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					                                         System Basic Data Report
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       System Name             Acronym         DITPR ID   Component                             Description
ACADEMIC AND            AEEE                       5737 NAVY          Hybrid network enclave serves as a dynamically variable
PROFESSIONALLY                                                        resource for multifacted teaching, education, and research
ACCREDITED ENTERPRISE                                                 activities in blended physical/virtual campus environment.
ACADEMY MANAGEMENT      AMS                        2628 ARMY          This system controls, and documents all aspects of cadet
SYSTEM                                                                information, from admission through graduation, and beyond.

ACCESS CONTROL LIST     ACL                       11065 ARMY          The Access Control List (ACL) application provides an
                                                                      enterprise-wide authorization service for Army unique
                                                                      applications. The Access Control List application is an
                                                                      administrative tool designed to provide an efficient method of
                                                                      managing the access of subordinate users, the tools they use,
                                                                      and the roles they perform across the CISD enterprise. It will
                                                                      complement the System Access Nominations and
                                                                      Authorization Request (SANAR) form. Once a SANAR has
                                                                      been routed and approved, an administrator can use ACL to
                                                                      build an application authorization record for the user.

ACCESS IT ULTRA         AIU                        2609 ARMY          The Access IT Ultra provides the on-line capability to track
                                                                      security proximity card access, camera surveillance data, and
                                                                      visitor, contractor and employee badges. Users can create
                                                                      adhoc reports, generate online reports, generate badge and
                                                                      access cards. The Access IT Ultra supports the Security
                                                                      Office employees located at Corpus Christi Army Depot. It is a
                                                                      web-based automated system that provides real-time
                                                                      processing in a Windows environment and is 508-compliance.
                                                                      It is a highly-flexible process workflow that eliminates the need
                                                                      for paper products and hardcopy signatures.The system
                                                                      provides real time processing and is operational 24/7 with
                                                                      minimal downtime.

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      System Name               Acronym   DITPR ID   Component                           Description
ACCESS VALIDATION AND    AVAS                13836 DFAS          Access Validation and Authorization System (AVAS) is an
AUTHORIZATION SYSTEM                                             access-right validation and confirmation workflow system to
                                                                 address several recurring audit findings related to systems
                                                                 access controls. AVAS will include: database management of
                                                                 access-right information, role assignments and definitions,
                                                                 conflict identification related to defined user roles and
                                                                 systems, records and maintenance, detailed e-mail
                                                                 notifications, document workflow, OCSP responder interface
                                                                 for CAC verification, a user request monitoring system, and
                                                                 hierarchical approval structure. AVAS is intended to provide
                                                                 single point of control authorization capability for access
                                                                 across DFAS systems.
ACCESSION MGMT           AMIS                 2623 ARMY          The Accession Management Information System is an
INFORMATION SYSTEM                                               automated system used to input officer accession records into
                                                                 the Total Army Personnel Data Base - Active Officer, maintain
                                                                 those records in a pre-accession status, and activate the
                                                                 officers to active duty. AMIS is a sub-system of the Total
                                                                 Officer Personnel Management Information System.

ACTIVE FEDERAL SERVICE   AFS                  3349 ARMY          The Active Federal Service (AFS) client-server application
                                                                 calculates creditable service and Active Federal Service time
                                                                 for Enlisted Personnel, Officers, and Warrant Officers. The
                                                                 system computes active and inactive service time by
                                                                 comparing the beginning and ending tour dates, subtracting
                                                                 any days lost, and totaling the years, months and days of
                                                                 service. Tour dates are based upon a 30-day month. This
                                                                 data is then used to calculate the Pay Entry Basic Date
                                                                 (PEBD) and Basic Active Service Date (BASD). The data
                                                                 calculated are reflected in the Active Guard Reserve
                                                                 Management Information System (AGRMIS). This function is
                                                                 critical to Soldiers for their careers and in calculation of
                                                                 service time toward their retirement. The application also
                                                                 prints electronic versions of DA Forms 1506, 2339, and 7301.

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      System Name               Acronym   DITPR ID   Component                            Description
ACTIVE GUARD AND      AGRMIS                  2591 ARMY          The USAR Active Guard Reserve Management Information
RESERVE MANAGEMENT                                               System (AGRMIS) enables HRC Personnel Managers and
INFORMATION SYSTEM                                               OCAR/USARC Structure Analysts to manage the AGR
                                                                 program in a real-time mode. AGRMIS generates assignment
                                                                 order formats 174-New Tour, 440-Further Reassignment and
                                                                 452-PCS/Transfer for members of the USAR AGR Program to
                                                                 appropriate valid AGR positions and integrates personnel data
                                                                 with position data to create a total view of AGR Program
                                                                 participation. The system uses an INFORMIX database, is
                                                                 password protected, and is accessed via any Secure Shell
                                                                 application that supports VT 100 Terminal Emulation.
                                                                 AGRMIS also publishes and archives the following orders:
                                                                 198-Reenlistment, 310-MOS Change, 330-Pro Pay, 700-
                                                                 Amendment, and 705-Revocation/Rescission. Currently, Full
                                                                 Time Support Personnel at all Major Commands and Direct
                                                                 reporting Units have on-line update and query capabilities.

ACTIVE GUARD AND      AGRMIS-INTERFACE        2592 ARMY          The Active Guard Reserve Management Information System
RESERVE MANAGEMENT                                               (AGRMIS) Interface is a mainframe system which acts as a
INFORMATION SYSTEM-                                              data store for transactions received via File-Transfer-Protocol
INTERFACE                                                        (FTP) from the online AGRMIS system (owned and managed
                                                                 by the Office of the Chief, Army Reserve (OCAR)) to be
                                                                 applied to TAPDB-R as updates. The AGRMIS Interface also
                                                                 extracts data from TAPDB-R for use by AGRMIS in updating
                                                                 its own database. Transaction error files are also created for
                                                                 use by OCAR in correcting any transactions that errored out
                                                                 as a result of the daily processes.

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      System Name                   Acronym   DITPR ID   Component                             Description
ACTIVE GUARD RESERVE   AGR/CALVIN                 3350 ARMY          The Active Guard Reserve Management Information System
MANAGEMENT INFORMATION                                               (AGRMIS)/Calvin application includes the DA 2-1 Form
SYSTEM/CALVIN                                                        Maintenance and AGRMIS/SGLV subtask applications.
                                                                     AGRMIS/Calvin performs the following tasks: enables users to
                                                                     view and update soldier information on the AGRMIS database
                                                                     via six tabs: Personnel, Aviation, Awards, Actions, Assignment
                                                                     and Professional Development; integrates AGRMIS with the
                                                                     Command-wide forms repository using Form List and Form
                                                                     Manager utilities to support generation and maintenance of
                                                                     electronic forms; and records AGR entrance board applicant
                                                                     qualifications and generates selection letters to be sent to
                                                                     applicants. DA 2-1 is a sub-task to AGRMIS/Calvin that
                                                                     generates the DA Form 2-1. AGRMIS/SGLV is a subset of
                                                                     AGRMIS/Calvin that maintains data to generate a DD Form 93
                                                                     and update Servicemen¿s Group Life Insurance (SGLI)

ADJUDICATION REPORTING   ARMS                     7554 WHS           The Adjudication Reporting Management System (ARMS) is
MANAGEMENT SYSTEM                                                    used by WHS to manage and maintain adjudications data for
                                                                     supported agencies and activities. ARMS is the primary tool
                                                                     used to track processing of security clearances for WHS
                                                                     civilian and military employee(s). It consists of several
                                                                     modules and functionalities: On-line Customer Access -
                                                                     allowing WHS Authorized Customers to check on the status of
                                                                     their employees clearance adjudication status, Report
                                                                     generation, and metrics reporting. The system is used by
                                                                     WHS and its supported customers, including DoD Field
                                                                     Activities in National Capital Region. It is part of the family of
                                                                     WHS Human Resources Support Systems.

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      System Name                  Acronym   DITPR ID   Component                             Description
ADVANCED DISTRIBUTED     ADLS                    1723 USAF          ADLS is a Learning Mgmt System (LMS) is the AF Enterprise
LEARNING SERVICE                                                    solution that delivers online courses, tracks learner progress,
                                                                    and provides reports for individuals, supervisors, training
                                                                    managers, and commanders of the AF, DoD, and Joint
                                                                    organizations (over one million active users as of June 10).
                                                                    ADLS currently consists of 18 partner sites which deliver:
                                                                    MAJCOM Courses; Technical & Flying Training; AF Ancillary
                                                                    Training; Expeditionary Skills Training; Language and Culture
                                                                    Training; Career Development Courses; Professional Military
                                                                    Education; Functional Area Courses. The AF/A1 has directed
                                                                    the ADLS to be the Air Force Universal Ancillary Training
                                                                    delivery and tracking system.

AEROMEDICAL              ACS ECG                12007 TMA           An integrated solution providing central image management,
CONSULTATION SERVICE                                                archiving, retrieving, and reporting on all cardiology modalities
ELECTROCARDIOGRAPHIC                                                for studies performed by the Aeromedical Consultation
LIBRARY                                                             Service (ACS) at the United States Air Force School of
                                                                    Aerospace Medicine (USAFSAM).

AEROMEDICAL ELECTRONIC   AERO                   11505 TMA           US Army Aeromedical Activity (USAAMA) has a world-wide
RESOURCE OFFICE SYSTEM                                              mission to support all Army aviation crewmembers with
                                                                    anytime, from anywhere, electronic flight physicals. In order to
                                                                    accomplish this mission, USAAMA utilizes the Aeromedical
                                                                    Electronic Resource Office System (AERO). AERO improves
                                                                    the business process of and consultation authority for Army
                                                                    Aviation and provides for final disposition of all Flight Duty
                                                                    Medical Exams (FDME). AERO fulfills the USAAMA´s mission
                                                                    to provide final review and disposition on all Army aircrew
                                                                    FDME´s IAW AR 40-501. The FDME is a periodic physical
                                                                    exam performed for occupational and preventive medicine
                                                                    purpose to promote and preserve the fitness, deployability,
                                                                    and safety of aviation personnel and resources. FDME
                                                                    focuses on the history, vision, hearing and cardiopulmonary
                                                                    and neuropsychiatric systems of aviation personnel to ensure
                                                                    they are fit to fly. AERO is a subset of the Aeromedical
                                                                    Epidemiology Data Register (AEDR) that is required by AR 40-
                                                                    501. AERO provides a standard system to manage current
                                                                    and future needs within the Army´s Aviation management
                                                                    arena. AERO features: Generates Electronic FDME

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        System Name                      Acronym   DITPR ID   Component                            Description
AEROMEDICAL SERVICE    ASIMS                            129 TMA           Aeromedical Services Information Management System
INFORMATION MANAGEMENT                                                    (ASIMS) consists of modules that provide services to diverse
SYSTEM                                                                    groups within the Air Force Medical Service (AFMS)
                                                                          community. These services include the management of
                                                                          immunizations, preventive health and individual medical
                                                                          readiness assessments, hospital employee health,
                                                                          occupational health exams, physical profiles, pre/post
                                                                          deployment medical processing, and grounding management
                                                                          capability used by active duty Air Force, Air National Guard,
                                                                          and Air Force Reserves. In addition, corporate health
                                                                          information processing services support the collection and
                                                                          analysis of medical data for population health, preventive
                                                                          medicine, clinical reporting, and aids operational/decision
                                                                          making support for the Air Force Surgeon General. ASIMS
                                                                          also serves as the Air Force health assessment tool which
                                                                          provides the healthcare team immediate access to the
                                                                          patient´s responses found in the AF Portal. Data quality
                                                                          assurance services aid in the improvement of medical data
                                                                          quality, helps meet standards of completion of coded
                                                                          outpatient/inpatient events, and provides information on
                                                                          current policies and analyses of workload metrics for the
AETC-Collaborative Environment AETC-CE                13027 USAF          The purpose of the AETC Collaborative Environment (AETC-
                                                                          CE) is to provide increased availability and accessibility of
                                                                          information, facilitate cross-functional project collaboration
                                                                          and communication capabilities for mission execution. AETC-
                                                                          CE is comprised of Microsoft Dynamics Customer
                                                                          Relationship Management software. AETC-CE will provide
                                                                          integrated intranet portals, team workspaces, integrated e-
                                                                          mail, and task management. These integrated technology
                                                                          creates a complete collaborative communication services to
                                                                          connect people, organizations, information and processes
                                                                          across geographic boundaries. The AETC-CE implementation
                                                                          will solve key organizational computing challenges such as:
                                                                          finding up-to-date information/documentation, quickly
                                                                          increasing team and project productivity, connecting people
                                                                          and organizations more efficiently, providing a common
                                                                          planning and management environment, and providing ease
                                                                          of use by all users with varying levels of computer skills.

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        System Name                      Acronym   DITPR ID   Component                            Description
AF Wounded, Ill and Injured   AFWIICMS                13319 USAF          Authoritative system of record that provides complete care
Care Management System                                                    management for WII Airman. AFWIICMS provides consistent
                                                                          operational picture of Air Force WII. This system also provide
                                                                          comprehensive care management capabilities that allows
                                                                          personnel to track and manage cases over the entire
                                                                          continuum of care, from incident throughout the lifetime of
                                                                          Airman if necessary. There is also an enhanced WII case
                                                                          reporting and data mining capability, as well as the capability
                                                                          to provide a smooth transition and hand off from case
                                                                          manager to case manager without the WII having to tell their
                                                                          story over and over again.

AF/A1 Service Oriented        A1 SOA                  12651 USAF          The AF/A1 Transparency Sub-Integrated Project Team (A1
Architecture (SOA)                                                        Sub-IPT) is tasked with transforming Human Resource (HR)
                                                                          information management to better support the war fighter. As
                                                                          directed by the SecAF's Transparency initiative, the A1 Sub-
                                                                          IPT is responsible for making HR data reliable, available and
                                                                          discoverable. To that end, the A1 Sub-IPT (in conjunction with
                                                                          leadership and stakeholders across the domain) is pursuing a
                                                                          strategy of Service Oriented Architecture (SOA). The AF CIO
                                                                          (SAF/XC) provides overall direction and standards on how the
                                                                          AF enterprise will implement SOA. There is latitude for the
                                                                          functional communities to determine where and when SOA
                                                                          can be applied to achieve the SecAF objectives. In addition,
                                                                          information services under the SOA model offer potential
                                                                          resource savings by accelerating development and reducing
                                                                          duplicate interfaces and applications. SOA information
                                                                          services take several forms: data services that present data
                                                                          on demand from authorized sources; composite/aggregation
                                                                          services that apply business logic and functionality, and
                                                                          application services that deliver information directly to users
                                                                          and applications. AF/A1 will determine which type of services

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       System Name                    Acronym               DITPR ID   Component                            Description
AFMS KNOWLEDGE             AFMS-Kx                             11333 TMA           The AFMS Internet, known as the Knowledge Exchange (Kx),
EXCHANGE                                                                           is an important communication tool that allows users at all
                                                                                   levels to quickly share, discover, discuss, and manage AMFS-
                                                                                   specific information relevant to their job. It breaks down
                                                                                   stovepipes and presents a coherent enterprise view of
                                                                                   corporate knowledge. Enterprise search returns relevant web
                                                                                   pages (internal and external), documents and discussions.
                                                                                   The Knowledge Management Program also manages
                                                                                   SG/TASK, a task tracking and management system, and
                                                                                   MedLearn Advanced Distance Learning System (ADLS).

AHLTA/CHCS STABILIZATION   AHLTA/CHCS Stabilization/EHRRR      12847 TMA           AHLTA/CHCS Stabilization and EHR Risk Reduction is an
AND EHR RISK REDUCTION                                                             initiative whereby the Department of Defense will make
                                                                                   improvements necessary to stabilize the existing systems that
                                                                                   provide Electronic Health Record (EHR) capabilities in order
                                                                                   to provide a sustainable information technology baseline. The
                                                                                   current suite of applications, AHLTA and CHCS, and
                                                                                   underlying infrastructure do not support the challenges of the
                                                                                   rapid evolution of today´s healthcare practices, the ever-
                                                                                   increasing need to transact and share data across the
                                                                                   continuum of care, and the timely fielding of new capabilities.
                                                                                   Also, significant technical and functional problems that
                                                                                   adversely affect the reliability, speed, usability, and data
                                                                                   integrity of the overall system exist which have resulted in
                                                                                   dissatisfaction throughout the DoD healthcare community.
                                                                                   These stablization efforts will be done under the auspices of
                                                                                   the AHLTA and CHCS initiatives and will be tracked
                                                                                   separately for acquisition purposes.

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       System Name                 Acronym   DITPR ID   Component                            Description
AIR EDUCATION AND       ADSS                     1656 USAF          ADSS supports the Military Training and Education business
TRAINING COMMAND (AETC)                                             function and, in its current form, provides the commands
DECISION SUPPORT SYSTEM                                             capstone enterprise business intelligence (BI) and decision
                                                                    support capability. Leasership and staff and access ADSS for
                                                                    key management information used to monitor technical &
                                                                    flying training production status, to conduct metric analysis
                                                                    and production forecasting, and to predict resource & cost
                                                                    requirements. The ADSS directly links program guidance
                                                                    letter directives to resource allocation and programming,
                                                                    aligns long-range planning to program execution, and
                                                                    improves training program productivity by collecting and
                                                                    analyzing key performance indicators (metrics). ADSS is a
                                                                    central repository for key class level training status data
                                                                    extracted from the other AETC systems (e.g., JPATS-TIMS,
                                                                    GTIMS, TTMS, and TPS). Command-level users include the
                                                                    commander and operational, personnel, training,
                                                                    programming, and resources staff at the Air Staff (HQ
                                                                    AF/A1PT, A1DL, A1FPS), HQ AETC (all echelons), 19th Air
                                                                    Force, and 2nd Air Force who oversee training and education.
                                                                    Other ADSS users include commanders and staff at wing,
AIR FORCE - INTEGRATED   AF-ICDB                  150 TMA           AF-ICDB supports the Military Health System (MHS) health
CLINICAL DATABASE                                                   care providers who are required to deliver and track
                                                                    appropriate and timely clinical services on all enrolled
                                                                    members of the military health care community. AF-ICDB
                                                                    provides clinical and management users the capabilities to
                                                                    retrieve, maintain, analyze, display, and print timely, accurate
                                                                    and accountable clinical services data. The intended use of
                                                                    AF-ICDB is to enable medical personnel at the various
                                                                    medical treatment facilities (MTF) to access the data captured
                                                                    by Composite Health Care System (CHCS) and other data
                                                                    sources within one user-friendly, consolidated, integrated

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      System Name               Acronym   DITPR ID   Component                             Description
AIR FORCE EDUCATIONAL   AFEWT                 1673 USAF          The suite of tools Air University (AU) and the Air Force
WARGAMING TOOLKIT                                                Wargaming Institute (AFWI) uses to conduct wargames, is
                                                                 called the Air Force Educational Wargaming Toolkit (AFEWT).
                                                                 With AFEWT AFWI helps AU schools achieve their
                                                                 educational objectives by focusing the model-input
                                                                 mechanisms around a campaign-planning construct based on
                                                                 the latest doctrine and Air Operation Center (AOC)
                                                                 procedures. The resultant wargames can then be driven from
                                                                 decision criteria to decision criteria, rather than artificial time
                                                                 increments. In this manner we can also support the
                                                                 investigation of much longer pieces of campaign plans. This is
                                                                 a critical capability to enable the schools to fully realize the
                                                                 educational objective of developing operational and strategic
                                                                 thinkers, and forms the "capstone' training events for every
                                                                 major Air University college plus several joint and combined
                                                                 courses. There are yearly Milestones that are met each year
                                                                 on time and on budget. The mission of the organization is to
                                                                 provide operational and strategic-level wargames to educate
                                                                 and train senior warfighters, commanders and their staffs.
                                                                 These wargames: (1) focus on Joint warfare and air and

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      System Name                  Acronym   DITPR ID   Component                            Description
AIR FORCE FAMILY         AFFIRST                 9051 USAF          The Air Force Family Integrated Results & Statistical Tracking
INTEGRATED RESULTS AND                                              (AFFIRST) is a system used by Airman & Family Readiness
STATISTICAL TRACKING                                                Center (A&FRC) staff (per AFI 36-3009, Airman and Family
(AFFIRST) SYSTEM                                                    Readiness Centers, 18 January 2008, Para 5.1) to document,
                                                                    manage, analyze and report services provided to A&FRC
                                                                    customers and leadership. In addition, AFFIRST measures
                                                                    the long term impact of A&FRC services on members/family
                                                                    members readiness and retention levels. Following is a
                                                                    sampling of services documented/reported in AFFIRST: -
                                                                    Document consultations services provided to members/family
                                                                    members. - Document customer informal contacts (telephone
                                                                    calls, requests for information, etc.). - Manage A&FRC
                                                                    workshops scheduling and customer registration (registering
                                                                    customers. reminder notifications, report number of
                                                                    workshops and attendees, etc.) - Manage Loan Locker
                                                                    program (inventory, check-in/out, return reminders, base
                                                                    brochures/videos, etc.). - Maintain listing/conduct searches on
                                                                    available on/off base referral/helping agencies - Document
                                                                    member Transition Assistance Pre-Separation counseling and
                                                                    compile/generate congressionally mandated Quarterly
                                                                    Transition Assistance Report for submission to OSD. -
AIR FORCE FITNESS        AFFMS                   8772 USAF          The Air Force Fitness Management System (AFFMS) is an Air
MANAGEMENT SYSTEM                                                   Force wide data system acquiring and maintaining airmen
                                                                    physical fitness data. This system tracks all airmen?s fitness
                                                                    test records, provides unit fitness managers management
                                                                    reports to facilitating the administration of the Air Force
                                                                    Physical Fitness Program and provide airmen the ability to
                                                                    see their past fitness records as well as evaluate their current
                                                                    physical fitness. The AF Fitness Management System
                                                                    provides real time access to fitness data as well as fitness
                                                                    management report to MAJCOM, Unit and Installation

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      System Name                 Acronym   DITPR ID   Component                             Description
AIR FORCE INSTITUTE OF AFITEDU                  1743 USAF          AFITEDU is the Air Force Institute of Technology (AFIT)
TECHNOLOGY EDUCATIONAL                                             educational IT network, providing infrastructure, hardware and
ENCLAVE NETWORK                                                    essential management tools required to provide information
                                                                   technology core services to approximately 1800 students,
                                                                   faculty, staff and over 15,000 distance learning students world-
                                                                   wide. This unique network must support administration,
                                                                   unique instructional and academic management services, and
                                                                   support state-of-the-art research in engineering and science.
                                                                   AFITEDU provides for the information technology network
                                                                   infrastructure to meet Institute-wide requirements for AFIT's
                                                                   unique education, research, consulting, and academic support
                                                                   missions. Aside from its fundamental role in providing
                                                                   advanced academic education (masters and PhDs) for USAF,
                                                                   DoD, and foreign military officers, AFIT also makes significant
                                                                   contributions to the development of modern and future Air
                                                                   Force cyberspace weapon systems. This program allows for
                                                                   the acquisition of integrated networking technology solutions
                                                                   and leading-edge infrastructure components that will keep
                                                                   AFIT at the forefront of technology. These investments include
                                                                   data and application servers; enterprise backup and storage
AIR FORCE INTEGRATED    AFIFHCT                 1235 TMA           The AFIFHCT´s objective is to align with the Air Force Medical
FRAMEWORK HEALTH CARE                                              Service Concept Document strategic capabilities of Restore
TOOLSET                                                            Health, Fit and Healthy Force, Enhance Human Performance
                                                                   and Prevent Casualties in fulfillment of the Air Force Concept
                                                                   of Operations and COCOM 127 requirements. The program´s
                                                                   focus is validated by the Air Force Surgeon General´s
                                                                   Requirements for Operational Capabilities Council, increasing
                                                                   integration, interoperability, data sharing, asset visibility while
                                                                   decreasing total cost of ownership, duplication, divergence
                                                                   and dysfunctionality.

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      System Name                   Acronym   DITPR ID   Component                             Description
AIR FORCE LIBRARY         AFLIS                   1744 USAF          This system is in sustainment phase only. AFLIS is a general
INFORMATION SYSTEM                                                   support system providing electronic ordering, statistical
                                                                     metrics, and library standards of performance such as DOD
                                                                     MWR Library Standards, Golden Eagle Standards and 5 Star,
                                                                     to HQ AFSVA and Air Force library administrative, analytical
                                                                     and other base support personnel. Office's supported but not
                                                                     limited to the Fire Department, Civil Engineers,
                                                                     Environmental, and AF Portal customers. The customer is
                                                                     served with educational materials, reference materials and
                                                                     other base mission related items such as manuals,
                                                                     periodicals, online database. Reports generated by this
                                                                     system meet OSD, DOD, and Air Force reporting
AIR FORCE MEDICAL         AFMISTB                 6776 TMA           Dedicated operational test (OT) location and staff
INFORMATION SYSTEM TEST                                              encompassing the entire spectrum of healthcare services and
BED                                                                  products available in Military Treatment Facilities (MTFs), to
                                                                     provide realistic, risk controlled testing of designated core and
                                                                     interim medical applications in an operationally realistic
                                                                     environment. Critical component of ongoing capability
                                                                     development & fielding efforts, ensuring that each is
                                                                     supported by an independent, unbiased assessment of
                                                                     effectiveness, suitability, security, and survivability in a
                                                                     realistic operational environment as required by the FAR
                                                                     46.103, DoD 5000, and AFI 99-103. The AFMISTB is a
                                                                     complementary service to existing MHS developmental,
                                                                     integration, interoperability, and security testing facilities,
                                                                     forming a logical test process continuum leading to effective
                                                                     deployment decisions. Outcomes include decreasing life-cycle
                                                                     costs of IM/IT products by catching errors early in the
                                                                     acquisition process where they are less costly to fix, and
                                                                     increasing patient safety by fielding operationally tested
                                                                     medical information systems.

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      System Name                 Acronym   DITPR ID   Component                            Description
AIR FORCE MEDICAL       AFMOWAP                  153 TMA           AFMOWAP is a family of applications used by the Air Force
OMNIBUS WEB                                                        Medical community to manage information in direct support of
APPLICATIONS POOL                                                  active Air Force units, the Air National Guard, and Air Force
                                                                   Reserves. AFMOWAP applications are designed to use a
                                                                   flexible architecture tailored to meet a range of medical user
                                                                   needs. The system accomplishes its mission by providing a
                                                                   database for the collection of information and a web server for
                                                                   browsing, and manipulating that information. AFMOWAP is
                                                                   comprised of 13 independent application modules seven (7)
                                                                   of these applications are defined as GCSS-AF Portal
                                                                   Reduced Sign-On (RSO) Applications, and six (6) are defined
                                                                   as Non-portal Applications.

AIR FORCE MILITARY      MILPDS                  2214 USAF          AFPC integrates and executes personnel operations to
PERSONNEL DATA SYSTEM                                              develop Air Force people and meet field commanders'
                                                                   requirements.? MilPDS is the relational database system that
                                                                   supports the operation and management of the AF personnel
                                                                   functional lifecycle to include: Recruit/Access (PACE, RMVS,
                                                                   etc.); Educate & Train (OTA, PROMIS, AFOQT, TPS, etc.);
                                                                   Utilize (AMS, AFAS, etc.); Maintain & Enhance (PRISM,
                                                                   WAPS, ARMS, etc.); and Separation/Retirement. MilPDS also
                                                                   supports multi-functional systems application (vMPF, etc.),
                                                                   interact across the lifecycle spectrum.

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      System Name                Acronym   DITPR ID   Component                             Description
AIR FORCE MODELING &   AFMSTT                  1746 USAF          The AFMSTT provides a simulated constructive-level air
SIMULATION TRAINING                                               warfare environment. It allows the U.S. Air Force to execute
TOOLKIT                                                           training exercises and mission rehearsal activities utilizing the
                                                                  same Command, Control, Communications, Computation and
                                                                  Intelligence (C4I) tools that are used during actual conflicts.
                                                                  The AFMSTT has the ability to receive command orders from
                                                                  the U.S. Air Force C4I systems of record and execute
                                                                  simulated air operations, resulting in a common operational
                                                                  picture, situational awareness feeds and mission result
                                                                  outcomes that appear as they would during a conflict.
                                                                  AFMSTT is employed to train senior decision-makers such as
                                                                  Commander Air Force Forces (COMAFFOR), Joint Force Air
                                                                  Component Commander (JFACC), Joint Force Commander
                                                                  (JFC) and their battle staffs. AFMSTT supports various
                                                                  military organizations by providing the air war simulation for
                                                                  senior commanders and battle staffs to train at the operational
                                                                  level of war.

AIR FORCE PROMOTION    AFPROMS                 9667 USAF          AFPC integrates and executes personnel operations to
SYSTEM                                                            develop Air Force people and meet field commanders'
                                                                  requirements. AFPROMS supports the mission by providing
                                                                  life-cycle board support for all Air Force active duty, Reserve
                                                                  and Air National Guard officer central nomination and
                                                                  selection boards for officer grades from captain through
                                                                  Brigadier General to include automated scoring capabilities.
                                                                  The boards supported are officer promotion, command
                                                                  screening, federal recognition, unit vacancy, Reduction In
                                                                  Force (RIF), Selective Early Retirement Boards (SERB) and
                                                                  Force Shaping Boards (FSB). The system supports internal
                                                                  users at HQ AFPC, Air Reserve Personnel Center (ARPC),
                                                                  Guard Bureau, Air Force Senior Leadership Management
                                                                  Office (AFSLMO), Reserve Senior Leadership Management
                                                                  Office (RSLMO) along with users at each MPF and MAJCOM.
                                                                  Roles and responsibilities are defined by the functional
                                                                  consultants and granted by the system administrator.
                                                                  AFPROMS also provides life-cycle support for AF active duty
                                                                  enlisted promotion selection Grades E-5 through E-9. Enlisted
                                                                  promotion Selection is made through combinations of
                                                                  weighted factors including test scores. Enlisted grades E-8

                                                 Page 15
      System Name                 Acronym   DITPR ID   Component                             Description
AIR FORCE RECRUITING   AFRISS                     63 USAF          A WEB based application used for building the initial master
INFORMATION SUPPORT                                                personnel record for all recruiting accession: Officer, Enlisted,
SYSTEM                                                             and Health Professions. The AFRISS system provides
                                                                   comprehensive integration, interface, and standardization of
                                                                   all programs that manage personnel resources in support of
                                                                   AF recruiting. The system extends automated capabilities out
                                                                   to the individual recruiter, the flight, the squadrons, and the
                                                                   groups. It will provide an automated interface to the Military
                                                                   Entrance Processing Center Station (MEPS) where applicants
                                                                   undergo physicals, testing, verification interviews, and
                                                                   tentative job reservations.

AIR FORCE RECRUITING   AFRISS-R                 1754 USAF          AFRISS-R is a Windows based three-tier centrally managed
INFORMATION SUPPORT                                                client-server based application. AFRISS-R provides recruiters
SYSTEM - RESERVE                                                   with an online system for supporting the recruiting process of
                                                                   prospecting, lead refinement and applicant processing.

AIR FORCE REGIONAL     AF-RTP                  12783 TMA           An initiative to provide a plan, business case, and solutions
TELEPATHOLOGY                                                      for digital pathology across the enterprise. Digital Pathology
                                                                   allows for the capture, use, transfer, and storage of digital
                                                                   pathology images for dynamic remote consultation, education
                                                                   and quality assurance. Digital Pathology allows exchange of
                                                                   pathology images and cases between military, Veteran´s
                                                                   Affairs and academic institutions consistent with today´s
                                                                   practice of pathology.

                                                  Page 16
      System Name                 Acronym   DITPR ID   Component                            Description
AIR FORCE-INTEGRATED    AF-IPPS                12188 USAF          Air Force Integrated Personnel and Pay System (AF-IPPS) is
PERSONNEL AND PAY                                                  an unbaselined Major Automated Information System (MAIS)
SYSTEM                                                             transitioned from the Business Transformation Agency (BTA)
                                                                   to the Services as directed by OSD/AT&L through the 8 Sep
                                                                   09 ADM. The program, initially known as DIMHRS, has
                                                                   transitioned into Service-specific systems. Each system will
                                                                   expose data elements to a common DoD-wide Enterprise
                                                                   Information Web (EIW) - thus maintaining key elements of the
                                                                   original intent of the program. The AF is currently developing
                                                                   an acquisition strategy for a Service-specific integrated
                                                                   military personnel and pay system, building on the DIMHRS
                                                                   Core IT Investment where practical and cost-effective (9 Jul
                                                                   10 ADM). RDT&E activities include preserving the DoD
                                                                   DIMHRS Core in a lab environment, analysis and studies,
                                                                   planning activities, Request for Proposal (RFP) development,
                                                                   system integration, test, deployment, and acquisition logistics.
                                                                   Since AF-IPPS is replacing and/or interfacing with operational
                                                                   systems, this system must also ensure that current required
                                                                   pay and personnel capabilities are provided through AF-IPPS
                                                                   gap-filler tasks or legacy operational system adaptation.
AIR RESERVE COMPONENT   ARCNet                  2356 USAF          ReserveNet is an information technology infrastructure
NETCENTRIC FRAMEWORK                                               framework that is intended to serve as the Air Force Reserve
                                                                   Command's enterprise solution for fielding Reserve-related IT
                                                                   services and tools. ReserveNet provides traditional reservists
                                                                   (TRs), Individual Mobilization Augmentees (IMAs), their
                                                                   supervisors, commanders, and other stakeholders web-
                                                                   based, real-time access to mission productivity tools
                                                                   associated with Reserve participation and management.
                                                                   Current capabilities include secure online Reserve
                                                                   participation management, volunteerism, readiness tracking,
                                                                   management control, performance management, and
                                                                   communication tools.

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       System Name                   Acronym   DITPR ID   Component                            Description
AIR UNIVERSITY LIBRARY     AUL ILS                 1815 USAF          Serving the students and faculty of Air University, the AUL ILS
INTEGRATED LIBRARY                                                    system provides an automated means of acquiring,
SYSTEM                                                                cataloging, accessing, searching and circulating the books,
                                                                      documents, periodicals, etc that constitute the published and
                                                                      unpublished resources of the Muir S. Fairchild Research
                                                                      Information Center. These resources are essential to connect
                                                                      the Air Force professional to authoritative and relevant
                                                                      information to fulfill their professional military education
AIR UNIVERSITY REGISTRAR   AUREPM                  1816 USAF          AUREPM provides direct support for Air University Academic
AND EDUCATION PROGRAM                                                 Office (AU/CF) Registrar.? AUREPM is an integrated system
MANAGEMENT                                                            that supports Student Administration, Curriculum
                                                                      Management , and Resource Management and reporting.? It
                                                                      is the cornerstone business components for managing the
                                                                      educational and program management aspects for the Air
                                                                      University. With the exception of CaC enabling (May 2009),
                                                                      no additional major modifications are anticipated; however,
                                                                      minor changes are envisioned as changes to Air University
                                                                      education programs occur. On-going maintenance will
                                                                      continue throughout system lifecycle. AUREPM has been
                                                                      incorporated into the Air University Enterprise (SOA) as the
                                                                      cornerstone system in the Enterprise suite of systems. Some
                                                                      system modernization must occur in order to separate design
                                                                      issues which were acceptable as a stand-alone system, but
                                                                      are no longer complimentary of a enterprise system member.
                                                                      AU is in the process of separating the presentation layer of
                                                                      the application from the business layer. This action is consider
                                                                      to be necessary upgrade/modernization requirements for the
                                                                      efficient operation of the Enterprise

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       System Name               Acronym   DITPR ID   Component                             Description
AIR UNIVERSITY STUDENT   AUSIS                 1825 USAF          AUSIS is a highly automated combined Student Management
INFORMATION SYSTEM                                                System and Content Delivery System designed specifically for
                                                                  managing DL student records, delivering course content and
                                                                  conducting evaluations of completed courses. AUSIS is unlike
                                                                  any other AU system as it is written strictly to support DL
                                                                  students that do not have the advantage of faculty
                                                                  involvement in completion of required course studies. It is self-
                                                                  paced and dependent on the student to interact with the
                                                                  system to complete the courseware. It interfaces with DAPS
                                                                  for printing paper examinations for mailing to students, with
                                                                  the warehouse for shipment and inventory management of
                                                                  books, A4/6 for receipt and processing of E-exams, and with
                                                                  the MilPDS system for updating personnel records for
                                                                  graduation and retirement points for AF Officers, and with the
                                                                  AU Registrar for transcript records. E&T Offices utilize the
                                                                  AUSIS to view student records, verify authorization to
                                                                  administer E-exam system and AUSIS tests and to conduct
                                                                  on-line AUSIS written examinations. Students have 24/7
                                                                  access to their records, course materials to include resident
                                                                  school and other videos, testing, and completion and
AIR UNIVERSITY STUDENT   AUSMS                 1817 USAF          AUSMS currently provides Air University's corporate student
MANAGEMENT SYSTEM                                                 management system for resident students who attend
(FORMERLY CALLED IGECKO)                                          Squadron Officer College and the global Barnes Center for
                                                                  Enlisted Education for student registration and administration,
                                                                  automated test scoring, faculty line-up generation,
                                                                  student/flight roster generation, student equipment tracking,
                                                                  AF Form 475 input generation and Student Performance
                                                                  Feedback generation, academic test assessment and

                                                 Page 19
       System Name                  Acronym   DITPR ID   Component                              Description
AIR UNIVERSITY STUDENT   AUSRIS                   2423 USAF          Web based system designed to support Air University's
RECORDS INFORMATION                                                  academic operations for tracking students, classes, courses,
SYSTEM                                                               grades, etc. for Air War College, Air Command and Staff
                                                                     College Resident and On-Line Masters Degree program and
                                                                     faculty management for all Air University Schools. This
                                                                     system assists AU in educating all AF Airmen and Civilians,
                                                                     along with other services and international officers. This is a
                                                                     feeder system to the official University's student records and
                                                                     is crucial to mananging faculty. AUSRIS will soon
                                                                     accommodate student and faculty management for Cultural
                                                                     and Language Center Course. Also the system will be CaC
                                                                     enabled and other minor change are envisioned as course
                                                                     content and delivery of content changes.

AIRCREW GRADUATE         AGEP-IFT                 1770 USAF          The database tracks data for all AETC aircrew graduate and
EVALUATION PROGRAM -                                                 undergraduate flying training, and Introductory Flight Training
INTRODUCTORY FLIGHT                                                  (IFT). The AGEP-IFT program was developed to provide
TRAINING                                                             gaining-unit supervisors the ability to record their ratings and
                                                                     comments on the effectiveness of the training program
                                                                     graduates. The system serves as a data repository, enabling
                                                                     reports to be processed at any time. The AETC Aircrew
                                                                     Graduate Evaluation Program is part of the instructional
                                                                     system development (ISD) continuum and is used to ensure
                                                                     that graduates from AETC training courses (undergraduate
                                                                     and graduate students in the pipeline) meet customer
                                                                     requirements. It is used as a matrix for self-inspection. Data
                                                                     collected from supervisors on aircrew undergraduate/graduate
                                                                     students is used in system and syllabus review conferences to
                                                                     determine if any modifications need to be made to the current
                                                                     syllabus. IFT (now IFS) is the Initial Flight Screening program
                                                                     that is a prerequisite to Air Force pilot and navigator training. It
                                                                     tracks class roster information and is the initial course for the
                                                                     undergraduate pipeline. It is used at 19th Air Force, and
                                                                     Headquarters AETC.
SYSTEM FOR THE                                                       TREATMENT AND TRAINING FOR THE NAVY AND MARINE
DAPA/SACO                                                            CORPS.

                                                    Page 20
      System Name                       Acronym   DITPR ID   Component                            Description
ALTUS-VBRICK             Altus-VBrick                11781 USAF          Industrial strength, portable VBrick Appliances deliver video
                                                                         on local area networks, wide area networks, and the Internet
                                                                         with unparalleled reliability and stability. For more than a
                                                                         decade, VBrick video appliances have provided educational
                                                                         institutions, corporations, and government agencies with high-
                                                                         quality video distributed on their IP network. Altus AFB using
AMCOM CLASSROOM          CS                           2842 ARMY          This application manages classroom space (time) which is
SCHEDULER                                                                used for training of personnel at Redstone Arsenal. CS is
                                                                         owned by the AMCOM G1 and provides a tool for their
                                                                         personnel to schedule and reserve AMCOM Learning &
                                                                         Resource Center (ALRC) classrooms for the purpose of
                                                                         conducting training having to do with AMCOM business. This
                                                                         is not weapon systems or warfighter training. This product
                                                                         supports AMCOM LCMC, Garrison, and Aviation and Missile
                                                                         Research, Development and Engineering Center. This
                                                                         product was internally developed and provides real-time
                                                                         processing. This product is a web-application on a Windows
                                                                         platform. The CS interfaces with no other applications.

ANALYST PROJECT ASSIST   APAS-E                       2644 ARMY          APAS-E generates MOS inventory projections by grade/MOS .

                                                        Page 21
      System Name            Acronym   DITPR ID   Component                            Description
ANG RESERVE ORDER    AROWS                  879 USAF          AROWS is a web based (CAC enabled) information system
WRITING SYSTEM                                                designed to support the Air National Guard (ANG) order
                                                              writing process, in direct support of the Air Force and the
                                                              National Guard Bureau (NGB) missions. It provides the
                                                              capability for Order Specialists to create all types of orders
                                                              ranging from Annual Training to Mobilization orders, including
                                                              Temporary Duty (TDY), Permanent and Temporary Change of
                                                              Station (PCS/TCS) for civilian/technician personnel, and call
                                                              to military duty and civilian travel, in an automated, fast and
                                                              accurate manner. AROWS allows most users from any
                                                              deployed location worldwide access to the system and
                                                              enables them to manage their orders processes according to
                                                              mission requirements, while fulfilling the Business Enterprise
                                                              Architecture (BEA) and Federal Enterprise Architecture (FEA)
                                                              requirements for electronic routing, tracking of transactions,
                                                              self-service, and 24/7 accessibility. AROWS is required in
                                                              order for the NGB to comply with the Chief Financial Officers
                                                              (CFO) Act as it relates to the execution of over $3.0 Billion of
                                                              the ANG Military Personnel Appropriation. AROWS is
                                                              developed using an evolutionary development approach with
APPRENTICE CAREER    ACEP                 13540 NAVY          A web solution for capturing and processing new hire civilian
EXPERIENCE PROGRAM                                            applications for the Pearl Harbor Naval Shipyard’s Apprentice
                                                              Program. Used by CNRH N13
ARBA CASE TRACKING   ACTS                  2569 ARMY          The ARBA Case Tracking System (ACTS) was designed to
SYSTEM                                                        incorporate all of the business processes performed by ARBA
                                                              into a single integrated Automated Information System (AIS).
                                                              ACTS supports ARBA's business initiatives by providing a
                                                              number of functions that help facilitate seamless, end-to-end
                                                              workflow. These functions include: * Ability to accept and
                                                              process digitally submitted cases. * TRIM Context TM
                                                              integration, which provides document scanning and bar code
                                                              capability. * Automated distribution of case workload amongst
                                                              the ARBA staff. * Redact capability to generate decision and
                                                              related documents to be stored on a shared drive. * Reporting
                                                              capability through the use of canned and dynamic reports.

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      System Name                 Acronym   DITPR ID   Component                             Description
ARLINGTON NATIONAL      ANC-ISS                13811 ARMY          Arlington National Cemetery - Interment Support Service
CEMETERY - INTERMENT                                               (ANC-ISS) tracks the reservations of service members and
SUPPORT SERVICE                                                    their family members, allows for the scheduling of resources
                                                                   for the interment, and maintains the location of the interred. It
                                                                   is used by Arlington National Cemetery employees. Input -
                                                                   Reservations and interment information are manually inputted
                                                                   into the system by ANC.
ARMED FORCES HEALTH     AHLTA                    126 TMA           AHLTA, DoD´s current Electronic Health Record (EHR) serves
LONGITUDINAL TECHNOLOGY                                            as one of the world´s largest clinical information systems.
APPLICATION                                                        AHLTA provides secure, 24x7, worldwide online access to
                                                                   patients´ medical records, making it a key enabler of military
                                                                   medical readiness. AHLTA stores data in a central location to
                                                                   ensure healthcare providers have ready access to medical
                                                                   information when and where needed to support the military´s
                                                                   highly mobile patient population. As military members move
                                                                   from location to location, AHLTA is readily available to support
                                                                   their healthcare needs. AHLTA supports uniform, high-quality
                                                                   health promotion and healthcare delivery to Military Health
                                                                   System (MHS) beneficiaries across the military enterprise.

ARMY ACCESSIONS         AAC-IAA                   76 ARMY          The US Army Accessions Command (USAAC) Integrated
COMMAND - INTEGRATED                                               Automation Architecture (AAC-IAA) encompasses the entire
AUTOMATION ARCHITECTURE                                            automation support for an accessions and recruiting mission
                                                                   that operates primarily in the public space. The AAC-IAA is an
                                                                   Information Technology solution supporting Total Army
                                                                   (Active, Reserve, Army National Guard) Recruiting. The initial
                                                                   cornerstone of the AAC-IAA is a software component
                                                                   originally referred to as the Army Recruiting Information
                                                                   Support System (ARISS). It is now a sub-component within
                                                                   the larger, integrated architecture (AAC-IAA) which is in the
                                                                   maintenance and sustainment phase.

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      System Name                   Acronym   DITPR ID   Component                           Description
ARMY ACCESSIONS         AAC-IAA-CCIMM             8247 ARMY          The Cadet Command Information Management Module
COMMAND - INTEGRATED                                                 (CCIMM), designed in 1998, fielded in 2002, is a sub-
AUTOMATION ARCHITECTURE                                              component of the AAC-IAA. It is the corporate
- CADET COMMAND                                                      database/application managing all Army Reserve Officers'
INFORMATION MANAGEMENT                                               Training Corps (ROTC) cadets. CCIMM is a combination of
MODULE                                                               COTS packages (SQL Database, Crystal reports, etc.) and
                                                                     customized ASP/Visual Basic coding that automates business
ARMY ACCESSIONS         AAC-IAA-DCA               8246 ARMY          The Direct Commissioning Accessions module (DCA) is a sub-
COMMAND - INTEGRATED                                                 component of the AAC-IAA. It automates the processing,
AUTOMATION ARCHITECTURE                                              boarding, and accessioning of Army, Army Reserve and Army
- DIRECT COMMISSIONING                                               National Guard Medical and Chaplain officer applicants, which
AND ACCESSIONING                                                     is currently a paper-based, manual process.

ARMY ACCESSIONS         AAC-IAA-LEADS II          8248 ARMY          The LEADS II Module (LEADS II) is a sub-component of the
COMMAND - INTEGRATED                                                 Army Accessions Command Integrated Automation
AUTOMATION ARCHITECTURE                                              Architecture (AAC-IAA). It is a tool which structures, cleans,
- LEADS II                                                           merges prioritizes and distributes potential applicant Lead
                                                                     information to 13,000 Active Army, Army Reserve and NGB
                                                                     field level users- Company Leadership Team, Station
                                                                     Commander, Recruiter, and ROO (ROTC) personnel. Lead
                                                                     refinement and distribution is managed to the appropriate
                                                                     recruiter by component and specialty area, i.e. enlisted,
                                                                     ROTC, medical, chaplain, or special missions. LEADS II
                                                                     includes automated services provided from first information on
                                                                     potential applicants, to tracking prospects (including call
                                                                     center operations) to applicant packet preparation and finally
                                                                     future soldier management.
ARMY ACCESSIONS         AAC-IAA-RSN               2542 ARMY          Communications infrastructure for the Army Accessions
COMMAND - INTEGRATED                                                 Command - Integrated Automated Architecture AAC-IAA,
AUTOMATION ARCHITECTURE                                              which supports all communications requirements within the
- RECRUITING SERVICES                                                Command mission. It also includes the joint Recruiting
NETWORK                                                              Services Network (RSN) that supports automated recruiting
                                                                     functions of the Active Army, Army National Guard and Army
                                                                     Reserve, as well as recruiting processes within the sister
                                                                     services and the US Military Entrance Processing Command.

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      System Name                   Acronym   DITPR ID   Component                            Description
ARMY BEHAVIORAL HEALTH   ABHIDE                  12097 ARMY          The Army is taking an active approach to identify
INTEGRATED DATA                                                      characteristics and mitigation strategies to reduce the rates of
ENVIRONMENT                                                          suicide. The Army Behavioral Heal Integrated Data
                                                                     Environment (ABHIDE) will be used to conduct
                                                                     epidemiological surveillance, identify trends in behavior
                                                                     patterns and identify potential indicators for suicidal
                                                                     tendencies. The ABHIDE will support enterprise-wide
                                                                     population based surveillance reporting and the mitigation of
                                                                     future suicide attempts across all phases of Army Service.

ARMY BENEFITS CENTER     ABC-C                    2546 ARMY          Enclave that supports the operation of the Army Benefits
CIVILIAN                                                             Center at Fort Riley, Kansas. Includes, but is not limit to, a
                                                                     web-enabled application used by Army and Defense Contract
                                                                     Management Agency (DCMA) civilian employees to review
                                                                     and change benefits.
ARMY CAREER AND ALUMNI   ACAP-XXI                 6622 ARMY          The Army Career and Alumni Program system provides both
PROGRAM                                                              an interactive, multimedia approach to pre-separation
                                                                     counseling and job assistance training. This system uses full
                                                                     motion video, graphics, and sound to train clients; and
                                                                     schedules clients for classroom-type instruction. ACAP XXI
                                                                     also provides office automation support for clients. It
                                                                     integrates a complete range of transition services and benefits
                                                                     for soldiers, Department of Army (DA) civilian employees, and
                                                                     their family members as they transition from the military.
                                                                     ACAP XXI is a web-based, three-tiered application with a
                                                                     centralized database for all ACAP sites. The user interface for
                                                                     ACAP XXI version is browser-based. The application is based
                                                                     on a storefront intranet model in which users access the
                                                                     application from within the ACAP centers. The only exceptions
                                                                     are specific users who need access provided through a
                                                                     special arrangement with the production environment in
                                                                     network operations. All users access the application via
                                                                     Internet Explorer, version 6 or later. Aside from JavaScript
                                                                     validation of data entry fields, there is no application

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      System Name               Acronym   DITPR ID   Component                            Description
ARMY CAREER TRACKER   ACT                    11339 ARMY          ACT is a training enterprise portal that will leverage
                                                                 information stored in Army Knowledge Online (AKO), Defense
                                                                 Manpower Data Center (DMDC), Credentialing Opportunities
                                                                 Online (COOL), the Army Training Information Architecture-
                                                                 MIgrated (ATIA-M), the Digital Training Management System
                                                                 (DTMS), the Army Learning Management System (ALMS),
                                                                 and GoArmyEd. Current certification will allow ACT to move
                                                                 beyond concept exploration into full development. ACT
                                                                 installation and configuration activities will encompass the
                                                                 required activities for standing up and testing ACT full
                                                                 production environment within the ALTESS APC. A scaled
                                                                 down architecture was previously deployed for the
                                                                 Demonstration of Technology phase of the Army Career
                                                                 Tracker. This approach was adopted to minimize the cost
                                                                 impact of hardware and software for the DOT. The Army
                                                                 decided to deploy ACT as a total force solution, ACT will need
                                                                 to be migrated onto a larger platform to eventually
                                                                 accommodate 1.35 Million users.

ARMY CHILD & YOUTH    CYS-VSS                 8911 ARMY          The Child & Youth Services Video Surveillance System (CYS-
SERVICES VIDEO                                                   VSS) is a child abuse prevention measure for Army Child &
SURVEILLANCE SYSTEM                                              Youth Services. The system is a digital video recording
                                                                 system that includes cameras, parental viewing monitor
                                                                 operator controls and administrative workstations. The CYS-
                                                                 VSS provides the ability to view live video of classroom
                                                                 activities. In addition, the system provides a means to record
                                                                 all captured video for a period of about 30 days. If required a
                                                                 portion of the video feed can be off-loaded to a CD for
                                                                 permanent retention. The system is used by Child & Youth
                                                                 Services at various Army Garrisons. The inputs and outputs of
                                                                 the system is video from classroom, live feed at Parent
                                                                 Viewing Monitor, and live and recorded feed at Director Admin
                                                                 workstation or main rack.

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      System Name                  Acronym   DITPR ID   Component                            Description
ARMY CIVILIAN DATA CENTER ACDC                   2560 ARMY          Enclave that supports the operations of the Army Civilian Data
                                                                    Center at Rock Island Arsenal, Il. Includes applications
                                                                    needed to support Army-wide civilian personnel management.
                                                                    The name was officially changed from the Army Civilian
                                                                    Personnel Data System (ACPDS) to ACDC.

ARMY DISASTER PERSONNEL ADPAAS                   9659 ARMY          ADPAAS accounts for Active Duty (AC), Select Reserve
ACCOUNTABILITY AND                                                  (SELRES), Military Dependents, DOD Civilians, Non
ASSESSMENT SYSTEM                                                   Appropriated Fund (NAF) Employees, Family Members of
                                                                    AC/SELRES, and Family Members of DoD/NAF receiving
                                                                    evacuation entitlements in the event of a natural/manmade
                                                                    disaster. It provides multiple means of tracking and assisting
                                                                    Army personnel and families, enables accountability of
                                                                    individuals and family members by unit/organization, and
                                                                    facilitates unit/organization reporting. Whereabouts and
                                                                    contact information in ADPAAS can be updated continually by
                                                                    individuals, unit commanders, call center personnel, and case
ARMY FCC ONLINE          ARMY FCC ONLINE        12149 ARMY          The Army FCC system allows parents and potential patrons
                                                                    an opportunity to take a virtual tour of Army Family Child Care.
                                                                    It is a website.

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      System Name                Acronym   DITPR ID   Component                            Description
ARMY GREEN PAGES     GP                       14273 ARMY          Green Pages is a secure, â¿¿Web 2.0â¿•         talent management
                                                                  application. It combines both user entry information and
                                                                  official file information into a comprehensive and searchable
                                                                  information set. It allows end users to: manage the information
                                                                  that is publicly available about them as professionals; search
                                                                  against every duty position in the Army inventory and contact
                                                                  organization Strength Managers for more information; be
                                                                  found for professional opportunities by Army organizations
                                                                  conducting talent searches; collaborate with fellow experts
                                                                  from across the Army to gather data, share files and solve
                                                                  problems; gain new insights from discussions with like-minded
                                                                  professionals in private group settings; and build professional
                                                                  networks that can help them get the jobs they want in the
                                                                  places the Army wants them. At the organizational level, it
                                                                  allows commanders and strength managers to search for
                                                                  officers with particular talents and to post detailed job
                                                                  descriptions that will attract the right talent to their
                                                                  organizations. Human Resources Command then makes the
                                                                  most effective assignment transactions possible based upon
                                                                  the information resident in Green Pages. Green Pages serves
ARMY HERITAGE        AHEC AHCO                 2603 ARMY          The AHEC AHCO provides processing, storage and
COLLECTION ON-LINE                                                dissemination of information that the organization maintains
SYSTEM                                                            as its vast material holdings. To date, we have approximately
                                                                  15 million items within our collection. The AHEC AHCO ties
                                                                  together web services, applications, and database
                                                                  management systems that allow for the management and
                                                                  presentation of various materials to include: books;
                                                                  manuscripts; photographs; archived documents;
                                                                  magazines/serials; and Army publications many of which are
                                                                  offered up in digital format.

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      System Name                  Acronym   DITPR ID   Component                            Description
ARMY IN EUROPE          AEPUBS                   2584 ARMY          AEPUBS provides Army in Europe Publications Account
PUBLISHING SYSTEM                                                   Managers with a means to manage their publications
                                                                    accounts. AEPUBS maintains Army in Europe publications
                                                                    (AEPUBS) data in a number of interrelated databases. The
                                                                    system allows Army units stationed in Europe and deployed to
                                                                    South West Asia to establish publications accounts, order
                                                                    stocked publications and forms, and to maintain their
                                                                    publications accounts. The system allows stockroom
                                                                    personnel to management the publications accounts and the
                                                                    inventory, automating many of the procedures normally done
                                                                    manually. AEPUBS also tracks draft publications through
                                                                    editing and publishing and is then the index of current and
                                                                    obsolete command publications and forms. The performance
                                                                    of the system is excellent: it won the Secretary of the Army
                                                                    Award for Publications Improvement and the AKO Best
                                                                    Business Initiative Award. AEPUBS is used internally by 27
                                                                    IMCOM-Europe, HRD, Document Management Branch
                                                                    employees, and externally by 800 Army units in Europe, 1 unit
                                                                    in AFRICOM, 520 units deployed to CENTCOM in Southwest
                                                                    Asia, and 21 American embassies throughout Europe and
                                                                    Africa. Day-to-Day Functionality: AEPUBS is primarily an
ARMY MANAGEMENT STAFF   AMSC CIS                 2629 ARMY          The CIS is a standard information system. It is a collection of
COLLEGE CAMPUS                                                      government developed application and Commercial-Off-The-
INFORMATION SYSTEM                                                  Shelf (COTS) programs that utilize a client-server
                                                                    configuration. It contains a full suite of Microsoft office
                                                                    products, on-line library management/delivery system, Oracle
                                                                    database, electronic files, web access, and other
                                                                    communication tools. The CIS does not require support from
                                                                    external systems for processing data and can operate in a
                                                                    stand alone mode.

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      System Name              Acronym   DITPR ID   Component                             Description
ARMY ONESOURCE         AOS                  11898 ARMY          The Army OneSource (AOS) web portal is an essential
                                                                component of the Army strategy to operationalize the Army
                                                                Family Covenant. The mission is to provide information and
                                                                services to geographically dispersed members of the Army
                                                                community, regardless of the length or method of service
                                                                (Active Army, Army National Guard, Army Reserve). Portal
                                                                users will include Soldiers and Family members, unit and
                                                                garrison commanders, garrison Family and MWR service
                                                                providers and HQ-level stakeholders. Many of the services
                                                                available through AOS will be accessed via hyperlinks, other
                                                                functionality will be part of the AOS portal infrastructure. The
                                                                AOS portal operates on the same infrastructure, and is
                                                                basically the same system as Personal Development System
                                                                (PDS, DA05847). Three other APMS open items will also be
                                                                part of the AOS web portal: Virtual Family Readiness Group
                                                                (VFRG, DA108168), Virtual Army Community Services
                                                                (VACS, DA05849) and Army Volunteer Management System
                                                                (AVMS, DA05853). These systems will be linked as child
                                                                systems to AOS.

ARMY RECREATION MACHINE ARMP                  581 ARMY          System provides Information Management on Recreational
PROGRAM                                                         Machine program.

                                               Page 30
      System Name                  Acronym   DITPR ID   Component                            Description
ARMY RECRUITING        ARCA                      8866 ARMY          a- ARCA is a tool by which the Army Recruiter can compare
COMPENSATION ADVANTAGE                                              civilian compensation with that of the military. This tool
                                                                    provides the necessary data to the candidates for an informed
                                                                    decision, while providing recruiters with talking points for
                                                                    further discussion. b - The users are at US Army Recruiting
                                                                    Command (USAREC) - Army recruiters c- The input is civilian
                                                                    and Army compensation data - The output is salary, tuition,
                                                                    market value data customized for the specific applicant
                                                                    23Oct08: Ref phonecon between Mr. George Lucas (USAAC
                                                                    CIO Ofc), Mr. Bruce Chesne (TRADOC APMS MACOM
                                                                    Admin), and Mr. Don Garner (BMA-HCM Domain) at 0825 on
                                                                    23Oct08. ARCA functionality has been incorporated into the
                                                                    AAC-IAA (an existing APMS registered item) losing its
                                                                    individual identity as an IT investment. ARCA was developed
                                                                    by ASA(M&RA) then issued to the USAAC for operation. Prior
                                                                    year funding for Dev/Mod is unknown by USAAC. ARCA's
                                                                    current and future sustainment funding cannot be separately
                                                                    identified from that already listed on the AITR Financial Data
                                                                    Form for the AAC-IAA. Refer to the AAC-IAA Financial Data
                                                                    From for funding details covering ARCA: e.g., MDEPs,
ARMY RESERVE ACQUISITION ARACMIS                 2653 ARMY          The Army Reserve Acquisition Corps Management
CORPS MANAGEMENT                                                    Information System (ARACMIS) serves as the single
INFORMATION SYSTEM                                                  authoritative source for all Army Reserve Acquisition
                                                                    Workforce/Corps personnel information. ARACMIS tracks
                                                                    Defense Acquisition University training, Acquisition Program
                                                                    Certification Levels, and Acquisition Workforce/Corps
                                                                    Membership status. AGR, TPU, IMA, ARE, and IRR soldiers
                                                                    are maintained on this system. FISMA data fields are all N/A
                                                                    (No accreditation required) due to this system being a
                                                                    standalone MS Access database with running on a
                                                                    standalone PC (Not client server or mainframe).

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      System Name                Acronym   DITPR ID   Component                            Description
ARMY RESERVE FAMILY    ARFP                   12862 ARMY          The Army Reserve Family Programs portal (
PROGRAMS                                                          was designed to serve the needs of Soldiers and their families
                                                                  24 hours a day, seven days a week. Family education and
                                                                  awareness are major components of readiness. The portal is
                                                                  designed to provide the latest information and resources of
                                                                  interest to families of AR Soldiers. The Family Programs
                                                                  Management System (FPMS) is designed to assist Family
                                                                  Programs staff in managing and standardizing the delivery of
                                                                  the important services provided to soldiers and their families.

ARMY RESERVE PERSONNEL ARPIMS                  1205 ARMY          The Army Reserve Personnel Information Middleware System
INFORMATION MIDDLEWARE                                            (ARPIMS) provides validity edits and basic business functions
SYSTEM                                                            for update purposes to Total Army Personnel Data Base â¿¿
                                                                  Reserve (TAPDB-R) systems and applications. These
                                                                  common edit and update routines are called by both batch
                                                                  and online real-time systems, and apply to the Individual
                                                                  Ready Reserve (IRR) as well as to Troop Program Unit (TPU)
ARMY RESERVE           ARTRAMS                 1204 ARMY          The Army Reserve Transaction Management System
TRANSACTION MANAGEMENT                                            (ARTRAMS) consists of programs that perform batch
SYSTEM                                                            operations to update TAPDB-R and to send to other
                                                                  components. ARTRAMS formats transactions to update
                                                                  personnel data on TAPDB-R through RDMS. Information for
                                                                  the transactions is received from multiple automated systems
                                                                  and sources, to include RICS, MOBPERS, AORS, and
                                                                  MEDPROS. The ARTRAMS portion of RDMS, implemented in
                                                                  Jul 94, formats update and new gain transactions to interface
                                                                  with TAPDB-R systems. Upon request or whenever a soldier
                                                                  transfers to another component, ARTRAMS formats ICDT
                                                                  transactions to interface between the USAR and other
                                                                  components in support of the development of Army-wide ICDT
ARMY SELECTION BOARD   ASBS                    1215 ARMY          ASBS is the application used in conjunction with the Officer
SYSTEM                                                            Selection Support System (OSSS) to run DA Centralized
                                                                  Selection Boards for Officers and NCO. ASBS displays
                                                                  electronic/digital documents from the Official Military
                                                                  Personnel File, photographs, and other documents and data
                                                                  as specified.

