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									TURLOCK REGIONAL AVIATON ASSOCIATION BOARD MEETING FEBRUARY 13, 2008 I. Call to order 7:15PM Board Members Present: ` Absent: Todd Smith, President Kelly Mabe Otis Mercer Doug Aleson William Behrens Martin Gomez Harrison Gibbs Chuck Sanders Joe Sivils

II. Approval of agenda. Motion: To approve February 13, 2008 agenda. Moved: Kelly Mabe Second: Martin Gomez Carried: Unanimous III. Approval of January 10, 2008 minutes. Motion: To approve January 10, 2008 minutes. Moved: Harrison Gibbs Second: Kelly Mabe Carried: Unanimous IV. Treasurer’s report William Behrens submitted the following: Total Balance @ 12/31/07 $40,824.40 Total Receipts 9,505.00 Total Disbursements 45,042.64 Account Balance 5,286.76 Motion: To approve Treasurer’s report Moved: Kelly Mabe Second: Doug Aleson Carried: Unanimous OLD BUSINESS VI. Aerovista  Notice of non-renewal of the FBO contract was delivered to Aerovista on 1/17/08 along with a 90 day move out period during which Aerovista must move all of it’s personal belongings.  Discussion between Aerovista’s attorney and Richard Frampton. Aerovista’s attorney asked that the board reconsider our non-renewal decision.  Next steps: Motion: To have attorney Richard Frampton finalize the new FBO contract. Moved: Harrison Gibbs Second: Kelly Mabe Carried: Unanimous except for two, Martin Gomez and Otis Mercer abstained Otis Mercer addressed the board members, stating that he felt board members

Todd Smith, Martin Gomez, and former board member George Williams had plotted against him. He also stated that Todd Smith had lied to the board reguarding the fuel tank inspection. Todd Smith reread the minutes to Otis regarding the fuel tank inspection. Otis stated that Todd did not want Otis to open the tanks for inspection. Todd called Keith Wellington of Fuel Quality Management and asked him to confirm that he was denied entry to the tanks by Otis Mercer. The questioning was done via speakerphone. Mr. Wellington confirmed that Otis Mercer would not allow him to do his normal procedures regarding the fuel tank inspection. VI. Fuel System  Testing was done and sediment was found within safe limits.  Tank cleaning proposal. Fuel Filtration West, Inc. submitted a proposal for cleaning of the two fuel tanks for $3,985. (See attached fee schedule). Motion: To hire Fuel Filtration West, Inc. to filter both fuel tanks for $3,985. along with reimbursement of Aerovista for any fuel lost during the process. Harrison Gibbs Kelly Mabe Carried: Unanimous

Moved: Second:

VII. Hangars Some doors to the hangars arrived this week. More doors and hangars to come within the next few weeks. Total number of hangars will equal 30.

VIII. Rental increases On hold. IX. FBO contract template See previous motion under V. Richard Frampton to finalize new FBO contract. X. 2008 elections  Two new board members were elected, Chuck Sanders and Joe Sivils.  Appointment of vice president Motion: Moved: Second: NEW BUSINESS XI. Richard James addressed the board and wishes to put down dry material” Urea” over a two day period. He reports this is a non toxic fertilizer that will be applied via crop duster. The board requested that Mr. James provide a written proposal to be presented to To make Doug Aleson Vice President Kelly Mabe Harrison Gibbs Carried: Unanimous

the board at a later date. Todd Smith will check with the city attorney for any objections the city might have. XII. Open to the public for comments  Aldo Asaili addressed the board stating that he also felt the fuel tanks need to be cleaned. In addition he asked if any of the hangars being delivered could be purchased. It was explained to Mr. Asaili that if the hangars were to be purchased they would have to be purchased in blocks of 10 due to their structural configuration.  Ken Dokes addressed the board regarding the rental house. He questioned why the board is remodeling the house and having the current renter move out. The board’s decision process was explained to Mr. Dokes. It was furthered explained the current renter, David Bettencourt, will be moving out at the end for Feb. 08 and Aerovista will be credited rent for March 2008. XIII. Adjournment at 9:20 PM Motion: To adjourn the meeting. Moved: Otis Mercer Second: Kelly Mabe Carried : Unanimous

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