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#      Bibliography
       Author(s)         Year   Title
     1 Abdullahi I, Gryshan2011 Single-channel oligonucleotide microarray for amplification-
                            Y, Rott M
                                free detection of grapevine viruses

     2 Anderson T, Wulfkuhle J, High resolution mapping of the cardiac transmural proteome
                         2011 Petricoin E, Winslow RL
                                using reverse phase protein microarrays
                         2011 RamA and RamB are global transcriptional A, Lange in
     3 Auchter M, Cramer A, Hüser A, Rückert C, Emer D, Schwarz P, Arndtregulators C, Kalinowski J, Wendisch VF, Eikmanns BJ
                                Corynebacterium glutamicum and control genes for enzymes
                                of the central metabolism

                         2011 Serum galectins -2, Fu B, -8 are greatly C, Rhodes JM, Yu
     4 Barrow H, Guo X, Wandall HH, Pedersen JW, -4 and Zhao Q, Chen increased in colon LG
                              and breast cancer patients and promote cancer cell adhesion
                              to blood vascular endothelium
                          2011 Antibiofouling C, Ma J, Seppala JE, Nystrom AM, Mackay ME,
     5 Bartels JW, Imbesi PM, Finlay JA, Fidgehybrid dendritic boltorn/star PEG thiol-ene cross- Callow JA, Callow ME, Wooley KL
                                linked networks

     6 Blackburn JM, Shoko A Protein function microarrays for customised systems-oriented
                              proteome analysis

                            2011 Autoantibodies S, Hollingsworth M, Gammerman early stage
     7 Blixt O, Bueti D, Burford B, Allen D, Juliento aberrantly glycosylated MUC1 inA, Fentiman I, Taylor-Papadimitriou J, Burchell JM
                                  breast cancer are associated with a better prognosis

     8 Blot N, Mella-Flores2011 Light history influences the response of the marineRatin M, Gourvil P, Campbell DA, Garczarek L
                           D, Six C, Lecorguille G, Boutte C, Peyrat A, Monnier A,
                                cyanobacterium Synechococcus sp. WH7803 to oxidative
                             de la Rica R, Fernández-Sánchez C, Baldi A
     9 Bonilla D, Mallén M,2011 Electrical readout of protein microarrays on regular glass slides

                        2011 Development Higgins B, Culf A, Léger D, of a 20K Belkaid
    10 Booman M, Borza T, Feng CY, Hori TS,and Experimental Validation Chute IC, Atlantic A, Rise M, Gamperl AK, Hubert S, Kimball J, Ouellette RJ, Johnson S
                              Cod (Gadus morhua) Oligonucleotide Microarray Based on a
                              Collection of over 150,000 ESTs
                          2011 Dynamic mRNA and miRNA profiling Ernst W, Grillari J, Borth
    11 Bort JA, Hackl M, Höflmayer H,Jadhav V, Harreiter E, Kumar N,of CHO-K1 suspension N
                                cell cultures
                          2011 An integrated approach J, Borza T, Bussey JT, Simpson G, Kozera C, Curtis BA, Hall JR, Hori TS, Feng CY, Rise M, Booman M,
    12 Bowman S, Hubert S, Higgins B, Stone C, Kimballto gene discovery and marker
                                development in atlantic cod (Gadus morhua)
    13 Brandstetter T     2011 Manufacturing of biochips

                           van Gastric cancers of M, Carvalho B, Ylstra African patients
    14 Buffart TE, Louw M,2011Grieken NC, TijssenWestern European andB, Grabsch H, Mulder CJ, van de Velde CJ, van der Merwe SW, Meijer GA
                                show different patterns of genomic instability
                          2011 A screening assay Bauer J, Eickhoff H, Kleymann G, models
    15 Burger-Kentischer A, Finkelmeier D, Keller P,based on host-pathogen interactionRayyan WA, Singh A, Schröppel K, Lemuth K, Wiesmüller KH, Rupp S
                                identifies a set of novel antifungal benzimidazole derivatives

                          2011 Exquisite binding JM, Swamy Sclerotium rolfsii lectin toward
    16 Chachadi VB, Inamdar SR, Yu LG, Rhodes specificity ofBM
                                TF-related O-linked mucin-type glycans
                          2011 Receptor specificity of subtype H1 Davis CT, viruses isolated
    17 Chen LM, Rivailler P, Hossain J, Carney P, Balish A, Perry I, influenza AGarten R, Shu B, Xu X, Klimov A, Paulson JC, Cox NJ, Swenson S, Stevens J, Vince
                                from swine and humans in the United States

                         Huang Y, Jan JT, Huang DNA vaccine with specific mutation DD, Wong CH
    18 Chen MW, Liao HY,2011 Broadly neutralizing CC, Ren CT, Wu CY, Cheng TJ, Ho alters
                             the antigenicity and sugar-binding activities of influenza
                         2011 Multiplexed binding determination of seven glycoconjugates
    19 Chevolot Y, Zhang J, Meyer A, Goudot A, Rouanet S, Vidal S, Pourceau G, Cloarec JP, Praly JP, Souteyrand E, Vasseur JJ, Morvan F
                               for Pseudomonas aeruginosa Lectin I (PA-IL) using a DNA-
                               based carbohydrate microarray
20 Corum LE, Eichinger CD, Using microcontact printing of fibrinogen to control surface-
                      2011 Hsiao TW, Hlady V
                           induced platelet adhesion and activation
                      2011 LPS structure Karasova protein secretion in Salmonella
21 Crhanova M, Malcova M, Mazgajova M, influences D, Sebkova A, Fucikova A, Bortlicek Z, Pilousova L, Kyrova K, Dekanova M, Rychlik I
                      2011 Protein Dhar A, Wong CH, Gruebele M, Powers ET, Kelly
22 Culyba EK, Price JL, Hanson SR, native-state stabilization by placing aromatic side JW
                           chains in N-glycosylated reverse turns
                      2011 JA, Houeix B, Talbot A, gilthead sea bream (Sparus aurata
23 Davey GC, Calduch-GinerMolecular profiling of the Sitjà-Bobadilla A, Prunet P, Pérez-Sánchez J, Cairns MT
                           L.) response to chronic exposure to the myxosporean parasite
                           Enteromyxum leei
                     2011 Venturini S, Vinati S, Carbone R, microarrays
24 De Marni ML, Monegal A, Antibody purification-independent de Marco A (PIM) by direct
                           bacteria spotting on TiO2-treated slides
                     2011 Identification J, Nowak NJ, Shepherd breast DP, Geradts
25 Desouki MM, Liao S, Huang H, Conroy of metastasis-associatedL, Gailecancer genesJ
                           using a high-resolution whole genome profiling approach

