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70 X 7: FORGIVENESS TO THE EXTREME   This is a story that shows how the power of love and
                                     forgiveness can change lives. Drugs, jail time, wife
                                     abuse…everybody had given up on Robert Carrillo.
                                     Then came a cop with more power than the law. If
                                     this story were not true, it would be unbelievable.
                                     This program will be an inspiration for all who watch
                                     and will challenge you to consider Christ‘s call to
                                     forgiveness. 45 minutes
A.D.                                 Produced by Gospel Films, this program includes 3
                                     tapes and an excellent study guide. The events of
                                     the Book of Acts come alive in this remarkably
                                     authentic epic covering the years A.D. 30-69. This is
                                     a wonderful resource for any church or home Bible
                                     study group that wishes to study the Book of Acts
                                     and early Church. The study guide is very helpful.
                                     This would best be used with people who want to
                                     grow deeper in their knowledge of scripture and
                                     already have a little understanding of the Faith. One
                                     could use parts of this video with a confirmation
                                     class. 3 tapes.
ACTIVE LEARNING IN YOUTH MINISTRY    Featuring Thom and Joani Schultz from Youth
                                     Ministry Television Network, Inc., this video
                                     illustrates the difference between active and passive
                                     learning. It is an excellent teaching tool for adults
                                     who work with youth.
ACTIVE PARENTING TODAY               This program provides a comprehensive parenting
                                     series for families with 2- to 12-year-olds. While
                                     leader training is available from the producer, it is not
                                     needed to use the videos, guide and other resources
                                     in the program. The six sessions are: The Active
                                     Parent, Instilling Courage and Self-Esteem,
                                     Understanding Your Child, Developing
                                     Responsibility, Winning Cooperation, Active
                                     Parenting in a Democratic Society. The leader‘s
                                     guide provides a script to introduce each activity and
                                     questions to help the group discuss what has been
                                     explored. Participants receive instruction and
                                     practice skills during the sessions. Each 2-hour
                                     session uses about 26 minutes of video.
ACTS—THE VISUAL BIBLE                Experience the fire of Pentecost. Hear the bold
                                     witness of Peter and John, and more. Taken word for
                                     word from the New International Version of the Bible,
                                     these videos bring to life the young church‘s struggle
                                     to plant the seeds of faith across the Roman Empire
                                     and beyond. Filmed on location in Tunisia, Morocco,
                                     and Africa with historically accurate costuming and
                                     award-winning directing. Four VHS cassettes.
                                     Volume 1–Chapters 1:1-8:3; Volume 2–Chapters 8:4-
                                     13:52; Volume 3–Chapters 14-20; Volume
                                     4–Chapters 21-28. Each volume approximately 45
ADULT CHRISTIANITY AND HOW TO GET THERE CD–four audio CDs. Roland Rolheiser, OMI, and
                                        Richard Rohr, OMI, discuss the need for Adult
                                        Christianity on these CDs. Both of them made clear
                                        that we tend to do the ―start up work‖ over and over
                                        again—identity, boundaries, law, structure and
                                        authority. They state that as helpful as these are,
                                        they are only for the sake of internalized identity and
                                        value structure, which finally allows us to live the life
                                        of faith, trust, surrender, darkness and service. 270
ADVANCED PEER MINISTRY TRAINING         This video was recorded at the peer ministry training
                                        workshop that took place at Bethlehem Lutheran
                                        Church in Wahoo, Neb., on Feb. 16-17, 2001. Joni
                                        Bruhn led the workshop. It emphasizes correct
                                        procedures for mediation and gives examples of
                                        incorrect procedures. The steps for correct resolution
                                        of a conflict should follow the EASE plan.

ADVENTURES FROM THE BIBLE—CREATION TO This animated video gives, in a very simple way, a
MOSES                                 brief overview of the Bible from Adam and Eve to
                                      Moses. The main character, Jon, with the help of
                                      Bible Mouse, explores the stories of creation, Cain
                                      and Abel, Noah, Abraham, Jacob, Joseph, and
                                      Moses. Through their adventures, Jon and the young
                                      viewers discover God‘s faithful love for his people.
                                      For ages 4-11. 26 minutes
ADVENTURES FROM THE BOOK OF VIRTUES   This series is based on ―The Book of Virtues‖ by
                                      William J. Bennett. It consists of a series of animated
                                      stories that deal with different virtues. The videos
                                      would be best suited for grade school children but
                                      could be enjoyed by older viewers. True friendship is
                                      emphasized in this video. Annie, the main character,
                                      realizes that friendship is about what you give, not
                                      what you have, after a ―fair-weather friend‖
                                      disappoints her. Plato, a buffalo, helps her to see
                                      that ―a friend in need, is a friend indeed,‖ in the tale
                                      of ―Waukewa‘s Eagle,‖ a Native American legend.
                                      The importance of being open-minded when
                                      choosing friends is pointed out in the ―Why Frog and
                                      Snake Don‘t Play Together,‖ an African tale. Trust
                                      and loyalty of true friendship are demonstrated in the
                                      Greek tale of ―Damon and Phytias.‖
ADVENTURES IN ODYSSEY—CHILDREN‘S      The Adventures in Odyssey Series is a seven-
MINISTRY RESOURCE KIT, THE            session video course written for elementary age
                                      children (1st–6th grade) that helps children discover
                                      biblical principles and lessons for living. Themes
                                      include: The Danger of Greed; The Commandment
                                      to Love your Neighbor; Importance of Being
                                      Responsible; Trust between Friends; Importance of
                                      Each Individual‘s Contribution; Sibling Conflicts;
                                      Keeping Promises. Each session is designed to be
                                      one hour long, but there is certainly flexibility in the
                                      way the sessions are laid out. This kit could be used
                                      for Sunday School, mid-week programs, Vacation
                                      Bible School or as a special program. Everything you
                                      need is included in the resource kit, including
                                      leader‘s guide, handouts, and permission to
                                      photocopy what you choose to use. The videos are
                                      done very well with a key Bible verse for each
                                      session and a positive and negative theme. Each
                                      segment is 30 minutes.

ADVENTURES—FROM THE BOOK OF VIRTUES   Compassion. When Zach watches a dreadful fire
                                      destroy an immigrant family‘s home, his indifference
                                      about getting involved slowly wanes. Plato recounts
                                      inspiring stories of compassion: ―The Good
                                      Samaritan‖ (Bible), who renounces prejudice in favor
                                      of saving a life; the selflessness of a young girl in
                                      ―The Legend of the Dipper‖ (Norse); the tale of
                                      ―Androcles and the Lion‖ (Greek), a demonstration in
                                      compassion given–and kindness returned; and the
                                      poem ―The New Colossus.‖ These stories all help
                                      Zach grasp the significance of reaching out to those
                                      in need.
AFFLUENZA                             This tape is a PBS special that explores the
                                      epidemic of shopping, overwork, stress and debt that
                                      is infecting Americans in record numbers. ―Affluenza‖
                                      traces the historic roots of the disease, explores the
                                      advertising and marketing ploys designed to sustain
                                      it and offers concrete advice about how we can find a
                                      cure for this depression-causing, purse-pilfering
AFRICA HUNGER HARVEST                 This video produced by Bread for the World deals
                                      with this organization‘s efforts to provide more food
                                      to the African nations. It is the story of Fanny Makina
                                      from Malawi, who was instrumental in starting the
                                      organization NASFAM, an African national farmers‘
                                      organization, whose efforts have helped in the
                                      growing of enough food for the people of Africa . This
                                      organization has taught farmers new techniques in
                                      agriculture. Bread for the World has asked Congress
                                      for 1 million dollars in support of the African food
AIDS AND THE CHURCH‘S ROLE            A documentary video designed to help churches and
                                      synagogues around the nation respond to the
                                      challenge of the spread of AIDS.
AIDS—A CHRISTIAN PERSPECTIVE                   Dick Day, noted Christian author, takes an in-depth
                                               look at the Surgeon General‘s report and discusses
                                               how we, as Christians, should respond to AIDS and
                                               the people it affects.
ALABASTER‘S SONG                               This animated video is an adaptation of Max
                                               Lucado‘s best selling Christmas book, ―Alabaster‘s
                                               Song.‖ It tells the story of a little angel, high atop a
                                               Christmas tree and his remarkable song that is
                                               heaven sent. The tender music of the heart leads a
                                               little boy to the glorious night long ago in Bethlehem.
                                               It is a wonderful Christmas story that both children
                                               and adults will enjoy.

ALL ABOUT JESUS                                This DVD includes two of the most compelling
                                               presentations ever produced about the life and
                                               influence of Jesus. Part I: ―Who Is This Jesus: Is He
                                               Risen?‖ This fast-paced documentary provides
                                               exciting explanations to some of the most important
                                               questions ever asked regarding Jesus Christ. It
                                               states that Christianity was created by a fact–Jesus
                                               lived, died, and rose from the tomb. (50 minutes)
                                               Part II: ―What if Jesus Had Never Been Born?‖ This
                                               part is a powerful documentary that explores Christ‘s
                                               positive impact in many areas of today‘s society. The
                                               presentation sets the record straight on Christ‘s true
                                               impact on history, excellent for Christians and non-
                                               Christians alike. The DVD gives a detailed
                                               exploration of how the birth of Jesus Christ has
                                               positively impacted nearly every aspect of human
                                               life. It explains what role Christianity played in the
                                               founding of America. It features James Kennedy. 48

ALL I WANT FOR CHRISTMAS IS MY NEW FALSE This DVD by Dennis Swanberg will entertain you with
TEETH                                    his sense of humor. Join ―The Swan‖ and his aunt
                                         Swanita, along with special guest Keith Longbothan,
                                         for a Christmas you will never forget. The
                                         presentation of hilarious stories and songs along with
                                         touching memories will be sure to lighten your spirit.
                                         Only ―The Swan‖ can make false teeth this funny.

ALL PASSIONS OF LIFE                           This video and resource guide put out by the Women
                                               of the ELCA and the ELCA Division for Global
                                               Mission highlights justice issues faced by women
                                               around the world as seen through the eyes of four
                                               remarkable women of Tanzania. It is an excellent
                                               global education resource for programs and
                                               discussion groups.
ALONE IN THE DARK                              A gripping eye-opener for teenagers! Giving in to
                                               peer pressure, seventeen-year old Tasha Grant goes
                                               to a party and gets drunk. When she takes the
                                               wheel, the alcohol has made her so sleepy she is
                                               unaware of the life-threatening danger ahead.
                                               Through the help of a concerned friend, Tasha
                                               comes to see the potentially devastating choices she
                                               has made. Includes study guide.
ALTERNATIVE WORSHIP              This was a workshop by Handt Hanson, Director of
                                 Worship and Music at Prince of Peace Lutheran
                                 Church, Burnsville, Minn. His ―Handbook for
                                 Alternative Worship‖ is also included. For
                                 congregations considering alternative style worship
                                 services, this video can be helpful. Suggested
                                 viewing especially for pastors, congregation councils,
                                 and directors of worship and music.

AMAZING GRACE WITH BILL MOYERS   The story of a song that makes a difference.
                                 ―Amazing Grace‖ is one of the most popular and
                                 enduring hymns in the English language and has
                                 been adapted by scores of performers, from country
                                 music to gospel to folk singers. This video features
                                 some of these performers as they express what the
                                 hymn means to them, including Judy Collins, Jessye
                                 Norman, Johnny Cash, Jean Ritchie, and the Boys
                                 Choir of Harlem.
AMAZING GRACE—STORY OF WILLIAM   Amazing Grace—Story of William Wilberforce. This
WILBERFORCE                      DVD is the heroic story of one man‘s passion and
                                 perseverance that changed the world. It is based on
                                 the true story of William Wilberforce who fought
                                 courageously in the British parliament to pass a law
                                 to end the slave trade and reform society. He met
                                 intense opposition but his minister, John Newton, a
                                 reformed slave ship captain who penned the beloved
                                 hymn, ―Amazing Grace,‖ urges him to put his faith
                                 into action and see the cause through. It is a
                                 remarkably touching and uplifting story.

AMERICAN BIBLE SOCIETY           PART 1: The Word of God No Longer in
                                 Chains–This program documents the lives of some
                                 Christians in Russia and the Baltic States: from a
                                 growing Baptist church in St. Petersburg to a
                                 Lutheran Bible distribution center in Latvia; from the
                                 restoration of the Russian Orthodox church in
                                 Smolensk to a Methodist outreach program in
                                 Estonia; and from a church service for the hearing-
                                 impaired in Moscow to the street ministry of a
                                 Pentecostal evangelist in St. Petersburg. 15 minutes.
                                 PART 2: A New Day of Hope–This program explores
                                 the efforts of working toward one goal…to answer
                                 the call for the Word of God in the former Soviet
                                 Union. 15 minutes. PART 3: In the Language of the
                                 Heart–In this documentary you meet Native
                                 American Christians whose lives have been changed
                                 and enriched because they have read the Bible in
                                 the language of their heart, their native language, for
                                 the first time. 15 minutes. PART 4: A Dream
                                 Fulfilled–From the snow-peaked mountain ranges of
                                 Southwestern Alaska we meet the Yup‘ik Eskimo
                                 Christians and how they find solace and strength
                                 from their faith and in the work of preserving their
                                 language through the Scriptures. 15 minutes. PART
AMERICAN RELIGIOUS EXPERIENCE—AIM, THE This AIM course will focus on religious groups and
                                       their place in a pluralistic society. Donald Huber,
                                       Professor of Church History and Academic Dean at
                                       Trinity Lutheran Seminary, Columbus, Ohio, presents
                                       it. It is divided into the following segments: 1. Early
                                       Christian Presence in North America (46 min.). 2.
                                       Christianity in the Early 19th Century (57 min.,
                                       includes a segment with Dr. William McClain,
                                       Professor of Homiletics and Worship at Wesley
                                       Theological Seminary, Washington D. C.). 3.
                                       Protestant America 1860–1916 (32 min.). 4. 20th
                                       Century Issues (54 min.). 5. Challenges Facing
                                       Lutherans (54 min.). 6. Sects and Cults (51 min.). 7.
                                       Judaism (51 min.). Includes an interview with
                                       Samuel Horowitz, Director of the Jewish Foundation,
                                       Columbus, Ohio. Two textbooks: ―Families of Faith‖
                                       and ―A History of Christianity in the United States
                                       and Canada.‖ 345 minutes

AMIE                                           A young photojournalist, has one passion–people!
                                               On assignment for the centennial edition of The Daily
                                               Tribune, she gets involved with the poor in the inner
                                               city and helps their plight make headlines.

AMISH, THE                                     In this intimate documentary. Mennonite historian-
                                               producer John Ruth takes us inside the world of the
                                               Amish. The video presents authentic vignettes of
                                               Amish origins, farm life, childhood, school, worship,
                                               recreation, courtship, barn-raising, horse-powered
                                               transportation, and the impact of tourism. The viewer
                                               is presented with food for thought about what kind of
                                               world we have made and what is really important.
ANCIENT SECRETS OF THE BIBLE      Group Publishers distributes this series of videos
                                  that were originally shown on broadcast TV. They
                                  contain both support and opposition to the Biblical
                                  stories portrayed. Most appropriate for junior high
                                  through adult, some mature upper elementary
                                  students will enjoy the intellectual stimulation of this
                                  series. Each video comes with a leader‘s guide. The
                                  viewer is left with the task of deciding the stated
                                  question. No clear-cut answers are given Noah‘s Ark:
                                  Fact or Fable? 30 minutes. Noah‘s Ark: Was There a
                                  Worldwide Flood? 34 minutes. Noah‘s Ark: What
                                  Happened to It? 42 minutes. Tower of Babel: Fact or
                                  Fiction? 24 minutes. Sodom and Gomorrah: Legend
                                  or Real Event? 24 minutes. Moses‘ Red Sea Miracle:
                                  Did it Happen? 28 minutes. Moses‘ Ten
                                  Commandments: Tablets from God? 30 minutes. Ark
                                  of the Covenant: Lost or Hidden Away? 24 minutes.
                                  Walls of Jericho: Did They Tumble Down? 22
                                  minutes. Samson: Strongman Hero or Legend? 32
                                  minutes. Battle of David and Goliath: Truth or Myth?
                                  27 minutes. The Fiery Furnace: Could Anyone
                                  Survive It? 29 minutes. Shroud of Turin: Fraud or
                                  Evidence of Christ‘s Resurrection? 35 minutes.

AND THEN I HEARD MY SAVIOR SAY…   A deeply moving, thought-provoking, inspirational
                                  series on the Seven Last Words of Christ. When we
                                  are suffering, we tend to trust those who have been
                                  through what we‘re going through. We trust their
                                  words. It‘s the same with the Lord. He‘s been there.
                                  Coming to understand this gives us new courage,
                                  new hope, new strength and Him. In
                                  this video the seven last words of our Lord are
                                  presented through the hearts and lives of some of
                                  the residents of Martin Luther Home (now part of
AND THERE WAS LIGHT               This ―newsreel-style‖ video traces the history of the
                                  Bible using photos of the Holy Land and classic
                                  works of art. Usable for adults wanting to study an
                                  overview of the origin and formation of the Bible.

AND THIS IS WHERE IT ALL BEGAN    This is a video of a film that tells the story of the birth
                                  of Christianity using twentieth century pictures of the
                                  Holy Land.
AND THOU SHALT HONOR              Care giving at home is a critical healthcare issue of
                                  staggering proportions. An estimated 30 million
                                  people currently look after aging and disabled loved
                                  ones. This groundbreaking documentary, hosted by
                                  award-winning actor Joe Mantegna, explores the
                                  love, quiet heroism and physical determination that
                                  rise to meet the overwhelming financial and
                                  emotional cost of long-term home care. A very
                                  moving video.
ANDY GRIFFITH SHOW, THE (VOL. 1)   This video is an informal Bible study based on the
                                   1960s Andy Griffith Show. The video shows that we
                                   can learn a lot from the people in Mayberry. The
                                   lessons deal with the way people should treat each
                                   other; they appreciate the small blessings in life, but
                                   they also present deeper values. They teach
                                   timeless morals and values in a way that is easy to
                                   comprehend. The four episodes deal with the
                                   following topics: 1. Judging others; 2. The Value of
                                   Good Work; 3. Serving as Mentors; and 4. The
                                   Power of Deception. Each session is based on these
                                   four categories: 1. Biblical Principle; 2. Personal
                                   Reflection; 3. Individual Application; and 4. Action
                                   Points. Bible passages are cited to help the viewer
                                   seek God‘s guidance in facing the challenges of life.
                                   Excellent parent-child relations and people relations
                                   are demonstrated in all of the episodes. A leader‘s
                                   guide and audiotape are included. 4 episodes of 30
                                   minutes each.

ANDY GRIFFITH SHOW, THE (VOL. 2)   This is the second video based on the 1960s Andy
                                   Griffith Show. The video shows that we can learn a
                                   lot from the people in Mayberry. The series can be
                                   both spiritually challenging and thought provoking.
                                   The video has four episodes: 1. The Virtue of
                                   Patience; 2. Worry is a Waste; 3. The Practice of
                                   Prudence; and 4. Trusting Others. Each session is
                                   based on these four categories: 1. Biblical Principle;
                                   2. Personal Reflection; 3. Personal Application; and
                                   4. Action Points. Bible passages are cited to help the
                                   viewer seek God‘s guidance. A leader‘s guide and
                                   audiotapes are included. 4 episodes of 30 minutes
ANGEL AND THE BADMAN               This old John Wayne movie is the story of a
                                   notorious gunfighter searching for his father‘s killer.
                                   He is wounded and taken in by a pacifist family and
                                   falls in love with their daughter who is trying to
                                   change his ways. He still feels that he has to avenge
                                   his father‘s death and rides off to settle the score.

ANGEL ON MY SHOULDER               This old movie is a dark comedy from the writer of
                                   ―Here Comes Mr. Jordan.‖ Paul Muni plays a
                                   murdered criminal who makes a deal with the devil in
                                   hopes of eternal leniency. He agrees to return to
                                   earth as a respected judge and stop his campaign for
                                   law and order. He has a hard time living on the right
                                   side of the law. Finally, he attempts to outwit the
                                   devil with amusing result. An excellent retelling of the
                                   old tale.
ANGELS ALL AROUND US             A study guide accompanies this video collection of
                                 angel stories. Miraculous sightings, occurrences and
                                 healings are attributed to angels. The heavily Roman
                                 Catholic view can be considered as people try to
                                 explain the ―hard-to-understand‖ things that happen
                                 in life. Use this resource for adult discussion forums.
                                 The videography and music is first class–but preview
                                 it before showing.

ANGELS SENT ON ASSIGNMENT        This series is especially for pastors, Christian
                                 parents, Sunday school teachers, Bible study
                                 groups, and anyone who is curious about discovering
                                 what is behind today‘s interest in angels. The six
                                 videos of this series include the following: Tape
                                 1–Carrying Out Heavenly Plans; Tape 2–Delivering
                                 Messages Through Dreams; Tape 3–Giving Strength
                                 In Times of Trouble; Tape 4–Guiding People From
                                 Danger; Tape 5–Helping Those Who Hurt; Tape
                                 6–Preventing Family Tragedies. Each tape is 28
ANGOLA‘S PIECEMAKERS—THE QUILT   Produced by Lutheran World Relief, this video will
                                 take you on a journey from a country church in
                                 Minnesota to a war-torn provincial capital in Angola.
                                 Find out what happens to a gift from the quilters of
                                 North Buffalo Lutheran Church. Will it go to Isabel, a
                                 widow and mother of five who lost one leg when she
                                 stepped on a landmine, Neves, a 12-year old orphan
                                 who was shot by soldiers while he slept, or Julia, a
                                 single mother who lives in an abandoned railroad car
                                 and wonders if her six children will have to live a life
                                 like hers? See the difference people like you are
                                 making through Lutheran World Relief. With study
                                 and action guide for group discussion and response.

ANIMALS ARE BEAUTIFUL PEOPLE     This video presents a fascinating view of nature
                                 through magnificent photography. The author
                                 photographed the mysterious world of the animals in
                                 Africa. The grandeur of God‘s creation and the
                                 intricate balance of nature are shown through
                                 narration and beautiful background music. The
                                 viewer sees the animals leading lives of humor and
                                 horror, danger and dignity; sometimes they‘re all too
                                 human. Although viewers of all ages could enjoy this
                                 video, it seems to be most suited for older
ANIMATED STORIES FROM THE NEW      These DVDs by Nest come with Resource and
TESTAMENT—NEST COMPLETE LEARNING   Activity Books for teacher use. Parts of the books
SERIES                             may be reproduced for personal or classroom use.
                                   The following titles are available from the library. The
                                   Lord‘s Prayer: Jesus taught his disciples the power
                                   of prayer. Their faith is tested when Peter is thrown
                                   into Roman prison. The believers gather and pray.
                                   Through faith and prayer, Peter‘s chains are broken
                                   and the Angel of the Lord opens the prison gates.
                                   John the Baptist: The story of him who prepared the
                                   way for the Lord begins with the blessing that John‘s
                                   birth is to his parents. John stands against political
                                   and spiritual adversity. John beholds and baptizes
                                   Jesus. The Miracles of Jesus: ―All things are possible
                                   to those who believe.‖ Some of Jesus‘ most touching
                                   miracles are: Healing the sick and afflicted, raising
                                   Jairus‘ dead daughter, casting out demons and
                                   calming the storm. Forgive Us Our Debts: Jesus
                                   teaches that forgiveness comes from God as he
                                   instructs Peter to catch a fish. Inside the fish‘s mouth
                                   Peter finds a coin to pay his debt. In the parable
                                   about the king who forgives a man an enormous
                                   debt, we learn that to receive forgiveness, we must
ANOTHER RIGHT ANSWER               This video, narrated by Dwight Jones, photographer
                                   for National Geographic, is both spiritual and
                                   motivational. Through the use of his wonderful
                                   photographs, Mr. Jones shows the viewer that one
                                   can learn from one‘s mistakes and a losing situation
                                   can be turned into a win-win situation. The video
                                   shows the viewer how one can focus on what
                                   matters. Miracles are present all of the time; when
                                   we focus, we get the real picture. Believing
                                   something enables us to see it. The analogy is made
                                   between using the right lens in photography and in
                                   life in order to solve a problem. This is an excellent
                                   video for council retreats, planning and visioning
                                   processes, and any other event that requires
                                   creativity in problem solving.

ANTIPERSONNEL MINES IN THE WORLD   This video from Handicap International is usable to
                                   inform youth groups and adult study groups about
                                   the problem of abandoned land mines around the
                                   world. Accompanying materials help leaders plan
                                   sessions and coordinate action towards eliminating
                                   the use of land mines in the world.
ANTKEEPER, THE             Rolf Forsberg, who wrote the script for ―The
                           Parable,‖ also penned this screenplay for this film. It
                           is an abstract story designed to help viewers
                           examine truths of the gospel in relationship to their
                           own lives and the lives of others, explore the problem
                           of evil in the world and our inability to conquer it by
                           ourselves, and find imaginative ways to express
                           God‘s saving action in the world. The intended
                           audience is older high school youth and adults. This
                           old film can still be very useful in taking a look at the
                           meaning of the incarnation. Because it is an older
                           film, it will be difficult for youth who are used to high-
                           tech videos.

APOCALYPSE                 This DVD movie with Richard Harris is part of the
                           Bible Collection. The year is 90 A.D. and the Roman
                           emperor has unleashed a virulent campaign against
                           the Christians. Held captive, the aged Apostle John
                           struggles to save Christianity from extinction by
                           sending letters to the Christian communities. The
                           young Christian, Irene, gains access to John‘s
                           prison. He entrusts the written record of his visions to
                           her and begs her to spread its message among the
                           Christians. These visions form the contents of the
                           Book of Revelation. 96 minutes

APOCALYPSE                 This DVD movie with Richard Harris is part of the
                           Bible Collection. The year is 90 A.D. and the Roman
                           emperor has unleashed a virulent campaign against
                           the Christians. Held captive, the aged Apostle John
                           struggles to save Christianity from extinction by
                           sending letters to the Christian communities. The
                           young Christian, Irene, gains access to John‘s
                           prison. He entrusts the written record of his visions to
                           her and begs her to spread its message among the
                           Christians. These visions form the contents of the
                           Book of Revelation. 96 minutes

APOLLO 11—MODERN MARVELS   This video from the History Channel, part of the
                           Modern Marvels series, shows the history of space
                           flight and the moon landing of Apollo 11 on July 16,
                           1969. 50 minutes
APOLLO 11—MODERN MARVELS   This video from the History Channel, part of the
                           Modern Marvels series, shows the history of space
                           flight and the moon landing of Apollo 11 on July 16,
                           1969. 50 minutes
APOSTLES‘ CREED: KNOWING WHAT WE     The video presented by Tom Tufts, an experienced
BELIEVE                              youth pastor and nationally known speaker, covers
                                     the basic elements of The Apostles‘ Creed. Tom
                                     Tufts talks about its historical context and shows how
                                     it is intended for application in our everyday lives.
                                     The video uses language understood by teens and
                                     employs illustrations from their culture. Divided into
                                     seventeen lessons, covering each phrase of the
                                     Creed, the video brings new meaning to the truth and
                                     simplicity of this creed. Study guide enclosed.

ARCHIVES OF THE ELCA (WAREHOUSE OF   This video deals with the archives of the Evangelical
MIRACLES)                            Lutheran Church in America. It is an expanded
                                     version of the report of the secretary of the ELCA,
                                     the Rev. Lowell G. Almen, to the 1999 Churchwide
                                     Assembly in Denver, Colo. It includes scenes from
                                     the dedication of the archives and information about
                                     the synodical and regional archives. A brochure
                                     highlights the work of the synodical and regional
                                     archives and offers assistance to congregations for
                                     their own recordkeeping.

ARMED FOR SPIRITUAL WARFARE          Jamie Buckingham uses a suit of medieval armor to
                                     illustrate the principles of spiritual warfare learned
                                     through battles in his own life. Learn to arm yourself
                                     with the protection we need in today‘s world.
                                     Teachings are filmed on location ranging from the
                                     border of Lebanon to the gulf of Eilat. Ideal for
                                     Sunday School classes, home groups, individual
                                     study. The Workbook can be used after viewing the
                                     12-minute video session which corresponds with
                                     each lesson study: Lesson 1–Principles of Spiritual
                                     Warfare; Lesson 2–Satan and His Demons; Lesson
                                     3–Angels; Lesson 4–The Belt of Truth; Lesson
                                     5–The Breastplate of Righteousness; Lesson 6–The
                                     Shoes of Readiness; Lesson 7–The Shield of Faith;
                                     Lesson 8–The Helmet of Salvation; Lesson 9–The
                                     Sword of the Spirit; Lesson 10–Praying in the Spirit.
                                     10 sessions, each 12 minutes.

ARRINGTON LIVE                       Stephen Arrington candidly shares how his choices
                                     in a famous international drug case landed him in a
                                     federal prison. He engages an audience of bright and
                                     honest young people, drawing them into bluntly real
                                     conversations about the life-shaping decisions they
                                     are making each day. This video stimulates rich
                                     discussions in classes and young groups, within
                                     families and in peer counseling settings. Companion
                                     program to ―Out of the Night.‖
ART LINKLETTER ON POSITIVE AGING      Art Linkletter reveals interesting facts and personal
                                      observations, both touching and humorous, relating
                                      to his journey into later life. Judd McIlvain, ―The
                                      Troubleshooter,‖ tells how he tracks down and
                                      confronts, on television, scam artists who prey on
                                      seniors. He exposes some of these hucksters on
                                      camera and offers tips to seniors on how to protect
                                      themselves from rip-offs. Dr. Loriene Chase King
                                      provides insight into the importance of being a good
                                      grandparent, and Art interviews kids about their
                                      grandparents, with both humorous and touching
                                      results. The show closes with Art‘s personal
                                      comments about attitude, ending with a poem about
                                      ―Optimistic Aging.‖ This video is strongly
                                      recommended for senior adult groups.

ART OF CELEBRATION                    A modern look at the holidays observed within
                                      Judaism. A good video for any group studying
                                      different religions or for those interested in the
                                      festivals and celebrations Jesus observed.
AT A LOSS FOR WORDS                   This video is valuable for people knowing someone
                                      who has experienced the loss of a baby. Parents
                                      share the importance of acknowledging that loss by
                                      just being available with a kind touch and a listening
                                      ear for them, the grandparents and also the siblings
                                      of the baby. They need to know you care.

AT DEATH‘S DOOR—FACING THE TERMINAL   Individuals who have lived with loved ones with
ILLNESS OF A LOVED ONE                terminal illnesses narrate this very powerful video.
                                      They emphasize that before you can help someone,
                                      you have to get in touch with your own feelings. The
                                      video will help individuals acknowledge their
                                      emotions about the terminal illness of someone they
                                      love, and it will guide them in living fully with their
                                      loved ones through the last months, weeks, or days
                                      of their time together. Support guide is included.

AT THE LORD‘S TABLE                   An introduction to the Sacrament of the Altar. The
                                      symbols, substance, and significance of Holy
                                      Communion are explained in this tape. Concepts
                                      highlighted include: celebration, remembrance,
                                      presence of Christ, fellowship, thanksgiving and
                                      Eucharist, confession and forgiveness.
AT THE POTTER‘S WHEEL                 This video, produced by Trinity Lutheran Seminary,
                                      provides an opportunity to hear and also to see the
                                      vision of Christian Mission to which Trinity Lutheran
                                      Seminary is committed. Among those who would
                                      benefit from this video might be a prospective
                                      student, a church member who may wish to support
                                      seminary education, a pastor, a church musician, a
                                      church worker, or anyone interested in the ministry of
                                      the seminary.
AUGSBURG CONFESSION, THE           1. The Center of the Augsburg Confession:
                                   Justification, Christology and Atonement. 2. The
                                   Effect of this Confession: Law and Gospel, the
                                   Church. 3. The Worlds of This Confession: The Two
                                   Realms and Governments, Works and Vocation. 4.
                                   Sings and Wonders: Baptism and the Lord‘s Supper.
                                   5. Applied Confessions: Articles in Dispute. A Brief
                                   History of this Confession. Textbook: The Augsburg
AWAKENING—HOSPITALITY EVANGELISM   Model a new adult learning style for your
                                   congregation. These two interactive video tapes
                                   workshops combine the ELCA Evangelism Team
                                   with pastors and laity from congregations who are
                                   exceptional at inviting others to church, creating
                                   inviting worship experiences and developing warm
                                   hospitable ways in which to receive and follow up on
                                   guests who come to church. CMI (Church
                                   Membership Initiative) for the ELCA explains how
                                   U.S. culture and attitudes have changed and how
                                   those changes may be affecting your congregation‘s
                                   ministry. This video workshop brings examples of
                                   skills congregations are developing to flourish in the
                                   new realities. It then provides discussion breaks so
                                   pastors, staff, leaders, and members can talk about
                                   how the changes are affecting your ministry and
                                   whether or not the attitudes, philosophies, skills, and
                                   techniques modeled on this video have relevance for
                                   your congregation. Leader guides, bibliography and
                                   exercises make both of these workshops easy and
                                   productive to present to any group in your
                                   congregation. Two tapes–each 75 minutes.

AWESOME BIBLE ADVENTURES           Present-day children in a life situation where biblical
                                   application takes place narrate each episode.
                                   Children are directed to lessons in the Bible. Actors
                                   dramatize the episodes. Children are asked
                                   questions about the story and presentations are
                                   clarified. The following stories are included: Noah‘s
                                   Incredible Journey; Joshua‘s Awesome Victory;
                                   Jesus‘ Amazing Miracles; David‘s Mighty Battle;
                                   Escape from the Fiery Furnace; Lot‘s Amazing
                                   Adventure; Samson‘s Super Strength; God Destroys
                                   the Tower of Babel; Moses Receives the Ten
                                   Commandments; Moses‘ Great Escape. Each DVD
                                   contains two episodes. The presentations are good
                                   for upper grade school and junior high.
BALANCING ACT—THE CONGREGATION AS       Dr. Peter Steinke, consultant and counselor,
EMOTIONAL SYSTEM, THE                   introduces the concept of the congregation as an
                                        emotional system. Using cellular biology and brain
                                        and mind research alongside Biblical theology, Dr.
                                        Steinke empowers viewers to take responsibility for
                                        their own functioning in relationships. He suggests
                                        ways to regulate one‘s own anxiety and to deal with
                                        the anxiety of others. The video is an excellent
                                        source for leadership development. It demonstrates
                                        the role that mature leaders play.

BALD ARNOLD AND THE FIENDISH PLOTTING   Rich Melheim uses the style of Dr. Seuss to teach a
                                        lesson on war and peace. Good for a peacemaking
                                        workshop for older children, youth and adults.
                                        Reproducible study guide included.
BAPTISM, BY WATER AND THE WORD          Focuses on Baptism as the incorporating saving act
                                        of God by which we are empowered to be the body
                                        of Christ and to live out our mission in hope and joy.

BAPTISM, SACRAMENT OF BELONGING         Produced by Franciscan Communications, this is a
                                        true story of Alfredo, re-enacted by Alfredo himself.
                                        After his family was lost in a fire, Alfredo, scarred
                                        and lonely, didn‘t ―belong‖ to anyone. Finally he was
                                        taken in by the children in an orphanage. It was the
                                        beginning of a new life for him. At times we all know
                                        what it feels like to be left out. This video points out
                                        what happens to us in Baptism.

BAPTIZED INTO THE FAMILY                Produced to stimulate congregational thinking about
                                        the full involvement of youth in ministry. Excellent
                                        resource for youth, adults who work with youth, and
                                        congregational leaders.
BE STILL AND KNOW THAT I AM GOD         This DVD is an extraordinary film that demonstrates
                                        how contemplative or listening prayer can be a vital
                                        way to find peace in the midst of our hurried world. It
                                        examines the importance of silence and reflective
                                        prayer so that we can receive God‘s guidance in our
                                        lives. The video shows how contemplative prayer
                                        can be used to return to a more simple life and
                                        reaffirms what is truly important in our lives. The
                                        video contains sections by Max Lucado, Beth Moore,
                                        Richard Foster, Pricilla Shirer, and Dallas Willard. 90

BECOMING A CONTAGIOUS CHRISTIAN         This video curriculum can be presented in four 2-
                                        hour sessions or eight 50-minute sessions or in
                                        extended settings like retreats. It is a Willow Creek
                                        Community Church‘s Evangelism Course–a 60-
                                        minute video supplemented with a participant‘s
                                        guide, leader‘s guide and overhead masters. The
                                        focus is on relational evangelism and developing a
                                        style of reaching others with the gospel that is
                                        comfortable and natural for each person. This course
                                        is absolutely vital for mission-oriented congregations.
BECOMING A WOMAN OF GRACE              Cynthia Heald, the author of the Bible study,
                                       ―Becoming a Woman of Grace,‖ narrates this video.
                                       It is designed to use with her Bible study. The eleven
                                       teaching sessions of the video are tailored to
                                       correspond with study chapters. They offer her
                                       additional insights into receiving God‘s grace and
                                       reflecting it to others. The study can be obtained at
                                       Christian bookstores or by calling 1-800-933-9673. It
                                       can also be used as a guide to accompany your own
                                       individual Bible study.
BEGINNER‘S BIBLE—TIMELESS CHILDREN‘S   Created to help share with young children the most
STORIES, THE                           important lessons from the greatest stories ever told.
                                       The ―Beginner‘s Bible Series‖ brings the wonder and
                                       joy of the Bible to life. With memorable songs, vivid
                                       animation and heartwarming characters, this series
                                       is a delightful way to introduce young children to the
                                       timeless stories of inspiration, courage and faith. The
                                       tapes in this series include: Tape 1–The Story of
                                       Creation; Tape 2–The Story of Noah‘s Ark; Tape
                                       3–The Story of David and Goliath; Tape 4–The Story
                                       of Moses; Tape 5–The Story of the Nativity; Tape
                                       6–The Story of Easter; Tape 7–The Story of Joseph
                                       and His Brothers; Tape 8–The Story of Jonah and
                                       the Whale; Tape 9–The Story of the Prodigal Son.
                                       Each tape 30 minutes.

BELONGING GAME, THE                    An excellent resource for dealing with peer pressure
                                       and today‘s teens. A new girl in town learns how to
                                       be a winner, as she makes difficult but right choices
                                       in a struggle against peer pressure.

BEST CHRISTMAS PAGEANT EVER, THE       This video is designed for family entertainment by
                                       Schaefer/Karpf Production. This delightful Christmas
                                       story features Loretta Swit. It is a wonderful story and
                                       truly can be used with a mixed age group of people
                                       from ages 8–108. Beware of the family called
                                       Herdman! They are the nastiest, dirtiest kids you
                                       could ever meet....and they‘ve just decided they
                                       belong in this year‘s pageant. But the town thinks
                                       they belong in the care of the local police. When the
                                       curtain finally goes up, a miracle begins–and it all
                                       turns into…THE BEST CHRISTMAS PAGEANT
BEST OF VICTOR BORGE, THE            This video is distributed by GMZ Productions in New
                                     York. It features classic routines of this master funny
                                     man performed before an audience. There are times
                                     we (especially Lutherans) get so serious about
                                     getting everything in our congregations and the world
                                     just right that we lose our focus on grace. Those are
                                     times when we need to laugh the most. This video
                                     brings a little healing power of laughter to people who
                                     forget how to laugh. It is when we are laughing that
                                     we are most vulnerable to the power of the Holy
                                     Spirit. Older youth and adults may best enjoy this

BETTER WAY, A                        This video for teenagers is a stark look at the
                                     realities of teen suicide. Set in a situation that could
                                     be any hometown in America, it explores the feelings
                                     of those most touched by an intentional death; the
                                     family, friends, school peers.

BETWEEN TWO ALTARS                   This video looks at tensions that Christians face in
                                     living out their faith in the world. The tensions…the
                                     two altars…are as follows: The Mind: Conformed or
                                     Transformed? Are we to be conformed to the values
                                     and morals of culture? Or are we to be transformed
                                     by our faith? The Body: Idol or Temple? Is the
                                     physical body an idol to be worshiped? Or is the
                                     body…like a temple…meant to reflect our worship of
                                     God? Work: Calling or Curse? Is work…everyday
                                     secular work…a calling? Or is work…menial,
                                     mindless, one-thing-after-another work…a curse?
                                     Wealth: Blessing or Barrier? Is wealth a blessing
                                     from God? Or is wealth a barrier…like a camel going
                                     through the eye of a needle? The Neighbor: Stranger
                                     or Friend? Are we to treat those who are different
                                     than us as strangers? Or are we to reach out and
                                     befriend them? Technology: Servant or Master? Is
                                     technology a servant to make us more efficient and
                                     effective? Or is technology becoming our master?
                                     Martin Marty, the foremost commentator on religion
                                     in America, and David Clark, who teaches theology
                                     at Bethel Seminary, discuss these issues with
                                     scholars, businesspeople, writers, a physician, a
BEYOND DEATH‘S DOOR—HELP FOR THE     This powerful video is narrated by individuals who
GRIEVING PROCESS AFTER SOMEONE YOU   have lost a loved one. The term ―bereaved‖ literally
LOVE HAS DIED                        means ―torn apart.‖ The video shows that as you lose
                                     someone you love your life is completely thrown out
                                     of balance, and the bereaved individual experiences
                                     shock, disbelief, questioning, guilt, and a broken
                                     heart. Beyond Death‘s Door provides firsthand
                                     understanding of grieving; it will help the viewer with
                                     his or her own grief journey. Support guide is
BEYOND GUILT AND POWERLESSNESS   This video looks at world hunger and how Christian
                                 people respond to it. It gives facts and figures about
                                 hunger in the U.S. and overseas. It reveals stories
                                 about how different kinds of people have come to
                                 grips with their roles as Christians in helping ―the
                                 least of their sisters and brothers.‖
BEYOND THE NEWS                  This series addresses contemporary social issues
                                 using video and discussion. Excellent for youth and
                                 adult groups. Produced by the Mennonite Board of
                                 Missions. Very high quality. Tape 1–Sexual Abuse:
                                 This video is a powerful discussion starter about
                                 issues surrounding sexual abuse: its reality,
                                 vulnerability, power and control issues, date rape
                                 and the healing community that the congregation can
                                 be. The stories presented are real, but use actors. It
                                 could be appropriate for older high school students
                                 with parents (in attendance) and adults, but definitely
                                 should be previewed and debriefed through
                                 discussion. A discussion guide is included. Up to five
                                 sessions are possible. 21 minutes. Tape 2–Hope for
                                 Bosnia: puts a faith orientation on situations so
                                 prominently named in current newscasts. Instead of
                                 hatred and killing, individuals discuss forgiveness
                                 and reaching out to make peace with those that
                                 oppose them. The focus is consistently one of
                                 intentional effort toward peace. A discussion guide
                                 helps lead up to four sessions. 30 minutes. Tape
                                 3–Homelessness: Four segments that inform with
                                 the purpose of helping people transform their ideas
                                 and actions to more accurately reflect their faith. The
BEYOND THE NEXT MOUNTAIN         This video is the inspiring story of Rochunga Pudaite
                                 of the Hmar tribe in India. He was God‘s instrument
                                 to bring the Scriptures to the entire Hmar tribe in their
                                 own language. The Hmars were the worst
                                 headhunters in India. In 1910 a single copy of John‘s
                                 Gospel came into this village and changed the
                                 course of history for these people. The ―headhunter
                                 to hearthunter‖ story is one of the most thrilling
                                 accounts in missionary annals, and it is a prototype
                                 for the ministry of Bibles for the World. God‘s word,
                                 the seed, was planted, and this new life in Christ is
                                 for everyone. Rochunga and his wife Mawaii
                                 established Bibles for the World in 1973. The
                                 planting of the seed goes on.

BEYOND THE ORDINARY              This video produced by U. S. Congregations could
                                 be useful in helping congregations build on their
                                 strengths. The video is a survey of several
                                 successful congregations. It identifies building blocks
                                 that help ordinary congregations become extra-
                                 ordinary congregations. Each strength is examined in
                                 detail. 30 minutes
BIBLE COLLECTION, THE             Biblical drama of Old Testament heroes especially
                                  for youth and adults: Abraham–150 minutes;
                                  Jacob–94 minutes; Jeremiah–96 minutes;
                                  Joseph–185 minutes on two tapes; Moses–184
                                  minutes on two tapes; Samson and Delilah–200
                                  minutes on two tapes; David–185 minutes on two
BIBLE—IN THE BEGINNING, THE       This international film depicts the first 22 chapters of
                                  Genesis. It is the story of humanity‘s creation, fall,
                                  survival and ultimate faith in the future. The film
                                  presents the perpetual message of hope and
                                  salvation. George C. Scott portrays Abraham, Ava
                                  Gardner is Sarah and Peter O‘Toole the Angel of
                                  God. John Houston, the director, delivers a
                                  commanding performance as Noah.
BIBLE‘S BIG STORY, THE            Many know bits and pieces about the Bible–some
                                  stories, quotes, names, events. Here is an
                                  opportunity to fit the fragments together. Dr. Harry
                                  Wendt leads the viewer on a memorable journey
                                  through the Bible with the help of a colorful time line.
                                  The Bible‘s Big Story can be used to teach a class or
                                  for a self-guided Bible ―tour.‖ Study book is included.
                                  37 minutes
BILLY GRAHAM—PROPHET WITH HONOR   In this fast-paced, international television special
                                  hosted by David Frost, we meet Billy Graham and
                                  hear in his own words about his unprecedented
                                  opportunities and the formidable challenges that
                                  marked major turning points for him. Documentary
                                  footage, Dr. Graham‘s own explanations, and
                                  comments from friends, associates and critics
                                  provide insight into one of the most unusual and
                                  influential lives of our era.
BINGE DRINKING—THE FACTS          This study course on binge drinking put out by
                                  Human Relations Media is extremely informative on
                                  this topic that is prevalent in many areas of society,
                                  especially with young people. More than 4.4 million
                                  teens under age 21 are classified as binge drinkers.
                                  Although the number of underage drinkers may
                                  appear staggering, the binge-drinking phenomenon
                                  can be prevented through education. By viewing this
                                  DVD and working on the activities, you can make
                                  students understand that there are ways to have fun
                                  that do not involve alcohol. They will also learn the
                                  importance of being responsible for their friends if
                                  they find themselves in a situation where alcohol is
                                  being used. They will be able to identify the signs of
                                  alcohol poisoning, and they will discover what to do if
                                  their friends overdose on alcohol.
BLIND SHEPHERD OF THE HILLS   Produced by Gateway Films/Vision Video, this video
                              features The Rev. Duane Steele, an ELCA pastor
                              who is sightless and who serves Gladesboro
                              Lutheran Church in Hillsville, Va. It is an ideal
                              program for Women of the ELCA groups, Lutheran
                              Men in Mission, youth groups, social issue forums,
                              adult discussion groups, and senior citizen groups.
                              Duane‘s lifelong blindness hasn‘t stopped him from
                              following what he heard as a divine call into the
                              ministry as a Christian pastor. He is a wonderful
                              preacher, a good Bible study leader, and has
                              exceptional musical talent. He entertains school
                              children at an assembly, entertains with dinner music
                              at a local restaurant, plays and sings an offertory
                              during Sunday morning worship. Vision is not just a
                              matter of sight with the eyes. It is sight with one‘s
                              hands, one‘s mind, with the smell, and with the taste,
                              also. This is an interesting video about an amazingly
                              gifted Lutheran pastor.

BOBBY BOWDEN—A WINNING WAY    Bobby Bowden has built the Florida State football
                              program into one of the perennial powers of the
                              NCAA. He has produced NFL stars, Heisman Trophy
                              winners, and national championships. Coach
                              Bowden is a motivator. But what motivates the
                              motivator? Who coaches the coach? This video
                              gives us a behind-the-scenes look at this coaching
                              giant as he shares the keys to what makes a winner,
                              whether in athletics or in life.
BONHOEFFER: AGENT OF GRACE    This video, which won the best film at Monte Carlo
                              Television Festival, is a biographical portrait of the
                              highly regarded German pastor who joined the
                              resistance against Hitler and the Nazi regime. The
                              film shows the moral struggle that Dietrich
                              Bonhoeffer went through with his heroic rebellion that
                              cost him his life on April 9, 1945, less than a month
                              before the end of the war.
BONHOEFFER: AGENT OF GRACE    This video which won the best film at Monte Carlo
                              Television Festival is a biographical portrait of the
                              highly regarded German pastor who joined the
                              resistance against Hitler and the Nazi regime. The
                              film shows the moral struggle that Dietrich
                              Bonhoeffer went through with his heroic rebellion
                              which cost him his life on April 9, 1945, less than a
                              month before the end of the war. 90 minutes.
BOOK AND THE ROSE, THE        This film is based on the story, ―The People With the
                              Roses,‖ by Max Lucado. It is a timeless love story
                              about divergent paths, choices, and meeting of
                              hearts and ideals. It is the story of a young man who
                              finds a book filled with handwritten notes. He begins
                              a correspondence with the book‘s previous owner,
                              and he finds that he has much in common with her. It
                              is a delightful story. 40 minutes
BOOK OF FAITH INITIATIVE   1.Foundational Training DVD 7 sessions
                           2.Guiding the Conversation
                           3.Teaching the Bible
                           4.Encountering God in Scripture
BOOK OF GENESIS, THE       This four-part series from The Bible on Video is a
                           superb Bible study. It shows God‘s promises from
                           the beginning. One congregation‘s Women of the
                           ELCA even scheduled video 1 for their October
                           general monthly meeting. The series contains the
                           following parts: Part I–The Beginning (59 minutes);
                           Part II–Abraham (110 minutes); Part III–Isaac, Esau
                           and Jacob (94 minutes); and Part IV–Joseph (89
                           minutes). Hearing and seeing Christ‘s teaching will
                           deepen your understanding and strengthen your
                           faith. 352 minutes
BOOK OF GOD, THE           In this video, stories and people from the Bible come
                           to life–dramatized by a master storyteller, Walter
                           Wangerin, Jr. He dramatized biblical events, making
                           the men and women of this ancient book come alive
                           in vivid detail and dialogue, with high drama, low
                           comedy, gentle humor, and awesome holiness,
                           revealing the humanity and holiness of the people
                           whose stories are told in the pages of Scripture. 60

BORN TO SERVE              ―Born to Serve‖ celebrates the birth of Lutheran
                           Services in America (LSA). In the context of baptism,
                           we reflect on God‘s call to serve the needs and hurts
                           of the world. LSA brings together the Evangelical
                           Lutheran Church in America and The Lutheran
                           Church–Missouri Synod and their nearly 300
                           organizations that serve 2 million people a year in
                           3,000 communities from Alaska to the Virgin Islands.
                           Born to Serve celebrates our call to human care
                           ministry. 5 minutes
BOUNDARIES                 This study, consisting of nine interactive sessions,
                           will teach the participants how to live life more fully
                           and display Christ‘s love more freely. The study is
                           based on the best-selling book by Drs. Henry Cloud
                           and John Townsend. Drawing on principles from the
                           Bible, ―Boundaries‖ guides small groups on a journey
                           of discovery and practical application. Healthy
                           relationships and sound living depend on maintaining
                           smart personal boundaries. This video is a good start
                           in learning these principles. The viewers will enjoy
                           the support and interaction of a small group as they
                           cultivate the habits of productive relationships in
                           every sphere of life–marriage, family, friendships,
                           church. and the workplace. Leader‘s guide,
                           participant‘s guide and book are included. 94
BOUNDARIES IN MARRIAGE                 Do husbands and wives need boundaries?
                                       Absolutely! Respecting your spouse‘s personal
                                       ―territory‖ can strengthen your relationship with each
                                       other—and with God. Henry Cloud and John
                                       Townsend help you keep your marriage safe from
                                       intruders such as idols, affairs, other people…even
                                       well-meaning parents. This Kit includes leader‘s
                                       guide, participant‘s guide, hardcover book, and eight-
                                       session videocassette and DVD. Sessions: What‘s a
                                       Boundary, Anyway?; Applying the Ten Laws of
                                       Boundaries to Marriage; Setting Boundaries with
                                       Yourself; Values One and Two: Love of God and
                                       Love of Spouse; Values Three and Four: Honesty
                                       and Faithfulness; Values Five and Six: Compassion
                                       and Forgiveness and Holiness; Resolving Conflict in
                                       Marriage; Some Warning Signs to Help Your
                                       Marriage. 105 minutes.

BOZ—ADVENTURES IN IMAGINATION          The three episodes on this DVD are: 1. ―What If?‖ It
                                       deals with helping others. 2. ―Look In A Book!‖ Boz
                                       enjoys reading and helping Grammie B in the library.
                                       3. ―What Do You See?‖ God‘s world has endless
                                       possibilities. A box can be part of a great adventure.

BOZ—BANANAS, BUBBLES AND BUSY BODIES   The are three adventures in this episode. 1. ―A Busy
                                       Body Day!‖ We grow stronger as we play and have
                                       fun with BOZ‘s Busy Body Box. 2. ―Double Peppy
                                       Pizza!‖ God‘s colorful fruits and vegetables are great
                                       to eat! 3. ―Scrubby Bubble Clean!‖ Washing away
                                       dirt and germs keeps us clean and helps our bodies
                                       stay healthy!
BOZ—COLORS AND SHAPES                  These 3 episodes are included. 1. ―Growing Colors.‖
                                       Colors grow plentiful when we are outdoors exploring
                                       God‘s world. 2. ―Shaping Things Up.‖ Use your
                                       imagination and see what we can do with the shapes
                                       you find. 3. ―Counting on God‘s Love.‖ We can
                                       always count on the many ways God shows us his
BOZ—FRIENDS AND HELPERS                This new series is for pre-schoolers. There are
                                       various titles available. BOZ, Drew, and Gracie help
                                       your children discover that God is pleased when we
                                       share his blessings and help others! The DVD has
                                       these three adventures: 1. ―Rescue Man to the
                                       Rescue,‖ dealing with sharing by helping people in
                                       need; 2. ―Doing Our Fair Share,‖ dealing with doing
                                       good deeds; 3. ―A Lesson for the Teacher,‖ where
                                       friends help one another to learn how to do new
BRAZIL: THE LAST WESTERN FRONTIER    Produced by the Division for Global Mission, this
                                     video describes the plight of the native Brazilian
                                     tribes. The history of native Brazilians has been one
                                     of great pain and suffering. Today Brazil has an
                                     estimated 220,000 native people who have suffered
                                     from government neglect and from the impact of
                                     white culture. However, a new constitution addresses
                                     this issue and allows them to bring suits to defend
                                     their rights and interests. 22 minutes

BREAK FORTH INTO JOY!—BEYOND A       ―Break Forth Into Joy!‖ helps us take a critical look at
CONSUMER LIFESTYLE                   our lifestyle choices and the shape our lives have
                                     taken. It helps us realize how our obsession with
                                     buying and owning affects the earth, other people,
                                     and the human spirit. By sharing feelings, thoughts
                                     and practical ideas from a variety of people who
                                     struggle with life in a consumer society, this video
                                     calls us toward a lifestyle that is more fulfilling and
                                     joyful. Suggested for showing to adults or senior high
                                     youth groups in church school classes, workshops or
                                     other special gatherings. 15 minutes–Plus three
                                     additional, optional, 10-minute sections.

BRIDGE TO FORGIVENESS, THE           This video offers a fresh way for youth to look at
                                     forgiveness. The story of Jacob and Esau is
                                     portrayed by actors Ted and Lee. These biblical
                                     brothers find forgiveness and set an example to the
                                     viewers. The powerful song, ―Healing of the Heart‖ is
                                     performed. The experiences of youth are shared as
                                     they talk about hurt, anger and forgiveness. Study
                                     guide is enclosed. 13 minutes
BRIDGE—A DRAMATIC PARABLE ON GOD‘S   A dramatic parable on God‘s sacrifice of his own.
SACRIFICE OF HIS SON, THE            This video is a winner of five major national awards
                                     including a Gold Plaque at the Chicago Intercom
                                     Film Festival. Tape includes a printed guide with
                                     insights into the film‘s meanings and suggestions on
                                     how to use the film in teaching settings. Viewers
                                     must be prepared before the film is shown–its
                                     message is told in what is to some, a very disturbing
                                     way–emotionally intense. 10 minutes

BRING UP A CHILD                     A production of The Oaks Indian Center, Oaks, Okla.
                                     Oaks Indian Center is a ministry of the Evangelical
                                     Lutheran Church in America, witnessing to the
                                     Gospel of Jesus Christ in the heart of the Cherokee
                                     nation. Their mission is to enable people to achieve
                                     wholeness of body, mind, and spirit while sustaining
                                     dignity and harmony with others and to nurture
                                     cultural and personal identity in relationship to God,
                                     family, and community. The video is photographed
                                     on location and gives background of the ministry at
                                     Oaks and includes statements by some of the
                                     residents. The Nebraska Synod has always been
                                     supportive of the Oaks Indian Center. 18 minutes
BROKEN FOR YOU: THE BODY OF CHRIST     This video features four courageous advocates for
                                       justice who risk their lives daily for freedom in
                                       southern Africa. Through their words, sacrifice, and
                                       struggles, they testify to the essential relationship
                                       between the Gospel and the longing for justice. 21
BROKEN VOWS—RELIGIOUS PERSPECTIVES     Produced by the Center for Prevention of Sexual and
ON DOMESTIC VIOLENCE                   Domestic Violence, the video can serve as a
                                       valuable tool in educating us about the pervasive
                                       problem of domestic violence, and the church‘s need
                                       to respond to victims in a timely and supportive
                                       manner. The two-part program is intended for church
                                       professionals and laity. Three areas of domestic
                                       violence are discussed: 1. understanding the
                                       dynamics of domestic violence; 2. supporting
                                       individuals experiencing domestic violence through
                                       the cooperation of religious and secular
                                       communities; and 3. developing programs for the
                                       prevention of domestic violence. Victims of domestic
                                       violence share their stories in a compelling way;
                                       clergy, psychologists, and shelter workers add their
                                       viewpoints. What results is a comprehensive
                                       treatment of domestic violence that will cause
                                       viewers to examine their responses to this serious
                                       problem, as well as examine what they feel should
                                       be the church‘s response. 59 minutes, two-parts

BUILDING A BETTER HEALTH CARE SYSTEM   Produced by the AARP, it clearly depicts the
                                       emergency state of American health care. This video
                                       is very well done. The personal stories grab one‘s
                                       heart and are very real. It also suggests directions
                                       that the people of the U.S. can go. Even though the
                                       usual intended audience is people who are retired,
                                       the video would be interesting to use with high
                                       school youth. Most do not have an understanding of
                                       the present health care problems in the USA and
                                       certainly don‘t have a clue that this involves them
                                       and their families. 23 minutes
BUILDING A CHRISTIAN MARRIAGE (STUDY    Produced by Family Films in St. Louis, Mo. Two
COURSE)                                 different courses are offered: pre-marriage
                                        counseling and early-marriage counseling. For both
                                        courses the video provides an instant ―window‖ into
                                        the expectations, fears, and concerns of two couples.
                                        The leader‘s guide provides the full scope of each
                                        lesson, shows the leader exactly what to do next,
                                        and provides answers for each question. Each
                                        person receives one work sheet for each session.
                                        The work sheets are designed for the participants to
                                        express different opinions. Most couples approach
                                        marriage with rose-colored glasses. They feel that
                                        their love will conquer all and that problems will
                                        disappear. They have common but unrealistic
                                        expectations. The months before and after the
                                        marriage are crucial times for couples. Patterns set
                                        into practice can make or break a marriage. These
                                        months are a time of opportunity for the church; a
                                        time to show couples that the Holy Spirit, the Bible,
                                        and their congregation will help support and
                                        strengthen their marriage.

BUILDING ASSETS IN YOUTH—THE POWER OF   Search Institute recently announced a nationwide
POSITIVE YOUTH DEVELOPMENT              initiative to build assets for healthy living in young
                                        people. The initiative is community-based and
                                        involves families, schools, congregations, and
                                        community organizations. This video introduced the
                                        concept of positive development (instead of simply
                                        ―fixing‖ problem situations). It can be used in various
                                        settings to mobilize people in supporting and
                                        nurturing young people. The leader‘s guide includes
                                        several scripts for presentations. 12 minutes

BUILDING BRIDGES—THE WORK OF COMMON     This set of 6 audiotapes is narrated by Father
GOOD                                    Richard Rohr, a Franciscan priest, author, and
                                        speaker. The heart of the Common Ground Project is
                                        to stand against evil and hatred in the world, to stand
                                        against the destruction of life from the womb to the
                                        tomb, and not become attacking, righteous, hateful
                                        people ourselves. Faith places us in a position to
                                        create common ground. When we‘re not filled with
                                        ourselves, when we‘ve emptied out, we allow holy
                                        spaciousness–and then there‘s room for common
                                        ground. 360 minutes.

BUILDING HOPE                           This DVD is a follow up on ―Discovering Hope.‖ It
                                        tells how rural and small town congregations apply
                                        Discovering Hope‘s six core values to build hope and
                                        joy inside their walls and outside into their
                                        communities. It is a resource that both compliments
                                        and builds on Discovering Hope.
BUILDING SPACES AND PLACES               This video was put out by the Mission Investment
                                         Fund of the ELCA. It tells the story of the Fund‘s
                                         ministry through the experiences of two ELCA
                                         congregations. It encourages Lutherans to invest in
                                         the Fund that can help congregations by providing
                                         loans to new ELCA mission congregations for
                                         purchases of land and construction of initial church
                                         buildings. Study guide is enclosed. 11 minutes

BUILDING THE CHURCH, SHARING OUR FAITH   This is a new video produced by the Mission
                                         Investment Fund of the ELCA. It tells the story of the
                                         Fund by highlighting a mission congregation, Gloria
                                         de Cristo Lutheran Church, Yuma, Ariz., that built its
                                         first church with a low-interest loan from the Fund
                                         and through the experiences of four Mission
                                         Investors. Four Lutherans who are helping to build
                                         the future of the church by investing in the Fund are
                                         featured on the video. It is pointed out that financial
                                         resources invested in the Fund earn competitive
                                         rates of interest while they are used to make low-
                                         interest loans to mission congregations. The video is
                                         suggested for adult forums, church council members,
                                         members of finance, stewardship, and other
                                         committees involved in decision-making. Study guide
                                         enclosed. 12 minutes

BUILT ON THE ROCK—OLD COUNTRY            Through this inspirational video, the viewer can visit
CHURCHES                                 the old-time country churches in the beautiful
                                         Southern Appalachian Mountains. It is rich with
                                         tradition and history, a celebration of faith and family.
                                         The viewer can experience the seasons in the Blue
                                         Ridge and Great Smokey Mountains, hear the
                                         heartwarming stories of small-town worship, see
                                         Renaissance art, and witness a river baptism.
                                         Favorite hymns, performed on a hammered dulcimer,
                                         add an extra measure of pleasure. 60 minutes

BULLYING—WHAT EVERY ADULT NEEDS TO       This is an excellent video for parents and leaders of
KNOW                                     youth groups. It informs adults about the
                                         consequences of bullying for both the victims and the
                                         bullies, ranging from low self-esteem to suicide. It
                                         gives adults ideas of how to guide young people to
                                         deal with bullying in a healthy way. Guide is
                                         enclosed. 30 minutes
C.S. LEWIS—THROUGH THE SHADOWLANDS   This is the outstanding featured presentation
                                     distributed by Gateway Films Video. It focuses on the
                                     crises of death–when faith and love meet grief and
                                     pain. It is designed for an audience of adults but
                                     could work well with high school students. Dealing
                                     with the pain of death of a loved one is something
                                     every family must grow through. This is an excellent
                                     film. Lewis, the brilliant Oxford and Cambridge
                                     scholar, lives the life of a comfortable professor who
                                     confidently espouses the Christian faith in the midst
                                     of his skeptical colleagues. A bachelor for most of his
                                     life, he meets Joy, a Jewish and formerly communist
                                     divorcee, who becomes a Christian through reading
                                     Lewis‘ books. They have a technical marriage so that
                                     she and her two sons can stay in England. When
                                     they discover that Joy has cancer, he marries her
                                     ―before God.‖ The story shows the deep passion of
                                     their love and the difficulty of dealing with the
                                     disease. When she dies, the sorrow shatters the faith
                                     of his basic Christian beliefs. It is a powerful to see
                                     how he and his two stepsons grow through the grief
                                     process and move forward in faith.
CALL IS THE ANSWER, THE              This set of two audiocassettes is narrated by Os
                                     Guinness, renowned author and thinker, and is
                                     considered a classic work of life‘s purpose. The
                                     author goes past our superficial understanding to the
                                     very heart of what calling means. Far bigger than our
                                     jobs, deeper than our personal accomplishments,
                                     higher than our ideas of self-fulfillment, calling
                                     addresses the very essence of our existence. Dr.
                                     Guinness sets out the principles for all who seek
                                     their life‘s central purpose. 180 minutes

CALL TO WITNESS                      This video is a documentary about the courageous
                                     struggle for gay and lesbian rights within the
                                     Lutheran Church. The video shows the conflicting
                                     opinions that exist in the ELCA on the issues of gay
                                     and lesbian rights in the church community. It shows
                                     the struggles of some congregations who have
                                     openly accepted gay and lesbian pastors. Discussion
                                     guide is included. 59 minutes
CALLED: THE MINISTRY OF TEACHING   This six-tape video teaching series produced by
                                   Seraphim Communications in Minneapolis is
                                   designed for teachers in our Sunday schools and
                                   weekday schools. It features a marvelous educator,
                                   Sharon Lee, who was a featured presenter in 1993 at
                                   the Nebraska Synod‘s Teachers‘ Retreat. The tapes
                                   are inspirational and motivational as well as sharing
                                   resources and designs. Sharon also covers why we
                                   teach the faith and what is so important about the
                                   volunteer teacher. Tape 1: Bless the
                                   Games–Everyone has the right to shine. Teaching is
                                   creating the conditions to shine. Tape 2: Roses are
                                   Red?–Six versions filmed inside with children. See
                                   the specialness of each person. Share your faith
                                   story with them. How to use time wisely. Tape 3:
                                   Didn‘t Work, Did It?–What do you do that does
                                   work? Plan to teach to the whole child, body, mind,
                                   emotions, and spirit. Plan the objective for the
                                   lesson. Be open to change. There is a wonderful
                                   section on discipline. Tape 4: At Least Three Ways
                                   To Draw a Tree–Filmed outdoors. There is a focus
                                   on activities to do as children are coming in. How do
                                   you lead into the story? How do you retell the story?
                                   Tape 5: Get Out Of The Garden–The focus of this
CAN‘T FOOL ME                      This video, made especially for younger children, will
                                   teach them about ―tricky people,‖ people who will
                                   trick them into doing things that will hurt them. The
                                   video features the Yello Dyno band made up of
                                   young people. They sing and talk about ―tricky
                                   people‖ and advise what to do when they try to pick
                                   you up. The members of the band also explain that
                                   ―tricky people‖ can be anyone. Real situations and
                                   tricks are featured. Viewing this video will help
                                   protect the children we love. They learn a safe way to
                                   handle ―tricky people.‖ The video is based on
                                   ―Raising Kids in an Unsafe World.‖ by Jan Wagner,
                                   Yello Dyno‘s founder. It is an excellent video to teach
                                   children the lesson that ―Tricky People Can‘t Fool
                                   Me.‖ 30 minutes
CANDY MAKER‘S CHRISTMAS, THE       This animated story is especially good for children
                                   but can be enjoyed by everyone. It tells the story of
                                   August who wants to make the finest candy as a gift
                                   for the king‘s son. He feels that he has made the
                                   perfect gift, but an accidental encounter in front of
                                   the cathedral teaches him that the only really true
                                   Christmas present is the gift of Jesus. August learns
                                   a lesson in love and humility, as the candy cane
                                   becomes a popular Christmas reminder for all
                                   people. 30 minutes
CAPABLE WOMEN                                 This video is about women in western Africa, who
                                              earn, learn, and ride their way to a better life with
                                              small loans, literacy classes, and motorcycles. See
                                              how a Lutheran World Relief partnership is
                                              strengthening families, communities. and the women
                                              in them. Filmed in cooperation with a woman from
                                              Burkina Faso who is a filmmaker. 22 minutes

CARE FOR RETURNING VETERANS                   This DVD contains everything needed to conduct
                                              and present a workshop on caring for      returning
                                              veterans and their families. ELCA Chaplain Ed
                                              Hatcher gives a guided tour through this Power Point
                                              presentation workshop. Included are many
                                              resources for additional information and assistance.

