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First NameName or Initial          Response Course#1 Course#! Title  Course#! Qualification                C1 Choice 2
                                                                                               C1 Choice 1 - Methods - Methods
    L.     Master Not on a Education
                                   Assistant SPED536 Transition degree, experience, extensive reading, & conferences
Kristy McGinninsof Science,Tenure Track Professor                                                          D. Written Assignments/
                                                                                               A. Classroom Discussion/Participatio
Karren  Guthrie     On Tenure Track
    B.     DEd.
Anita McClain       Tenured        Full Professor
                                               Educ. 313/313G/508/408/544/444
                                                          Integrated degrees, 2
                                                                     Methods research, national conferences Classroom Discussion
                                                                                               AA. Administering/Analyzing Studen
Tracy Faulconer                                                      Methods IV: Social Studies Studies/taught elementary/middle
                                                                                                 and the Arts Individual Project/Pre
                                               445G/545 Integrated Ph.D. C&I emphasis SocialA. Classroom Discussion/Participatio
        L M.Ed. Not                Assistant EDU 305 Learning Communities Research and A. Classroom Discussion/Participatio
Alfonsoopez-Vasquez on a Tenure Track Professor                      Experience,                Training D. Written Assignments/
    T. Charles
MIchael Ph.D. Tenured                          EDUC 537               Across the Curriculum B. Preparing an emphasis
                                                                                                           D. Written Assignments/
                                   Associate Professor TechnologyPh.D., Curriculum and Instruction with Lesson Plans in Educat
    D McCahon Not on               Adjunct     Educ 567/568/615
Donna Master of Arts a Tenure TrackPart-time Faculty                 Design
                                                          Curriculum research/experience                   M. Critical Analysis
                                                                                               F. Group Project/Presentation of Re
    May intermuteNot on a Tenure Track Professor
Deborah MAT                                                          experience/conferences/degree
                                   Assistant Educ 501 Foundations of Education                             H. Reflective Journal
                                                                                               E. Individual Project/Presentation
    D Singleton Not on a Teaching  Instructor
Monique Masters of Arts in Tenure Track ED 578                       endorsement ESOL          A.          D. Written Assignments/
                                                          Foundations of Teaching and experienceClassroom Discussion/Participatio
    M Hoffman                      Adjunct     Ed508
Jocelyn MEdu Not on a Tenure TrackPart-time Faculty                  Language
                                                          Integrated experienceArts                        D. Written Assignments/
                                                                                               A. Classroom Discussion/Participatio
LorelynnPhD                        Adjunct
                    Not on a Tenure TrackPart-time Faculty           degree, teaching experience, research experience Discussion
                                                                                                           A. Classroom
                                                          Teachers as Consumers of Research M. Critical Analysis of Research Arti
Greg Berg                          Instructor
           Ph.D. Not on a Tenure Track
    A      M. Ed. Not on a Tenure Track Educ545 Integrated classroom teaching Studies and the ArtsDiscussion/Participatio
Erica Chiotti                      Instructor                                                  A. Classroom Written Assignments/
                                                                     Methods IV: Social experience         D.
    I. Lesch        Non                        Educ. Faculty         30 year high school drama teacher, actor, director
Jerome MAT Theatre Tenured Adjunct Part-time553 Special Methods in Drama MS/HS                             D. Written Assignments/
                                                                                               A. Classroom Discussion/Participatio
    L      Master Non Tenured Adjunct Part-time Faculty
Ron lancaster of Arts plus work on a Ph. D
           B.A., BEd, M.A., PhD Assistant Professor
                    On Tenure
Anita Zijdemans Boudreau Track                 EDU476 Learning Communities III                             H. Reflective Journal
                                                                                               A. Classroom Discussion/Participatio
    F Johnston Not on a Tenure TrackPart-time Faculty
Kenneth                            Adjunct                           MA Business                           E. Individual Project/Pre
                                               edu 546 Special endorsements Eduacation B. Preparing Lesson Plans
Mary SimoneMS                      Adjunct
                    Not on a Tenure TrackPart-time Faculty
                                               Ed 501                Degree, Experience
                                                          Foundations of General Ed                        C. MicroTeaching (Plann
                                                                                               A. Classroom Discussion/Participatio
    B.     M.A.,
Philip Bowser Educational Tenure TrackPart-time 651 Advanced Educational Psychology
                    Not on a Specialist
                                   Adjunct            Faculty                                  M.          I. Tests
                                                                     reading, degree, experience Critical Analysis of Research Arti
    L.     B.A.,    Not            Instructor
RemieCalalangPh.C. on a Tenure Track EDUC 600 Learning Communities                             A. coursesD. Written Assignments/
                                                                     work, research and graduateClassroom Discussion/Participatio
    EileenEd.D. Not on a Tenure TrackPart-time 579 Language Acquisition on ESL/Bilingual Written Assignments/Essay
Mary Smith                         Adjunct     EDUC Faculty          Dissertation                          A. Experience teaching
                                                                                               D. Education;Classroom Discussion
GreggMarronMS Ed. Specialist Tenure Psychology
                    Not on a School TrackPart-time 420 Normal Language Development
                                   Adjunct     EDUC Faculty          Experience & license                  D. Written Assignments/
                                                                                               A. Classroom Discussion/Participatio
JoyC Ewell          Non Tenured Adjunct               Faculty        Methods II:Reading and Language Arts Discussion/Participatio
           Masters in Special Education Part-time 408 Integrated experience                                D. Written Childhood Ed
                                                                                               A. Classroom In Early Assignments/
LilyC PriceM.A.                                                      course work, ESOL         A. Classroom Discussion/Participatio
                                                                                                           F. Group
                                               EDUS 578 Foundations of Teaching experience, extensive reading Project/Present
    B Parker
Cynthia MS                                     Educ549 Teaching Mathematics in Middle and High School Written Assignments/
                    Non Tenured Adjunct Part-time Faculty            degree                                D.
                                                                                               C. MicroTeaching (Planning/Teachin
    S. Nelson
Brenda MEd
    guthludeman                    Assistant Ed570
sandra Ph.D. Not on a Tenure Track Professor                          Society                  D.          F. Group Project/Present
                                                          School and experience, degree, reading Written Assignments/Essay
    M. Walker       Not EducationAdjunct       ED 538
Geriann M.S. Science on a Tenure TrackPart-time Faculty              Degree and Experience A. Classroom Discussion/Participatio
                                                                                                           B. Preparing
                                                          Special Methods: Teaching Science In Middle and High SchoolLesson Plan
    Ann Masters
CaroleSterry                                   Educ 459 Preparing the Work Sample
                                   Adjunct Part-time Faculty         degree                                A. Preliminary Work Sam
                                                                                               N. DevelopingClassroom Discussion
Carl Smith Masters Education       Adjunct Part-time Faculty
Tim Lauer                                      EDUC Faculty                                                E. Individual Project/Pre
           Masters Non Tenured Adjunct Part-time 537 Technology Across the Curriculum A. Classroom Discussion/Participatio
    Lynn Ph.D.
CherylSpaulding On Tenure Track                Educ 601              Ph.D. research Research M. Critical Analysis of Research Arti
                                                                                                           H. Reflective Journal
                                   Associate Professor Teachers as Consumers of degree, experience conducting research, previ
    KC MAT                         Adjunct     EDUC Faculty          Degree, experience, research, extensiveMicroTeaching (Plann
                                                                                               Middle and C. reading, conferences
                                                                                                            the Secondary Schools
Ralph Schubothe Not on a Tenure TrackPart-time 549 Special Methods: Mathematics in the A. Classroom Discussion/Participatio
Tamara Masters of Science in Special Education                       Experience & license
    Jane Master of Arts
Betty Sharp                                    Educ 537 326G/327G    Degree, research, experience, conferences (Planning/Teachin
                                                                                               C.          B. Preparing Lesson Plan
                    Non Tenured Assistant Professor &Teaching and Assessment in the MS/HS MicroTeaching attended
    A. Macfarlane Tenured
ChristinePhD                                   SPED 500              Area of expertise
                                   Associate Professor Foundations of Special Education                    D. Written
                                                                                               H. Reflective Journal Assignments/
    L      MA Special Education and ED. Admin
                                   Assistant         3               Methods
Ann Matschiner Not on a Tenure Track Professor 26 Integrated Experience                                    C. MicroTeaching
                                                                                               B. Preparing Lesson Plans (Plann
nancymeltzoff Tenured                          ED 570                Phd focus                 A.          D. Written Assignments/
                                   Associate Professor Schools and Society on Ed foundations Classroom Discussion/Participatio
    J. Paxton
Richard Ph.D        Tenured                          361             Ph.D                      and Psychology
                                                                                                           D. Written Assignments/
                                   Associate Professor Foundations of Human Development A. Classroom Discussion/Participatio
           MAT                     Assistant Ed 526
ElaineCoughlin Not on a Tenure Track Professor                       degree
                                                          Language Arts Methods                            E. Individual Project/Pre
                                                                                               A. Classroom Discussion/Participatio
Mark BaileyPhD      Tenured        Associate Professor EducationalPhD in Ed Psych
                                                     515              Psychology                           I. Tests
                                                                                               D. Written Assignments/Essay
    J      Ph.D. On Tenure Track
Paula Wilkes                                   Educ508 Integrated Experience
                                   Assistant Professor               Methods II                            E. Individual Project/Pre
                                                                                               A. Classroom Discussion/Participatio
    Daniel EdM
Elias Duarte        Not on a Tenure Track Professor
                                   Assistant Ed 504                  Degrees, experience, readings and conferences Assignments/
                                                          Learning Communities I                           D. Written
                                                                                               A. Classroom Discussion/Participatio
Preston MA                         Assistant Sped 510 Behavior Management experience A. Classroom Discussion/Participatio
                    Not on a Tenure Track Professor                  degree and                            D. Written Assignments/
    j      phd
mark szymanski Tenured                               531             across the curriculum
                                   Associate Professor technology phd, research                            P. Use of Traditional
                                                                                               L. Technology-supported Projectand
    L WainwrightTenured
Camille PhD                                    Educ
                                   Full Professor 338/538            Research in Area
                                                          Secondary Science Methods                        B. Preparing Lesson Plan
                                                                                               A. Classroom Discussion/Participatio
    G Bumstead Not on a Tenure Track Professor
Robert MS                          Assistant ed 516                  reading, experience, study groups
                                                                                               C. MicroTeaching (Planning/Teachin
                                                          Advanced Human Development and psychology D. Written Assignments/
Assessment Methods                                                            Course 2 and Qualifications for
                                              Course 2 Enter Course # (Educ###), TitleAssessment Methods teaching this course.
                      C1 Choice 4 - Choice 5 - Methods
           C1 Choice 3 - MethodsC1 MethodsCourse# Title                       C           Choice 2 Choice 3 Choice 4
                                                                  Qualification hoice 1 - Methods - Methods - Methods - Methods
                      Y. Dispositions Faculty/Self-Assessment Student Special Education D. Discussion/Participation (formative assessmen
                                  AA. Administering/Analyzing      in Assessments
                                                                              A. Classroom Written Assignments/Essay
                                                                                                    E. Individual Project/Presentation
                                                                                                               L. Technology-supported
           E. Individual Project/Presentation SPED 540 TechnologyDegree, experience, extensive reading, conferences

                       E. Individual Project/Presentation Psychology degrees, reading, experience, consulting andA. Classroom at national in
                                   I. Tests
            B. Preparing Lesson Plans          Educ. 427/427G                   P. Use of Traditional Analysis Presentation Articles/Research
                                                                                                       G. Oral of Research
                                                                                                                     connections Discussion/P
                                                                      of Teaching Reading M. Criticaland/or Electronic Library Search Tools
                       P. Diagram/Graphic/Concept551 Social Studies MethodsA.
                                   H. Reflective Journal
                                                      Map            Ph.D. C&I emhapsis Social Studies/taught elementary/middle school so
                                                                                  SecondaryC. MicroTeaching (Planning/Teaching/Analysis)
                                                                                                       M. Critical Analysis of Research Articl
                                                                                                                    D. Written Assignments/E
            S. Preparing aUse of Traditional and/or Electronic Library Search ToolsClassroom Discussion/Participation (formative assessmen
                       H. Reflective Journal
                                   R. Demonstrations                 Experience, Research and Training Individual Project/Presentation
                                                                                           D. Written Assignments/Essay
                                                                                                       E.           H. Reflective Journal
            E. Individual Project/Presentation EDU 305G Learning Communities A. Classroom Discussion/Participation (formative assessmen
                       F. Group Project/Presentation
                                   K. Project EDUC 543 Teaching Mathematics, Science and Health inD.
                                                                     Ph.D., Curriculum
                                                                                B. Preparing MicroTeaching (Planning/Teaching/Analysis)
                                                                                            Instruction; Early Childhood/Elementary/Middle
                                                                                                                    L. Understanding
            L. Technology-supported Developing a Portfolio (authentic assessment) and C.Lesson PlansWritten Assignments/EssayTeachin
                                   G. Oral Presentation
            N. Developing Preliminary Work Sample
                       B. Preparing Lesson Plans 431G Int.Methods I- Gen. Methods
                                   A. Classroom Discussion/Participation (formative assessment)
            C. MicroTeaching (Planning/Teaching/Analysis)                       T. Preparing aPreparingAssessment aMicroTeaching (Plannin
                                                                                           B. Student Preparing Instrument
                                                                     experience/conferences/degree U.Lesson Plans Student Assessment S
                       H. Reflective Journal
                                   I. Tests
            E. Individual Project/Presentation
                       E. Individual Project/Presentation
                                   H.          Ed544                 Language A. Classroom Discussion/Participation (formative assessmen
            B. Preparing Lesson PlansReflective Journal Integrated experienceArts                      B. Preparing Lesson
                                                                                                                    E. Individual Project/Prese
                                                                                           D. Written Assignments/Essay Plans
                       F. Group Project/Presentation
                                   L. Technology-supported Project
            E. Individual Project/Presentation