                      2011 Design of recombinant antibody microarrays Borrebaeck CAK, Wingren
26 Dexlin-Mellby L, Sandström A, Antberg L, Gunnarsson J, Hansson SR,for membrane
                            protein profiling of cell lysates and tissue extracts

                    2011 Xanthan/chitosan gold chip for metal enhanced protein
27 Domnanich P, Peñaa DB,Preininger C
                         biomarker detection

28 Ederth T, Ekblad T, 2011 Resistance of galactoside-terminated alkanethiol self- RJ, Clare A, D'Souza F, Donnelly GT, Bruin A, Willemsen PR, Su XY, Wan
                       Petitt ME, Conlan SL, Du CX, Callow ME, Callow JA, Mutton
                              assembled monolayers to marine fouling organisms
29 Ember SW, Schulze2011 Fast DNA and protein microarray tests for the diagnosis of Tlili C, Crain J, Walton AJ, Mount AR, Ghazal P, Bachmann TT, Campb
                        H, Ross AJ, Luby J, Khondoker M, Giraud G, Terry JG, Ciani I,
                              hepatitis C virus infection on a single platform

30 Espina V, Müller C 2011 On the way to customized cancer therapy (Unterwegs zur
                             individuellen Krebstherapie)
                      2011 Phosphoprotein stability in clinical tissue and its relevance for
31 Espina V, Mueller C, Liotta LA
                             reverse phase protein microarray technology

                      2011 The cell envelope stress response
32 Fritsch F, Mauder N, Williams T, Weiser J, Oberle M, Beier Dmediated by the LiaFSR
                             three-component system of Listeria monocytogenes is
                             controlled via the phosphatase activity of the bifunctional
                             histidine kinase LiaS
33 Gamble L            2011 ToF-SIMS chemical state imaging used to characterize DNA
                            microarray surfaces

                     2011 Preparation and analysis of glycan microarrays
34 Heimburg-Molinaro J, Song X, Smith DF, Cummings RD

                        Krishnamoorthy lectin microarray analysis of the mammalian cell
35 Hsu KL, Pilobello K,2011 RatiometricL, Mahal LK
                             surface glycome

                      2011 Protein pathway activation mapping of brain metastasis Petricoin EF, Wulfkuhle JD
36 Improta G, Zupa A, Fillmore H, Deng J, Aieta M, Musto P, Liotta LA, Broaddus W, from
                            lung and breast cancers reveals organ type specific drug
                            target activation

                      2011 Fabricating protein immunoassay arrays on nitrocellulose
37 Irvine EJ, Hernandez-Santana A, Faulds K, Graham D
                           using dip-pen lithography techniques
                      2011 Serum anti-glycan antibody detection Caduff R, Fink D, Vuskovic MI, Huflejt ME, Heinzelmann-Schwarz V
38 Jacob F, Goldstein DR, Bovin NV, Pochechueva T, Spengler M,of non-mucinous ovarian
                           cancers by using a printed glycan array
                      2011 Profound differences in the
39 John A, Connerton PL, Cummings N, Connerton IF transcriptome of Campylobacter
                           jejuni grown in two different, widely used, microaerobic

                     RF, Linke B, Blom J, Becker A, human pathogen Neisseria
40 Joseph B, Schwarz 2011 Virulence evolution of the Claus H, Goesmann A, Frosch M, Müller T, Vogel U, Schoen C
                           meningitidis by recombination in the core and accessory
41 Kaufmann S, Sobek2011 Supported lipid bilayer microarrays created by non-contact
                      J, Textor M, Reimhult E
                     2011 Schütz F, Grasso L, Egener-Kuhn of tumor suppressor AP2α
42 Kerschgens J, Renaud S, Protein-binding microarray analysisT, Delaloye JF, Lehr HA, Vogel H, Mermod N
                           target gene specificity
                     2011 Actinobacterial community dominated by a distinct clade in
43 Kopecky J, Kyselkova M, Omelka M, Cermak L, Novotna J, Grundmann GL, Moënne-Loccoz Y, Sagova-Mareckova M
                           acidic soil of a waterlogged deciduous forest

                       2011 Hydrogel droplet microarrays with trapped antibody-
44 Li H, Leulmi RF, Juncker D
                            functionalized beads for multiplexed protein analysis
                       2011 High-throughput lectin microarray-based analysis of live cell
45 Li Y, Tao SC, Zhu H, Schneck JP
                            surface glycosylation

                     2011 Effects of CC, Wong glycans on
46 Liang CH, Wang SK, Lin CW, Wangneighboring CH, Wu CYantibody-carbohydrate
                     2011 Highly stable, amphiphilic DNA-encoded nanoparticle
47 Lim DK, Cui MH, Nam JM
                          conjugates for DNA encoding/decoding applications
                     2011 Murine insulin growth factor-like (IGFL) Ouyang W, Gonzalez LC
48 Lobito AA, Ramani SR, Tom I, Bazan JF, Luis E, Fairbrother WJ, and human IGFL1
                          proteins are induced in inflammatory skin conditions and bind
                          to a novel tumor necrosis factor receptor family member,
49 Luo W, Pla-Roca M,2011 Taguchi design-based optimization of sandwich immunoassay
                      Juncker D
                          microarrays for detecting breast cancer biomarkers

                     2011 The
50 Maupin KA, Liden D, Haab BBfine-specificity of mannose-binding and galactose-binding
                          lectins revealed using outlier-motif analysis of glycan array
51 McGregor RA, Choi 2011 microRNAs in the regulation of adipogenesis and obesity

52 McWilliam I, Chong 2011 Inkjet printing for the production of protein microarrays
                      Kwan M, Hall D

                     2011 Tyramide signal
53 Meany DL, Hackler L, Zhang H, Chan DW amplification for antibody-overlay lectin
                           microarray: a strategy to improve the sensitivity of targeted
                           glycan profiling
                     2011 The temporal dynamics of differential gene S, Kurzai O,
54 Morton CO, Varga JJ, Hornbach A, Mezger M, Sennefelder H, Kneitz expression inKrappmann S, Einsele H, Nierman WC, Rogers TR, Loeffler J
                           Aspergillus fumigatus interacting with human immature
                           dendritic cells in vitro
                       Azucena C, Petershans A, Bittner AM, Gliemann of virus-derived
55 Mueller A, Eber FJ, 2011 Inducible site-selective bottom-up assemblyH, Jeske H, Wege C
                            nanotube arrays on RNA equipped wafers

