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									Performance-Based                                 Federal Aviation
Operations Aviation
Rulemaking Committee

Communications Working
Group (CWG) Activity

Presented to: Boeing Tailored Arrival Symposium

By: Tom Kraft
    Tel: 202-369-2168

    Arnold Oldach
    Tel: 319-295-6913

Date: March 22, 2007
       PARC (Who - What)
• Performance-based operations Aviation
  Rulemaking Committee (PARC)

      – Operates under the FAA Administrator’s legal authority in
        accordance with 49 USC 106(p)(5)

      – Comprises members from the FAA & the aviation community at

      – Provides recommendations to FAA’s Senior Management for
        action & implementation

      – Effective in implementing RNAV/RNP

PARC CWG                                             Federal Aviation   2
March 22, 2007                                       Administration
      Performance-based operations
• Balances capability & performance of
      –   Communications                                         RNP
      –   Navigation, e.g., RNAV/RNP                   ATM
      –   Surveillance, e.g., ADS
                                                   C            N
      –   Air Traffic Management

• Builds on what we have to improve

                 What is RNP [x] airspace?

      What is applying separation using ADS?

PARC CWG                                     Federal Aviation          3
March 22, 2007                               Administration
       Communications Working Group
• To produce a Roadmap to apply Required Communication
  Performance (RCP), initially to the implementation of
      – 30/30 NM separation minima
      – Clearance delivery in U.S. domestic en route airspace

• To produce a Roadmap for Data Link in all airspace domains
  (oceanic & domestic)
            • Include interoperability criteria
            • Consider convergence
            • Address technological issues

PARC CWG                                                  Federal Aviation   4
March 22, 2007                                            Administration
      PARC Communications Working Group

        Federal Aviation
                                                         • Roadmaps, etc.

                                                            – Build consensus among aviation
                                  Draft                       stakeholders
                           Roadmap for
                                                            – Communicate fundamental
                             Data Link
                                 present — 2025

                                                            – Assess benefit and investment
                            Final Draft, 25-Jul-06
                                                            – Set metrics to measure success of
                                                              FAA implementation programs

                                                        Roadmap for

PARC CWG                                                                        Federal Aviation   5
March 22, 2007                                                                  Administration
                                                                                       Europe plans mandate for
                                                                                       continental data link services
            Introduction                                                               • Partial CPDLC application
                                                                                       • ATN services and aircraft
      2006 air traffic data link services coverage area                                  equipage compulsory
                                                                                       • Accommodation of FANS 1/A
North Atlantic Region benefits from data link                                            aircraft voluntary
• In 2004, traffic levels exceeded pre–2001 levels                                     • FANS 1/A aircraft exempt
• NAV CANADA has reduced communication costs to users by 50%                             from ATN aircraft equipage
• 55% of the fleet use either FMC WPR or FANS 1/A ADS–C for
  automatic position reporting

                                                            PDC & D–ATIS
                                                             via ACARS

                                                               U.S. oceanic

Pacific Sub–Region benefits from data link
• Reduced separations to 50/50 NM and 30/30 NM (trials)
• User preferred routes and reroute (trials) for all city pairs in South Pacific
• Weather deviations
• Automatic CWG
      PARC position reporting                                                      Federal Aviation            6
• 80% March 22, 2007
       of the fleet in South Pacific use CPDLC and ADS–C, based on FANS 1/A,       Administration
  60% in the Central Pacific, and 30% on average in the entire Pacific
2006 air traffic data link services coverage area
                      Globally harmonized                                       ATN w/FANS
                      data link services for                                     1/A (2009)
                       existing fleet (2012)

                                               PDC & D–ATIS
                                                via ACARS

                                                 U.S. oceanic

PARC CWG                                                          Federal Aviation            7
March 22, 2007                                                    Administration
          CPDLC/ADS     CPDLC Only              FMC WPR/ADS     Planned/Trials
      Key Terms and Concepts
 •    For operational air traffic communications, data link needs to be
      assessed using a performance–based communications approach to
       – Promote a competitive market for aeronautical communication services
         enabling cost–effective alternatives (including different technologies) that meet
         business needs in a more timely manner

       – Provide means to demonstrate communication performance using a variety of
         acceptable methods in lieu of time consuming data collection and empirical

       – Define ―needed‖ operations based on communication performance levels that
         are not yet obtainable with current technology

       – Enable varying service levels in common airspace to a fleet of aircraft with
         varying communication capabilities and performances

PARC CWG                                                           Federal Aviation          8
March 22, 2007                                                     Administration
       Key Terms and Concepts
•   Performance–based communications approach establishes
    operational criteria
      – Determines capability and performance criteria based on intended operations
        in oceanic, en route, terminal, and airport domains, not based on any particular

      – Specifies Required Communication Performance (RCP) and other relevant
        operational factors

      – Considers voice and data communications
      – Considers global seamless operations