                       N. Developing Preliminary Work Integrated classroom teaching Studies and the Arts
            E. Individual Project/Presentation Educ445 Sample                  A. Classroom Discussion/Participation (formativePreliminary
                                                                                          D. Written E. Individual Project/Presentation
                                                                                                                N. Developing assessmen
                                                                     Methods IV: Social experience Assignments/Essay
                       G. Oral Presentation
                                   K. Developing a Portfolio (authentic assessment)
            E. Individual Project/Presentation

                        S. Preparing a Diagram/Graphic/Concept Map
            E. Individual Project/Presentation EDU570 School & Society                       D. Written Assignments/Essay of Research Articl
                                                                                                        M. Critical Analysis
                                                                                                                    U. Preparing a assessmen
                                                                                  A. Classroom Discussion/Participation (formative Student As
                        A. Classroom Individual Project/Presentation
                                   E. Project
            L. Technology-supported Discussion/Participation (formative assessment)
                        B. Preparing Lesson Plans533
                                   M. Critical Ed
            E. Individual Project/PresentationAnalysis of Research Articles/Research Report/Assessment Lesson Plans (formative assessmen
                                                           Integrated Degree andA. Classroom Discussion/Participation (Planning/Teaching
                                                                      Methods I:General Methods
                                                                                   Experience Preparing Tools
                                                                                             B.                     F. Group Project/Presenta
                                                                                                        C. MicroTeaching
                        D. Written E. Individual Project/Presentation reading, degree, experience, workshop test
            H. Reflective Journal Assignments/Essay                               R. Demonstrations
                                                           Introduction to Woodcock-Johnson v3 achievement
                        G. Oral Presentation EDUC 462 Foundations of Cultural Competence Written Assignments/Essay
                                   M. Critical                        work, research, and conference trainings
                                                                                  R. Demonstrations
                                                                                             D.         F. Group A. Classroom Discussion/P
            E. Individual Project/PresentationAnalysis of Research Articles/Research Report/Assessment Tools Project/Presentation
                        G. Oral Presentation ED UC 578 Foundations of Teaching Classroom Discussion/Participation (formative assessmen
            H. Reflective Journal                                                 A. ESOL F. Group Project/Presentation
                                                                                                        H. Reflective Journal
                                                                      Dissertation on ESL/Bilingual Education; Experience teaching ESL K-12
                        I. Tests   P. Use of Traditional and/or Electronic Library Search Tools
            E. Individual Project/Presentation
                        J. Quizzes G. Oral Presentation
            E. Individual Project/Presentation
            I. Tests               D. Written Assignments/Essay
                                               EDUC 592/594           Course work, Classroom ESOL
                                                                                   of Teaching Preparing Lesson Plans (Planning/Teaching
                                                                                             B. extended reading F. Group Project/Presenta
                                                                                                        C. MicroTeaching
                        E. Individual Project/Presentation Methods and MaterialsA. experience,Discussion/Participation (formative assessmen
                        E. Individual Project/Presentation
                                   B. Preparing Lesson Plans
            A. Classroom Discussion/Participation (formative assessment)

            E. Individual Project/Presentation Ed576      LC III              research H. Reflective Journal
                                                                  experience,X. TSPC Student Teaching MidPlacement and Summary Eva
                       E. Individual Project/Presentation
                                   Q. Peer Evaluation
            C. MicroTeaching (Planning/Teaching/Analysis)
                                               Educ 476 Learning Communities D. Written Assignments/Essay
            C. MicroTeaching (Planning/Teaching/Analysis)         degree     III                    A. Classroom Discussion/Participation
                                                                                        H. Reflective Journal

                        G. Oral Presentation
            H. Reflective Journal L. Technology-supported Project
                        D. Written Assignments/Essay
                                   L. Technology-supported Project Ph.D. in literacy, teachingClassroom Discussion/Participation (formative
            F. Group Project/Presentation                                       H.         A. experience with similar classes, research and
                                                                                                                 Q. Peer Evaluation
                                              Educ 632 Current Issues in LiteracyReflective Journal D. Written Assignments/Essay
                        B. Preparing Lesson Plans
                                   D. Project
            L. Technology-supported Written Assignments/Essay

                        J. Preliminary Work Analysis
                                               Educ 567 Curriculum Degree, research, experience, conferences Q. Peer
                                                                     Design      F. Group Project/Presentation
                                                                                             D. Written Assignments/Essay
                                                                                                         I. Tools
            N. DevelopingQuizzes M. Critical Sample of Research Articles/Research Report/Assessment Tests attended Evaluation
                        A. Classroom Discussion/Participation (formative assessment)
                                                                     Area Evaluation
                                                                                 A. Classroom Discussion/Participation (formative Faculty/Se
                                                                                             D. Written Assignments/Essay
                                                                                                         E.          Y. Dispositions assessmen
            E. Individual Project/Presentation SPED 520 Assessment and of expertisein Special EducationIndividual Project/Presentation
            A. Classroom Discussion/Participation526
                        Z. Preparation of a Student(formative Management Plan A. Classroom Discussion/Participation (formative Assessmen
                                   AA. Administering/Analyzing StudentAssessment in the MS/HS
                                               ED Behavior assessment)
                                                          Teaching and Assessments
                                                                     Experience                          B. Preparing Lesson Plans (Plannin
                                                                                                                     C. MicroTeaching
                                                                                             AA. Administering/Analyzing Student assessmen
                        L. Technology-supported Project Learning Communitites I Individual Project/Presentation Journal
                                   Y. Dispositions 504
            F. Group Project/Presentation                            diversity E.
                                               ED Faculty/Self-Assessment trainings                      H. Reflective
                                                                                             A. Classroom Discussion/Participation (formative
                        J. Quizzes Q. Peer
            F. Group Project/Presentation Evaluation                 Ph.D        A. Classroom Group Project/Presentation
                                                                                             F. Psychology Written Assignments/Essay
                                                                                                         D.          J. Quizzes
                                                      561 Advanced Human Development and Discussion/Participation (formative assessmen
                        H. StudentC. MicroTeaching (Planning/Teaching/Analysis) Oral Presentation A.Project/Presentation Journal
                                    Assessment 541
            T. Preparing aReflective Journal EdInstrument            experience G.                                   H. Reflective
                                                          Reading and Writing strategies E. Individual Classroom Discussion/Participation
                        S. Preparing a Diagram/Graphic/Concept Map
            H. Reflective Journal              540, 410, 510
                                                          Expressive sabbatical Research, extensive reading, K-12 E. Discussion/Participation
                                                                     Arts, integrated methods Group Plans
                                                                                 B. Preparing Lesson Project/Presentation
                                                                                             F. 4                     cassroom Experience, 8 y
                                                                                                         A. Classroom Individual Project/Prese
                        V. Tutoring Project    Educ581 Introduction to Gifted Education E. Discussion/Participation (formative assessmen
                                                                     Experience A. extensive reading P.Project/Presentation Journal
            H. Reflective Journal AA. Administering/Analyzing Student Assessments                                    H. Reflective
                                                                                 & Classroom Individual Use of Traditional and/or Electroni
                        F. Group Project/Presentation
                                   H. Reflective 505                 Degrees, experience, readings and conferencesGroup Project/Presenta
                                                                                 II          D. Written Assignments/Essay
                                                                                                         E. Individual Project/Presentation
            E. Individual Project/Presentation EdJournal Learning Communities A. Classroom Discussion/Participation (formative assessmen
                        F. of a Project/Presentation
                                   I. Tests    Sped 516 Classroom degree andA.    experienceB. Preparing Lesson PlansReflective Journal
                                                                                                         D. Written Assignments/Essay
            Z. PreparationGroupStudent Behavior Management Plan Management Classroom Discussion/Participation (formative assessmen
                        A. Classroom Discussion/Participation (formative assessment)
                                   H. Reflective Journal advanced human development and psychology Journal B. Preparing Lesson Plans
            F. Group Project/Presentation             531                        C.          H. Reflective Technology-supported
                                                                     phd, research MicroTeaching (Planning/Teaching/Analysis) Project
                        D. Written Assignments/Essay
                                   K. Developing a Portfolio
                                               Educ 343/543
            C. MicroTeaching (Planning/Teaching/Analysis) (authentic assessment)             B. Preparing Lesson PlansWritten Assignments/E
                                                                                                         C. MicroTeaching (Planning/Teaching
                                                                                 A. Classroom Discussion/Participation (formative assessmen
            I. Tests                           ed 541
                        J. Quizzes Q. Peer Evaluation                degree, experience D. Written I. Tests
                                                                                 Y. Dispositions Faculty/Self-Assessment
                                                          Reading and Writing Across the Curriculum Assignments/EssayJ. Quizzes
                                                           Course 3 and Qualifications for
                         Course 3 Enter Course # (Educ###), TitleAssessment Methods teaching this course. Course 4 Enter Course #
             Choice 5 - Methods Title                      C           Choice 2 Choice 3 Choice 4 Choice 5 Course#
                                               Qualification hoice 1 - Methods - Methods - Methods - Methods - Methods
                         SPED505 Exceptionalities
                                               Degree, A. Classroom Discussion/Participation (formativeProject SPED510
                                                                       D. Written Assignments/Essay
                                                                                  L. Technology-supported Dispositions Faculty/Self-Assessme
                                                                                             P. Use    Y. assessment)
             Y. Dispositions Faculty/Self-Assessment experience, extensive reading, conferences of Traditional and/or Electronic Library Se

             I. Tests   Educ 441/541
                                   Reading and Writing Across the CurriculumProject/Presentation
                                               Research,texts published, consulting, Administering/Analyzing Student Assessments
                                                          C. MicroTeaching (Planning/Teaching/Analysis) and conferences
                                                                     F. Group AA. experience, degrees Demonstrations
                                                                                           V. TutoringR.
                                                                                                       Project   Educ 565
                        503/544      Assessment Instrument Classroom Discussion/Participation (formative assessment) 206
                                               Ph.D. C&I Taught
                                                          A.         K. Developing alanguage Group years
                                                                                 H. Portfolio arts 18 B. assessment)
                                                                                           F. (authentic Preparing Lesson
             T. Preparing a StudentLanguage Arts Elementary elementary/middleReflective JournalProject/Presentation Plans
                        EDU 601 Teachers as ConsumersResearch, D. Discussion/Participation (formative assessment) 555and/or Electroni
             R. Demonstrations                               Classroom
                                                                     Extensive Assignments/Essay
                                                                                 G. Oral   E. Individual Use of Traditional
                                               Experience,A.of Research Written Reading Presentation P.Project/Presentation
                        EDUC 682 TechnologyPh.D., Curriculum Environmentswith an emphasis in Project/Presentation
                                                Enhanced A. Classroom Preparing Lesson Plans
                                                          Learning Instruction E. Individual Project/PresentationMedia 625
                                                                                           F. Group Educational EDUC
                                                                                                      L. Technology-supported Project
             K. Developing a Portfolio (authentic assessment) and B. Discussion/Participation (formative assessment) and Computers; 6 y

             D. Written Assignments/Essay

             H. Reflective Journal

  N. Developing Preliminary Work Sample

                         EDU436/537                     CurriculumL. Technology-supported Project
                                                                                Y. Dispositions Faculty/Self-Assessment
             H. Reflective Journal Technology Across theM. Critical Analysis of Research Articles/Research Report/Assessment Tools

             M. Critical Analysis of Research Articles/Research Report/Assessment Tools

             B. Preparing Lesson Plans
                                            Dissertation for Teaching MicroTeaching (Planning/Teaching/Analysis)
                                                          on ESL/Bilingual Education; Experience teaching ESL K-12.
                                                                    C. ESOL G. Oral Presentation
                                                                                         E. Individual Project/Presentation
                        EDUC 592 Materials and MethodsA. Classroom Discussion/Participation (formative assessment)

                        EDUC 605 Language and LiteracyA.experience extensiveM. Critical Analysis of Research Plans 639
             Q. Peer Evaluation                          Classroom Developing a Portfolio Preparing Lesson Articles/Research Report/As
                                                                 K.          reading B. (authentic assessment)
                                                                                                    D. Written Assignments/Essay
                                           Coursework,DevelopmentDiscussion/Participation (formative assessment)

                        Ed601                  degree, research, readings
                                                          M. Critical Analysis of Research Articles/ResearchAdministering/Analyzing Student
                                                                      F.          E. Individual Project/Presentation Ed533
                                                                                             P. Use      AA. Report/Assessment Tools
                                     Teachers as Consumers of ResearchGroup Project/Presentationof Traditional and/or Electronic Library Se