                      2011 One-step C, Gaffney E, Ryan C, Ward R, and tissue
56 Mueller C, Edmiston KH, Carpenter preservation of phosphoproteinsWhite S, Memeo L, Colarossi C, Petricoin EF 3rd, Liotta LA, Espina V
                           morphology at room temperature for diagnostic and research
                      2011 Mastitis pathogens-specific amplicons detected by an
57 Mujawar LH, Wellenberg GJ, Norde W, van Amerongen A
                           antibody array
58 Nicolaisen M       2011 An oligonucleotide-based microarray for detection of plant
                           RNA viruses
                      2011 Lectin domains of Meldal M, Holmer AP, Blixt O, Clo E, Levery SB, Clausen H, Wandall HH
59 Pedersen JW, Bennett EP, Schjoldager KT, polypeptide GalNAc-transferases exhibit
                           glycopeptide binding specificity
                      2011 Seromic Tarp MA, colorectal cancer patients with novel
60 Pedersen JW, Blixt O, Bennett EP,profiling of Dar I, Mandel U, Poulsen SS, Pedersen AE, Rasmussen S, Jess P, Clausen H, Wandall HH
                           glycopeptide microarray

                    2011 Goldstein DR, printed glycan array, A, Caduff R, Fink D, Hacker N, Bovin NV, Heinzelmann-Schwarz V
61 Pochechueva T, Jacob F, Comparison of Huflejt ME, Chinarev suspension array and
                           ELISA in the detection of human anti-glycan antibodies
                     2011 Recombinant lectin microarrays for glycomic analysis
62 Propheter DC, Hsu KL, Mahal LK.

63 Propheter DC, Mahal LK Orientation of GST-tagged lectins via in situ surface
                          modification to create an expanded lectin microarray for
                          glycomic analysis
                    2011 Measurement of F, Meyer activity and Lina B, Cecioni S,
64 Pourceau G, Chevolot Y, Goudot A, Girouxenzymatic A, Moulés V,specificity of humanVidal S, Yu H, Chen X, Ferraris O, Praly JP, Souteyrand E, Vasseur JJ
                           and avian influenza neuraminidases from whole virus by
                           glycoarray and MALDI-TOF mass spectrometry
                     2011 Taylor AW, of Escherichia coli O157 by using a novel
65 Quiñones B, Swimley MS,IdentificationDawson ED
                          colorimetric detection method with DNA microarrays
                     2011 A secreted protein microarray platform for extracellular protein
66 Ramani SR, Tom I, Lewin-Koh N, Wranik B, DePalatis L, Zhang J, Eaton D, Gonzalez LC
                          interaction discovery

                      2011 Molecular K
67 Rantala-Ylinen A, Sipari H, Sivonen methods: chip assay and quantitative real-time
                             PCR: in detecting hepatotoxic Cyanobacteria

                      2011 Simple one-step process Brandstetter T, Rühe J
68 Rendl M, Bönisch A, Mader A, Schuh K, Prucker O,for immobilization of biomolecules
                           on polymer substrates based on surface-attached polymer
                     2011 Trancsriptional profiling of the marine oil-degrading bacterium
69 Sabirova JS, Becker A, Lünsdorf H, Nicaud JM, Timmis KN, Golyshin PN
                            Alcanivorax borkumensis during growth on n-alkanes

                      2011 Possible Toyoda between the inner and outer cellular E, Fukawatase Y, Miyagawa Y, Okita H, Kiyokawa N, Shimma Y, Umezawa
70 Saito S, Onuma Y, Ito Y, Tateno H,linkages M, Hidenori A, Nishino K, Chikazawastates
                             of human induced pluripotent stem cells
                      2011 Competitive time- and density-dependent adhesion Mei
71 Saldarriaga Fernández IC, Busscher HJ, Metzger SW, Grainger DW, van der of HC
                             staphylococci and osteoblasts on crosslinked poly(ethylene
                             glycol)-based polymer coatings in co-culture flow chambers

                     2011 Quantum dot-based MT, for sensitive detection of
72 Sanvicens N, Pascual N, Fernández-Argüellesarray Adrián J, Costa-Fernández JM, Sánchez-Baeza F, Sanz-Medel A, Marco MP
                           Escherichia coli
73 Sauer U           2011 Impact of substrates for probe immobilization

74 Saunders NA        2011 Application of nanomaterials to arrays for infectious disease
                       Drouin K, Bolduc M, the trivalent inactivated flu vaccine using
75 Savard C, Guérin A,2011 Improvement ofLaliberté-Gagné M-E, Dumas M-C, Majeau N, Leclerc D
                           PapMV nanoparticles
                      2011 Characterization of Schoen a Schulz SM, Hubert K, Frosch M, Schubert-Unkmeir A, Kurzai O
76 Schielke S, Spatz C, Schwarz RF, Joseph B, FarR as C,highly specialized, growth
                           phase-dependent transcriptional regulator in Neisseria

                      2011 The Sommer U, Heck M, obstetric complications in
77 Schmitt A, Gebicke-Haerter P, hypoxic rat model for Lex A, Herrera-Marschitz M, Zink M, Fendt M, Falkai P

                     2011 Robust protein profiling with complex antibody microarrays in
78 Schröder C, Alhamdani MS, Fellenberg K, Bauer A, Jacob A, Hoheisel JD
                          a dual-colour mode

                      2011 Inflammatory cytokines and Seiffert M
79 Schulz A, Toedt G, Zenz T, Stilgenbauer S, Lichter P, signaling pathways are associated
                           with survival of primary chronic lymphocytic leukemia cells in
                           vitro: a dominant role of CCL2
                       2011 Peptide-tags for enhanced DNA microarray performance
80 Schulze H, Ross AJ, Ember SW, Luby J, Khondoker M, Giraud G, Ciani I, Tlili C, Papale D, Terry JG, Mount AR, Walton AJ, Crain J, Ghazal P, Bachmann T
                       M, Nerz C, Rosenstein R, Götz F, Hertel genes involved in safety
81 Seitter (née Resch) 2011 DNA microarray based detection ofC
                            and technologically relevant properties of food associated
                            coagulase-negative staphylococci
                     2011 Fucosyltransferases as synthetic
82 Serna S, Yan S, Martin-Lomas M, Wilson IB, Reichardt NC tools: glycan array based
                            substrate selection and core fucosylation of synthetic N-
83 Severin PM, Zou X, 2011 Cytosine methylation alters DNA mechanical properties
                      Gaub HE, Schulten K
                      2011 B, Heimburg-Molinaro J, Rhea JM, Ju H, for functional
 84 Song X, Lasanajak Y, Xia Shotgun glycomics: a microarray strategy Zhao C, Molinaro RJ, Cummings RD, Smith DF
                       X, Lasanajak Y, glycan MM, Air GM, Tiwari VK, interactions of
 85 Song X, Yu H, Chen2011 A sialylatedTappert microarray reveals novel Cao H, Chokhawala HA, Zheng H, Cummings RD, Smith DF
                             modified sialic acids with proteins and viruses

