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Cardinal Connection



                            Eagle’s Nest
                            February 3, 2011                                       Volume 1, Issue 8
                            Looking Out From The Nest
               February 10, 2011                      Principal Coffee Hour
               February 17, 2011                      Principal Coffee Hour
               February 21, 2011                      No School – Presidents Day

                                  Our Principal’s Corner
Dear NACS Parents/Guardians,

It is hard to believe that we passing the mid-point of the year. As I look back at the fall it might seem like
very little progress has been made but I believe we are putting very important foundation stones down to
guide the school forward. I believe a good analogy to this became evident to me during one of my trips
down in Denver a couple of months ago with my boys when they noticed a big hole in the ground where a
building was about to be built. What struck them was they had passed the same sight several weeks earlier
and in their mind it didn’t seem like anything had changed because the hole looked the same to them. I let
them know, however, that while it looked like very little was happening the builders were working on the
most important part of the whole process--they were laying the foundation of the building. And that if great
care was not taken during this crucial phase, then, everything built on top of that foundation will not be

This philosophy of taking the time to build the foundation of that which you want to truly last is an essential
step that holds not only when putting a building up but also in the context of a school turnaround or even
raising a child. I think intuitively we all know this, but there exists a tension between what we know to be
true and the undercurrent in our society that says “I want things now and I don’t like waiting.” This tension
has been particularly evident at NACS this year following all of the changes that took place prior to the start
of the year.

As I look toward the second half of this year, I want you to know that we are taking very positive steps that
will help us strengthen our foundation. One important step that I want to let you know about involves my
decision to hire Ms. Jere Pearcy as the new Assistant Principal for Curriculum and Assessment. Ms. Pearcy
comes to NACS with over nine years of administrative experience and two of the schools she has led have
received schools of excellence awards. Ms. Pearcy will guide and coach our teachers in the implementation
of our Core Knowledge curriculum and she will have leadership over the schools assessment program, which
includes CSAPs.

I am excited to about the foundation stones that we are putting in place and some of the fruit of this will
gradually become more evident to our families during the second half of the year.

Thank you for your continued support

George Sanker
Interim Principal
Northeast Academy Charter School
         Full Day Kindergarten Registration for
                2011/2012 School Year
We are currently enrolling kindergartners for the 2011/2012 school year. Your child must be
five years old by October 1, 2011. Please bring the following information when enrolling
your child:
     Verification of the child’s birthday through a birth certificate or hospital certificate.
     Health information (shot records) that proves your child is in compliance with the
       state’s immunizations laws.
     Address verification (such as a current phone or public utility bill)
     Proof of income (last (2) check stubs) to determine tuition assistance eligibility.
I look forward to meeting with you.
Ms. Pat Swann

                             Student Council Update
  The Northeast Academy Student Council has been working diligently on several programs and events this
 past month. First off, the students have instated a variety of programs to try and build an even more positive
school culture at Northeast Academy. A few weeks ago the students hosted an all-middle school assembly to
discuss issues of disrespect between students and ways that we should be taking care of our school building,
  including picking up trash. Continuing with this initiative, Student Council began our Middle School Hall
 Monitor program this past Monday. These hall monitors were nominated by the faculty, administration, and
   student council because of their upstanding moral character, integrity, and leadership. These students are
present in the hallways and near the bathrooms before classes begin, during passing periods, and after classes
     are dismissed to ensure that students have their shirts tucked in, are quiet, and being respectful of the
      building and each other. To reward students who have been behaving well, the Student Council also
     delivered surprise cookies and a thank you note to all middle school students who did not receive any
                                 detentions or pink slips during second quarter.