CARE TEAM MINISTRY                   Care team ministry is a pastoral care model that
                                     empowers volunteers in teams to serve others. This
                                     video presents examples and ideas for
                                     congregations interested in providing non-clinical
                                     care to people in need.
CAREFULLY HIDDEN—FACING THE PROBLEMS A woman takes the first steps needed to help her
OF ALCOHOLISM                        friend face her alcoholism. Can you recognize the
                                     symptoms of alcohol dependency? Can you hear
                                     someone crying for help? This video comes with a
                                     Bible study and leader‘s guide and is suitable for use
                                     in a variety of congregational settings: circles, Bible
                                     study groups, church leaders workshops, Stephen
                                     Ministry, and parents groups, for example. It can
                                     make a powerful presentation providing a means for
                                     discussing a subject that otherwise might be difficult
                                     to address. This video is one of several addressing
                                     sensitive social issues that have been purchased
                                     jointly by the Nebraska Synodical Women‘s
                                     Organization and the Nebraska Synod Video Library.
                                     26 minutes

CAROL JOY HOLLING CAMP AND SULLIVAN           This video, narrated mainly by campers, shows many
HILLS                                         of the programs and activities that the camp offers to
                                              participants of all ages, from lower grade students to
                                              adults. The campers have a wonderful time while
                                              learning about God. 15 minutes

CAROL JOY HOLLING CAMP PROMOTION 2005         Carol Joy Holling Camp Promotion 2005 .Outdoor
                                              Andrew shows the many activities that can be found
                                              at Camp Carol Joy Holling. This is a new promotional
                                              video for the summer of 2005. The theme is
                                              ―Learning to Travel Light.‖ The center of the theme is
                                              ―The One.‖ It is an excellent interactive video and
                                              could be used with a group in a similar way.
CAROL JOY HOLLING CAMP: 2006              This new 2006 promotional video from Camp Carol
                                         Joy Holling shows the programs that are available to
                                         the campers. The activities are divided into different
                                         ago levels. There are many new programs available
                                         for campers to study about God. The camp has
                                         undergone some major additions making it a great
                                         place for campers of all ages. Video and support
                                         materilas enclosed.
CAROL JOY HOLLING- 2010 – A NEW CREATION This 2010 promotional DVD from Camp Carol Joy
                                         Holling is great. It is based on                 2
                                         Corinthians 5:17, ―Therefore, if anyone is in Christ,
                                         he is a new creation: the old has gone and the new
                                         has come!‖ The DV D shows the variety of activities
                                         available at the camp from high ropes to horseback
                                         riding. The camps are divided by age levels and
                                         emphasis, such as science camp, music camp,
                                         ranch camp, confirmation. The times and costs are
                                         listed in a wonderfully illustrated brochure. Each
                                         camp is offered several times. 3 or 6 Minutes

CARPE DIEM—SEIZE THE DAY                        In this four-part video study course, Tony Campolo
                                                shows how to reach out with open arms and
                                                rediscover a zest for life. Wise insights and warm
                                                personal stories teach viewers to laugh, to play and
                                                to love–and to appreciate friends and family,
                                                experience the delights of nature, enjoy a vibrant
                                                relationship with God, and learn to make every
                                                precious moment count. Session 1: The Last Great
                                                Idea (40 minutes). Session 2: Seize the
                                                Moment–with Passion! (48 minutes). Session 3:
                                                Seize the Kingdom–It‘s a Party! (48 minutes).
                                                Session 4: Compassion for All Creation (48 minutes).

CAUGHT IN THE CROSSFIRE                         This video, put out by the ELCA Department for
                                                Communication, premiered on PBS nationwide the
                                                week of Sept. 11, 2002. It relates the situation of
                                                Americans of Arab origin, who now find themselves
                                                in the crossfire of the war on terrorism. They feel that
                                                they are being stereotyped and are ultimately caught
                                                between the lamp lifted beside USA‘s ―golden door‖
                                                and Americans‘ long-standing fear of outsiders. The
                                                documentary puts viewers in the shoes of America‘s
                                                newest ―others‖ by weaving together the tales of
                                                three individuals, each of whom, because of her job
                                                or his place in the community, has had a particularly
                                                tricky road to navigate in recent months. A study
                                                guide is being prepared to accompany this video. 60
CELEBRATION OF DISCIPLINE (STUDY COURSE) Victory Films, Inc., produces this series of videos
                                         that features Dr. Richard J. Foster, a Quaker who
                                         has done extensive work in the area of Spiritual Life
                                         Development. He is author of several books
                                         published by Harper and Row including ―Freedom
                                         and Simplicity‖ and ―Celebration of Discipline.‖ He
                                         quotes and uses Luther as a model more than many
                                         Lutherans. This series covers very important areas
                                         for spiritual growth. Tape 1: Spiritual
                                         Discipline…Door to Liberation–a look at the human
                                         dilemma of thinking that the spiritual disciplines are
                                         too confining rather than liberating. We get trapped
                                         in our busy, fast-paced life and rebel rather than
                                         grow responsibly in faith. Tape 2: The Inward
                                         Disciplines–an exploration on how to move into the
                                         internal righteousness of the Kingdom of God. It is a
                                         ―how to‖ on centering, meditation, contemplation,
                                         fasting, Bible study, and prayer. All are gifts of God
                                         that enable us to hear God‘s voice and respond
                                         responsibly. Tape 3: The Outward Disciplines–not a
                                         set of pious exercises for the devout, but a call to live
                                         a life that makes a difference to the lives of others
                                         and to learn that a little is enough. Tape 4: The
CELEBRATION OF WOMEN IN MINISTRY, A      The ELCA Commission prepared this DVD for
                                         Women. It celebrates the 35th anniversary of the
                                         ordination of women in Lutheran churches in North
                                         America. The DVD shows the history of women in
                                         leadership before ordination and highlights many
                                         firsts for Lutheran leaders who are female, including
                                         ordained and lay. It is a celebration of the many
                                         women who have helped shape the church.

CHANGES AND CHOICES (STUDY COURSE)               This study course on sexuality was designed for
                                                 junior high youth and was produced by Family Films
                                                 in St. Louis., Mo. The program is designed in four
                                                 sessions and encourages the participation of
                                                 parents. There are three optional uses of this
                                                 excellent program on sexuality: four 60-minute
                                                 sessions, four 90-minute sessions, or a whole retreat
                                                 setting. The video features a live presentation of
                                                 Betty Horgen before an audience of junior high
                                                 youth. She is an effective communicator who
                                                 addresses physical and emotional changes, peer
                                                 pressure, the progression of sexuality, forgiveness,
                                                 developing God-pleasing attitudes, and more.
                                                 Included are vignettes of real-life situations of junior
                                                 high youth, which are sometimes humorous and
                                                 other times serious. Perhaps the most helpful
                                                 resource is the Leader‘s Guide written by Tom
                                                 Couser, a very talented Lutheran Director of
                                                 Christian Education. He has developed an excellent
                                                 course that is user-friendly.
CHANGING THE RHYTHM OF PARISH MINISTRY: The purpose of this video and study guide is to help
SABBATICAL INSIGHTS                     congregations of the ELCA explore the possibility of
                                        establishing a sabbatical leave policy for pastors and
                                        staff members. It is designed for congregation
                                        councils, adult study groups and church committees.
                                        The video emphasizes the importance of sabbatical
                                        leave. The idea comes from the Old Testament,
                                        Shabbat, a day of rest and renewal. Three pastors
                                        and one lay person are interviewed. They all
                                        emphasize that sabbatical is a renewal which raises
                                        the quality of the ministry. It brings forth new
                                        ministries and spiritual growth. It is an investment
                                        that congregations make to help them grow. 13

CHARLIE‘S CHRISTMAS PROJECT                    Charlie has always wanted a dog! But his parents
                                               won‘t let him have one. Arfie, a stray dog that Charlie
                                               is particularly fond of, has been picked up by the
                                               dogcatcher and will be put to sleep in three
                                               days–Christmas Eve–if a home cannot be found for
                                               him. What a dilemma! In the process of finding Arfie
                                               a home, Charlie shows a lot of adults that animals
                                               can unite human beings in many ways. As Christmas
                                               Eve gets closer, Charlie is in for the surprise of his
                                               life. 24 minutes
CHARLIE‘S CHRISTMAS SECRET                     Charlie just can‘t quite get into the Christmas spirit
                                               this year. The glitter of the Christmas season is
                                               disenchanting for ten-year-old Charlie, whose
                                               newspaper route has brought him into contact with
                                               those whose lives are less comfortable than his–a
                                               bitter and lonely old woman, a struggling single
                                               parent, and a homeless person. But Charlie finds the
                                               Christmas spirit by caring and giving of himself,
                                               changing the lives of those he encounters, and of his
                                               own family as well. 24 minutes

CHARLOTTE‘S WEB                                This Hanna–Barbera production of E. B. White‘s best-
                                               selling novel is a tale of ―friendship and salvation, a
                                               story of miracles–the miracle of birth, the miracle of
                                               friendship, and the miracle of death.‖ Children love
                                               this timeless story. 94 minutes

CHEERS FOR MISS BISHOP                         Based on Bess Streeter Aldrich‘s novel, this old
                                               movie traces the life of a college professor as she
                                               remembers her fifty-year career. During that time,
                                               she was able to have a positive impact on the lives
                                               of her students and instill in them the pride and
                                               confidence that have become part of her life. It is a
                                               story of courage, and one that relates the influence
                                               that teachers can have on young lives.
CHICKEN SOUP FOR THE SOUL           In this riveting on stage production, Jack Canfield
                                    and Mark Victor Hansen take you on a guided tour
                                    through the pages of their Chicken Soup books.
                                    You‘ll hear selected Soup stories…take a deeper
                                    look at their life-affirming messages…and meet
                                    dozens of the books‘ true-life heroes. Four tapes as
                                    follows: Tape 1–Love (40 minutes)–Learning to Love
                                    Yourself (20 minutes); Tape 2–Parenting (45
                                    minutes)–Learning and Teaching (30 minutes); Tape
                                    3–Living Your Dreams (45 minutes)–Overcoming
                                    Obstacles (40 minutes); Tape 4–Coping With Death
                                    and Dying (25 minutes)–Eclectic Wisdom (25
CHILD ABUSE PREVENTION? HELP YOUR   This video is produced by Video-Cam Productions in
FRIENDS                             Salina, Kan., to be viewed by first, second, and third
                                    graders, but older children may learn from it, too. The
                                    video is designed to teach children techniques they
                                    need to learn and information they need to know.
                                    The following sessions are included: I–Helping your
                                    friend guard against a ―stranger in a car,‖ and
                                    learning to identify vehicles and license plates. (14
                                    minutes); II–Helping your friend guard against ―a
                                    stranger not in a car‖ learning to identify people. (8
                                    minutes); III–The benefits of good touching and
                                    problems of bad touching, and how each might affect
                                    a friend. (10 minutes); IV–The problem of adults‘
                                    misdirected anger (8 minutes); V–A dramatized
                                    series of vignettes to show what the results might be
                                    if friends help each other (4 minutes). 44 minutes

CHILD IN OUR HANDS, THE             Couldn‘t attend the ―Child In Our Hands‖ Conference
                                    this Fall? Listen to: Dick Hardel, storyteller and
                                    pastor; Marjorie J. Thompson, Director of Pathways
                                    Center for Christian Spirituality; Dr. David Anderson,
                                    Project Director for Augsburg Youth and Family
                                    Institute, and Dr. Roland Martinson, Professor of
                                    Pastoral Care, Luther Seminary. They share their
                                    passion for helping families develop faith within their
                                    homes. Their presentations give practical examples,
                                    organizational ideas, and scriptural support for how
                                    to make this part of the ministry at your church. If you
                                    were able to attend the conference, this video is a
                                    great way to share the message with others in your
                                    congregation. 60 minutes

CHILD OF THE UNIVERSE               This short video is excellent and inspirational. It is a
                                    portrait of oneness and diversity of the human family.
                                    The song text is ―Desiderata.‖ Upbeat, moving, and
                                    meditative. 5 minutes
CHILDREN AND…SERIES                    Vince Isner, Director of Children and Family Ministry
                                       at First United Methodist Church in Shreveport, La.,
                                       talks with TV personalities and others on topics
                                       pertinent to childhood development and growth.
                                       There are four tapes, each dealing with a different
                                       topic. Tape 1: Children and Self-Esteem–This is an
                                       interview with Art Linkletter about children and the
                                       responsibility of today‘s adults as parents. Topics
                                       deal with the importance of self-esteem formation,
                                       how parents can help develop self-esteem in
                                       children, the importance of family tradition as the
                                       grounding of self-esteem, and the importance of
                                       positive communication. Tape 2: Children and
                                       Television–Bob Keeshan, better known as Captain
                                       Kangaroo, talks about the effects television is having
                                       on today‘s children. Dealing with questions faced by
                                       parents, suggestions are offered as to what TV
                                       programs your children should and should not be
                                       watching, what messages children are receiving
                                       about morality, what kind of motivation television
                                       provides your children. Tape 3: Children and
                                       Faith–This is an interview with Donald B. Rogers,
                                       Professor of Christian Education at United Seminary.
                                       Developing and nurturing the Christian faith of
CHILDREN AT RISK: THE BATTLE FOR THE   Dr. James Dobson and Gary Bauer are the
HEARTS AND MINDS OF OUR KIDS           presenters in this three-session series. The program
                                       includes a reproducible study guide, plan of action kit
                                       and resource book, ―Children at Risk.‖ The jacket
                                       notes highlight the following areas of discussion: the
                                       unraveling of a culture; children–keys to victory;
                                       ultimate battle–adolescent sexuality, an issue of life
                                       or death; and we‘re not going to lose. As with most
                                       Dobson materials, there is a strong emotional
                                       undercurrent in the presentation and issues are
                                       delineated as very clear-cut. The ―talking head‖
                                       format, taped before a live audience, presents an
                                       expert–audience approach and tends to leave one
                                       feeling that they are for or against the issues
                                       discussed instead of being involved in the struggle to
                                       build Christian values in our children. There is a
                                       definite ―we/them‖ orientation, not the ―we‘re all in
                                       this together‖ approach of grace-oriented
                                       Lutheranism. This video would be good for adult
                                       groups who want to be informed of the forces in our
                                       society, but should be accompanied with much
                                       discussion that focuses on our response to God‘s
                                       grace and promise to maintain a remnant of faithful
CHILDREN‘S ANIMATED BIBLE STORIES   David, God‘s Champion–Includes The Good
                                    Shepherd, Knowing God‘s Voice, Goliath, The Prince
                                    and the Shepherd, Running Away, King David. Here
                                    Comes Jesus!–Includes The Big Parade, The Last
                                    Supper, Betrayed, Peter, Not Guilty, Alive!. Look
                                    What God Made!–Includes Look What God Made, A
                                    Garden Wedding, Trouble in Paradise, The First
                                    Family, The Biggest Rain, Noah‘s Cruise. Walking
                                    With Jesus!–Includes The Night Before Christmas,
                                    The Big Test, Look Out Pigs!, Touching Jesus,
                                    Water Walking, Words. each tape–25 minutes

CHILDREN‘S HEROES OF THE BIBLE      This series of Bible stories speaks to young hearts
                                    and minds. It is a wonderful way to introduce children
                                    to the great people, events, teachings and stories in
                                    the Old and New Testaments. The series is designed
                                    with a child‘s viewing habits in mind. The animated
                                    cartoons are based on Biblical accounts and
                                    interpreted at a child‘s level. The Story of Moses;
                                    The Story of David; The Story of Elijah; The Story of
                                    Jeremiah; The Story of Esther; Jesus‘ Birth and
                                    Youth; Jesus Teaches and Calls Disciples; Jesus
                                    Heals and Works Miracles; Jesus‘ Struggles and
                                    Opponents; The Apostles and the Early Church;
                                    Paul‘s Ministry and Trials; Children‘s Story of Jesus.
                                    Parts I and II are also part of this series. 23 minutes

CHILDREN‘S HEROES OF THE BIBLE      Jesus‘ Birth and Youth. This video is designed with a
                                    child‘s viewing habits in mind and is based squarely
                                    on Scripture. For ages 3-7. 23 minutes
CHILDREN‘S SING ALONG BIBLE SONGS   Children‘s songs performed by puppets. Lyrics are
                                    displayed on the screen so the audience can sing
                                    along. Use for gathering times, snack times, or quiet
                                    times during children‘s ministry events. Volume 1:
                                    Made in the Image of God, The Garden of Eden,
                                    Reverse the Curse, Ask God to Forgive, The Lord
                                    Was Our Guide, Promises. Volume 2: God is My
                                    Friend, God Talks To You, Jesus a Stone, Friends,
                                    Truth Will Set Us Free, Long Live the King. Volume
                                    3: Jesus Is Here, Learn God‘s Word, Country Pig,
                                    Yuk!, Help Our Faith To Grow, Listen What You Say.
                                    Volume 4: I‘ll Never Be The Same, The Passover,
                                    Isaiah 53, Don‘t Be A Chicken, He loves Me, He‘s
                                    Alive. 4 tapes, 25 minutes each

CHILDREN‘S STORY OF JESUS, THE      This is a two-volume set on the life and times of
                                    Jesus. Part I traces Jesus‘ early life from birth to the
                                    call to the first disciples to become fishers of men.
                                    Part II recounts not only the crucifixion and
                                    resurrection of Christ, but also the life of the apostles
                                    and the early Church. 2 tapes each 50 minutes. 100
CHOICES                      New concepts for ministry in the 21st century is the
                             Inter-Active Video Workshop that can change your
                             congregation‘s future. Choices connects Dr. Tom
                             Bandy–author of ―Kicking Church Addictions‖–and
                             the ELCA Education–Evangelism Team with pastors,
                             lay leaders, and members who want to know what it
                             takes to make congregations healthy and growing in
                             a time when fewer and fewer people are going to
                             church. Choices can be used for workshops, forums,
                             council meetings or in as many other ways as you
                             can imagine. This video examines some of the
                             trends and shifts being modeled in a number of
                             congregations who appear to be reinventing
                             themselves for the future. Discover eight critical
                             shifts congregations can consider in their move from
                             maintenance to mission. Learn more about your
                             congregation than you‘ve ever known before! 1 tape
                             with 8 parts of 1 to 14 minutes each

CHOICES—THE MATING GAME      This video is about sexual decision-making. Peter
                             Marshall plays host to two teenagers involved in a
                             make-believe game that points out the
                             consequences of making poor sexual decisions. 58
CHOOSING THE LIGHT           The Greater Milwaukee Synod, ELCA ,produced this
                             video featuring victims of clergy sexual misconduct
                             who share their stories. It comes with a very helpful
                             study guide. Sexual misconduct among clergy has
                             been at almost epidemic proportions in
                             denominations in the United States. The video is not
                             only to let people know that sexual abuse by clergy
                             does happen, but also to give better definition of the
                             boundaries, power, direct victims, and indirect
                             victims. The congregation also suffers and a special
                             ministry of healing and care must take place. It would
                             be very helpful for congregations to use this video
                             and leader‘s guide for a forum on the issue of clergy
                             sexual misconduct. 28 minutes

CHRIST IS COUNTING ON YOU!   This video is produced by the National Lutheran
                             Secretariat, Minneapolis. With Pastor Allan H. Sager,
                             Ph.D., the video takes a special look at Via de Cristo
                             (Way of Christ) by participants from across America.
                             Via de Cristo is a method of spiritual renewal,
                             proclaiming the truth and grace of Jesus Christ and
                             is primarily designed for the development of
                             Christian leaders and to help renew the faith that is
                             already a gift to believers. 17 minutes
CHRISTIAN RESPONSE TO SUFFERING, A   The topic of human suffering and pain is as old as
                                     our human experience and as difficult as any topic
                                     we face as Christians. How can we understand it?
                                     How can we help those around us deal with
                                     suffering? These two questions are addressed in the
                                     video, ―A Christian Response to Suffering.‖ The
                                     video, produced by Stephen Ministries of St. Louis,
                                     Mo., is a live recording of a presentation given at one
                                     of their Leaders‘ Training Conferences. Hence, it
                                     lacks some of the professional quality of those tapes
                                     prepared in a studio. But what it lacks in film quality it
                                     makes up for in its clear, concise presentation. The
                                     tape is broken into two 30-minute presentations that
                                     can be used individually or with a group. The tape
                                     comes with an excellent study guide, complete with
                                     questions for discussion, and Scripture references
                                     for further study. The video won‘t answer all our
                                     questions about suffering, but it is an excellent tool to
                                     help others to talk about the subject and gain a
                                     deeper understanding of a Christian response to
                                     suffering. 60 minutes

CHRISTIAN STORY, THE                 In this video series, Martin Marty, a world-renowned
                                     authority of religion, talks about the ―story‖ that
                                     Christians have in common with one another. Then
                                     he goes on to talk about this story, starting with his
                                     opening and recurring question, ―What is your story?‖
                                     which he expands upon in talking about the church of
                                     the disciples and apostles, the Catholic Middle Ages,
                                     the Reformation in the sixteenth century, the coming
                                     of Christianity to America in the seventeenth century,
                                     the rise and challenge of science and rationalism in
                                     the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries, the
                                     expansion of the church around the world, and the
                                     church at the end of the 20th century. Study guide
                                     included. 128 minutes

CHRISTIAN YEAR, THE                  Six 12-minute segments discussing the liturgical
                                     church year. Included are: 1) Overview of the
                                     Christian Year 2) Advent 3) Christmas/Epiphany 4)
                                     Lent and Holy Week 5) Easter 6) Season of
                                     Pentecost. 72 minutes
CHRISTIANITY AND ISLAM                          This insightful four-part series compares and
                                                contrasts Christianity and Islam. This series avoids
                                                the angry condemnation of all Muslims on the one
                                                hand, and compromising Christian truth-claims on
                                                the other. Muslim scholars who appear in the series
                                                state Muslim views fairly and objectively. The
                                                programs set forth basic and foundational
                                                differences between Christianity and Islam and the
                                                implications of how we understand God, Christ, and
                                                the meaning of salvation. These programs are good
                                                for a group study. Study guide with background
                                                information, Biblical comparisons and discussion
                                                questions is enclosed. The four 25-minute parts are:
                                                1. The Tenets of Islam; 2. The Trinity; 3. The Bible
                                                and the Incarnation; 4. The Cross and Salvation.

CHRISTIANITY AT THE TURN OF THE CENTURY In this very philosophical video, Tony Campolo
                                        discusses the Christian faith at the end of the 20th
                                        century...and into the 21st century, which he believes
                                        will be Christianity‘s ―best and brightest day.‖ Joining
                                        Tony, a Baptist, are a pastor of a suburban
                                        Presbyterian church, a confirmation director of an
                                        urban Lutheran church and a Hispanic-American
                                        pastor of an inner city Latino church. The video
                                        consists of six 24-minute segments which covers the
                                        following topics; faith beyond reason, the quest for
                                        identity, right and wrong, good and evil, making life
                                        count and building God‘s Kingdom. This is an
                                        excellent video for contemplation and discussion.
                                        Study guide enclosed. 144 minutes

CHRISTMAS FOR CHILDREN—PART I                   This video is distributed by EcuFilm in Tennessee
                                                and has three short stories. It is designed for
                                                younger youth, perhaps up to second grade. The
                                                stories are taped as filmstrips on video. The
                                                transitions are done very well by Cathedral Films.
                                                The delightful short stories are: The Christmas
                                                Donkey, The Silent Night of Jeremy Rabbit, and The
                                                Christmas Journey of Deborah Dove. 33 minutes

CHRISTMAS FOR CHILDREN—PART II                  Peter and the Hermit, The Other Wise Man, The Joy
                                                of Christmas. 25 minutes
CHRISTMAS IS                                    This video is produced by Family Films and was
                                                made for an audience of ages 4-11. Join Benji and
                                                Waldo as they discover the real meaning of
                                                Christmas. The theology is a solid Lutheran
                                                proclamation of the Gospel. The story and quality of
                                                the technology are excellent. 20 minutes
CHRONICLES OF NARNIA: THE LION, THE     This DVD is the new Walt Disney movie that has
WITCH, THE WARDROBE, THE                fascinated movie viewers. It is C. S. Lewis‘s timeless
                                        and beloved adventure. The viewer will experience
                                        the exploits of Lucy, Edmund, Susan, and Peter who
                                        find the world of Narnia through a magical wardrobe.
                                        Through the help of Aslan, the wise and magnificent
                                        lion, they help to liberate the once peaceful land from
                                        a witch‘s powers. This movie has been acclaimed to
                                        portray many spiritual lessons. 135 minutes

CHURCH IS STILL BEING PLANTED (THE      This video from the Mission Resource Institute
MUHLENBERG TRADITION SERIES), THE       relates the history and goals of Henry Melchior
                                        Muhlenberg who arrived in North America in 1742.
                                        With his leadership the first Lutheran synod in North
                                        American was formed in Philadelphia in 1748. In
                                        1997 and 1998, 250th anniversary celebrations took
                                        place. The first of these events took place in
                                        Baltimore, Jan. 31 and Feb. 1, 1998. The Rev. Dr.
                                        Robert J. Marshall, president of the Lutheran Church
                                        in America, 1968 to 1978, gave four presentations
                                        during this event. This video presents these in 4
                                        parts: 1–Mission: Its Purpose and Future; 2–The
                                        Church: Structure...Organization…Institution;
                                        3–Experience: In the Muhlenberg Tradition;
                                        4–Ecumenism: And the Interfaith Context. A guide
                                        may be used as preparation for leaders of

CHURCH-BASED COMMUNITY ORGANIZING       This video, produced by the ELCA Division for
                                        Outreach, runs approximately 30 minutes. Both in
                                        rural and urban communities there is a drastic need
                                        to organize local people to make effective changes
                                        to enhance the quality of life of the people. The
                                        Church has had a history of organizing communities
                                        to solve problems. The congregations can be the
                                        catalyst for this type of organization. The video
                                        features church-based communities in San Antonio,
                                        Texas, and Milwaukee, Wis., as well as discussion
                                        with people in rural areas. Church-based
                                        communities developed strategy to focus on four
                                        areas: housing, education, drugs/crimes, and jobs for
                                        Milwaukee and making changes to help the people.
                                        As communities change in rural and urban Nebraska,
                                        this video may help clusters of congregations take a
                                        look at specific problems they have in common and
                                        plan strategy for effective change. 30 minutes

CITY THAT FORGOT ABOUT CHRISTMAS, THE   This video is designed for network TV by Family
                                        Films in conjunction with Concordia Publishing
                                        House. Children ages 4-10 will enjoy this delightful
                                        animated Christmas story featuring the familiar
                                        voices of Sebastian Cabot, Louis Nye, and Charles
                                        Nelson Reilly. This video will help children discover
                                        Jesus, the reason for our joy at Christmas. 22
CLIMATE CHANGE and HUNGER in NICARAGUA This DVD presents the problems that are caused by
                                       climate changes and how it affects the people of
                                       Nicaragua. 11 Minutes55 minutes

CLIMB EV‘RY MOUNTAIN                        Inspirational Music for Reflection–Enchanting
                                            scenery from around the world, set to inspirational
                                            melodies we all know and love…the result is
                                            refreshment for the eyes and ears. Especially good
                                            to share with shut-ins and/or nursing care facilities.
                                            55 minutes
CLOWN MINISTRY VIDEO                        This teaching video produced by Group Publishers
                                            features Floyd Shaffer, a Lutheran pastor and
                                            perhaps the nation‘s leading expert in clown ministry.
                                            Together with the Leader‘s Guide this video is an
                                            excellent teaching tool. There is no such thing as an
                                            ―instant clown.‖ This video tells how to get started. It
                                            includes exercises to help one start to think as a
                                            clown. The training program is divided into these
                                            parts: 1) The Basics: Creating Your Clown; 2)
                                            Powerful Clown Ministry Tips; 3) Clowning in Your
                                            Community; and 4) Practical Ideas for Church
                                            Clowning. This video could be used with a five-week
                                            class, two full-day seminars, or a retreat setting of a
                                            full weekend. 93 minutes

COLOR ME A RAINBOW—GOD LOVES YOU            This video series was put out by Shepherd and
                                            Associates from Lincoln, Neb. Each video is hosted
                                            by Jana Wacker and the Color Me a Rainbow
                                            Puppets. Wonderful musical selections are
                                            performed. The series was created with the idea of
                                            teaching children who Jesus is, how very much He
                                            loves us and how He wants to be involved in our
                                            lives. The series includes the following topics: Tape
                                            1–He‘s Our Creator; Tape 2–He‘s Our King; Tape
                                            3–He‘s our Shepherd; Tape 4–He‘s Our Light; Tape
                                            6–He‘s our Way; Tape 7–He‘s Our Big
                                            Brother;–Tape 8–He‘s our Door; Tape 11–He‘s the
                                            Head of the Body. 25 minutes each

COME THE MORNING                            This feature length movie is the story of thirteen-year-
                                            old Ben Gibson who is learning some hard lessons
                                            about life. His father abandoned him and his family,
                                            so they set out for Los Angeles to find him. They
                                            have very hard experiences, but with the help of a
                                            mission their faith is restored and their hope
                                            renewed. 60 minutes
COME THIRSTY                                  ―We are busy people, burned out people, burdened
                                              people. We need to take a walk by the still waters
                                              and drink deeply of the Lord‘s comfort, rest and
                                              refreshment,‖ In this DVD series, Max Lucado takes
                                              the viewer on a journey to explore the ―WELL‖ of
                                              God‘s love. The six-week video course includes:
                                              Discussion of each of the major points of WELL:
                                              Work, Energy, Lordship and Love. Inspiring
                                              reminders of God‘s love and grace. Refreshment and
                                              motivation for burned-out believers. Community-
                                              building questions and discussion starters. Leader‘s
                                              guide and a participant‘s guide are included.

COMMUNICATING MORAL VALUES          This 25-minute video produced by Seraphim
                                    productions features Dr. Merton P. Strommen of
                                    Augsburg Youth and Family Institute. For the book,
                                    ―Five Cries of Youth‖ (1974), Dr. Strommen found
                                    that four of the cries still remain valid, but the cry of
                                    moral values has changed dramatically.
                                    ―Communicating Moral Values‖ is a teaching tool
                                    designed for parents and other adults who work with
                                    youth. The knowledge of how to communicate moral
                                    values to youth is an essential skill that any pastor or
                                    layperson who works with youth must have. It is
                                    heavy material and not as exciting as learning how to
                                    facilitate new games, but it is one of the foundational
                                    principles upon which to build an effective youth and
                                    family ministry. Dr. Strommen introduces three
                                    topics: Today‘s Conflict of Values, How Values are
                                    Communicated, and Joining Hands to Strengthen
                                    Communication of Values. Accompanying the video
                                    is a workbook that contains the script for the video,
                                    transparency masters for instruction groups, and
                                    work sheets for use during the workshop(s). This
                                    could be used best in a retreat setting or a series of
                                    three, two-hour workshops designed for adults who
                                    work with youth. 25 minutes
COMMUNITY MAKING—HOW TO NURTURE THE This ELCA video is designed for retreat workshops
COMMUNITY                           on community making. It is meant to strengthen
                                    working groups by focusing on how true community
                                    is formed. Groups that could benefit from this video
                                    include: congregation councils, civic groups, and
                                    nonprofit organization staff. Since most adults learn
                                    by engaging and interacting with ideas, this retreat
                                    video emphasizes hands-on learning. A leader‘s
                                    guide is included. 33 minutes
COMMUNITY: GIFT OF GRACE                This four-session video series produced by the
                                        Women of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in
                                        America features Karen Melang from Lincoln, Neb.,
                                        Communications Coordinator for the University of
                                        Nebraska Cooperative Extension, Department of 4H
                                        Youth Development. She is a member of the
                                        Lutheran Deaconess Association and has served as
                                        a deaconess in congregations in New York and
                                        Michigan. She is a member of Sinai Lutheran
                                        Church, Fremont, Neb. The video comes with a
                                        guidebook containing an outline of the four sections
                                        and discussion starters. This would be an excellent
                                        tool for a Women of the ELCA Circle meeting or an
                                        adult study group. It would be helpful for participants
                                        to read Dietrich Bonhoeffer‘s ―Life Together.‖
                                        Session 1: Introducing Communities. Session 2:
                                        Christian Community: What It Isn‘t and What It is.
                                        Session 3: Two Kinds of Love, Two Kinds of
                                        Community. Session 4: What Nurtures Christian
CONFESSIONS OF A GRIEVING CHRISTIAN—ZIG In May of 1995, God called Zig Ziglar‘s oldest
ZIGLAR                                  daughter, Suzan, home after a prolonged illness.
                                        Known for his optimistic, upbeat outlook on life,
                                        Ziglar shares how he dealt with his grief and helps
                                        others who have lost loved ones work through their
                                        grief. Zig Ziglar is a noted author and one of the most
                                        sought-after motivational speakers in the country.
                                        Good for Stephens Ministers, a study on grief, or for
                                        any person experiencing grief. 60 minutes

CONFIRM!                                       Confirm! Is a video guide that builds on and expands
                                               the content of the enclosed printed resource:
                                               Confirmation! More Than Business As Usual! These
                                               resources share content and information based on
                                               research into confirmation ministry practices across
                                               the ELCA. The resources identify six basic
                                               approaches to confirmation ministry and highlights
                                               ten different elements found in many effective
                                               confirmation programs. The video segments include:
                                               Segment 1: Confirmation: A Central and Core
                                               Ministry In Congregations; Segment 2: Key Shifts
                                               Creating the Emerging Confirmation Reformation;
                                               Segment 3: The Large-Group, Small Group
                                               Approach; Segment 4: The Traditional Approach;
                                               Segment 5: The Home and Family Approach;
                                               Segment 6: The Extended Approach; Segment 7:
                                               The Retreat, Camp or Event-based Approach;
                                               Segment 8: The Cooperative, Clustering Element;
                                               Segment 9: Wrapping It Up and Planning for the
CONFIRMATION IS                        This video presents confirmation as a ministry of the
                                       congregation. Viewers are challenged to participate
                                       in a confirmation ministry that is more than a book or
                                       a classroom. For students and their parents,
                                       congregations, education committees and
                                       workshops. 20 minutes
CONFLICT OF PREACHING SUSTAINABILITY   Wartburg Seminary and the University of Dubuque
FOR BOTH LAND AND LIVELIHOOD           co-sponsored the 1991 Conference on Rural Ministry
                                       from which this video came. It was written by Howard
                                       Richards, an active farmer in Wisconsin. He raises
                                       hogs and farms about 400 acres of cropland.
                                       Sustainable agriculture is not a miracle but an
                                       attitude. It is not the same as organic farming. As
                                       Christians we see our farming not as ownership, but
                                       as stewardship. Howard suggests that to sustain a
                                       farm family, we will need a big enough farm
                                       operation that it employs two or more adults from
                                       more than one family. He shares many more difficult
                                       changes that must take place to sustain farm
                                       families. 60 minutes
CONFLICT RESOLUTION SKILLS: STUDENT    For fifth through ninth graders, this program offers six
WORKSHOP                               segments on conflict resolution. Youth-narrated, and
                                       well done, it is a good resource for confirmation
                                       groups and youth meetings. The skills taught and
                                       practiced include getting the facts, active listening,
                                       body language and tone of voice, ―I‖ messages, and
                                       brainstorming. The leaders guide includes
                                       reproducible handouts and activities. Six
                                       sessions–about 45 minutes
CONFORMATION (SIC!) IS DEAD            Starring Rollie Martinson, Bishop April Larson, and
                                       Dr. Dave Tiede, and featuring the wit and wisdom of
                                       youth workers, kids, and street philosophers from
                                       Malibu to Washington, D.C. For the pastor struggling
                                       alone to impart the faith, for the teacher or education
                                       board unhappy with the 75-percent attrition rate of
                                       last year‘s class, or the task force looking for more
                                       personal, relational models for confirmation ministry,
                                       Rich Melheim is offering some advice. Complete with
                                       12-page study guide, this short course will engage
                                       your imagination as it helps you look at kids, parents,
                                       and faith education in a new light.

CONFRONTING DEATH—A CHRISTIAN          Drawing from his own recent experience with cancer,
APPROACH TO THE END OF LIFE            Walter Wangerin explores: discovering serious
                                       illness; grieving before death; caring for the one who
                                       is not sick; how do we handle the pain?; and
                                       confronting the dying itself. There is a difference
                                       between the way Christians and the world look upon
                                       death. The world looks away from that fact and tries
                                       to hide it as much as possible, but Christians, as
                                       faithful people, have the power and ability to look
                                       death straight in the eye and understand it. Study
                                       guide enclosed. 57 minutes
CONNECTING LINK, THE           This video describes the Parish Nurse Ministry in
                               small, rural congregations and communities. It is an
                               interesting way of empowering a congregation to be
                               effective in a community. 30 minutes
CONNECTING SUNDAY TO MONDAY    This DVD illustrates how your congregation can
                               reclaim its vitality by focusing on members‘ gifts and
                               calls in all areas of their lives. Your congregation can
                               grow as members serve God, not only within the
                               walls of the church, but also in their homes,
                               workplaces, and communities. It is produced by
                               Centered Life, an initiative of Luther Seminary, and
                               emphasizes the ―balanced life‖ concept. The DVD is
                               designed for use as an adult forum, in ministry team
                               meetings, with church councils and in small groups
                               and staff meetings. Study guide is enclosed. The five
                               sessions vary from 13 to 19 minutes each. 60
CONNECTIONS TRAINING VIDEO     Presents material for four training sessions for
                               ―Connections‖ co-leaders. It includes a usage guide
                               that contains material from which the training
                               sessions can be constructed. 5 parts, 75 minutes

CONSIDER THE CALL              This video put out by the U.S. Army is a recruiting
                               video dealing with becoming an army chaplain. It
                               explains the role of a chaplain. 10 minutes
CONVERSATIONS WITH GOD         Messages of hope and love that transform lives–this
                               video gives accounts from people who have return to
                               living after a brush with death. What is it like to look
                               back on your life and talk with a divine presence?
                               Noted writers such as Dr. Raymond Moody (―Life
                               After Life‖) and Dr. Melvin Morse (―Transformed By
                               The Light‖) provide compelling factual evidence that
                               these are not hallucinations or tricks played by a
                               dying brain, but rather a natural part of our transition
                               from life to death. 60 minutes

COOPERATION IN THE CLASSROOM   Shows you how to integrate what you teach with how
                               you teach. You will learn about the social skills
                               learners need to succeed in cooperative activities,
                               and how you can work with other teachers to make
                               cooperative activities part of your church school. It
                               explores six practical classroom-tested activities that
                               work: Answer Teams, Study Buddies, Each One Say
                               One, Points of View, Small Working Groups, Jigsaw.
                               17 minutes
COUNSELING TEENAGERS   Features Dr. G. Keith Olson. Designed to help adult
                       volunteers in youth ministry gain listening and
                       helping skills to work with troubled youth. This 4-part
                       video series is an ideal training tool for youth
                       ministers, volunteer youth workers, youth sponsors,
                       teachers, counselors, and parents. Program 1:
                       Counseling Essentials–Get young people to open up.
                       Interpret non-verbal communication. Learn how to
                       actively listen. Program 2: Resolving Problems With
                       Care–Help young people get to the heart of their
                       problems. Teach teens how to set realistic goals.
                       Learn when to end a series of counseling sessions.
                       Program 3: 12 Effective Counseling
                       Techniques–Learn how to approach teens. Discover
                       the value of silence in counseling. Get tips for talking
                       to parents. Program 4: Crisis Intervention Kills–Build
                       the confidence you need to handle a crisis.
                       Recognize suicidal teenagers. Help family and
                       friends of a suicidal teen. 4 tapes 30 minutes each

COUNT ME IN!           This video is produced by the Inter-Church Coalition
                       on Africa, based in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. It is
                       designed for groups concerned with how people
                       learn. It has been made to inspire confidence in
                       groups to carry out learning events that are
                       participatory and that will empower people to be
                       critical, free, active, and responsible citizens of the
                       world. It is built upon two convictions: (1) that
                       participants‘ own experiences and knowledge are
                       important resources which need to be recognized
                       and respected in learning events; and (2) that people
                       learn best through sharing opinions and information
                       and linking personal experiences with others‘
                       experiences. This is the same concept as active
                       learning. This resource is suggested for all adults
                       involved in teaching confirmation growth classes, or
                       weekday classes with fourth through eighth graders.
                       But the point of the video is also that adults learn
                       best by doing. Far too little of our adult Christian
                       education material is learner-based with an active
                       learning style. 19 minutes
COUNTING YOUR COMMUNITY:          Using Census Statistics as Part of Congregational
                                  Planning. Understanding a congregation‘s place and
                                  whom it serves will help you develop and nurture
                                  ministries that meet the needs of members and
                                  future members. These two videos and companion
                                  leader‘s guide take you step-by-step through a
                                  planning workshop. The resource assists
                                  congregations in obtaining, understanding, and
                                  applying available demographic data for its
                                  ministries. Put to work vital information for your
                                  congregation‘s ministry: Defining and exploring your
                                  service area; customized census reports available at
                                  no charge; your guide to additional resources for
                                  census information. Also included are two booklets.
                                  Constructing your Congregation‘s Story–Jim Wind of
                                  the Alban Institute helps you understand the culture
                                  of your congregation. Learn how the past has shaped
                                  the inner life of your congregation and how it relates
                                  to the surrounding community. Build your
                                  congregation‘s capacity to deal with controversies or
                                  tough times by getting a handle on its character. The
                                  congregation‘s story will challenge members to see a
                                  larger purpose and mission in your daily ministries.
                                  Shaping Ministry for Your Community–Shows
COURAGE TO CARE, THE              This video was nominated for a 1986 Academy
                                  Award for Best Short Documentary. It tells the story
                                  of those few, non-Jews who risked their lives to
                                  rescue and protect Jews in Nazi-occupied Europe.
                                  With commentary by Elie Wiesel, the film speaks to
                                  the power of individual responsibility and
                                  demonstrates how ordinary actions in extraordinary
                                  circumstances can make a difference. 30 minutes

COURAGE TO CHANGE: YOUNG ADULTS   Produced by the Division for Congregational
VOLUNTEER!                        Ministries, ELCA, this video presents opportunities
                                  for young people to explore social ministries through
                                  volunteer servant organizations. The Lutheran
                                  Service Corps in Omaha is one featured group. Use
                                  with older youth and college age adults as a
                                  motivational tool. Can be used for information with
                                  other age groups. 12 minutes
CRACKING THE CODE OF LIFE       This very informative piece gives the viewer a clear
                                insight into DNA. Human beings possess roughly the
                                same number of genes as a mouse. They are
                                genetically 99.9 percent the same as every other
                                human. This two-hour NOVA special by Nightline
                                correspondent Robert Krulwich examines genetic
                                science. This special takes the viewer inside the
                                amazing, complex, and contentious race to decode
                                the human genome. The powerful information that
                                has been gathered will help medical pioneers with
                                astonishing breakthroughs that will change medicine
                                as we know it. Accompanying the DVD is a study
                                book put out by the ELCA, ―Genetics and Faith,
                                Choice and Responsibility.‖ Our church is in the
                                process of preparing a social statement on genetics
                                for consideration at the 2011 Churchwide Assembly.
                                The study is built around a liturgical format and a
                                strong notion of moral deliberation. Each session
                                begins with an exercise of ―dwelling in Scripture‖ in
                                order to discern what God may be saying to us in

CREATED IN THE IMAGE OF GOD—A    This DVD available from churchwide is intended to
COMMUNITY OF WOMEN              be used as an educational and outreach tool for the
                                Women of the ELCA in your congregation and
                                beyond. The DVD showcases the myriad ways the
                                Women of the ELCA carry out its ministries. It
                                mobilizes women ―to act boldly on their faith in Jesus
                                Christ.‖ The director, Gaylon Emerzian, talks about
                                her transformational experience of working with
                                Women of the ELCA groups in congregations across
                                the country.
CREATION AND EVOLUTION          This video produced by Gustavus Adolphus College
                                features Dr. Conrad Hyers, Professor of Religion at
                                the ELCA college. Dr. Hyers explores the issue of
                                creation and evolution with a particular look at the
                                biblical understanding of Genesis. There are three
                                sections: 1– The Bible and Modern Science (20
                                minutes); 2–The Six Days of Creation (20
                                minutes);–A Monotheistic Universe (25 minutes).
CREATIVE GRANDPARENTING         Your children are grown and you want to pass along
                                some of the things you‘ve learned over the years.
                                Then, along come grandchildren to fill your life with
                                delight and you want to be the best grandparent you
                                can be. But you have questions. What do children
                                need from a grandparent? How much responsibility
                                can I assume without overstepping bounds? How
                                can I relate to teenage grandchildren? What if they
                                live far away What should I do if they face illness or
                                divorce? This video resource answers many such
                                questions with practical, creative suggestions. It‘s a
                                fun series with a serious purpose, and is flexible
                                enough for adult forums, couples‘ groups, or for
                                individual viewing. Based on solid principles of child
                                development and anchored in truths of the Bible. It‘s
                                a great resource for grandparents who want to be a
                                positive factor in the lives of their grandchildren.
                                Included are the four-part video, book and a study
                                guide. Four sessions approximately 15 minutes

CREATIVE NYLON HOSEPLAY         This is a marvelous training video by Bannerman
                                Family Celebration Services, Inc., P.O. Box 399,
                                Montreat, NC, 28757, (704) 669-7323. It is filled with
                                creative play ideas recycling nylon hose. The fun is
                                not just in playing, but in making the various items.
                                The objects made as well as the games can be
                                played with people of all ages. From an arm scarf
                                choir, to hose mittens, to hose jump ropes, to a
                                variety of balls, to even hose square dance this video
                                will fill you with creative ideas. The video also is very
                                concerned about safety. It concludes with an address
                                where one can order a box of hose for $10 from
                                Leggs, Inc. 105 minutes

CRICK! CRACK! OPEN A WORLD OF   This year‘s World Hunger appeal deals with Haiti.
POSSIBILITIES.                  The video is introduced by an American girl who
                                invites children to visit Haiti to learn about the
                                country and see the partnership that our church has
                                built with very poor people. The video focuses on
                                pigs and coffee, two key parts of LMF‘s community
                                based anti-poverty work. The video teaches how
                                Haitian families earn income from raising and
                                marketing pigs and selling improved coffee through
                                the ―fair trade‖ network. 12 minutes
CROSS AND THE SWITCHBLADE       This old movie about the life of David Wilkerson and
                                his work with drug-infested, gang-dominated streets
                                is a film that has carried a unique power to connect
                                with the deepest hopes and fears of youth around
                                the world. It is a compelling story of love, grace and
                                the truth that no one is ever so far gone that he or
                                she cannot find the way out. 105 minutes
CROSS SIGNS (STUDY COURSE)            Produced by Augsburg Fortress, this video is an
                                      introduction and a training video in an exciting new
                                      adult small group Bible study program. Part 1 offers
                                      a seven-minute overview of the content and goals of
                                      the CROSS SIGNS series. Part 2 will help you train
                                      people to be effective CROSS SIGNS small group
                                      leaders. This section is divided into three parts to be
                                      used in three training sessions. There is also a very
                                      helpful usage guide. 57 minutes

CROSSING ROME                         This beautifully illustrated video takes the viewer
                                      back into the intriguing and inspiring first centuries of
                                      the Christian faith and the experience of the early
                                      Church at Rome. The historical and archeological
                                      finds show how the cross at Rome went from being a
                                      symbol of criminality and shame to a sign of triumph
                                      and loving sacrifice. It is an excellent program for
                                      Lent and Easter. Hosted by journalist Paul Heiney,
                                      the video introduces the viewer to what it means
                                      today to ―take up our cross and follow him.‖ 26
CROSSING, THE                         This extremely powerful video dramatically presents
                                      the good news of the Gospel in the context of the
                                      love that sent Christ to the cross. Jason Reynolds
                                      and his classmates are assigned the topic, ―What is
                                      the most important thing in life?‖ When Jason
                                      watches his best friend die of leukemia, the question
                                      becomes far more than an academic endeavor.
                                      Jason comes to grips with the realities of life and the
                                      consequences of sin. The movie is very powerful in
                                      both the presentation and its message. 30 minutes

CRUSADES—WAR IN THE NAME OF GOD AND   This video is a presentation of the television show,
HOLY WAR AND THE BIBLE, THE           ―Day of Discovery.‖ It deals with the bloodshed that
                                      took place during the crusades and the many wars
                                      that were waged from the eleventh to the fourteenth
                                      centuries in the name of religion. These wars took
                                      place very close to the area where Jesus spread his
                                      message of peace. These wars perhaps led to the
                                      animosity among Christians, Jews, and Moslems.

CRUZADO—2006 ELCA YOUTH GATHERINGS    This DVD will provide the viewer with introductions to
                                      the 2006 ELCA Youth Gathering in San Antonio,
                                      Texas. Also introduced are the Lutheran Youth
                                      Organization Convention, Definitely-Abled Youth
                                      Leadership Even (DAYLE) and Multicultural Youth
                                      Leadership Event (MYLE).
CRUZANDO—GETTING READY: 2006          This DVD is the second resource to help students
                                      prepare for the Youth Gathering in San Antonio, July
                                      2006. It is an excellent introduction to the city and the
                                      events that are planned.
CRY FOR HELP, A                       This is an excellent video dealing with suicide
                                      prevention. It is geared towards young people and is
                                      narrated by grade school, junior high and high school
                                      students. The video deals with several topics:
                                      understanding depression and its connection with
                                      suicide; recognizing verbal, behavioral, and
                                      situational signs that show a friend is suicidal;
                                      intervention skills for helping a suicidal young
                                      person; and dos and don‘ts when reaching out to a
                                      suicidal friend. A Cry for Help teaches young people
                                      to recognize the warning signs of suicide and to take
                                      specific actions to help a friend. The video features
                                      Sue Eastgard, MSW, president of the American
                                      Association of Suicidology and director of the Youth
                                      Suicide Prevention Program of Washington State.
                                      Study guide enclosed. 22 minutes

CRY FROM THE MOUNTAIN                 This video is produced by World Home Video and
                                      distributed by Word Youth Resources in Waco,
                                      Texas. It is an exciting adventure story about a father
                                      and a ten-year-old son on a kayak trip through the
                                      Alaskan wilderness. In a split second they become
                                      involved in a serious accident and events that
                                      change their lives. This video evaluates divorce and
                                      family conflicts, how spiritual growth is significant to
                                      family growth, and how one may come to terms with
                                      divorce. It is a good story but too long for a class. It
                                      would work for a seminar on family, a retreat, or a
                                      lock-in. But it would be best to have parents and their
                                      children together so that the discussions could be
                                      most helpful. 76 minutes

CURING AFFLUENZA                      Tony Campolo, Professor of Sociology and Director
                                      of Urban Studies at Eastern College in St. David‘s,
                                      Pa., tells us about a cure that‘s actually documented
                                      in the Bible. 1. Abundant Life: What Is It? 2. Money:
                                      How Poor Does Jesus Want Us To Be? 3. Time:
                                      How Much Do I Have To Give Away? 4. Stuff: How
                                      Much Can I Have? 5. Support: What Will Help? 6.
                                      Next: What Do I Do Come Monday Morning?

DA VINCI‘S MYSTERY—SEPARATING TRUTH   Three scholars from Luther Seminary address the
FROM FICTION                          major claims of this book and movie. David Lose,
                                      Matthew Skinner, and Sarah Henrich examine Jesus‘
                                      relationship with Mary Magdalene and the formation
                                      of the New Testament and speculation about secret
                                      documents locked away from public scrutiny. Two
                                      bonus features: discussion of the controversial
                                      Gospel of Judas (National Geographic program) and
                                      extended discussion of how the New Testament was
                                      formed are also included on this DVD. A
                                      comprehensive study guide is included on this disc in
                                      PDF format. 25 minutes
DARWIN‘S NIGHTMARE   This academy award nominee for best documentary
                     feature is an essential documentary on the perverse
                     aspects of globalization. The Nile Perch, a voracious
                     predator was implanted into Lake Victoria in Africa in
                     the 1960s. It extinguished native fish species and
                     multiplied so fast that its fillets are today exported
                     worldwide–predominantly in exchange for countless
                     weapons used to wage war in the remote center of
                     the continent. The DVD masterfully portrays the
                     terrifying paradox of our consumer society.

DATELINE JERUSALEM   The setting for this video is modern-day Jerusalem,
                     but the events reported took place in the time of
                     Jesus. On-the-scene correspondents, news bulletins
                     and reports cover the story of Holy Week. The
                     enlightening presentation provides greater
                     understanding of the circumstances that lead up to
                     and surrounded Christ‘s crucifixion. The political
                     situation at the time of Jesus is presented as if it
                     were in modern Jerusalem. It gives the viewer a
                     good perspective of where these events took place.
                     Although the figure of Jesus, his followers and
                     people that he came in contact with are not shown,
                     the references to them are very clear. The video
                     makes the viewer reflect on the teachings, persons
                     and events of the time of Jesus. 2 tapes–four 15-
                     minute segments on each. Eight 15-minute
                     segments. 120 minutes.

DATING MOVIE, THE    No doubt about it! Being a teenager can be the pits!
                     Pat Hurley, Christian humorist, speaks to high school
                     kids about relationships, in particular that fascinating
                     but frustrating relationship called dating. The
                     resource is designed to be done in two 60 minute
                     sessions. A study guide is included with outline,
                     questions and Bible study for each section. Always
                     preview film and adapt it to your youth. This could be
                     a very helpful resource. 50 minutes
DAVEY AND GOLIATH                     These tapes feature animated puppets and are
                                      designed to teach children basic lessons in Christian
                                      living. Most of the tapes have two different stories.
                                      Tape 1: Who Me? Theme: Responsibility to
                                      others–Davey is not doing his fair share of the
                                      household chores. A messy room and garbage that
                                      is not taken out top the list and Davey is not polite or
                                      cooperative when reminded. Kum Ba Yah. Theme:
                                      Responsibility to others–A handbell trio of Davey,
                                      Jon, and Cisco has practiced hard on the song ―Kum
                                      Ba Yah‖. Just before they are to play in church, there
                                      is a disagreement between Davey and Cisco over
                                      the abilities of their pets. Tape 2: Bully Up A Tree.
                                      Theme: Loving one‘s neighbor–Visiting his
                                      grandparents‘ farm, Davey is bothered by a local
                                      bully who uses a slingshot against Goliath. Davey
                                      and his friend, Tom, hope that the bully will get into
                                      trouble himself, but when the bully is caught up a
                                      tree, Davey helps him out. Happy Landing. Theme:
                                      The omniscient God–Davey‘s father is on a plane
                                      coming home. Davey visits Hank in the airport
                                      control tower and is impressed by Hank‘s ability and
                                      concern for the safety of others. He likens Hank to
DAVEY AND GOLIATH—SNOWBOARD           Davey and Goliath—Snowboard Christmas. This
CHRISTMAS                             DVD in the Davey and Goliath series is an action-
                                      packed holiday special that is perfect for the whole
                                      family. Davey and his talking dog, Goliath, are on a
                                      dazzling snowboard adventure. They learn some
                                      very important lessons about understanding and
                                      respect for people who are different than they are.
                                      Davey also learns very important lessons about the
                                      real meaning of Christmas. 55 minutes

DAVEY AND GOLIATH—THE LOST EPISODES   This Collector‘s Edition is available for the first time
                                      ever. It is a delightful collection of ten newly restored
                                      and enhanced Davey and Goliath episodes that were
                                      pulled from the TV airwaves. They have been re-
                                      edited to acceptable video standards for young
                                      children. Produced by ―Gumby‖ creators Davey and
                                      Goliath provide a welcome alternative in children‘s
                                      programming featuring moral themes that are
                                      timeless. The DVD includes ten 15-minute episodes.
DAVEY AND GOLIATH—VOLUME 1             The characters of ―Davey and Goliath‖ are being re-
                                       released on DVD. Volume 1 has the following
                                       episodes: ―The Kite‖—Davey, Jimmy. and Teddy try
                                       to fly a kite, but too many hands on the kite string
                                       result in disaster; ―Finders Keepers‖—Davey finds a
                                       ten-dollar bill and buys a collar for Goliath, but the
                                       collar is tainted when it‘s purchased with money that
                                       doesn‘t belong to him; ―Blind Man‘s
                                       Bluff‖—Jonathan‘s cousin, Scottie, who doesn‘t like
                                       white boys, teaches Davey about racism; ―Stranded
                                       on an Island‖—When the tide turns, Davey, Sally,
                                       and Goliath are stranded on the island. ―To the
                                       Rescue‖—A Davey and Goliath 30-minute summer
                                       camp special! At Roaring River Camp, Davey,
                                       Goliath, and friends rescue the victims of a plane
                                       crash; ―Oh Davey!–History of Davey and Goliath
                                       Television Series.‖ This 60-minute documentary
                                       includes the history of Davey and Goliath, interviews
                                       with the original creators and special ―behind the
                                       scenes footage of making the ―Davey and Goliath‘s
                                       Snowboard Christmas.‖

DAVEY AND GOLIATH—VOLUME 2             Davey and Goliath—Volume 2. This newly released
                                       DVD of the Davey and Goliath stories deals with
                                       ―Learning About Caring for Others.‖ The DVD
                                       includes the following episodes: The Zillion Dollar
                                       Combo, Good Neighbor, The Wild Goat, Big Apple,
                                       Ready or Not, Kum Ba Yah. It also includes the 30-
                                       minute special ―Halloween Who-Dun-It.‖ Six 15-
                                       minute episodes, 30 minute special and bonus
                                       features. 120 minutes
DAVEY AND GOLIATH—VOLUME 3: LEARNING   Davey and Goliath—Volume 3: ―Learning about
ABOUT FORGIVENESS                      Forgiveness.‖ This newly released DVD of the Davey
                                       and Goliath series deals with ―Learning About
                                       Forgiveness.‖ It contains the following 15 minute
                                       episodes: Officer Bob, The Runway, The Lemonade
                                       Stand, Bully up a Tree, Jeepin‘ the Deep, Doghouse
                                       Dream House. Also included is a 30-minute special
                                       ―Christmas Lost and Found.‖ 120 minutes.

DAVEY AND GOLIATH—VOLUME 4: HELPING    Davey and Goliath—Volume 4: ―Healing Each
EACH OTHER                             Other.‖ This newly released DVD of the Davey and
                                       Goliath series deals with ―Helping Each Other.‖ It
                                       contains the following 15-minute episodes: A Diller A
                                       Dollar, Boy in Trouble, Who Me? Who‘s George,
                                       Rags and Buttons, The Dog Show. 30-minute
                                       special, New Year Promise. 120 minutes.

DAVID AND GOLIATH                      Normally a young man of peace, David bravely takes
                                       Goliath up on his challenge. Given strength and
                                       encouragement through prayer, David emerges as
                                       the victor in a life-or-death debacle, and most
                                       importantly proves the power of faith in God. This
                                       well-known story of David and Goliath is well
                                       dramatized especially for junior high youth through
                                       adults. 40 minutes
DAY IN THE LIFE IF AN ELCA MISSIONARY, A    A Day in the Life of an ELCA Missionary. This short
                                            DVD shares the roles of modern missionaries in
                                            different parts of the world. It was prepared by ELCA
                                            Global Missions. It would be a good resource for
                                            anyone who is interested in becoming a missionary.
                                            6 minutes
DAY OF DISCOVERY October                    Jesus: Man or Messiah, or More Part 5, The Last
/November/December 2009                     Supper—
                                            Jesus: Man, Messiah or More? Part 6, The Jewish
                                            Capernaum: City of Skeptics
                                            Bethlehem: Beyond the Christmas Story
DAY OF DISCOVERY----April, May, June 2010   Jesus the Messiah: Unlocking Old Testament
                                            Crucified: Take Up Your Cross, Pat 1
                                            Crucified: Take Up Your Cross, Part 2
                                            From Vengeance to Forgiveness, Part 3
                                                The story of prisoner of war and later missionary
                                            to Japan, Jake DeShazer
DAY OF DISCOVERY—January, February and      Jesus: Man, Messiah, or More? Part 7 The
March 2010                                  Crucifixion
                                            Jesus: Man, Messiah, or More? Part 8 The
                                            The Jewish Roots of Christianity, Part 1 Judaism
                                            and Christianity seem worlds apart, but it hasn‘t
                                            always been that way.
                                            Dangerous Faith: A Journey through Deception—the
                                            compelling story of Robert Newhouse‘s path to truth
                                            and a relationship with Christ.

DAY OF DISCOVERY—July/August/September      Jesus: Man, Messiah, or More?
2009                                        Part 1: Peter‘s Confession
                                            Part 2: Christ‘s Triumphal Entry
                                            Part 3: The Temple Cleansing
                                            Hebron: City of Promise
DAY OF DISCOVERY: APRIL/MAY/JUNE 2006       Day of Discovery—April, May, June 2006. Stories of
                                            Salvation: Easter and Purim; Worldview and the
                                            Three Faiths of Jerusalem; The Life of C.S. Lewis
                                            (Part 2). In this edition, the viewer get a good idea of
                                            Purim, the Jewish holiday, which is based on the
                                            Book of Esther as it is compared to the Christian
                                            Palm Sunday celebration. The three faiths of
                                            Jerusalem are compared in the World View section.
                                            How we see the world often depends on our
                                            perspective. Similarities of these religions are
                                            emphasized. The different sections of Jerusalem are
                                            also explored. It is a very interesting segment In the
                                            last selection the second part of the life of C. S.
                                            Lewis is presented.
DAY OF DISCOVERY: APRIL/MAY/JUNE 2007       The following programs are included: Saul—King of
                                            Promise; David—King of Power; Solomon—King of
                                            Privilege; Love‘s Lasting Call.
DAY OF DISCOVERY: APRIL/MAY/JUNE 2008       Romans, the Letter that Changed the World, parts 1
                                            & 2. Faithful God, ―Lord I‘m Yours‖—Billy Graham.
DAY OF DISCOVERY: APRIL/MAY/JUNE 2009   Day of Discovery—April/May/June 2009—Jesus and
                                        the Gospels, parts 1 and 2; The Wonder of Creation:
                                        Soil; When Love Hurts: When the Church Is Needed
                                        Most. Also includes bonus program: When Abuse Is
                                        Worse than Divorce.
DAY OF DISCOVERY:                       This DVD from Day of Discovery has the following
JANUARY/FEBRUARY/MARCH 2006             categories: The Story of Two Kings, Israel and the
                                        Church and The Life of C.S. Lewis (Part 1)
DAY OF DISCOVERY:                       Day of Discovery—January/February/March 2007.
JANUARY/FEBRUARY/MARCH 2006             This selection from Day of Discovery offers the
                                        viewer the following selections. RCB Ministries
                                        President Mart DeHann and Mideast journalist
                                        Jimmy DeYoung present it. Topic include: Signs of
                                        the End Times; Galilee: Land and Story of the Bible,
                                        parts 3 and 4; Music Special: Adoration.
DAY OF DISCOVERY:                       God of Joy, God of Pain. Nazareth: The Silent Years
JANUARY/FEBRUARY/MARCH 2008             of Jesus. Love‘s Lasting Call: The Hendrick‘s Story.
                                        Between Heaven and Earth: The Plight of the
                                        Chesapeake Bay Watermen.
DAY OF DISCOVERY:                       Wisdom from Ephesus, parts 3 and 4; John, parts 3
JANUARY/FEBRUARY/MARCH 2009             and 4; Behind the Easter Story, parts 1 and 2.
                                        Retraces the footsteps of Jesus during his last week
                                        with readings from the Gospels.
DAY OF DISCOVERY:                       Day of Discovery—July/August/September 2006.
JULY/AUGUST/SEPTEMBER 2006              This DVD is an excellent explanation of the following
                                        topics: ―God and the Three Faiths in Jerusalem‖ and
                                        ―Scripture and the Three Faiths of Jerusalem.‖ These
                                        are very timely topics at the present time. Program 3
                                        is ―The Story of Drs. Paul and Margaret Brand.‖ Part
                                        1: Heart for the Outcast; Part 2: The Gift of Pain.
                                        This is an excellent testimony about their lives in
                                        India and working with patients with leprosy. Leprosy
                                        patients were at that time totally outcasts of society.
                                        Dr. Paul Brand made tremendous strides in the
                                        treating a healing of patients with leprosy. He not
                                        only treated the disease but rehabilitated the
                                        person‘s mind and spirit as well. Dr. Margaret Brand
                                        became the world‘s foremost expert in ocular
                                        leprosy, saving many patients‘ eyesight. It is a
                                        wonderfully inspiring story. They both felt that they
                                        were people send by God. Each section is 60
                                        minutes .
DAY OF DISCOVERY:                The Miracles of Jesus: Part 1: Did They Really
JULY/AUGUST/SEPTEMBER 2007       Happen?; Part 2: What Do They Reveal?; Judea,
                                 Land and Story of the Bible, a two-part series. Mart
                                 DeHaan and Jimmy DeYoung explore the land of the
                                 Bible. See Judea, the center of the land that God
                                 chose, the Mount of Olives, Jerusalem‘s ancient
                                 temple, the Dead Sea, Jericho, the caves where the
                                 Dead Sea scrolls were found, En Gedi, where David
                                 ran from King Saul and wrote Psalms, Masada,
                                 fortress of King Herod, Beersheba, the city of the
                                 Covenant, and the well of Abraham, Hebron, a key
                                 city to the Jewish people and the city where King
                                 David was crowned, and back to the western wall of

DAY OF DISCOVERY:                Romans—The Letter That Changed the
JULY/AUGUST/SEPTEMBER 2008       World—From Vengeance to Forgiveness: Jake
                                 DeShazer‘s Extraordinary Journey.
DAY OF DISCOVERY:                Day of Discovery: October to December 2005. This
OCTOBER/NOVEMBER/DECEMBER 2005   edition of the Day of Discovery video contains the
                                 following four parts: ―My Search for Messiah,‖ parts 1-
                                 3. Dr. Michael Rydelnick, Professor of Jewish
                                 Studies at the Moody Bible Institute, relates his
                                 experiences in his search for the Messiah. This is a
                                 very interesting presentation, and it confirms Jesus
                                 as the Messiah. Part 4, ―How Far Is It to Bethlehem,‖
                                 takes the viewer to the birthplace of Jesus. 120

DAY OF DISCOVERY:                Day of Discovery–October, November, December
OCTOBER/NOVEMBER/DECEMBER 2006   2006. Galilee: Land and Story of the Bible, parts 1
                                 and 2. Human Nature and the Three Faiths of
                                 Jerusalem. Salvation and the Three Faiths of
DAY OF DISCOVERY:                This is an excellent video: Jordan: Doorway to the
OCTOBER/NOVEMBER/DECEMBER 2007   Promised Land; Favorite Hymns of Billy
                                 Graham—wonderful performances of great hymns;
                                 Africa and the Bible: Myth of a Cursed Race–Learn
                                 how this curse of the prophet Noah has been
                                 misinterpreted and misused and later led to slavery.
                                 This is an extremely interesting and informative
                                 segment. Many Bible verses are cited which
                                 contradict this curse and shows that we are all one in
                                 Christ. The Promise of Christmas–The land of the
                                 Bible where the promises of Christmas remain is
                                 visited. The places where the events of Christmas
                                 took place are explored. The story really begins with
                                 the promise to Abraham in Genesis.

DAY OF DISCOVERY:                Romans: The Letter That Changed the World, parts
OCTOBER/NOVEMBER/DECEMBER 2008   5 and 6. Wisdom from Ephesus, parts 1 and 2.
DEAD SEA                                The Dead Sea in Biblical times is explored in this
                                        video. The Dead Sea is so salty that no living
                                        creature can inhabit it, but its location is incredible.
                                        The video also includes brief accounts of some the
                                        Old and New Testament happening in the area. 25
DEALING WITH TOUGH ISSUES AS CHRISTIANS The ELCA with the help of Aid Associations for
                                        Lutherans produced this video to help groups deal
                                        with controversial issues. It is pointed out that Jesus
                                        dealt with many controversial issues during his time.
                                        Church members should remember that they are
                                        peacemakers. God is involved in our world, and
                                        conflicts can become teachable moments. The first
                                        part of the video suggests steps that should be taken
                                        in the moral deliberation process. They include:
                                        dealing with experience, understanding, discernment
                                        and action, proceeding by faith. In the second
                                        segment of the video, a group discusses
                                        homosexuality by using this process. The group
                                        discusses that topic openly, and it is pointed out that
                                        the church should openly discuss sexuality. Leader‘s
                                        guide is included. Part 1, 35 minutes: Part 2, 23

DEAR DISTANT DAD                                In this emotionally charged program, teenagers open
                                                up their hearts with a rare and raw honesty to reveal
                                                the devastating hurt they feel inside when they
                                                cannot connect in love with their dads. Teens will find
                                                that they are not alone and will better understand
                                                what some of their peers are going through. Great for
                                                youth, dads, or family programs. Includes leader‘s
                                                guide. 24 minutes
DEBT RELIEF JUBILEE 2000 CONFERENCE             This is a video made at a conference held in New
                                                York and sponsored by the Global Mission
                                                Committee of the Metropolitan New York Synod,
                                                ELCA, on the topic of Jubilee 2000 Debt Relief.
                                                Several people, including a representative of the
                                                ELCA, speak on the issue of debt relief. The crucial
                                                issues of debt relief are pointed out, and the spiritual
                                                foundations of these issues are discussed.
DEFINING MOMENTS                       These audio DVDs and tapes feature Bill Hybels. He
                                       brings to the Willow Creek‘s ―Defining Moments‖
                                       series 30 years of experience and his passion to help
                                       train church leaders. Topics are strategically chosen
                                       to address key issues central to churches striving to
                                       be culturally relevant, biblically functioning
                                       communities. Bill and other guests provide both
                                       insight and inspiration along with specifics for
                                       implementation of the concepts discussed. The
                                       different DVDs cover these points: Pastors and
                                       Porn—A Wake Up Call; My Biggest Ministry
                                       Blunders; The Call to a Multicultural Church; Just
                                       Walk Across the Room; The Life Changing Power of
                                       a Campaign; Getting Women in the Game; and
                                       Developing Emerging Leaders.