                      2011 Protein microarrays printed from DNA microarrays
 86 Stoevesandt O, He M, Taussig MJ

                      2011 Producing
 87 Stoevesandt O, Taussig MJ, He M protein microarrays from DNA microarrays

                       2011 Kastelic expression put on the spot: Advances in repeatable
 88 Stoevesandt O, Vetter M, Cell free D, Palmer EA, He M, Taussig MJ
                             protein arraying from DNA (DAPA)
                       2011 A high throughput platform for rapid deployment of
 89 Svarovsky SA, Gonzalez-Moa MJ
                             antimicrobial agents
                       2011 Glycome diagnosis of human induced pluripotent stem cells
 90 Tateno H, Toyoda M, Saito S, Onuma Y, Ito Y, Hiemori K, Fukumura M, Nakasu A, Nakanishi M, Ohnuma K, Akutsu H, Umezawa A, Horimoto K, Hirabayash
                             using lectin microarray
 91 Todorovic V, Sersa 2011 Metastatic potential of melanoma cells is not affected by
                       G, Mlakar V, Glavac D, Flisar K, Cemazar M

 92 Toedt G, Barbus S, 2011 Molecular signatures classify astrocytic gliomas by IDH1 Becker N, Hartmann C, Ohgaki H, von Deimling A, Wiestler OD, Hahn M
                       Wolter M, Felsberg J, Tews B, Blond F, Sabel MC, Hofmann S,
                            mutation status

 93 Urbanová M, Kopecký J, Valášková V, Ságová-Mareèková M, Elhottová D, Kyselková M, Moënne-Locoz Y, Baldrian P
                      2011 Development of bacterial community during spontaneous
                            succession on spoil heaps after brown coal mining

                      2011 Broad neutralization coverage of HIV by multiple highly potent
 94 Walker LM, Huber M, Doores KJ, Falkowska E, Pejchal R, Julien JP, Wang SK, Ramos A, Chan-Hui PY, Moyle M, Mitcham JL, Hammond PW, Olsen OA, P
                      2011 Linear and hyperbranched K, Kunte HJ, Haag, R
 95 Weinhart M, Becherer T, Schnurbusch N, Schwibbertpolyglycerol derivatives as
                            excellent bioinert glass coating materials
                      2011 The application of microarray technology to the Całkiewicz J,
 96 Wenne R, Handschuh L, Pocwierz-Kotus A, Urbaniak R, Formanowicz P, identification Brzozowska K, Figlerowicz M, Węgrzyn, Wróbel B
                            of Tc1-like element sequences in fish genomes

                      2011 SPOT K
 97 Winkler DF, Andresen H, Hilpert synthesis as a tool to study protein-protein interactions

                      2011 Vicente photofabrication of waveguide couplers using self-
 98 Xavier LR, Fernandes VR,UV laser CMS, Pécoraro É, Carlos LD, Ferreira RAS, André PS
                            patterning organic-inorganic hybrids.

 99 Yang L, Guo S, Li Y, ZhouProtein microarrays for systems biology
                       2011 S, Tao S

                      2011 Lectin microarray reveals
100 Yasuda E, Tateno H, Hirabarashi J, Iino T, Sako T binding profiles of Lactobacillus
                            casei strains in a comprehensive analysis of bacterial cell wall
101 Zahner D, Abagat J,2011 A facile approach to superhydrophilic-superhydrophobic
                        Svec F, Fréchet JM, Levkin PA
                            patterns in porous polymer films

102 Aharonov R, Rosenfeld N,Methods for distinguishing between lung squamous carcinoma
                     2010 Rosenwald S, Benjamin H
                            and other non small cell lung cancers
                     2010 Analysis conditions for proteomic profiling of mammalian
103 Alhamdani MS, Schröder C, Hoheisel JD
                            tissue and cell extracts with antibody microarrays
                     2010 Single-step procedure for the isolation of JD
104 Alhamdani MS, Schröder C, Werner J, Giese N, Bauer A, Hoheisel proteins at near-
                            native conditions from mammalian tissue for proteomic
                            analysis on antibody microarrays
                      2010 Protein microarray assay for
105 Asbach B, Kolb M, Liss M, Wagner R, Schäferling M the screening of SH3 domain
                         2010 MicroRNA expression differentiates between primary lung
106 Barshack I, Lithwick-Yanai G, Afek A, Rosenblatt K, Tabibian-Keissar H, Zepeniuk M, Cohen L, Dan H, Zion O, Strenov Y, Polak-Charcon S, Perelman M
                              tumors and metastases to the lung
107 Barshack I, Meiri E, 2010 Differential diagnosis of hepatocellular carcinoma from
                         Rosenwald S, Lebanony D, Bronfeld M, Aviel-Ronen S, Rosenblatt K, Polak-Charcon S, Leizerman I, Ezagouri M, Zepeniuk M, Shabes
                              metastatic tumors in the liver using microRNA expression
                         2010 Rosenwald assay based on microRNA expression accurately
108 Benjamin H, Lebanony D, A diagnosticS, Cohen L, Gibori H, Barabash N, Ashkenazi K, Goren E, Meiri E, Morgenstern S, Perelman M, Barshack I, Goren Y,
                              identifies malignant pleural mesothelioma
                         2010 A high-throughput Clausen T, Wandall HH, platform for
109 Blixt O, Cló E, Nudelman AS, Sørensen KK, o-glycopeptide discovery Livingston P, Clausen H, Jensen KJ
                              seromic profiling

                       2010 Lambda exonuclease
110 Brinker A, Schulze H, Bachmann T, Möller R pre-treatment for improved DNA-chip
                             performance depends on the relative probe-target position

                       Almeida RS, Heyken A, Fleck CB, Brock pigment production via the
111 Brunke S, Seider K,2010 Candida glabrata tryptophan-based M, Barz D, Rupp S, Hube B
                            Ehrlich pathway
                       2010 Production and application of glycan microarrays
112 Busch J, McBride R, Head SR

113 Calduch-Giner JA, Davey Use of microarray technology to assess the time course of Perez-Sanchez J
                      2010 G, Saera-Vila A, Houeix B, Talbot A, Prunet P, Cairns MT,
                            liver stress response after confinement exposure in gilthead
                            sea bream (Sparus aurata L.)
                        2010 Interaction of zoospores of the green Callow JA, Rosenhahn A, Grunze M
114 Cao X, Pettitt ME, Wode F, Sancet MPA, Fu J, Ji J, Callow ME,alga Ulva with
                             bioinspired micro- and nanostructured surfaces prepared by
                             polyelectrolyte layer-by-layer self-assembly
                     2010 Microarray Felicetti M, Silvestrelli M, Verini-Supplizi A
115 Capomaccio S, Cappelli K, Barrey E, analysis after strenuous exercise in peripheral
                            blood mononuclear cells of endurance horses