  Our student leaders have also been planning some fun upcoming activities surrounding Valentine's Day.
  First, the student store will be open February 14-18th from 3:30- 3:50 p.m. and for one week each month
here after. All students may purchase school supplies and fun holiday related gifts at the store. Second, there
  are two events coming up for Elementary and Middle School Students. The Elementary Valentine's Day
    Party will occur Wednesday, February 16th from 3:45-5:00 p.m. in the cafeteria and two downstairs
classrooms. Students will have the opportunity to eat food, dance, listen to stories, and make arts and crafts,
  including valentines for patients at Children's Hospital. The Middle School students will also be making
 these valentines for Children's Hospital in their supplemental studies classes. In addition, all 6-8th graders
     are invited to attend the Valentine's Day Dance on Friday, February 18th from 6:30-8:30 p.m. in the

 Thank you to our Student Council for all of their hard work! If you have any questions or comments about
 student council, please do not hesitate to contact Ms. Kamm at or extension 212.
Random Acts of Kindness Week
2011: February 14-20

                            Elementary Corner

The News From Mrs. Replogle's Kindergarten Class

Friday, January 21, 2011, I had a lovely teaching day! Everyone in my class achieved an 'A' on their spelling
test. What a remarkable accomplishment for children so very young, and for some students that are new to
speaking English. I do not work alone: our Riggs phonics program is just fabulous, Miss O'Neal is a
dedicated tutor and teacher, and I thank you, parents and guardians for all of your help.
This month I have two new reading tests to complete with each student. During our busy test days, your
children will be learning about the Chinese New Year, and Ground Hog Day!
In February, our class will celebrate St. Valentine's Day, on Friday, February 11th. We will be learning
about the historical origin of St. Valentine's Day, and of course having just a little party on the last Friday
before the holiday. Please excuse me for celebrating early, but as St. Valentine's Day falls this year on a
Monday -- having a party on Monday is just too much fun, even for kindergarten. I will sending out a list of
all of my students for your valentine list, please do not forget a single child. Remember, we are not fussy,
homemade valentines are treasures every bit as much as the store bought variety.
As always, if you have questions or concerns, please let me know. I am here to be of assistance and help to
Mrs. Replogle
                                       First Grade
Greetings from First Grade! This February First Graders are looking forward to diving into their study of the
oceans and the American Revolution. Students are continuing their hard work towards their Big Goals, to
read and write like Second Graders and in math to become Number Experts.

                        2nd Grade News
Mrs. Hannah's 2nd grade class is moving quite quickly through our RIGGS Spelling. We are learning so
many words and putting them together in our sentences. We have just finished reading Little House on the
Prairie and loved it! We are working a small book report on the book. We will then start reading Peter Pan.
In History we are learning about the Civil War, we can't wait to find out who wins: The North or the
South?? In Science we will be moving in learning about our Digestive System and how we digest our food.
In Geography we have 7 more states of our United States left to learn and we will know all our 50 states!
We are also learning about North America and will soon start learning about South America....We are so

Ms. Tillson’s 2nd grade class is just starting several exciting new units. We will begin studying cells in
science, the Civil Rights movement in history and Central America in geography. We haven’t quite finished
Peter Pan in literature, so we will continue to read that alongside our new South American tales.

                                       Ms. Algien 4th Grade

Fourth grade students in Ms. Algien’s class are now making the connection, that the effects of the
American Revolution are still felt today. As student citizens in the classroom, they have a duty and
responsibility to uphold. As classroom citizens their duty is to the learning process and their responsibility
is to put forth their best effort each and every day. Students have taken their phonetic responsibility to the
next level, as they transitioned from Riggs Spelling to Spalding. It is not an uncommon occurrence to hear a
student using decoding skills to pronounce new words. In the realm of science students will be leaving the
respiratory system and lung disease to discover what really matters, chemistry.