DESIGNING EFFECTIVE CHURCH BUILDINGS   The Mission Investment Fund of the ELCA has
                                       produced this video to help congregations prepare
                                       for renovation, expansion, and relocation projects.
                                       Architect Peter Norgren examines the key
                                       preparatory steps and highlights four principles for
                                       designing a church building or addition that will meet
                                       a congregation‘s needs for years to come. The video
                                       is especially useful for members of building or
                                       finance committees before a congregation begins to
                                       build or renovate. 10 minutes

DESIGNING EFFECTIVE CHURCH BUILDINGS   In this video from the ELCA Mission Investment
                                       Fund, staff architect Peter Norgren examines the key
                                       steps that congregations should take in preparing for
                                       a building program. Also discussed are four
                                       principles for designing a church that will meet a
                                       congregation‘s need for years to come. Good for use
                                       by building and finance committees. 11 minutes

DESIGNING WOMEN—STAND AND FIGHT        From the Commission for Women, ELCA, this video
                                       is a reproduction of the March 1989 episode of
                                       Designing Women. In this episode, an assailant
                                       takes the purse belonging to Mary Jo. She and her
                                       friends explore women‘s socialization and the rising
                                       interest in incidence of violence against women.
                                       Mary Jo and her friends then begin to struggle with
                                       the trauma of this incident, overcoming fears,
                                       beginning the healing and preventative processes.
                                       30 minutes
DEVELOPING SKILLS FOR TEACHING     This training program is a very pleasant surprise. It
                                   balances information, discussion, and modeling to
                                   help religious educators reach their students.
                                   Participant workbooks organize the materials
                                   presented and allow for reflection on what is learned.
                                   Most of the time it uses the most effective
                                   approaches to learning for today‘s student. This
                                   training course could be very beneficial when two or
                                   three congregations get together and group some
                                   age-level teachers. Young Children? This course
                                   begins with a comprehensive presentation of learner
                                   characteristics and adds classroom strategies and
                                   management techniques. Preparation for teaching
                                   and building relationships are also covered.
                                   Elementary Children? It‘s a good thing we Lutherans
                                   stress grace. The children in this video are almost
                                   always sitting and being quiet? Not the best strategy
                                   for effectively teaching elementary children. (There‘s
                                   even one place where a student is almost asleep!) If
                                   you use this video, have teachers keep track of the
                                   time kids are sitting and time they are actively
                                   involved in learning. Junior High Youth? This video
                                   often shows teens sitting and discussing, but there is
                                   often evidence of active learning in the scenes. It
DEVELOPING YOUTH AS LEADERS        This video helps adults train teenagers to lead. Equip
                                   your young people with skills they‘ll use to handle
                                   more responsibility, communicate clearly, make
                                   decisions, share tasks, handle conflict, model
                                   positive attitudes and more. 98 minutes
DIARY OF ANNE FRANK, THE           The video is the Academy Award-winning film that
                                   tells the story of the 13-year-old Anne Frank. Two
                                   Jewish families are hidden from the Nazis in a tiny
                                   attic in Amsterdam. Throughout this two-year ordeal,
                                   Anne keeps a diary and never gives up her belief
                                   that people are inherently good. 170 minutes

DIETRICH BONHOEFFER                This video follows the life of Dietrich Bonhoeffer as
                                   told by some of his closest friends, family and
                                   students. It includes family photographs never before
                                   shown. Black and white. 93 minutes
DIETRICH BONHOEFFER—HANGED ON A    Biblical theologian Dietrich Bonhoeffer was executed
TWISTED CROSS                      by the Nazis just days before the Allies defeated
                                   Germany in World War II. The gripping documentary
                                   captures the life, times, and thought of Bonhoeffer.
                                   Using rare archival footage, documents, and visits to
                                   original locations, we get an intimate and penetrating
                                   portrait of a man whose life and writings grow in their
                                   influence and speak powerfully to issues of our own
                                   day decades after his death in 1945. 120 minutes

DIETRICH BONHOEFFER—MEMORIES AND   This documentary chronicles Dietrich Bonhoeffer‘s
PERSPECTIVES                       life of courage and conviction, ending with
                                   imprisonment and death in 1945. It includes
                                   quotations from his writings interwoven with
                                   photographs and interviews with his family and
                                   friends. 58 minutes
DIRECT CURRENT          These interactive video-based Bible Studies are
                        produced by Family Films, the makers of Power
                        Tools. Each lesson gives your group a new idea to
                        plug into. Super-charged lessons teach about the
                        power of God‘s Word. The high-energy video sparks
                        discussion about how to make the direct connection
                        to daily life. Permission is granted to photocopy from
                        the workbook for classroom use. Volume 1–Grades 5
                        & 6. 1–Parable of the Yeast; Theme: Relationships.
                        2–Jesus‘ Resurrection; Theme: Promises. 3–The
                        Body of Christ; Theme: Service. 4–The Lord‘s
                        Prayer; Theme: Prayer. 5–The Widow‘s Mite;
                        Theme: Blessings. 6–Jesus in the Temple; Theme:
                        Wisdom. Volume 2–Grades 5 & 6. 1–Peter Denies
                        Christ; Theme: Forgiveness. 2–Jesus Heals a
                        Paralytic; Theme: God‘s Protection. 3–Adam & Eve;
                        Theme: Temptation. 4–Philip & the Ethiopian;
                        Theme: Sharing the Gospel. 5–Gabriel Visits Mary;
                        Theme: Preparing Our Hearts. 6–Joseph & His
                        Brothers; Theme: God‘s Plans. Volume 3–Grades 7
                        & 8. 1–Solomon Builds the Temple; Theme:
                        Worship. 2–Jesus Drives out an Evil Spirit; Theme:
                        Overcoming Evil. 3–Jesus Stops a Stoning; Theme:
                        Encouragement. 4–Naaman‘s Healing; Theme:
DIRT ON LEARNING, THE   Effective Christian education begins with effective
                        training. This video is designed to teach church
                        leaders and teachers how to help learners truly
                        understand God‘s Word, unlock long-term memory
                        that shapes students‘ lives, nurture every-day faith in
                        learners, and avoid thorny barriers such as rewards
                        and unnecessary competition. It is designed to teach
                        authentic learning techniques that will make learning
                        easy and long lasting. It is based on the parable of
                        the Sower and will demonstrate how we can get
                        God‘s seeds to take root and grow. It demonstrates
                        that learning should be real, experiential, application-
                        oriented and learner-based. The video presents
                        actual classes to demonstrate how these goals can
                        be achieved. The packet includes a book, training
                        guide for four teacher training sessions and
                        overheads to help achieve these goals. It is an
                        excellent series. 55 minutes
DISCIPLE!                      Disciple! focuses on faith development for
                               individuals and congregations. Patterned after the
                               Awakening and Renewed videotape resources, both
                               are new resources introducing innovative evangelism
                               programs developed by ELCA congregations, with
                               ELCA congregation members from across the U.S.
                               and the Caribbean. Disciple! focuses on faith
                               development for individuals and congregations.
                               Designed to be presented by pastors and lay leaders
                               in workshops or forums, this resource includes two
                               videotapes, a leader guide, bibliography, and other
                               materials. Tapes are designed for several breaks for
                               discussion. 150 minutes

DISCONNECTED GENERATION, THE   This five-session video series for adults is presented
                               by Josh McDowell. It is his intend to equip adults and
                               youth alike to experience the relational connection
                               God intended. It is pointed out that when youth feel
                               disconnected from adults, especially their parents,
                               they are over 200 percent more likely to be
                               dissatisfied with life and less likely to attend worship,
                               read their Bibles and pray. In this series, Josh
                               McDowell explains how adults can enter a young
                               person‘s complex and confusing world to form a
                               deeper relational attachment through six biblically
                               based relational connecting points. Each of the five
                               sessions is designed as a 50-minute lesson, with a
                               30-minute video and 20 minutes of group discussion.
                               A leader‘s guide, book and reproducible handouts
                               are included. five tapes, each 30 minutes. 150

DISCOVER YOUR DESTINY          This video is also about getting to know the One
                               behind your destiny, the God who created you with a
                               purpose in mind. It‘s about tuning your heart to listen
                               to his softest whisper and becoming alert to his cues
                               and intimations. This study is for parents, husbands
                               and wives, teachers; it is for anyone who believes
                               that God has uniquely created each individual for a
                               specific purpose and understands that when that
                               purpose is discovered, a person can more effectively
                               do his will and experience fullness of life while here
                               on earth. There are eight sessions in this series: 1)
                               Pulling Stakes and Jumping Fences; 2) God Still
                               Speaks; 3) Your Personal North Star; 4) Dreaming
                               Wide Awake; 5) Preparing for the Adventure of Your
                               Life; 6) The Waiting Game; 7) The Good News About
                               Limitations; 8) Dream Building. Allow at least 60
                               minutes per session. 480 minutes.
DISCOVERING EVERYDAY SPIRITUALITY     This eight-part (four videos) series helps viewers
                                      connect with the sacred in their daily experiences.
                                      Produced in the Parish of Trinity Church, New York,
                                      N.Y., this series is a collection of discussions and
                                      stories. Excellent for prayer groups and retreats and
                                      adult groups that focus on personal spiritual growth.
                                      A leaders guide is included. Each session is about
                                      30 minutes long. Sessions 1 & 2: Story; Sessions 3
                                      & 4: Place Sessions; 5 & 6: Activity; Sessions 7 & 8:
                                      Ritual. 240 minutes

DISCOVERING HOPE—STORIES OF HOPE IN   Discover. This video from the ELCA Division for
RURAL CONGREGATIONS                   Congregational Ministries shows what three effective
                                      rural congregations have to say about God‘s activity
                                      in and through them. These three congregations are
                                      in very different settings. Discovering Hope is a story
                                      about God‘s heart for rural congregations and the
                                      power of the Holy Spirit to awaken new energy and
                                      build a renewed focus on mission and ministry. 31
DISCOVERING THE BIBLE                 Four sessions acquaint viewers with the Bible, what it
                                      is, how we got it, and how to use it. The Old
                                      Testament and New Testament are also examined.
                                      This is not a study of each book, but rather an
                                      overview of the history of our Bible. Excellent for
                                      confirmation age through adult. A leader‘s guide and
                                      reproducible handouts are included. Session 1:
                                      Getting Acquainted. Session 2: The Old Testament.
                                      Session 3: The New Testament. Session 4: Survival,
                                      Spread & Influence. 120 minutes

DIVIDING WALL, THE                    (The) Dividing Wall. This DVD explores the
                                      humanitarian, social, and political impact of the
                                      Israeli-built ―security fence.‖ The barrier that will run
                                      about 700 kilometers (430 miles), is a series of walls
                                      and electrified and razor wire fences meandering
                                      through the occupied territories. It separates many
                                      Palestinians from their land, water, jobs, families,
                                      and friends. You will meet farmers whose lives have
                                      been devastated by the wall, and you will be inspired
                                      by Israelis and Palestinians who are working for a
                                      future of bridges instead of walls. Study guide.
                                      Special added feature. ―Walking the Path Jesus
                                      Walked.‖ 23 minutes

DIVORCE DECISION, THE                 A pastor counsels a couple when the husband and
                                      wife feel the only way out is divorce. This video could
                                      be very helpful for couples who might be considering
                                      divorce and could help them to understand what
                                      other options are available to them in trying to make
                                      their marriage a success. 38 minutes
DIVORCE RECOVERY (STUDY COURSE)       This course on a very difficult and needed ministry of
                                      divorce recovery, produced by Gospel Films in
                                      Muskegon, Mich., features Dr. Bill Flanagan, a
                                      pastor at St. Andrew Presbyterian Church, Newport
                                      Beach, Calif. He is minister to single adults and has
                                      his doctorate from Fuller Seminary. The workshops
                                      are based on Jim Smoke‘s Growing Through Divorce
                                      and covers the following: Episode 1–Is This Really
                                      Happening To Me?; Episode 2–Coping With Your Ex-
                                      Spouse; Episode 3–Assuming New Responsibilities;
                                      Episode 4–Being A Single Parent; Episode
                                      5–Finding and Experiencing Forgiveness; and
                                      Episode 6–Thinking About New Relationships. The
                                      style of the tapes is basically Dr. Flanagan making a
                                      presentation before a large, live audience. There are
                                      some short segments of responses and stories from
                                      individual divorced people. There is also a section
                                      dealing with children and youth of divorced parents.
                                      To lead a class through this by video is difficult, but it
                                      is a very good resource and many congregations do
                                      not have local people who have expertise in this
                                      area. There is a study guide included. six 30-minute

DO YOU SEE WHAT I SEE?                Reinhold P. Marxhausen has exhibited his creations
                                      throughout the United States. He invites us to look at
                                      the world in new ways. It is a way to grow in
                                      appreciation of all God‘s world and to respond in
                                      thanksgiving. The artist helps his viewers look
                                      beyond the ordinary and see a new creation. 29
DON‘T CHECK YOUR BRAINS AT THE DOOR   In this video series, Josh McDowell declares
                                      overwhelming evidence for the Christian faith in easy
                                      to understand terms that will ground young people in
                                      the reasons for faith. The program is designed as a
                                      ―Ready Defense‖ and will equip junior and senior
                                      high students with answers to difficult questions
                                      about what they believe. The series brings to youth a
                                      simplified version of Evidence That Demands a
                                      Verdict through motion picture illustrations,
                                      animation, humorous skits, and easy to understand
                                      teaching. Each video section opens with a dramatic
                                      vignette that sets up the lesson. Then answers are
                                      provided and insights and evidence for reasons we
                                      believe are given. The entire series is faith grounding
                                      and fun-filled. 68 minutes
DOORWAYS TO DANGER                 This video shows why dabbling in the occult and
                                   getting involved with spiritism, fortune-telling
                                   witchcraft, and Satanism can be dangerous.
                                   Séances, astrology and Ouija boards can be far
                                   more than innocent fun. The video was produced in
                                   Great Britain and shows real life stories and firsthand
                                   experiences of people who have been involved in the
                                   occult. The video shows the way out of these
                                   experiences from a Biblical and Christian
                                   perspective, and it provides a real Christian answer
                                   to the preoccupation with the occult that seems to
                                   exist in today‘s world. 24 minutes

DOWN + OUT—WHERE GRACE TAKES YOU   Down+Out—Where Grace Takes You. Five hundred
                                   years ago, Martin Luther discovered in Scripture two
                                   simple ideas. The idea put his life in jeopardy. Now
                                   God‘s people are rediscovering what Luther
                                   discovered. Those two simple ideas are the
                                   foundation of the Christian life. In our congregations,
                                   our communities, our families, and our work lives,
                                   grace takes us out into God‘s world. We can be
                                   confident in God‘s promises. This six-part series,
                                   reintroduces the viewer to the life-changing reality of
                                   God‘s promises and points the way to a completely
                                   different view of life in the light of where grace takes
                                   you. Six episodes 18-24 minutes each. CD-ROM
                                   Study Guide. 144 minutes

DRAVECKY—A STORY OF COURAGE AND    Dave Dravecky‘s story is far more than a sports
GRACE                              documentary. It‘s a chronicle of faith that triumphs
                                   over incredible obstacles. Dave and his wife, Jan,
                                   exemplify what it means to trust God when the
                                   bottom drops out. The doctors said Dave Dravecky
                                   would never pitch again. But nine months after the
                                   removal of cancer from his left arm, Dravecky
                                   returned to the mound to pitch eight electrifying
                                   innings for the San Francisco Giants, leading them to
                                   victory. But the story does not end with this victory.
                                   Twenty-two months after Dave‘s dramatic comeback,
                                   his arm was removed when the cancer recurred. It
                                   was a blow that would have left many men bitter–but
                                   not Dravecky. His sense of purpose in life rested in
                                   something higher than his sports career or physical
                                   abilities. This video gives us a message of hope and
                                   encouragement when faced with adversity, pointing
                                   beyond the hardships to the things that matter most.
                                   62 minutes
DREAM MAKING IN A DREAM BREAKING WORLD Dr. Harold Ivan Smith leads a seminar on resisting
                                       and restoring the dreams God gives us for mission in
                                       our everyday world. He uses Biblical images to help
                                       viewers understand that God has given us dreams to
                                       bring the good news to others–but that we, like the
                                       Biblical characters, resist the call in those dreams.
                                       Good for congregational council retreats, adult
                                       forums and leadership training. 2 tapes, each 60
                                       minutes. 120 minutes.

DRUG-FREE KIDS                                Parents! At last, an up-to-the-minute educational and
                                              entertaining program designed especially to help you
                                              identify and to deal with the urgent problem of
                                              childhood drug abuse. Featuring dramatic role-
                                              playing, host Ken Howard guides a superb cast
                                              through a variety of intimate family scenes that teach
                                              the parenting techniques necessary to keep your
                                              child away from drugs. For adults. 70 minutes

DUSTING OFF THEOLOGY—THE CREED                This four-tape series on the Apostle‘s Creed
                                              produced by Seraphim Communications in St. Paul,
                                              Minn., features Dr. James Nestingen. It is done in the
                                              same style as the Dusting Off Theology, The Ten
                                              Commandments, Baptism, and The Lord‘s Supper.
                                              Dr. Nestingen‘s style of combining the rich meaning
                                              of Lutheran theology with family ―faithing‖ stories is
                                              wonderful for people over 30 who have been raised
                                              in families with such stories. It is very moving and
                                              powerful. The audience in all of these series is made
                                              up of adults. The ten-minute sections might be
                                              useable occasionally with some older youth. But to
                                              have a confirmation class watch one whole tape is
                                              not an effective way to use this tool for their learning.
                                              It is lecture style and young people do not learn best
                                              from that style. Tape 1: The
                                              Creed–Introduction–What is the Creed? (26
                                              minutes); Where do the Creeds come from? What
                                              are the Creeds good for? (28 minutes). Tape 2: The
                                              First Article–Gift (26 minutes); Obligation (28
                                              minutes). Tape 3: The Second Article–Lord (29
                                              minutes); May (24 minutes). Tape 4: The Third
                                              Article–Has called (25 minutes); Gathered,
DUSTING OFF THEOLOGY—THE TEN            This series of five videos is produced by Seraphim
COMMANDMENTS                            Communications, Inc. of St. Paul, Minn. The videos
                                        consist of presentations by Dr. James Nestingen of
                                        Luther Northwestern Seminary, to an adult forum
                                        sponsored by Zion Lutheran Church, Anoka, Minn.
                                        The series is excellent. It is punctuated by the humor
                                        and ―down to earth‖ interpretation of the Gospel that
                                        is typical of Dr. Nestingen. The questions, ―Why do
                                        we need commandments?‖ and ―How do we live with
                                        them today?‖ are answered in the context of our
                                        relationships with God, our family, and our
                                        neighbors. Although this was designed for adults, the
                                        series should be effective with high school and
                                        college youth. 5 tapes each 44 to 53 minutes. 250

DUSTING OFF THEOLOGY: LIVING WITH THE   Dr. James Nestingen addresses the following
CHURCH                                  questions: What is the Church? What are its
                                        dimensions? What are its blessings and frustrations?
                                        Part I. The People of God. The blessings &
                                        frustrations of living with the Church. Part II.
                                        Gathered. The Church as the Kingdom of God and
                                        as human institution. Part III. Hear the Word. What
                                        the Word is, how we hear it, and how we speak it.
                                        Part IV. Receive the Sacraments. The visible words
                                        and the controversy around them. Full of classic
                                        Nestingen. Four 45-minute sessions. 180 minutes.

DUSTING OFF THEOLOGY: THE               This teaching series on parts of Luther‘s Small
SACRAMENTS—BAPTISM                      Catechism, produced by Seraphim Communications,
                                        Inc., St. Paul, Minn., features Dr. James Nestingen
                                        from Luther Northwestern Seminary. Dr. Nestingen is
                                        noted for his wonderful faith stories of people rooted
                                        in the Lutheran heritage. Many pastors would be
                                        tempted to show sections of this video series to their
                                        confirmation classes. But that is not the audience.
                                        The audience for this series is adults. Dr.
                                        Nestingen‘s strength is a lecture style that is not the
                                        best learning style for today‘s youth. This series is
                                        best suited to the parents and sponsors of the
                                        students or adult classes. There are two tapes in this
                                        series: Tape 1: The Sacraments–Baptism. Part 1.1.
                                        What is Baptism? (27 minutes). Part 1.2. What are
                                        the benefits? (22 minutes). Tape 2: The
                                        Sacraments–Baptism, Part 2.1. How can water do so
                                        much? (24 minutes). Part 2.2. What does Baptism
                                        signify? (30 minutes). 103 minutes.
DUSTING OFF THEOLOGY: THE         This teaching series on parts of Luther‘s Small
SACRAMENTS—LORD‘S SUPPER          Catechism, produced by Seraphim Communications,
                                  Inc., St. Paul, Minn., features Dr. James Nestingen
                                  from Luther Northwestern Seminary. Dr. Nestingen is
                                  noted for his wonderful faith stories of people rooted
                                  in the Lutheran heritage. Many pastors would be
                                  tempted to show sections of this video series to their
                                  confirmation classes. But that is not the audience.
                                  The audience for this series is adults. Dr.
                                  Nestingen‘s strength is a lecture style that is not the
                                  best learning style for today‘s youth. This series is
                                  best suited to the parents and sponsors of the
                                  students or adult classes. There are two tapes in this
                                  series: Tape 1: The Sacraments–Lord‘s Supper,
                                  Part 1.1. What is the Lord‘s Supper? (28 minutes).
                                  Part 1.2. What are the benefits? (20 minutes). Tape
                                  2: The Sacraments–Lord‘s Supper, Part 2.1. How
                                  can it do great things? (23 minutes). Part 2.2. When
                                  is a person rightly prepared? (26 minutes). 97

EASTER IS                         Family Films produced this video for network TV in
                                  conjunction with Concordia Publishing House. It is a
                                  sequel to Christmas Is. Children ages 4-10 will enjoy
                                  this heartwarming story of love, sacrifice, and trust
                                  featuring Benji and his dog, Waldo, as they discover
                                  the real meaning of Easter. 22 minutes

EAT SMART                         This video produced in 1991 for PBS television,
                                  features correspondent Judy Woodruff. According to
                                  recent reports form the Surgeon General and the
                                  National Academy of Sciences, there is now an
                                  overwhelming body of scientific research that links
                                  that dietary habits of Americans to diseases that
                                  cause 70 percent of the deaths in this country each
                                  year. This video is designed to help Americans make
                                  better choices in their diets in order to enhance their
                                  lives and health. This video would be a great
                                  resource for congregations involved in Project
                                  L.I.F.E. 60 minutes
EATING AND DRINKING IN THE WORD   Instructional video on the Lord‘s Supper. Great for
(SACRAMENT OF HOLY COMMUNION)     First Communion instruction. It rests on the premise
                                  that the how of the sacrament is for God to know and
                                  us to ponder, but the why of this gift is love and love
                                  is clear. This video is filled with fast-moving images
                                  and underlying music to keep young groups
                                  engaged. Offers definition to the many aspects of
                                  Holy Communion along with Luther‘s explanation and
                                  a brief review of the worship service. 20 minutes
ECUMENISM: THE VISION OF THE ELCA       Produced by the Department for Communications for
                                        the Department for Ecumenical Affairs. To show how
                                        ecumenism happens in synods and congregations,
                                        this video focuses on the Northeastern Pennsylvania
                                        Synod and its Lutheran and Episcopal relations.
                                        There is a working together, sharing of faith, sharing
                                        their differences and where they agree. They learn to
                                        know each other through Bible studies. 20 minutes

EDGE OF EVIL: THE RISE OF SATANISM IN   The United States harbors the fastest growing and
NORTH AMERICA                           most organized body of Satanists in the world. This
                                        video reveals the facts regarding Satanism. Inter-
                                        spread throughout the video is an interview with
                                        death row inmate and former teenage Satanic killer,
                                        Sean Sellers. 64 minutes
EDGE TV                                 Edge TV is a video magazine similar to ―20/20‖ or
                                        ―Sixty Minutes‖ and co-produced by NavPress and
                                        Youth Specialties. It is produced for use with
                                        teenagers (designed for high school audience) and
                                        distributed by Word Youth Resources. Anytime one
                                        uses a resource from a fundamentalist producer, a
                                        person should not be surprised to see an emphasis
                                        on a quick, black and white, Jesus answer to
                                        problems. There are hints of that in various sections
                                        of these videos but most sections can be used
                                        effectively as discussion starters about deciding from
                                        one‘s faith. It might not be best to use Edge TV
                                        videos all the time. But once a quarter it would
                                        provide a wonderful foundation for a youth night. It is
                                        expressions of real teenagers so that it has
                                        credibility. Edition 1 is made up of six segments:
                                        Body Image (15 minutes); McLane Goes to Africa (6
                                        minutes); Artist Profile: Julie Miller (11 minutes);
                                        Lexicon-O-Rama (3 minutes); Making a Difference:
                                        Bordertown (5 minutes); Why I Am Not a Christian (1
                                        minute). The major issue of Edition 2 is entitled
                                        Sexual Choices. It comes with a warning label ―Some
                                        segments may be unsuitable for younger viewers.‖
EIGHT-TRACK GUY IN AN IPOD WORLD        This video by Dennis Swanberg is filled with his
                                        humor. He calls himself an ―8-Track Guy living in an
                                        iPod World.‖ Among the other topics that he
                                        addresses are: The old voices are the best; mute
                                        yourself; I never get a mug; The ―Cows are in the
                                        Corn‖; The Zipper Story—New& Improved!; The
                                        Great I AM. 40 minutes.
EIGHT-TRACK GUY IN AN IPOD WORLD        This video by Dennis Swanberg is filled with his
                                        humor. He calls himself an ―8-Track Guy living in an
                                        iPod World.‖ Among the other topics that he
                                        addresses are: The old voices are the best; mute
                                        yourself; I never get a mug; The ―Cows are in the
                                        Corn‖; The Zipper Story—New& Improved!; The
                                        Great I AM. 40 minutes.
EL CAMINO A CASA                        This is The Way Home in Spanish, 1987 video by
                                        Franciscan Communications. 23 minutes.
ELCA SYNOD ASSEMBLY VIDEO 2001—H.     Bishop Dennis Anderson delivered this taped
GEORGE ANDERSON                       message to the Nebraska Synod Assembly on May
                                      31, 2001, in Fremont, Neb. In his message, he
                                      reflects on the past to relate what needs to be done
                                      in the future. He goes back to his hometown of
                                      Alhambra, Calif., to show how that community and
                                      church have changed. The world has come to us and
                                      churches have to ride with the change and make
                                      ministries more effective and more useful for the
                                      kingdom of God. 7 minutes
ELCA WORLD HUNGER AND DISASTER        ELC. This DVD produced by the ELCA is an
RESPONSE: ―FOR SUCH A TIME AS THIS‖   animated, narrated slide show presentation that
                                      introduces and invites participation in ELCA World
                                      Hunger. There seems to be renewed urgency to end
                                      world hunger now. This DVD is very informative,
                                      telling the history of ELCA‘s World Hunger appeals.
                                      Study guide is enclosed to help explain the 2006
                                      World Hunger basics. 10 minutes

ELEPHANT‘S WAY, THE                   This delightful video is especially suited for younger
                                      children. Through a puppet play that includes all
                                      sorts of lively creatures; young viewers learn an
                                      important lesson in caring and sharing. The elephant
                                      shows them the way to build bridges. It teaches them
                                      that we all should get along with each other, and all
                                      of us have special talents. 15 minutes

EMPIRE CONQUERED, AN                  This video is a docudrama filmed on location in the
                                      ―eternal City‖ of Rome. It brings to life the intriguing
                                      days of early Rome, tells the stories of early martyrs
                                      who lived in Rome during those turbulent
                                      years–Augusta, Clement, Cecilia, Apollonius, and
                                      Agnes. Narrated by Joseph Campanella, the Emmy
                                      Award-winning actor. 52 minutes

ENCOUNTER WITH GARVAN BYRNE           This documentary is distributed by Vision Video,
                                      Worcester, Pa. Is was originally filmed in England as
                                      a television program for a series. In this very
                                      emotional documentary you will see and hear from
                                      Garvan, who is a twelve-year-old boy trapped in the
                                      body of a five-year old, knowing that he will die soon.
                                      He endured intense pain but walked close to God
                                      and found peace and profound meaning in life.
                                      Listen to and see his testimony of faith in Jesus.
                                      Garvan discusses life, death, suffering, and faith with
                                      insight far beyond his years. This video could be an
                                      excellent discussion starter on the spiritual needs of
                                      children and their families, the meaning of suffering,
                                      and the Christian view of death. 30 minutes
ENCOUNTERING GOD IN SCRIPTURE          This exciting video series from Luther Productions
                                       features thirteen teachers of the
                                             Church from Luther Seminary. They help us to
                                       understand this book as an encounter with the living
                                       God. The address such questions as: Where did
                                       the Bible come from?
                                             Where is its authority? Why do we read the
                                       Bible? Who decides what it means? Five of its
                                       leaders lead studies of this amazing story of God‘s
ENCOUNTERS WITH ANGELS                 This video presents eyewitness reports of people
                                       who had first-hand encounters with angels. They
                                       relate their experiences in their own words. The
                                       recent revival in angelic experiences has brought
                                       with it a sense that God is at work and his angels are
                                       among us. Angels are mentioned over 300 times in
                                       the Bible. They are sent by God to be messengers of
                                       peace. The reports in this program provide much
                                       material for reflection about whether angels come in
                                       human form to heal and save lives before suddenly
                                       disappearing. 50 minutes
ENDING RACISM: WORKING FOR A RACISM-   This video is designed to help explore racism in the
FREE 21ST CENTURY                      U.S. and is accompanied by a discussion guide.
                                       Ideal for community groups, churches, schools, and
                                       the workplace, it focuses on an understanding of the
                                       way racism functions in our society, especially on the
                                       institutional and cultural levels. Produced by
                                       Crossroads, An Interchurch Ministry For Racial
                                       Justice. The video consists of two sections. 1. An
                                       overview of racism today. This includes a definition
                                       of systemic racism, and examples of how racism
                                       confers privilege on White Americans and creates
                                       conditions that deny access to power by people of
                                       color. 2. What Can We Do? This section sets forth a
                                       vision for the future that addresses systemic and
                                       cultural forms of racism. 35 minutes

ESCAPE FROM AFFLUENZA                  A sequel to ―Affluenza,‖ aired by PBS, offers creative
                                       ways people are changing their wasteful ways. A
                                       viewer‘s guide is included with this tape. 60 minutes

ESTATE SALE, THE                       A touching story of a young woman who discovers
                                       the importance of family. You‘ll never think of your
                                       family in the same way again after viewing this film.
                                       The importance of making life truly count is subtly
                                       woven throughout the film. 44 minutes
ESTHER, QUEEN (INTIMATE PORTRAIT)       This video tells the story of one of the Bible‘s most
                                        powerful women. It is a tale filled with political
                                        intrigue and palace conspiracies. Born a beautiful
                                        Jew of lowly birth, Esther became queen of the
                                        mighty Persian empire. Esther‘s story ties in with the
                                        Holocaust. It is narrated by professors of theology
                                        who are women; Bible verses are noted. Esther‘s
                                        courage and intelligence helps her to save her
                                        people. The video is not only a historical account of
                                        Queen Esther, but it also is a definite warning
                                        against intolerance and injustice. 45 minutes

ETHICAL CHOICES: REFORMING THE HEALTH   Produced by the Church Women United in New
CARE SYSTEM                             York. Co-producers of this video is an organization
                                        called Network. This would be an excellent tool for
                                        both men‘s and women‘s groups to view and discuss
                                        this very important issue in our society. People of
                                        faith communities must dialog and speak out on this
                                        issue. The video moves and the presenter is
                                        excellent. 32 minutes
ETHIOPIA? THE LAND BEYOND THE RIVERS    While the only images most people in the United
                                        States have of Ethiopia are famine and perhaps war,
                                        this video conveys to the viewer a sense of the rich
                                        history and culture of the Ethiopian people. It focuses
                                        especially on the Ethiopian Orthodox Church (EOC),
                                        the history of which is often considered synonymous
                                        with the history of the Ethiopian people. 30 minutes

EVANGELIZATION AND LUTHERAN WORSHIP     This course AIM from SELECT provides a better
                                        understanding of evangelization, Lutheran worship,
                                        and the relationship between the two. It offers ideas
                                        and ways of improving both. It is divided into four
                                        sessions. Session 1: ―What are the Issues?‖ with
                                        David Luecke and Mark Olson. Session 2:
                                        ―Hospitality‖ with Gerald Hoffman and Walter
                                        Huffman. Session 3: ―Sacraments‖ with Mark Kolden
                                        and Gordon Lathrop. Session 4 ―Preaching‖ with
                                        Tom Ridenhour and Craig Lewis.
EVEN WHEN STEEPLES ARE FALLING          A moving portrait of rural and inner-city
                                        congregations struggling to survive in the midst of
                                        threatening social-economic changes. Part I tells the
                                        story of rural communities and parishes. Part II takes
                                        the viewer to East Boston, Mass., where a dying 75-
                                        year-old Scandinavian congregation is brought to life.
                                        50 minutes
EVIDENCE FOR HEAVEN, THE                Jerry Rose tries to answer some questions about
                                        Heaven. On this DVD the viewer can watch
                                        interviews with medical doctors, biblical scholars,
                                        and scientists who believe immortality is a reality.
                                        Evidence that Heaven is more real then Earth is
                                        expressed. This can be interesting study with
                                        materials that can be downloaded from the DVD. The
                                        study can be done on three different levels: Pre-
                                        Teen, High School, and Adult. Study guide enclosed.
                                        90 Minutes
EXODUS REVEALED    This video follows the footsteps of the children of
                   Israel on an unforgettable journey of discovery. It is a
                   journey that reveals physical evidence for the
                   Exodus: including the remains of 3,800-year-old
                   Hebrew settlements in Egypt‘s Nile Delta; Egyptian
                   records of the Israelites‘ bondage under Pharaoh;
                   the precise route they may have taken; their crossing
                   site on the shore of the Red Sea; and the location of
                   Mt. Sinai. The scenery of the area and the
                   archeological finds are combined with verses from
                   the Bible. 60 minutes
EXPERIENCING GOD   This video invites the viewer to enter into an
                   authentic encounter with a God who enters human
                   history and transforms our destiny from death to life.
                   Ten Lutheran seminary scholars and teachers of the
                   church connect the viewer with the God who is
                   present as Creator, Savior, and Spirit. The six video
                   sessions and extensive study guide make this ideal
                   for new member classes, adult forums or for starting
                   discussions with believers of all ages. Six sessions,
                   each 37-45 minutes. 241 minutes

EXPERIENCING GOD   This series invites the viewer to enter into an
                   authentic encounter with a God who enters human
                   history and transforms our destiny from death to life.
                   Ten Luther Seminary scholars and teachers of the
                   church connect us with the God who is present as
                   Creator, Savior and Spirit. The six video sessions
                   and an extensive study guide make this ideal for new
                   member classes, adult forums or for starting
                   discussions with believers of all ages.

EXPERIENCING GOD   This video invites the viewer to enter into an
                   authentic encounter with a God who enters human
                   history and transforms our destiny from death to life.
                   Ten Lutheran Seminary scholars and teachers of the
                   church connect the viewer with the God who is
                   present as Creator, Savior, and Spirit. The six video
                   sessions and extensive study guide make this ideal
                   for new member classes, adult forums or for starting
                   discussions with believers of all ages. Six sessions,
                   each 37-45 minutes, total 241 minutes
EXPLORING GOD‘S PURPOSE FOR YOUR LIFE   This DVD narrated by several young people explores
                                        the path to finding God‘s will and helping young
                                        people to hear his purpose for their lives. In today‘s
                                        fast-paced and stress-oriented world, it is hard for
                                        young people to stop and search for God‘s will for
                                        their lives. A young person‘s life is full of many
                                        decisions: what to do after high school; what career
                                        to pursue; whom to marry; and where to live. Without
                                        God‘s guidance, the future is overwhelming,
                                        worrisome and frightening. This video contains six
                                        segments: God Has a Purpose for Your Life;
                                        Seeking God; Obstacles to Hearing God; Trusting
                                        God; Making Decisions; Steps of Faith. A guide
                                        accompanies the DVD.
EXTRAORDINARY FAITH                     This DVD unfolds a fresh understanding of what faith
                                        is and what it is not. Sheila Walsh teaches several
                                        faith lessons. God spared nothing to show us he is
                                        faithful. Through faith, the impossible becomes
                                        possible. Faith is about who God is. Faith means
                                        trusting God even when nothing makes sense. The
                                        DVD is divided into eight seven-minute sessions. It is
                                        a Scripture focused study that will evaluate the
                                        viewer‘s strengths and weaknesses regarding faith. It
                                        would be great for individuals as well as small group
                                        study. It will allow the viewer to build his faith and
                                        experience a refreshing hope in God. Study guide
                                        accompanies the DVD.

EXTREME EVIL—‖KIDS KILLING KIDS‖        America is shocked by the senseless terror that has
                                        swept through our schools. We are victims of brutal
                                        murders carried out, not by hardened criminals, but
                                        by our very own children. The names of the crime
                                        scenes are all too familiar–Pearl, Miss.: Paducah,
                                        Ky.; Jonesboro, Ark.; Littleton, Colo.–all quiet towns.
                                        America is trying desperately to make sense of this
                                        horrible trend while wondering, ―Is there anything that
                                        we can do to prevent future atrocities to our
                                        children?‖ Commentator Bob Larson, a long-time
                                        resident of Denver, Colo., was on site personally to
                                        console the Columbine students, faculty and family
                                        members and to research the facts behind the
                                        tragedy that left fifteen dead and twenty-five
                                        wounded. In this video Larson shares his first-hand
                                        experience and offers answers he has found in his
                                        research for the truth behind school killings. What he
                                        discovered is that in the midst of our confusion, pain
                                        and anxiety, we can overcome the extreme evil
                                        confronting our children and create a safer world for
                                        them. 4 sessions of 15 minutes each. 60 minutes.
FACE OF UKIMWI (AIDS) THE           Alegent Health of Omaha, which has been working in
                                    Tanzania since 2001, produced this DVD. The video
                                    explains the impact of HIV/AIDS on the population
                                    and society. Some patients with HIV/AIDS are
                                    interviewed and relate how their lives have been
                                    affected. Developed countries have resources to
                                    treat and slow the spread of this disease. Developing
                                    countries lack adequate resources to fight this
                                    epidemic. In Sub-Saharan Africa, 25 million are
                                    affected by HIV/AIDS. The DVD explains what is
                                    being done by wealthier countries to help fight
                                    HIV/AIDS in Africa with generic, low-cost, anti-
                                    retroviral medication, offering some hope. Short
                                    version: 18 minutes, Long version: 44 minutes. 62
FACE TO FACE WITH GOD—A GUIDE FOR   Face to Face with God is a treasure chest of
PRAYER MINISTRY                     resources from beginning and developing prayer
                                    ministries in individuals and groups of all ages from
                                    infants and toddlers to the elderly. An invaluable total
                                    resource for any praying community. The set
                                    contains seven components. Conversations on
                                    Prayer is a video set up in four segments of 10-15
                                    minutes each during which individuals share their
                                    experiences and reflections on prayer in their own
                                    lives. The sincerity and reverence with which they
                                    share helps the observer get in touch with and puts
                                    words on his or her own prayer experiences.
                                    Prayer–Beginning Conversations with God by
                                    Richard Beckmen. Eleven short chapters guide new
                                    or experienced prayers to grow in their
                                    understanding and practice of prayer. Intercessory
                                    Prayer–Praying for Friends & Enemies by Jane
                                    Vennard. Through the text, questions, and guided
                                    activities, individuals and groups can get in touch
                                    with answers to such questions as ―What is
                                    intercessory prayer?‖, ―What happens when we pray
                                    for someone?‖, and ―What is the connection between
                                    prayer and God‘s will?‖ Praying for Wholeness and
                                    Healing by Richard Beckmen addresses questions
FACE TO FACE: WOMEN OF COLOR IN     The Women of the ELCA has produced this video to
LEADERSHIP                          recognize and promote a deeper understanding of
                                    the leadership of African American, Asian, Latino
                                    and Native American Women. Useful to start
                                    discussions on leadership in the church. A leader‘s
                                    guide is included. 17 minutes
FACES ON FAITH                         The value of the Faces on Faith series is its
                                       versatility of audience. Any of the series could be
                                       used for an adult class on aspects of faith, especially
                                       learning from others how they see God and attributes
                                       of God. This would be an excellent series for pastors
                                       and associates in ministry to study together. But one
                                       could use the series with a confirmation growth
                                       class, watching one video, discovering and
                                       discussing with the students what they heard, what
                                       the person valued about God and faith, then
                                       beginning discussion and discovery of what the
                                       students value about God (how they see God). Then
                                       they could interview four people during the week, two
                                       adults (one of whom is their parent) and two youth.
                                       They are to ask the same questions as are asked in
                                       the video. The following week the class could
                                       discuss its interviews. Anthony Campolo, sociologist
                                       and pastor, known for his vibrant humor and
                                       willingness to tackle controversial issues within the
                                       church. He is author of over 10 books including
                                       Twenty Hot Potatoes Christians are Afraid to Touch.
                                       Carmen Guerrero–Having helped transform her San
                                       Antonio Episcopal parish from near abandonment to
FACING DIFFICULT ISSUES: SEXUALITY     This video workshop produced by the Nebraska
                                       Synod, ELCA, deals with discussing the difficult
                                       issue of sexuality. The tape is divided into four major
                                       sections. The first is an introduction by Bishop David
                                       deFreese, next is a two-part theological discussion
                                       by Rev. Paul Lutter, a one-part discussion on how to
                                       approach difficult issues by Rev. Fred Nelson, and a
                                       four-part discussion, the ethics of difficult discussion,
                                       by Dr. Pamela Imperato. Study guide enclosed. 50

FAIR SHARE: WORKING TO END HUNGER, A   This video is produced by Bread for the World. It
                                       deals with hunger and homelessness in the United
                                       States. It tells of a young couple that cannot make it
                                       on the husband‘s wages and lose their home. They
                                       do not qualify for food stamps or assistance. They
                                       struggle to survive. Congregations are asked to get
                                       involved and write to Congress to pass the ―Hunger
                                       Relief Act.‖ A book that shows congregations how
                                       they can get involved accompanies the video. 12
FAITH AND SELF-ESTEEM                         Produced by Seraphim Communications, Inc. for
                                              Augsburg Youth and Family Institute, this video has
                                              three sections: (1) features Dr. Mert Strommen and
                                              Irene Strommen as presenters; (2) shows five
                                              members of Oak Grove Lutheran Church who share
                                              their experiences with low self-esteem and the
                                              changes in their lives and faith as they experienced
                                              God‘s promises through Bible study and service to
                                              others; and (3) presents a panel of four of their fellow
                                              members who also explore the relationship of their
                                              beliefs about God and their self-esteem. The major
                                              premise of this video is the way one understands
                                              how God (one‘s theology) affects the way one feels
                                              about oneself. The three sections focus on: (1) self-
                                              esteem; (2) law-oriented theology vs. Gospel-
                                              oriented theology; and (3) the relationship between
                                              theology, our sense of ourselves as lovable and
                                              capable, and self-esteem. Search Institute has
                                              shown that most Lutheran youth do not understand
                                              grace and many suffer from low self-esteem. This
                                              video moves slowly, but the content in excellent. 45

FAITH HOME—FAMILIES GROWING TOGETHER Faith Home is a nine-week experience in which
IN FAITH                             families come together to learn about God, the
                                     Christian faith, and how to be a ―faith home‖–a home
                                     where talking about God and faith, praying, reading
                                     the Bible, sharing mealtimes, and reaching out to
                                     others are natural and comfortable parts of family
                                     life. Families participating in Faith Home will come to
                                     see that they also are part of a larger ―faith home,‖
                                     the church, where they give and receive love and
                                     encouragement as they seek to be faithful families in
                                     today‘s world. Faith Home combines weekly
                                     gatherings at the church–when families come
                                     together for fun, fellowship, and learning–with daily
                                     experiences and activities for each family to share at
                                     home during the week. Everything you need to
                                     create the Faith Home experience is included in this
                                     kit. Promotional video, weekly video, audiocassette,
                                     pastor‘s guide, leader‘s guide, and family guide.
FAITH INCUBATORS                         Rich Melheim and Lois Brokering have developed
                                         four half-hour videos to train teachers in a radical
                                         approach to teaching. The videos can be used for
                                         group or individual training and merit serious
                                         consideration and use. Tape 1: Foundations for
                                         Teaching. Melheim and Brokering use five quotes to
                                         help teachers understand their calling: 1. Go and
                                         make disciples, baptize and teach; 2. When the
                                         student is ready the teacher will appear; 3. Good
                                         teaching is 1/4 preparation and 3/4 theater; 4. It‘s a
                                         sin to bore a kid; 5. Appreciation precedes
                                         investigation. Tape 2: Setting the Stage for Personal
                                         Care. Includes non-verbal communication and
                                         personal touches and prayer. Tape 3: Telling the
                                         Stories. Experiential learning techniques, telling your
                                         faith story and drawing out learners‘ stories are
                                         covered. Tape 4: Discipline and Respect. Includes
                                         proactive approaches to discipline, sharing power
                                         and being an authority without being authoritarian. 30
                                         minutes each

FAITH STEPPING STONES: CELEBRATING THE   Rich Melheim encourages a systems approach to
JOURNEY FROM CRADLE TO GRADUATION        faith formation within the congregation. He presents
                                         many solid ideas, and offers specific approaches to
                                         bless children, stimulate families and strengthen ties
                                         with the faith community. Wonderful interludes with
                                         Jim Nestingen make this video a treat. Use with
                                         Christian education committees and those involved
                                         in teaching and confirmation programs. Guide
                                         included. 45 minutes

FAITH STORIES; YOUNG PEOPLE SHARING      The ―Faith Stories‖ video was produced by youth at
THEIR FAITH                              the Evergreen Youth Television Project for the
                                         ELCA, Division for Congregational Ministries. A
                                         video user‘s guide is included. Using this video helps
                                         one to build trust, understanding and appreciation
                                         between youth, to connect events in one‘s life with
                                         one‘s journey in faith, and to discover new insights
                                         into one‘s own faith. 22 minutes
FAITH! LIVING IT, SHARING IT              ―Let go and let God and say ‗yes‘ to God, the
                                         Creator of all things. And when you do that, buckle
                                         up your seat belt because you‘re in for a great ride,
                                         where it won‘t end!‖ When Jane Leach made that
                                         decision, she was into what she describes as ―the
                                         emptiness of being owned by stuff.‖ Today, as
                                         director of programs for Upper Arlington Lutheran
                                         Church of Upper Arlington, Ohio, Jane‘s ―great ride‖
                                         includes preparing for the more than 2,500 children
                                         who attend vacation Bible school each summer and
                                         working with youth and adults to help create many
                                         different ministries. Upper Arlington, is a rapidly-
                                         growing ELCA congregation in a suburb of
                                         Columbus, Ohio. The ELCA Education and
                                         Evangelism Team have traveled from Alaska to
                                         Florida, and New York to California talking to deeply
                                         faithful people and congregations about how faith
                                         strengthens and enriches their own lives and the
                                         lives of others around them. Now you can share
                                         many of those life-changing stories through this new
                                         video. This video album also contains a copy of a
                                         four-session faith sharing resource, Sharing Faith in
                                         Daily Life. Used together, the printed resource and
FAITHFUL AND WISE                        Stewardship, one of the most misunderstood
                                         concepts in the church, too frequently is related only
                                         to financial contributions. This DVD presents the
                                         concept as addressing all the gifts of God and looks
                                         at how we can expand our giving to every facet of
                                         our lives, including our time, our skills and talents,
                                         our physical and spiritual environments, and our
                                         money and possessions. A good DVD for adults and
                                         youth. Discussion guide included. Six sessions, eight
                                         minutes each. 48 minutes
FAITHFUL EARTHKEEPING: THE CHURCH AS A   This is a three-part video series designed to help
CREATION AWARENESS CENTER                congregations learn about the issues related to the
                                         care of God‘s creation and to suggest ways for
                                         individuals and congregations to act as
                                         earthkeepers. It is a partial response to the ELCA‘s
                                         social statement Caring for Creation: Vision, Hope,
                                         and Justice adopted by the Church wide Assembly in
                                         August, 1993. Part I: The Biblical Call to
                                         Earthkeeping provides a biblical and theological
                                         foundation for our care for God‘s creation. 20
                                         minutes Part II: Creation‘s Praise…Creation‘s Cry
                                         outlines seven provisions and seven degradations of
                                         creation. 27 minutes Part III: Earthkeeping: The
                                         Church Responds challenges congregations to take
                                         action to counter the degradations and participate as
                                         caretakers of God‘s provisions in creation. 32
FAITHFUL TRAVEL WITH RICK STEVENS   Faithful Travel with Rick Stevens. This DVD from
                                    Mosaic is hosted by Rick Stevens, noted travel
                                    author and public television host. It is an exclusive,
                                    five-program, three-continent journey through church
                                    history and global mission. In the DVD the author
                                    lays out his personal philosophy and theology.
                                    Stevens challenges the viewer to travel in a way that
                                    enables us to see that our world is home to billions of
                                    equally precious children of God. He believes that
                                    thoughtful travel can be a powerful force for peace
                                    and justice. This travelogue takes the viewer on a
                                    journey of faith. The DVD contains the following five
                                    programs: 1. Faithful Travel with Rick Stevens; 2.
                                    Opening the Door to Luther (Germany); 3. The Life of
                                    the Apostle Paul (East Mediterranean); 4. Weaving a
                                    Global Neighborhood (Papua New Guinea); 5. In the
                                    City for Good (South Central Los Angeles). Each
                                    section is 30 minutes in length. 150 minutes.

FAITHFUL, YET CHANGING              This video was produced by the ELCA Department of
                                    Communication. It presents the message of Bishop
                                    Mark S. Hanson, from a Synod Assembly. He relates
                                    the four challenges that confront the ELCA as it
                                    strives to remain faithful to God‘s Word in a changing
                                    world. As he lists these four challenges, he relates
                                    what each one means for the Church. The
                                    challenges are Mission, Leadership, Ecumenical
                                    Relations, and Global Relations. 8 minutes

FALL OF JERICHO, THE                This DVD explores what really happened as Joshua
                                    and the Israelites experienced one of the Bible‘s
                                    greatest military victories. Interviews with Dr. Bryan
                                    Wood, an archaeologist who led an excavation of the
                                    Jericho site and Dr. Frederick Baltz, Bible scholar,
                                    shed light on the truths found in Scripture about this
                                    miraculous event. 30 minutes

FAMILIES—QUALITY RELATIONSHIPS IN   This is a series of tapes by Roland Martinson
CHANGING TIMES                      designed to promote growth in family relationships. It
                                    embraces families in all their diversity and mystery.
                                    Family variety and change are defined and affirmed.
                                    Myths about families are explored and foundations
                                    for family health are established. It can be used by
                                    singles, married people, and parents. Comes with
                                    Leader‘s Guide. Each tape has two segments.
                                    Volume 1–Families and Boundaries. Volume
                                    2–Atmosphere and Roles. Volume 3–Rules and
                                    Faithfulness. Volume 4–Affirmation and
                                    Confrontation. Volume 5–Problem Solving and
                                    Forgiveness. Volume 6–Consolations and Rituals. 6
                                    tapes each 2 segments lasting 30 minutes. 360
FAMILY FEARS: OVERCOMING THE WORRIES   Five sessions of interactive video and a guided small
THAT THREATEN OUR FAMILIES             group discussion address fear as a motivator for
                                       family behaviors–fears many families
                                       experience–and positive ways to deal with them. Use
                                       with parenting groups for an extended series. Be
                                       sure to incorporate a strong emphasis on grace. 99
FAMILY OF GOD!, THE                    The Commission for Multicultural Ministries, ELCA,
                                       produced this five-part video and study guide. It will
                                       help young people (ages 8-12) discuss issues
                                       related to racism and share personal feelings. Each
                                       session includes a brief video introduction, Bible
                                       study, learning activities and questions for
                                       discussion. The study guide includes background
                                       information, a take-home page for parents, and lots
                                       of ideas and instructions for adult leaders. 30
FAMILY TALK ABOUT DRINKING             Produced by the Department of Consumer
                                       Awareness & Education of Anheuser-Busch, this
                                       video provides concepts and models for families to
                                       use when discussing drinking. Noting the producer
                                       and distributor of the video, the overall content about
                                       legal, responsible drinking is strongly presented. One
                                       section even says that people can choose not to
                                       drink as adults (but they don‘t add ―and that‘s okay.‖)
                                       Guidelines for effective parenting are presented and
                                       several short vignettes are used to show parents
                                       how to talk with their children and teens about
                                       drinking–and how to handle various situations. This
                                       video would best be used to teach adults (especially
                                       parents) how to build a strong foundation for
                                       responsible behavior and how to take advantage of
                                       teachable moments to reinforce the lesson.
                                       Anheuser-Busch makes parents‘ guides available to
                                       individuals or in bulk to organizations. Spanish
                                       written materials are also available. 32 minutes

FAMILY, COMMUNITY AND MEDIA VALUES     This video was made from a teleconference on May
                                       6, 1997, sponsored by the National Council of
                                       Churches. It refers to a broad range of media but
                                       deals mostly with electronic media–advertising, the
                                       ―good live‖ image, sex appeal, value implications,
                                       etc. The emphasis is on how to use the media
                                       instead of being used by them. 90 minutes

FANNY CROSBY—(FEATURE TRUE STORY)      Despite her blindness, Fanny Crosby wrote
                                       thousands of songs and hymns. A friend to
                                       presidents, and active in the ministry of Dr. D.L.
                                       Moody, Fanny Crosby was known nationwide. Today,
                                       more than a half a century after her death, her music
                                       survives. Back to the Bible Singers and baritone
                                       soloist George Beverly She lend their voices to this
                                       story. 90 minutes
FARMER‘ S WIFE, THE      David Sutherland, acclaimed independent filmmaker,
                         takes us inside the world of Juanita and Darrel
                         Buschkoetter, a young Nebraska farm couple. The
                         Buschkoetters fight a series of battles with the land,
                         their animals, the weather, their creditors, the
                         government, and each other in an effort to hold onto
                         their dream. What emerges is an indelible portrait of
                         a remarkable American family whose perseverance,
                         faith, and determination allow them to keep their
                         family farm alive. 180 minutes

FAST FORWARD             ―Fast Forward‖ is a series of fifteen fast-paced
                         videos filled with humor and information. The format
                         is very similar to Edge TV. They are upbeat and
                         entertaining, and target topics young people face in
                         daily living. They are accompanied by a complete
                         lesson guide with activities and questions that
                         provide two to three sessions per video tape. 1. The
                         Great Mate Race presents the issues of dating, love
                         versus infatuation, breaking up, sex, and marriage.
                         (27 minutes) 2. Persuasive Power talks about the
                         ways teens are influenced by the media and their
                         peers. Three reasons why young people cave in to
                         peer pressure are discussed as well as four tips to
                         help us make smart choices. (25 minutes) 3. The
                         Independence Thing deals with parent/teen
                         relationships. Two keys to help teens are seeking to
                         understand their parents and seeking to improve
                         communication. (23 minutes) 4. Learning To Hate is
                         about prejudice. However, the major portion of the
                         video is an in-depth look at AIDS. (27 minutes) 5.
                         Our Trip To Mexico follows church youth on their
                         mission trip to Mexico as they build homes, teach
                         Vacation Bible School, and visit an orphanage. (23
FATHER AND TWO SONS, A   In this video, set on a contemporary horse ranch, the
                         biblical story of a loving father is presented in
                         stunning black and white images with an exciting
                         blues vocal track performed by Rory Block. The
                         American Bible Society produced this video
                         translation of Luke 15:11-32. A father‘s relationship
                         with his children is a timely topic for today‘s youth.
                         Suggested especially for junior and senior high and
                         college-age youth. Includes discussion guide. 10
FEARLESS with Max Lucado based Study    On this DVD Max Lucado addresses some of the
                                        fears we have and shows how the solution may be
                                        easier than we think to overcome these fears. The
                                        study will guide the group on a journey to the day
                                        when you can trust more and fear less. The 5-10
                                        minute lessons guide the viewer to overcome fears.
                                        The six lessons are: 1. Why We Are Afraid? 2. Fear
                                        of Not Mattering. 3. Fear of Disappointing God. 4.
                                        Fear of Life‘s Final Moments. 5. Fear of Global
                                        Calamity. 6. Fear of Getting Out of My Box.
                                        Study contains 1 Discussion Guide and 1 Leaders
                                        Manuel. It also includes CD-ROM with sermon
                                        tips, guidelines for implementing a church wide
                                        campaign, and materials for promoting your group
                                        study or sermon series.

FEASTING AT KATIE‘S TABLE—THEOLOGICAL   This set of three cassettes produced by the women
RETREAT                                 of the ELCA was filmed at Wartburg Theological
                                        Seminary, Dubuque, Iowa. The material will provide
                                        the participants with new faith skills that can be used
                                        in daily life. The program will help make terms like
                                        theology and Lutheran perspective not only
                                        understandable, but something that can be applied to
                                        daily interactions at home and in the workplace,
                                        community, and church. The material may be
                                        presented in one of four time frames: 1. A full
                                        weekend retreat (Friday evening through Sunday
                                        after lunch) 2. A one-day retreat from 9:00 a.m. to
                                        4:00 p.m. 3. A two-Saturday event: Saturday 1 from
                                        9:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m. and Saturday 2 from 9:00 a.m.
                                        to 12:30 p.m. 4. Ten one-hour sessions (for example,
                                        in adult education or confirmation programs) A
                                        complete planning guide with handouts accompanies
                                        the program. 163 minutes

FIELDS AWAIT THE HARVEST                Jesus likens the grain waiting for harvest to the
                                        people waiting for the Gospel. We in the ELCA are
                                        called to be missionaries and the Division for
                                        Outreach exists to help us be missionaries wherever
                                        we are. 8 minutes
FILL, SPILL & THRILL—FALL 2002 VIDEO   This stewardship video was shown at the fall
                                       meetings Bishop David deFreese held with the
                                       Congregation Council leaders. The video begins with
                                       a farmer showing his granddaughter how the church
                                       is like planting crops. God‘s word fills us with faith.
                                       God‘s blessings spill out to everyone, and it is
                                       thrilling to see God take things that we do and make
                                       them wonderful. Bishop deFreese narrates the next
                                       part of the video. He also takes these three words
                                       and relates to us how the church uses them. Fill
                                       deepens our faith and helps people grow, spill
                                       focuses on sharing the difference faith makes, and
                                       thrill is the excitement of our Christian faith. The
                                       video is divided into segments with Bible verses and
                                       pauses for discussion and reflection. This is a very
                                       meaningful and thought-provoking video. 13 minutes

FINAL INQUIRY, THE                     The Final Inquiry. This movie is a thrilling tale of one
                                       man‘s quest to uncover the truth about the
                                       resurrection of Jesus. One of Rome‘s greatest
                                       warriors is sent by the emperor to disprove the
                                       rumored resurrection of a Jewish rabbi. Facing
                                       treachery and deceit from all sides, he discovers
                                       faith, love, and a revelatory truth that could shatter
                                       the empire. 111 Minutes
FINDING PEACE IN A TROUBLED WORLD      This eight-session video teaching series distributed
                                       by Dallas Christian Video features Max Lucado and
                                       is based on his book And the Angels Were Silent.
                                       Any time I see a video from the southern Bible belt,
                                       red flags go up in my mind. Often they are influenced
                                       by a fundamentalist theology. That does not mean
                                       the video would not be well done or helpful. I simply
                                       become cautious. I found the message of this video
                                       series very helpful to me in finding peace in rough
                                       world. Some people may find this to be too focused
                                       on teachings in Scripture. Max does not just give
                                       simplistic, black and white answers that always work
                                       out. Rather in his gentle style helps people focus on
                                       the example that Christ has given. Max Lucado is a
                                       very popular author and speaker in Christian
                                       communities. He is not a pastor, but an evangelist.
                                       He is also on a regular radio broadcast of ―Up-
                                       Words.‖ The format for this series is to watch the
                                       video presentation of Max, then to use the group
                                       discussion sheets in the study guide. The format
                                       would work best with adults in small groups. He is a
                                       soft, gentle man of faith with a helpful message. His
                                       style is not energizing but thoughtful. The following
FIRST THANKSGIVING, THE                This story of the first Thanksgiving is part of the
                                       Animated Hero Classics collection. It is the story of
                                       William Bradford whose strong belief in peace led to
                                       this observance. Children will enjoy learning the
                                       events that brought about the first Thanksgiving.
                                       Activity book included. 30 minutes
FIRST VALENTINE, THE       Celebrate the love of Christ through the story of the
                           origin of Valentine‘s Day. Through a very special
                           book, young Tess, a shy girl of 13, embarks on an
                           adventure of imagination and meets the third-century
                           martyr Valentine and his Christian friends. They
                           show her what it means to love others as Jesus
                           loves us and to receive that love in return. Great for
                           ages 8-14. 24 minutes
FISH EYES WITH TED & LEE   Fish Eyes is a series of Bible stories told in zany
                           situations and ways. Great for youth and adults who
                           want to see Jesus‘ stories through different eyes.
                           Models lively discussion and disagreement and an
                           interesting way to explore scripture. Tape 1. Episode
                           1: Fishers of Men (Matt. 4:18-22; Mark 1:16-20; Luke
                           5:1-11; John 1:35-51) Episode 2: Water to Wine
                           (John 2:1-11) Tape 2. Episode 3: Miracles (Matt.
                           8:23-27; Mark 4:35-41; Luke 8:22-25) and (Matt. 9:1-
                           8; Mark 2:1-12; Luke 5:17-26) Episode 4: Sermon on
                           the Mount I (Matt. 5 & 6; Luke 6:17-49) Tape 3.
                           Episode 5: Sermon on the Mount II (Matt. 5 & 6;
                           Luke 6:17-49) Episode 6: 5K Feeding & Peter‘s Two
                           Step (Matt. 14:13-36; Mark 6:30-52; Luke 9:10-17;
                           John 6:1-21) Tape 4. Episode 7: Parables–My
                           Dinner With Andrew (Matt. 13:3-23; Mark 4:2-20;
                           Luke 8:4-15) and (Matt. 20:1-16) Episode 8: Temple
                           and Tree (Matt. 21:1-22; Mark 11:1-25; Luke 19:28-
                           48) Tape 5. Episode 9: Lazarus (Matt. 26:6-13; Mark
                           14:3-9; John 11:1-38; John 12:1-11) Episode 10: The
                           Last Supper (John 13:1-30; Luke 22:7-38; Matt.
                           26:17-35; Mark 14:12-31) Tape 6. Episode 11: The
                           Arrest & Denial (Matt. 26:47-75; Mark 14:43-72; Luke
FIT OR FAT                 Pacific Arts Video Publishing produced this video in
                           1991 for PBS. It features Covert Bailey, the author of
                           the phenomenal best seller, Fit or Fat?. Covert has a
                           wonderful sense of humor and is an entertaining
                           presenter. You will enjoy learning the latest
                           discoveries in nutritional science in a clear and
                           practical way. He teaches how eating right can be
                           not only enjoyable, but also easy. He‘ll teach you
                           how to burn off your fat in as little as 12 minutes a
                           day. This video is a great resource for congregations
                           involved in Project L.I.F.E. 60 minutes

FLAME, THE                 Throughout the world, women produce most of the
                           developing world‘s food with less access to training
                           and resources than men have. This video shows how
                           the Heifer Project International‘s Women in Livestock
                           Development program helps impoverished women
                           care for themselves and their families. Excellent for
                           mission education. 15 minutes
FLYING HOUSE SERIES, THE   Three young children playing in the forest find an old
                           house that turns out to be a time machine! They,
                           along with Professor Bumble and his robot SIR are
                           catapulted back in time nearly 2,000 years. Instead
                           of returning the house to the twentieth century, the
                           Professor keeps setting down in the Holy Land,
                           where the children witness Jesus‘ teachings first
                           hand. Volume 1: Blast Off For The Past (Elizabeth
                           and Mary); Star Spangled Night (Christmas Story).
                           Volume 2: Lost And Found In Time (Jesus In the
                           Temple); Voices In the Wilderness (John The
                           Baptist). Volume 3: All That Glitters (Story of
                           Matthew); Military Secrets (Healing the Official‘s
                           Child). Volume 4: The Prize That Was Won & Lost
                           (John The Baptist). Volume 5: Poor Little Rich Men
                           (Prodigal Son); The Greatest (Model of
                           Servanthood). Volume 6: Sour Grapes (Wedding at
                           Cana); Dog Gone (Jesus and The Phoenician
                           Woman). Volume 7: The Runaway (Feeding of the
                           5,000); Neighbors (The Good Samaritan). Volume 8:
                           Back from the Grave (Story of Lazarus); Real
                           Treasure (Zacchaeus). Volume 9: What If? (Parable
                           of the Talents); Lost Sheep (Finding the one lost
                           sheep). 40 minutes per tape. 360 minutes.
FLYING QUILTS              Distributed by Lutheran World Relief, this film
                           demonstrates how quilts and other LWR projects are
                           made by congregations around the U.S. and then
                           flown to other countries. It features the Makiungu
                           Hospital in Tanzania, where each of its 140 beds is
                           graced with an LWR quilt. 29 minutes
FOLLOW ME                  This video asks the viewers what he or she is doing
                           to follow Christ‘s command, ―Take up your cross and
                           follow me.‖ This thought-provoking video can provide
                           entertainment and education for your family or it can
                           serve as a discussion-starter at a meeting. 30
FOOTPRINTS ON OUR HEARTS   This videotape offers advice for people experiencing
                           the loss of a baby and how to cope after a
                           miscarriage, stillbirth, or a newborn death. By sharing
                           their specific situations, these parents can help one
                           understand what is normal and helpful in dealing with
                           the grief. 60 minutes
FOR SUCH A TIME AS THIS    This World Hunger Response is a ten-minute
                           animated, narrated slideshow to introduce and invite
                           participation in ELCA World Hunger. The DVD gives
                           a brief history of ELCA World Hunger, shows where
                           the giving goes, introduces key partners, describes
                           Stand With Africa and ELCA Disaster Response.
FOREVER FRIENDS                                The three stories on this video deal with friendship.
                                               The first one, based on Proverbs 17:17, shows us
                                               that we miss our friends when they are gone. The
                                               second story, based on Joshua 1:5, deals with the
                                               buddy system. Buddies should always stick together.
                                               The third story, based on Matthew 6:21, tells the
                                               viewer that the greatest treasure is being with your
                                               friends. 35 minutes

FOREVER WORDS: READING THE BIBLE TODAY The congregations of the St. Paul Area Synod put
                                       together this video to encourage Bible reading in
                                       congregations. It tells four powerful stories of Bible
                                       readers from the St. Paul area. These are wonderful
                                       faith stories that depict tremendous insights from
                                       reading the Bible. It can be used with high-school-
                                       age youth, as well as adults. The stories could also
                                       be used with confirmation classes. Study guide
                                       included. 15 minutes
FORGIVENESS                            In this video, Dr. Jon MacArthur states that
                                       forgiveness is the key to successful relationships
                                       with your family and friends. He considers it one of
                                       the most important virtues in any relationship. The
                                       viewer is made to realize that God wants us to
                                       forgive others as he forgives us. Dr. MacArthur
                                       states that not forgiving others can bring many
                                       harmful and negative results. It can lead to bitterness
                                       and spiritual decline. Forgiveness gives us peace in
                                       our hearts. The video uses scripture verses to teach
                                       about this topic. Audiotape and facilitator‘s guide
                                       included. 4 sessions of 10 minutes each. 40 minutes.