                        Educ 641 Comprehendingdegree    D. Written through Reading and G.Lesson PlansReflective Journal
                                                                    A. Classroom Discussion/Participation (formative assessment)
                                                                               B. Preparing Oral     H.
oom Discussion/Participation (formative assessment)Expository Texts Assignments/Essay Writing Presentation

                        Educ 533 Integrated Ph.D. in Curriculum and Instruction Preliminary Work Sample
                                             Methods I B.         N. Developing
                                                                              O.        T. Preparing aPreparing a Student Instrument
                                                                                                   U. Student
             S. Preparing a Diagram/Graphic/Concept Map Preparing Lesson PlansTeach/Analyze Work Sample AssessmentAssessment S

  Q. Peer Evaluation                             Degree, extensive reading, research, experience
                                                                         I. Tests
                         Educ 579 Language Acquisition D. Written Assignments/Essay                                    Educ 547
                                                                                    J. Quizzes E. Individual Project/Presentation
                         SPED 535 Integrated Area of expertise
             R. Demonstrations                                and Methods for Students with Disabilities:Project/Presentation
                                                                         D. Written Assignments/Essay Functional SPED
                                                                                    E. Individual Project/Presentation
                                                                                                F. Group R. Demonstrations
                                                 Curriculum A. Classroom Discussion/Participation (formative assessment) 540
                         ED 459      Preparing the Work A. Classroom Discussion/Participation (formativeaassessment)
             N. Developing Preliminary Work Sample Sample                           B. Preparing Lesson Plans Portfolio Preliminary Work Sam
                                                                                                K. Developing          ED 576
                                                                         E. Individual Project/Presentation N. Developing (authentic assessment)
                         ED 505                  diversity trainings
                                                              II         D. Written Assignments/Essay Student Behavior 555
                                                                                    Z. PreparationIndividual Project/Presentation
                                     Learning Communities F. Group Project/Presentation         E. of a                ED Management Plan
                                260 Foundations of EducationClassroom Discussion/Participation (formative assessment)
                                                 Ph.D         A.
             M. Critical Analysis of Research Articles/Research Report/Assessment Tools
                                                                         D. Written Assignments/Essay Evaluation
                                                                                    R. Demonstrations
                                                                                                Q. Peer     J. Quizzes    370570
                         Ed 370/570School        Society                 D. Written Assignments/Essay
                                                                                    F. Group Project/Presentation
                                                                                                H. Reflective Journal Ed 576
                                                                                                            M. assessment)
             F. Group Project/Presentation and research A. Classroom Discussion/Participation (formativeCritical Analysis of Research Articl
                                537               TechnologiesTechnology-supported Preparingfellowships, extensive research and reading and
  E. Individual Project/Presentation Educational20+ years of work with tools, Federal grants,E.aIndividual Project/Presentation Assessment S
                                                                         K. Developing Project
                                                                                    S. a Portfolio (authentic assessment)Student
                                                                                                            U. Preparing a
                                                                                                    Diagram/Graphic/Concept533 Map
                         Educ582 Classroom Strategies for extensive reading E. Tools
                                                 Experience A. Gifted Students
                                                              & Classroom Discussion/Participation
                                                                         B. Preparing Individual Project/Presentation Educ583 and/or Electroni
                                                                                                K. DevelopingUse of Traditional
                                                                                                            P. Portfolio (authentic assessment)
             M. Critical Analysis of Research Articles/Research Report/Assessment Lesson Plans (formativeaassessment)
                         SPED a Student Behavior Learning CommunitiesWritten Assignments/Essay Project/Presentation
             Z. Preparation of 600-61            to Management Plan D. Discussion/Participation (formative assessment) 600-62
                                                              A. Classroom          E. Individual Project/Presentation SPED
                                     Orientation Degrees, experience, readings and conferencesGroup G. Oral Presentation
                         Sped 520
             G. Oral Presentation Assessment                   experienceD. Written Assignments/Essay
                                                                                    T. Preparing a (formative assessment) 576
                                                                                                I. Tests     Assessment Instrument
                                                 degree andA. Classroom Discussion/ParticipationStudentS. Preparing a Diagram/Graphic/Conc
                         Educ320 Brain-Based Learning A. Classroom Discussion/Participation (formative assessment)
             A. Classroom Discussion/Participation (formative assessment)           F. Group Project/Presentation
                                                                                                L. Technology-supported Project
                                                                         D. Written Assignments/Essay                  educ682
                                                                                                            S. Preparing a Diagram/Graphic/Conc
             K. Developing a Portfolio (authentic assessment)
                         ed 552                  degree, experience, D. Written I. Tests
                                                              C. MicroTeaching (Planning/Teaching/Analysis) Peer Evaluation
                                     Special Methods: Language Artsconferences Assignments/EssayJ. Quizzes Q.
                                  Course 4 and Qualifications for
  Course 4 Enter Course # (Educ###), TitleAssessment Methods teaching this course. Course 5 Enter Course # (Educ###), Title and
            Title                 C           Choice 2 Choice 3 Choice 4 Choice 5 Course#
                      Qualification hoice 1 - Methods - Methods - Methods - Methods - Methods Title             Qualification
                      Degree, experience, F. Group Project/Presentation
                                                        E. Individual Project/Presentation
                                                                   Z. PreparationDispositions Faculty/Self-Assessment Plan
            Behavior Management I. Tests extensive reading, conferences        Y. of a Student Behavior Management

                           Experience,A. Classroom Discussion/Participation (formative assessment) Electronic Library Search Tools
                                         research, degrees, conferences P. Use of Traditional and/or
                                                   E. Individual Project/Presentation I. Tests
                Education and Optometric Connections: Seminar G. Oral Presentation
                           Ph.D. C & IF.           E. Individual Project/Presentation J. Quizzes
                                                              H. Reflective Journal
                Foundations of EducationGroup Project/Presentation        A. Classroom Discussion/Participation (formative assessment)
                           Experience,A. Classroom Discussion/Participation (formative assessment)
                                         Competence Written Assignments/Essay
                                                   D.         E. Individual Project/PresentationResearch and/or Electronic Library Search Tools
                                                                          M. Critical P. Use of
                Foundations of Cultural Training, Research and Extensive Reading Analysisof Traditional Articles/Research Report/Assessment T
                           Ph.D., Curriculum and K. Developing a Portfolio (authentic assessment)
                                        A. Classroom
                                                   Instruction with an emphasis in Educational Media
                Professional Portfolio Development Discussion/Participation (formative assessment) and Computers; Three years developing p


                            CourseworkMedia Literacy
                                                   G. Oral Presentation Traditional and/orPortfolio (authentic assessment)
                                                              P. Use of K. Developing Peer Evaluation
                                                                                     Q.    Electronic 630 Reading Tools
                                                                                                 EDUC                 Coursework, Experience
                Children's Literature & A. Classroom Discussion/Participation (formativeaassessment)Library Search Assessment and Related Pra

                           degree, experience S. Preliminary Diagram/Graphic/Concept Map Instrument
                                                          T. Work Sample
                                                                     U. StudentG.aOral Presentation Teachers Guide
                                                                                    Studenteduc585             degree, research
                Intehgrated Methods IN. DevelopingPreparing aPreparing aPreparingAssessmentAssessment Scoring as Researchers

ing a Student Assessment Scoring Guide

                            Degree, research, experience, extensive reading, conferences attended 578 Foundations of Teaching ESOL resea
                                        B. Preparing Lesson PlansWritten Assignments/Essay
                                                   C. Language in the MS/HS
                                                              D.          I. Tests    J. Quizzes Educ
                Special Methods of Teaching ForeignMicroTeaching (Planning/Teaching/Analysis)                          Experience, degree,
                                        E. Individual Technology-supported Project
                                                              A. Classroom                       SPED 516 Classroom Management for
                Technology in Special Education L. Project/Presentation Discussion/Participation (formative assessment)of expertiseSpecial E
                            Experience III         E. Individual Project/Presentation K. Developing a Portfolio Assessments
                                                              H. Reflective Journal
                                                                          AA. (formative assessment)
                Learning COmmunitiesA. Classroom Discussion/Participation Administering/Analyzing Student(authentic assessment)
                             of culturalF. Group G. Oral Presentation
                foundationsdiversity trainings Project/Presentation                              ED 563                diversity trainings
                                                                                                            beyond fear, guilt, anger: moving tow
                            Society                D. Written Assignments/Essay
                                                              F. Group Project/Presentationof Traditional and/or Electronic Library Search Tools
                                                                          I. Tests    P. Use
                School and Ph.D/M.A. A. Classroom Discussion/Participation (formative assessment)
                            Experience             F. Group Project/Presentation Evaluation
                                                              G. Oral Presentation H. Reflective Journal assessment-work sample
                                                                          Q. Peer
                Learning Communities A. Classroom Discussion/Participation (formative assessment)Ed 526                Experience
                            methods 1 B. Instruction PhD PlansDeveloping Peer Evaluation
                                                   C. MicroTeaching (Planning/Teaching/Analysis)a Diagram/Graphic/Concept Map
                                                              N.          Q. experience, extensive reading and work in schools 3
                                                                                      S. Preparing                     decade of
                Integrated Curiculum andPreparing Lesson minor, classroomPreliminary Work Sample 576 Learning communitieswork with begin
                            Experience Foundations of Gifted H.Project/Presentation M. Critical Analysis of Research Communities & Report/As
                                        & Classroom Discussion/Participation (formative assessment)
                                                   E. Individual Reflective Use of               Educ305G Learning Articles/Research
                                                                                                                       Experience Flex
                Social & Psychological A. extensive reading Education P. Journal Traditional and/or Electronic Library Search Toolsextensive re
                            to Learning CommunitiesWritten Assignments/Essay
                                        A. Classroom Discussion/Participation (formative assessment) 600-63
                                                   D.         E. Individual Project/Presentation SPED
                                                                          F.          G. Oral Presentation Orientation Degrees, experience, read
                Orientation Degrees, experience, readings and conferencesGroup Project/Presentation                    to Learning Communities
                                         experienceE. Individual Project/Presentation R. Demonstrations
                                                              G. Oral Presentation
                                                                          O. Teach/Analyze Work Sample
                                                                                                 Sped                  degree and experience
                Seminar degree andA. Classroom Discussion/Participation (formative assessment) 500 Foundations of Special Ed.
                            enhanced learning environments Assignments/Essay
                                        A.         D. Written L. Technology-supported Preparing
                                                                          S. Preparing a Diagram/Graphic/Concept Map
                                                                                      B. assessment)
                technology phd, research Classroom Discussion/Participation (formativeProject Lesson Plans
             Course 5 Assessment Methods                                                        Course 6 and Qualifications for
                                                                Course 6 Enter Course # (Educ###), TitleAssessment Methods teach
                        Choice 2 Choice 3 Choice 4 Choice 5 Course#
             Choice 1 - Methods - Methods - Methods - Methods - Methods Title                   C           Choice 2
                                                                                    Qualification hoice 1 - Methods - Methods

ctronic Library Search Tools

                        H. Reflective Journal AA. (formative assessment) Student Assessments
                                    G. Oral Presentation T. Preparing a Student Assessment Instrument Written Assignments/Essay
                                                                    EDUC                  Methods: Reading andA.
                                                                                                    D.         Language Arts
             A. Classroom Discussion/Participation Administering/Analyzing 598 Integrated Coursework, Experience Classroom Discussion/P

                        M. Critical Analysis of Research Articles/Research
                                    D. Written Assignments/Essay      educ660 advanced teaching
                                                                                         degree     B. Preparing MicroTeaching
             P. Use of Traditional and/or Electronic Library Search Tools Report/Assessment Tools and learning C.Lesson Plans (Plannin

                          E. Individual Project/Presentation
                                     I. Tests
              D. Written Assignments/Essay       J. Quizzes             Educ 592/594
                                                                                   Methods and MaterialsC. MicroTeaching (Planning/Teaching
                                                                                                          degree, research
                                                                                                                     B. Preparing area, Plans
                                                                                              Expereince, of Teaching ESOL in thisLesson confer
                          E. Individual Project/Presentation            SPED                             program G. Oral Presentation
              A. Classroom Discussion/Participation (formative assessment) 576 Seminar Director of A. Classroom Discussion/Participation
 ntic assessment)
                          D. Written F. Group Project/Presentation
              H. Reflective Journal Assignments/Essay
ctronic Library Search Tools
                          C. MicroTeaching (Planning/Teaching/Analysis) (authentic assessment)
                                     H. Reflective Journal O. Teach/Analyze
                                                 K. Developing Portfolio 327
                                                                        Ed         Integrated            A. Classroom MicroTeaching (Plannin
              A. Classroom Discussion/Participation (formativeaassessment) Work Sample Methods and AssessmentDiscussion/Participation
                          K. Developing a Portfolio                     316,                  Years of teaching these Discussion/Participation
                                                                                                         A. Classroom Preparing Lesson Plans
              E. Individual Project/Presentation (authentic assessment) 316G Child and Adolescent Literature B.books, an obsession wit
                          D. Written Assignments/Essay
                                     E. Individual Project/Presentation Educ639 Children's Literature & A. extensive reading
                                                 H. Reflective Journal
                                                             M. assessment)                   Experience & Classroom Discussion/Participation
                                                                                                          Media Literacy
                                                                                                                     E. Individual Tools
              A. Classroom Discussion/Participation (formativeCritical Analysis of Research Articles/Research Report/Assessment Project/Prese
                          D. Written Assignments/Essay Project/Presentation
                                     E. Individual Project/Presentation
                                                 F. Group Z. Preparation of
              A. Classroom Discussion/Participation (formative assessment) a Student Behavior Management Plan
                          D. Written Assignments/Essay
                                     H. Reflective Journal              Sped                  degree      experienceN. Developing
              A. Classroom Discussion/Participation (formative assessment) 575 Student Teaching andB. Preparing Lesson Plans Preliminary
Assessment Methods                                                        Course 7 and Qualifications for
                                          Course 7 Enter Course # (Educ###), TitleAssessment Methods teaching this course.
                      Choice 4 Choice 5 Course#
           Choice 3 - Methods - Methods - Methods Title                   C           Choice 2 Choice 3 Choice 4
                                                              Qualification hoice 1 - Methods - Methods - Methods - Methods