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      System Name              Acronym   DITPR ID   Component                             Description
ARMY STRATEGIC          ASRU                 9298 ARMY          The Army Strategic Readiness Update (ASRU) application is
READINESS UPDATE SYSTEM                                         utilized by the Enlisted Distribution Division of the Army
                                                                Human Resources Command to receive and manage enlisted
                                                                and officer data along with unit readiness data provided by the
                                                                G-3. The aforementioned data is collated and formatted by the
                                                                application into the monthly ASRU report which is briefed in a
                                                                series of approval briefings before the final monthly
                                                                presentation to the Vice Chief of Staff, Army (VCSA). The
                                                                ASRU report provides Senior Army Leadership with the status
                                                                of personnel readiness in the Army as it pertains to their ability
                                                                to perform their wartime and peacetime missions. ASRU
                                                                facilitates the Senior Army Leaderships ability to synchronize
                                                                operational planning and resource management. The ASRU
                                                                web-based application replaces ASRU EXCEL, a very large
                                                                spreadsheet, which required an extraordinary amount of
                                                                dedicated staff hours for preparation and depended on hard-to-
                                                                find staff possessing SAS coding skills. With the ASRU web-
                                                                based application, qualitative and quantitative analysis by the
                                                                Enlisted Distribution Division has been maximized while data
                                                                collection, preparation, and management time and issues

                                               Page 33
      System Name           Acronym   DITPR ID   Component                           Description
ARMY TRAINING       ATRRS                   89 ARMY          ATRRS is the system of record for management of personnel
REQUIREMENTS AND                                             input to training for the The Total Army (Active Army (AA),
RESOURCES SYSTEM                                             Army National Guard (ARNG), U.S. Army Reserve (USAR),
                                                             Department of the Army (DA) civilian, other Government
                                                             agencies and civilian users. ATRRS is managed by Military
                                                             Personnel Management (DAPE-MPT), HQDA, Army G-1, and
                                                             is the repository for training requirements, programs,
                                                             personnel data and training costs for use by training
                                                             managers to schedule classes, fill seats, and train Soldiers.
                                                             The ATRRS data base maintains information at the class level
                                                             of detail on all courses taught by or for Army personnel. It
                                                             produces reports, analyses, and selected data displays.
                                                             ATRRS is an on-line system for by-name and SSN
                                                             management of personnel input to training. A major product of
                                                             the ATRRS is the Army Program for Individual Training
                                                             (ARPRINT). The ARPRINT is the mission and resourcing
                                                             document which provides training requirements and approved
                                                             training programs. The Mobilization Training Planning System
                                                             (MTPS), an ATRRS subsystem, functions as a planning
                                                             system during peacetime for use in transitioning to new and
ARMY VOLUNTEER      AVMS                   594 ARMY          This system provides for the tracking of all the Army
MANAGEMENT SYSTEM                                            Volunteers participants Army wide. Allows volunteers to seek
                                                             volunteer opportunities within their military communities,
                                                             manage their time and attendance, awards and
                                                             accomplishments online.

                                            Page 34
      System Name             Acronym   DITPR ID   Component                              Description
ARMY WARRIOR CARE &   AWCTS                11206 TMA           The mission of the Army´s Warrior Transition Units (WTUs)
TRANSITION SYSTEM                                              and Community Based Warrior Transition Units (CBWTUs) is
                                                               to manage and track Wounded, Ill and Injured Warriors
                                                               throughout the transition process, leading to either
                                                               reintegration into the military forces or return to civilian life as
                                                               a veteran. AWCTS is an Information Management/Information
                                                               Technology (IM/IT) initiative that provides tracking capabilities
                                                               required by the WTU leadership, Nurse Case Managers and
                                                               Primary Care Managers (aka "The Triad") to ensure
                                                               coordination of care and monitoring during a WTs transition.
                                                               This web-based system will facilitate the performance of
                                                               specialized functions of Command and Control (C2), case
                                                               management, risk management, identification and mitigation
                                                               of WT risks for self injury or harm to others, and administrative
                                                               tracking for the Triad. The goal of the WTUs is to provide a
                                                               multidisciplinary, holistic approach to WT healing and
                                                               transition. AWCTS supports timely management of
                                                               coordinating clinical care, conducting the risk assessment and
                                                               mitigation strategies, and facilitating the progress of the WT
                                                               as he moves through the process. AWCTS will provide a

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      System Name               Acronym   DITPR ID   Component                           Description
ARMY WORKLOAD AND       AWPS                   571 ARMY          The AMC AWPS is designed for industrial-based depots in
PERFORMANCE SYSTEM                                               managing complex workload and employment strategies
                                                                 allocate resources within the depots. AWPS is a Web
                                                                 networked, software solution for managing workload,
                                                                 resources and tracking performance. AWPS is a capstone
                                                                 system processes depot planning, time keeping, payroll, and
                                                                 scheduling systems and allows for user inputs. AWPS
                                                                 improves visibility of work measure resources against the
                                                                 planned workload to determine value-added and return on
                                                                 investments. A forecasting model can be used for commands
                                                                 to study potential outcomes of various workload and
                                                                 resourcing scenarios. AWPS facilitates: Current year
                                                                 operations, Planning/review of future workload,
                                                                 Identification/forecasting resources, Develop workforce and
                                                                 workload strategy, Cost and schedule performance
                                                                 management, and HQ Management Reports. The strength of
                                                                 AWPS is its ability to reveal financial or performance
                                                                 problems early by focusing on performance measurement and
                                                                 accountability for individual programs. There has been
                                                                 considerable Congressional and Army interest in the
                                                                 extension of AWPS into other Army business areas. AWPS
ARMY/AMERICAN COUNCIL   AARTS                 2544 ARMY          AARTS provides the official ACE endorsed transcript of
ON EDUCATION REGISTRY                                            military training, MOS, and civilian educational test scores
TRANSCRIPT SYSTEM                                                with corresponding official college credit recommendations for
                                                                 military personnel and veterans.

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        System Name               Acronym   DITPR ID   Component                            Description
ASC RESOURCE           ASC RMIS                  478 USAF          Directed by the ASC Commander in 1994 the purpose of the
MANAGEMENT INFORMATION                                             system was to replace numerous independent human
SYSTEM                                                             resource type systems, eliminate redundancy and
                                                                   inconsistency and provide the Commander with a single,
                                                                   integrated database of manpower and personnel data to
                                                                   manage the workforce. The system is a web-based database,
                                                                   containing integrated manpower and personnel data from
                                                                   official Air Force systems as well as users operational data.
                                                                   Users can modify their operational data to reflect pending
                                                                   changes, track organizational information not available in the
                                                                   official data systems and compare their operational data
                                                                   against official data. All operational data changes are driven
                                                                   by intelligent menus and validation processes making the
                                                                   system easy to use while protecting data integrity.
                                                                   Aeronautical Systems Center manages a vast array of
                                                                   complex acquisition programs to include international and
                                                                   joint service programs. Unlike official systems, the operational
                                                                   side of RMIS provides an integrated view of position and
                                                                   personnel information on broad categories of resources,
                                                                   making the system the one stop for a real time, total workforce
ASPEN                  ASPEN                   13748 DODEA         ASPEN is a Web-based system used by DoDEA personnel to
                                                                   keep track of teacher's roster, student grades and many other
                                                                   school related activities. EIS Survey Completed. FISMA/PIA
                                                                   Completed (04/27/2010)

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      System Name            Acronym   DITPR ID   Component                            Description
ASSISTANCE REPORTING   ART                13918 TMA           The Assistance Reporting Tool (ART) is a secure, web-based
TOOL                                                          application which has been enhanced to capture clinical
                                                              information that was previously captured in the Military
                                                              Medical Support Office (MMSO) Claims Processing System
                                                              (CPS) II. CPS II was shut down 1 July 2010. ART provides a
                                                              secure platform for assigned users to capture and manage
                                                              non-clinical beneficiary-related inquiries and workload, as well
                                                              as medical authorizations and claims assistance for remotely
                                                              located service members and line of duty care. ART supports
                                                              Beneficiary Counselors and Assistance Coordinators/Debt
                                                              Collection Assistance Officers and other customer service
                                                              personnel providing assistance to TRICARE beneficiaries with
                                                              TRICARE-related inquiries and MMSO staff in providing
                                                              medical authorization and claims assistance for remotely
                                                              located service members and line of duty care. ART is a DoD
                                                              electronic application that allows authorized users to track,
                                                              reflect and report beneficiary/provider and MMSO case
                                                              workload. The data may also be used to create reports and
                                                              statistical studies to determine historical and current trends
                                                              and future needs.

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      System Name             Acronym   DITPR ID   Component                            Description
AUTOMATED BEHAVIORAL   ABHC                13521 TMA           The Automated Behavioral Health Clinic (ABHC) is a
HEALTH CLINIC                                                  computerized self-report web application of demographic
                                                               information and standard clinical measures with established
                                                               reliability and validity to gather clinical information on Post
                                                               Traumatic Stress Disorder, depression, anxiety, panic, anger,
                                                               and alcohol and substance abuse. Information about the
                                                               Soldier´s medical history, childhood trauma, mental health
                                                               stigma, marriage quality, combat exposure, family and military
                                                               history are also collected. It is utilized in post-deployment
                                                               processing programs in part to fulfill the requirement of
                                                               completing the Post Deployment Health Reassessment, 90 to
                                                               180 days after a Soldier returns from deployment, but also to
                                                               further evaluate the physcial and behavioral health of Warriors
                                                               as they transition from Combat deployment back to garrison
                                                               operations. ABHC separates Soldiers into three interview
                                                               protocol categories (15, 30, or 60 minute) based on the
                                                               program´s automated triage algorithm. Further, it standardizes
                                                               the patient intake process for sub-specialty clinics at military
                                                               Behavioral Health clinics. Specifically, the ABHC: eliminates
                                                               the need for paper-based intake forms, standardizes

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      System Name                    Acronym   DITPR ID   Component                            Description
AUTOMATED FINGERPRINT   AFS-LAPTOP                12581 ARMY          The AFS is composed of a LiveScan application and
SYSTEM - LAPTOP                                                       peripherals loaded on a government-purchased laptop used
                                                                      by Army Security Managers to communicate to a secure
                                                                      network electronic Single Store and Forward Server (SSFS)
                                                                      located at Fort Meade, MD. For the SSFS, the digital
                                                                      fingerprint data is sent through an encrypted VPN tunnel to
                                                                      the OPM Fingerprint Transmission Service (FTS). The SSFS
                                                                      is based on the Cross Match Technologies (CMT) Store and
                                                                      Forward Application (SFA) product. The laptop contains the
                                                                      CrossMatch LiveScan software on a government-purchased
                                                                      laptop configured with Microsoft Vista and the latest Army
                                                                      Gold Master. The vendor will send all laptops to an Army
                                                                      Distribution Center where the laptops will be configured with
                                                                      the latest AGM image, including the LiveScan software, the
                                                                      latest patches and hardened IAW Army standards. Once
                                                                      configured, the laptop will be sent to the Security Manager
                                                                      with both the DISA FSO report and Retina scan report for final
                                                                      configuration on-site by vendor representatives to ensure that
                                                                      fingerprints can be successfully sent to OPM via the CCF
                                                                      SSFS. The AFS instructions indicate that the laptop should

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      System Name               Acronym   DITPR ID   Component                             Description
AUTOMATED IDENTIFICATION AIDC                10558 TMA           Research and proof of concept program assessing
AND DATA COLLECTION                                              opportunities for process enhancement in a medical facility,
                                                                 using RFID and other Automated Identification and Data
                                                                 Capture (AIDC) technologies. Adoption of these technologies
                                                                 can help hospitals reduce health care related errors, enable
                                                                 efficient inventory control, simplify workflow of care workers &
                                                                 doctors, track real-time locations of patients and doctors,
                                                                 maintain and track critical assets, etc. Many of the hospital
                                                                 errors are manual errors caused by poor data management
                                                                 procedures and the repetitive nature of the data entry
                                                                 process. In other cases, it is the lack of real-time visibility of
                                                                 critical information. The purpose is to demonstrate that
                                                                 automated data capture and mobility technologies can
                                                                 significantly increase operational efficiencies, reduce errors in
                                                                 hospitals that impact patient treatment, improve productivity of
                                                                 healthcare workers, and ensure the availability of medical
                                                                 equipment at the right place and time. Findings and analyses
                                                                 made during this research will be summarized into a Business
                                                                 Case Analysis report outlining standard business processes
                                                                 and business rules that may be considered for application of
AUTOMATED INVENTORY      AIMS                 3098 DECA          AIMS sends financial transactions to the DoD accounting
MANAGEMENT SYSTEM                                                system, Standard Finance System (STANFINS). AIMS
                                                                 generates store inventory accounts. AIMS receives financial
                                                                 transactions from DeCA's Interactive Business System (DIBS)
                                                                 and receipts and Vendor Credit Memorandums from SAVES.
                                                                 AIMS posts these transactions to individual store inventory
                                                                 accounts. AIMS also maintains a history of all of the records
                                                                 sent to STANFINS.

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      System Name           Acronym   DITPR ID   Component                            Description
AUTOMATED MILITARY   AMPS                10375 ARMY          a. The enclave MPSA AMPS is deployed throughout the
POSTAL SYSTEM                                                Military Postal Service (MPS) locations and is used by the
                                                             Military Postal Clerks at the MPS locations. The AMPS
                                                             Symbol Scanner, Model SPT1800, is an open-notepad
                                                             computer which combines scanning and data processing
                                                             capabilities with the Palm OS 4.X platform. It uses Infrared
                                                             Data Association (IrDA) 1.0 communication and a combination
                                                             of the OS and the Software Applications to provide the
                                                             necessary software to perform scanning, storage, and
                                                             synchronization of the bar codes. The scanner is
                                                             synchronized with the desktop workstation. The scanner has a
                                                             1-D bad code data capture and batch process that serves a
                                                             multitude of services for the user. b. Department of Defense
                                                             Military Post Offices (MPO), Department of State Post Offices
                                                             (DPO), United States Postal Service (USPS). c. The system
                                                             provides input via scanner from bar code data of postal forms.
                                                             Manual input for postal processes of transportation, financial,
                                                             postal, and federal voting ballot information. Second
                                                             Destination Transportation costs and direct billing are
                                                             obtained through USPS to AMPS.

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      System Name           Acronym   DITPR ID   Component                            Description
AUTOMATED            ANAM                10105 TMA           ANAM is an Army-developed and Army-owned, objective,
NEUROPSYCHOLOGICAL                                           computer-based test of human performance and
ASSESSMENT METRICS                                           neuropsychological functioning used to assess the cognitive
                                                             performance of all active duty, reserve, and National Guard
                                                             Soldiers as they deploy, redeploy, or post injury. Soldiers will
                                                             be tested as they enter the Service to establish a baseline and
                                                             will be tested on an annual basis as part of a routine medical
                                                             examination. The Soldiers baseline ANAM scores allow
                                                             providers to compare results against military norms and
                                                             identify Soldiers requiring further medical evaluation. Soldier
                                                             experiences an injury resulting in a traumatic brain injury or
                                                             exposed to other stressors that affect cognitive performance,
                                                             ANAM allows providers to assess the severity and to track the
                                                             Soldier´s recovery. The system consists of a stand-alone and
                                                             web-based solution to be deployed, managed and operated in
                                                             Theater, CONUS, and OCONUS locations at MTFs and the
                                                             farthest forward treatment echelon practical/allowable. The
                                                             hardware/software architecture will permit functional users to
                                                             administer, store and retrieve ANAM test result data to be
                                                             used to support both diagnostic and research activities.

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      System Name                Acronym   DITPR ID   Component                            Description
AUTOMATED ORDERS AND   AORS                    1207 ARMY          The Automated Orders and Resource System (AORS) is a
RESOURCE SYSTEM                                                   mission critical system that provides an automated tool to
                                                                  produce various types of order formats; costs orders as they
                                                                  are produced; provides a procedure for amending and
                                                                  revoking orders; provides user maintainable online tables;
                                                                  provides local order printing capability; and provides
                                                                  procedures for maintaining Reserve Personal Army (RPA),
                                                                  Operating and Maintenance Army (OMA), and Operating and
                                                                  Maintenance Army Reserve (OMAR) appropriation accounts
                                                                  in the online checkbook. Types of orders produced include
                                                                  training, assignment, temporary tour of active duty, discharge,
                                                                  attachment, release from attachment, medical, mobilization,
                                                                  temporary duty, and retiree recall, sanctuary, active duty
                                                                  medical extension, medical holdover, Uniform Code of Military
                                                                  Justice, temporary change of station, active duty for
                                                                  operational support, contingency active duty for operational
                                                                  support, award MOS, transition and promotion. Fund control
                                                                  for HRC-St. Louis RPA accounts, including miscellaneous
                                                                  obligation documents, are centrally managed within AORS.
                                                                  Checkbooks are reconciled with the Standard Financial
AUTOMATED RECORDS      ARMS LC                 1801 USAF          ARMS is an Air Force Personnel Center (AFPC) managed
MANAGEMENT SYSTEM                                                 communications-computer system initiative for Master
LEGACY CONVERSION                                                 Personnel Records management at HQ AFPC and HQ ARPC
                                                                  which utilizes Commercial Off The Shelf (COTS) software and
                                                                  Storage Area Network (SAN) technology for storage and
                                                                  retrieval. The ARMS programs accomplish the storage,
                                                                  retrieval, and life cycle management of Master Personnel
                                                                  Records for all active duty, Air National Guard, and Air Force
                                                                  Reserve personnel. These programs are comprised of on-line,
                                                                  real-time, and batch processing that includes Web access
                                                                  and digital paper scanning.
AUTOMATED RECRUITING   ARS                     1491 NAVY          Initiative to include the capability to further streamline the
SUPPORT                                                           recruiting process with innovative tools and support, such as
                                                                  IT supplies, military/civilian IT travel and training, legacy
                                                                  system maintenance, VTC charges, and IT contractors/GS

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      System Name                Acronym   DITPR ID   Component                             Description
AUTOMATED REGISTER,     R3                    11205 DHRA          FVAP is adding a new process to its website to include online
REQUEST AND RECEIVE                                               completion and submittal of the voter registration/ballot
BALLOT PROCESS                                                    request form; receipt of a blank ballot; and online completion
                                                                  of the Federal Write-In Absentee Ballot.

AUTOMATED STATISTICS    ASAP                  14344 DLA           Web-based reporting tool that provides approximately 40
ABOUT PERSONNEL                                                   standard reports and the ability to create user defined reports
                                                                  related to personnel statistics. Reporting functionality provided
                                                                  by third-party, SQL Server Reporting Services.

AUTOMATED STOPPER AND   ASARS                 12979 DHRA          ASARS is the centralized automated system that is used by
REFERRAL SYSTEM                                                   DoD Human REsources Offices to send and retrieve data
                                                                  required for the registration andreferral of registrants and to
                                                                  disseminate operational guidance. ASARS is a critical
                                                                  component of the Priority Placement Program (PPP). The
                                                                  purpose of the PPP is to place well-qualified DoD employees
                                                                  affected by changing resources requirements (e.g. reductions-
                                                                  in-force (RIF), realignments, transfers of function (TOF),
                                                                  reorganizations, base realignment and closures (BRAC)), in
                                                                  continuing DoD positions. As the Department continues
                                                                  transforming our military to meet the challenges of the 21st
                                                                  century, the civilian workforce will experience the evolutionary
                                                                  effect of BRAC, global rebasing, and force modernization.
                                                                  Based on past performance, DoD can expect PPP toplay a
                                                                  vital role in minimizing the disruption that inevitably
                                                                  accompanies such significant changes.

AUTOMATED TIME,         ATAAPS                  100 DFAS          The Automated Time, Attendance and Production System
ATTENDANCE AND                                                    (ATAAPS) is a mainframe version single-source input for
PRODUCTION SYSTEM                                                 reporting and collecting Time and Attendance (T&A) and labor
                                                                  data and for passing the information to the Defense Civilian
                                                                  Pay System (DCPS) and accounting systems. It is used by the
                                                                  Army Materiel Command, and Defense Logistics Agency.
                                                                  ATAAPS has a customer base of 21,000 civilian employees
                                                                  and is part of the ePayroll initiative directed by the Office of
                                                                  Management and Budget and Office of Personnel
                                                                  Management through its support of T&A to Department of

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      System Name              Acronym   DITPR ID   Component                            Description
AUTOMATED TRAINING     ATMP                  7378 ARMY          ATMP - Automated Training Management Program facilitates
MANAGEMENT PROGRAM                                              the development of Individual Development Plans (IDPs) tied
                                                                to Mission Essential Task Lists (METLs) and prioritized
                                                                training needs.
                                                                SHIPYARD EMPLOYEES TO BE ASSIGNED TO WORK AND
                                                                AUTOMATES MANY OF THE PROCESSES FOR
                                                                MANAGING TRAINING AND RELATED QUALIFICATIONS.
AUTOMATED VENDOR CREDIT AVCM                 8683 DECA          Provides a web based interface that allows the Marketing
MEMORANDUMS                                                     Business Unit (MBU) to introduce VCMs. Provides price
                                                                changes for identified VCM products to the commissary's
                                                                Point-of-Sale (POS) system. Automatically calculates the
                                                                VCM Vendor invoice using product movement data available
                                                                from EDW. Creates Vendor VCM invoices. Automatically
                                                                generates and transmits an 82C Data Entry (Financial
                                                                Inventory Adjustment)and VRGC Block Edit transaction for
                                                                AIMS. Upon receipt of the SF215(s), generates a DD1131 and
                                                                forwards to DFAS. Creates various reports for web and
                                                                hardcopy presentation used to manage VCMs

AVIATION RESOURCE      ARMS                   218 USAF          The Aviation Resource Management System (ARMS) is an on-
MANAGEMENT SYSTEM                                               line information system for the base level Deputy
                                                                Commanders for Operations. ARMS provides operations
                                                                management information to effectively support implementation
                                                                of Air Force flight management policies specified in AFI 11-
                                                                401 and AFI 11-402 Flight Management Policy, and ensures
                                                                that the status of the Air Force flying programs are available to
                                                                operations managers to make resource allocation decisions.
                                                                ARMS ensures accurate tracking of flying and ground training
                                                                programs for each weapon system at each base, availability
                                                                of flying program status to allow immediate analysis and
                                                                effective resource allocation decisions, and effective base
                                                                level, major command, and Air Force support for weapons
                                                                systems requirements.

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        System Name                  Acronym   DITPR ID   Component                            Description
AVIMARK                   AVIMARK                 13932 ARMY          This is a legacy veterinary treatment record system that is
                                                                      used to manage the medical records of pets. The Veterinary
                                                                      Treatment Facility staff (VETCOM) across the MEDCOM will
                                                                      use this system. The staff input sall vaccination information,
                                                                      pertinent medical history, diagnoses, diagnostic test results,
                                                                      phycial exam findings, and generates all invoices and
                                                                      statements for the authorized owners. This product generates
                                                                      health and rabies certificates, client educational handouts,
                                                                      post-surgical care instructions, and invoices to owners.
                                                                      VETCOM is the United States Army Veterinary Command.

AWARDS TRACKER            SEC - AT                 7379 ARMY          Communications Electronics Life Cycle Management
                                                                      Command (C-E LCMC) Software Engineering Center (SEC)
                                                                      web application for tracking and analysis of projected
                                                                      performance ratings and awards. Awards Tracker (AT)
                                                                      facilitates the Software Engineering Center (SEC)
                                                                      managements tracking of the center awards process for
                                                                      employees under the Total Army Performance Review System
                                                                      (TAPES). It is used by all managers with supervisory
                                                                      responsibilities for employees in Total Army Performance
                                                                      Review System (TAPES).
Advanced Meteorological   AMPS                     7888 USAF          The AMPS uses Differential Global Positioning System
Profiling System                                                      (DGPS) technology to provide accurate, high-resolution
                                                                      profiles of wind and thermodynamic parameters from the
                                                                      surface up to 30 kilometers (km).

                                                     Page 47
        System Name                        Acronym   DITPR ID   Component                            Description
Air Force Equal Opportunity      AFEON                  13753 USAF          - AFEON is a system that consolidates all military and civilian
Network                                                                     Air Force Equal Opportunity Program operational and
                                                                            information technology services (data collection/case
                                                                            management & Climate Assessment Processing) through a
                                                                            single portal (similar to the AF Portal concept). - AFEON is
                                                                            web-based and allows data-entry, data-management, and
                                                                            data-retrieval to support installation level EO offices, Major
                                                                            Command (MAJCOM) EO Strategic Advisors, HQ USAF/A1Q
                                                                            (Air Staff), AFPC/EO (EO Operations) Air Force Reserve, the
                                                                            Air National Guard EO programs and Secretary of the Air
                                                                            Force Civilian Appellate Review Office (SAF/MRB).
                                                                            Approximately 1,500 EO accounts at 485 locations is
                                                                            required. - AFEON has one single point of entry into the IT
                                                                            system (one screen, one login) for both military and civilian
                                                                            users. - AFEON allows for ?event driven? data-entry of civilian
                                                                            pre, formal, and class complaints, military informal & formal
                                                                            complaints, unit climate assessment surveys data tabulation,
                                                                            EO incident reporting, and transferring of

Air Force Learning Content Mgt   AF LCMS                11007 USAF          Provides web-based learning content management and
System                                                                      development tool for USAF-wide traiining developers. The AF
                                                                            LCMS is a web based, COTS application, learning content
                                                                            management system (LCMS) for the development and
                                                                            management of learning content. Using a single source
                                                                            approach, AF LCMS provides multiple native and 3rd party
                                                                            authoring options and robust content management that
                                                                            maintains the value of existing and future learning assets. It
                                                                            provides USAF training developers the tools to create HTML-
                                                                            based training content in a simplified web environment, and
                                                                            provides content management and reuse capabilities.

                                                           Page 48
         System Name                           Acronym   DITPR ID   Component                             Description
Air Force Military Personnel      AF MILPERS                10245 USAF          The Air Force Military Personnel System (AF MILPERS) is an
System                                                                          Air Force Personnel Center (AFPC) - developed web network,
                                                                                which allows users to access public and private pages, and to
                                                                                perform military personnel actions. A complex security
                                                                                environment has been designed to allow users access to only
                                                                                those web applications they have authority to view. The web
                                                                                applications that reside within the AF MILPERS (i.e.,
                                                                                Assignment Management System (AMS), Reserve
                                                                                Management Vacancy System (RMVS), Virtual Military
                                                                                Personnel Flight (vMPF), etc.) will inherit the security controls
                                                                                of the AF MILPERS infrastructure.
Air Force Recruiting Information AFRISS-TF                  12052 USAF          AFRISS-TF is a unique system utilized by the Air Force
Support System-Total Force                                                      Recruiting Service for al three Air Components (AD, ANG, and
                                                                                AFR). This system is the primary tool used by both recruiters
                                                                                in the field and higher-level management to collect, process,
                                                                                manage and analyze all potential enlisted and officer
                                                                                applicants. The system is called the Air Force Recruiting
                                                                                Information Support System - Total Force (AFRISS-TF).
                                                                                Headquarters Air Force Recruiting Service (HQ AFRS) is the
                                                                                Executive Authority for this system while Program
                                                                                Management rests with HQ Air Force Reserve Recruiting
                                                                                Service. A collection of servers handle the application,
                                                                                communications and database portions of the system.
                                                                                Recruiters are able to access the system using dial-up, virtual
                                                                                private network (VPN), Digital Subscriber Line (DSL)
                                                                                technology, high-speed cable modem and the Recruiting
                                                                                Service Network (RSN). Applicants are brought to the system
                                                                                in several ways; for example, applicants can respond to print
                                                                                advertisement and these potential "leads" are processed by
                                                                                an outside agency and sent to the HQ AFRS for automatic
                                                                                geo-coding which send the lead to the proper area of the
Air Force Services Family Child   AFSV-FCCS                 11299 USAF          The Air Force Family Child Care Subsidy Tracking Program
Care Subsidy                                                                    enables approximately 1000 Providers, who have subsidized
                                                                                spaces in their licensed/affiliated homes, a secure web-based
                                                                                system, to track children's time-in-care and process provider

                                                               Page 49
         System Name                   Acronym   DITPR ID   Component                            Description
Air Force Survey Program    AFSP                     8874 USAF          Air Force Survey Program (AFSP) is a web-based application
                                                                        used to conduct surveys to assess the attitudes and opinions
                                                                        of AF active duty, guard, reserve and retired personnel and
                                                                        their families as well as appropriated and non-appropriated
                                                                        fund civilians, using questionnaires and polls. The survey
                                                                        office typically conducts 13 surveys annually to include the AF
                                                                        Climate and Quality of Life surveys. The objective being to
                                                                        ensure research conducted within the AF meets the needs of
                                                                        the AF. Research includes, but is not limited to, member
                                                                        satisfaction with personnel services, retention, quality of life
                                                                        initiatives, benefits and entitlements, force development, force-
                                                                        wide climate and unit culture assessments and any additional
                                                                        issues as they arise. AF survey research projects that will use
                                                                        the AFSP may be one time only efforts or may support a
                                                                        recurring requirement. Each survey project may contain all or
                                                                        part of four components: Survey Development, Data
                                                                        Collection, Analysis, and Results Reporting. The survey
                                                                        results are briefed to the Air Force Chief of Staff, Secretary of
                                                                        the Air Force, Commanders, and other customers. This data
                                                                        may be used for preparation for/in congressional briefings.
Air University Blackboard   AU-Blackboard           12645 USAF          Blackboard Academic Suite - is a commercial off the shelf
Academic Suite                                                          (COTS) product used to support both resident and non-
                                                                        resident programs/courses within Air University. This also
                                                                        includes Blackboard support for the Air Force Institute of
                                                                        Technology at Wright-Patterson AFB, OH. Blackboard
                                                                        Managed hosting (formerly ASP hosting) provides a
                                                                        comprehensive solution for hosting and managing Air
                                                                        University?s Blackboard implementation. The functionality of
                                                                        Blackboard has been expanded through custom development.
                                                                        Current efforts include development for CAC Authentication,
                                                                        EZ Proxy tracking, and Grade results extract. These three
                                                                        initiatives are scheduled for deployment in Q1 2009.

                                                       Page 50
         System Name                      Acronym   DITPR ID   Component                            Description
Air University Research        AURIMS                  10661 USAF          AURIMS is a system that provides Air University Staff,
Information Management                                                     Faculty, and Students a system that automates the
System                                                                     management, approval and publishing externally sponsored
                                                                           research. AU conducts a "Call for topics" from external DoD,
                                                                           Government and Defense Industry to build a repository of
                                                                           useful research topics. The system uses various roles and
                                                                           responsibilities to input, manage, approve, and publish
                                                                           research products in an automated fashion. Externally, the
                                                                           AURIMS system is hosted in San Diego CA which makes it
                                                                           available to the vastly critical research communties across the
                                                                           globe, and allows partners, and external sponors to input, and
                                                                           monitor research activities on their topics, as well as seek
                                                                           information from previously published products. The system
                                                                           currently houses all publicly releasable papers published by
                                                                           Air University Schools since 1985. The system supports the
                                                                           Air Force, AETC and AU missions for Education directly by
                                                                           placing all of this functionality in one system.

Air University e-Campus Support AU-e-Campus            12647 USAF          The enterprise e-Campus Support System is available to
System                                                                     provide electronic student educational support services to all
                                                                           schools and organizations within Air University. The system
                                                                           provides online educational helpdesk support through the use
                                                                           of frequently asked questions and tier level incident/inquiry
                                                                           assistance. The system serves students, administrators,
                                                                           faculty and staff throughout the world in support of the Air
                                                                           University mission.
Ancillary Clinical Databases   ACD                      7845 USAF          Ancillary Clinical Databases are needed in direct support to
                                                                           the providers and staff handling the healthcare needs of a
                                                                           34K+ beneficiary population. These databases cross multiple
                                                                           medical specialties and ensure that proper medical
                                                                           information is dispensed/housed/processed on a daily basis in
                                                                           the continuous healthcare process for our beneficiaries that
                                                                           include Active Duty, dependents, Retirees, Retiree
                                                                           Dependents, and others. This system does not meet the
                                                                           criteria for Internal Use Software (IUS) reporting.

                                                          Page 51
        System Name                       Acronym   DITPR ID   Component                            Description
Army Center for Substance     ACSAP Web                 9901 ARMY          ACSAP Web portal is the new single point of entry for all
Abuse Program Web                                                          ACSAP applications and information. It was additionally
                                                                           constructed to meet AR 25-2 security requirements and thus
                                                                           uses encryption for all web-based user activity. It follows the
                                                                           Army's vision and requirements presented by the Army
                                                                           Knowledge Online portal. The ACSAP portal presence
                                                                           provides a secure means of allowing web processing of
                                                                           database transactions, information retrieval, submission, and
                                                                           real-time report generation.
Army Hybrid Mail Service      AHMS                     12771 ARMY          AHMS is a web-based service that will provide hard copy
                                                                           "electronic mail" delivery to isolated Forward Operating Bases
                                                                           (FOBs). "Letters" are transmitted via the internet and are
                                                                           printed, sealed, and delivered. This service is accessed via a
                                                                           website and "electronic mail" is transmitted via the vendor's
                                                                           server. AHMS is the only existing proven service that
                                                                           eliminates the delay, cost, and inconvenience of conventional
                                                                           mail for remote FOBs. It has been used since 2000 by the
                                                                           British Army and since 2003 by the USMC. AHMS eliminated
                                                                           lost or redirected mail and is a service provided to Soldier's
                                                                           Family and friends at no cost to them (Army pays a piece-rate
                                                                           cost per letter).
Assignment Satisfaction Key   ASK                      13357 ARMY          ASK is a self service web-based system that enables active
                                                                           Army enlisted soldiers to directly update TAPDB-AE with
                                                                           assignment preferences and allows soldiers to volunteer for
                                                                           duty locations and special duty.

                                                          Page 52
        System Name              Acronym   DITPR ID   Component                            Description
Automated Line of Duty   ALOD                 10261 USAF          ALOD application will provide the SG staff, AFRC leaders and
                                                                  its subordinate organizations with an improved tool to
                                                                  administer and manage LOD determination and INCAP
                                                                  thereby ensuring the required medical care is provided for
                                                                  deserving service members. It provides a Web accessible
                                                                  comprehensive, user-friendly tool to initiate and complete
                                                                  documents required for LOD investigations. The LOD module
                                                                  will also provide AFRC a means to collect and manage the
                                                                  data and documents relating to injuries, illnesses, diseases,
                                                                  and it generates the required investigation reports. The LOD
                                                                  module will not only provide the AFRC with their current
                                                                  capabilities, but will also be a more robust system, which will
                                                                  offer new capabilities to the AFRC that were not available in
                                                                  RCPHA. The LOD module was designed to help the user
                                                                  process the service member?s LOD investigation promptly
                                                                  and to help manage the LOD process by reporting significant
                                                                  information obtained from various sources and reported on
                                                                  various forms. LOD provides the capability to capture, in
                                                                  electronic format, information provided by the user in
                                                                  completing both the AFRC Form 348 and DD Form 261. Both
BADGE AUTHORIZATION VISIT BAVR                 8106 NAVY          Actual name is Base Access and Visitor Request. This system
REQUEST                                                           is a comprehensive security system that streamlines the
                                                                  process of granting base access to the level of individual
                                                                  Command Areas, building, and room entry. Visitors and
                                                                  personnel request base access via a secure website. Once
                                                                  received, sponsors verify the information submitted and notate
                                                                  the Command areas and buildings requested; form forwards
                                                                  to all Security Offices for requested access where Security
                                                                  Officers approve/disapprove request down to building and
                                                                  room access allowed. Upon completion, form forwards to
                                                                  sponsor and Pass & ID Office, and Requestors receive email

                                                 Page 53
      System Name                Acronym   DITPR ID   Component                            Description
BIODEFENSE LABORATORY   BLMS                  14276 ARMY          The purpose of BLMS is to manage the biosurety and
MANAGEMENT SYSTEM                                                 business activities required to support the unique biodefense
                                                                  research mission of the U.S. Army Medical Research Institute
                                                                  of Infectious Diseases (USAMRIID). USAMRIID is a
                                                                  subordinate activity of the U.S. Army Medical Research and
                                                                  Materiel Command (USAMRMC), which is a major
                                                                  subordinate command of the Army Medical Command
                                                                  (MEDCOM). The vision of BLMS is to serve as the single
                                                                  source of information related to all research activities ongoing
                                                                  at USAMRIID. The major business processes supported by
                                                                  BLMS include the management of human resources,
                                                                  research, labor distribution, collaboration, and teaming. These
                                                                  include the management of the research, resources, and
                                                                  people involved in handling Biological Select Agents & Toxins
                                                                  (BSATs). BSATs are highly pathogenic microorganisms that
                                                                  have the potential to be used as weapons of mass destruction
                                                                  (WMD). BLMS enables USAMRIID to comply with federal law
                                                                  and Department of the Army (DA) regulations related to using
                                                                  BSATs, including identification of all USAMRIID personnel and
                                                                  projects that involve use of these agents. These regulations
                                                                  include: 42 Code of Federal Regulations (CFR) Parts 72 & 73:
BOARD OF CORRECTIONS OF BCNRTS                 6731 NAVY          The Board for Correction of Naval Records (BCNRTS) is a
NAVAL RECORDS                                                     multi-user system designed to generate and track the cases
                                                                  correspondence of the (BCNR). The BCNR responds to Navy
                                                                  and former member request to resolve any discrepancies in
                                                                  their naval records.
BOWLING AUTOMATION      BAS                    1829 USAF          The BAS is a standalone network providing bowling facilities
SYSTEM                                                            the ability to automate scoring of bowling games and provide
                                                                  point of sale (POS) and back office accounting capabilities for
                                                                  Air Force bowling centers. The BAS is a peer-to-peer system
                                                                  with a varying number of systems located within a bowling
                                                                  center connected via a 10/100 Ethernet LAN. It provides the
                                                                  capability for bowling patrons to purchase bowling games,
                                                                  concessions, and items from the pro shop as well as allowing
                                                                  for centralized back office accounting of the day-to-day sales.

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       System Name                   Acronym   DITPR ID   Component                            Description
BUDGET ANALYSIS           BAERS-FL                  872 TMA           The Budget Analysis Evaluation Reporting System-FL is the
EVALUATION REPORTING                                                  Navy Bureau of Medicine (BUMED)´s local application within
SYSTEM - FIELD LEVEL                                                  the Navy´s medical information technology portfolio. In
                                                                      support of the medical enterprise and medical operations,
                                                                      BAERS-FL allows auditable tracking of allocations and
                                                                      authority down to BUMED´s executable expense limitation
                                                                      holders. Specific Military Health System programs distributed
                                                                      include the medical accrual account and the prospective
                                                                      payment system. This system does not interface with DFAS or
                                                                      the enterprise financial systems.

BUPERS ON LINE            BOL                       807 NAVY          Operation and maintenance aspect of NPC's secure access
                                                                      for web-enabled applications requiring user authentication and
                                                                      security. Delivers hardware, software, and labor to operate
                                                                      and maintain hosted applications.
BUREAU OF MEDICINE (NAVY) BUMIS II                   51 TMA           BUMIS II provides online inventory of personnel assigned to
MANPOWER INFORMATION                                                  Navy Medicine. It provides personnel planners at HQ level
SYSTEM II                                                             with data about the medical personnel force that allows
                                                                      tracking and trends of gains, losses and skill mix.
BUSINESS OBJECTS XI       BOxi                     9302 ARMY          Business Objects XI is a scalable, web-enabled, COTS
                                                                      business intelligence tool which is used for report creation,
                                                                      distribution, and ad-hoc queries in support of Army civilian HR
                                                                      and EEO. It provides a user-friendly semantic layer which
                                                                      generates SQL for data retrieval from Army civilian HR
                                                                      databases. Once retrieved, drill-down and further analysis can
                                                                      be performed, reports distributed via email, posted to a portal,
                                                                      etc. The current version has been the Army's only tool for
                                                                      2500+ managers and supervisors to retrieve and analyze
                                                                      information on the civilian employees they service. Business
                                                                      Objects XIR2 represents the industry standard in BI and is
                                                                      expected to provide a zero-footprint solution for all current
                                                                      users as well as provide enhanced security and ease-of-use
                                                                      through portal integration and CAC single sign-on. Expected
                                                                      FOC is EOM SEP 07.

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       System Name             Acronym   DITPR ID   Component                           Description
CADET ADMINISTRATIVE   CAMIS                   65 USAF          CAMIS is a United States Air Force Academy (USAFA)
MANAGEMENT INFORMATION                                          enterprise-wide Automated Information System (AIS) that
SYSTEM                                                          assists USAFA in tracking the progress of cadets from pre-
                                                                candidacy through rigorous academic, physical, ethical/moral,
                                                                military training programs, while they are enrolled, and then
                                                                throughout their active duty careers.
CALL RECORDING         CRA                   8925 DFAS          The Call Recording Application (CRA) is a suite of COTS
APPLICATION                                                     applications to support Military and Civilian Pay business
                                                                applications with full-time recording, screen capture, quality
                                                                monitoring, data tagging, analytics, and workforce
                                                                management to improve quality of service to warfighters and
                                                                other customers of payroll and payment services.
CAREER FIELD 29        CF 29                12147 ARMY          The Career Field 29 website will be a tool through which
                                                                members can develop their career plans. The tool facilitates
                                                                the development of usersâ¿¿ professional assignment and
                                                                training roadmaps. Its design provides course/class
                                                                recommendations to mitigate competency gaps. It will provide
                                                                direct member access to registration for classes via links to
                                                                other institutionsâ¿¿ sites. Additionally, the Roadmaping tool
                                                                includes functionality allowing users to solicit feedback from
                                                                supervisors and mentors by sending PDFs of their roadmap.
                                                                Finally, an administrative tool will provide insight so that
                                                                IMCOM can plan for desired training. The following are current
                                                                members of CF 29: IMCOM Executive Director (SES) IMCOM
                                                                Executive Directorâ¿¿s XO (YA-3) IMCOM Plans Director (YC-
                                                                3) IMCOM Plans Division Chiefs (YA/YC-3) IMCOM Resource
                                                                Management XO (YA-3) Army Command Liaison Officers (YA-
                                                                3) Region Directors (SES) Region Chiefs of Staff (YC-3)
                                                                Region Plans Division Chiefs (YC-3) Deputy to the Garrison
                                                                Commander (YC-2/3) Garrison Managers (YC-3)

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       System Name                Acronym   DITPR ID   Component                              Description
CAREER MANAGEMENT        CMDSM                  2805 ARMY          The Career Management Decision Support Model (CMDSM)
DECISION SUPPORT MODEL                                             is a life cycle personnel model for the Active Guard Reserve
                                                                   (AGR) Soldier population. It can be used to forecast the
                                                                   changes in the AGR population, and/or assess the impact of
                                                                   personnel policy changes. CMDSM is a rule-based system
                                                                   that fulfills two needs: it allows the user to more effectively fill
                                                                   near term vacancies, and projects how vacancies will be filled
                                                                   in the future. Three separate models are prepared to reflect
                                                                   the management of Officers, Enlisted, and Warrant Officer
CAREER MANAGEMENT        CMS-ID                 8572 NAVY          Career Management System-Interactive Detailing is a system
SYSTEM - INTERACTIVE                                               supporting the Distribution and Assignment Functional Areas
DETAILING                                                          and a key enabler of the Sea Warrior capability. CMS/ID
                                                                   provides an integrated web-based architecture that provides
                                                                   critical functionality to the detailing and assignment processes
                                                                   for Active and Reserve Component Enlisted personnel.

CASE MANAGEMENT AND      CMTS                   8243 DHRA          The Case Management and Tracking System (CMTS) is
TRACKING SYSTEM                                                    envisioned as an enterprise-level, web-based data tracking
                                                                   application that provides an effective mechanism for
                                                                   Components and Defense agencies to manage and track
                                                                   labor and employee relations cases; a consistent and
                                                                   comprehensive repository for case information; and a full-
                                                                   featured report generation module to meet a wide variety of
                                                                   reporting requirements. The system will provide for better
                                                                   management, tracking, and reporting of DoD Labor and
                                                                   Employee Management cases throughout the Department.
                                                                   The CMTS will be configurable to support current and future
                                                                   program case management processes. CMTS users are
                                                                   currently involved in managing, tracking and analyzing cases
                                                                   using a multitude of approaches such as spreadsheets,
                                                                   databases, and manual logging. The intent is for CMTS to
                                                                   replace all these diverse methodologies with a single
                                                                   integrated system. CPMS is responsible for functional and
                                                                   technical oversight of Labor and Employee Relations, and
                                                                   makes decisions on Departmental action in appeals and
                                                                   grievances. This CMTS will improve the effective execution of

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      System Name              Acronym   DITPR ID   Component                             Description
CASE MANAGEMENT SYSTEM CMS                   8679 DFAS          CMS provides the capability to create cases (automated or
                                                                manual entry) relative to processing military pay and
                                                                personnel transactions, managing problem cases and tracking
                                                                timeliness of case resolution. CMS was developed from the
                                                                perspective of the military member and pay/personnel
                                                                operational activities (field level and central site). It reduces
                                                                occurences of inaccurate pay for members through causal
                                                                and trend analysis and improved management of problem
                                                                cases. CMS standardizes and enhances current case
                                                                management processes utilized by DFAS MilPay Ops and the
                                                                Services' Finance offices.
CASE MANAGEMENT        CMTIS                13426 NAVY          The system collects data in all areas of a legal trial and
TRACKING INFORMATION                                            defense practice, while also containing modules for Legal
SYSTEM                                                          Assistance, Personnel Representation, and Staff Judge
                                                                Advocate/Command Services. It enables the JAG Corps to
                                                                meet its organizational strategic goals by providing the
                                                                mechanism to track and manage cases and workloads across
                                                                the Enterprise in all areas of legal practice while capturing
                                                                attorney productivity and ensuring timely disposition of military
                                                                justice cases.The system data is utilized to assess manning
                                                                needs worldwide (both in the judiciary and also for counsel
                                                                assignment), and to track trends that may be developing in
                                                                regard to the types of crimes being committed. The data
                                                                contained in the database has also is used in responding to
                                                                inquiries from Congress concerning individual court-martial
                                                                cases or concerning various trends throughout the Navy and
                                                                Marine Corps relating to criminal infractions, sentences
                                                                awarded, clemency recommendations, and other facts
                                                                important to criminal justice in general. Data is used to assess
                                                                the timeliness of the court-martial process from date of
                                                                referral of charges through the date of authentication of the

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      System Name                 Acronym   DITPR ID   Component                             Description
CASE REPORTING AND     CRIMS                   11127 DODIG         The Case Reporting and Information Management System
INFORMATION MANAGEMENT                                             (CRIMS) is a single, cradle to grave case management
SYSTEM                                                             system that supports the mission of the Defense Criminal
                                                                   Investigation Service (DCIS) of protecting America’s
                                                                   Warfighters by investigating terrorism; the illegal transfer of
                                                                   sensitive defense technologies; the use of defective parts in
                                                                   equipment used by the military; cyber crimes; and cases of
                                                                   fraud, bribery, and corruption. CRIMS will provide DCIS
                                                                   agents with information and tools to effectively and efficiently
                                                                   investigate their assigned cases via a virtual case file, instant
                                                                   access to operational intelligence through a keyword search
                                                                   feature, use of electronic workflows to initiate and track status
                                                                   of all requests for mission support. The system will provide
                                                                   DCIS leadership with required information to report to its
                                                                   stakeholders like the Department of Defense (DoD) and
CCAF STUDENT TRANSCRIPT, CCAF-STARS             1864 USAF          CCAF-STARS is the student and instructor information system
ADMINISTRATION, AND                                                for the Community College of the Air Force. It provides
RECORD SYSTEM                                                      automated management of enrollment and participation in
                                                                   degree programs for active duty, guard and reserve USAF
                                                                   enlisted members. The system supports automated
                                                                   application of credit for award of academic degrees and
                                                                   certifications. It provides career long tracking of education and
                                                                   training accomplishments including civilian education and
                                                                   certification. The faculty development portion creates an
                                                                   ?electronic faculty folder? for over 6,000 enlisted, officer and
                                                                   civilian faculty members in support of accreditation
                                                                   requirements by the Southern Association of Colleges and
                                                                   Schools. The faculty section records degree and course
                                                                   completions and tracks faculty teaching experience and
                                                                   evaluations. STARS supports over 2.6 million student records,
                                                                   of which 428,000 are currently active and over 325,000 are
                                                                   enrolled in a degree program. CCAF provides over 100,000
                                                                   transcripts each year. Transcripts are available through
                                                                   automated processes provided to students and Air Force
                                                                   education centers and processed through STARS.

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      System Name              Acronym   DITPR ID   Component                             Description
CENTRAL DOSIMETRY      CDRR                  6485 ARMY          Personnel radiation exposure readings are archived in the
RADIATION REPOSITORY                                            Army's Central Dosimetry Radiation Repository (CDRR), an
                                                                ORACLE application reflecting event readings for all Army
                                                                personnel who are occupationally exposed to ionizing
                                                                radiation. A web-based application linked to the CDRR
                                                                satisfies legal requirements specified in 10 CFR 19 and 20 by
                                                                providing electronic dissemination of monthly, quarterly, and
                                                                annual personnel exposure reports from the CDRR. By law
                                                                the Army Radiation Dosimetry Laboratory is required to
                                                                provide the Nuclear Regulatory Commission Form 5, an
                                                                annual summary of external and internal radiation exposure.
                                                                Users of the CDRR are the Army Medical Command and
                                                                Radiation Safety Officers Army-wide.

CENTRAL MEAT PROCESSING CMPP                  871 DECA          The CMPP system is a core priority mission business system
PLANT                                                           that will provide automated capabilities to help manage and
                                                                perform centralized meat processing plant operations to
                                                                support commissaries and other government entities with
                                                                fresh beef and pork products. It will provide retail cuts of fresh
                                                                beef and pork to 59 commissaries, 9 NEXMARTS, and
                                                                numerous DoD and state department activities in the
                                                                European Theater, Africa, and Southwest Asia (e.g.,
                                                                Embassies Exchanges and Dining Halls are all handled
                                                                through commissaries). CMPP is responsible for ordering and
                                                                maintaining an on-hand inventory of beef and pork products to
                                                                support resale demand.The CMPP System is being
                                                                implemented to support DeCAs primary mission to deliver the
                                                                premier quality of life benefit to the armed services community
                                                                enhance recruiting retention and readiness provide
                                                                exceptional savings and deliver excellent products and

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      System Name               Acronym   DITPR ID   Component                           Description
CENTRALIZED CREDENTIALS CCQAS                  136 TMA           The Central Credentials Quality Assurance System (CCQAS)
AND QUALITY ASSURANCE                                            enables the military medical community to electronically
SYSTEM                                                           manage the credentials, risk management, and adverse
                                                                 privileging actions of medical personnel and is hosted at
                                                                 secure Defense Information Systems Agency facility. It is
                                                                 deployed worldwide to over 1,350 professional affairs
                                                                 coordinators in 535 locations and contains nearly 60,000
                                                                 credentials records for Active Duty, Reserve, Guard, Civil
                                                                 Service, contractors, and volunteers in the Military Health
                                                                 System. CCQAS tracks trends in medical malpractice claims
                                                                 in an effort to improve health care quality, ensure legal due
                                                                 process for clinicians undergoing adverse actions, and assist
                                                                 the Medical Treatment Facilities in meeting Joint Commission
                                                                 on Accreditation of Healthcare Organization´s accreditation
CENTRALIZED OPERATIONS   COPS                 2822 ARMY          Centralized database that contains five subsystems that
POLICE SUITE                                                     supports the Military Police Corps Armywide. These
                                                                 subsystems provides (1) law enforcement reporting which is
                                                                 the Military Police Reporting System (MPRS); (2) correctional
                                                                 tracking which is the Army Correctional Information System
                                                                 (ACIS); (3) vehicle and weapons registration which is the
                                                                 Vehicle Registration System (VRS); (4) enemy prisoner of war
                                                                 and detainee accountability which is the National Detainee
                                                                 Reporting System (NDRS); and (5) parole and clemency
                                                                 which is the Army Review Board Agency (ARBA).

                                                Page 61
       System Name         Acronym   DITPR ID   Component                            Description
CERTIFIED PAY        CEP                 3351 ARMY          The Certified Pay (CEP) client-server application processes
                                                            soldier records for the non-regular retirement of Army National
                                                            Guard and Army Reserve soldiers. The system enables users
                                                            to update and certify soldier records and applications for
                                                            retirement under Title 10 US Code, Section 1223. CEP
                                                            contains five screens of data required for retirement
                                                            processing, including Survivor Benefit Program (SBP)
                                                            information, direct deposit information and tax withholding
                                                            information, and it electronically sends data to and receives
                                                            data from the Defense Retirement Annuitant System (DRAS)
                                                            at the Defense Finance and Accounting Service (DFAS)
                                                            center in Cleveland to build the retired pay file on the retired
                                                            pay processing system. The system provides error reporting
                                                            to the analyst if errors in submissions are encountered. CEP
                                                            contains Retirement Order Numbers for each year and
                                                            maintains a repository of order numbers used for each soldier.
                                                            These retirement orders are not in AORS, as many
                                                            applications are no longer in the automated database. The
                                                            application produces, amends, and revokes orders as
                                                            required for each Army National Guard or Army Reserve
CFSC-RESUMIX         RSX                 8793 ARMY          This system is an automated staffing and skills management
                                                            program used to group and identify applicants. It also stores
                                                            historical data comprised of requisitions built from position
                                                            guides/job descriptions and requirements submitted by
                                                            Human Resource Offices servicing NAF/MWR Functions.

                                           Page 62
       System Name                   Acronym   DITPR ID   Component                              Description
CID INFORMATION           CIMS                     1616 ARMY          The CIMS program is a criminal investigation case
MANAGEMENT SYSTEM                                                     management system that includes criminal intelligence
                                                                      querying and reporting capabilities in compliance with
                                                                      regulatory and policy standards for Army Law Enforcement
                                                                      regarding investigation of felony crimes. CIMS captures
                                                                      criminal case investigative information regarding incidents,
                                                                      location descriptors, entities (name, social security number,
                                                                      rank, title, physical characteristics, sex, birth place, and date),
                                                                      agent assignment, crime description and identifiers,
                                                                      statements, property data, laboratory tests; verifies and stores
                                                                      this data for criminal intelligence purposes: and reports this
                                                                      information to the proper authorities from the Division
                                                                      Commanding Officer to the United States Grand Jury. The
                                                                      system extracts necessary data for consolidation and input to
                                                                      Defense Incident-Based Reporting System (DIBRS) monthly
                                                                      reports, National Incident-Based Reporting System (NIBRS)
                                                                      monthly reports and the Defense Clearance and
                                                                      Investigations Index (DCII) daily updates.

CIVILIAN FORECASTING      CIVFORS                   550 ARMY          CIVFORS projects Army civilian employee requirements and
SYSTEM                                                                personnel management transactions. It is the single system
                                                                      used for projection of civilian strength and personnel
                                                                      transactions at the total Army level, and at more detailed
                                                                      levels such as MACOM.
CIVILIAN HUMAN RESOURCES CHR SE Toolkit           11067 ARMY          CHR Software Engineering Toolkit are the developmental
SOFTWARE ENGINEERING                                                  tools that directly supports the productive systems operations.
TOOLKIT                                                               This entry was originally CA Harvest - CA-Allfusion Harvest
                                                                      Change Manager. CA Harvest is now a child of CHR SE
CIVILIAN PERSONNEL ONLINE CPOL                      566 ARMY          A central web-enabled clearinghouse exposing Army Civilian
                                                                      HR information in a structured and searchable format
                                                                      accessible by employees, supervisors/managers,
                                                                      commanders, and the Civilian HR Community. Examples of
                                                                      information available through this website includes legal and
                                                                      regulatory reference material, position classification and
                                                                      qualification standards, newsletters, staff directories, NAF
                                                                      information, and other employment opportunities, a position
                                                                      description library, and information concerning regionalization
                                                                      and modernization.

                                                     Page 63
       System Name                 Acronym   DITPR ID   Component                           Description
CIVILIAN PERSONNEL ONLINE CPOL-PORTAL            2668 ARMY          CPOL Portal is a one stop secure site which provides Army
- PORTAL                                                            civilian employees and HR specialists access to a private
                                                                    portal with a complete set of employment related resources,
                                                                    links and web based applications that require single sign-on
                                                                    access (ART).
CIVILIAN PERSONNEL ONLINE CPOLSD                 9412 ARMY          Civilian Personnel Online Service Desk (CPOLSD) is a COTS
SERVICE DESK                                                        product from Computer Associates (CA) that has been
                                                                    customized and configured. It is a web-based Windows
                                                                    System consisting of a web-server using IIS, an application
                                                                    server and DB server with an interface to AKO for user
                                                                    authentication. It is designated as a call-tracking system to
                                                                    support the Army Civilian personnel community. Army Civilian
                                                                    personnel (or customersâ¿¿) enter a ticket into the system
                                                                    and a CPOLSD Analyst reviews it, and assigns it the
                                                                    appropriate group or analyst. The analyst then works resolves,
                                                                    verifies and closes the ticket.
CIVILIAN PRODUCTIVITY    CIVPRO                  2800 ARMY          A series of web-enabled reports used by HQDA, MACOMs,
REPORT                                                              and CHRA/FOD for monitoring CPAC productivity in the area
                                                                    of recruitment and filling jobs. It aids Army leadership in
                                                                    identifying workflow problems and improving organizational

                                                   Page 64
      System Name                 Acronym   DITPR ID   Component                           Description
CIVILIAN TALENT          CTMS                  12077 ARMY          This system was originally named by the office name--U.S.
MANAGEMENT SYSTEM                                                  Army Civilian Senior Leader Development Office (CSLDO).
                                                                   This name has been changed to the system name--Civilian
                                                                   Talent Management System (CTMS). The CTMS comes under
                                                                   the U.S. Army Civilian Senior Leader Development Office
                                                                   (CSLDO). Its website provides a forum for official
                                                                   communications for the Army Enterprise Employees (AEEs). It
                                                                   links the most up-to-date policy memorandums and messages
                                                                   from the Secretary of the Army and CSLDO director. Other
                                                                   features include the Civilian Talent Management System that
                                                                   provides AEEs with an Army Enterprise Position (AEP) roster,
                                                                   assignment announcements, job postings and the AEE
                                                                   Survey process, which is used to automate the process of
                                                                   succession planning. (Inputs) The system aggregates
                                                                   information about AEEs and AEPs from a variety of systems
                                                                   to include; FASCLASS and HQACPERS. Additional input is
                                                                   provided by the AEEs directly into CTMS. (Outputs) The
                                                                   system provides web views and pdf views of AEE career
                                                                   briefs, AEP position briefs, AEE/AEP Roster reports, and AEE

CLAIMS & FOIA INFORMATION CFMS                 14116 NAVY          System made up of all Claims applications (MCRA, Torts,
SYSTEM                                                             PCU and Investigations) used by the JAG Corps to meet their
                                                                   law mandated requirement to track, pay, and recover
                                                                   personal, property and medical claims. CFMS also contains
                                                                   the JAG Corps Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) database
                                                                   which tracks all FOIA requests
CLAIMS PROCESSING        CPS II                   52 TMA           Provides DoD and Coast Guard medical and dental pre-
SYSTEM II                                                          authorizations and claims adjudication for remotely located
                                                                   service members, through eligibility verification, electronic
                                                                   document storage, dental claims payment and generation of

                                                  Page 65
       System Name               Acronym   DITPR ID   Component                             Description
CLINICAL CASE          CCM-ITI                13192 TMA           CCM-ITI will provide a seamless view of the care and the
MANAGEMENT INFORMATION                                            health of the patient from the origin of injury or illness to the
TECHNOLOGY INITIATIVE                                             end of the need for that episode of care. It will capture
                                                                  relevant events, information, documents and other data to
                                                                  support the overall improvement of the patient´s condition
                                                                  utilizing medical Case Management practices. It will provide
                                                                  the ability to collect clinical information in support of the
                                                                  medical Case Manager´s mission and will provide information
                                                                  gathered to MTFs and MSCSs. This initiative was previously
                                                                  reported as LoA 3 RCM BIN 3532 in FY09 only. This new
                                                                  initiative, CCM ITI, more accurately reflects what this initiative
CLINICAL INFORMATION    CIS                     144 TMA           CIS, using a COTS product, currently supports inpatient care
SYSTEM                                                            and documentation. Specifically, CIS provides broad support
                                                                  to the inpatient environment such as interdisciplinary
                                                                  documentation, discharge management, patient care
                                                                  management, patient education, fetal central station
                                                                  monitoring, and automatic medical data capture.
CLINICAL PATIENT        CPCW                  11012 TMA           A before-after study design would be used to investigate the
COMMUNICATION WEB                                                 value of a secure messaging web portal for Naval Hospital
PORTAL SERVICE                                                    Bremerton. Twenty clinicians will be randomly assigned to use
                                                                  the patient web portal for secure messaging, and 20 clinicians
                                                                  will serve as controls. The study will involve primary care and
                                                                  limited-practice specialty clinicians. Baseline data will be
                                                                  obtained for both groups for a six month period prior to
                                                                  implementation of the web portal. Data will be collected for a
                                                                  one year period in the intervention and control groups for
                                                                  reporting purposes, and a total of 18 months overall. The
                                                                  commercial vendor will supply monthly metrics to include
                                                                  number of members enrolled, message volume and age and
                                                                  gender of patients enrolled. Data analysis and program
                                                                  evaluation will be performed after the one year of data
                                                                  collection and reported to the Management and Control
                                                                  Board. No long-term commitment is expected, and the
                                                                  prospective vendors have been informed thusly.

                                                 Page 66
       System Name                  Acronym   DITPR ID   Component                            Description
CMD PERS ACCOUNTABILITY CPAVRS                    2828 ARMY          The Command Personnel Accountability and Visibility
& VISISBILTY REPORTING SYS                                           Reporting System (CPAVRS) was created after the
                                                                     September 11, 2001 terrorist attacks. Accountability and
                                                                     visibility of Army Sustainment Command (ASC) personnel are
                                                                     paramount in todayâ¿¿s post September 11, 2001 battle
                                                                     space. CPAVRS, a cyber-based Microsoft Access
                                                                     accountability system, not only provides accurate and timely
                                                                     accountability of ASC personnel on a daily basis, but is also a
                                                                     viable tool to assist Military Personnel with Military Rating
                                                                     Schemes for Officer Evaluation Report (OERs) and Non-
                                                                     Commissioned Evaluation Report (NCOERs). Personnel data
                                                                     is updated continuously. The CPAVRS push/pull constructs
                                                                     makes data entry and report extraction user-friendly, fast and
                                                                     economical. Implementing CPAVRS significantly improves
                                                                     daily personnel accounting via an automated means.
                                                                     CPAVRS saves valuable resources for all involved in
                                                                     personnel accountability throughout ASC while greatly
                                                                     improving data accuracy and integrity. If CPAVRS were to be
                                                                     removed there would be no single source of accountability
                                                                     data for ASC in case of an emergency. There would be no
                                                                     Military rating scheme system to track and maintain Military
CNIC CITRIX ENTERPRISE   CCES                    14107 NAVY          The Commander Navy Installations Command (CNIC) CITRIX
SOLUTION                                                             Enterprise Solution is used to deploy and access Program of
                                                                     Record (POR) applications such as DMO, WinIATS, and
                                                                     HURREVAC via NMCI. The applications are Navy FAM
                                                                     approved and registered in DADMS, but are not functionally
                                                                     operational on the Navy Marine Corps Intranet (NMCI)
COMBAT RELATED SPECIAL   CRSC APS                 6600 ARMY          The Combat Related Special Compensation Application is a
COMPENSATION                                                         web-based application that uses Microsoft.NET and an Oracle
APPLICATION                                                          database to track and adjudicate applications submitted by
                                                                     retirees of all Army Components for consideration for the
                                                                     CRSC entitlement. Upon approval, information is forwarded to
                                                                     DFAS for inclusion in the retireesâ¿¿ monthly pay. CRSC
                                                                     APS was built in June 2005 and uses AKO authentication for
                                                                     public and private users, has the capability to barcode and
                                                                     account for documents digitized into iPERMS format.

                                                    Page 67
      System Name           Acronym   DITPR ID   Component                            Description
COMBINED FEDERAL      CFC                 2778 ARMY          Combined Federal Campaign (CFC) â¿¿ CFC provides the
CAMPAIGN                                                     AMCOM CFC Campaign Coordinators the ability to enter,
                                                             track, and report on the CFC Campaign. This product
                                                             supports the AMCOM CFC Campaign Coordinators which
                                                             consists of government and contractor personnel. The product
                                                             was internally developed, and provides real time processing.
                                                             This product resides on an NT server. CFC does not interface
                                                             with any other systems.
COMMAND CORE SYSTEM   CCS                  154 TMA           CCS is an AF/SG directed relational database. CCS is also a
                                                             mature web application used by active duty AF installations. It
                                                             is designed to make occupational health exposure data
                                                             management/information more efficient.
COMMAND DATA          CD                  3122 STRATCOM      System to facilitate processing and maintaining of data
                                                             associated with trips, events, briefings, ceremonies, tracking
                                                             of invitations, as well as the arrival and departure times of
                                                             Distinguished visitors to include report generation capability.