The fifth graders have just started reading the Narrative of the Life of Fredrick Douglas: An American Slave.
In social studies, we have spent time discussing world exploration from the 1400’s to the 1800’s. We just
finished discussing the beginning of slavery and are working our way towards Westward expansion in the
United States and the Civil War. In writing, the fifth graders enjoyed writing their own personal narratives,
telling about an exciting event in their lives. They are learning about plants and photosynthesis in science.
We have done two experiments to help us better understand these concepts.
                                   Fifth Grade Times
                                  by Michael C. Brewer
“I’ve got a Fork.”
“You can’t do that!”
“Good game!”
These are a few of the sounds you will hear emanating from room 209 just after lunch during our
chess class. The ultimate thinking man’s game chess has become a favorite of many fifth graders
this year. We began with a thorough introduction to basic movements of the pieces on the board
and continue to progress. The grandmasters in training have learned about basic tactics and
mating patterns as they move on in the continuum to learn the basic imbalances of every board
and how to exploit them for their own advantage. In addition to sharpening our skills of
observation and pattern recognition we learn important everyday life skills such as decision
making. Everyday we draw analogies from the chessboard to real life to improve not only our
chess game, but also our character.

The education train continues to burn plenty of steam as we tackle rigorous content such as
cytology and reproduction in science. The students will be off exploring with European explorers
such as Prince Henry the Navigator. In mathematics we continue exploring decimals and fractions
extending our ideas about place value and the base ten number system as well as our
mathematical prowess by acquiring proficiency with decimal based arithmetic. In grammar we
continue to diagram sentences and discover all the functions of the part of speech including
elements such as participles and gerunds. The students have been working on short answer
construction in composition and will be progressing to extend responses short essay questions as
well as multi-paragraph essays. We conclude our exploration of human change through the Secret
Garden, and now set off to discover the heights and depths of humanity by entering the world of
slavery through the eyes of Frederick Douglass. Please continue to have students read every
night, study their vocabulary, and phonograms.

Fifth Grade News
by Michael C. Brewer

                                I say to you today, my friends, so even though we face the
difficulties of today and tomorrow, I still have a dream. It is a dream deeply rooted in the American

I have a dream that one day this nation will rise up and live out the true meaning of its creed: "We
hold these truths to be self-evident: that all men are created equal."

I have a dream that my four little children will one day live in a nation where they will not be judged
by the color of their skin but by the content of their character.
I have a dream that one day every valley shall be exalted, every hill and mountain shall be made
low, the rough places will be made plain, and the crooked places will be made straight, and the
glory of the Lord shall be revealed, and all flesh shall see it together.

And if America is to be a great nation, this must become true. So let freedom ring from the hilltops
of New Hampshire. Let freedom ring from the mighty mountains of New York. Let freedom ring
from the heightening Alleghenies of Pennsylvania. Let freedom ring from the snow-capped Rockies
of Colorado. Let freedom ring from the curvaceous slopes of California. But not only that, let
freedom, ring from Stone Mountain of Georgia. Let freedom ring from every hill and molehill of
Mississippi and every mountainside.

When we let freedom ring, when we let it ring from every tenement and every hamlet, from every
state and every city, we will be able to speed up that day when all of God's children, black men and
white men, Jews and Gentiles, Protestants and Catholics, will be able to join hands and sing in the
words of the old spiritual, "Free at last, free at last. Thank God Almighty, we are free at last."

               School Community Information

                      Reach for the Stars – Keep America Reading!