                       B. Preparing Lesson Plans
                                  V. Project Project             Methods: Reading andAssignments/Essay
                                                                           D. Written F.
                                                                                       Language L. Technology-supported Project
                                                                                                Arts       B. Preparing Lesson Plans
            L. Technology-supported Tutoring EDUC 544 Integrated Coursework, Experience Group Project/Presentation

                      AA. Administering/Analyzing Student Assessments
            O. Teach/Analyze Work Sample

                       G. Oral Presentation
                                  I. Tests
            D. Written Assignments/Essay
 G. Oral Presentation

                       E. Individual Project/Presentation
            B. Preparing Lesson PlansPeer Evaluation
                       D. Written Assignments/Essay
                                   M. Critical       300 Foundations of ECE D. Written Assignments/Essay
                                                                     ECE Specialist, Report/Assessment Project/Presentation
                                                                                           E. Individual Tools
                                                                                                      H. Reflective Journal
                                                                                                                  I. Tests
            E. Individual Project/PresentationAnalysis of Research Articles/Researchpp-k experience, Child development major in PhD
                       H. Reflective Developing a Portfolio (authentic assessment)
            G. Oral Presentation K. Journal

                      S. Preparing Sample EDUC 550 GeneralMap Practicum experience
                                 X. Diagram/Graphic/Concept Ed.degree     Summary Evaluation
            O. Teach/Analyze Work aTSPC Student Teaching MidPlacement andC. MicroTeaching (Planning/Teaching/Analysis)
                                                        Course 8 and Qualifications for
                        Course 8 Enter Course # (Educ###), TitleAssessment Methods teaching this course. What student centered te
             Choice 5 - Methods Title                   C           Choice 2 Choice 3 Choice 4 Choice 5 Open-Ended Response
                                            Qualification hoice 1 - Methods - Methods - Methods - Methods - Methods

                                                                                                         cooperative grouping, inq
                                                                                                         -demonstrations of strateg
                                                                                                         By using feedback from st
                                                                                                         Within the context of the
                                                                                                         Project-based learning in

                                                                                                         I assess prior knowleldge

                                                                                                         Active participation throug

                                                                                                         Group discussion, jigsaw a
                                                                                                         Determining the level of e

                                                                                                         I like to have a balance of
                                                                                                         Cooperative learning Acti
                                                                                                         I use a variety of instructi
                                                                                                         Survey student expectatio
                                                                                                         Use of in-class activities to
                                                                                                         Cooperative learning grou
                                                                                                         Class discussion generate
                                                                                                         The following are student
             V. Tutoring Project                                                                         Research states that 95%

                                                                                                         allow choice in assignmen
                                                                                                         Students are engaged in a
                                                                                                         • Think-pair-share • Lar

                                                                                                         Individual journal reflectio
                                                                                                         I have used writer-directe
                                                                                                         Discovery-based lessons,

                                                                                                         Students are required to d
                                                                                                         Small group discussions L
                                                                                                         Analysis and Evaluation
                                                                                                         students provide leadersh
                                                                                                         Student choice on individu
                                                                                                         Students are asked to mo
             C. MicroTeaching (Planning/Teaching/Analysis)                                               Guided practice Collabora
                                                                                                         Self-reflective journals Se
                                                                                                         Cooperative Groups, choic
ching/Analysis)                                                                                          Reflections, group and ind
                                                                                                         web site development, pe
                                                                                                         MicroTeaching, student-ch
                                                                                                         Students may choose topi
             How current in do you teach you useinto your of technology tools do studentsto prepare cultural competence??
                         How your new knowledge a variety instructional strategies use to grow multiple learning styles?
                                     How          What opportunities do
How do you staydo you integrate fields?docritical thinking? courses?you offer your youthat appeal to inand teach your courses?
             Open-Ended ResponseOpen-Ended ResponseWord Processing                     Web Research
Open-Ended ResponseOpen-Ended ResponseOpen-Ended ResponsePower Point or other Presentations        Databases Spreadsheets
                                                                          Power        Web ResearchDatabases Spreadsheets
                                                              Word Processing Point or other Presentations
web-based current journal and book clubs that address issues or textbooks,learning,Research clubs, guest speakers representa
             resources, through online readings, current books Processing Pointpractice,online courses, assignments, inquiry lea
                         journals, conferences, school/site Word notpeers, face-to-face individual reading school/site based issues
                                     integrate videos, school/site visits, group onlinetheor book in my guest speakers
                                                   writing groups with necessarily like video workshops, Spreadsheets
                                                              based visits, reflective Webother Presentations
                                                                          Power         or     students
                                                                                                   Databases class, pose current visits
-Read -Present at andBy teachingThrough discussion,staffguest speakerof-occasionalskillsPresentations fromReading Educatio
              -assigning journal article reviews We discuss WordTheobservations, Webotherthe presentations of the reflects reading
                          attend conferences -Editorial modeling, variety Point or student Journal of
                                      the pre-service studentshuge Reading children'sand juvenile literature a natural transfer of
                                                    -occasional of Processing Teacher Research consultant that varous cultura
                                                              a to teach critical thinking and to their students
                                                                          Power        and national                   major publishers
I belong to Through usingmy assignments are from audioWord helping video, powerpointwith this mymind. complexitiesnew term.
             state and national professional organizations readings andstudents Webotherpresentations, large and smallof teachin
                         All information gainedI gearedmy in professional literature and adapting in and as with many Rethinking
                                     I use overheads, reading myProcessingparticipate Research
                                                    select toward fieldPower Pointquestion, understand the I use each group (N
                                                               recordings,and design activities committees syllabi a board member. di
                                                                                        or on Presentations
             Osmosis both within the method this intellectual endeavor because Webother IPresentationsvalidate the new knowle
                         my preferred College but it requireand in seem based onour campus communities where Teachers asdom
                                      critical of of Education different strategies. Instead, has promotedIcritical expression with
                                                  Learning does not other to work. on society and beyond. attend seminars, Co
                                                              Word Processing
                                                                           is colleges addressing this competence. In
                                                                                        or Research
I engage with peers is I am highlyDifferent classes just Communities Power PointIn learningfirst seek toSpreadsheetsaffective wor
Member of I regularly revise assignments and syllabivariety of groupPowerCommunicationstoconversationsSpecial Interestdigital
             the International Societyasked to Students are asked to describe andorclass discussion, and small group "hands-on"
                         Students are EDUC 543 we a in Education (ISTE). the field.other Presentations
                                     In for Technology towhole Processing Point respondinofficerchallengefrom different perspe
                                                  read use reflect sources and engage them
                                                              Word changes in
                                                                            presentation, Recently the for the posed Web 2.0Group
                                                                                       Web ResearchI began Spreadsheets the (the
                                                                                                             integrating by
                                                                          Power        Web Research
                                                              Word Processing Point or other Presentations
I try to stay abreast ofCritical thinking class along with we teachThetools taxonomy. other most research, most helpfulteaching criI
             New knowledge is integrated discussed as assessment Powerreadings, analyzing specifically addressenvironment,
                          curriculumThe is throughoutare varied.ProcessingtoPoint or for a respectfulIt is example of to modeling
                                      changes periods courseworkBlooms used throughoutPresentations presentations, be in cla
                                                  By modeling my eagerness
                                                              Word through provide The Oregon. collaborative multiple mod
                                                                                       Web activities
                                                                                                   Databases Spreadsheets
                                                                          in class learning Research powerful

           Select appropriate handouts consulting whenever Processing combine Research & active participation regularly, m
                      Employ strategies / students for educational tometacognitive issues (use reflective English extensively)
                                 Use all modalities use, update own variety of student needs of paradigm shifts & share wit
                                             Address which address materials, seeklecture
                                                         Word appropriate,      Web     evidence
Continue presentations in other venues, fortechniques issues related materials publisher, researchincluding journalslanguage lear

           I challenge To think critically, weschool district, involve myself private think on "Best which provides subscribe toor res
                       myself to think own reflect of a Social Processing with studies this before The world numerous prof
                                    my of newWe visit teach every time I have Web Research Practices" and constantly chan
                                                  lens to the importance of
                                                            Word Studies teacher, taught Center
                                                                                    I model the importance of curriculum integratio
I attend Staff Development withinThrough theways onthe Global/Multicultural Resourcetimecourse. beginning aisdiscussionresour
            to date recommendation of currenttheis a to students,Seeing as manymaterial on recommend to students. wantsh
                       Through productions RecommendationProcessing Finding see Iin thewhat the class benefit they and in
                                   Because theatre Portland to ofcommunity and determine to in appropriate for each level o
                                                in given close-knit they need to as can Portland area. Recommendation B
                                                            Word students.
Keeping upThrough with currentthe assignments productions area. current plays tostudents are lineisthat willbecause themNotingto

I stay current by reading journals,Instructional by bringing in current knowledge or colleagues andlearning activities that oftenI in
            I often supplement the books, to encourage criticalhave taughtby assigning a scaffoldedthroughtheme of ongoingdivu
                         One way that I try websites, courses I Processing so far,andResearch
                                       course text strategies include both individual thatinvolve looking critical reflection human re
                                                 In the discussing thinking issues with other Presentations the my own activity.
                                                              Word current is Point all cooperative ofat
                                                                         Power      Web I have found course conduting my own
                                                                                                Databases Spreadsheets
Reading trade magazines,of emerging technology as other and Processingconcept thatformats: lecture, power and member Cur
            I stay abreast professional journals and itis Word to Bus Recentthe form of computer simulations terms presentatio
                         Students analyze, assess, compare resources Ed. aPoint or of infiltrates all cultures board other techno
                                     Students receive required internationaland create other Presentations the in point of of thethe
                                                 Business relates contrast, invariety while accomplishing
                                                              an objectives in
                                                                         Power      Web ResearchOregon Spreadsheets
                                                                                  participation Databases DECA objectives how re
            I integrate I teacher and thinkingI try that multipleProcessing of and as basedPresentations the them synthesisuniv
                         new knowledge by keeping to acknowledge strategies learning supervisor ofwithin teachers at my lesso
                                     I use strategies abreast of new andI usePoint cultural instruction, analysis discussion to sma
                                                   I have appeal to a variety inquiry a styles from student
                                                              Word ways. working methods and incorporating and into two of
                                                                         Power      Web Research
Although I am a retired teach critical principal, throughstayed current bycelebrate or other diversitylarge groupclass and encourag
            Guest speaker. Handouts. Examples of use Reflective journal. Partnerorsettings.Naturalistic in school organization an
                         Journal professional workshopsshareconventions. Point contribute Discussion of what students' school
                                     Lecture. Simulated of concepttheactual schoollearning. theirprofessionalschool districts onln
                                                 Students and cultural understandingsResearch employing listservs.
                                                              Word to inPower board for a Presentations
                                                                          school &         from to
Read journals & books. Attendsummaries. Discussion.proposal Processing Read Webothermajor change observations. Read and p
Read educational texts,update articles and and news used inwriting PoweraPointdifferent paper speakersvideos Research onand
            Review andThrough self-reflectiveThroughmagazines presentations on achievement Bring and opposing theories wor
                           research journals, readings readings, class doand in Webotherconferences related to multiculturalism,
                                     Sometimes give students options to Bring presentResearch gaps in data course activitie
                                                  activities and the Attend students readings that present Revise
                                                              Word Processing project orat guest
                                                                         Give        or     a Presentations
            Integration Class discussions, lessons from week to opportunities in ESOL appeal debates.We example in the the ma
                          of research from current journal many Processing
                                     I vary workshops. articlesprojectsintentionally related classes. learning styles. In neede
                                                 There are Word into to which involve class assignments.
                                                                                    Web Research
Reading professional journals. Attendingquestioning students,week class projects, lectures,to variousFor focus on what isfounda
I have a never ending As stated information through mybeen very concepts/preconceived Presentations
            I try to givestack of readings that We discuss Word Processing Pointthatother ideas about curiosity and questions st
                           enough above! Students have lecturesof good the studentsResearch andof learning settings.I offer re
                                     I have video, audio and depth work modulesofor offer athere own discoveriesand anyReadin
                                                 improve myingroup toknowledge questioning variety asking questions.on occass
                                                                 depth Power
                                                                         get about Web inquisitive
                                                                                      the topic. Personal languages but          conne
            I integrate We the discussed teaching. I volunteerbooksone Pointdiversewho teaches critical thinking to her spea
                         new knowledge am several different kindsinofactivitiesouror other Presentations articles, students toprim
                                     I include my introduce picture ofPower areWeb websites, to and introduce strategies bein
                                                 I courses by the use ofDVDs, in my Research research a variety guest man
                                                              an author an that
                                                                            elementary courses
                                                                                       texts in nature address
I read current research onhavetopics I intoin great detail Word Processing ofvideos,classroomthatobserve currentandof instructio
I read books, researchStudentsaware of thevisual, personal contact Power predominantly Presentationssettings, I have knowledg
            Students are made and journals. fact to kinesthetic, Processingprofessionalsconstruct knowledgeteaching and shared a
                          articles are encouraged thatbeen an thinkers by learnersintra-personal modes classmateson research m
                                     Auditory, Also, beas Wordinstructor inengaging other multicultural ofadded to my learning
                                                 Having critical interpersonal and or in discussions with
                                                              a community of Point weResearch field has based and analyzin
                                                                         with       Web from theDatabases
                                                                         Power      Web Research
                                                              Word Processing Point or other Presentations