COMMAND FORMS PLUS    CFP                 3352 ARMY          Command Forms Plus (CFP) is a client-server application that
                                                             manages a central repository of automated forms, including
                                                             HRC-STL, DD, DA, SF, and custom forms. CFP enables the
                                                             user to maintain links from the form fields to the associated
                                                             data in the Total Army Personnel Data Base - Reserve
                                                             (TAPDB-R), automatically generates forms populated with
                                                             data directly from TAPDB-R, the Active Guard Reserve
                                                             Management Information System (AGRMIS), and SHR
                                                             databases, and manages the generated forms. Some forms
                                                             are unique to directorate business processes, while others are
                                                             shared across the Command and RSCs. The forms are
                                                             integrated with a soldier's record in the Soldier Management
                                                             System Webified Suite of Systems (SMS WEB) to provide
                                                             identification of what forms have been sent to or generated for
                                                             the soldier. The forms can be generated from CFP or directly
                                                             from within SMS WEB.

                                            Page 68
      System Name                 Acronym   DITPR ID   Component                           Description
COMMAND HUMAN            CHRIS                  1372 USAF          AFMC wide data analysis and reporting tool. Sustainment and
RESOURCES INTELLIGENCE                                             administration of the Command Human Resources
SYSTEM                                                             Intelligence System (CHRIS) application is required to data-
                                                                   enable the command-wide Workforce Management Strategy
                                                                   focused on mission area gap analysis and workforce planning
                                                                   represented by the AFMC BSC Strategy. CHRIS is the
                                                                   recognized best practice HR reporting tool that integrates
                                                                   military and civilian personnel, manpower and training data to
                                                                   baseline, plan and measure current and future work force
                                                                   composition, trends and development. Contractual support is
                                                                   required for sustainment, maintenance, enhancement,
                                                                   application services, database services, systems
                                                                   administration, training, hardware/software support, network
                                                                   support, server administration, application development and
                                                                   design in support of CHRIS. The primary CHRIS users are
                                                                   organizational leaders/managers located in AFMC
                                                                   Centers/installations, although other AF activities have
                                                                   requested regular access as well. At this critical point in
                                                                   developing and implementing an AFMC-wide Workforce
                                                                   Management Strategy, it is vital that CHRIS continue to be
                                                                   managed centrally by HQ AFMC/A1 to sustain consistent and
COMMAND INTEGRATED       CIRIMS                 1554 NAVY          Provides recruiting support in personnel management,
RECRUITING INFORMATION                                             performance management, prospective gains/leads,
MANAGEMENT SYSTEM                                                  enlistment management, and executive support for the
                                                                   enlisted Reserve Force
COMMISSARY ADVANCED      CARTS                   819 DECA          The CARTS program is a total system replacement of the
RESALE TRANSACTION                                                 Defense Commissary Agency's (DeCA) existing Point-of-Sale
SYSTEM                                                             (POS) system, including all commissaries, server centers, and
                                                                   test beds. From its headquarters at Fort Lee, VA, DeCA
                                                                   operates stores (approximately 3,100 checkout lanes) through
                                                                   three regional offices with approximately 18,000 employees.
                                                                   Commissaries are located in most countries where U.S.
                                                                   military forces reside.

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      System Name              Acronym   DITPR ID   Component                            Description
COMMISSARY ON-LINE     COPPS                 1684 DECA          The Commissary Online Product and Pricing System
PRODUCT AND PRICING                                             (COPPS) is a web-enabled application that provides pricing
SYSTEM                                                          information and product sales data. COPPS acts as interface
                                                                between the DeCA Interactive Business System (DIBS) and
                                                                the point of sale (POS) system. Written in C, Perl, AWK, SED
                                                                and UNIX shell scrip, COPPS supports DeCA grocery
                                                                operations by providing four (4) primary processes. First, it
                                                                calculates recoup prices to cover inventory loss (costs
                                                                associated with breakage, spoilage and pilferage). Using
                                                                Oracle Forms, it provides price inquiry functionality allowing
                                                                authorized users to view pricing information in a read-only
                                                                report. COPPS reformats DeCA DIBS Universal Product Code
                                                                (UPC) data into a UPC format that is compatible with the
                                                                DeCA point-of-sale (POS) system. Lastly, COPPS verifies
                                                                store price lookup unit (PLU). The PLU updates price
                                                                maintenance, Earned Value/Price Exception, and item
                                                                movement reports.
COMMON OPERATING       COPS                 13827 ARMY          The Common Operating Picture Synchronizer (COPS) is a
PICTURE SYNCHRONIZER                                            tool designed to give HRC and MACOM personnel strength
                                                                managers the capability to view officer and enlisted personnel
                                                                strength and authorization information. Both PMAD and
                                                                TAADS authorization information is available to assist in
                                                                resolving issues that may occur as the Army rapidly
                                                                transforms. COPS provides the capability to view strength
                                                                information by MACOM, DML, and DMSL level with drill down
                                                                capability to authorization information at the Specialty and
                                                                Grade and ASI/SQI. In addition, it also provides the capability
                                                                to drill down assigned strength to the individual soldier level.

                                               Page 70
      System Name                 Acronym   DITPR ID   Component                            Description
COMPETENCY ASSESSMENT / CA / WP                 3135 DLA           CA/WP is an automated skills/competency management tool
WORKFORCE PLANNING                                                 used by employees, managers, and leaders. It is used to
                                                                   assess workforce and individual skill and competency gaps to
                                                                   develop recruitment and retention plans and strategies; to
                                                                   populate individual development plans leading to
                                                                   organizational and corporate training plans; and to identify
                                                                   career progression and career paths. This tool provides
                                                                   quantitative and qualitative information to ensure DLA's
                                                                   human capital decisions and subsequent investments are on
                                                                   target and linked to Agency mission, vision, values and goals.

COMPETITION MANAGEMENT CMOWTS                   2809 ARMY          The CMOWTS application was developed as an integrated
OFFICE WORKLOAD                                                    system for internal tracking of Competition Management
TRACKING SYSTEM                                                    Office personnel man hours by Date, Function, Requirer and
                                                                   Weapon System. The data entered by CMO personnel
                                                                   indicates time allotted daily to each weapon system function.
                                                                   The systemâ¿¿s flexibility also allows for various queries and
                                                                   reports to be generated. There are currently 10 users. This
                                                                   database tracks the type of Acquisition documents include
                                                                   Justification and Approvals (J&As), Market Research
                                                                   Report/Commerciality Determinations (MRR/CDs), Acquisition
                                                                   Plans (APs), Acquisition Strategies and Technical
                                                                   Certifications (Tech J&Cs) that CMO personnel review and the
                                                                   amount of time spent on each review by weapon system. This
                                                                   system also captures other CMO requirements such as
                                                                   Logistics, Engineering and Budgeting. This product is written
                                                                   in Oracle on a UNIX platform. This product does not interface
                                                                   with any other system.

COMPOSITE HEALTH CARE   CHCS                     127 TMA           CHCS is the military´s legacy computerized provider order
SYSTEM                                                             entry system supporting over 700 Military Treatment Facilities
                                                                   worldwide. It provides for order/document laboratory tests,
                                                                   radiology exams, performs prescription transactions,
                                                                   documents outpatient appointments and other care
                                                                   administered to 9.1 million beneficiaries. CHCS improves
                                                                   patient safety and enables improved quality of care.

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      System Name                 Acronym   DITPR ID   Component                             Description
COMPOSITE OCCUPATIONAL   COHORT                 1234 TMA           COHORT is the only consolidated transactional data
HEALTH & RISK TRACKING                                             warehouse for near-real time CHCS health data and
SYSTEM                                                             processes data for a majority of MHS MTFs. Through small
                                                                   data engines located at AFMS-supporting MTFs, COHORT
                                                                   provides unique, real-time data feeds to the Health Services
                                                                   Data Warehouse (HSDW) and to several operational systems
                                                                   to support medical readiness, disease surveillance, trainee
                                                                   health, occupational health services, patient care, specialty
                                                                   referral and population health management for over 5 million
                                                                   healthcare beneficiaries. These systems include ICDB
                                                                   (Integrated Clinical Database), ASIMS (Aeromedical Services
                                                                   Information Management System), PIMR (Preventive Health
                                                                   Assessment and Individual Medical Readiness), MHS
                                                                   Population Health Portal (MHSPHP) and the AF Trainee
                                                                   Health Online Reporting (THOR) Management System. These
                                                                   operational systems now receive data in cycles measured in
                                                                   hours rather than weeks. The integration of COHORT into the
                                                                   Health Services Data Warehouse provides improvement in
                                                                   disease management, clinical preventive services, patient
                                                                   safety indicators, and infection control practices. In addition to
                                                                   the live healthcare data stream, COHORT subsystems
COMPUTER ASSISTED        CAO                    1685 DECA          Generates order forecasting to provide just-in-time inventory
ORDERING                                                           mgt
CONSOLIDATED RETURN      CRISPS                  835 DFAS          The Consolidated Return Items Stop Payment System
ITEMS STOP PAYMENT                                                 (CRISPS) processes returned checks and stop payments for
SYSTEM                                                             active Army and Reservists. It also interfaces with the
                                                                   Defense Joint Military Pay System (DJMS) to update (credit)
                                                                   the Military Master Pay Account. CRISPS receives check
                                                                   issues from the Standard Negotiable Items Processing
                                                                   System (SNIPS) and receives treasury responses and Daily
                                                                   Advice of Status from the Defense Check Reconciliation
                                                                   Module (DCRM) system. CRISPS interfaces with the Treasury
                                                                   Receivable Accounting & Collection System (TRACS).

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      System Name                 Acronym   DITPR ID   Component                            Description
CONTINUUM OF SERVICE     COSTT                 10819 ARMY          The Continuum of Service Tracking Tool (COSTT) aims to
TRACKING TOOL                                                      provide a web-based application to support Army COS
                                                                   initiatives, through the identification and development of
                                                                   organizational and systemic solutions to challenges that
                                                                   impair the efficiency and economy of resources for the Total
                                                                   Army. By capturing the resource, policy and legislative efforts
                                                                   tied to COS in one easily accessible centralized location, the
                                                                   Army will be able to view, modify, prioritize and collaborate in
                                                                   real-time by key stakeholders. This holistic approach across
                                                                   the entire gamut of COS issues in a web-based manner
                                                                   automates a currently cumbersome paper intensive process
                                                                   that will result in faster more efficient efforts to seamlessly
                                                                   transition human Soldiers and civilians across components,
                                                                   increase access to desired skill sets, and encourage a lifetime
                                                                   of service to the nation.

CONTRACT MANAGEMENT      CMID 2                10365 TMA           CMID 2 is a COTS-based business process management
INFORMATION DATABASE 2                                             application that will be used to track and manage the
                                                                   acquisition activities (non-purchased care) of the Office of the
                                                                   Assistant Secretary of Defense for Health Affairs (OASD HA)
                                                                   TRICARE Management Activity (TMA). It will replace the
                                                                   existing CMID and Vendor Cost Collection (VCC) databases
                                                                   into a single integrated system. CMID 2 will provide TMA
                                                                   Senior Leadership with comprehensive information
                                                                   concerning how TMA funds are being spent and the capability
                                                                   to create ad-hoc reporting of contract management and
                                                                   vendor cost data. Furthermore, CMID 2 will be web enabled in
                                                                   order for TMA contractors to input their monthly cost reporting

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      System Name              Acronym   DITPR ID   Component                           Description
CONTRACTOR MANPOWER     CMRA                10841 ARMY          CMR was approved by the Business Initiatives Council on 13
REPORTING APPLICATION                                           September 2002 for the Army to improve the visibility for
                                                                planners and programmers of contract services (labor and
                                                                costs by organization supported and mission). The BIC
                                                                approved the Army CMR as a pilot for potential application
                                                                across DoD. The VCSA, ASA(M&RA), ASA(FM&C) and
                                                                ASA(AL&T) recommended that the SecArmy issue guidance
                                                                to implement CMR in the Army. They described it as the only
                                                                process that would capture information on funding source,
                                                                contracting vehicle, organization supported, mission and
                                                                function performed, and labor hours and costs for contracted
                                                                efforts. They stated that existing financial management and
                                                                procurement systems do not clearly distinguish between
                                                                goods and services, and do not identify the organization for
                                                                which the work is performed. The SecArmy issued direction to
                                                                implement CMR on 7 January 2005 as a first step in plans to
                                                                program and document contractor support in Planning,
                                                                Programming Budgeting and Execution Systems in the Army.
                                                                This directive is incorporated by reference as the definitive
                                                                document of CMR functional requirements, as supplemented

                                               Page 74
      System Name              Acronym   DITPR ID   Component                            Description
CORBWEB             SCORB                    6695 NAVY          The DoN SecNav Council of Review Boards utilizes the
                                                                CORBWEB to process all claims for Combat-Related Special
                                                                Compensation (CRSC), Physical Evalauation, Naval
                                                                Discharge Review, and Clemency and Parole by eligible USN
                                                                and USMC Personnel and retirees. The CORB consist of 5
                                                                sub-boards, Combat Related Speical Compensation Board,
                                                                Naval Department Board of Decorations and Medals,
                                                                Clemency and Parole Board, Physical Evaluation Board, and
                                                                Naval Discharge Review Board. Applicants submit their claim
                                                                on to the board and relevant information from the claim form,
                                                                as well as pertinent information from the VA, is inputed into
                                                                the CORBWEB. Each board use CORBWEB to adjudicate
                                                                each case and then input their decision creating a decisional
                                                                document that is outputted from the CORBWEB that can be
                                                                sent to the applicant and also to DFAS (Defense Finance and
                                                                Accounting Service) when appropriate. CORBWEB maintains
                                                                all data and certain information can be retrieved for reports
                                                                and Quality assurance (QA).

CORD ASSOCIATE      CAMS/411                14345 DLA           CAMS is the interface for adding associate information into
MANAGEMENT SYSTEM                                               CORD: Name, Location, Systems Accessed, Office,
                                                                etc...Maintenance tool for the DSCC Corporate Database,
                                                                used by those with responsibilities to maintain the data. Also
                                                                used to initiate account creation for new Government

                                               Page 75
      System Name               Acronym   DITPR ID   Component                             Description
CORPORATE ACCOUNT   CAMS                      7964 ARMY          The CAMS (Corporate Account Management
MANAGEMENT SYSTEM                                                System)application is a CERDEC wide human resource
                                                                 management system that provides the organization with a
                                                                 single source, consistent, secure and reliable management
                                                                 tool. CAMS provides CERDEC with the ability to track
                                                                 personnel information such as: General human resource
                                                                 information, awards, appraisals, contact information,
                                                                 clearances, patents, technical societies, college degrees, full
                                                                 comprehensive training history, online 1556 generation,
                                                                 professional licenses, duty station / location, and publications.
                                                                 The application offers a powerful searching mechanism called
                                                                 Advanced Search that allows the systems users to formulate
                                                                 complex queries against any of the data in CAMS with the aid
                                                                 of an ease of use graphic interface. In addition to the
                                                                 Advanced Search, CAMS provides a set of static reports that
                                                                 users have defined as reoccurring. CAMS also has the
                                                                 capabilities to create, maintain, print and export TDA
                                                                 information for an organization. Finally, CAMS contains a
                                                                 security module that the CERDEC security office utilizes to
                                                                 help manage their security data.The CAMS (Corporate
CORPORATE ACCOUNT   CAMS v3.0                13829 ARMY          a. The Corporate Account Management System (CAMS) is an
MANAGEMENT SYSTEM                                                application developed by AMC RDECOM CERDEC to
Version 3.0                                                      manage and analyze human resource related information.
                                                                 The main function of the application is to consolidate human
                                                                 resource data from multiple external sources (MODERN, local
                                                                 spreadsheets, local access databases, and electronic
                                                                 workflows) with custom data fields particular to CAMS, into a
                                                                 single source repository. CAMS also provides an ability to
                                                                 create custom electronic workflows, such as an electronic SF-
                                                                 182 training request module, that results in an increased
                                                                 efficiency and accuracy for the workforce. b. The system is
                                                                 used by the Research Development and Engineering
                                                                 Command (RDECOM) Research Development and
                                                                 Engineering Centers (RDECs) sub elements. c. The system
                                                                 accepts spreadsheets from external legacy systems. The only
                                                                 outputs are reports that are run on the system data.

                                                Page 76
      System Name                 Acronym   DITPR ID   Component                            Description
CORPORATE DENTAL         CDA                    6774 TMA           Establishes a database of the oral health status (i.e., dental
APPLICATION                                                        readiness) for active duty soldiers throughout the Army. CDA
                                                                   is a clinical scheduling system used at over 180 Army Dental
                                                                   Clinics, and about 1/3 of the USAF dental clinics. In addition
                                                                   to scheduling, the CDA is a tool used by the providers to enter
                                                                   their workload/procedure treatment codes and update the
                                                                   individuals dental readiness (used for deployment purposes).
                                                                   CDA is the primary dental readiness system that update the
                                                                   US Army MEDPROS system and the dental readiness within
CORPORATE ENTERPRISE     CETARS                  724 NAVY          Corporate enterprise Training Activity Resource System
TRAINING ACTIVITY                                                  (CeTARS) serves as the Navy’s authoritative data source of
RESOURCE SYSTEM                                                    all Navy formal training course description, class schedules,
                                                                   quotas, plans/requirements and statistical information,
                                                                   provides student and training information required by various
                                                                   echelons of the Navy, and supports management and
                                                                   administration functions for Navy individual training sites,
                                                                   Learning Centers, TSCs/TSDs, NSTC/NPDC/CNATRA and all
                                                                   other Navy commands up to BUMED/NETC/MPT&E
CORPORATE FOOD SYSTEM    CFS                    1875 USAF          Corporate Food Service (CFS) is the automated system used
                                                                   to execute the entire Air Force food service program around
                                                                   the globe at all Enlisted dining facilities to include combat
                                                                   locations. It is the sole tool used to order subsistence,
                                                                   manage food preparation, control the inventory, and provide
                                                                   management oversight at the enterprise level.

CORPS OF ENGINEERS       CEALS                  6278 ARMY          CEALS is a collection of systems that integrates and
AUTOMATED LEGAL SYSTEM                                             coordinates critical management information gathered and
                                                                   produced by Corps legal offices worldwide. This data is vital in
                                                                   the day-to-day management of the practice of law, specifically
                                                                   in the areas of research and case management, where
                                                                   CEALS provides a ready reference of information regarding
                                                                   Corps legal cases, decisions, procedence, etc. By making this
                                                                   management information available to all managing and staff
                                                                   attorneys, CEALS promotes uniformity in the application of
                                                                   legal principles throughout the Corps.

                                                  Page 77
      System Name                Acronym   DITPR ID   Component                            Description
INFORMATION SYSTEM                                                CONFINEMENT FACILITIES, BRIGS, DETAINEES,
                                                                  PRISONERS, CLEMENCY AND PAROLEES, DESERTERS,
                                                                  AND THOSE SERVICE MEMBERS ON APPELLATE LEAVE.

COUPONS                  C2K                   8670 DECA          C2K supports both the tabulation and processing of
                                                                  manufacturer coupons through the use of automation and the
                                                                  coupon clearinghouse contractor, NCH NuWorld Marketing
                                                                  Limited. Accounts payable and accounts receivable is
                                                                  received from each store and the contractor for verification,
                                                                  reconciliation and accounts receivable/payable purposes.

COURSE DEVELOPMENT       CDSAR                   70 USAF          Provides an automated system capable of supporting Career
STUDENT ADMINISTRATION                                            Development Course (CDC) production and Air Force Institute
REGISTRAR SYSTEM                                                  for Advance DIstributed Learning (AFIADL)student
                                                                  adminstration and registrar functions. Support CDC
                                                                  input/editing, transmission, and distribution within Air
                                                                  Education and Training Command (AETC). Assign, track,
                                                                  control, evaluate and administer students and maintain
                                                                  records on students taking Professional Military Education
                                                                  (PME) programs and courses by correspondence or in
                                                                  residence. Maintains educational and training
                                                                  accomplishments. The major components (subsystems) of
                                                                  CDSAR are: CD - Course Development SAR - Student
                                                                  Administration/Registrar WH - Warehouse support
                                                                  (distribution, inventory) PO - Postal Operations Interfaces with
                                                                  the Military Personnel Center and AETC Technical Training
                                                                  Centers course authors and E-exam (provides a mechanism
                                                                  for Test Control Facilities to report grades.

                                                 Page 78
       System Name                   Acronym   DITPR ID   Component                             Description
CREDENTIALING           COOL                       9304 ARMY          Credentialing Opportunities Online (COOL ) is a website
OPPORTUNITIES ON-LINE                                                 launched in April 2002 that provides Army enlisted Soldiers
                                                                      and warrant officers with information on how to fulfill the
                                                                      requirements of civilian certifications related to their military
                                                                      occupational specialties. A stand-alone database utilized by
                                                                      both Army and Navy supports comparability analysis of
                                                                      Soldier MOS/ASI/SQIs and their related civilian occupations
                                                                      and professional certifications and is the source for generating
                                                                      content for the respective static Army COOL and Navy COOL
                                                                      websites. This content is converted into html and each
                                                                      Service incorporates the updated html pages into their COOL
CUSTOMER RELATIONSHIP   CRM                         808 NAVY          Customer Relationship Management is a business strategy
MANAGEMENT                                                            designed to reduce cost, increase customer satisfaction and
                                                                      call center efficiency. The CRM system is used to optimize
                                                                      people, process and technology. CRM is sponsored by NPC.

CV-22 ADLS (58SOW)      CV-22 ADLS                 8388 USAF          This system supports the 58 SOW aircrew training goal in
                                                                      providing LAN based platform instruction for airframe specific
                                                                      training and offers aircrews the flexibility to complete lesson
                                                                      material, take quizzes.
CYS SERVICES YOUTH      FMWRC CYS-YTL              2782 ARMY          The FMWRC CYS-YTL system is a collection of Commercial-
TECHNOLOGY LAB SYSTEM                                                 off-the-shelf (COTS) products used to provide a safe, secure
                                                                      and age appropriate place for children and youth to engage in
                                                                      technology based activities and programs.

                                                     Page 79
        System Name                    Acronym   DITPR ID   Component                             Description
Career Pathing Tool        CPT                      11461 USAF          - The ability to present a visualization of options for job
                                                                        progression within a career field and related career fields that
                                                                        rely upon many of the same competencies. The ability to
                                                                        differentiate, within an Air Force career field, acquisition from
                                                                        non-acquisition billets / career paths) and to guide officers
                                                                        through career decisions that may involvement movement in
                                                                        and out of acquisition positions and duties. - The CPT will
                                                                        support cross-flow from one acquisition functional area or
                                                                        career field into another acquisition functional area or career
                                                                        field. For example, it will show potential acquisition program
                                                                        management jobs available to engineers or contracting
                                                                        officers based on their occupational competencies, coded
                                                                        acquisition experience, acquisition training, education and
                                                                        APDP credentials including certifications and Acquisition
                                                                        Corps membership. - The CPT will provide users information
                                                                        regarding specific requirements (jobs available) within the
                                                                        current assignment cycle to include required APDP
Child and Youth Program       AFSV-CYPBMS           13695 USAF          The Child & Youth Program Business Modernization System
Business Modernization System                                           (CYPBMS) is an information technology system that will be
                                                                        acquired for all Air Force Services Child & Youth facilities.
                                                                        Those consist of a varied mix of Child Development Centers
                                                                        (CDCs), Family Child Care (FCC) Offices and Resource
                                                                        Centers, School Age (SA), Youth Center (YC) and Teen
                                                                        Center (TC) facilities. The types of programs offered include
                                                                        youth instructional activities, child development activities,
                                                                        family day care, full-day and before-and-after school care
                                                                        programs, youth and teen activities, and youth sports and
                                                                        fitness programs. These programs require an automated
                                                                        system to handle and centralize functions such as: Customer
                                                                        Management, Staff Management, Point of Sale, Inventory
                                                                        Management, Financial and Reporting Functions, and Activity
                                                                        and Sports Scheduling. This effort is funded with APF funds
                                                                        that have been converted to Non-Appropriated funds.

                                                       Page 80
      System Name              Acronym   DITPR ID   Component                             Description
DATA BASE ADMINISTRATION DBA                 1196 ARMY          The Data Base Administration (DBA) Suite of Systems
SUITE OF SYSTEMS                                                supports data base administration in a multiple DBMS
                                                                environment. It encompasses a wide range of DBA tools and
                                                                software employed to support data analytics. It includes all
                                                                software used in the database, maintenance, and operation of
                                                                multiple databases within the CA-DATACOM, COGNOS and
                                                                Oracle BI environments. This collection of DBMS tools are
                                                                also used for the management of the data dictionaries
                                                                including all of the software products used to operate or
                                                                complement the passive data element dictionary. This
                                                                collection also includes all activities related to enforcement
                                                                and quality control of the Army Data Management Program as
                                                                outlined in AR 25-9. In particular, data synchronization and
                                                                data integrity activities are performed. The system includes
                                                                programs that periodically examine the data in discrepancies
                                                                pertaining to the quality, consistency, accuracy, reliability, or
                                                                timeliness of the organization; and the system will ensures
                                                                that the quality of organization data is acceptable for the
                                                                intended use.

                                               Page 81
       System Name                  Acronym   DITPR ID   Component                           Description
DATA MODELING & ANALYSIS DataProd                11768 TMA           Data Modeling & Analysis Platform (DataProd) is used in the
PLATFORM                                                             production and presentation of Air Force Medical Service
                                                                     (AFMS) comprehensive planning, analysis and decision
                                                                     support, and information management support services within
                                                                     the AFMS. Some of the applications process DoD Sensitive
                                                                     Information (SI) and information protected under the Privacy
                                                                     Act of 1974. Currently, the DataProd AIS environment
                                                                     consists of nine AF SG medical modules (i.e. Access
                                                                     Improvement Module (AIM), Access Improvement Module
                                                                     Appointment Equalizer, Surgeon General Executive Global
                                                                     Look (SG-EGL), Surgeon General Executive Global Look
                                                                     Virtual Analyst (SG-EGL VA), Business Plan Review Analysis
                                                                     Direction And Reconciliation (BP Radar), Complex Patient
                                                                     Management Tool (CPMT), DoD/Veterans Affairs Joint
                                                                     Incentive Fund (DoD/VA JIF), Culture of Responsible
                                                                     Choices(CoRC), a Chief of Staff Air Force mandated
                                                                     community-based prevention initiative, SG Decision Support
                                                                     System (SG DSS)), and their respective databases
                                                                     (datamarts), all supported by one large data warehouse.

DATA QUALITY (DQ) NAVY   DQ-Navy                 14217 TMA           Data Quality efforts within Navy Medicine collects, assess and
                                                                     measure the quality and compliance of Navy Medicine data.
                                                                     DQ supports the Data Quality Management Control (DQMC)
                                                                     program through access to various software applications used
                                                                     to ensure treatment facility accuracy, timeliness and
                                                                     compliance with DoD/TMA data collection and reporting
                                                                     requirements. Data results are used by senior leadership for
                                                                     making informed financial, workload, and manpower resource
                                                                     decisions while enabling more efficient and cost-effective
                                                                     delivery of care. The current DQ program encompasses five
                                                                     distinct data products, Electronic Data Quality, Population
                                                                     Health Navigator, Financial Reconciliation, Defense Medical
                                                                     Information System Identifier, and Clinical Coding.

                                                    Page 82
      System Name                 Acronym   DITPR ID   Component                             Description
DAU STUDENT INFORMATION DAU SIS                12971 USD(AT&L)     The Student Information System for Defense Acquisition
SYSTEM                                                             University (DAU) to support the Defense Acquisition
                                                                   Workforce Improvement Act (DAWIA) training requirements. It
                                                                   is a transformation of our Acquisition Workforce’s ability to
                                                                   manage their careers by integrating people, process,
                                                                   technology, cost, schedule, and strategy for effective training
                                                                   on one platform across the DAW. The expected business
                                                                   outcomes of purchasing a commercial-off-the-shelf (COTS)
                                                                   system will include the integrated capability of providing
                                                                   registration, student services, career management, schedule
                                                                   development, schedule management, catalog requirements,
                                                                   communication portal, DAU acquisition workforce database,
                                                                   and reporting. This integrated student information system will
                                                                   make rapid reporting and timely trend analysis possible.
                                                                   Additionally, DAU will not have to rely on systems to which it
                                                                   lacks control over upgrades, enhancements, modifications,
                                                                   and availability. The system will bring upgraded capabilities
                                                                   utilizing, best-in-class, commercial, state-of-the art technology
                                                                   and will no longer rely on a complex web of system interfaces
                                                                   that are patched together and stove piped. Business

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      System Name                Acronym   DITPR ID   Component                           Description
DECA ELECTRONIC        EDI                     3275 DECA          The Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) system supports
COMMERCE/ELECTRONIC                                               grocery operations by providing the mechanism for electronic
DATA INTERCHANGE                                                  exchange of grocery orders, price information, advanced
                                                                  shipping notices, credit/debit adjustments, product transfer
                                                                  and resale reports, and acknowledgements. DeCA’s trading
                                                                  partners convey electronic documents to the EDI system via
                                                                  the file transfer protocol (FTP), direct-dial connections to a
                                                                  modem bank, the Internet (AS2), and an out-sourced web
                                                                  hosting service. The EDI documents use the American
                                                                  National Standards Institute (ANSI) Accredited Sub-
                                                                  Committee (ASC) X12 syntax 5010 standard. DeCA EDI
                                                                  messages conform to the Uniform Code Council (UCC)
                                                                  implementation conventions for the grocery industry. The
                                                                  DeCA EDI system uses a combination of custom developed
                                                                  application code (Perl, UNIX shell script) and commercial off-
                                                                  the-shelf (COTS) software to processes over 100,000
                                                                  transactions per month from more than 200 vendors and
                                                                  distributors. EDI is a fully functional real-time system
                                                                  operational 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, except for
                                                                  scheduled or unscheduled downtime of the operating system
                                                                  or the database instance upon which it is totally dependent.
DECA ELECTRONIC RECORDS DERMAS                  817 DECA          DERMAS is DeCA's DoDD 5015.2 compliant electronic
MANAGEMENT ARCHIVING                                              records system that captures data and images in a commonly
SYSTEM                                                            accessible repository to satisfy the legal and regulatory
                                                                  requirements of records management and to provide Agency
                                                                  decision makers a resource to improve operational efficiency.
                                                                  The system supports document management, records
                                                                  management, e-mail archiving, workflow collaboration, and a
                                                                  number of other capabilities through a Web interface available
                                                                  to DeCA employees around the world.

DECA INTERACTIVE       DIBS                    1689 DECA          Generates subsistence orders based on valid contracts
DECA INTERNET WEB      WEB                     1690 DECA          DeCA's Web provides patrons and employees with a
                                                                  multitude of information about the Agency and its
                                                                  commissaries. It also emcompasses various web applications
                                                                  that support DeCA's mission.

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      System Name                   Acronym   DITPR ID   Component                            Description
DEFENSE AND VETERANS    DVBIC CCD                13843 TMA           The Defense and Veterans Brain Injury Center (DVBIC) web-
BRAIN INJURY CENTER´S                                                based care coordination database (CCD) will help TBI
CARE COORDINATION                                                    regional care coordinators follow at regular intervals service
DATABASE                                                             members and veterans with TBI who are within their regions,
                                                                     provide standardized documentation on the issues they are
                                                                     facing, and ensure they receive the appropriate referrals to
                                                                     medical and community services as they navigate the
                                                                     complex systems of care. This web-based tracking tool will be
                                                                     secure and centralized, which will help the RCCs better track
                                                                     and document the progress of service members with TBI
                                                                     allowing continuity of care as they move (transfer) from
                                                                     medical treatment facilities at various bases around the
                                                                     country and return to duty or reintegrate into the community.
                                                                     The tool will only be accessible to the TBI regional care
                                                                     coordinators. It will increase the efficiency of their care
                                                                     coordination duties and contain only the necessary
                                                                     information to help them be of optimal assistance to service
                                                                     members in locating and connecting with TBI resources,
                                                                     dealing with barriers to receiving proper help, and seeing how
                                                                     much they are benefiting from services or determining if other

                                                    Page 85
      System Name                Acronym   DITPR ID   Component                            Description
DEFENSE AND VETERANS    DVEIVR                13522 TMA           Defense and Veterans Eye Injury and Vision Registry
EYE INJURY AND VISION                                             (DVEIVR) (formerly called the Military Eye Registry) will
REGISTRY                                                          centrally track service related significant eye injuries
                                                                  sustained by Service Members and Veterans and promote
                                                                  research into treatment and rehabilitation. Data collection
                                                                  includes but it is not limited to: demographic and contact
                                                                  information as well as clinical data regarding diagnosis,
                                                                  surgical interventions or other operative procedures, other
                                                                  treatments, follow-up and outcomes for each case of
                                                                  significant eye and vision injury incurred by an active duty
                                                                  Service Member. The longitudinal analysis capability of the
                                                                  DVEIVR will provide the critical information management
                                                                  framework needed to optimize outcomes, guide the
                                                                  development of clinical best practices, and identify emerging
                                                                  research requirements. The patient tracking capability
                                                                  provided by the DVEIVR will facilitate case management and
                                                                  support longitudinal care across the continuum. Its reporting
                                                                  capability will allow the user to produce periodic reports based
                                                                  on operational and clinical requirements.

DEFENSE BLOOD STANDARD DBSS                     135 TMA           Defense Blood Standard System (DBSS) is a Food and Drug
SYSTEM                                                            Administration-regulated Class II Medical Device designed to
                                                                  handle blood collection, processing and tracking procedures,
                                                                  and automation of standards and safeguards of the Military
                                                                  Health System. DBSS supports the Armed Services Blood
                                                                  Program, which represents the Army, Navy, and Air Force, by
                                                                  providing high quality blood products and services to 9.1
                                                                  million (MHS) beneficiaries as an element of national policy in
                                                                  peacetime and during deployed operations.

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       System Name               Acronym   DITPR ID   Component                            Description
DEFENSE CASUALTY         DCIPS                 1292 ARMY          The Defense Casualty Information Processing System
INFORMATION PROCESSING                                            processes casualty reports and mortuary affairs processing
SYSTEM                                                            reports, provides cross-functional case management of
                                                                  casualties to include casualty incident, disposition of remains,
                                                                  mortuary affairs, personal effects, and remains tracking for
                                                                  current operations and past conflicts. DCIPS permits
                                                                  interactive update and data exchange with casualty
                                                                  assistance centers, mortuaries, service casualty offices, and
                                                                  medical surveillance organizations. The system also provides
                                                                  DOD with official casualty statistics.

DEFENSE CIVILIAN PAY     DCPS                    93 DFAS          The Defense Civilian Pay System (DCPS) is the payroll
SYSTEM                                                            system providing pay, leave, and entitlement computations,
                                                                  and financial accounting for DoD, Executive Office of the
                                                                  President, Department of Energy and the Department of
                                                                  Health and Human Services. DCPS serves approximately
                                                                  900,000 civilian employees. Further, the DCPS application is
                                                                  used by the National Security Agency to process classified
                                                                  payroll in a NSA classified environment. DFAS and DCPS
                                                                  project staff competed against 18 Executive Branch agencies
                                                                  to become one of the Federal payroll service providers as part
                                                                  of the Office of Management and Budget and Office of
                                                                  Personnel Management ePayroll initiative. In October 2002,
                                                                  DCPS was selected as an ePayroll system provider. In
                                                                  addition to Department of Energy in 2004, the Environmental
                                                                  Protection Agency and a small group of Veterans Affairs
                                                                  employees have migrated to DCPS. Bonneville Power Agency
                                                                  (BPA), Broadcast Board of Governors (BBG), and the rest of
                                                                  the Department of Veteran's Affairs (VA) employees are
                                                                  schedule to migrate to DCPS.

                                                 Page 87
       System Name                Acronym   DITPR ID   Component                          Description
DEFENSE CIVILIAN PAY    G8 - DCPS-BRIDGES       6291 ARMY          Standard System for recording and reporting leave and pay
SYSTEM-BRIDGES                                                     information. Automated Time, Attendance and Production
                                                                   System (ATAAPS) is used as the front-end system for input.
                                                                   All standard production processing is completed by the
                                                                   Defense Civilian Payroll System (DCPS) Defense Finance &
                                                                   Accounting Service (DFAS) Pensacola. Communications-
                                                                   Electronics Life Cycle Management Command (C-E LCMC)
                                                                   Deputy Chief of Staff for Resource Management (DCSRM) is
                                                                   just the DCPS functional user. Files are downloaded from
                                                                   DCPS for management reporting purposes.

DEFENSE CIVILIAN        DCPDS                     91 DHRA          As the Department's enterprise civilian HR system, the
PERSONNEL DATA SYSTEM                                              Defense Civilian Personnel Data System (DCPDS) supports
                                                                   HR operations and improved business processes, with
                                                                   continuous implementation of improved technology, meeting
                                                                   cost, schedule, and performance goals. Network and system
                                                                   operations span worldwide, with 24/7 operations supporting
                                                                   19 Regional Service Centers and over 300 Customer Support
                                                                   Units. Web-enabled DCPDS and the addition of its Self
                                                                   Service capability have increased the number of users from
                                                                   20,000 to over 700,000. Led by the Civilian Personnel
                                                                   Management Service, the DCPDS manager, the Department
                                                                   has been designated by OPM/OMB as of the five HR Shared
                                                                   Service Centers, with DCPDS supporting approximately one-
                                                                   third of the federal work force. DCPDS has proved its
                                                                   business case and saves the Department over $200 million
                                                                   per year.

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      System Name                 Acronym   DITPR ID   Component                            Description
DEFENSE ENROLLMENT AND DEERS, RAPIDS, CAC       1391 DHRA          The DEERS, RAPIDS, and CAC programs are interdependent
ELIGIBILITY REPORTING                                              and interrelated. DEERS is the Department of Defense (DoD)
SYSTEMS, THE REAL-TIME                                             person data repository (PDR), CAC uses the DEERS
AUTOMATED PERSONNEL                                                database for authentication and personnel information, and
IDENTIFICATION SYSTEM,                                             RAPIDS is the system that supports the Uniformed Services
AND THE COMMON ACCESS                                              Identification card program to provide on-line updates to
CARD                                                               DEERS and issues the CAC to Service members, civilian
                                                                   employees, and eligible contractors to access DoD facilities
                                                                   and networks. All three programs are built consistent with net-
                                                                   centric guidance, to build on existing infrastructure and
                                                                   system components. DEERS is the central PDR for the entire
                                                                   DoD containing personnel data on more than 25 million
                                                                   persons. The PDR contains data related to DoD affiliation,
                                                                   identity token information, educational benefits, reserve/guard
                                                                   employment, languages, contingencies, biometrics, PKI
                                                                   information, military pay, and clinical information. It ensures
                                                                   only eligible beneficiaries receive benefits/entitlements
                                                                   (medical, dental, commissary privileges, exchange privileges,
                                                                   life insurance benefits and Montgomery GI Bill educational
                                                                   benefits) and automates the related processes. DEERS has

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       System Name                Acronym   DITPR ID   Component                            Description
DEFENSE ENTERPRISE       DEHS-LONG TERM        13840 BTA           The DoD Defense Enterprise Hiring Solution (DEHS) is an
HIRING SOLUTION - LONG                                             enterprise-wide initiative designed to standardize, streamline,
TERM                                                               and transform DoD’s civilian hiring process. It will allow DoD
                                                                   to implement standard business processes to streamline and
                                                                   automate the end-to-end hiring process and achieve its
                                                                   Human Capital Management goals while complying with
                                                                   DoD’s guiding principles of putting mission first. DEHS is
                                                                   envisioned to effectively support the recruiting and staffing
                                                                   requirements of civilian personnel through onboarding for all
                                                                   DoD Components by automating many Federal recruitment
                                                                   and hiring processes. It will incorporate aspects of the
                                                                   recruiting and hiring process from identifying a staffing need,
                                                                   classifying a position and creating and posting a job
                                                                   announcement, through collecting applicant résumés and
                                                                   application materials, rating and ranking applicants, issuing
                                                                   hiring certificates, pre-employment assessment, entrance-on-
                                                                   duty (EOD), and onboarding activities for the new hire.The
                                                                   short-term, interim use of a widely-available government
                                                                   service enables DoD to quickly meet the objectives set forth
                                                                   by President Obama and OPM for hiring reform in 2010 while

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       System Name              Acronym   DITPR ID   Component                            Description
DEFENSE ENTERPRISE      DEHS                 12609 DHRA          Provided by CPMS on 07/21/10: DoD’s USA Staffing Interim
HIRING SOLUTION - USA                                            Solution (USAS-Interim) is an enterprise-wide tool with the
STAFFING INTERIM                                                 capability necessary to meet the immediate and urgent
                                                                 requirements mandated by the 11 May 2010 Presidential
                                                                 Hiring Reform Memorandum in compliance with the 1
                                                                 November 2010 suspense date. USAS is a Government Off-
                                                                 the-Shelf (GOTS) product, developed and owned by the Office
                                                                 of Personnel Management (OPM) and obtained via an
                                                                 Interagency Agreement between the Civilian Personnel
                                                                 Management Service (CPMS) and OPM. This certification will
                                                                 include licensing, servicing, implementation (including
                                                                 training, communications, and candidate assessment
                                                                 strategies and questionnaires), and FPMO support. USAS is
                                                                 known to be in full compliance with the President’s directives.
                                                                 Furthermore, it will address the immediate need for a
                                                                 capability which will streamline and automate current
                                                                 disparate functions and systems employed by DoD’s
                                                                 Components for the staffing process. Subsequently, a long-
                                                                 term phased capability approach will be pursued separately to
                                                                 encompass the end-to-end hiring process in three increments:
DEFENSE HEALTH PROGRAM DHPRDB                10106 TMA           DHPRDB is a variety of Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP)
RESOURCE DATA BASE                                               automated information tools needed to manage the multi-
                                                                 billion dollar DHP appropriation. It includes Web and local
                                                                 network IT applications covering entire range of DoD
                                                                 Planning, Programming, Budgeting, Execution System
                                                                 (PPBES), as well as selected MHS financial programs.
                                                                 Planning applications include a Web site of monthly DHP
                                                                 obligation plans. Programming/budgeting IT tools include
                                                                 automated RDTE budget exhibits. DHP budget execution
                                                                 reporting includes Web sites of DFAS certified, historical
                                                                 program/commodity spending to start of DHP and monthly
                                                                 DHP Civpers work years/hours. MHS financial program
                                                                 software includes TMA quarterly financial statement Web site.

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      System Name             Acronym   DITPR ID   Component                            Description
DEFENSE INFORMATION   DISS                  1640 BTA           Defense Information System for Security (DISS) will improve
SYSTEM FOR SECURITY                                            information sharing capabilities, accelerate clearance-
                                                               processing timelines, reduce security vulnerabilities, and
                                                               increase DoD’s security mission capability. The DISS mission
                                                               is to consolidate the DoD security mission into an Enterprise
                                                               System that will automate the implementation of improved
                                                               national investigative and adjudicative standards to eliminate
                                                               costly and inefficient work processes and increase information
                                                               collaboration across the community. DISS is currently under
                                                               development and will replace the Joint Personnel Adjudication
                                                               System (JPAS) a legacy system. When fully deployed this will
                                                               be a secure, authoritative source for the management,
                                                               storage and timely dissemination of and access to personnel
                                                               with the flexibility to provide additional support structure for
                                                               future DoD security process growth. When deployed, it will
                                                               accelerate the clearance process, reduce security clearance
                                                               vulnerabilities, decrease back-end processing timelines, and
                                                               support simultaneous information sharing within various DoD
                                                               entities as well as among a number of authorized federal
                                                               agencies. DISS will provide improved support to the Insider
DEFENSE INJURY AND    DIUCS                 8853 DHRA          Injury and Unemployment Compensation database with
UNEMPLOYMENT                                                   claims management and tracking tools. Manual input plus
COMPENSATION SYSTEM                                            scheduled DOL/OWCP and DoD Personnel and Payroll data
                                                               element loads. Includes Electronic Data Interchange (EDI)
                                                               component for electronic submission of injury claims to
                                                               DOL/OWCP and receipt of claim data. Includes Safety First
                                                               Event Reporting module (SaFER) for notification to Safety
                                                               personnel. Also associated with BI (business intelligence)
                                                               reporting tools using Cognos applications and portal.

                                              Page 92
       System Name                 Acronym   DITPR ID   Component                           Description
DEFENSE INTEGRATED       DIMHRS                  3185 BTA           A restructured DIMHRS Program provides the DIMHRS Core
MILITARY HUMAN                                                      IT Investment upon which the Department will build-out and
RESOURCES SYSTEM                                                    deploy the personnel and pay capabilities identified in the
                                                                    DIMHRS Operational Requirements. The capabilities required
                                                                    by the Department will be met through Service-level integrated
                                                                    personnnel and pay systems that use the DIMHRS Core
                                                                    Information Technology Investment to the maximum extent
                                                                    practical. To meet the requirement for enterprise-level
                                                                    information visibility, the Department will establish an
                                                                    enterprise-level information warehouse.
DEFENSE JOINT MILITARY   DJMS-AC                   92 DFAS          The Defense Joint Military Pay System - Active Component
PAY SYSTEM - ACTIVE                                                 (DJMS-AC) provides pay computation, leave, and financial
COMPONENT                                                           accounting for Military Service members serving in the Army,
                                                                    Navy, and Air Force active duty and Junior Reserve Officer
                                                                    Training Corps (JROTC); providing payroll support to
                                                                    approximately 1.4 million Service members worldwide. Also
                                                                    included in the funding for DJMS-AC is support for the Saving
                                                                    Deposit Program. SDP is used to compute the interest earned
                                                                    on savings deposits (cash/allotments) made by members of
                                                                    the Armed Forces serving in a combat zone, e.g., serving
                                                                    under arduous conditions or in support of a contingency
                                                                    operation. Support for the SDP began in March, 1991 in
                                                                    accordance with the National Defense Authorization Act of
                                                                    1991. AIMDS, ARS (ADOPT), and TAXMRI are sub-modules
                                                                    of DJMS-AC, SID 2107.

DEFENSE JOINT MILITARY   DJMS-RC                  244 DFAS          DJMS-RC is a legacy payroll system that provides pay
PAY SYSTEM - RESERVE                                                computation, leave and financial accounting for the reserve
COMPONENT                                                           military members in the US Army, Navy and Air Force.
                                                                    Additionally, it supports pay for annual training and short
                                                                    periods of active duty. Army has expanded the scope to
                                                                    include all Guard/Reserve brought onto active Duty regardless
                                                                    of the length of time on active duty. DJMS-RC also supports
                                                                    the Reserve Officers Training Program and the Health
                                                                    Professional Scholarship Program. DJMS-RC was to have
                                                                    been replaced by DIMHRS.

                                                   Page 93
      System Name                Acronym   DITPR ID   Component                             Description
DEFENSE MEDICAL HUMAN   DMHRSI                  130 TMA           The Defense Medical Human Resources System - internet
RESOURCES SYSTEM -                                                (DMHRSi) enables the Services to standardize and optimize
INTERNET                                                          the management of human resource assets across the
                                                                  Military Health System (MHS). DMHRSi is a Web-based
                                                                  system that enables improved decision making by facilitating
                                                                  the collection and analysis of critical human resource data. It
                                                                  standardizes medical human resource information and
                                                                  provides enterprise-wide visibility for all categories of human
                                                                  resources (Active Duty, Reserve, Guard, civilian, contractor,
                                                                  and volunteer medical personnel), improves reporting of
                                                                  medical personnel readiness and, streamlines business
                                                                  processes to improve data quality for management decision
                                                                  making and managing the business, provides Tri-Service
                                                                  visibility of associated labor costs and is source for personnel
                                                                  cost data.

DEFENSE MEDICAL         DMLSS                   128 TMA           Defense Medical Logistics Standard Support (DMLSS)
LOGISTICS STANDARD                                                program provides the Military Medical Departments (Army,
SUPPORT                                                           Navy, and Air Force MilDeps) one standard Department of
                                                                  Defense (DoD) medical logistics system. The DMLSS suite of
                                                                  applications provides the healthcare driven capability to
                                                                  support the medical logistics needs of the DoD community for
                                                                  critical medical commodities - pharmaceuticals and
                                                                  medical/surgical supplies across the continuum of care from
                                                                  the battlefield to tertiary care at a major DoD medical center.
                                                                  This capability is enabled by the partnership of the Defense
                                                                  Logistics Agency (DLA) Defense Supply Center Philadelphia
                                                                  and the Military Health System providing an industry to
                                                                  practitioner supply chain for the medical commodity. The
                                                                  DMLSS Defense Logistics Agency Wholesale (DMLSS-W)
                                                                  applications are funded by Defense Logistics Agency while
                                                                  the DMLSS MTF and theater applications are funded by the
                                                                  Defense Health Program. The current DMLSS system
                                                                  provides full spectrum capability for medical logistics
                                                                  management. Basic functionality includes stock control, Prime
                                                                  Vendor operations, preparation of procurement documents,

                                                 Page 94
      System Name                 Acronym   DITPR ID   Component                            Description
DEFENSE MEDICAL         DMLSS-W                13412 DLA           1. The Medical Community uses this. 2.DMLSS provides
LOGISTICS STANDARD                                                 automation support of reengineered medical logistics
SUPPORT-WHOLESALE                                                  business practices and delivers comprehensive range of
                                                                   materiel, equipment, and facilities management information
                                                                   systems. 3. The DMLSS automated information system was
                                                                   developed and deployed to enhance health care delivery in
                                                                   peacetime and to promote wartime readiness and
                                                                   sustainability. 4. DMLSS will replace the multitude of aging
                                                                   legacy logistics systems with one standard DoD Medical
                                                                   Logistics System, enabling health care providers to spend
                                                                   very little time on logistics and more time on primary health
                                                                   care delivery mission activities.
DEFENSE MEDICAL         DMSS                    1236 TMA           The Defense Medical Surveillance System is an executive
SURVEILLANCE SYSTEM                                                information system that contains up-to-date and historical
                                                                   data on diseases and medical events (e.g., hospitalizations,
                                                                   ambulatory visits, reportable diseases, HIV tests, acute
                                                                   respiratory diseases, and health risk appraisals) and
                                                                   longitudinal data on personnel and deployments. It permits
                                                                   the Army Medical Surveillance Activity to provide the sole link
                                                                   between the DoD Serum Repository and other databases.

DEFENSE MILPAY OFFICE   DMO                       95 DFAS          Defense MilPay Office (DMO) is a Windows-based relational
                                                                   pay application that interfaces with the Defense Joint Military
                                                                   Pay System (DJMS) to create, audit and submit military pay
                                                                   transactions, and receive feedback from DJMS. It supports
                                                                   the Active and Reserve Components of the Army, Navy and
                                                                   Air Force at DFAS Central Sites and military installations
                                                                   worldwide. The software suite is organized into Input, Reports,
                                                                   Inquiry, Navy Financial Reporting, Security and System
                                                                   Administration modules. DMO also provides master pay
                                                                   account inquiry capability, reports and query features,
                                                                   transaction results, pay products, management information,
                                                                   customer service tools, an audit trail, expanded edits and pre-
                                                                   filled screens for error rate reduction, and a comprehensive on-
                                                                   line users manual to support maintenance of military pay
                                                                   accounts and processing of pay transactions.

                                                  Page 95
      System Name                     Acronym   DITPR ID   Component                             Description
DEFENSE OCCUPATIONAL      DOEHRS-HC                 1227 TMA           Defense Occupational and Environmental Health Readiness
AND ENVIRONMENTAL                                                      System - Hearing Conservation (DOEHRS-HC) promotes the
HEALTH READINESS SYSTEM -                                              quality of life for the military and civilians by providing an
HEARING CONSERVATION                                                   effective information solution for the DoD Hearing
                                                                       Conservation Programs. DOEHRS-HC assists DoD in
                                                                       preventing hearing loss by providing for the early detection of
                                                                       noise exposure and personnel auditory readiness. DOEHRS-
                                                                       HC creates high quality data and accurately collects and
                                                                       consolidates the data for effective support of noise exposure
                                                                       surveillance and Force Health Protection. It captures pre- and
                                                                       post-deployment data for all Active Duty, Reserve, Guard and
                                                                       civilian personnel, supports deployment readiness of DoD
                                                                       personnel, supports noise exposure mitigation through close
                                                                       working relationship with safety and industrial hygiene
                                                                       programs, and centrally consolidates data for analysis and
                                                                       reporting, utilized at all management levels for effective policy
                                                                       decision making. DOEHRS-HC has generated, collected and
                                                                       consolidated approximately 12 million records and is deployed
                                                                       worldwide at 800 Army, Navy, Air Force and non-DoD sites
                                                                       with over 1600 users.
DEFENSE OCCUPATIONAL      DOEHRS-IH                  165 TMA           Defense Occupational and Environmental Health Readiness
AND ENVIRONMENTAL                                                      System - Industrial Hygiene (DOEHRS-IH) is a
HEALTH READINESS SYSTEM -                                              comprehensive, automated information system that provides a
INDUSTRIAL HYGIENE                                                     single point for assembling, comparing, using, evaluating, and
                                                                       storing occupational personnel exposure information,
                                                                       workplace environmental monitoring data, personnel
                                                                       protective equipment usage data, observation of work
                                                                       practices data, and employee health hazard educational data.
                                                                       DOEHRS-IH will provide for the definition, collection and
                                                                       analysis platform to generate and maintain a Service
                                                                       Member´s Longitudinal Exposure Record. DOEHRS-IH will
                                                                       describe the IH exposure assessment, identify similar
                                                                       exposure groups, establish a longitudinal exposure record
                                                                       baseline to facilitate post-deployment follow-up, and provide
                                                                       information to enable exposure-based medical surveillance
                                                                       and IH risk reduction.

                                                      Page 96
      System Name              Acronym   DITPR ID      Component                            Description
DEFENSE OFFICE OF      DOHA                  5928 GC               Case Tracking System for the Defense Office of Hearings and
HEARINGS AND APPEALS                                               Appeals. Admin personnel create the case records and
                                                                   Department Counsel and Administative Assistants to the
                                                                   Department Counsel update cases and enter case decisions.
                                                                   Chief Judge has access to all information for creating reports
                                                                   and editing. Administrative Assistants to the Administrative
                                                                   Judges update cases. Admin personnel are the only
                                                                   personnel who delete entries.
DEFENSE PERSONNEL      DPRIS                  815 DHRA             DPRIS provides a standardized methodology supporting
RECORDS INFORMATION                                                controlled electronic query access to data or documents from
RETRIEVAL SYSTEM                                                   the digital Official Military Personnel File (OMPF) record
                                                                   management systems of the Military Services by authorized
                                                                   Department of Defense (DoD) Federal State and local
DEFENSE READINESS      DRRS                 11331 USD(P&R)         DRRS is a capability based readiness reporting system for
REPORTING SYSTEM                                                   DoD to support the execution of the National Military Strategy.

DEFENSE RETIREE AND    DRAS                    98 DFAS             The Defense Retiree and Annuitant System (DRAS) is the
ANNUITANT PAY SYSTEM                                               standard, consolidated system for paying Army, Navy, Marine
                                                                   Corps and Air Force military retirees, annuitants and former
                                                                   spouses. Additional subsystems of DRAS include Voluntary
                                                                   Separation Incentive (VSI), Victims of Abuse (VOA), Combat
                                                                   Related Special Compensation (CRSC), Concurrent
                                                                   Retirement and Disability Payments (CRDP) and Special
                                                                   Compensation for the Severely Disabled (SCSD). DRAS
                                                                   establishes, maintains and adjudicates pay accounts. This
                                                                   initiative documents the minimum sustainment level of funding
                                                                   for continued development/modification and maintenance of
                                                                   the DRAS.

                                               Page 97
      System Name                 Acronym   DITPR ID   Component                             Description
DEFENSE SAFETY           DSES                  10357 USD(P&R)      The Defense Safety Enterprise System (DSES) supports
ENTERPRISE SYSTEM                                                  SECDEF 75% accident reduction initiative by providing
                                                                   metrics and detailed data to commanders, supervisors,
                                                                   managers and analysts at all levels. "Lost Work Days" is
                                                                   currently known as the Defense Safety Enterprise System
                                                                   (DSES). DSES is a comprehensive accident reporting system
                                                                   that provides metrics and data on civilian lost time from payroll
                                                                   records, notification of civilian injury claims, ground and
                                                                   aviation accidents from our safety centers, and military injuries
                                                                   from our medical treatment facilities. The Secretary of
                                                                   Defense's data driven approach is changing how the
                                                                   Department of Defense views the safety of its military
                                                                   personnel and civilian employees.
DEFENSE SEXUAL ASSAULT   DSAID                 11499 USD(P&R)      A centralized, case-level database for the collection, in a
INCIDENT DATABASE                                                  manner consistent with the Department of Defense
                                                                   regulations for restricted reporting, and maintenance of
                                                                   information regarding sexual assaults involving a member of
                                                                   the Armed Forces.
DEFENSE TRAVEL SYSTEM    DTS                     125 BTA           DTS is a fully integrated, electronic, end-to-end travel
                                                                   management system that automates temporary duty travel
                                                                   (TDY) for the Department of Defense (DoD). It allows travelers
                                                                   to create authorizations (TDY travel orders), prepare
                                                                   reservations, receive approvals, generate travel vouchers and
                                                                   direct deposit payment to travelers and the government
                                                                   charge card vendor, all via a single web portal available 24
                                                                   hours a day, seven days a week. The Defense Business
                                                                   Transformation Agency (BTA) has program oversight and the
                                                                   Defense Travel Management Office, OUSD (P&R) has
                                                                   functional oversight.
DENTAL COMMON ACCESS     DENCAS                   54 TMA           DENCAS/DENCAS REMOTE provides a centralized
SYSTEM                                                             repository for patient treatment needs and Dental
                                                                   Management Data (DMD). The US Navy, USMC and the US
                                                                   Coast Guard currently use it to enter and view patient
                                                                   treatment needs, dental readiness and provider workload
                                                                   reporting. DENCAS is a data management system that
                                                                   transforms collection and management of dental data into a
                                                                   web based repository.

                                                  Page 98
      System Name                  Acronym   DITPR ID   Component                           Description
DENTAL DATA SYSTEM - WEB DDS-W                   1229 TMA           Dental Data System - Web (DDS-Web) is an on-line
                                                                    interactive system that provides the DoD HQ USAF/SGD,
                                                                    major command dental managers, and base level dental
                                                                    managers workload, productivity, financial, and manpower
                                                                    data essential in conducting day-to-day business. The
                                                                    authorized dental personnel at each base can enter patient
                                                                    treatment data for each patient and accumulate the statistical
                                                                    information by patient type, procedures, categories, treatment
                                                                    provider, and type of treatment provided. The DDS-Web is a
                                                                    multi-user web system that compiles productivity and staffing
                                                                    information for the Air Force Dental Corps. Dental personnel
                                                                    at various access levels can utilize products from this system
                                                                    to staff and supply their facilities worldwide. DDS-Web also
                                                                    provides Air Force dental classification information through
                                                                    the Air Force Dental Readiness Assurance Program
                                                                    (AFDRAP). DDS-Web provides a real time dental examination
                                                                    classification update for Air Force personnel worldwide.

DEPARTMENT OF DEFENSE     DODAAC                13293 DODEA         This system fully automates the process of enabling
ACTIVITIES ADDRESS CODE                                             personnel to view DoDEA organizational address data via a
(DODAAC) REPORTS                                                    web based platform. FISMA/PIA Completed (05/27/2010)

                                                   Page 99
      System Name                  Acronym   DITPR ID   Component                             Description
DEPARTMENT OF DEFENSE   DOD EOPF                13894 DHRA          The Department of Defense Electronic Official Personnel
ELECTRONIC OFFICIAL                                                 Folder (DoD eOPF) initiative will address the Office of
PERSONNEL FOLDER                                                    Management and Budget (OMB) FY2011 Passback Guidance
                                                                    mandate for all of DoD to implement and use the fully
                                                                    operational Office of Personnel Management’s (OPM) eOPF
                                                                    to eliminate paper OPFs and to complete all back-file
                                                                    conversions of existing OPFs by December 31, 2013. OPM’s
                                                                    eOPF was established in 2005 as a result of the E-Gov Act of
                                                                    2002 (Pub. L. No. 107-347; Dec. 17, 2002) mandate that the
                                                                    Government pursue opportunities to leverage information
                                                                    technology in a cost effective way to enable Federal agencies
                                                                    to better meet their mission requirements and to be more
                                                                    responsive to their customers. Implementation of eOPF is a
                                                                    Government-wide, OPM-led initiative whose mission is to
                                                                    convert all paper official personnel folder documents to
                                                                    electronic form. The eOPF is owned by OPM and hosted at
                                                                    the Department of Interior (DOI), National Business Center
                                                                    (NBC). Civilian Personnel Management Service (CPMS) is the
                                                                    lead for DoD’s implementation of the OPM eOPF. The eOPF
                                                                    contains records that cover a Federal civilian employee’s
                                                                    employment history and a DCPDS interface of completed
DEPARTMENT OF DEFENSE   DOD EPAT                13919 DHRA          DoD EPAT is the enterprise tool that is the system of record
EXECUTIVE PERFORMANCE                                               for developing annual Senior Executive performance plans.
APPRAISAL TOOL                                                      EPAT provides a system to record feedback and create the
                                                                    senior executive annula performance evaluation (appraisal).

DEPARTMENT OF DEFENSE   DoDMERB 2020            12005 TMA           The DoDMERB 2020 computer system is the central
MEDICAL EXAMINATION                                                 repository and tracking for all initial physical examinations and
REVIEW BOARD 2020                                                   supporting documents for most officer accessions in all
                                                                    branches of the Armed Services. The DoDMERB 2020 system
                                                                    supports contract and DoD medical and para-professional
                                                                    personnel to store, track, and communicate on status and flow
                                                                    of physical examinations and medical waivers. It streamlines
                                                                    communications between DoDMERB office, applicants,
                                                                    Reserve Officer Training Corp Detachments, Service
                                                                    Academy Admission Offices, service waiver authorities, Direct
                                                                    Commission, Recruiting Services, DoD MTFs and other
                                                                    contracted medical facilities.

                                                  Page 100
      System Name                     Acronym   DITPR ID   Component                            Description
DEPARTMENT OF DEFENSE     DoDSER                   13190 TMA           The DoDSER is a surveillance system designed to gather
SUICIDE EVENT REPORT                                                   standardized risk and protective factor information for suicide
                                                                       events across multiple domains. The DoDSER standardized
                                                                       data collected on suicide events and allows for detailed
                                                                       statistical reports on suicide events that can be aggregated
                                                                       across the Services. The DoDSER is an integral part of the
                                                                       DoD´s suicide prevention efforts.
DEPARTMENT OF THE ARMY DAPMIS                       2892 ARMY          DAPMIS is the repository for the Department of the Army's
PHOTOGRAPH MANAGEMENT                                                  official digital photographs.

DEPARTMENT OF THE NAVY    DONCJIS                   1392 NAVY          Provides cradle-to-grave management of criminal justice
CRIMINAL JUSTICE                                                       information, including law enforcement, incident reporting,
INFORMATION SYSTEM                                                     criminal investigations, adjudication, and corrections.
DEPLOYED THEATER          DTAS SIPR                  624 ARMY          The DTAS is a web enabled software package that resides on
ACCOUNTABILITY SYSTEM -                                                the military SIPRNet and accounts for military and civilian
SECURE INTERNET                                                        personnel in a deployed theater by unit, day, and location,
PROTOCOL                                                               thus providing the SECRET level accountability function not
                                                                       available in Integrated Personnel and Pay System - Army
                                                                       (IPPS-A). Overall, DTAS consists of an Enterprise Server
                                                                       Suite, Theater Server Suite(s), and the unit Mobile System(s).
                                                                       As a G1 HQDA system, the Enterprise Server Suite resides at
                                                                       Information Technology Agency (ITA) secure area at the
                                                                       Pentagon. The Theater Server Suite(s) resides with Coalition
                                                                       Forces Land Component Command (CFLCC) (or theater
                                                                       equivalent) and serves as the central repository of personnel
                                                                       data for that particular theater. The Mobile System(s) consists
                                                                       of existing desktops and laptops linked into that theaters
                                                                       SIPRNet and resides at all levels of command from battalion
                                                                       to theater level. Each Mobile System has their portion of the
                                                                       Theater Server Suite resident on their mobile system, thereby
                                                                       enabling operation when not connected to the SIPRNet.

