Public School Facilities, Task Force to Study

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					                Task Force to Study Public School Facilities
                        Senate Bill 498 of the 2003 Legislative Session

2003 Final Report

2002 Interim Report

2003 Membership Roster

2003 Interim Meeting Schedule


     September 26, 2003      •   Schedule and Workplan
                             •   Public School Construction Program Overview
                             •   Public School Construction Funding
                             •   State Capital Improvement Program FY05-08
                             •   Facilities Adequacy Survey

     October 2, 2003         •   Agenda
                             •   Overview of School Design and Innovative Models
                             •   Review School Enrollment Projections
                             •   Review State Funding Allocation Process
                             •   Overview of Alternative Funding Mechanisms

     November 6, 2003        •   Agenda
                             •   Definition of Standards
                             •   Report on Survey Results
                             •   Statewide and School System Data
                             •   School System Data by Standards
                             •   Adjusted Age of Public Schools

     December 1, 2003        • Agenda
                             • Cost Estimates for the Facility Assessment Survey of
                               Maryland’s Public Schools
                                           Presentation of Cost Estimate Data
                                           Attachment I
                                           Attachment II - Statewide
                                           Attachment II - By School System
                                           Attachment III
                             • Selected States’ Responses to Facility Surveys
                             • Facilities Needs Identified in Bridge to Excellence Master Plans
                      and Alternatives for Implementing Pre-kindergarten and Full-
                      day Kindergarten Mandates
                    • Review of State Rated Capacity, Actual Class Sizes, and Class
                      Sizes Anticipated in Master Plans

December 18, 2003   •   Agenda
                    •   Review of Public School Construction Rules and Procedures
                    •   Review of State/Local Shared Cost Formula
                    •   Aging School Program – Options for Allocation
                    •   Recommendations of Alternative Financing Mechanisms