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                                       Coppin State University
                                       University System of Maryland

Data Centers Expansion (Baltimore City)

GO Bonds                           $2,371,000           Recommendation:    Approve

Bill Text: Provide funds to design, construct, and equip upgrades to the campus data centers.

Project Description: This project will expand and upgrade the data centers and associated network
infrastructures located in the Miles Connor Administration Building and the Grace Jacobs Office
Classroom Laboratory Building.

Prior Authorization and Capital Improvement Program
                                                Authorization Uses
                                                  ($ in Millions)

                           Prior              2010         2011        2012       2013           2014
Fund Uses               Authorization      Allowance      Estimate    Estimate   Estimate       Estimate

Planning                      0.000           0.116         0.000      0.000         0.000        0.000

Construction                  0.000           1.545         0.000      0.000         0.000        0.000

Equipment                     0.000           0.710         0.000      0.000         0.000        0.000

Total                       $0.000           $2.371        $0.000     $0.000     $0.000          $0.000

                                              Authorization Sources
                                                 ($ in Millions)

                           Prior              2010         2011        2012       2013           2014
Fund Sources            Authorization      Allowance      Estimate    Estimate   Estimate       Estimate

GO Bond                     $0.000            $2.371       $0.000     $0.000     $0.000          $0.000

Total                       $0.000            $2.371       $0.000     $0.000     $0.000          $0.000

For further information contact: Rachel N. Silberman                                 Phone: (410) 946-5530

                        Analysis of the FY 2010 Maryland Executive Budget, 2009
                               RB27C – USM – Coppin State University

Project Summary Information

Total Project Cost:                $2,371,000     Cost Per Square Foot – Base:                    $89
Budget Estimate Stage:                 Budget     With Escalation & Contingencies:               $103
Program Plan Status:                      Yes     Gross Square Footage:                         1,872
Green Building:                           No      Net Usable Square Footage:                    1,872
Est. Completion Date:               June 2010     Building Efficiency:                          100%
Project Design Cost %:                  7.5%      Regional Cost Factor:                           0%

Project Analysis
       The fiscal 2010 budget provides $2.4 million in general obligation bonds to fund design,
construction, and equipment for the upgrade and expansion of the Miles Connor and Grace Jacobs
data centers. This funding recommendation is $21,000 higher than the amount planned in the
2008 Capital Improvement Program (CIP) due to increased information technology costs.

        This project will gut and reconfigure both data centers’ interiors. Approximately 1,050 square
feet of raised access flooring will be installed (350 square feet in Miles Connor, 700 square feet in
Grace Jacobs). New electrical circuits, feeders, and wiring will be installed with emergency
power-off switches. Miles Connor’s uninterruptible power supply capacity will be increased, and
Grace Jacobs’ will be replaced. Both centers will receive new fire detection and gaseous fire
suppression systems. Concrete housekeeping pads will be poured outside each building to install
stand-by generators for both centers, and an additional air conditioning unit will be provided for the
Grace Jacobs data center. Equipment funding for the project will support the purchase of data storage
and backup systems, fiber optic lines and termination equipment, environmental controls, monitoring
systems, dedicated power feeds, and emergency power generation systems.

       The project will address deficiencies in Coppin State University’s (CSU) technology
resources and will bring the data centers into accordance with industry-recognized
Telecommunications Industry Association standards and the standards set forth in CSU’s Information
Technology Facilities Master Plan. The university’s current data centers are physically out of space
and lack proper environmental conditions to support additional information technology equipment for
enrollment growth. Full-time day equivalent student (FTDES) enrollment is expected to grow 34%
from fall 2008 to 2018 (from 1,966 to 2,640 FTDES), and the university is expanding its use of
technology in administrative functions through applications like PeopleSoft and document imaging
and in academic functions like online courses and multimedia communications. In addition,
technological advancements require increasing storage capacity and network bandwidths. Finally, the
technology needs associated with the campus’s physical expansion through the Health and Human
Services Building which opened in fall 2008 and the Physical Education Complex scheduled for
completion in fall 2009 cannot be met by the current data center.

                      Analysis of the FY 2010 Maryland Executive Budget, 2009
                               RB27C – USM – Coppin State University

Recommended Actions

Executive’s Operating Budget Impact Statement
                                            ($ in Millions)

                                           FY 2010       FY 2011       FY 2012       FY 2013    FY 2014

Estimated Operating Cost                      $0.090          $0.011     $0.012        $0.016     $0.018

Estimated Staffing                                   0             0             0         0          0

        According to the fiscal 2009 CIP, the data center expansion is expected to impact the
operating budget beginning in fiscal 2010. Fiscal 2010 costs will include $6,652 in fuel and utilities;
$2,995 for contractual services; and $80,000 for one-time equipment costs. In fiscal 2011 and
beyond, the impact on the operating budget will be driven by fuel, utilities, and contractual services.
There are no new regular positions associated with this project.

                     Analysis of the FY 2010 Maryland Executive Budget, 2009
                                  RB27C – USM – Coppin State University

                                                                                               Appendix 1

                                   Capital Project Cost Estimate Worksheet

Department:                 Coppin State University
Project Number:             RB27C
Project Title:              Data Center Expansion
Analyst:                    Rachel Silberman

New Construction:                     0 Sq. Ft. X        $0.00   Sq. Ft. =                           $0
New Construction:                     0 Sq. Ft. X        $0.00   Sq. Ft. =                            0
Renovation:                       1,872 Sq. Ft. X       $89.00   Sq. Ft. =                      166,608
Renovation:                           0 Sq. Ft. X        $0.00   Sq. Ft. =                            0
Built-in Equipment                                                                                    0
Demolition                                                                                            0
Information Technology                0 GSF X                    GSF =                           40,000
Telecommunications                                                                                    0
Miscellaneous – Other       Interior Demolition                                                  55,000
Subtotal                                                                                       $261,608
Regional Factor:                100.0%                                                                0
Subtotal                                                                                       $261,608
Escalation to Mid-point:           2.17 Yrs. X           5.0%         =              10.75%      28,123
Total Cost of Structure (Bid Cost)                                                             $289,731

Site Work and Utilities
Site Improvements:                  0 + regional factor + mid-point escalation                        $0
Utilities:                  1,006,306 + regional factor + mid-point escalation                 1,114,484
Project Subtotal (Bid Cost)                                                                   $1,404,215

Fees and Miscellaneous Costs
Green Building Premium                                  0.0%                                          $0
Total Construction Contingency                          5.0%                                      70,935
Inspection Cost:                                        3.2%                                      45,398
Miscellaneous:              CPM Schedule                                                          10,380
Miscellaneous:              Building Equipment Commissioning                                       4,201
Miscellaneous:              Information Technology Equipment                                     710,000
A/E Fee through construction phase @                    7.5%                                     111,723
Total Cost of Project                                                                         $2,356,852

Base Cost Per New Square Foot                                                                        $0
Adjusted Cost Per New Square Foot (incl. escalation, contingencies & Green Bldg.)                    $0
Base Cost Per Renovated Square Foot                                                                 $89
Adjusted Cost Per Renovated Square Foot (incl. escalation, conting. & Green Bldg.)                 $103

                      Analysis of the FY 2010 Maryland Executive Budget, 2009

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