                               February 7 - February 18, 2011
This afternoon your Northeast Academy scholars attended an assembly to kickoff our
Reach for the Stars reading challenge! This program not only encourages a habit of daily
reading, but also provides great high quality educational reading books for everyone
participating. 100% of the sponsor money collected is returned to the school. Every
student has brought home a packet of information with a reading log in their Thursday
folder. Please read through it so you can fully participate! Catalogs, wish lists, and a
calendar of the program are provided for the teachers. Your children should pledge to read
or be read to aloud at least 300 minutes over the next two weeks and all reading counts!
Then they will collect pledges from friends, neighbors, and relatives who want to support
their reading activity. Children log their minutes read, sponsors and pledges on the reading
journal provided. Students will turn in their reading log daily to their teacher so that we
may track each grade level's progress throughout the two weeks. When it comes time to
collect the pledges, your student should collect cash and checks made payable to Usborne
Books. 60% of the pledge money is awarded to the children to choose books for
themselves to take home and keep forever. The school will receive books for each
classroom with the remaining 40%, which all our students will get to read! 100% of the
sponsor money will benefit our school and students. Additional prizes and incentives were
announced at our assembly, so ask your student about them! If you have any questions
about this program, please do not hesitate to contact Ms. Kamm at or (303) 307-8837 ext. 212.
                                 by Michael C. Brewer
The Northeast Academy is excited to announce Enrichment@NACS. An after-school opportunity
dedicated to enriching the extra-curricular passions of our junior scholars. At Northeast we believe
in cultivating the scholar’s whole humanity not just their book smarts. Enrichment at Northeast
Academy will look to embellish already existing programs like the Boy Scouts and Northeast
Academy Choir, while introducing an array of stimulating sessions such as Northeast’s own story
corps project or the Chess Academy. In addition to providing this smorgasbord of samplings for
your intellectual appetite Enrichment@NACS will also provide a gentle but firm hand for our after-
school scholars assisting with overall maintenance and logistics of the after-school operations.
 The Coordinators of this project will be Michael C. Brewer and Rachelle Oliver experienced
Northeast Academy educators dedicated to the holistic education of our scholars and therefore our
community. Please be on the lookout for more information soon Enrichment@NACS is coming

                          Student Support Services
Dear Parents and Students-
We are half way through the year and have made great head way to provide support to your children in our
building. We have many new exciting updates since the beginning of the school year. Again, if you have any
questions or concerns about your child please never hesitate to call me or any of the student service
providers. Parents, teachers, and support personal a BIG thank you for all you do to support our children
achieve and learn! We can only do this together to rally around your child’s success in school.
Ms. Rachael Gurian M.Ed. /Director of Student Support Services

                                                  SIT Team
Since January we have created a Student Intervention Team (SIT) that meets weekly to address students who
need academic and social support or consideration for academic testing. If you are concerned about child’s
success please contact Ms. Gurian, so a referral can be made to the SIT team to offer support to your child.
Please note if your child is more than 4 years behind in school or is a non- reader you have already
been contacted. Your child has been automatically referred to the SIT team and is receiving intensive
weekly interventions in literacy or math. The SIT team will assign a case manager to work with your
family and child to monitor growth and support.
The current SIT team case managers:
Rachael Gurian-Director of Student Services                Michelle Jackson-School Counselor
Jacob Heiney-Assistant Principal of Discipline             Sarah Bates Harmeling-Learning Support Teacher
Elizabeth Sommer- Elementary Teacher                       Dan Culp-Music Teacher
Jacqueline Kamm-Middle School Teacher

                                   Literacy and Math Intervention Classes

Literacy Intervention Class
We are very fortunate to have hired a literacy specialist, Ms. Amie Sharp to support our most struggling
readers and non- readers (K-8) in the building. Ms. Sharp comes from Ridgeview Academy with years of
experience in special education, science, and reading. Specifically, the literacy intervention class will meet
on a weekly basis in elementary and middle school. All students will be closely monitored for instructional
and grade level growth.