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      System Name                    Acronym   DITPR ID   Component                             Description
DEPLOYED THEATER          DTAS TNG                13224 ARMY          The DTAS TNG is a web enabled software package that
ACCOUNTABILITY SYSTEM -                                               resides on the military NIPRNet and trains personnel in the
TRAINING                                                              accountability for military and civilian personnel in a deployed
                                                                      theater by unit, day, and location, thus providing the training
                                                                      capabilities for accountability function not available in
                                                                      Integrated Personnel and Pay System (IPPS-A). Overall,
                                                                      DTAS TNG consists of an Enterprise Server Suite, Theater
                                                                      Server Suite(s), and the unit Mobile System(s). As a G1
                                                                      HQDA system, the Enterprise Server Suite resides at
                                                                      Information Technology Agency (ITA) secure area at the
                                                                      Pentagon. The Theater Server Suite(s) resides at the
                                                                      Pentagon and serves as the central repository of personnel
                                                                      data (training purposes data) for a particular theater. The
                                                                      Mobile System(s) consists of existing desktops and laptops
                                                                      linked into that Theater Server Suite and resides at all levels
                                                                      of command from battalion to theater level. Each Mobile
                                                                      System has their portion of the Theater Server Suite resident
                                                                      on their mobile system, thereby enabling operation when not
                                                                      connected to the DTAS TNG system.

DEPLOYMENT AND          DARTS                      2894 ARMY          The DARTS application provides the Army a web-based and
RECONSTITUTION TRACKING                                               centralized mobilization readiness processing capability for
SOFTWARE                                                              soldier readiness, deployment, redeployment, post
                                                                      deployment, demobilization, and reconstitution information.
                                                                      The DARTS application receives personnel and unit data from
                                                                      a variety of Army information systems, including the Reserve
                                                                      Component Automated System (RCAS), MEDPROS, eMILPO,
                                                                      and the Department of the Army Mobilization and Processing
                                                                      System (DAMPS).
DEPT OF DEFENSE           DODVES                   8700 NAVY          Education Support to the Department of Defense, worldwide
VOLUNTARY EDUCATION                                                   vountary education. Troops to Teachers Module, Internal
SYSTEM                                                                Warehosue Distribution Module, and Obligation Process to
                                                                      stage files for financial records.

                                                    Page 102
      System Name          Acronym   DITPR ID   Component                            Description
DIGITAL MAIL        DMM                 13414 WHS           The Digital Mail Modernization (DMM)is designed to enhance
MODERNIZATION                                               the mail support to the Secretary of Defense and Deputy
                                                            Secretary of Defense along with other top-level executives
                                                            and the entire Pentagon population. The system will facilitate
                                                            speed of delivery and enhance mail security. It takes
                                                            advantage of "Green initiatives" by reducing unwanted junk
                                                            mail and reducing or eliminating delivery of paper mail. Enable
                                                            digital routing and management of inbound mail and will
                                                            integrate with ITS system. Increase tracking and
                                                            accountability of individual mail pieces. This modernization
                                                            establishes an on-site pilot operation, capable of processing
                                                            21,000 pieces of mail per month for an estimated 2,300 users.

DIMHRS COACHWARE    DCTS                 9796 ARMY          The DIMHRS Coachware Training Support (DCTS) is a
TRAINING SUPPORT                                            commercial off-the-shelf (COTS) web application that would
                                                            display Defense Integrated Military Human Resources System
                                                            (DIMHRS) business processes online in a window that sits
                                                            side-by-side with DIMHRS as the user view the screen. The
                                                            deployment schedule for DCTS, however, has changed based
                                                            on the 16 Jan 09, Deputy Secretary of Defense
                                                            (DEPSECDEF) memorandum which directed a revision of the
                                                            implementation of the Defense Integrated Military Human
                                                            Resources System (DIMHRS), eliminating the scheduled
                                                            March 2009 deployment. The Under Secretary of Defense for
                                                            Acquisition, Technology and Logistics (USD(AT&L)), signed
                                                            an 8 Sep 09 Acquisition Decision Memorandum (ADM)
                                                            implementing the DEPSECDEF decision to allow each
                                                            Service to build an integrated personnel and pay system that
                                                            leverages to the maximum extent practical the DIMHRS
                                                            investment to date. Army does not plan to develop or use
                                                            DCTS in an integrated personnel and pay system.

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      System Name                    Acronym   DITPR ID   Component                            Description
DIRECTOR OF ACQUISITION   DACM MIS                 6688 NAVY          Consolidates, compiles and maintains information pertaining
CAREER MANAGEMENT                                                     to the qualifications of the approximate 41,000 members of
INFORMATION SYSTEM                                                    the Department of the Navy (DON) Acquisition, Technology
                                                                      and Logistics (AT&L) Workforce relative to the requirements
                                                                      of the positions they hold. The data in the system is used to
                                                                      manage the DON AT&L workforce, to monitor compliance with
                                                                      statutory and regulatory qualifications requirements stemming
                                                                      from the Defense Acquisition Workforce Improvement Act
                                                                      (DAWIA),to meet all recurring and ad hoc reporting
                                                                      requirements to Congress,OSD, ASN(RDA) and the
                                                                      SYSCOMs, and to support workforce members in achieving
                                                                      their mandatory DAWIA credentials. The system is web-
                                                                      accessedby workforce managers worldwide.

DISTRIBUTED LEARNING      DLP                       619 ARMY          The Distributed Learning Program (DLP) provides high-speed
PROGRAM                                                               information access for the National Guard to improve military
                                                                      readiness and provide increased quality of life in communities
                                                                      where our soldiers and airmen live and work. DLP improves
                                                                      readiness by: Increasing access to military training and
                                                                      education; Consolidating telecommunications requirements;
                                                                      Facilitating Command, Control, and Communications (C3);
                                                                      and Fostering economic development through shared use of
                                                                      resources on a space available, reimbursable basis with the
                                                                      communities in which the Guard is based.

                                                    Page 104
      System Name                  Acronym   DITPR ID   Component                            Description
DISTRIBUTED LEARNING   DLS                        626 ARMY          DLS provides the information technology for delivery and
SYSTEM                                                              management of training in support of individual and collective
                                                                    task training. Benefits include increased training effectiveness
                                                                    and efficiency, improved readiness, and increased training for
                                                                    customers. Key customers: Soldiers (Active, National Guard,
                                                                    and Reserve), Army Civilians. Key Stakeholders: Army
                                                                    Training and Doctrine Command (Functional Proponent
                                                                    Agent), All other Army Commands, Program Executive Officer
                                                                    - Enterprise Information Systems, Army General Staff. DLS
                                                                    provides the following capabilities using Commercial-Off-The-
                                                                    Shelf (COTS) solutions: (1) Digital Training Facilities (DTF)
                                                                    (Incr 1&2): electronic classrooms that deliver multimedia
                                                                    courseware for self-paced training or group training events.
                                                                    (2) Enterprise Management Center (EMC)(Incr 2): centralized
                                                                    system management of the DLS information resources. (3)
                                                                    Army Learning Management System (ALMS) (Incr 3): A web-
                                                                    based information system for centralizing, standardizing, and
                                                                    optimizing training, training management, and training delivery
                                                                    functions. (4) Deployed Digital Training Campuses (DDTC)
                                                                    (Incr 4): electronic transportable classrooms that deliver
DISTRIBUTED LEARNING   DLS INCR4                11050 ARMY          The Deployed Digital Training Campus (DDTC) is Increment 4
SYSTEM INCREMENT 4                                                  of the Distributed Learning System (DLS). The DDTCs are
                                                                    electronic transportable classrooms that deliver multimedia
                                                                    courseware for self-paced instruction or group training events
                                                                    in a deployed location. DDTC is registered as a child of the
                                                                    parent DLS to facilitate FISMA registration and certification.
                                                                    DLS is registered as SNap-IT # (ITMA #) 688, AITR #
                                                                    DA01315, DITPR # 626, DoDITR # AB102259. Note that data
                                                                    in this form reflects the parent system, DLS.

                                                  Page 105
       System Name                Acronym   DITPR ID   Component                            Description
DISTRIBUTION AND          DNA                   2915 ARMY          The Distribution and Allowance (DNA) system is an Oracle
ALLOWANCE                                                          Web based system used by the HQ, Army Sustainment
                                                                   Command (ASC) and HQ, Joint Munitions Command (JMC)
                                                                   for maintaining personnel, manpower, and budget information.
                                                                   As such the system is used across organizational lines to
                                                                   include G1, Manpower, and G8. G1 has the responsibility for
                                                                   maintaining personnel information for the commands. DNA
                                                                   communicates with the JMCs Employee Development System
                                                                   (EDS) and TACOMs Total Employee Development (TED)
                                                                   System that ASC uses for training. DNA has the capability to
                                                                   track manning documents, appraisal information, awards,
                                                                   acquisition data, security clearance information,
                                                                   key/Emergency Essential (EE) positions and drug testing
                                                                   information. The system is used to ensure timely actions for
                                                                   upward mobility promotions, Within Grade Increases
                                                                   (WIGIâ¿¿s), performance standards/appraisals, and manning
                                                                   documents for strength accountability. The system also
                                                                   provides standard and unique reports in order to keep the
                                                                   Command group informed on personnel matters. Manpower
                                                                   has the responsibility for tracking strength, Table Distribution
                                                                   and Allowance (TDA), and Program Budget Guidance (PBG).
DISTRIBUTION INCENTIVES   DIMS                 12605 NAVY          Provides personnel managers with a decision support tool to
MANAGEMENT SYSTEM                                                  allocate Navy personnel assignment (distribution) incentives
                                                                   to attract Sailors to jobs
DISTRICT PROFILES         DP                   13287 DODEA         The system provides data collection/storage and reporting
                                                                   capabilities to the Education Partnership branch for Local
                                                                   Education Authorities (LEAs) in the United States. Designated
                                                                   Education Partnership personnel currently compile public LEA
                                                                   data into Microsoft Excel Spreadsheets. The data stored in
                                                                   this application will come from the spreadsheets and will be
                                                                   manually collected. The application allows Education
                                                                   Partnership personnel to more easily analyze the performance
                                                                   of LEAs that may apply for grant monies through DoDEA.
                                                                   FISMA/PIA Completed (05/11/2010).

DLA ACTION ITEM TICKLER   DAITR                14347 DLA           Human Resource Suspense Tracking Tool

                                                 Page 106
       System Name                Acronym          DITPR ID   Component                           Description
DLA CRIMINAL INCIDENT   DCIRS                         14343 DLA           DCIRS provides a means to record data regarding criminal
REPORTING SYSTEM                                                          incidents and criminal investigations conducted by DCIA or by
                                                                          DLA Major Activity Offices of Public Safety, DCIRS provides
                                                                          the automated means to report those criminal incidents and
                                                                          criminal investigations to the U.S. Department of Justice as
                                                                          required by statute and DoD Directive. DCIRS automates the
                                                                          real-time documentation of criminal investigations. DCIRS
                                                                          provides a means for DLA investigators and the Fraud
                                                                          Counsels from the DLA office of General Counsel to manage
                                                                          criminal investigations and to share information collected
                                                                          during those investigations.
DLA ELECTRONIC DOCUMENT EDM - EEO-DS                  13995 DLA           EEO-DS is an comprehensive enterprise-wide custom
MANAGEMENT EQUAL                                                          solution to meet USPS National EEO Investigative Services
EMPLOYMENT OPPORTUNITY                                                    Office (NEEOISO) business rules and EEOC regulatory
DATA SYSTEM                                                               requirements. The system provides a centralized solution for
                                                                          creating, tracking, and maintaining EEO claims processed by
                                                                          the USPS EEO department. The system shall document the
                                                                          entire EEO administrative process to include Merit System
                                                                          Protection Board and Civil Action events as outlined in the
                                                                          EEOC MD-110.
DLA INPROCESSING        DLA INPROCESSING PROGRAM      14348 DLA           Human resource tool used for inprocessing. DLA Inprocessing
PROGRAM                                                                   Program is used by Human Resources personnel and new
                                                                          DLA employees to facilitate the hiring process. The system
                                                                          provides the ability for new employees to complete their
                                                                          employment forms and HR Specialists to collect the forms.

DLA STAFFING SYSTEMS    SS                             4283 DLA           SS support the announcement of vacancies the evaluation of
                                                                          candidates and the referral of candidate lists for hiring
                                                                          managers. It includes internally maintained, web based
                                                                          announcement and application tools.

                                                        Page 107
      System Name             Acronym   DITPR ID   Component                            Description
DOCPER CONTRACTOR     DCOPS                11886 ARMY          DCOPS is the central data management system used by the
ONLINE PROCESSING                                              DoD Contractor Personnel Office (DOCPER) to ensure that
SYSTEM                                                         provisions of the Status of Forces Agreement (SOFA)
                                                               pertaining to U.S. contractor employees are properly and
                                                               consistently applied. DCOPS manages applications and
                                                               contracts by sponsoring agencies (through the Contracting
                                                               Officer's Representative), contractors and contractor staff for
                                                               approval for SOFA "status" of positions as Technical Expert,
                                                               Analytical Support, Troop Care, Technical Representatives
                                                               and Civilian Personnel.
DOCUMENT & REFERRAL   DRMS                 12247 TMA           DRMS is an electronic, real-time system to manage the long
MANAGEMENT SYSTEM                                              standing manual business processes for health care referrals
                                                               between VA and DoD. This system creates a shared view of
                                                               business and financial information between the DoD and VA
                                                               within the collaborative based at Tripler Army Medical Center.
                                                               DRMS consists of three modules: Document Management,
                                                               Referral Management, and Claims/Workload Tracking. The
                                                               Document Management module converts paperwork into
                                                               electronic format in such a way that is easy to distribute,
                                                               share, and secure. Access to electronic documentation is
                                                               requested through the authorized BHIE gateway, which has
                                                               access to VA and DoD legacy systems, including CHCS,
                                                               AHLTA, CIS and VistA. The Referral Management Module
                                                               instills transparency and automation to the processes by
                                                               allowing clerks and managers to book, match, share, track
                                                               referrals and authorizations. Users are also alerted to any
                                                               referrals that require modification. The Claims/Workload
                                                               Tracking module will enable accurate capture of the payment
                                                               or partial payment of claims and denied claims.

                                             Page 108
      System Name                  Acronym   DITPR ID   Component                            Description
DOCUMENT MANAGEMENT       DMRS                  13842 TMA           DMRS includes Document Management application and a
REPLACEMENT SYSTEM                                                  Records Management application through a new COTS
                                                                    product that will provide a Document Management Database,
                                                                    a Business Workflow application along with scanning
                                                                    software, and barcode recognition software. The electronic
                                                                    Records Management Application (RMA) will provide the
                                                                    ability to effectively and securely manage, organize and file
                                                                    official records through a centralized repository, and provide
                                                                    management reporting and analysis functionality. This
                                                                    Document Management/Records Management system will be
                                                                    used to manage and track all correspondence and records
                                                                    management throughout the Office of the Assistant Secretary
                                                                    of Defense for Health Affairs (OASD HA)/ TRICARE
                                                                    Management Activity (TMA).
DOD NAF HEALTH BENEFITS   DODNHB                11731 ARMY          This system, owned and operated by the Aetna Insurance
                                                                    Company, is used by Aetna to administer health benefits for
                                                                    DOD Nonappropriated Fund (NAF) employees. The system is
                                                                    also used by Aetna to store and process health benefits
                                                                    information for non-DOD organizations and individuals.
                                                                    Although the DOD NAF Health Benefits program is
                                                                    administered by the DOD NAF Personnel Policy Office, the
                                                                    Army serves as executive agent, and the contract for this
                                                                    service is administered by the NAF Contracting activity of the
                                                                    U.S. Army Family and MWR Command. The DOD NAF
                                                                    Personnel Policy Office, through the Army NAF contract, pays
                                                                    only for the Third Party Administrator services provided by
                                                                    Aetna and not for any system development or sustainment
                                                                    costs. The DOD NAF Personnel Policy Office nor the
                                                                    individual NAF employers have rights to access the system.

                                                  Page 109
      System Name                 Acronym   DITPR ID   Component                            Description
DOD PHARMACY DATA      PDTS                    12846 TMA           The Pharmacy Data Transaction Service (PDTS) is a
TRANSACTION SERVICE                                                commercial IT service based on a commercial pharmacy
                                                                   claims adjudication system. The underlying drug database
                                                                   and clinical screening engine is a commercial product. PDTS
                                                                   is fully implemented in the DoD Medical Treatment Facilities
                                                                   (MTFs), in the TRICARE Mail Order Pharamcy (TMOP), and in
                                                                   the TRICARE Retail Pharmacy (TRRx) program. THE PDTS
                                                                   performs prospective drug utilization reviews to screen an
                                                                   eligible patient´s prescription against the patient´s integrated
                                                                   drug profile and provides alerts and warnings for actual and
                                                                   potential drug-related problems, e..g., interactions, drug
                                                                   overlaps, and drug dosage levels. The PDTS electronically
                                                                   communicates selected prescription data elements in a format
                                                                   using the National Council of prescription Drug Programs
                                                                   (NCPDP) Telecommunications Standard 5.1.

DODEA STAFF            DSAVS                    6030 DODEA         DoDEA Staff Authorization & Voucher System (DSAVS) is a
AUTHORIZATION AND                                                  legacy (mature) application, that supports manpower
VOUCHER SYSTEM                                                     requirements at the District Superintendent's Office (DSO)
                                                                   and School levels. The application is executed at the Area
                                                                   Service Center level. This MS-ACCESS application projects
                                                                   DoDEA manpower usage, and is used by the Fiscal
                                                                   manpower offices in Germany, Okinawa, DDESS and HQ.EIS
                                                                   Survey Completed.FISMA/PIA Completed (02/03/2009)

DON OGC SERVICES       DONOGCSS                 6678 NAVY is a website operated by the Office
                                                                   of the General Counsel with controlled CAC access for client
                                                                   attorney access to information not availiable to the public.
                                                                   Primarily use to disseminate training news and conference
DRUG AND ALCOHOL       DAMIS                    2891 ARMY          The Army Center for Substance Abuse Programs (ACSAP) is
MANAGEMENT INFORMATION                                             the office of record for all urinalysis, patient, and program
SYSTEM                                                             management information concerning the Armyâ¿¿s
                                                                   Substance Abuse Program (ASAP). ACSAP employs the
                                                                   DAMIS application to accurately and timely consolidate the
                                                                   Armyâ¿¿s substance abuse data.

                                                 Page 110
        System Name                       Acronym   DITPR ID   Component                             Description
DSS COUNTERINTELLIGENCE DCIAS                          12088 DSS           The DCIAS system will automate DSS CI Analyst business
ANALYTICAL SYSTEM                                                          processes through enhanced search and discovery tools. The
                                                                           system will capture appropriate metrics specific to
                                                                           congressional reporting requirements, optimize analysis
                                                                           through data visualization, store, correlate, visualize, analyze,
                                                                           and integrate data from multiple sources.

Data Management & Process       DMPAS (BENNING)         7687 ARMY          The system is an amalgamation of COTS products that,
Automation System                                                          together, capture reusable data from a variety of sources that
                                                                           can be used to automate virtually any data driven process and
                                                                           provide adhoc reporting capabilities. Data is retrieved from the
                                                                           Armyâ¿¿s TAPDB-AE and TAPDB-AO (personnel system) to
                                                                           generate military gain/loss and recent award reports for the
                                                                           Garrison. Provides automated workflow processes for TAPES
                                                                           (annual ratings), leave, comp time and overtime requests.
                                                                           Provides an automated process for internal controls of unit
                                                                           level credit card purchases and usage reports containing
                                                                           financial information. Automates the process and routing of
                                                                           training requests and Capability Requirement Statements
                                                                           (CAPRS). Automates the process and routing of garrison level
                                                                           staff actions that include staff papers, official correspondence,
                                                                           policy memos, regulations and congressional inquiries. The
                                                                           system allows local staff to develop customized applications
                                                                           for units upon request. An example is an internally used
                                                                           application recently requested by a major military acquisition
                                                                           activity to process approval cycles and effect internal controls
                                                                           of multi-million dollar procurements of equipment prior to
Date Initial Entry Management   DIEMS                  13240 ARMY          The Date Initial Entry Management System (DIEMS)
System                                                                     application allows an individual to review and request
                                                                           corrections to records concerning the date they were initially
                                                                           enlisted, inducted, or appointed in a regular or reserve
                                                                           component of a uniformed service as a commissioned officer,
                                                                           warrant officer, or enlisted member.

                                                         Page 111
        System Name                    Acronym   DITPR ID   Component                            Description
Defense Lodging System         DLS                   9228 USAF          The DLS provides standardized lodging operations increasing
                                                                        personnel effectiveness and decreases training requirements
                                                                        for all users. The DLS provides reports to analyze financial
                                                                        and occupancy data. The lodging modules may include the
                                                                        following: A reservation system, real-time guest folios, front
                                                                        desk operations, contract quarters availability, housekeeping,
                                                                        sundry item inventory, comprehensive accounting data, and
                                                                        base locator services. The DLS provides real-time information
                                                                        required for day-to-day lodging management. The DLS
                                                                        provides tools to the base lodging manager to manage and
                                                                        control the lodging property and/or contract and base transient
                                                                        quarters. The DLS system supports the morale and welfare
                                                                        needs of authorized lodging patrons. The DLS uses the
                                                                        proprietary, modified Commercial-Off-The-Shelf (COTS)
                                                                        software known as epitome? (referred to as DLS throughout
                                                                        this document) that was developed by Hotel Information
                                                                        Systems, Inc., a division of SoftBrands, Inc. The DLS consists
                                                                        of dedicated hardware and software residing on (and
                                                                        connecting to) the HQ AFSVA commercial domain (AFSV.Net)
                                                                        Local Area Network (LAN) to support a specific function for
Department of Defense Talent   DDTMS                12078 ARMY          The DDTMS website provides a forum for official
Management System                                                       communications for DoD organization Executive Senior
                                                                        Professionals (ESPs). It links the most up-to-date policy
                                                                        memorandums and messages from the Secretaryâ¿¿s of
                                                                        Army, Air Force, Navy, and Defense. Other features include;
                                                                        executive roster and bios, assignment announcements, job
                                                                        postings and the Senior Executive Assessment and Talent
                                                                        Management process, which is used to automate the process
                                                                        of succession planning. (Inputs) The system aggregates
                                                                        information about ESPs from a variety of systems to include;
                                                                        FASCLASS, HQACPERS and CMIS. Additional input is
                                                                        provided by the ESP directly into DDTMS. (Outputs) The
                                                                        system provides web view and pdf views of ESPs career
                                                                        briefs, position briefs, ESP Roster reports, and ESP surveys.

                                                      Page 112
        System Name                         Acronym   DITPR ID   Component                            Description
Deployed Theater Accountability DTAS NIPR                13222 ARMY          The DTAS NIPR is a web enabled software package that
System Non-Secure Internet                                                   resides on the military NIPRNet and accounts for military and
Protocol                                                                     civilian personnel in a deployed theater by unit, day, and
                                                                             country, thus providing the NIPR level accountability function
                                                                             not available in Integrated Personnel and Pay System-Army
                                                                             (IPPS-A). Overall, DTAS consists of an Enterprise Server
                                                                             Suite, Theater Server Suite(s), and the unit Mobile System(s).
                                                                             As a G1 HQDA system, the Enterprise Server Suite resides at
                                                                             Information Technology Agency (ITA) secure area at the
                                                                             Pentagon. The Theater Server Suite(s) resides with Coalition
                                                                             Forces Land Component Command (CFLCC) (or theater
                                                                             equivalent) and serves as the central repository of personnel
                                                                             data for that particular theater. The Mobile System(s) consists
                                                                             of existing desktops and laptops linked into that theaters
                                                                             NIPRNet and resides at all levels of command from battalion
                                                                             to theater level. Each Mobile System has their portion of the
                                                                             Theater Server Suite resident on their mobile system, thereby
                                                                             enabling operation when not connected to the NIPRnet.

Deserter Verification Information DVIS                   13244 ARMY          The Deserter Verification Information System (DVIS) is a
System                                                                       database and supporting Oracle applications (forms and
                                                                             reports) used by the US Deserter Information Point at Ft.
                                                                             Knox. The system also provides data on deserters to the FBI.

                                                           Page 113
      System Name               Acronym   DITPR ID   Component                            Description
EDUCATION AND TRAINING   ETMS                  452 USAF          The Air Force Materiel Command (AFMC) Education and
MANAGEMENT SYSTEM                                                Training Management System (ETMS) is a web-based system
                                                                 through which senior leaders, managers, supervisors,
                                                                 Education & Training (E&T) personnel, and military members
                                                                 and civilian employees may identify education and training
                                                                 needs, track, and record completion. ETMS aids in identifying
                                                                 current and out-year E&T requirements and serves as the
                                                                 mechanism through which requests to meet those
                                                                 requirements are submitted and tracked. The processing of
                                                                 these requests is accomplished within ETMS. The employee's
                                                                 Defense Civilian Personnel Data System (DCPDS) training
                                                                 history is updated as course completions are recorded in
                                                                 ETMS. In addition, the system provides mechanisms for E&T
                                                                 personnel that allow then to create and manage locally
                                                                 developed and vendor classes, distribute (or allocate) training
                                                                 quotes to units supported by the E&T personnel, and manage
                                                                 the installation's E&T funds. In order to improve
                                                                 communications between the senior leaders, managers,
                                                                 supervisors, military members, civilian employees and E&T
                                                                 personnel, the systems provides both a Command and
                                                                 installation level bulletin boards and routinely generates

                                               Page 114
      System Name                Acronym   DITPR ID   Component                             Description
ELECTRONIC BIOMEDICAL   eBRAP                 13189 TMA           eBRAP is an information processing and management system
RESEARCH APPLICATION                                              that provides multi-user functionality for pre-application
PORTAL                                                            receipt, retrieval and processing of proposal applications from
                                                        , and communication with the research community.
                                                                  eBRAP is an Information Technology (IT) enabler and front-
                                                                  end interface for the CDMRP to communicate with: (1) the
                                                                  research community world-wide who are submitting proposal
                                                                  applications. (2) to retrieve the proposal
                                                                  applications, (3) the contractors´ system for peer and
                                                                  programmatic review, and (4) CDMRP´s restricted back-end
                                                                  system, Electronic Grants System (EGS), a data and file
                                                                  repository used to manage awards and share research award
                                                                  information. In FY09, Congressionally Directed Medical
                                                                  Research Programs (CDMRP) released 82 solicitations for
                                                                  research proposals, received over 14,500 pre-applications,
                                                                  and processed 9,188 proposal applications from
                                                                  CDMRP workload has grown about 21% per year. eBRAP will
                                                                  provide capabilities not available through, the
                                                                  mandated Federal Government´s portal for posting funding
                                                                  opportunities and receiving proposal applications. eBRAP will
ELECTRONIC DECA         EDARTS                 8680 DECA          eDARTS assists store personnel in developing on-line
AUTOMATED REQUISITION                                             requisitions for operational equipment, supplies and services.
TRACKING SYSTEM                                                   eDARTS electronically routes the requisition for funding and
                                                                  approval prior to its transmission to DeCA’s contracting
                                                                  system. Commissary, region and headquarters personnel
                                                                  utilize this system. eDARTS contains preloaded contract
                                                                  information (e.g., vendor, item, price, etc.) that is automatically
                                                                  entered into the requisition. eDARTS provides store personnel
                                                                  with an automated tool to track requisitions from the time of
                                                                  requisition entry until contract award, thus eliminating the
                                                                  need for phone calls, and e-mails requesting status.

                                                Page 115
      System Name               Acronym   DITPR ID   Component                            Description
ELECTRONIC ENTRY ON    eEOD-CHRMS            14210 ARMY          The Entry on Duty (EOD) (now eEOD-CHRMS) project was
DUTY-CIVILIAN HUMAN                                              established to provide a new in-processing solution for Army
RESOURCES MANAGEMENT                                             civilian hires. The problem to be solved involves the amount of
SERVICES                                                         time new hires currently spend on their first day (EOD) filling
                                                                 out paperwork, which can be as much as 8 hours. The goal is
                                                                 to create a solution that supports the selectee completing all
                                                                 possible paperwork before their EOD, limiting the paperwork
                                                                 time on that first day to an hour or less. The proposed solution
                                                                 is an automated form submission process that will work
                                                                 without the necessity of a CAC (Common Access Card) for
                                                                 Selectee to access the system. Sponsored by Army
                                                                 Publishing Directorate (APD), this process will utilize
                                                                 APDâ¿¿s Enterprise Content Management Services (ECMS).
                                                                 The eEOD-HRMS will be a registered child of the ECMS
                                                                 application which comes under the EIEMA. The ECMS is a
                                                                 centralized, authoritative library of electronic forms and
                                                                 publications that is web-accessible, secure, accessed through
                                                                 Army Knowledge Online and available for use by anyone in
                                                                 the Department of Army (DA). These forms are open
                                                                 standards XML and can serve as a â¿¿universal user

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      System Name         Acronym   DITPR ID   Component                            Description
ELECTRONIC GRANTS   EGS                10557 TMA           The Electronic Grants System (EGS) is an electronic business
SYSTEM                                                     system developed by the Office of Congressionally Directed
                                                           Medical Research Programs (CDMRP) for processing and
                                                           management of extramural Congressional Special Interest
                                                           (CSI) biomedical research grants. The system integrates data,
                                                           files and processes from proposal receipt, peer review,
                                                           programmatic review, negotiations and management of
                                                           awards. It enables electronic workflow between all contractors
                                                           and agencies in support of CDMRP. EGS also captures
                                                           scientific research outcomes and findings from all funded
                                                           awards which is then categorized and analyzed for program
                                                           evaluations and reporting to stakeholders. EGS interacts with
                                                           several systems to feed grant data to various organizations. It
                                                           allows for multiple users to input data, download reports and
                                                           manage daily administrative tasks associated with grants
                                                           processing in a central location. The system allows for rapid
                                                           retrieval of information for data calls. These electronic
                                                           processes increase efficiency in data management as well as
                                                           increased quality and security. Each year approximately 3500
                                                           new proposals are processed, an average of 2750 active

                                         Page 117
      System Name             Acronym   DITPR ID   Component                            Description
ELECTRONIC HEALTH   EHR                    12522 TMA           Electronic Health Record (EHR) Way Ahead is a proposed
RECORD WAY AHEAD                                               Major Automated Information System (MAIS) program
                                                               designed to replace/sunset the current portfolio of systems
                                                               providing initial EHR capability, AHLTA and CHCS. EHR Way
                                                               Ahead will provide a comprehensive, longitudinal, electronic
                                                               health record that is available anytime and anywhere for the
                                                               lifetime of the patient. This longitudinal, electronic health
                                                               record will support a Virtual Lifetime Electronic Record (VLER)
                                                               for a Service Member (SM) by being a source system for
                                                               healthcare information to be shared via VLER. The EHR
                                                               resulting from the EHR Way Ahead will deliver
                                                               comprehensive, current, and readily available health
                                                               information collected from multiple locations and sources that
                                                               will be accessible to providers in both a clinical or theater
                                                               environment. The collection of comprehensive health
                                                               information will be directly leveraged to optimize medical care,
                                                               monitor force health, manage health risks, and to enhance
                                                               individual performance. The successful fielding of this
                                                               program will result in improved fitness of the force evidenced
                                                               by enhanced individual medical readiness status, and
ELECTRONIC JOINT    E-JMAPS                 1437 JOINT STAFF   e-JMAPS is the web-based software to support the personnel
MANPOWER AND                                                   and manpower information needs of the Joint Staff, Unified
PERSONNEL SYSTEM                                               Commands, Chairman’s Controlled Activities, and elements of
                                                               key DoD Agencies. Using components are listed in that
                                                               section of the Core data elements. eJMAPS is used on a daily
                                                               basis by the listed activities for management and coordination
                                                               of manpower billets, and by the Joint Staff and several of the
                                                               Commands for day-to-day local management of assigned
                                                               personnel. Day to day operational support of eJMAPS is
                                                               performed by contractor staff.

                                             Page 118
      System Name              Acronym   DITPR ID   Component                            Description
PERSONNEL OFFICE                                                enabled, multi-tiered, application, using an industry standard
                                                                2nd generation J2EE platform, implemented on the DoD
                                                                NIPRNET, and accessed via the AKO portal. eMILPO
                                                                provides a reliable, timely, and efficient mechanism for
                                                                performing personnel actions and strength accounting.
                                                                Interfacing with 13 essential DoD and Army systems, eMILPO
                                                                provides Human Capital management to the tactical, theater,
                                                                and strategic level commander with Title 10 strength
                                                                management functions in preparation for DIMHRS. eMILPO
                                                                standardizes personnel services and management for Active
                                                                Component (AC) in garrison, all Soldiers on the battlefield and
                                                                mobilized Reserve Components (RC), providing Multi-
                                                                Component Unit (MCU) functionality to support Army
                                                                operations. As the first step in the Armyâ¿¿s Personnel
                                                                Transformation, Army Knowledge Management (AKM) and
                                                                DIMHRS-A, eMILPO consolidates the previous AHRS Super
                                                                Server 43 PPAs database environment into one database.
                                                                eMILPOâ¿¿s extreme ease of use, providing visibility of
                                                                location, status, and skills of Soldiers both from a high level
                                                                and a unit level, is vital in determining the strength and
PERSONNEL RECORDS                                               NAVY MILITARY PERSONNEL RECORDS. STAND-ALONE
SYSTEM                                                          HYBRID SYSTEM OF ELECTRO-MECHANICAL,
                                                                PHOTOGRAPHIC, MANUAL, AND AUTOMATED

                                              Page 119
      System Name                Acronym   DITPR ID   Component                            Description
ELECTRONIC NETWORK       ENROL                 9876 DSS           The ENROL system is a customized Commercial Off The
REGISTRATION AND ON-LINE                                          Shelf (COTS) Learning Management System (LMS) and
LEARNING                                                          Learning Content Management System (LCMS). Other
                                                                  components of ENROL include: Content Development Server
                                                                  (DLSTK), File and Course Hosting (CDSWS), exam
                                                                  application (Questionmark), flash content (Streaming
                                                                  Server).This system offers a web-based application
                                                                  accessible to DoD security professionals, DoD contractors,
                                                                  employees of other Federal agencies, and selected foreign
                                                                  governments which:• maintains learning activity schedules
                                                                  and student training histories• processes student
                                                                  registrations• provides and maintains learning activity
                                                                  development• provides on-line learning activities• generates
                                                                  reports based on current and/or past data (course
                                                                  rosters,course completions certificates, etc.)• maintains
                                                                  curricula, skills, and competencies• processes learning activity
                                                                  student notifications (e-mails-registrationconfirmation,
                                                                  approval notification, etc.)• facilitates certification
                                                                  programsENROL provides the DSS Academy with a means to
                                                                  grant security education and training curricula, awareness
                                                                  products, and professional development services that are
ELECTRONIC OFFICIAL      EOPF                  9475 DCMA          Designed to provide an agency's Human Resources
PERSONNEL FOLDER                                                  department with a system to maintain documents in an
                                                                  employee's Official Personnel Folders (OPF) electronically
                                                                  and provide concurrent access to the individual employees
                                                                  and their supervisors to those documents.
ELECTRONIC RECORDS      ERMAS                  1394 NAVY          Manages and provides analytical capabilities for NCIS
MANAGEMENT AND ANALYSIS                                           enterprise records, including criminal and counterintelligence
SYSTEM                                                            case files. NCIS-specific implementation of the Tower TRIM
ELECTRONIC TESTING AND   ETEST                 1993 USAF          Globally provide 24-7 testing of critical tasks for all C-17
EVALUATION OF STUDENT                                             maintainers.

                                                Page 120
      System Name              Acronym   DITPR ID   Component                             Description
ELECTRONIC VOTING     EVSW                  12682 DHRA          EVSW is a pilot initiative to present a voter the full ballot
SUPPORT WIZARDS                                                 (Federal/State/Local candidates)online, allow online marking
                                                                of the ballot and printing of the ballot with instructions on how
                                                                to return the absentee ballot to the State. Users of these
                                                                wizards will be UOCAVA citizens (estimated at about 6M),
                                                                States, territories and the District of Columbia (55 entities,
                                                                collectively referred to as "States"). The wizards will be
                                                                managed at the State level.
EMPLOYEE BENEFITS     EBIS                   6031 DODEA         The Employee Benefits Information System (EBIS) is
INFORMATION SYSTEM                                              designed to provide Federal employees general and personal
                                                                information regarding their benefits and includes capabilities
                                                                for executing benefit transactions using a Web browser to
                                                                make selected changes to life and health insurance as well as
                                                                to the Thrift Savings Plan & also calculate estimated
                                                                retirement benefits.
EMPLOYEE CENTRAL      EC/TMS                 8131 NAVY          a.Used to track Employee Training Records, Special Skills
TRAINING MANAGEMENT                                             and Artisan Stamp Data. Provides numerous training reports
SYSTEM                                                          and also provides an Activity Training Plan (ATP). Houses an
                                                                online course catalog, which has a complement of 1800+
                                                                active courses. All above has direct input to a Training
                                                                Requirement Worksheet as well as a living Individual
                                                                Development Plan (IDP) for each artisan/employee. Merges
                                                                cost accounting form (DD1556) with course catalog
                                                                information for print and approval. Provides electronic storage
                                                                and normalization of historical or real time data and assists in
                                                                establishing trend analysis for supervisor evaluation of training
                                                                quality. EC/TMS houses the only electronic record of training
                                                                for the entire depot. It also monitors and tracks all safety
                                                                training requirements as well as environmental training issues
                                                                within the depot. Federal regulations/OSHA have mandated
                                                                the training requirements that must be met annually and semi-
                                                                annually. Presently, ECTMS is the only system that
                                                                accomplishes all mentioned tasks.b.The system is used daily
                                                                by employees of NAVAIR Depot Jacksonville.c.The database
                                                                administrator manages the day-to-day operations of the

                                              Page 121
      System Name                 Acronym   DITPR ID   Component                           Description
EMPLOYEE DEVELOPMENT     E.D.S.                10567 ARMY          E.D.S. is the JMC strategy for career dev utilizing competency
STRATEGY                                                           based decisions building the bench, supporting the mission of
                                                                   JMC. E.D.S strategy starts w/a complete job analysis f/ ea
                                                                   position in com to determine which competencies are required
                                                                   for successful performance. Job analysis takes into
                                                                   consideration input f/ emp&managers. Once competencies
                                                                   are determined, E.D.S. strategy def which job specific trng is
                                                                   req. E.D.S. is not another â¿¿Training Tracking Programâ¿¿
                                                                   b/ rather a systematic approach to det what speci training
                                                                   courses are req based on a job analysis. No other existing
                                                                   trng prog utilizes a systematic job analysis approach to
                                                                   determine mission&competency based trng needs for an
                                                                   organization, E.D.S. does this. In addition, E.D.S. allows man
                                                                   the capability to use these developed competencies to
                                                                   determine best qualified candidates for fill of positions as
                                                                   competencies are fact based analysis of work to be
                                                                   performed. E.D.S. database includes crediting plans for use
                                                                   by management. E.D.S. is HR strategy enabling
                                                                   management&employees to understand what is required of
                                                                   the position&where to get the requisite trn. E.D.S. portrays a
EMPLOYEE LOCATOR FORCE ELFP                     9176 ARMY          Employee Locator Force Protection (ELFP) provides AMCOM
PROTECTION                                                         users the ability to locate fellow employees at Redstone
                                                                   Arsenal. ELFP also provides the AMCOM with daily
                                                                   accountability of all employees in the event of an emergency.
                                                                   This product supports AMCOM personnel, and can be used
                                                                   by both government and contractor employees. This product
                                                                   was internally developed, and provides real-time processing.
                                                                   This product resides within a web-application on an NT
                                                                   Platform. ELFP interfaces with AMC Coop Information
                                                                   Management System (ACIMS).
EMPLOYMENT APPLICATION   EAS                    3272 DODEA         Application allows potential educators to apply for teaching
PROGRAM                                                            positions overseas using the web. It automates the hiring
                                                                   process for applicants.EIS Survey Completed.FISMA/PIA
                                                                   Completed 1/15/2009.

                                                 Page 122
      System Name                Acronym   DITPR ID   Component                            Description
ENABLER FRAMEWORK    EF                        6882 NAVY          The functional requirement for the Enabler Framework is to
                                                                  provide a scalable authentication and authorization platform
                                                                  on which the Commander, Navy Installations Command
                                                                  (CNIC) functional areas can develop applications and web
                                                                  services that utilizes a cardholder’s Common Access Card
                                                                  (CAC) and other Department of Defense (DOD) approved
                                                                  cards such as TESLIN for authentication and authorization of
                                                                  services and benefits. The Enabler Framework authenticates
                                                                  a CAC cardholder's status within DOD through it’s the
                                                                  authoritative data sources, the Defense Enrollment Eligibility
                                                                  Reporting System (DEERS) and Total Workforce
                                                                  Management System (TWMS). This provides Enabler with the
                                                                  ability to interactively check for authentication, permissions
                                                                  and privileges before any benefit, service or privilege is
                                                                  provided to the cardholder. This authentication and
                                                                  authorization data is used to ensure only authorized
                                                                  individuals can gain access to DOD spaces; that weapons are
                                                                  only issued to authorized individuals; that meals are provided
                                                                  to only those who are entitled to them; and other security
                                                                  checks are done to ensure unauthorized use of federal
ENCHILADA DATABASE   ENCHILADA                 8093 NAVY          The Enchilada Database supports all functional areas of the
                                                                  Human Resources Department as well as several enterprise
                                                                  (NUWC) wide applications such as: Request for
                                                                  Leave/Overtime, DEMO IP, Division Online Training (DOTS).

                                                Page 123
      System Name            Acronym   DITPR ID   Component                            Description
ENJJPT MANAGEMENT     EMS                  9123 USAF          The primary purpose of the ENJJPT Management System
SYSTEM                                                        (EMS) is to provide management analysis of each nation?s
                                                              participation in the Euro-NATO Joint Jet Pilot Training
                                                              (ENJJPT) Program and to analyze accurately the manpower
                                                              requirements and availability, both instructor pilot and support
                                                              personnel, for the ENJJPT Program in accordance with
                                                              ENJJPT?s Memorandum of Understanding, Plan of
                                                              Operations, Financial Handbook, and Steering Committee
                                                              directives and guidance. Report this detailed analysis, used to
                                                              establish each nation?s requirements, to the ENJJPT Steering
                                                              Committee and Sub-committees, HQ USAF and AETC Staffs,
                                                              Senior National Representatives (SNRs), the 80th Flying
                                                              Training Wing (FTW) Commander and other senior wing
                                                              leadership. It is also the purpose and responsibility of this
                                                              system to report the actual hours flown by each participating
                                                              country and through the budget process develops the
                                                              percentages used for charging each nation which is applied to
                                                              a $200 M - $300 M annual program. The system develops
                                                              flying hours with factors determined by the 80 FTW
                                                              Operations Group Schedulers and information developed
ENLISTED ASSIGNMENT   EAIS                12507 NAVY          The Enlisted Assignment Information System (EAIS) is an
INFORMATION SYSTEM                                            order writing system, which supports the assignment and
                                                              distribution of Enlisted personnel by Enlisted Detailers at
                                                              NPC. EAIS provides an order writing function and rapid
                                                              access to enlisted personnel data. Through various screens it
                                                              supports Assignment Incentive Pay (AIP), over seas
                                                              screening, and the distribution of recruit orders. EAIS also
                                                              provides the ability to accomplish numerous personnel actions
                                                              online, in real time, such as PRD changes, etc. The enlisted
                                                              distribution process is dependent upon the quality of EAIS
                                                              information for numerous managerial and Congressional
                                                              groups seeking information about the active enlisted

                                            Page 124
      System Name                 Acronym    DITPR ID   Component                           Description
ENLISTED BACKGROUND      EBSS-WEB-CCF-PEND      12580 ARMY          The Enlisted Background Screening Web CCF Pending
SCREENING WEB CCF                                                   Program located on web server PCOLCUSTER provides the
PENDING PROGRAM                                                     Central Clearance Facility (CCF) with a daily list of open
                                                                    security screening requirements as seen in the Enlisted
                                                                    Background Screening program (EBSS â¿¿ Access 2007)
                                                                    used in OMDâ¿¿s Special Actions Branch. Both the CCF
                                                                    pending and EBSS programs are linked to a table
                                                                    (tblTestPending) in a SQL database (EBSS). Daily the EBSS
                                                                    program updates its records with records modified by CCF.
                                                                    When this process is complete a revised set of pending
                                                                    records replaces the table in the EBSS database on the Web
                                                                    SQL server that the EBSS-WEB-CCF-PEND program uses.
                                                                    This application is located on same server as ASK
ENLISTED DISTRIBUTION AND EDAS                   1192 ARMY          The Enlisted Distribution and Assignment System (EDAS) is a
ASSIGNMENT SYSTEM                                                   real time, interactive, automated system which supports the
                                                                    management of the enlisted force. The assignment managers
                                                                    of the HRC Enlisted Personnel Management Directorate
                                                                    (EPMD) process assignments, deletions, and deferments for
                                                                    soldiers via EDAS. The distribution managers use EDAS to
                                                                    create and validate requisitions, and to add or modify
                                                                    requisitions. EDAS also provides enlisted strength
                                                                    management information. The databases used by EDAS are:
                                                                    Enlisted Personnel Data Base (PERDB), Requisition Data
                                                                    Base (REQDB), Organizational Data Base (ORGDB), and
                                                                    Statistical Data Base (STATDB). Installations primarily use
                                                                    SIDPERS to update data on the Total Army Personnel Data
                                                                    Bases (TAPDBs). Field users use EDAS to create requisitions
                                                                    and to read data that they are authorized; for example,
                                                                    information on soldiers assigned to their commands and on
                                                                    incoming personnel. EDAS is the principal automated source
                                                                    for information concerning enlisted assignment actions. It is
                                                                    an interactive, online system for enlisted assignments and
                                                                    distribution functions.

                                                  Page 125
      System Name             Acronym   DITPR ID   Component                            Description
ENLISTED PERSONNEL    EPRDB                13824 ARMY          Database provides consolidated longitudinal service data for
RESEARCH DATABASE                                              Army enlisted personnel; when used in conjunction with ARI
                                                               project data, will yield assessments and projections of
                                                               training, development, retention, and performance outcomes.
                                                               This database is used in support of ARI research c ommunity
                                                               for analyses of training, selection, and performance tracking
                                                               and evaluations. Inputs: selected enlisted service data from
                                                               the Enlisted Master File, the Total Army Personnel Database
                                                               â¿¿ Active Enlisted (TAPDB-AE), and Army Research
                                                               Institute (ARI) surveys. Outputs: customized data sets suitable
                                                               for analysis (e.g. retention modeling) and data tabulations that
                                                               support ARI research and study reports; recommendations on
                                                               Soldier development, leadership, training issues and
ENLISTED PROMOTION    EPM                   2961 ARMY          The Enlisted Promotion Model (EPM) is used to support
MODEL                                                          Enlisted Promotions on a monthly basis at the Army Human
                                                               Resources Command.
ENTERPRISE BLOOD      EBMS                 13520 TMA           Enterprise Blood Management System (EBMS) is an
MANAGEMENT SYSTEM                                              integrated system of world-wide enterprise automated
                                                               information solutions for management of blood donor
                                                               processing, blood banking and transfusion services. The
                                                               Department of Defense will utilize the solutions in theater as
                                                               well as CONUS and OCONUS Military Treatment Facilities.
                                                               The automated information solutions will be in compliance
                                                               with the Food and Drug Administration regulations and AABB
                                                               standards as applicable.
ENTERPRISE BUSINESS   EBS                  12134 DECA          The Enterprise Business Solution (EBS) is a new approach
SOLUTION                                                       designed to facilitate improved support for the Defense
                                                               Commissary Agency's supply chain management and
                                                               financial management core business functions.

                                             Page 126
      System Name              Acronym   DITPR ID   Component                             Description
ENTERPRISE DATA          EDW                 5930 DECA          The EDW is a data warehouse, providing a single, logical view
WAREHOUSE                                                       of product, sales and human resource data across DeCA
                                                                allowing end users to make informed business decisions.
                                                                EDW obtains data from DeCA human resources and business
                                                                systems, then transforms the data into an appropriate data
                                                                warehouse format using business rules defined by functional
                                                                experts. The transformed data is maintained in either a
                                                                Teradata or Oracle database in a format that provides quick
                                                                access to required raw data, summary data, and reports. As
                                                                required, data is conveyed to DeCA’s industry partners and
                                                                other DoD components via a Secure File Transfer Protocol
                                                                (SFTP) to a demilitarized zone (DMZ) corporate server. The
                                                                EDW environment is hosted on a set of clustered servers at
                                                                DeCA Headquarters in Fort Lee, Virginia.

ENTERPRISE INFORMATION   EIW                12515 BTA           To meet the requirement for enterprise-level personnel
WEB                                                             visibility, the Department will establish the Enterprise
                                                                Information Web (EIW), formerly known as the Enterprise
                                                                Information Warehouse, to provide enterprise-level business
                                                                intelligence and analytics capability with near real-time
                                                                authoritative source personnel and pay information to quickly
                                                                and accurately account for personnel, support the
                                                                management of troop strength and war planning, and aid in
                                                                the development of personnel-related policy. The EIW will
                                                                utilize the best of industry practice and technology to allow for
                                                                near real-time, dynamic, standards-based information
                                                                reporting and analytics based upon authoritative sources. The
                                                                EIW will also utilize enterprise information standards
                                                                developed by OUSD(P&R) and common vocabulary mappings
                                                                to translate existing and "to-be" Service and DoD-specific data
                                                                into standard reporting language for OSD and COCOM
                                                                analytics and decision-support.

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      System Name               Acronym   DITPR ID   Component                            Description
ENTERPRISE SAFETY       ESAMS                 4763 NAVY          System description: ESAMS is a HGW Inc. web based
APPLICATIONS MANAGEMENT                                          application designed to provide safety and environmental
SYSTEM                                                           management tools, for Naval activities to comply with
                                                                 NAVOSH requirements. The website is hosted by CNIC. To
                                                                 ensure compliance with security requirements, users should
                                                                 use web browsers capable of supporting 128-bit encryption
                                                                 (i.e., Internet Explorer 5.0 or higher).Functional:ESAMS
                                                                 provides users with the following capabilities: ESAMS allows
                                                                 employees, supervisors, coordinators, and environmental and
                                                                 safety professionals to manage their training, metric, medical
                                                                 surveillance, mishap, inspection, and deficiency data at
                                                                 multiple levels.CapabilitiesThe following systems and related
                                                                 components comprise the ESAMS suite:·Training &
                                                                 Requirements Management System (TRMS) is the
                                                                 administrative area for Occupational Safety and Health (OSH)
                                                                 professionals as well as other designated individuals to
                                                                 administer personnel data, establish training requirements,
                                                                 associated medical stressor programs, assign Personal
                                                                 Protective Equipment (PPE) by task, create courses and
                                                                 classes, and assign roles/tasks to personnel.·Report
                                                                 Management System (RMS) contains a central management
ENTERPRISE SCHEDULING   ES3                   2968 ARMY          Manages numerous activities that the enterprise training sites
SUPPORT SYSTEM                                                   must track such as billeting, room maintenance, and student
                                                                 management, a system needs to be developed to provide
                                                                 PEC with an enterprise solution.

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      System Name           Acronym   DITPR ID   Component                             Description
ENTERPRISE STAFFING   ESS                10318 DHRA          DoD’s Enterprise Staffing Solution (ESS) project is an
SOLUTION                                                     enterprise-wide initiative designed to standardize, streamline,
                                                             and transform DoD’s civilian hiring process. The ESS product
                                                             is a vendor owned and managed subscription-based service
                                                             that is a fully-hosted and pairs technology with professional
                                                             services. The system and surrounding support processes will
                                                             enable applicants to more easily apply for jobs and track their
                                                             status in the application process. Additionally, ESS will aid
                                                             applicants in scheduling and tracking progress through the
                                                             post-selection assessment process (for such things as
                                                             Security Clearance, Background Investigation, Drug Testing,
                                                             Medical Exam, etc.) prior to a firm job offer.This project. It
                                                             leverages economies of scale to allow DoD to implement
                                                             standard business processes, improve its workforce planning
                                                             and competency-based skills matching capabilities, and
                                                             achieve its Human Capital Management goals. ESS is
                                                             designed to comply with DoD’s guiding principles of putting
                                                             mission first by: hiring the right person with the right skills for
                                                             the right job at the right time for the right cost; adhering to
                                                             core civil service values to protect individual rights guaranteed

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      System Name             Acronym   DITPR ID   Component                             Description
ENTERPRISE TRAINING   ETRMS                13582 NAVY          ETRMS is a Legacy Web-Based scheduling application
RESOURCE MANAGER                                               designed to provide web-enabled lab and classroom
SYSTEM                                                         scheduling, and to maintain course outlines and content,
                                                               resource and media tracking, and property management. The
                                                               ETRMS application was designed as Government off-the-shelf
                                                               (GOTS). ETRMS employs an advanced graphical user
                                                               interface (GUI) utilizing both server-side scripting in support of
                                                               user-defined data queries and client-side scripting to eliminate
                                                               page reloading. ETRMS utilizes and integrated database of
                                                               tactical equipment, laboratory configurations, classrooms,
                                                               instructors and training schedule requirements. ETRMS
                                                               provides detailed statistics allowing the capability to schedule
                                                               and evaluate all Tactical Training Equipment (TTE) and
                                                               Enterprise Classroom (ECR) requirements. ETRMS employs
                                                               a drag and drop interface allowing for easy manipulation of
                                                               scheduled classrooms and laboratories. Various parameters,
                                                               such as date and time, instructor assignment, training
                                                               objectives, equipment requirements, discrepancies and many
                                                               others can be instantly reviewed and modified as needed.
                                                               Those same parameters can be tracked and analyzed to
ENTERPRISE WIDE       EWS-R                  133 TMA           Enterprise Wide Scheduling and Registration (EWS-R) will
SCHEDULING AND                                                 provide fully integrated clinical appointing, scheduling, patient
REGISTRATION                                                   registration and operating room scheduling capabilities to the
                                                               Military Health System. EWS-R will be the source system for
                                                               the on-line appointing capability through the MHS TRICARE
                                                               Online (TOL) portal. EWS-R will enhance Access to Care by
                                                               assuring that the right patient is scheduled with the right
                                                               provider, at the right place and time, supported by the right
                                                               staff and equipment.

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      System Name            Acronym   DITPR ID   Component                            Description
EQUAL EMPLOYMENT    EEOSAT                12309 ARMY          The Equal Employment Opportunity Self Assessment Tool
OPPORTUNITY SELF                                              (EEOSAT) serves to measure the effectiveness of EEO
ASSESSMENT TOOL                                               programs at either the major command, region or garrison
                                                              levels. This tool gives the operating EEO Office control at the
                                                              first stage of the evaluation process to identify program
                                                              strengths and/or weaknesses and help develop strategies for
                                                              improvement where it is warranted. The EEOSAT, via three
                                                              distinct survey Modules (employee survey,
                                                              manager/supervisor survey, and EEO staff survey) collects
                                                              information from all major program areas for an accurate
                                                              picture of the total EEO operation. This approach provides a
                                                              true 360 degree snapshot of the EEO program status at that
                                                              particular point in time and it graphically represents the EEO
                                                              program status using the widely used Red/Amber/Green color
                                                              scheme. Once results are evaluated, the IMCOM/Region EEO
                                                              office in conjunction with the Garrison staff prepares an action
                                                              plan to address any non-compliance issues identified in the
                                                              assessment. In addition, the EEOSAT also serves as a
                                                              training tool with in-depth and built-in training modules that
                                                              could potentially afford an EEO novice the opportunity to learn

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      System Name             Acronym   DITPR ID   Component                            Description
EQUAL OPPORTUNITY    EONET/FAMNET             72 USAF          The Air Force MEO staff is responsible not only for counseling
NETWORK/FAMILY NET                                             and expediting the MEO complaints process, but also for
                                                               tracking and reporting annual complaints activities via the AF
                                                               Form 3018. Historically, this has been accomplished
                                                               manually. Because of the volume and complexity of the data
                                                               and analysis required, this has been a lengthy, arduous task.
                                                               EONet-MIL (and EONet-RES) automates the tracking of
                                                               complaints by databasing the information entered into the AF
                                                               Form 1271, 1587-1, and 1587 and automatically generating
                                                               the Form 3018 upon demand. EONet-MIL/RES also enhances
                                                               the tracking of suspenses showing the current status of
                                                               complaints. Because EONet-MIL/RES is uniformly
                                                               implemented throughout all levels and locations in the Air
                                                               Force, it ensures data is collected and processed using the
                                                               same terms and definitions ? critical for accurate reporting by
                                                               MEO to Air Force leadership of complaints trends throughout
                                                               the Air Force. EONet-MIL/RES not only produces a far more
                                                               accurate Form 3018 with huge time savings, it ensures time
                                                               savings, more accurate data tracking and reporting, and
                                                               enhanced program management, as well as a standardized
                                                               MEO program throughout the Air Force. Included within the
EQUAL OPPORTUNITY    EORS                   8609 ARMY          The Equal Opportunity Reporting System is a web application
REPORTING SYSTEM                                               utilizing a Microsoft Internet information server for the
                                                               application and Microsoft SQL Server as the database. It is
                                                               used to collect, record, and maintain racial, ethnic group, and
                                                               gender data and complaints statistical data needed to support
                                                               the Army Equal Opportunity Program, to include Affirmative
                                                               Action Plan (AAP), and the Quarterly Narrative Statistical
                                                               Report (QNSR) requirements prescribed in DA Pam 600-26
                                                               and AR 600-20 respectively.

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      System Name                Acronym   DITPR ID   Component                             Description
ERP TRAINING SIMULATOR   ERPTS                13136 DFAS          Provide an online, interactive learning environment for ERPs,
                                                                  simulating the processing of accounting transactions while the
                                                                  virtual world impact is illustrated simultaneously. The goal is to
                                                                  illustrate real-world, transactional-based accounting in a safe
                                                                  learning environment where decisions affect real-events and
                                                                  wartime scenarios. DFAS’ ERP Learning Model covers the
                                                                  critical components for learning ERP functions and skills. This
                                                                  project takes learning to the next level creating a hands-on,
                                                                  interactive learning creating an experience. The simulation will
                                                                  cover different aspects of the ERP learning model from
                                                                  foundational training to on-the-job development and business

EXCEPTIONAL FAMILY       EFMP                  2947 ARMY          The Exceptional Family Member Program is a stand-alone
MEMBER PROGRAM                                                    application that is accessed through the Enlisted Distribution
                                                                  and Assignment System. It is a menu-driven application that
                                                                  allows users access to the Medical Update function,
                                                                  Education Update function, and the Reporting function. Both
                                                                  the Medical and Education Update Functions are online
                                                                  functions. The physical, mental and educational records of
                                                                  dependents are maintained through the online update
                                                                  functions. This information is taken into consideration before
                                                                  an assignment of an EFMP member is made. EFMP
                                                                  information is used to ensure the welfare of dependents is
                                                                  considered at assignment time. The Reporting function is both
                                                                  a batch and online system. The primary purpose is to provide
                                                                  hardcopy reports of EFMP records. Statistical reports are also

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      System Name            Acronym   DITPR ID   Component                           Description
EXECUTIVE & SENIOR   ESPMS                12079 ARMY          The name for CSLMO has been changed to ESPMS. This
PROFESSIONAL                                                  system was originally named by the office name--U.S. Army
MANAGEMENT SYSTEM                                             Civilian Senior Leader Management Office (CSLMO). This
                                                              name has been changed to the system name--Executive &
                                                              Senior Professional Management System (ESPMS). The
                                                              ESPMS comes under the U.S. Army Civilian Senior Leader
                                                              Management Office (CSLMO). Its website provides a forum for
                                                              official communications for the Army Executive Senior
                                                              Professionals (ESPs). It links the most up-to-date policy
                                                              memorandums and messages from the Secretary of the Army
                                                              and CSLMO director. Other features include; executive roster
                                                              and bios, assignment announcements, job postings and
                                                              access to tools and information to include the Executive
                                                              Hierarchy, Dashboard and the Civilian Human Resource
                                                              Automated Training System (CHRTAS). The system is meant
                                                              to foster collaboration between Army Executives and
                                                              strengthen the understanding of the varied roles Executives
                                                              play in supporting the Armyâ¿¿s key priorities and objectives.
                                                              (Inputs) The system aggregates information about ESPs from
                                                              a variety of systems to include; Fully Automated System for
                                                              Classification (FASCLASS) and the Headquarters Army

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      System Name               Acronym   DITPR ID   Component                            Description
EXECUTIVE              EI/DS                   140 TMA           EI/DS is comprised of a central Datamart (MHS Data
INFORMATION/DECISION                                             Repository (MDR)) and several smaller datamarts: Medical
SUPPORT                                                          Surveillance (ESSENCE), Clinical Data Mart (CDM),
                                                                 Purchased Care (TRICARE Encounter Data (TED) & Patient
                                                                 Encounter Processing and Reporting (PEPR)). Many of these
                                                                 operate within a Business Objects XI environment. EI/DS
                                                                 manages receipt, processing, and storage of over 155
                                                                 terabytes of data from both Military Treatment Facilities (MTF)
                                                                 and the TRICARE purchased care network systems. These
                                                                 data include inpatient dispositions, outpatient encounters,
                                                                 laboratory, radiology, and pharmacy workload, TRICARE
                                                                 network patient encounter records, TRICARE mail order
                                                                 pharmacy patient encounter records, beneficiary
                                                                 demographics, MTF workload and cost information, eligibility
                                                                 and enrollment, Pharmacy Data Transaction Service data,
                                                                 customer satisfaction surveys, and data associated with the
                                                                 Wounded Warrior project. EI/DS provides centralized
                                                                 collection, storage and availability of data, in various data
                                                                 marts, to managers, clinicians, and analysts for the
                                                                 management of the business of health care. The system
                                                                 successfully transcends a performance gap that previously
EXPENSE ASSIGNMENT     EAS IV                  145 TMA           Expense Assignment System IV (EAS IV), which is a steady
SYSTEM IV                                                        state system, is a data repository that provides standardized
                                                                 reporting of financial, personnel, and workload data at the
                                                                 Medical Treatment Facility/Dental Treatment Facility level.
                                                                 EAS IV is essential for the implementation of viable budgeting
                                                                 and managed care programs within the Department of
                                                                 Defense (DoD). EAS IV serves as the primary source of cost
                                                                 data for various studies and for the calculation of rates for
                                                                 third-party collections.

