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									                             The Lorain County Law Library
                                     CD-ROM Access List

ABA Journal                                               Major Litigation Treatises and Legal Forms
Additional State Public Records Content                   Major Secondary Publications
All 50 States Forms                                       Ohio Appellate Practice
All Briefs Library                                        Ohio Arrest, Search and Seizures
ALR 2d, 3d, 4th, 5th, and 6th                             Ohio Arrest, Search and Seizures-Traffic Stops
American Jurisprudence 2d                                 Ohio Capitol Connect (Legislative)
American Jurisprudence Legal Forms 2d                     Ohio Consumer Law
Am Jur Pleading & Practice Forms Annotated                Ohio Criminal Defense Motions
American Jurisprudence Proof of Facts                     Ohio Domestic Violence Law
American Jurisprudence Trials                             Ohio DUI
                                                          Ohio DUI-Chemical and Field Testing
Baldwin’s Ohio Appellate Practice                         Ohio Elder Law
Baldwin’s Ohio Business Organizations                     Ohio Employment Practices Law
Baldwin’s Ohio Civil Practice                             Ohio Felony Sentencing Law
Baldwin’s Ohio Construction Law Manual                    Ohio Forms Legal and Business
Baldwin’s Ohio Criminal Law                               Ohio Forms Pleading and Practice
Baldwin’s Ohio Domestic Relations                         Ohio Forms and Transactions
Baldwin’s Ohio Elder Law                                  Ohio Jurisdictional Briefs
Baldwin’s Ohio Elements of an Action                      Ohio Jurisprudence 3d
Baldwin’s Ohio Evidence                                   Ohio Jurisprudence Pleading and Practice Forms
Baldwin’s Ohio Forms and Transactions                     Ohio Jury Instructions
Baldwin’s Ohio Planning and Zoning Law                    Ohio Juvenile Law
                                                          Ohio Insurance Coverage
Baldwin’s Ohio Probate Law
                                                          Ohio Landlord Tenant Law
Baldwin’s Ohio Real Estate Law                            Ohio Legal Directory
Baldwin’s Ohio Summary Judgment…                          Ohio Mechanics and Materialmens Lien
Baldwin’s Ohio Tort Law                                   Ohio Practice Library
Baldwin’s Ohio Tort Law-Employment                        Ohio Practice Series
Baldwin's Ohio Local Government Law                       Ohio Personal Injury Practice
Causes of Action                                          Ohio Planning and Zoning
Class Action Library                                      Ohio School Law
Corpus Juris Secundum                                     Ohio Statutory Charges
Employment Coordinator                                    Ohio Workers Compensation Law
                                                          People Files
Federal Analytical Library
                                                          Personal Injury Verdicts & Settlements
Federal Cases
Federal Jury Instructions
Form Finder                                               Public Records Combined- Individual States
Journals and Law Reviews                                  Restatement of the Law

Sourcebooks                                                 United States Legislative Materials
State Corporations Records                                  United States Supreme Court Cases and Briefs
State Insurance Administrative Materials Jurisdiction       Westlaw State Bulletins
Supreme Court Briefs                                        Westlaw Topical Highlights
Trial Handbook for Ohio Lawyers                             Wright & Miller Federal Practice & Proc
United States Code & Court Rules

Bureau of National Affairs (BNA) CDs
    Federal Tax Cases
    Interactive Forms 2001 CD
          -2001 Federal and all 50 States Tax Forms
    Interactive Forms 2002 CD
          -2002 Federal and all 50 States Tax Forms
    Interactive Forms 2003 CD
          -2003 Federal and all 50 State Tax Forms
    Interactive Forms 2004 CD
          -2004 Federal and all 50 State Tax Forms
    Interactive Forms 2005 CD
          -2005 Federal and all 50 State Tax Forms
    Interactive Forms 2006 CD
          -2006 Federal and all 50 State Tax Forms
    Interactive Forms 2007 CD
          -2007 Federal and all 50 State Tax Forms
    Interactive Forms 2008 CD
          -2008 Federal and all 50 State Tax Forms
    Interactive Forms 2009 CD
          -2009 Federal and all 50 State Tax Forms
    Interactive Forms 2010 CD
          -2010 Federal and all 50 State Tax Forms
    IRS Letter Rulings
          -Private Letter Rulings 1980 to Present
          -Technical Advice Memorandum 1980 to Present