116 Castro FO, Sharbati2010 MicroRNA expression profiling of elongated cloned and in
                        S, Rodríguez-Alvarez LL, Cox JF, Hultschig C, Einspanier R
                             vitro-fertilized bovine embryos

117 Chan ML, Jaramillo 2010 Magnetic scanometric DNA microarray detection of methyl
                       G, Hristova KR, Horsley DA
                             tertiary butyl ether degrading bacteria for environmental
                       2010 DNA-microarrays
118 Charlè C, Kühn S, Struppe T, Kerndorff H for monitoring natural attenuation of
                            emissions from abandoned landfill sites in contaminated
                            groundwater plumes
                    2010 Detection of organics in aqueous solution using gold
119 Chow E, Gengenbach TR, Wieczorek L, Raguse B
                         nanoparticles modified with mixed monolayers of 1-
                         hexanethiol and 4-mercaptophenol
120 Christophis C, Grunze M, Quantification of the adhesion strength of fibroblast cells on
                       2010 Rosenhahn A
                             ethylene glycol terminated self-assembled monolayers by a
                             microfluidic shear force assay
121 Cló E, Blixt O, Jensen KJ Chemoselective reagents for covalent capture and display of
                              glycans in microarrays

                      B, Chow E, Hubble L, Müller KH, Wieczorek array that
122 Cooper JS, Raguse 2010 Gold nanoparticle chemiresistor sensorL
                           differentiates between hydrocarbon fuels dissolved in artificial
                        2010 Controlling the adhesion of the
123 Cordeiro AL, Pettit ME, Callow ME, Callow JA, Werner C diatom Navicula perminuta
                             using poly(N-isopropylacrylamide-co-N-(1-phenylethyl)
                             acrylamide) films

                       2010 Development of a T, Kidney microarray Moore JE, Coyle
124 Curran T, Coulter WA, Fairley DJ, McManusnovel DNAJ, Larkin M, to detect bacterialPV
                            pathogens in patients with chronic obstructive pulmonary
                            disease (COPD)
                       2010 Isolation and expression analysis Delrot induced genes from
125 Daldoul S, Guillaumie S, Reustle GM, Krczal G, Ghorbel A, of salt S, Mliki A, Höfer MU
                             contrasting grapevine (Vitis vinifera L.) cultivars
                       2010 Stone formation in peach fruit exhibits spatial coordination of
126 Dardick CD, Callahan AM, Chiozzotto R, Schaffer RJ, Piagnani MC, Scorza R
                             the lignin and flavonoid pathways and similarity to Arabidopsis
                      2010 Nuhn M, Reichmann P, Henrich B, B6 - What is a
127 Denapaite D, Brückner R, The genome of Streptococcus mitis Maurer P, Schähle Y, Selbmann P, Zimmermann W, Wambutt R, Hakenbeck R
                     2010 Optically-transparent oxide fibre-reinforced
128 Desimone D, Dlouhy I, Lee WE, Koch D, Horvath J, Boccaccini AR glass matrix

                        B, Block I, Mathias P, Clare SE, monofunctional alkoxysilanes for
129 Dorvel B, Reddy Jr. 2010 Vapor-phase deposition of Cunningham B, Bergstrom DE, Bashir R
                              sub-nanometer-level biointerfacing on silicon oxide surfaces

                    2010 Polysaccharide mimicry of the epitope of the MR, de
130 Dunlop DC, Bonomelli C, Mansab F, Vasiljevic S, Doores KJ, Wormaldbroadly Sa Palma A, Feizi T, Harvey DJ, Dwek RA, Crispin M, Scanlan CN
                            neutralising anti-HIV antibody, 2G12, induces enhanced
                            antibody responses to self oligomannose glycans

131 El Khoury G, Laurenceau A generic surface chemistry for peptide microarrays
                       2010 E, Chevolot Y, Souteyrand E, Cloarec JP
                            implementation: Application to the detection of anti-H3

                       2010 E, Chevolot Y, Mérieux Y, Desbos A, Fabien N, Rigal of
132 El Khoury G, Laurenceau Development of miniaturized immunoassay: Influence D, Souteyrand E, Cloarec JP
                            surface chemistry and comparison with enzyme-linked
                            immunosorbent assay and Western blot

                        2010 The O, Brückner R, Maurer P, Hakenbeck R, Mascher T,
133 Eldholm V, Gutt B, Johnsborg pneumococcal cell envelope stress-sensing system Håvarstein LS
                             LiaFSR is activated by murein hydrolases and lipid II-
                             interacting antibiotics
                       2010 Ring1B Kress C, chromatin structure and represses Skoultchi AI, Wutz A, Bickmore WA
134 Eskeland R, Leeb M, Grimes GR, compactsBoyle S, Sproul D, Gilbert N, Fan Y,gene
                              expression independent of histone ubiquitination
135 Esser-Kahn AP, Trang V, Incorporation of antifreeze proteins into polymer coatings
                       2010 Francis MB
                              using site-selective bioconjugation
136 Even S, Leroy S, Charlier Low occurrence of safety hazards in coagulase negative
                       2010 C, Zakour NB, Chacornac JP, Lebert I, Jamet E, Desmonts MH, Coton E, Pochet S, Donnio PY, Gautier M, Talon R, Le Loir Y
                              staphylococci isolated from fermented foodstuffs

                        M, Belogolova E, Khalil induces miR-155 in T cells in HJ, Beigier-Bompadre M, Karlas A, Schneider T, Churin Y, Gerhard M, Meyer TF
137 Fassi Fehri L, Koch 2010 Helicobacter pyloriH, Bolz C, Kalali B, Mollenkopfa cAMP-
                             Foxp3-dependent manner
138 Ferreira RAS, Vicente C, Xavier LR, Fernandes V, Carlos LD, André PS, Pecoraro E, De Zea Bermudez V, Monteiro P, Marques PVS
                        2010 Low-cost optical components based on organic-inorganic
                             hybrids produced using direct UV writing technique

                        2010 Asymmetric dimethylarginine Q, Galuppo P, Kneitz S, Mayr
139 Fleissner F, Jazbutyte V, Fiedler J, Gupta SK, Yin X, Xuimpairs angiogenic progenitor M, Ertl G, Bauersachs J, Thum T
                              cell function in patients with coronary artery disease through a
                              microRNA-21-dependent mechanism

                      2010 Effects of Jones AD, Forgacs AL, Zacharewski TR
140 Fong CJ, Burgoon LD, Williams KJ, tamoxifen and ethynylestradiol cotreatment on
                           uterine gene expression in immature, ovariectomized mice