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        System Name                       Acronym   DITPR ID   Component                             Description
Electronic Board Operations   eBOSS                    12399 USAF          Collaborative viewing, scoring, vectoring, and feedback
Support System                                                             system, enabling both Force Development and Force
                                                                           Management competencies for Active Duty, Air National
                                                                           Guard and Air Force Reserve airmen and civilians. The
                                                                           system should meet the following basic objectives: - Enable
                                                                           boards, Development Teams (DTs) and others performing in
                                                                           an official capacity to access, review, score, and/or make
                                                                           recommendations on an Airman's promotion
                                                                           recommendation, promotion selection, or placement and
                                                                           timing for entry into education, training, and/or assignment
                                                                           opportunities. Board administrators must be granted the ability
                                                                           to refresh some, all or none of the digital records leading up to
                                                                           the start of the board/event. The distribution/flow of records to
                                                                           specific board members or groups of board members must be
                                                                           facilitated by the application. - Force Management: By
                                                                           eliminating the need to manage hardcopy Officer and NCO
                                                                           Selection Records (OSRs and NSRs) through development of
                                                                           the subject application, a requirement is levied on both
                                                                           eBOSS and Automated Records Management System
                                                                           (ARMS) to have a capability whereby the by-statute/by-policy
Electronic Warfare Test and   EW University            10090 USAF          The EW T&E University Classroom Standalone Computer
Evaluation University                                                      Network supports EW T&E University classroom instruction
                                                                           activities, primarily instructor presentations and
                                                                           demonstrations and student exercises

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         System Name                    Acronym   DITPR ID   Component                            Description
Engineer Training and         ETKPS                   8994 USAF          ETKPS will improve support to 3 main customer groups:
Knowledge Preservation System                                            Science and Engineering (S&E) Supervisors, Individual S&Es,
                                                                         and the USAF/AFMC Centers. ETKPS will enable improved
                                                                         training capabilities, effectiveness and efficiency to: 1) S&E
                                                                         Supervisors: aid identification of training needs, aid S&E
                                                                         professional development process, better plan and schedule
                                                                         S&E workforce training, 2) Individual S&Es: aid S&E self-
                                                                         initiated professional development, aid individual planning
                                                                         efforts, provide a more user-friendly tool that maps
                                                                         competencies between individuals, position requirements, and
                                                                         mission needs, where no tool currently exists, and 3)
                                                                         USAF/AFMC Centers: with reduced manpower spent
                                                                         searching for training, better trained S&E workforce, ability to
                                                                         standardize S&E training and program messages, move from
                                                                         'course shopping' to 'required competencies met. This system
                                                                         does not meet the criteria for Internal Use Software (IUS)
Enlisted Distribution Target   EDTM                   7684 ARMY          The Enlisted Distribution Target Model (EDTM) is a tool used
Model                                                                    to distribute the projected enlisted inventory. The EDTM
                                                                         creates a target to meet the Army's enlisted readiness needs.

Enlisted Personnel Management EPMDTK                 12579 ARMY          The Human Resources Command (HRC), Enlisted Personnel
Directorate - Tool Kit                                                   Management Directorate Toolkit (EPMDTK) is a webpage that
                                                                         acts as a portal to most of the automation tools used by
                                                                         EPMD to manage the force. The toolkit has tools that were
                                                                         created using the following formats: MS Access, MS Excel,
                                                                         MS Word, ASP, and plain text. The toolkitâ¿¿s back end is an
                                                                         MS SQL database that is located on the same server. The
                                                                         EPMD Toolkit is hosted on AHRC00A0ISDEPM
Enterprise Electronic Forms    eForms                13438 USAF          Provides automation of personnel-related forms to minimize
                                                                         manually intensive processes, such as filling out AF forms
                                                                         and hand scanning forms for records storage. Solution will
                                                                         address "cradle-to-grave" handling of forms through Airman
                                                                         initiation of form, pre-population of required data fields,
                                                                         automated routing for appropriate approval, metrics reporting,
                                                                         and storage in the associated data repositories.

                                                       Page 137
       System Name               Acronym   DITPR ID   Component                           Description
FACILITIES TEAM SURVEY   FACTS                 8413 NAVY          FACTS provides a single system, process and platform for
                                                                  periodic Workforce and Supported Command surveys.
                                                                  FACTS facilitates multi-tiered Workforce and Supported
                                                                  Command data analyses at NAVFAC and component levels.
                                                                  The system collects and provides data for a direct feed into
                                                                  NAVFAC Global and NAVFAC Component Command
                                                                  Performance Metrics and Strategic Planning. FACTS is the
                                                                  single NAVFAC standard for measuring employee and client
                                                                  satisfaction on a periodic basis. The FACTS on-line survey
                                                                  has replaced all previously existing similar instruments
                                                                  NAVFAC-wide. FACTS promotes development of the climate
                                                                  for One Facilities Engineer Voice.

FAMILY ADVOCACY SYSTEM   FASOR                13777 ARMY          The Army Family Advocacy System of Records (FASOR)
OF RECORDS                                                        statistical database and case management system tracks
                                                                  allegations of abuse for the Army Medical Command. The
                                                                  system also provides an administrative interface to facilitate
                                                                  Case Review Committee (CRC) meetings. The Armyâ¿¿s
                                                                  Case Review Committee (CRC) reviews incidents of domestic
                                                                  abuse within the Army to ultimately decide whether the
                                                                  incident meet criteria for abuse and then discuss a treatment
                                                                  approach for the alleged offender and victim. The Decision
                                                                  Tree provides a series of automated decisions that allows the
                                                                  CRC members to vote on one factor at a time before
                                                                  determination occurs. The Decision Tree is also an automated
                                                                  way to capture the votes of the CRC Team members and to
                                                                  provide a final decision at the end of each incident review.
                                                                  System is web-based and is not a stand alone.

FAMILY PROGRAMS          FPAIS                 9367 ARMY          The National Guard Buruea Family Programs Automated
AUTOMATED INFORMATION                                             Information System (FPAIS) is a Mission Assurance Code
SYSTEM                                                            (MAC) III - Confidentiality Level (CL) SENSITIVE system
                                                                  designed to assist National Gurard Family Programs staff
                                                                  members in managing and standardizing the delivery of
                                                                  numerous important services provided to Service Members
                                                                  and their families. The system is used by 300 plus Army
                                                                  National Guard (ARNG) Family Assistance Centers (FACs)
                                                                  and 88 Air National Guard wings.

                                                Page 138
      System Name            Acronym   DITPR ID   Component                             Description
FEDERAL RECOGNITION   FRMS                 3015 ARMY          The Federal Recognition Management System (FRMS) is a
MANAGEMENT SYSTEM                                             GUI based application that provides for data entry associated
                                                              with 19 different Federal Recognition actions, publication of
                                                              applicable orders, publication of DA promotion letters and
                                                              historical information.
FEDERATED CASE        FCMS                12514 DPMO          The Federated Case Management System (FCMS) is
MANAGEMENT SYSTEM                                             envisioned as the capability to create one virtual missing
                                                              personnel file created at the moment of an American’s
                                                              isolation and maintained until case resolution should that
                                                              resolution be the recovery of the missing individual alive within
                                                              a few days or the repatriation of remains thirty years after
                                                              loss. Operations, planning, intelligence, criminal investigative,
                                                              personal identifiable information, and other data may
                                                              contribute to a single case file.The single personnel file is
                                                              dictated under the Missing Service Personnel Act of 1996, as
                                                              updated in the 2010 National Defense Authorization Act.
                                                              FCMS will also be a collaborative virtual community for
                                                              analytical exchanges which will mean greater transparency
                                                              among stakeholders and reduction of redundancy among
                                                              those accomplishing the mission. Personnel Recovery
                                                              mission users of FCMS would include combatant command
                                                              personnel recovery organizations and office, members of the
                                                              intelligence community supporting recovery efforts, the Joint
                                                              Personnel Recovery Agency, and the Defense POW/Missing
                                                              Personnel Office (DPMO).FCMS users involved in long-term

                                            Page 139
      System Name                    Acronym   DITPR ID   Component                            Description
FINANCIAL DISCLOSURE    FDM                        2989 ARMY          FDM provides a comprehensive system to allow systemic
MANAGEMENT SYSTEM                                                     control over virtually all aspects of the handling and
                                                                      management of financial disclosure documents required to be
                                                                      filed by DoD filers pursuant to OGE regulations and the Ethics
                                                                      in Government Act of 1978. Filers use their Army Knowledge
                                                                      Online (AKO) account or CAC card to access their FDM file
                                                                      and are led through a step-by-step process for completing the
                                                                      form and to attach all necessary documentation. Once the
                                                                      report is completed, notifications are sent to the filers
                                                                      servicing ethics counselor (EC), the filers supervisor, and to
                                                                      the report approval/certifying authority, for appropriate legal
                                                                      reviews. FDM connects to DISA's Global Directory Service of
                                                                      Common Access Cards to "authenticate" (allow FDM access
                                                                      to) non-Army users. We connect to AKO for Army users'
FITNESS SOFTWARE        FITSOFT                      94 TMA           Air Force Fitness Assessment Software used by the Air Force
                                                                      Fitness Management Program to collect data, calculate
                                                                      scores, and store data obtained during stationary cycle
                                                                      ergometery testing. This data is used by the Air Force Fitness
                                                                      Management System to assess individual´s physical fitness
FLEET AND FAMILY SUPPORT FFSMIS                     189 NAVY          Web-based metrics gathering and reporting system for Fleet
MANAGEMENT INFORMATION                                                and Family Support Centers world wide.
FLEET HOMETOWN NEWS      FHTN                      6715 NAVY          The Fleet Hometown News System is a Microsoft Windows
SYSTEM                                                                based client-server application that allows for data input and
                                                                      produces e-mailed stories to nationwide media outlets
                                                                      containing news of DoD personnel.
FLEET RATING            FLEET RIDE                12604 NAVY          FLEET RIDE is a web-enabled decision support system that
IDENTIFICATION ENGINE                                                 allows Navy Career counselors to qualify and rank conversion
DECISION SUPPORT SYSTEM                                               oppportunities for Sailors.

                                                    Page 140
      System Name                 Acronym   DITPR ID   Component                           Description
FMWRC TALENT VIEW        TALV                   9410 ARMY          Web-based Developmental Feedback Tool. Systematic
                                                                   process to measure employees current competency in the
                                                                   support of corporate mission, strategic goals and their
                                                                   potential as future leaders This tool provides developmental
                                                                   feedback at the competency and behavioral level. This
                                                                   feedback, based on key measures, will accelerate
                                                                   development in areas most critical to organizational
                                                                   performance. TalentView is a powerful tool to show
                                                                   differentiation among people. When combined with a measure
                                                                   of potential, differentiation between people can be further
                                                                   highlighted. The system will be used by IMCOM employees
                                                                   worldwide. Persons evaluated during the evaluation period will
                                                                   have their information transmitted to Personnel Decisions
                                                                   International by email and the employees will enter further
                                                                   information into the system. Once the information is entered
                                                                   the IMCOM managers will access the individual information
                                                                   for each of their employees and answer questions regarding
                                                                   their employment.

FOOD & HOSPITALITY POINT- FHPOS                 5098 USMC          Functionality Description: The Food and Hospitality Point-of-
OF SALE SYSTEM                                                     Sale System (FHPOS) provides a standard point-of-sale
                                                                   system in support of the approximately 82 club activities
                                                                   across 18 Marine Corps Community Services (MCCS) sites
                                                                   worldwide. The system provides timely sales, menu, and labor
                                                                   information to food service activity managers for making
                                                                   business decisions. The system also records sales
                                                                   information for financial reporting.
FOOD AND BEVERAGE POINT F&B POS                 2979 ARMY          This system provides for Executive Control Essential
OF SERVICES SYSTEM                                                 Command Supervision (ECECS) control at all Food and
                                                                   Beverage operations throughout MWR. (Vendor MICROS)
                                                                   This provides for suppoort of Customer Payment Solutions,
                                                                   Credit card sales, charge sales, gift card sale & redemption
                                                                   and Customer Loyalty participation programming. This
                                                                   provides support for Membership Clubs, Community Activity
                                                                   Centers, Open Messes, FB&E enterprises and Theme
                                                                   Restaurants associated recreational activities of suitable
                                                                   proportion and scope of operations in all MWR Operations.

                                                 Page 141
       System Name               Acronym   DITPR ID   Component                            Description
FOODTRAK              FOODTRAK                 3008 ARMY          This system provides for the inventory control of all Food and
                                                                  Beverage procurement operations in MWR retail outlets. This
                                                                  is essential to Executive Control Essential Command
                                                                  Supervision (ECECS) financial control.
FORCE MANAGEMENT      FMS(C)                  11716 ARMY          This is the same as the FMS(U). It is used on the SIPRNET to
SYSTEM (CLASSIFIED)                                               process classified versions of FMS data. PD FMS is tasked to
                                                                  design, develop and deploy an integrated Force Management
                                                                  System that will establish accurate, consistent and timely
                                                                  Force Structure information to the Army Force Management
                                                                  Community. FMS will directly support the Army Director, Force
                                                                  Managements mission of: Managing & Allocating Manpower &
                                                                  Force Structure Information, Documenting unit models
                                                                  (Requirements & Authorizations) over time, and providing
                                                                  organizational / Force Structure solutions in support of the
                                                                  Armyâ¿¿s Transformation towards the Future Force.
                                                                  Capabilities: Browser-based web accessibility; On-line
                                                                  transaction processing; On-line analysis capability; On-line
                                                                  data warehousing of archive data. FMS is the Armyâ¿¿s
                                                                  System to support the DoD and J-8 Global Force
                                                                  Management Data Initiative (GFM DI) mandate.

FORCE MANAGEMENT      FMS                      3004 ARMY          PD FMS is tasked to design, develop and deploy an
SYSTEM (FMS)                                                      integrated Force Management System that will establish
                                                                  accurate, consistent and timely Force Structure information to
                                                                  the Army Force Management Community. FMS will directly
                                                                  support the Army Director, Force Managements mission of:
                                                                  Managing & Allocating Manpower & Force Structure
                                                                  Information, Documenting unit models (Requirements &
                                                                  Authorizations) over time, and providing organizational / Force
                                                                  Structure solutions in support of the Armyâ¿¿s
                                                                  Transformation towards the Future Force. Capabilities:
                                                                  Browser-based web accessibility; On-line transaction
                                                                  processing; On-line analysis capability; On-line data
                                                                  warehousing of archive data. FMS is the Armyâ¿¿s System to
                                                                  support the DoD and J-8 Global Force Management Data
                                                                  Initiative (GFM DI) mandate.

                                                Page 142
      System Name                    Acronym   DITPR ID   Component                            Description
FORCE MANAGEMENT         FMS(T)                   12616 ARMY          FMS(T) is a deployed training version of the primary FMS
SYSTEM (TRAINING)                                                     system. PD FMS is tasked to design, develop and deploy an
                                                                      integrated Force Management System that will establish
                                                                      accurate, consistent and timely Force Structure information to
                                                                      the Army Force Management Community. FMS will directly
                                                                      support the Army Director, Force Managements mission of:
                                                                      Managing & Allocating Manpower & Force Structure
                                                                      Information, Documenting unit models (Requirements &
                                                                      Authorizations) over time, and providing organizational / Force
                                                                      Structure solutions in support of the Armyâ¿¿s
                                                                      Transformation towards the Future Force. Force Management
                                                                      System (Training) will provide on line user training as well as
                                                                      FMS Continuity of Operations fail-over equipment.

FORENSIC TOXICOLOGY      FTDTL-IMS                 7672 ARMY          FTDTL-IMS provides a database to automate the tracking and
DRUG TESTING LABORATORY-                                              documenting of urine specimens through the drug testing and
INFORMATION MANAGEMENT                                                validation process from the time the urine specimen is taken
SYSTEM (IMS)                                                          until final disposition of the specimen. FTDTL-IMS records the
                                                                      identification of all laboratory personnel and tests being
                                                                      performed at each stage of the testing and validation process.
                                                                      Specimens and positive test data remain at each drug-testing
                                                                      laboratory pending resolution of positive test results. Test
                                                                      results may be used in litigation. FTDTL IMS supports the
                                                                      DoD drug deterrence program for the readiness of the military
                                                                      forces, and operates in facilities/units of the Drug Deterrence
                                                                      Office (DDO). - Medcom-owned DoD-deployed system.

                                                    Page 143
      System Name                   Acronym   DITPR ID   Component                            Description
FREEDOM OF INFORMATION   FOI/PA MGMT              1504 NAVY          NAVSEA web enabled FOI/PA Application captures data
AND PRIVACY ACT                                                      needed to satisfy congressionally mandated reports relating to
MANAGEMENT SYSTEM                                                    FOIA and Privacy Act case processing as well as optional
                                                                     program management reports to provide metrics. Use of the
                                                                     System is mandatory for all NAVSEA field activities and it
                                                                     incorporates FOI/PA business rules. The System resides on 2
                                                                     Sun Enterprise servers located at Flotilla Server Farm, Bldg
                                                                     197, WNY, DC. One server for web access, the second server
                                                                     for database.Access to the System is restricted to designated
                                                                     user accounts that are password-protected as well as PKI
                                                                     authenticated. Once logged onto the system, NAVSEA Users
                                                                     have read/write privileges to their specific domain information.
                                                                     The NAVSEA Headquarters FOIA Officer and Administrator
                                                                     have global privileges. The System consists of four modules:
                                                                     FOIA Case System, Program Costs, Miscellaneous Queries,
                                                                     and Reporting.FOIA Case System Module tracks FOIA access
                                                                     requests and Privacy Act access/amendment requests (case
                                                                     processing) from start through completion. Records
                                                                     correspondence, taskings, FOIA exemptions, contract data,
                                                                     notes of conversations, invoices, payments, collection letters
                                                                     etc, as an administrative trail. The FOIA Case System
FULL TIME MANAGEMENT     FTSMCS                   9159 ARMY          The objective of this requirement is to integrate the
CONTROL SYSTEM                                                       manpower, missions, personnel, and resources data into the
                                                                     FTSMCS. This involves supporting the decision-making
                                                                     process by making accurate and timely personnel, resource
                                                                     and manpower information readily available to decision
                                                                     makers in a useable and understandable form. The
                                                                     information may take various forms. The key to the system is
                                                                     to be able to easily access and integrate data from multiple
                                                                     sources, refine and improve that data and make it available to
                                                                     the decision maker in a form that makes key issues apparent
                                                                     during the decision process.
FULLY AUTOMATED SYSTEM   FASCLASS                 2984 ARMY          Fully Automated System for Classification (FASCLASS) is a
FOR CLASSIFICATION                                                   centralized, web-based position classification records system
                                                                     for the Army.

                                                   Page 144
      System Name               Acronym   DITPR ID   Component                           Description
FUTURE PERSONNEL AND    FPPS                 12607 NAVY          Future Personnel and Pay Solution (FPPS) will replace or
PAY SOLUTION                                                     consolidate the functionality of five existing Navy personnel
                                                                 systems; NSIPS, NES, OPINS, IMAPMIS, and RHS. FPPS will
                                                                 replace the pay functionality provided by DJMS for the Navy
                                                                 and construct the necessary DFAS interfaces for ongoing pay
                                                                 support. This web-based system will be available to HR
                                                                 professionals, combatant commanders, personnel and pay
                                                                 managers, self-service, and other authorized users throughout
                                                                 the Navy. It will provide accurate and timely information for
                                                                 planners and decision makers within the Navy and the joint
GARNISHMENT EDM SYSTEM I-GARN                  102 DFAS          The I-GARN System is a vital system in the processing of
                                                                 garnishments. Legal documents are scanned into I-GARN's
                                                                 Electronic Document System. I-GARN converts paper
                                                                 documents into electronic documents and receives varied
                                                                 electronic documents that can be stored, retrieved, and
                                                                 processed electronically. The information is sorted and
                                                                 distributed to the paralegals for processing to the Integrated
                                                                 Garnishment System.
GENERAL COUNSEL         GCEMS                13288 DODEA         The General Counsel Electronic System (GEMS), formerly
ELECTRONIC MANAGEMENT                                            known as the General Counsel Tracking System (GCTS), is a
SYSTEM                                                           web-based management/workload tool for OGC leadership
                                                                 that assists in managing the workload of each OGC staff
                                                                 member and highlights important milestone actions such as
                                                                 court filing dates for pending litigation. The application
                                                                 includes documents related to current and past matters and
                                                                 cases and legal advice related to matters.

                                               Page 145
      System Name           Acronym   DITPR ID   Component                           Description
GENERAL LIBRARY      GLIS                 8794 ARMY          Integrated library system Millennium from Innovative
INFORMATION SYSTEM                                           Interfaces integrates library business processes such as
                                                             cataloging, circulation (check out, check in, and overdues),
                                                             requests, acquistions, budget, and electronic communications
                                                             with other library systems such as Vendors, Cataloging
                                                             networks (OCLC, Library of Congress) and other library
                                                             systems using national standards. The library patron
                                                             (customer) accesses the system via login and password to
                                                             find titles in their local library, renew books, and request
                                                             books. It also includes book cover art and book reviews in the
                                                             web display. The Millennium System links to 360 Search
                                                             which is a federated search that enables the user to search
                                                             multiple databases purchased by FMWRC with one search
                                                             request. Users can find books, magazine articles, Google
                                                             search results, with one search request. The Envisionware PC
                                                             Management System controls the public computers at each
                                                             library. Library customers will be verified through the
                                                             Millennium database.The customer will be then assigned to a
                                                             computer. The PC Management System will limit time on each
                                                             public computer and limit number of prints.
GLOBAL DATA          GDS                  9223 DECA          GDS will allow DeCA to synchronize (share) catalog data in
SYNCHRONIZATION                                              near real time between DeCA and their Industry trading
                                                             partners, increasing data accuracy and efficiencies throughout
                                                             many DeCA business processes. Initially will be used with the
                                                             legacy system, ultimately to be tied to replacement business
GLOBAL FORCE         GFMB                11208 ARMY          The Global Force Management Board (GFMB) Network
MANAGEMENT BOARD                                             supports the Armyâ¿¿s G-1 function of assessment of force
                                                             allocation, apportionment, and assignment proposals in
                                                             support of the Joint GFM process as mandated by the
                                                             Secretary of Defense and the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of
                                                             Staff. The GFMB Network supports the requirements to
                                                             maintain reliable, accessible and visible information on the
                                                             Army global force to the Army manpower strategic planners
                                                             and decision makers. The systems do not contain any
                                                             planning information or restricted data, but they do contain
                                                             personnel data to be used for the manning plans.

                                           Page 146
      System Name                  Acronym   DITPR ID   Component                             Description
GO ARMY EDUCATION       GOARMYED                 1221 ARMY          GoArmyEd is an Army Continuing Education System (ACES)
                                                                    program that provides the virtual gateway to request Tuition
                                                                    Assistance (TA) online, anytime for classroom, distance
                                                                    learning, and online college courses. GoArmyEd is a dynamic
                                                                    online portal that automates many of the paper-based
                                                                    processes historically conducted in-person at Army Education
                                                                    Centers. GoArmyEd includes automated registration tools that
                                                                    enforce TA policies and procedures. GoArmyEd is used by
                                                                    Soldiers to pursue their post secondary educational goals;
                                                                    Army Education Counselors to provide educational guidance;
                                                                    and Colleges to deliver degree and course offerings and to
                                                                    report Soldier progress.

GRADUATE TRAINING       GTIMS                    1682 USAF          Graduate Training Integration Management System (GTIMS)
INTEGRATED MANAGEMENT                                               is deployed as the graduate flying training management
SYSTEM                                                              system for AETC. It will provide training management,
                                                                    scheduling, accounting and tracking for all AETC conducted
                                                                    Combat Crew Flying Training Systems (F-15, F-16, F-22, C-5,
                                                                    KC-135, C-17, SOF, F-35, CV-22, Weapons Director). GTIMS
                                                                    is planned to be the standard system used at all AETC
                                                                    graduate flying wings. GTIMS will create a common system
                                                                    that will allow AETC to track an individual's flying training from
                                                                    inception to retirement and it eliminates the need for individual
                                                                    wings/MDSs to procure/develop independent tools. GTIMS
                                                                    supports the Military Training and Education business
                                                                    function. In GTIMS, the syllabi will be designed and developed
                                                                    using automated tools and students will be managed from
                                                                    start to graduation for all graduate flying academic courses
                                                                    and aircraft sorties. GTIMS will also use automated tools to
                                                                    accomplish the scheduling and utilization of training
                                                                    resources. Finally, flying training will be performed, managed,
                                                                    and evaluated using automated COTS/GOTS products.

                                                  Page 147
      System Name                  Acronym   DITPR ID   Component                             Description
GREEK PAYROLL SYSTEM   GPS                      13593 NAVY          The Greek Local National Payroll System is a Commercial Off
                                                                    The Shelf (COTS) product, customized for NSA Souda Bay
                                                                    GR specific requirements. It is a Windows environment with
                                                                    an Progress database back-end. It is a single point of entry for
                                                                    all Greek time and attendance, for both appropriated and non-
                                                                    appropriated fund employees, and accommodates, dollar and
                                                                    euro currencies. The system uses time & attendance input to
                                                                    calculate payroll based on current Greek payroll and tax laws,
                                                                    provides a file output to STARS-FL for upload of payroll
                                                                    information to the accounting system and a file output to NSA
                                                                    Souda Bay GR Commercial Bill Pay Office for processing
                                                                    payment to employees either by pay check or EFT. Notable
                                                                    system features: handles various disbursement rates
                                                                    including - budget rate/daily rate, calculates the difference
                                                                    between disbursement rates (i.e., the budgeted rate and the
                                                                    daily rate) and automatically provides a flux line of accounting,
                                                                    accommodates payroll adjustments including retroactive pay,
                                                                    overtime, recoupment of overpayments, repayment of loans,
                                                                    taxes, pensions, etc., accumulates labor costs by direct and
                                                                    reimbursable determined by the Job Order Number (JON) to
GRIEVANCE TRACKING     GTS                       6032 DODEA         GTS is an interactive grievance tracking system that is
SYSTEM                                                              operated by the Personnel Division in each region including
                                                                    headquarters. It is used to input employee grievances that are
                                                                    placed on file.EIS Survey Completed.FISMA/PIA Completed
HEADQUARTERS ARMY      ACPERS-HQ                  605 ARMY          The System provides information on Army civilian personnel
CIVILIAN PERSONNEL                                                  dynamic and static data; includes strength accounting,
SYSTEM                                                              employment, award, and performance data. The
                                                                    Headquarters Army Civilian Personnel System (HQ ACPERS)
                                                                    is a reporting system for Army civilians. The system reports
                                                                    Army civilian strength to higher headquarters, the Department
                                                                    of Defense, the Office of Personnel Management, and
                                                                    Congress. In addition to strength reporting, the system
                                                                    includes data on employment, training, special employment,
                                                                    performance data, awards, and acquisition data. Numerous
                                                                    ad hoc reporting requirements are met through extensive
                                                                    history files.

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      System Name              Acronym   DITPR ID   Component                           Description
HEALTH ARTIFACT AND    HAIMS                12006 TMA           The Health Artifact and Image Management Solution (HAIMS)
IMAGE MANAGEMENT                                                enables the DoD and the VA healthcare providers to have
SOLUTION                                                        global access and awareness of artifacts and images (A&I)
                                                                generated during the healthcare delivery process. HAIMS will
                                                                provide the new capability for users throughout the MHS to be
                                                                aware and have access to A&I that have been registered with
                                                                the central "system", currently on local workstations and
                                                                Military Treatment Facility (MTF) Picture Archive and
                                                                Communications Systems (PACs). As patients move through
                                                                the continuum of care from Continental United States to
                                                                Theater and then return to DoD sustaining bases facilities,
                                                                healthcare A&I moves seamlessly and simultaneously with the
                                                                patient. This advances several MHS strategy initiatives such
                                                                as achievement of paperless record, global access of
                                                                Wounded Warrior scanned documents, and an alternative to
                                                                finding storage space for paper records of merging MTFs.
                                                                HAIMS will supply access to VHA and other external A&I both
                                                                inside and outside the Military Health System (MHS)
                                                                Electronic Health Record (EHR).

HEALTH SERVICES DATA   HSDW                  5743 TMA           Previously known as Assessment Demonstration Center
WAREHOUSE                                                       (ADC), Health Services Data Warehouse (HSDW) addresses
                                                                and focuses on Air Force Medical Service (AFMS) Data
                                                                Strategy under the DoD and AF Net Centric Enterprise
                                                                Services. HSDW will develop an Enterprise Data Warehouse
                                                                (EDW) and Data Marts consolidating databases and transition
                                                                to a SOA architecture. Program will improve data collection,
                                                                aggregation, analysis, and data visualization of medical
                                                                information. New data models will allow rapid development of
                                                                enterprise-wide reports utilizing Business Intelligence tools.

                                              Page 149
        System Name               Acronym   DITPR ID   Component                             Description
HIV MANAGEMENT SYSTEM   HMS                       49 TMA           The HIV Management Services (HMS) replaced the former
                                                                   Automatic Linked Services (ALS), which was developed for
                                                                   the Department of the Navy (DoN) to implement at bases
                                                                   throughout the world. The objective of HMS is to provide the
                                                                   Navy a positive identification system for reporting laboratory
                                                                   HIV screening and confirmation of infectious diseases testing
                                                                   for Department of Defense (DoD) beneficiaries seen at
                                                                   medical treatment facilities (MTF) using HIV-N application.
                                                                   HMS serves as a repository for seriodiagnostic test results.
                                                                   HMS allows NCHP personnel, Bureau of Navy Personnel
                                                                   (NAVPERS), and HIV Evaluation and Treatment Unit staff
                                                                   members secure access to perform all necessary functions to
                                                                   provide life-cycle historical tracking of test results. Official
                                                                   notification, and report clinical treatment processes. The
                                                                   Navy, Marine Corps, Reserves, Coast Guard and Navy/Army
                                                                   Blood Programs depend on this functional service to meet
                                                                   readiness, protect the blood supply, and provide clinical
                                                                   patient management.

HRC INTERNET WEB SITE   HRC-WEB                 1216 ARMY          The HRC Internet Web Site ( is a publicly
                                                                   facing web site that provides a centralized location for
                                                                   accessibility of HRC Directorate and Office web pages and
                                                                   the web based applications that support the mission and
                                                                   functions of the U.S. Army Human Resources Command
                                                                   (HRC). This is the primary entry point for Soldiers to access
                                                                   HRC self-service applications.
HRC My Record Portal    HRC-MRP                12576 ARMY          The U.S. Army Human Resources Command My Record
                                                                   Portal (HRC-MRP) supports HRCâ¿¿s commitment to provide
                                                                   improved and timely services to Army Reserve soldiers
                                                                   (including Individual Ready Reserve (IRR), Active Guard
                                                                   Reserve (AGR), Individual Mobilization Augmentee (IMA),
                                                                   Troop Program Unit (TPU), Standby Reserve, and Retired
                                                                   Reservists) in the field and to better support Army Reservists
                                                                   worldwide. An Army Knowledge Online (AKO) account is
                                                                   required to use the Portal features. The portal provides Army
                                                                   Reserve soldiers with a snapshot view of their career
                                                                   information and enables them to uniquely customize
                                                                   information most significant to managing their Army Reserve

                                                 Page 150
       System Name              Acronym   DITPR ID   Component                            Description
HUMAN ANALYSIS AND      HARPS                14089 NAVY          The Human Analysis & Requirements Planning System
REQUIREMENTS PLANNING                                            (HARPS) will collect, analyze, and manage the human
SYSTEM                                                           element of work for a materiel solution. From this work
                                                                 element basis, HARPS will provide the automated business
                                                                 processes and workflow to collaboratively define, analyze, and
                                                                 document human demand signals for the Manpower,
                                                                 Personnel, Training, & Education (MPT&E)
                                                                 communitiesHARPS enables the development of
                                                                 standardized MPT processes, language, tools, policy,
                                                                 guidance, and metrics. A feature of HARPS addresses the
                                                                 support of task based training and the development of
                                                                 learning objectives specifically for System task data.
                                                                 Establishes and supports an enterprise approach to MPT/HSI
                                                                 within the Navy. Enables the development standardized MPT
                                                                 processes, language, tools, policy, guidance, and metrics.
                                                                 Addresses human element considerations early in the life-
HUMAN CAPITAL DIGITAL   HCDD                  7132 NAVY          The HCDD is a web-based tool that will arm NAVSEA’s
DASHBOARD                                                        leadership and technical authorities with the ability to quickly
                                                                 locate the engineers assigned to a given function or ship
                                                                 system and assess their leadership abilities, mission
                                                                 capability and technical documentation health. HCDD will
                                                                 enhance NAVSEA’s responsiveness in the face of emergent
                                                                 problems, and helps the Navy to find people with the right
                                                                 expertise when the need arises to equip the engineering
                                                                 workforce in a particular area of knowledge, skills, abilities,
                                                                 and experience. Overall, the HCCD will provide an accurate
                                                                 picture of technical authority and accountability within the
                                                                 NAVSEA engineering line of business.

                                               Page 151
      System Name                 Acronym   DITPR ID   Component                             Description
HUMAN RESOURCES CIVILIAN HRCP                  13428 NAVY          HRCP is an integrated system comprised of government off-
PORTFOLIO                                                          the-shelf (GOTS) and commercial off-the-shelf (COTS)
                                                                   modules, delivering a full spectrum of Human Resources FAM
                                                                   approved tools in the servicing of 185,000 DON and 8,000
                                                                   DoD civilian employees. HRCP provides the HR Tools
                                                                   required and mandated for HR Professionals, Management,
                                                                   and Civilian Employees to process civilian personnel, pay,
                                                                   benefit, awards, retirements, etc... transactions. HRCP has
                                                                   been integrated with and supports the mandated DoD
                                                                   Defense Civilian Personnel Data System (DCPDS), Office of
                                                                   Personnel Management (OPM) Enterprise Human Resources
                                                                   Integration, DoD Defense Civilian Payroll System (DCPS),
                                                                   and all of DON’s management information systems strategic
                                                                   systems requiring civilian personnel data to include Navy
                                                                   Enterprise Resource Planning (Navy ERP), Total Workforce
                                                                   Management System (TWMS), and Civilian Workforce
                                                                   Development Application (CWDA).

HUMAN RESOURCES         HR-DEVS                 2080 USAF          To meet the local TD and HR office needs. This system has
DATABASE                                                           evolved over the past ten to fifteen years, long before the local
                                                                   HR office has access to central databases. In addition to
                                                                   civilian and military personnel it has records for all non-
                                                                   government employee types (e.g. IPA, Contractor, and
                                                                   Volunteer). It also contains data not available from official
                                                                   government sources such as locater information, email
                                                                   addressee (s), and so forth. Additionally, it enables the HR
                                                                   office of perform ad-hoc queries for just about any kind of data
                                                                   call. There is no official system that can provide HR data for
                                                                   non-government personnel. There is no system that can
                                                                   provide locator and other unofficial information for ANY
                                                                   personnel. There is no system that can provide supervisors
                                                                   permission to access HR information for their subordinates
                                                                   that includes unofficial information or, in the case of
                                                                   supervisor contractor personnel, any HR information. There is
                                                                   no system that allows personnel to update locator information
                                                                   on them. There is no system we can use that will allow
                                                                   interfaces required by the LMS and FM systems that include
                                                                   ALL employee types (e.g. contractors too). Above is

                                                 Page 152
       System Name                 Acronym   DITPR ID   Component                            Description
ICOMPLAINTS             ICOMPLAINTS              5964 DODEA         An automated EEO complaints tracking program.EIS Survey
                                                                    Completed.FISMA/PIA Completed 01/15/2009.
IDENTITY AND ACCESS     IDM                     10469 DSS           The Defense Security Service (DSS) offers its Enterprise
MANAGEMENT SERVICES                                                 Security System (ESS) services to support the security
                                                                    missions of the National Industrial Security Program (NISP),
                                                                    the Department of Defense (DoD), and Intelligence
                                                                    communities. The ESS is comprised of services provided
                                                                    through the Joint Personnel Adjudication System (JPAS), the
                                                                    Industrial Security Facilities Database (ISFD), the Defense
                                                                    Central Index of Investigations (DCII), the Improved
                                                                    Investigative Records Repository (iIRR), the Secure Web
                                                                    Fingerprint Transmission (SWFT) system, and the
                                                                    Educational Network Registration and On-Line Learning
                                                                    (ENROL) system. DSS Identity and Access Management
                                                                    Services (IdM) controls ESS User service-accessibility
                                                                    through single sign-on authentication. The web-based IDM
                                                                    enterprise portal is the Public Key Infrastructure (PKI)
                                                                    compliant point-of-entry to the suite of services offered by the
                                                                    ESS. Through sign-on authentication, User service-level
                                                                    permissions are verified, and authorized services are offered
                                                                    to the ESS User accordingly.
IMITS - TELERADIOLOGY   IMITS-TR                 1231 TMA           Integrated Medical Information Technology System (IMITS)
                                                                    initiative focuses on the radiological consultation model center
                                                                    implemented at Wright Patterson AFB and expanding to
                                                                    Wilford Hall Medical Center and other Medical Treatment
IMMUNIZATION TRACKING   ITS                       188 TMA           ITS supports the management of data on all immunizations
SYSTEM                                                              administered within the Navy, Marine Corps, Military Sealift
                                                                    Command, Coast Guard, Reserve Components, DoD civilian
                                                                    employees and contractor personnel as required. The ITS
                                                                    then transmits the data to DEERS.

                                                  Page 153
      System Name                 Acronym   DITPR ID   Component                            Description
INACTIVE MANPOWER AND   IMAPMIS                  662 NAVY          IMAPMIS maintains personnel records for members of the
PERSONNEL MANAGEMENT                                               Selected Reserve (SELRES), Individual Ready Reserve (IRR),
INFORMATION SYSTEM                                                 Standby Reserve, Fleet Reserve, and all United States Navy
                                                                   (USN) and United Status Naval Reserve (USNR) Retired.
                                                                   Additionally, it supports IRR mobilization, personnel data
                                                                   reporting, accumulates participation information to determine
                                                                   Reserve members' eligibility for retirement, and is the primary
                                                                   source for Naval Reserve strength accounting. The mainframe
                                                                   does not support PKI authentication, DECC Mechanicsburg
                                                                   has implemented a mainframe front end PKI web portal.

INCENTIVE AWARDS        IA                      6933 NAVY          INCENTIVE AWARDS application is employee awards that
                                                                   consists of interfaces to propose, hold, approve or cancel 11
                                                                   award types resulting in either time off, step promotion or
                                                                   monetary compensation on a personal basis. In addition, a
                                                                   variety of management metrics reports depict logs, cash flow
                                                                   analysis, award status and control over the proportioning of
INCENTIVE PAY SYSTEM    IPS                      774 NAVY          ACCTG MANAGERIAL COST ACCTG FEEDERThe Incentive
                                                                   Pay System provides a mechanism for encouraging and
                                                                   rewarding performance contributions and other outcomes
                                                                   resulting from the continuous improvement focus of the
                                                                   performance development system. From a practical
                                                                   standpoint, the incentive pay system is the only means for
                                                                   employees covered by pay banding to advance within the pay
                                                                   band. Only employees with an acceptable rating will be
                                                                   eligible to be considered for incentive pay.
INDIVIDUAL PERSONNEL    ITEMPO                   123 NAVY          Tracks day for day deployment of Navy members on an
TEMPO                                                              individual and unit basis.

                                                 Page 154
      System Name            Acronym   DITPR ID   Component                            Description
INDUSTRIAL SECURITY   ISAS                12084 DSS           The Industrial Security Automation System (ISAS) is the
AUTOMATION SYSTEM                                             program name for a system of systems that directly supports
                                                              the DSS Industrial Security mission and vision. ISAS is a new
                                                              development effort that will include a Service Oriented
                                                              Architecture (SOA) and Infrastructure (SOI) capable of
                                                              supporting as many as 50,000 concurrent users. The initial
                                                              components of ISAS will include the Office of Designated
                                                              Approving Authority (ODAA) Business Management System,
                                                              Electronic Facility Clearance, and DD 254 form automation;
                                                              an additional requirement is levied to utilize the DSS Identity
                                                              Management (IdM) solution, still under development. ISAS will
                                                              be built using systems engineering and software development
                                                              best practices, a highly documented architectural approach
                                                              that supports rapid and affordable insertion and reuse of
                                                              technology through modular design, the use of open
                                                              standards, open interfaces, and is net-centric based.

INDUSTRIAL SECURITY   ISFD                 7522 DSS           The Industrial Security Facility Database (ISFD) provides a
FACILITY DATABASE                                             centralized web-based platform for National Industrial Security
                                                              Program (NISP) personnel to manage the industrial security
                                                              facility clearance process, from request to approval (or
                                                              rejection) and store all investigative data associated with that
                                                              process. ISFD provides a means for users to submit, update,
                                                              search, and view facility verification requests. ISFD contains a
                                                              list of cleared facilities and companies and provides users a
                                                              nationwide perspective on National Industrial Security
                                                              Program related facilities, as well as facilities under DSS
                                                              oversight in the DoD conventional Arms, ammunition, and
                                                              explosives (AA&E) program.

                                            Page 155
       System Name               Acronym   DITPR ID   Component                            Description
INFERENTIAL RETRIEVAL    IRIS                  6669 USAF          The IRIS system stores, indexes and dissiminates signaficant
INDEXING SYSTEM                                                   Air Force Historical documents and information. It stores
                                                                  converted paper documents in electronic form as well as
                                                                  documents received in electronic form from History Offices. It
                                                                  provides official users the capability to search the 600,000
                                                                  record database of metadata describing the 100 million plus
                                                                  pages of Air Force History. It allows the user to also do full
                                                                  text searches (key word searches) on the documents that are
                                                                  in electronic form. It also allows user to search the metadata
                                                                  and from a link within the metadata jump to the complete
                                                                  document. Authorized users can do this on the classified and
                                                                  unclassified systems based on their requirements and
                                                                  security clearances. Modernization efforts expand the
                                                                  systems' capabilities by automating the workflow processes
                                                                  involved in accessioning documents into IRIS, providing
                                                                  performance data tracking, allowing metadata creation by
                                                                  remote users, and migrating a functioning copy of IRIS to the
                                                                  GCSS-AF enclave. These improvements will reduce the
                                                                  processing cycle to accession and post historical documents
                                                                  to IRIS, make unique historical resources not located at the
INNOVATIVE DEVELOPMENT   IPDS                   880 USAF          IPDS is the automated system used to support the Air Force
THROUGH EMPLOYEE                                                  IDEA Program. IPDS is a web-based application designed for
AWARENESS (IDEA)                                                  electronic submission of ideas, evaluations, program status
PROGRAM DATA SYSTEM                                               reporting, validation of JRD, savings, and or benefits. IPDS is
                                                                  available to submitters, evaluators, and all levels of IDEA
                                                                  management 24/7. IPDS has an IDEA Pool of closed ideas
                                                                  which has reduced the number of duplicate submissions,
                                                                  therefore eliminating awards paid for duplicate ideas.

INSPECTOR GENERAL        IGCIS                 2099 USAF          IGCIS stores data for managing IG personnel,, training
CORPORATE INFORMATION                                             requirements, travel days, and inspection trip assignments. In
SYSTEM                                                            addition to IG personnel, many of the same functions can be
                                                                  performed for those augmenting the IG. The system also
                                                                  stores data for each unit in the command that the IG must
                                                                  inspect. This data is used to schedule units for required
                                                                  inspections. Inspection trip data is stored to facilitate the
                                                                  scheduling and manning of the inspection, and analyzing of
                                                                  inspection results.

                                                Page 156
      System Name               Acronym   DITPR ID   Component                            Description
INSPECTOR GENERAL       IGPRS                 2100 USAF          The Inspector General Performance Reporting System is an
PERFORMANCE REPORTING                                            automated information system that enables quick data
SYSTEM                                                           collection, simplifying the compilation of inspector comments,
                                                                 and providing immediate and detailed results to the customer.

INSTALLATION SUPPORT    ISM                    172 ARMY          The Installation Support Modules (ISM) system consists of
MODULES                                                          four standardized, web based, custom-developed automation
                                                                 applications that integrate Army Installation business
                                                                 practices and processes. Three of the modules support
                                                                 Human Resources business functions (In/Out-Processing,
                                                                 Transition Processing, and Personnel Locator), the fourth
                                                                 module Central Issue Facility (CIF) supports Logistical
                                                                 business functions. Key customers include Commanders,
                                                                 Soldiers, Personel Managers, and Logisticians; stakeholders
                                                                 include combatant commanders, HQDA G-1 and HQDA G-4.
                                                                 ISM assists Commanders worldwide equip, sustain, and
                                                                 deploy Soldiers. The ISM system is Defense Information
                                                                 Assurance Certification and Accreditation Process (DIACAP)
                                                                 compliant and is in the operations and support phase of its

INTEGRATED AUTOMATED    IATS                    99 DFAS          WinIATS is an automated travel computation system used by
TRAVEL SYSTEM                                                    Travel Office personnel to compute travel entitlements for
                                                                 both military and civilian travelers. WinIATS computes a
                                                                 variety of travel claims such as temporary duty travel (TDY),
                                                                 permanent change of station (PCS), local travel, and
                                                                 personally procured moves, IAW the JTR and JFTR. The
                                                                 WinIATS is operating at (3) DFAS sites. In addition WinIATS
                                                                 is used by multiple DoD sites, in all, approximately 400 sites

                                               Page 157
      System Name               Acronym   DITPR ID   Component                            Description
INTEGRATED GARNISHMENT   IGS                   101 DFAS          Garnishment Operations Directorate Garnishment Support
SYSTEM                                                           System provides online processing of Alimony and Child
                                                                 Support garnishments cases for DoD Civilian, Military
                                                                 Personnel and e-payroll personnel; Commerical
                                                                 Garnishments against civilian employess; Military Commercial
                                                                 Debt Involuntary Allotments; Chapter 13 Bankruptcies for
                                                                 Military Retirees and Active Duty Navy. The Intergrated
                                                                 Garnishment System (IGS) is an automated system that
                                                                 guides Paralegals through legal validation to process cases.

INTEGRATED INFORMATION   IIMS                 2101 USAF          Integrated Information Management System (IIMS) is a
MANAGEMENT SYSTEM                                                contractor-funded, integrated system that eliminates the cost
                                                                 of software licenses for a suite of business application
                                                                 products to the Government. It leverages information and IT to
                                                                 transform processes and provide continuous improvement
                                                                 across the enterprise, and to exploit industry standards to
                                                                 improve interoperability and efficiencies and decrease life-
                                                                 cycle costs. It consists of Synergen, Dekker-Trakker,
                                                                 PeopleSoft Financials, and PeopleSoft Human Resources at
                                                                 its core. This system is included in AFMC's portfolio
                                                                 management and CPIC processes; it is reviewed twice yearly
                                                                 to ensure that it is aligned with mission goals, and that
                                                                 objectives are met with lowest lifecycle cost and least risk.

INTEGRATED MANNING       IMD                  3306 ARMY          The IMD is a web-based editing, reports and query system to
DOCUMENT                                                         be used by USACE manpower analysts at the activity level to
                                                                 maintain current position data on all USACE civilian and
                                                                 uniformed personnel. It may optionally be used by the field to
                                                                 maintain local manning information.

                                               Page 158
      System Name                Acronym   DITPR ID   Component                            Description
INTEGRATED MILITARY     IMPS                   2107 USAF          The Integrated Military Personnel System (IMPS) application
PERSONNEL SYSTEM                                                  was developed in 1986 and written in UNISYS MAPPER
                                                                  programming environment. IMPS posts MilPay transactions
                                                                  from the Air National Guard (ANG) to the Defense Joint
                                                                  Military Pay System Reserve Components (DJMS-RC). The
                                                                  IMPS application is comprised of three (3) modules: 1)
                                                                  Integrated Orders Automated System (IAOS) Module, to be
                                                                  decommissioned this fiscal year as it was subsumed by
                                                                  AROWS; 2) Base Workdays Control Officer (BWCO Module;
                                                                  and 3) Integrated Military Personnel System (IMPS) Module.
                                                                  When IMPS is referenced, all three modules are implied. The
                                                                  BWCO is used to issue and track Inactive Duty workdays to
                                                                  the subordinate unist of the Wing, The ANG Reserve Order
                                                                  Writing System, passes completed orders data and MilPay
                                                                  transaction data to the third and final module, IMPS. The
                                                                  system is scheduled to be subsumed by Defense Integrated
                                                                  Military Human Resources System (DIMHRS) at its Initial
                                                                  Operational Capability (IOC) date for the Air Components. As
                                                                  of this day, the DIMHRS IOC for the Air Components is still
                                                                  pending (to be determined). IMPS is currently deployed to all
                                                                  Air National Guard units serving over 108,000 ANG personnel
INTEGRATED PERSONNEL    IPPS-A                 7972 ARMY          Integrated Personnel and Pay System (IPPS-A) will be an
AND PAY SYSTEM - ARMY                                             Army specific, integrated personnel and payroll system
                                                                  providing each soldier with a single, comprehensive record
                                                                  that will feature self-service capabilities to allow soldiers to
                                                                  update portions of their personal information. IPPS-A will be a
                                                                  web-based tool, available 24 hours a day, accessible to HR
                                                                  professionals, combatant commanders, personnel and pay
                                                                  managers, and other authorized users throughout the Army.
                                                                  SW will be PeopleSoft V9.1
INTEGRATED TOTAL ARMY   ITAPDB                   78 ARMY          ITAPDB is the Army's Human Resource database that
PERSONNEL DATABASE                                                provides a single integrated source of data in support of
                                                                  contingencies, mobilization and peacetime operations for the
                                                                  Active Army, Army National Guard, Army Reserve
                                                                  components and Civilian personnel.

                                                Page 159
      System Name                 Acronym   DITPR ID   Component                            Description
INTER COMPONENT DATA    ICDT                    3081 ARMY          Inter-Component Data Transfer provides automated
TRANSFER                                                           procedures to perform the transfer of data among the Total
                                                                   Army Personnel Data Bases, and is critical to the performance
                                                                   of peacetime, crisis contingency, and wartime personnel
                                                                   management under the Total Army Concept. The objectives
                                                                   are to reduce the time delay and manual update requirements
                                                                   for service personnel transferring between components; and
                                                                   to improve personnel and strength management during large-
                                                                   scale mobilization, crisis contingency, and demobilization
INTERACTIVE COMPONENT   CCDP MX                 2185 USAF          The Civilian Career Development Program for Depot
FOR CIVILLIAN CAREER                                               Maintenance(CCDP-MX) provides approximately 14,000 wage
DEVELOPMENT PROGRAM                                                grade and 7,000 GS/Y* personnel a web-based mapping tool
WEBSITE                                                            and resource site that allows the civilian workforce to explore
                                                                   depot maintenance related career paths.? The Career
                                                                   Mapping tool allows users to build up to five maps that
                                                                   suggest career step activities in the areas of Academic and
                                                                   Professional Military Education, Training, Career Broadening,
                                                                   Mentoring and Civic Activities.? When users select a starting
                                                                   point (e.g. WG, WL, WS or GS occupational series) and
                                                                   grade level and determine their desired ending goal (job
                                                                   series and grade), CCDP-MX then maps out suggested
                                                                   activities by grade level and category.? CCDP-MX supports
                                                                   the Air Force Strategic Plan and the DoD's Joint Vision, which
                                                                   place much emphasis on training and education. This
                                                                   valuable tool will help to ensure the depot maintenance
                                                                   civilian workforce operates at optimum efficiency by tailoring
                                                                   its education and training activities to meet the needs of
                                                                   individuals and the Agency as a whole.

                                                 Page 160
       System Name               Acronym   DITPR ID   Component                           Description
INTERACTIVE CUSTOMER    ICE                   14354 WHS           Part of the WHS Enterprise Infrastructure Family of Systems,
EVALUATION                                                        the Interactive Customer Evaluation (ICE) system is a web-
                                                                  based tool that collects feedback on services provided by
                                                                  various organizations throughout the Department of Defense
                                                                  (DoD). The ICE system allows customers to submit online
                                                                  comment cards to rate the service providers they have
                                                                  encountered at military installations and related facilities
                                                                  around the world. WHS maintains a test environment only for
                                                                  ICE. Additionally, ICE is part of the WHS ENT Infrastructure
                                                                  FoS -
INTERACTIVE PERSONNEL   IPERMS                 1289 ARMY          The U.S. Army interactive Personnel Electronic Records
ELECTRONIC RECORDS                                                Management System (iPERMS) is a web-browser based
MANAGEMENT SYSTEM                                                 electronic records management system established to support
                                                                  all U.S. Army Components (Active, National Guard, and
                                                                  Reserve) as a means for providing electronic document
                                                                  management of the Official Military Personnel File (OMPF),
                                                                  and is used to support the life-cycle management of Soldiers.
                                                                  The OMPF is the chronological account of a Soldier's career
                                                                  from accession to separation from the Army. This record is an
                                                                  accumulative account of information maintained as evidence
                                                                  of events and decisions during the course of a Soldier's
                                                                  service to the Nation. The iPERMS will maintain, preserve and
                                                                  safeguard the OMPF for 62 years after a Soldier's separation,
                                                                  and then transfer the OMPF to the National Archives for
                                                                  permanent retention. The iPERMS is the Army's authorized
                                                                  records repository for the OMPF. It is the historical and
                                                                  authoritative source to authenticate a veteran's benefits,
                                                                  entitlements and service. Soldiers, commanders, career
                                                                  managers at all levels, and authorized officials to include
                                                                  retirees can access iPERMS 24/7 in a secure mode
INTERACTIVE VOICE       IVRS                    847 DFAS          IVRS (Interactive Voice Response System) is an automated
RESPONSE SYSTEM                                                   system that provides callers with information without the
                                                                  assistance of customer service representatives. This
                                                                  information includes but is not limited to pay information for
                                                                  active duty and reserve military members, information
                                                                  concerning garnishment of wages and travel pay.

                                                Page 161
       System Name                  Acronym   DITPR ID   Component                            Description
INTERNATIONAL CIVILIAN PAY ICPS                    848 DFAS          In February 2002, DFAS assumed program management of
SYSTEM - AUTOMATED PORT                                              WINAPPS at the behest of the Air Force, the original
                                                                     developer of the system. On October 1, 2004, DFAS assumed
                                                                     ownership of WINAPPS. Once the system was stabilized, Air
                                                                     Force asked DFAS to develop a system which could be
                                                                     modified easily to accommodate multiple countries and
                                                                     monetary payments. The result of this development effort is
                                                                     the International Civilian Pay System. This application
                                                                     provides pay, leave and entitlement computations, and
                                                                     financial accounting for approximately 1,000 foreign national
                                                                     employees located at Osan AB RS Korea. The customers
                                                                     currently paid by WINAPPS will be retro-fitted to ICPS and the
                                                                     WINAPPS software closed.
INTERNET COMPLAINTS       iCOMPLAINTS             9522 ARMY          The Internet Complaints Tracking System is a web-based
TRACKING SYSTEM                                                      application that provides Army Equal Employment Opportunity
                                                                     (EEO) Offices, Major Command representatives, and EEO
                                                                     Headquarters all the necessary capabilities required to collect,
                                                                     process, track, manage, audit, and report data on
                                                                     discrimination complaints filed under the various U.S. federal
                                                                     civil rights statutes. The system supports complaints made by
                                                                     current and former federal employees, applicants for federal
                                                                     employment, and certain classes of contractors. The system
                                                                     provides the capability to fully generate all parts of the NO
                                                                     FEAR Act and EEOC Form 462 reports. The system provides
                                                                     role-based user accounts with comprehensive data security
                                                                     based on organization-hierarchy, data-category permissions
                                                                     and case-access permissions. The system complies with
                                                                     federal, EEOC, and Army regulations, and supports all types
                                                                     of EEO cases including EEO contacts, Informal, formal, class-
                                                                     action, mixed, consolidations, remands, settlements, appeals,
                                                                     civil actions, and alternate dispute resolution (ADR).

                                                   Page 162
          System Name             Acronym   DITPR ID   Component                           Description
INVESTIGATIONS AND       IRCMS                 13410 DHRA          The Investigations and Resolutions Case Management
RESOLUTIONS CASE                                                   System (IRCMS) is envisioned as an enterprise level, web-
MANAGEMENT SYSTEM                                                  based data tracking application that provides: an effective
                                                                   mechanism for Components and Defense Agencies to
                                                                   manage and track equal employment opportunity (EEO)
                                                                   investigations; a consistent and comprehensive repository for
                                                                   case information; and a full-featured report generation module
                                                                   to meet a wide variety of reporting requirements. The system
                                                                   will provide for better management, tracking and reporting of
                                                                   DoD EEO cases throughout the Department. The IRCMS will
                                                                   be configurable to support current and future program case
                                                                   management processes. IRCMS users are currently involved
                                                                   in managing, tracking and analyzing cases using two "home
                                                                   grown" and non-integrated systems. The intent is for IRCMS
                                                                   to replace these with a single integrated system. CPMS is
                                                                   responsible for investigating complaints of discrimination.
                                                                   IRCMS will improve the effective execution of these
                                                                   responsibilitiesand provide for a consistent and
                                                                   comprehensive approach to case management throughout the
ISKILLS                  ISKILL                11201 DISA          The ISKILLS by Avilar, will provide the Defense Information
                                                                   Systems Agency (DISA) employees with the capability to
                                                                   manage competencies, conduct gap analyses, plan
                                                                   professional development activities on individual development
                                                                   plans (IDP), send auto emails to employees and supervisors,
                                                                   and produce a series of reports to help manage workforce
                                                                   planning and professional development
ITALIAN LOCAL NATIONAL   ILNPS                  3302 ARMY          Processes pay actions, computes entitlements, and creates
PAY SYSTEM                                                         bank transfer records for local national personnel working for
                                                                   the Department of the Army within Italy. Operates within
                                                                   Italian labor laws and practices as implemented by resolutions
                                                                   of the US Forces Civilian Personnel Coordination Committee,
                                                                   Italy, and supplemented by USAREUR. Uses an Oracle
                                                                   database platform to maintain and manipulate data. Consists
                                                                   of various modules to interface various operations to include
                                                                   Time and Attendance, personnel entitlements reports, tax
                                                                   reports, banking transfer files, and Italian government pay

                                                 Page 163
      System Name                 Acronym   DITPR ID   Component                             Description
ITALIAN LOCAL NATIONAL    ILNPS                13603 NAVY          The Italian Local National Payroll System is a Commercial Off
PAYROLL SYSTEM - NAPLES                                            The Shelf (COTS) product, customized for NSA Naples
                                                                   specific requirements. It is a Windows environment with an
                                                                   Oracle database back-end. It is a single point of entry for all
                                                                   Italian time and attendance, for both appropriated and non-
                                                                   appropriated fund employees, and accommodates lira, dollar
                                                                   and euro currencies. The system uses time & attendance
                                                                   input to calculate payroll based on current Italian payroll and
                                                                   tax laws, provides a file output to STARS-FL for upload of
                                                                   payroll information to the accounting system and a file output
                                                                   to NSA Naples' Commercial Bill Pay Office for processing
                                                                   payment to employees either by pay check or EFT. Notable
                                                                   system features: handles various disbursement rates
                                                                   including - budget rate/daily rate, calculates the difference
                                                                   between disbursement rates (i.e., the budgeted rate and the
                                                                   daily rate) and automatically provides a flux line of accounting,
                                                                   accommodates payroll adjustments including retroactive pay,
                                                                   overtime, recoupment of overpayments, repayment of loans,
                                                                   taxes, pensions, etc., accumulates labor costs by direct and
                                                                   reimbursable determined by the Job Order Number (JON) to
JAG SYSTEM SERVICES       JSS                  14117 NAVY          System for all JAG system support services/applications for
                                                                   the overall JAG architecture made up of five systems. JSS
                                                                   contains authentication, backup and the domain name
                                                                   services (DNS) for all other OJAG/NLSC systems.
JOB OPPORTUNITY           JOA                   7553 WHS           The JOA system is a web-based system that posts WHS job
ANNOUNCEMENT SYSTEM                                                announcements and allows authorized users to apply for job
                                                                   announcements online. It is a part of the family of WHS
                                                                   Human Resources Support Systems.
JOINT ADVERTISING MARKET JAMRS                 13132 DHRA          The purpose of the system is to compile, process and
RESEARCH AND STUDIES                                               distribute files of individuals to the Services to assist them in
RECRUITMENT DATABASE                                               their direct marketing recruiting efforts. The system also
                                                                   provides JAMRS with the ability to measure effectiveness of
                                                                   list purchases through ongoing analysis and to remove the
                                                                   names of individuals who are currently members of, or are
                                                                   enlisting in, the Armed Forces or who have asked that their
                                                                   names be removed from future recruitment lists.

                                                 Page 164
      System Name              Acronym   DITPR ID   Component                           Description
JOINT ASSET MOVEMENT   JAMMS                11857 BTA           The Joint Asset Movement Management System (JAMMS) is
MANAGEMENT SYSTEM                                               an information technology application developed to capture
                                                                movement and location information about operating
                                                                forces,government civil servants, and government contractors
                                                                in specified operational theaters. Data collection points for
                                                                JAMMS are being established at Dining Facilities (DFACs),
                                                                Aerial Ports of Debarkation (APODs), Central Issue Facility
                                                                (CIF), Medical locations, Convoy staging areas, and
                                                                Department of State (DOS) locations. Future development of
                                                                the JAMMS application is expected to include data collection
                                                                points located at fuel points, vehicle issue points, Morale,
                                                                Welfare, and Recreational (MWR) sites, and similar high
                                                                traffic areas. Future enhancements may include network
                                                                connectivity to provide “near real-time” interoperability with
                                                                existing and evolving systems requiring identity assurance
                                                                information. Additionally, JAMMS has rapidly evolved to scan
                                                                a wide range of identity media, such as the Real-Time
                                                                Automated Identification System (RAPIDS) card barcodes,
                                                                SPOT-generated LOA, DBIDS, Federal Information Exchange
                                                                (FIX), Battlefield Information System Application
JOINT DISABILITY       JDETS                 6694 NAVY          JDETS provides tracking, data collecting and produces
EVALUATION TRACKING                                             findings and reports. This Oracle 8.1 Client based application
SYSTEM                                                          supports Active Duty, Retired Sailors and Marines members of
                                                                the Department of the Navy Disability Evaluation System. The
                                                                application screens were created in PowerBuilder. The
                                                                application is executed with an Oracle Client Executable form,
                                                                which reside on a fileserver running the Windows O/S.

                                              Page 165
      System Name                 Acronym   DITPR ID   Component                           Description
JOINT ELECTRONIC HEALTH   JEHRI                 7519 TMA           Joint Electronic Health Record Interoperability (JEHRI) is the
RECORD INTEROPERABILITY                                            program whereby the Department of Defense (DoD) and the
                                                                   Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) share health information
                                                                   today. The Departments continue to pursue enhancements to
                                                                   information management and technology initiatives to
                                                                   significantly improve the secure sharing of appropriate health
                                                                   information. These initiatives enhance health care delivery to
                                                                   beneficiaries and the continuity of care for those who have
                                                                   served our country. The initiatives currently being pursued by
                                                                   the department include Federal Health Information Exchange
                                                                   (FHIE) which enables the transfer of protected electronic
                                                                   health information from DoD to VA at the time of a service
                                                                   member´s separation, Bidirectional Health Information
                                                                   Exchange (BHIE) which enables real-time sharing of allergy,
                                                                   outpatient prescription, demographic data, laboratory,
                                                                   radiology results procedures, problems, encounters, clinical
                                                                   notes, vital signs, family history, social history, other past
                                                                   medical history and questionnaires between DoD and VA for
                                                                   patients treated in both DoD and VA facilities, Clinical Data
                                                                   Repository (CDR)/Health Data Repository (HDR) (CDR/HDR)
JOINT PERSONNEL           JPAS                  6696 DHRA          The Joint Personnel Adjudication System (JPAS) provides the
ADJUDICATION SYSTEM                                                DoD and Intelligence community current eligibility and access
                                                                   levels of civilian, military and industry personnel within the
                                                                   DoD and federal workforce. JPAS is the DoD system of record
                                                                   for clearance information and provides a means to request
                                                                   investigations and determine investigation types by directly
                                                                   interfacing with the Office of Personnel Management. JPAS
                                                                   consists of two subsystems, the Joint Clearance Adjudication
                                                                   and Verification system (JCAVS); used by Security Managers
                                                                   to submit security clearance requests and record eligibility
                                                                   and access and the Joint Adjudication Management System
                                                                   (JAMS); used by Adjudicators to track investigations and
                                                                   determine eligibility and access.