Microsoft Word
Microsoft Access
Microsoft Excel
Microsoft PowerPoint
Microsoft Publisher
Consumer Law Disc
          -Access to Utility Service
          -Arbitration Agreements
          -Automobile Fraud
          -Banking & Payments Law
          -Bankruptcy Law and Practice
          -Class Actions
          -Cost of Credit
          -Credit Discrimination
          -Fair Credit Reporting Act
          -Fair Debt Collection
          - Pleadings
          -Student Loan Law
          -Truth in Lending
          -Unfair and Deceptive Acts and Practices
          -Warranty Law

Anderson Publishing CDs (part of LexisNexis CDs on Folio 4)
  Anderson’s Ohio Law on CD-ROM
         -Ohio Cases (reported and unreported) (1970 to Present)
         -Ohio Court Rules
         -Ohio Attorney General Opinions (1977-Present)
         -Ohio Administrative Code
         -Page’s Ohio Revised Code
  Ohio Jury Instructions
  Anderson’s Ohio Forms
         Part 1 Business, Commercial & Securities
            1. Ohio Business Entities
            2. Anderson’s Ohio Creditor Rights
            3. Anderson’s Ohio Securities Law and Practice
         Part 2 Civil Practice
            1. Anderson’s Ohio Civil Practice With Forms
            2. Anderson’s Ohio Civil Rules Practice With Forms
            3. Anderson’s Ohio Pretrial Litigation Practice Manual Forms
         Part 3 Criminal Law
            1. Anderson’s Ohio Criminal Practice and Procedure Forms
            2. Ohio Manual of Criminal Complaints and Indictment Forms

          Part 4 Estate Planning, Elder Law and Probate
             1. Anderson’s The Simple Will in Ohio
             2. Estate Planning Forms and Clauses
             3. Anderson’s Ohio Elder Law Practice Manual Forms
             4. Anderson’s Ohio Probate Practice and Procedure Forms
          Part 5 Family Law
             1. Anderson’s Ohio Family Law Forms
          Part 6 Real Estate Law
             1. Ohio Real Property Law and Practice Forms
             2. Anderson’s Ohio Residential Real Estate Manual Forms
          Part 7 School Law
             1. Anderson’s Ohio School Law Guide Forms
          Part 8 Transactional – General Practice
             1. Couse’s Ohio Form Book

