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									Employability For Life
             What is it ?
 Localbusinesses and employers in
 collaboration with local schools have
 established a new award that recognises
 and promotes your ‘employability skills’.

 Youcan receive a gold, silver or bronze
 Employability for Life certificate that is
 recognised by over 80 local businesses
 and employers.
  Why do we need to address
         this issue?

 Employersare concerned about the
 “standard” of the young people coming
 into employment

    you aware of what is expected in the
 Are
 working world?
          How does it work?
You can receive a gold, silver or bronze
 ‘Employability For Life certificate’ at the end
 of Yr11,following assessment in the
 following categories during KS4[ 5 terms]:

Attendance    and Punctuality
Professional   Conduct
Evidence can be from throughout your
school life and from activities outside of

For each category you will assess
yourselves as either:
      GOLD              8 points
      SILVER            5 points
      BRONZE            3 points

You will then be given an overall level
     GOLD                32-40 points
     SILVER              20-31 points
     BRONZE              12-19 points
How are we going to assess the
  categories at FitzWimarc?
   Attendance and Punctuality will be assessed at the
    end of each term using school data. You will receive
    a gold, silver or bronze EFL merit mark depending on
    your performance
Attendance                      Punctuality
Gold-   98% or more             Gold-    no lates
Silver- 94% or more             Silver- 1/2 lates
Bronze- 90% or more             Bronze- 3 lates
Name                                                                        School Crest

                          Employability for Life Charter

 Attendance, Punctuality and Appearance Evidence Sheet

              Sept- Dec   Jan-April   April-July   Sept- Dec.   Jan-April      Overall
                2009        2010        2010         2010         2011          Grade      Tutor.




How are we going to assess the
  categories at FitzWimarc?

Appearance will also be assessed at the end of each
term using your school uniform card:

GOLD-       clean uniform card
SILVER-     1-2 signatures on your uniform card
BRONZE-     3 signatures on your uniform card

You will be given a gold, silver or bronze EFL merit
mark at the end of the term by your form tutor.
How are we going to assess the
  categories at FitzWimarc?
Motivation , communication and
     professional conduct.
  These   3 categories will be assessed
 throughout the 5 terms and involve you
   accruing evidence which you would
    collate on the relevant sheets with
    attached documentation or a staff
   signature . You will fill in the sheets
        during registration periods.
        Motivation Examples
 Trident Gold
 Subject Award, e.g. Historian of the month
 Attending revision classes on a regular basis
 Achieving recognised standard in Music or
  Sport etc
 Peer mentor/academic supporter
 Regular member of a school club/team
 Full merit sheet
 Credit stickers and commendations
Name Daisy Peacock                                                                                              School Crest
                                      Employability for Life Charter
                                       Motivation Evidence Sheet.
             Gold       Has shown persistence and demonstrated high levels of self-motivation. Does not
                        give up no matter how hard it is to find the answers or solutions. During this time
                        has shown initiative and problem-solving skills relevant to the task in hand. Has
                        proved to be able to think flexibly and work within guidelines. Able to deal with
                        pressure and think clearly when necessary.
             Silver     Has demonstrated the ability to work reasonably well under pressure. Can follow
                        instructions that are issued. Does not readily give up when trying to find answers or
                        solutions. When prompted, can display a good level of problem-solving skills and
                        has at times displayed an ability to use personal initiative. Able to show some
                        degree of flexible thinking
             Bronze     Tries to complete tasks when the answers or solutions are not readily available, but
                        can give up when task is too difficult, and understands the need to show self
                        motivation. Can solve problems with clear guidance and some prompting. Is able to
                        set personal goals and work towards these with guidance and support. Sometimes
                        finds it difficult to make decisions in pressured situations.

            Date                            Activity                                Evidence           Staff.