                                                 Page 166
       System Name                    Acronym   DITPR ID   Component                            Description
JOINT PRIMARY AIRCRAFT   JPATS GBTS (TIMS)          1177 USAF          JPATS Ground Based Training System (GBTS) TIMS provides
TRAINING SYSTEM - GROUND                                               training management, scheduling, accounting, and tracking
BASED TRAINING SYSTEM                                                  for all AF and Navy UFT (pilot, navigator, and naval flight
(TRNG INTEGRATION MGMT                                                 officer) trainees. It is the training management portion of the
SYS)                                                                   JPATS (GBTS) and manages students, instructors, aircraft,
                                                                       simulators, and other training resources. JPATS TIMS is a
                                                                       joint effort managed by the JPATS Program Office through the
                                                                       JPATS Contractor Logistics Support (CLS) contract. Each
                                                                       service employs JPATS TIMS on service specific computer
JOINT PRIMARY AIRCRAFT   JPATS-TIMS                 1568 NAVY          Joint Primary Aircraft Training System (JPATS)-Training
TRAINING SYSTEM-TRAINING                                               Integrated Management System (TIMS) is a joint USAF/USN
INTEGRATED MANAGEMENT                                                  program. It is the total replacement system for primary pilot
SYSTEM                                                                 training and all associated ground based training. The
                                                                       principal mission of JPATS-TIMS is to train entry-level
                                                                       US/USAF and international student pilots in primary pilot
                                                                       skills. JPATS-TIMS also provides primary and intermediate
                                                                       training to entry-level Student Naval Flight Officers and basic
                                                                       airmanship understanding to entry level USAF student
JOINT SERVICES SUPPORT   JSS                       14253 NGB           The JSS portal, located at,
                                                                       brings together the websites for the Yellow Ribbon
                                                                       Reintegration Program, Family Program, NGB Employer
                                                                       Support, Warrior Support, NGB Sexual Assault Prevention &
                                                                       Response Program, Psychological Health Program, and
                                                                       Financial Management Awareness Program. In addition to
                                                                       providing a centralized location for Service Members and their
                                                                       families to find information pertaining to the programs, the
                                                                       JSS provides a workspace for J1 program managers to
                                                                       communicate, conduct business, report to NGB, share best
                                                                       practices, and more. Today, the JSS system is more than just
                                                                       a portal. Providing instant access to local support on the web,
                                                                       on mobile device, and through touch-tone phone, the JSS
                                                                       system recreates the support network of a military installation
                                                                       to the Guards geographically dispersed community and

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      System Name             Acronym   DITPR ID   Component                             Description
JOINT THEATER TRAUMA   JTTR                 7532 TMA           JTTR provides a DoD vehicle to collect, store, and analyze all
REGISTRY                                                       battlefield casualty data throughout the entire continuum of
                                                               care from the point of injury through long term rehabilitative
                                                               care at medical treatment facilities. JTTR implements the
                                                               DoD/Health Affairs directive to capture, maintain, and report
                                                               all battlefield injury demographics, care, and outcomes for
                                                               both military and civilian casualties. JTTR provides the
                                                               capability to collect the continuum of provided care at follow-
                                                               on medical facilities with outcomes. The system contributes as
                                                               a method and source for the evolution of enhanced combat
                                                               medical doctrine, Process Improvement (PI) and Quality
                                                               Assurance (QA), material development, and medical training,
                                                               more efficient and effective medical research in a resource
                                                               constrained environment. The DoD Trauma Registry (DoDTR)
                                                               and its centralized application and databank enables
                                                               collecting and reporting of all DoD trauma related information,
                                                               sharing of trauma care data among the Services, and
                                                               providing actionable medical information to the Warfighter and
                                                               material developers in a timely manner.

JUDGE ADVOCATE GENERAL JES                  5348 NAVY          System design with the following functions: tort processing
ENTERPRISE SYSTEM                                              (TORTS); reimbursement of medical recovery expenses
                                                               (MCRA); managing and tracking Freedom of Information Act
                                                               request (FOIA); obtaining forms foragents to fill-out for getting
                                                               various material needed for investigation (INVESTIGATION);
                                                               trial tracking for judges (TRIMIS); automate JAGC Form 4416,
                                                               support diversity program in recruiting of personnel from a
                                                               broader selection base; review and selection of officer
                                                               candidates, push to JAG Enterprise System creating cradle to
                                                               grave capture of Officer information, tracking of military
                                                               personnel from Law School, active duty, reserve duty and
                                                               retirement (JAGPERS);used by justice, defense, and
                                                               prosecution to share/mange a case, document it, and provide
                                                               searchable case history(CMTIS).

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         System Name                    Acronym     DITPR ID   Component                            Description
Joint Expeditionary Tasking   JET DDB                  14326 USAF          The JET DDB capability allows the 2AF to integrate
Digital Dashboard                                                          information from the local operating environment at Keesler
                                                                           AFB and Randolph AFB to an enterprise environment hosted
                                                                           by the Air Force Personnel Center (AFPC) AEF Online
                                                                           website. The JET DDB environment is currently hosted by the
                                                                           HQ Air Education Training Command, Directorate of
                                                                           Communications (HQ AETC/A6) that provides a secure
                                                                           connection to AEF Online which provides a unified
                                                                           environment that connects users to information, enterprise
                                                                           applications, and collaborative tools throughout the JET
                                                                           community. In addition, it provides situational awareness to
                                                                           2AF leadership and Air Expeditionary Group Commanders in
                                                                           the AOR.
KEYSTONE-RECRUIT QUOTA        KEYSTONE-REQUEST-CS         86 ARMY          KEYSTONE-REQUEST-CS supports recruitment, accession,
SYSTEM CLIENT SERVER                                                       training and assignments. It matches recruit qualifications to
                                                                           Army requirements and makes initial entry training class
                                                                           reservations, first assignment and reservations.

KEYSTONE-RETENTION            KEYSTONE-RETAIN-CS        3381 ARMY          KEYSTONE-RETAIN-CS supports reenlistment,
SYSTEM - CLIENT SERVER                                                     reclassification requirements and Reserve Component
KNOWLEDGE NETWORK             K-NET                     1395 NAVY          Provides integrated analytical and knowledge management
                                                                           capabilities across multiple internal and external sources of
                                                                           criminal investigative, counterintelligence, and counter-
                                                                           terrorism information.

                                                         Page 169
      System Name               Acronym   DITPR ID   Component                            Description
KNOWLEDGE, INNOVATION, KITS                   9789 ARMY          1. PURPOSE The Army Knowledge, Innovation and
AND TECHNOLOGY SHARING                                           Technology Sharing (KITS) System manages and tracks
SYSTEM                                                           information on the inventions, patents, and other intellectual
                                                                 assets created by the Armyâ¿¿s intramural and extramural
                                                                 Research and Development (R&D) programs. The primary
                                                                 functions of Army KITS are: * Tracks and manages invention
                                                                 disclosures and new technologies. * Tracks and manages all
                                                                 agreements or contracts, including their detailed terms, for the
                                                                 life of each agreement or contract. * Oversees patent
                                                                 prosecution plus tracks and manages patent portfolios. *
                                                                 Tracks and manages expenses and incomes for technologies,
                                                                 patents, agreements, companies, and researchers. * Permits
                                                                 file sharing by attaching any document or URL to any record. *
                                                                 Establishes and enforces read, write, modify and delete
                                                                 privileges for users. * Organizes records for ease of search by
                                                                 applying keywords to technologies, patents, agreements,
                                                                 companies, and people. 2. USERS Army KITS supports the
                                                                 Army R&D community; Army Materiel Command, Army
                                                                 Medical Research and Materiel Command, Space and Missile
                                                                 Defense Command, and Army Corps of Engineers. Army
                                                                 KITS is used by the following groups: * Intellectual Property
LABOR MANAGEMENT        LMSIS                 8419 NAVY          LIMSIS is a client-server platform that allows NAVFAC
SUPPORT INFORMATION                                              Working Capital Fund activities to process time and
SYSTEM                                                           attendance data through labor distribution validation and to
                                                                 ensure that costs can be attributed to the proper funding
                                                                 documents. It processes labor records for PW cost purposes,
                                                                 prepares data for DWAS, tracks input errors, tracks valid time
                                                                 & labor data and reconciles variances between labor records
                                                                 and payroll.
LABOR, MANAGEMENT AND   LMER                 14349 DLA           Web-based reporting tool used to record disciplinary actions,
EMPLOYEE RELATIONS                                               generate disciplinary letters, and search/view offenses and
                                                                 actions. Reporting functionality provided by third-party, SQL
                                                                 Server Reporting Services.

                                               Page 170
      System Name                   Acronym   DITPR ID   Component                             Description
LABORATORY INFORMATION   LIMS-CIL                 9101 ARMY          The USACIL Laboratory Information Management System
MANAGEMENT SYSTEM -                                                  (LIMS) is a web based client-server application that is used by
CRIMINAL INVESTIGATION                                               the laboratory to track evidence and maintain an internal chain
LABORATORY                                                           of custody from the receipt of the evidence in the lab by
                                                                     Evidence Processing (EP), performing forensic examinations,
                                                                     reporting the results by examiners, and shipping the evidence
                                                                     to the submitting agency by EP. The LIMS system supports all
                                                                     ancillary processes that support the forensic examiners.
                                                                     These processes include, but are not limited to, analytics,
                                                                     materials management, management reporting, Freedom of
                                                                     Information Act requests (FOIA), legal discovery request,
                                                                     court preparation and outsource processing. The LIMS
                                                                     application is accessed by connecting to an internal web
                                                                     server via Internet Explorer that queries a local SQL database
                                                                     that is maintained at USACIL.

LAW ENFORCEMENT          LEAP                    13853 ARMY          Law Enforcement Portal for all OPMG/CIDC Law Enforcement
ADVISORY PORTAL                                                      Systems
LAW ENFORCEMENT          LINX                     1393 NAVY          The Naval Criminal Investigative Service (NCIS) - the felony
INFORMATION EXCHANGE                                                 investigative arm of the Department of the Navy (DON) - has
                                                                     launched the Law Enforcement Information Exchange (LInX),
                                                                     a project designed to enhance information sharing between
                                                                     local, state, and federal law enforcement in areas of strategic
                                                                     importance to the Department of the Navy. LInX provides over
                                                                     700 participating law enforcement agencies in 10 regions with
                                                                     secure access to regional crime and incident data and the
                                                                     tools needed to process it, enabling investigators to search
                                                                     across jurisdictional boundaries to help solve crimes and
                                                                     resolve suspicious events. LInX offers search and retrieval of
                                                                     structured and unstructured disparate law enforcement data
                                                                     and records systems. This capability includes data retrieval,
                                                                     entity extraction and analytical tool applications. LInX is
                                                                     "person-centric" and search results are returned as a list of
                                                                     persons involved in incidents. In addition to person
                                                                     information further queries can search vehicles, addresses,
                                                                     incidents (arrests, booking, traffic, pawn data, mug shots etc.),
                                                                     phone numbers, and free text search and link analysis. LInX is

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      System Name               Acronym   DITPR ID   Component                            Description
LEARNING ASSESSMENT   LAS                    13611 NAVY          The Learning Assessment System (LAS) is a server based
SYSTEM                                                           survey system that supports Naval Education and Training
                                                                 Command (NETC). LAS provides the ability to perform
                                                                 surveys of training effectiveness which collects feed back from
                                                                 students and activities to measure the performance,
                                                                 determine the value, and plan for the lifecycle support and
                                                                 improvement of NETC delivered training. The Learning
                                                                 Assessment System is implemented as a server-based web-
                                                                 enabled application (Perception Enterprise Manager)
                                                                 supported by an associated Oracle database. Access to
                                                                 Enterprise Manager is via a web=based interface. An
                                                                 additional client-side component, Perception Authoring
                                                                 Manager, can be used on individual workstations to do local
                                                                 development and management of items and surveys. The
                                                                 LAS has been designated as Mission Assurance Category
                                                                 (MAC) Level III, and is authorized to process information at a
                                                                 confidentiality level of Sensitive up to Unclassified FOUO in
                                                                 the System High mode of operation.
LEARNING CONTENT      LCMS-DL                  812 NAVY          The LCMS-DL structures existing content to comply with
MANAGEMENT SYSTEM -                                              technical and instructional design standards (i.e., SCORM,
DISTANCE LEARNING                                                AICC, RLO, RIO, ASTD). This allows a learning object to
                                                                 interact with content from other sources in an orchestrated
                                                                 manner to create effective courses or curricula from multi-
                                                                 sourced materials. It becomes the learning content integration
                                                                 point with the enterprise Learning Management System -
                                                                 Distance Learning (LMS-DL) and technical content databases.

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      System Name               Acronym   DITPR ID   Component                             Description
LEARNING MANAGEMENT   LMS                     2170 USAF          Training office needed a way to schedule and track all
SYSTEM                                                           training, authorize all required periodic training and monitor
                                                                 completion status; allow supervisors to identify subordinates
                                                                 who have/have not completed required training; and highly
                                                                 desired a product that would allow employees to take on-line
                                                                 training that would automatically update their completion
                                                                 status. After considerable market research, a COTS product
                                                                 was found that fulfilled all mandatory and highly desirable
                                                                 requirements. This product gets its HR data from the local
                                                                 DEVS HR database. This allows it to stay in sync (e.g. record
                                                                 creation, updating, active/inactive status) with current HR data
                                                                 so double entry is not required. An integrated application to
                                                                 support creation of AFRL training requirements; training
                                                                 courses; course scheduling; certification; and reporting.
                                                                 Application to utilize the HR databases and new tables for
                                                                 security, access, privileges, capability, etc. IG issues: (1)
                                                                 eliminates manual processes and desktop databases of
                                                                 VSOR; (2) employee can track requirements and schedule;
                                                                 (3) staff can schedule training requirements; (4) staff can track
                                                                 whether requirements have been met; (5) training reports as
LEARNING MANAGEMENT   LMS                     6020 DLA           LMS is used by all DLA serviced population to identify,
SYSTEM                                                           manage, and complete learning requirements on a timely
                                                                 basis. LMS tracks and processes training requirements,
                                                                 course allocations, skill code assignments, and course
LEARNING MANAGEMENT   MWR-LMS                 3638 ARMY          The Academyâ¿¿s LMS system is a web-based single
SYSTEM                                                           integrated enterprise learning architecture, using a relational
                                                                 database architecture as a foundation. The key capability of
                                                                 the system is to provide meaningful and timely information to
                                                                 end users by creating processes that identify, collect,
                                                                 categorize and refresh content using a common taxonomy.
                                                                 The system provides the combined functionality of a robust
                                                                 learning management system, a performance support system,
                                                                 and a knowledge management system. It includes student
                                                                 registration, courseware management, student administration,
                                                                 and management of classroom course offerings.

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      System Name                  Acronym   DITPR ID   Component                            Description
LEARNING MANAGEMENT    LMS-DL                     813 NAVY          The Learning Management System - Distance Learning
SYSTEM - DISTANCE                                                   provides access to web based training, education and
LEARNING                                                            professional development courses to all DON personnel. The
                                                                    Learning Management system also provides access to
                                                                    individual learning plans supporting a variety of formal
                                                                    curricula. The site currently makes approximately 8,000
                                                                    courses available to over 1 million registered users. This user
                                                                    base includes all DON personnel and their dependants along
                                                                    with members from other services, foreign nationals, and
                                                                    members of the delayed entry program (ROTC).

LEARNING MANAGEMENT    LMS-DTRA                  8672 DTRA          LMS-DTRA is a COTS product that supports DTRA
SYSTEM - DTRA                                                       personnel's training and development. It tracks and maintains
                                                                    individual's training history and provides na on-line platform
                                                                    for on-line training and class training. Access is via DTRA1.

LEAVE REQUEST, APPROVAL LEAVEWEB                   71 USAF          A Web Based system designed and deployed to automate the
AND TRACKING SYSTEM                                                 old paper based leave process that was manhour-intensive.
                                                                    The new paperless and web based system LeaveWeb allows
                                                                    members to request, approve, and tracking leave with a high-
                                                                    speed, scalable, integrated, and open-system architecture.
                                                                    This system serves as the foundation for a flexible system
                                                                    capable of allowing military personnel to request and approve
                                                                    military leave across the Air Force at each installation. The
                                                                    LeaveWeb system also co-hosts with Defense Military Pay
                                                                    office allowing seemless interfacing and updating of MMPA.
                                                                    LeaveWeb creates data that will be used for updating the
                                                                    Defense Military Pay System (DJMS).

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      System Name                     Acronym   DITPR ID   Component                             Description
LOA 3 RECOVERY CARE       LOA 3 RCM                12187 TMA           Tool will facilitate business processes to manage recovery of
MANAGEMENT                                                             the Wounded, Ill and Injured (WII). The solution will be a web-
                                                                       based system that captures both inpatient and outpatient care
                                                                       management documentation and will provide reportable
                                                                       outcomes and help identify issues requiring action. It will allow
                                                                       for a patient to move seamlessly across MTFs, VA and civilian
                                                                       facilities. Also non-clinical efforts will be supported by
                                                                       providing information for other benefits decisions as well as to
                                                                       help patients achieve efficient and effective transition from
                                                                       military to civilian status with an exchange of data of common
                                                                       work structure and security to maximize healthcare resources,
                                                                       facilitate continuity of care and provide up to date tracking of
                                                                       recovery progress. Through the use of system interfaces, LOA
                                                                       3 RCM will pull information from the MHS Electronic Health
                                                                       Record and other DoD, MHS, and VA information systems to
                                                                       promote continuity of care for the WII across MTFs and other
                                                                       care facilities.

LOCAL NATIONAL STAFFING   LNSS                      3397 ARMY          The Local National Staffing Suite consists of both the Local
SUITE                                                                  National Recruitment System (LNRS) and the Local National
                                                                       Vacancy Announcement Builder (LN VAB). LNRS automates
                                                                       recruitment processes for German Local Nationals (LN) for
                                                                       USAREUR, including Priority Placement, Reduction In Force,
                                                                       and Referrals. This application is a component of the ACPDS
                                                                       Enclave. LN VAB is designed to allow the building of vacancy
                                                                       announcements for German local nationals to work in and
                                                                       support the Army USAREUR civilian personnel community.
                                                                       LN VAB allows the HR Specialist to create, edit, or amend a
                                                                       vacancy announcement by entering/selecting the appropriate
                                                                       data into a blank template or editing/amending an existing
                                                                       vacancy announcement then saving it to the database. (The
                                                                       announcement will later be displayed to the German local
                                                                       nationals through the LNRS process.)

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      System Name                  Acronym   DITPR ID   Component                            Description
LODGING TOUCH SYSTEM     LTS                     2182 USAF          Supports operations at base level Lodging facilities. System is
                                                                    operational at 95 sites including contingency locations.
                                                                    Provides procedures and statistics for tracking and utilizing
                                                                    base transient quarters. System runs on Windows 2000
                                                                    platform. Replaces SIMS Lodging System.
MAILBOX INFORMATION      MBIS                    3596 ARMY          The Mail Box Information System uses Inter-Component Data
SYSTEM                                                              Transfer (ICDT) common software that is designed to handle
                                                                    the interface between MBIS and component-unique
                                                                    processes. MBIS is used to transfer personnel data from one
                                                                    Total Army Personnel Data Base component to another. In
                                                                    order to exchange transactions, external and internal
                                                                    customers exchange data using Personal Computer (PC)
                                                                    Blast, File Transfer Protocol (FTP), or by writing directly to a
                                                                    Direct Access Storage Device (DASD) file. MBIS supports Top
                                                                    Of the System (TOS) inter-component communications by
                                                                    regulating message traffic between the Army Active Enlisted,
                                                                    Active Officer, Reserve, and National Guard component
                                                                    databases, and it also includes extensions to support unique
MANAGEMENT                                                          OUT DATA, PROVIDES EFFICIENT MEANS FOR
                                                                    SUPERVISORS TO CHARGE LABOR AGAINST
                                                                    AUTHORIZED JOBS, AND PROVIDES DATA FOR THE
                                                                    DEFENSE CIVILIAN PAYROLL SYSTEMS (DCPS). Payroll
                                                                    information is generated as a result of data received from

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      System Name               Acronym   DITPR ID   Component                            Description
MANAGEMENT OPERATING   MOS                    7984 NAVY          MOS is a web based tool that collects operational data on
SYSTEM                                                           what work is being done in the organization on a daily basis.
                                                                 An individual’s daily work is captured via Action Items that
                                                                 individuals enter their time against on a daily basis. MOS also
                                                                 captures hours against Other Activities, such as Leave, IT
                                                                 Downtime, etc. The data that is captured is rolled up and
                                                                 metrics are generated every week at multiple levels: Area,
                                                                 Group, Division, Team and Sub Team. Examples of types of
                                                                 metrics include Attainment, Adherence, Overdue Items,
                                                                 Leading/Lagging Cycle Times, etc. Metrics are also generated
                                                                 by different Programs or Projects that Action Items may be
                                                                 associated to as well. Metrics are displayed over 12 week
                                                                 periods so that week to week comparisons can be made.
                                                                 Graphical representations of certain metrics allow for easier
                                                                 comparisons of weekly metrics. MOS’s metrics allow for a way
                                                                 of understanding what is happening in an organization and
                                                                 one can learn what is working well and what changes need to
                                                                 be made for a more efficient and successful organization.
                                                                 MOS is used and managed by NAVSEA 05 and NAVSEA
                                                                 Warfare Center.
MANPOWER MODELS        MCMODS                 8719 USMC          Manpower Models (MCMods) is a post Milestone C legacy
                                                                 application that is in PDSS. MCMods is currently comprised of
                                                                 13 models supporting core manpower planning processes of
                                                                 accessing, classifying, retaining, promoting, mobilizing,
                                                                 distributing, and assigning Marines for the following
                                                                 organizations: DC, M&RA Manpower Management
                                                                 (MM)Manpower Plans and Policy (MP) Reserve Affairs (RA).

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      System Name               Acronym   DITPR ID   Component                            Description
MANPOWER ON-LINE       MOMS                   4247 DTRA          The Manpower On-Line Management System (MOMS)
MANAGEMENT SYSTEM                                                provides control for tracking the Agency's 2242 civilian and
                                                                 military manpower authorizations, on-board personnel
                                                                 (military, civilian, Inter-Governmental Act (IPA) on loan from
                                                                 other Agencies), positions undergoing recruitment action, and
                                                                 various functional codes involving commercial activities, and
                                                                 the DoD Acquisition Workforce and security clearance
                                                                 requirements on positions. The system contains capabilities to
                                                                 produce pre-set reports and queries, and allows users to set
                                                                 specific parameters for unique queries against the MOMS
                                                                 data. MOMS data is used to respond to Defense Manpower
                                                                 Data Center (DMDC) IAW DoDI 7730.64 and OSD (P&R) IM
                                                                 IAW DoDI 8260.03.
MANPOWER PROGRAMMING   MPES                   2222 USAF          The objective of this investment is to improve the
AND EXECUTION SYSTEM                                             programming and management of manpower resources and
                                                                 related data within the Office of the Deputy Chief of Staff for
                                                                 Personnel, Director for Manpower and Organization through
                                                                 the reuse of capabilities developed for other Department of
                                                                 Defense (DOD) Agencies and the CIA. Air Force manpower
                                                                 resource allocations are established, communicated,
                                                                 adjusted, and managed in annual cycles that derive from
                                                                 Future Years Defense Plans (FYDP) prepared by
                                                                 Headquarters, United States Air Force Directorate of
                                                                 Manpower and Organization (HQ USAF/A1MZ) in accordance
                                                                 with Planning, Programming and Budgeting System (PPBS)
                                                                 objectives. HQ USAF/A1MZ transmits unit manpower
                                                                 allocations to individual major commands (MAJCOMs), DRUs,
                                                                 and FOAs. Distribution of MAJCOM's allocation is then made
                                                                 to each individual Wing. The current process is accomplished
                                                                 using legacy systems that employ disparate software suites,
                                                                 separate and infrequently updated databases, and make time
                                                                 consuming demands on users. These factors combine to
                                                                 inhibit the efficient management of Air Force manpower
                                                                 resources and the timely generation of reports necessary for
MANPOWER, PERSONNEL,   MPSNET                 7499 DISA          MPSNet is designed toperate as a closed loop point RF
AND SECURITY NETWORK                                             system seperate from other DISA networks.

                                               Page 178
      System Name                 Acronym   DITPR ID   Component                             Description
MANPOWER, PERSONNEL,     MPT&E CORPDB          14070 NAVY          MPT&E CorpDB is data management system designed and
TRAINING AND EDUCATION                                             maintained by the Naval Education and Training Command
CORPORATE DATABASE                                                 (NETC) to support tracking of 15,050 seats in the NMCI Asset
                                                                   and Personnel Management processes. Data from other
                                                                   NMCI sources is extracted on user's workstations and
                                                                   uploaded to CorpDB by the users. CorpDB provides reports to
                                                                   aid with data analysis for users to make informed business
                                                                   decisions in regards to NMCI issues. Ancillary roles provide a
                                                                   data call repository for any DoN requirement, NMCI business
                                                                   improvement processes, and notifications to all subscribed
                                                                   users. This system is a 128-bit encrypted PKI-enabled (SSL)
                                                                   web-enabled database application. All data traveling to and
                                                                   from the client is encrypted before transmission. The software
                                                                   uses a multi-tier architecture for scalability that supports user
                                                                   interface, business rules, and database access. Adobe
                                                                   Acrobat reader, MS Word, and MS Excel are used to open
                                                                   reports created by the system for the user. Only software
                                                                   provided with the standard NMCI Blue Seat is required to
                                                                   access the MPT&E CorpDB web site

LEARNING                                                           PROVIDES WEB-BASED TRAINING AND EDUCATION FOR
                                                                   MARINES, GOVERNMENT CIVILIAN EMPLOYEES, AND
                                                                   SELECTED FAMILY MEMBERS. MARINNET is the user
                                                                   interface/LMS for the distance learning program

                                                 Page 179
      System Name                Acronym   DITPR ID   Component                            Description
MARINE CORPS RECRUITING MCRISS                 4665 USMC          MCRISS allows Recruiting Station (RS) Operations personnel
INFORMATION SUPPORT                                               and Officer Selection Station (OSS) personnel to electronically
SYSTEM                                                            collect information on New Working Applicants (NWA),
                                                                  schedule them for processing at Military Entrance Processing
                                                                  Stations (MEPS), receive testing and processing results and
                                                                  manage applicants through the time they ship to recruit
                                                                  training. System capabilities include assigning quotas,
                                                                  managing program assignments, assigning assets, capture
                                                                  prospecting activities and working the High
                                                                  School/Community College (HS/CC)program. MCRISS
                                                                  facilitates aggregation and examination of data to permit
                                                                  analysis by members of the Recruiting Command and is used
                                                                  by the USMC Manpower branch as the data source for
                                                                  accessions into the Marine Corps pay and personnel systems.
                                                                  In order to provide users with a consolidated view of the
                                                                  recruiting process, MCRISS exchanges data with several
                                                                  Marine Corps and Department of Defense (DoD) systems.
                                                                  These systems include the Marine Corps Total Force System
                                                                  (MCTFS), Operational Data Store Enterprise (ODSE),
                                                                  MEPCOM and MIRS.

                                                Page 180
      System Name               Acronym   DITPR ID   Component                            Description
MARINE CORPS TOTAL     MCTFS                   113 USMC          MCTFS provides pay and manpower management services,
FORCE SYSTEM                                                     which supports Force Readiness in concert with the 2010 and
                                                                 2020 warfighting vision for net-centricity. As the only proven
                                                                 integrated personnel and payroll system in the DoD, this
                                                                 “Class 1 Automated Information System” consolidates active,
                                                                 reserve, and retiree processes into a single integrated
                                                                 process accessible worldwide, reducing troop upport footprint
                                                                 and more warfighters. From “cradle to grave” personnel
                                                                 management: accessions, sustainment, quality of life support,
                                                                 transitioning, and retirement support- OSD Business Capital
                                                                 Case (Exhibit 300) score of 4.2- Operational and Force
                                                                 Structure Management- 35+ years of business process
                                                                 maturity and successfully reengineering as documented with a
                                                                 System Security Engineering (SSE) Configuration
                                                                 Management Maturity Level III (CMM III) and a Software
                                                                 Engineering Institute Technology Readiness Level (TRL-
                                                                 9)One time data entry in MCTFS automatically triggers all
                                                                 personnel and pay transactions-- one set of fully automated
                                                                 edits per function with no manual reconciliation or
                                                                 intermediate data entry. MCTFS is much more than a payroll
MARINE CORPS TRAINING  MCTIMS                 8712 USMC          MCTIMS supports the TECOM schools' planning,
INFORMATION MANAGEMENT                                           development, management and reporting functions for USMC
SYSTEM                                                           training as well as making them available to Marines world-
                                                                 wide. MCTIMS provides a standard training tracking system to
                                                                 the Fleet Marine Corps for electronic training records and for
                                                                 all Marines from service entry to retirement as well as provide
                                                                 management metrics and reports using data that is current,
                                                                 accurate, and consistent. MCTIMS will allow users to
                                                                 schedule Marines to schools (MOS and career progression)
                                                                 and Schools to account for students via morning reports, track
                                                                 student grades and determine the graduation status of each

                                               Page 181
       System Name                  Acronym   DITPR ID   Component                            Description
MARINE FOR LIFE          M4L                      4661 USMC          Marine For Life assists transitioning Marines in the process of
                                                                     moving from military to civilian life. The system assists these
                                                                     users in the areas of employment, housing, child care,
                                                                     education, and mentorship programs. The M4L community is
                                                                     managed by Marine Corps Reserve personnel, and the
                                                                     system provides some administrative tools to these users to
                                                                     enhance their abilities to manage the M4L community
                                                                     effectively. These users are all required to sign on to the
                                                                     system using CAC/PKI authentication.

MASS COMMUNICATIONS      MCT                     13985 USMC          The MCT is an outsourced communications tool that allows
TOOL                                                                 the unit Family Readiness Officer (FRO) to mass email, text,
                                                                     or phone message unit members and family members who
                                                                     have been signed up for the service.
MASS TRANSPORTATION      MTBP                    11328 WHS           The MTBP is an unclassified, web based, custom-built
BENEFIT PROGRAM SYSTEM                                               application. The Defense Facilities Directorate (DFD)
                                                                     /Programs and Service Division (PSD) uses the MTBP to
                                                                     manage the mass transportation benefit request of DoD
                                                                     civilians and military members in the National Capital Region
                                                                     (NCR). It is an integrated approval process for DoD civilians
                                                                     and military members requesting mass transportation benefits
                                                                     to supervisors, reviewing officials and program office
                                                                     administrators who review and approve the requests.
                                                                     Approved applicant records from the system are provided
                                                                     daily in an encrypted file to the Dept. of Transportation, the
                                                                     service provider agency for MTBP distribution.

MC&FP OFFICE OF          MC&FP OC                 6676 DODEA         This enclave houses all MC&FP official program information
COMMUNICATIONS                                                       for service members and their families.
MEAT CUTTING SYSTEM      MEAT                     1691 DECA          PC based system that includes item pricing, ordering,
                                                                     inventory data for meat items. Meat trimming of fat and
                                                                     various select cuts.

                                                   Page 182
      System Name                    Acronym   DITPR ID   Component                            Description
MEDALS AUTOMATION         SSCMAS                   3951 ARMY          The Medals Automation System serves a dual purpose as it
SYSTEM                                                                functions as the US Army Veteran Medals web site
                                                                      (, as well as a web based
                                                                      business application for the Veteran Medals business
                                                                      process. Requests for awards from Army veterans, or their
                                                                      proponent, are submitted to the National Personnel Records
                                                                      Center (NPRC), Army Review Board Agency (ARBA) or the
                                                                      Human Resources Command (HRC). Approved requests are
                                                                      then submitted to the Integrated Logistics Support Center
                                                                      (ILSC) for fulfillment (i.e. engraving, assembly and shipment).
                                                                      The Medals Automation System is an on-line web-based
                                                                      production system for the submittal and fulfillment of Army
                                                                      veteran award requests. Approximately three hundred data
                                                                      technicians at NPRC, ARBA and HRC submit their requests,
                                                                      approximately sixty thousand a year, by filling out a web form
                                                                      at the site These requests may
                                                                      contain a single award or up to 20 or more awards for a single
                                                                      veteran. System functionality promotes data entry accuracy.
                                                                      The web form is configured to limit common former paper-
                                                                      based errors and quality control personnel at
                                                                      NPRC/ARBA/HRC are allowed to review request documents
MEDICAL ACTION TRACKING   MATS                    12346 ARMY          The Medical Action Tracking System (MATS) is a fully
SYSTEM                                                                integrated, Web-based application solution for the National
                                                                      Guard Surgeonâ¿¿s Office (NGB-ARS). MATS provides an
                                                                      electronic method to submit, receipt, store, process and track
                                                                      medical waivers from Guidance Counselors (GCs) and Military
                                                                      Entrance Processing Stations (MEPS) to the NGB Surgeons
                                                                      Office Clinical Section.
MEDICAL BOARDS ONLINE     MEDBOLTS                  141 TMA           MEDBOLTS provides its users with a web-application for
TRACKING SYSTEM                                                       performing the following functions: maintain demographic
                                                                      information associated with military personnel, administer and
                                                                      maintain medical boards, and generate associated medical
                                                                      board forms, etc.

                                                    Page 183
       System Name                 Acronym   DITPR ID   Component                            Description
MEDICAL COMMUNICATIONS   MC4                       82 ARMY          MC4 is a ruggedized system-of-systems containing joint
FOR COMBAT CASUALTY                                                 software applications fielded to tactical medical forces
CARE                                                                throughout the combat zone, the U.S., and contingency
                                                                    operations worldwide. MC4 integrates Defense Health
                                                                    Information Management System (DHIMS) Theater Medical
                                                                    Information Program-Joint (TMIP-J) software, and other Army-
                                                                    unique applications, onto commercial and government-off-the-
                                                                    shelf technology, providing the tools needed to digitally record
                                                                    and transfer critical medical data from the foxhole to medical
                                                                    treatment facilities worldwide. Deployable medical forces use
                                                                    the MC4 system to gain quick, accurate access to patient
                                                                    histories and forward casualty resuscitation information. The
                                                                    system also provides units with automated tools facilitating
                                                                    patient tracking, medical reporting, and medical logistical
                                                                    support. Combatant commanders use the MC4 system to
                                                                    access medical surveillance information, resulting in
                                                                    enhanced medical situational awareness. Most importantly,
                                                                    MC4 is helping deployed Service members. By equipping
                                                                    deployed medical units with automated resources, MC4 helps
                                                                    ensure Service members have a secure, accessible, lifelong
MEDICAL EVALUATION       MEB-ITI                13191 TMA           Medical Evaluation Board Information Technology Initiative
BOARD INFORMATION                                                   (MEB-ITI) is intended to provide supporting technology in the
TECHNOLOGY INITIATIVE                                               overall Disability Evaluation process led by the Office of the
                                                                    Under Secretary of Defense for Personnel and Readiness
                                                                    (OUSD(P&R)). MEB-ITI will enable data capture and display
                                                                    to aid in the medical and physical evaluation of our wounded,
                                                                    ill and injured Service members. The technology will support
                                                                    each military Service in assuring the fitness of its Service
                                                                    members and separating or retiring those who become unfit to
                                                                    continue military service because of physical disability.

                                                  Page 184
      System Name                 Acronym   DITPR ID   Component                            Description
MEDICAL INFRASTRUCTURE   MIPITS                10107 TMA           Medical Infrastructure Portfolio Investment Tracking System
PORTFOLIO INVESTMENT                                               (MIPITS) is a financial and asset tracking system that
TRACKING SYSTEM                                                    provides TMA personnel with a tool to track military health
                                                                   facility construction projects. MIPITS provides TMA personnel
                                                                   the ability to contain and report on all pertinent information
                                                                   concerning the planning, design, and construction of military
                                                                   health facility projects including scheduling and tracking key
                                                                   milestone events for the project. Financial information is also
                                                                   retained concerning costs for the projects and functions are
                                                                   provided for projecting out-year costs and budgets for the
                                                                   various projects.

MEDICAL OPERATIONAL DATA MODS                    143 TMA           MODS provides the Army leadership with a responsive and
SYSTEM                                                             reliable human resource and readiness information
                                                                   management data system for all categories of military and
                                                                   civilian medical and support personnel. It is designated by the
                                                                   Chief of Staff of the Army as the official Army database
                                                                   system for the management of individual medical readiness,
                                                                   immunizations, and Congressionally mandated Pre/Post
                                                                   Deployment Health Assessments, Post Deployment Health
                                                                   Re-Assessments and Periodic Health Assessments. MODS,
                                                                   consisting of multiple functional components, provides a
                                                                   critical integrated system to manage the AMEDDs personnel,
                                                                   logistics, education, performance management and tracking,
                                                                   and Army individual and unit medical readiness programs. It is
                                                                   also the official Army system for the management of the multi-
                                                                   million dollar AMEDD Special Pay programs for healthcare

                                                 Page 185
      System Name            Acronym   DITPR ID   Component                            Description
MEDICAL PRODUCT     MEDPDB                14245 DLA           Product Data Bank Internal (PDB) is a database repository of
DATABANK                                                      Medical Surgical Product data that includes product identifiers
                                                              such as Manufacturer’s Names and Part Numbers along with
                                                              descriptions and packaging information and pricing
                                                              instruments. Medical Surgical Product Data Bank/eZSAVe
                                                              (MedPDB/eZSAVe) is a Web application is a toolset that is
                                                              used by customers (DoD and VA) to assure sites get the
                                                              lowest contract price on their purchases. The PDB database
                                                              and the MedPDB/eZSAVe web application will utilize the
                                                              DMLSS-W/DMMOnline Portal and be contained within and be
                                                              a part of the services offered for consumption via DMMOnline;
                                                              providing a single portal to a vast array of powerful, multi-
                                                              functional business resources that significantly enhance the
                                                              ability of the Medical Directorate to conduct electronic
                                                              commerce and provide critical support to the war fighter in the

REPORTING SYSTEM                                              MARITIME SERVICES. Acronym changed per PEO-IT
                                                              request from RAMIS. The MRRS system mission is to assist
                                                              the Navy, Marine Corps, and Coast Guard in assessing the
                                                              medical readiness state of each reserve and active from a
                                                              headquarters perspective. Each of the Naval, Marine and
                                                              Coast Guard clinics will use MRRS as a data-entry station to
                                                              update the medical status of the members when any
                                                              readiness medical status changes. MRRS tracks information
                                                              related to physical exams, dental status, illnesses/injuries,
                                                              pregnancies, and immunizations. An extensive reporting
                                                              facility is implemented to provide rapid up-to-date information
                                                              to the decision-makers. The MRRS system also provides
                                                              capabilities for managing the process for claims resulting from
                                                              on-the-job illnesses or injuries. MRRS complies with a
                                                              Secretary of Defense directive to provide current anthrax and
                                                              small pox immunization status of the reserve force to Navy
                                                              Medical Information Management Center (NMIMC). A recent
                                                              enhancement has been implemented to send all immunization
                                                              data to NMIMC. NMIMC forwards the immunization data on to
                                                              Defense Enrollment Eligibility Reporting System (DEERS).

                                            Page 186
      System Name                  Acronym   DITPR ID   Component                            Description
MEDICAL RESEARCH       MERITS                    8864 ARMY          MeRITS is United States Army Medical Research & Materiel
INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY                                              Commands (USAMRMCs) Oracle11i implementation enabling
SYSTEM                                                              Army Medical Research entities and their affiliated global
                                                                    laboratories to repository and knowledge manage
                                                                    authenticated research data. MeRITS will transform current
                                                                    document validation processes from manual to the industry
                                                                    best practices model of electronic document management,
                                                                    clinical data management, publication, and submission. This
                                                                    transformation will be incremental building upon electronic
                                                                    Document Management (e-DM).

MEDICAL RESERVES       MEDRUPMIS                  152 TMA           MEDRUPMIS is the web accessible automated management
UTILIZATION PROGRAM                                                 tool that supports Navy Medicines plan for achieving a
MANAGEMENT INFORMATION                                              seamless integration of the active and reserve components
SYSTEM                                                              into a total force full integration of Medical Reserves in the
                                                                    Navy Medical Department.
RESOURCE SYSTEM                                                     INTEGRATED RESOURCE SYSTEM (USMEPCOM MIRS):
                                                                    MIRS provides the automation and communications capability
                                                                    for USMEPCOM to meet its peacetime, mobilization, and
                                                                    wartime military manpower accession mission for the Armed
                                                                    Services. USMEPCOM conducts its work through 65 MEPS
                                                                    across the country. The main objectives of the 65 Military
                                                                    Entrance Processing Stations (MEPS) is to conduct aptitude
                                                                    tests, medical examinations, and administratively process,
                                                                    enlist, and ship applicants for the Armed Forces and
                                                                    Reserves; conduct aptitude tests, medical examinations and
                                                                    determine acceptability, administratively process, allocate,
                                                                    induct and ship Selective Service System registrants, when
                                                                    required; and provide aptitude and medical examination
                                                                    services for other Federal agencies, as requested MIRS
                                                                    interfaces with recruiting capabilities for the services,
                                                                    incorporating the concept of electronic data sharing using
                                                                    standard Department of Defense (DoD) data elements
                                                                    between USMEPCOM and all the Armed Services recruiting
                                                                    and accession commands. In the event a military draft is
                                                                    required, MIRS directly supports mobilization through

                                                  Page 187
      System Name                  Acronym   DITPR ID   Component                            Description
MILITARY INCENTIVE      MILITAPS                13745 NAVY          Track on-time payment(s) of earned enlistment bonuses that
TRACKING, ACCOUNTING                                                are provided automatically to eligible personnel through their
AND PAYMENT SYSTEM                                                  training pipeline.
MILITARY OCCUPATIONAL   MOSC                     3631 ARMY          The Military Occupation Specialty Codes (MOSC) conversion
SPECIALITY CODES                                                    edit system supports the DA/OCAR conversion actions, and
                                                                    adds/deletes MOS codes (such as MOS, ASI, SQI, and AOC)
                                                                    for Reserve personnel management as dictated by DA
                                                                    Notifications of Future Changes (NOFCs) to DA PAM 611-21
                                                                    that implement changes to Army Regulations. Add and delete
                                                                    actions are used for editing MOS code updates for personnel.
                                                                    The conversion actions are coded and processed by a MOSC
                                                                    conversion subsystem within Data Base Management that
                                                                    automatically generates direct conversion actions, identifies
                                                                    personnel whose automated records require indirect
                                                                    conversion, and provides a file and/or listing of all personnel

MILITARY ONESOURCE      MOS                     12977 DODEA         Military OneSource is free to service members and their
                                                                    eligible family members to help them build on their strengths,
                                                                    teach them to maximize their support systems, and help them
                                                                    find community resources to meet their needs.

MILITARY PERSONNEL      MILPERS                  4245 WHS           MILPERS is a database application used by the WHS Military
                                                                    Personnel Division to manage the personnel assignments for
                                                                    the active and reserve military staff assigned to WHS-serviced
                                                                    activities. The system functionalities include: manpower and
                                                                    billets tracking, recruitment and placement, performance
                                                                    ratings, awards, physical fitness training, and education. It
                                                                    automates the SD Form 37 process, requisition and
                                                                    nomination processes including nomination and identification
                                                                    of new personnel to security so they can gain proper access
                                                                    to the building or data. It is part of the family of WHS Human
                                                                    Resources Support Systems.

                                                  Page 188
      System Name                   Acronym   DITPR ID   Component                            Description
MILITARY SEALIFT COMMAND MSC-HRMS                  120 NAVY          In order for MSC to successfully carry out its mission in an
HUMAN RESOURCES                                                      ever-changing environment, MSC needs a robust resource
MANAGEMENT SYSTEM                                                    management and staffing system to quickly and efficiently
                                                                     place Civilian Mariners (CIVMARS) who work and sail on the
                                                                     U.S. Government-owned MSC ships. MSC-HRMS resides in
                                                                     the Civilian HRMS sub-domain of the HRM Business Mission
                                                                     Area (BMA), and supports the Civilian Personnel and Pay
                                                                     function by providing a comprehensive and flexible tool for
                                                                     managing the staffing, training, and employee relations for
                                                                     CIVMARS. MSC’s workforce goal is to attract, develop and
                                                                     care for a workforce capable of meeting MSC's vision. This
                                                                     will be achieved through an increased emphasis on career
                                                                     development and by promoting each individual’s success by
                                                                     shaping, training and properly equipping the workforce.
                                                                     Implementing and maintaining a robust human resource
                                                                     management application allows the Military Sealift Fleet
                                                                     Support Command (MSFSC), which is charged with providing
                                                                     CIVMAR support and management oversight, to efficiently
                                                                     meet the aforementioned goals.

MILITARY SEALIFT COMMAND MSC-UCPS                 1634 NAVY          MSC-UCPS application is a required civilian payroll system
UNIFIED CIVILIAN MARINER                                             that is used by the Military Sealift Fleet Support Command
PAYROLL SYSTEM                                                       (MSFSC) to document the time and attendance, and to pay
                                                                     the bi-weekly wages of over 6000 civilian mariners employed
                                                                     to man auxilliary and special mission ships managed by this
                                                                     command. UCPS supports a full range of payroll functions
                                                                     including base pay management, federal withholding, social
                                                                     security withholding, management of user allotments, and
                                                                     other standard civilian benefit and/or deduction withholding in
                                                                     accordance with standard federal civilian and associated labor
                                                                     union rules and regulations. UCPS also provides for full
                                                                     reporting of the financial results of the bi-weekly payroll into
                                                                     the command's Financial Management System.

MILPERCEN MASTER        MMOF-DB                   3625 ARMY          MILPERCEN Master Organization File (MMOF) is the source
ORGANIZATION FILE                                                    of input to DAPCX-386 (ORG-DB) EDAS system. It provides
                                                                     the input to the ORG-DB. It also provides input to seven other
                                                                     active systems.

                                                   Page 189
      System Name                    Acronym   DITPR ID   Component                           Description
MOBILIZATION PERSONNEL   MOBPERS                   1197 ARMY          The Mobilization Personnel Processing System (MOBPERS)
PROCESSING SYSTEM                                                     is a mission essential system that supports the Armyâ¿¿s
                                                                      ability to plan and conduct exercises, and execute multiple
                                                                      levels of crisis response, contingency, or mobilization
                                                                      operations. Previous wars and mobilization exercises
                                                                      reinforced the need for mobilization planning and for pre-
                                                                      planned procedures. Since volunteers and draftees will not
                                                                      provide sufficient Pre-trained Individual Manpower (PIM)
                                                                      rapidly enough to expand the active force, Reserve
                                                                      Component (RC) forces must be mobilized and deployed to
                                                                      the area of operation without delay. MOBPERS is the Army
                                                                      DCS G-1â¿¿s standard personnel mobilization planning and
                                                                      execution vehicle. It is the only personnel system
                                                                      consolidating the Army G-1, G-3/5/7, and G-4 mobilization
                                                                      objectives, plans, and requirements for the Army. MOBPERS
                                                                      translates the Armyâ¿¿s requirements into one system for
                                                                      planning, assignment, and fill. In 1997 MOBPERS was
                                                                      modified to include the capability to plan and execute any
                                                                      level of mobilization or emergency, up to and including
                                                                      reconstruction. Depending on the type of mobilization option,
MOBILIZATION TRACKING    CIVTRACKS                 2801 ARMY          A web-enabled application used to collect and report tracking
SYSTEM                                                                data on civilians deployed to a theater of operations or
                                                                      mobilization exercise. The data is stored in a central
                                                                      repository at HQDA and tracks the movement of Army
                                                                      Civilians entering, moving within, and departing the theater.
                                                                      Types of civilians tracked include civil service, defense
                                                                      contractors, Red Cross, AAFES, and other types of civilians.
                                                                      This information is not available through DCPDS.

                                                    Page 190
        System Name            Acronym   DITPR ID   Component                             Description
MONTGOMERY GI BILL    MGIB                   3609 ARMY          The Montgomery GI Bill (MGIB) system supports
                                                                management, tracking, and reporting requirements for GI Bill
                                                                information. Eligibility identification and obligation information
                                                                is entered into the system in an online, real-time mode. The
                                                                system uses DOD-specified selection criteria and data
                                                                retrieved from the Total Army Personnel Data Base â¿¿
                                                                Reserve (TAPDB-R) to create a file of potentially eligible U. S.
                                                                Army Reserve (USAR) soldiers. This file is written to TAPDB-
                                                                R for retrieval by the Reserve Statistics Accounting
                                                                System/Reserve Components Common Personnel Data
                                                                System (RSAS/RCCPDS), which forwards the data to DMDC
                                                                for use in administration of an incentive program that
                                                                encourages membership in the USAR by providing
                                                                educational assistance to qualifying members.

MRINTERVIEW           MRINTERVIEW            6033 DODEA         An application used to create statistical information on student
                                                                achievement.FISMA/PIA Completed 02/03/2009.
MYPAY                 MYPAY                    97 DFAS          The myPay initiative supports the Government's Paperwork
                                                                Elimination Act of 1999 by forging into a 'paperless' business
                                                                environment and H.R. 2458 of the E-Government Act of 2002
                                                                initiative. In support of these acts, myPay has instituted a web-
                                                                based software application where individuals can receive
                                                                financial statements, e.g., Leave and Earning Statements
                                                                (LES) via the government's electronic commerce. Thus, the
                                                                myPay initiative supports the e-government expansion for use
                                                                of the Internet to other government agency or private
                                                                contractors. And, in order to be in compliance with Title II of
                                                                the e-Gov. Act, myPay instituted a secure database system
                                                                (Master Personnel Identification Number (PIN) Database) by
                                                                which replication and authentication of a single sign-on can be
                                                                done in a secure infrastructure or gateway. Master PIN
                                                                Database allows myPay to communicate electronically with
                                                                other e-Gov. businesses or agencies without the need of other
                                                                systems to interpret the data thus eliminating redundancy.
                                                                The SmartDocs system uses this concept by notifying a user
                                                                via e-mail and allowing him to view a current LES or historical
                                                                files on a particular field by retrieving the data on myPay's

                                              Page 191
        System Name                     Acronym   DITPR ID   Component                            Description
March 2 Success                M2S                   14308 ARMY          March 2 Success accepts user registration information, login
                                                                         and provides external access to three content providers to
                                                                         help students improve their scores on standardized testing.
                                                                         Other functions include account maintenance, results
                                                                         tracking, a document library and a reporting module. Within
                                                                         the Army, users include: Assistant Secretary of the Army
                                                                         Manpower and Reserve Affairs, Recruiting Command,
                                                                         Accessions Command and Cadet Command. Other users
                                                                         include the general public and school systems. System
                                                                         Inputs: User information (registration and login). The outputs
                                                                         of the system include monthly usage reports for each user
                                                                         type, future soldier registrations, educators wishing to be
                                                                         contacted and survey results. March 2 Success has external
                                                                         interfaces with three content providers.

Medical Education Training,    METRCS                 9349 USAF          METRCS support USAF Aerospace Medicine by means of
Research Consultation System                                             aerospace education, training, research and medical
                                                                         consultation services at USAF, DOD levels to Enhance War
                                                                         fighter Performance and Combat Casualty Care for Worldwide
                                                                         Operations in Peacetime and War. METRCS system consists
                                                                         of a combinations of COTS and GOTS of multiple servers of
                                                                         Microsoft Windows 2003 operating systems. METRCS servers
                                                                         host Microsoft SQL 2000 databases within a database
                                                                         management system. METRCS components are a collection
                                                                         of hardware, software that provide; (a) databases (b) web and
                                                                         windows desktop applications (c) file storage and print
                                                                         services in local area network to support the 711th HPW Wing
                                                                         automated information system processing needs. The system
                                                                         also consists of a Storage Area Network (SAN) containing the
                                                                         servers' storage of databases, files share. METRCS hosts and
                                                                         supports applications, locally developed with Visual Studio
                                                                         Dot Net, for the web and desktop along with commercial off
                                                                         the self applications. METRCS physically located in a server
                                                                         room in building 110 Room 285, brooks City Base, and
                                                                         logically on the Brooks domain Active Directory behind the
                                                                         firewall within AFMC GIG unclassified network.

                                                       Page 192
        System Name                          Acronym   DITPR ID   Component                            Description
Medical Electronic Data for Care MED-CHART                13515 ARMY          The Medical Electronic Data for Care History And Readiness
History And Readiness Tracking                                                Tracking (MED-CHART) System currently consists of seven
                                                                              inter-connected application modules supporting individual
                                                                              mission areas. The modules available include the following: -
                                                                              Automated Voucher System (AVS) - Dental Classification
                                                                              (DenClass) System - Health Readiness Reporting (HRR) -
                                                                              Line of Duty (LOD) Module - Reserve Component Reporting
                                                                              (RCReports) - AMMEDD Temporary Transfer and Alignment
                                                                              Inter/Intra-State (ATTAIN) - Occupational Health (OccHealth)
                                                                              Module These modules have a multitude of missions in
                                                                              support of the ARNG and USAR readiness and in support of
                                                                              the Reserve Componentsâ¿¿ medical and personnel
                                                                              communities. The system is a joint effort among the Army
                                                                              National Guard (ARNG) and US Army Reserves (USAR)
                                                                              Surgeonsâ¿¿ Offices and G-1 sections. The system supports
                                                                              these organizations, as well as providing access to contracted
                                                                              health-care providers, occupational health workers,
                                                                              mobilization site (MOBSite) personnel and others MED-
                                                                              CHART is hosted at the ARNG Data Center with all relevant
                                                                              inherited controls from the data center and the ARNG network
                                                                              infrastructure and oversight. MED-CHART also interfaces with

                                                            Page 193
       System Name                     Acronym   DITPR ID   Component                            Description
Mobilization Common Operating MOBCOP                11066 ARMY          The Mobilization Common Operating Picture (MOBCOP)
Picture                                                                 system provides access through a fully integrated interface to
                                                                        an existing data warehouse that provides a seamless transfer
                                                                        of reserve soldier information regardless of status. This
                                                                        enables near real time answers and analytical assessments to
                                                                        inquiries across all Army organizations that offers a Common
                                                                        Operating Picture of Reserve Force status, availability and
                                                                        location down to Unit/SSN level of detail. MOBCOP
                                                                        consolidates a myriad of data from within the Armyâ¿¿s
                                                                        various force management components to be a planning tool
                                                                        that can assess issues affecting Reserve Force mobilization
                                                                        from a global and enterprise-wide perspective. The MOBCOP
                                                                        system is also a portal providing single sign-on access to the
                                                                        Mobilization and Deployment Information System (MDIS) and
                                                                        the Department of the Army Mobilization Processing System
                                                                        (DAMPS). MDIS is an organization-wide application and
                                                                        database system that is designed to provide access to
                                                                        mobilization data for an array of Army departments and
                                                                        organizations. It taps authoritative sources of data, assembles
                                                                        it in one location, and provides tools to automate the

                                                      Page 194
        System Name                        Acronym   DITPR ID   Component                             Description
My Enlisted, Officer, and Civilian MyXDP                12259 USAF          System provides improved access to personnel services while
Development Plan                                                            accommodating a programmed reduction in AF personnel
                                                                            positions. Service Oriented Architecture infrastructure
                                                                            provides data and application services in support of the AF/A1
                                                                            domain. MyXDP is an integrated civilian, officer (AD, ANG,
                                                                            AFR), and enlisted (AD, ANG, AFR) force development
                                                                            framework providing individual members of each corps a
                                                                            streamlined user experience and standardized presentation of
                                                                            enterprise data. The application provides members
                                                                            information on education, training, and experience--known as
                                                                            the continuum of learning (CoL)--in one centralized, self-
                                                                            service portal for the member [corps ? i.e. civilian, officer [AD,
                                                                            ANG, AFR], enlisted [AD, ANG, AFR], community as well as
                                                                            critical career field and grade-specific information is managed
                                                                            directly by their respective career field manager (CFM).
                                                                            MyXDP shall also provide a view of key airman knowledge,
                                                                            skills, and abilities (KSA) empowering mentors to effectively
                                                                            coach members in their professional development.

NAF EMPLOYEE BENEFIT            NEBMS                     593 ARMY          This system provides for the tracking of all employee benefits
MANAGEMENT SYSTEM                                                           for NAF and PORTEES. This system is certified and
                                                                            accredited under the enclave of the CFSC Network.
NAF FINANCIAL                   COMPUTRON                4626 USMC          System Functionality: General Ledger, Accounts Payable,
MANAGEMENT SYSTEM                                                           Accounts Receivable, Fixed Assets, Procurement, Inventory
                                                                            Mgmt. Functionality Description: Computron (formerly – AXS-
                                                                            One) is our centralized NAF accounting system that supports
                                                                            19 MCCS Sites around the world with financial information
                                                                            management to include: general ledger, accounts payable,
                                                                            fixed assets, accounts receivable, purchase order, inventory,
                                                                            audit, operations and accounting applications. As an
                                                                            integrated accounting system, Computron financial application
                                                                            software is responsible for storing vital and confidential
                                                                            information. In order to keep this information safe, Computron
                                                                            provides a security subsystem that compliments the MCCS
                                                                            Sun Solaris UNIX security and our Oracle RDBMS security.

                                                          Page 195
      System Name              Acronym   DITPR ID   Component                             Description
NAF HUMAN RESOURCE   HRMS                    4691 USMC          System functionality: 11 modules within the PeopleSoft HRMS
MANAGEMENT SYSTEM                                               NAF application: ePay, eProfile, eBenefits, eTraining, eTime,
                                                                HR, Benefits, Payroll, Training Admin, Pension, and Time and
                                                                Labor Reporting. Functionality Description: HRMS is
                                                                composed of Commercial Off the Self (COTS) web based
                                                                applications and hardware. HRMS supports 23 MCCS
                                                                Installations (43 Companies) around the world with human
                                                                resource management to include: self service modules for
                                                                NAF employee access options; HR personal and job
                                                                information to administer your workforce, tracking of
                                                                background checks, monitoring disciplinary
                                                                actions/grievances, comprehensive benefit enrollment and
                                                                deduction information and processing, leave plan and accrual
                                                                information, pension administration, time reporting and
                                                                approvals, payroll including centralized payroll processing,
                                                                general deductions, paycheck and W2 processing, training
                                                                administration, and query and reporting capabilities Marine
                                                                Corps wide. As an integrated human resource system, HRMS
                                                                is responsible for storing vital and confidential information. In
                                                                order to keep this information safe, HRMS provides a security
MANAGEMENT SYSTEM                                               RECREATION TRACKING SYSTEM. A NON-
                                                                APPROPRIATED (NAF) SYSTEM. RESIDES ON THE
                                                                MARINE CORPS COMMUNITY SERVICES (MCCS)
                                                                COMMERCIAL BACKBONE. THE RECREATIONAL
                                                                MANAGEMENT SYSTEM PROVIDES A STANDARD POINT
                                                                OF SALE SYSTEM IN SUPPORT OF THE APPROXIMATELY
                                                                270 RECREATIONAL/MWR ACTIVITIES ACROSS 19
                                                                MARINE CORPS COMMUNITY SERVICES SITES
                                                                WORLDWIDE. THE SYSTEM COLLECTS AND HOLDS
                                                                DAILY SALES TRANSACTIONS IN A CENTRAL DATABASE
                                                                FOR THE PURPOSE OF UPDATING SYSTEM INVENTORY
                                                                LEVELS, TRACKING SALES AND FACILITY USAGE AND
                                                                UPDATING GENERAL LEDGER ACCOUNTS. THE SYSTEM
                                                                ALSO PROVIDES CREDIT AND CHECK AUTHORIZATION.

                                              Page 196
       System Name                     Acronym   DITPR ID   Component                            Description
NAF TREASURY SYSTEM      ICMS                        4629 USMC          System functionality: Cash, bank, portfolio management and
                                                                        reporting. Functionality Description: The International Cash
                                                                        Management System (ICMS) enables the Treasury section of
                                                                        the Finance and Accounting Branch to manage company
                                                                        investments and monitor market activity.
NATIONAL CRIME           NCIC - CIDC                13856 ARMY          NCIC is a computerized index of criminal justice information
INFORMATION CENTER -                                                    (i.e.- criminal record history information, fugitives, stolen
CRIMINAL INVESTIGATION                                                  properties, missing persons). It is available to Federal, state,
COMMAND                                                                 and local law enforcement and other criminal justice agencies
                                                                        and is operational 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. The
                                                                        purpose for maintaining the NCIC system is to provide a
                                                                        computerized database for ready access by a criminal justice
                                                                        agency making an inquiry and for prompt disclosure of
                                                                        information in the system from other criminal justice agencies
                                                                        about crimes and criminals. This information assists
                                                                        authorized agencies in criminal justice and related law
                                                                        enforcement objectives such as apprehending fugitives,
                                                                        locating missing persons, locating and returning stolen
                                                                        property, as well as in the protection of the law enforcement
                                                                        officers encountering the individuals described in the system.

NATIONAL GUARD         NGABS                        13815 ARMY          NGABS was created to automate and standardize how all
AUTOMATED BOARD SYSTEM                                                  NGB states conduct and score their enlisted and officer
                                                                        promotion boards. Many states still print out all the required
                                                                        soldier documentation, use paper and pencil to record their
                                                                        votes, and tally up the scores using spreadsheets. This
                                                                        NGABS program is modeled from how the DA conducts all of
                                                                        its promotion boards.
NATIONAL LANGUAGE        NLSC                       10735 DHRA          The Records Participant Certified Language Expertise for the
SERVICE CORPS (NLSC)                                                    NLSC Pilot is a web-based portal to allow U.S. citizens with
PILOT RECORDS                                                           language and special skills to self-identify these skills for
                                                                        thepurpose of temporary employment on an intermittent work
                                                                        schedule or service opportunities in the federal or state
                                                                        government during periods of national need or emergency.

NAVAL CRIMINAL           NCIS CASE MGT               6681 NAVY          System to support NCIS' individual office’s/agents electronic
INVESTIGATIVE SERVICE                                                   case load. Documents related to cases are collected and
CASE MANAGEMENT                                                         used for administrative, clerical and managerial functions.

                                                      Page 197
       System Name                  Acronym   DITPR ID   Component                            Description
NAVAL DISCHARGE REVIEW   NDRBS                    6689 NAVY          The NDRB tracking system is designed for initial case entry
BOARD SYSTEM                                                         for all eligible applicant who meet criteria set by
                                                                     Congressional law and tracking of discharge review cases
                                                                     from initial entry to closed case. The system also served as a
                                                                     historical reference bank of all cases processed by the NDRB.

NAVAL EDUCATION AND      TRANET_C                13407 NAVY          The Naval Education and Training Command (NETC)
TRAINING COMMAND                                                     Classified Training Network (TRANET_C) provides NETC and
CLASSIFIED TRAINING                                                  its subordinate commands with standardized network
NETWORK                                                              architecture for connectivity to training assets such as
                                                                     Electronic Classrooms (ECRs) and training content. The
                                                                     overarching requirement of the TRANET_C is to provide
                                                                     sailors controlled, appropriate access to secure electronic
                                                                     training content in the classified environment.
NAVAL EDUCATION AND      TRANET_U                13408 NAVY          The Naval Education and Training Command (NETC)
TRAINING COMMAND                                                     Unclassified Training Network TRANET (here after referred to
UNCLASSIFIED TRAINING                                                as TRANET_U) is the standardized network architecture used
NETWORK                                                              by NETC and it’s affiliated commands providing connectivity
                                                                     to tools and services required to support education, training,
                                                                     training mission planning, and Student Management to all
                                                                     affected stakeholders. The enterprise system is a distributed
                                                                     network structure providing a broad scope learning
                                                                     environment consisting of bases, buildings, logical
                                                                     classrooms, protected Internet access, and data centers that
                                                                     provide training and education courseware/learning content
                                                                     for shore based facilities.

                                                   Page 198
      System Name                    Acronym   DITPR ID   Component                          Description
NAVAL EDUCATION AND       NETFOCUS                 1496 NAVY          Naval Education and Training Future Officer and Citizenship
TRAINING FUTURE OFFICER                                               User System (NETFOCUS) serves as the authoritative data
AND CITIZENSHIP USER                                                  source for the Naval Reserve Officer Training Corp (NROTC)
SYSTEM                                                                and the Naval Junior Officer Training Corps (NJROTC)
                                                                      programs and provides automated support for the
                                                                      management and administrative functions for Naval Service
                                                                      Training Command (NSTC), Great Lakes, Officer
                                                                      Development (OD) and Citizenship Development (CD)
                                                                      programs. Each of these programs represent a unique set of
                                                                      users yet have many items in common such as selection of
                                                                      NROTC scholarships, Seaman to Admiral 21 (STA-21)
                                                                      selection, NJROTC instructor selection, NJROTC instructor
                                                                      pay, midshipmen pay, equipment/book/uniform inventory, and
                                                                      graduation accessions. NETFOCUS recently combined data
                                                                      sources of the Officer Programs Management Information
                                                                      System (OPMIS), Joint Unit Management System (JUMS) and
                                                                      Naval Junior Reserve Officer Training Corps (NJROTC)
                                                                      Management Information System (NJMIS) into one
                                                                      authoritative data source.

