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                         SCHOOL!                                                   Volume 1, Issue 1

              PDO Classroom Newsletter
Welcome To PDO!                                       PDO’s Recipe…
Welcome to parents day out! This is going to          PDO is not only a parent’s day out and great
be a great and exciting school year. We               break for moms and dads, but it’s a great
welcome back some familiar faces and are              extension for your child. We create an
looking forward to getting to know the new            enriched atmosphere while learning. We
ones. We have had some changes to our                 provide a faith based, fun, safe classroom.
classroom teachers this year! We welcome              We throw in a ½ cup of letters, 1 TBS of
Mrs. Janet Sherman to our M/W PDO class.              colors, a pinch of numbers, 4 parts reading, 2
She will be teaching with Mrs. Brenda Sharp           cups early math skills, ¼ cup of science,
on Monday and Wednesday. Mrs. Katie                   100% social skills and much, much, more!
Dorsey will continue to work with Mrs. Sharp
on T/H, but is now teaching 4PS on M/W/F.
                                                      Talk, talk, talk…
PDO classes are still Monday through                  We will provide a monthly newsletter
Thursday 8:30 AM-2:45PM.                              informing you of the month’s events, lesson
                                                      plans, and more. This newsletter will be
                                                      posted on our website under our classroom
                                                      link as well as outside our classroom door.
                                                      A morning snack menu is also posted in our
                                                      class for your convenience. We ask that
                                                      you look in your child’s take home folder
                                                      daily for great work and information. Our
                                                      classroom bulletin boards are always a
                                                      wonderful way to see your child’s work! We
                                                      pride ourselves on communication, so
                                                      please know we welcome any thoughts,
                                                      concerns, or helpful information about your
Happy Birthday to:
                                                      What to Bring…
08/09 Joshua W., 08/23 Joshua C., 08/28 Caroline B.
9/27 Blake M.                                         Depending on the class and days routine, we
                                                      may rest for a short time in the afternoon.
                                                      This may include a cot with lights out or just
PDO drop-off and pick-up is done at the               a short audio story while students relax. Your
classroom door. Due to schedules and                  child is welcome to bring one small, soft,
timing, we ask parents to bring their student         item that can fit in his or her backpack each
to the PDO classroom. If you are running late         day. We ask that this item go home each day
when picking up your child, please note your          after school so that it is not lost or left
child will be in the lobby pick-up area with a        behind. These items may especially be
teacher. Please remember PDO does end by              wanted during rest time. We understand this
2:45.                                                 is a new environment for many and want your
                                                      child to feel comfortable. Please do not have
                                                      your child bring toys from home, we hate to
                                                      see them lost or broken.
                    PDO’s Classroom Newsletter Page 2

This Month’s Focus                          Helping Hands…
We will be working on the letters: L F E.
We will be talking about the colors RED,
ORANGE, and YELLOW. We will be
reading some great books such as The        We know this is a busy time of year for
Kissing Hand. We will enjoy Mouse Paint     parents and students. But, we always
                                            appreciate when parents and students work
by Ellen Stoll Walsh and paint with our
                                            together to donate items and volunteer
feet like mice! Of course we will read      throughout the school year. We just want to
Eric Carle’s Draw Me a Star, as our         take this moment to THANK YOU ahead of
classroom is called “The Stars.” We will    time for all you do for us, our school and our
talk about healthy bodies, snacks and       students throughout the year! Please keep in
choices. Our math and science project       mind the Holy Trinity school auction, more
will include making apple pie play dough    information to follow!
and tasting apples!

Reminders to Parents                        What’s on the Wall…
     Your child needs a lunch & drink..    Please provide a family photo, so that we can
                                            have your child share their family with us.
     Have your child wear appropriate
      weather and playground clothing
                                            We know this time of year can be busy, but we
     Please return information sheet on    really appreciate you taking a few minutes to
      your child, we must have by the       read and fill out any paperwork, enjoy and
      first day of PDO!                     search our website, and of course always take a
                                            peak at the bulletin boards outside our

                                            There have been teacher changes to PDO. We
                                            welcome Mary Pyle from 4 PS with Janet
                                            Sherman on Monday. Brenda Sharp and Katie
                                            Dorsey will continue to work together on Tuesday
                                            & Thursday and Wednesday will be Janet
                                            Sherman & Brenda Sharp!

 Important Dates to Remember                 Thank You Students and
    These are important dates to note:       Parents!
                                            We look forward to a great year with you all!
    08/29     First Day of PDO 8:30-
              2:45                          Brenda Sharp
    09/05     Labor Day- No PDO             Katie Dorsey
    09/07     Back to School Night!
                                            Janet Sherman

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