                                    Middle School Math Intervention Class
Ms. Bosworth and Ms. Sharp will be meeting with students daily who need extra attention in math in
reviewing basic skills. All students will be closely monitored for instructional and grade level growth.
                                    Kindergarten Individual Literacy Plans
Parents by the end of the first or second week of February your child will be sent home with an Individual
literacy Plan (ILP) if your child needs additional support in reading. The plan will review what the school
will do to provide support and what support we will need from you to help enhance your child’s reading
skills. We will ask you to review the plan and sign the plan and have your child return the plan with your
signature. Thank you for collaboration in your child’s academic success. If you have any questions please do
not hesitate to call your child’s teacher or Ms. Gurian.
                                                 Gifted Program
We officially started a K-8 gifted program in January. We are thrilled that Amanda Brazzel, has taken on the
position as the gifted coordinator to not only teach students through daily pull out, but also help teacher
identify students. Parents all 2nd and 4th grade students will have mandatory gifted testing by DPS in March.
Please note if you wish to have your child tested for gifted or interested in just learning about gifted
programming and eligibility in DPS please contact Ms. Gurian or Ms. Brazzel.
                                English Language Acquisition Program (ELA)
We are very excited since January to be servicing 33 percent of our students who need English Second
Language Support. Ms. Siler has taken on the role as the ELA support teacher. She is meeting daily with
these students and supporting teachers to support our ELA students in the classroom.
                                     Junior Scholars Pilot Program Update
Mr. Brewer and Ms. Summer lead a wonderful after school Junior Scholars Program (K-5) for the last two
months which ended in the middle of January. We heard great feedback from many parents and students.
Please note the students received T-Shirts for participating in the program and can wear their shirts any day
of the week for the remainder of the year. We would like to continue the program. Please stay tuned for more
details at the end of February for when the program will return.
                                                      504 Plans
Please note according to federal law all students must have documentation from their physician stating that
their health or mental issues are a barrier to their learning if parents wish to place their students on 504 plans.
Please contact Ms. Gurian if you believe your child is eligible for a 504 needs to be crafted for your child.
                                             IEP/Educational Testing
Please contact Ms. Gurian, if you or your child’s doctor believe that your child should be placed on an
educational plan (IEP) or receive academic testing. Your child will be referred to the Student
Intervention Team (SIT) to review your child’s educational progress, monitor intensive interventions
with instructional, behavioral, or grade level monitoring with their teachers and your child over 6
weeks to determine if educational testing should be recommended.
Welcome Aboard
We have hired two new assistant teachers to support Special Education and English Acquisition Learners.
Please welcome Ali Rudolph who has been working with ELA and Nikki Weddle who has been supporting
special education. Both assistants have a love for working with our students and the families at Northeast
Academy. Welcome Ms. Rudolph and Ms. Weddle.
                                             TEEN CREED

                          Don't let your parents down,They brought you up.
                     Be humble enough to obey, You may give orders someday.
                     Choose companions with care, You become what they are.
                            Guard your thoughts, What you think, you are.
                         Choose only a date, Who would make a good mate.
                          Be master of your habits, Or they will master you.
                   Don't be a show off when you drive, Drive with safety and arrive.
                       Don't let the crowd pressure you, Stand for something-
                                       Or you'll fall for anything.

                     Middle School Corner
                                     8th Grade Corner
 Science: Our 8th grade science classes recently took their semester exams. The results were mixed with
     many students performing wonderfully and others requiring continued persistence when it comes to
  integrating ALL material covered over the course of this semester. We are currently busy exploring the
  concepts of potential and kinetic energy. Last week we used pendulums (strings tied to the ceiling with
small weights attached to them) to explore gravitational potential energy and its conversion to kinetic energy
 as each mass (weight) gained speed and momentum. This week we will be doing a more in-depth analysis
   by utilizing Hot Wheels and Hot Wheel track to see the direct effects of friction, velocity, gravitational
                                acceleration and potential & kinetic energy!

 History: Our 8th grade history classes continue to polish their creative writing pieces which involve their
   exploring the Pacific Northwest. I cannot tell you how impressed I have been with their creativity and
attention to detail. We have had to do considerable work with regards to grammar and edits, but, with your
  help, we will continue our metamorphosis into excellent young writers. If you have not yet seen a final,
typed draft from your child, please strongly encourage him/her to show it to you seeing as it was due on the
   last day of January. I will be selecting the top five essays from each class. Students will then have the
 opportunity to read them aloud in front of their peers. A voting system will allow the class to select their
  favorite two pieces, and I will select the final winner from each class. We will also be turning this rather
extensive writing assignment into a group project that will include web-design, photo & video editing and a
                 variety of other skill-sets. We can't wait to share our final product with you!