LexisNexis CDs on Folio 4
   Banking and Commercial Law CD
          -Banking Law
          -Asset Based Financing: A Transactional Guide
          -Commercial Damages: A Guide to Remedies…
          -Secured Transactions Under the UCC
          -Goods in Transit
          -UCC Reporter Digest
          -Collier Lending Inst. and the Bankruptcy Code
          -Forms and Procedures Under the UCC
          -Commercial Loan Documentation Guide
          -Commercial Finance Guide
          -Equipment Leasing
   Bankruptcy Law CD
          -Collier Lending Institutions and the Bankruptcy Code
          -Consumer Credit Law Manual
          -Collier Family Law and the Bankruptcy Code
          -Collier Real Estate Transactions and the Bankruptcy Code
          -Collier Handbook for Trustees and Debtors in Possession
          -Collier Bankruptcy Practice Guide
          -Collier Business Workout Guide
          -Collier on Bankruptcy 15th edition
          -Collier Handbook for Creditors’ Committees
          -Collier Consumer Bankruptcy Practice Guide
          -Collier Consumer Bankruptcy Forms
          -Collier Compensation, Employment and Appointment of Trustees and …
          -Collier Pamphlet edition
    Business Law CD
          -Regulation of Investment Companies
          -Government Contracts
          -Antitrust Counseling and Litigation Techniques
          -Commercial Damages: A Guide to Remedies in Business Litigation
          -Blue Sky Regulation
          -Business Torts
          -Telecommunications Regulation: Cable, Broadcasting, Satellite…
       -Business Organizations with Tax Planning
       -Debtor-Creditor Law
       -Rabkin & Johnson Current Legal Forms with Tax Analysis
       -Corporate Acquisitions and Mergers
       -Administrative Law
       -Professional Corporations and Associations
       -Federal Securities Exchange Act of 1934
       -Securities Primary Law Sourcebook
       -Federal Securities Act of 1933
       -Securities Law Techniques
       -Antitrust Laws and Trade Regulation
       -Warren’s Forms of Agreements
       -Securities Enforcement: Counseling and Defense
       -Antitrust Report
       -Government Contracts-Statutes FAR & DFARS
       -Antitrust Laws & Trade Regulations: Primary Source Pamphlet
        -Tax Analysts More Nearly Perfect Internal Revenue Code
       -Tax Analysts Background Notes to IRC
       -Tax Analysts IRS Final & Temporary Regulations
       -Tax Analysts Treasury Decisions Preambles
       -Tax Analysts IRS Proposed Regulations
       -Tax Analysts IRS Revenue Rulings & Procedures
Criminal Practice CD
       -Apprehending and Prosecuting the Drunk Driver
       -Criminal Evidentiary Foundations
       -Criminal Investigation Handbook
       -Defense of Drunk Driving Cases
       -Defense of Speeding, Reckless Driving and Vehicular Homicide Cases
       -Forensic Sciences
       -The Methods of Attacking Scientific Evidence
       -Prosecution and Defense of Criminal Conspiracy Cases
       -Moore’s Federal Practice-Criminal
       -Moore’s Federal Rules Pamphlets
       -Modern Federal Jury Instructions-Criminal
       -Federal Sentencing for Business Crimes
       -Drunk Driving and Related Vehicular Offenses
       -Criminal Law Deskbook
       -Defense of Narcotic Cases
       -Prosecution and Defense of Forfeiture Cases
       -The Prosecution and Defense of Sex Crimes
       -Search & Seizure
       -Prosecutorial Misconduct
       -Substantive Law of Business Crime
       -United States Code Service-Selected Criminal Sections
Elder Law CD
       -Tax, Estate, & Financial Planning for the Elderly
       -Tax, Estate, & Financial Planning for the Elderly: Forms and Practice
       -Living Trusts: Forms and Practice
       -Americans With Disabilities Act: Public Accommodations & Commercial Facilities
       -Social Security Administration Materials
     -Veterans Administration Materials
     -IRS Publication 17
     -National Academy of Elder Law Attorneys Journal/Quarterly
     -CMS materials
     -National Senior Citizens Law Center Newsletter
     -New York Legislative Materials
     -Tax Analysts More Nearly Perfect Internal Revenue Code
     -Tax Analysts Background Notes to the IRC
     -Tax Analysts IRS Final & Temporary Regulations
     -Tax Analysts Treasury Decision Preambles
     -Tax Analysts IRS Proposed Regulations
     -United States Code Sections
     -Code of Federal Regulations Sections
     -Elder Law and the Deficit Reduction Act of 2005
Employment Law CD
     -Employment Law Deskbook
     -Employee Rights Litigation: Pleading and Practice
     -Civil Rights Actions
     -Drafting Employment Contracts
     -Labor and Employment Arbitration
     -Employment Screening
     -Occupational Safety and Health Act
     -Employee Benefits Guide
     -National Labor Relations Act: Law and Practice
     -Employment Discrimination
     -Wages & Hours: Law and Practice
     -Americans With Disabilities Act: Employee Rights and Employer Obligations
     -Unjust Dismissal
     -Employment Discrimination Defense Expediter
     -Employment Litigation Defense Forms
     -ADA: Public Accommodations and Commercial Facilities
     -EEOC Enforcement Guidance
     -Bender’s Labor and Employment Bulletin
     -United States Code Service- Selected Sections
     -Current Legal Forms for Labor and Employment
     -A Technical Assistance Manual on the Employment Provisions Title I
     -ADA Title II Technical Assistance Manual
     -ADA Title III Technical Assistance Manual
     -EEOC Regional Attorney’s Manual
     -Labor Law Expediter
     -New York Employment Law
     -California Employment Law
     -Bender’s California Labor and Employment Bulletin
     -California Public Sector Labor Relations
     -California Employer’s Guide to Employee Handbooks and Personnel Policy Manuals
     -California Code of Regulations
     -California Codes, Rules, BAJI and CALJIC
Environmental Law CD
     -The Law of Hazardous Waste: Management, Cleanup, Liability and Litigation
     -Treatise on Environmental Law
     -Brownfields Law and Practice
       -Guide to Toxic Torts
       -Environmental Law in Real Estate & Business Transactions
       -Environmental Law Practice Guide
       -Insurance Coverage for Environmental Claims

