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Filamentality - Fort Lewis College by cuiliqing


                   Spinning Your
                     Own Web

SCILnet/Fort Lewis College         1
                Presented by Sandy Turner
               SCILnet - Fort Lewis College
                     Adapted from Filamentality
                     Presentation by Jodi Reed &
                      Tom March - Pacific Bell
                           Education First

SCILnet/Fort Lewis College                         2
              What you will learn today:
      What is Filamentality
      Why you might use it
      How to use it
      How others are using it

SCILnet/Fort Lewis College                 3
                     Some questions...
         How   do I actually use the
          Web in the classroom or
         How do I make Web pages
          and post them on the
SCILnet/Fort Lewis College               4
                 One possible answer...


SCILnet/Fort Lewis College                5
                What does Filamentality do?
      Blends  your learning goals with the
       many resources available on the
      guides you through the complete
       instructional design process
      lets you focus on instruction
       instead of HTML and graphics
SCILnet/Fort Lewis College                    6
                          Okay, Okay...
                  we’ll tell you in real English:
       provides    you with a web-activity
        template that prompts you for Web site
        info., titles, introductions, questions, etc.
       builds the Web page for you and posts it
        on the Web
       provides online support that helps you
        pick a topic, search, write good questions,
SCILnet/Fort Lewis College                              7
                     Who is supposed to use it?
        media  specialists/librarians
        technology trainers for schools
        Internet newbies
        Web authors (for rapid prototyping)

SCILnet/Fort Lewis College                        8
                       Hit me over the head
                       with it one more time!!!
       You  can create a Web-based learning
        activity that targets a specific kind of
       You get to create Web pages without
        knowing HTML!
       Your page is immediately posted on the
        Internet (that’s right, you get your very
        own www-dot-thingy)!
SCILnet/Fort Lewis College                          9
                   The Filamentality Process:
            startwith a topic
            choose a format based on your
             learning goal(s)
            gather links
            scaffold the links with instructions,
             questions, etc.

                 see the “guided tour” once you are in Filamentality
SCILnet/Fort Lewis College                                             10
                  Filamentality Formats:
              Treasure               Hunt

                         see guides for details

SCILnet/Fort Lewis College                        11
                    How others are using
      Web   activities for students (check
       out the Filamentality registry)
      Training (see guide for Trainers)
      Student-created and published
      Collaborative activities

SCILnet/Fort Lewis College                    12
                     So what’s the idea behind
                     the word “Filamentality”?
      “Filaments”  are the fine individual
       strands of a spider’s web.
      “Mentality” is the brain’s thinking
       So...”Filamentality” helps you spin
       pieces of the Web into your own
       Web-based learning activities.
SCILnet/Fort Lewis College                       13
                 Before we begin “the spin”,
                 return to the tutorial:
       Use  the “Go” menu above and see if
        you can go all the way back to the
        Filamentality Module Intro page
        (should be toward the bottom of the
       If you have lost the this page, go to the
        following address:

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