  Projects (Wish List): I believe we can accomplish several (if not numerous) of the following with the
                               help of our parents and community members.

      Parent involvement: community events, volunteering, campus beautification, fund-raising &
       improving school culture.
      Vines on the fences surrounding Northeast.
      Plant seeds for a future band & orchestra (feel free to request private music lessons)
      Fieldtrips: Denver Museum of Science & Nature, Mountain Trip (skiing, tubing, sledding, geology,
      Clubs: Ski & Snowboard, Student Newspaper (with website & blogs), Outdoor Adventure.
      Coaching: Co-ed middle school soccer (acquire or build goals & nets, improve the field, consider off-
       campus practice)
      Guest speakers: CU Science Speakers, Andrew Benson (electric guitar manufacturing), etc.
      Compost, garden, sustainability (transportation to/from school, energy policy, etc).
      Food: student involvement, local produce, health (films: Food Inc, Fast Food Nation) [books:
       Michael Pollan's Omnivore's Dilemma, In Defense of Food]
      Science experiments: Erosion, Mentos & Soda (chemical energy & forces), Scooters (velocity), Hot-
       wheel track (potential & kinetic energy), and Dissection (anatomy).
      8th Grade Spring Trip (mountains, historical sites, 2-4 days) [Late Spring]
      Field Day: I will be publishing a website modeling a successfully implemented multi-activity
       blueprint first implemented at the University of California at Santa Cruz.

Please contact me at if you are interested in helping any of these seeds come to

Kind Regards,
Mark Walser

In 7th grade English we are still reading The Adventures of Tom Sawyer. We have now shifted our focus
from reading comprehension strategies to writing. This next unit students will learn to refine their
conventions, as well as write strong, succinct summaries, and descriptive narratives. We will be working on
writing composition through mid-March.

Ms. Kamm

In 7th grade science we are continuing with our chemistry unit with a few fun, hands on activities and
experiments. In 6th grade we are plugging along in our energy unit. We are working in a strong literacy
component and Classical twist with excerpts from The Story of Science by Joy Hakim.
Ms. Bosworth's students are beginning solving and graphing algebraic equations, and then we will move into
geometry. Ms. Bosworth will continue reviewing all material covered, and expects students to study the
different math rules learned so far, and complete their classwork and homework. Math needs memorization
of many rules, and lots of practice in order to do well this year and retain rules for future years.

Ms. Oliver

Mr. Dukette's 8th grade classes will be continuing through the court drama section of To Kill a Mockingbird
and acting out parts of the scenes. They have gone over some legal terms before studying that portion of the
book. The 6th grade classes will be stepping into the Classical Writing lessons which will give students
intensive work in reading comprehension and sentence structure through a series of short readings from
Homer and Aesop.

Mr. Dukette

                   NACS SCHOOL BOARD NEWS
The Board has been very busy working on the Strategic plan for the future. As you may or may not know
Chris Martinez has stepped down as the Board President. Chris is running for the Denver City Council,
District 11 seat. Sandra L. Bradshaw is now the interim President until the May Annual Meeting and
Carleena Watson is the Chairperson. If you are interested or know of someone that is interested in being a
Board member please leave a message at the school or email your resume and letter of intent to Our next Board meeting will be February 17, 2011 at 6:30 pm.
                     Important Changes
Please make sure that you make the following changes to your
school calendar. Changes have been made, In order to make sure
that the staff get the planning time and training necessary to
develop and move the school to the next level, the Board has added
a couple of no student contact days.
                              No School:
                           February 22, 2011
                              May 6, 2011

           Students will have school February 14, 2011

                        New Website
Have you checked out our redesigned website. You should
be able to find out any and everything on the website.
Please visit, if there is something that
you would like to see let us know and we will try to make
sure it is on the site.

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