Federal Practice CD
      -Bender’s Federal Practice Forms
      -Federal Litigation Guide
      -Federal Circuit and District Court Rules,2nd,3rd,4th,5th,6th,7th,9th,11th and District of Columbia
      -Benedict on Admiralty
      -Moore’s Federal Practice-Civil, Criminal, Circuit Court Rules
      -Court Awarded Attorney Fees
      -Civil Rights Actions
      -Federal Evidence Tactics
      -Moore’s Federal Rules Pamphlet
      -Modern Federal Jury Instructions-Civil & Criminal
      -Weinstein’s Federal Evidence
      -Bender’s Forms of Discovery Treatise (Vol.11-16)
      -Benefits Review Board-Longshore Reporter (Statutes & Regs)
      -Federal Litigation Guide: New York and Connecticut
      -Moore’s Manual-Federal Practice and Procedure
      -Moore’s Manual Federal Practice Forms
      -Federal Evidence Practice Guide
      -Jayson and Longstreth, Handling Federal Tort Claims
      -Police Civil Liability
      -Practice Before Federal Magistrates
      -Matthew Bender Practice Guide Civil Procedure in California
Immigration Law Library CD
      -Immigration Law and Procedure
      -Bender’s Immigration Regulations Service
      -Foreign Affairs Manual
      -United Nations Documents/Treaties
      -Country Reports
      -INS Manuals
      -Occupational Outlook Handbook
      -Dictionary of Occupational Titles
      -Standard Occupational Classifications
      -Department of Labor Manuals
      -Immigration Precedent Decisions
      -Immigration Law Practice Expediter
      -Bender’s Immigration Bulletin
      -Bender’s Immigration and Nationality Act Services
      -Illegal Immigration Reform & Immigrant Responsibility Act of 1996
      -BIA & AAU Non-Precedent Decisions
      -INS & DOJ Legal Opinions
      -Federal Habeas Corpus Practice & Procedure
      -INS Asylum Training Manuals
      -Examinations Handbook
        -Federal Register
        -Operations Instructions
        -Technical Assistance Guide
        -BALCA Desktop
        -Lists of Designated Primary Medical Care, Mental Health & Dental Health…
        -Presidential Documents
        -Citizenship Laws of the World
        -BIA Practice Manual
        -CIS Guide to Naturalization
        -Manual on Immigration of Adopting Children
        -Immigration Judge Benchbook
        -Agency Manuals
        -Selected Statutes
        -Foreign Affairs Manual-Visas
        -Foreign Affairs Documents
        -BIA Index Decisions
        -DOL Decisions
        -AAO Non-precedent decisions
Intellectual Property Library CD
        -Computer Law
        -Intellectual Property Primary Law Source Book
        -Telecommunications Regulation: Cable, Broadcasting, Satellite and the Internet
        -International Computer Law
        -Computer Contracts
        -Intellectual Property Counseling & Litigation
        -International Copyright Law and Practice
        -World Trademark Law and Practice
        -Nimmer on Copyright
        -Chisum on Patents
        -Patent Licensing Transactions
        -Entertainment Industry Contracts
        -Patent Office Rules and Practice
        -Gilson on Trademarks
        -Milgrim on Trade Secrets
        -Milgrim on Licensing
        -Patent Litigation: Procedure and Tactics
        -California Intellectual Property Handbook
        -New York Intellectual Property Handbook
        -Court of Appeals for the Federal District: Practice & Procedure
        -Baxter, World Patent Law & Practice
        -Trademark Manual of Examining Procedure (TMEP)
 Martindale-Hubbell Law Digest
 Mid-Atlantic & Midwest States Library CD
        -Dunlap-Hanna, Pennsylvania Forms
        -Midwest Transaction Guide
        -Pennsylvania Transaction Guide-Legal Forms
        -New Jersey Transaction Guide
        -Ohio Forms of Pleading and Practice
        -Ohio Transaction Guide