FORGIVENESS—A MIRACLE OF LOVE                  Paul Keller‘s destructive activities caused him to be
                                               imprisoned. Through his pastor‘s direct forgiveness
                                               and diligent study and leadership with the
                                               congregation to lead them to forgive him, Paul
                                               received healing and a transformation in his life. This
                                               is a great lesson in forgiveness. 13 minutes
FORGOTTEN FAITHFUL, THE                        This video deals with the plight of the Palestinian
                                               Christian community. The Palestinians feel that their
                                               numbers are shrinking and that they have been
                                               forgotten and passed by. They also feel that the
                                               world is indifferent to their needs. 30 minutes
FORMING LIFE, FORMING YOUTH                    This video was produced by Valparaiso University
                                               and Wheat Ridge Ministries at a conference held at
                                               VU in the fall of 2000 where insightful church leaders
                                               explored two critical ethical dilemmas: The
                                               increasing scientific intervention in the formation of
                                               human biological life, including cloning and stem cell
                                               research, and the development of appropriate
                                               spiritual and moral formation in young people against
                                               the difficult background of modern American culture
                                               and society. It is thought-provoking material for
                                               personal reflection or group discussions. A study
                                               guide is included. 116 minutes.
FOUR ACTS OF PRAYER, THE                  In this DVD, Walter Wangerin, Jr., uses stories to
                                          explore these vital elements of the complete circle of
                                          praying. He shows the viewer that these four simple
                                          acts, practiced and developed with diligence, bring
                                          us into a close communion with God that supports us
                                          in our daily living.
FREE IN CHRIST TO SERVE THE NEIGHBOR; A   In a series of presentation and conversation, Dr.
VIDEO COMPANION GUIDE                     David Tiede and Dr. Timothy J. Wengert provide
                                          foundational insights into the book of Galatians and
                                          Martin Luther‘s ―The Freedom of a Christian,‖ and
                                          discuss their relevance to the deliberation about
                                          human sexuality. This DVD from the ELCA is broken
                                          down into these topics: 1. Introduction–Timothy
                                          Wengert; 2. Why the Study?; 3. The Study Process;
                                          4. Reading Galatians; 5. The Freedom of a Christian,
                                          Part 1; 6. The Freedom of a Christian, Part 2; 7.
                                          Conversation, Part 1; 8. Conversation, Part 2. This
                                          DVD is a resource prepared by the Task Force for
                                          ELCA Studies on Sexuality. 90 minutes

FREE INDEED                               This DVD is a drama about racism that challenges
                                          white viewers to think about the privileges that come
                                          with being white in North America. The drama
                                          demonstrates the ways that white privilege affects
                                          both people of color and white people. Rather than
                                          encouraging guilt, viewers find suggestions for
                                          examining old assumptions and beginning the
                                          process of dismantling racism. Discussion guide
                                          enclosed. Also included on this DVD, ―Myth of Race‖,
                                          a 19-minute video that traces the history of the social
                                          construct of race from its beginnings in European
                                          politics and anthropology to its continuing destructive
                                          effects today. 41 minutes.

FREED FOR LIFE                            This video tells about the ministry of Pastor Bud and
                                          Muriel Christenson. The ministry of God‘s love has
                                          truly transformed lives, giving prisoners a new life in
                                          Christ and leading them out of prison and into
                                          heaven. Muriel came out of retirement and donated
                                          her entire salary as a schoolteacher to support the
                                          Bridge ministry founded by them. The Bridge ministry
                                          is a connection of love to help prisoners adjust to the
                                          outside world. This video is a wonderful tribute to the
                                          ministry of both Bud and Muriel Christenson. Muriel,
                                          who was an angel to the prisoners, died of cancer in
                                          February 2003. Pastor Bud continues the ministry.
                                          Much support is needed for this caring and
                                          transforming ministry. This is a very inspirational
                                          video. 8 minutes Video 2–2 hours, 9 minutes. 137
FREEDOM IS                       This Family Films production features the voices of
                                 Jonathan Winters, Richard Roundtree, Ed Asner,
                                 and Casey Kasem. It is a cartoon used to teach
                                 young people (ages 4-11) what ―Freedom Is.‖ It is
                                 more than Fourth of July parades. Join Benji and his
                                 dog, Waldo, as they go back in history and assist in
                                 delivering a letter to the founders of the Declaration
                                 of Independence. The video also declares that real
                                 freedom was born. 25 minutes

FRETHEIM EXPLORES GENESIS        This Bible study by Terence E. Fretheim, Professor
                                 of Old Testament at Luther Seminary in St. Paul,
                                 Minn. The video series consists of nine studies on
                                 the book of Genesis. Genesis stands at the
                                 beginning of the Bible. That placement is important
                                 not only for interpreting the book of Genesis, but also
                                 for understanding the Bible as a whole. A
                                 reproducible study guide is included.
FRIDAY—GOOD FRIDAY               This video was made of Walter Wangerin, Jr.,
                                 speaking to the River of Hope 1997 ELCA Youth
                                 Gathering meeting in New Orleans. 31 minutes
FROM JESUS TO CHRIST—THE FIRST   This PBS Frontline video is an exposition of the new
CHRISTIANS                       search to better understand the ―historical Jesus.‖ It
                                 utilizes a wide variety of scholarship, with heavy
                                 emphasis on material from the Jesus Seminar to
                                 produce an insightful but challenging look at how
                                 modern historians view the rise of the Christian faith.
                                 The four one-hour videos deal with the life of Christ,
                                 the Pauline epistles, the writing of the gospels, and
                                 the progression of the church from a persecuted
                                 movement to the state religion of Constantine. In
                                 addition to the biblical writings, materials are also
                                 used from archaeology, history and non-canonical
                                 writings. There are also a number of Internet web site
                                 supports provided to delve deeper. Excellent on-site
                                 photography and good production make this an
                                 excellent choice for those who want to explore the
                                 recent and somewhat controversial quest to find the
                                 ―historical Jesus‖ or better understand the rise of the
                                 early Christian church. 240 minutes.
FROM JESUS TO LUTHER                    The AIM course provides an overview of the history
                                        of the Christian church from its beginning until the
                                        dawn of the Reformation. In addition to the video
                                        lectures, the primary textbook is The Story of
                                        Christianity, Vol. I, by L. Gonzalez. Study guide
                                        included. Ten two-hour sessions. 1. Beginnings: The
                                        Fullness of Time. 2. The First Great Preachers of the
                                        Faith. 3. Persecution the Piety. 4. Establishing the
                                        Faith of the Church. 5. Monasticism and the Fathers
                                        of the Church. 6. Early Missionary
                                        Movements–Some Who Shaped and Extended the
                                        Faith. 7. The Church in Turmoil: West and East. 8.
                                        The Papacy and the Empire. 9. Struggles:
                                        Theological and Political. 10. Everyday Faith and
                                        Efforts at Renewal Before the Reformation. 1200
FROM JESUS TO LUTHER                    The AIM course provides an overview of the history
                                        of the Christian church from its beginning until the
                                        dawn of the Reformation. In addition to the video
                                        lectures, the primary textbook is The Story of
                                        Christianity, Volume I, by L. Gonzalez. Study guide
                                        included. Ten 2-hour sessions. 1. Beginnings: The
                                        Fullness of Time. 2. The First Great Preachers of the
                                        Faith. 3. Persecution the Piety. 4. Establishing the
                                        Faith of the Church. 5. Monasticism and the Fathers
                                        of the Church. 6. Early Missionary
                                        Movements–Some Who Shaped and Extended the
                                        Faith. 7. The Church in Turmoil: West and East. 8.
                                        The Papacy and the Empire. 9. Struggles:
                                        Theological and Political 10. Everyday Faith and
                                        Efforts at Renewal Before the Reformation. 1200
FROM THIS VALLEY                        Produced under the sponsorship of the Rural Crisis
                                        Issue Team Division of Church and Society, National
                                        Council of Churches of Christ in the USA, the tape is
                                        an ecumenical resource for use in rural and urban
                                        congregations concerned with defending the family
                                        farm. The ecumenical dimension is emphasized in
                                        order to call attention to the agreement among the
                                        churches on this point: The family farm should be
                                        supported and maintained, insofar as possible! 20
FRONT-LINE HELP FOR KEEPING YOUR KIDS   Produced by Video-Psychological in Salina, Kan.,
OUT OF DRUGS                            this video is designed for adults. Listen to people at
                                        the drug scene: former drug abusers, parents of drug
                                        abusers, and front-line workers who deal with drug
                                        users every day. Hear from them why the abusers
                                        started, what parents could do differently, what
                                        teachers can do differently. This video would work
                                        well to start a support group of concerned parents
                                        and teachers. 27 minutes
FRONTLINE: A CLASS DIVIDED         This video features Ms. Jane Elliott at a school in
                                   Riceville, Iowa, where she was a teacher. The
                                   program documents both the use and the effects of
                                   an exercise in discrimination based on eye color with
                                   distinct groups: (1) children in third-grade classroom
                                   in an all white, all-Christian community, and (2) adult
                                   employees of the Iowa State prison system at a day-
                                   long workshop in human relations. 57 minutes

FRONTLINE: A KID KILLS             This program explores what turned 15-year-old
                                   Damien Bynoe into a kid with a gun, examining the
                                   forces behind the violence in his Boston community
                                   and probing the emotional debate over how to deal
                                   fairly with a kid who kills. Video contains graphic
                                   language. Viewers‘ discretion is advised. 58 minutes

FRONTLINE: THE KEVORKIAN FILE      This video goes beyond Letterman and the network
                                   news to explore the role of medicine at the end of
                                   life. Dr. Jack Kevorkian made a video of his last
                                   consultation he had with each patient. Some of these
                                   videos are used to tell the struggles people faced
                                   with health problems that led them to seek assisted
                                   suicide. Interviews with others connected to those
                                   people help round out the picture at the time of
                                   suicide. Insight into the person of Jack Kevorkian
                                   brings further insight. The questions posed to society
                                   are also explored. Done by PBS, this video will
                                   provide ample material for adult forum discussions.
                                   Advance previewing and preparation is
                                   recommended. 56 minutes

FRONTLINE: THE MERCHANTS OF COOL   This somewhat disturbing video produced by PBS
                                   explores how teenagers today have more money and
                                   independence than ever before. Their lives have
                                   become the object of obsessive focus by corporate
                                   America. The tactics, techniques and cultural
                                   ramifications of the marketing moguls are explored.
                                   The impact of marketing on teenagers is explosive.
                                   Preview before showing to young adults, explicit
                                   footage. 60 minutes
FULL COMMUNION CELEBRATION            This video shows the joint celebration of the ELCA
                                      and the Episcopal Church of America that took place
                                      in the Washington National Cathedral on January 6,
                                      2001, the Feast of Epiphany. It was a celebration of
                                      ―Full Communion‖ symbolizing that the two
                                      denominations recognized one another and one
                                      another‘s clergy as part of the One, Holy, Catholic
                                      and Apostolic Church and are called to ―Common
                                      Mission.‖ The service was presided over by Bishop
                                      George Anderson, ELCA Presiding Bishop. Bishop
                                      Frank T. Griswold, ECUSA Presiding Bishop,
                                      preached to 3,500 worshipers. Representatives from
                                      the Episcopal dioceses, Lutheran synods, church
                                      officials and staff and ecumenical and international
                                      guests were present. The video shows highlight from
                                      the three-hour inaugural celebration. 45 minutes

GALILEE—THE LAND WHERE JESUS WALKED   This presentation from Day of Discovery takes us to
                                      the land of Jesus. RBC President Mart DeHann and
                                      Mideast journalist Jimmy DeYoung host it. 90
GAMBLING WITH OUR RELATIONSHIPS       An examination of God‘s Holy Word by the Human
                                      Care Ministry Commission of the Nebraska District,
                                      LCMS. The objective of this study on gambling is to
                                      encourage individuals to examine gambling‘s effect
                                      on their relationships with God, themselves, and their
                                      neighbors. The purpose of this study is not to portray
                                      gambling as the ―unforgivable sin‖ but to encourage
                                      individuals to examine its effects in light of God‘s
                                      Holy Word. 10 minutes

GATES OF JERUSALEM, THE               This video tells the history of Jerusalem through a
                                      visit to the eight gates that play vital roles in the city‘s
                                      past, present and future. Richard Kiley narrates this
                                      superb and visually masterful documentary. The
                                      viewer is guided through the very heart of Judaism,
                                      Islam, and Christianity. 120 minutes
GENESIS—A LIVING CONVERSATION                  The Genesis Seminar, led by Bill Moyers, acclaimed
                                               television journalist, is a commanding series that will
                                               hold your attention through the entire eight-hour
                                               series. Structured for an adult forum, the series
                                               blends the interpretations of the Catholic, Jewish,
                                               Muslim, Baptist, artistic and journalistic viewpoints
                                               through the book of Genesis. It offers a fascinating in-
                                               depth critique of the first book of the Bible with a
                                               diverse and knowledgeable panel. Suggested for
                                               those of mature faith. Episode 1: In God‘s Image.
                                               God‘s creation of the earth and man. Temptation.
                                               Adam and Eve test of the forbidden fruit. Episode 2:
                                               The First Murder. The story of Cain and Abel.
                                               Apocalypse. The story of Noah, his ark, and the
                                               great flood. Episode 3: Call and Promise. God
                                               makes his covenant with Abraham. A Family Affair.
                                               The story of Abraham‘s relationship with Hagar and
                                               Sarah. Episode 4: The Test. The story of God‘s
                                               command that Abraham sacrifice his son Isaac.
                                               Blessed deception. Rebekah procures Isaac‘s
                                               blessing for Jacob through deceit. Episode 5:God
                                               Wrestling. Jacob wrestling with the angel and his
                                               dream. Exile. Joseph‘s exile in Egypt. 5 tapes, 8
GET OUT OF THE CHICKEN COOP                    This inspirational video by People Building Institute
                                               explores the tools that are needed to cultivate one‘s
                                               potential. It challenges the viewer to discover the
                                               opportunity to take control of one‘s life and to
                                               become an uncommon achiever in a common world.
                                               We should strive to be all we can be and not to settle
                                               for less than we can be. 45 minutes

GIFT OF STEPHEN MINISTRY, THE            The Gift of Stephen Ministry relates how any
                                         congregation can benefit from the many gifts the
                                         Stephen Series brings. People who are benefitting
                                         from the Stephen Series–pastors, lay leaders,
                                         Stephen Ministers, and care receivers–share their
                                         stories, telling how God has blessed them, and how
                                         other congregations can share the blessing. 20
GLIMPSE INTO ELCA GLOBAL MISSION AND THE Produced by the ELCA, this video gives a brief look
LUTHERAN WORLD FEDERATION, A             at what has happened to the world with all the recent
                                         changes and what role the Lutheran Church is
                                         playing in assisting newly freed countries. It also
                                         describes some who are still in bondage. This would
                                         be a good film to use with adults for mission
                                         education. 23 minutes
GLIMPSES OF OUR FUTURE                   The congregations in this video show us how they
                                         are responding to God‘s call to be the church to all
                                         people in God‘s world. Watch and listen to their
                                         stories and consider how you, too, can respond to
                                         God‘s call in your own community. For adults. 21
GLOBAL HEALTH MINISTRIES               This tape is about the work of the Global Health
                                       Ministries assisting Health Care Missionaries and
                                       Lutheran Health Care Programs in developing
                                       countries. We can help the hands that heal by
                                       helping provide medical supplies, equipment, safe
                                       water, etc.; the list is endless. Global Health
                                       Ministries works with the ―not so much‖ in our
                                       society. Recycling, re-using, re-creating, re-inventing,
                                       volunteering, recruiting. Through GHM, lives have
                                       been touched and new hope has been given. See
                                       this video and learn about the work of Global Health
                                       Ministries. 15 minutes
GLOBAL MISSION EVENTS 2005             This promo video from the ELCA Global Mission
                                       Division talks about the Global Mission Events
                                       scheduled for 2005. The viewer will learn about
                                       these events, their dates and how to register.
                                       Registration can also be done by going to the GME
                                       Web site. 5 minutes
GLOBAL PERSPECTIVES ON FARMING AND THE This video by C. Dean Freudenberger comes from
ENVIRONMENT                            the 1991 Conference on Rural Ministry. Is the rural
                                       environment a paradise lost? What a sober thought
                                       that is. Sustainable agriculture is more than a
                                       concern of the United States; it is a global concern.
                                       With sustainable agriculture, can we enhance the
                                       global human community? 60 minutes

GO LOOK IN THE MANGER                          This video is a narrative, retold by the adult Ricky
                                               Meyer, using colorful illustrations, of a Christmas
                                               many years ago when he learned the real meaning of
                                               Christmas. He had borrowed his mother‘s favorite
                                               record for show-and-tell on the conditions that if
                                               anything happened to it, he would get no Christmas
                                               presents. On his way home from school, he quickly
                                               forgot about his promise and the record was broken.
                                               That night at church, Ricky hears the story of the
                                               greatest Christmas gift ever. Later he makes a
                                               significant discovery when his forgiving mother tells
                                               him ―go look in the manger.‖ 30 minutes

GOD GREW TIRED OF US                           This outstanding DVD explores the indomitable spirit
                                               of three Sudanese ―Lost Boys‖ who are forced to
                                               leave their homeland due to a civil war. The
                                               documentary chronicles their triumph over seemingly
                                               insurmountable adversities. They are relocated to the
                                               United States where they build active and fulfilling
                                               lives. They are committed to helping friends and
                                               family they have left behind. It is an excellent video
                                               of courage and hope.
GOD IS HERE           This video series is designed to encourage reflection
                      on the experience of worship. It is designed for
                      adults, teens, and older children. It is designed to
                      engage the viewing group in discussion. The
                      segments are coordinated with five weeks of Lent.
                      The video does not teach directly. It guides
                      participants to contemplate and mediate upon what
                      they already know–experience of God in worship–but
                      may never have had the opportunity to consider,
                      articulate, and share. The series should lead
                      participants to a deeper participation in worship.
                      Study guide included. 70 minutes

GOD MAKERS, THE       Produced by Jeremiah Films in the early 1980s, this
                      is a hard-hitting documentary of the false teachings
                      of the Mormon Church. Despite the Mormon
                      emphasis on the strength of the family and certain
                      moral values, this video clearly shows how far away
                      from Christianity the teachings of the Mormon
                      Church really are. The ending best fits with more
                      fundamentalist churches, but the explanation of the
                      teaching of the Mormon Church is well done. This
                      could be used with high school youth or adults. 56
GOD WANTS YOUR BODY   With his unique sense of humor, Ken Davis helps the
                      viewer discover three critical steps to knowing God‘s
                      will and delivers a serious challenge to total
                      commitment. Believers from youth to senior citizens
                      will enjoy this message. 45 minutes
GOD‘S DAUGHTERS       Stories have a strange power. The spoken word was
                      the means God used to create all that exists. ―Once
                      upon a time….‖ With those words you paint a picture.
                      A story creates. This video tells the stories of some
                      of God‘s more or less forgotten daughters. 1.
                      Hagar–Genesis 16 and 21 (16 minutes) 2.
                      Dinah–Genesis 30:21, Genesis 34, 46:15 (18
                      minutes) 3. Miriam–Exodus 1-4, 12-16, Numbers 12,
                      20:1, Micah 6:4 (17 minutes) 4. Huldah–2 Kings 22,
                      2 Chronicles 34 (16 minutes) In these stories, we
                      encounter women who are wise and have the ability
                      and power to lead people. 67 minutes .

GOD‘S TROMBONES       Audiences of all ages will enjoy God‘s Trombones, a
                      videotape of three classic John Weldon Johnson
                      poems that retell the biblical story of creation, the
                      parable of the prodigal son, and describe the loss of
                      a family member. Creativity combine poetry with
                      computer graphics, clay animation, gospel music and
                      rap through the richness of African-American idiom
                      and experience. Each story is complete in itself and
                      can be used in separate viewings. The
                      Creation–James Earl Jones, narrator. The Prodigal
                      Son–Dorian Harewood, narrator. Go Down
                      Death–Dorian Harewood, narrator. This is a unique
                      video–it‘s wonderful! 30 minutes
GOD‘S WORK. OUR HANDS.            This DVD produced by the ELCA is the 2008
                                 message from Bishop Mark Hanson. In it he talks
                                 about the church and how involving young people
                                 creates new relationships. He also states that
                                 Mission Support makes it possible for the ELCA to
                                 establish new ministries.
GODSPELL                         This video is the exhilarating screen adaptation of
                                 the popular Broadway musical. It is based on the
                                 Gospel of St. Matthew and is an updated
                                 interpretation of the Gospel‘s lessons. John the
                                 Baptist gathers a band of youthful disciples to follow
                                 and learn from the teaching of Jesus. The roving
                                 acting troupe enacts the parables through the streets
                                 of New York City using humor, mime, and
                                 memorable song and dance. The video would be
                                 especially enjoyed by junior and high school youth.
                                 This rock opera is often done by high school theater
                                 groups. 101 minutes
GOING FOR GOD AND THE GOLD       The summer Olympics in Barcelona, Spain, provide
                                 the backdrop for this investigative report about
                                 religion and sports. Host Bill Turpie goes to notable
                                 athletes to find out what difference prayer and faith
                                 make in their lives and their performances. 30
GOLIATH HAD ROCKS IN HIS HEAD!   This Pat Hurley video series takes a look at basic
                                 theology. It covers God the Father, Jesus Christ, the
                                 Holy Spirit, and Creation and the Fall. Hurley has a
                                 strong focus on sin–but also includes God‘s love. A
                                 leader‘s guide includes outlines and discussion
                                 questions with scripture references. This video might
                                 serve well with post-confirmation youth as a review
                                 or discussion about their further learning. Four 40
                                 minutes-sessions. 160 minutes
GOOD GRANDPARENTING              This DVD produced by Mosaic answers the
                                 questions of many grandparents in our society and in
                                 the make up of the family. They wonder what their
                                 roles are. What do children need and how can
                                 grandparents use their talents and influence to fulfill
                                 those needs? Bonus segment: The Sandwich
GOOD NEWS TO EVERY HOME          This short video tells the story of Christmas in the
                                 words of a child. She uses children‘s artwork from
                                 around the world to tell the Christmas story. 12
GOOD SEX—A WHOLE-PERSON APPROACH TO This youth leader‘s curriculum is an up-front, truthful,
TEENAGE SEXUALITY AND GOD           process-centered resource that invites teenagers to
                                    understand that their sexuality is a gift from God. It
                                    speaks to the ―whole system‖ of sexual
                                    formation—how our sexuality can be a natural and
                                    healthy part of who we are. The curriculum, through
                                    the use of the video, Bible study, storytelling, worship
                                    and journaling, asks students to consider and
                                    understand their sexuality as a critical part of how
                                    God shows his love for them and makes them into
                                    sexual beings. A Leader‘s Guide and Supplementary
                                    Student Journal are enclosed. 45 minutes

GOOSEHILL GANG: GOLD RUSH AND HOWLING A group of friends find a treasure map, search for
WOODS                                 gold, and get into trouble. To live with God becomes
                                      more important to them than to be greedy. While on
                                      a camping and fishing trip, the friends help renew a
                                      man‘s faith in God and assist in the capture of a
                                      convict. This is an older movie that can still be
                                      enjoyed by children. 50 minutes
GOSPEL ACCORDING TO MATTHEW, THE      A unique visual Bible study of the book of Matthew,
                                      using the New International Version. Scripture texts
                                      are displayed on the lower left hand corner of the
                                      screen to identify where you are in the book of
                                      Matthew. Volume l: Matthew 1:1–9:1 (58 minutes).
                                      Volume 2: Matthew 9:2–14:36 (58 minutes). Volume
                                      3: Matthew 15:1–23:39 (70 minutes). Volume 4:
                                      Matthew 24:1–28:20 (64 minutes). 250 minutes.

GOSPEL ACCORDING TO ST. BERNARD, THE          The Gospel According to St. Bernard is an action
                                              adventure, 12-tape series recommended for all grade
                                              school ages, but four- and five-year-olds love it too.
                                              Ideal for Christian education for the everyday lives of
                                              children in their classroom and at home. Tape 1: You
                                              Can Handle Anything. Tape 2: Judge Not. Tape 3:
                                              Jennifer‘s Special Birthday. Tape 4: The Golden
                                              Rule. Tape 5: The Devil and Macaroni Pizza. Tape 6:
                                              The Green Monster. Tape 7: Honesty is the Best
                                              Policy. Tape 8: The D.I.N.E.R.‘S. Club. Tape 9: The
                                              Camp House Caper. Tape 10: In the Doghouse.
                                              Tape 11: For Our Blessings…We Give Thanks. Tape
                                              12: The Christmas Gift. 20-25 minutes each tape.
                                              400 minutes.
GOSPEL ATTITUDES (STUDY COURSE)        This video series was produced by Franciscan
                                       Communications and designed for adults to grow in
                                       faith through a spiritual adventure. It features six, two-
                                       hour sessions. One could use these resources on a
                                       weekend retreat, two full-day retreats, or six classes.
                                       These are some of the best resources of spiritual life
                                       development for adults produced in a long time. The
                                       series is based on the Beatitudes and is an invitation
                                       to look at them, not as goals to be attained, but as
                                       values that give meaning to every facet of life. Each
                                       session has an inner movement of Gospel focus,
                                       reflection, storylink (video drama), conversation, and
                                       hospitality. Then follows an action movement of a
                                       lifelink (video presentation), discussion, faithlink
                                       (video meditation), community prayer, awareness
                                       check, and translation into everyday living. 6 tapes
                                       each 2 hours. 720 minutes

GOSPEL JOURNEY—MAUI                     This DVD for youth from Dare2Share is a life-
                                       transforming experience. It is all about real questions
                                       and real conversations. Seven young strangers with
                                       very different spiritual worldviews and a
                                       Preacher/Wannabe–Surfer hung out for an entire
                                       week in Maui, diving into life‘s biggest questions. Is
                                       there a higher power? What is the purpose of life?
                                       Why are there so many religions? What happens
                                       when we die? Why do bad things happen? Who is
                                       Jesus and what is his message? The kit includes:
                                       nine episodes on DVD, a comprehensive Leader‘s
                                       Guide, packed with everything needed for each
                                       episode, 50 prayer cards and more.

GOSPELS—FOUR STORIES, ONE JESUS, THE   Dr. N.T. Wright, Canon Theologian of Westminster
                                       Abbey in London is regarded by many as the leading
                                       Jesus-scholar in the United Kingdom. In this video
                                       he discusses the historical Jesus and then looks at
                                       each of the four Gospels–Matthew, Mark, Luke ,and
                                       John. He concludes with a look at the meaning of
                                       Jesus for today. Joining him on this video are Rev.
                                       Joel Quie, pastor of Eden Prairie Lutheran Church in
                                       suburban Minneapolis and Rev. Kathy Michael,
                                       pastor of Westminster Presbyterian Church in
                                       downtown Minneapolis. The video comes with study
                                       guides for viewers to use. Six 25-minute segments.
                                       150 minutes .
GOSPELS, THE                             A cast of six shares the role of Christ in this Drama
                                         House–BBC innovative interpretation of the Gospel
                                         story based on the King James version of the Bible.
                                         Divided into seven short dramas, it‘s a modern
                                         retelling of the life of Christ adapted from the text of
                                         all four Gospels. The scripts chronicle the main
                                         events in the life of Jesus from the nativity through
                                         the ministry to the passion, the resurrection and
                                         ascension. Seven 15-minute segments. 105 minutes

GRANDFATHER‘S BIRTHDAY                   This film is based on a short story from Ann Lander‘s
                                         column. It is the touching story of an elderly widower
                                         excited to celebrate his 79th birthday with his
                                         children. They neglect to come and to visit him. The
                                         film follows Grandfather‘s day and the range of
                                         emotions he feels as he comes to grips with one of
                                         life‘s tragic realities. It has won over 20 awards
                                         internationally. Leader‘s guide and suggestions for
                                         use enclosed. 18 minutes

GRANDMA‘S BREAD                          The grandmother of a seven-year-old boy has
                                         promised him special homemade Easter bread for
                                         his First Communion. However, she dies before she
                                         can bake it. This video shows how their love
                                         continues even after her death–just as Jesus‘ love
                                         does for us. For children through adults. 15 minutes

GREAT BIBLE DISCOVERY SERIES:            This episode follows Jesus from his triumphant entry
DISCOVERING THE EMPTY TOMB: THE STORY    into Jerusalem on Palm Sunday to his glorious
OF EASTER, THE                           resurrection on Easter morning. Viewers will discover
                                         the empty tomb and the answer to God‘s promise
                                         found there. 40 minutes
GREAT BIBLE DISCOVERY: DISCOVERING THE   This video follows the search for the baby Jesus
BABY KING, THE                           from the prophets of the Old Testament through the
                                         persecution of King Herod. Great for Sunday School
                                         and Children‘s Church. It is recommended for ages 6-
                                         12. 25 minutes
GREAT SOULS                              This historic presentation features revealing profiles
                                         of these famous individuals. Each biography includes
                                         a look at the controversies that surrounded these
                                         men and women at critical crossroads in their lives,
                                         the challenges which shaped their character, and the
                                         events that propelled their destines upon the world
                                         stage. Tape 1: Billy Graham–Salvation. Tape 2:
                                         Pope John Paul II–Human Dignity. Tape 3:
                                         Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn–Truth. Tape 4: Mother
                                         Teresa–Compassion. Tape 5: Nelson
                                         Mandela–Forgiveness. Tape 6: Elie
GREATEST ADVENTURE SERIES                 This series of action-packed, animated stories is
                                          produced by Hanna-Barbera and uses the voices of
                                          many popular stars. The tapes also have great
                                          musical scores. For grades 3-6. Tape 1: The
                                          Creation. Tape 2: Daniel and the Lion‘s Den. Tape 3:
                                          David and Goliath. Tape 4: The Easter Story. Tape
                                          5: Joshua and the Battle of Jericho. Tape 6: Moses.
                                          Tape 7: The Nativity. Tape 8: Noah‘s Ark. Tape 9:
                                          Samson and Delilah. Tape 10: Joseph and His
                                          Brothers. Tape 11: Queen Esther. Tape 12: The
                                          Miracles of Jesus. Tape 13: Jonah. Each tape 30
                                          minutes. 390 minutes.
GREATEST BIBLE STORIES COME TO LIFE,, THE Movies portraying stories from the Bible. Abraham‘s
                                          Sacrifice–50 minutes. Daniel and
                                          Nebuchadnezzar–49 minutes. Daniel in the Lion‘s
                                          Den–43 minutes. David and Goliath–40 minutes. The
                                          Story of Esther–50 minutes. Jacob‘s Challenge–50
                                          minutes. Joseph in Egypt–52 minutes. Joshua at
                                          Jericho–59 minutes. The Judgment of Solomon–54
                                          minutes. Moses–62 minutes. Noah and the
                                          Deluge–51 minutes. Samson and Delilah–54
                                          minutes. Ten Commandments–51 minutes. Tower of
                                          Babel–50 minutes

GREATEST IS THE LEAST, THE                     This animated video takes place in the years
                                               following Jesus‘ death. His disciples learn to practice
                                               His lessons on serving others. James is sentenced
                                               to the salt mines by an evil king. He sees co-workers
                                               battling to be number one. He remembers being with
                                               Jesus as He welcomed and embraced the children
                                               and humbly washed the feet of the disciples. Jesus
                                               teaches that greatness is not in how many serve you
                                               but in how you serve others. James is sentenced to
                                               death for spreading Christianity. An activity and
                                               resource book is also available. It is suited for
                                               younger children. 30 minutes

GREEN SHOOTS OF PEACE                          Produced by the ELCA, Division for Church in
                                               Society, Peace Education, this video is about five
                                               forms of peacemaking. It focuses on the witness of
                                               thoughtful, active, courageous, and imaginative
                                               Christians in the United States and abroad. It is
                                               accompanied by a study guide that aids usage in a
                                               class setting, retreat, or workshop. 26 minutes
GROUNDS FOR HOPE—THE LWR COFFEE   This video narrated by Mr. Bean is a story of how
PROJECT                           Lutheran World Relief can help small coffee farmers
                                  get more for the beans that they grow through fair
                                  trade and cooperatives. The project also emphasis
                                  that most of the coffee that Americans drink, 20
                                  percent of the world‘ s consumption, is ―full-sun‖
                                  coffee. The alternative is shade-grown, organic
                                  coffee. This is also beneficial for the environment
                                  since it saves land from being cleared and
                                  insecticides from being used. More churches should
                                  join the LWR Coffee Project by making this coffee
                                  available to their parishioners. We can see God‘s
                                  work through the people of other countries. A
                                  discussion guide is enclosed. 23 minutes

GROWING AS FAITHFUL PARENTS       This video features Dr. Roland Martinson and is
                                  based on a six-session parenting course that he
                                  wrote, called Bringing Up Your Child. It combines a
                                  presentation of information and a demonstration of
                                  the skills in action. 23 minutes
GROWING THROUGH GRIEF: PERSONAL   This series of six videos is distributed by ECUFILM,
HEALING                           Nashville, Tenn. The tapes feature Dr. Howard
                                  Linebell, pastor and Professor of Pastoral
                                  Psychology and Counseling at the School of
                                  Theology at Claremont, Calif.. He also directs the
                                  Pomona Valley Pastoral Counseling and Growth
                                  Center and the Institute of Religion and Wholeness.
                                  The six tapes were filmed at Claremont and show
                                  him working with seven other people dealing with a
                                  variety of forms of grief. Each tape focuses on a
                                  particular aspect of grief: 1. The Five Tasks of Grief
                                  Work; 2. Healing Guilt; 3. Fear and Anger. 4. Growth
                                  From Divorce; 5. Infections of the Grief Wound; 6.
                                  Saying ―Goodbye to Our Losses.‖ The quality of the
                                  video is not as good as some others, but the style
                                  and content will be helpful. The best usage would be
                                  for the same group of people to view them all, one a
                                  week, practice the techniques with one another in the
                                  group, continue working on the suggested exercises
                                  individually during the week, discuss the video. The
                                  series was produced with the hope that ―grief healing
                                  groups‖ can provide a new and significant
                                  breakthrough in efforts to help heal the wounds of
GROWING TOGETHER: BUILDING A MARRIAGE   Walt Wangerin, Jr., Lutheran Vespers, presents this
THAT LASTS                              series of studies on marriage. He states that he
                                        wants to talk about the tasks that are necessary to
                                        create, to hammer together, to saw together a
                                        durable marriage. It is an excellent video for
                                        individuals getting married, recently married as well
                                        as for those who have been married for many years.
                                        The goal of the video is to assess the marriage
                                        relationships and to present basic truths that will
                                        strengthen any marriage. The video is ideal for group
                                        use but can also be used in conjunction with
                                        individual counseling. It is recommended that this
                                        study be presented in 10 sessions. A study guide
                                        with questions and activities for each session is
                                        enclosed. 75 minutes

HANDS—CARING FOR CREATION               Would you like to learn about the many ways in
                                        which your hands can be actively involved in caring
                                        for our creation? From recycling to writing your
                                        congressperson, this vdeas for working to save our
                                        earth. Hands, which comes with a thought-provoking
                                        discussion guide, is ideal for circle programs or
                                        Sunday school and confirmation classes. This video
                                        is produced by the Women of the ELCA. 8 minutes

HANK‘S JOURNEY                          This short drama tells the story of conflict between a
                                        father and son. It examines obedience and family
                                        relationships with faith. The story stresses the
                                        tensions families may face when it comes to talking
                                        about their faith. Usable for adults dealing with aging
                                        parents. 36 minutes
HARLEM GRACE                            What happens when a Harvard graduate, with a
                                        promising future from a prominent family decides to
                                        move into Harlem to help the homeless? This film,
                                        based on the life of Joseph Holland, New York
                                        State‘s Commissioner of Housing, chronicles the
                                        impact of one individual on the lives of homeless
                                        men. Told through the lens of Joe‘s relationship with
                                        one homeless man, Harvey, the story teaches
                                        powerful lessons about trust perseverance and the
                                        power of redemption. It challenges each viewer to
                                        remember that we can, and should make a
                                        difference in our world. This critically acclaimed film
                                        has been the winner of multiple awards. 31 minutes
HARVEST, THE                         This drama, produced by Gateway Films and
                                     distributed by Vision Video in Worcester, Pa., is a
                                     film whose style and content work best for family
                                     viewing. It is a story of healing brought to a family on
                                     the brink of domestic destruction. It challenges the
                                     modern business principle that bigger, faster, more,
                                     and urban is better. Despite the fact that the story
                                     only shows white people and has a very predictable
                                     ―all‘s well‖ ending, it is a good story and truly raises
                                     some questions about how we live and how well we
                                     want to be as a family. 60 minutes

HASHING IT OUT                       Hashing it Out. The setting for this series is a diner
                                     where Tony Campolo and Steve Brown discuss
                                     several topics. They approach the topics from
                                     different points of view. The topics discussed are:
                                     Christianity, Theology, and the Church; Christianity,
                                     the Family and Sexuality; Christianity, Capitalism,
                                     and the Poor; and Christianity, Society, and Ethics.
                                     Each segment is divided into five discussion
                                     questions and a case study. Individual segments are
                                     12 minutes.
HE CHOSE THE NAILS—WITH MAX LUCADO   This resource package combines different media to
                                     express the message of the Cross. Max Lucado
                                     states that the Cross was ―the tool of torture that
                                     became a sign of hope.‖ The multimedia used in this
                                     study show how Jesus‘ sacrifice invades not just our
                                     minds but our hearts. The combination of media,
                                     print, video, contemporary music and gospel songs,
                                     not only tells the story of the Cross but proclaims its
                                     victory. The course is presented in 14 short
                                     episodes. Each episode shows a real life situation
                                     through which the presenter teaches the lessons of
                                     the Cross. Each lesson quotes Bible verses which
                                     are printed on the screen and which help the viewer
                                     learn the lessons taught. The enclosed Leader‘s is
                                     Guide is helpful in working through these lessons.
                                     This is an excellent and very meaningful study
                                     course. Enclosed: Leader‘s guide, Max Lucado‘s
                                     book, He Chose the Nails, and a praise and worship
                                     CD. 83 minutes

HE IS RISEN                          An animated story from the New Testament tells the
                                     story of the greatest miracle of all in a simple, easy-
                                     to-understand form. Sorrow and despair become
                                     complete joy as the disciples behold their resurrected
                                     savior. This video is ideal for younger children. An
                                     activity and resource book, as well as videocassette
                                     and paperback book are also available. 24 minutes
HEALING A BROKEN AND NEEDY WORLD   This video features stories of Lutheran World
                                   Federation‘s work in Bosnia, Bolivia, India, Namibia,
                                   and the United States. ―The LWF‘s major challenges
                                   for the years ahead involve living and acting together
                                   in common witness to the gospel for the healing of a
                                   broken and needy world.‖ 30 minutes

HEALING EVERY GRIEF                These audiocassettes by Walt Wangerin, Jr. were
                                   recorded from the radio ministry of the ELCA,
                                   Lutheran Vespers. It is a series presented by Walt
                                   Wangerin in 1997 beginning in February and ending
                                   at Easter. He describes the series as one dealing
                                   with grief, but much more than that. It also deals with
                                   relationships. It is very moving series. Script
                                   included. Each section is 30 minutes in length.

HEALING TOUCH OF JESUS, THE        This part of the ―Topical Bible Series‖ portrays Jesus
                                   as the ―great Healer.‖ We see Jesus as a very
                                   human figure with compassion and deep
                                   understanding. He shares both people‘s joy, as well
                                   as their sorrow. The video presents us with the
                                   concept that although God gives us many
                                   tribulations, He will guide us and is always in charge.
                                   The video deals with many human issues, and we
                                   learn that the acts of healing of Jesus are not only
                                   physical but also spiritual. People put their trust in
                                   Jesus, and he helps them. It is their faith that heals
                                   them. Jesus reaches down to all and his actions are
                                   acts of love and mercy. The acts of healing of Jesus
                                   made people praise God. The story is narrated by
                                   Kathy Troccoli and is magnificently portrayed. 40
HEALTH AND HEALING IN THE CHURCH   This resource was produced by the ELCA to
                                   encourage and support congregations as they
                                   become places of health and healing, renew their
                                   lives and structures, and grow into healthy bodies in
                                   service to God‘s mission. The first presentation
                                   shares three acts of illness. A second presentation
                                   shows the high points of an ELCA conference on
                                   health. A third presentation focuses on the
                                   congregation as a health place. This may be the
                                   most vital new ministry for ELCA congregations, to
                                   develop effective ministry to reach many people in
                                   the local community that we have never before
                                   touched with the healing power of the Gospel of
                                   Jesus Christ. 2 Tapes, 3 Segments each. 180
HEAR THE LAMBS                                  This video, produced by the ELCA‘s Division for
                                                Church in Society, focuses on access to health care.
                                                It provides information to better understand health
                                                care in the United States and the very serious
                                                access issues. The video shares the cries of people
                                                in need of health care who must be heard not only by
                                                government, but also by the church and its members.
                                                The information in this video is essential and the
                                                issues crucial. The quality of the video is excellent,
                                                but the presentation is not very engaging. Just using
                                                talking heads makes it difficult to watch the whole
                                                video. Perhaps showing only a portion of it would
                                                work well and then spend more time in discussion.
                                                There is a discussion guide that comes with the
                                                video. 27 minutes

HEART OF STEPHEN MINISTRY, THE                  The Heart of Stephen Ministry is another introductory
                                                to Stephen Ministry and tells of the benefits to
                                                pastors, lay leaders, Stephen Ministers, and care
                                                receivers from the Stephen Series. 10 minutes

HEART OF YOUTH MINISTRY, THE—A MORNING Your youth ministry may never be the same after
WITH MIKE YACONELLI                    spending a morning with Mike Yaconelli, veteran
                                       youth worker and speaker. He tells it as only he can
                                       in this fast-paced, funny, and challenging address,
                                       delivered before a youth workers conference in
                                       Minneapolis, Minn. You‘ll find some of your
                                       stereotypes about youth and youth ministry
                                       crumbling as he zeroes in on what it really takes to
                                       connect kids to the love of Jesus Christ. He makes
                                       you laugh…cry…and even get mad…but most of all,
                                       he‘ll make you think. He will give you a new vision for
                                       youth ministry and a new energy for reaching kids
                                       with the Good News of the gospel. This video is
                                       especially good for youth professionals in the parish.
                                       It is a ―talking-head‖ video but the stories are good. If
                                       using as a training video we suggest choosing
                                       segments of the video. 2 tapes. 142 minutes

HEIDI                                           The original story of Heidi is a saga of love, courage
                                                and the power of the family. It is the story of a young
                                                girl whose faith and heroism touches all of those that
                                                she comes in contact with. 90 minutes
HELL‘S BELLS…THE DANGERS OF ROCK AND   This 5-part presentation is an exhaustive and hard-
ROLL                                   hitting expose of the spiritual realities behind rock
                                       music. Beyond exposing darkness, however, its
                                       greater intent is to lead the viewer to the light of
                                       compromise. Using real-life situations and several
                                       contemporary parables, the Gospel of Jesus Christ is
                                       brought home in a way that will explode many of the
                                       common misconceptions associated with Christianity
                                       and will lead the interested viewer into a vital
                                       revelation of The Way, The Truth, and The Life. Part
                                       1–The Power of Rock. Part 2–The Roots of Rock.
                                       Parts 3 & 4–The Fruit of Rock. Part 5–The Axe Falls.
                                       2 Tapes. 185 minutes.

HERE I STAND—THE LIFE AND LEGACY OF    Martin Luther is, indisputably, a ―hinge of history,‖
MARTIN LUTHER                          challenging assumptions about religious authority,
                                       what God was like and how God saves us. T. N.
                                       Mohan, director of Hanged on a Twisted Cross,
                                       returns to Germany to tell the story of its most
                                       famous son. In this two-part special, Luther‘s Life
                                       and Luther‘s Legacy, we see the issues he
                                       confronted, the opposition that sought to defeat him,
                                       and the profound changes brought about under his
                                       leadership and ministry.
HIDDEN IN AMERICA                      This feature length video, a Golden Globe Award
                                       winner, was produced by Beau Bridges to address
                                       the reality of hunger in our own country. It tells the
                                       story of a family (not unlike one‘s own) that finds
                                       itself unable to put food on the table because of
                                       difficult circumstances. The many issues raised
                                       provide opportunities for discussing compassion,
                                       ministry, and being open to God‘s provision for our
                                       own needs. This video would make a good follow-up
                                       after a visit from the Synod‘s Youth Hunger Team. 96
HIDING PLACE, THE                      Corrie ten Boom and her family of watchmakers
                                       quietly sheltered Jews in their small house in Holland
                                       until the Nazis discovered the ―hiding place‖ and
                                       arrested them all. This is the gripping, true story, of
                                       Corrie and her sister‘s endurance in the horrors of
                                       Ravensbruck death camp. They never gave up hope
                                       and were an inspiration to many of the other
                                       prisoners. They held to the belief that God is the only
                                       sure hope and that eventually they will be free in him.
                                       145 minutes
HISTORICAL JESUS: A MIDDLE EASTERN VIEW, In this four-part series, Dr. Harry Wendt, president of
THE                                      Crossways International, interviews Dr. Kenneth
                                         Bailey on the basic questions raised by the claims of
                                         the Jesus Seminar. Dr. Bailey helps the viewer
                                         understand the unique manner in which oral
                                         traditions were preserved and protected by the
                                         ancient communities of the Middle East that
                                         eventually led to the preservation of the Gospels in
                                         written word. By way of contemporary illustrations,
                                         Dr. Bailey shows how oral traditions are both valid
                                         and reliable and uses these principles to validate the
                                         person, ministry, death, and resurrection of Jesus.
                                         This series may not appeal to the general audience,
                                         but it is a valuable resource for the mature student of
                                         adult classes. Discussion guide is included. 122

HISTORY OF CHRIST IAN WORSHIP (A) PART 1-- This DVD tells the story of how the Word of God has
THE WORD                                   been passed on, first in the spoken form and later in
ANCIENT WAYS, FUTURE PATHS                 the written form. The Word focuses on Jesus Christ
                                           as the center of worship. It emphasizes that
                                           Scripture should lead the worship and the individual.
                                           Worship practices over the last two thousand years
                                           have changed but the Word of God has not changed.
                                           Worship practices of Protestant, Catholic and
                                           Orthodox churches are discussed. The importance
                                           of the Apostles Creed and the Nicene Creed
                                           56 Minutes

HOLY LANDS AND SACRED PLACES                    Two thousand years ago in the cradle of civilization
                                                the seeds of a new faith were sown. Christianity
                                                would grow from these roots to spread throughout
                                                the world. We can still tread the very ground where
                                                saints once walked, visiting Jerusalem, Antioch,
                                                Philippi, Athens, Corinth, Ephesus, Malta and Rome.
                                                Also visit Bethlehem, Nazareth, Gethsemane,
                                                Bethphage, and Bethany. 117 minutes

HOLY WARRIORS—RICHARD THE LIONHEART & This DVD challenges the popular view of Richard the
SALADIN                               Lionheart and Saladin‘s epic clash for control of
                                      Jerusalem. Richard emerges as a man who earned
                                      the name Lionheart as much for his murderous
                                      brutality as for his chivalry. Saladin was revered in
                                      his own time in Europe for his mercy towards the
                                      crusaders in contrast to the demonized caricature of
                                      popular modern-day Western myth. The video,
                                      filmed in the Middle East recreates the heroic
                                      encounter between these two great men.
HOLYLAND JUSTICE—THE WALL & THE U.S.   The video, sponsored by the Minneapolis and St.
ROLE                                   Paul ELCA and Peace With Justice Committee,
                                       examines the wall that was erected between Israeli
                                       and Palestinian territories. Don Christensen who
                                       traveled in that area presents some of his findings.
                                       Palestine sees the way not so much as a security
                                       issue, but rather as an excuse to take more land
                                       from them. The people of Palestine usually like
                                       Americans but do not agree with our policies towards
                                       Israel. They feel that our government has caused
                                       them much suffering, and the wall brings more
                                       suffering. It has brought a devastating economic
                                       impact to many. The issue of suicide bombers is also
                                       talked about. This is a very informative video.

HOME AT LAST                           Billy, a streetwise kid from New York, is sent with the
                                       orphan train to Nebraska. He is he taken in by a
                                       Swedish farm family. At first he is fearful and
                                       resentful and finds it hard to let go of his street
                                       habits. He doesn‘t fit in, and he clashes with his new
                                       family and adoptive father. It isn‘t until a terrible crisis
                                       occurs that Billy realizes that, for the first time in his
                                       life, he belongs somewhere. The film shows the
                                       plight of orphans at the turn of the century. 60
HOMECOMING, THE                        This video, taken from the famous television series,
                                       takes place on a Depression-era Christmas 1933.
                                       The heart-tugging story centers on the Waltons, a
                                       rural American family preparing to celebrate
                                       Christmas together. Love and sharing are abundant
                                       in the family, but a sudden crisis tests their love and
                                       courage. It is an inspiring tale of love, hope, and
                                       spirit and goes far beyond the boundaries of time
                                       and place to reach out and touch everyone,
                                       everywhere. 98 minutes
HOPE IS THE LAST THING TO DIE          This is an extremely moving video by the Church
                                       World Service. It tells of the plight and suffering of
                                       the street children of Brazil. These children are
                                       forced to the streets to provide food for their families.
                                       There they live in poverty and fear. This is a terrible
                                       injustice towards the children, a regular genocide.
                                       The video shows that although the lives of these
                                       children are extremely difficult, ―Hope is the last thing
                                       to die.‖ One in ten of these children are abandoned.
                                       Their suffering is compared to the suffering of Christ.
                                       The children themselves describe their lives,
                                       dreams, desperation and brave hopes. The poverty
                                       and family struggles need to be addressed by the
                                       world. 22 minutes
HOT TALK-STARTER                              This video series is produced by Group Publishing to
                                              get youth and adults really talking about important
                                              issues. Each tape has a series of four or five short
                                              video segments (five minutes) that motivate
                                              discussion. All the segments are real–not staged or
                                              acted out. Each video comes with this Warning: ―This
                                              video program deals with sensitive issues and does
                                              not supply conclusions. Preview this program before
                                              use. Prepare your discussion leaders using the
                                              accompanying guide. Use these presentations only
                                              when accompanied by a careful debriefing time.‖ The
                                              warning is helpful. Our friends at Group know that
                                              videos do not teach, but are only tools. Group also is
                                              committed to active learning. So the guide for each
                                              video segment includes active learning designs to
                                              enhance learning. In other words, this series is
                                              designed to be much more than watching a short
                                              video and then talking about it. The key is to preview
                                              and to prepare! The topics are hot and they are not
                                              designed to give answers, rather to raise questions
                                              and to motivate discussion. These videos can be
                                              used in many different settings of adults or youth.
                                              Series 1 includes: Segment 1–Teen Suicide;
HOW CAN I TELL IF I‘M REALLY IN LOVE          Featuring Sol Gordon, Jason and Justine Bateman,
                                              Ted Danson, and students from University High
                                              School in Los Angeles, this video discusses the
                                              criteria for determining the differences between love
                                              and infatuation, mature and immature love, boys‘
                                              lines vs. girls‘ lines, etc. 60 minutes

HOW DIFFICULT CAN THIS                 Produced by PBS Video, the format of this video is a
BE—UNDERSTANDING LEARNING DISABILITIES workshop, The F.A.T. Workshop (Frustration,
                                       Anxiety, Tension). Adults and youth experience a
                                       simulation of what it is like to be a student with a
                                       learning disability. This video is so interesting you
                                       may want to watch it twice. Whether professional
                                       teacher or volunteer teacher of the faith, this is a
                                       workshop that every congregation should offer its
                                       teachers. Another audience for this video workshop
                                       would be parents. Richard D. Lavole leads the
                                       experiential workshop structured around the following
                                       themes: Experiencing Frustration, Anxiety, and
                                       Tension; Inability to Process Language; Risk Taking;
                                       Visual Perception on Behavior; Visual-Motor
                                       Coordination; Oral Expression; Reading and
                                       Decoding; Auditory and Visual Capabilities; Fairness;
                                       Commentary. Every congregation should use this
                                       video. 70 minutes
HOW DO LUTHERANS INTERPRET THE BIBLE?   This Bible study presented by SELECT is narrated
MARK ALLAN POWELL                       by Mark Allen Powell, professor of New Testament at
                                        Trinity Lutheran Seminary in Columbus, Ohio. The
                                        videotape has four segments which answer the
                                        question stated in the title. The sessions include:
                                        Session 1–We are more interested in understanding
                                        it than defending it. (42 minutes) Session 2–We
                                        acknowledge how we received it. (43 minutes).
                                        Session 3–We use it to shape our morality. (38
                                        minutes) Session 4–We recognize it has multiple
                                        meanings. (43 minutes) A study guide and guide of
                                        priority principles for interpreting the Bible are
                                        included. 166 minutes.

HOW GOOD DO WE HAVE TO BE               Rabbi Harold Kushner, author of When Bad Things
                                        Happen to Good People,‖ narrates this excellent
                                        video that gives the viewer a new understanding of
                                        guilt and forgiveness. He teaches the viewer to have
                                        a healthy approach to dealing with our inherent
                                        imperfections. Rabbi Kushner gives his insights
                                        which will help one gain a refreshing new acceptance
                                        of oneself and others...and the freedom to live a
                                        more fulfilling life.

HOW GREAT THOU ART                      Celebrate the beauty and grace of God‘s country
                                        while enjoying favorite hymns written to praise him.
                                        Wondrous wilderness landscapes will enchant the
                                        eye, and familiar inspirational melodies–in
                                        instrumental and vocal versions–will soothe the ear.
                                        Recommended for showing in its entirety or in short
                                        segments–especially for people restricted to their
                                        homes or long-term care facilities. 57 minutes

HOW LUTHERANS INTERPRET THE BIBLE       This DVD from Select with Dr. Mark Allen Powell is a
                                        discussion for laity about how Lutherans interpret the
                                        Bible. Dr. Powell‘s insights on the Bible are shared
                                        through seven sessions. The discussion offers views
                                        for Bible studies and interpretations for multiple
                                        denominations of the Christian faith. Session 1: The
                                        Word of God; 2: What Lutherans Say About the
                                        Bible; 3: Where the Bible Comes From; 4:
                                        Interpreting the Bible in Context; 5: Determining
                                        Right From Wrong; 6: The Many Meaning of the
                                        Bible; 7: Devotional Bible Reading. Study Guide is
                                        enclosed on CD-ROM. 180 minutes.
HOW SHOULD WE THEN LIVE?   Dr. Francis Schaeffer narrates this Bible study. After
                           40 years of intense study and worldwide ministry, Dr.
                           Schaeffer completed this work to present the
                           profound truths about life. His analysis of the past
                           and predictions for current trends have proven so
                           uncannily accurate that this series feels very
                           contemporary. Ultimately Dr. Schaeffer concludes
                           that humanity‘s only hope is a return to God‘s biblical
                           absolute—the truth revealed in Christ through the
                           Scriptures. This is a very interesting and informative
                           study beginning with the Roman Age to the present.
                           Each of ten episodes focuses on a significant era,
                           yet speaks to 21st century humanity with answers for
                           modern problems. Ten episodes. 360 minutes.

HOW SHOULD WE THEN LIVE?   Dr. Francis Schaeffer narrates this Bible study on
                           DVD. After 40 years of intense study and worldwide
                           ministry, Dr. Schaeffer completed this work to
                           present the profound truths about life. His analysis of
                           the past and predictions for current trends have
                           proven so uncannily accurate that this series feels
                           very contemporary. Ultimately Dr. Schaeffer
                           concludes that humanity‘s only hope is a return to
                           God‘s biblical absolute—the truth revealed in Christ
                           through the Scriptures. This is a very interesting and
                           informative study beginning with the Roman Age to
                           the present. Each of ten episodes focuses on a
                           significant era, yet speaks to 21st century humanity
                           with answers for modern problems. Ten episodes.
                           360 minutes.
HOW THE BIBLE CAME TO BE   On this DVD the viewer will learn the history of the
                           Old Testament and New Testament writings. This
                           documented presentation of the origins of Scripture
                           is beautifully photographed in the Holy Land. Volume
                           One gives a graphic overview of the Old Testament
                           and how it came to be written. The finding of the
                           Dead Sea Scrolls in 1945 gave much evidence to the
                           early writings. God gave his word to mankind and
                           kept it accurate. Volume Two gives an overview of
                           the New Testament and how it came to be written.
                           The DVD shows how German scholar Constantine
                           von Tischendorf found the Codex Sinaiticus (book
                           from Sinai) in the 185‘s at the Monastery of St.
                           Catherine at Mt. Sinai. This is the complete New
                           Testament in old Greek handwriting. No other text
                           has been this completely preserved without damage.
                           The New Testament stood against the erosion of
                           time. Together, these two volumes answer many
                           questions concerning the authenticity of Scripture.
HOW TO HANDLE THE PRESSURE LINES      This video features Josh McDowell talking to
                                      teenagers about sexuality. From a Biblical basis,
                                      Josh helps young people form moral convictions.
                                      This would be a helpful introduction for a discussion
                                      on moral values and sexuality with high school youth.
                                      30 minutes
HOW TO HELP YOUR KIDS GET ALONG       This course features Dr. John Trent (from another
                                      series, Loving and Lasting Relationships) and is
                                      produced by Word Incorporated in Waco, Texas.
                                      This series is designed to be used in an adult
                                      Sunday School hour, Bible study session, or even in
                                      a home group. It comes with a workbook with
                                      permission given to reproduce all the materials in the
                                      workbook. Dr. Trent has a light, fun way of
                                      presenting. He is very respectful of the differences in
                                      both adults and children. He is able to share
                                      affirmation of the differences. The course gives
                                      some practical ways for families to develop
                                      contracts. You will enjoy this course. 150 minutes

HOW TO RAISE PARENTS…IN THESE         This video program, produced by Franciscan
TROUBLED TIMES                        Communications, features Clayton C. Barbeau, the
                                      noted author, lecturer, and family therapist. It is
                                      filmed as a live presentation before an audience of
                                      adults and teenagers. Part one presents some dos
                                      and don‘ts of interpersonal communication. It
                                      compares the trials of adolescence with the tensions
                                      of middlescence and concludes with a
                                      straightforward discussion of premarital sex and its
                                      troublesome side effects. In part two, Clayton
                                      Barbeau responds to questions submitted to him
                                      earlier by parents and teens in the audience. He
                                      touches on parental authority and the maturing teen.
                                      He mentions active listening, honest responses, the
                                      right to privacy and the freedom to make and admit
                                      mistakes. The lecture style makes the video seem
                                      long, but Clayton Barbeau is a wise and good
                                      communicator. I would suggest using sections of the
                                      tapes with high school youth classes studying
                                      parenting or with adults learning to understand
                                      themselves and their sons and daughters better. 2
                                      tapes, 60 minutes each. 120 minutes.

HOW TO STRENGTHEN TODAY‘S FAMILY      This video series presents practical answers to the
                                      challenges of building a strong family in today‘s
                                      world. It focuses on the six key elements Dr. Nick
                                      Stinnet identifies as critical to the strength and
                                      success of the family: commitment, communication,
                                      spending time together, expressing appreciation, the
                                      ability to problem solve during crisis, and religious
                                      involvement. 6 Segments each 15 minutes. 90
HUMAN CARE—HOUSING MINISTRIES PROMO   This is a promo piece developed by the Lutheran
                                      Church–Missouri Synod defining the goals of
                                      Lutherans in Housing Ministries. 9 minutes
HUMOR, COMEDY IN THE BIBLE             Written by Dr. Conrad Hyers and produced by the
                                       Office of Church Relations, Gustavus Adolphus
                                       College, this video is divided into four sections:
                                       Humor and the Bible, Comedy and Bible, Humor in
                                       the Book of Jonah, and Comedy in the Book of
                                       Jonah. The quality of the scholarship is excellent. It
                                       would work well as a Bible study series. But as for
                              may watch the entire tape and not laugh
                                       once! Maybe some great ahas! But no ha, ha, has!
                                       80 minutes
HUNGER FOR HEALING (STUDY COURSE), A   This lengthy video series is based on J. Keith Miller‘s
                                       book of the same title. It uses the 12-step program
                                       as a model for Christian spiritual growth. The 12-step
                                       program is not just for people struggling with drugs or
                                       alcohol, but also for people who have no boundaries,
                                       people whose whole world revolves around self and
                                       the control of others. Keith suggests that the
                                       presence of spiritual and emotional pain, anxiety,
                                       and confusion in one‘s life may be indicative of the
                                       same spiritual disease found at the heart of
                                       alcoholism and other addictions. Miller relates each
                                       of the steps to Biblical teaching. Perhaps the best
                                       use of this video would be a 12-class series. The
                                       video comes with a helpful small-group discussion
                                       guide. So many people in our congregations can be
                                       helped and healed through this process.

HUNGER NO MORE—FACES BEHIND THE        This is a very informative DVD on the problem of
FACTS                                  hunger. This problem exists not only in third world
                                       countries, but there are 31 million people in the USA
                                       that suffer from hunger. Most industrialized countries
                                       have solved the problem of hunger in their countries.
                                       Although much is being done in the United States,
                                       much more need to be done. Seventy-five percent of
                                       the organizations that have food banks are faith-
                                       based. Children remain the most vulnerable victims
                                       of hunger. There is no reason why we should have
                                       hunger in America. Most of what is thrown away is
                                       edible. Hunger in the world often becomes a political
                                       issue. There is enough food in the world to feed the
                                       hungry. Distribution becomes the issue. The ELCA
                                       has done much to help this problem. Governments
                                       need to get more involved. Money spend on fighting
                                       hunger is a small fraction of what is spend on war.
                                       Religions instruct their adherents to feed the hungry.
                                       This DVD makes viewers keenly aware of the
                                       problem that exists. It is a very moving DVD. Study
                                       guide and workbook. 60 minutes
HURRICANE HEROES           Lutheran World Relief produced this video. An
                           isolated village in southern Honduras offers viewers
                           a microcosm of life after Hurricane Mitch–on one
                           hand, the heavy loss of homes, crops and
                           livelihoods; but on the other hand, a palpable sense
                           of hope amid devastation. The video links people‘s
                           outlook to 15 years of community development work
                           by Lutheran World Relief‘s long-time partner in
                           Honduras, the Christian Commission for
                           Development. When Hurricane Mitch struck, that
                           same partnership helped get U.S. Lutherans and
                           other church aid to this and other shattered
                           communities across Honduras. 15 minutes

HURRIED FAMILY, THE        Dallas Christian Video produced this video series of
                           ten sessions. It features Tim Kimmel and is based on
                           his best-selling book, Little House on the Freeway.
                           This is designed for an adult audience and offers
                           practical counsel for restoring calmness and rest to
                           marriage, family, workplace, and to one‘s relationship
                           with God. It is a very good series for husbands and
                           wives who are committed to grow. But I think this
                           series could be used well with single parents and
                           even with single people with no children.

HURTING CHILD, THE         An introductory talk to parents on the sensitive issue
                           of sexual abuse of children. An excellent resource for
                           parents of young children and for adult education
                           classes. 40 minutes
HYMN JAM                   This video was done at the 1990 Academy for
                           Evangelists held at Luther Northwestern Seminary. It
                           features people like John Ylvisaker, James Capers,
                           and a number of other singers and instrumentalists
                           leading the Academy in a hymn jam of songs from
                           our rich pietistic heritage. There is a three-part
                           outline to the hymn jam: call, journey, and
                           homecoming. This would be a good tape for
                           members of a worship and music committee to view.
                           Most of the hymns are not in the LBW but are part of
                           the Lutheran heritage. The video may be helpful to
                           show how a variety of instruments can be used. It is
                           also great to hear Lutherans sing for fun and praise
                           to God again. They actually applaud once after the
                           singing of Jesus Loves Me. 84 minutes

I AM JOSEPH YOUR BROTHER   This video is a production of the Interreligious
                           Coordinating Council in Israel. It deals with the
                           Catholic Church‘s recognition of and reconciliation
                           with the Jewish people.
I AM JOSEPH YOUR BROTHER   This video is a production of the Interreligious
                           Coordinating Council in Israel. It deals with the
                           Catholic Church‘s recognition of and reconciliation
                           with the Jewish people.
I CAN GIVE                            The ELCA Division for Congregational Ministries
                                      produced this video. It is a stewardship education
                                      video for children that focuses on saving wisely,
                                      spending, and giving God‘s gift of money. The video
                                      is motivational so the role of the leader is to
                                      encourage active responses for children after
                                      viewing. Peli (the pelican) is one of the featured stars
                                      of the video. This video covers a needed area of
                                      stewardship education with young people. 27
I CAN…LIKE PELI-CAN                   This is a stewardship story for children about
                                      Christian caring and making a difference in God‘s
                                      world. It highlights care of creation. On a warm,
                                      sunny morning, Andrew, his sister, and their friends
                                      find an injured brown pelican on a beach in Florida.
                                      The concerned boy visits and cares for the pelican at
                                      a local bird hospital until it eventually recovers.
                                      Together, Peli-can and the children learn that they
                                      each can help, care and make a difference in God‘s
                                      world. 20 minutes
I DID THE RIGHT THING                 A new church schoolteacher, uncertain about her
                                      role, asks some important questions. This tape gives
                                      some basic ideas about teaching and suggests ways
                                      to use curriculum resources and to receive help from
                                      experienced teachers. 26 minutes

I FEEL SO ALONE—SHARING THE PAIN OF   Suffering isn‘t something people have to do alone.
SUFFERING                             This video deals with real people in the real world
                                      who are facing AIDS, alcoholism, drug dependency,
                                      child abuse, abortion, and other serious problems.
                                      They discover that sharing is the key to Christ‘s love
                                      made real. The Bible study and discussion can help
                                      participants learn to be the friend Christ wants all of
                                      us to be to hurting people. It comes with a leader‘s
                                      guide and is suitable for use in a variety of
                                      congregational settings: circles, Bible study groups,
                                      church leaders workshops, Stephen Ministry, parents
                                      groups, etc. The video can make a powerful
                                      presentation providing a means for discussing
                                      subjects that otherwise might be difficult to address.
                                      This video is one of several addressing sensitive
                                      social issues that have been purchased jointly by the
                                      Nebraska Synodical Women‘s Organization and the
                                      Nebraska Synod Video Library. 29 minutes

I, PAUL                               The Apostle Paul‘s final words to Timothy. He writes
                                      from prison with the cold of winter pressing in, near
                                      death and so much left to be done. With unique
                                      quality this reenacted slice from New Testament life
                                      uses Scripture for the entire script. With clarity and
                                      power Paul gives forth his message that captures his
                                      passion and compassion. It is a powerful experience
                                      to share with any group. 26 minutes
I‘M NOT OKAY!                             Ken Davis takes you on a laugh-filled journey you will
                                          never forget! His hilarious stories and observations
                                          show how we really are ―not okay‖ without a growing
                                          relationship with the Lord. And it‘s all wrapped up in a
                                          message of hope that can change your life forever.
                                          60 minutes
IF LEAVES COULD TALK (OAKS INDIAN CENTER) This is a video about the work and mission of the
                                          Oaks Indian Center in Oaks, Okla. Indian children
                                          come to the Oaks because they have nowhere else
                                          to go. Some are orphaned or abandoned. Others are
                                          unwanted or abused. Still others come from poverty-
                                          stricken situations. At The Oaks they find meaning,
                                          direction, and hope for their lives. They learn values
                                          that enable them to lead meaningful lives as adults,
                                          setting examples for others and giving leadership in
                                          society. 6 minutes
IF NOT HERE, WHERE?                       This video addresses the hesitance of many
                                          congregations to discuss or to get involved in social
                                          issues that are potentially controversial. It could be
                                          used for adult forums, church councils, women‘s
                                          groups, men‘s groups, youth groups, or committee
                                          meetings on social concerns. 25 minutes

IF YOU WANT TO WALK ON WATER, YOU‘VE             By connecting the story of Jesus calling Peter to walk
GOT TO GET OUT OF THE BOAT                       on water with life today, John Ortberg, teacher and
                                                 best-selling author, invites viewers to consider the
                                                 incredible potential that await them outside of their
                                                 comfort zone. Out on the risky water of faith, Jesus is
                                                 waiting to meet us in ways that will change us
                                                 forever, deepening our character and our trust in
                                                 God. These six remarkable, interactive sessions
                                                 teach participants how to discern God‘s call,
                                                 transcend fear, risk faith, manage failure, and trust
                                                 God. The kit includes a leader‘s guide, participant‘s
                                                 guide and hardcover book.