          Through assignments Through choice in assignments for written different ways of readings higher levels of think
                      Model Create a series Community serviceesp. technology Self analysis
                                 Through instructional practices, requirement or other Presentations
                                                       Word Processing Point
                                                                   allow       Web assignments) at ever material Through d
Read scholarly journals Attend conferences of prompts (either toPower for or oral Research presentingin US educational hist
I am employed statefull-time highThe veryeducation discussionsarememberPoint involves Special of secondary science classroomM
          The as a and national sciencescience teacher. I am on the backbone instruction and instructional Association. Stude
                      Throughout school nature of standardsProcessing ofanalyze examples Methods: Teaching accomodati
                                  the courseDuring a science methods courseWebother multiple modificationsstrategies. I In
                                             students are asked todifferentiated of Research
                                                       Word a Powercritically the NationalDatabases
                                                                                 or the Presentations
                                                                                           Science Teacher's and Science att
• Network • Demonstrations/modeling • demonstrations,of strategies for •discussions opportunities steps applicationwayHelp• s
           with colleagues • Read Visual Lecture • materialProcessing workshopsResearch onand Spreadsheets
                      • Open-ended questions/problem-solving• Discussionaccommodating differences within thepractice •• Re
                                 • & view published Videos • •Attend
                                            • Discussion charts, videos
                                                       Word        Guided • Web and picture practical along the •
                                                                                Provide based
                                                                              Provide big conferencesfor in-class classroom St

           Each term I review the syllabus and add newWord Processing educational weblogs
                                   I provide                content based to how technology is being used
                                                                       Power       Web Research
                                                                                              Databases Spreadsheets
Online courses, face to face courses, journal reading, read and respond onPoint or other Presentations in elementary, middle
I have recently reentered the product teacherA my formal, portion here goes. ofmakeWithin Databasesbooksthe literacyspentup-tp
           I am not exactly a field of of a Ph.D. program thataemphasized the Web of classno more than 20I (maxas tools for lea
                       I am sure what to keepeducation Word Processingabsence.and oralthe last six months I have class unto
                                   I try this question means. Butsix year readings Research written language using minutes i
                                                 significant oral presentation I material to and the
                                                           after     of the                     that
                                                                                   role certain discussions in am 30) are focu
           Through demonstration activities. Through Reading Processing and Webother Presentations
                       Through extended activities and questioning Power Point or different
                                   By presenting the video presentations
                                                           Word        strategies. discussions.
                                                                                              Databases Spreadsheets
NCTM and OCTM member Conferences Workshopssame concept from a number ofResearch approaches and discussing the p

             I am always revisingquestioning, physicala reviewer illustrations andjournals, and experiences. Iunderrepresented w
                         Through and updating my lessons presentations, opportunities to serve thinking activities, pair and grou
                                       I conferences, am response,incorporating my or Research work with also keep committ
                                                    Discussions, and Processing Point reading Presentations
                                                                Word for educational videos, travel,
                                                                             Power                    Databases
I read educational journals, attend use total discussion, open-ended projects. Webothercritical on conference planningcurrent po
attend conferences observe in classrooms grappleto includereadasking of different read textbooksI isn't withcasetime to addmust
             This is hard, becausethem problemslots solve whatby discard.things out cultures also do a lot enough studies. I talk
                         by giving II have to read literature examples them open-endedPresentations of demonstration and s
                                         try to have try with Word to online materials loud. I"discussion Spreadsheets they with
                                                    I to of visuals, plus read Time-wise, there when talk
                                                                 and Processing Point or other simply provide colleagues
                                                                             Power        Web Research           questions" that
Reading current researchAuthentic assessments Formative SeminarPower at conferences Presentations with to reach Taxonom
             Assignments periodicalsthinking Discussion WordTeachAssignments or other Databaseslesson 3.Student all studen
                         Teach critical Reading current books Processing Self assessmentAttendingwriting Bloom's analysis
                                       1.Teach learning stylesModeling using all learning stylesJournalstrategies
                                                    skills Socratic2. Presenting Point Students teach lessons
                                                                     assessmentsStudents Web Research each conferences Presenting in
                                                                                          design and identify Spreadsheets
             lead in information from articlesbooks graphic organizer current eventsgroup awareness metaphor
                         require synthesis presentations articles awareness cultural representation of attend national and intern
                                          reading in current individual reflections visual diversity
                                                    personal journals discussion
                                                                Word and concerning educational philosophy, curriculum theory, and
attend and bring diversity trainingsgroup in making and identity Processing groups onResearch issues cross-cultural communicat
             In writing. Written assignmentsawhich include a multiplePower Point or other assessment the interface of school and
Research and many ways.                 journal articles. of instructional strategies as well as Presentations
                                                    Focus       Word Processingdrafting process. Classroom and strategies. Of course this
                                                                                          Web of Vygotsky discussion.
                          Reviewing By using varietyon the socio-cultural. Discussion Research
             I independent principles of critical thinking islooking in classes reading first. instruction differentiate and to my In
                         The reading and researchingI andWordmyriad thestrategies. discuss Databases Spreadsheetsstudents. re
                                       My classes Thisfilled come from critical Point or other We every strategy I hope department.
I serve as anam constantlyeducational consultant.topicwith theProcessing District inIResearch adapt synthersizeto myanalyzecou
                                                             assist a Beaverton and information ways toto this information students
                                                                  raised forPower
                                                                               of latest Web the Presentations evaluation
                                                                                          we model learn and
It is very difficultalways monitoring useas much asyear to alternativecoursePoint or Sometimesnew book the week subscribe not.
             I am I attend 3-4 conferences every my coursesweb andcriticaljournalsother Presentations releasesinsight and und
                         In every course multiple approachs inIevery Power I thinking,previewpower, race andmany that are to b
                                       I and adjusting possible. based on new info.onsome technologybe
                                                    Exposure read Processing
                                                                Word model perspective
                                                                                 print teach, Research it their quests for or the is a crit
                                                                                                  I support can based, education night a
                                                                                          Web culture,Databases
             Jigsaw Conferences thinking Trying strategies andProcessing on resultsother PresentationsCurious WebCT with follo
                         DeBono's Professional Methods II Wordprojectplanning Book:Research and learning styles WebCT discus
                                       Integrated journals Professional organizations
                                                      Curry-Sumara reflecting
                                                                 is built around multiple or Presentations has weekly readings, TAG c
                                                                                 Learning Web Developing More
Extensive reading articles with students hatsService learning lessonPower Pointcommunities (Flex) by experts Minds Discussio
             Assignments, create new activities, open with student opinions, reviews other Presentations openwork, use ofnew qu
                         Ask open ended conversations hands on in class with students on just new knowledge, develop debrie
                                       Use questions, ask for colleagues, peerPoint or written reflections, role ended simulations
                                                    Listen to one another, Power require Research debate,
                                                                Word Processing
                                                                              promote of group work
Readings, conferences, presentations,of physical anddiscussionsactivities, usedialogue not theand individual playing, questions, d
              attendance, readingever-changing, and class Word Processing that areassignments relating to we spend veryand diff
                         There is many, of in Every I inmeeting education variety subjectPresentationsother universities, difficuli
                                       Most many classes lend themselves with colleagues legal those techniques. It federal and st
                                                     issues special with Power theWebother of debate and individualizing time
                                                                 includes discussion andor ofResearch
                                                                              Pacific             and decisions,
conference Special education are literature mythe field,provide students to a Pointlatestinstructionalfromupdates on is lots ofinterne
research, member of professional Iaboutain research, listen and learning techniques,Research cooperative learning, peer has a c
             using examples Istudents elaborate, of sectionandthe advanced Point or other Presentations
                         have read organizations,connect,Wordorganize and psychology and human development course teachin
                                         use range journal reading, collaborative Web with colleagues from peer institutions.
                                                    each teaching to Processing peer suggestions,
                                                                   of student new knowlegelecture,
                                                                             Power        work        Databases Spreadsheets
             Modify each course lotsEach topic I at conferences, ProcessingconnectionsResearch of inmetacognition. a variety
                         Include each annually encourage themtaught in slightly development and order to model
                                         of problem-solving, discrepant events, Point or othercolleagues.
                                                                Word to incorporate the for reflection
                                                                             Power        Web to Presentations
Reading (articles, texts), attendance year. on the syllabus is electronic a requestsdifferent mannermathematics and science co
             I subscribe In manymyI classes I emphasize including I work, largeJournal, Science News,relatesvisual reperesentatio
                           of my magazines conferences, courses the deductiveandconstructive natureDiscover the presentand E
                                         use lecture, cooperative group emphasize the small group as
                                                    In all of myWord Processing Point logicResearch discussion, to magazine, how
                                                                  participate English Web and Presentationsof groups, teaching of w
                                                                             Power         or especially
I read extensively in allto all of fields, attendand journalsinductive and in both on-lineother real worlditfocus our schemas and to bo
                         How         How technology as aexperiences have contributedReviewed in yourcompetence? Conference Presentatio
                                                What life tool for use own productivity? learn Articles:
                                                            Books:      Chapters Authored: Non-Peer International These could include bu
                                                                                   Peer to                 courses? National
re and teach your courses? do you use do candidates (students)your technology toolsto your culturalReviewed Articles: Conference Prese
                         Open-Ended ResponseOpen-Ended ResponseOpen-Ended ResponseOpen-Ended ResponseOpen-Ended
             Other (please specify) Open-Ended ResponseOpen-Ended ResponseOpen-Ended ResponseOpen-Ended Response Response
                         Electronic Calendar e-mail/list-serves workedLapTop Computer statesFax Processing e-mail/list-serve They recie
                                      Stick Drive have available for check-out Copier/Printer Word
                                                I CDs Data Projector in three different Lab (Oregon, Colorado, & Texas) I have taught
             Video Streaming DVD LapTops owned orlived and Word Processing/Tables/Tools/ClipArt, etc. Scanning of photos and docume
                         web based resources, digital documentation, travel, based learning, add to instructional resources, document ownin
                                                 is used to enhance classroom course via email, statisticalstudents‘ English-reading growth
                                                                                   2006 First-grade Latino packagesshared students‘ English
                                                                                                           2005 Young Latino by Latino studen
             digital cameras/video technology international living and communicationwork, drawing on experiences2005 Youngmy peers, rea
                          assessment twomake power point presentations. regarding layout, tables, More! Eaton Matschiner.student's the Le
                                     They texts software used Tama & McClain. Write More! Learn figures, and use of Inspiration to progr
                                                            2006. technology       McClain, Yolton, Erickson, WritingMcClain, Enhancing name
                                                                                                           McClain & toColaw. A. Visual Problem
                                                                                                                         present Curriculum. K
             Review andPublishing of of readingdemands use ofin schools. They use spreadsheets and databases & Across the The Effects of
                         Internet research, podcasts, CDs,i.e., Frontline specific NPR, TV news and political/social commentary, mainly Orego
                                     Internet research for DVDs - radio, mainly projects, Google "Gayleduring onefor NCSS President" PBS.
             Mass media - podcasts, Internet broadcasts information onsegments                 2005 Earth Thieman 2004, session on geograp
                                                                                                                       class A. "Teachers, Clas
                                                                                   2005. October. Faulconer, T.& Freeman,Nov. 20. National C
  Spreadsheets                       The web-based program I noted above my classes where I download allAlfonso, to human(2006). powe
                                                Cultural incompetence, insensitivity to diversity and blatant disregardreading―Affirmativethe Q
                                                                                   Geenen, S.,López-Vasquez, of my M.Ed. A. dignity by ind
                                                                                                Powers, L., & López-Vasquez, materials, Actio
                                                                                                                      Labor searches including
                         I have created a group in Tappedin.org for each of is the most prominent tool/source. LiteratureRelations andBarrie
                         I and web authoring on the web, each processing papers, creating Charles, M.T. (2006). the paper Laptop: publishi
                                     Research                                      Morrell, P.D., Charles, Presented The $100 Teacher'sI Stage
                                                                                               presentations, editing Presented Uses of a Techn
                                                                                                           M.T. (2007) Evolving theand use p
                                                                                                                      digital video, paper Evolv
             Digital video maintain extensive websites for word of my courses (see http://fg.ed.pacificu.edu/charlesm/courses.html).Informa