                      I was Historian of the month for                           Letter
           01/10/     September
           18/12/     I always attend the XC club on a                           Signature            JAP
           09         Tuesday and Thursday morning
           23/01/     I have achieved a brown belt in                            Letter from
           10         Karate                                                     Karate
           14/03/     I have just filled in my 4th full sheet                    Signature            PD
           10         of merit marks
       Communication Examples
   Open evening-guide or helper
   School Council- class or Year representative
   Written report for the Fitz Focus on trip or event
   Participation in assembly
   Showing visitors around
   Prefect request form
   Head boy/girl interview
   Participation in interview Day
   Enterprise events
   Working with younger pupils, e.g. JSLA, Science question time
   Peer mentor
   Academic supporter
   Work placement
   Presentation/talk in a lesson
Name Daisy Peacock                                                                                                            School Crest
                                               Employability for Life Charter
                                              Communication Evidence Sheet.
                 Gold         Has an excellent level of communication, both verbal and non verbal. Can clearly show
                              empathy towards people within their working area. Is focused on performing at a high
                              level. Can clarify own ideas, concepts or terminology. Able to express personal regard
                              and interest dependent upon the situation. Is always polite to people and can adapt
                              conversation to suit the situation. Shares ideas and can contribute intelligently to
                 Silver       Has good communication skills both verbal and non verbal. Has displayed empathy
                              towards others within the environment they work in. Establishes regular eye contact.
                              Able to follow instructions issued and will ask if unsure. Is polite to peers / staff and can
                              be actively involved in a conversation.
                 Bronze       Has displayed an understanding of good communication skills, both verbal and non
                              verbal. Has begun to show empathy towards those they work with. Listens to instructions
                              issued and can follow them. Becomes involved in a conversation and can interject with
                              an appropriate comment/question. Is able to find out the relevant information by asking
                              others in order to complete the task.

                      Date                              Activity                                 Evidence            Staff
                     23/09/    I was a guide at open evening                                   School
                     09                                                                        letter
                     12/12/ I did a presentation in my                                         Signature
                     09     History lesson                              LH
                     02/02/ I was part of the ECCO team that Signature DL
                     10     did a school assembly                       M
                            I wrote an article for the Fitz  Copy of
                     14/04/ Focus on the History trip that I Fitz Focus
                     10     went on.
Professional Conduct Examples:

 Representing   the school at an event
 Prefect

 Schoolreport indicates excellent/very
  good/good behaviour
 Employers report for work experience

 Conduct on a trip
Name James Bechham                                                                                       School Crest
                                   Employability for Life Charter
                           Professional Conduct Evidence Sheet.
       Gold          Has proved to be very reliable, including punctuality and attendance. Behaviour has
                     been of an extremely high standard at all times. Always able to work safely, and
                     understand the safety needs of others who are working nearby. Works well with
                     others and will often take the lead in group situations.
       Silver        Has demonstrated a good level of reliability, including punctuality and attendance.
                     Behaviour is of a very good standard and this allows them to work safely and
                     consider the needs of those around them. Able to work with others and will often
                     offer an input into a group situation.
       Bronze        Understands the need to be reliable. Has shown a good level of attendance and
                     punctuality. Is able to demonstrate the basic levels of behaviour which allow them to
                     work safely. Can work in a group but tends to avoid taking the lead.

              Date                        Activity                           Evidence          Staff
                      I took part in an enterprise                        Signature            MS
          10/10       event and was congratulated
          /09         for my behaviour

          18/04       I have represented the school                       Signature            DC
          /10         at Rugby and Football all
                      season and have had a good
          25/06        I have just been chosen as a                       Signature            NC
          /10         school prefect
                       I have just received my                            Copy of
          10/01       feedback from Work Experience                       Trident
          /11         and my employer said that I                         form
                      was excellent
Final Grade Sheet.

                       Pupil Grade            Tutor Grade            Moderation

                         Award       Points     Award       Points     Award      Points
Attendance and


Communication Skills


Professional Conduct


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