IMPACT OF CULTURAL TRENDS ON TODAY‘S             This seven-part series focuses on major issues
FAMILY, THE (STUDY COURSE)                       confronting families today. In addition to examining
                                                 such topics as pornography, anti-religious bias in
                                                 textbooks, child development, teen pregnancy, and
                                                 adolescent well-being, the series gives an in-depth
                                                 picture of the social policy process and presents
                                                 findings form the landmark White House paper on
                                                 the family, The Family: Preserving American‘s
                                                 Future. 7 Segments each 15 minutes. 105 minutes
IN REMEMBRANCE                         This video is a stirring recreation of the Last Supper
                                       and the events surrounding it. In Remembrance
                                       dramatically portrays the lives of the disciples on
                                       their last night with Jesus. It is a good video to use
                                       with Communion, with discipleship training, or for
                                       personal enrichment in commitment to Christ. The
                                       themes presented in this video are discipleship, the
                                       humanity of the Disciples and the meaning of the
                                       Passover meal. Suggested audiences: High school
                                       to adult. 47 minutes

IN SEARCH OF BACH                      From the Bach Aria Festival and Institute in
                                       Stoneybrook, Long Island, N.Y., this is a program of
                                       concerts, rehearsals, and study of Bach‘s music.
                                       Presented by the Bach Aria Group, an ensemble of
                                       vocalists and instrumentalists from all parts of the
                                       country, these works reveal the human concerns that
                                       lie in the heart of Bach‘s music. 58 minutes

IN THE BEGINNING: THE BIRTH OF JESUS   Children of all ages will love the excitement and
                                       drama as the ancient prophecies of the Old
                                       Testament are fulfilled, through the birth of the
                                       Messiah, Jesus, in a stable in Bethlehem. 30 minutes

IN THE CITY FOR GOOD—STORIES OF        This video hosted by Pastor David Daubert, Division
TRANSFORMATION ALONG THE WAY           for Outreach, ELCA. The initiative In the City for
                                       Good was adopted in the 1997 ELCA Churchwide
                                       Assembly. Its broad goal is to transform lives,
                                       congregations, and communities. This video gives
                                       examples of how two urban ministries have
                                       transformed with the help of starter grants. A very
                                       interesting video. 9 minutes
IN THE FOOTSTEPS OF JESUS              This is a two-tape video: In the Footsteps of Jesus
                                       and The Roots of Jesus. In the Footsteps of Jesus is
                                       a musical video in which Byrn Yemm undertakes his
                                       own special voyage of discovery through the Holy
                                       Land, pleasing both the eye and ear. The very scenic
                                       journey takes the viewer from the Sea of Galilee,
                                       through Bethlehem to the old city of Jerusalem. The
                                       video leaves the viewer spiritually rejuvenated. The
                                       Roots of Jesus leads the viewer on a fascinating
                                       journey through the legendary city of Jerusalem. It is
                                       a pilgrimage to many historic sites such as the
                                       Church of the Nativity, the Chapel and Tombs of
                                       Holy Innocence, the Church of Assumption and the
                                       Garden of Gethsemane. The viewer will discover the
                                       origins of the Last Supper, Palm Sunday and all the
                                       Stations of the Cross and can pray at the holiest of
                                       shrines, The Western Wall, where wishes are said to
                                       be granted. Famous Bible verses are cited to
                                       accompany the stories. The viewer will be
                                       reacquainted with the life and teachings of Jesus. 45
                                       minutes each tape. 90 minutes
IN YOUR FACE                           This video series is designed to hit teens (between
                                       11 and 18) where they live. It tackles real life
                                       problems, questions and ideas that teens face on
                                       their road trip to adulthood. It also breaks the barriers
                                       that separate the generations by using humor,
                                       examples and sidesplitting stories that serve as a
                                       springboard for further discussion. Ken Davis hosts
                                       this series. He provides a unique mixture of humor
                                       and inspiration that hits home with a positive
                                       message. Topics are punctuated by contemporary
                                       Christian music by some of today‘s favorite artists.
                                       Tape 1–Session 1: Live To Tell. Session 2: Who‘s In
                                       Control Here? Session 3: Come As You Are. Tape
                                       2–Session 1: What Are You Smiling About? Session
                                       2: The Whole Truth and Nothing But The Truth. Tape
                                       3–Session 1: On Second Thought. Session 2: You
                                       Can‘t Live Without It. Tape 4–Session 1: God, What
                                       Do You Want? Session 2: Does Anybody Really
                                       Care? Tape 5–Session 1: In God We Trust???
                                       Session 2: My Dating Life…Call 9-1-1. Tape
                                       6–Session 1: Don‘t Give Up. Session 2: God, Have
                                       We Met Before? 6 tapes. Each session 15-25
                                       minutes. 260 minutes
IN-BETWEEN TIMES: A TIME OF PASTORAL   Bishop James Rave, Northwest Ohio Synod, ELCA,
TRANSITION, THE                        introduces this video. What should congregations do
                                       between pastors? He feels that they should make
                                       use of a trained interim pastor. Interim pastors help
                                       bring stability to congregations. Various speakers
                                       convey the benefits that congregations can get from
                                       interim pastors. They can help congregations grow
                                       and heal and are an outstanding resource for new
                                       ideas. 18 minutes

INCOMPARABLE BOOK, THE                 From Gateway Films, this video contains three 20-
                                       minute programs focusing on the validity of the Bible.
                                       It combines modern television techniques with
                                       established methods of inquiry. It puts Bible
                                       scholarship in the language of the video age. Part I
                                       deals with the question, ―Are the Bible accounts we
                                       have today anything like the originals?‖ and Part II
                                       deals with the question, ―Why were the Bible Books
                                       written the way they were?‖ This video was done by
                                       a British film company, which means that the style
                                       will be documentary. The information is interesting,
                                       but most teenagers will not be able to stay with the
                                       style long enough to catch the details. This video,
                                       listed in ―Seeds for the Parish,‖ might work best with
                                       adults who wish to really go deeper in their study of
                                       Scriptures. 60 minutes
INDIA                                This video from the Division of Global Mission
                                     consists of two stories, ―A Church Come of Age‖ (15
                                     minutes) and ―The Bold and the Burrakatha‖ (8
                                     minutes). India is a country of many divisions:
                                     religious differences run deep, many languages are
                                     spoken, and the ancient caste system still
                                     determines a person‘s social, religious and economic
                                     standing. This would be a good video for a ladies
                                     group or others who are interested in different
                                     cultures related to our own. 23 minutes
INDONESIA—RUSHING INTO TOMORROW      This is a half-hour video that looks at some of the
                                     traditional sources of Indonesian culture to help us
                                     understand it better. It also looks at some of the
                                     difficult problems the country faces, such as the
                                     status of East Timor. Though Indonesia is
                                     predominantly Muslim, Christianity, and other
                                     religions affect its culture and society. As Indonesia
                                     rushes toward industrialization, it retains many of the
                                     features of a post-industrial society, making a unique
                                     blend of old and new. North Americans have had
                                     little contact with Indonesia, but that is about to
                                     change. Indonesia is making a giant leap from
                                     traditional culture to becoming part of the new
                                     international economy. With just over 200 million
                                     people, the world‘s fourth largest nation, in a country
                                     whose islands span a distance equaling that from
                                     New York to San Francisco, Indonesia is becoming a
                                     major player on the world stage. Study guide is
                                     included. 29 minutes

INSTALLATION CEREMONY OF REV. MARK   Presiding Bishop, Evangelical Lutheran Church in
HANSON                               America. The video shows the highlights of the
                                     installation ceremony of Bishop Mark Hanson at
                                     Rockefeller Chapel, University of Chicago, in
                                     October 2001. 90 minutes
INTENTIONAL INTERGENERATIONAL MINISTRY    Written and produced for Lutheran Brotherhood by
                                          James V. Gambone, Points Of View. Inc. Dr.
                                          Gambone is coordinator of the Intentional
                                          Intergenerational Ministry Project (1997-1998). A
                                          respected national authority on intergenerational
                                          relationships, he created the intergenerational
                                          dialogue process, which has been used by churches
                                          as a first step in creating an IIM effort. Participants
                                          have written, ―Intentional Intergenerational ministry is
                                          an attitude and a process. It is about
                                          relationships‖–Don Smidt. ―Intentional
                                          Intergenerational ministry means bringing two or
                                          more generations together to work on a task, or just
                                          be together and have fun‖–Jesse Michael Westling,
                                          15. ―Intentional Intergenerational ministry means
                                          including all ages and perspectives as being part of
                                          the body of Christ‖–Kristoffer Cox. ―It is important to
                                          do these kinds of Intergenerational activities in the
                                          church so that each generation can feed off one
                                          another and learn from each other. I really like my
                                          Intergenerational church and I feel like I‘m on fire for
                                          God‖–Jodi Tangen, 15. Included with the video,
                                          ―Intergenerational Hope,‖ giving suggestions of how
INTERPRETING THE NEW TESTAMENT PART I:    This AIM course, presented by David Rhoads,
THE GOSPELS                               Professor of New Testament at Lutheran School of
                                          Theology at Chicago, is intended to help the viewer
                                          acquire a clearer understanding of the New
                                          Testament writings–how they came to us, what they
                                          mean, and how to interpret them. The first five
                                          sessions look at each of the Gospels as a unique
                                          story with a distinct message. The last session is a
                                          discussion of the historical figure of Jesus. 1.
                                          Introduction 2. Mark 3. Matthew 4. Luke 5. John 6.
                                          The Historical Jesus. Six 3-hour sessions Textbook:
                                          New Testament Story, David L. Barr Introduction to
                                          the Testament, David Rhoads. 1080 minutes

INTERPRETING THE NEW TESTAMENT PART II:   The Apostle Paul and the epistles are the main focus
THE EPISTLES                              of this course. As in Part I, the background and the
                                          theology of the various texts will be studied. 1. The
                                          Early Church and Paul. 2. Paul and His Epistles .3.
                                          Other Epistles. 4. Revelation. Four 3-hour sessions.
                                          Textbook: same as Part I. 720 minutes
INTERPRETING THE NEW TESTAMENT PARTS I Interpreting the New Testament, Part I: The Gospels.
AND II                                 This AIM course, presented by David Rhoads,
                                       Professor of New Testament at Lutheran School of
                                       Theology at Chicago, is intended to help the viewer
                                       acquire a clearer understanding of the New
                                       Testament writings—how they came to us, what they
                                       mean, and how to interpret them. The first five
                                       sessions look at each of the Gospels as a unique
                                       story with a distinct message. The last session is a
                                       discussion on the historical figure of Jesus. 1:
                                       Introduction. 2: Mark. 3: Matthew. 4: Luke. 5: John.
                                       6: The Historical Jesus. Six three-hour sessions.
                                       Textbook: New Testament Story, David L. Barr, and
                                       Introduction to the Testament, David Rhoads.
                                       Interpreting the New Testament, Part II: The Epistles.
                                       The Apostle Paul and the epistles are the main focus
                                       of this course. As in Part I, the background and the
                                       theology of the various texts will be studied. 1: The
                                       Early Church and Paul. 2: Paul and His Epistles. 3:
                                       Other Epistles. 4: Revelation. Four three-hour
                                       sessions. Textbook: same as Part I. 1800 minutes

INTERPRETING THE OLD TESTAMENT PART I:        This AIM course from Select is intended to foster a
THE LAW                                       clearer understanding of the Old Testament
                                              writings–how they came to us, what they mean and
                                              how to interpret them. Terrence Fretheim, Professor
                                              of Old Testament at Luther Seminary, explores
                                              issues in interpreting the Old Testament, along with
                                              the history of the people of God. Part I. 1.
                                              Introduction and issues in Old Testament Studies. 2.
                                              Historical Overview. 3-5. The Five books of Moses.
                                              Five 3-hour sessions Textbook: Reading the Old
                                              Testament, Lawrence Boadt. 900 minutes

INTERPRETING THE OLD TESTAMENT PART II:       This AIM course from Select is intended to foster a
THE PROPHETS AND WRITINGS                     clearer understanding of the Old Testament
                                              writings–how they came to us, what they mean and
                                              how to interpret them. The presentation is by
                                              Terrence Fretheim, Professor of Old Testament at
                                              Luther Seminary. Psalms, prophets, and wisdom
                                              literature comprise the subject matter of this part, as
                                              well as the theology of the Old Testament. 1-3. The
                                              Prophets. 4. The Psalms. 5. Job and Wisdom
                                              Literature. Five 3-hour sessions. Text: Reading the
                                              Old Testament, Lawrence Boadt. 900 minutes.
INTERPRETING THE OLD TESTAMENT: PARTS I Interpreting the Old Testament, Part I: The Law. This
AND II                                  AIM course from Select is intended to help get a
                                        clearer understanding of the Old Testament
                                        writings—how they came to us, what they mean, and
                                        how to interpret them. Terrence Fretheim, Professor
                                        of Old Testament at Luther Seminary. In Part I,
                                        issues in interpreting the Old Testament are
                                        explored, as is the history of the people of God. 1:
                                        Introduction and issues in Old Testament Studies. 2:
                                        Historical Overview. 3-5: The Five books of Moses.
                                        Five three-hour sessions. Textbook: Reading the Old
                                        Testament, Lawrence Boadt. Interpreting the Old
                                        Testament, Part II: The Prophets and Writings This
                                        AIM course from Select is intended to help get a
                                        clearer understanding of the Old Testament
                                        writings—how they came to us, what they mean, and
                                        how to interpret them. By Terrence Fretheim,
                                        Professor of Old Testament at Luther Seminary.
                                        Psalms, prophets, and wisdom literature are the
                                        subject matter of this part, as well as the theology of
                                        the Old Testament. 1-3: The Prophets. 4: The
                                        Psalms. 5: Job and Wisdom Literature. Five three-
                                        part sessions. Text: Reading the Old Testament,
                                        Lawrence Boadt. 1800 minutes.
INTO THE WEST                           This four-disc DVD set produced by Steven
                                        Spielberg is an action-packed miniseries that
                                        chronicles the struggles, heartache and conquests of
                                        two families. It captures the hopes and perseverance
                                        of both the explorers who risked everything to fulfill
                                        their dreams and the land‘s indigenous people forced
                                        to watch their way of life disappear. 12 hours (six
                                        episodes) on four discs. 720 minutes.

INTRODUCING EVANGELICAL LUTHERAN               The materials in this Introductory Kit are designed to
WORSHIP—A NEW BOOK OF WORSHIP                  introduce whole communities of faith to a new book
                                               of worship and to the broader vision that it presents.
                                               ELCA Presiding Bishop Mark Hanson hosts the 15-
                                               minute DVD presentation setting the stage for
                                               understanding and exploring ―Evangelical Lutheran
                                               Worship‖ and a future of worship renewal. Viewers
                                               will experience the breath and diversity of worship
                                               practice and principles among Lutherans in North
                                               America. Two audio discs that are included are
                                               recording of some of the setttings. A text file disc is
                                               included for use on your computer. An introductory
                                               book is enclosed.
INTRODUCTION TO THE NEW TESTAMENT       In this course, newly completed in 2008, the lectures
                                        are done by Dr Ray Pickett, Lutheran Seminary
                                        Program in the Southwest, Dr Sarah Henrich, Luther
                                        Seminary, and Dr Rick Carlson, Lutheran
                                        Theological Seminary at Gettysburg.
                                        In this course participants are introduced to key
                                        themes and issues in the New Testament, and learn
                                        basic skills to equip them to be faithful, creative
                                        interpreters of New Testament texts. The
                                        Introduction to the New Testament DVD presents a
                                        model for interpreting Scripture that emphasizes the
                                        importance of reading New Testament texts in their
                                        cultural and literary contexts with a view to relating
                                        them to contemporary cultural and ministry contexts.
                                        The course will focus on the practice of interpreting
                                        New Testament texts. Students will use the models
                                        and insights from presentations on the Select DVD to
                                        explore questions raised by the study of specific New
                                        Testament texts and then discuss how these texts
                                        continue to shape our faith and practice in today‘s
                                        Each session contains four 20 minute segments.
                                        The overall course can be taken online (offered in
                                        the fall) as preparation for teaching the course in
                                        smaller segments. Any single session could be
INVESTING IN THE FUTURE OF THE LUTHERAN The Mission Investment Fund of the ELCA serves
CHURCH—MISSION INVESTMENT FUND          congregations and ELCA-related ministries with
                                        building and renovation loans using investments
                                        from individuals and congregations. This informative
                                        video or DVD informs the viewer that individuals and
                                        congregations value their investments, how the
                                        investments help the Lutheran church grow,
                                        ministries expand, and how the loans help build
                                        communities. It shows how some congregations
                                        have been helped and gives information about the
                                        Mission Investment Fund. An informative brochure is
                                        enclosed. 8 minutes

INVITING AND ENGAGING CHURCH, THE              Dr. Pat Keifert from Luther Seminary explores new
                                               ways to understand the identity of the church in a
                                               post-Christian era. Five sessions cover the inviting
                                               and engaging church, a tent in the wilderness (small
                                               group ministry), the public temple (welcoming open
                                               community), a public well of eternal life (outreach
                                               and mission), and a table on the way (ministering to
                                               those who are on their way to somewhere else). It is
                                               necessary to preview this series, as there is no
                                               leader guide. The video would be good for
                                               congregation councils and evangelism groups or for
                                               training those involved in welcoming guests to
                                               worship and fellowship. The video is an interesting
                                               blend of direct teaching, dialog with others and on-
                                               location footage that illustrates specific passages of
                                               scripture related to the faith community. 60 minutes
INVOLVING CHILDREN IN WORSHIP                  From Augsburg Video Production, this video features
                                               Nancy Maeker demonstrating different methods of
                                               getting a congregation‘s children‘s choir involved in
                                               worship using songs of the Gospel as a basis. Her
                                               philosophy is that ―Children are not future worshipers
                                               and musicians, they are the worshipers and
                                               musicians of the present.‖ 30 minutes

IRON WALL, THE                          This powerful documentary in DVD form exposes
                                        one of the most pressing issues of the Palestinian-
                                        Israeli conflict. It shows the conflict from the
                                        viewpoint of the Palestinians and what effect the
                                        Israeli settlements and the wall around them on the
                                        West Bank are having on the lives of the
                                        Palestinians and the hope for peace. It is a powerful
                                        video to watch. 58 minutes
IS THERE AN ELEPHANT IN YOUR SANCTUARY? Co-produced by Parkside Medical Services, a leader
                                        in alcoholism and other drug addiction treatment and
                                        an affiliate of the ELCA, this program shows
                                        examples of churches responding to the problems of
                                        addiction in their congregations and communities.
                                        We see real people talking about the effects of
                                        alcoholism and substance abuse in their lives and in
                                        their churches. For Adults. 28 minutes

ISLAM IN AMERICA                               This video is produced by the Christian Science
                                               Publishing Society in Boston, Mass. Misconceptions
                                               and stereotypes are common both in the United
                                               States and abroad. Yet Islam is one of the fastest
                                               growing religions in the world. There are almost one
                                               billion Muslims worldwide, making Islam second only
                                               to Christianity in size. The video helps us better
                                               understand Islamic tradition. It begins with the Five
                                               Pillars of Islam, the basic requirements of faith for
                                               Muslims anywhere in the world. The practice of these
                                               five pillars are shown in five American communities:
                                               ―Faith‖ in Cedar Rapids, Iowa; ―Prayer‖ in Los
                                               Angeles; ―Charity‖ in Houston; ―Fasting‖ in Quincy,
                                               Mass.; ―Pilgrimage‖ in Toledo, Ohio. The video
                                               features a visit the First Mosque in the United States,
                                               in Cedar Rapids. Understand why and how Muslims
                                               pray five times a day; go inside a maximum security
                                               prison where convicts are converting to Islam;
                                               discover how a visit to Mecca changed Malcolm X.
                                               60 minutes

IT CAN HAPPEN TO YOU                           Date rape not only happens on secular school
                                               campuses, everywhere. It is growing at an alarming
                                               rate among church youth. WORD Publishers
                                               features Josh McDowell in giving some insightful
                                               helps to girls and guys who need to know more about
                                               date rape, making decisions, and taking
                                               responsibility for those decisions. The video is not
                                               preachy or filled with simplistic moralism. Companion
                                               book included. 30 minutes
IT TAKES MORE THAN LOVE   Here is a four-session curriculum on positive
                          parenting that takes an intergenerational approach to
                          processing the information and ideas given. Each
                          video segment is 19-20 minutes long, and would be
                          best used in a twelve-hour format. The sessions
                          focus on the following topics: Carousels and
                          Commitments–intentional parenting (nothing can
                          substitute for time and attention); Legos and
                          Egos–value-centered parenting (valuing our children
                          and helping them to practice values-based
                          behaviors); Blue Jeans and Boundaries–nurture-
                          centered parenting (preparing children to be
                          responsible and capable); Crayons and
                          Community–inclusive parenting (raising children is a
                          complex and intense task that parents can‘t do
                          alone–they need the larger community to help). What
                          sets this series apart from other parenting videos is
                          the approach taken in the activity book (leaders‘
                          guide), written by Dick Hardel and Rollie Martinson.
                          The recommended setting is for whole families to
                          come to the class together, gather in their family
                          groups (creating groups for individuals who attend),
                          and build on the session material with creative
                          activities involving every member of the family–small
IT‘S FOR L.I.F.E!         This video is produced by Project L.I.F.E., a
                          congregational-based wellness ministry designed by
                          the Nebraska Synod, ELCA, in partnership with
                          Immanuel Medical Center. It was written and directed
                          by Jennifer Mull and Dick Hardel as a resource to go
                          with a book they have written, It‘s For LIFE!. The
                          purpose of the video is not to give answers to
                          questions about project L.I.F.E. or any health
                          ministry. Rather it is to raise questions about how
                          congregations can develop ministries that enhance
                          the quality and longevity of the lives of people in their
                          surrounding communities. There is no dialogue, only
                          action shots of various ministries in seven areas of
                          wellness: Occupational, Social, Intellectual, Spiritual,
                          Emotional, Physical, and Environmental. Wellness is
                          to be in balance with God no matter what surrounds
                          a person. Project L.I.F.E. is a process of looking from
                          the cross of Christ to the needs of people in the
                          community and asking, ―What difference does our
                          ministries make in their lives?‖ 6 minutes
IT‘S KILLING OUR KIDS               Produced by WORD Publishers, this video deals with
                                    the growing epidemic of teenage alcohol abuse and
                                    addiction. It features Jerry Johnston, nationally
                                    recognized as an authority on contemporary teenage
                                    culture. The video begins with the dramatic story of a
                                    bus of teenagers returning home from a youth
                                    gathering that is hit by a drunk driver. The bus
                                    catches on fire and 27 teenagers are incinerated.
                                    There are some hard facts and dramatic stories that
                                    teenagers need to hear. Jerry‘s point is to help kids
                                    make a commitment before God that they will not
                                    drink and drive. 45 minutes

JACKIE ROBINSON STORY, THE          Jackie Robinson stars in this autobiography, which
                                    chronicles his ascent from playing in an all-black
                                    league to becoming the first black American to play
                                    major league baseball. His obvious talent and
                                    athletic prowess were matched only by his
                                    remarkable grace, courage, and self-control. 76
JACOB‘S GIFT                        Young Jacob struggles to choose just the right
                                    project to show his craftsmanship for a woodworking
                                    contest. Harassed by his fellow students and
                                    distracted by his duties at his father‘s inn, Jacob pulls
                                    away from the contest. In the end, he sacrifices
                                    winning the contest to do a kindness for a family with
                                    a newborn baby and learns an important lesson
                                    about giving. 30 minutes

JACOB‘S LADDER—EPISODES 10 AND 11   Jacob‘s Ladder—episodes 10 ad 11. Jacob‘s Ladder
                                    is good for 10-15 year olds. It takes the young teens
                                    back to Bible times where they can interact with
                                    timeless characters and learn of a loving God who
                                    cares for his people. Episode 10: The King Needs
                                    Help deal with King Saul who is slipping into mental
                                    illness. He does not want to take help from anyone
                                    including Samuel. Samuel secretly anoints a new
                                    king, David, who will eventually take Saul‘s place.
                                    Episode 11: Death Waiting. By now David is a
                                    leading officer in Saul‘s army and has many
                                    victories. Saul is angry and jealous. Will Prince
                                    Jonathan, son of King Saul, do the right things when
                                    his father plots to kill his friend, David?
JACOB‘S LADDER,                          Jacob‘s Ladder, Episodes 1 & 2: Gideon, Reluctant
                                         Hero and Gideon, Warrior by Faith. Episodes 5, 6 &
                                         7: The Invitation to Hannah and Samuel‘s Destiny.
                                         Episodes 8 & 9: A King for the Hebrews (Samuel)
                                         and Saul Takes Charge. Episodes 12 & 13: David on
                                         the Run and A New King (David). This series is an
                                         excellent resource for Youth Ministry. It is good to
                                         use with 10-15 year olds. It takes the teens back to
                                         Bible times where they can interact with timeless
                                         characters and learn of a loving God who cares for
                                         his people. Creative, easy-to-use *.pdf study
                                         materials are included to help young teens apply the
                                         faith-building lesson to their lives. Each episode is 30
                                         minutes. 270 minutes.

JAY JAY—THE JET PLANE                    This computer animated series is designed for
                                         younger children, 2-7, but can also be enjoyed by
                                         older children, as well as adults. Jay Jay, the jet
                                         plane, is the main character in stories that will delight
                                         children and teach a lesson.
JERUSALEM—THE COVENANT CITY              This DVD is a feature length journey through the
                                         prophetic destiny of this incomparable city. Part 1
                                         traces the prophetic history of the Holy City. Part 2
                                         explores what the Bible has to say about Jerusalem‘s
                                         present and future destiny. As we move into the third
                                         millennium of the Christian Era, some feel that the
                                         destiny of the world might hinge upon the destiny of
                                         Jerusalem and the nation of Israel. The documentary
                                         will bring to the viewer a message of challenge and
                                         hope that will not easily be forgotten.

JESUS                                    The most historically accurate film ever made about
                                         the life of Christ. The film was made entirely in Israel
                                         and involved a cast of more that 5,000 Israelis and
                                         Arabs. Filmmaker John Heyman placed enormous
                                         emphasis on accuracy, using workshop teams to
                                         study first-century clothing, architecture, customs
                                         and food to ensure the film‘s authenticity. 120
JESUS AND JUBILEE: A BIBLICAL STUDY ON   This resource is intended for Adult Forums, Retreat
ECONOMIC JUSTICE                         Groups, Small Group Study, Committees on
                                         Stewardship and Social Concerns. It is a two-part
                                         study with a printed guide. Goals of the study are to
                                         help congregations understand and grapple with
                                         Biblical teachings on economic justice and to
                                         discover a way to live out the call for justice and
                                         peace. Part I–―Justice, Peace, and Life and
                                         Community‖–explores Acts and Luke to discover
                                         God‘s will for human communities. 18 minutes Part
                                         II–―Proclaim Jubilee through All the Land‖–reviews
                                         Isaiah and Leviticus to help provide an
                                         understanding of Jubilee as restoration. 21 minutes
JESUS CREED, THE                   The Jesus Creed—Seven Lessons on Loving God
                                   and Loving Others. This DVD by Scot McKnight is a
                                   seven-week study that is excellent for high school or
                                   adults‘ spiritual formation. The lessons and the
                                   enclosed study guide provide principles for how we
                                   can mature along the model that Jesus provided for
                                   his disciples. Scot shows how the great Shema of
                                   the Old Testament was transformed by our Lord into
                                   the focal point for spiritual maturity. According to the
                                   ―Jesus Creed‖ (found in Mark 12:29-31), loving God
                                   and loving others are the greatest commandments.
                                   Biblical characters are used to explore themes
                                   important to every Christian: What are you living for?
                                   What has God called you to become? What has God
                                   called you to become? How is God calling you to
                                   compassion? 47 minutes

JESUS FOR KIDS                     This five-part series can be used to introduce young
                                   children to Jesus. These delightful, animated stories
                                   are based on the Gospels and are geared to ages 4-
                                   6. Included is a companion guide with program
                                   objectives and outlines, key vocabulary words,
                                   suggested follow-up activities and more. The five
                                   programs are: 1. First Christmas; 2. Jesus, the
                                   Storyteller, 3: Jesus, the Miracle Worker; 4. Jesus,
                                   the Healer; and 5. The First Easter.

JESUS I NEVER KNEW, THE            In 1996 the book, ―The Jesus I Never Knew‖ written
                                   by Philip Yancey, was chosen as the Gold Medallion
                                   Book of the Year. The impact of Yancey‘s book has
                                   led to the development of an entire teaching
                                   curriculum. This 14-session curriculum utilizes video
                                   clips from well-known and little-known movies
                                   portraying various views of Jesus, as well as video
                                   input from the author. The curriculum includes a
                                   Participant‘s Guide, a comprehensive Leader‘s
                                   Guide and also the book. This new program is
                                   designed to get groups of any size actively
                                   involved—thinking, discussing, interacting, and
                                   growing as they make life-changing discoveries
                                   about the most compelling, convincing, comforting,
                                   challenging, and ultimately inspiring person anyone
                                   can know: Jesus Christ. Fourteen sessions. 120
JESUS OF NAZARETH (STUDY COURSE)   This CBS/FOX video produced by Franco Zeffirelli
                                   depicts the life of Christ from his birth through his
                                   resurrection. The basic teaching design is for 12
                                   consecutive teaching sessions. Although designed
                                   for an adult audience, this could be used well with
                                   junior high or senior high youth. 3 tapes, 376 minutes
JESUS THEN AND NOW                   This series of programs is an introduction to Jesus
                                     and what he has to do with us today. David Watson,
                                     the late British evangelist and author, hosted the
                                     series. Jesus Then and Now uses a variety of
                                     techniques, including documentary, drama,
                                     interviews, and humor to get to the heart of New
                                     Testament teachings about Jesus and his
                                     unavoidable call to us today. Includes a study guide.
                                     Program topics include: 1. Beginnings. 2.
                                     Temptation. 3. Disciples. 4. Miracles. 5. Lifestyle. 6.
                                     Prayer. 7. The Man. 8. Opposition. 9. Crucifixion. 10.
                                     Resurrection. 11. The Spirit. 12. The New Age.
                                     Twelve 20-minute programs on two tapes. 240
JESUS, THE SON OF GOD                From the ―Animated Stories of the Bible, New
                                     Testament‖ comes this video that teaches the viewer
                                     the wisdom of Jesus. The compelling and swiftly
                                     moving video takes the viewer on a remarkable tour
                                     of Jesus‘ early years. People often found themselves
                                     speechless when they came face-to-face with the
                                     astonishing wisdom of Jesus of Nazareth. The video
                                     first presents the twelve-year-old Jesus when he
                                     comes with his parents to the temple during
                                     Passover. He amazes the learned rabbis in the
                                     temple. Lastly, the video presents Jesus in the
                                     wilderness, fasting for 40 days, defeating Satan, and
                                     becoming ready for his ministry. Activity and
                                     resource book is included. 30 minutes

JESUS: ―WHO DO MEN SAY THAT I AM?‖   It‘s a critical question. This documentary shows
                                     what‘s involved in your answer. Who is this
                                     unforgettable and incomparable man called Jesus?
                                     Was he a man of miracles, a rebel, or an imposter?
                                     What do modern Americans think of him? This film
                                     contains answers that may change your life or the life
                                     of a friend or relative who really wants to know who
                                     Jesus is. Study helps included. 48 minutes
JESUS: THE NEW WAY             This program, spanning two tapes with six 30-minute
                               segments, is a probing and excellent background for
                               the life and ministry of Jesus. It is a Gateway Films
                               production featuring Dr. Tom Wright. Dr. Wright
                               doesn‘t simply lecture for the entire segment, but
                               uses videos, stills, documentary footage, dramatic
                               readings, and other devices to engage the viewer. It
                               comes complete with study guide, questions for
                               review and for deeper discussion. It is recommended
                               as a program to be used during Lent and it is
                               excellent for that purpose, but can be used any time
                               a course in the life and times of Jesus is studied. It is
                               not entertainment and probably does not appeal
                               much to those who do not want to do some serious
                               study. There is a suggested method for using this
                               material as a twelve-session study and there is
                               certainly enough meat to do that and more. The six-
                               sessions are entitled: 1–Getting the Kingdom
                               Started; 2–Startling Surprises; 3–Longing for a King;
                               4–Why Did Jesus Die?; 5–Who Was Jesus?; 6–The
                               New Claim. Two tapes, six 30-minute segments. 180

JESUS‘ LIFE, #1—HIS MINISTRY   #1: Jesus‘ Life. 17 two-minute episodes: Birth of
                               Jesus Foretold, Jesus in Temple, Magi, Egypt,
                               Nazareth, John the Baptist, Baptism, Temptation,
                               Disciples, Water into Wine, Nicodemus, Samaritan
                               Woman. #2: His Ministry. 26 two-minute episodes:
                               Healing Paralytic, Healing Official‘s Son, Driving Out
                               Evil Spirit, Appointing Twelve Apostles, Sermon on
                               the Mount, John the Baptist, Calming Storm,
                               Shepherd/Flock. #3. His Ministry. 29 two-minute
                               episodes: Feeding the Five Thousand, Walking on
                               Water, Sign of Jonah, Clean and Unclean, Who Will
                               be Greatest, Martha and Mary, Repent or Perish,
                               Cripple Woman Healed on Sabbath, Narrow Door,
                               Lazarus. #4. His Ministry. 24 two-minute episodes:
                               Healing of Ten Lepers and Blind Man, Divorce,
                               Kingdom of God, Unbelief, Children of Abraham,
                               Raising of Lazarus, Anointed at Bethany, Zacchaeus,
                               Adultery, Children of the Devil. #5: His Ministry. 25
                               two-minute episodes: Man Born Blind, The Sower,
                               Weeds, Seed, Yeast, Treasure, Peal, Lamp,
                               Servant, Vineyard, Sheep, Coin, Son, Two Sons,
                               Good Samaritan, Tenants, Banquet, Virgins, Talents,
                               Rich Fool, Tax Collector. #6: His Last Week. 26 two-
                               minute episodes: Palm Sunday, Clearing the
JESUS‘ RESURRECTION: THEN AND NOW         This study is divided into six parts: l. The Historical
                                          Jesus. Who was Jesus? Why was he killed? What
                                          are scholars today saying about Jesus? 2. Jesus:
                                          The Resurrected Messiah. Why did the Jesus
                                          movement survive and flourish? 3. The Jewish
                                          Understanding of Resurrection. What did first-
                                          century Jews believe about the Resurrection? 4.
                                          Paul‘s Understanding of Jesus‘ Resurrection. For
                                          Paul, ―Jesus‘ Resurrection was the first fruits of all
                                          creation, and all who are ‗in Christ‘ will be raised like
                                          Him.‖ 5. The Gospel Writers‘ Understanding of
                                          Jesus‘ Resurrection. Is the Gospels‘ witness to
                                          Jesus‘ Resurrection credible? 6. Jesus‘ Resurrection
                                          Today. How are we to understand Jesus‘
                                          Resurrection today? Discussion guide enclosed. Six
                                          26-minute segments. 156 minutes

JESUS‘ STORY ACCORDING TO MARK—TELL       Roger Ezell, ordained pastor and gifted actor,
THE OLD, OLD STORY                        presents the good news of Jesus ―according to
                                          Mark.‖ He uses dramatic backgrounds of rivers,
                                          vineyards, hills, pastureland, and beautiful buildings.
                                          Mark‘s story of Jesus is told from his baptism to his
                                          crucifixion. The original music score enhances the
                                          narrative and will change forever the viewer‘s
                                          ―hearing‖ of Mark‘s Good News. 59 minutes

JEWISH ROOTS of CHRISTIANITY              The two spiritual views of Judaism and Christianity
                                          have not always been worlds apart.
                                          In this 3-part series the viewer will learn about the
                                          rich heritage of the Christian faith, which is grounded
                                          in the same Old Testament Scriptures as Judaism.
                                          The viewer is guided through the Jewish roots of
                                          Christianity by three men who are Jewish by birth but
                                          followers of Jesus by choice. The viewer will have
                                          an amazing journey to the birthplace of the Christian
                                          church in Jerusalem and to the very pools where the
                                          first 3,000 followers of Christ were baptized. It is a
                                          very interesting DVD.
                                          Each section is 25 Minutes in length

JEWS AND CHRISTIANS: A JOURNEY OF FAITH   This is a very interesting and thought-provoking
                                          DVD. The documentary examines the theological
                                          and historical relationships between Judaism and
                                          Christianity. It explores common beliefs, traditions
                                          and rituals shared by the two religions. Based on the
                                          book, ―Our Father Abraham: Jewish Roots of the
                                          Christian Faith,‖ by Dr. Marvin Wilson, the DVD also
                                          examines how contemporary Jews and Christians
                                          perceive each other, confront prejudice and
                                          stereotypes, and how they can understand and
                                          respect one another despite their differences.
JOINED AT THE HEART WITH CONGREGATIONS This short video is produced by Lutheran Services in
                                       America. It demonstrates how churches and social
                                       ministries can join together to provide services for
                                       elders and others who need help. ―We are all one
                                       body of Christ. If one suffers, we all suffer.‖ 8
JONAH—A VEGGIE TALES MOVIE             Bob the Tomato, Larry the Cucumber and the rest of
                                       the Veggie gang set sail on a whale of an adventure.
                                       Filmed with music, laughs and some of the silliest
JONI                                   This is the true-life story of Joni Eareckson who at
                                       the age of 17 became paralyzed through a diving
                                       accident. She endured much physical, emotional and
                                       spiritual pain. The video re-creates her joys and
                                       sorrows, her fears and victories, and above all, her
                                       faith in the wisdom and certain blessings of a loving
                                       and caring Heavenly Father. Joni Eareckson Tada
                                       has devoted her life to God‘s ministry by founding
                                       Joni and Friends, an international disability outreach
                                       ministry. 90 minutes

JOSEPH IN EGYPT                               This video is from a series called, ―Animated Stories
                                              from the Bible.‖ It relates the story of Joseph, a
                                              young Hebrew boy, who is sold into slavery by his
                                              jealous brothers and taken to the land of Egypt. He
                                              remembers the lessons about God that his father
                                              Jacob taught him. When he is cast into prison for a
                                              crime he did not commit, Joseph interprets the
                                              dreams of his companions and earns everyone‘s
                                              respect. The Pharaoh hears of his ability and calls on
                                              Joseph to interpret his dreams. God honors Joseph‘s
                                              obedience and grants him a position of power in
                                              Pharaoh‘s court. An activity book and treasure chest
                                              about ancient Egypt accompany the video. It is
                                              geared toward younger children but can be enjoyed
                                              by all. 30 minutes

JOSEPH‘S REUNION                              This video tells about Joseph‘s brothers as they
                                              come to Egypt since a drought had stripped Canaan
                                              bare of crops. Jacob had heard about the vast
                                              storehouses of food in Egypt, and he sends his sons
                                              to buy provisions. There they not only find food, but
                                              also the brother whom they had betrayed long ago
                                              and given up for dead. The video brings to an end
                                              the story begun in ―Joseph in Egypt,‖ and it also
                                              reaffirms the care and love of God. The video can be
                                              used with children of all ages. Younger children will
                                              enjoy it. An activity book accompanies the video. 30
JOSHUA—BE STRONG AND COURAGEOUS       This DVD by Bluefish TV is geared toward small
                                      group study. It would be a good resource to use with
                                      junior high and high school age youth. Whether a
                                      slave making bricks or a leader of a nation, Joshua
                                      lived a life defined by courage, humility, prayer, and
                                      worship. His life serves as an example and
                                      encouragement to us all. Todd Phillips, teaching
                                      pastor of Frontline, Washington D.C., uses favorite
                                      landmarks in the nation‘s capital and American
                                      history to illustrate the story of Joshua. This four-part
                                      series will challenge your group to be strong and
                                      courageous. Each section is about five minutes in
                                      length. The enclosed discussion guide has questions
                                      and Biblical references.

JOURNEY OF HOPE (PERU)                This deals with the work of Lutheran World Relief in
                                      Peru. Every day thousands of families leave their
                                      rural homes to search for better lives in the city. Most
                                      of them end up trapped in a new cycle of poverty and
                                      hardship in the slums of Lima. 22 minutes

JOURNEY TO EASTER: A LENTEN PROGRAM   While this is a Roman Catholic resource, there are
FOR THE FAMILY                        several good reflections for the six weeks of Lent
                                      and Easter Sunday. Some of the images are dated,
                                      but the scriptures, drama and stories help viewers
                                      gain a greater understanding of what Lent and
                                      Easter are about. Usable with adult study groups. 90
JOURNEY TO SPIRITUAL MATURITY, THE    Jamie Buckingham takes you on a spectacular trip
                                      through the Sinai Desert, retracing the footsteps of
                                      Moses. You actually go where Moses and the
                                      children of Israel went. Making stops along the way
                                      as Jamie teaches the particular lesson learned in
                                      each place on the journey to spiritual maturity. A
                                      helpful student study guide is included. Session
                                      1–Introduction to the Sinai. Session 2–Purging: The
                                      Waters of Marah. Session 3–Provision: Filled with
                                      the Spirit. Session 4–Obedience: Water from the
                                      Rock. Session 5–Authority: Coming into Submission.
                                      Session 6–Changed Appetites: Manna from Heaven.
                                      Session 7–Restoration: Spiritual Dominion. Session
                                      8–The Call of God: The Burning Bush. Session
                                      9–Hospitality: Learning to Give. Session 10–The
                                      Law–Lessons from Mt. Sinai. Session 11–Pilgrims:
                                      Staying Under the Cloud. Session 12–Faith: Lessons
                                      from Kadesh Barnea. Session 13–Relationships: The
                                      Family of God. Each session from 7 to 12 minutes.
                                      130 minutes
JOURNEY TO THE CENTER OF LOVE      This series follows the life of Wan Chen, a marine
                                   biologist who must deal with her childhood beliefs, an
                                   unwanted pregnancy as a teenager, and finding
                                   God‘s forgiveness. She meets and marries Richard,
                                   a single-parent father whose wife died from a drug
                                   overdose. Together they journey into the questions
                                   of faith in an intellectually rigorous university setting.
                                   We struggle with them in their search for truth and
                                   finding God and Christ. The program is winner of the
                                   European Grand Prix Award. The series is divided
                                   into six parts and is intended as a group discussion
                                   and study resource as well as for personal
                                   entertainment. Study guide is included. Program
                                   1–Are You Confused? Program 2–Do You Find
                                   Belief Difficult? Program 3–Are You Compromising?
                                   Program 4–Does Your Life Have Purpose? Program
                                   5–What Will You Do With Jesus? Program 6–Do
                                   You Long For Fellowship? 2 tapes, 72 minutes each.
                                   144 minutes

JOURNEY TOWARD FORGIVENESS: FROM   This is an outstanding video that shows how
RAGE TO RECONCILIATION             forgiveness can free an individual. The video relates
                                   seven emotional stories of people who have dealt
                                   with anger and forgiveness in the face of racial
                                   injustice, violent death and terminal illness. The
                                   video demonstrates that those who are able to
                                   embark on a process towards forgiveness–though
                                   heartrending and difficult–find it to be the path to
                                   inner healing. 60 minutes
JOURNEY WITH JESUS THE TEACHER     Jesus was a marvelous teacher. His skillful
                                   storytelling and compassionate listening are a
                                   powerful model for today‘s teacher. Using favorite
                                   Bible stories as illustrations, this video examines the
                                   ways Jesus taught and shows both new and
                                   experienced teachers how to accomplish the
                                   following goals for education ministry: meet students‘
                                   emotional needs; redirect negative energies; be open
                                   to interruptions; involve students with one another;
                                   affirm them with faith. 18 minutes

JOURNEY, THE—SEEKING GOD THROUGH   In this film on prayer and praise, Joni Eareckson
PRAYER AND PRAISE                  Tada takes us on a journey–a journey where she
                                   asks us many questions, giving us time to reflect
                                   about our own personal journey and which path we
                                   are on. Throughout the film she shares her own
                                   personal suffering and joy, telling how Jesus Christ
                                   has become her constant companion along the way.
                                   This film will elicit questions, give you real answers
                                   for your personal prayer life, and help you to come
                                   closer to Jesus Christ through prayer and praise. 52
JOURNEYS IN FAITH—VOLUME I—THE CREED   This is a theologically sound addition to the
(STUDY COURSE)                         confirmation curriculum of your choice. It provides
                                       energy, rhythm, melody, stories, and images
                                       designed to engage your students. The Creed
                                       addresses the heart of our faith: The Apostles‘
                                       Creed. Two 20-minute sessions are devoted to each
                                       of the three articles of the Creed and are
                                       accompanied by a Teachers‘ Guide. 40 minutes
JOURNEYS IN FAITH—VOLUME II (STUDY     This second part of the ―Journeys in Faith‖ series
COURSE)                                includes: 1. The Word of God in Jesus Christ; 2. The
                                       Sacraments of the Altar; 3. The Sacrament of
                                       Baptism; 4. The Mission. Each Session 20 minutes.
                                       80 minutes
JOURNEYS IN FAITH—VOLUME III (STUDY    This third part of the ―Journeys in Faith‖ series
COURSE)                                includes: 1. The Ten Commandments; 2. The Lord‘s
                                       Prayer. Each Session 20 minutes. 40 minutes

JOURNEYS IN FAITH: COUNTERPOINTS       The Gospel According to the American Culture. This
VOLUME I                               is the newest (1993) addition to the series ―Journeys
                                       in Faith‖ produced by Seraphim Communications in
                                       Minneapolis, Minn. Originally it was conceived as
                                       enrichment material for confirmation classrooms. But
                                       ―Counterpoints‖ can be very effectively used in a
                                       junior high or senior high class. Each video section is
                                       very well done and moves very fast. There are no
                                       talking heads in this video, just a fast and dramatic
                                       way to illustrate the stark contrast between what
                                       society values, sells, and consumes and what Jesus
                                       came to show us. Ten powerful, upbeat video
                                       segments, borrowing images, promises and sales
                                       ploys form contemporary culture, help both youth and
                                       adults appreciate the contrasting messages of the
                                       secular culture and Jesus Christ. A detailed, easy-to-
                                       use leader‘s guide and student worksheets that may
                                       be duplicated accompany the videotape. This is
                                       resource congregations should even consider

JOURNEYS IN FAITH: COUNTERPOINTS       Alive in the Cosmos. This video and discussion
VOLUME II                              guide could be used for confirmation students and
                                       adults to lead discussions on salvation, living in
                                       baptism and milestone events like birth, death,
                                       aging, and dying. The video images were used at the
                                       Atlanta Youth Gathering for Bible study and are fast-
                                       paced and stimulating. Music by John Ylvisaker is
                                       used to organize the lesson on baptismal living. Four
                                       active learning sessions are outlined in the leader‘s
                                       guide. 20 minutes
JOY OF BACH, THE                       This is a kaleidoscopic presentation of the great
                                       composer‘s music. It includes an impressive
                                       assortment of period and contemporary
                                       performances interspersed with biographical
                                       sketches from his life. 60 minutes
JOYFUL, THANKFUL, PRAYERFUL: IMAGES OF   This video shares snapshot glimpses of six women
WOMEN OF THE ELCA                        who have participated in the Women of the ELCA.
                                         The visualization of the variety of gifts enables others
                                         to rejoice, to identify their gifts, to support others as
                                         gifts of God, and to celebrate life with them. The
                                         video seems slow because of the use of slides, but
                                         the faith and life stories of the six women are
                                         definitely enriching. Not only Women of the ELCA
                                         groups, but also youth groups, should use this video
                                         to learn of vocation and occupation. 21 minutes

JUBILEE 2000 CAMPAIGN—CANCEL THE DEBT    Jubilee 2000 is a worldwide movement to cancel the
NOW                                      unpayable debts of the most impoverished countries
                                         in the world by the end of 2000. This video explains
                                         the origin of these debts, and why they should be
                                         canceled. It shows the devastating impact of debt
                                         upon the people and the environment in these poor
                                         countries, and it invites the American people to work
                                         in solidarity with people from the developing
                                         countries to help alleviate the unspeakable suffering
                                         of hundreds of millions of people throughout Africa,
                                         Latin America and Asia. These countries have no
                                         hope of catching up with the payment of these debts,
                                         and the debt is putting them into a kind of slavery
                                         with economic chains. The chains of debt divert
                                         resources from basic needs such as education,
                                         nutrition, health care, clean water and sanitation,
                                         directly affecting the children. 24 minutes

JUNGLE BOOK, THE                         Rudyard Kipling‘s The Jungle Book brings the literary
                                         classic to life. It is the story of Mowgli, an orphaned
                                         boy left to the mercy of the jungle. When all appears
                                         lost, wolves rescue him and raise him as one of their
                                         own. Years later, he is forced to choose between the
                                         family of wolves that raised him and a return to a
                                         civilization that sees him as a freak and wants to
                                         change him. It is an interesting story for all ages. 109
JUNIOR HIGH KINDA GUY, A          This video series is produced by Word Ministry
                                  Resources and consists of six tapes humorously
                                  presented by Pat Hurley. Pat goes directly to the
                                  issues facing junior high students where they live.
                                  The total tape package covers a wide range of topics
                                  such as: Peer Pressure, Biblical Self-Esteem, Parent
                                  Relationships, Academic Excellence, High Dating
                                  Standards, and How to Deal with Failure. There are
                                  three series, two tapes in each, with two segments
                                  on each tape. Titles include: Relationship Series, #1-
                                  4–1. Parents Want To Trust You! 2. GI Joe Respects
                                  Barbie! 3. Friendship: All The Right Moves! 4.
                                  Teachers Are People, Too! Issue Series, #5-8–5.
                                  The Big Lie: It‘s Great To Be High! 6. No Suicide Is
                                  Worth Your Life! 7. Top Gun–In Class! 8. Abuse:
                                  From Shame To Self-Respect! Self-Esteem Series
                                  #9-12–9. Too Much TV Can Make You Sick! 10.
                                  When The Brady Bunch Isn‘t Home! 11. Your
                                  Friends Become You! 12. Failure: Friend And Foe!
                                  Six tapes, two per series, 12 segments, each 20-30
                                  minutes. 400 minutes

JUST LIKE ME                      Produced by the ELCA in 1992, this video is
                                  intended for an audience of children. It is helpful for
                                  children to come to a more personal and informed
                                  understanding of what it means to be homeless in
                                  our country, to recognize that homeless people are
                                  God‘s children–people of value, and to be moved to
                                  appropriate action on behalf of and with the
                                  homeless. 25 minutes
KATHRYN KOOB EXPERIENCE, THE      This is a conversation with Kathryn Koob, former
                                  Iranian hostage, who tells how her Christian faith and
                                  the love of Christ helped her during her 44 days of
                                  captivity. 24 minutes
KEEPING LOVE ALIVE                This video series centers around the Myers-Briggs
                                  Type Indicator. The presenters are Dr. David and
                                  Jan Stoop. Each segment begins with a conversation
                                  between the two on how different they are. This then
                                  leads into healthy conversation on how to deal with
                                  differences. Dr. Stoop has a brief lecture with
                                  questions from the audience following. It would be
                                  helpful for the presenter showing the video series to
                                  be familiar with Myers-Briggs, although it is not
                                  essential. The questions in the study guide good for
                                  conversation. This series would be a good retreat or
                                  weekly series in helping couples deal with their
                                  differences. Two tapes, three sessions each;
                                  approximately 45 minutes a session. 270 minutes

KEEPING THE EARTH—RELIGIOUS AND   This inspirational video calls on all Americans to
SCIENTIFIC PERSPECTIVE ON THE     serve as good stewards of the natural world.
ENVIRONMENT                       Prominent scientists and religious leaders offer their
                                  perspectives on the need to protect our environment
                                  and the diverse species that share it. Narrated by
                                  James Earl Jones. 27 minutes
KID‘S TEN COMMANDMENTS                   Kid‘s Ten Commandments. The Not So Golden Calf
                                         (Commandments 1&2): Seth learns the meaning of
                                         the first two commandments as the people of Israel
                                         worship another god. The Rest if Yet to Come
                                         (Commandments 3&4): Snarly old Jeshanah is
                                         asked to take care of Seth, but Jeshanah swears
                                         (covered by an animal sound) and works them to the
                                         bone on the Sabbath. Life&Seth Situation
                                         (Commandments 5&6): Seth and Ephraim go against
                                         their parents‘ better advice and encounter a bandit
                                         and his gang. Stolen Jewels, Stolen Hearts
                                         (Commandments 7&8): Amos is accused of stealing
                                         food, but this time he is innocent. Simeon tries to
                                         woo Matthew‘s beautiful wife. Toying with the Truth
                                         (9&10): Seth becomes jealous as he covets the
                                         possessions of his best friend, Ephraim, and longs to
                                         be ―the boy who has everything.‖ 30 minutes. 150

KING IS BORN, THE                        This video is part of the series, The Animated Stories
                                         from the New Testament. It is a video classic of the
                                         true meaning of Christmas–the birth of Jesus. Young
                                         and old will love this biblically accurate story brought
                                         to life by the miracle of feature-quality animation.
                                         Activity and resource books. 30 minutes

KING‘S SPECIAL, THE                      The meaning of Christmas is presented in this
                                         puppet presentation. In order to celebrate the real
                                         meaning of Christmas, good King Wenceslas plans
                                         to do a good deed on Christmas Day, but selfish
                                         Count Festus plots against him. An unlikely hero
                                         saves the king. Children can sing along to the
                                         Christmas song, ―He Brings Us Joy.‖ 25 minutes

KINGDOM OF DAVID: THE SAGA OF THE        This video tells the epic story of the Jews and the
ISREALITES                               creation of the world‘s first and most profoundly
                                         influential monotheistic religion. The stories of the
                                         patriarch Abraham, the liberator Moses, the poet-
                                         king David, and his son Solomon all come to life in a
                                         dramatic tale of loss and triumph that shaped
                                         humanity‘s basic moral struggle for more than three
KINSHIP BEGINS WITH A FRIEND             Kinship is a community-based program that matches
                                         lonely children and adults with a carefully screened
                                         adult volunteer to provide that special friendship.
                                         Many of the children come from single-parent
                                         families and need someone to provide a little extra
                                         attention. 15 minutes
KOREA‘S HOPE: RECONCILIATION AND PEACE   This video seeks to help American Christians
                                         understand why the question of North Korea has
                                         become such an issue for our government. It was
                                         produced in the hope that American Christians will
                                         come to see the importance of reconciliation and
                                         reunification on the Korean Peninsula, and that they
                                         will oppose any movement toward military action
                                         against North Korea. 29 minutes
KOSOVO THANK YOU         This video put out by Lutheran World Relief is a
                         heartfelt ―thank you‖ for the efforts of U.S. Lutherans.
                         The video lets us see Christ amid Kosovo‘s chaos. It
                         is a visit to the war-torn region of Yugoslavia, where
                         people struggle to piece their lives back together
                         and, at the same time, look at life with hope.

KWEKA DOCTORATE—2002     Bishop David deFreese confers an Honorary Doctor
                         of Divinity Degree on Bishop Dr. Erasto Kweka on
                         April 21, 2002, at Moshi Lutheran Church in
                         Tanzania. The video shows the background for the
                         ceremony, the ceremony and the dinner afterwards.
                         150 minutes.
LA LUCHA (EL SALVADOR)   This is a visit with Christians of El Salvador that
                         introduces some church members and leaders. The
                         conditions they experience and the ways they
                         choose to express their faith reveal a range of
                         churchly responses to the political, military, and
                         economic realities of life in their strife-torn nation. In
                         some cases, the kinds of harassment and
                         persecution they describe have only recently been
                         brought to the world‘s attention. 28 minutes
LASSIE—PAINTED HILLS     Action packed and beautifully shot, The Painted Hills
                         is family entertainment at its best. Lassie must
                         outsmart a group of crooked miners before they can
                         hatch their deadly plan to blast an abandoned tunnel
                         where, unbeknownst to them, Timmy and company
                         are trapped. 90 minutes
LAST CHANCE DETECTIVES   Tape 1–Mystery Lights Of Navajo Mesa. This is the
                         first adventure of the Last Chance Detectives. The
                         video is from Focus on the Family and Tyndale
                         House Publishing. It is a good family movie that
                         children as well as parents can enjoy. It is multi-
                         culturally appropriate and portrays timely characters.
                         The action and story line hold your attention and it is
                         not difficult for children to follow. The message of
                         forgiveness is shared in several ways throughout the
                         video. You‘ll want to be sure to watch until the very
                         end to understand the whole story! 50 minutes. Tape
                         2–Legend of the Desert Bigfoot, 1995. This video for
                         older children and young teens is full of action and
                         adventure. It presents children as capable and
                         empowered to make positive choices. The biblical
                         lesson of integrity and doing what is right is
                         emphasized. From Tyndale Family Videos and
                         Focus on the Family, this video is captivating and
                         exciting. No need to preview–enjoy the suspense
                         with the children! 53 minutes. Tape 3–Escape From
                         Fire Lake, 1996. The Last Chance Detectives are
                         back in their most thrilling adventure yet! When Mike
                         and his dog, Jake, are kidnapped by two bank
LAST DAYS OF JESUS, THE              This NBC special, narrated by Stone Phillips, was
                                     broadcast directly from Jerusalem. It was inspired by
                                     the release of Mel Gibson‘s movie, ―The Passion of
                                     the Christ.‖ In it Biblical scholars discuss, from a
                                     historical viewpoint, what happened 2000 years ago.
                                     Piece by piece the puzzle is put together. Their
                                     viewpoint of the question, ―Who was ultimately
                                     responsible for the death of Jesus?‖, is given. The
                                     timeline is from the time that Jesus entered
                                     Jerusalem to His death. The roles of Pontius Pilate
                                     and the Jewish authorities are discussed. Jesus
                                     protested against the established practices. When he
                                     spoke of the temple being destroyed, he spoke
                                     against the Roman and Jewish authorities. Only the
                                     Romans had the authority to put someone to death.
                                     This is a very interesting and informative account. 30

LAST SUPPER, THE                     This very informative video was filmed entirely on
                                     authentic locations of the Holy Land and Middle East.
                                     It is an extremely extensive and informative film on
                                     the Last Supper. It emphasizes both its Christian
                                     tradition and Jewish roots. The video presents
                                     historical and cultural background. Biblical courses
                                     served at the supper are explored and included in a
                                     recipe book. The video leaves the viewer with an
                                     excellent understanding of the history and present
                                     day importance of the last meal that Jesus shared
                                     with his disciples. 60 minutes

LATE FROST, A—REFLECTIONS ON AGING    ―God saves the hardest part ‗till last, that of growing
                                     old.‖–Gerhard Frost. A Late Frost takes the viewer
                                     on a poignant and inspiring exploration of some of
                                     the concerns and issues of aging through the
                                     writings of the late Gerhard Frost. Interspersed with
                                     charming interviews of children and aging men and
                                     women, this video shows how we can face the real
                                     challenge of life...that of growing old. Ten five-minute
                                     segments allows for discussion time after each
                                     reflection. This video is acclaimed by professionals in
                                     human services, chaplains, aging people and
                                     caretakers, and has received broad use with church
                                     and community groups. 55 minutes

LAUGH WITH LIZ!                      Liz Curtis Higgs is an award-winning speaker and
                                     best-selling author. In these tapes, geared primarily
                                     for women, Liz offers humorous and uplifting
                                     messages that will encourage women of all ages.
                                     Tape 1–Help! I‘m Laughing and I Can‘t Get Up! Tape
                                     2–Mirror, Mirror On the Wall, Have I Got News For
                                     You! Tape 3–Only Angels Can Wing It. Tape 4–One
                                     Size Fits All. Each tape approximately 50 minutes.
                                     200 minutes
LAW OF LOVE, THE                  Twenty-two year old Jackie Pullinger could not get
                                  missionary society sponsorship, so she went to Hong
                                  Kong on her own in the early 1960s. There she
                                  began to witness amidst the drug-crazed vice and
                                  violence of the old ―Walled City.‖ She started a youth
                                  outreach for heroin addicts and brought healing to
                                  desperate lives through prayer alone. This is a story
                                  that touches your heart, as you see the power of the
                                  Holy Spirit at work. 51 minutes

LDRNY: YEAR IN REVIEW             Lutheran Disaster Response of New York. A short
                                  overview of how the Lutheran Church is bringing help
                                  and hope. 10 minutes
LEADERSHIP FOR THE CONGREGATION   The five videos in this series cover topics pertinent to
(TRINITY LUTHERAN SEMINARY)       committee members, congregation councils, Sunday
                                  School teachers and assisting ministers. Appropriate
                                  for use in small groups or for individual study. Tape
                                  1–Mission Statements: Why They Are Important. Dr.
                                  Dennis Anderson, 22 minutes. Mission Statements:
                                  How to Develop One. Dr. Paul Fransen, 20 minutes.
                                  Tape 2–Parish Communications: Congregational
                                  Newsletters. Rev. Doug Campbell, handbook/guide
                                  available, 38 minutes. Using Public Media. Ann
                                  Russell, 33 minutes. These two presentations have
                                  lots and lots of excellent information presented in a
                                  lecture format, very appropriate for note taking.
                                  Pastor Doug Campbell is senior pastor at
                                  Trinity/Dayton, Ohio. Ann Russell is Director of
                                  Communications at Trinity Lutheran Seminary. Tape
                                  3–Five Clues to Effective Teaching. Mary Hughes
                                  and Diane Hymans. 1. Why Do We Teach? 14
                                  minutes. 2. How Do We Learn? 12 minutes. 3.
                                  Making the Strange Familiar. 9 minutes. 4.
                                  Hospitality in the Classroom. 15 minutes. 5. Getting
                                  Ready to Teach. 12 minutes. Tape 4–Expanding Our
                                  Worship Experience. Using Inclusive Language.
                                  Mary Hughes. 31 minutes. Including Various Musical
LEARNING ABOUT SEX—A SERIES FOR THE   Tape 1–How You Are Changing. For ages 8 to 11
CHRISTIAN FAMILY                      and parents. This is part of a series on sex education
                                      from a Christian perspective. It gives children vital
                                      support and encouragement, with accurate
                                      information they need to understand the changes
                                      that happen at their age. Recommended for
                                      parenting classes and for use with children and
                                      parents together. The accompanying users‘ guide
                                      includes activities for discussion, home use,
                                      classroom use, and suggests field trips. 15 minutes.
                                      Tape 2–Sex and the New You. For ages 12 to 14
                                      and parents. Another part of the series on sex
                                      education from a Christian perspective. It uses
                                      wisdom and humor to help open lines of
                                      communication and give young people confidence to
                                      accept themselves as God made them and to
                                      develop healthy relationships with Christ, parents,
                                      and friends. Parent guide included. 15 minutes. Tape
                                      3–Love, Sex and God. For ages 14 and up and
                                      parents. Another part of the series on sex education
                                      from a Christian perspective. The journey into
                                      adulthood is exciting, yet sometimes painful,
                                      emotional, yet frequently awkward–for preteens and
LEARNING FROM JESUS WITH JAMIE        There are six tapes in this series and each tape
BUCKINGHAM                            contains six or seven lessons. They were filmed in
                                      Israel. Tape 1–A New and Living Way. Lesson
                                      1–New Birth–John 3:1-8; John 20:30-31; Acts 16:25-
                                      34. Lesson 2–Repentance–Matthew 3:1-11a; Luke
                                      18:9-14; 2 Corinthians 7:8-10. Lesson
                                      3–Confession–1 John 1:8-10; Luke 15:3-7; Psalms
                                      51:1-12. Lesson 4–Building on Solid
                                      Foundation–Matthew 7:24-27; Luke 13:1-5; 2 Cor.
                                      12:9-10. Lesson 5–Filled With The Spirit–Ephesians
                                      5:15-18; Matthew 25:1-13; John 7:37-39. Lesson
                                      6–Witnessing–John 1:35-42a; Luke 24:45-49; 1
                                      Peter 3:15-16. Tape 2–Living the New Way. Lesson
                                      1–Tenant Living–Matthew 21:33-42; 2 Peter 4:7-11.
                                      Lesson 2–Work–Luke 5:1-7; Matthew 9:35-36;
                                      Hebrews 4:14-16; Ephesians 6:5-8. Lesson 3–The
                                      Sabbath–Matthew 12:1-8; Hebrews 4:6-11; Isaiah
                                      58:13-14. Lesson 4–Serving Others–John 13:1-5, 12-
                                      17; Luke 22:14-20; 1 Peter 5:1-4 Lesson 5–Spiritual
                                      Rest–Numbers 13:26-33; Exodus 14:10-14; Matthew
                                      11:28-30; Psalm 46:10. Lesson 6–Community
                                      Living–1 John 1:5-9; Acts 4:32-37; Galatians 6:7-10.
                                      Tape 3–Knowing Your Power. Lesson 1–Kingdom
                                      Authority–Matthew 4:23-25; Luke 10:17-22; Matthew
                                      11:1-6; Luke 9:1-6. Lesson 2–Resisting the
LEARNING THE LANGUAGE OF FAITH IN THE          This video, produced by Augsburg Youth and Family
HOME                                           Institute, deals with a tremendous need in our
                                               society–talking faith at home. Fewer than one in ten
                                               Christian families sit down and talk about faith.
                                               Ninety percent of Lutheran teenagers who are active
                                               in worship and receive Holy Communion do not know
                                               what their parents believe. The video features
                                               Lutheran families who give honest, credible
                                               responses. Even though the video is suggested to be
                                               viewed by adults at an adult forum, a parenting class,
                                               a family retreat, or family camp, I think it could be
                                               used well with youth. One would not sit to watch 48
                                               minutes of it. But viewing two 12-minute sections and
                                               then talking with youth about what‘s happening in
                                               their homes takes advantage of this very good video.
                                               48 minutes

LEARNING WITH FRIENDS—ST. OLAF COLLEGE This video is produced by the Office of Public
                                       Relations of St. Olaf College in Northfield, MN. There
                                       are some beautiful pictures of the campus and a
                                       brief history that is done rather creatively. The
                                       video‘s main focus is on the response of various
                                       students. It is a promotional, recruitment video done
                                       quite well in a traditional style of college public
                                       relation departments. 17 minutes
LEGACY FOR EFRAKN                      Families and communities in partnership to
                                       overcome poverty and hunger are portrayed in this
                                       Heifer Project International video. Excellent for
                                       mission education. 17 minutes
LEGACY: THAT YOUR FAITH MAY LIVE       This kit from Augsburg has everything needed to
                                       organize and implement a stewardship emphasis
                                       culminating in a congregational meal: theme
                                       resources, reproducible bulletin inserts, and
                                       suggestions for the meal along with the video. Since
                                       every congregation is different, viewing this video
                                       can meet the specific stewardship needs of the
                                       congregations. Each congregation can choose what
                                       they need, from a simple, streamlined annual
                                       response emphasis to a holistic year-round response
                                       and education program. The kit will enable
                                       congregations to enrich their stewardship life. 15
LEGEND OF THE CANDY CANE, THE          This wonderfully animated video is adapted from the
                                       book with the same name. It tells the story of a
                                       stranger that rode into the lonely prairie town of West
                                       Sage and changed the lives of the inhabitants. It is a
                                       fascinating story of hope and hidden meaning of a
                                       favorite Christmas candy. The video is meant for
                                       children but can be enjoyed by viewers of all ages at
                                       all times of the year. 42 minutes
LENT—A TIME OF RENEWAL        This 7-part program narrated by Father Anthony
                              Scannell focuses on the Sunday Gospels of Lent. It
                              will lead the viewer to discover what the Baptismal
                              commitment really means. In using true stories,
                              drama, music and visual meditations, the narrator
                              opens up for us the themes of Lent: facing
                              temptations,and recognizing Jesus as ―living water,
                              light of the world and resurrection and life.‖ The video
                              is appropriate and thoughtful for all ages. 105
LES MISERABLES                This old movie is the epic French adaptation of the
                              classic Victor Hugo tale of Jean Valjean in 18th
                              century France and of the vengeful police inspector,
                              Javert, who is determined to put him in jail. It is a
                              powerful saga of injustice and redemption. The
                              movie captures the journey of a man swept up in the
                              chaos of a world in turmoil, and the faith that can
                              save him. 210 minutes
LET THE CHILDREN COME         This video, produced by Trinity Parish in New York,
                              focuses on the situation of the 18 million Baby
                              Boomers returning to the Church because of their
                              children. They are not returning, though, to their
                              same denomination, but to congregations with a
                              strong children‘s ministry. Featured is Dr. John
                              Westerhoff, Professor of Theology and Christian
                              Nurture at Duke Divinity School. He reminds us of
                              Jesus‘ command to be child-like. We must include
                              children in regular worship. He suggests that the
                              senses and the arts are great vehicles to teach the
                              meaning of worship. There is a wonderful short
                              section on teaching the faith in Sunday School,
                              which features the Little Huggers Sunday School
                              Class and Pappa Russ. Again the children are
                              engaged by using all the senses and the style used
                              is active Bible learning. Good children‘s ministries
                              also happen during the week. Some congregations
                              create a community of faith not only for children, but
                              also for the parents. This would be an excellent video
                              for a church council and/or a long-range planning
                              committee to see. There are some helpful
                              suggestions for pastors to be supportive of children‘s
LET‘S TALK ABOUT LOVE & SEX   This video is part of Josh McDowell‘s ―Why Wait‖
                              series on adolescent sexuality. McDowell hosts this
                              video that includes humorous presentations and
                              general discussion. Self-image, values and rules are
                              explored from a teenager‘s point of view. Lots of
                              good discussion possibilities–but be prepared for a
                              few sections that teens may feel talk down to them.
                              McDowell hosts from an ice cream parlor set–not too
                              appealing to older teens. The portrayal of senior
                              citizens may be more detrimental than helpful.
                              Preview and plan to debrief. A brief resource guide is
                              included. Multiple sessions. 35 minutes
LETTING GO: A SPIRITUALITY OF SUBTRACTION This is a series of 8 audiotapes by Richard Rohr
                                          O.F.M. In our culture ―the good life‖ means getting
                                          more. This series of talks challenges listeners to
                                          subtract, to release whatever hinders us from siding
                                          with the cosmic Christ, in our inner or outer world.
                                          Father Rohr offers a daring vision calling us to
                                          surrender, to liberation, to making room for real
                                          freedom. 174 minutes
LIFE GOD REWARDS, A                       A Life God Rewards. This video course, hosted by
                                          Bruce Wilkinson, deals with works and grace. The
                                          first three chapters are devoted to works, and in the
                                          other chapters he combines works and grace. This is
                                          a very though-provoking video. Bruce Wilkinson
                                          believes that there is a direct link between what you
                                          do today and what you will experience after you die.
                                          He states that this amazing truth can unlock new
                                          power and potential in your life—and the promise of
                                          eternal rewards. Leader‘s guide and participants‘
                                          guides enclosed.

