                                        304 Economic Activity to Work as Employment \ Paid Work Studies (General),Industrial in Industrial Society and De-Skilling \ P
 The Transformation of Work: From Work as anpages  KMKH,JB                      Cl 978-1-84920-412-5     #70.00
                                                                  Sociology of Work,Organization and Alienation \ Paid Work Sociology"IC
                         A HISTORICAL PERSPECTIVES Status Attainment and Social Mobility \ The Rationalization of Education and Training: Max Weber \ Social a
                                      640 Publication
 PART ONE: THEORETICAL ANDPine Forge Press pages    JB,JDA     Sociology of Education,Education Studies"IC
                                            280 pages     KNSG,JB,RGC                Cl 978-1-84920-376-0     #75.00
               Published in association with Theory, Culture & Society Sociology of Leisure,Tourism Studies,Human Geography (General),Hospitality, Travel & Tourism M
                                           184 pages    KNSG,GTS,RGC Sociology Choraster? Tourism, Experience and Space The Tourism of Tourist Cultures \ Geograp
                                                                                   Cl 978-0-7619-4997-8     #62.00
 1. Introducing The Cultures of Tourism: Understanding Tourism From FlÔneur to of Leisure,Tourism Studies,Hospitality, Travel & StructureManagement,HumanPART I: T
               SAGE Advanced Marketing Seriespages                     Consumer Marketing,Consumer Psychology,Sociology of Childhood,Social, Emotional & Behaviou
                                                           KMP,JCAD,JDGL          Cl 978-1-84787-926-4    #75.00
                                      CONCEPTS MBN,JB,MQC Public Health,Sociology of Health and Illness,Public Health Education & Health Promotion"IC
                                                                                Cl 978-1-4129-3622-4     #66.00
 PART ONE: THEORIES, PERSPECTIVES AND 320 pages \ Sociological Theory: Explaining and Theorizing \ Concepts of Health and Medicine \ Medical Power and Knowledg
                                         246 pages     \ Conclusion             Cl
 Introduction \ Karl Marx \ Max Weber \ Emile Durkheim JBA,JPA,HP Social Theory"IC 978-0-7619-5466-8                #75.00
                                           224 Christopher Grey - Speed \ Philip Hancock - Aesthetics and Aestheticization \ Andre[ac] Spicer - Space \ Karen Legge - T
 Introduction \ J Martin Corbett - Technology \ pages   KMMH,KMKH,GR                Cl 978-1-4129-2383-5
                                                                     Organization Studies (General)"IC       #72.00
                                      264 pages    GR,GRB,GTS New Media and 978-1-84787-496-2
                                                                                Determinism of Technology Technological Enablement Base, Culture"IC
 PART ONE: INTRODUCTION \ Revolutionary Technologies? : Determinisms The Social Cl Communication Technology,Culture and Media,Sociology ofSuperstructure, Infra
                                        160 pages     GTS,JBF
               Understanding Contemporary Culture series                                Cl 978-1-84787-607-2     #60.00
                                                                          Cultural Theory,Sociology of Gender,Gender & Sexuality Studies (General),Culture and Gender"IC
                                        176 pages     GTS,GR,GTSC Cultural Studies (General),Mass Communication (General),Sociology of Culture,Visual Culture (Ge
               Understanding Contemporary Culture series                         Cl 978-1-4129-1918-0  #64.00
                                          Tensions    JBB             Questions of Method \ PART ONE: RESEARCHING RELATIONSHIPS AND PERSONAL LIFE \ Jennifer
                                                                                   Cl 978-1-84860-144-4     #75.00
Jennifer Mason and Angela Dale - Creative264 pagesin Social Research:Social Research Methods,Sociological Research Methods"
                                           Family Studies Everyday Family Practices the Family,Family Studies (General),Family Policy"IC what is known as 'Family' Situa
Introduction: Getting Started Relevance of 240 pages                                 Cl 978-1-84787-931-8       #70.00
                                                        JBJC,JBQJ,JB Sociology of Beyond Flesh and Blood Constantly Shifting Terrain of
                                        280 pages     Ownership: Mass Communication (General)"IC\
                                                                               Cl Conglomeration     #75.00
Understanding the Media \ Media Globalization \ Media GR,GTS,JB Concentration and978-1-4129-2990-5Media Production and Media Professionals \ Media Ideology \
                                        240 Commodifying Tourism Sociology of Sport and\Leisure (General),Tourism Studies,Hospitality, Travel & Tourism Managem
Understanding Tourism \ Regulating Tourism \ pages                             Cl 978-1-4129-2277-7      #65.00
                                                   KNSG,JB,RGC \ Embodying Tourism Performing Tourism \ Tourism and the Everyday \ Tourism and the Other