                        Barshack I, Ben David M, Dov A, Tabak renal tumors using
141 Fridman E, Dotan Z,2010 Accurate molecular classification of S, Zion O, Benjamin S, Benjamin H, Kuker H, Avivi C, Rosenblatt K, Polak-Charcon S, Ramon
                            microRNA expression
                       2010 Immunohistochemical localization of
142 Fukasawa M, Atsuzawa K, Mizutani K, Nakazawa A, Usuda N mitochondrial fatty acid β-
                            oxidation enzymes in rat testis

                     2010 V, Nam LCH, Volcke C, reactive James B, Daniels on
143 Gandhiraman RP, GubalaDeposition of chemically Doyle C,and repellent sites S, Williams DE
                          biosensor chips for reduced non-specific binding

                         2010 Roles for miRNA-378/378* in adipocyte gene OA
144 Gerin I, Bommer GT, McCoin CS, Sousa KM, Krishnan V, MacDougald expression and
                         2010 Carbohydrate Dumestre-Pérard C, of human ficolins: Cesbron JY, Arlaud GJ, Gaboriaud C, Thielens NM
145 Gout E, Garlatti V, Smith DF, Lacroix M,recognition propertiesLunardi T, Martin L,glycan
                              array screening reveals the sialic acid binding specificity of M-
                       2010 Surface biofunctionalization and production of miniaturized
146 Grunwald I, Groth E, Wirth I, Schumacher J , Maiwald M, Zoellmer V, Busse M
                              sensor structures using aerosol printing technologies

147 Gupta G, Surolia A, 2010 Lectin microarrays for glycomic analysis
                        Sampathkumar SG
                      2010 Reverse phase O, Pollard HB, Molnar A, Agoston DV
148 Gyorgy AB, Walker J, Wingo D, Eidelmanprotein microarray technology in traumatic
                            brain injury

149 Hackl M, Brunner S,2010 miR-17, miR-19b, miR-20a and miR-106a are down-regulated Lepperdinger G, Sampson N, Berger P, Herndler-Brandstätter D, W
                        Fortschegger K, Schreiner C, Micutkova L, Mück C, Laschober GT,
                             in human aging

                      2010 In situ biosynthesis of peptide arrays
150 He M, Stoevesandt O

                        JR, Jorgensen L, Gordon S, Morris JA, bud dormancy release in
151 Hedley PE, Russell 2010 Candidate genes associated with Hackett CA, Cardle L, Brennan R
                              blackcurrant (Ribes nigrum L.)
                        2010 Leveraging DS, Oldenburg SJ, Chen SY, Lazarides
152 Hill RT, Mock JJ, Urzhumov Y, Sebbananoscale plasmonic modes to achieve AA, Chilkoti A, Smith DR
                              reproducible enhancement of light

                     2010 Large impact of the AD, Hohe A, Rensing SA
153 Hoenemann C, Richardt S, Krüger K, Zimmer apoplast on somatic embryogenesis in
                           Cyclamen persicum offers possibilities for improved
                           developmental control in vitro
                      2010 Bioconjugation of barium titanate nanocrystals with
154 Hsieh CL, Grange R, Pu Y, Psaltis D
                            immunoglobulin G antibody for second harmonic radiation
                            imaging probes
155 Ivanov SV, Goparaju CM, Pro-tumorigenic effects of miR-31 loss in mesothelioma
                      2010 Lopez P, Zavadil J, Toren-Haritan G, Rosenwald S, Hoshen M, Chajut A, Cohen D, Pass HI
                      2010 Comparative genome biology J, Claus H, Linke B, Schwarz
156 Joseph B, Schneiker-Bekel S, Schramm-Glück A, Blom of a serogroup B carriage andRF, Becker A, Goesmann A, Frosch M, Schoen C
                            disease strain supports a polygenic nature of meningococcal
                      Samami AA, Gholami defines a newly discovered Reichelt M, Hänsch R, Mendel RR, Meyer AJ, Wirtz M, Hell R
157 Khan MS, Haas FH,2010 Sulfite reductase AM, Bauer A, Fellenberg K, bottleneck for
                          assimilatory sulfate reduction and is essential for growth and
                          development in Arabidopsis thaliana
                     2010 Gene expression responses of M, Keinänen M, Thakur RC, Kolehmainen M, Kangasjärvi J, Oksanen E, Karnosky DF, Vapaavuor
158 Kontunen-Soppela S, Parviainen J, Ruhanen H, Brosché paper birch (Betula papyrifera)
                           to elevated CO2 and O3 during leaf maturation and
                     2010 Differential gene expression in senescing leaves of two P, Kangasjärvi J, Auvinen P, Paulin L , Keinänen M , Oksanen E, Vapaav
159 Kontunen-Soppela S, Riikonen J , Ruhanen H, Brosché M, Somervuo P, Peltonensilver
                            birch genotypes in response to elevated CO2 and
                            tropospheric ozone
160 Kracun S, Cló E, Clausen Random glycopeptide bead libraries for seromic biomarker
                       2010 H, Levery S, Jensen KJ, Blixt O

                       2010 Comparative transcriptional profiling of the limbal epithelial
161 Kulkarni BB, Tighe PJ, Mohammed I, Yeung AM, Powe DG, Hopkinson A, Shanmuganathan VA, Dua HS
                             crypt demonstrates its putative stem cell niche characteristics

162 Legay G, Marouf E, 2010 Identification of genes expressed during the compatible
                       Berger D, Neuhaus JM, Mauch-Mani B, Slaughter A
                            interaction of grapevine with Plasmopara viticola through
                            suppression subtractive hybridization (SSH)

                      2010 Rubtsova detection of extended K, Wichelhaus TA, Knabbe C, Schmid RD, Bachmann TT
163 Leinberger DM, Grimm V, Integrated M, Weile J, Schröppel spectrum beta-lactam
                            resistance by DNA microarray-based genotyping of TEM,
                            SHV, and CTX-M genes
                       2010 Coxiella burnetii transcriptional analysis
164 Leroy Q, Lebrigand K, Armougom F, Barbry P, Thiéry R, Raoult D reveals serendipity
                             clusters of regulation in intracellular bacteria
                       2010 Differential receptor binding affinities of influenza
165 Liao HY, Hsu CH, Wang SC, Liang CH, Yen HY, Su CY, Chen CH, Jan JT, Ren CT, Chen CH, Cheng TJ, Wu CY, Wong CH
                             hemagglutinins on glycan arrays
                       2010 Inhibition of hepatic Zhu Q, Shipman sandwich-cultured
166 Liao M, Raczynski AR, Chen M, Chuamg BC, OATP by RNAi inR, Morrison J, Lee D, Lee FW, Balani SK, Xia CQ
                             human hepatocytes: An in vitro model to assess transporter-
                             mediated drug-drug interactions
                       2010 Immobilized DG, Grainger DW
167 Liu F, Dubey M, Takahashi H, Castner antibody orientation analysis using secondary ion
                            mass spectrometry and fluorescence imaging of affinity-
                            generated patterns
                    2010 Antibody microarray typing, novel technique Perez-Trallero E
168 Marimon JM, Monasterio A, Ercibengoa M, Pascual J,aPrieto I, Simón L, for
                           Streptococcus pneumoniae serotyping