•   Performance-based (operational) criteria is used to
      – Determine viability of a particular technology
      – Qualify, certify, and approve various parts of an implementation
      – Manage performance levels needed to provide varying service levels to a fleet
        of aircraft with different capabilities in common airspace

PARC CWG                                                          Federal Aviation         9
March 22, 2007                                                    Administration
• Increase in airspace/airport capacity and efficiency while meeting
  safety needs
       – Effective flight operations – lower unit cost for the user
       – Effective air traffic services (ATS) – lower unit cost for the ATS provider
       – Enabler for performance-based operations – allows airspace users to
         equip based on their business needs
       – Enabler to realize Next Gen vision – to meet projected demands on the
         National Airspace System (NAS)

        Increased predictability               Improved decision support tools
        Reduced delays                         Increased productivity
        Reduced separations                    Reduced workload
        More flexible use of airspace          More efficient use of spectrum
        Saved fuel, reduced emissions          Reduced voice congestion

                                       Reduced operational errors
                 Safety needs          Reduced pilot deviations

PARC CWG                                                       Federal Aviation        10
March 22, 2007                                                 Administration
       Recommendations (1 of 6)
• Data link strategy – expedite, continue voice, and establish
  target dates for implementation
• Use performance-based communications approach
• Priority 1 for near term operational capabilities (present to 2010)
      – Tailored arrival procedure (TAP) into SFO, LAX, JFK, and ANC airports
      – Terminal Area – Pre-Departure Clearance (PDC) and Data Link –
        Automated Terminal Information Service (D-ATIS)
      – Oceanic – improved communications leading to reduced separations,
        user-preferred trajectories (UPRs), reroutes, dispatch relief of HF voice,
        increased airspace capacity
• High priority for mid term  domestic ATC data link (2011-2017)
      – Globally seamless operations (Oceanic, Europe)
      – Accommodate data link-capable aircraft, including a significant fleet of
        FANS 1/A aircraft, that will exist at the time of implementation

PARC CWG                                                     Federal Aviation        11
March 22, 2007                                               Administration
          Recommendations (2 of 6)
Existing            Near Term                                                        Mid Term                         Far Term                 NGATS
Capabilities                           Viable to
                                                                                                  PDC & D–ATIS           • Air traffic data and voice
                                                          14 Loc           New PDC
                                                                                                                           communication applications
• Operational                         Standardize                          functions
                                                                                                                           for migration to NGATS are
  Procedures                                                                                                               defined
• Aircraft                                                             Taxi clearance via                                • ICAO agreements on the
  Equipage                                                               data link trials                                  results of Future
• ATS provider                                                                                                             Communications Study are
                                                                                     Tailored Arrival Procedure            concluded
  and network                       SFO       LAX               ANC                                                      • Stakeholder coordination
  Infrastructure                              JFK                           Operational                                    has been completed
                                                                          Status & Update

                                                                                                 Oceanic ATC Data Communications & Procedures
                   ANC                    Viable ITP
                                                                                       See Figure 3, implementation considerations, for
                         Plan to                                 Pacific – UPRs        mid and far term implementation planning strategy
                                      Plan for                   at all city pairs
                       regress HF
                                                                                                                         Global Seamless Operations
                                                    Pacific –                                   Oceanic, En
   Oakland FIR – Maintain current separations       Reroute                 Ocean slot        Route, Terminal
    (100 NM/10 min, 50/50 NM), and reduce                                   entry time       Data Link Services
       separations to 30/30 in all sectors
                                                                                                Domestic ATC Data Communications & Procedures
                              Anchorage FIR – Maintain current
                             separations (100 NM/10 min, 50/50                   Accommodate FANS 1/A Fleet, ATC
                            NM), and reduce separations to 30/30               Communications (partial), UPRs, Reroutes

             present          2007           2008               2009          2010                                2017                  2025

  PARC CWG                                                                                                     Federal Aviation                     12
  March 22, 2007                                                                                               Administration
       Recommendations (3 of 6)
• Highest priority – Establish Performance-Based
  Communications Program Office
      – Coordinate, oversee, and ensure timely implementation of near
        term oceanic initiatives

      – By end of 2007, implement performance-based
        communications approach for near term oceanic
        implementation initiatives

      – By mid 2008, Define migration path and implementation

PARC CWG                                            Federal Aviation    13
March 22, 2007                                      Administration
          Recommendations (4 of 6)
Implementation      Near Term                                                      Mid Term                         Far Term                 NGATS
                                                                       Performance–based Communications Program Office

                                                           communications approach

                          See Figure 2, operational
                                                                                     Migration Path and Implementation Strategy
                          capabilities, for near term
                          implementation initiatives
                                                                                   Implemented mid and far term operational capabilities

             present            2007            2008            2009          2010                              2017                  2025