 Spreadsheets                        Candidates Five years ago to find & exploreresearch materials, organize lesson keep records, to commu
                                                use It helps me traveled and to information, organize information, in South Africa. presen
                         I primarily use my laptop. technologyI to take notes, spent time in three elementary schoolsplans, to prepare We sp

                                    Notetaking, participation graphic organizers, record keeping
                         Lesson plan preparation, creation of in in-class written tasks, submission of final exams

                                     They web resources and subscribe to lists in order to and may use "Web from ODE (Social Studies New
                                                                                                                   Northwest Math created i
                         I use a variety ofexplore resources available through the Internet receive information Quests" that they've Conferen
                                     Researching texts appropriate scene level of theatre they are teaching and for
                         On line information on the current theatrefor the in Portland and throughout the country. the specific subject area

             WebCT - Blackboard Web applications -learning WebCT-BlackboardBaecker, their writtenenhance and ICLSA.S. P.Early Child diver
                        As my research interest believe that my life circumstanceA., post R., tools to G., Wikis Keating, Conference,Reinvent
                                   At this time, students use technologies I use ahas placed me squarely in & Adobe Acrobat(2005).Atlanta
                                               I is in Dreamweaver or templates to Moore, on the web D., & collaborate D. this work. of Deve
                                                                      Zijdemans, providedofG., Baecker, & Zijdemans, of (2003). access re
                                                                                    variety Matthews, work, Zijdemans, online and Toward
                                                                                              Moore, Summer InstituteA.S. (2001). In the
                                                                                                           R., the middle on Blog ePrese
                                                                                                                     support my issue
                        I use Power Poin tand computer simulations none
                                                          none                   and        none         May         March 2003- National Sch
             Computer simulations Through the use of Power Point Presetations nonecomputer simulations 2002- International DECA Caree
                                   processing to prepare of syllabus, e-mail in communicate with students, web research to videoplayers
             videotapingI use word Students use a variety mytechnology tools to my classes. They use laptops, videorecorders,help me stay
                        I          Web research for journal articles that they on-line calendar.NASP's code built earths professionalOregon
                                                          2000 "Professional Conduct Manual" WebPsychology vol 3" WordNational Associat
                                                                      1995 an summarize. PowerPoint presentations. maintained the stand
                                                                                              School research ethics chapter on profession
                                                                                                                    (2001?) processing for u
             movies on cdmaintain my calendar on my PDA which syncs to "Best Practices in(1995~present) of un and andinfo and images I w
                                   Use internet and database searches for papers and feedback, give assignments and interesting articles
                        Emailing with students, using attachments to sharepapers and articles Some will use powerpoint to do presentation
                                   One student assignment requires them to locate Web sources that support the instruction. They beyond
                        Much of my research is done online using university library resources. I selectively use ESL Web for research must a
                                   They have to use the researching tools to gather the in order, updating for presentations.
                        Researching for articles and topics, keeping my lecture sequenceinformation needed lectures with new information o
                                   Students online. I prepare powerpoints word processing. They also have presented Lane Community C
                        I research my topics prepare papers with the use of for my courses both at Pacific University and powerpoint presen
                        I have     Students prepare presentations utilizing technology time and am not anxious or nervous about presentin
             audio and video been able to prepare all my presentations well ahead of and do web research to extend their knowledge bey
             Personal Response System Graphing Calculators

                                   Mostly doing online research Prepare presentations Leading and ManagingAERA, 2001
                                                                                                                   Inclusive Education. Univ
                       Primarily for preparing materials, maintaining records, and researching classes South African Association of Student
                       I use data collection are asked to as word detectors, temperature probes, and sound probes.
                                   Students probes such and web-based resources to create resources to create instructional materials.
             Computer-based a variety of word processingusemotionprocessing and web-based instructional materials. Hand-held computeT
                          Preparing Preparing • Communicating with colleagues and students ideas • Communicating with • Research
             • Videos •• Overheads documents documents • Researching topics and lesson plan • Recording students grades peers and

                                   Our                   “Bringing Children and the through To computer via New Using Theteaachers
                                                                    “Innovative is Internet Together (Bill Harpclass web site. Internet
                                                                                                                  a professional
             weblogs... See above... main method of interaction between sessionsApproaches the Literacy Education:Technologies that ar
             I have acquired Power I am committed to assigning at toolsworkingI on aworkingThe transparencies. book studentsuniqueThe Re
                        I word process assignments. taughtgraphic leastcountry. am book. andhave that likely useIthe is to submit use group
                                   Point for myhave I use am currently to createEverywherecoursevery requiresintendthe fall semester. C
                                              I laptop and have been experimenting with it. onwill articleof theI it in to package extensiv
                                                         I all over the one assignment per I an taught, there use been to toSocial
                                                                                  handouts        purpose that      have internet       the
                        Sketchpad TechnologyIis integrated Peace Corps Volunteer in twoappropriate use of calculators, SmartBoard. Te
                                    Graphing Calculators CBL SmartBoard
                                               served as a into all web-based research, placements ( four word in Africa. I web-based
             Geometers Word Processing, PowerPoint presentations,of the activities for the class. Students useyears) processing, also taught

             iPod                      Research, a communication tool (in addition to the above).
                          Web research, and ascreating lessons, communication, documentation.                              National Middle School As
                          I listen to audiotapes of professional to white with wellImaterials on them with (2006) life living as a(2005)which the
                                       Candidates Although am literature as them.Assessmentafor educationalmy laptop while observing withinD
                                                     bring laptops a provide class have spent CD-roms
             Digital camera, scanner, picture files, DVDsI& VHS,class (In Press)as I provideliterature. Iause my Assessment ofminoritythe Car
                                                                                        popular                 of classification.
                                                                                                                            class materials Mental R
                                                                                                                                        Children with
                                                                                                     great deal CD-rom of(2006) Moving up candid
                                       Presentations 459 Advanced in AustraliaSpread sheets Power Points Research and assignments
                                                    ED Note taking Lesson Plans Teaching Power city presentations
                                                                                                               2007 Vision Related Learning Problem
             Web CT I use WebCT to teach Living and teachingorganizers Blackboard in inner Point Teacher/administrator in variety of sc
                           feedback to students research culture profileMeltzoff, N.trainings N.Meltzoff, Cleanissuessecrets: Redding,& K.and Tho
                                       create brochures receive my of power points (2001) Relationship, the fourthat conferencesN. theclasses
                                                    on their travel approximately 8WebCT forwith Lee classes and N. &another on-lineGary, sch
             digital audoword processing web extensive creation audio feedbackMeltzoff,self-interviewclass little Usediversity word:MindfulC.
                                                                                         for presentations Mun (2007). of Meltzoff,
                                                                                         digital on-line inN.Meltzoff, ‗R‘. Buckingham,S. One Fa
                                                                                                    (2006). on  Wah (Unlearning Racism,
                                                                                                                               In Avoiding      langua
             WebCT                     the research and writing process. •	
                          Big help in Webquests, library/database research, presentations, research andDon‘t as a tool of productivity. Current
                                                    Growing up in Nairobi, E-mail is R.J. axton, underappreciated knowprograms in ResearchNeve
                                                                            Kenya. Maintaining WebCT tools.•	
                                                                            Paxton, good, and R.J. (2003). of merican Educational Kenya and Ug
                                                                                        P (2005). The illusion exchange •	inter Conference on Di
                                                                                                                A knowledge: Editorial perspectives
                                                                                                                           much about history: Asso
                          I use word They
                                       processing I havetimes. I am alsoHuhtala, J. & Coughlin, E.B. (2004).and students havetoas Illinois 04-
                                                    at all forms, with the power-points for presentations. Some over send forms the volunteer.
                                                                             Oregon Holocaust presentations Group investigation, democracy, a
                                                                                                   Article Center been submitted also ASCD for
                                                                                                                            ten years and outlines
             over-heads, video taping are using all workedprimarily adding power-pointResource has justforoftenASCD-Chicagoamade movi
             digital storytelling tools, this is a very important question. Howearth, presentations, chat, discussion,M., &Innovative Learning: tI
                          I don't think video, photos, mindin the Bay Area as M., Eds. (2005).&very multiracialCollaborationthan how IandLater
                                       by creating Iwebsites, moviemaking, webbing, collaborative note construction software,Hartle, L., useFoc
                                                      grew up Rhine, S., google a youngsterM.,Carroll, J. S.S., Bailey, collaborative discussionitso
                                                                mapping, Bailey, M., Rhine, S., aIntegratedBailey,multicultural as E. (2002).Baile
                                                                           Bailey, I use it for my Haugland, (2007).important community.forThe
                                                                                       Bailey, in productivity Technologies, Collaboration Techno
                                                                                                      Rhine, (2005) M. (2003). Learning, & Ch
                                                                                                                is less Social C., Catalyst
                                                                                                                           Bell, Ruiz,
             I have to set up WebCTWord processing Power pointis important in all courses.Ipod-piirto pyramid of2004 - a child,inclusionary
                          PowerpointExtensive WebCT Research Decision-making for effectivethe she record to theBoard Portaportalthe in sto
                                          for each course. Ipod musicEnglish 2006) Using theuse LCDtoDVDs Smart USsessions Email An crea
                                                    My mother 2001an DVDs languageSome pyramid of talenthandbook (self-published)bookma
                                                                was - presentations learner when New TAGdevelopment in Oregon: respons
                                                                           Fall                    2003       came certification development inter
                                                                                                                            talent in the and
                                                                                       2000 - Using teaching: A tutoring as Nurturing her th
                          Calendar, communicate am Mexican-American. assignments in an African American neighborhood.ofMyletters, email
                                       Create presentations (Imovies,other I Manual)comments on papers research,Training my Trainers. and m
                                                    I with papers (business and voice
                                                                Books: powerpoint), devlivery Cultural Competency: 2000. ―A Cultural Exchan
                                                                                                                            access        family
             Voice emails for commenting on student studentsand (Trainingwas raised2003.presentations, submitterd), syllabus,electronic rese
                                       Research, word processing, adaptive placements, grades, for students, scoring standardized tests.
                                                                 and       None        None        None        None        None
                          Keeping track of student teachingNonepracticumtechnology examples assignment completion, observation/supervis
             I also use an in class studentslide Ishowsslide Szymanski, neighborhood with (1995). rangewebctBook database and spreadsheetp
                          word processing processing system an urban M.J. & Wollack,video wide video Item (2001-present) Education andC
                                       word response up in sitewell as a smartboard. J. a Szymanski,of Zooming Szymanski, M.J. Education
                                                      grew web as development digital
                                                                 shows web site development digital Test Szymanski, in the(2007). Getting Our I
                                                                                       Szymanski, blogging blogging formanagement licensure
                                                                                                    M.J. (2006). diversity. M.J. textbook:software
                                                                                                                M.J. course and teacher (2004).
                                                                                                                               My Zooming Out: Usin
             Laboratory Web searches, real-time data collection -as wellcolleagues.microscopes. Instrument for Reliablewebworld-wide identifie
                          probeware Webelectronic communication ElectricitydigitalWainwright, C. L. (2006). 2005 ―ASummer, the (1999): With
                                       for searches, access Living for three years in the Philippine Islands; extensive to Field-BasedMagnetism
                                                    Personal: 2007 with as and Magnetismof digital movie, Toward travelseries Reform-Base
                                                                to course website, development an
                                                                           Chapter (―Developing (Prentice Hall) access Electricity and Provided A
                                                                                                   ―Shedding Light on–Science‖ atresources (Asia,
                                                                                                               5/1/07 -- Looklearning 2007: Assessme
                                                                                                                                       and understand
                                       My technology to comeme acd roms and websites designedpoemsandthe students. aremy mixedof Teach
                                                    I am help with third generation current four to assist fields through frequently race. I
                                                                                       Published American my Gyrls sons I Council direct th
                                                                                                                           National 2004
                          I certainly use text books allmarried toinform myslef aboutJapaneseadvances in in 2ur twoQuarterly of membership in
                         Grants Received:
                                    Participation in Study Groups:
                                                           University Groups: of Education Committees:PreK-12 Schools:
             State Conference Presentation: Participation in Focus Committees:               Community Organizations:
                                                                                  Public Agencies:                 Professional Organizations
                         Open-Ended ResponseOpen-Ended ResponseOpen-Ended ResponseOpen-Ended ResponseOpen-Ended
             Open-Ended ResponseOpen-Ended ResponseOpen-Ended ResponseOpen-Ended ResponseOpen-Ended Response Response
             NWATE                                                     Curriculum Committee
                                                Autism Focus Group Low Incidence Task Force             Forest Grove/Autism TEA Staff Inse
             2006 Mama D: Teaching servant leadership with video. 2006 Latino students‘ English reading growth in all-English classroom
             McClain, A. Hewlett Foundation Fellow, Spanish for Educators, 1999-present with Susan Cabello. TogetherPROFESSIONAL SCHO
                         Using Word Sorts in the Junior High and High2003-20042004.2005.1974-1989, Member, Board ofSustaining PacificSt
                                                AWARDS 2004, 2005, 2006,2007;DISTINGUISHEDReading Association, weTrustees, State stu
                                                            PRESIDENT‘S AWARD:& 150+/year; (chair) 2006 2007 (member);Oregon membe
                                                                         School Curriculum: Oregon 2007; 055/year; Literacyorganized theAss
                                                                                     2004-2005 Faculty 1994, 1995, 1996, 1997; McClain, A.
                                                                                              2006, TEACHING member; 2006075/year; 1999
                                                                                                         Active IN THE
                                                                                                                   International ReadingColle
                                                                                                                                  1998,     U
             2005, April 2006 Fulbright Scholar2004, Nov.of English, Bend, OR. Oregon reasons) Compact ServiceS.2006-2007 2005 superviso
                         23. Oregon Council for Award (unable MacNeil/Lehrerto Co-presenter 2005-6 Personnel Committee. Committee Curr
                                                 Teachers 2004-6 accept due 350 Secretary,2006. 010 Lurain-school"AdvertisingDistinguished
                                                            18. to 25 2004-6. Productions focus group Judge for Classroomteacher 005 "We
                                                                        Member, health Campus 2004on Pierce. Student LawThrough 200
                                                                                               with Dr. 2004-2006Learningprogram, "the.New
                                                                                                         Thomas Thompson25 Project the
                                                                                                                    news          Reviewer fo
                                    Association to the Mental Health and Addiction 40/year InstitutionalMinority Board HumanInvited Panelwo
                                                           Annual Conference – Sept 29-Oct. 01, 2006, PathwaysFairCultural Rights Council
                                                                       2005-Present Problems 30/year Review Chair, NCATE Appeals30 Pr
                                                                                   Member, Diversity Component to Dismissal Committee
                                                                                             2006-Present 25 Member 40 project site repor
                                                                                                                   2005 2006-Present Boar
             Occupational Therapy Responding of Oregon 2005-Present 120/year1998-Presentof Ethnic Member,Populations, Competence Co
                         Awarded the and Place ThompsonGIS 020 Faculty030 Faculty chair, Forest Grove campus2006the Northwest Counc
                                                              Distinguished Professorship Award (2004-2005) in 2006 020040 Communication
                                                                       2006 representative, University Council the Pacific 050 Member, Sear
                                                                                                                     at    University College
             Presented Putting Space Thomas S. Together:2006 for Upper Elementary and Middle School Classrooms 2005College of Educatio