LIFE IN THE HERD                                How can I be popular and still remain a Christian?
                                                With a touch of humor, Pat Hurley explores the way
                                                the world attempts to be popular. 30 minutes

LIFE IS NO PICNIC                               This thirteen-part, interactive series will help the
                                                members of your class develop effective stress
                                                survival skills based on God‘s word. The videos
                                                generate conversation while the discussion
                                                questions in the leader‘s guide prompt the class to
                                                open up and help each other. Student‘s guide master
                                                pages are available to reproduce for each member of
                                                the group. The study features Dr. Charles Lowery
                                                who holds a Ph.D. in Psychology from the University
                                                of South Carolina. He is Senior Pastor of
                                                Hoffmantown Baptist Church in Albuquerque, New
                                                Mexico. Study topics include: Battling Stress–1)
                                                Identifying stress; 2) How personalities react to
                                                pressure; 3) Destructive things people do to cope.
                                                Handling Our Fast-Paced World–4) Constructively
                                                reducing stress; 5) Slowing life down; 6) Dealing with
                                                baggage of the past. Understanding Personality–7)
                                                Practicing contentment; 8) Staying on course; 9)
                                                Adjusting expectations to reality. Succeeding With
                                                Stress–10) Starting new habits and thinking patterns;
                                                11) Accepting yourself as God created you; 12)
                                                Living a life by faith; 13) Reviewing stress survival
                                                skills. 13 sessions, 50 minutes each. 650 minutes.
LIFE OF APOSTLE PAUL: WITH RICK STEVES,         Rick Stevens takes us to Turkey, Greece, and
THE                                             Jerusalem. This one-hour program from Mosaic
                                                Television introduces Apostle Paul, the foremost
                                                theologian and missionary of the early Church.
                                                Sponsored by the Mission Investment Fund of the
LIFE—IT‘S A CLASS PROJECT!   This movie on VHS is about ten years old but the
                             lessons it teaches are still true. What if God taught
                             biology? The students in Eli Salem‘s class find out. It
                             is an intense film that deals with abortion,
                             euthanasia, and casual sex. The video would be
                             good for students, parents, and church leaders.
                             Study guide is enclosed. 60 minutes
LIFE‘S BIG QUESTIONS         In this video, the Rev. John Scott, internationally
                             known preacher, evangelist, scholar, and author,
                             discussses three of ―Life‘s Big Questions‖ with three
                             other discussion partners. 1. Who am I? The need to
                             discover oneself. The glory and shame of
                             humanness. Who are we as humans? 2. Who is
                             Jesus? The popularity of Jesus. The self-
                             consciousness and claims of Jesus. What are we to
                             do about Jesus? 3. Who is a Christian? The essence
                             of Christianity. What Christianity is and is not.
                             Support material. Three 30-minute sessions. 90
LIFT EVERY VOICE             This video deals openly with the need for the ELCA
                             to continue working hard to be an inclusive church.
                             Time is taken to show a needed effort to consider for
                             the position of senior pastors women seeking their
                             second calls. For the ELCA to be a church in
                             mission, we must take the risk of change. This could
                             be very helpful for congregation councils and call
                             committees to view, grow, and discuss. 17 minutes

LIFTING UP YOUR GIFTS        This is a promotional video for the Lutheran Music
                             Program with information about a program for
                             musically talented youth (eighth through twelfth
                             grades). Much of the video was produced at
                             Lutheran Summer Music, 1996, at Augustana
                             College, Sioux Falls, S.D. This is a great program for
                             youth especially interested in our Lutheran heritage
                             in music and other music and art forms.
LIGHT AMONGST THE SHADOWS    This video discusses why suicide is difficult to talk
                             about and teaches the viewers how to help and what
                             to say and do when a suicide occurs. It is very
                             helpful. A guide is enclosed. 23 minutes
LIGHT IN THE DARKNESS, A   This moving historical documentary explores the
                           remarkable spirit and faith of the Volga German
                           people. These German nationals emigrated to the
                           Volga region of Russia during the time of Catherine
                           the Great in pursuit of a dream…the promise of
                           freedom and local self-government in their newly
                           adopted homeland. Joseph Stalin believed that these
                           German Russians, despite their historical support of
                           the Soviet Union, would not remain loyal to his
                           regime in the war against Germany. In 1941 they
                           were banished from their homes and exiled to forced
                           labor camps by the Soviet premier. Thousands died
                           of starvation and exposure to the frigid elements;
                           others were put to death by Soviet authorities. A
                           Light in the Darkness weaves the eyewitness reports
                           of survivors into a tapestry of heart-wrenching
                           tragedy and hope. This true story shows how faith
                           can triumph even in the most desperate
                           circumstances. 48 minutes

LIGHTEN UP                 Ken Davis shares hilarious stories from his own
                           personal experiences to encourage us to laugh and
                           ―lighten up,‖ allowing us to enjoy life more and
                           reduce the effects of everyday stress and difficulties.
                           54 minutes
LIKE A MIGHTY WIND         This video was produced by the ELCA on behalf of
                           Inter-Lutheran Disaster Response, which is a
                           cooperative ministry of the ELCA and LCMS
                           presenting the Lutheran disaster response efforts
                           following Hurricane Andrew in Dade County, Fla.
                           This is a very good video to use with youth groups or
                           adult forums to begin discussions on servanthood
                           ministries and how our congregations can make a
                           difference in the lives of others through helping
                           ministries. 13 minutes
LIKE FALLING IN LOVE       One of the best parts of the video is the relationship
                           between the pastor and the young man who is
                           struggling with God‘s call. The role of the candidacy
                           committee of the synod is left out in this video. It may
                           start slow and lack some power and excitement, but I
                           would use this video with my youth. 28 minutes
LION, THE WITCH, AND THE WARDROBE, THE   This video is taken from the first book of C.S. Lewis‘s
                                         The Chronicles of Narnia. The Children‘s Television
                                         Workshop produced it. Because of its length, the
                                         audience would need to be children of at least
                                         second grade level. Even then, perhaps the video
                                         should be seen in shorter sections. The video is the
                                         adventure-filled tale of two brothers and two sisters
                                         who cross through an enchanted wardrobe into the
                                         magical world of Narnia, land of talking animals and
                                         mythical creatures. They discover that Narnia is
                                         under the evil power of the White Witch, who brings
                                         eternal winter to the land. It is up to the children to
                                         join the noble lion, Aslan, and bring springtime and
                                         happiness back to Narnia. More appropriate for an
                                         older audience, including junior high, high school,
                                         and even adults. This C.S. Lewis classic raises some
                                         interesting questions about the Real World of
                                         Christianity. 95 minutes

LISTEN TO THE BUTTERFLY                  This multimedia presentation uses music, narration
                                         and spectacular visual creativity to compare
                                         humanity‘s spiritual growth to the development of the
                                         monarch butterfly. ―The presentation communicates
                                         the beauty, the warmth and the love that God has for
                                         us.‖ The central theme is trust...letting go and
                                         trusting God with the situations that Christians try to
                                         ―work out‖ for themselves. People of every age seem
                                         to be able to identify which stage they are in. A study
                                         guide is enclosed. 25 minutes

LITTLE HEROES                            This is the heartwarming story of Charlie, a spirited
                                         young girl, and her devoted dog. She teaches the
                                         entire town the true meaning of courage and love.
                                         Snubbed by some of the small-town neighbors
                                         because of her family‘s poverty, Charlie‘s closest
                                         friend is her dog, Fuzz. Charlie reaches out to
                                         another girl her age but is cruelly rejected by the
                                         girl‘s mother. Charlie befriends an old farmer,
                                         Alonzo. When faced with a life-or death situation,
                                         Charlie and Fuzz perform an almost miraculous
                                         rescue. They prove that miracles come in all sizes.
                                         This thrilling family classic is based on a true story.
                                         87 minutes
LITTLE HOUSE ON THE PRAIRIE—LAURA        On this DVD taken from the television show, Laura
INGALLS WILDER                           (Melissa Gilbert) marries Almanzo Wilder (Dean
                                         Butler). On this two-part episode, see the story of
                                         Almanzo‘s sister.
LITTLE HOUSE ON THE PRAIRIE—THE           This DVD of the popular television show guest stars
COLLECTION                               country singer, Johnny Cash. It is the story of a down-
                                         on-his-luck con man who poses as a minister to take
                                         advantage of the good people of Walnut Grove. June
                                         Carter Cash plays his wife.
LITTLE HOUSE ON THE PRAIRIE—THE LORD IS   Little H. On the DVD taken from the television show,
MY SHEPHERD                               Laura is afraid the newest addition to her family will
                                          replace her in her father‘s affections. She chooses
                                          not to pray for the baby boy‘s recovery and the child
                                          dies. Laura is overcome with guilt and runs away to
                                          the mountains. Here she meets and confides in
                                          Jonathan (Ernest Borgnine), a kind-hearted hermit
                                          from whom she learns about family love.

LITTLE HOUSE ON THE PRAIRIE—THE           This DVD is the special movie that launched the
PREMIERE MOVIE                            award-winning program. Seeking a future,
                                          homesteader Charles Ingalls takes his wife and three
                                          daughters from their ―Little House in the Big Woods‖
                                          of Wisconsin to make a new start in Kansas.

LITTLE HYMNS—CHRISTMAS                    This video is a fresh, new way of bringing most
                                          beloved Christmas hymns to life for today‘s children.
                                          A new style of animation, featuring simple camera
                                          moves and soft dissolves on all original art, is
                                          combined with sweet vocals and instrumentals. Ages
                                          3-10. 22 minutes
LITTLE PRINCESS, THE                      This classic Shirley Temple movie features
                                          America‘s sweetheart as a little rich girl in Victorian
                                          London. When she is told her father is missing and
                                          presumed dead, she refuses to believe it. Her
                                          courage and the strength of her convictions carry her
                                          through as she waits for her father to return. This is
                                          one of the best and most enjoyable family films every
                                          made. 94 minutes
LITTLE SHEPHERD                           The message of this video is, ―The Lord is our
                                          shepherd.‖ It is a playful drama that relates this
                                          message in an easy to understand way. Joel is the
                                          main character. He is afraid of the dangers of being
                                          a shepherd, but he relies on God‘s promise to protect
                                          him when wolves confront him. An unexpected
                                          surprise leads to the revelation that God provides the
                                          answer for every fear. Little Shepherd is the timeless
                                          Christmas story with a little twist. A parent‘s guide is
                                          included. A good video for smaller children but will be
                                          enjoyed by all audiences. 26 minutes

LITTLE TROLL PRINCE (CHRISTMAS)           One of the most heartwarming Christmas stories of
                                          our time, this video will most certainly find a welcome
                                          place in your congregation during the holiday
                                          season. This endearing story tells of the once frozen
                                          heart of the Little Troll Prince and how it melts into
                                          joy upon receiving the greatest Christmas gift of
                                          all–God‘s love. 46 minutes
LITTLE VISITS WITH GOD VOLUME I    This tape includes 10 devotions produced by Family
                                   films in conjunction with Concordia Publishing
                                   House. Each story is five to eight minutes long and is
                                   designed for on-the-go families who desire a
                                   structured family devotion time. It uses puppet
                                   characters, real people, and some cartoon
                                   characters. Designed for families with children ages
                                   4-10, this can be a helpful tool in training families
                                   how to have family devotions. 50-80 minutes

LITTLE VISITS WITH GOD VOLUME II   Also produced by Family Films in conjunction with
                                   Concordia Publishing House, these 10 devotions
                                   (five to eight minutes each) are based on the best
                                   selling book series Little Visits with God. The
                                   devotions are designed for families with children
                                   ages 4-10. One could use a devotion as an
                                   introduction to a Sunday School lesson. They are
                                   helpful in learning how to put one‘s faith into action.
                                   The video comes with a devotional guide. 50-80
LIVE LONG IN THE LAND              This video by Walt Wangerin, Jr., Lutheran Vespers,
                                   was recorded live during the 1995 ELCA Festival
                                   Gathering, in Minneapolis, Minn. The speaker
                                   demonstrates the work of the Holy Spirit in our lives.
                                   He states that the measure of a generation is how
                                   they honor people. If one generation honors those of
                                   another generation, then the promise holds true that
                                   we will live long in the land. 35 minutes

LIVES OF JESUS                     This 3-part video series put out BBC deals with 3
                                   different aspects of the life of Jesus: 1. Jesus the
                                   Jew 2. Jesus the Rebel 3. The Hidden Jesus. The
                                   series, which is intended for adult audiences,
                                   examines the role of Jesus as a political agitator and
                                   spiritual teacher. It explores the story of Jesus Christ
                                   and the origins of Christianity. It is a thought-
                                   provoking video and presents some interesting, but
                                   not necessarily commonly held, aspects of the life of
                                   Jesus. The video is narrated by correspondent Mark
                                   Tully and investigates some interesting questions.
                                   The series also includes commentary from
                                   historians, biblical professors and Jewish scholars. It
                                   would be well suited for an adult Bible study. 3
                                   videos of 50 minutes each. 150 minutes

LIVING FAITH                       In this comprehensive 10-week survey of our ―Living
                                   Faith,‖ renowned theologian Tom Wright goes
                                   beyond the Bible to discuss: the history of the
                                   church; Christian doctrine and beliefs; other religions;
                                   sects such as Mormonism and the New Age
                                   Movement; ways to share our faith; the disciplines of
                                   prayer and study; guidelines for godly living; and
                                   more. Enclosed is a DVD with ten 25-minute
                                   sessions, a leader‘s guide, and a participants‘ guide.
                                   250 minutes.
LIVING FAITH: AN ELCA CALL TO DISCIPLESHIP This short introductory video put out by the Call to
                                           Discipleship Task Force answers the question.
                                           ―What does it mean to be faithful?‖ It is a call to
                                           discipleship for all baptized members and asks
                                           members to think about the promises that are made
                                           at baptism when God‘s covenant is established with
                                           us. It encourages members to reaffirm and reclaim
                                           their call to discipleship. It also asks the question,
                                           ―What would it be like if the whole church would
                                           make a renewed commitment to live their lives in
                                           discipleship?‖ 8 minutes

LIVING FAITHFULLY                                 ―Living Faithfully‖ summarizes the work of a group of
                                                 interviewers and researchers who gathered statistics
                                                 and stories about the ways in which the concepts of
                                                 ministry in daily life have been integrated into the life
                                                 of the ELCA. The video includes an interactive
                                                 segment, during which viewers have an opportunity
                                                 to name and support one another‘s daily work in
                                                 God‘s name. User‘s guide included. 14 minutes

LIVING GOD‘S WAY: SIX BIBLE STORIES FOR          A variety of story presentations makes this video
CHILDREN                                         interesting, but the focus is always on the stories told
                                                 in this children‘s video. Included are Noah, Miriam
                                                 and Moses, Joseph‘s Coat, David and Goliath, Ruth,
                                                 and The Prodigal Child. Good for use with
                                                 children–or for helping teachers see a variety of
                                                 presentation techniques. 30 minutes
LIVING LEGENDS (DOCUMENTARY)                     First Citizens. The native Indians of North America.
                                                 This video is primarily about Christian fathers. Every
                                                 father in North America needs to see and hear the
                                                 witness of these exemplary men. The camera
                                                 records fathers and mothers, with their children,
                                                 revealing the special radiance Christ brings into such
                                                 homes. There is a spirit in this video, the impact of
                                                 One who changes lives and gives quality to family
                                                 relationships. 44 minutes

LIVING WITH DYING                                This series explores death, grief, and life after death
                                                 in an unusually candid but faithfully reassuring way.
                                                 It features comments from people who face death
                                                 every day including those who live and work in
                                                 nursing homes. The series shows how others look at
                                                 death from a Christian perspective, care for those
                                                 who grieve, and view the mysteries of dying and
                                                 eternal life. Tape 1–Facing Death, 16 minutes. Tape
                                                 2–Learning to Care, 15 minutes. Tape 3–Exploring
                                                 the Mystery, 15 minutes. 46 minutes

LIVING WORD—FROM THE GOSPEL OF JOHN,             Appropriate for young and old alike, this dramatic
THE                                              presentation contains word-for-word selections from
                                                 the Gospel of John. Narrated by the Emmy Award-
                                                 winning voice of Steve Johnston with original songs
                                                 performed by Darrell Mansfield, The Living Word
                                                 brings the word of God to life! 50 minutes
LOOKING FOR GOD              For thousands of years Christians have longed to be
                             close to God. Travel with our hosts as they help
                             discern the face of God in images that stretch from
                             fine art to mass media. Sponsored through the
                             School of Sacred Music at Yale University, this
                             series uses great art, music, and poetry to draw the
                             viewer into his or her own search for God. This video
                             is created as an adult spiritual journey, looking for
                             God in the human face, in the human form, in nature,
                             and in mystery. ―Looking for God‖ is designed with
                             adult education in mind. A study guide is included.
                             Four 20-minute video segments. 80 minutes

LOOKING OUT FOR NUMBER ONE   Seraphim Communications produced this video
                             through a grant from Lutheran Brotherhood. The
                             intended audience is high school or junior high youth.
                             It is suggested that one could use this video with
                             confirmation instruction as a summary on the ten
                             commandments, living a life of discipline, or on
                             making moral decisions. The video features a high
                             school youth, Paul, who is holding an apple. The
                             apple represents the creation trying to be the creator,
                             which is the heart of all sin. Paul is confronted by
                             God and parts of Paul‘s life in relationship to his
                             friends, his family, his goals, his girl friend–all people
                             who are hurt by him. It has a good theme, with
                             contemporary music. The studio setting of each of
                             the vignettes detracts from the credibility of the
                             video. Everything seemed too ―canned.‖ It‘s unclear
                             how high school youth would receive this video.
                             Perhaps a way to use it would be simply to ask the
                             youth to help evaluate the video. That might be a
                             great discussion. 38 minutes

LOOSEN UP: LAUGH AND LIVE    In this video, Dennis Swanberg, pastor turned
                             comedian, follows up on the idea that laughter is the
                             best medicine. He entertains a live audience with a
                             large helping of hilarity. His down-home charm and
                             sidesplitting stories keep the audience laughing.
                             Dennis Swan has appeared on stage at the Grand
                             Ole Opry and has regularly shared his faith and
                             humor with audiences around the country at
                             Christian conferences and corporate gatherings. 50
LORD OF LIFE, LORD OF ME     For ages 14 and older, this video is a discussion of
                             sex and health. It covers topics like popularity,
                             petting, venereal diseases and it encourages teens
                             to think Christian and put their faith before their
                             emotions. 25 minutes
LORD‘S PRAYER, THE                             Dr. Jack W. Hayford asks the question, ―Do we really
                                               understand the significance of the Lord‘s Prayer?‖ In
                                               this video this respected Bible teacher and church
                                               leader explores this beloved prayer and examines it
                                               more closely. He finds a wealth of detail in this
                                               prayer. In his examination and reflections, he divides
                                               the prayer into the following seven sections:
                                               Confident Faith, Responsible Faith, Releasing Faith,
                                               Trusting Faith, Transforming Faith, Dependent Faith,
                                               and Obedient Faith. Dr. Hayford teaches a fresh and
                                               contemplative lesson on each section. He points out
                                               the many spiritual messages of this powerful prayer,
                                               and he encourages the viewer to be transformed in
                                               Christ. A facilitator‘s guide and audiotape are
                                               included. Seven sessions of 15 minutes each. 105

LORD‘S PRAYER: ENTERING INTO GOD‘S             This DVD, narrated by Walter Wangerin, Jr.,
COUNTRY, THE                                   explores the petitions and the structure of the Lord‘s
                                               Prayer. Wangerin sheds light on what the Lord‘s
                                               Prayer reveals about God‘s nature and our own
                                               nature, and on how we should live in relationship with
                                               God and one another. The DVD is divided into eight
                                               segments covering each phrase of the Lord‘s Prayer.
                                               The DVD is an interactive presentation with a group
                                               of young people. It is an excellent presentation. A
                                               study guide accompanies this presentation.

LOS CINCO REGLOS DE DIOS (IN SPANISH           This video production by Franciscan
ONLY)                                          Communications is designed for elementary children.
                                               It presents the five senses as gifts from God. With
                                               animated characters, the children discover that God
                                               can be found everywhere. The themes for young
                                               children are God, senses, and love. 7 minutes

LOVE ALIVE: THE MARTIN LUTHER HOME             Celebrating 70 years of loving and living, growing
SOCIETY                                        and giving, this brief video introduces and celebrates
                                               the services of The Martin Luther Home Society. A
                                               good way to help people understand the ministry of
                                               this serving arm of the church. 15 minutes

LOVE IS PATIENT—SAVING SEX FOR MARRIAGE This is an excellent DVD for young people. Sexual
                                        intimacy is a gift from God to be enjoyed within
                                        marriage. But choosing to save sex for marriage is
                                        difficult for young people in today‘s society. Living
                                        with sexual integrity recognizes and respects the
                                        importance, value, and power of sex. The young
                                        people and counselors on ―Love Is Patient‖ share
                                        this message from their personal testimonies, letting
                                        viewers know that sexual abstinence outside of
                                        marriage is God‘s expectation for all of us. A study
                                        guide is enclosed with this DVD.
LOVE ONE ANOTHER—FOOD FOR THE POOR   This very gripping video tells of the work that the
                                     organization Food for the Poor, founded in 1982 by
                                     Ferdinand Mahfood, does in the Caribbean and Latin
                                     American countries. The video transports the viewer
                                     to the world of destitute people in that part of the
                                     world. The conditions that poor people of the world
                                     have to live in are devastating. The viewer will see
                                     these conditions and become familiar with the help
                                     provided by Food for the Poor in many different
                                     areas. The organization fulfills Jesus‘ command. It
                                     emphasizes that God has given everyone the
                                     responsibility to care for and feed people in poverty.
                                     31 minutes
LOVED INTO LOVING                    This training video, produced by Augsburg Youth &
                                     Family Institute and Seraphim Communications,
                                     looks at the theology of marriage and how it
                                     undergirds a discussion of psychological notions
                                     relevant to marriage. The video features Curt and
                                     Cathy Paulsen from Augsburg Youth & Family
                                     Institute who have written a course on ―New
                                     Perspectives on Marriage.‖ Although the video
                                     covers some wonderful areas connecting faith and
                                     relationships, which empower couples to be lifelong
                                     partners, neither presenter has a style that energizes
                                     the audience. The subject matter is excellent, but
                                     one would have to add some fun, interactive design
                                     to keep people focused. Perhaps the best way would
                                     be to only use 10 minutes of each section. Three
                                     sections, each 20 minutes. 60 minutes

LUTHER                               This movie released in 2003 with Joseph Fiennes is
                                     the Hollywood version of the life and struggles of
                                     Martin Luther. Regional princes and the powerful
                                     church wield a fast, firm and merciless grip on
                                     sixteenth-century Germany. When Martin Luther
                                     issues a shocking challenge to the Church‘s
                                     authority, the people declare him their new leader
                                     and hero. Even when threatened with violent death,
                                     Luther refuses to back down, sparking a bloody
                                     revolution that shakes the entire continent to its core.
LUTHER‘S LEGACY FOR LAITY          Martin Luther‘s legacy is a rich treasure for all
                                   Christians, but particularly for lay people. Luther,
                                   through the doctrines of justification, freedom of the
                                   Christian, bondage of the will, and vocation, provides
                                   Christians with an understanding of what God has
                                   done for us and what God wants to do through us for
                                   the sake of the neighbor. All the big questions of faith
                                   and life are found in the abundance of the
                                   Reformation theology. The theologians on this DVD,
                                   Dr. David Lose, Dr. Timothy J. Wengert, Dr. Darrell
                                   Jodock, and Dr. Kathryn Kleinhans, know how to
                                   make accessible these grand ideas that will shape
                                   how Christians view their place in the world. Study
                                   guide on CD-ROM. Several sections 8 to 16 minutes
LUTHERAN BASICS                    This anthology includes ten favorite documentaries
                                   from Mosaic and the ELCA. It is a ten-program set
                                   on two DVDs. Disc 1 tells the story of Lutheran
                                   giants Martin Luther, Katie Luther and J.S. Bach. It
                                   also contains the story of the Lutheran migration to
                                   America, ultimately leading to the formation of the
                                   Evangelical Lutheran Church in America. Disc 2
                                   focuses on Scripture, introductions of Jesus, the Old
                                   Testament, the New Testament, the Apostle Paul
                                   and the women of the early church. User‘s guide
                                   enclosed. Each program is 30 to 45 minutes.

LUTHERAN BELIEFS                   This video features an interview with Dr. George
                                   Farrell, Professor of Religion at the University of
                                   Iowa and noted Lutheran author. It starts with an
                                   explanation of the Augsburg Confession, then
                                   answers such questions as: ―Who are Lutherans?‖;
                                   ―What do they believe?‖; ―How do they interpret the
                                   Bible?‖; and others. 15 minutes
LUTHERAN COURSE 2                  This course builds on Lutheran Course Starter Kit. It
                                   has seven new sessions that take a classic piece of
                                   Lutheran doctrine and break it open through large-
                                   group video presentation and small-group
                                   conversation and good humor. Starting with a meal is
                                   a great way to begin.
LUTHERAN COURSE—STARTER KIT, THE   Based on the ―Lutheran Handbook,‖ the Lutheran
                                   Course expands the handbook into an adult
                                   curriculum, perfect for new members looking for an
                                   introduction and current members hoping for a
                                   refresher course. The course uses the same winning
                                   combination of sound theology and offbeat humor as
                                   the handbook. It covers the fundamentals of
                                   Lutheranism in seven sessions. The course includes:
                                   a handbook, a workbook, leader guide and DVD. 75
LUTHERAN HERITAGE PART I—THE          This Associate in Ministry (AIM) course is presented
REFORMATION AND ITS LEGACY            by James Nestingen, Professor of Church History at
                                      Luther Seminary, St. Paul, Minn., who is assisted by
                                      Richard Stewart, Professor of Communications at
                                      Lutheran Theological Seminary, Philadelphia, Pa. 1.
                                      Origins. Luther‘s rediscovery of the Gospel. 2. Luther
                                      Against the Past. Key events of the beginning of the
                                      Reformation. 3. Escalating Conflict. More of the
                                      dramatic events of the Reformation are recounted. 4.
                                      Expanding Vocations. Luther as theologian,
                                      translator, pastor, preacher. 5. Victory in Defeat.
                                      Explores the popularity of Luther and the
                                      Reformation. Five three-hour sessions. Textbook:
                                      Introduction to Lutheranism, Eric Gritsch. Lutheran
                                      Heritage, Part II. Lutherans in America 1. Lutherans
                                      Move Out. Provides information about Lutherans in
                                      their homelands. 2. Across the Atlantic. The early
                                      days; the great migrations and the struggle to
                                      establish an indigenous church. 3. Facing the
                                      Mixmaster. The opportunities and the problems of
                                      establishing the Lutheran Church in America. 4.
                                      African American Lutherans. The history of the
                                      Lutheran church among African Americans. 5.
                                      Finding a New Home. Varieties of Lutheranism
LYMAN COLEMAN—TRAINING FOR LEADERS OF This six-session video series produced by
SMALL GROUPS                          Serendipity House in Littleton, Colo., features Lyman
                                      Coleman training leaders of small groups. Lyman
                                      Coleman has been doing small group ministry since
                                      the 1950s. His background, style, and love for the
                                      Church make this an excellent tool. He begins with a
                                      word to the trainers. The video is designed to train
                                      trainers of small group facilitators as well as the
                                      facilitators. This workshop can be done in one long
                                      day or retreat, two three-hour sessions, or a series of
                                      six one-hour sessions. Because it also includes
                                      experiential learning (practice designs), the session
                                      may take more than one hour. The six sessions
                                      cover the following: Small Groups... ―where
                                      everybody knows your name.‖; Fundamentals... ―the
                                      method behind the madness.‖; Life Cycle of a
                                      Group... ―a play in 3 acts.‖; Principles of Bible
                                      Study... ―leveling the playing field.‖; Problems...
                                      ―keeping the elephants off your air hose.‖; The Next
                                      Step... ―if we build it, they will come.‖ The quality and
                                      movement of this series is excellent. The series
                                      includes a training manual and learning booklet, All
                                      Aboard. There is good movement in the video so that
MAGIC BOY‘S EASTER, THE               This video is a story for all ages. Josh is ill in the
                                      hospital and through a dream he learns that he never
                                      needs be alone again. Christ‘s merciful love will see
                                      him through the serious surgery that he is facing and
                                      through the life of faith that is just beginning for him.
                                      This is a good video for older children but will also be
                                      enjoyed by adults. 25 minutes
MAKE IT SIMPLE                         This combination DVD and DVD-ROM produced by
                                      the ELCA is a congregational stewardship resource.
                                      It begins by looking at God‘s abundant blessings,
                                      faces the truth that simplicity and generosity are not
                                      easy, invites each person to look beyond himself or
                                      herself to make a difference in the world, and helps
                                      one to determine how to care for God‘s gift of
                                      enough. It is good for congregational, small-group
                                      and household-learning events, children and youth
                                      activities. Nine compelling video segments reveal
                                      personal witness of Christians trying to live simply,
                                      be generous and serve God.

MAKING CHRIST KNOWN—INREACH TO GROW   These video workshops will introduce your pastors,
                                      leaders, members and staff to more than two dozen
                                      ELCA congregations that are among our best
                                      practitioners of Inreach to Grow. It concentrates on
                                      the first two key areas of the ELCA Evangelism
                                      Team‘s four-part strategy—Hospitality and Response
                                      Evangelism and Discipleship and Incorporation. The
                                      Rev. Marta Poling-Goldenne, Director of the ELCA‘s
                                      Evangelism Team, talks about the importance of
                                      evangelism for your congregation and outlines basic
                                      strategies for hospitality and discipleship. It is
                                      designed for congregations not yet engaged in active
                                      evangelism. Facilitator‘s guide and study guide are

MAKING CHRIST KNOWN—OUTREACH TO GO    This guide to evangelism for congregations is a
                                      video workshop that deals with Intentional
                                      Community Outreach and Communication
                                      Evangelism. These video workshops will introduce
                                      pastors, leaders and staff to thirty-seven ELCA
                                      congregations who are among the best evangelism
                                      practitioners. The viewers will visit pastors, leaders,
                                      staff and members of these congregations without
                                      leaving their own church building or home. Plenty of
                                      time will be given to discuss what is seen and how to
                                      apply it to the viewers‘ own congregations. This
                                      interactive learning video can be used in any order.
                                      The series will bring knowledgeable presenters to
                                      congregations. The video workshop has 21
                                      segments that give congregations the opportunity to
                                      study an evangelism area in-depth while learning
                                      from other ELCA congregations. A detailed
                                      facilitator‘s guide is included. Tape I-132 minutes,
                                      Tape II–103 minutes. Also included in this video
                                      workshop is Making Christ Known-BASIC. This
                                      video, which is narrated by Rev. Marta Poling-
                                      Goldenne, Director of the ELCA‘s Evangelism Team,
                                      deals with the importance of evangelism for
                                      congregations and outlines basic strategies for
MAKING LOVE LAST FOREVER:             In this video, Gary Smalley, internationally
                                      recognized marriage counselor, teaches couples how
                                      to have a healthy satisfying relationship. He reveals
                                      the most common pitfalls that stand in the way of a
                                      good relationship, and he describes proven
                                      techniques for making them better. It is a good video
                                      for people beginning a relationship or rebuilding a
                                      new one. The video will change your understanding
                                      of what it means to give and receive love, and it
                                      identifies the four greatest risk factors facing couples
                                      today and what to do to avoid them. 83 minutes

MAN CALLED LUTHER, A                  This story centers upon Martin Luther, the Great
                                      Reformer of the sixteenth century. Forty-two years of
                                      his life are portrayed. Filmed in East and West
                                      Germany and the Austrian Alps, it is serious in tone
                                      and the language is that of Martin Luther as it has
                                      been translated in English. 40 minutes

MAN CALLED PETER, A                   This video is the true story of a man‘s friendship with
                                      God–a feature film produced by 20th Century Fox.
                                      Peter Marshall, Scottish-born, completes his religious
                                      training in the United States, where he serves as
                                      pastor in several congregations. He eventually
                                      becomes pastor of the prestigious Church of the
                                      Presidents, in Washington D.C., and is asked to
                                      serve as spiritual guide for the Senate. A Man Called
                                      Peter is a deeply moving story. 117 minutes

MARKED FOREVER: A STORY OF BAPTISM    This video produced by Seraphim Communication,
                                      St. Paul, Minn., is a powerful story of God‘s grace.
                                      Featured in this video are Matt and Kathy, a young
                                      married couple, who farm in North Dakota. The focus
                                      is on how God through the ministry of the
                                      congregation brought them through the despair and
                                      pain of the crib death of their first child, Katie Ann.
                                      This is a very emotional presentation as Kathy reads
                                      from her journal and Matt recalls digging the grave
                                      on the farm. This is an excellent witness to the
                                      beauty of the sacrament of Holy Baptism. I would
                                      use this video for a youth session on Baptism as well
                                      as any aged adult class. 13 minutes

MARTIN AND KATE: A MIGHTY INFLUENCE   Dr. Roland Bainton discusses Luther, his marriage,
                                      his work and his influence. The role of Kate Luther is
                                      highlighted. 16 minutes
MARTIN LUTERO                         This is the Spanish version of the old black and white
                                      Martin Luther film. 105 minutes
MARTIN LUTHER (LONG VERSION)          Originally released in theaters worldwide and
                                      nominated for an Academy award, this film depicts
                                      the life of Luther and the forces at work in the
                                      surrounding society that resulted in his historic
                                      reforming efforts. It spans the years from his calling
                                      to the priesthood through the Augsburg Confession
                                      of 1530. It‘s good for classroom or personal use. 105
MARTIN LUTHER (SHORT VERSION)           Abridged version of the life of Martin Luther. 29
MARTIN LUTHER HOMES—TOUCHING THE        This is the newest video put out for the 75th
FUTURE ROOTED IN LOVE                   anniversary Martin Luther Homes. It shows 75 years
                                        of MLH as a church-related agency providing ―the
                                        Lord‘s touch of love to people with developmental
                                        disabilities and other special needs.‖ 12 minutes

MARTIN LUTHER—PBS HOME VIDEO            This new video presented by PBS is a new look at
                                        the life of Martin Luther. It is an extremely interesting
                                        video on the life of a man who changed the world.
                                        Luther‘s attack on the all-powerful Catholic Church
                                        was a knife to the heart of an empire that had
                                        endured for over a thousand years. Nailing his
                                        treatise to the doors of the Wittenberg Cathedral
                                        unleashed forces that plunged Europe into war and
                                        chaos. Luther did more than revolutionize the
                                        Church, he offered the Christian world a new vision
                                        of humanity‘s relationship with authority in general.
                                        ―Martin Luther‖ is the dramatic story of the collapse
                                        of the medieval world and the birth of the modern
                                        age. 110 minutes

MARTIN LUTHER: HERETIC (STUDY COURSE)   This video is a four-part study course which follows
                                        Luther‘s ten-year development from a monk fearful of
                                        God to a man assured of his salvation. It will bring
                                        you a new understanding of Luther, the conditions
                                        leading to the break with the church, and the impact
                                        of his teaching in our lives today. This course can be
                                        used in a variety of settings including Bible class,
                                        confirmation instruction, junior high and high school
                                        classes, etc. 70 minutes

MARTIN! GOD LOVES YOU                   This video visualizes the story of Martin Luther‘s life
                                        especially for youngsters. Children will discover a
                                        person much like themselves, as Martin grows up
                                        and discovers the miracle of love freely-given
                                        revealed in the Gospel of our Lord Jesus. For
                                        children, grades 1-8. 30 minutes
MARY MAGDALENE—THE HIDDEN APOSTLE       This biography, which was aired on A&E, puts a new
                                        light on the life of Mary Magdalene. It states that the
                                        way this woman is usually viewed might not be totally
                                        accurate. It shows the great influence that she had
                                        on spreading the Christian religion. The video talks
                                        about Mary Magdalene‘s life before she met Jesus,
                                        the close relationship she had with him and how she
                                        lived her life after his death and resurrection. It is an
                                        extremely interesting and thought-provoking video.
                                        50 minutes
MASAI DECIDE, THE     This video tells the thrilling story of the baptism of
                      900 of the Masai people in 1992. It was a culmination
                      of forty years of missionary effort among this
                      nomadic people in Tanzania. It is ideal complement
                      to mission education programs, confirmation class
                      lessons on global mission, sermons, and other
                      opportunities to teach about the work of the ELCA.
                      The video comes with a usage guide to suggest
                      multiple ways of letting it help your program. 9
MASTERING CHANGE      This two-tape series on change was developed for
                      training sessions in business, but holds usable
                      principles and strategies for the congregation. The
                      first video helps the viewer understand change and
                      learn the vital principles for becoming change
                      oriented. The second video focuses on
                      organizational change and how to help it happen
                      successfully. Many illustrations compatible with the
                      Christian faith are used in this resource. This video
                      could best be used for councils and committees as
                      well as for individual instruction in counseling
                      settings. A workbook accompanies the series. Two
                      tapes. 150 minutes
MAY‘S MIRACLE         The baby was blind and had mental retardation and
                      cerebral palsy when May adopted him and patiently
                      cared for him. At 16, Leslie could not stand on his
                      own, speak, or feed himself, yet May never gave up
                      hope. Her unselfish love and enduring faith are
                      wondrously rewarded in this true story of a miracle in
                      our midst. 28 minutes
MCGEE AND ME SERIES   This is entertainment for junior high youth with the
                      excitement kids love to watch and the Biblical values
                      parents want their kids to learn. 1. A Star in the
                      Breaking–Once upon a time the only thing you would
                      win by being an ace with ketchup and mustard
                      bottles and cream pies was a trip to the principal‘s
                      office and a two-week detention. But today,
                      perfecting those skills can get you a visit to a TV
                      game show and a two-week vacation! This
                      adventure deals with a lesson in humility. 2. The Big
                      Lie–You‘re eleven years old. You‘ve moved with your
                      parents and sisters to a new town where you don‘t
                      know anybody. Your neighbor is the kind of eccentric
                      character that kids make up scary stories about. The
                      school bully knows who you are, where to find you,
                      and why he doesn‘t like you before your first day of
                      school is over. Nicholas and his best friend, McGee,
                      discover that telling lies is not a convenient way to
                      make friends. 3. The Not-So-Great Escape–Nicholas
                      defies his parents and sneaks out of the house to
                      see the latest R-rated horror movie. In this episode
                      Nicholas learns the value of obedience and being
                      wise when making decisions. 4. Skate
MEET BISHOP HANSON                    This new video from Mosaic is a documentary on the
                                      life of Mark S. Hanson, new presiding Bishop of the
                                      ELCA. It will acquaint the viewer with many aspects
                                      of Bishop Hanson‘s life. 11 minutes
MEETING JESUS                         Six video renditions of stories about encounters with
                                      Jesus. Each contains a reading of the scripture, a
                                      retelling of the story and opportunity for discussion
                                      and reflection. A leader‘s guide is included. Tape 1:
                                      Mary at the Temple, 17 minutes. Tape 2: The Rich
                                      Young Ruler, 16 minutes. Tape 3: The
                                      Syrophoenician Woman, 15 minutes. Tape 4: The
                                      Woman at the Well, 20 minutes. Tape 5: Judas and
                                      the Last Supper, 16 minutes. Tape 6: Thomas After
                                      the Resurrection, 17 minutes. These videos would
                                      work well as a series for adult study or discussion
                                      groups. 101 minutes

MEN: GOD, WOMEN, KIDS, BUSINESS       In this four-part segment video, men share some of
                                      the secrets that they have learned in balancing the
                                      demands of marriage, kids, faith and work in order to
                                      enjoy some of the rewards. Discussion guide
                                      enclosed. Four 30-minute segments. 120 minutes

MEN‘S MINISTRY: GENERATION TO         This DVD produced by Lutheran Men in Mission of
GENERATION                            the ELCA features Dr. Roland Martinson. He
                                      discusses the spiritual development of young men
                                      across America. A large number of men were
                                      interviewed and relate how they experienced God.
                                      Many different factors were influential in their lives.
                                      The things that made them grow in spirituality were
                                      discusses. Although this DVD was based on the
                                      answers given by young men, it could really apply to
                                      all individuals in society. It is a very interesting and
                                      profound video. Dr. Martinson does an excellent job
                                      in explaining what churches could do to speak to
                                      young individuals. 60 minutes

MESSAGE OF MARK (STUDY COURSE), THE   This is a study course produced by SELECT, which
                                      is a program of the Division for Ministry of the ELCA.
                                      However, it is designed for people with a solid
                                      background in Bible study and theology. This study
                                      of Mark focuses on Mark as drama and literature.
                                      The presenter is Dr. David Rhoads, Professor of
                                      New Testament at the Lutheran School of Theology
                                      at Chicago. The course is designed in seven
                                      sessions. There is also required reading from Mark
                                      as Story (An Introduction to the Narrative of a
                                      Gospel) by David Rhoads and Donald Michie,
                                      Augsburg Fortress Press. This would be a great
                                      resource for clergy and lay people in clusters to
                                      study together. Seven sessions.
MICHAEL W. SMITH: CHANGE YOUR WORLD   This concert video features songs from recent
LIVE                                  Michael W. Smith releases. Between each song is a
                                      short interview clip with his comments. Good for high
                                      school and young adult discussions on
                                      perfectionism, Christian commitment, racism,
                                      friendship. 86 minutes
MINISTERING TO THOSE EXPERIENCING     Those interested in the lay ministry training know well
DEPRESSION                            the name Stephen Ministries of St. Louis, Mo. For 25
                                      years they have been offering their system of one-on-
                                      one lay ministry for congregations. In addition to this
                                      system of lay ministry, they have also produced a
                                      number of resources for ministry. The videotape,
                                      Ministering To Those Experiencing Depression, is an
                                      excellent resource for understanding this important
                                      topic. The video is actually a recording of a live
                                      presentation given at one of their training
                                      conferences and so it lacks the professional quality
                                      of a tape produced in a studio. However, it is an
                                      excellent resource for gaining a rudimentary
                                      understanding of depression and how we can help
                                      those experiencing it. Presented in layman‘s terms
                                      by the Rev. Kathie Bender, the tape is broken down
                                      into two 30-minute sections to be used alone or in a
                                      group discussion, Bible passages for further study,
                                      and an appendix list of books for further reading. All
                                      in all, an excellent resource for those wishing to gain
                                      a beginning understanding of depression and for
                                      helping others to care for those experiencing it. 54
MINISTRY ON THE INSIDE                The video explains the very inspirational prison
                                      ministry of Pastor Bud Christenson. This is a ministry
                                      that is transforming prisoners. The inside ministry
                                      program starts with baptism and includes the study
                                      of Scripture, the Lord‘s Supper and singing. One of
                                      Pastor Bud‘s most important messages is that the
                                      prisoners should start doing good on the inside.
                                      Pastor Bud‘s ministry is a ministry of love. Part of the
                                      ministry consists of ―The Bridge‖ which helps
                                      prisoners adjust to outside life. Pastor Bud has
                                      formed a very unique and lasting bond with the
                                      inmates that he ministers to. He and his late wife,
                                      Muriel, started this Bridge program. Her salary as a
                                      schoolteacher was the primary source of funding the
                                      Bridge program. She was an angel to the inmates.
                                      12 minutes
MINISTRY, A CROSS, A BORDER, A          This is the story of ELCA ministry along the U.S.-
                                        Mexico border, the only place on earth where the
                                        First and Third Worlds meet. Sponsored by Region 2
                                        and a grant from the ELCA Commission for
                                        Communication, this video is the outgrowth of more
                                        than two years of study and planning by the Border
                                        Area Strategy Leadership Team. Its purpose is to
                                        interpret to all ELCA congregations the richness of
                                        border ministries, and the mix of cultures and
                                        languages across which they function, and the
                                        blessings they bring to the rest of the church. For
                                        adults. 15 minutes
MIRACLE MAKER—THE STORY OF JESUS, THE   The 3-D animation used in this video presents in a
                                        very moving and beautifully portrayed manner the life
                                        and works of Jesus. Many of Jesus‘ miracles and
                                        words are reenacted to tell this compelling story.
                                        Tamar, the little girl whom Jesus brought back to life,
                                        follows the events of his adult life. She and others
                                        who come to know Jesus experience Christ‘s love
                                        and hear his words firsthand. The animated video
                                        features the voices of an all-star cast of actors.
                                        Children of all ages will learn from and enjoy this
                                        moving and spiritually rewarding video. 87 minutes

MIRACLE OF THE CARDS                    This film is based on the true story of Craig
                                        Shergold, an eight-year-old cancer patient, who
                                        during the course of his treatment, manages to shock
                                        the world by breaking The Guinness World Record
                                        for receiving get-well cards, amassing an astounding
                                        1.3 million cards from around the world. The cards
                                        are only the beginning of the miracles. This is a
                                        wonderfully inspiring story of hope and faith. 89
MISSING                                 This video is the story of three very different young
                                        people whose paths cross in an unexpected way.
                                        They find themselves in a very dangerous adventure
                                        that they will never forget. Kevin hates living in the
                                        mission field with his family. Mario, because of
                                        poverty, lives on the street and has a constant
                                        struggle for survival. Rina, his sister, is abducted with
                                        no hope of escape. The story is one of courage and
                                        bravery. It shows the desperate situation of orphans
                                        in developing countries. 49 minutes

MISSION FIELD NEBRASKA                  The video explains the vibrant multi-cultural
                                        ministries that exist in the Nebraska Synod. To quote
                                        Bishop deFreese, ―The wind of the Spirit is blowing
                                        new and fresh. God has empowered us to truly make
                                        a difference.‖ The video shows how these ministries
                                        have helped the people they serve. The missions
                                        serve the needs of those whom Christ has called us
                                        to care for. It is an excellent video. Two versions of
                                        11 or 40 minutes. 40 minutes
MODERN PARABLES—LIVING IN THE KINGDOM This DVD set is an original film-based Bible study
OF GOD                                curriculum on Jesus‘ parables. The 12 lesson study
                                      and 6 bonus lessons combine cinema and theology
                                      in short dramatic films, pastoral application videos,
                                      director‘s commentaries, a Leader‘s Guide and Study
                                      Book to create an entirely new learning experience.
                                      The study can be used for Sunday school classes,
                                      small groups, youth groups, family study and
                                      evangelism. The films include: Hidden Treasure,
                                      Samaritan, The Shrewd Manager, The Widow and
                                      the Judge, The Sower and the Prodigal Son. A
                                      leader‘s guide, study book and 12 teacher prep
                                      lessons are included.

MOLDER OF DREAMS                             With wit and humor, Guy Doud delivers a touching
                                             presentation that reveals how deeply we affect
                                             others, sometimes without even realizing it. Guy
                                             Doud uses a lot of good down-home stories. Doud
                                             was named Teacher of the Year in 1986. In this
                                             video, he shares his experiences to help teachers
                                             better understand their students. Speaking to an
                                             audience of adults–maybe teachers–he emphasizes
                                             students over curriculum, caring over instructing.
                                             This video would be a good motivational video for a
                                             Sunday School staff or a discussion starter for an
                                             adult series on education. 90 minutes

MOMMY, WHO‘LL TAKE CARE OF ME?               Connecticut Public Television produced this video. It
                                             deals with children in families with AIDS. Five
                                             families are profiled. The intense emotion, even after
                                             a period has passed since the loved one died, is very
                                             evident. Even though this was done by public
                                             television, the section on compassion refers in faith
                                             to God frequently. Hope is also prominent in the
                                             video. A good discussion starter or informative piece
                                             for adult forums or groups of older high school
                                             students. Preview before showing. 60 minutes

MOMS, DADS, AND OTHER ENDANGERED             Pat Hurley, nationally famous comedian and lecturer,
SPECIES                                      discusses the issue of communicating with your
                                             parents and other issues facing youth today. 30
MONEY DREAM, THE                             This video produced through an ELCA Division for
                                             Congregational Ministries grant is youth-oriented. It
                                             explores attitudes and value about spending. A
                                             young man‘s skateboard is broken, but is replaced
                                             with $200. He explores options of use for the money.
                                             This fast moving video can clarify and strengthen
                                             financial life skills. It will be enjoyed by junior and
                                             senior high youth. 8 minutes
MORMONS, THE                          In this revealing production from American
                                      Experience and Frontline producer Helen Whitney
                                      digs into the Mormon past to understand the church
                                      today. Whitney paints a more complex portrait of
                                      Mormonism than ever before. The portrait neither
                                      vilifies the group nor extols it. She reveals the
                                      Mormon story as an American story and perhaps the
                                      most American of religions. 240 minutes

MORNING STAR OF WITTENBERG—THE LIFE   This ELCA video documentary provides an intimate
OF KATIE LUTHER, THE                  look at Katharina von Bora, former nun, sixteenth-
                                      century entrepreneur and wife of Martin Luther,
                                      father of the Protestant Reformation. It is an in-depth
                                      look at the life of the woman who helped Luther
                                      change the course of history. The video features the
                                      insights of noted Katharine experts Dr. Kirsi Stejerna,
                                      Lutheran Theological Seminary at Gettysburg, and
                                      Dr. Martin Treu, curator of the Luther Museum in
                                      Wittenberg. The video presents an outstanding
                                      history of this often-overlooked partner in the
                                      Reformation. A study guide is included. 30 minutes

MOSAIC                                SPRING 2000, The Sandwich Generation: In-
                                      between Care Givers (9 minutes); Three Options (8
                                      minutes); It‘s Time to Talk (8 minutes). SUMMER
                                      2000, The Lost Mission (11 minutes), Bridging the
                                      Leadership Gap (9 minutes), Reshaping the Vision (9
                                      Minutes), Bonus Segment: Backpacks for the Youth
                                      Gathering (3 minutes). FALL 2000, ―My
                                      Bangladesh,‖–A Boy Looks at His Nation (7
                                      minutes); The Incredible Hunger-fighting Silkworm (8
                                      minutes), Lighting her Lamp: Hope for Bangladesh (8
                                      minutes). WINTER 2000, Water: America‘s
                                      Endangered Lifeline Superior Testimonies (13
                                      minutes); Our Fresh Water: Surfacing the Issues (9
                                      minutes); Creation Care in Your Own Backyard–(7
                                      minutes). SPRING 2001, Genetics, Ethics and
                                      Faith–The New World of Genetics and You, (9
                                      minutes); Testing and Screening: The Genetics
                                      Oracle (10 minutes), Who Controls Your Genetic
                                      Secrets? (8 minutes). SUMMER 2001, Worship in
                                      the ELCA: Surviving the Worship Wars (12 minutes);
                                      The Many Faces of Lutheran Worship (10 minutes);
                                      Christian Worship: A Talk With the Experts (13
                                      minutes). FALL 2001, Stand With Africa Africans;
                                      The Real Growth Experts (14 minutes); From Coffins
MOSAIC—OPENING DOORS TO               This DVD put out by Mosaic, the combined
EXTRAORDINARY LIVES FOR PEOPLE WITH   organization of Bethphage and Martin Luther Homes,
DISABILITIES                          shows the services that this organization provides for
                                      people with disabilities. Mosaic provides
                                      individualized services, living options, work choices,
                                      spiritual nurture, and advocacy to more than 3,500
                                      people with disabilities in the United States and
                                      Great Britain. Its services are being expanded to
                                      other countries.
MOSAIC: FALL 2005—PRAYER                Mosaic—Fall 2005—Prayer. This fall DVD from
                                        Mosaic takes the viewer on a prayer journey. It
                                        explores prayer in the Old and New Testaments, in
                                        Martin Luther‘s writings, and in the ELCA today.

MOSAIC: FALL 2006                       Mission Support—Where Your Money Goes. Bonus
                                        features: User‘s Guide; 10-10-80 Stewardship Video;
                                        ELCA Identity: 2006 Synod Assembly Video.

MOSAIC: FALL 2007                       Understanding Fundamentalism. This DVD unpacks
                                        the use of the name ―evangelical‖ and touches on the
                                        unique roles played by Pentecostal and African
                                        American churches in the story of fundamentalism. It
                                        also looks at examples of ELCA Lutherans and
                                        conservative Christians working together.

MOSAIC: SPRING 2005—INTRODUCING THE     Spring 2005 MOSAIC–Introducing the New
NEW TESTAMENT                           Testament. Divided into three parts: Gospels,
                                        Letters, and Revelation. The viewer will learn about
                                        the origins of the New Testament, its authors, when
                                        they wrote, and to whom they were writing.

MOSAIC: SPRING 2006—INTRODUCING JESUS   Introducing Jesus of Nazareth: Peter Marty makes a
OF NAZARETH                             journey across the Holy Land. This DVD is a
                                        straightforward, concise retelling of the Gospel story.
                                        User‘s guide and bonus materials, A Century in
                                        Madagascar and Scenes from the Holy Land,
MOSAIC: SPRING 2007—THE HOLY SPIRIT     The Holy Spirit Bonus features: User‘s Guide,
                                        Seasons of Renewal, Her Words Took Wing. 30
MOSAIC: SUMMER 2005                     Beyond Tsunami—Lutherans Respond. ELCA
                                        Disaster Response on India‘s eastern coastline
                                        through the United Evangelical Lutheran Church in
                                        India. We learn that strong, long-term relationships
                                        with global partners are what make ELCA Disaster
                                        Response so effective. Good for an adult forum. 30
MOSAIC: SUMMER 2006                     Understanding the Roman Catholic Church
MOSAIC: SUMMER 2007                     Ready to Forgive: An African Story of Grace. Bonus
                                        features: User‘s Guide, The Story of Lutheran
MOSAIC: WINTER 2004                     Winter 2004—Women of the Early Church.
MOSAIC: WINTER 2005—INTRODUCING THE     This DVD combines the biblical narrative, beautiful
OLD TESTAMENT                           images, and interviews with Old Testament scholars.

MOSAIC: WINTER 2006—HOLY COMMUNION      Holy Communion is central to the Christian faith.
                                        Martin Luther saw Jesus present in, with and under
                                        the sacrament. Bonus features: User‘s guide.
                                        Lutheran School of Theology at Chicago
MOSAIC: WINTER 2007                  The Life of the Apostle Peter, with Rick Stevens. On
                                     this DVD, Rick Stevens, travel host, recounts the
                                     story of the Apostle Peter from his early days as a
                                     fisherman, through his three-year adventure with
                                     Jesus, to the tumultuous events surrounding Jesus‘
                                     death and resurrection. The video recounts Peter‘s
                                     transformation from fisherman to charismatic leader
                                     of the early church and the legend of his martyrdom
                                     in Rome. Find out why Christians look to Peter as a
                                     model for what it means to be a follower of Jesus.
                                     User guide enclosed. 29 minutes

MOST IMPORTANT ROOM, THE             This video has been produced by the Lutheran
                                     Church Library Association to assist congregations in
                                     the ministry of church libraries, and helping them with
                                     the set-up of a library in their church. 9 minutes

MOTHER GOOSE GOSPEL                  This is a sing-along video. It includes many songs
                                     about Jesus to the tune of other well-known
                                     melodies. A songbook is included. 30 minutes
MOTHER TERESA—IN THE NAME OF GOD‘S   Mother Teresa is widely renowned as the tiny woman
POOR                                 from Albania that captured the hearts and minds of
                                     the world with her humanitarian work in the slums of
                                     Calcutta, India. She has been acclaimed a ―living
                                     saint‖ by many and was awarded the Nobel Peace
                                     Prize in 1979. The inspiring Hallmark Hall of Fame
                                     drama stars Geraldine Chaplin and David Byrd. 93
MOTHER TERESA—SEEING THE FACE OF     This video presents the life and work of Mother
JESUS                                Teresa with words and pictures that even the
                                     youngest child will understand. Children will happily
                                     learn that Mother Teresa was a person much like
                                     they are: a person whose strong faith and trust in
                                     God helped her to make incredible changes in the
                                     world. Mother Teresa saw the face of Jesus in each
                                     sick and dying person she helped.

MOTHER TIGER, MOTHER TIGER           This Teleketic video was produced by Franciscan
                                     Communications in Los Angeles, Calif. It is a classic
                                     from the 1970s that one can still use effectively with
                                     small groups in the church. This is an emotional
                                     video with a focus on commitment, suffering, and
                                     death. It is suitable for an audience of high school
                                     students through adults. Based on a true story, the
                                     video shows how a mother, through flashbacks,
                                     relives her recent joy and expectation in the birth of
                                     her child, and the resulting anger and frustration
                                     upon discovering that her child is severely
                                     handicapped. The mother rages at God, whom she
                                     believes had treated her so cruelly. 10 minutes
MOTIVATING CHURCH VOLUNTEERS              Marlene Wilson presents ideas taken from Frederick
                                          Herzberg‘s research on motivation, speaks about the
                                          importance of this information to congregations, and
                                          then shares a basic philosophy that Walt Disney
                                          used in working with his managers. 18 minutes

MOUSE IN THE MANGER, THE                  Oscar, the mouse, has enchanted generations of
                                          children in the best-selling book and now stars in this
                                          delightful video adaptation of the famous story. A
                                          valuable lesson in friendship and sharing when
                                          Oscar enters a quiet stable in Bethlehem. 19 minutes

MR. KRUEGER‘S CHRISTMAS                   Actor Jimmy Stewart creates a delightful story of a
                                          lonely man whose Christmas fantasies finally come
                                          true. As he decorates his Christmas tree in his tiny
                                          basement apartment, Mr. Krueger dreams about
                                          directing the Mormon Tabernacle Choir. When he is
                                          drawn from his revelry by the sound of caroling, he
                                          invites them inside for warmth and refreshments. All
                                          too soon they leave him behind, taking with them a
                                          little golden-haired girl who so admired his lovely
                                          crèche. As he returns to his tree trimming, he finds a
                                          pair of tiny mittens that he places on his tree. Once
                                          again, his fantasies take hold. He finds himself
                                          among the now living Biblical figures of his crèche!
                                          Krueger thanks the Christ child for being with him as
                                          a friend. ―I love you,‖ he says. ―I can hold my head
                                          high wherever I go.‖ His dream is interrupted by a
                                          knock on the door. The little girl and her mother have
                                          returned for her mittens. Sensing his loneliness, they
                                          invite him to join the carolers and share their
                                          Christmas dinner. 25 minutes

MUDHOUSE / SABBATH   with Dr. Lauren F.   This DVD by Paraclete Press will challenge the
Winner                                    viewers to 1. Encounter the Jewish context that
                                          nurtured Jesus, 2. Explore spiritual practices of
                                          hospitality, mindful eating, prayer and fasting and
                                          mourning, 3.Deepen their Christian faith by
                                          incorporating these things into their lives. It is a
                                          course in Christian formation or can be used as a
                                          companion to Dr. Winners best selling book. By
                                          learning the Jewish practices of Jesus, viewers can
                                          over come the gaps that they sometimes feel exist
                                          between Jesus and themselves. Seven sessions
                                          with discussion time and sessions. 65 minutes
MUSIC BOX                        This video is a White Lion Pictograph production of
                                 the film by James F. Robinson. It is a modern
                                 parable of the joy-filled life in Christ and our
                                 responsibility to share that joy. This is a fun video for
                                 any audience junior high or older. Adults will really
                                 enjoy it. It would work well as one tool for an inter-
                                 generational event or perhaps as a starter for
                                 families to discuss sharing the joy of their faith with
                                 one another. This classic film has won more than six
                                 major film awards. You will definitely enjoy it. 28
MUSIC OF CHRISTMAS, THE          Produced by Questar Video, Inc. The musical
                                 pageantry of nine church choirs from Ft. Lauderdale
                                 to Los Angeles celebrates the birth of Jesus Christ in
                                 this joy-filled video. This program brings these
                                 magnificent choirs, most with more than 100 voices
                                 and accompanied by orchestra. It is a wonderful,
                                 creative and the first of its kind in bringing Christmas
                                 music and pageantry together for viewing. 60
MUTUAL MINISTRY COMMITTEE, THE   A video resource from Select and the ELCA Division
                                 for Ministry. A viewing guide is included and the
                                 video compliments the Mutual Ministry Committee
                                 handbook available from the ELCA Distribution
                                 Service. This video deals with the ―whys‖ and ―hows‖
                                 of having a mutual ministry committee in the
                                 congregation. 24 minutes
MY FAVORITE CHRISTMAS            This video is all about Caring and Giving and is
                                 especially for youth and adult viewing. My Favorite
                                 Christmas is about the Christmas miracle that
                                 happens to us when we least expect it. The miracle
                                 of a broken heart and opened eyes. The story of how
                                 the last thing we‘d ever want could be the one thing
                                 we need the most. 24 minutes

MY GIFT, MY SELF                 This story is a drama that raises some important
                                 stewardship issues for discussion. It makes this
                                 point: Our giving reflects our selves. We know the
                                 adage, ―You are what you eat.‖ This drama‘s point
                                 would change that to ―You are what you give.‖ For
                                 Christian stewards, the fundamental question is
                                 raised: ―How does my giving reflect my Christian
                                 faith?‖ 15 minutes
MYSTERIES OF THE BIBLE                This series might be called, ―The Bible goes ‗A&E‘.‖
                                      In fact it is produced by the parent company, Arts &
                                      Entertainment Network. Those who are accustomed
                                      to turning to them for some of the best TV education
                                      and programming will not be disappointed. Sit up,
                                      take note, and watch. The awe and splendor of these
                                      broadcasts is a most fitting medium for our time and
                                      if any could do justice to our topic, this six-tape, 12-
                                      hour series is more than adequate. It is magnificent!
                                      This is beautifully photographed and exquisitely
                                      produced. From the centerpiece of Part 1, the Dead
                                      Sea Scrolls, to the heart of Part 6, Jerusalem and the
                                      life of David, there is much to be covered, and it
                                      must of course move along at a pace that is
                                      sometimes fast. But this is a true education and a
                                      very artistic presentation of key parts of the Biblical
                                      Story. Which is not to say that this is one of those
                                      videos you could even consider just plugging in and
                                      let it ―do the class session for you.‖ On the contrary,
                                      there is no discussion guide and you will want to
                                      review extremely well, perhaps carefully, perhaps
                                      selecting your segments as you go. You could plan
                                      an extended series over twenty-four sessions. There
MYSTERIES OF THE BIBLE—THE GREATEST   This A&E best-selling series features seven all-new
STORIES                               programs investigating the greatest stories in the
                                      Bible. Filmed on location throughout the Holy Land,
                                      this collection explores the latest archaeological
                                      discoveries and scientific research to probe for
                                      answers to some of the greatest riddles of the
                                      Scriptures. They include: Tape 1–The Last Revolt;
                                      Tape 2–The Bible‘s Greatest Secrets; Tape 3–Herod
                                      the Great; Tape 4–Biblical Angels; Tape 5–Cain and
                                      Abel; Tape 6–The Last Supper; Tape 7–Heaven and
                                      Hell; Each tape approximately 50 minutes. 350
MYTH OF RACE                          Myth of Race. This video is a brief look at what race
                                      is, where it came from and how it shapes our lives.
                                      ―Race‖ as we know it did not exist several centuries
                                      ago. This video traces the history of the social
                                      construct of race from its beginning in European
                                      politics and anthropology to its continuing destructive
                                      effects of today. While the social construct of race is
                                      founded on biological myth, its power to control who
                                      is ―on top‖ remains powerful. Study guide enclosed.
                                      19 minutes
MYTHS AND FACTS ABOUT ISLAM           Dr. Rodney Hutton of Trinity Lutheran Seminary,
                                      Columbus, Ohio, provides information that will be
                                      useful for discussion in youth groups and adult
                                      forums. It covers the following topics: Is the God of
                                      Islam a different God? What do they teach about
                                      Jesus? Do they teach ―works righteousness?‖ Who
                                      are the Shiites and Sunnis? Are they bent on
                                      converting people by violent means? This is a very
                                      interesting and informative DVD from Select. Each
                                      presentation is 8-10 minutes. CD-ROM Study Guide
NAMIBIA—NO EASY ROAD TO FREEDOM        Kevin Harris, a South African filmmaker, produced
                                       this video in 1988. It is an excellent piece for
                                       conferences, workshops, and two-hour forums.
                                       Enclosed is a copy of ―Dateline: Namibia‖ and the
                                       study guide. This video consists of three segments.
                                       57 minutes
NATALIE‘S ROSE                         This video is a simple, metaphorical story of comfort
                                       and assurance for all who struggle with death. Love
                                       never dies. Fifteen-year-old Natalie‘s world is turned
                                       upside down when her mother dies of cancer. A
                                       fragile white rose becomes her only tangible link
                                       between the mother that she lost and the hope that
                                       she needs to find. She goes to visit her aunt‘s horse
                                       farm. The white rose falls into the riding corral, and a
                                       white horse appears the next day. Natalie names the
                                       horse ―Rose.‖ As she rides and cares for Rose, she
                                       learns to accept death as a season of life. 88
NATIVE NATIONS—STANDING TOGETHER FOR    This DVD, released by the ELCA and hosted by
CIVIL RIGHTS                           Peter Coyote, chronicles the American Indians‘
                                       struggle for civil rights, and the creation of the
                                       National Indian Lutheran Board to raise funds and
                                       awareness for the struggle. From the controversy
                                       surrounding the 1862 trial, when 38 Dakota Sioux
                                       were executed in the largest single-day mass
                                       hanging in the United States history, to the
                                       confrontation of the 1960s when many Indian tribes
                                       joined together to speak out with a unified voice,
                                       ―Native Nations‖ tells the story of standing together
                                       for sovereignty, justice and civil rights. 59 minutes

NATIVITY STORY, THE                    The Nativity Story. Powerful, timeless, and visually
                                       magnificent, ―The Nativity Story‖ is a beautiful telling
                                       of one of the world‘s most familiar stories. DVD
                                       format includes both widescreen and full screen
NEBRASKA SYNOD ASSEMBLY AND FESTIVAL   Several audiotapes of the forums, assembly, and
AUDIO TAPES                            workshops of these gatherings are available.
NEBRASKA SYNOD, ELCA ASSEMBLY AND      This video was recorded in Fremont, Neb., at the
FESTIVAL—BISHOP DAVID DEFREESE         Nebraska Synod Assembly and Festival May 31 to
                                       June 2, 2001. It is a record of Bishop deFreese‘s
                                       participation in this event.
NEW FORMS OF WORSHIP                   Reinhold Pieper Marxhausen introduces new
                                       perspectives for discovering and expressing the
                                       Gospel in worship. Marxhausen shares many ways
                                       and styles that the whole congregation can use to
                                       become involved in visualizing the theme for worship
                                       for a Sunday or a season. This excellent video will
                                       generate hundreds of new ideas. 35 minutes
NEW JOURNEY‘S VIDEO                       Produced by Augsburg Fortress, this video is
                                          designed to bring new experiences into the
                                          confirmation classroom. The six sessions of this
                                          video can be used well with the ten sessions of the
                                          New Journeys course. Most of the video sections are
                                          short. Some sections communicate very well with
                                          youth. Other sections seem to move too slowly.
                                          There is a struggle in the video that seems to reflect
                                          a struggle with confirmation instruction effectively
                                          enabling youth to grow deeply in faith in Christ. In
                                          some places it seems to be pushing youth to a
                                          position where the ELCA presently is rather than
                                          enabling youth to grow in Christ from where they are.
                                          60 minutes
NEW LIFE IN BANGLADESH, A                 100-million people live in a country the size of
                                          Wisconsin. This video depicts how families live on so
                                          little. It is geared more for adults than children. It can
                                          be used well with a Bible Study on ―Living With a
                                          Little‖ or ―Mission to Other Cultures.‖ 11 minutes

NEW MEDIA BIBLE: GENESIS (STUDY COURSE)   This is one of the finest resources produced to help
                                          people learn the story of God‘s action with people.
                                          The Genesis Project produced it. With the exception
                                          of the creation story, all the sections are filmed on
                                          actual location. Hebrew and Aramaic are spoken in
                                          the background. The text of the Revised Standard
                                          Version of the Bible is spoken while the action of the
                                          story is happening. There are so many possible uses
                                          of this video for Bible study. Part I: The Beginning
                                          includes: The Creation; Adam and Eve; Cain and
                                          Abel; Noah and the Flood. Part II: Abraham includes:
                                          Abraham, the Journeys; Abraham, the Promise;
                                          Abraham, Sodom and Gomorrah; Abraham, the
                                          Binding of Isaac. Part III: Isaac, Esau and Jacob,
                                          includes Rebekah, Esau & Jacob, Rachel and Leah,
                                          Israel, and the Continuing Covenant. Part IV: Joseph
                                          includes: Joseph the Dreamer, Joseph the Vizier of
                                          Egypt, Joseph‘s Brother, Reconciliation, and Israel in
                                          Egypt. 4 tapes each 60-100 minutes. 300 minutes.

