God s View of Our Life The diagram below represents God s view of man s life cycle And actually there is no other way to see life realistically From God s viewpoint by A6524fjQ


									                     God's View of Our Life!

     The diagram below represents God's view of man's life-cycle. And
actually, there is no other way to see life realistically. From God's viewpoint
man's life is a full circle comprising both his life on earth and in heaven. A
person without faith often views his life as a half-circle, the upper half circle
only. That is, he only sees a life that is from his physical birth to his physical
death. That is, numbers 2, 3, 5.

      What he doesn’t see is numbers 1, 4, and 6. He may not believe there is
a God, a heaven, an eternity or afterlife (the bottom half of the circle). But the
man with a biblical faith, who has been spiritually awakened, understands
that he was created by God in His image, has a deep need to seek after the
God whose image he bears, and finds himself homesick for God. He knows
that one day at the end of this earthly life he will return to his heavenly home
with God, where he will be re-united with all those he loves and who love
      The person (man, woman, child) with a biblical faith has the spiritual
discernment to understand that there are 6 (SIX) momentous points of
change and transition in every person's life. All of them are not of his
choosing, except number 4. Only you can open yourself to being spiritually
1.          Spiritual Conception = Each person is spiritually conceived in the
     heart and mind of God with an immortal soul. Once so conceived by God, he
     will live forever. God imagines the person in His own Image, which is to say,
     the Image of the Father's Son, Jesus Christ.
2.          Biological Conception = Each person is biologically conceived in a
     mother's womb by parental fertilization. Some nine months later......
3.          Physical Birth = A child is born into the world.
4.          Spiritual Birth or Awakening = If a person hears the Word of God,
     the gospel of Jesus Christ the Savior; through the action of the Holy Spirit, he
     is quickened or awakened to new spiritual awareness. He is, as is said, born-
     again, regenerated or saved. Of the six points of change in a person's life, this
     4th one is the only one in which the person must exercise his or her own free
5.          Physical Death = Each person must come to the end of his earthly life.
     His body dies and decays, but his spirit and soul live on. Then......
6.          Eternal Birth = Each person, having an immortal soul, enters into
     eternal life. The spiritually awakened Christian; the person spiritually
     awakened by the Holy Spirit through faith in Jesus Christ, is united to God in
     Heaven. The unsaved, spiritually asleep person faces the second death and
     eternal banishment from God. This separation from God is Hell!

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