              SAGE Library of Political Science pages    JP,JBMG                       Cl 978-1-84787-610-2
                                                                        Politics (General),Urban Sociology"      #600.00
              Sage Library Urban Studies 3328 pages                            Cl 978-1-84787-892-2     #1100.00
                                                         RG,RGC,JPP Human Geography (General),Urban Sociology,Urban Politics & Policy"
                                         1640 pages JBB
              SAGE Benchmarks in Social Research Methods                              Cl 978-1-84920-733-1
                                                                        Social Research Methods"                 #600.00       #550.00
                                           232 pages      JBV,YJB,JB    Violent Crime Cl 978-1-84787-035-3 (General),Sociology of Deviance"IC
                                                                                       (General),Criminology      #75.00
Introduction \ What Is Violence? \ Origins of Violence \ Violence, Bodies and Civilization \ Spaces of Violence \ Masculinity and Violence \ Violence and the Private Spher
                                          408 pages      GRS,GTSC,RG Critical VisualCl 978-0-85702-887-7to Use This Book \ 'The Good Eye': Looking at Pictures Using C
                                                                                     Methodology \ How      #75.00
Preface \ Researching with Visual Materials: A Brief Survey \ Towards aGeographical Methodology,Research Methods for Cultural Studies,Communication Research Met
                                            240 \ The    GTS,JB,GR    Cultural Studies The institution of cultural studies Cultural studies and... Conclusion \ The 'Un-Disc
                                                                                     Cl 978-1-84920-583-2       #65.00
Introduction: Practising Cultural Studies Today pages Achievements of Cultural Studies: (General),Sociology of Culture,Communication and Media Studies (General)"
                                            184 pages    JBKC,GR,GTS Mass Communication \ Media and the and Media,Politics (General),Political Sociology,Social & C
                                                                                   Cl 978-1-84860-661-6     #60.00
Voice as Value \ The Crisis of Neo-Liberal Economics \ Neo-Liberal Democracy: An Oxymoron (General),CultureAmplification of Neo-Liberal Values \ Philosophies of Voice
                                         304 pages     JBS,JBVP2,JD Wood and Jean Hine - Introduction: The#65.00 context
                                                                                 Cl 978-1-4129-2884-7         changing
Introduction: The changing context of work with young people \ Jason Youth Work,Social Work - Children,Politics of Education"IC of work with young people \ Part One
                                       216 and     Analyze It? \ Collecting& Rhetorical Theory,Sociolinguistics,Discourse Analysis"IC
PART ONE: PRELIMINARIES \ What Is DiscoursepagesWhyCFB,CFGD,GRD                Cl 978-0-7619-5772-0       #75.00
                                                                 Rhetoric Data: Practical and Ethical Issues \ Transcribing Spoken Data \ PART TWO: APPROACHES
                                           240 pages   JD,JBS,JDDB Social Work &Cl 978-1-4129-1945-6
              Published in association with The Open University                                            #65.00
                                                                                Social Policy (General),Ethics & Spirituality"IC
              SAGE Study Skills Series     408 pages     GRS                        Cl 978-1-84920-461-3
                                                                        Research Methods (General)"IC            #65.00
                                         and Data      JBV,JBS,JBVP2Criminology &Cl 978-1-84787-431-3
                                                                                    Criminal Youth (General),Juvenile/Youth Crime (General),Criminology (General),Yo
Youth Crime: Representations, Discourses 488 pages\ Histories of Youth and Crime \ ExplainingJustice Crime I: Positivist Criminologies \ Explaining Youth Crime II: Radica
Paper ISBN             Paper Price   Electronic ISBN        Electronic Price
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fi Kete Asante, Kyrah M. Daniels, Kyrah M. Daniels - Nyame \ Yaba Amgborale Blay, Kimani Nehusi, Molefi Kete Asante, Kyrah M. Daniels, Kyrah M. Daniels - abosom \ Y

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s, Kyrah M. Daniels - abosom \ Yaba Amgborale Blay, Kimani Nehusi, Molefi Kete Asante, Kyrah M. Daniels, Kyrah M. Daniels - Adae \ Yaba Amgborale Blay, Kimani Nehu
Adae \ Yaba Amgborale Blay, Kimani Nehusi, Molefi Kete Asante, Kyrah M. Daniels, Kyrah M. Daniels - Adinkra Symbols \ Yaba Amgborale Blay, Kimani Nehusi, Molefi Ket
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e Asante, Kyrah M. Daniels, Kyrah M. Daniels - Asase Yaa \ Yaba Amgborale Blay, Kimani Nehusi, Molefi Kete Asante, Kyrah M. Daniels, Kyrah M. Daniels - Color symboli
Daniels, Kyrah M. Daniels - Color symbolism \ Pamela Reed, Kimani Nehusi, Molefi Kete Asante, Kyrah M. Daniels, Kyrah M. Daniels

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