   Migration Path and Implementation Strategy Topics
     • Working Relationships         Policy, e.g.,              •   Cost/Benefit        Opportunities for          Air Traffic
     • Roles                         • Aircraft Equipage        •   Commitment          Existing Aircraft &      Communication
     • Responsibilities              • Operating Costs          •   Investment            Infrastructure          Applications
                                     • Security                 •   Priorities
                                                                •   Milestones
         Technologies                                                                         Enabling Criteria
                                                                                              • Safety Management
                                Integration       Accommodation                               • Qualification
       Evaluate use of           Strategy,         Strategy, e.g.,         Research and       • Certification             Harmonization
      shared IP Network         e.g., ERAM        FANS 1/A, ATN            Development        • Approval                    Initiatives

  PARC CWG                                                                                                    Federal Aviation                 14
  March 22, 2007                                                                                              Administration
       Recommendations (5 of 6)
• In 2007, agree on rulemaking and guidance material
  initiatives considering
      – Performance-based approach to voice and data
      – Flight standards, aircraft type design, and Air Traffic
        Organization (ATO) oversight
      – Define capability and performance requirements based on
        intended use
      – Define requirements for recording of data link
      – Define policy and requirements on information security
      – Identify use of particular technologies
      – Define criteria to enable sharing communication systems for
        ATS and aeronautical operational control (AOC)

PARC CWG                                             Federal Aviation   15
March 22, 2007                                       Administration
      Recommendations (6 of 6)
 • Harmonization initiatives
       – ICAO Aeronautical Communications Panel (ACP)
       – Determine new venue to replace ICAO Operational Data Link
         Panel (OPLINKP)
       – ICAO Separation Assurance and Safety Panel (SASP)
       – ICAO Flight Plan Study Group (FPLSG)
       – RTCA SC-189/EUROCAE WG-53, Standards for Air Traffic
         Data Link Services
       – Continued operational safety - Planning and Implementation
         Regional Groups (PIRGs)
       – Other venues for harmonization
          New RTCA/EUROCAE Group for Data Link Services
                  NAT/EUR Data Link Steering Group &
                   ATN Accommodation Drafting Group
PARC CWG                                            Federal Aviation   16
March 22, 2007                                      Administration
• Industry Coordination Draft (Final Draft, 25-Jul-06)
     – PARC
     – RTCA ATMAC Planning and Requirements Group
     – ATA CNS Task Force (Formerly RNAV Task Force)
• PARC submitted to FAA on July 31, 2006
• FY-07 Business Plan objectives for offices within
  FAA Aviation Safety (AIR/AVS Core)
• Aviation Safety (AVS-1) sent memo to Air Traffic
  Organization (AJO-0) on February 28, 2007
• Next CWG meeting planned pending PARC receipt
  of response from FAA

PARC CWG                                       Federal Aviation   17
March 22, 2007                                 Administration
       “Move forward” strategy
•   FAA to publish PARC Roadmap for Data Link by early 2007
     – Signify FAA Commitment to ATC data link
     – Leading to gain industry support for PARC Work,
         • RCP and Performance-based communications
         • Certification basis for aircraft and operational approval

•   FAA/PARC/ATMAC to assess the Roadmap’s recommendations by
    early 2007
     – Tie to FAA ATO Implementation Programs (airport, en route, terminal &
     – Tie to enabling criteria - FAA Aviation Safety (AVS) rulemaking, guidance
       material, etc
     – Tie to harmonization initiatives - ICAO, RTCA, EUROCAE, etc

•   FAA/PARC/ATMAC to follow-up on any issues resulting from the
    execution of the Roadmap’s recommendations

PARC CWG                                                           Federal Aviation   18
March 22, 2007                                                     Administration
 •    PARC to complete for submittal to FAA an industry-coordinated
      Roadmap for Performance Based Communications by
      September 2007

 •    RCP
       – What standards are needed and schedule
       – Strategy for application to type certification and operational approval

 •    Develop scenario outlines for operational uses of RCP
       – Voice and Data communications to increase capacity
       – Oceanic and domestic (en route, terminal area, airport)
       – Operating in airspace with a basic level of service and, for eligible operators,
         with higher levels of service
       – Some existing communication capabilities and performance are suitable only
         for basic level of service
       – Monitoring and alerting, based on RCP type

PARC CWG                                                            Federal Aviation        19
March 22, 2007                                                      Administration
       Next Steps
• PARC and CWG is soliciting support from industry
• Identify points of contacts for “Lead” operators and other aviation
  stakeholders for PARC CWG Core Group by April 2007
• Commit to support PARC CWG

      – Attend meetings
      – Provide input
      – Provide leadership

• Airlines, Manufacturers, Vendors, military
• Will include FAA - Aviation Safety (Flight Standards, Aircraft
  Certification, ATO Safety Oversight) and Air Traffic Organization
  (Planning, Technical Operations, En Route and Oceanic
  Operations, Terminal Operations)

PARC CWG                                        Federal Aviation   20
March 22, 2007                                  Administration

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