                                                         Internation Program Board was highly informative and one that provided a richer
                                                                     Our experience      Affairs Committee     International NCATE Ass
ools in South Africa. We spent three weeks in the region of Durban. 2004-2006 24 Student Lakewood Theatre 2002-2006 200Reading Stan

                                                                                                        2006 2 Community Transition chapter
                                                                                                                    2006 10 Alpha Nu School
                                                                                   2005 to present, 88 Citizens' Review Board, Washington

                          Beaverton 2005: -Math Celebrations -Integrating year -Math 24 Curriculum Club
                                                                                       2004 070 Oregon Dept.2005 050 Beaverton Schools, K-8
  Northwest Math Conference: Oct.Education Foundation: 2005-2006 SchoolMath Across the After School of Ed., Writing Scoring Director Sci
for the specific subject area within that level, i.e., acting, directing, technical theatre, costuming, make-up, scene study, theatre games, etc.

                          2003-2004 Spring 2007 Technology InfusionCOE Representative, Univeristy Curriculum & Forest Member, Kappaof Pr
                                     Information Academic 2006 010 Grant,010 Faculty2003-2004 Technology Developing a Institute Graduat
                                                            Writing WorkshopOISE/UT Representative, Volunteer StandardsCommunity Delt
                                                                       2006 sponsored by OTEN 2002-2006 into Practice: Using an ActionS
                                                                                                          Technology Design Committee
                                                                                                                     2006 Grove 2006 010
               Oregon Technology Education Network Teacher Showcase Spring 2007: Integrating Knowledge Media Committee CommunityFa
                                                            None       None
               November 2003- Oregon School Board Association- Portland, OR                                          1975 through 2006-Memb
                                                                                             April 1999 through May 2003-Founder of By Kid
 ideorecorders, videoplayers, computers for power point presentations, overhead projectors, Palm Pilots and other PDA devices.
                                    (2005~2006) Roseburg Public Schools Services focus40 Douglascomputerized psychologicalSecretary, Fac
                                                 (2004) American Florida, committee to improve safetyAs ethics (2005) 120 report writing
                                                                                  (2006) group on County school (various dates) Workshop
                                                                                                          screenings psychologistwho make th
                                                                                                                      of students for & Rose
               (various dates) Workshops in Oregon, Washington,Guidanceand New Mexico on professional a Commission on ChildrentheFamil
owerpoint to do presentations Send information via email
 SL instruction. They must analyze the strengths and weaknesses of the site and present these to the class.      Students may submit journal
                          2005-Perkins Grant-Lane Community College-Substitute for teachers who wish to observe colleagues teaching stra
               2006-Linn Benton Community College-Conference Designed for Beginning Teachers-presented on classroom managementlesso
                          Stipend     Literacy, Santa Clara Reading Council Conference, CaliforniaSanta ClaraSan Jose, Lawrence Parish
                                                 Ethics Challenge Institute,The Tech Museum1996-2000 1997-2004,500 School Safety Patrol S
                                                                                   Applied Ethics,Innovation, University, CA
                                                                                               of         Catechist, St.
               2002, Character BasedFellowship,DesignCamp: Markkula Center for 2001 Literacy Coach, Juvenile Court CA

                          ODE                                                                  Sample Scoring Strategic Rubric Directors, Eug
                                                                                                         2005-present Board of 2006 2006
               ORATE, 2006 Dissemination Grant Charter Schools 2006 Revision of Work2006 Consultant,Guide and Planning, FFIS Admin
                          2006, M.J. Murdock Charitable Trust PartnersMember, Northwest Christian
                                     2005, The Pacific Advanced Placementtools in activities that measure motion, temperature, Consortium. T
                                                           data 010, In Institute. 2002, Intel Teach2006, 040, 2006, Member, National S
                                                                                                          To Teacher Education and sound.
                                                                                                                    Member, Oregon Universi
ate instructional materials. They also use computer-based 2006,collection Science Award ($14,000). College The Future Program. 2001, Activ
                                     2006, member, Teachers as Readers (Oregon Reading Association Coordinator, 2006, Intergenerationa
                                                                                                Videotaping lessons • Observing Vice Preside
 municating with peers and instructor • Creating and showing power point presentations •2006, 026, Book Group) OASIS 012, videos

   New Technologies that are Changing Education TechForum Seattle - November 2, 2006 Advanced Teaching and Collaborating with Webl
I intend to submit to The Reading Teacher. It is a exploration of the distinct positions staked out by scholars from competing perspectives
                                   2004 - Coference                                                      2006180 AP Calculus Teacher - - Ore
                                                                                                                    1996 of Education
              2005 Northwest Mathematics 2006 Hillsboro Lesson Study Group 1998 - 2006 96/yr Oregon Department - 2006 180/yr Curric

                        Oregon of Teacher Education Portland Or, 2002
                                                           University Budget
                                                                       Admissions Committee, 2001-2006 CTL Committee, 2002-2005 2003-2
            Oregon Association Technology Educators, Network grant, 2004 Committee, 2003-2006 Peer reviewer, Foreign Language Annals,
                                                           2006 in Slovakia Member, & Member, Special for Finding Programs Committee
                                                                       2007 (2007) The Road Functions Education Search Committees 2006
                                                                                  2004-2007 062, Member, OI Working Group 2004-2007 06
            (2007) Recharging Your Batteries: My Experience - 2007 015 075 Chair Essential Less Traveled:Graduate Evidence-Based Practic
                                    2007 Brain Workshops 2006 0102007 and Balance020 Habitat030 Humanity 040 2002 Oregon Needs of th
                                                Research 1.Effective2006 035 StudentSearch Committee 2006 Placement Coordinator and
            2007 Narrative and Expository Writing ORASeminar PurposeIdentifying theJudicial Board Portland andASCD Union Committee As
                                                                      University Dean‘s From the Inside2006 030 University Admissions Lea
                                                                        Instructional Strategies-Invited Presenter 2.Effective Classroom forB
                                                                                  2005        2007 2006 2006 004 Psychological Reading (C
                                                                                           Gifted          Social Women's Teaching with Man
                                                                                                      for AILACTE       Personnel Foundation
                         & Lopez, A. (2004, November). Pacific 020 University at Pacific University. Poster Session National Association Witne
                                                           2005 University Faculty Development Grant 2005 Sojourn Oregon Education of Mu
                                                                       2005 040 Search Committee COE Dean 2005 Theatre. Host for Guid
                                                                                              Joint Forces Dance Company Board Committee
                                                                                                                      at Higher Educator: Cultu
            Meltzoff, N.Meltzoff, N., & Wilkes, P. (2005) Cultural Competence Council Representative Laws and the 020 Search Member Or
  •	inter Conference on•	Discourse, Text and Cognition, 2004. Paper Planning Committee, Technology Movie‘sGrove for a curriculum improve
                                                           Faculty Development Teaching Grant. To Committee, Sabbatical DevelopmentCurr
                                                                       presentation: The Influence of a Committee,2005/06 Committee, Und
                                                                                                          Forest perspective 200 AmericanCom
                                                                                                                        Community School Ed
                         2004-05 University of Wisconsin Budget Committee, Faculty Development provide fundingFaculty on Students‘ Fresh
            NCTE National Council PASS (Proficiency-based for theof the SAELP funds from)Moderator for 03-03-065NCTE-presentEvaluator Te
                        Created and wrote grant ($10,000.00) for state Holocaust for a Broken World"InstructionalOCTE Oregon ASCD-pres
                                    Teachers of English "Lessons Improvement of Postsecondary Education) Resource Center2005-06 Ne
                                               FIPSE (Fund Admission Standards System the Wallace Foundation the the Beaverton School
                                                           2007-08 Faculty Representative, 2006-Chair the last for Future Representative
                                                                       Faculty Development Oregon Committee particpant
                                                                                              Budget Holocaust 2007-Faculty
                                                                                                             Touch of years          Council B
                                                                                                                        Curriculum Presently se
            Bailey, M. (2006). Teaching and Technology to Transform ourGrant.	 KeynotePersonnelTechnology 2005-2007 Member Schoo
                        2006 Writing Dissemination Workshop Participation Network 2000-4 address given to Member: ForestAuthorship Gr
                                    2000-7 Oregon Technology in Education Worksample rewrite committee 2005-2008 Elected COEConfere
                                                           2005-2008 2006-7 World. Oregon 1996- 20072002-3 Grove Network 2005-6)Natio
                                                                       Elected Rep. University ORegon Committee,annual Showcasefounder
                                                                                               Technology Forest the in Education Grove Person
                                                                                                           in Education Children's Consortium
                                                                                                                       (secretary Fair     2004
                        2006-2008 2004 - present gifted education6 TAG)club driving) per year) creative spirit (CA2001-present- Member Ore
                                    Lane-Werner Endowed Professorship 2006 Faculty development grant 2005 15TAG) 2006year Student
                                                           2005-06 (24 2006 times Faculty
                                                                       2004-present 100 Personnel 2004-present Werner-Merrill Lynch works
                                                                                                          2004 - University CouncilIpod dona
                                                                                                                       Chair one
            2006 - Encouraging kids to think & act intelligently (CAbook hours(3 - Nurturing theRepresentativepresent 100+ extensivein the
                                                                       2004 060 ―Yo Soy Daniel.‖ 030 Committee Member, 120 Committee―Li
                                                                                              2005 2002. ―A Cultural 2004 Hillsboro for All M
                                                                                                          2004 Affairs Exchange.‖ 2002.
                                                                                                                     2004 120 Create Alternat
            2005. ―Culturally Responsive Pedagogy.‖ 2004. ―Culture.‖ 2000.Committee Member, Student 005 Consultant,President, Educ
                        Technology grant       Higher Ed. Council      2006 005 Admissions Committee Higher Ed. Council
                                                                                  2006 010 Special Ed.               2006 Confederation
            Fall Confederation of Oregon School Administrators Special Education Conference--Higher Education Council presentation of O
                        M.J. & Ditson, M. (2000). Computer-Basedmember, Faculty Learner-Centered Classroom,member, University Devel
                                                           2006 020 Study Strategies. Achair, ncate volunteer, committee A2005 and Intell
                                                                        Systems standard presentation given at020 2005 020 nieghborwoods
                                                                                               Committee 2005 the Education Now 040 in th
                                                                                                                       $2,300.    Faculty med
            Szymanski, 2006Integrating Electronic Student Response2005 040 into a Chairs2005 010 assessmenttreeplantingmember, aera
                        OCEPT ("Oregon CollaborativeEndorsement a50 PreparationCompetencies‖ on-linedevelopment ofOregon080OCEPT of
                                    Authored ―Science Probeware reviewer for developmentVancouvermillion:input Association for Education-
                                               Served for2006-2007 2005-2007 60ad hoc committee on on 1998from a Faculty Senate P
                                                            Excellence in University Coordinator of$5 CommunityMethods Co-PI August
                                                                        Science and of Class‖, at based Science Band 2005 University.1
                                                                                                of an NCATE Accreditation
                                                                                                                       - 2004. course, CoE Pers
            5/21/06 – ―Instructional Strategies Using as principal in Standards Methods Teachers")OTEN Conference, Willamette Teachers II:
                                    2004-2006, I was and stil am 049 Faculty Representative, University CouncilThe McKenzie Watershed C
                                                            "Expanding a Shakespearan Unit" 066 groups called 036Citizens' film at Marist
                                                                       2001-2003 2002-2003,1996-2006 Forest Service, Taught Committee
                                                                                    bi-monthy Chair 1997-2004 of Curriculum Advisory Com
                                                                                                   Oregon Council 140 Evolutionary Psycholog
                                                                                                           220 Partner,
            Oregon Council of Teachers of English, 2001,2003-4 a member of aCOE FacultystudyU.S., 2000-2007 Teachers of English 2002,2
                         How has the College of engaged facilitated your professioanl development?           Examples might include: university
             Explain below how you are activelyEducation in developing relationships, programs and projects with colleagues in P-12 schools
             Open-Ended Response Response
             TEA Training/Meetings Supervising Students in the Schools Teacher Inservice
                         memtorship, funds for conferences
             Dissertation research, volunteer tutor in Durham Public Schools, invited guest speaker for English-as-a-second language teache
                         National involved with the College of State conference attendance funds Sabbaticals Funds and have presented
             I have been heavily conference attendance fundsOptometry: I exchange guest lectures, conduct research, for professional mate
                         2004-5 Sabbatical 2003 Thomas S. Thompson Distinguished (Ayesha Award 2002 Travel to Tapalpa, I worked
             2005, March 11. Academic Freedom. Two Beaverton High School teachersProfessor Freeman and David Nieslanik) andMexico to
                         Limited in part well as of interdisciplinary field of study and expertise in cultural competency in have not been abl
             My administrative work as becausemy my dual appointment, half-time faculty and half-time administration, Ihealth, human serv
                         Awarded the the Title IIB Math and Science Partnership (MSP) Award (2004-2005) in the Pacific University College
             Project team member of Thomas S. Thompson Distinguished Professorship between the Northwest Regional Educational Servic