                                                    Page 199
      System Name                 Acronym   DITPR ID   Component                            Description
NAVAL FACILITIES         NFACTS                 8424 NAVY          The Naval Facilities Acquisition Center for Training System
ACQUISITION CENTER FOR                                             (NFACTS) is a system used by NAVFAC activities to track the
TRAINING WEBSITE WITH                                              DAWIA certification, training, and education levels of all
NATMIS ONLINE                                                      NAVFAC employees, military and civilian, asrequired by
REGISTRATION                                                       SECNAVINST 5300.36 and DoD Instruction 5000.55.
                                                                   NFACTS is also the sole method of registering students in
                                                                   NAVFAC Specialty Courses (courses that are mandatory for
                                                                   contracting warrants), centrally managed courses,
                                                                   conferences, and numerous online training courses. The
                                                                   NFACTS on-line application contains all the communications
                                                                   and policies for NAVFAC's acquisition community, the current
                                                                   and historical data for the AIP and PDC intern programs, and
                                                                   current and historical data for the leadership development
                                                                   program. The loss of this system would prevent NAVFAC, its
                                                                   Component Commands and its field offices from being able to
                                                                   track, register, and administer training requirements across
                                                                   the command. Loss of the NFACTS data would also prevent
                                                                   NAVFAC from being able to track, manage, and report on the
                                                                   AIP Interns, PDC Interns, and LDP Cadre members; and
                                                                   would inhibit managing and communicating policy changes to
NAVAL INSPECTOR GENERAL NIGHTS                  6730 NAVY          Web based centralized case management information system
HOTLINETRACKING SYSTEM                                             (CMIS). Intergrate IG investigations network to track all
                                                                   Hotline coplaints. Single source of real time data. Top-down
                                                                   visibility of all IG cases. Increase efficiency and decrease
                                                                   time. Standardize case management. Deliver complete,
                                                                   accurate records. Identify and analyze trends to support all IG
                                                                   business areas (metrics and reports). Reduce repetive data
NAVAL POSTGRADUATE       PYTHON                 6795 NAVY          The automated system is used by NPS to manage student
SCHOOL, EDUCATION                                                  information, curricula program information, quarterly individual
MANAGEMENT                                                         schedules, thesis status, classroom scheduling, instructor
                                                                   scheduling, transcripts as will as track the employee data for
                                                                   the enterprise.

                                                 Page 200
       System Name                    Acronym   DITPR ID   Component                            Description
NAVAL STATION ROTA         CIVPAY - ROTA            8851 NAVY          The Spanish Local National Payroll System is a Commercial
SPANISH CIVILIAN PAYROLL                                               Off The Shelf (COTS) product, customized for NAVSTA Rota
SYSTEM                                                                 SP specific requirements. It is a Windows environment with
                                                                       an Progress database back-end. It is a single point of entry for
                                                                       all Icelandic time and attendance, for both appropriated and
                                                                       non-appropriated fund employees, and accommodates, dollar
                                                                       and Kronos currencies. The system uses time & attendance
                                                                       input to calculate payroll based on current Spanish payroll and
                                                                       tax laws, provides a file output to STARS-FL for upload of
                                                                       payroll information to the accounting system and a file output
                                                                       to NAVSTA Rota SP Commercial Bill Pay Office for
                                                                       processing payment to employees either by pay check or
                                                                       EFT. Notable system features: handles various disbursement
                                                                       rates including - budget rate/daily rate, calculates the
                                                                       difference between disbursement rates (i.e., the budgeted rate
                                                                       and the daily rate) and automatically provides a flux line of
                                                                       accounting, accommodates payroll adjustments including
                                                                       retroactive pay, overtime, recoupment of overpayments,
                                                                       repayment of loans, taxes, pensions, etc., accumulates labor
                                                                       costs by direct and reimbursable determined by the Job Order
NAVY COLLEGE           NCMIS                        1608 NAVY          NCMIS consolidates program and financial management for
MANAGEMENT INFORMATION                                                 the Navy, Marine Corps and Coast Guard voluntary education
SYSTEM                                                                 programs. NCMIS also has modules for the Navy¿s
                                                                       Introductory Flight Screening program and the Seaman to
                                                                       Admiral 21st Century program. NCMIS functions as the
                                                                       source of original entry for Tuition Assistance (TA), Graduate
                                                                       Education Voucher (GEV) program and Seaman to Admiral
                                                                       21st Century (STA21), and collects program and financial
                                                                       data for Program Afloat College Education (NCPACE), the
                                                                       Navy College Learning Center (NCLC) activities and
                                                                       Introductory Flight Syllabus (IFS). As a single integrated
                                                                       system, the NCMIS mission is to provide dynamic real time
                                                                       program operation at over 100 voluntary education offices
                                                                       with over 500 users throughout the world, and to provide real
                                                                       time financial tracking of over $60 million.

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      System Name              Acronym   DITPR ID   Component                            Description
NAVY DEPARTMENT AWARDS NDAWS                 5570 NAVY          As Directed by SECNAVINST 1650, NDAWS provides end-to-
WEB SERVICE                                                     end web-service for processing, reviewing, approving, and
                                                                recording of unit awards and personal awards (both Active
                                                                Duty and Veterans). It is the only application that maintains
                                                                web-service links to BUPERS databases to ensure awards
                                                                are recorded in members service record. It is the Navy's
                                                                authoritative data repository for military awards. It provides
                                                                inherent oversight mechanisms to ensure timely, accurate,
                                                                and efficient delivery of awards that comply with the spirit and
                                                                letter of Navy and DoD awards policy. In addition NDAWS
                                                                provides a public information interface.

NAVY DEPARTMENTAL     DEPARTMENTAL          14006 NAVY          The Departmental systems include nine systems that provide
SYSTEMS                                                         Navy Selection Board support, including automated build of
                                                                officer/enlisted eligibility files, automated generation of
                                                                enlisted personnel evaluations (EVALs) and naval officer
                                                                Fitness Reports (FITREPs), medals and awards information
                                                                for inclusion in EVALs and FITREPs, and an automated
                                                                method for creating, organizing, and maintaining officer
                                                                administrative eligibility files. Additionally, NAVFIT98 is a
                                                                desktop application used throughout the Navy to create
                                                                Enlisted Evaluation reports and Officer Fitness reports.

                                              Page 202
      System Name              Acronym   DITPR ID   Component                            Description
ADVANCEMENT SYSTEM                                              OF THE NAVY ENLISTED ADVANCEMENT PROGRAM
                                                                AFFECTING PAYGRADES E4-E9. NEAS controls the
                                                                shipping of advancment exams all over the world to the Navy
                                                                only. The answer sheets are mailed back to NETPDTC and
                                                                scanned into NEAS. The test is graded and scores assigned.
                                                                Exam scores, evaluations, aards time in rate and time in
                                                                service is factored to come up with an overall score. NEAS
                                                                sends advancement results back to the comand were exam
                                                                was administered, give NPC the authority to advance
                                                                personnel and update the enlisted master record in Cleveland
                                                                of advancement dates. NEAS is also used to manage and
                                                                execute the Navy Defense Language Testing Program (DLAB,
                                                                DLPT, DLRPT and OPI) for N13F. Provides Navy and DoD
                                                                wide services for results notification, file maintenance, and
                                                                reporting to CNO N13F, and various agencies as directed.

NAVY ENLISTED SYSTEM   NES                  13431 NAVY          NES is the Navy's authoritative database for all active duty
                                                                Navy enlisted personnel. The system generates and
                                                                maintains the official automated personnel records of all Navy
                                                                and Navy Reserve Active Duty enlisted personnel, including
                                                                current and historical records of enlisted personnel in the
                                                                Enlisted Master File (EMF). Enlisted distribution and
                                                                promotion processes are dependent on the quality of NES
                                                                information, as are numerous managerial and congressional
                                                                groups seeking aggregated information about the Active
                                                                enlisted populations.
NAVY FAMILY            NFAAS                13633 NAVY          NFAAS is a web-based system for accounting for personnel
ACCOUNTABILITY AND                                              following a disaster. NFAAS captures accounting status,
ASSESSMENT SYSTEM                                               contact and location information. NFAAS is also used to
                                                                assess the impact of the disaster on Navy affiliated personnel
                                                                and provide support to help families return to asteady state.
                                                                NFAAS is used on a regular basis to track contact and data
                                                                on sailors on Individual Augmentation orders.

                                              Page 203
      System Name              Acronym   DITPR ID   Component                           Description
NAVY KNOWLEDGE ONLINE   NKO                   729 NAVY          Navy Knowledge Online (NKO) is the Naval Education and
                                                                Training Command’s (NETC) initiative to support the growth
                                                                and development of all Navy personnel (NAVADMIN 016-03).
                                                                The goals of NKO are to provide greater access to training,
                                                                education, and professional development in a way that makes
                                                                the training experience more meaningful and effective, and to
                                                                support the transformation of Sea Warrior. In 2007, NKO
                                                                came under the management of the Program Management
                                                                Office (PMW-240) under the Program Executive Office for
                                                                Enterprise Information Systems (PEO EIS) and is working with
                                                                SPAWAR for acquisition oversight. Initially, NKO was
                                                                designed to support the MPTE command but NKO has
                                                                become widely accepted as the portal to support many
                                                                commands Navy-wide. Today, over 80% of the Communities
                                                                of Practice that reside in NKO are non-MPTE entities. NKO
                                                                has been selected by OPNAV N6 to be one of the supporting
                                                                components of the Navy Enterprise Portal (NEP) and the
                                                                consolidation effort to collapse many Navy portals into one.
                                                                Until such merger takes place, NKO will support the Fleet
                                                                through targeted delivery of information based on user
                                                                association within groups and organizations. NKO provides
NAVY MANPOWER PROGRAM NMPBS                  1485 NAVY          Provides centralized access to combination of pay, billet,
AND BUDGET SYSTEM                                               strength & HR data. Provides leadership with HR & financial
                                                                information to develop human capital strategy, granular
                                                                programming, manpower modeling & personnel
NAVY MANPOWER           NMRS                  684 NAVY          Supports Fleet Manpower Requirements Determination
REQUIREMENTS SYSTEM                                             development for Ships, Afloat AIMDs and Squadrons.
                                                                Provides suite of tools to determine manpower requirements
                                                                for varying workload under differing levels of capability and
                                                                conditions of readiness.

                                              Page 204
       System Name                Acronym   DITPR ID   Component                            Description
NAVY MEDICINE ON-LINE     NMO                    196 TMA           NMO Web Portal Services transforms communications
                                                                   between warfighters and business people with availability and
                                                                   delivery of information, in line with Net-Centric Operations
                                                                   Concept Framework. NMO provides value-added information,
                                                                   web and computing capabilities, linked to mission critical data,
                                                                   provides access to reliable data through web-based, data
                                                                   brokering and database operations and networked services.
                                                                   NMO data brokering and web services and collaborative
                                                                   efforts, synchronize data and people, meeting GIG and are
                                                                   moving more activities to an enterprise solution, thereby
                                                                   minimizing URL´s already in existence.

NAVY MILITARY PERSONNEL   NMPDS                  114 NAVY          Family of systems and applications that provide for the
DISTRIBUTION SYSTEM                                                collection, processing, and validation of data used in
                                                                   forecasting military personnel strength and readiness, and
                                                                   support of accurate and timely billet and personnel data in the
                                                                   areas of distribution.
NAVY PERSONNEL DATABASE NPDB                   13635 NAVY          NPDB is the Navy’s single source database, consolidating
                                                                   Navy Manpower and Personnel data from the Navy’s current
                                                                   databases. It contains current and historical data on more
                                                                   than 1.75 million Navy members and annuitants, including
                                                                   officers, candidates, enlisted active and inactive, as well
                                                                   as those in a retired status. The Joint Personnel Adjudication
                                                                   System (JPAS), Active Component Common Personnel Data
                                                                   System (ACCPDS), and Reserve Component Common
                                                                   Personnel Data System (RCCPDS) all rely on NPDB data.

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      System Name                   Acronym   DITPR ID   Component                            Description
NAVY RESERVE DATA      NRDW - DSS                 4934 NAVY          NRDW-DSS is a corporate data warehouse that was designed
WAREHOUSE - DECISION                                                 to effectively consolidate, integrate, and archive Navy Reserve
SUPPORT SYSTEM                                                       disparate corporate legacy databases into a single web-
                                                                     enabled content rich information source. These databases
                                                                     include MRRS, NROWS, RHS, RIMSFM, and RCCPDS.
                                                                     Concentrating data from these various data sources, NRDW-
                                                                     DSS provides projection and trends information (dashboard
                                                                     indicators) to senior executives and heads of Reserve
                                                                     commands. Scope ranges of from total force to individuals.
                                                                     NRDW-DSS was developed as a two-tier architecture system.
                                                                     These tiers are the database and the Oracle Portal web
                                                                     server. The system is available for access to Reserve Force
                                                                     Leadership via the Internet. The NRDW-DSS contains and
                                                                     transmits data covered by the Privacy Act of 1974, and must
                                                                     therefore protect this data accordingly. Data is protected in
                                                                     transit from client to server by SSL encryption utilizing FIPS
                                                                     140-1 encryption.Summarized statistical data is generated
                                                                     cyclically on a monthly basis. CNRFC (N1) is the User
                                                                     Representative and directs which reports are to be generated.
                                                                     Pre-written reports are run and made available to end users.

                                                   Page 206
      System Name                Acronym   DITPR ID   Component                            Description
NAVY RESERVE ORDER       NROWS                  119 NAVY          The Naval Reserve Order Writing System (NROWS) was
WRITING SYSTEM                                                    formerly known as the NOW system. NROWS was an
                                                                  Abbreviated Acquisition Program (AAP), but has been in
                                                                  sustainment since 2004 and is no longer an AAP. The system
                                                                  provides total visibility for order history and current Reserve
                                                                  activities throughout the entire Commander, Naval Reserve
                                                                  Force (CNRF) community. NROWS provides users and
                                                                  managers with information on total force readiness and
                                                                  availability for operational planning. The objective of NROWS
                                                                  is to perform many of the data impact edits as early in the
                                                                  order writing process as possible. Meeting this objective
                                                                  reduces the number of applications and order validations
                                                                  currently being performed manually and greatly decreases the
                                                                  application error rate. Providing reservists with the ability to
                                                                  check the status of their own orders will save time and effort.
                                                                  NROWS provides that capability.NROWS is a consolidated
                                                                  information system that combines all CNRF order-writing
                                                                  functions. This new system replaced the following three
                                                                  legacy systems:•Reserve Financial Management System
                                                                  (RESFMS)•Reserve Integrated Management System (Order
NAVY RESERVE READINESS   NRRM                  4982 NAVY          NRRM is a comprehensive data management system
MODULE                                                            designed to consolidate, store, and manage readiness
                                                                  information for the U.S. Navy and Navy Reserve. This system
                                                                  utilizes a two-tier architecture that consists of the web
                                                                  application server and database server. NRRM also leverages
                                                                  OLAP (online analytical processing) data warehouse
                                                                  technology, which facilitates aggregation and retrieval of large
                                                                  amounts of data to support decision-making processes.NRRM
                                                                  consolidates data from a number of sources from MRRS,
                                                                  IMAPMIS, RHS, and NSIPS. As the central repository, NRRM
                                                                  provides high-level view of the readiness status, as well as
                                                                  detailed views of specific functional areas through the use of
                                                                  dynamic graphical and reporting tools. This system provides a
                                                                  web interface for data access. All data transmitted and
                                                                  processed by NRRM is protected by SSL encryption
                                                                  technology in accordance to the Privacy Act of 1974. NRRM is
                                                                  a MAC III system.

                                                Page 207
      System Name                    Acronym   DITPR ID   Component                            Description
NAVY STANDARD             NSIPS                     108 NAVY          Standard, single point of entry for personnel and pay data.
INTEGRATED PERSONNEL                                                  Collects, shares, stores, passes, and reports data to support
SYSTEM                                                                personnel ashore and afloat for active and reserve personnel
NAVY TRAINING             NTMPS                     683 NAVY          Comprehensive information management system that
MANAGEMENT AND                                                        integrates numerous databases throughout the Navy into a
PLANNING SYSTEM                                                       training datawarehouse and provides a convenient one-stop-
                                                                      shopping alternative for Navy managers looking for
                                                                      information on a wide variety of training issues. Training
                                                                      datawarehouse,decision support system, unit training plans,
                                                                      identifies training readiness and deficiencies and training
                                                                      resource infrastruture.
NAVY-MARINE CORPS         NMCMPS                    809 NAVY          Web-based solution that streamlines augmentation &
MOBILIZATION PROCESSING                                               mobilization of active & reserve forces, civilian/contractor.
SYSTEM                                                                Captures augmentation & mobilization data in single system.
                                                                      Provides end-to-end command visibility & control of integrated
                                                                      augmentation processes & automated work-flow.

NAVY.COM                  NAVY.COM                  726 NAVY          A web-based advertising tool that provides realistic
                                                                      information to potential recruits, thus enabling people to make
                                                                      an informed choice about joining the Navy.
NETCOM GARRISON           IWP FT KNOX              9782 ARMY          NETCOM Garrison Internet Web presence. Garrison publicly
INTERNET WEB PRESENCE                                                 accessible (internet) web sites and pages
NEURO-COGNITIVE           NCAT                    10130 TMA           Neuro-Cognitive Assessment Tool (NCAT), the Military
ASSESSMENT TOOL                                                       Electronic Neuro-Cognitive Skill Assessment Record, is a
                                                                      program that is being developed as a direct result of
                                                                      Traumatic Brain Injury in Theater. NCAT integrates patient
                                                                      neuro-cognitive test results from different times, providers,
                                                                      and sites of care while enabling care providers to assess
                                                                      warfighters´ baselines and to use comparative assessment
                                                                      should injury occur. Crucial to immediate and long term care
                                                                      of our deployed forces, NCAT will provide military health care
                                                                      providers access to a continuous and coherent chronology of
                                                                      the neuro-cognitive health status of the Service member. At
                                                                      end state, NCAT will integrate into the Theater Medical
                                                                      Information Program-Joint (TMIP-J) platform to make the
                                                                      resulting data available to AHLTA for viewing.

                                                    Page 208
         System Name                Acronym   DITPR ID   Component                            Description
NICOE CONTINUITY          NCMT                   12680 TMA           The NCMT is a system that will enable the NICoE to serve as
MANAGEMENT TOOL                                                      a platform from which to manage the service member medical
                                                                     encounter experience related to brain injury. The system will
                                                                     also provide the ability to manage clinical operations
                                                                     evaluations and treatment of service members. Lastly, NCMT
                                                                     will contain TBI/PH industry-standard research information
                                                                     that is anticipated to be shared across the DoD, VA and the
                                                                     U.S. Healthcare systems as a whole.

NITREX                    NITREX                  6733 NAVY          NITREX is a Plone based website that contains three subsites-
                                                                     Engineers and Scientists Exchange Program (ESEP),
                                                                     Extended Visitors Personnel Program (EVPP), and NIPO
                                                                     Visitors Database (V-DB). ESEP tracks Engineers and
                                                                     Scientists exchange activities. EVPP tracks foreign visitors
                                                                     that are given assignements in the DoD. V-DB tracks and
                                                                     records all visitors and visit requests of Navy IPO. The
                                                                     website's architecture is maintained by IT contractors. Content
                                                                     is maintained by NIPO personnel.

NONAPPROPRIATED FUNDS     NAFCPS                   863 DFAS          Nonappropriated Funds Central Payroll System (NAFCPS) is
CENTRAL PAYROLL SYSTEM                                               the Army nonappropriated fund payroll system. The system
                                                                     pays 26,000 NAF employees in the Army and DoD. The
                                                                     system has been running for about 25 years and should
                                                                     continue to pay NAF employees.
NSEP - NATIONAL STUDENT   NSTS                   13524 DHRA          NSEP and The Language Flagship program web-based data
TRACKING SYSTEM                                                      collection instrument for the coding and tracking of students
                                                                     participating in DoD funded educational program.
NSEPNET                   NSEPNET                14164 DHRA          NSEP award receipients have a federal service requirement of
                                                                     at least 12 months in exchange of receiving federal funding to
                                                                     learn a critical foreign language and culture. This system
                                                                     contains the records of all NSEP award recipients and helps
                                                                     NSEP track their progress to fulfill the service requirement.

                                                   Page 209
         System Name                   Acronym   DITPR ID   Component                            Description
NUCLEAR TEST PERSONNEL         NTPR                  4257 DTRA          The Nuclear Test Personnel Review (NTPR) provides access
REVIEW                                                                  to a comprehensive database of participation and dose
                                                                        information for a cohort of 488,000 atomic veterans (avg. age
                                                                        82), who participated in United States atmospheric nuclear
                                                                        testing and the occupation of Hiroshima and Nagasaki. The
                                                                        NTPR Program supports the approximately 40% of this group
                                                                        that survives, who can seek compensation for alleged, service-
                                                                        induced, radiogenic disease from VA and/or DOJ. The NTPR
                                                                        Program (by law) provides verification of qualifying
                                                                        compensation status and radiation dose reconstruction.

NUTRITION MANAGEMENT           NMIS                   161 TMA           The Nutrition Management Information System (NMIS)
INFORMATION SYSTEM                                                      supports nutrition management operations at Department of
                                                                        Defense (DoD) Military Treatment Facilities (MTFs) worldwide.
                                                                        NMIS enables the DoD dietetics community to provide
                                                                        therapeutic medical nutrition therapy and medical food
National Security Simulation   NSSim                12544 USAF          The NSSim is a robust national security computer simulation
                                                                        for Air War College (AWC) and Air Command and Staff
                                                                        College (ACSC) students to reinforce learning objectives for
                                                                        the International Security Studies (ACSC) and National
                                                                        Security and Decision Making (AWC) curriculum. By
                                                                        completing the simulation, students acquire significant
                                                                        understanding and appreciation for the interagency and
                                                                        national security environment, the instruments of power that
                                                                        are used to maintain that environment, the strategic options
                                                                        available to the United States, the global/regional/national
                                                                        nuclear site picture, and the national security decision making
ODAA BUSINESS                  OBMS                 13413 DSS           OBMS will provide an overarching IT solution for supporting
MANAGEMENT SYSTEM                                                       the unit’s mission. OBMS will provide a centralized flexible
                                                                        data management and reporting support system across the
                                                                        industry providing access from multiple sites. The information
                                                                        contained in the database will improve accreditation
                                                                        timeliness and accuracy, and provide improved reporting
                                                                        capabilities to answer congressional staff inquiries.

                                                      Page 210
       System Name              Acronym   DITPR ID   Component                             Description
OFFICER ASSIGNMENT      OAIS                 13645 NAVY          OAIS II provides on-line officer personnel information and
INFORMATION SYSTEM II                                            order writing capabilities for use by officer assignment and
                                                                 placement personnel. System handling information that is
                                                                 important to the support of deployed and contingency forces.
                                                                 The system owner is NPC. Functional Manager is PERS-455.
                                                                 OAIS II receives files from the following systems OPINS,
                                                                 ODIS and NAVACTSTAT. It passes files to the following
                                                                 systems, OPINS, NAVACTSTAT and ODIS. The system
                                                                 location is DECC Mechanicsburg, PA. Backup is located at
                                                                 the DECC in Ogden, Utah. OAIS is a system housed on the
                                                                 DISA mainframes in Mechanicsburg, PA that cannot support
                                                                 PKI through 3270 TELNET Extended sessions.

OFFICER LONGITUDINAL    OLRDB                13821 ARMY          Database provides consolidated longitudinal service data for
RESEARCH DATABASE                                                Army officers; when used in conjunction with ARI project data,
                                                                 will yield assessments and projections of training,
                                                                 development, retention, and performance outcomes. This
                                                                 database is used in support of ARI research community for
                                                                 analysis of training, selection, and performance tracking and
                                                                 evaluations. Inputs: selected officer and enlisted service data
                                                                 from the Officer Master File, Separation Officer Master File,
                                                                 and Army Research Institute (ARI) surveys. Outputs:
                                                                 customized data sets suitable for analysis (e.g. retention
                                                                 modeling) and data tabulations that support ARI research and
                                                                 study reports, recommendations on Soldier development,
                                                                 leadership, training issues and programs.

OFFICER SELECTION       OSSS                  3710 ARMY          OSSS supports and provides information for the centralized
SUPPORT SYSTEM                                                   Officer Promotion Selection System. Through menu driven
                                                                 programs, OSSS allows the Promotions Branch to: create
                                                                 eligible files; verify selection board results; publish promotion
                                                                 lists; and issue promotions.

                                               Page 211
      System Name                    Acronym   DITPR ID   Component                             Description
OGCONLINE                OGCONLINE                 5283 NAVY          OGConline is OGC’s internal website and database system. It
                                                                      includes the Litigation Case Tracking database, Management
                                                                      Information database, automated organization chart,
                                                                      COGNOS metrics management tools, OGC electronic
                                                                      deskbook, OGC Practitioners Forum, Automated weekly
                                                                      reports, brief bank, research tools, a list server for automated
                                                                      e-mail distribution, and 20 topical and organizational sub-
                                                                      sites. This system serves as the core of OGC’s
                                                                      communications, information sharing, information distribution,
                                                                      office management and litigation management with all content
                                                                      and databases highly integrated. This system is being
                                                                      considered as a model for NASA and its concepts were used
                                                                      in developing a similar system for the Department of the
OIG INVESTIGATIVE DATA   IDS                      11203 DODIG         System is a series of access databases that is being used to
SYSTEM                                                                track investigations
OPERATIONAL DATA STORE   ODSE                      5003 USMC          ODSE is the Marine Corps source system for current
ENTERPRISE                                                            manpower data used for decision support, management
                                                                      reporting, and interface to client-server or web-based
                                                                      manpower applications. Ther primary data source for ODSE
                                                                      upon configuration control approval. The data is cleansed for
                                                                      storage in a consistent format for efficiency and accuracy.
                                                                      Planners, analysts and administrators use Commercial-Off-
                                                                      The-Shelf (COTS) software tools to create views of the data
                                                                      and develop reports for current manposer situations.

OPTICAL FABRICATION      OFAMS                      912 TMA           The Optical Fabrication Automated Management System is
AUTOMATED MANAGEMENT                                                  used for the ordering and reporting of optical fabrication for all
SYSTEM                                                                3 Services. OFAMS interfaces with the Spectacle Request
                                                                      Transmission System (SRTS) and the optical related functions
                                                                      within AHLTA.
OVERSEAS ENTITLEMENT     OET                      13487 ARMY          The Overseas Entitlement Tracker (OET) will provide the
TRACKER                                                               capability to accurately track Living Quarters Allowance
                                                                      (LQA). LQA is provided to reimburse employees for suitable,
                                                                      adequate living quarters at posts where the U.S. Government
                                                                      does not provide quarters.

                                                    Page 212
      System Name               Acronym   DITPR ID   Component                             Description
PATIENT ACCOUNTING      PAS                    131 TMA           The Patient Accounting System, composed of Coding and
SYSTEM                                                           Compliance Editor, is a suite of COTS products integrated into
                                                                 a single MHS application designed to improved data quality,
                                                                 regulatory compliance, and medical claims within the MHS.
                                                                 PAS-CCE is an interactive tool that provided certified coders
                                                                 the capability to medically code a patient record to meet
                                                                 medical and regulatory compliance guidelines.

PATIENT MOVEMENT ITEM   PMITS                 8589 TMA           The Patient Movement Items (PMI) program calls for a
TRACKING SYSTEM                                                  designated pool of medical equipment that is necessary to
                                                                 support a patient during the aero-medical evacuation (AE)
                                                                 process. It will consist of an integrated network of distribution
                                                                 sites to have an automated system that would track and
                                                                 manage this inventory. The overall goal is to ensure that the
                                                                 PMI equipment is on site when the patients need it for
                                                                 transport, right equipment, right place, right time. The DMLSS
                                                                 PMI Tracking System (PMITS) is intended for use by the
                                                                 Army, Air Force, Navy, and Marine Corps for peacetime,
                                                                 contingency and wartime operations. The ability to have
                                                                 accurate records of PMI equipment status and location is a
                                                                 key enabler in assuring equipment is available for in-kind
                                                                 exchange or transport when PMI must accompany a patient to
                                                                 his or her final destination. This is accomplished by
                                                                 establishing a system that will support a timely recycle time of
                                                                 PMI equipment through accurate tracking processes coupled
                                                                 with worldwide asset visibility capabilities. Asset visibility is
                                                                 accomplished through a data exchange and synchronization
                                                                 process that updates designated PMITS Sites with a
PATIENT SAFETY REPORTING PSR                   166 TMA           Patient Safety Reporting will be a web-based application for
SYSTEM                                                           event reporting, manager review, automated notification, de-
                                                                 identification, Joint Commission on Accreditation of
                                                                 Healthcare Organizations reporting, event aggregation and
                                                                 reporting to the DoD Patient Safety Center. It will standardize
                                                                 event capture and data management on medical errors and
                                                                 near misses in the Military Health System.

                                               Page 213
      System Name                 Acronym   DITPR ID   Component                            Description
PEOPLESOFT - OFFICER    PS-OPAS                13647 NAVY          PS-OPAS supports the administration of officer promotions,
PROMOTIONS                                                         the scheduling of promotion boards, and the storage of officer
ADMINISTRATIVE SYSTEM                                              promotions data. The system provides PERS-8 with an
                                                                   automated method for managing Active Duty and Reserve
                                                                   Naval officer promotions and Statutory Selection Boards
                                                                   eligibility data files. PS-OPAS provides a centralized Web
                                                                   interface to handle all tasks associated with the administration
                                                                   of promotion selection for all Navy officers.

PERMIS ONLINE -         PERMIS                  8105 NAVY          This personnel system allows add, change, delete, download
PERSONNEL MANAGEMENT                                               and upload capability of employee, positions, position
INFORMATION SYSTEM                                                 description, and other related data. It maintains the personnel
ONLINE WEB VERSION                                                 training records and also contains an employees retirement
                                                                   information. PERMIS Online is utilized for management of
                                                                   various corporate applications providing online IT security
                                                                   functionality. PERMIS Online is the core to IT security for
                                                                   Crane providing System approval and role management for
                                                                   applications being transitioned from legacy network to NMCI.
                                                                   The application is fully CAC enabled and uses PKI
                                                                   authentication. Utilizing the authorized Crane personnel list
                                                                   the application has additional data fields that track UserID and
                                                                   specific roles for personnel within a given application. Secure
                                                                   role authentication is then passed through the PERMIS Online
                                                                   application, or depending on the application is managed by
                                                                   the application owner internally. PERMIS Online is the center
                                                                   focus of personnel application reduction for Crane. Numerous
                                                                   small unrelated personnel applications have been and are
                                                                   being integrated into PERMIS Online to provide a single
                                                                   application for personnel functions that is a secure web-based
PERONNEL ACTION REQUEST PAR                    13227 ARMY          The Personnel Action Request System is a CAC enabled web-
                                                                   application to automate the Office of the Administrative
                                                                   Assistant Resource Operations Center workflow for
                                                                   processing personnel actions. The application supports the
                                                                   procedures for recruitment, reassignment and promotion. It is
                                                                   role based and each user accessing this application must
                                                                   have an account on the eOAA portal,
                                                          The system is used by the
                                                                   Resource Operations Center.

                                                 Page 214
      System Name                   Acronym   DITPR ID   Component                            Description
PERS DEMO PERFORMANCE   SEC - PET                 6466 ARMY          The Performance Evaluation Tool (PET) supports the Science
EVALUATION TOOL                                                      & Technology (S&T) Personnel Demonstration project. The
                                                                     Performance Evaluation Tool is a critical part of the process
                                                                     that results in pay raises and bonuses for over 2,000
                                                                     government employees. It automates every step in the
                                                                     personnel demonstration project, consistent with the Federal
                                                                     Register. Its data comes from the modern database as well as
                                                                     from its users. Its outputs include ratings and justifications,
                                                                     bonus and raise information, as well as numerous reports and
                                                                     management tools. This tool is utilized by personnel of the
                                                                     Software Engineering Center (SEC) and the Communications
                                                                     Electronic Research, Development, and Engineering Center
                                                                     (CERDEC). In February 2011, the Edgewood Chemical and
                                                                     Biological Center (ECBC) and the Natick Soldier Research
                                                                     and Development Center (NSRDEC) will adopt the S & T
                                                                     Demo and begin using PET.

PERSCOM ENLISTED        PEPDUS 3                  3744 ARMY          The PERSCOM Enlisted Personnel Data Update System is a
PERSONNEL DATA UPDATE                                                batch system which uses input from eMILPO, ARISS, EDAS,
SYSTEM                                                               and top of the system sources to update personnel data at the
                                                                     top-of-the-system. It provides error feedback as well as
                                                                     change notices to its input sources. The usefulness of the
                                                                     Total Army Personnel Data Base â¿¿ Active Enlisted rests
                                                                     entirely upon accurate processing of data from input sources.

PERSONAL DEVELOPMENT    PDS                        589 ARMY          Family Programs has a requirement to train and timely convey
SYSTEM                                                               new and accurate information to family members of the Army.
                                                                     This targeted audience is comprised of Active, Guard and
                                                                     Reserve Components geographical dispersed throughout the
                                                                     US and Overseas. To meet this geographical challenge, the
                                                                     Internet-based web sytem,, was
                                                                     determined to possess the best combination of accessibility,
                                                                     deployment and cost for meeting the needs of its customer
                                                                     and the Family Programs worldwide staff.

                                                   Page 215
      System Name                   Acronym   DITPR ID   Component                             Description
PERSONALIZED RECRUITING PRIDE                      670 NAVY          Navy's system to classify new enlisted recruits against jobs
FOR IMMEDIATE AND                                                    available based on their qualifications, education level,
DELAYED ENLISTMENT                                                   aptitude test scores, needs of the Navy and other criteria. It is
                                                                     used to make reservations for boot camp and "A" school

PERSONALIZED RECRUITING PRIDE MOD                 9728 NAVY          PRIDE Modernization supports the enlisted accessions
FOR IMMEDIATE AND                                                    process by providing enlisted applicant classification and
DELAYED ENLISTMENT                                                   recruit booking of school and Recruit training Center shipping
MODERNIZATION                                                        reservations. PRIDE MOD supports enlisted accessions,
                                                                     classification and shipping reservation process for over
                                                                     43,000 recruits per year. PMOD provides 400 users in 71
                                                                     locations recruiting accession workflow for new recruits’
PERSONNEL ACTION        PATS                     12344 ARMY          The system is an internal tracking tool to track internal items
TRACKING SYSTEM                                                      specific to AG1-CP. It is designed to help the divisions
                                                                     assign/task internally that are AG-1 specific. It will allow for
                                                                     the supervisors to monitor the work flow within their offices.
                                                                     The type of action the users can use will depend on the
                                                                     assigned role and responsibilities. The system is available to
                                                                     the staff of AG1-CP. In addition to maintaining the action/tasks
                                                                     up to date, the program is designed to run reports and
                                                                     generate notices to the action officer or owner of the task or
                                                                     projects if the item is past due and when there is a new action
                                                                     assigned or closed, and track any changes that are made and
                                                                     by whom. At the end of the annual rating period, the action
                                                                     officer and/or supervisor can identify what was done and by
                                                                     who. The supervisor can review the system for updates on
                                                                     tasks or projects without contacting the action officer.

                                                   Page 216
      System Name                  Acronym     DITPR ID   Component                            Description
PERSONNEL DECISION       PER-DSS-A2SF              3745 ARMY          A2SF is the Army G-1 system that models and forecasts the
SUPPORT SYSTEM, ACTIVE                                                future Active Component force for budgetary formulation,
ARMY STRENGTH                                                         policy exploration and impact, strength management, force
FORECASTER                                                            structure manning, development of recruiting and retention
                                                                      missions, forecasting and studying loss and attrition behavior,
                                                                      understanding gender composition of the force, determining
                                                                      number of personnel in â¿¿TTHSâ¿• Operating Strength,
                                                                      determining grade distribution of the force, forecasting MOS
                                                                      distribution of the force, and numerous other force dynamics.
                                                                      This critical system is the underpinning for the Armyâ¿¿s
                                                                      $45B MPA account.

PERSONNEL DECISION       PER-DSS-MOBMAN            1242 ARMY          MOBMAN is used to project, time-phased, world-wide military
SUPPORT SYSTEM,                                                       manpower surpluses and shortfalls for exercises, deployment
MOBILIZATION MANPOWER                                                 scenario modeling, contingency planning, and real world
PLANNING SYSTEM                                                       deployments. MOBMAN determines these surpluses and
                                                                      shortfalls by comparing the requirements of the Army (force
                                                                      structure and net casualty replacement needs) with the
                                                                      anticipated total supply of trained manpower available upon
PERSONNEL DECISION       PER-DSS-PAM/PAM XXI       1246 ARMY          Personnel Authorizations Module (PAM) is used to produce
SUPPORT SYSTEM,                                                       the official HQDA G-1 Personnel Management Authorization
PERSONNEL                                                             Document (PMAD) that quantifies the current and projected
AUTHORIZATIONS MODULE                                                 authorizations within each Unit Identification Code (UIC) by
                                                                      Military Occupational Specialty (MOS), or Area of
                                                                      Concentration (AOC), and grade level. A variety of data
                                                                      sources are maintained and used within PAM to resolve and
                                                                      determine these personnel authorizations in the PAM
                                                                      database; validate these authorizations against current and
                                                                      projected on-hand strength (based on anticipated gains and
                                                                      losses); support the Army personnel planning, programming,
                                                                      budgeting and monitoring; and critical for the management of
                                                                      the Army's present and future military population in areas of
                                                                      accessions, promotions, equipment, training, force
                                                                      modernization, budget, distribution and mobilization.

                                                    Page 217
      System Name                 Acronym   DITPR ID   Component                            Description
PERSONNEL INFO SYSTEM    PISTOL                 8425 NAVY          NCF application for SEABEEs operational use. The
FOR TRAINING, OPERATIONS                                           operational requirement for PISTOL is to standardize, collect
AND LOGISTICS                                                      and display Personnel, Training, Medical, Operations,
                                                                   Logistics and Licensing information to authorized personnel. It
                                                                   is a single point of reference for the above mentioned data, a
                                                                   secured web-based application available to the entire NCF
                                                                   community. NFELC is the sponsor and NITC is the CDA for
                                                                   this application.
PERSONNEL RECORDS        PRMS                   3780 ARMY          The Personnel Records Management System (PRMS) is a
MANAGEMENT SYSTEM                                                  record tracking system that provides users with information to
                                                                   locate military personnel records. It is a menu driven online
                                                                   system that extracts data from the Total Army Personnel
                                                                   Database-Reserve (TAPDB-R), and stores that data on its
                                                                   own unique database. It allows the customer to retrieve
                                                                   important information associated with the location of the
                                                                   record, such as Name and SSN, MPCRES and Status. This
                                                                   information is retrieved through visual display or printed copy.
                                                                   The system also facilitates the physical move of discharged
                                                                   and retiree records from HRC-St. Louis to the National
                                                                   Archives and Records Administration (NARA) via the Veterans
                                                                   Administration (VA) in Austin, TX. The system is updated daily
                                                                   with gains, losses, reassignments, name changes, status
                                                                   changes, etc. PRMS indicates the location of the military
                                                                   record and works hand in hand with TAPDB-R to locate the
                                                                   service member. It also provides the date that the record went
                                                                   to a particular location and the Military Personnel
                                                                   Classification (MPC) of the soldier at that time (Officer,
                                                                   Enlisted and Warrant Officer). The system also receives a file

                                                 Page 218
      System Name            Acronym   DITPR ID   Component                             Description
PERSONNEL SECURITY    IIRR                 9878 DHRA          The Personnel Security Investigative File Automated
INVESTIGATIVE FILE                                            Subsystem, to be known henceforth as the improved
AUTOMATED SUBSYSTEM                                           Investigative Records Repository (iIRR), provides its
                                                              customers access to historical personnel security
                                                              investigation records. Historical investigative records are
                                                              defined as subject records of any personnel security
                                                              investigation opened and closed with the Case Control
                                                              Management System – Information System (CCMS-IS) prior
                                                              to its decommission on 3 February 2006. Over 190,000
                                                              customer requests for historical investigative records are
                                                              processed through the iIRR on an annual basis.The iIRR
                                                              system provides services to a broad customer base that
                                                              encompasses the military departments, investigative
                                                              agencies, adjudication facilities, and law enforcement
                                                              agencies to include, the Office of Personnel Management
                                                              (OPM), the DSS Privacy Act Office (PAO), and the DSS
                                                              Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) Office. The primary
                                                              function of iIRR is to provide historical investigative records to
                                                              consumer agencies in support of current investigations for
                                                              eligibility and clearances. As a secondary function, iIRR
                                                              provides historical investigative records for Freedom of
PERSONNEL SYSTEM      PNS                  3355 ARMY          The Personnel System (PNS) is a client-server application
                                                              that enables command personnel to track approximately
                                                              4,000 users of HRCoE client-server applications to support
                                                              business processes associated with security of the
                                                              applications and tracking of basic personnel information, such
                                                              as name, work phone number, office symbol, office location,
                                                              and email address. PNS tracks which applications users can
                                                              run and the level of security access they have to the system,
                                                              and includes multiple reports for categories, including training,
                                                              IDP, SRS, birthdays, recall-alert, phone summary, active
                                                              personnel counts, security, super-users, login history, etc.

                                            Page 219
       System Name                  Acronym   DITPR ID   Component                            Description
PHARMACOVIGILANCE          PVDAS                 11334 TMA           Military providers, Defense Patient Safety and formulary
DEFENSE APPLICATION                                                  decisions rely upon safety signals (reports) from the Food and
SYSTEM                                                               Drug Administration (FDA) after a drug´s release to market.
                                                                     FDA maintains a passive surveillance system, but estimates
                                                                     this data only represents an incomplete 12% of actual events.
                                                                     FDA maintains no active surveillance program. Military
                                                                     members are more at risk for adverse events as they are
                                                                     exposed to changing pharmaceutical therapies not found in
                                                                     the general population (e.g., anthrax vaccine and anti-malarial
                                                                     drugs). Defense has no surveillance program or safety data
                                                                     mining tools to detect/analyze adverse events.
                                                                     Pharmacovigilance (PV) Defense Application System
                                                                     (PVDAS), built using a commercially available off the shelf
                                                                     product, will be a web-based, centralized system accessible
                                                                     only to PV personnel. PVDAS is populated by extracts from
                                                                     the FDA Adverse Event Reporting System and the MHS
                                                                     Clinical Data Repository with de-identified data. PVDAS will
                                                                     be developed using open systems architecture to allow
                                                                     communication with other systems should that become a
                                                                     future requirement. PVDAS will be compliant with MHS
PHYSICAL DISABILITY CASE   PDCAPS                 1250 ARMY          The Physical Disability Case Processing System is a legacy
PROCESSING SYSTEM                                                    application that performs the functions of case tracking,
                                                                     automates letter and order generation, provides statistical
                                                                     data collection, as well as historical record keeping for the
                                                                     Army Disability Agency and its three subordinate Physical
                                                                     Evaluation Boards. A stand-alone module of this legacy
                                                                     application is used to manage the active list of personnel who
                                                                     are on the Armyâ¿¿s Temporary Disability Retired List
                                                                     (TDRL). This module is the authoritative source for the Army
                                                                     for who is authorized TDRL compensation and it is reconciled
                                                                     with DFAS retired pay system on a monthly basis.

PHYSICAL READINESS     PRIMS                     10116 NAVY          Developed to automate the process of administering and
INFORMATION MANAGEMENT                                               maintaining the Physical Readiness Program IAW
SYSTEM                                                               OPNAVINST 6110.1H, utilizing internet capabilities for world-
                                                                     wide accessibility

                                                   Page 220
      System Name                 Acronym   DITPR ID   Component                             Description
PIMSK - PERSONNEL      PIMS-K                   3765 ARMY          PIMSK is an enterprise information architecture; it is a secure
INFORMATION MANAGEMENT                                             e-Government portal designed to crosswalk AAFES, DMDC,
SYSTEM (KOREA)                                                     DEERS, DBIDS, DeCA, SIDPERS, and Tactical Personnel
                                                                   System (TPS) data under a common elements data definition
                                                                   (CEDD) to facilitate the enforcement of UNC/USFK/EA Reg
                                                                   60-1, the regulation which governs Ration Control procedures
                                                                   in the Republic of Korea (ROK). The enterprise Relational
                                                                   Database Management System (RDBMS) architecture
                                                                   additionally hosts mission essntial Noncombatant Evacuation
                                                                   Operations (NEO) data for use in the event of an outbreak of
                                                                   hostilities. Finally, the system delivers tactical law
                                                                   enforcement information to the investigative arms of the USFK
                                                                   including the U.S. Customs Service.

POLICE CROSS INDEX     PCI                     14350 DLA           The investigations of incidents and inquiries into incidents are
                                                                   collected. The Police Cross Index is used to enter and view
                                                                   details related to individuals, investigations, and
                                                                   incidents.Personal information collected by the system
                                                                   includes: Name; Social Security Number (SSN); Gender;
                                                                   Race/Ethnicity; Birth Date; Mailing/Home Address; and
PRODUCE                 PRODUCE                 8678 DECA          PC base system that includess item pricing,
PRICING/ORDERING SYSTEM                                            ordering,inventory data for produce items.

PUBLIC RELEASE APPROVAL PRAS                    3779 ARMY          PRAS provides the capability for users to route documents to
SYSTEM                                                             approvers and get approval for such documents before
                                                                   publication. The site serves as a repository for approved
                                                                   documents and it also reduces the lead time to get the
                                                                   document approved. This product supports Redstone public
                                                                   end user community. The customer is Public Affairs Office
                                                                   (PAO). This application was originally developed by students
                                                                   at the University of Alabama Huntsville (UAH) using ASP, but
                                                                   has been reengineered for local uses. This is a routing
                                                                   application. This product resides on web-application and
                                                                   resides on Windows Platform. This product PRAS does not
                                                                   interface with any other systems.

                                                 Page 221
        System Name                          Acronym   DITPR ID   Component                            Description
Permanent Change Station      SEC - PCSA                  11902 ARMY          Application that guides the employee in making informed
Application                                                                   Permanent Change of Station (PCS) benefit selections and
                                                                              automates the creation and workflow of required Permanent
                                                                              Change of Station (PCS) forms. Utilizes user provided data to
                                                                              dynamically populate DD1614 and DD1351-2 and provides
                                                                              electronic notification.
Promotion Point Worksheet -   PPW                         13241 ARMY          The Promotion Point Worksheet - DA3355 (PPW) application
DA3355                                                                        is the automated promotion process for E4 and E5 soldiers
                                                                              allowing them to complete their DA Form 3355 online, and if
                                                                              they have sufficient point totals to then submit the data to
                                                                              Alexandria for processing by TAPDB and EMILPO.

Promotion Testing System      PTS                         13332 USAF          The Promotion Testing System (PTS) is a relational database
                                                                              system and application software suite used for analysis,
                                                                              development, production, and delivery of Air Force enlisted
                                                                              promotion tests to optimize the professional development of
                                                                              Air Force enlisted personnel. PTS includes an array of
                                                                              statistical, scoring, and management tools and report
                                                                              functions to optimize test construction. This unique system
                                                                              provides a direct path for transition to future Air Force-wide
                                                                              computer administered promotion testing platform.

QuestionMark Perception       QuestionMark                11772 USAF          Questionmark Perception is a complete assessment
                                                                              management system that enables you to create questions and
                                                                              organize them into exams, quizzes, tests or surveys. You can
                                                                              schedule people to take the assessments, deliver them in a
                                                                              variety of ways and then view the results in twelve different
                                                                              report types. Perception offers a cost-effective, easy way to
                                                                              utilize computerized assessments that not only measure
                                                                              knowledge, skills and attitudes but also enhance the learning
                                                                              process. Perception can be integrated with other systems e
                                                                              supports major standards including IMS QTI, AICC, SCORM
                                                                              and HR-XML.

                                                            Page 222
      System Name                    Acronym   DITPR ID   Component                            Description
RAPIDGATE                RAPIDGATE                12340 ARMY          RAPIDGate focuses on identity and physical access
                                                                      management for vendors, suppliers, contractors, service
                                                                      providers, and visitors who are not covered under other
                                                                      government credentialing programs. The RAPIDGate
                                                                      validates that the contractor company has a legitimate
                                                                      business relationship with Military and U.S. Government
                                                                      facilities. The system verifies individualâ¿¿s authentication
                                                                      and background screening of registrants. The hand-held
                                                                      device scanners is also used to scan driver's licenses, military
                                                                      and dependent ID cards. The RAPIDGate infrastructure
                                                                      consists of 5 distinct networks which are essential to the full
                                                                      functionality of the RAPIDGate. For this Certification and
                                                                      Accreditation process the focus is on the Local Stations
                                                                      Enclave (located at access control points on Fort Bragg and a
                                                                      backup center located in Bldg 5.5935 room 111), RAPIDGate
                                                                      Data Center and Badging. The Local Station Enclave consist
                                                                      of two types of stations that are connected to the internet in
                                                                      one of 3 ways: 56K modem, DSL, and Cellular wireless.
                                                                      These stations connect directly to RAPIDGate data center
                                                                      over an IPSec tunnel via a Cisco VPN client. The Guard
RDMS INTERFACE CONTROL   RICS                      1217 ARMY          The Reserve Database Maintenance System (RDMS)
SYSTEM                                                                Interface Control System (RICS) is the front end RDMS
                                                                      transaction processor. RICS processes incoming data from
                                                                      the Inter-Component Data Transfer (ICDT) system and the
                                                                      Army Recruiting Information Software System (ARISS), to
                                                                      include personnel gains and losses from the Active Army,
                                                                      USAREC, and the ARNG, and security data from the Central
                                                                      Clearance Facility (CCF). Other information processed
                                                                      includes: verified social security number information from the
                                                                      Social Security Administration, information from the Army
                                                                      Training Requirements and Resources System (ATRRS), and
                                                                      Defense Language Institute (DLI) data. RICS formats RDMS
                                                                      transactions to be processed through ARTRAMS and applied
                                                                      to TAPDB-R as updates for the IRR, TPU, and other inputs.

                                                    Page 223
      System Name                   Acronym   DITPR ID   Component                              Description
READINESS & STATUS TOOLS RS TOOLS                13816 ARMY          The Readiness Tool provides an automated means for human
                                                                     resources specialists at the Civilian Personnel Advisory
                                                                     Centers, Civilian Human Resources Agency regional offices,
                                                                     and Civilian Human Resources Agency headquarters to track
                                                                     the progress towards completing a major human resources
                                                                     project. This tool performs two functions: 1) Provides a quick-
                                                                     click checklist for the human resources specialist to track
                                                                     completion of tasks necessary for each project. Each type of
                                                                     project has an associated checklist of activities and timelines
                                                                     for performing each task. The human resources specialist
                                                                     reviews the checklist, answers whether each task is complete
                                                                     or not complete or not applicable, and also provides
                                                                     comments. The checklist can be accessed by selected users
                                                                     at the Civilian Personnel Advisory Centers, Civilian Human
                                                                     Resources Agency regional offices, and Civilian Human
                                                                     Resources Agency headquarters. 2) Provides a checklist
                                                                     reporting capability for the installation commanders and the
                                                                     Civilian Human Resources Agency community to review the
                                                                     progress that has been made towards completing the project.
                                                                     The reports use the responses to each checklist task and the
REC TRAC                REC TRAC                  3815 ARMY          Rectrac provides for the automation of participation and
                                                                     scheduling; league management; pass management; rentals;
                                                                     Tee-Time, court and athletic field reservations, personal
                                                                     trainers; classes; facilities; Point of Sale; and locker rentals for
                                                                     MWR activities. This provides support for Golf, CYMS, and
                                                                     recreational Activities in all MWR operations.

                                                   Page 224
      System Name                   Acronym   DITPR ID   Component                             Description
RECEPTION BATTALION       RECBASS                 6481 ARMY          RECBASS: The Reception Battalion Automated Support
AUTOMATED SUPPORT                                                    System (RECBASS) is a software/database that the Army's
SYSTEM                                                               five Reception Battalions use to manage the initial Army in-
                                                                     processing of new inductees and prior service personnel.
                                                                     These include: Active, Reserve, and Guard components; and
                                                                     Individual Ready Reserve during mobilization. The system is
                                                                     used prior to assignment to an Initial Military Training Unit. As
                                                                     a result of DOD personnel systems' business process re-
                                                                     engineering, RECBASS legacy functionality is being moved
                                                                     into two major IT architectures: (1) The Defense Integrated
                                                                     Military Human Resources System (DIMHRS) will handle the
                                                                     Personal Affairs Branch (PAB) functionality. This effort is on
                                                                     schedule to be migrated in March of 2009 under the current
                                                                     DIMHRS/AAC-IAA plan. (2) The US Army Accessions
                                                                     Command - Integrated Automation Architecture (AAC-IAA) will
                                                                     handle the Initial Receiving Branch (IRB) functionality and
                                                                     data interfaces within the installation to initiate processing.
                                                                     This integration effort will not involve development or
                                                                     modernization to any new capabilities. This is a partial re-
                                                                     platform and incorporation of existing legacy RECBASS
                                                                     functionality into the AAC architecture for maintenance and
RECONCILIATION ANALYSIS   RECONALYSIS            11051 ARMY          RECONalysis is a web-based payroll reconciliation database
                                                                     and analysis tool. It provides a system for tracking the
                                                                     resolution of data elements mismatched between the payroll
                                                                     and personnel automated systems and automatically
                                                                     resolving common or repeated mismatched data elements
                                                                     that are mismatched due to automated system
                                                                     inconsistencies for civilian personnel, Army wide. The system
                                                                     consists of three general processes: a reporting process,
                                                                     which generates a variety of reports and a maintenance
                                                                     process, which sets system options, executes autofixes,
                                                                     performs DB maintenance, and creates custom reports.

                                                   Page 225
      System Name                Acronym   DITPR ID   Component                            Description
RECREATION TRACKING    RECTRAC                 2353 USAF          Management information system to meet the needs of youth
                                                                  activities, child development centers, fitness and sports
                                                                  centers, outdoor recreation programs, equipment rental,
                                                                  bowling centers, golf courses, marketing, family day care,
                                                                  before and after school programs, information-tickets-travel,
                                                                  arts and crafts centers, auto hoppy shops, community centers,
                                                                  swimming pools, and RV storage and campgrounds. This
                                                                  system was acquired using APF dollar.

REGIONAL LEVEL         RLAS                    3833 ARMY          The RLAS system is a USAR-developed, Web-based
APPLICATION SOFTWARE                                              application designed to assist the USAR unit commander in
                                                                  accomplishing day-to-day administrative tasks. RLAS
                                                                  provides the same data to all echelons of command
                                                                  throughout the USAR.
REMOTE PATIENT HOME    RPHM                   11863 TMA           Secure 1 or 2-way communication between a patient and
MONITORING                                                        managing clinic or case manager. The business and clinical
                                                                  needs met by RPHM are 1) improved capability of the MHS to
                                                                  manage patients of all beneficiary categories with chronic
                                                                  diseases (i.e. diabetes, hypertension), 2) capability of moving
                                                                  images from home environments to improve patient
                                                                  management (i.e. movement of wound images or video of
                                                                  PTSD, mTBI, or developmentally delayed children to capture
                                                                  behaviors not always possible to capture in an office setting),
                                                                  3) avoidance of emergency room visits and unproductive
                                                                  office visits, 4) improved medication management, 5) more
                                                                  timely dispositions, and 6) improved patient satisfaction.
                                                                  RPHM will improve access to care by 1) enabling MTFs to
                                                                  follow patients who require ongoing management but do not
                                                                  necessarily require an office visit, 2) enabling management of
                                                                  established patients who have geographic barriers to care, 3)
                                                                  and freeing up appointment slots for new patients and/or
                                                                  patients requiring face-to-face office visits. The net result is
                                                                  the ability for a provider/clinic/case manager to manage a
                                                                  larger panel of patients by leveraging proven technology and
REPLACEMENT OPERATIONS ROAMS                   3838 ARMY          ROAMS provides automated support to HRC in its task of
AUTOMATION MANAGEMENT                                             projecting filler and casualty replacement requirements and
SYSTEM                                                            managing filler and replacement flow.

                                                Page 226
      System Name                 Acronym   DITPR ID   Component                            Description
REQUIREMENTS BUILDER   RBUILDER                 9308 ARMY          The RBuilder system is a hosting environment for web based
                                                                   applications with NIPRNET connectivity. Remote users
                                                                   connect to the RBuilder website via the Internet to enter data
                                                                   into a database. The URL for RBuilder website is:
                                                          The environment consists of 3 web
                                                                   servers, 1 AKO/SSO server, 2 database servers, 2 switches,
                                                                   and 1 Raptor Firewall. The web servers run Microsoft Internet
                                                                   Information Server. The database server runs Microsoft SQL
                                                                   Server. All the servers run Microsoft Operations Systems
                                                                   (currently Windows 2003). All servers are connected to Dell
                                                                   switches, and the firewall is also connected to the NISA
                                                                   Catalyst Switch. RBuilder was designed to support U.S. Army
                                                                   ODCSPER, G1 MANNING Program Evaluation Group
                                                                   (MANNING PEG) as necessary in the performance of their
                                                                   daily duties. The RBuilder website provides one central data
                                                                   system for the Army to gather budgeting requirements form
                                                                   MACOMs, Installations, for ODCSPER operations and
                                                                   management activities. The system provides services to 100+
                                                                   users. Users are able to enter and retrieve data from the
                                                                   database through the website application. Data entry and
RESERVE COMPONENT      RCAS                       75 ARMY          RCAS provides an integrated enterprise solution to the Army
AUTOMATION SYSTEM                                                  Reserve Component for Mobilization planning and unit
                                                                   administration. Solution includes COTS, GOTS, and RCAS
                                                                   developed software (MPDV, Retirement Points Actg Mgt, Unit
                                                                   Pers Sys, Command Mgt Sys, Int Data Vwr, UPS Mil Pers
                                                                   Ofc, Force Auth). POS, RADPER and Force Authorization are
                                                                   children of RCAS. The infrastructure portion of this system is
                                                                   contained in the investment titled RCAS-INFRASTRUCTURE .

RESERVE COMPONENT      RCMS                     3812 ARMY          Reserve Component Manpower System (module of HQDA
MANPOWER SYSTEM                                                    Dec Spt Sys). Supports manpower analysis & decision spt for
                                                                   USAR & ARNG personnel policies & programs. Includes
                                                                   current & historical personnel, pay, force structure, &
                                                                   demographic files. By FY09, RCMS-WEBS, a sub-system
                                                                   /application of RCMS will be retired and the capability will be
                                                                   provided by GoArmyEd.

                                                 Page 227
      System Name              Acronym   DITPR ID   Component                           Description
RESERVE COMPONENT     RCMS-GUARD             1290 ARMY          The Reserve Component Manpower System is about
MANPOWER SYSTEM-GUARD                                           information. It is a complex family of mainframe and P/C
                                                                software applications that support multiple customers over a
                                                                broad spectrum encompassing manpower, personnel program
                                                                and resource management function.
RESERVE DATABASE       RDMS                  1193 ARMY          The principal objective of the Reserve Database Maintenance
MAINTENANCE SYSTEM                                              System (RDMS) design is to provide a versatile database
                                                                maintenance system capable of processing real-time and
                                                                batch transactions in a secure and controlled manner. Under
                                                                the control of an active data dictionary, this environment
                                                                provides consistent, reliable information and protection of
                                                                data. It functions as the exclusive HRC-St. Louis database
                                                                maintenance system for TAPDB-R.

RESERVE HEADQUARTERS   RHS                    118 NAVY          RHS is a COMNAVRESFOR system used in the data
SUPPORT                                                         collection and dissemination process necessary for command
                                                                and control of Selected Reserve (SELRES) Mobilization. RHS
                                                                supports the Naval Reserve functional areas of manpower,
                                                                personnel, billet and unit management, mobilization
                                                                management and personnel pay management. RHS supports
                                                                over 700 system users at all Echelon Levels and interfaces
                                                                with 15 other Navy systems. RHS is the central data
                                                                processing point between 265 Naval Reserve field activities
                                                                and all Navy and DoD pay/personnel systems.

                                              Page 228
      System Name               Acronym   DITPR ID   Component                              Description
RESERVE RECRUITING       RRS                  3843 ARMY          The Reserve Recruiting and Retention System (RRS)
SYSTEM                                                           provides District Recruiting Commands (DRCs), Army areas,
                                                                 readiness regions, Army commands, reserve centers, USAR
                                                                 schools, and State Adjutant Generals with a management tool
                                                                 for recruiting and retention of reserve personnel. Tools are
                                                                 provided for managers to maintain IRR and strength as
                                                                 mission and manning requirements fluctuate. These
                                                                 requirements are met by offering training and promotion
                                                                 opportunities for enlisting or reenlisting in the Army Reserve.
                                                                 Prospective candidates are solicited nine and four months
                                                                 prior to their expiration term of service (ETS). Individuals are
                                                                 selected based on ETS, address, grade, term, and character
                                                                 of service. Historical files are maintained for tracking recruited
                                                                 individuals. The system processes both online and batch, and
                                                                 the principle users of the system are DOD, DCSPER,
                                                                 USAREC, ARCOMS, State Adjutant Generals, DRCs, and
                                                                 station recruiters.

RESERVE SCREENING DATA   RSDQ                 3845 ARMY          The Reserve Screening and Data Quality (RSDQ) system
QUALITY SYSTEM                                                   provides administrative support to HRC-St. Louis for required
                                                                 TAPDB-R personnel actions through a series of specially
                                                                 programmed routines. This ensures that a ready reserve force
                                                                 is available in the event of a national emergency. Statutory
                                                                 requirements (Section 275, Title 10, United States Code)
                                                                 require that each branch of the Armed Forces maintain
                                                                 adequate and accurate personnel records for each member of
                                                                 its reserve components showing current physical condition,
                                                                 dependency status, military and professional development
                                                                 qualifications, civilian occupation skills, availability for service,
                                                                 and such other information as the Secretary of the Army may
                                                                 prescribe. Examples of personnel administration screening
                                                                 actions performed by this system are mandatory removal
                                                                 notifications for officers and warrant officers who have
                                                                 reached their maximum age or service, two-time passover
                                                                 notifications for officers, selective continuation and enlisted
                                                                 expiration term of service (ETS) notifications. This system also
                                                                 produces Welcome to the IRR letters for officers and enlisted
                                                                 soldiers and reserve status and address verification

                                               Page 229
      System Name                Acronym   DITPR ID   Component                            Description
RESERVE STG             RSAS/RCCPDS            1194 ARMY          The Reserve Statistics and Accounting System (RSAS)
ACCOUNT/RESERVE COMP                                              provides the database, and the Reserve Component Common
COMMON PERS DATA                                                  Personnel Data System (RCCPDS) provides the applications
SYSTEM                                                            to process the official Army Reserve personnel and strength
                                                                  data (Selected Reserve and IRR) for input to the DODâ¿¿s
                                                                  RCCPDS. The RSAS/RCCPDS System is the consummate
                                                                  embodiment of all Army Reserve (USAR) strength accounting
                                                                  processes in a controlled environment. In addition to replacing
                                                                  the previous versions of RSAS and RCCPDS, this single
                                                                  system replaced the functionality of the Consolidated Army
                                                                  Reserve Strength Accounting System (CARSTATS), the
                                                                  Strength Accounting System (SA), the Training Requirements
                                                                  Generator (TRG) System, and the Non Unit Profiles System
                                                                  (NUPS). It extracts, edits, validates, and provides reserve
                                                                  officer and enlisted master and transaction data files to the
                                                                  Defense Manpower Data Center (DMDC) in Monterey
                                                                  California. A master record is reported for each reservist.
                                                                  Gain, loss, immediate reenlistment, and extension of
                                                                  enlistment transactions are reported for the Selected Reserve.
                                                                  Local audit trails and quality control edit reports are produced
                                                                  to assure that Reserve strength and personnel data are
RESERVE TRAVEL SYSTEM   RTS                     898 USAF          Reserve Travel System (RTS) is the only travel computation
                                                                  system that specifically addresses the varied requirments for
                                                                  reserve travel vouchers, including multiple orders and status
                                                                  changes. RTS also computes travel vouchers for civilians and
                                                                  active duty travel vouchers. It is designed as a travel claim
                                                                  computation system used to compute travel entitlements after
                                                                  a travel voucher has been completed and filed at the local
                                                                  Financial Services Office (FSO). It is used for both Temporary
                                                                  Duty (TDY) and Permanent Change of Station (PCS), for
                                                                  reservists, civilians, and active duty personnel. RTS can have
                                                                  multple orders per voucher. It reduces errors caused by
                                                                  changing a status from civilian to reservist to active duty. RTS
                                                                  is currently implemented at sixteen Air Force Reserve host
                                                                  locations and eight active duty locations. DoD/FM approved
                                                                  the use of RTS for all active duty in Dec 03, until DTS can be
                                                                  fully deployed.

