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Exam II is worth 200 points_ 50 questions _4 pts each_


									Exam II is worth 200 points, 50 questions (4 pts each). Material covered on the test will
be through candies lecture. No material on fat/lipids will be covered. Labs through
candy labs will be included.

This is not meant to be an all inclusive list. Questions may be asked on all lecture and lab
material and book readings. Any handouts (web outline) may be used for test questions.
Use the book readings particularly to make lecture and lab material more clear.

                      TOPICS FOR EXAM II to review-HNF 300
Baking:        Ingredients- principle ingredients in baked goods and their function
               Flour, liquids, salt, sugar(syrups and artificial sweeteners, fat, eggs,
               leavening agents.
               What makes up this ingredient- chemical composition (when discussed)
               What different types of this ingredient are there? How do they differ from
               each other? What are its role or function in baked goods in general? What
               are the roles of the components of this ingredient?

Products:      Shortened cakes: What are they, what methods are used to prepare them?
               What role do the ingredients play in the preparation, mixing steps? What
               role do the ingredients play in the baking step?
               Does the method used affect the quality of the product? How do you
               evaluate quality of this product? What are the main ingredients in this
               product? What are the functions on these ingredients in this product?

               Same type questions for other products discussed: quick breads (muffins),
               biscuits, yeast products, (popovers, cream puffs-what type of leavening?
               See book.)

Water:         Three states; properties of water-latent heat of fusion, latent heat of
               evaporization; water; Water as a dispersion medium in foods: solutions,
               colloidal dispersions (such as sols, gels, foams, emulsions, etc.) and
Other:         Review starch material that relates to baked goods and flour- role of starch
               in baked goods, staling reactions.
               Know nonenzymatic browning. What are the two types? What is the
               difference between the two types? Could you predict which or if both
               types of these reactions could occur in a product, knowing the ingredients?
               Ice cream, frozen desserts. Know difference in compositions, how they
               are prepared, what types of ingredients, what is the function of the
               ingredients? How do you evaluate the quality of the frozen desserts? How
               does home made ice cream differ from commercial ice cream?
               Candies. Know the two types of candies and examples of each. What are
               the functions of the ingredients? How are they made? What quality
               attributes are important?

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