Natural Resources Law CD
      -The Law of Oil and Gas Lease
      -The Law of Pooling and Unitization
      -Law of Federal Oil and Gas Leases
      -The Institute for Energy Law
      -Williams & Meyers, Oil and Gas Law
Personal Injury Law CD
      -Bender’s Forms of Discovery Interrogatories (Vols.1-10A)
      -Defense of Drunk Driving Cases
      -Attorney’s Textbook of Medicine
      -Damages in Tort Actions
      -Medical Malpractice
      -Personal Injury-Actions, Defenses, Damages
      -Proving Medical Diagnosis and Prognosis
      -Premises Liability
      -Products Liability
      -Attorney’s Dictionary of Medicine
      -Courtroom Medicine-the head, brain, low back and neck
      -Medical Expediter
      -Personal Injury Expediter
 Ohio Jury Instructions
      -Ohio Jury Instructions
      -Ohio Jury Instructions Index
      -Page’s Ohio Revised Code, Selected Sections
      -Ohio Judicial Decisions, Selected Cases
  Real Estate Law CD
      -Construction Law
      -Nichols on Eminent Domain
      -Powell on Real Property
      -Real Estate Financing
      -Zoning and Land Use Controls
      -Purchase and Sale of Real Property
  Tax & Estate Planning CD
      -Applying GAAP and GAAS
      -Tax Planning for Partners, Partnerships, and LLC’s
      -Planning for Large Estates
      -Tax Planning for Corporations and Shareholders
      -Tax Planning for Corporations and Shareholders--Forms
      -Tax, Estate & Financial Planning for the Elderly
      -Federal Income Taxation of Inventories
      -Rhoades & Langer U.S. International Taxation and Tax Treaties
      -Modern Estate Planning
      -Murphy’s Will Clauses
      -Tax Planning for S Corporations
      -Bender’s Payroll Tax Guide
      -Federal Income Taxation of Life Insurance Companies
      -Tax Planning for the Alternative Minimum Tax
      -Depreciation Handbook
      -Taxation of Financial Institutions
      -Federal Income Taxation of Corporations Filing Consolidated Returns
      -New York University Annual Institute on Federal Taxation
      -NYU Conference on State and Local Taxation
         -New York University Annual Conference on Tax Planning for 501(c)(3) Organizations
         -Major Tax Planning-USC Law School Annual Institute on Federal Taxation
         -How to Save Time & Taxes Handling Estates
         -How to Save Time & Taxes Preparing Fiduciary Income Tax Returns
         -U of Miami Law Center’s Philip E. Heckerling Institute on Estate Planning
         -Tax Analysts More Nearly Perfect Internal Revenue Code
         -Tax Analysts Background Notes to the IRC
         -Tax Analysts IRS Final & Temporary Regulations
         -Tax Analysts Treasury Decision Preambles
         -Tax Analysts IRS Proposed Regulations
         -Tax Analysts IRS Revenue Rulings & Procedures
   United States Code Service CD
         -United States Code Service
         -United States Code Service Tables
         -United States Constitution
         -Federal Court Rules
         -United States International Agreements
         -What’s New with the USCS
   Workers’ Compensation Law CD
         -Larson’s Workers’ Compensation Law
         -Dictionary of Occupational Titles
         -Occupational Injuries and Illnesses
         -California Code of Regulations
         -California Codes, Rules, BAJI & CALJIC
         -Workers’ Comp Laws of California
         -California Compensation cases (Adv. Sheets & Back Vols. 1972-Present)
         -California Law Employees Injuries & Workers’ Compensation
         -Social Security Statutes & Regulations
         -Social Security Practice Guide
         -Benefits Review Board-Longshore Reporter (Statutes & Regs)
         -Benefits Review Board-Longshore Reporter (Cases Volumes)
         -Dubreuil’s Florida Workers’ Compensation Handbook

