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BT Web Conferencing
Bring your conference to life instantly.

With BT Web Conferencing Powered by WebEx you can introduce just about any
visual medium to your meeting. This includes everything from slide shows to polling
facilities to product demonstrations and web tours. BT Web Conferencing makes
it easy to hold web-based meetings with one, ten, or even up to 1000 people — all
at a moment’s notice. To use the service, you simply need a telephone and a
computer with an Internet connection with a web browser and you can communicate
                                                          in real-time from
                                                          anywhere in the world.

                                                                        BT Web
                                                                        many features
                                                                        allow you to share
                                                                        documents and
                                                                        applications with
                                                                        your participants,
                                                                        all at no additional

• Sharing: Presentation sharing — Any meeting participant can spontaneously share any
  presentation without uploading the file to a server, where the security of the file could be
  compromised. Provides very high resolution with full screen viewing capability.
  Document sharing — Participants can jointly view any document or graphic with high
  resolution, multi-level zooming and annotation capabilities.
  Application sharing — Chairperson can run any software application for effective live
  demonstrations and training. Allows for real-time collaboration and edits to any document.
  Web Browser sharing — Any participant can navigate the web and synchronize the browsers of
  other participants. Co-browsing is fully interactive and control can be passed to any participant, thus
  enabling users to complete web forms together, and to annotate web pages.
Features (continued)
• Sharing: Desktop sharing — Permits the chairperson the opportunity to share anything on their
  desktop system, from applications to live demos and training that involve more than just one application.
• Share control: Chairperson can share control of any software application, including the desktop,
  with Participants.
• File transfer: Users can conveniently transfer files to and from their participants as desired.
• Polling: Chairperson may solicit feedback from participants online.
• Record and playback: Chairperson can record all interaction in a meeting for later reference,
  training or demos. Anyone can play back a recording.
• Security: Works with existing firewall technology, offers unlisted meetings, password protection,
  and encryption to protect sensitive data.
• Video integration: Enables a simple desktop video camera to video conference without the need
  for any special equipment, software or setup. Participants can see live video within the browser,
  including users that are behind firewalls.
• Chat: Allows participants to exchange public or private text messages.
• Annotation: Allows the chairperson to make notes and draw on what is being presented or shared.
  Participants can annotate when the chairperson enables share control.

The applications of BT Web Conferencing are far
reaching and can turn an ordinary conference call into
a multimedia presentation. Here are just a few:
                                                                          BT MeetMe Audio Conferencing       BT Web Conferencing
• Provide highly interactive training sessions without
  incurring travel costs.                                                 Dial-in Number:

• Meet sales prospects online when you are unable to                      International Dial-in Number:
  meet them face-to-face.
                                                                          Chairperson Passcode:              User Name:
• Communicate product launches and press briefings,
  in real-time with visuals.                                              Participant Passcode:              Password:

• Showcase new product demonstrations using
  interactive webinars.

Presenter system requirements
To present a BT Web Conference, you will need the following:
Browser                                      Display                                   with Windows 95, 98, NT, 2000, ME,
• Netscape Navigator 4.x – 5.x               • 800x600 pixel resolution                or XP, Mac OS 9 or later, Solaris 7
• Microsoft Internet Explorer 4.0 or later     recommended                             or 8, Red Hat Linux 6.x/7.x, or Palm
Internet Connection Speed                    Computer                                  V/ VII with a wireless modem.
• 56k or faster                              • 166Mhz Pentium-based computer         • 64 MB RAM

Learn more about BT Web Conferencing
You may choose to participate in one of our complimentary webinars on BT Web Conferencing.
Ask a BT Conferencing consultant for the schedule of online demos by calling 1.866.266.8777 or

The Innovation of BT Conferencing
BT Group plc is one of the world’s leading telecommunications companies and the #1 source of conferencing services in the
UK and Europe. BT Conferencing Inc. is the US subsidiary of BT Group, offering end-to end conferencing solutions to meet
all of your remote meeting needs. BT Conferencing provides a clear advantage to other services you may have used: quality
of service, technological innovation, one-stop global solutions, and the cost advantage of using a single source provider.

For more information, call BT Conferencing for Thomson at 1.888.227.0219 or visit

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