                     2010 Cyclin K and Liu JM, Dembele D, Jost B, Wdzieczak-Bakala J, Renoir JM, Sola B
169 Marsaud V, Tchakarska G, Andrieux G,cyclin D1b are oncogenic in myeloma cells
                      2010 Antibiotic C, Huys G, Aarts HJM, Kneifel Lactobacillus
170 Mayrhofer S, van Hoek AHAM, Mairsusceptibility of members of the W, Domig KJ
                           acidophilus group using broth microdilution and molecular
                           identification of their resistance determinants
171 McAndrew M, Wheeler C, Autoantibodies as diagnostic biomarkers
                    2010 Fallon R, Anson J

                     2010 Identification of Trajanoski Z, Scheideler M, Egger G, Hassler
172 Merkel O, Hamacher F, Laimer D, Sifft E, differential and functionally active miRNAs in MR, Thallinger C, Schmatz A, Turner SD, Greil R, Kenner L
                           both anaplastic lymphoma kinase (ALK)+ and ALK−
                           anaplastic large-cell lymphoma
                       2010 Contribution of the class cryptophyceae to G, Knefelkamp
173 Metfies K, Gescher C, Frickenhaus S, Niestroy R, Wichels A, Gerdts phytoplankton B, Wiltshire K, Medlin L
                             structure in the German Bight

                        2010 HDAC5 and HDAC9 in A, Remke M, Northcott markers for
174 Milde T, Oehme I, Korshunov A, Kopp-Schneider medulloblastoma: novel P, Deubzer HE, Lodrini M, Taylor MD, von Deimling A, Pfister S, Witt O
                             risk stratification and role in tumor cell growth
175 Mlakar V, Stražišar M, Sok M, Glavac D DNA microarray profiling of lung
                        2010 Oligonucleotide
                             adenocarcinoma revealed significant downregulation and
                             deletions of vasoactive intestinal peptide receptor
                        S, Bouvet R, Jesson B, Smith JQ, biological processes Bouget
176 Monnier A, Liverani 2010 Orchestrated transcription of Mosser J, Corellou F,in the FY
                             marine picoeukaryote Ostreococcus exposed to light/dark
                       2010 A GOG 210 ACGH study Kandel E, Erwin endometrioid
177 Morrison C, Miecznikowski J, Darcy KM, Dolce JM, of gain at 1q23 inDO, Liu S, Shepherd L, Cohn D, McMeekin DS, Block AMW, Nowak NJ, Maxwell L
                            endometrial cancer in the context of racial disparity and
                      2010 Printed O, Rühe J
178 Moschallski M, Baader J, Pruckerprotein microarrays on unmodified plastic substrates

                        2010 Reverse phase protein microarrays advance to use in clinical
179 Mueller C, Liotta LA, Espina V

                       2010 Hascher A, Isken H3 lysine 9 trimethylation levels predicts
180 Müller-Tidow C, Klein HU,Profiling of histoneF, Tickenbrock L, Thoennissen N, Agrawal-Singh S, Tschanter P, Disselhoff C, Wang Y, Becker A, Thiede C, E
                             transcription factor activity and survival in acute myeloid
181 Nemir A, David MM,2010 Comparative phylogenetic microarray analysis of microbial
                       Perrussel R, Sapkota A, Simonet P, Monier JM, Vogel TM
                            communities in TCE-contaminated soils

182 Park S, Lee MR, Shin I Chemical microarrays constructed by selective attachment of
                           hydrazide-conjugated substances to epoxide surfaces and
                           their applications

                       2010 hsa-miR-29c* is J, Carbone prognosis M, Cohen D, Chajut
183 Pass HI, Goparaju C, Ivanov S, Donington linked to theM, Hoshen of malignant pleural A, Rosenwald S, Dan H, Benjamin S, Aharonov R
                       2010 Novel Oelke microarray assay for profiling T-cell peptide
184 Paulaitis ME, Schneck J, Yue C,cellular M
                             antigen specificities
185 Pereira PM, Marques JP, MicroRNA expression variability in human cervical tissues
                       2010 Soares AR, Carreto L, Santos MA

                         RF, Addressable Sundararajan S, Juncker D
186 Pla-Roca M, Leulmi 2010Djambazian H,nanowell arrays formed using reversibly sealable
                               hybrid elastomer-metal stencils
                        2010 Protein A, De Blasi MD, Krizkova-Kudlikova I, Liu S, Wang Y,
187 Poltronieri P, Cimaglia F, Santino chips for detection of mite allergens using Kunitz-type Wang Y
                               protease inhibitors

188 Porter A, Yue T, HeeringaA motif-based analysis of glycan array data to determine the
                       2010 L, Day S, Suh E, Haab BB
                             specificities of glycan-binding proteins

                      2010 Fabrication of an oriented lectin microarray
189 Propheter DC, Hsu KL, Mahal LK

                     2010 Differential detection of alternatively spliced variants of Ciz1 in
190 Rahman FA, Aziz N, Coverley D
                           normal and cancer cells using a custom exon junction
                      2010 Use Y, Liu Y, Wang X, Wayner EA, Sargent JE, cancer
191 Ramirez AB, Loch CM, Zhang of a single chain antibody library for ovarian Sibani S, Hainsworth E, Mendoza EA, Eugene R, Labaer J, Urban ND, McIntosh M
                           biomarker discovery
                       2010 The role of "inert" surface chemistry in marine biofouling
192 Rosenhahn A, Schilp S, Kreuzer HJ, Grunze M
                       2010 Straight SU-8 Mirzaei M, Juncker D
193 Safavieh R, Pla Roca M, Qasaimeh MA,pins
194 Sagan SM, Nasheri 2010 The efficacy of siRNAs against hepatitis C virus is strongly
                       N, Luebbert C, Pezacki JP
                            influenced by structure and target site accessibility

                      2010 MC, Osla tuning of galectin-3 specificity and biological
195 Salomonsson E, CarlssonMutational V, Hendus-Altenburger R, Kahl Knutson B, Oberg CT, Sundin A, Nilsson R, Nordberg-Karlsson E, Nilsson UJ, Karlsson
196 Sapkota AR, Berger2010 Human pathogens abundant in the bacterial metagenome of
                       S, Vogel TM

                      2010 An information-rich, alternative, chemicals testing strategy
197 Sawle AD, Wit E, Whale G, Cossins AR
                           using a high definition toxicogenomics and zebrafish (Danio
                           rerio) embryos