Employee Benefits Institute of America (EBIA)
  Cafeteria Plans
  COBRA: The Developing Law
  ERISA Compliance for Health & Welfare Plans
  Group Health Plans: Federal Mandates Other than COBRA & HIPPA
  401k Plans
  HIPAA Portability, Privacy & Security

Hospital Law Manual

Drafting Wills and Trusts Agreements

  All 50 States Cases and Codes
  Federal Cases and Code, Code of Federal Regulations, Federal Court Rules
Treatise Libraries
   Aspen / CCH Bankruptcy Titles
           Ginsburg & Martin on Bankruptcy
           Bankruptcy Litigation and Practice
           Bankruptcy Litigation Manual
           Advanced Chapter 11 Bankruptcy Practice
           Ordin on Contesting Confirmation
           LoPucki & Marick on Strategies for Creditors in Bankruptcy Proceedings
           Tax Planning for Troubled Corporations
           Bankruptcy Court Rules
           Bankruptcy Court Forms
   Business Practice Law Library
           Forms & Checklists
           Choosing the Right Business Entity
           Limited Liability Company & Partnership Answer Book
           Drafting Limited Liability Company Operating Agreements
           S Corporation Taxation
           Financing Start-Ups
   Business Torts Law Library
           Business Torts Reporter
           Business Torts: a Fifty-State Guide
           Civil False Claims and Qui Tam Actions
           Civil RICO Practice Manual
   Construction Law Library
           Forms & Checklists
           Construction Law Handbook
           Construction Disputes: Practice Guide With Forms
           Alternative Clauses to Standard Construction Contracts
           Fifty State Construction Lien and Bond Law
   Drunk Driving Defense
   Elder Law Library
           Forms & Checklists
           Representing the Elderly Client
           ElderLaw Forms Manual
           Elder Law Answer Book
           Social Security & Medicare Answer Book
   Employment Discrimination Law Library
           Forms & Checklists
           Employment Discrimination Law & Practice
           Representing Plaintiffs in Title VII Actions
           Americans With Disabilities Act Handbook
           Sexual Harassment in the Workplace: Law & Practice
           Civil Rights in the Workplace
           Employee Relations Law Journal
   Employment Law Library
           Forms & Checklists
           Employment Relationships: Law & Practice
           Employment Dismissal Law & Practice
           Covenants Not to Compete
           Drafting & Revising Employment Policies and Handbooks
           Employment Law Answer Book
CCH State-Specific Employment Law Library
Estate Planning Law Library
       Forms & Checklists
       Practical Guide to Estate Planning
       Price on Contemporary Estate Planning
       Estate and Gift Tax Handbook
       Estate and Retirement Planning Answer Book
       Internal Revenue Code
Evidence Library
       Forms & Checklists
       Wigmore on Evidence
       Scientific Evidence and Experts Handbook
       Destruction of Evidence
       Evidence: Practice Under the Rules
Family Law Library
       Forms & Checklists
       Drafting Prenuptial Agreements
       Property Division in Divorce Proceedings: A Fifty State Guide
       Valuation Strategies in Divorce
       Valuing Specific Assets in Divorce
       Value of Pensions in Divorce
       Qualified Domestic Relations Order Handbook
       Child Support Guidelines: Interpretation & Application
       Psychological Experts in Divorce Actions
       American Journal of Family Law
General Litigation Library
       Forms & Checklists
       Discovery Practice
       Electronic Discovery
       Deposition Handbook
       Motion Practice
       Witness Preparation
       Jury Selection
       Sample Voir Dire Questions
       Evidence Practice Under the Rules
       Judgment Enforcement
       Malingering and Deception in Litigation
Internet and E-Commerce Law Library
       Law of the Internet
       Law of Electronic Commerce
       Scott on Multimedia Law
       Drafting Internet Agreements
       Internet & Technology Law Desk Reference
       Computer & Internet Lawyer
Limited Liability Company Library
       Drafting Limited Liability Company Operating Agreements
       Federal and State Taxation of Limited Liability Companies
       State Limited Liability Company & Partnership Laws
Mauet Trial Practice Library
       Trial Evidence
      Trials: Strategy, Skills, and the New Powers of Persuasion
      Trial Techniques
Personal Injury Law Library
      Forms & Checklists
      Tort Law Desk Reference: A Fifty-State Compendium
      Personal Injury: Forms and Procedures
      Medical Records Review
      Understanding the AMA Guides in Workers’ Compensation
      Stedman’s Medical Dictionary, 28th ed.
Product Liability Law Library
      Forms & Checklists
      The Preparation of a Product Liability Case, Third Edition
      Product Liability Case Digest
      Product Liability Desk Reference
      Product Warnings, Defects and Hazards
      Scientific Evidence and Experts Handbook
      Malingering and Deception in Litigation
Real Estate Law Library
      Forms & Checklists
      Commercial Real Estate Transactions Handbook
      Commercial Real Estate Leases
      State-by-State Guide to Commercial Real Estate Leases
      Law of Title Insurance
      Law of Real Estate Brokers
      Environmental Liability & Real Property Transactions: Law and Practice


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