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									                Benefits of Seaweed for Health
   1. Anticancer Research Harvard School of Public Health in America reveals, in
 premenopausal Japanese women are three times less likely to develop breast cancer
  than American women. This is due to the diet of Japanese women who are always
                          adding seaweed in their menu.

 2. Chlorophyll Antioxidants in green sea the aisles can function as an antioxidant.
This substance helps cleanse the body from free radical reactions are very harmful to
                                     the body.

 3. Preventing Cardiovascular Japanese Scientists uncover, seaweed extract can lower
blood pressure in hypertensive patients. For people with stroke, eating seaweed is also
        highly recommended because it can absorb the excess salt in the body.

   4. Dietary fiber content of foods (dietary fiber) on the sea grass is very high. This
fiber is filling and smooth the body's metabolic processes so it is best eaten the obese.
   Carbohydrates are also difficult to digest so you'll feel full longer without fear of

     5. Traditionally, seaweed can be trusted to treat coughs, asthma, bronchitis,
    tuberculosis, intestinal worms, abdominal pain, fever, influenza, and arthritis.

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