NEW MEDIA BIBLE: LUKE (SPANISH)           These videos are the same as above but the RSV
                                          version of the Bible is spoken in Spanish. They
                                          include the following: Part I: Christmas
                                          Annunciations, The Nativity, Baptism, Temptation,
                                          and Rejection. Part II: Easter, The Last Supper, The
                                          Crucifixion, Resurrection, and Ascension. 2 tapes
                                          each 60-75 minutes. 140 minutes
NEW MEDIA BIBLE: LUKE (STUDY COURSE)   This is filmed on location in Palestine. The quality of
                                       the video and the actors is excellent. Aramaic is
                                       spoken in the background as the text The text of the
                                       Revised Standard Version of the Bible is spoken.
                                       This series can be used in many different settings to
                                       help people learn the various stories of the life of
                                       Jesus. These videos could be used for older youth
                                       (at least 7th grade) to the oldest of adults. The
                                       following tapes are available: Part I, Christmas
                                       includes: Annunciation, The Nativity, Baptism,
                                       Temptation, and Rejection. PART II EARLY
                                       MINISTRY includes The Sermon on the Plain, The
                                       Anointing, The Transfiguration, The Lord‘s Prayer.
                                       Part III: Parables, includes The Mustard Seed, The
                                       Prodigal Son, Teachings, Entry into Jericho PART IV
                                       EASTER includes Jerusalem, The Last Supper, The
                                       Crucifixion, Resurrection, and Ascension. 4 tapes
                                       each 60-100 minutes. 300 minutes

NEW YOU, THE                           This video is a Concordia Sex Education series
                                       geared to teach youth, ages 11-14, that the feelings
                                       of masculinity and femininity are healthy and normal.
                                       25 minutes
NICHOLAS: THE BOY WHO BECAME SANTA     Nicholas was still a child when he discovered a very
                                       special secret that changed his life forever. It was the
                                       gift of giving, by which he brought happiness to many
                                       people. More than sixteen centuries later, the entire
                                       world celebrates the kindness and generosity of the
                                       man we call Santa Claus. A beautifully animated film
                                       based on historical facts and traditions. 30 minutes

NIKOLAI                                Nikolai is a Soviet teenager in the early 1980s who
                                       has a painful choice to make. If he compromises his
                                       faith and turns in evidence on his father‘s ministry,
                                       his education will be guaranteed. But Nikolai is a
                                       believer who is resolved to put Christ first. This
                                       dramatic film will cause all who watch, especially
                                       young people, to take a new and deeper look at the
                                       meaning and cost of Christian commitment. 35
NO SECOND CHANCE                       Produced by Jeremiah Films and distributed by
                                       WORD, Inc., this video is designed to inform junior
                                       high and senior high youth about AIDS. The video
                                       uses AIDS patients and their families to share
                                       information and insights. The featured presenter,
                                       Cathy Kay, R.N., is Executive Director of California
                                       Health Care Advocates. Although the design is to
                                       inform about the seriousness of AIDS, the real
                                       message to people is no premarital sex and no
                                       extramarital sex! It is a little preachy and legalistic at
                                       the end, but still a valuable teaching tool. 30 minutes
NOAH‘S ARK        James Earl Jones narrates this award-winning,
                  beautifully animated film that tells the story of Noah‘s
                  heroic mission to rescue creatures great and small.
                  Moving drama and heartwarming emotion are
                  brilliantly captured in this breathtaking adaptation of
                  Peter Spier‘s acclaimed children‘s book, perfectly
                  complemented by a dynamic music score from
                  Stewart Copeland. Ages 3-10. 27 minutes

NOBODY KNOWS      Seraphim Communication, Inc., St. Paul, Minn.,
                  produced this video. It is an excellent resource for a
                  Gospel approach of ministry with people who are
                  struggling with depression. In this video, interviews
                  with patients, family members, doctors, and clergy
                  address issues including: defining clinical depression
                  and situational depression; depression as a family
                  disease; increased withdrawal from society; medical
                  psychological advances in treating depression; and
                  the Church‘s role in understanding and supporting
                  those afflicted with the disease. 19 minutes

NON-NEGOTIABLE    In this video, Woodrow Kroll, President of Back to
                  the Bible, talks with Tom Osborne and his Bible
                  partners, Fred Kauffman, a trial attorney, and Ron
                  Brown, receivers‘ coach for the Nebraska
                  Cornhuskers. Osborne describes his personal Bible
                  study and explains how God‘s Word became the
                  foundation for his daily life, on and off the playing
                  field. This video offers practical tips on group study
                  and accountability partnerships and encourages you
                  to demonstrate your commitment to, and love for, the
                  Word of God. 45 minutes
NOOMA             nooma ―NOOMA‖ is series of DVDs with a new
                  format for getting Christians‘ perspectives. It is a
                  series of short films with communicators that really
                  speak to the viewer. 198 minutes
NOOMA             Nooma video compilation featuring "Tomato", "She",
                  "Shells", "Open", "Name", "Today" and "Corner".
                  Each segment is 15 minutes long.
NOOMA—TOMATO      Tomato—Jesus says that our false self must die just
                  like a tomato so that our true self can blossom.
                  Based on Matthew 10:39, this Nooma invites the
                  viewer to surrender the ideals of our image-
                  conscious culture and embrace true identity in Christ.

NOOMA—WHIRLWIND   NOOMA–Whirlwind. There aren‘t nice, neat answers
                  for why certain things happen to certain people.
                  Often the perspective of a friend can help, but when
                  there is nothing more to say, where do we turn?
                  Maybe it‘s when there is nothing more to say that
                  God finally speaks. Rob Bell tells the story of Job.
                  He, too, had no answers as to why bad things
                  happened. When he finally was quiet, God spoke.
                  God takes us out of the whirlwind. We cannot and do
                  not need to understand everything.
NOT IN MY CHURCH                    ―Not In My Church‖ is the story of one church faced
                                   with the betrayal of trust by its minister...a story that
                                   could happen in any church. Produced by Center For
                                   the Prevention of Sexual and Domestic Violence of
                                   Seattle, Wash., especially for clergy and religious
                                   professionals of all faiths, lay audiences, pastoral
                                   counselors, teachers and students, and
                                   denominational leaders. 42 minutes
NOT WITHOUT HOPE                   This video was originally carried by network affiliates
                                   and has been adapted to facilitate group discussion
                                   of the issues raised by the program. A reproducible
                                   Bible study and discussion guide accompanies it. Six
                                   segments cover the following disasters: hurricane,
                                   flood, fire, earthquake, violence, and death. It can be
                                   used with high school through adult leaders.
                                   Appropriate settings would be personal reflection,
                                   Bible classes, small groups, support groups over
                                   multiple sessions or for single, focused session
                                   group discussions. 45 minutes

OLD TESTAMENT COLLECTION, THE      Produced for A&E Network. The extraordinary
                                   people and stories of the Old Testament have
                                   fascinated and inspired readers for thousands of
                                   years. Biography brings the first in-depth look at the
                                   men and women celebrated in ancient scriptures.
                                   Drawing on rare artifacts and paintings as well as
                                   interviews with experts and historians, this
                                   remarkable collection offers rich portraits of Adam
                                   and Eve, Noah, Moses, Samson and Delilah, King
                                   David, and Solomon and Sheba. Journey to the holy
                                   lands where these legendary people are thought to
                                   have lived, hear accounts of their miraculous lives
                                   and witness their triumphs over adversities and
                                   doubts. Tape 1–Adam and Eve. Tape 2–Noah. Tape
                                   3–Moses. Tape 4–Samson and Delilah. Tape 5–King
                                   David. Tape 6–Solomon and Sheba. 6 tapes each 50
                                   minutes, except Moses tape is 100 minutes. 350
ON OUR OWN TERMS-MOYERS ON DYING   This four-part series aired recently on network
                                   television, presenting the human stories of the dying
                                   and their wishes to meet life‘s ultimate passage with
                                   compassion, comfort, and dignity. Bill Moyers
                                   presents a window into how we die in America. It is a
                                   look into the experiences of patients, their families
                                   and their caregivers. It presents the decisions that
                                   have to be faced and the changes that are
                                   undergone. Along with these deeply personal
                                   perspectives, the viewer meets the medical, legal,
                                   and public policy experts who offer suggestions for
                                   improving conditions for terminal patients. The four
                                   programs cover the following topics: 1. Living with
                                   Dying. 2. A Different Kind of Care. 3. A Death of
                                   One‘s Own. 4. A Time to Change. Four 90-minute
                                   programs. 360 minutes
ON TELEVISION: TEACH THE CHILDREN   Children ages 6 to 11 spend more time watching
                                    television than they do in a classroom. They believe
                                    TV more than they do their parents, teachers, or
                                    books. But what does television teach? This
                                    groundbreaking documentary helps educators and
                                    parents scrutinize television‘s ―hidden curriculum.‖
                                    Furthermore, scholars explain how images of sex,
                                    violence, and conspicuous consumption have
                                    contributed to aggressive behavior and diminished
                                    cognitive abilities among the youth. This is an
                                    excellent video for parents.

ON TELEVISION: TEACH THE CHILDREN   Children ages 6 to 11 spend more time watching
                                    television than they do in a classroom. They believe
                                    TV more than they do their parents, teachers, or
                                    books. But what does television teach? This
                                    groundbreaking documentary helps educators and
                                    parents scrutinize television‘s ―hidden curriculum.‖
                                    Furthermore, scholars explain how images of sex,
                                    violence and conspicuous consumption have
                                    contributed to aggressive behavior and diminished
                                    cognitive abilities among the youth. This is an
                                    excellent video for parents.

ON THE AGING OF PARENTS             Produced by the Lutheran Center on Aging in
                                    Seattle, Wash., this video serves as a guide for adult
                                    children. It assists people in understanding some of
                                    the issues facing older persons and their families; it
                                    assists those who have special concerns relating to
                                    older persons by offering possible techniques and
                                    useful insights in dealing with these issues; and it
                                    stimulates other learning experiences in relating to
                                    older people. The video uses a series of vignettes to
                                    introduce a situation and provide a beginning for
                                    discussion. The video also shows some different
                                    responses a person can use for effective
                                    communication with an aging parent. We are truly a
                                    sandwich generation and this video may be very
                                    helpful in planning to reduce stress in our families.
                                    21 minutes
ON THE AIR I    These videos are mostly for teenagers who want to
                do the right thing in the ―90s‖, young people who
                want to feel loved in an unloving world, and
                teenagers who want to serve God. The videos
                include real-life stories, humor, and Neil McClendon
                as he addresses critical issues teenagers face every
                day. Great for weekend retreats, Sunday night
                programs, counseling sessions, or as a supplement
                to Sunday morning classes. Produced by Priority
                One. A leader‘s guide is with each tape. The five
                tapes in this series are: The Blame Game–I didn‘t do
                it! Don‘t blame me. Did you see me do it? Everybody
                else was doing it. He did it first. It‘s not my fault! On
                this episode of ―On the Air‖ you learn about the
                dangers of always blaming others when the Blame
                Game is played. (24 minutes) Can I Be a Christian
                Without Being Weird?–Being a Christian teenager
                can be difficult. This episode teaches that Christian
                behavior should be unique, but not obnoxious. (24
                minutes) I Am Not Angry!–Do you get irritated with
                pushy teachers?…annoyed with friends?...or is it a
                silent hostility toward a parent? Sometimes temper
                helps to do good things, but usually it gets you into
ON THE AIR II   Stupid Parent Tricks–This episode of ―On The Air‖
                will show teens how they can take positive steps to
                build better relationships with their parents…even in
                tough situations. The Gospel of Sex–This episode
                will look at sex from a biblical perspective. Young
                people will: discover the benefits of abstinence;
                receive practical tips on how to say ―no‖; and learn
                how to make a new start if they‘ve already been
                sexually active. When In Doubt...–With this episode
                teens will discover that doubt is not a ―four letter
                word.‖ Doubt is not the opposite of faith…it is the first
                step to a stronger, more personal faith. Life Isn‘t
                Fair–Here teenagers will discover that they are in
                control of their reactions to a world that isn‘t fair.
                They will learn how a change of attitude and
                perspective can improve their outlook on a world that
                is guaranteed to be unfair. Extreme Faith–Extreme!
                That‘s what it‘s all about. Putting oneself on the line
                to do something incredible. Is it possible to be an
                extreme Christian? Just ask two high school buddies
                who have been changing the course of history on the
                remote plains of Tanzania, East Africa. This episode
                of ―On The Air‖ will show ordinary young people
ON THE AIR III            These five tapes are a continuation of the On the
                          Air!, and On the Air II series. Messy Morality–In this
                          video, group members will be challenged to live by
                          Scripture‘s moral standards. They will be encouraged
                          to evaluate their own moral behavior and identify
                          areas of special concern. How Do I Fit In?–This
                          video will challenge group members to consider how
                          they determine their own worth. The class will review
                          the points raised in the video, learning the value that
                          God places on them. Guys vs. Girls–From this video,
                          group members will learn about differences in male
                          and female communication and values. They will
                          compare their own tendencies with the
                          generalizations, and they‘ll think about how guys and
                          girls can help one another follow God more
                          effectively. If Everyone‘s Right, Then Who‘s
                          Left–With this video, group members will consider
                          how to share the ―one and only‖ Son of God with a
                          world where anything goes. Members will review the
                          points raised in the video, understanding both the
                          truth of Christianity and the need to express it with
                          love. Extreme Faith–Here members will be
                          challenged to plan their lives with God‘s mission to
ONE CHRISTIAN‘S JOURNEY   This is a new video resource from SELECT. In the
                          video the viewer will hear a committed Lutheran
                          Christian, journalist, and seminary graduate talk
                          about gays and lesbians in the church. Margaret
                          Farnham tells of her own struggles as a lesbian and
                          addresses what Scripture says. In the words of a
                          bishop who attended a workshop conducted by
                          Farnham, ―This is how the church can engage in
                          fruitful dialogue in a helpful and nonthreatening way.‖
                          The video is in four segments: 1. Awareness and
                          Fears; 2. Breaking the Silence; 3. What Scripture
                          Says; and 4. Hope for the Future. Study guide
                          included. 100 minutes
ONE GOD                   With videos of homes and holy places of Christians,
                          Jews and Moslems in Israel, this video shows the
                          similarities of their teachings and common dedication
                          to peace. Appropriate for adult studies looking at
                          various religions and confirmation classes studying
                          the Ten Commandments. 28 minutes

ONE LIFE                  One Life is a thought-provoking program that
                          beautifully helps the viewer navigate through life-
                          shaping and perplexing questions. The video gently
                          illustrates how precious life is and how unreasonable
                          it is to think that there is no Creator. The viewer is
                          awed with the magnificence of human life and is
                          introduced to the Creator. He is challenged to get to
                          know the Creator personally. The program deepens
                          our understanding and respect for life and God, our
                          Creator. 25 minutes
ONE SPIRIT, ONE WILL, ZERO POVERTY—BY        This video is the latest release from Bread for the
BREAD FOR THE WORLD                          World. It deals with the Democratic Republic of the
                                             Congo. Recent civil unrest and the HIV/AIDS
                                             emergency have made the lives of the inhabitants
                                             even more difficult. Yet, hope remains. This video
                                             talks about the WORTH program that helps women
                                             create sustainable futures for their families. Through
                                             literacy training and job skills, women are learning to
                                             work together to start small businesses. The
                                             WORTH program teaches them to read and write, to
                                             run their own businesses, and to save. In 2006,
                                             Bread for the World members will urge Congress to
                                             increase development assistance. Support material
                                             for offering of letters included.

ONE WHO WAS THERE—RECOVERING EASTER Maureen O‘Sullivan portrays Mary Magdalene
JOY WITH MARY MAGDALENE             traveling from Jerusalem to her birthplace in Galilee
                                    in 64 A.D. This lonely survivor is one of the few left
                                    alive who had seen Jesus arrested and crucified. Her
                                    past, present, and future come together as she
                                    relives the powerful moments of Jesus‘ resurrection.
                                    She, who was among the first to see the risen Lord,
                                    finds a surge of new life and a renewal of faith. What
                                    began as a journey of despair ends with her return to
                                    serve the living God. 37 minutes

ONLY ONCE                                    This movie based on the book, Greg and Kellie, is
                                             the story of two well-adjusted and highly motivated
                                             teenagers. They both have supportive parents, and
                                             they love the Lord. They are making future college
                                             plans and life is wonderful for them. They fall in love
                                             and into temptation, ―Only Once.‖ That one mistake
                                             can change their lives. Their love and their faith are
                                             put to the test. Can they find the courage and inner
                                             strength to do what is right? This is a good film for
                                             teenagers. 56 minutes

OPEN A WORLD OF                              This video is a cooperative hunger education project
POSSIBILITIES—NICARAGUA                      of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America and
                                             Lutheran World Relief. It is a seven-session
                                             curriculum that can be used in congregations of any
                                             size. Each session is multi-generational. It is a very
                                             informational video about Nicaragua, a country
                                             where many people live in poverty. In the learning
                                             events the viewer walks together with brothers and
                                             sisters in the ELCA seeking hopeful answers to
                                             difficult questions about hunger and injustice.
                                             Enclosed is a guide with many support materials. It
                                             can be used as a 90-minute presentation or it can be
                                             divided into sessions.
OPEN A WORLD OF POSSIBILITY—2000-2001   The goal of this video is to open children‘s minds and
WORLD HUNGER PROJECT: BANGLADESH        hearts to God‘s love and to inspire them to serve
                                        their neighbors. It, along with a resource packet, is
                                        designed to help children walk in partnership with
                                        neighbors at home and throughout the world. It is
                                        designed for teachers who can help children to start
                                        a new ELCA-wide tradition by becoming part of the
                                        2000-2001 World Hunger Project. It is the first of
                                        what will be annual World of Possibility resources
                                        that will focus on a different country each year. This
                                        year it is Bangladesh. We meet Rocky and the
                                        Incredible Hunger-fighting Silk Worm. 14 minutes
                                        Also included on the video is the Fall 2000
                                        Mosaic–―Being Christ in Bangladesh.‖ 23 minutes. 37

OPEN WINDOW—BREAKING THE CYCLE OF       A friend makes a life-and-death difference to
SPOUSE ABUSE, THE                       someone who needs ―an open window.‖ What is
                                        abuse? What can be done to break the cycle? Is
                                        there a way out of the trap? How can a friend help? It
                                        comes with a Bible study and leader‘s guide and is
                                        suitable for use in a variety of congregational
                                        settings: circles, Bible study groups, church leaders
                                        workshops, Stephen Ministry, parents groups, etc. It
                                        can make a powerful presentation providing a means
                                        for discussing a subject that otherwise might be
                                        difficult to address. This video is one of several
                                        addressing sensitive social issues that have been
                                        purchased jointly by the Nebraska Synodical
                                        Women‘s Organization and the Nebraska Synod
                                        Video Library. 26 minutes

OPENING THE DOOR TO LUTHER              This video documentary produced by the ELCA
                                        Department for Communication relates the story of
                                        the life of Martin Luther and the Protestant
                                        Reformation. Rick Stevens, public television travel
                                        expert and author, serves as the program‘s host. The
                                        video, which features wonderful photography, was
                                        recorded on location in Wittenberg, Eisleben,
                                        Worms, Marburg, Coburg, and Erfurt. The video is
                                        an excellent presentation of the turmoil that Luther
                                        personally went through and of the turmoil that the
                                        Reformation caused in Europe. Luther‘s teaching
                                        that we are saved by God‘s grace through faith is
                                        emphasized. The video and user guide are designed
                                        for use in confirmation and new member classes. 30
OPERATION FUZZY SQUIRREL      This is a new resource in youth and family ministry.
                              While the format is humorous and playful, the video
                              has a serious intent: to help your congregation reach
                              out to youth with the Gospel of Jesus Christ. The
                              video is in two parts. Each part has numerous sub-
                              segments that shed light on ministry to and with
                              young people. An enclosed study guide will help
                              direct the conversation and learning as each
                              segment is watched. 40 minutes

ORDINARY DAY WITH JESUS, AN   The curriculum of this adult Bible study will equip the
                              viewers in concrete ways to embrace the very real
                              person of Jesus Christ in everyday life. The viewer
                              will learn to experience God‘s presence but not
                              necessarily by doing new things, but rather by doing
                              things in new ways–with Him. An ordinary day with
                              Jesus can truly be the greatest day a person has
                              ever had. It can lead to an extraordinary life. Included
                              are: One leader‘s guide, one participant‘s guide, one
                              electronic presentation CD-ROM. 45 minutes

ORDINARY TO EXTRAORDINARY     This is the new DVD from Lutheran World Relief.
                              Travel with LWR to Mali, West Africa, on a journey of
                              extraordinary love as quilts, layettes, kits, and soap
                              are distributed to school children, orphans, people
                              living with HIV/AIDS and others in need. See how
                              sharing tools for better health and education offers
                              gifts of new hope and dignity to thousands of families
                              around the world each year.

ORIENTATION TO THE ELCA       This video covers the very basics of Lutheran history
                              and faith and will help new members joining a
                              congregation. It can also start discussion and serve
                              as a review for small groups in congregations: Bible
                              studies, circles or youth meetings. It is divided into
                              the following segments: The Origins of the Lutheran
                              Church; What Lutherans Believe; Mission of the
                              ELCA Today; and Structure of the ELCA. A
                              discussion guide is included. 14 minutes

OTHER HOLY LAND, THE          This documentary takes the viewer to today‘s
                              Turkey. Visitors to this area, a predominantly Muslim
                              country, are often surprised to discover the cradle of
                              Christianity. Four areas in the heart of
                              Christianity–Constantinople, Cappadocia, Ephesus,
                              and Smyrna–are visited. This is the area where the
                              Apostle Paul and the Early Fathers preached and
                              taught and where a wealth of storied ruins and
                              magnificent edifices remain. Art history, religious
                              pilgrimage, travelogue and dramatized voices bring
                              Scriptural passages to life amid the locales where
                              they were originally written. 56 minutes
OUNCE OF PREVENTION                      Safeguard your marriage. This is a 13-session
                                         course with resources on two videotapes. The
                                         presenter is Gary Richmond, from an Evangelical
                                         Free Church in California. (Knowing this is helpful so
                                         that one will not be surprised by his conservative
                                         approach.) He has ministered to thousands, helping
                                         them rebuild their lives after the wreckage of divorce.
                                         This experience helped him understand what can
                                         make marriages fall apart. He shares practical
                                         advice in these 13 sessions. 1) The Biblical Model
                                         for Relating to Your Mate. 2) The Unique Aspects of
                                         Marriage Partnership. 3) Setting Goals for Your
                                         Marriage. 4) Resolving the Inevitable Conflicts. 5)
                                         Avoiding the Money Battles. 6) Expectations vs. Real
                                         Life. 7) The Cold Facts of the Divorce Decision. 8)
                                         Safeguards Against Adultery. 9) Cause of Marriage‘s
                                         Death–Boredom. 10) Becoming a Student of
                                         Romancing Your Mate. 11) Attitudes that Kill Unity.
                                         12) Serious Issues that Need Outside Help. 13)
                                         Reviewing the Safeguards of Marriage. A student‘s
                                         guide is included of which copies may be made for
                                         each individual in the group and can be handed out
                                         at the beginning of each session. 13 sessions, 50
                                         minutes each. 650 minutes
OUR COMMON MISSION IN CHRIST: HEART OF   Produced by the Office of Ecumenical Relations, The
THE CONCORDAT                            Episcopal Church Center, to assist the Episcopal
                                         Church as it votes on the Concordat of Full
                                         Communion with the ELCA at its General Convention
                                         in 1997. 27 minutes
OUR FRIEND, MARTIN                       A video for kids…a message for everyone. What
                                         begins as a routine class project for a group of sixth-
                                         graders turns into a magical, time-traveling
                                         adventure they‘ll never forget! Authentic historical
                                         footage of Martin Luther King, Jr., is blended with
                                         colorful animation as the students learn about–and
                                         actually meet–the civil rights leader who challenged
                                         all Americans to turn his dream of freedom into
                                         reality. Produced in association with the King family,
                                         it features an unprecedented all-star voice cast and
                                         soundtrack with music performed by top
                                         contemporary artists and classic Motown greats. It‘s
                                         a fun, new way to share Dr. King‘s inspiring message
                                         of hope and courage that changed the course of our
                                         nation‘s history. 60 minutes
OUR INVISIBLE NEIGHBORS   Produced by Robert E.A. Lee for the Lutheran
                          Commission on Ministry with Disabled Persons, this
                          video shows some people with disabilities who had
                          been ―invisible‖ to most of their church sisters and
                          brothers until inclusive ministries involved them. The
                          viewer will learn from their stories and grow from
                          their strengths and joys. The video includes a seven-
                          chapter manual that leads the participants step by
                          step into deeper exploration and implementation of
                          active partnership between persons with awareness
                          of how important our communication of the Gospel is
                          when we include all people. It could be used with
                          adult groups or with older youth groups. 30 minutes

OUR TOWN                  This old movie, critically acclaimed for its fine acting
                          and script, recreates the unforgettable small town
                          setting of Grover‘s Corners in the early 1900s New
                          England and reminds us of a kinder, gentler
                          American of years gone by. 90 minutes
OUT OF THE NIGHT          This true, dramatic presentation challenges youth to
                          consider the consequences of their choices. Stephen
                          was a pilot for a multimillionaire friend–who turned
                          out to be a major cocaine transporter. He was
                          arrested, pleaded guilty, and received a five-year
                          sentence. In prison his life was transformed when he
                          searched for and found the Lord, resulting in a
                          commitment to help young people avoid the same
                          mistakes. 45 minutes
OUT OF THE TOMBS          This nine-minute video produced by the American
                          Bible Society is a multi-media translation of Mark 5:1-
                          20, which is the story of Jesus healing the man
                          possessed by demons. The target audience is
                          teenagers. Both in its story and in its form it is on the
                          cutting edge. The story is done in a media much like
                          MTV. An older audience would perhaps have some
                          trouble following it because it is multi-media rather
                          than linear in its story. It is a contemporary telling of
                          a Bible story. The fact that it is short suggests that
                          the producers have done their homework in studying
                          how today‘s youth learn. It comes with a 23-page
                          discussion guide. 9 minutes

PARABLES OF JESUS         In this DVD the viewer will see the Bible come alive,
                          will gain an understanding of the customs and culture
                          behind the parables, and will feel the impact of
                          Jesus‘ message. A commentary for each story is
                          included as well as a *.pdf guide. The seven stories
                          are: The Good Samaritan, The Unmerciful Servant,
                          The Treasure and the Pearl, The Lost Son, The
                          Midnight Visitor, The Dinner, The Manager. This is
                          wonderful resource for Bible study, small groups, and
                          Sunday school. 58 minutes
PARABLES—A NEW LOOK AT FAMILIAR   In this Bible study, Walter Wangerin, Jr., author of
STORIES                           The Book of God: The Bible as a Novel and Dr.
                                  Joanna Dewey, Ph.D. Professor of New Testament
                                  Studies, Episcopal Divinity School, Boston, Mass.,
                                  discuss four of Jesus‘ parables to help us better
                                  understand Jesus and how he calls us to live. This is
                                  done through dramatic interpretations of these
                                  parables. The cultural and historical content in which
                                  these parables were told is presented in order to help
                                  us understand them and apply their message to our
                                  daily lives. The parables discussed are: The Good
                                  Samaritan, The Prodigal Son, The Talents, and The
                                  Unjust Reward. A study guide is included. 60

PARABLES: VOLUMES I AND II, THE   Twenty-two of Jesus‘ parables are told in animated
                                  cartoons, often within modern settings. Short
                                  segments, good music, and dramatic presentation
                                  get and maintain children‘s attention. Good for ages
                                  4 and up. Two tapes approximately 30 minutes each.
                                  60 minutes
PARENTING TEENAGERS I AND II      This series by Group Publishers is an excellent
                                  resource for a parenting series, a workshop, a retreat
                                  setting, or for individual use. It uses a variety of
                                  teaching tools to facilitate parental learning. It comes
                                  with a helpful leader‘s guidebook including a section
                                  of worksheets, homework, and evaluation forms. It
                                  covers the following topics: 1) What Makes Your
                                  Teenager Tick? 2) Parenting: How Do You Rate? 3)
                                  Communicating With Your Teen 4) Your Teenager‘s
                                  Friends and Peers 5) Effective Teenage Discipline 6)
                                  How to Talk About Sex and Dating 7)
                                  School–Helping Your Kids Measure Up 8) Building
                                  Christian Faith in Your Kids. Eight tapes each 30
                                  minutes. 240 minutes
PARENTING TODAY          The video library has added three new videos in this
                         series, dealing with different age groups. Aid
                         Association distributed the video to Lutherans. Baby
                         Steps–The First 12 Months. This video takes a good
                         look at baby‘s development during that important,
                         first year. The viewer will learn about the baby‘s
                         changing behaviors, why moods and needs change
                         and what to do about them. Michael Learned hosts
                         the video; the viewer sits in on the lives of real
                         parents with infants. The video gives solid, down-to-
                         earth advice from some of the nation‘s top child
                         development experts. Small Steps-Giant Leaps. This
                         video covers the period from 12 months to three
                         years. It helps the viewer to prepare for this time in a
                         child‘s life. It is a time when a child needs to explore
                         and show independence. Parents should childproof
                         the house. They should help their children learn to
                         share with others, and they will learn some creative
                         parenting skills to handle their toddler‘s new skills of
                         walking and talking. The parents will learn practical
                         down-to-earth information. Today‘s Steps,
                         Tomorrow‘s Paths, Ages 3 to 5. This is a time when
                         social development blooms. The child is moving into
PARENTING WITH PURPOSE   Six Proven Steps for Better Families, by Roger
                         Sonnenberg. This is a rich and engaging video-
                         guided exploration of parenting through the lives of
                         four all too true-to-life families. Biblical and faith
                         perspectives are nicely integrated as each family‘s
                         struggles and successes are portrayed in six areas
                         of practice: Commitment, Time Together,
                         Communication, Appreciation, Conflict Resolution,
                         and Religious Orientation. The usefulness of this
                         resource is enhanced because the four video
                         families are each unique (traditional, single-parent,
                         blended family and parenting by grandparents).
                         Excellent as a six part series or for use on a family
                         retreat. Worksheets and leader‘s guide included. Six
                         suggested sessions, 60 or 90 minutes each. 450
PARENTING WITH VALUES    This video course has been designed for group use
                         in either a Sunday morning Bible class or in another
                         group setting. The course gives parents practical,
                         age-appropriate ways to clearly and effectively share
                         values with their children. Viewers can sharpen
                         parenting skills as they follow the lives of three
                         Christian families who are using proven techniques
                         to equip their children with six key values for life.
                         Interviews also help teach values to children.
                         Included are: One leader‘s guide and 14 participant
                         books. Six-20 minute sessions. 120 minutes
PARENTING: AN ATTITUDE OF THE HEART    Priority One Publishing, Dallas, Texas, produced this
                                       video series of four videos featuring Dr. Ross
                                       Campbell. There is a fifth optional video that shares
                                       the memories of a son about his missionary parents.
                                       It is done with an understanding that children are real
                                       people and it respects a view from the eye of a child.
                                       My greatest criticism of James Dobson is that
                                       everything is parental control oriented and there is
                                       never a view from the child. This video focuses on an
                                       upper-middle-class sense of family. There is no
                                       discussion about single-parent families. In the
                                       section dealing with discipline, there seems to be a
                                       lot of talk about spanking, but it fails to offer
                                       alternatives. This series gives no quick answers and
                                       is not preachy. It focuses on how to improve the
                                       emotional environment parents provide for their
                                       children at home by improving their attitudes as
                                       parents. The following areas are covered: improving
                                       your attitude; how to love your child; the secret to
                                       discipline; why values are important; life as a
                                       missionary: a son remembers. Five tapes each 20
                                       minutes. 100 minutes

PARTNERS IN HOPE                       This video from Lutheran World Relief depicts the
                                       tremendous need to care for people around the world
                                       who have been struck by disasters. Hope for
                                       surviving the crisis and hope for the future both come
                                       from congregations, individuals, and agencies as
                                       they form partnerships. This video comes with a
                                       short discussion guide and Bible study. 13 minutes

PASSION OF THE CHRIST, THE             Mel Gibson‘s heart-searing film representation of the
                                       last 12 hours of Jesus‘ life. The film is in Aramaic
                                       with English sub-titles. Discussion guide available.

PASSION OF THE CHRIST, THE             Mel Gibson‘s heart-searing film representation of the
                                       last 12 hours of Jesus‘ life. The film is in Aramaic
                                       with English sub-titles. Discussion guide available.

PASSION—ACCORDING TO SAINT LUKE, THE   Leonardo Defilippis, Shakespearean actor, gives a
                                       very dramatic presentation of the Gospel according
                                       to St Luke. His performance, taken directly from
                                       scripture, draws the audience into a deep
                                       understanding of the immensity of God‘s love for his
                                       children. The Passion opens with Jesus‘ entry into
                                       Jerusalem and carries the viewer through the Last
                                       Supper, the Agony in the Garden, on to the Cross,
                                       and to the glorious Resurrection. Leonardo uses few
                                       props, allowing the Word of God to speak straight to
                                       the heart of the viewer. This would be a good video
                                       for adult audiences. 51 minutes
PASSION—THE LAST DAYS OF CHRIST, THE   Larnelle Harris narrates this very vivid account of the
                                       ―Last Days of Christ‖ from his triumphal entry on
                                       Palm Sunday, to the Last Supper, the Suffering in
                                       the Garden, the Betrayal and Denial, to the
                                       Crucifixion, and the Resurrection. Jesus is fully
                                       aware that he must carry out God‘s plan. The
                                       scriptures must be fulfilled. We again see a very
                                       caring and loving Jesus, a very human and vividly
                                       portrayed Jesus. The viewer feels the agony that
                                       Jesus endured for us. The true message of the life,
                                       death and resurrection of Jesus is clearly presented
                                       to the viewer; ―God so loved the world that he gave
                                       his only begotten Son that whosoever would believe
                                       in him would have everlasting life.‖ 40 minutes

PASSOVER, THE                          This video welcomes the viewer into a Jewish home
                                       preparing to celebrate the Passover. The
                                       grandfather, Zola Levitt, takes the audience through
                                       the Passover Seder and explains the process and
                                       the meaning of the symbols. It is an excellent
                                       teaching tool concerning the Passover. There is a
                                       surprise ending which reveals the true significance of
                                       the meal‘s symbols pointing out the true Messiah.
                                       This film would be good for 6th grade–older adults.
                                       30 minutes
PASSPORTS—A GLOBAL PARTNERSHIP IN      Produced by Lutheran Bible Translators. This is an
SHARING GOD‘S WORD                     introduction to a monthly video program that will
                                       feature a different translation project from around the
                                       world–places like Russia, Ecuador, Sierra Leone,
                                       and Papua New Guinea and to meet the missionary
                                       families of Lutheran Bible Translators. The proceeds
                                       from Passports will benefit Bible translation projects
                                       worldwide through the LBT Passports Endowment
                                       Fund. The Synod Library was given this
                                       complementary first copy–we will not subscribe to
                                       this project to get videos each month as it is costly
                                       and we do not believe this is how you would want us
                                       to spend your video dollars. 15 minutes

PAT HURLEY ON ABORTION                 The subtitle of this stand up lecture is ―The Selling of
                                       Selfish Choices.‖ Hurley starts with some comedy,
                                       but quickly gets into a clear-cut discussion of
                                       abortion. He is definitely anti-abortion–and his
                                       approach is much definitive than the ELCA‘s
                                       statement on abortion. This video could be used in
                                       short segments to discuss various views on abortion
                                       with high school or young adult audiences. It
                                       definitely needs strong leadership in follow up
                                       discussion and processing. 39 minutes
PAT HURLEY ON CONFUSION                        Hurley helps teens explore how we keep God
                                               involved in our decision-making processes. Hurley
                                               blames teen confusion on parents‘ indecisiveness or
                                               their priority on having teens feel happy. He says
                                               teens should be men and women of truth–God‘s
                                               truth. Answers to confusion are clear-cut–leaving
                                               little room for the grey areas with which our faith
                                               causes us to struggle. Use this video with teens to
                                               challenge them to think about how our faith guides
                                               us when decisions are not so easy. 43 minutes

PAT HURLEY ON DIVORCE                          Produced by Word, Inc., this video is designed for a
                                               teenage audience. The focus is for teenagers to
                                               learn how to forgive those who have failed them. Pat
                                               Hurley comes from a more fundamentalist theology,
                                               so the idea of having the right answers or even
                                               answers to all questions and problems is expected.
                                               This approach may, for some, get in the way of some
                                               good questions and a search for the presence of
                                               God. But the subject matter is essential to cover with
                                               teenagers. By the time most children reach the age
                                               of 18, over 65 percent will have lived or will be living
                                               with one parent. How do youth deal with their parents
                                               getting a divorce? This video is done with a white,
                                               middle-class concept of family and the kids
                                               interviewed are all white, which I thought was the
                                               most interesting part of the video. This video may
                                               help your youth raise very important questions about
                                               forgiving those who have failed them. 44 minutes

PAUL, THE APOSTLE—PURPOSE AND PASSION Dr. N. T. Wright, Canon Theologian of Westminster
                                      Abbey in London, narrates this six segment series.
                                      He is regarded as a world authority on the life, letters
                                      and theology of Paul. Dr. Wright discusses Paul, and
                                      his legacy for today, with Dr. Pat Taylor Ellison,
                                      developmental editor of Church Innovations Institute
                                      in St. Paul, and Rev. Mark Horst, pastor of Park
                                      Avenue Church in Minneapolis. The six parts are: 1.
                                      The Apostle Paul; 2. Paul‘s Understanding of Jesus;
                                      3. God‘s New Creation; 4. Paul‘s View of
                                      Resurrection; 5. God‘s New People; 6. Paul for
                                      Today. Study guides are included for viewers to use
                                      to continue discussion. Six 22-minute segments. 142
PAUL, THE EMISSARY                              ―Paul, The Emissary‖ is a dramatic presentation of
                                               the life and work of St. Paul. With accurate script,
                                               authentic scenery and outstanding acting, the video
                                               tells the story of Paul‘s conversion and his
                                               missionary work throughout the Mediterranean world.
                                               The viewer will get an overview of the apostle‘s life
                                               and work, though not necessarily a clear time line or
                                               connection with real places. This would be an
                                               excellent resource for an adult group moving into a
                                               study of Acts or Paul‘s letters, or for a youth or
                                               confirmation class studying the New Testament. You
                                               will want to preview the video for suitability in your
                                               setting–there is some violence (i.e., stoning,
                                               beatings, etc.) 54 minutes

PAUL‘S JOURNEYS ACCORDING TO SCRIPTURE This video depicts the life and journeys of Paul. It is
                                       a travelogue filmed on location in Turkey, Greece,
                                       and Italy. This video is a supplement to teaching
                                       Paul‘s journeys. I would suggest showing this video
                                       in three or four parts. After you have completed each
                                       journey, view the tape as a visual reminder of area,
                                       culture, and community of the first century world.
                                       Warning: viewing this video will entice you to travel
                                       to these ancient sites. 88 minutes

PEACE TALKS—RESOLVING CONFLICTS                Violence is a choice, and each and every one of us
                                               can reduce violence and make our lives safer by
                                               choosing peace. Choosing peace means
                                               understanding that violence is not random, universal,
                                               or inevitable. We can prevent and reduce violence by
                                               choosing to avoid or de-escalate conflicts and avoid
                                               risk factors for violence such as alcohol, drugs, guns,
                                               and gang membership. This is the underlying
                                               message of this ten-part video featuring humorist
                                               and youth counselor Michael Pritchard. Each session
                                               with discussion is suggested to cover a 30-minute
                                               period. 27 minutes
PEACE—NOT WALLS                   Peace—Not Walls. This DVD talks about the
                                  ―Strategy for Engagement in Israel and Palestine,‖
                                  adopted by the ELCA and urges members to
                                  participate in the campaign, ―Peace Not
                                  Walls—Stand for Justice in the Holy Land.‖ Many
                                  walls block peace for Israel and Palestine: walls of
                                  violence; of occupation; of political corruption and
                                  lack of will; of ignorance, mistrust, and fear of the
                                  ―other‖. Christians believe both that the Gospel
                                  breaks down the dividing walls of hostility among
                                  people (Ephesians 2) and that God calls us to work
                                  actively for reconciliation in the world (2 Corinthians
                                  5). All in the ELCA are encouraged to express
                                  solidarity with the Evangelical Lutheran Church in
                                  Jordan and the Holy Land (ELCJHL) and concern for
                                  all the people of the Holy Land through education,
                                  worship, prayer, giving, and advocacy. This is a very
                                  informative DVD.

PEACE, ARMS AND A TEST OF FAITH   Although Peace, Arms, and a Test of Faith was
                                  completed in the spring of 1992, the themes it raises
                                  continue to be timely and instructive. The
                                  video–which takes its name from a series of retreats
                                  in the Rocky Mountain Synod, ELCA–is especially
                                  helpful to those who wish to respond to the first draft
                                  of the social statement on peace. 1995 was the year
                                  the ELCA discussed adoption of its first social
                                  statement on peace, Peace: God‘s Gift, Our Calling.
                                  28 minutes
PENGUINS—3,2,1                    From the creators of Veggie Tales comes this
                                  hilarious new video series filled with faith, fun, and
                                  flightless birds. The crew of the rocket ship include:
                                  Kevin, with various jobs; Fidgel, the ship‘s scientist;
                                  Zidgel, the captain and Midgel, the ship‘s engineer.
                                  Each video is 30 minutes. Episode 1–Trouble on
                                  Planet Wait-Your Turn! (Patience is a virtue.)
                                  Episode 2–The Cheating Scales of Bullamanka!
                                  (God likes us to play by the rules.) 60 minutes

PERFECT STRANGER, THE             This DVD is a movie based on the novel, ―Dinner
                                  With a Perfect Stranger.‖ It is the story of a
                                  successful attorney who is troubled by the fact that
                                  her life isn‘t perfect. A mysterious invitation to dinner
                                  with Jesus of Nazareth appears on her desk.
                                  Thinking that it is a prank, she goes to the restaurant
                                  and her dinner changes her life. She has dinner with
                                  the most unforgettable man that she would ever met.
                                  Many of her questions about life are answered. It is a
                                  very spiritually uplifting movie. It emphasis God‘s
                                  love for us and his gift to us. Jesus is presented as a
                                  real and forgiving person. Very insightful comments
                                  by the people who made the movie follow the film.
                                  105 minutes.
PETER AND PAUL                                This distinguished production starring Anthony
                                              Hopkins and Robert Foxworth chronicles the saga of
                                              the two apostles through three epochal decades as
                                              they journey throughout the Holy Land, Persia and
                                              the Far East, enduring incredible tortures along the
                                              way. The drama concludes in Rome around A.D. 64
                                              when the devoted Paul is beheaded and Peter is
                                              crucified, both with the same courage and dignity
                                              they exhibited during their lives. Includes complete
                                              background and preparation material for leaders to
                                              conduct 13 sessions on Peter and Paul based on the
                                              Biblical sources. Excellent resource for Sunday
                                              Schools, small groups and Bible studies. Also
                                              excellent for personal study. Guide includes
                                              reproducible student worksheets for each session.
                                              Two tapes. 195 minutes

PHILADELPHIA EXPERIENCE, THE                  The Lutheran Theological Seminary at Philadelphia
                                              produced this video. It provides a visual introduction
                                              into the challenge, diversity, and community that
                                              make the campus an exciting place of preparation for
                                              ministry in the 21st century. The video is designed to
                                              recruit college-age or older people to the seminary. It
                                              is pretty traditional in its approach. It would be good
                                              to see recruitment at high school-aged people, but
                                              this video had nice movement and the quality was
                                              very good. 14 minutes

PILGRIM‘S PROGRESS—JOHN BUNYAN‘S              Pilgrim‘s Progress, John Bunyan‘s classic allegory of
IMMORTAL CLASSIC                              the Christian walk, still has as powerful an impact as
                                              when it was written 300 years ago! Presented in
                                              color, this animated version is an excellent way to
                                              introduce this timeless story to children–and re-
                                              introduce its portrayal of the themes of the Christian
                                              life to adults as well. 35 minutes

PLACE CALLED HOME—A PRACTICAL GUIDE TO In this fast-paced program, we follow the quest with
FINDING GOD‘S LOVE, A                  well-known figures such as Noel Park Stookey and
                                       Charles Colson and others, including a woman
                                       dealing with her past abortions, an AIDS victim, a
                                       Vietnam veteran hurting inside, and a woman
                                       transcending inner-city hopelessness. They pour out
                                       their hearts as we join them on their spiritual
                                       journeys. An emotionally moving program that also
                                       challenges the mind with the basic questions we all
                                       face in life. 59 minutes
PLACE PREPARED—HELPING CHILDREN            This video explores how children from the very
UNDERSTAND DEATH AND HEAVEN, A             young through teenage years look at death. It
                                           presents questions each age group may have, and
                                           shows ways to answer them with sensitivity and
                                           honesty. The video is segmented to encourage
                                           discussion with groups. The section on cremation is
                                           very detailed and may be upsetting to some. A little
                                           information is presented on burial practices of people
                                           from other parts of the world. A special thanks to
                                           Sister Pat Mokler, Chaplain, Immanuel Medical
                                           Center, 6901 North 72nd, Omaha, NE 68122, (402)
                                           572-317,6 for previewing this video and writing this
                                           summary. 40 minutes

PLACE TO COME BACK TO, A                   This tape was produced on the premise that most
                                           people, including people in the church, often do not
                                           understand mental illness, are apprehensive when
                                           around mentally ill people, and do not know how to
                                           be supportive of them or their families. 30 minutes

PLAYING IN THE LIGHT: OUR CHANGING FAITH   This video is a television documentary that features
                                           members of the ―post-modern generations‖
                                           discussing their faith. Nine young people between
                                           the ages of 16 and 33 from the United States and
                                           Canada tell their faith stories, offer opinions on
                                           societal issues such as the environment and
                                           sexuality, and discuss their fears and hopes for the
                                           future. John Peterson, director for public media,
                                           ELCA, states ―The video explores the hunger that
                                           young people have in their quest for spiritual
                                           fulfillment.‖ The video won a Bronze Award at the
                                           ―Worldfest-Flagstaff‖ film festival. The ELCA and the
                                           United Church of Canada produced it. This is an
                                           excellent video for youth groups. 58 minutes

POINT OF VIEW: CHRISTIANITY 101            The five sessions in this youth video is designed to
                                           encourage young people to ask questions and
                                           discuss their understandings of various issues.
                                           Sessions cover God, Jesus, the Church, the Bible,
                                           and Heaven and Hell. A leader‘s guide provides
                                           designs for one-hour sessions. Because this video
                                           relies on statements by young people, it requires a
                                           knowledgeable leader who has previewed the video
                                           and thought about the directions the discussion could
                                           go. Most appropriate for older junior high and high
                                           school youth. Five sessions, 8-11 minutes each. 50
POSITIVE PARENTING          Five sessions in this series help parents instill a
                            strong self-esteem in their children. Dr. Denis
                            Waitley, an author and speaker and Chairman of the
                            Psychology Advisory Committee for the U.S. Olympic
                            Sports Medicine Council, covers self-esteem, role
                            models, self-determination, self-discipline, and
                            optimism. Excellent for parenting classes or sharing
                            one-on-one with new parents. 60 minutes

POTTER, THE                 With beautiful, visual imagery, this video is based on
                            Jeremiah 18:2, ― Arise and go down to the potter‘s
                            house, and there I will cause you to hear my words.‖
                            The viewer watches the potter take a broken,
                            previously used, somewhat bowl-shaped piece of dry
                            clay and form it into a beautiful, perfect vessel. The
                            depth of the parable of the potter and the clay will be
                            recognized as God, the Potter, forms us and shapes
                            us in life with great love and precision. It is part of the
                            Master‘s plan to let us grow through hardships in
                            which we sometimes feel alone, but God is always
                            there to hold us up and let us grow. This is a
                            beautiful video of hope and faith. The message that
                            the viewer receives is extremely strong and
                            meaningful. A study guide is enclosed. 28 minutes

POWER OF FORGIVENESS, THE   This DVD presents four studies on ―Forgiveness‖
                            that open our minds and our hearts to a new
                            understanding of forgiveness so we can embrace
                            forgiveness as a key to a wholesome and free life.
                            Study 1: The Origin of Forgiveness. 2: What is
                            Forgiveness? 3: Why Do We Need to Forgive? 4:
                            How Is Forgiveness Possible? 40 minutes
POWER OF PRAYER, THE        The purpose of this video is to show the viewer how
                            crucial prayer is for a close, personal relationship
                            with God and Jesus, his Son. The viewer will see
                            how prayer must be as much a part of their Christian
                            life as breathing is a part of their physical live. The
                            video shows the power of prayer and the miracles
                            that follow. 61 minutes
POWER TOOLS                 Power Tools is designed to supplement materials
                            you are currently using to teach 6th to 9th graders
                            the basics of Christian faith. Each session includes a
                            variety of activities to keep your students actively
                            involved in learning. The sessions cover: Tape
                            1–The Creed; Tape 2–Lord‘s Prayer; Tape 3–Ten
                            Commandments; Tape 4–Baptism, Communion and
                            Confession. Each session has a leader‘s guide and
                            student page that may be reproduced. The video
                            segments are good discussion starters.
PRAYER OF JABEZ, THE                       This eight-part video course features Bruce
                                           Wilkinson, author of the best-selling book. The
                                           course takes an in-depth look at the four requests of
                                           Jabez and leads the viewers to discover how
                                           powerfully they can work in their lives. Bruce
                                           Wilkinson does an outstanding job in his
                                           presentation. It is humorous, informative and thought
                                           provoking. The study course is a good way to
                                           continue or begin the Jabez journey. Each request is
                                           presented in a two-part presentation. Each section is
                                           30 minutes in length. The curriculum consists of four
                                           videocassettes, a workbook and a leader‘s guide. 4
                                           cassettes-60 minutes each. 240 minutes

PRAYING IN THE MIDST OF LIFE: A GUIDE TO   This is a wonderful series to introduce prayer into
PRAYER IN SIX SESSIONS                     people‘s lives. Each program is about 23 minutes in
                                           length. Through a process of conversation and
                                           reflection, the Rev. Ron DelBene guides viewers
                                           along a path that can lead to a richer understanding
                                           of prayer and a more satisfying prayer life. In each of
                                           the programs, Ron addresses a different aspect of
                                           prayer, while continually building on the idea the God
                                           is always present in our lives and prayer is our way
                                           of being attentive to God‘s presence. The first tape is
                                           an introduction to prayer and how to help children
                                           understand the nature of prayer. I‘d show this first
                                           tape again at the completion because it begins to
                                           make sense to those new to a prayer life. The
                                           second through sixth tapes always pose two or three
                                           specific questions for your reflection. These prove
                                           ideal ―jumping off points‖ for group discussions. The
                                           six sessions are as follows: 1) Our questions about
                                           prayer; 2) Finding God; 3) Knowing God‘s will; 4)
                                           Praying the scripture; 5) Learning the breath prayer
                                           6) Retreating at anytime. Six tapes, each 25 minutes.
                                           150 minutes

PRECIOUS LOVE—MOTHER TERESA OF             From the Parish Video Library, this is a video portrait
CALCUTTA                                   of Mother Teresa, a life story of Christian love. For
                                           adults. 29 minutes
PREPARING FOR CHRISTMAS I                  This is an Advent program for the family produced by
                                           Franciscan Communications. With host, Father
                                           Anthony Scannell, you are guided through the
                                           scriptures, stories and music with warmth and charm.
                                           The themes for the weeks of Advent are: 1) Waiting
                                           2) Hoping 3) Preparing 4) Giving and Receiving.
                                           Four segments, each 15 minutes. 60 minutes

PREPARING FOR CHRISTMAS II                 Father Anthony Scannell draws adults and children
                                           into the experience of hope and joy that mark the
                                           Advent season and the glory of Christmas. 56
PREPARING LAY READERS—AL RUETER       This video by Video Publishing in Minneapolis,
                                      Minn., features Al Rueter who truly believes that the
                                      reading of the lessons should be done with power,
                                      excellence, and grace. His conviction comes through
                                      in his presentations. He gives clear directions for
                                      training lay readers. 30 minutes.

PRINCE OF EGYPT, THE                  This new, animated video is the story of two
                                      brothers, one born of royal blood, one an orphan with
                                      a secret past. They grow up as the best of friends,
                                      but the truth ultimately sets them at odds, as one
                                      becomes the ruler of Egypt and the other the chosen
                                      leader of his people. Their final confrontation will
                                      forever change their lives–and the world. The video
                                      is both spectacular and entertaining. It is a
                                      celebration of the human spirit. The story of Moses in
                                      this adaptation is a classic for all ages. 99 minutes

PROCLAIM JUBILEE—BREAK THE CHAIN OF   Produced by Bread for the World, this video gives us
DEBT                                  a good report on Tanzania. 9 minutes
PRODIGAL, THE                         This is a featured film from World Wide Home Video,
                                      which is connected to Billy Graham Associates. It
                                      features stars such as John Hammond, Hope Lange,
                                      John Cullum, Morgan Brittany, Ian Bannen, and Joey
                                      Travolta. In the film, members of the Stuart family
                                      started drifting apart. No one knows how it started,
                                      but soon their American dream had become a
                                      nightmare of broken relationships, a conflict of
                                      differing goals, a separation of hearts and minds.
                                      The conflicts and pain of brokenness heighten in this
                                      family. The Prodigal is the dramatic, true-to-life story
                                      of one family‘s struggle to put the pieces back
                                      together, and of their discovery that the journey back
                                      to each other began with the journey back to their
                                      Heavenly Father. Like other Billy Graham films, this
                                      one ends with a decision time at one of his crusades.
                                      It does not show that everything works out well
                                      because they made the right decision. The film
                                      simply shows how lost and distanced the members of
                                      this one family had become and how painful the
                                      broken relationships. It would be best to use with
                                      adults or college-age students. Anyone can get lost
                                      on a faith journey. It might be helpful for Lutherans to
PROMISE, THE                          Heifer Project International offers this children‘s
                                      video to show how the Project animals help families
                                      move to a life free from hunger and poverty. Even
                                      younger elementary children will find this video
                                      captivating. Great for discussion starters and mission
                                      education. 10 minutes
PROPHECY OF ISRAEL, THE               In this DVD, niblical prophecy is woven together with
                                      past and present events of the Middle East. The
                                      selection is shot entirely in Israel and reveals
                                      astonishing parallels between predictions in God‘s
                                      Word and historical happenings of the last 3,000
                                      years. It is a very thought-provoking selection.
QUEST FOR THE TRUE CROSS                       This video is based on the book of the same name
                                               by Dr. Carsten Peter Thiede and Matthew D‘Ancon.
                                               It relates the story of a piece of wood in a church in
                                               Rome which is believed to have been brought back
                                               by Helena, mother of the first Christian Emperor,
                                               Constantine, in the fourth century. It is clearly
                                               inscribed with the remains of the line, ―Jesus of
                                               Nazareth, King of the Jews.‖ This piece of wood,
                                               described as the titulus cruses or headboard of
                                               Christ‘s cross, was examined by Thiede. He came to
                                               the conclusion that, far from being a medieval fake, it
                                               may be the real things. The writing on the board, in
                                               three languages, bore all of the marks of having
                                               been done in the first century. The video relates the
                                               findings of the authors. 50 minutes

QUESTION OF GOD, THE                  This DVD compares the conflicting ideas of C.S.
                                      Lewis and Sigmund Freud. Freud and Lewis are
                                      brought together in the debate of the two opposing
                                      philosophies. This is a very deep and intellectual
                                      discussion of the ideas of these two men. It would
                                      make a good study for mature audiences. A study
                                      guide can be reproduced to accompany this PBS
QUESTION, THE                         This Mars Hill production is designed for a mature
                                      audience of senior high youth, college age, and
                                      adults. As a high school senior prepares his speech
                                      for graduation, he learns of his brother‘s suicide. The
                                      viewers will be challenged to consider the meaning
                                      and purpose of life and deal with the problems of
                                      suicide. This is a powerful film and needs discussion
                                      afterwards. The video also has a 20-minute
                                      discussion with audience viewing the film. It doesn‘t
                                      give answers but leads toward resolution of the pain
                                      and fear. 36 minutes
QUESTIONS OF FAITH FOR YOUTH—WHAT CAN Is violence a problem in your school or
YOU DO ABOUT VIOLENCE?                neighborhood? Have you been the victim of violence
                                      or had violent urges? What can people your age do
                                      about it? The purpose of this video is to stimulate
                                      thoughtful discussion among youth. The responses
                                      of the youth interviewed on camera are offered not
                                      as answers but as food for thought. The guide
                                      includes suggested passages from Scripture
                                      considered helpful as the issue is discussed. 17
QUIGLEY‘S VILLAGE                Produced by Cornerstone Video. This video series is
                                 designed to teach children ages 3 to 8 biblical values
                                 in a fun and entertaining way. There is a teacher‘s
                                 manual filled with practical information on how to
                                 make this curriculum work for you. Themes to live by
                                 include: Session 1–Making New Friends (Acts 8);
                                 Sessions 2 and 3–Always Tell the Truth (Psalm 119);
                                 Sessions 4 and 5–That‘s Not Fair! (Matthew 20);
                                 Sessions 6 and 7–Be Kind to One Another
                                 (Ephesians 4); Sessions 8 and 9–Let‘s Obey! (2
                                 John 1); Sessions 10 and 11–Sharing With Others
                                 (Matthew 14); Sessions 12 and 13–Always Be
                                 Thankful (Luke 17). 155 minutes

QUIGLEY‘S VILLAGE: A CHRISTMAS   This video is part of the Quigley‘s Village series for
STORY—THE JOY OF GIVING          children ages 2-7. It is designed to teach children
                                 Christian values. The award-winning series provides
                                 the very best in entertainment with important lessons
                                 to help children learn and grown. Mr. Quigley and the
                                 kids are busy preparing for their Christmas pageant.
                                 The video teaches children that there is much more
                                 to Christmas than getting presents. 30 minutes

RACE FOR LIFE                    This video received the Crown Award nomination for
                                 Best Christian Documentary. ―Life is not a sprint but
                                 a marathon.‖ Each year in March, The Iditarod–the
                                 longest sled dog race in the world–challenges
                                 participants to finish 1,100 miles of competition
                                 across Alaska‘s vast frozen wilderness. Dee Dee
                                 Jonrowe is among the most respected of all
                                 participants. Her integrity, warmth, and generosity
                                 have won her many humanitarian awards and
                                 recognition for exemplary care for her team. She
                                 currently holds the record as the fastest woman ever
                                 to reach Nome. Like life, the Iditarod trail is full of
                                 obstacles and opportunities along the way. This film
                                 compares the ups and downs Dee Dee faced in the
                                 1994 race to the challenges of the Christian life and
                                 intersperses testimony and comments from Dee Dee
                                 as she prepares to serve God whenever and
                                 wherever He may call her. ―God can‘t use me if I
                                 don‘t make it…that‘s the reason to keep on keeping
                                 on...‖–Dee Dee Jonrowe. 30 minutes
RAISING CHILDREN IN A VIOLENT WORLD   Dr. Kathleen O‘Connell Chesto ,family expert,
                                      narrates this interesting and very timely video. She
                                      talks about the over-dominance of violence in our
                                      society and offers very practical advice on how to
                                      counteract this trend within our own hearts and
                                      families. She brings to light the roots of violence and
                                      shows parents what is most important to emphasize
                                      at different age levels. This is a good video for those
                                      preparing for marriage, for parents of young families
                                      and educators. She emphasizes that moral
                                      development is being sadly neglected in our society.
                                      This development should begin at a very early age. A
                                      guide is enclosed. 34 minutes

RAISING KIDS ALONE                    This video series by Group Publishing, Inc., is
                                      designed to help an ever-increasing population in the
                                      United States–single parents. More than one in five
                                      households in the USA are headed by only one
                                      parent. If current trends continue, 60 percent of the
                                      children born today will spend part of their childhood
                                      in a single-parent home. This four-part series can be
                                      done in a classroom setting, seminar, or retreat
                                      setting. It comes with an excellent leader‘s guide to
                                      get parents involved in activities relating to the
                                      program topic. The series features family-life experts
                                      like Dr. Rollie Martinson, Dr. Barbara Varenhorst, Dr.
                                      Keith Olson, Jim Burns and others. Tape 1: After
                                      Divorce: Support for the Next Step. Tape 2: Children
                                      of Divorce: Creatively Responding to Their Needs.
                                      Tape 3: Working Together: How Both Parents Can
                                      Positively Influence the Kids? ?After the Breakup
                                      Tape 4 Visitation: Making it Work for Children and
                                      Parents                      4 Tapes each 30 minutes

RAISING YOUR CHILDREN IN AN UNGODLY   An excellent video to help parents with making major
WORLD                                 decisions in raising their children. Mary Ronan, a
                                      registered nurse has worked with teens for over 15
                                      years. On this video she speaks to the parents of
                                      teens to help them prepare young teens in thinking
                                      through major choices they will face. Her main topics
                                      are peer pressure, drugs, alcohol, and sex. In
                                      working with teens she has discovered that these are
                                      the things that most concern our youth today. On the
                                      video, Mary explores how the media and popular
                                      culture assault our youth and offers parents guidance
                                      on how to talk to teens and help them deal with these
                                      influences. Her suggestions are built around three
                                      major themes: love them, lead them and limit them.
                                      This video is recommended for all parents, especially
                                      those of teenagers. Two parts, 40 minutes each. 80
RAOUL WALLENBERG: BURIED ALIVE   This modern hero can be an important inspiration for
                                 our time. Raised by a wealthy Swedish family of
                                 bankers, Raoul Wallenberg failed to find his ―niche‖
                                 in the family system. His travel and education,
                                 however, prepared him for his eventual recruitment
                                 to serve in the Swedish legation in Budapest at the
                                 very end of World War II. His assignment, funded by
                                 neutral countries and the United States, was to save
                                 as many Jews as possible and he is thought to have
                                 saved as many as 100,000. At the end of the war,
                                 however, the Russian government arrested him and
                                 he never saw freedom again. Extensive energy has
                                 been applied for the last fifty years to determining his
                                 fate and celebrating his work. His inspiring story has
                                 made him something of a cult hero, in addition to
                                 being declared an honorary American citizen (along
                                 with only one other person, Winston Churchill) and
                                 declared a ―righteous Gentile‖ by the State of Israel.
                                 This video received the Canadian Academy Award
                                 for ―Best Theatrical Documentary.‖ 78 minutes

RAYS OF HOPE FOR HAITI           This ELCA produced video portrays the obstacles
                                 facing Haitians: hunger, unemployment, illiteracy,
                                 poverty, and environmental degradation. The video
                                 manages to leave the viewer with a feeling of hope.
                                 A study guide provides discussion questions, ways to
                                 help and resources. 21 minutes

REAL DEAL, THE                   This video series boldly confronts some of the most
                                 explosive issues teens face today. Taken from the
                                 popular video magazine, Edge TV, these programs
                                 are guaranteed to get kids to open up about issues
                                 and concepts that are important to them. A leader‘s
                                 guide is included. Tape 1–Friendship (17 minutes);
                                 Loneliness (12 minutes); Racism (11 minutes);
                                 Suicide (16 minutes). Tape 2–Sexual Choices (18
                                 minutes); Family Matters (21 minutes); Loss (15
                                 minutes). Tape 3–Stressing Out (16 minutes);
                                 Addictive Behavior (14 minutes); Great Comebacks
                                 (15 minutes); Violence (14 minutes). 169 minutes .

REBUILDING A GREATER GUSTAVUS    March 29, 1998 a major tornado hit the town of St.
                                 Peter, Minn., and the campus of Gustavus Adolphus
                                 College, and ELCA college. Building a Greater
                                 Gustavus documents the destructive force of the
                                 tornado and the dramatic recovery efforts on
                                 campus. The video uses footage from recent
                                 recruiting films to show the before and after scenes
                                 on campus. It is a powerful film and very well done,
                                 with emphasis not only on the destruction but also on
                                 the spirit that remains and how college will use this
                                 event to become an even ―Greater‖ Gustavus! 15
RECONCILIATION WALK—DEFUSING THE   This is an outstanding video that deals with a walk to
BITTER LEGACY OF THE CRUSADES      Jerusalem by thousands of believers from around the
                                   world. The main purpose of this walk was to spread
                                   the understanding of Christ‘s love. The Christians
                                   wanted to say ―sorry‖ for the evil done during the
                                   crusades 900 years ago. It was pointed out that
                                   many easterners still live with the remembrance of
                                   the atrocities of the crusades. The walkers were all
                                   welcomed and received with much hospitality. More
                                   than 2,500 Christians again entered the city of
                                   Jerusalem in the name of Christ—this time in the
                                   spirit of reconciliation. This is an excellent video
                                   which is highly relevant and which will challenge us
                                   to examine the way we live. 45 minutes

RED BOOTS FOR CHRISTMAS            This is a delightful Christmas video for children. It
                                   takes place in a small village in Germany. Hans, the
                                   shoemaker is alone in his shop. He has never
                                   learned the true meaning of Christmas. An angel
                                   who brings the promise of a very special gift visits
                                   him. Hans eagerly awaits the return of this angelic
                                   messenger and makes a special gift in return-the
                                   finest pair of red boots. Hans learns the joys of
                                   sharing and fellowship and finally the true spirit of
                                   Christmas. He does, indeed, receive the ultimate
                                   gift–a gift from God. The video teaches children the
                                   true meaning of Christmas. 30 minutes

REDISCOVERING THE CATECHISMS       This AIM course is presented by the following
                                   professors from the Lutheran Theological Seminary
                                   at Philadelphia: Timothy Wengert, Professor of
                                   Reformation History, assisted by Gordon Lathrop,
                                   Professor of Liturgics, and Margaret Krych,
                                   Professor of Christian Education. The course
                                   teaches the historical, theological and educational
                                   dimensions of the Large and Small Catechisms, and
                                   their importance to the Lutheran Confessions. 1.
                                   Historical Background and the Theological
                                   Orientation of the Catechisms. 2. Educational
                                   Methods Inherent in the Catechisms. 3. The Ten
                                   Commandments, Creeds and Lord‘s Prayer. 4.
                                   Sacraments and the Christian Life. 5. Catechisms in
                                   Christian Education and Worship. 6. Creative Use of
                                   the Catechisms in the Parish. Six 2-hour sessions
                                   Textbook: 1. The Book of Concord, Edited by
                                   Theodore Tappert 2. Luther‘s Small
                                   Catechisms–Prayer Form
REDUCING THE RISK II—MAKING YOUR        This resource guide includes a DVD, Training
CHURCH SAFE                             Manual and Guide for Pastors and Staff Members
                                        Who Work With Adults. It is designed to help make
                                        your church safe from sexual abuse. Church Law
                                        and Tax Report developed it to enhance the
                                        educational efforts of an organization in reducing the
                                        risk of sexual misconduct. It will help to educate the
                                        staff, employees, volunteers and members. It would
                                        be a good resource for guidelines for ongoing
                                        meetings on this subject.
REDUCING THE RISK OF CHILD SEXUAL ABUSE Child sexual abuse can devastate an individual, a
IN YOUR CHURCH                          family, and a church. Reducing the Risk, a dynamic
                                        two-part video, provides the critical guidance your
                                        church needs to respond to this problem. Part 1 is a
                                        fast-paced portrayal of the real dangers that child
                                        sexual abuse poses to your church. Interviews with
                                        victims, professionals, and church leaders vividly
                                        convey its damaging impact on all involved. This part
                                        of the video issues a powerful wake-up call that
                                        summons your church to direct action. Part 2
                                        provides clear directions for reducing the risk of child
                                        sexual abuse. Leading authorities explain policies
                                        and procedures that will help protect your church‘s
                                        children. Reducing the Risk Resource Kit assists
                                        your church in developing an effective child sexual
                                        abuse prevention program. In addition to this
                                        videotape, the kit includes the booklet, ―Reducing the
                                        Risk of Child Sexual Abuse in Your Church,‖ a
                                        companion audiocassette, and a training manual.
                                        Church Law and Tax Report, Matthews, N.C.,
                                        produced this video. 25 minutes

REFLECTIONS OF PERFECTION                       In this unique video produced by the University of
                                                Nebraska‘s Husker Vision, you will see how the
                                                Huskers overcame adversity and stayed focused.
                                                Follow the Huskers to the 1996 Fiesta Bowl, Tempe,
                                                Ariz., and see exclusive video and interviews of the
                                                team and staff at practice, at the hotel, and in the
                                                locker room. In this video you will be privy to Coach
                                                Osborne‘s pre-game and halftime speeches. The
                                                coaches and team members reflect on a second
                                                consecutive perfect season. 65 minutes
REFLECTIONS ON PSALM 23 FOR PEOPLE WITH Ken Curtis, Ph.D., founder of Gateway Films/Vision
CANCER                                  Video and Christian History Institute, narrates this
                                        DVD on Psalm 23. It is filmed in Israel, home of King
                                        David, who wrote this psalm many years ago. The
                                        words of the psalm have brought more comfort and
                                        courage to more people at more times at more
                                        places than any other words written. When its
                                        comfort and courage are combined, then hope is
                                        generated. Hope is one of the most essential and
                                        valuable resources to help anyone suffering from any
                                        major illness or setback in life. With wonderful
                                        photography, Ken Curtis leads the viewer to explore
                                        the healing powers of the green pastures and still
                                        waters. The true meaning of this psalm is explored
                                        phrase-by-phrase and word-by-word to point out the
                                        spiritual resources that it contains. It is an extremely
                                        inspiring resource. There are thirteen eight-minute
                                        segments. 104 minutes

REFLECTIONS ON THE LORD‘S PRAYER                This video is produced by the ELCA and features Dr.
                                                James Nestingen, Professor at Luther Theological
                                                Seminary. It was taped during his presentation on the
                                                Lord‘s Prayer at the Churchwide Assembly in
                                                Orlando, Fla., in 1991. The whole tape can easily be
                                                used in short time periods covering one or two
                                                petitions. The theological presentation is excellent.
                                                But one must remember the audience is adults who
                                                have been active in the Lutheran Church for many
                                                years. Some of the humor is ―in house‖, meaning that
                                                one would need to be connected to the Lutheran
                                                Church for several years and to be at the Marriott
                                                World in Orlando in order to get the jokes. The video
                                                would work best with adults. If used with a
                                                confirmation class, it should only be used one
                                                petition at a time and always followed with small-
                                                group discussion. 110 minutes

REFORMATION OVERVIEW—CHRISTIAN                  This series covers the Reformation by studying the
HISTORY INSTITUTES                              lives of several reformers. Included are Wycliffe,
                                                Hus, Luther, Zwingli, Calvin, the Anabaptists, and
                                                Tyndale. Each half-hour segment is a blend of
                                                contemporary narration and commentary and
                                                dramatic re-enactment of the significant events in the
                                                reformers‘ lives. All are full color with the exception
                                                of the Luther segment. It is taken from the 1953
                                                classic feature (which was nominated for an
                                                Academy Award.) The leader‘s guide includes
                                                extensive background information, discussion
                                                questions and interesting facts. A Bible study guide
                                                is reproducible. Appropriate in small doses for
                                                confirmation groups or adult discussions. Two tapes.
                                                180 minutes
RELATIONSHIPS                     This is a six-part series focusing on teen self-esteem
                                  and relationships. With humor and insight, Bill Reif, a
                                  popular youth speaker, deals with the issues at the
                                  heart of teen relationships with parents, with the
                                  opposite sex, with self, and with peers. 120 minutes

RELIGION AND ETHICS—NEWS WEEKLY   This Community and Education Outreach Kit deals
                                  with several of the most compelling social questions
                                  facing religious institutions and members of faith in
                                  the communities. 1. When the Faithful Lose Faith in
                                  Marriage. 2. Saving Lives While Saving Souls: Faith-
                                  Based Health Care in America. 3. Religion and
                                  Public Education: An Emerging Middle Ground.