                          have had the pleasure of the support of fellow the expectations of our program. I also of them to help to inform
             I meet withI mentor teachers K-12 to help them understand faculty and our dean. My understanding askcalendars,programs,lice

             2006 consultant for Pearson Scott Foresman, writing component of language arts program

                          I regularly with by grade level team on Best Education. I know they are available to provide assitance in Teams
              I collaborate feel supported my the Staff in the College of Practices in all areas of the curriculum. We also use the Dataany area
e study, theatre games, etc. Finding scenes and plays appropriate for the students they will be teaching.

                         Funds joined the COE I professional had a chance to from Dean
             As I have recentlyfor conferences & have not yet materials advice develop any relationships with schools in the area. Once my
                         advice from presentations
             My DECA chapter madeadministrators to four elementary schools on the importance of good nutrition
                         I have attended university supervisor for both workshop on mentoring University of Oregon for the past I will be a
             I have been employed as a a workshop on diversity and aPacific University and the and supervising student teachers. two years
                         Mentoring, advice from summer, so all of my time has been spent on materials, providing
             I've only taught 2 classes over one deans, purchase of textbooks and background course development.an office on campus, pro

tudents may submit journal entries and other assignments to me by email.

ve colleagues teaching lessons 2006-Eldon Shafer Grant-Intoduction to Teaching course designed for high school juniors and seniors
                         The director efforts to get campus has been reasonably available to discuss syllabus and any staff and questions.
             I have made consistent of the Eugeneto know Pacific University College of Education, Eugene faculty and pertinent enjoy positiI
                         Teaching school mathematics and being am the chair of me continually president my own methods and practices
             I am a full-time high pre-service teachers teacher. I a role model hasmy department, looking at of the Site Council, and Bargain

                         Funding for conference attendance
             Created new policies for Eugene Village Schools Created a series of three connected assignments for students in three conse
                         Each year Pacific University rents a laboratory classroom at a local Panel where I meet with Methods: Teaching Sc
             I serve as a member of the Oregon University System Admissions Assessment high school so the SpecialOregon University Syst
                         • Lots of - helping preservice teachers regarding any prepare have • Excellent resources available for check-
             • University teachingprofessional support from stafflearn how to: -questionsaI work sample - create and implement successful

             See previous...
                        recently joined the faculty of the campus met with me I discuss the courses I would be teaching, patiently answe
             I have onlyThe administration at the Eugene College of Education. to am beginning to supervise student teachers in the schools
                        As a part-time instructor, I have Council of Teachers of Mathematics, I provide the communications conduit to and
             As the Membership Chairman of the Oregonnever approached the college for assistance in my professional development. The

                        University grants: OTEN, for an iPod to use – language acquisition classes, a grant for going to Tapalpa, Mexico in
             Board member, Springfield Education Foundation, 1994for 1996 and 2001 to 2002. Assisted in the formation of the Foundation
                        I to K-12 public schools, conferences and professional in collaborating with administrators and teachers     value N
             With regardshave received funds for I have been actively engaged materials. I have just been awarded a sabbatical.toI recruit,
                        Advice from deans Advice from President and Provost Funds for conference, professional memberships and mater
                         mentor part-time Faculty Development Grant advice from Facilitate community service learning projects for pur
             Recruit andThompson Award (3) teachers of color for Eugene Campus Dean Sabbatical Funds for conferences each yearMAT
                        In my year at Pacific University. In the past two years, I for conference attendance and article (another "in-press"
             This is my secondfirst year, the college has provided adequate fundshave published a peer reviewed presentations. I have also
                        My Dean has been instrumental continued confidence to with a variety of courses and encourage my affiliations
             Since beginning my career at Pacific, I havein providingmy relationshipteach P-12 by working as an educational consultant. I ha
                         worked with the College of Ed in pursuit of university and federal grants, Have been provided critical worked to d
             2000-2007 Supported byTeachers in multiple school districts to develop skills in technology integration. 1995-2007support by D
                        Dean Ankeny met with development at Oak Hill School order to help establish our collaboration. with Eugene Sc
             2007 Providing on-site professionalhead master of Oak Hill School in(K-12 private school) 2006 I am working Funds to presen
                        An to build an ongoing help from Willard Kneip and Nancy Watt from the professional to personal. Trust stands in
             I have worked extensive amount of relationship with the Schooll of Physical Therapy. I have visited with the Dean and a key ou
                        1. Funds for conferences--Fall COSA conference 2. directors and other school administrators describing 4. Men
             K-12: I have made numerous presentations to special educationFunds for professional materials 3. Membership feesPacific U
                        The The Oregon Technology in Educatio Network, I have worked closely with my I have used my travel funds ever
             As a member ofCollege of Education has been instrumental in my professioal development. colleagues at five different peer i
                         informally travel and registration at professional conferences. 2005 Sabbatical support Laptop developing
             CollaborateSupport forwith members of the Science Division of the College of A&S as they consult with me in OTEN Grant overv
                        I two enjoyed the use of travel funds having traveled to conferences in Boston, Milwaukie, For the past ten years
             For the past haveyears I have presented classes for the members of the Eugene Education Association. Atlanta, San Francisco a
es might include: university grants, mentorships, advice from deans and other administrators, sabbaticals, funds for conferences and funds f

 Funds for professional materials Advice and support from the Provost, Dean and Assistant Dean
Travel to Tapalpa, Mexico to study impact of the three week student teaching experience on MAT students 1998 FAculty Development Gra
 tration, I have not been able to tap into financial sources for professional development. Advise and support from the dean and others within
he Pacific University College of Education and a Pacific University faculty development grant (2007-2008) to help support a longitudinal study

 g of calendars,programs,licensure,placements and endorsements has grown each year.

rovide assitance in any area that I feel or notice a deficit in my instruction.

 student teachers. I will be attending a workshop soon on scoring student work samples. These have been extremely valuable workshops. In
 ng an office on campus, providing email & internet access, providing tech support, secretarial support.

ol juniors and seniors
nd any pertinent questions. I was also provided with the opportunity to reflect on the strengths of my teaching and what I may do differentl
 own methods and practices, and looking out for new and exciting things to try and share with the Pacific students.

pecial Methods: Teaching Science In Middle & High School class can meet in an actual science teaching facility. This has made a significant d
 sources available for check-out

e teaching, patiently answering all of my questions. She provided me with syllabi. I met with the teacher who had previously taught the re
essional development. They have allowed me the time off to attend conferences and workshops.

 going to Tapalpa, Mexico in order to help with the teacher training program there and also to help set up the ESOL component of that prog
 rded a sabbatical. I value Nancy Watt's advice and seek it often.
nal memberships and materials Opportunities to initiate new ideas
  conferences each year purchasing diversity materials for the library in Eugene
d presentations. I have also been awarded the Tommy Thompson Distinguished Professorship--an honor that includes significant funding for
 d encourage my affiliations with P-12 schools. Money provided to seek new books and attend conferences have also assisted in my teachin
 rovided critical support by Deans, especially in support of the CLDC. Received Sabbatical and conference funds that support critical profess
 aboration. Funds to present at conferences and to attend conferences University faculty development grant Professional materials in the a
 o personal. Trust stands out as a quality most demonstrated by both administrators. I have always had enough money for professional ma
. Membership fees 4. Mentoring from Christine Macfarlane
e used my travel funds every year for travel to present at conferences.      My professional materials budget has helped me purchase mater
t Laptop OTEN Grant
 kie, Atlanta, San Francisco and state-wide. I have travelled to the NCATE Convention in Washington D.C. using the college's funds. I have
 for conferences and funds for professional materials.

98 FAculty Development Grant Travel funds for national conferences Funds for professional materials Funds for memberships in local
m the dean and others within the college as well as at the university-wide level has been superior. Concerning professional materials, I feel t
 support a longitudinal study of using advanced technological tools for scientific inquiry in middle and high school classrooms across the cou

 mely valuable workshops. In addition, I have appreciated the availability of the staff and adminstration whenever I need assistance or have

 nd what I may do differently when I teach the course again, during informal meetings with the director.

 his has made a significant difference in the types of learning opportunities available for our students. They have access to laboratory equipm

 ad previously taught the research course. She was very helpful with insights into how students had responded to the course in previous ye

SOL component of that program.       Mentorships: Unofficially, I have felt mentored from many of the senior and/or tenured faculty - they all

cludes significant funding for research/development.
  also assisted in my teaching.
 that support critical professional development. Received the Thompson Fellowship that continues to support scholarship in public schools.
 ofessional materials in the areas of reading and gifted ed Allowing me to create a whole series of new courses Nancy Watt worked hard to
h money for professional materials and for conferences.

  helped me purchase materials, books, software, and hardware that keep me up to date in my field.       Regarding awards, I have received a

 the college's funds. I have been able to join the NCTE and the ASCD with money from the college. Finally I have bought many instructiona
ds for memberships in local and national professional organizations for Social Studies, Language Arts.
ofessional materials, I feel that this is becoming less important with the access to materials in the web.
 l classrooms across the country. I mentioned this award in other categories, but it has been crucial to carrying out long term longitudinal st

r I need assistance or have questions. The resource library is excellent and the knowledge and expertise of colleagues has been extremely

 access to laboratory equipment, chemicals, and supplies and are able to conduct their peer teaching in a true-to-life science classroom sett

to the course in previous years. She also gave me a tutorial on how to use the Pacific University Library for searches of full-text, peer-review

or tenured faculty - they all have been wonderful in offering advice and answering questions.     Advice from deans and other administrators:

holarship in public schools. Received critical support and mentoring from my colleagues in the COE with regards to diversity, technology, an
 Nancy Watt worked hard to help in the creation of the Lane-Werner Professorship for Gifted Education I feel great encouragement and col

g awards, I have received a fellowship from the berglund center for internet studies, the tommy thompson award from the COE, and the ju

ve bought many instructional materials and books with the college's generous allotment. I was granted a sabbatical for 2007-2008 to refin
 ut long term longitudinal study in the schools.   I maintain a regular conference presentation schedule at the local, regional, and national le

eagues has been extremely helpful.

o-life science classroom setting.

ches of full-text, peer-reviewed research articles. The staff have been every ready to answer questions and get materials. The whole proce

ns and other administrators: Willard advised me on the writing of the ESOL program, which I presented to TSPC and received approval. I co

to diversity, technology, and the psycnological froundations of teaching and learning
eat encouragement and collegiality from my peers

rd from the COE, and the junior faculty achievement award from the PU.       A few of the senior faculty members have been wonderful mento

atical for 2007-2008 to refine and publish my poetry as well as particpate in a Spanish immersion experience in Mexico and work with Mexic
cal, regional, and national level through the support of the College of Education travel funds and grants from the US Department of Educatio

materials. The whole process has been a joy.

and received approval. I could not have done that without Willard's help. Assistant Dean Vivian Moen guided me through several leadership

have been wonderful mentors for me. They have provided the challenges and support I needed to receive tenure.       From the beginning of

Mexico and work with Mexican publc schools and design a problem that wil allow our student sto do the same.
e US Department of Education and the National Science Foundation.

e through several leadership challenges.   Sabbaticals: Are always well announced. I have not applied for any at this point, because I have

e.   From the beginning of my work at Pacific the deans, Willard and Nancy Watt, have been very supportive. They have given me the tim
at this point, because I have not been elegible.   Funds for conferences and funds for professional materials: This has been done by many in

They have given me the time, resources, and personal support I needed.
s has been done by many individuals, all along the way: the deans, the assitants and associate dean, coordinators, and the associations the
ors, and the associations themselves.   Fund

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