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                                                           From "César E. Chávez Facts"

1. Where was César Chávez born?

a. Fresno, California
b. Yuma, Arizona
c. Ciudad Juerez, Mexico
d. Watsonville, California

2. César and his wife had how many children?

a. eight
b. two
c. five
d. one

3. César was first arrested in 1944 for what reason?

a. Getting into a fist fight.
b. For sitting in the "white only" section of a theater.
c. Driving without a license.
d. Organizing a walk out.

4. César served the US Navy in which war?

a. Vietnam
b. Korea
c. World War I
d. World War II

5. What was César's wife's name?

a. Viviana Doty
b. Juana Chávez
c. Dolores Huerta
d. Helen Fabela
6. César first started working for which organization?

a. League of United Latin American Citizens
b. Southwest Voters Rights Organization
c. Community Service Organization
d. American G.I. Forum

7. Who was César's first mentor in organizing?

a. Fred Ross
b. Oscar Laurel
c. Alice Greenfield McGrath
d. Father Donald McDonnell

8. In what city did the first convention of César's National Farm Workers Association take place?

a. Oxnard, California
b. Delano, California
c. Fresno, California
d. Salinas, California

9. In 1965 César's NFWA joined which workers in the first grape strike?

a. Okie's
b. Braceros
c. Filipino American field workers
d. Japanese American field workers

10. Before working for the UFW, what was Dolores Huerta's profession?

a. field worker
b. bilingual teacher
c. homemaker
d. secretary

11. Who did César Chávez study to learn most about nonviolent protests?

a. Gandhi
b. Martin Luther King Jr.
c. President John Kennedy
d. Saint Frances of Assisi

12. The Pilgrimage of 1966 marched from ______________.

a. Delano to Sacramento
b. Watsonville to Sacramento
c. Visalia to Sacramento
d. Porterville to Sacramento

13. In 1966 the DiGiorgio Fruit Corp. brought in what group to oppose the United Farm Workers?
a. The KKK
b. Future Farmers of America
c. Hell's Angels
d. Teamsters Union

14. In 1968 César fasted for how many days to rededicate his movement to nonviolence?

a. 14 days
b. 16 days
c. 28 days
d. 40 days

15. Having called for a grape boycott in 1967, César called Americans to boycott what product in

a. celery
b. lettuce
c. cucumbers
d. strawberries

16. César was jailed in December of 1970 for refusing to obey a court order to stop the boycott against
Bud Antle lettuce. Who visited him while in jail?

a. Ronald and Nancy Reagan
b. Jesse Jackson
c. Jane Fonda
d. Coretta Scott King and Ethel Kennedy

17. In 1971 the national headquarters of the UFW was established where?

a. Delano, California
b. La Paz, Keene, California
c. Sacramento, California
d. Fresno, California

18. In 1972 César fasted for how many days to protest the just-passed Arizona law banning the right of
farm workers to strike or boycott?

a. 6 days
b. 10 days
c. 17 days
d. 25 days

19. When the UFW's three-year table grape contracts come up for renewal in 1973, growers signed
contracts with the Teamsters without an election or any representation procedure. This started what?

a. A strike which turns into a boycott.
b. Negotiation between the Teamsters and the UFW.
c. An economic strike of grocery store chains.
d. A religious vigil which lasted 14 months.
20. According to a nationwide 1975 Louis Harris poll, how many Americans were boycotting grapes?

a. 6 million
b. 17 million
c. 10 million
d. 1 out of every 3 persons

21. Which Californian Governor signed the Agricultural Labor Relations Act into law?

a. Governor Ronald Reagan
b. Governor Jerry Brown
c. Governor Patrick Brown
d. Governor Pete Wilson

22. In 1977, the Teamsters Union signs a "jurisdictional" agreement with the UFW to do what?

a. The Teamsters agree to leave the fields.
b. A partnership between the Teamsters and the UFW.
c. Elections to see who would represent field works.
d. Resolve the dispute in court.

23. In 1986, César kicks off a campaign to draw public attention to the pesticide poisoning of grape
workers and their children. What was the name of this campaign?

a. "Stop the poisoning"
b. "La Causa"
c. "Clean our air"
d. "Wrath of Grapes"

24. In 1988, at age 61, Chávez conducts his last, public fast in Delano to call attention to farm workers
and their children stricken by pesticides. How many days did this fast last?

a. 20 days
b. 24 days
c. 30 days
d. 36 days

25. Who replaced César Chávez as the President of the UFW after his death?

a. Dolores Huerta
b. Arturo Rodriguez
c. Paul Chávez
d. Luis Valdez

26. On April 29, 1993 César E. Chávez passed away peacefully in his sleep while in what city?

a. San Luis, Arizona
b. La Paz, Keene, California
c. Austin, Texas
d. San Luis Obispo, California
27. Who first coined the phrase "Sí se puede!"?

a. César Chávez
b. Dolores Huerta
c. Helen Chávez
d. field workers

28. Where is César's burial site?

a. La Paz, Keene, California
b. Delano, California
c. McFarland, California
d. Yuma, Arizona

29. Up to what grade did César receive an education?

a. third grade
b. sixth grade
c. eighth grade
d. high school graduate

30. When was the first genuine collective bargaining agreement between farm workers and growers in
the history of the continental United States signed?

a. 1966
b. 1969
c. 1970
d. 1973

31. The first union contracts required ________________.

a. rest periods
b. clean drinking water
c. hand washing facilities
d. protective clothing against pesticide exposure
e. banning pesticide straying while workers are in the fields
f. outlawing DDT and other dangerous pesticides
g. all of the above

32. Who is the UFW's Medical Plan named after?

a. Liberado Chávez
b. Fred Ross
c. Ralph Nadar
d. Robert F. Kennedy

33. What farm working tool did the UFW help ban?

a. Pesticide sprayers.
b. The short handled hoe.
c. Pick
d. Automatic picking machines.

34. What is the name of the UFW radio network?

a. Radio Campesina
b. Radio Sí se puede
c. Radio Helen Chávez
d. The Eagle

35. Who designed the UFW logo?

a. Richard Chávez
b. Helen Chávez
c. several field workers
d. Lalo Guerrero

36. In what year did the US Postal Service dedicate a stamp for César?

a. 1994
b. 1999
c. 2000
d. 2003

37. Which California Governor signed the law making César's March 31 birthday a state holiday?

a. Governor Pete Wilson
b. Governor Gray Davis
c. Governor George Deukmejian
d. Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger

38. César Chávez taught classes at what university?

a. Fresno State
b. Stanford University
c. University of California, Santa Barbara
d. College of the Sequoias, Visalia, California

39. The color red in the UFW flag represents what?

a. communism
b. protest
c. an Aztec color of unity
d. Chicano power

40. César had two dogs. What were their names?

a. Benitez and Chicana
b. Huelga and Boycott
c. Grape and Lettuce
d. Ralph and Spots

1.b, 2.a, 3.b, 4.d, 5.d, 6.c, 7.a, 8.c, 9.c, 10.b, 11.a, 12.a, 13.d, 14.c, 15.b,
16.d, 17.b, 18.d, 19.a, 20.b, 21.b, 22.a, 23.d, 24.d, 25.b, 26.a, 27.b, 28.a,
29.c, 30.a, 31.g, 32.d, 33.b, 34.a, 35.a, 36.d, 37.b, 38.c, 39.b, 40. b


30-40 answers correct: Congratulations, you really are an expert!
20-29 answers correct: Good job, you're really well informed!
 1-19 answers correct: Keep on reading to find out more about this
American hero.
                                     Denis O'Leary

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