REMARKABLE MAN: SIMON FARISANI    Pastor Farisani was a dean in the Northern Diocese
                                  of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in South Africa.
                                  He was detained and tortured by the South African
                                  security police for a crime that he did not commit,
                                  and for preaching that apartheid is a policy of the
                                  devil. He is remarkable because he refused to hate!
                                  16 minutes
RENEWED!                          Renewed! is another videotape study patterned as
                                  Awakening and Disciple! and focuses on rural
                                  ministry in diverse community contests. The first
                                  videotape looks at successful rural ministries from
                                  across the church, including eight North Dakota
                                  congregations that have established a rural mega-
                                  parish, a Nebraska congregation (Holy Trinity
                                  Lutheran Church, with Pastor David Stevens) voted
                                  best in its county because of a contemporary worship
                                  service, a racially balanced Southern congregation
                                  that grew 15% during the first half of 1995, a
                                  Pennsylvania congregation that‘s grown from 30
                                  members to 550 in 12 years, a two-point Arkansas
                                  congregation with a strategy called Evangelism by
                                  Swarm, and two Ohio congregations that have turned
                                  from decline to stability. The second videotape
                                  includes a self-test to help congregations determine
                                  whether members‘ attitudes will lead to growth,
                                  stability, or decline, along with in-depth
                                  conversations on contemporary worship, leadership
                                  development, rural mega-ministry and basic
                                  strategies for stopping, then reversing decline. Tapes
                                  are designed for discussion breaks. Two tapes. 60
RENEWING THE FAMILY SPIRIT (STUDY   This video-based Bible class was produced by
COURSE)                             Family Films and distributed by Concordia Publishing
                                    House. It is designed for single parents, two-parent
                                    families, families with no children, families with no
                                    children at home, extended families, and blended
                                    families to lead you to more Christ–centered family
                                    relationships. It features Dr. David Ludwig and is
                                    based on his book, Renewing the Family Spirit. Dr.
                                    Ludwig is a Lutheran pastor, counselor, and
                                    professor at an ELCA college, Lenoir Rhyne College,
                                    Hickory, N.C. This excellent course is subtitled
                                    Spiritual Growth Through All Types of Weather.
                                    Through the use of video vignettes, weather
                                    analogies, and animated graphics, this course makes
                                    you aware of unseen spiritual forces that influence
                                    family interaction. It teaches you to identify and to
                                    handle these forces in your own family and it leads to
                                    a renewed or improved family unity in Christ. The
                                    tapes cover eight chapters or sessions: 1)
                                    Atmospheric Conditions Within the Family; 2) The
                                    Home Environment: Taking a Turn for Better or for
                                    Worse; 3) Turbulence: When Personalities Clash
                                    Like High- and Low-Pressure Systems; 4) Deeper
RENEWING WORSHIP: JOIN THE          This video put out by the Evangelical Lutheran
CONVERSATION                        Church in America is an introduction to ―Renewing
                                    Worship: Join the Conversation‖ and an invitation to
                                    be part of this initiative of the ELCA. At the heart of
                                    Renewing Worship is the development of a new
                                    worship book with a constellation of supporting
                                    resources. The primary goal of the project is to
                                    encourage conversation and dialogue about worship,
                                    resulting in honest renewal appropriate for a
                                    particular worshiping community. Enclosed
                                    documentation suggests ways in which the video
                                    might be used. 45 minutes
RESPONDING TO THE CHALLENGE OF CLERGY This is an older set of two videos that deal with this
SEXUAL ABUSE                          issue. The videos present the ideas of three different
                                      speakers on this highly sensitive topic. 1. ―What
                                      Does the Church Need From Its Leaders?‖ The Rev.
                                      Marie Fortune shares her experiences in dealing with
                                      clergy misconduct. She relates that offending pastors
                                      betray a trust given to them by God and the
                                      congregation. She describes the affects on victims,
                                      and she states that it is the determination of the
                                      church to bring to light sexual abuse. 2. ―On the
                                      Front Lines.‖ Bishop Harold Hopkins addresses this
                                      topic by talking about the role of the bishops and
                                      pastors. He is the Pastoral Officer of the Episcopal
                                      Church. He feels that this is a very troubling issue on
                                      the horizon. Clergy should be accountable to their
                                      vows to God and the church. He also states that it is
                                      difficult for the bishop to please everyone. 3. ―Legal
                                      Issues.‖ The speaker in this segment is Mr. Patrick
                                      Schlitz, attorney for the ELCA. He expresses
                                      concern for the victim, the church and secondary
                                      victims. He feels that this issue is not solely a legal
                                      issue. Much danger is posed to the church by the
                                      misconduct of the clergy. Lawsuits against the
RESTORED!                             New! A powerful resource for Urban Ministry! Tape
                                      One, Profiles and Strategies. This workshop deals
                                      with the reality of declining membership, the need to
                                      learn new ways to minister across cultures,
                                      development of adequate leadership, the importance
                                      of partnerships in urban ministry and a focus on
                                      building the community (49 minutes). Tape Two, In
                                      the City for Good. The Rev. Ruben Duran and six
                                      pastors engage in a series of freewheeling panel
                                      discussions on ideas for first steps urban
                                      congregations can take toward renewal. They offer
                                      tips on how congregations can learn more about the
                                      communities that surround them. They talk about
                                      resistance to change and what they did to overcome
                                      it and focus on the cultural context of the community
                                      around the congregation. 54 minutes

RESURRECTED LIFE—UNDERSTANDING THE            This excellent video is filled with artistic images of
MEANING OF EASTER, THE                        the Holy Land, soul-stirring music, and the wisdom of
                                              prominent spiritual teachers from various Christian
                                              traditions. The producer describes the video as ―a
                                              feast for the mind, heart, and eyes.‖ The program is
                                              designed for viewers who seek paths of personal
                                              growth and a deeper insight into the core of
                                              Christianity. The video will inform, inspire and
                                              enlighten anyone who is interested in a spiritual
                                              journey. 60 minutes
RESURRECTION                           The video is based on a short story by Max Lucado.
                                       Claudius, a Roman guard, finds himself in the midst
                                       of a cover up regarding the tumultuous events after
                                       Christ‘s execution. His relentless pursuit for the
                                       answers threatens his reputation–even his life.
                                       Resurrection is the story of one man‘s quest for truth
                                       and the discovery that leads to his own new life. 50
RESURRECTION OF JESUS: HOAX OR         Is the resurrection of Jesus ―both an indispensible
HISTORY?, THE                          requisite of theology and an empty phrase‖ as Gerd
                                       Luedemann believes. On this video he offers his
                                       honest answer to the question of what really
                                       happened at the resurrection. He speaks about his
                                       book and gives you his insights.
RESURRECTION: KEEPING JESUS IN SIGHT   Daryl Schmidt makes sense of the various versions
                                       of the resurrection by examining relevant texts for
                                       historical traces and exposing the often striking
                                       differences among the various reports of the
REVOLUTION WITH DOUG FIELDS            Revolution with Doug Fields. This Bible study is
                                       specifically geared toward use with teenagers. The
                                       topics and themes discussed are relevant to the
                                       youth. Included with the DVDs is a leader‘s guide
                                       that allows the series to be used as a five-week
                                       discussion program or as a complete thirteen-week
                                       curriculum package. There is a downloadable
                                       handout that goes along with each lesson. It could be
                                       an excellent series for congregations to use with
                                       Sunday morning classes, Sunday night programs, or
REVOLUTIONARY, THE                     He led a revolution that left the world awash in
                                       blood–his blood. He showed the world a better way.
                                       He was the way. This is a film to introduce today‘s
                                       youth to Jesus. It is fast-paced and shows the main
                                       events from the Gospel, such as Jesus‘ birth,
                                       baptism, the wedding feast, walking on water, driving
                                       out the moneychangers from the temple, his
                                       crucifixion, and ascension. This video is especially
                                       captivating for youth. 48 minutes
RHYTHMS OF PEACE 2—WHEN YOUR           Stories that teach for children ages 8-11. When
ARGUMENT GOES BUST, WITH MR. FREDD     faced with escalating conflict, trusted friends can
                                       help. We grow stronger when we work together. We
                                       sometimes reject what we don‘t understand. Winning
                                       friends sometimes requires perseverance. Heroes
                                       can help us learn how to make personal choices.
                                       Excellent teaching resource in two versions. Use with
                                       Mr. Fredd introducing each story or as separate
                                       stories. Study guide included. Titles include: The
                                       Strength of the Wolf; The Girl; Power of a Cookie;
                                       Someone Else Decide; and Canoe Journal. 48
RHYTHMS OF PEACE WITH MR. FREDD    Conflict-solving ideas presented in four captivating
                                   stories and songs. For children ages 8-11, four
                                   separate lessons teach about revenge, prejudice,
                                   war toys, and the power of love. Excellent teaching
                                   resource in two versions. Use with Mr. Fredd
                                   introducing each story or as separate stories. Study
                                   guide included. Titles include: An Eye for an Eye;
                                   Tea for Everyone; Rhythm Makers; and The Sun and
                                   the Wind. 56 minutes
RIPPED DOWN THE MIDDLE             In this video you‘ll hear men and women talk about
                                   growing up in homes marked by alcoholism, abuse,
                                   and other trauma. You‘ll hear from counselors who
                                   help people untangle the present from the
                                   devastating past. And you‘ll hear how to move
                                   beyond hurt into hope. 27 minutes
RISE TO THE CHALLENGE: END WORLD   This video produced by Bread for the World tells the
HUNGER                             story of the small village of Chimboata nestled high
                                   in the Andean mountains in Bolivia. Alejandrina
                                   Quinto and her family know hunger and poverty first-
                                   hand, and the challenges of making a life in one of
                                   South America‘s poorest countries. With the
                                   guidance of FEPADE, an ecumenical development
                                   organization, the community of Chimboata began to
                                   transform itself. More funding is necessary. A new
                                   proposal by the U.S. government can dramatically
                                   increase development assistance to poor countries
                                   like Bolivia. 9 minutes

RIVER RUNS WIDE, THE               This 17-minute video produced by the ELCA shows
                                   the response to the 1993 Midwest floods. Because
                                   the tape was made early in the disaster, it shows
                                   mostly our response in Des Moines, Iowa. There is a
                                   sense of hope in the midst of the disaster which one
                                   hears in the voices of the victims interviewed. The
                                   observations and comments of various bishops also
                                   share the hope. This would be a very good video to
                                   use with a congregation council or long-range
                                   planning committee on developing a focus on
                                   mission and disaster response. 17 minutes
ROAD TRIP—THE NEW JOURNEYS IN FAITH   Road Trip, The New Journeys in Faith is currently a
                                      two-part series on the Small Catechism and the
                                      Bible. Each set has 24 lessons complete with the
                                      video, worksheets, and presentation guides.
                                      Seraphim Communications has done an excellent
                                      job in presenting these series for today‘s youth. Their
                                      theme is life on the road. The first tape on Ten
                                      Commandments had individuals sharing their faith.
                                      While it‘s mostly talking heads, the producers throw
                                      in background music and video that youth love and
                                      older adults find distracting. The worksheets are very
                                      helpful in supporting the lessons and the idea section
                                      was chock-full of good ideas. The Apostles‘ Creed is
                                      Jesus talking to a youth through e-mail. This was
                                      well done. The third tape on the Lord‘s Prayer uses
                                      cartoon characters to take you on a town‘s journey. It
                                      was effective. The final tape in this series dealt with
                                      the Sacraments. This tape featured Karl the
                                      Catechism guy, a young man who is great in his
                                      unique explanations of the Sacraments. This tape
                                      will be popular with junior high student. This series is
                                      wonderful for small groups and introductions. The
                                      disappointment is that this series is a non-rental item.
ROBE, THE                             This rather old film is still considered a classic and
                                      one of Hollywood‘s greatest productions. It is the
                                      meaningful story of Marcellus Gallio, the Roman
                                      centurion in charge of the crucifixion, who wins the
                                      robe gambling at the foot of the cross and whose life
                                      is changed forever. Powerful performances are given
                                      by Richard Burton as the centurion, Jean Simmons
                                      as Diana and Victor Mature as the slave Demerits
                                      who serves a higher master. 135 Minutes

ROCK ‘N ROLL AND THE ROCK             This video produced for Lutheran Visuals in Dallas,
                                      Texas, is divided into three sections: The Power of
                                      Music; The Influence of Music; So What Do We Do?
                                      The video features two Lutherans–Tim Kaufman and
                                      Dan Sparling. Tim is the Director of Christian
                                      Education at Trinity Lutheran Church in Morris
                                      Plains, N.J. Dan worked in Gospel music for years
                                      and was the national sales director for Frontline
                                      Music Group. The video recognizes that there are a
                                      variety of styles of music today and avoids
                                      impugning any style as good or bad. Dan and Tim
                                      examine what the influence may be and from where
                                      it is coming. The focus group for this video is
                                      teenagers. Most of the images that are used are from
                                      MTV and rock radio stations. There is a parody of
                                      Beavis and Butthead, entitled Greavis and Gutthead.
                                      The third section is a Wayne‘s World skit that is done
                                      quite well. Although the first four minutes were weak,
                                      there is a lot of power in the video. Dan and Tim
                                      raise some questions about some very important
                                      issues to be discussed concerning what is the
                                      message of our society and how does a Christian
                                      respond. The first two sections were more useful
ROMANS—THE GREATEST LETTER EVER      Dr. N.T. Wright, Canon Theologian of Westminster
WRITTEN                              Abbey in London, narrates this six-segment series.
                                     He is a world authority on the life, letters, and
                                     theology of Paul and is writing the commentary on
                                     Romans for The New Interpreter‘s Bible. Dr. Wright
                                     discusses Paul‘s letter to the Romans and its
                                     meaning for today with Dr. Mary Hinkle, assistant
                                     professor of New Testament at Luther Seminary in
                                     St. Paul, Minn., and the Rev. Keith Mayer, executive
                                     pastor of the Church of the Open Door in suburban
                                     Minneapolis, Minn. The six parts are: 1. Paul‘s Letter
                                     to the Romans; 2. Romans 1-4: God‘s Justice
                                     Revealed in Christ; 3. Romans 5-8: God‘s New
                                     Exodus in Christ; 4. Romans 9-11: God‘s
                                     Faithfulness to Israel; 5. Romans 12-16: God‘s
                                     People in God‘s World; 6. Romans–Then and Now.
                                     Study guides are included. Six 25-minute segments.
                                     150 minutes
ROOTS OF HOPE—THE CHANGING FACE OF   The ability to react to change has been a hallmark of
AGRICULTURE                          the American way of life. Americans, more than any
                                     other group of people, have created and responded
                                     to changes in the lifestyle and opportunities. The
                                     challenge to rural America in particular, is not to lose
                                     our ability to maintain a positive attitude. 70 minutes

ROOTS TO GROW, WINGS TO FLY (STUDY   This is a video teaching series on the fundamentals
COURSE)                              of Christian parenting. It is produced by Miller,
                                     Maguire, and Ashby Productions and distributed by
                                     Christian Life Resources in Mesquite, Texas. It
                                     features Bob Kraning, who is the pastor of men‘s
                                     ministries at the First Evangelical Free Church in
                                     Fullerton, Calif. He is also the chaplain for the Los
                                     Angeles Rams and Dodgers. This course is divided
                                     into twelve 50-minute sessions. Each session has an
                                     introductory mini-drama to introduce the theme (5
                                     minutes), a teaching segment (15 minutes), and
                                     video interviews (2 minutes). There is a very helpful
                                     leader‘s guide in which the lesson plans are carefully
                                     done. The video course covers the following
                                     sessions: Mentoring in the Home; Create Security
                                     Through Visible Marital Love; Laugh and Have Fun
                                     With Your Children; Listen–It‘s Amazing What You‘ll
                                     Learn!; Be Honest With Your Children; Make Great
                                     Plans to be Together; Encouragement: The Great
                                     Motivator; Little Things Make the ―Big‖ Difference;
                                     Communicating a Sense of Belonging; What Are You
                                     Really Teaching Your Children About God?;
                                     Understanding Society‘s Pressures on Your
                                     Children; What Your Child Needs From Your Home.
RWANDA EXODUS                 Produced by Lutheran World Relief, this video
                              describes the role of the Lutheran World Federation
                              in working with Rwanda refugees in Tanzania. We
                              see the sheer size of the refugee presence in
                              northwest Tanzania. A Rwandan Christian helps us
                              understand why so many people have fled their
                              homes. A U.S. Lutheran relief worker explains the
                              challenge facing Lutheran World Federation and
                              other agencies at Benaco, which overnight became
                              the largest refugee camp in the world. We see
                              people busy with daily camp chores and hear that the
                              local church is present. LWR executive director
                              Kathryn Wolford tells the story. 7 minutes

SABBATH OF PEACE              The Sabbath is a day of rest for Judaism,
                              Christianity, and Islam. This video contrasts the
                              hectic pace of modern life and our need for a
                              Sabbath. Also discussed is the observance in
                              different ways by Christians, Jews, and Moslems. A
                              good introduction into this aspect of Judaism and its
                              relationship to Christianity. 28 minutes
SACRED STORIES                This four-part video presents the speakers of the
                              21st Trinity Institute Conference, God With Us, held
                              in New York and San Francisco. Produced by Trinity
                              Church, New York, this video features Frederick
                              Buechner, James Carroll, and Maya Angelou sharing
                              stories that take the listener deeply into their lives to
                              discover the presence of God. The faith and life
                              stories are moving and powerful, but not unlike the
                              story of God working in each of the listeners. Each
                              story is 15-20 minutes long. Frederick Buechner tells
                              two stories. Maya Angelou has always been able to
                              touch souls with her stories. This resource is best
                              when savored: take one story per class. An adult
                              audience is suggested, but high school youth could
                              listen well to a story. Then send them out to gather
                              five more faith and life stories from various members
                              of the church, have them put the stories into a small
                              booklet, and publish it for all the members of the
                              congregation. 4 Stories each 20 minutes. 80 minutes

SAFE SEX—DON‘T BUY THE LIE!   Buster Soaries hosts this discussion on ―safe sex.‖
                              The first two-thirds of the video is good to start
                              discussions with young people. The last portion of
                              the video presents a stance towards gays that is not
                              very gracious. Definitely preview the video and use
                              only the segments that contribute to your lesson. 39
SAFEGUARDING GOD‘S CHILDREN             This is a video training kit for safeguarding children
                                        from sexual abuse. The boxed kit includes
                                        professionally produced videos and DVDs for
                                        parents, congregations, clergy, employees, and
                                        volunteers of churches and church organizations in
                                        ministry. An extensive training manual and
                                        participant workbooks are provided. These are
                                        provided both in print and CD-ROM format.

SAINTS & STRANGERS                      This DVD explores the Christian roots of the
                                        American colonies. From the earliest settlers in
                                        Jamestown, through the patriotism of the pre-
                                        Revolutionary period, and the eventual formation of
                                        the original colonies into the United States of
                                        America, this documentary examines the religious
                                        and spiritual roots of men and women who founded
                                        our country. It examines the groups of the faithful
                                        who were crucial influences during the colonial
                                        period–the Church of England, the Puritans,
                                        Baptists, Quakers, and others. 59 minutes

SAMARITANS FROM SEATTLE—OURS TO         Samaritans from Seattle. Twenty-one years after
ANSWER                                  they first volunteered, Ruth and Ken Helling are hard
                                        at work for Lutheran World Relief. As a team, they
                                        encourage, inform and organize Lutheran generosity
                                        throughout the Pacific Northwest. Together with their
                                        many friends–unsung parish heroes who make
                                        quilts, soap and health kits–they bring the body of
                                        Christ to life. (8 minutes) Ours to Answer: 50 Years
                                        of Lutheran World Relief. How can anyone really
                                        help the needy people in the world? Who is on the
                                        spot when disaster strikes? What is our church
                                        doing? From post-war Germany to Palestine, Korea,
                                        and Peru, a newsman and an historian here find
                                        answers to these questions. Headline news shares
                                        the spotlight with quiet success stories. A 50-year
                                        story unfolds as U.S. Lutherans answer Christ‘s call
                                        to action. (16 minutes) 24 minutes

SANDELL, LINA: THE STORY OF HER HYMNS   Lina Sandell was the daughter of a Lutheran pastor
                                        in nineteenth-century Sweden and was but a
                                        teenager when she wrote the famous hymn,
                                        ―Children of the Heavenly Father.‖ In this video, the
                                        viewer joins Professor Gracia Grindal for a trip back
                                        to Lina‘s Swedish home and gets a look at a life
                                        dedicated to spreading the Gospel. The video tells
                                        the rich history of these hymns which were brought to
                                        this country and continue to be treasures of faith
                                        today. 25 minutes
SCIENCE AND SELF-ESTEEM              This is a series of four short programs produced by
                                     Knowles Video Productions in Salina, Kan. They are
                                     designed for children in grades 2–6. If you suspect
                                     something might be bothering a child and you don‘t
                                     know how to get the festering problems out in the
                                     open and talk about them, this video may help. Using
                                     concrete examples with animals and insects, the
                                     video deals with abstract concepts of self-esteem.
                                     The following sections are included: Animals Need
                                     Good Feelings Too!–Handicapped birds and animals
                                     provide lessons in both science and self-esteem.
                                     There are topics for discussion like teasing, daring,
                                     showing off, jealousy. Pollination from the Bees‘
                                     Viewpoint–Highly magnified bumblebees and
                                     honeybees demonstrate how they pollinate and cross-
                                     pollinate providing 15 topics for self-esteem,
                                     including admitting mistakes and saying sorry,
                                     embarrassment, selfishness, problems with attitude.
                                     Pollination from the Viewpoint of Moths and
                                     Butterflies–The section on these insects provides 20
                                     topics of self-esteem discussion including bragging,
                                     teasing, taking turns, and ignoring danger. Pollination
                                     and Problems by Beetles and Bugs–The use of
SEARCH FOR THE REAL MT. SINAI, THE   This DVD is the story of two explorers who make an
                                     incredible discovery. They make an expedition into
                                     the Arabian Desert and turn up what many scholars
                                     believe to be one of the greatest discoveries in
                                     history, the real Mount Sinai, the Holy Mountain on
                                     which Moses received the Ten Commandments. 50
SEARCHING FOR SPIRITUALITY           Joan Chittister, a Benedictine nun, teacher, author
                                     and sociologist, says that ―spirituality is concerned
                                     with how to live a full life...Real spirituality is life
                                     illuminated by a compelling search for wholeness.‖
                                     This five-part series offers direction for that search.
                                     Chittister, along with six other seekers, explores 10
                                     attributes that form Christian spiritual life.
                                     Comprehensive Study Guide enclosed. Five
                                     Programs on two tapes, 23 minutes each. 115
SEASONS OF RENEWAL                   This 20-minute DVD put out by the ELCA is a good
                                     resource to be used in conjunction with ―Renewing
                                     the Passion: A Guide to Spiritual Revival.‖ It will
                                     inspire your congregation to offer special services of
                                     renewal and revival. The DVD shows excerpts of
                                     renewal services in three settings hosted by twelve
                                     ELCA congregations. The viewer can witness
                                     training in leadership and significant Christian
                                     revivals. The hope of the ELCA is for an awakening
                                     epoch that will revive the gifts given at Holy Baptism
                                     and the prayer for an era of commitment and
                                     outreach that will impact every aspect of the ELCA.
                                     The DVD gives a contact for assistance in setting up
                                     a service and suggestions for pastors. 800.638.3522
SECRET OF THE SECOND BASEMENT, THE     Produced by Family Films, this video was made for
                                       an audience of ages 4–11. Although the setting of
                                       this story is Christmas time, it could be used at other
                                       times of the year to show a ministry of care and
                                       outreach. In this contemporary Christmas story, a
                                       homeless little girl discovers the warmth of Jesus‘
                                       love in a secret basement dwelling. The video
                                       features the Peppercorn Puppets. 30 minutes

SECRET OF THE VINE—VIDEO TEACHING      This study course narrated by Bruce Wilkinson can
CURRICULUM                             be used as a continuation of ―The Prayer of Jabez.‖ It
                                       is based on these words of Jesus from John, ―I am
                                       the Vine, you are the branches. He who abides in
                                       Me, and I in Him, bears much fruit, for without Me
                                       you can do nothing.‖ (John 15:5) It deals with the
                                       adventure of living the abundant life. A leader‘s guide
                                       and course workbook are included. Four sessions,
                                       28 minutes each. 112 minutes

SECRET OF THE VINE, THE                This inspirational video deals with the passage from
                                       John 15:5, ―I am the vine; you are the
                                       branches...apart from me you can do nothing.‖ The
                                       video presents this verse in the form of an allegory of
                                       a tree and its branches. The viewer will get a new
                                       understanding of what it means to abide in the vine.
                                       It is a show on comfort, obedience, abiding,
                                       belonging, intimacy...with the Vine and the Keeper.
                                       The photography is beautiful. A study guide is
                                       enclosed. 30 minutes
SECRETS OF THE DEAD—SHROUD OF CHRIST   Surrounded by controversy since it first appeared in
                                       the 14th century, the Shroud of Turin has long
                                       fascinated the public as a possible relic of the
                                       crucifixion of Christ. Forensic scientists,
                                       bacteriologists, and textile restorers debate new
                                       evidence authenticating that it is indeed 2,000 years
                                       old and discuss whether its true origin can be
SEND A POSTCARD FROM NEBRASKA          Teaching Learning Network produced this video with
                                       the Nebraska Tour and Travelism and the Nebraska
                                       Parks Division. Watch a bit of history of Nebraska
                                       along with a beautiful picture trip to some of
                                       Nebraska state parks and recreation areas. 19
SENT TO PREACH—RICHARD A. JENSEN       This AIM resource from SELECT is especially useful
                                       for laity who have been authorized by a synod to
                                       serve congregations in an interim, and whose duties
                                       include preaching regularly. Other laity will also
                                       profit. Pastors will find new ideas, stimulation, and
                                       refreshment through this course. The course
                                       includes these parts: 1. The Preaching Task (46
                                       min.); 2. Lutheran Theological Foundations (52 min.);
                                       3. Thinking in Story (50 min.); 4. Thinking/Preaching
                                       in Idea (48 min.); 5. Thinking/Preaching in Story (43
                                       min.); 6. Thinking/Preaching in Image (38 min.); 7.
                                       Preaching: Occasional Services (38 min.); 8.
                                       Feminist Insights for Preaching (42 min.). Textbook:
                                       Thinking in Story, Richard Jensen. 359 minutes.

SERENDIPITY VIDEO TRAINING SERIES—BY   Basic Training for Small Group Ministry in Your
LYMAN COLEMAN                          Church. This four-part video series is the training for
                                       group leaders up front, before starting a group. Each
                                       video in this kit is approximately 30 minutes long,
                                       followed by a hands-on practice in a group for
                                       another 30-45 minutes. The two parts to the session
                                       could be described as Theory and Practice. Tape
                                       #1—Group Process; #2—Bible Study 101;
                                       #3—Agenda; #4—Life cycle of a Group. Study guide
                                       included. Strategic Planning for Small Group Ministry
                                       in Your Church. This four-part video series not only
                                       chronicles the rise of the small group movement, but
                                       also traces the trials and errors that have been made
                                       in small groups–and helps you gain from these
                                       mistakes as you start planning your own small group
                                       program. Each video is approximately 30 minutes,
                                       followed by a decision-making time for planning your
                                       own small group program, using a handout for
                                       guided discussion. Tape #1—History of the Small
                                       Group Movement; #2—Four Models for Small
                                       Groups; #3—Making (Final) Decisions on Small
                                       Groups; #4—Planning Your Calendar for Small
                                       Groups. Study guide included. Advanced Training for
SERMON ON THE MOUNT                    In this set of seven audiotapes, Franciscan Father
                                       Richard Rohr delves into the Gospel of Matthew and
                                       points out that it is necessary to consider the culture
                                       which produced it. To do this, Father Rohr leads the
                                       listener through the first century and explores the
                                       social, political and environmental setting which lead
                                       Matthew to bring Christ‘s message of a visionary
                                       new world order. Father Rohr states that Matthew
                                       gives the listener a challenge to let go of the
                                       conventional wisdom that comes with contemporary
                                       American culture. The tapes represent a strong call
                                       to follow Christ in the commandments of the New
                                       Testament. Each tape is approximately 30 minutes in
                                       length. 140 minutes
SERVICE LEARNING: ADDING FLAVOR TO LIFE   This DVD put out by the ELCA features three videos
                                          highlighting service and mission experiences among
                                          congregational youth ministry programs. The videos
                                          tell stories of the transformative power of service in
                                          the lives of young people. They introduce the
                                          concept of service learning, an intentional process
                                          for creating meaningful service experiences. The first
                                          video, ―Service Learning: Adding Flavor to Life,‖ is
                                          designed for training groups of adults who want to
                                          incorporate the service learning process into servant
                                          events and mission trips. The second video, ―Come
                                          Follow Me,‖ is an inspirational video for youth,
                                          featuring first-person stories of young people
                                          engaged in service activities. The third video, ―More
                                          Conversations,‖ features adult leaders sharing more
                                          of their experiences. The DVD can be ordered free
                                          from or e-mail

SEVEN ALONE                               Based on a true story, Seven Alone is an inspiring
                                          saga of heroism and a family‘s perseverance in the
                                          Old West. While on the trip across America from
                                          Missouri to the Oregon coast, the children lose their
                                          parents and are left alone to continue the difficult
                                          journey. Showing unbelievable courage, they press
                                          on to fulfill their dead parents‘ dream. 85 minutes

SEX AND THE FAMILY                        Dr. James Dobson deals in an upbeat, timeless
                                          manner with many sensitive questions about sex and
                                          the family. It contains three programs: 1) Sex
                                          Education at Home; 2) Teaching Male and Female
                                          Roles to Children; 3) Sex in Marriage. 60 minutes

SEX, LIES & THE TRUTH                     Kirk Cameron and Chelsea Noble (―Growing Pains‖)
                                          communicate the message that ―waiting isn‘t a sign
                                          of weakness.‖ This video is from Focus on the
                                          Family Films. Abstinence, condoms, and ―safe sex,‖
                                          are presented through the words of young people (as
                                          young as upper elementary age), sports greats, and
                                          Dr. James Dobson. The video includes a very
                                          emotional segment about a woman whose son and
                                          grandchildren have died of AIDS. Abstinence is
                                          presented as the only safe sex. The video ends with
                                          several celebrities talking about the advantage of
                                          abstinence. 30 minutes

SEX, LOVE OR INFATUATION                  How can I really know? Dr. Ray Short discusses
                                          ways to realistically evaluate dating and courtship
                                          relationships. 45 minutes
SEX, MURDER AND VIDEO GAMES                   This explosive and very explicit new video will
                                              change the way you look at video games. In
                                              response to video games that graphically depict
                                              women as sexual objects and victims of brutal
                                              violence, ―Sex, Murder and Video Games‖ explores
                                              how violence is promoted, how power and violence
                                              are related, and how violence against women is
                                              paired with entertainment and specifically marketed
                                              to children. To view this video is shocking. It should
                                              definitely be previewed and perhaps only be viewed
                                              by adults. Parents will be informed as to what
                                              extremely graphic and violent games are available.
                                              To view this video could serve as a springboard to
                                              protect your children from these games that are
                                              available to them. Study guide enclosed. 16 minutes

SEXUAL ABSTINENCE: MAKING THE RIGHT           What authority on sexuality and abstinence are teens
CHOICE                                        most likely to believe? Other teens, of course! This
                                              documentary program presents candid, thoughtful,
                                              and persuasive commentary by individuals and
                                              groups of teens from around the country. Mary Lee
                                              Tatum, a nationally recognized sex educator, talks
                                              with teens in several cities, asking questions that
                                              bring their thoughts into critical focus. What emerges
                                              from this energetic and thoughtful discussion is a
                                              strong rationale for abstinence and doesn‘t moralize
                                              and doesn‘t duck the tough issues of teens‘
                                              emerging sexuality. 23 minutes

SHALOM LIFESTYLES: WHOLE PEOPLE, WHOLE This video curriculum on peace, service and the
EARTH                                  environment is a 1991 production of Mennonite
                                       Media. It is a tremendous challenge for youth to live
                                       a ―Christ lifestyle,‖ which is counter-cultural. These
                                       are not just videos, but a serious study and challenge
                                       to live a life of shalom. Volume I: The Hunt for
                                       Happiness, Images In A Box, Doesn‘t Everyone
                                       Want Peace?, Be All You‘re Meant To Be, The Great
                                       Job Search, Can The Earth Be Healed?, How Far
                                       Would You Go? Volume II: Experiencing God In The
                                       Midst of Clutter, Heard in Stereotype, Shattering
                                       Images, Body by God, When Dates Go Bad, Co-
                                       Creators and Caretakers, 2 Serve 4 God, In Spite of
                                       The Odds. Remember that this curriculum is
                                       produced by the Mennonite Church, which takes an
                                       anti-military stance. Be open in doing the study.
                                       People in class may take a different position, but the
                                       study is very important to do with teenagers. It deals
                                       with questions of life in our world with which they
                                       must struggle.

SHARE THE HOPE                                This is a video, made by the Lutheran Family
                                              Services, shows the caring, professional approach
                                              they provide for individuals and families living
                                              through difficult times or dysfunctional experiences,
                                              providing them with counseling and assistance as
                                              needed. 10 minutes
SHINING WITNESS                     This DVD from the ELCA is a resource to enlighten,
                                    inspire, encourage, and challenge congregations and
                                    members to respond to the call to be renewed,
                                    faithful witnesses in the world. Using music and
                                    visual media, this short DVD creatively explores the
                                    call to witness first given in baptism and many
                                    contexts for sharing faith. Discussion guide
                                    enclosed. 6 minutes
SHOW ME THE WAY                     This is an inside look at the Willow Creek‘s Seeker
                                    Service. Zondervan and Willow Creek Resources
                                    produced it. The video takes the viewer through a
                                    typical Sunday Seeker Worship Service. Most likely
                                    the style will be a very different form than people
                                    have ever experienced at a Lutheran worship
                                    service. So one must view it without Lutheran biases.
                                    The prelude or warm up music is a style that the
                                    seeker would be used to listening. There is a focus
                                    on excellence in all the presenters. They do not use
                                    a choir because that would be a different culture for
                                    the seeker. On this tape a male singing group is
                                    used. I thought the drama used was the best part of
                                    the tape. After the service there is an interview with
                                    Pastor Bill Hybels and programming director Nancy
                                    Beach. 116 minutes

SIERRA LEONE 2002—THE EVANGELICAL   This video produced by the Northern-
LUTHERAN CHURCH                     Texas–Northern Louisiana Synod relates the history
                                    of this African country including the inhumane
                                    violence that the citizens suffered during a ten-year
                                    civil war. The mission group found a people with a
                                    future, a people with hope and a Lutheran church
                                    with an incredible mission. They found a spirit of
                                    forgiveness for the terrorists and a spirit of renewal
                                    for the country. The video asks congregations to help
                                    this country establish a church with an identity in the
                                    form of a new center which will be a place of worship
                                    for 500 people, a school, a day care center, an
                                    amputee training center, a place for teaching and
                                    seminars and church offices. Ground has been
                                    broken for the Jubilee Lutheran Center. It will be a
                                    witness to the community that the Lutheran Church is
                                    here to stay. 30 minutes

SIGNING HYMNS                       This video instructs interpreters for the signing of
                                    hymns as part of regular church services and other
                                    events. It is especially useful to congregations
                                    involved in or contemplating ministry with one or
                                    more deaf people, because it provides guidelines to
                                    a sign language interpreter in ―signing hymns.‖ 30
SIGNS OF GOD‘S GRACIOUS LOVE        Financial support of ELCA ministries around the
                                    world. 15 minutes
SILENT MOUSE                                  Produced for PBS television, this video is the true
                                              story of the famous carol ―Silent Night.‖ It starts in a
                                              little town in Austria where a chain of strange events
                                              happened on Christmas Eve, 1887. In this video,
                                              Lynn Redgrave narrates a curious story of mice and
                                              men told in live action and remarkable
                                              cinematography with a real mouse. The film was shot
                                              on location in Austria and Czechoslovakia. The
                                              music brings together some of Europe‘s most
                                              famous ensembles, choirs, and orchestras. The
                                              actors speak British English and the drama is much
                                              like an English Christmas Carol. Youth and children
                                              would probably find the story too slow and boring.
                                              But adults might really enjoy it. 60 minutes

SILENT PLEA—INSIDE NORTH KOREA‘S FAMINE This is a Lutheran World Relief video depicting the
                                        extreme hunger in North Korea. The floods of 1995
                                        and 1996 destroyed farmland and infrastructure. The
                                        economy began to fail seven years ago when the
                                        Soviet Bloc collapsed and now the drought in 1997
                                        has crippled their harvest. LWR is providing food
                                        support, medicines, clothing, and monitoring an aid
                                        office in North Korea. 10 minutes

SIXTH SENSE (STUDY COURSE), THE               The National Council on the Aging produced this
                                              video. By the year 2020, approximately one of every
                                              six Americans will be 65 years or older. Without a
                                              clear understanding of aging, younger people grow
                                              impatient with the slower and seemingly unsteady or
                                              uncertain responses of older people who have
                                              difficulty seeing or hearing. The video shares the
                                              sensory changes of people as they age and the need
                                              to respond to the changes in sight, hearing, taste,
                                              smell, and touch. The Sixth Sense is acknowledging,
                                              accepting of and sensitive to sensory change. This
                                              may be a helpful tool in evaluating how well a
                                              congregation‘s facilities and ministries meet the
                                              needs of elders within their congregation.

SKATEBOARD                                    Learning to make mature, loving choices is an
                                              ongoing journey for all of us, one that began when
                                              we were very young. This video tells a story which
                                              can help children in grades 2-4 think about the kinds
                                              of choices we learn to make as we grow. 12 minutes

SMALL GROUP LEADERSHIP SUMMIT 2000            This video was made at the small group leadership
                                              conference held at Zion Lutheran Church, Clear
                                              Lake, Iowa, on Sept. 22–23, 2000. The people of
                                              Zion were eager to share with all denominations what
                                              God has been doing through small group ministry. It
                                              can, perhaps, be an example for future conferences.
                                              6 minutes
SMALL GROUPS—BUILDING QUALITY LIFE             In this video a number of small groups discuss the
                                               advantages of small groups. They tell how each has
                                               grown and the values of the Christian fellowship they
                                               experienced in their group. 9 minutes

SO, STICK A GERANIUM IN YOUR HAT AND BE        Barbara Johnson says, ―Pain is inevitable, but misery
HAPPY                                          is optional....‖ She brings humor and laughter to a
                                               candid discussion of life. She faced the near loss of
                                               her husband, the violent deaths of two of her sons,
                                               and the homosexuality of another. (Johnson takes a
                                               more conservative approach to homosexuality.) No
                                               matter what life brings, Johnson has a prescription
                                               for finding ―life‘s little sparkles.‖ A good video for
                                               discussing ways we find God‘s grace in unlikely
                                               places. 65 minutes

SOFT WALK IN A DISTANT PLACE…AN AFRICAN Produced by ELCA Global Missions, Commission for
JOURNEY                                 Communication, it has two parts: Part 1–Liberia; Part
                                        2–Senegal. 40 minutes
SOLOMON                                 This video is part of the series, ―The Animated
                                        Stories from the Bible, Old Testament.‖ It tells the
                                        story of the wisdom of King Solomon. The story
                                        related is of the two women who both claimed the
                                        same baby. Solomon knew that only the true mother
                                        would want no harm to come to the child. Solomon
                                        asked God for wisdom and to honor God for this gift,
                                        he honored God all of his life. The video presents
                                        this story in dramatic animation accompanied by a
                                        musical score. An activity book accompanies the
                                        video. 30 minutes
SOMALIA IN CRISIS—THE LWF AIRLIFT       The ELCA produced this video to show what
                                        Lutherans are doing in Somalia, how Lutheran
                                        agencies are going about the work, and the difficulty
                                        of the work in the midst of the problems of that
                                        country. Although the intended audience is adults
                                        and children, younger children would have difficulty
                                        following this video. This is not a polished
                                        production. Frank Conlon, Africa Area Director for
                                        Lutheran World Relief, does the narration, and uses
                                        slides and some black and white home video to give
                                        a dramatic account of what is happening. But it does
                                        give a graphic picture of the need. 12 minutes

SON-SHINE SIGNERS                              From Bethlehem Deaf Lutheran Church in Omaha,
                                               Neb., this video presents a program of hymn signing
                                               and personal witness. 30 minutes
SON-SHINE SIGNERS VIDEO                        The Son-Shine Signers from Bethlehem Deaf
MINISTRY—SUNDAY SCHOOL CIRCUS                  Lutheran Church in Omaha, Neb., while rehearsing
                                               for their Sunday School Circus program, discover
                                               what it means to Praise the Lord! 33 minutes

SONGS FOR THE NEW LIFE                         ―Guillermo Cuellar and friends.‖ Music from
                                               1989–1990 ELCA Global Mission Events, interviews
                                               and scenes from El Salvador 38 minutes
SONGS OF CHRISTMAS, THE               This is a perfect way for families to get into the
                                      Christmas spirit and to brush up on their Christmas
                                      caroling. Starring Joyce Bulifant, this video is a
                                      classic that dramatizes the birth of the most familiar
                                      Christmas songs, where they came from, what
                                      messages they bring us from the times and places in
                                      which they were created, and why they still have the
                                      power to move us today. Musical classics include:
                                      Silent Night, I Heard the Bells, O‘ Holy Night, O‘
                                      Christmas Tree, and Jolly Old St. Nicholas. 49
SONGS OF THE HOLY LAND                This video explores sites in the Holy Land to the
                                      accompaniment of Christian hymns and Hebrew
                                      praise songs. Use to add a multimedia dimension to
                                      displays about the Holy Land or for gathering times
                                      before group presentations. 65 minutes
SOUNDS OF WORSHIP                     The Followers of Christ recorded this CD in memory
                                      of Muriel, a prison angel. Muriel was the wife of
                                      Pastor Bud Christensen, who gave her teacher‘s
                                      salary to prison ministry. The CD contains 18 hymns.
                                      It can be ordered from Pastor Christensen at
SOUPERBOWL OF CARING                  This DVD is an ELCA World Hunger Appeal. It
                                      encourages congregations to collect money on
                                      Super Bowl Sunday for World Hunger. It would be a
                                      good video to show on that date.
SOWING SEEDS OF CHANGE…THE STORY OF   The Mexican association for rural and urban
AMEXTRA                               transformation. 18 minutes
SPIRIT OF THE GAME                    In this video, Athletes in Action explore some
                                      traditional values and examine a sub-culture of pro
                                      football more powerful than the game itself. With
                                      inspirational stories, players focus on issues related
                                      to problems in today‘s society and comment on the
                                      character building aspects of sports. A long list of
                                      well-known athletes gives powerful testimonies. 50
SPIRIT OF THE SEASON                  This is a wonderful old video featuring Ernest
                                      Borgnine as a grandfather who talks to some
                                      children about the true meaning of Christmas. As the
                                      children listen to him relate different stories, they
                                      realize that it is more blessed to give than to receive.
                                      First Grandpa relates the story of a master thief who
                                      learns the true meaning of Christmas through the
                                      eyes of a blind boy. Then we are taken back to the
                                      first Christmas through the eyes of a shepherd boy.
                                      75 minutes
SPIRITUAL HOMEPAGE        Each program provides a provocative starting point
                          for spiritual searchers. You don‘t need a computer to
                          explore each of the spiritual themes on a spiritual
                          homepage like the Internet, where each show takes
                          the viewer from one fascinating aspect of the topic to
                          another. You‘ll hear a click and the program will
                          introduce you to a major thinker on the subject.
                          Another click and you‘ll see a profile of someone
                          whose life experience reflects a deep encounter with
                          the theme. Click and you‘ll watch a movie review,
                          learn a surprising lesson from history or read a
                          revealing quote from world literature. Click again and
                          pollster George Gallup, Jr., will tell you what the
                          nation thinks about the topic. The result is a series of
                          programs that provide a broad and provocative
                          starting point for exploration of important these
                          spiritual themes: Tape 1–Forgiveness; Tape
                          2–Connecting; Tape 3–Miracles; Tape 4–Suffering;
                          Tape 5–Guilt; Tape 6–Loneliness. Each tape is
                          approximately 25 minutes. 125 minutes

SPITTIN‘ IMAGE OF JESUS   Banquet after banquet, in every Eucharist we shall
                          celebrate the death of our Lord–die into that death,
                          so that we daily rise infused with the Spirit of Jesus
                          Christ, each of us his image. Presented by Walter
                          Wangerin, Jr., at the 1997 Churchwide Assembly. 55
SPLASHED WITH PROMISE     This video series produced by the Youth and Family
                          Institute of Augsburg College is a series on baptism.
                          The title Splashed with Promise refers to the
                          promises made at baptism. It is the intend of the
                          series to equip adults to nurture faith in their children,
                          to fulfill promises made to God at the baptism of a
                          child and to let God splash with promise the baptized
                          child. The series consists of three tapes. Tape 1.
                          Learning the Language of Faith–presented by Dr.
                          Dick Hardel. Viewers learn why parents, godparents,
                          aunts, uncles, grandparents. and sibling are
                          essential for the faith formation of a child. Dr. Hardel
                          says, ―The flow of faith goes from heart to lips to
                          ears.‖ The language of faith must be spoken in the
                          home as well as in the church. Tape 2. Living the
                          Language of Faith–presented by Dr. David. W.
                          Anderson. Practical ways to live out the baptismal
                          promise are presented. The four keys for nurturing
                          faith in the home are: 1. Caring Conversation; 2.
                          Devotional Life; 3. Service; 4. Rituals and Traditions.
                          Tape 3. Passing On the Language of
                          Faith–presented by Dr. Roland Martinson. The
                          viewer will learn that every generation brings a gift.
SPREAD A LITTLE LOVE AROUND          This video is produced by Bethlehem Deaf Lutheran
                                     Church in Omaha, Neb., and features the Son-Shine
                                     Signers. There are some signed songs and
                                     pantomime. This might work well with children
                                     grades 3-5. It might also serve well for Sunday
                                     School teachers and worship committees to view. 27
SPREADING FLAME, THE                 The Protestant Reformation comes alive with this
                                     introduction to the key characters, turning points, and
                                     events of this dramatic time in church history. The
                                     DVD introduces the viewer to the reformers and their
                                     contributions. Included in this five-DVD set are the
                                     following topics: 1. Comes the Dawn—keeping the
                                     truth of the Gospel alive. 2. Story of the Bible—From
                                     Erasmus to John Wycliff to William Tysdale. These
                                     men laid the foundation for the Bible as we have it
                                     today. 3. Champions of Freedom—John Knox and
                                     Ulrich Zwingli wage fierce and courageous battles to
                                     bring spiritual freedom to their countries. 4. Winds of
                                     Change—The winds of God‘s providence blow in the
                                     favor of the truth. 5. The Reformation Comes of
                                     Age—The reformers endure many trials and
                                     tribulations. Through them all, freedom.

SQUANTO AND THE FIRST THANKSGIVING   Academy Award-nominee Graham Greene narrates
                                     this animated, true story about a Native American
                                     sold into slavery in Spain. Years later he returns and
                                     teaches the pilgrims how to survive the difficult first
                                     years at the Plymouth colony. Woodwind virtuoso
                                     Paul McCandless accents the drama of the first
                                     Thanksgiving with a stirring musical score. 30
ST. JOHN IN EXILE                    The year is A.D. 96. John, the last living apostle of
                                     Jesus, has been imprisoned. Though he is 86 years
                                     old and confined to a cave, John is strong in spirit. In
                                     this excellent and humorous one-man presentation
                                     by Dean Jones, the viewer relives the moving events
                                     that changed the course of human history. 95
ST. TAMMANY MIRACLE, THE             Lootie Pfander takes the head-coaching job at St.
                                     Tammany, a small private school, hoping to rebuild
                                     the team that is high in spirit but low in talent. She
                                     shares her faith in Christ as she brings a handful of
                                     individuals from a dark and dusty gym into the
                                     glaring light of a championship. 90 Minutes

STABLEBOY‘S CHRISTMAS, THE           This Emmy Award-winning dramatic special finds ten-
                                     year-old Tammy traveling back in time to the first
                                     Christmas in Bethlehem and witnessing the little
                                     stable boy‘s act of unselfish love when he gives the
                                     Christ Child his pet lamb. Tammy then realizes how
                                     sharing presents with others is a way of sharing
                                     God‘s love at Christmas. 30 minutes
STAND WITH AFRICA                       This video presents a joint campaign of Lutheran
                                        World Relief, ELCA World Hunger Programs, and
                                        LCMS World Relief. The campaign is an effort to
                                        support African churches and communities as they
                                        withstand AIDS, banish hunger and build peace. 4
STAND WITH AFRICA—PEACE TO THIS HOUSE   A video from the ELCA World Hunger and Disaster
                                        Appeal. The video produced by Lutheran World
                                        Relief highlights the peace-building emphasis of
                                        Stand with Africa by taking viewers on a trip from the
                                        2003 Youth Gathering in Atlanta to the Kilosa District
                                        in Tanzania where leaders and farmers build peace
                                        following a deadly conflict. The conflict between
                                        farmers and Maasai cattle herders over water is
                                        being resolved. Tensions still exist but they are being
                                        worked out.
STAND WITH AFRICA: BANISH HUNGER        Stand With African is a campaign of Lutheran World
                                        Relief, the ELCA World Hunger Program and LCMS
                                        World Relief. This campaign supports African
                                        churches and communities as they withstand
                                        HIV/AIDS, banish hunger and build peace. The video
                                        is in four segments: 1. Farming Systems, Kenya; 2.
                                        Women‘s Fishing and Development Association,
                                        Katosi, Uganda; 3. Kiteredde Construction Institute,
                                        Rakai, Uganda; 4. Melka Jebdu, Ethiopia. These are
                                        four stories of hope from East Africa. Each segment
                                        shows how the people in these areas have been
                                        helped through training programs, gifts of animals,
                                        land and seed money, and schools for children who
                                        are left all alone. The video shows how people,
                                        working together, have helped each other and
                                        followed God‘s command of taking care of one
                                        another. Each segment is 5:30 minutes in length.
                                        Guide enclosed. 24 minutes

STAR OVER BETHLEHEM                     From the Annunciation in Nazareth to the Nativity in
                                        Bethlehem, the story is full of insight and joy. The
                                        film includes ancient traditions, Biblical sites and
                                        ancient chants. Filmed on the actual location in the
                                        Holy Land. Appropriate for senior high youth through
                                        adults. 30 minutes
STARS AND STRIPES—2002 PHILADELPHIA     This video, a production of the Nebraska Peer
                                        Ministry Network, was produced by Jon Borgstadt at
                                        the Summer Servant Trip, June 20-July 6, 2002,
                                        Philadelphia, Pa. Young people from congregations
                                        across Nebraska traveled to share God‘s grace. The
                                        group was actively involved in service projects,
                                        community activities, Bible study and practicing peer
                                        ministry skills. This extremely well-done video shows
                                        many of the participants and activities of the trip. 10
STARTING OUT RIGHT: PEACE IN THE        This video is produced by the Office for Peace
PRESCHOOLS                              Education, Division for Church in Society, ELCA. It is
                                        has four segments: 1. Building Peace; 2. Affirming
                                        the Self; 3. Celebrating Diversity; 4. Songs for Young
                                        Children. Adults who care how children can learn to
                                        be peacemakers at an early age will be interested in
                                        this video. It might be used for preschool staff,
                                        Christian Education committees, at Women of the
                                        ELCA events, professional gatherings of teachers,
                                        young parents‘ groups, peace groups, synod
                                        assembly workshops and adult forums. It is an
                                        excellent video. 27 minutes

STATE OF THE ELCA: ALIVE                This video contains excerpt portions of Presiding
                                        Bishop Mark S. Hanson‘s speech to an ELCA
                                        seniors gathering at La Case de Cristo Lutheran
                                        Church on Feb. 2, 2004, in Scottsdale, Ariz. He gives
                                        reasons why the state of the ELCA is alive. He states
                                        that Lutherans define themselves by the Good News
                                        of Jesus Christ. It is an excellent and inspiring
                                        presentation. 10 minutes
STEP BY STEP                            This video was produced by the Martin Luther Home
                                        Society. Wholeness of life for the church and for the
                                        individual–we can make a difference. Go tell all
                                        people–share the Good News. Martin Luther Home
                                        Society specializes in working with handicapped
                                        individuals. A study guide and reproducible
                                        participant sheets are included. 10 minutes

STEPHEN‘S TEST OF FAITH                 Twelve-year-old Stephen is mocked and ridiculed for
                                        his faith. He shares this humiliation with his parents
                                        at home. That night Stephen takes a faith-building
                                        journey during a dream. He travels through history
                                        meeting Jesus, Stephen the martyr, families about to
                                        enter the coliseum, William Tyndale, and others who
                                        dared to share their faith. Young Stephen‘s view of
                                        the kingdom and his definition of ―Christian‖ are
                                        revolutionized. He awakens and goes back to
                                        witness to his world, his trial of faith strengthened by
                                        the Body of Christ. Recommended for ages 8-14. 22

STEVEN CURTIS CHAPMAN: THE LIVE         This concert video provides a musical introduction to
ADVENTURE                               various topics: ―busyness,‖ life priorities, God‘s
                                        presence in tough times, integrity, to name a few.
                                        Chapman‘s style is pop-country and very upbeat.
                                        Good for use with youth and young adults to start
                                        topical discussions. A good video for lock-ins, too. 88
STEWARDSHIP RESPONSE TO GOD‘S LOVE, A   Giving to the ELCA World Hunger Appeal is part of
                                        our stewardship response to God‘s love. This video
                                        shows our hunger appeal offerings at work
                                        throughout the world from Tanzania to southern
                                        Wisconsin. 15 minutes
STOP BULLYING—STANDING UP FOR   Often young people stay at home to avoid being
YOURSELF AND OTHERS             bullied. Many of them feel helpless if they are bullied.
                                This video gives students concrete steps they can
                                take to respond to bullying. If they are being bullied
                                themselves or if they witness bullying, students need
                                to know what they can do. A guide is enclosed. 20
STOP THE FIGHTING               In this episode, the Club Connect crew discusses
                                close calls with fights and suggests how to avoid
                                fighting. Also featured are interviews with D.J. Jazzy
                                Jeff and the Fresh Prince and singer Chris Isaak.
                                Produced for PBS Video. 30 minutes
STORIES TO GROW ON              This eight-part series will teach children Christian
                                values. The series by Ethel Barrett features delightful
                                illustrations to relate the stories told. Ice, Water and
                                Snow—Teaches humility and overcoming pride.
                                Cracker the Horse—Teaches learning self-control.
                                Muffy and the Mystery of the Stolen Eggs—Learning
                                honesty and truthfulness. Sylvester, The Three-
                                Spined Stickleback—Learning the importance of
                                being unselfish. Blister the Lamb—Learning to obey.
                                Gregory the Grub—Learning about eternal life.
                                Quacky and Wacky—Learning you are special. Buzz
                                Bee—Learning respect for authority. Episodes are
                                12–15 minutes each. 120 minutes

STORY BARN                      This ―Story Barn‖ video is a collection of Bible stories
                                presented in a classic storytelling style. The short
                                stories, captured on video, are aimed at a young
                                audience, but are enjoyable for all ages. The twelve
                                Bible stories featured: Adam and Eve, Noah and the
                                Flood, David and Jonathan, Elijah and the Widow,
                                Abigail, Feeding the 5,000, Zacchaeus, The Prodigal
                                Son, Sower and the Seed, The Rich Man and
                                Lazarus, The Good Samaritan, and Lost and Found.
STORY KEEPERS                      This 13-part series if produced by Focus on the
                                   Family. It is set in Rome, 64 A.D., during the time of
                                   Nero‘s persecution of the Christians. The main
                                   characters are Ben, a baker, and his wife, Helena,
                                   who take in four orphans whose parents have been
                                   taken. We do not know if they have been taken to
                                   become slaves or to be thrown to the lions. Although
                                   these videos are cartoons, the content is not suitable
                                   for children younger than the upper elementary age
                                   group. Ben is a storyteller, feeling personally charged
                                   by God to keep the stories of Jesus alive. Three
                                   stories about Jesus are generally told in a flashback
                                   manner by Ben on each DVD. Video 1: Breakout.
                                   This segment focuses on Jesus‘ feeding the five
                                   thousand, shows God‘s kindness to Zacchaeus and
                                   raises Jairus‘s daughter from the dead. Video 2:
                                   Raging Waters. This segment focuses on the
                                   baptism of Jesus by John, Jesus‘ calming the stormy
                                   sea, and his healing the madman in the hills. Video
                                   3: Catacomb Rescue. In this segment Anna and
                                   Justin have to make a difficult choice when hearing
                                   the story of the Good Samaritan. Jesus‘ parables of
                                   the Sower and the Unforgiving Servant are also
STORY OF JESUS FOR CHILDREN, THE   This is the story of Jesus as seen through the eyes
                                   of children who might have lived during the time
                                   Jesus lived in about A.D. 30.They hear the stories of
                                   the man from Nazareth who heals the stick and
                                   raises the dead. They struggle to make sense of it
                                   all–some from families who believe Jesus is the Son
                                   of God, others from families who do not. They follow
                                   him to see what this incredible, man who loves
                                   children, will do next. They see him betrayed,
                                   wrongly accused, crucified, and buried. But they
                                   remember the promise of Jesus and believe they will
                                   see him again. Children of all ages will enjoy this
                                   captivating retelling of the true story of Jesus from a
                                   child‘s perspective. 62 Minutes

STORY OF LUTHERAN REVIVAL, THE     This DVD tells the story of Lutheran revival. The 23-
                                   minute video, narrated by former Presiding Bishop H.
                                   George Anderson, tracks prayer and revival in the
                                   Bible, in Lutheran history, and in the Evangelical
                                   Lutheran Church in America today. Bonus Videos:
                                   Seasons of Renewal: A guide to inspire your
                                   congregation to officer special services of renewal
                                   and revival. The Holy Spirit: Learn how the Holy
                                   Spirit moves throughout the church in revival
                                   services and other settings.
STORY OF RUTH, THE                       It is an enduring tale of spiritual love and personal
                                         loyalty that the entire family will enjoy. Ruth is a
                                         young Moabite woman who has been raised to
                                         become a priestess and revere a pagan idol. God
                                         has other plans for her, however. She meets Mahlon
                                         the Judean and is deeply affected by his belief in a
                                         merciful God. Ruth marries Mahlon and when he is
                                         killed, she returns with his mother, Naomi, to Judea.
                                         There she faces much hostility, but her first loyalties
                                         are to Naomi and her new faith. This video is vibrant
                                         recreation of biblical times. 132 minutes

STORY OF SILENT NIGHT, THE               This most recognized Christmas carol is part of a
                                         true-to-life story told in the video. ―Silent Night‖ was
                                         created by a young priest who received a heavenly
                                         inspiration to commemorate the most significant
                                         event in history, the most holy of nights. Father Josef
                                         Mohr wrote this poem in 1818 while he was the priest
                                         in Oberndorf, a small village in Austria. His friend,
                                         Franz Gruber, wrote the music and this wonderful
                                         Christmas carol was sung for the first time on
                                         Christmas Eve of that year. The organ in the small
                                         church did not work, so a guitarist accompanied the
                                         singing. The video tells the inspiring story of these
                                         two men and how God used them in the creation of a
                                         carol now sung around the world in 120 languages.
                                         This beautiful video was filmed in the Austrian winter
                                         wonderland. The famous Vienna Boys Choir also
                                         performs the Christmas carol. It is a video that will be
                                         enjoyed by everyone. 35 minutes

STORY OF THE AFRICAN CHILDREN‘S CHOIR,   This is the inspirational story of the African Children‘s
THE                                      Choir. The plight of African children in many war torn
                                         areas is unbelievable. Thousands of children in the
                                         Sudan, Uganda, and other areas are in extreme
                                         danger of being killed, are left without parents, and
                                         die of starvation. Ray Barnett decided to help these
                                         children by starting a children‘s choir that travels all
                                         around the world to raise money to help the other
                                         children. He has devoted his life to this cause and
                                         feels that music is one of the best therapies for
                                         distressed children. The choir has become a national
                                         treasure. The children in the choir are ambassadors
                                         for many tens of thousands. Their music is
                                         wonderful, very inspirational and meaningful. A
                                         wonderful video.
STORY OF THE AFRICAN CHILDREN‘S CHOIR,   This is the inspirational story of the African Children‘s
THE                                      Choir. The plight of African children in many war torn
                                         areas is unbelievable. Thousands of children in the
                                         Sudan, Uganda and other areas are in extreme
                                         danger of being killed, are left without parents, and
                                         die of starvation. Ray Barnett decided to help these
                                         children by starting a children‘s choir that travels all
                                         around the world to raise money to help the other
                                         children. He has devoted his life to this cause and
                                         feels that music is one of the best therapies for
                                         distressed children. The choir has become a national
                                         treasure. The children in the choir are ambassadors
                                         for many tens of thousands. Their music is
                                         wonderful, very inspirational and meaningful. A
                                         wonderful video. 60 minutes

STORY OF THE TWELVE APOSTLES, THE        From early messianic politics, to the shock of the
                                         Crucifixion, to the final acceptance of the Twelve
                                         Apostles‘ epic mission to spread the Gospel through
                                         the known world, this video tells the inspiring,
                                         astonishing story of the little known men who
                                         became Jesus‘ apostles. The story of the apostles is
                                         the story of ordinary men called to greatness. Their
                                         dedication to a prophetic Jewish preacher in the
                                         backwaters of the Roman Empire transformed them
                                         into revolutionaries, and, in the process, changed the
                                         world itself in ways that would reverberate across
                                         time for two thousand years. The video also includes
                                         the story of Mary Magdalene and Paul. It would be
                                         well suited for an adult study. 100 minutes

STRAIGHT TALK TO FAMILIES                Dr. James Dobson, America‘s Family Advocate,
                                         leads this lively discussion of key issues of relevance
                                         to the family. It contains three programs: 1) The
                                         Meaning of Authority; 2) Tradition in the Family; 3)
                                         Materialism in the Home. 60 minutes

STRAIGHT UP                              This video is designed specifically for use in grades
                                         4–7. Lou Gossett, Jr., serves as guide figure to Chad
                                         Allen on his voyage from malleability and ignorance
                                         to steadfastness and awareness in a world
                                         constantly tempting children with drugs and alcohol.
                                         The story deals with the brutal realities of drugs and
                                         alcohol, peer pressure, perceptions, attitudes, and
                                         development of a positive self-image. 90 minutes
STRETCH AND PRAY                      Stretch and Pray. This DVD is a daily discipline for
                                      physical and spiritual wellness. Bishop Murray D.
                                      Finck narrates it. Bishop Finck is a pastor and bishop
                                      of the Pacifica Synod of the ELCA. This DVD
                                      features Bishop Finck guiding you through forty
                                      gentle stretches, movements, and postures to
                                      improve physical and spiritual well being. He
                                      discovered the benefits of daily stretching and quiet
                                      prayer while on a pilgrimage through Thailand. The
                                      DVD also includes interviews with Bishop Finck and
                                      Tammy Devine, wellness expert and educator.

STRIVING FOR FULLNESS OF LIFE: THE    This video has five segments and was produced by
CHURCH‘S CHALLENGE IN HEALTH          the Wheat Ridge Foundation, made possible by a
                                      grant from Lutheran Brotherhood Foundation. It
                                      shares excerpts from a conference sponsored by the
                                      Carter Center of Emory University of Atlanta and
                                      Wheat Ridge Foundation of Chicago. It challenges
                                      the Church to take a new look at mission and
                                      ministry through a congregational vision of wellness,
                                      enabling people to be responsible for choices they
                                      make for quality living. Some people featured are:
                                      Dr. Everett Koop, former Surgeon General of the
                                      United States; Jimmy Carter, former President; Dr.
                                      Martin Marty, Church Historian at the University of
                                      Chicago; and Dr. William Foege, Executive Director
                                      of the Carter Center. Five segments each 20-25
                                      minutes. 125 minutes

SUCCESSFUL SINGLE PARENTING (STUDY    This is a 13-session course and resource put on two
COURSE)                               videotapes. It comes with a leader‘s guide and
                                      permission to copy all work sheets for participants. It
                                      is a 1991 production of Miller, Maguire, and Ashby
                                      Productions and is distributed by Christian Life
                                      Resources, Mesquite, Texas. It features Gary
                                      Richmond, who is pastor to single parents at First
                                      Evangelical Free Church in Fullerton, California. This
                                      is the church where Chuck Swindoll is senior pastor.
                                      Knowing this is helpful so that one will not be
                                      surprised by the conservative approach. This video
                                      curriculum uses some video dramas, a 15-minute
                                      teaching segment with Gary Richmond, and some
                                      video interviews. These, along with the discussions,
                                      make each session approximately 50 minutes. 13
                                      sessions, 50 minutes each. 650 minutes

SUDAN AIRLIFT—A MIRACLE ON THE NILE   Lutheran World Federation: Sudan Emergency
                                      Operations. 21 minutes
SULLIVAN HILLS CAMP PROMOTION 2005    Children show the activities that they do and talk
                                      about the fun that they are having at camp.
SULLIVAN HILLS CAMP PROMOTION 2010    Children talk about their camp experiences.
                                      Registration forms are included.
                                         ―Therefore, if anyone is in Christ, he is a new
                                      creation; the old has gone and the new
                                          has come!‖ Corinthians 5:17, theme for the
SUNSHINE FACTORY SERIES   When the neighborhood kids visit P.J., the
                          repairman, in his fix-it shop, they are only a step
                          away from the Sunshine Factory–a fantasyland
                          peopled with puppets, a friendly computer, and
                          several warm-hearted adults. Each visit to the
                          Sunshine Factory teaches an important Biblical value
                          through a fun-filled, energetic and fast-paced
                          adventure that will capture children‘s imaginations
                          while exposing them to the kinds of behavior choices
                          they already must make. These tapes are for ages 4-
                          10 and programs in this series include: 1) Honesty;
                          2) Anger; 3) Love; 4) Forgiveness; 5) Respecting
                          Adults and Others; and 6) Sharing. Six tapes, each
                          23 minutes. 138 minutes

SUPER SHEEP               Have you ever wondered why the Bible compares us
                          to sheep? In this live performa