                                                Page 230
      System Name            Acronym   DITPR ID   Component                            Description
RESOURCE ALLOCATION   RASS                  599 ARMY          The Resource Allocation Selection System (RASS) is an
SELECTION SYSTEM                                              automated financial system that centrally manages the Army
                                                              Civilian Training, Education and Development System
                                                              (ACTEDS) resources for the Intern and Competitive
                                                              Professional Development programs. RASS is a real time,
                                                              web-based life-cycle management system for centralized
                                                              management of funds for ACTEDS-approved DA Intern and
                                                              Competitive Professional Development (CPD) training. RASS
                                                              eliminates manual procedures, enables creation, submission,
                                                              approval, status tracking and reporting of training and travel-
                                                              related request forms (SF 182, DD Form 1610 and Standard
                                                              Form 1164).
RETAIL MANAGEMENT     RMS                  5097 USMC          System Functionality: Inventory Management, Replenishment,
SYSTEM                                                        Receiving, EDI , Purchase Order Management, Price
                                                              Management, ReportingFunctionality Description: RMS is our
                                                              centralized standard retail merchandising application that
                                                              supports 16 MCCS installations around the world with retail
                                                              merchandise information management to include: inventory
                                                              management, replenishment, receiving, purchase order
                                                              management, open-to-buy management, price management,
                                                              EDI and standard retail reporting. As an integrated retail
                                                              merchandise system, RMS is responsible for storing retail
                                                              information, such as, sales, inventory, receipts, purchase
                                                              orders, and vendor information, which is necessary for
                                                              performing merchandise analysis and making retail business

                                            Page 231
       System Name             Acronym   DITPR ID   Component                             Description
RETAIL POINT-OF-SALE   RPOSS                 4630 USMC          System Functionality: Retail sales transaction collecting and
SYSTEM                                                          reporting, layaway/special order processing, return/exchange
                                                                transactions, cash/check/credit card/debit card/gift
                                                                card/Military Star card tenders, price lookup using industry
                                                                standard UPC codes. Performs check and gift card validation.
                                                                Processes price change and promotional event
                                                                updates.Functionality Description: Provides a standard retail
                                                                point-of-sale system in support of the approximately 139 retail
                                                                activities across 16 Marine Corps Community Services
                                                                (MCCS) installations worldwide. The system collects and
                                                                holds daily retail transactions in a central Informix database
                                                                for the purpose of updating the MCCS retail merchandise
                                                                system (RMS) inventory levels and general ledger accounts.
                                                                The system also provides credit and check authorization, gift
                                                                card capability, and sales layaway functionality.

RETIREMENT POINTS      RPAS                  3840 ARMY          The Retirement Points Accounting System (RPAS) updates
ACCOUNTING SYSTEM                                               TAPDB-R with online entries and batch processes using input
                                                                from external and internal interfaces. RPAS provides for
                                                                recording and maintaining retirement points earned by
                                                                soldiers during their entire careers. RPAS automatically
                                                                produces annual retirement point statements, revised
                                                                statements, terminal statements for individuals who become
                                                                losses to USAR strength, Twenty Year Letters, and Non-
                                                                Participation Letters. A historical record is maintained for all
                                                                retirement points credited annually to Army Reserve Soldiers.
                                                                This record supports the issuance of official Statements of
                                                                Service and Certifications of Eligibility for Retired Pay, and for
                                                                replying to routine inquiries. RPAS identifies officers that are
                                                                non-participants but eligible for retired pay at age 60. RPAS
                                                                also supports the Survivor Benefit Plan (SBP). A SBP packet
                                                                is mailed to eligible reservists, and elected options are
                                                                recorded IAW Public Law 95-3097. The RPAS screens
                                                                provide the user with the capability to request statistical
                                                                reports using data from TAPDB-R, and to interactively update
                                                                TAPDB-R RPAS data elements. The system receives PCARS

                                              Page 232
        System Name                 Acronym      DITPR ID   Component                             Description
RISK REDUCTION PROGRAM   RRP                         9900 ARMY          The RRP is a commander's tool and a commander's program.
                                                                        It is designed to decrease service member's high-risk
                                                                        behaviors, thus increasing individual and mission readiness,.
                                                                        The program focuses on effective use of installation resources
                                                                        and coordinated effort between commanders and functional
                                                                        support activities to implement effective interventions.

RM ONLINE                RM ONLINE - OPMG/CIDC       5189 ARMY          A web-based integrated resource management system with
                                                                        modules that are used for budgeting, personnel, training and
                                                                        agent accreditation information management.
ROLL CALL                SEC - ROLL CALL             6490 ARMY          This is a web-enabled daily attendance tool in use by
                                                                        Software Engineering Center (SEC) to keep track of its
                                                                        military, civilian and on-site contractor personnel world-wide. It
                                                                        was created after 9/11 to allow the Command immediate and
                                                                        accurate access to information that would indicate if
                                                                        personnel was in an area affected by terrorist attack. It is
                                                                        maintained daily by department administrative personnel. It
                                                                        provides reports and historical data for Software Engineering
                                                                        Center (SEC) management. It relies, in part, on data from the
                                                                        MODERN personnel database, but also has location data
                                                                        entered daily by Time Keepers in each Software Engineering
                                                                        Center (SEC) office.
RSBUX RESOURCE           RSBUX                       8594 TMA           RSBUX is the vehicle used to distribute funding to Medical
MANAGEMENT SYSTEM                                                       Treatment Facilities and supporting activities. It is the
                                                                        backbone for MEDCOM budget distribution, serving as the
                                                                        informal/internal checkbook. The system is used to review,
                                                                        analyze, and interactively reprogram funds for budgeting and
                                                                        planning purposes.
Retroactive Stop-Loss    RSL                        12186 ARMY          Retroactive stop-loss system will be used to collect current
                                                                        information for distribution of payments for members
                                                                        (including reserve and retired personnel) who served for an
                                                                        extended period between September 10, 2001, and
                                                                        September 30, 2008, under the President's stop-loss authority
                                                                        as part of the 2009 war supplemental funding bill HR2346,
                                                                        Public Law 111-32 section 310. The claims can be filed over
                                                                        the next year. If a claimant misses the one-year window the
                                                                        claim will not be paid.

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      System Name                  Acronym   DITPR ID   Component                            Description
SAILOR/MARINE AMERICAN   SMART                   1529 NAVY          SMART is an academically accepted transcript, approved by
COUNCIL ON EDUCATION                                                the American Council on Education (ACE), to validate a
REGISTRY TRANSCRIPT                                                 service member's military ocupational experience and training
                                                                    along with the corresponding ACE credit recommendations.
                                                                    The Virtual Counseling function generates SOC degree plans
                                                                    to allow Sailors and Marines to select degree plans that
                                                                    maximize their credit from the NCP Distance Learning
                                                                    Partnership Schools. SMART services 1.2M DoD, retired, and
                                                                    seperated military members.

SECURITY                 SEC - SECURITY          7433 ARMY          Communications Electronics (CE) Life Cycle Management
                                                                    Command (LCMC) Software Engineering Center (SEC) web
                                                                    application for tracking and reporting security data on the
                                                                    Software Engineering Center workforce (government and
                                                                    contractor) and visitors to Software Engineering Center
                                                                    facilities. It is used by Software Engineering Center security
                                                                    personnel. Its data comes from the modern personnel system
                                                                    and can be updated by Software Engineering Center
                                                                    personnel. It automates what would otherwise be a manual
                                                                    and cumbersome process, of tracking and approvals.

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      System Name               Acronym   DITPR ID   Component                           Description
SECURITY CLEARANCE     SCD REDSTONE          14279 ARMY          This record system is used by Redstone Arsenal management
DATABASE                                                         officials to control the number of and level of sensitive
                                                                 positions, identify personnel assigned to these positions and
                                                                 to determine whether personnel have been granted a security
                                                                 clearance and the level of such clearance or access to
                                                                 Information Technology systems. The SCD serves as the
                                                                 central registry for all personnel security actions to include
                                                                 initial and periodic reinvestigations. The SCD is used by all
                                                                 tenant organizations with whom the US Army Garrison-
                                                                 Redstone provides Personnel Security functions, to include:
                                                                 Army Airborne Command & Control Systems/Blue Force
                                                                 Tracking (A2C2S/BFT) Army Material Command (AMC)
                                                                 Aviation Missile Research Development Engineering Center
                                                                 (AMRDEC) US Army Material Systems Analysis Agency
                                                                 (AMSAA) Program Executive Office (PEO) Aviation Counter
                                                                 Rocket, Artillery Mortar (C-RAM) Criminal Investigation
                                                                 Division (CID) Civilian Personnel Advisory Center (CPAC)
                                                                 South Central Civilian Personnel Operations Center
                                                                 (SCCPOC) PEO Combat Soldier Support Ground Missile
                                                                 Defense (GMD) Missile Defense Agency Lead AMC
                                                                 Integration Support Office (LAISO) Logistics Support Activity
SECURITY FORCES        SFMIS                    67 USAF          Provides AF security forces with capability of: data storage &
MANAGEMENT INFORMATION                                           retrieval for day-to-day operations; Congressionally mandated
SYSTEM                                                           Defense Incident Based Reporting System (DIBRS) reporting;
                                                                 improves data quality; and provides a centralized support to
                                                                 MAJCOM/Air Staff.

                                               Page 235
      System Name              Acronym   DITPR ID   Component                            Description
SECURITY OFFICE       SOAS                  13473 ARMY          SOAS (Security Office Automation System) is a critical
AUTOMATION SYSTEM                                               application used by the HQDA Security Services Division.
                                                                SOAS provides the Security Services Division with a central
                                                                place to maintain what are referred to as roster records for
                                                                HQDA government employees. These records contain up to
                                                                date security information on all applicable personnel. For all
                                                                personnel in their jurisdiction the Security Services Division
                                                                stores information which can be summarized as: â¿¢ SSN
                                                                â¿¢ Name â¿¢ Birth date / birth place â¿¢ Organization â¿¢
                                                                Rank (If applicable) â¿¢ Security Clearance status â¿¢ Active
                                                                investigation status â¿¢ Comments â¿¢ Related documents
                                                                (Could be anything - PDF, Word, etc) The system stores
                                                                personal information such as SSN which involves privacy risk.
                                                                To safeguard privacy of the data stored, the system is only
                                                                accessible by authorized personnel only. Also when writing
                                                                SSN to the database the data will be encrypted so it will not
                                                                be readable once it is stored.

SECURITY OPERATIONS   SECOPS                 4274 WHS           Tracks security clearance information for managers that are
                                                                external to WHS. It is a part of the family of WHS Human
                                                                Resources Support Systems.
SENIOR ENLISTED       SEPM                   3885 ARMY          The Senior Enlisted Promotions Model interfaces with the
PROMOTIONS MODEL                                                Total Army Personnel Data Base â¿¿ Active Enlisted and the
                                                                Promotion Model to manage selections from centralized
                                                                promotion boards (SFC, MSG and SGM), and to identify the
                                                                monthly promotions. In addition, promotion, revocation, and
                                                                amendment orders are processed and transactions are
                                                                submitted to TAPBD-AE, SIDPERS and DFAS using SEPM.

                                              Page 236
       System Name                   Acronym   DITPR ID   Component                            Description
SERVICES EMPLOYEE TIME   SETS                      9232 USAF          Headquarters Air Force Services Agency (HQ AFSVA), hosts
SYSTEM                                                                a Web-based central database of all Air Force NAF
                                                                      employees for time and attendance. It feeds time and
                                                                      attendance to the legacy payroll system (NAFMIS Payroll) and
                                                                      to Oracle Payroll in the Shared Service Center at AFSVA.
                                                                      Managers throughout the Air Force access the system to
                                                                      schedule NAF employees and approve their time and
                                                                      attendance. Agency users access the system through the
                                                                      Agency Intranet. Air Force NAF employees clock in and out
                                                                      through a Web-based PC time clock. The PC Clock uses a C#
                                                                      client application to retain data in case the connection to the
                                                                      internet is temporarily lost. The system will also provide
                                                                      scheduled time to time records, and management hours. It will
                                                                      also provide management information on daily and monthly
                                                                      budgeting reports.
SES TITLES               SESTITLES                 4275 WHS           This application tracks senior executive service and political
                                                                      appointee positions, vacancies, and job announcements for
                                                                      the OSD & WHS customers. It is a part of the family of WHS
                                                                      Human Resources Support Systems.

                                                    Page 237
      System Name             Acronym   DITPR ID   Component                             Description
SEXUAL ASSAULT DATA   SADMS                 7458 ARMY          SADMS is a centralized repository of relevant data regarding
MANAGEMENT SYSTEM                                              the entire lifecycle of sexual assault cases, involving victims
                                                               and/or alleged offenders who are members of the Armed
                                                               Forces and to provide compilation of statistical data and
                                                               management reports to enable Army SAPR Program leaders
                                                               to assess the effectiveness of both response and prevention
                                                               and make fact-based changes to policy and procedure on the
                                                               strength of this analysis. SADMS aggregates sexual assault-
                                                               related data already captured in other Army systems.
                                                               Personal identifying information (PII) is included to permit
                                                               integration of this data from the following systems - ACI2
                                                               (Army Criminal Investigation and Intelligence System),
                                                               SARPTA (Sexual Assault Response Program Tracking
                                                               Application), and ACMIS (Army Court Martial Information
                                                               System). The PII (Name, SSN, DOB) are the common data
                                                               present in each system, about which the integration is
                                                               executed and the data most efficiently correlated. Inclusion of
                                                               PII is necessary to ensure accurate correlation and to
                                                               maintain data integrity. Inclusion of PII also permits retrieval of
                                                               victim or offender information to respond to requests for

                                             Page 238
      System Name              Acronym   DITPR ID   Component                            Description
SEXUAL HARASSMENT /    SHARP                11525 ARMY          a. The system will be modular in design and implement strict
ASSAULT RESPONSE AND                                            â¿¿Need to Knowâ¿•     logical safeguards to ensure that system
PREVENTION                                                      Users only can see or access those sexual assault cases or
                                                                personnel training requirements that they are authorized to
                                                                provide. It will be a web-based system residing in Servers at
                                                                the Pentagon, in Arlington, Virginia, and under total security
                                                                provided by the United States Army. Functional Modules
                                                                include Login, User Management, Case Reporting, Case
                                                                Transfer, Communications, Document Repository, Reports,
                                                                Training and Tracking, Help/Feedback. The system provides a
                                                                portal for Sexual Assault Response Coordinators to enter
                                                                reports of sexual assault, the mechanism for the Department
                                                                of the Army Sexual Harassment / Assault Response and
                                                                Prevention program Users and various levels of Army
                                                                Command to produce reports on reported sexual assaults,
                                                                and provide a system by which training of Sexual Assault
                                                                Response Coordinators, both Garrison and deployed, First
                                                                Responders, Victim Advocates, and Unit Victim Advocates is
                                                                annotated, tracked, and reported. b. Primary Users are the
                                                                Headquarters, Department of the Army, G-1, Sexual
                                                                Harassment / Assault Response and Prevention program
SINGLE EVALUATION      SEPS                  3689 ARMY          The Single Evaluation Processing System processes Officer
PROCESSING SYSTEM                                               Evaluation Reports (OERs), Non-Commissioned Officer
                                                                Evaluation Reports (NCOERs), and Academic Evaluation
                                                                Reports (AERs). The system identifies errors and enables
                                                                examiners to resolve errors on reports; flags reports and
                                                                photos for routing to Selection Boards; calculates and tracks
                                                                Senior Rater profiles; produces official AERs, NCOERs, and
                                                                OERs with electronically generated HQDA labels which are
                                                                provided to iPERMS and Selection Boards; and provides
                                                                numerous system-wide management reports for feedback to
                                                                Army leadership and rating officials in the field. The system
                                                                updates all Total Army Personnel Data Bases (Active
                                                                Enlisted, Active Officer, Guard, and Reserve), and updates
                                                                the Interactive Web Response System (IWRS) and Senior
                                                                Rater Dash-2 online applications. SEPS is used by HRC
                                                                (Alexandria, Indianapolis, St. Louis, and Ft. Knox), and by the
                                                                National Guard Bureau.

                                              Page 239
      System Name                 Acronym   DITPR ID   Component                            Description
SNAP AUTOMATED MEDICAL    SAMS                   160 TMA           SAMS is a multi-user administrative management tool that
SYSTEM                                                             tracks the medical and dental readiness of Navy operational
                                                                   units. SAMS enables health care providers to update patient
                                                                   medical information, import and export patient medical history.

SOLDIER FITNESS TRACKER   SFT                  13767 ARMY          The Soldier Fitness Tracker System supports a systematic
                                                                   collection, analysis, interpretation, and reporting of
                                                                   standardized, population based data for the purposes of self
                                                                   assessing, characterizing, and developing individualized
                                                                   profiles to guide individuals through structured self
                                                                   development training modules with the goal of improving
                                                                   mental and physical well-being, coping skills, and coping
                                                                   strategies. The Comprehensive Soldier Fitness, which
                                                                   operates the Soldier Fitness Tracker System, routinely
                                                                   advises leadership of trends and anomalies in the
                                                                   Comprehensive Soldier Fitness Leaderâ¿¿s Monthly
                                                                   Summary Report. Summarized unit level reports will be
                                                                   disseminated via the Leaderâ¿¿s Decision Support
                                                                   Dashboard to military leaders.
SOLDIER MANAGEMENT        SMS-K                 7980 ARMY          SMS is the primary strength management tool to maintain
SYSTEM KOREA                                                       theater personnel readiness in the forward-deployed Korean
                                                                   Theater of Operations. SMS gives local commanders, unit
                                                                   G1s/S1s, and theater strength managers a clear, accurate
                                                                   view of current and projected officer and enlisted strengths by
                                                                   MOS/AOC and skill level, by major subordinate command. It
                                                                   enables t he allocation and assignmenmt of Soldiers to meet
                                                                   unit readiness requirements.

                                                 Page 240
       System Name                   Acronym   DITPR ID   Component                           Description
SOLDIER MANAGEMENT         SMS WEB                 1220 ARMY          The Soldier Management System Webified Suite of Systems
SYSTEM WEBIFIED SUITE OF                                              (SMS WEB) is the HRC - St. Louis Customer Relationship
SYSTEMS                                                               Management, Case Management, and Workflow Management
                                                                      system. It enables Army Reserve/Active Army personnel and
                                                                      other Government/Army stakeholders to effectively manage
                                                                      the careers of all Army Soldiers, veterans, and retirees, as
                                                                      well as support Government agency and family member
                                                                      requirements. SMS WEB provides integrated access to
                                                                      Soldier data and document images stored on multiple
                                                                      DATACOM, Oracle and INFORMIX databases, including the
                                                                      Total Army Personnel Data Base â¿¿ Reserve (TAPDB-R),
                                                                      the Integrated Total Army Personnel Data Base (ITAPDB), the
                                                                      Total Army Personnel Data Base â¿¿ Active Enlisted (TAPDB-
                                                                      AE), the Total Officer Personnel Management Information
                                                                      System (TOPMIS), the Interactive Personnel Electronic
                                                                      Records Management System (iPERMS), the Active Guard
                                                                      Reserve Management Information System (AGRMIS), and the
                                                                      Army Selection Board System (ASBS). Key components
                                                                      include: Contact and Case tracking via multiple service
                                                                      channels (Web, walk-in, phone, mail, fax), access to a
                                                                      Soldiers Official Military Personnel File, electronic forms
                                                                      generation, access to dynamic user-created views of Soldier
SOLDIER QUERY (SOQ)        SOQ                     3358 ARMY          The Soldier Query (SOQ) client-server application enables
                                                                      users to create and generate ad-hoc reports against multiple
                                                                      Oracle and Informix databases based on user-generated
                                                                      queries. The electronic files generated are used for tracking
                                                                      and managing soldier information. Soldier Query uses a point
                                                                      and click Windows interface that generates Structured Query
                                                                      Language (SQL) requests to a database. It provides label and
                                                                      electronic forms generation, and includes a Grid Map portion
                                                                      that enables users to locate soldiers by geographic area
                                                                      within the Continental United States (CONUS).

                                                    Page 241
       System Name                 Acronym   DITPR ID   Component                           Description
SOLDIER'S BENEFITS       SBS                     7686 ARMY          The system provides an easy-to-use centralized repository for
SERVICES                                                            personalized benefit information. All benefits available to
                                                                    soldiers are summarized and categorized through a
                                                                    consistent, intuitive interface. Personalized benefit
                                                                    calculations show what your benefits are currently and a "what-
                                                                    if" function provides a planning tool to see how your benefits
                                                                    change over time.
SPACE PLANNING AND       SEPS II                 9852 TMA           SEPS II is a TMA sponsored IT system that supports DoD and
EQUIPMENT SYSTEM - II                                               VA by serving as a repository of DoD-wide and VA-wide
                                                                    facility space and equipment planning criteria. Used to
                                                                    calculate space and equipment needs of new Military
                                                                    Construction Program (MCP) and Veterans Affairs medical
                                                                    treatment facilities.
SPAWAR PERFORMANCE       SPCMS                  14158 NAVY          The National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA) for Fiscal
AND COMPENSATION                                                    Year (FY) 2010 authorizes the Secretary of Defense to
MANAGEMENT SYSTEM                                                   conduct personnel demonstration projects at DoD laboratories
                                                                    designated as Science and Technology Reinvention
                                                                    Laboratories (STRLs). SSC Atlantic and SSC Pacific are
                                                                    designated STRLs. The NDAA for FY 2010 also repealed the
                                                                    National Security Personnel System (NSPS), mandating
                                                                    conversion of NSPS covered employees to their former
                                                                    personnel system or one that would have applied absent the
                                                                    NSPS. The Science Technology Reinvention Labratory
                                                                    Contribution Reporting process is the way in which employees
                                                                    create an employee contribution plan and receive assessment
                                                                    on their contribution annually. It defines what an employee’s
                                                                    expected contribution score is and provides the means in
                                                                    which the supervisor interacts with the employee to provide
                                                                    assessments on their contribution. The process begins when
                                                                    either the supervisor or employee initiates an employee
                                                                    contribution plan and ends when an employee and supervisor
                                                                    complete the employee’s annual assessment.

SPECIAL LIAISON OFFICE   SLO                     3901 ARMY          The Special Liaison Office (SLO) system is used to manage
                                                                    personnel data for members of the Department of the Army
                                                                    Special Roster (DASR). SLO allows data for personnel to be
                                                                    downloaded into ESBS and ASBS for promotion boards, and it
                                                                    is also used to track personnel issues (i.e., NCOER

                                                  Page 242
       System Name                Acronym   DITPR ID   Component                             Description
SPECIAL NEEDS PROGRAM  SNPMIS                    163 TMA           The Special Needs Program Management Information System
MANAGEMENT INFORMATION                                             (SNPMIS) provides access to and documents services for a
SYSTEM                                                             comprehensive program of therapy, medical support, and
                                                                   social services for young Military Health System (MHS)
                                                                   beneficiaries with special needs.
SPECTACLE REQUEST AND   SRTS                    6775 TMA           Spectacle Request and Transmission System (SRTS) is an
TRANSMISSION SYSTEM                                                IBM-compatible computer system used for the ordering and
                                                                   tracking of military eyewear. SRTS sends eyewear orders to
                                                                   military optical labs in ASCII format via e-mail. The system
                                                                   consists of ordering facility (clinic), version, and fabrication.

STAFFING SUITE          STAFFING SUITE          4078 ARMY          A group of web-enabled applications used to manage vacancy
                                                                   announcement for Army civilian jobs. (This AITR Number was
                                                                   previously used for the VA - Vacancy Announcement; VA is
                                                                   now listed as a child under this application). This group of
                                                                   applications consists of the following capabilities: Resume
                                                                   Builder (RB) - Applicants use to build resumes and submit
                                                                   them for Army Jobs. ANSWER - Applicants use to check and
                                                                   receive statuses of their submissions. Vacancy
                                                                   Announcement Builder (VA Builder or VAB) - Staffers use to
                                                                   build Army vacancy announcements for our system and OPM.
                                                                   Vacancy Announcement Board (VA Board) - Applicants query
                                                                   the system for Army vacancies and then self nominate for
                                                                   Army Jobs. Electronic Case File (ECF) - Retrieves applicant
                                                                   and referral information on a referral list. Web Referral (WBR)
                                                                   - Staffers use to build a referral list of qualified candidates.
                                                                   CPAC Answer - CPAC users use to query information about
                                                                   applicants and their statuses. Resume Builder Admin (RB
                                                                   Admin) - CRPC users query this system for resetting Resume
                                                                   Builder Passwords.

STANDARD AUTOMATED      SAVES                   1694 DECA          SAVES provides support for contracting and bill paying
VOUCHER EXAMINATION                                                functions for DeCA Commissaries in the U.S., Guam and
SYSTEM                                                             Europe. Its five major functional processes are: receipt entry,
                                                                   invoice entry, contract establishment & modification,
                                                                   overpayment & collection processing, and credit & collection
                                                                   processing. SAVES also maintains an online historical record
                                                                   of the payment transactions.

                                                 Page 243
       System Name                   Acronym   DITPR ID   Component                             Description
STANDARD                   SIDPERS-ARNG            3894 ARMY          SIDPERS-ARNG is a computer supported, management
INSTALLATION/DIVISION                                                 information system designed to support the functional areas
PERSONNEL SYSTEM-ARMY                                                 of strength accounting, personnel management, information
NATIONAL GUARD                                                        retrieval, and external interfaces a the field operating level.

STANDARD LABOR DATA        SLDCADA                  110 NAVY          SLDCADA is a time and attendance system that has been
COLLECTION AND                                                        chosen as the DON standard. SLDCADA allows for
DISTRIBUTION APPLICATION                                              centralized or distributed input, provides the capability to track
                                                                      civilian, military, as well as contractor labor hours against job
                                                                      order numbers for financial purposes, and hours against type
                                                                      hour codes for pay purposes. Other notable features include a
                                                                      leave availability check, prior pay adjustments, exception
                                                                      reporting, ability to query DCPS files (MER and BIMER), and
                                                                      easy access to employee information by authorized users.
                                                                      SLDCADA provides single time and attendance screen for
                                                                      input, correction, certification, prior pays, and review, which
                                                                      ultimately reduces the training effort and makes user input
                                                                      easy. All reports are on-line, resulting in a reduction of hard-
                                                                      copy reports. Interfaces are in place with DCPS, the DoD
                                                                      standard financial systems (DIFMS, STARS-FL, STARS -HQ),
                                                                      as well as other various local financial systems. SLDCADA is
                                                                      parameter driven so it can be tailored to meet individual site
                                                                      requirements. This allows the application to be customized,
                                                                      thereby providing a site with maximum flexibility.

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      System Name                Acronym   DITPR ID   Component                           Description
STRATEGIC HUMAN          HRMS                 10549 PFPA          StrageticHR HRMS is Client-based enterprise solution for
RESOURCE MANAGEMENT                                               manageing human capital. The PFPA HR mission is to
SYSTEM                                                            optimize the performance of the Agency workforce. The key
                                                                  benefits of the system is in tracking, attracting and growing
                                                                  talent in the organization. The StratigicHR HRMS System has
                                                                  extensive and easy to use customization features, which are
                                                                  easily adapted to meet PFPA employee and staffing/tracking
                                                                  requirements. People-Trak’s StrategicHR solution gives PFPA
                                                                  the enterprise tools necessary to track, monitor and report on
                                                                  vital employee and staffing information. The HRMS system
                                                                  will be integrated into the PFPA Local Domain on the
                                                                  unclassified network. The StrageticHR application is
                                                                  configured on a single server, while the existing PFPA SQL
                                                                  server cluster is utilized to securely house the employeeand
                                                                  staffing information that is accessable via the application.

STUDENT MANAGEMENT       SMS                   1612 DODEA         Student records such as attendance health and academic are
SYSTEM                                                            managed in a data base which will replace the existing
                                                                  SIMS/WinSchool upon implementation.FISMA/PIA
SUMMARIZED MANAGEMENT    SMART                  155 TMA           Summarized Management Analysis Resource Tool (SMART)
ANALYSIS RESOURCE TOOL                                            is an analytical tool used by Medical Treatment Facilities
                                                                  centers worldwide to track and monitor financial costs and
                                                                  expenses. SMART provides key summary executive and
                                                                  detailed managerial information in areas such as Financial
                                                                  Performance Monitoring, Peer Group Comparisons, Data
                                                                  Quality & Integrity Analysis, Budget Execution, Unit Cost
                                                                  Measurement, and Commodity Trending.

SUMMER WORKSHOP          SUMMER WORKSHOP       5965 DODEA         Web-based application used by school personnel to apply for
APPLICATION              APPLICATION                              summer training and workshops.EIS Survey
                                                                  Completed.FISMA/PIA Completed 03/16/2010.

                                                Page 245
        System Name                    Acronym   DITPR ID   Component                            Description
SUPERVISOR METRICS          SUPERMET                13677 NAVY          Provides a record of performance metrics,skillset completion,
                                                                        and mentoring notes needed to assess and evaluate
                                                                        supervisors. Instances will be disseminated to all four private
                                                                        shipyards, Norfolk Naval Shipyard, Puget Sound Naval
                                                                        Shipyard, Portsmouth Naval Shipyard, and Pearl Harbor
                                                                        Naval Shipyard. In general, the system processes existing
                                                                        data to provide charts and metrics for each supervisor, and
                                                                        processes input by managers on supervisor skillsets.

SUPPLEMENTAL            SAEM                         1552 NAVY          Brings together all administrative information about a shipyard
ADMINISTRATION EMPLOYEE                                                 employee into one place - employee management, position
MANAGEMENT                                                              management, attendance, discipline, limited duty, PARS,
                                                                        travel, grievance tracking, organization, phonebook.

SURGICAL SCHEDULING         S3                       7551 TMA           Surgical Scheduling System (S3) provides the AMEDD with a
SYSTEM                                                                  common automated surgical scheduling system. S3 will allow
                                                                        the standardization of Operating Room (OR) scheduling and
                                                                        reporting across the AMEDD, and allow the MEDCOM to
                                                                        collect enterprise-wide metrics on OR efficiency.

SYMIS PRE & POST PAYROLL SYMIS - PPPP                 678 NAVY          Manages the time and attendance data from Supervisors'
PROCESSES                                                               Desk forwarded to DCPS and its subsequent return and input
                                                                        into the Cost applications.
Senior Leader Development   SLDMS                    7973 ARMY          Senior Leader Development Management System (SLDMS)
Management System                                                       provides required Human Resource management and
                                                                        development services supporting Army Senior Leaders and
                                                                        Executive Leadership. Critical applications and databases aid
                                                                        processing of personnel information and Strategic Leader
                                                                        management programs and services not currently provided or
                                                                        available in existing US Army personnel management
                                                                        systems. SLDMS supports Army Leadership personnel
                                                                        transformation initiatives and provides accurate, timely data to
                                                                        support Army decision-makers.

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         System Name                Acronym   DITPR ID   Component                            Description
Space Power Lab              SPL                 12534 USAF          The Space Power Lab (SPL) has been established to improve
                                                                     the training processes at the NSSI, more specifically, as a
                                                                     scenario-based interactive modeling and simulation
                                                                     environment that stresses creative thinking and collaborative
                                                                     problem solving. These efforts provided the NSSI with the
                                                                     space functionality of a virtual Air & Space Operations Center
                                                                     (AOC) in the SPL. The M&S suite provided the NSSI with the
                                                                     models and simulations to provide basic Air & Space
                                                                     Operations Center (AOC) functionality, integrating 13 AOC
                                                                     operational applications and 4 simulations to create a fully-
                                                                     immersive space operations education facility. As the NSSI
                                                                     M&S courses evolve over time and as AOC
                                                                     programs/functions evolve, the NSSI needs the SPL
                                                                     simulation environment to adapt to comply with these new
                                                                     functionality requirements. Future phases will, keep the
                                                                     SPL?s models and simulations current as the AOC baseline
                                                                     evolves, and address emergent exercise and education
                                                                     requirements from the Combatant Commanders and the
                                                                     National Security Space Community. The goal is to capture all
                                                                     identified requirements on a periodic basis, and then adapt
                                                                     the SPL simulation environment to meet these modeling and
Sports Injury Surveillance   SISS                13355 USAF          Sponsored by the Defense Safety Oversight Council's (DSOC)
System                                                               Sports and Recreational Injury Prevention (SRIP) Working
                                                                     Group under the Military Training Task Force to reduce
                                                                     preventable injuries across DoD. Secretary of Defense is
                                                                     committed to achieving 75% accident reduction across the
                                                                     dept. This system implements a consistent and efficient
                                                                     automated approach to injury surveillance at the 3 academies
                                                                     by developing the infrastructure for injury surveillance and
                                                                     subsequent injury prevention program evaluation initiatives.
                                                                     The Sports Portal combines three easy to use modules that
                                                                     provide the necessary infrastructure for institution wide injury
                                                                     surveillance and reporting among cadets for various
                                                                     stakeholders (medical staff, safety officers, coaches,
                                                                     intercollegiate athletics, tactical officers, academy leaders,
                                                                     etc. This system automates the cadet medical excusal
                                                                     process and provides tactical officers and academy leaders
                                                                     with real-time information on injuries and ability to track

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         System Name               Acronym   DITPR ID   Component                           Description
Statistical Analysis and   STARS                12293 USAF          In 2001, Air Force Personnel Center (AFPC) commander
Retrievals System                                                   championed the Total Human Resources Manager's
                                                                    Information System (THRMIS) to deliver personnel reports to
                                                                    career field managers at the Pentagon. THRMIS is currently
                                                                    managed by AF/A1PF and executed by SAIC in house
                                                                    contractors. Each month, AFPC delivers personnel database
                                                                    extracts from MILPDS that, along with a direct manpower
                                                                    feed, supply the information that these contractors use to
                                                                    build the necessary reports. THRMIS supports approximately
                                                                    600 users at an annual contracting cost of $.65M. A cost
                                                                    benefit analysis was performed and it was determined that the
                                                                    government can now provide this service at a substantial
                                                                    decreased price ($467K startup, $130K per year to maintain)
                                                                    using STARS. Just like THRMIS, STARS integrates disparate
                                                                    inventory and manpower databases into a single Total Force
                                                                    relational data warehouse. It is a web based tool, uses
                                                                    commercial-off-the-shelf software to build and maintain the
                                                                    data warehouse consisting of legacy and current data
                                                                    extracted from disparate databases. Air Force business rules
                                                                    are applied in the data loading process and during report

                                                  Page 248
        System Name           Acronym   DITPR ID   Component                           Description
Strength Maintenance   SMMS                12150 ARMY          SMMS integrates several NGB-GSS systems in order
Management System                                              minimize redundancy, share common data, and provide a
                                                               framework for future expansion. Systems incorporated
                                                               include: - Recruit Operations Center (ROC) Control Number
                                                               System - The management system for issuing and tracking
                                                               control numbers for ARNG applicants and managing
                                                               applicants through the current enlistment process. - Path To
                                                               Honor (PTH) - Allows prospective ARNG applicants to
                                                               complete their application packet online and have that packet
                                                               automatically submitted to ARISS. This system is a
                                                               predecessor to MEPCOMs planned development of the Virtual
                                                               Interactive Processing system. - Virtual Armory (VA) - A
                                                               management system for the Recruiting and Retention force. -
                                                               Directors Adaptive Reporting Tool (DART) - A highly
                                                               customizable reporting system that allows decision makers to
                                                               look at key marketing, recruiting and accession data to
                                                               evaluate trends and determine success of various programs. -
                                                               Guard Earth - An extension of DART that provides geo-
                                                               mapping of data points to provide visual data of success

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       System Name               Acronym   DITPR ID   Component                             Description
Student Data Management   SDMS                10966 USAF          This system is similar to any college electronic student record
System                                                            system except we have a lot more information to gather. Since
                                                                  the legacy Honeywell system, Defense English Language
                                                                  Management Information System (DELMIS), was discontinued
                                                                  we needed to have a system to replace it and we developed
                                                                  the SDMS system. DELMIS's authority to maintain was 10
                                                                  U.S.C. 8013, Secretary of the Air Force: powers and duties;
                                                                  delegation by; as implemented by Air Force Instruction 16-
                                                                  103/OPNAVINST 1550.11/MCO 1550.24, Management of the
                                                                  Defense English Language Program; and E.O. 9397 (SSN).
                                                                  We imported the information from the legacy DELMIS system
                                                                  and have added more capability. Most of our students change
                                                                  class every week and they are tested each week. Therefore
                                                                  we track each class and the test results. We have several
                                                                  types of test. We use computer delivered testing (CDT),
                                                                  Proficiency Exams (PE), English Comprehension Level (ECL)
                                                                  and oral proficiency interview (OPI) tests. CDTs are given
                                                                  weekly on the class attended. ECLs are given weekly to
                                                                  incoming students and monthly to all the students. OPIs are
                                                                  administered as required. Students must reach a prescribed
                                                                  ECL score before they are allowed to attend their follow on
TACTICAL PERSONNEL        TPS                  6547 ARMY          Provides the capability to account for all soldiers (Active Army,
SYSTEM                                                            Active Reserve, National Guard, Civilians and other combined
                                                                  US Services). TPS performs the functions of manifest, jump
                                                                  manifest, personnel task forcing, crew status, and reports.
                                                                  TPS consists of a COTS laptop computer, COTS bar-code
                                                                  scanner, and the TPS Application.

ORGANIZATIONAL                                                    SHIPYARD POSITIONS AND WHO IS FILLING THOSE
STRUCTURE                                                         POSITIONS AS WELL AS THE ORGANIZATIONAL
                                                                  STRUCTURE OF THE SHIPYARD.
TEACHER TRANSFER          TTP                  6036 DODEA         The Teacher Transfer Program provides an automated
PROGRAM                                                           solution that will allow teachers to apply on-line for positions at
                                                                  other locations. This system assists personnel with ranking
                                                                  teachers based on tenure and certifications. FISMA/PIA
                                                                  Completed on 01/15/2009.

                                                Page 250
      System Name           Acronym   DITPR ID   Component                            Description
TECHNICAL TRAINING   TTMS                 1370 USAF          The Technical Training Management System (TTMS) provides
MANAGEMENT SYSTEM                                            AETC personnel and other users a suite of integrated and
                                                             customized Commercial Off-The-Shelf (COTS) software
                                                             products implemented in a centralized, enterprise-wide, web-
                                                             based architecture. TTMS includes the following applications: -
                                                             - TTMS Student Management, built with a customized version
                                                             of the Plateau Learning Management System, providing the
                                                             primary system of record used by instructors, training
                                                             managers, and others to manage AETC technical training and
                                                             basic military training; -- TTMS Interactive Courseware
                                                             Implementation System (ICIS), a system built for course
                                                             design and development, with versions provided for both
                                                             technical training and medical training; -- TTMS Evaluations,
                                                             built with customized versions of Questionmark Perception,
                                                             providing end-of-course surveys, graduate assessment
                                                             surveys, and automated testing capabilities; -- TTMS Upfront,
                                                             built with customized version of IBM Cognos, providing
                                                             information analysis capabilities for command-level users and
                                                             course personnel; -- TTMS Job Match, built with a customized
                                                             version of the Plateau Talent Management System, providing

                                           Page 251
       System Name                 Acronym   DITPR ID   Component                            Description
TELEPHARMACY REMOTE      TRDVS                  10739 TMA           The Navy telepharmacy project is a pilot test of the concept of
DISPENSING AND                                                      using automated technology and communications to provide
VERIFICATION SYSTEM-                                                pharmaceutical care to beneficiaries at Navy treatment
SCRIPTPRO                                                           facilities. This project seeks to determine when, where and
                                                                    how quality pharmaceutical care can occur without the
                                                                    physical presence of a pharmacist while still complying with all
                                                                    current standards of care. Specifically, the products offered
                                                                    include computer systems integrating videoconferencing
                                                                    technology with pharmacy operations management software.
                                                                    System elements can be located at both central pharmacy
                                                                    and remote telepharmacy sites to permit pharmacists at
                                                                    central pharmacies to access a patient´s medication profile
                                                                    and perform a prospective drug utilization review by computer
                                                                    on each prescription before it is dispensed to the patient at a
                                                                    remote site. Through use of telepharmacy technology,
                                                                    pharmacy services are provided using the same quality
                                                                    standards used in traditional pharmacy practice including
                                                                    pharmacist prescription verification before dispensing, drug
                                                                    utilization review and patient education counseling.
                                                                    Pharmacists using telecommunications technology can
                                                                    systematically provide personalized electronically
TENNESSEE VALLEY (TV)    CFCPWS                  2779 ARMY          Combined Federal Campaign Public Web Site (CFCPWS)
COMBINED FEDERAL                                                    â¿¿ CFCPWS provides information concerning the
CAMPAIGN (CFC) PUBLIC                                               Tennessee Valley CFC Campaign to the public. This product
WEB SITE                                                            was internally developed, and provides real time processing.
                                                                    This product resides within a web-content managed
                                                                    application on a UNIX platform. CFCPWS does not interface
                                                                    with any other systems.
THE ARMY AUTHORIZATION   TAADS-R                 1211 ARMY          The Army Authorization Documentation System-Reserve
DOCUMENTATION SYSTEM-                                               (TAADS-R) is a TPUMS subsystem that maintains
RESERVE                                                             authorization data on TAPDB-R for structured units in the
                                                                    TAADS-R master file supplied by the USARC. This file is
                                                                    compared weekly to authorization data on TAPDB-R, and any
                                                                    differences are applied to TAPDB-R. Soldiers with changed
                                                                    authorization data are either re-slotted, or moved into a
                                                                    special assignment category. Daily data generation and
                                                                    correction processing is performed to add processing UIC
                                                                    fields and correct assignment data that does not match
                                                                    authorization data.

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      System Name                  Acronym   DITPR ID   Component                             Description
THE JAG CORPS INTRANET   LAAWS - JAGCNET          618 ARMY          JAG Corps network -- (HW & SW) providing intranet, IS, and
AND KM SYSTEM                                                       KM resources to 10000+ DoD legal professionals; contains
                                                                    300+ knowledge-bases, 40+ discussion databases, legal
                                                                    research links, and real-time secure instant messaging -- for
                                                                    advising the warfighter.
THE JUDGE ADVOCATE       JAGPERS                13427 NAVY          Automate JAGC Form 4416 (Navy JAG application); support
GENERAL PERSONNEL                                                   diverity program in recruiting of personnel from a broader
SYSTEM                                                              selection base; review and selection of officer candidates.
                                                                    Allows for a cradle to grave account for Officer Information;
                                                                    Helps track JAG military personnel from Law School, Active
                                                                    Duty, Reserve Duty, and retirement.
THE MANPOWER,           OSCMIS                   7464 DISA          The system provides the capability to access a centralized
PERSONNEL, AND SECURITY                                             location of data and enables users to review, create, update,
DIRECTORATE'S OPEN                                                  and delete data based on their respective account
SOURCE CORPORATE                                                    permissions as built by the database administrator(s). The
MANAGEMENT INFORMATION                                              system provides management information such as: Quarterly
SYSTEM                                                              Readiness Review (QRR) topics, Individual Employee data
                                                                    such as training records and DISA JTD, special MPS data for
                                                                    groups such as Payroll, Automation, and Security.

CENTER-LUKE                                                         located at Luke AFB, Arizona, is a networked set of four flight
                                                                    simulators used to conduct formal F-16 training and
                                                                    development. These devices are owned, operated and
                                                                    managed by the United States Air Force (USAF) via the Air
                                                                    Education and Training Command (AETC) to develop F-16
                                                                    pilot skills and core competencies in flight maneuvers,
                                                                    emergency procedures and in refining air-to-air and air-to-
                                                                    ground combat skills. Student pilots receive basic flying skills
                                                                    to highly sophisticated combat maneuvers. The training
                                                                    includes single ship through four ship formation flying and
                                                                    using exercises such as Virtual Flag learn large force
                                                                    deployment against foreign threats from the air and ground.

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      System Name                   Acronym   DITPR ID   Component                             Description
THE WOUNDED, ILL, AND    WII-PBES                12590 USD(P&R)      The Wounded, Ill, and Injured Senior Oversight Committee
INJURED PBES                                                         (WII-SOC) was originally established by the DEPSECDEF on
(PROGRAMMING,                                                        3 May 2007, and a permanent office established on 14
BUDGETING, AND EXECUTION                                             December 2008. The purpose of the Wounded Ill & Injured
SYSTEM) WEB SYSTEM                                                   office was established to expedite the Department of
                                                                     Defense’s (DoD’s) efforts to improve the medical care
                                                                     process, disability processing, and transition activities.The WII-
                                                                     PBES is a web-based tool to enhance its capability for
                                                                     analysis, programming, budgeting and execution. The WII-
                                                                     PBES tool will provide the capability for: tracking requirements
                                                                     through programming, budget and execution; implementing
                                                                     Activity Based Costing (ABC) for Wounded Ill & Injured
                                                                     requirements; assigning TPCC requirements to known
                                                                     mandates; and, providing standard and ad-hoc reporting.
                                                                     Capabilities include: easy user navigation via the web;
                                                                     organization of requirements; and, the ability to track changes
                                                                     of requirements, pricing, and definitions.
THEATER ARMY MEDICAL   TAMMIS                      134 TMA           TAMMIS is a legacy Army medical supply system currently
MANAGEMENT INFORMATION                                               supporting deployed units. It provides electronic data to the
SYSTEM                                                               DMLSS Joint Medical Asset Repository. TAMMIS has been
                                                                     replaced by DMLSS at fixed facilities and will be replaced by
                                                                     TEWLS and DMLSS as appropriate to support the Theater

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      System Name                Acronym   DITPR ID   Component                            Description
THEATER ENTERPRISE WIDE TEWLS                   204 TMA           Theater Enterprise-Wide Logistics System (TEWLS) supports
MEDICAL LOGISTICS SYSTEM                                          critical medical logistics warfighter requirements in a net-
                                                                  centric environment. It ties the national, regional, and
                                                                  deployed units into a single business environment. It creates
                                                                  the necessary links for planners, commercial partners, and
                                                                  AMEDD logisticians to accomplish essential care in the
                                                                  theater through a single customer facing portal. It removes
                                                                  disparate data and replaces it with a single instance of
                                                                  actionable data. TEWLS supports today´s modern, non-
                                                                  contiguous battlefield at the regional, COCOM, and Service
                                                                  levels by leveraging emerging Medical Materiel Executive
                                                                  Agency and Theater Lead Agent infrastructure concepts to
                                                                  manage the entire medical supply chain from the industrial
                                                                  base to the end user. Theater Army Medical Mgmt Information
                                                                  System (TAMMIS) at the Theater Lead Agent for Medical
                                                                  Materiel (TLAMMs) will transition to TEWLS Release 2
                                                                  beginning in 1st Quarter, FY10.

THERMAL IMAGING          TICS                 14146 NAVY          The Thermal Imaging Counter System (TICS) is a Commercial
COUNTING SYSTEM                                                   Off-The-Shelf (COTS) system used to count personnel
                                                                  entering and exiting worksites on the shipyard. It is a thermal
                                                                  imaging system that counts bodies; no sensitive info or
                                                                  Personally Identifiable Information (PII) can being collected by
                                                                  this system. The system consists of one or more sensors, a
                                                                  signal repeater, a sensor receiver and a Windows-based
                                                                  application to view and store the data. This is a pilot project
                                                                  with the intention that the SenSource System be NMCI-
                                                                  certified and deployed at all four Naval Shipyards. NMCI CLIN
                                                                  149AF (Complex Device Certification) requires ATO/IATO
                                                                  prior to connection for testing.

THIRD PARTY OUTPATIENT   TPOCS                  151 TMA           Third Party Outpatient Collection System (TPOCS) is the DoD
COLLECTION SYSTEM                                                 standard system designed to assist in the collection, tracking,
                                                                  and reporting of data necessary for billing commercial health
                                                                  insurance plans, government agencies and patients by the
                                                                  Military Treatment Facilities.

                                                Page 255
      System Name                    Acronym   DITPR ID   Component                            Description
TIME LABOR MANAGEMENT     TLMS                     4016 ARMY          TLMS is a mission essential Executive Control Essential
SYSTEM                                                                Comman Supervision (ECECS) system. It enables workforce
                                                                      scheduling and attendance reporting in accordance with Non
                                                                      Appropriated Fund (NAF) Personnel and Payroll policies. It
                                                                      provides various management reports used in NAF business
                                                                      Lines to control and forecast labor costs. The system is part of
                                                                      the MWR-MIS-AIS.
TMA FINANCIAL STATEMENT   TFSW                    12407 TMA           TFSW is a web-site repository of quarterly TMA financial
WEB SITE                                                              statements for current and past Fiscal Years. Government
                                                                      agency financial statements are required by Chief Financial
                                                                      Officers´ Act. Statements include those from TMA
                                                                      headquarters (Falls Church), TMA private sector care (Aurora,
                                                                      CO), and Uniformed Services University of Health Sciences
                                                                      (USUHS). DHP Service Component financial statements are
                                                                      also included in repository as a reference. Web site enables
                                                                      TMA staff involved in financial statement preparation to share
                                                                      documents electronically, in interactive, paper-less mode.

TOTAL ARMY PERSONNEL      TAPDB-R                  3995 ARMY          The Total Army Personnel Data Base - Reserve (TAPDB-R) is
DATA BASE - RESERVE                                                   the corporate database for information pertaining to soldiers in
                                                                      the United States Army Reserve (USAR). It is a relational
                                                                      database that maintains real time data on soldiers as well as
                                                                      US Army organization and authorization data. The database
                                                                      has no direct interfaces, and the data it stores serves multiple
                                                                      HRC-STL systems through batch and online updates
                                                                      performed by the Army Reserve Personnel Information
                                                                      Middleware System (ARPIMS), the Army Reserve Transaction
                                                                      Management System (ARTRAMS), the Reserve Database
                                                                      Maintenance System (RDMS), the RDMS Interface Control
                                                                      System (RICS), The Army Authorization Documentation
                                                                      System - Reserve (TAADS-R), and the Troop Program Unit
                                                                      Management Subsystem (TPUMS).

TOTAL ARMY PERSONNEL      TAPDB-AO                 3993 ARMY          The Total Army Personnel Data Base â¿¿ Active Officer is the
DATABASE ACTIVE OFFICER                                               central database for all information pertaining to Active Army
                                                                      commissioned and warrant officers. It contains a set of
                                                                      logically integrated and physically distributed databases.
                                                                      TAPDB-AO is updated daily (Monday thru Friday), and HRC
                                                                      OPMD is the functional proponent.

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      System Name                   Acronym   DITPR ID   Component                             Description
TOTAL ARMY PERSONNEL     TAPDB-AE                 3992 ARMY          The Total Army Personnel Data Base â¿¿ Active Enlisted is
DATABASE ENLISTED                                                    the central database for all information pertaining to Active
                                                                     Army Enlisted Soldiers. It contains a set of logically integrated
                                                                     and physically distributed databases. TAPDB-AE is updated
                                                                     daily (Monday thru Friday), and HRC EPMD is the functional
TOTAL ARMY PERSONNEL     TAPDB-ARNG               3994 ARMY          TAPDB-ARNG provides a variety of personnel data in support
DATABASE-ARMY NATIONAL                                               of the Headquarters Operating Level personnel management
GUARD                                                                activities at the National Guard Bureau. Currently, SIDPERS
                                                                     supports personnel management activities at the individual
                                                                     State level.
TOTAL FORCE              TFAS/MOS                 1624 USMC          TFAS replaces manual HR data admin processes with a self-
ADMINISTRATION                                                       service, paperless, web-based environment. Allows Marines
SYSTEM/MANPOWER                                                      and leaders to view and update manpower data and conduct
OPERATIONS SYSTEMS                                                   HR transactions on line. This environment greatly reduces the
                                                                     administrative overhead associated with labor-intensive,
                                                                     paper-based processes. On-going business process
                                                                     reengineering efforts will optimize legacy systems functionality
                                                                     and data relationships, including MASS, MMAS, PES, DPRIS,
                                                                     MCMEDS, CWDA, ODSE, and M4L.

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      System Name                 Acronym   DITPR ID   Component                             Description
TOTAL FORCE CAREER FIELD THRMIS                  447 USAF          Air Force investment in the Total Human Resource Managers'
MANAGEMENT                                                         Information System (THRMIS) provides the Air Force with an
                                                                   analytical and informational decision support system for
                                                                   assessing the health and sustainability of career fields across
                                                                   the Total Force (active, Guard, Reserve, civilian). This is
                                                                   accomplished in a web environment with reports efficiently
                                                                   returned to the user's desktop. Initial development of THRMIS
                                                                   began in 2001 following the Air Force Chief of Staff (CSAF)
                                                                   directed Total Force Career Field Review. This review called
                                                                   on Senior Air Force Leadership to assess the health and
                                                                   sustainability of career fields aligned under their functional
                                                                   communities for the Total Force. The initial TFCFR was labor
                                                                   intensive and required data from various physical locations
                                                                   and data owners. At the conclusion of the review the CSAF
                                                                   directed the development of a standardized tool to help
                                                                   institutionalize and support this process. THRMIS is that tool.
                                                                   THRMIS was developed under the leadership of the Air Force
                                                                   Deputy Chief of Staff for Personnel. For the first time in the Air
                                                                   Force, THRMIS integrates disparate inventory and manpower
                                                                   databases into a single Total Force relational data warehouse.
TOTAL FORCE DATA        TFDW                    4423 USMC          TFDW is the official active duty end-strength reporting tool for
WAREHOUSE                                                          the USMC and additionally supports the development of
                                                                   numerous manpower plans, e.g., accession, recruiting,
                                                                   retention, promotion, classification, mobilization, distribution,
                                                                   and assignment. TFDW takes a monthly snapshot from the
                                                                   following systems MCTFS, MCTIMS, MASS, MCRISS, Q
                                                                   Record, TFRS/ACRS, MCMods, and R112.

TOTAL FORCE MANPOWER    TFMMS                    117 NAVY          Provide the manpower enterprise tools to produce Navy’s
MANAGEMENT SYSTEM                                                  authoritative manpower products; provide Manpower Change
                                                                   Request process to update authoritative manpower products;
                                                                   send manpower demand signal output to the Navy to assure
                                                                   personnel readiness. In addition, the information aids in
                                                                   defending POM and budget requests, and supports recruiting,
                                                                   distribution, and strength planning. PKI N/A System operates
                                                                   on the classified NMCI.

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      System Name               Acronym   DITPR ID   Component                            Description
TOTAL FORCE MANPOWER    TFMMR                 1627 USMC          TFMMR will be an integrated analysis and simulation system
MODELS REENGINEERING                                             for forecasting and creating what-if scenarios to optimize
                                                                 planning and allocation activities. TFMMR will integrate the
                                                                 Marine Corps Total Force manpower planning processes,
                                                                 directly supporting the Human Resource Development
                                                                 Process well into the 21st century. TFMMR will support the
                                                                 USMC position to continue moving away from stove piped,
                                                                 duplicative approaches for IT resources, to one centered on
                                                                 providing common resources to all USMC decision-makers.

TOTAL FORCE RETENTION   TFRS                  4996 USMC          TFRS is the information support system that enables the
SYSTEM                                                           Marine Corps Career Retention Force to systematically input,
                                                                 review, and maintain personnel information needed to process
                                                                 a RELM, and to extend current enlistments. TFRS was initially
                                                                 deployed in 1997, and the principal users consist of Career
                                                                 Retention Specialists (CRSs) and Headquarters Marine Corps
                                                                 (HQMC) staff. TFRS is managed by the Dep C/S M&RA
TOTAL FORCE STRUCTURE   TFSMS                 1659 USMC          The Total Force Structure Management System (TFSMS)
MANAGEMENT SYSTEM                                                serves as the Marine Corps’ authoritative source for the
                                                                 Marine Corps’ default force structure data. TFSMS provides a
                                                                 single, accurate, synchronized, and timely system for Force
                                                                 Structure information in support of the Marine Corps focus on
                                                                 re-engineering processes to support the enterprise while
                                                                 optimizing its business functions through available information
                                                                 technology. Within the Total Force Management process,
                                                                 TFSMS enhances the Marine Corps’ ability to efficiently and
                                                                 effectively address future capabilities in the framework of
                                                                 United States Code (USC) Title 10 responsibilities, which
                                                                 include organizing, training, and equipping forces as a
                                                                 component of national military capability. To facilitate the
                                                                 integration of capabilities into the operating forces, TFSMS
                                                                 specifies USMC force structure requirements and
                                                                 authorizations in the form of Tables of Organizations and
                                                                 Equipment (TO&E), which are composed of billets and
                                                                 authorized equipment. Furthermore, TFSMS serves as the
                                                                 primary data source and business process engine for the
                                                                 Total Force Structure Process activities defined in Marine

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      System Name                   Acronym   DITPR ID   Component                            Description
TOTAL OFFICER PERSONNEL TOPMIS                    4022 ARMY          The Total Officer Personnel Management Information System
MANAGEMENT INFORMATION                                               (TOPMIS) is a subsystem of TOPMIS II, and is an automated
SYSTEM                                                               system residing on the HRC mainframe. The system is used
                                                                     by HRC to distribute and assign officers, and by HQDA,
                                                                     MACOMs, and installations to manage officer strength,
                                                                     distribution, and assignments. The system also maintains
                                                                     officer record data on the Total Army Personnel Data Base
                                                                     â¿¿ Active Officer.
TOTAL OFFICER PERSONNEL TOPMIS II                 1251 ARMY          The Total Officer Personnel Management Information System
MANAGEMENT INFORMATION                                               II supports officer personnel management at HRC-Alexandria
SYSTEM II TOPMIS-II                                                  and at officer requisition activities worldwide by providing
                                                                     career and personnel managers with online computer support
                                                                     to assist them in distribution and assignment of officers
                                                                     throughout the world. TOPMIS II also provides web-based
                                                                     ORB applications.
TOTAL OFFICER PERSONNEL TOPTUS                    4024 ARMY          The Total Officer Personnel Transaction Update System uses
TRANSACTION UPDATE                                                   a series of jobs to apply batch transactions to the Total Army
SYSTEM                                                               Personnel Data Base â¿¿ Active Officer, make independent
                                                                     updates, and generation of output notices to Electronic
                                                                     Military Personnel Office installations. Independent update
                                                                     routines perform periodic updates to TAPDB-AO, and keep
                                                                     that database aligned with the organizational database.
                                                                     TOPTUS receives transactions from a variety of sources, and
                                                                     provides customer assistance, functional and technical
                                                                     support to many users. It produces extracts, organizes data
                                                                     and provides queries from TAPDB-AO for users. In addition,
                                                                     TOPTUS has the responsibility of reporting Army Strength for
                                                                     active officers to the Army Deputy Chief of Staff for Personnel
                                                                     (DCS G-1).

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      System Name            Acronym   DITPR ID   Component                             Description
TOTAL WORKFORCE       TWMS                 6976 NAVY          Functional Description: Total Workforce Management Service
MANAGEMENT SERVICES                                           (TWMS) is a web based GOTS application which gathers
                                                              information from official programs of record, such as DCPDS,
                                                              NSIPS, TFMMS, STARS, DMO, NKO/NTMPS, NDAWS and
                                                              SAPHR, and combines them to allow the user to manage their
                                                              TOTAL WORKFORCE, which includes data on Civilians (both
                                                              APF and Foreign Nationals), Military, NAF, Contractors, as
                                                              well as required and authorized billet information via one easy
                                                              to use web interface. TWMS allows the user to produce
                                                              reports, metrics, track gains and losses, perform daily and
                                                              emergency musters of personnel, map people to billets, track
                                                              security clearance information, assign required skills, training,
                                                              and certifications to positions and identity employee deltas,
                                                              track completed training, and manage assets assigned to
                                                              personnel. Users can view a wealth of information on each
                                                              employee, including assignment history, training information,
                                                              personal and recall information and benefits & pay
                                                              information. TWMS also allows each employee to view their
                                                              own record via the self service tool, and allows to them to
                                                              update non program of record information such as work
                                                              phone, cell phone and building number. Describe the
TRADOC ON LINE        TOL                  8906 ARMY          This system facilitates Manpower and Force Management
                                                              from the Garrison level to the HQDA level managing faces,
                                                              spaces, and dollars. It pulls in data from WebTAADS, SAMAS
                                                              (PROBE), and MDCPDS. Changes and updates are done in
                                                              TOL and submitted to higher headquarters. TOL provides the
                                                              capability to access manpower data from different databases
                                                              without having to go into each database separately. It
                                                              replaces TMAS.

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      System Name              Acronym   DITPR ID   Component                              Description
TRAINING BUSINESS AREA   TBA                 2446 USAF          TBA is a Net-Centric, Global Combat Support System-Air
                                                                Force (GCSS-AF) mission application with approximately
                                                                210,000 Active Duty, ANG, AFR and civilian users. The
                                                                primary goal of TBA is to increase readiness and improve
                                                                sustainability of weapon systems and equipment by improving
                                                                the visibility, accuracy, and availability of training qualification
                                                                and certification information; strengthen training management
                                                                execution and oversight; and automate the USAF training
                                                                business process. Current capability provides career field
                                                                specific task qualification management for on-the-
                                                                job/deployment training. TBA supports achievement of DOD
                                                                Net-Centric and Air Force GCSS-AF goals. TBA provides
                                                                significantly improved capability to quickly ensure deployed
                                                                Air Expeditionary Forces have appropriately skilled
                                                                professionals. AF training management is non-standard,
                                                                decentralized, and man-hour intensive. Currently, numerous
                                                                legacy systems and paper-based process are in use to
                                                                conduct training management. The Combat Air Forces use
                                                                Integrated Maintenance Data System-Central Database
                                                                (IMDS-CDB), TBA and paper. The Mobility Air Forces use
TRAINING OBJECT          TOR                 8888 USAF          The system stores and manages reusable knowledge objects
REPOSITORY                                                      (RKO) for use in courseware development of stand up,
                                                                computer-based and blended learning education and training
                                                                for workforce development. Provides developers a Google
                                                                style search engine for existing content used in courseware,
                                                                thereby saving time and money by eliminating duplication.

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      System Name              Acronym   DITPR ID   Component                            Description
TRAINING PLANNING SYSTEM TPS                 2470 USAF          TPS and ETCA share the same database, but have separate
                                                                functions on the servers. TPS provides the AETC training
                                                                community the capability to collect and validate training
                                                                requirements. TPS calculates course capacities, course
                                                                student loads that can be supported, relates multiple courses,
                                                                schedules classes based on the identified student load during
                                                                a prescribed time frame, and distributes class seats to the
                                                                respective users based on established guidelines and
                                                                priorities. ETCA provides instructions for the administration of
                                                                Air Force training. It contains approximately 4,300 course
                                                                announcements. It also contains information on formal
                                                                education and training available to military personnel and
                                                                civilian employees of the AF