198 Schär J, Stoll R, Schauer Pyruvate carboxylase plays a crucial role in carbon
                        2010 K, Loeffler DI, Eylert E, Joseph B, Eisenreich W, Fuchs TM, Goebel W
                              metabolism of extra- and intracellularly replicating Listeria
                      2010 Dual-color proteomic M, Zucknick M, Rüffer S, Costello
199 Schröder C, Jacob A, Tonack S, Radon TP, Sillprofiling of complex samples with aE, Neoptolemos JP, Crnogorac-Jurcevic T, Bauer A, Fellenberg K, Hoheis
                            microarray of 810 cancer-related antibodies
                      B, Gerlach G, Schramm-Glück A, Engelhard K, Frosch arrays for
200 Schwarz R, Joseph 2010 Evaluation of one- and two-color gene expressionM, Müller T, Schoen C
                            microbial comparative genome hybridization analyses in
                            routine applications
                        2010 Soluble CD14 is a novel monocyte-derived survival factor for
201 Seiffert M, Schulz A, Ohl S, Döhner H, Stilgenbauer S, Lichter P
                              chronic lymphocytic leukemia cells, which is induced by CLL
                              cells in vitro and present at abnormally high levels in vivo

                        2010 A functional
202 Seo JH, Kim CS, Hwang BH, Cha HJ carbohydrate chip platform for analysis of
                             carbohydrate-protein interaction
                        2010 Method
203 Shlomit G, Meiri E, Yerushalmi N for detecting nucleic acids
                        2010 Identification
204 Simo G, Herder S, Cuny G, Hoheisel J of subspecies specific genes differentially
                             expressed in procyclic forms of Trypanosoma brucei
                        2010 Development of a chip assay and
205 Sipari H, Rantala-Ylinen A, Jokela J, Oksanen I, Sivonen K qPCR for detecting
                              microcystin synthetase gene E expression

                       2010 Large-scale expression Walker reveals distinct
206 Smith B, Treadwell J, Zhang D, Ly D, McKinnell I, analysisPR, Sikorska M microRNA
                             profiles at different stages of human neurodevelopment

                       2010 Differential expression of presynaptic genes in a Symons of
207 Sommer JU, Schmitt A, Heck M, Schaeffer EL, Fendt M, Zink M, Nieselt K,rat model S, Petroianu G, Lex A, Herrera-Marschitz M, Spanagel R, Falkai P, Geb
                            postnatal hypoxia: relevance to schizophrenia
                       Scholz CJ, Nico S, microRNA-221 is P, Riedmiller reduced B
208 Spahn M, Kneitz S, 2010 Expression ofRüdiger T, Ströbel progressively H, Kneitzin
                            aggressive prostate cancer and metastasis and predicts
                            clinical recurrence
                        2010 Characterization of an immunodominant cancer-specific O-
209 Steentoft C, Schjoldager KT, Cló E, Mandel U, Levery SB, Pedersen JW, Jensen K, Blixt O, Clausen H
                              glycopeptide epitope in murine podoplanin (OTS8)
210 Tateno H, Kuno A, ItakuraA versatile technology for cellular glycomics using lectin
                        2010 Y, Hirabayashi J
                        2010 Proteome-wide search reveals unexpected RNA-binding
211 Tsvetanova NG, Klass DM, Salzman J, Brown PO
                              proteins in Saccharomyces cerevisiae
                        2010 Telomere shortening sensitizes cancer cells to S, Kushnir
212 Uziel O, Beery E, Dronichev V, Samocha K, Gryaznov S, Weiss L, Slavinselected M, Nordenberg Y, Rabinowitz C, Rinkevich B, Zehavi T, Lahav M
                              cytotoxic agents: in vitro and in vivo studies and putative
                      2010 Inoculation of tomato plants (Solanum lycopersicum) with
213 Valenzuela-Soto JH, Estrada-Hernández MG, Ibarra-Laclette E, Délano-Frier JP
                            growth-promoting Bacillus subtilis retards whitefly Bemisia
                            tabaci development

214 van Amerongen A 2010 Antibody microarrays visualized by carbon nanoparticles -from
                            R to D
                      2010 Optical filters and resonant cavities based on di-ureasil
215 Vicente CMS, Ferreira RAS, Pecoraro E, André PS, Carlos LD
                            organic-inorganic hybrids
216 Pang B, McPhail D, 2010 Development and characterization of transparent glass matrix
                        Jayaseelan DD, Boccaccini AR
                        2010 Protein microarrays: Reduced autofluorescence and Shoham
217 Walter JG, Stahl F, Reck M, Praulich I, Nataf Y, Hollas M, Pflanz K, Melzner D,improved Y, Scheper T

                       2010 MA, Pedersen JW, Bennett EP, Mandel U, signatures to
218 Wandall HH, Blixt O, TarpCancer biomarkers defined by autoantibody Ragupathi G, Livingston PO, Hollingsworth MA, Taylor-Papadimitriou J, Burchell J, Cla
                             aberrant o-glycopeptide epitopes
                       2010 Transcriptional responses of Italian ryegrass during interaction
219 Wichmann F, Asp T, Widmer F, Kölliker R
                             with Xanthomonas translucens pv. graminis reveal novel
                             candidate genes for bacterial wilt resistance

                        2010 Gene expression profiling in the
220 Wilkinson JM, Sargent CA, Galina-Pantoja L, Tucker AW lungs of pigs with different
                              susceptibilities to Glässer's disease
                        2010 Array D, Nowak NJ, Hatchwell E, Elsea of
221 Williams SR, Girirajan S, Tegaycomparative genomic hybridizationSH 52 subjects with a
                              Smith-Magenis-like phenotype: identification of dosage-
                              sensitive loci also associated with schizophrenia, autism, and
                              developmental delay
222 Wurm Y, Wang J, Keller LChanges in reproductive roles are associated with changes in
                            gene expression in fire ant queens

223 Xu R, McBride R, PaulsonStructure, receptor binding, and antigenicity of influenza virus
                      2010 JC, Basler CF, Wilson IA
                            hemagglutinins from the 1957 H2N2 pandemic
                       YG, Sensitivity and resistance towards isoliquiritigenin, doxorubicin
224 Youns M, Fu YJ, Zu2010 Kramer A, Konkimalla VB, Radlwimmer B, Sültmann H, Efferth T
                            and methotrexate in T cell acute lymphoblastic leukaemia cell
                            lines by pharmacogenomics

                        D, Bertolini F, Corsini CA, screening Milani P, Barborini E,
225 Zanardi A, Bandiera2010 Miniaturized FISH for Gregato G,of onco-hematological Carbone R
                        KL, Toxoplasma Hammond SM, Boothroyd increases the levels
226 Zeiner GM, Norman2010Thomson JM, gondii infection specificallyJC
                             of key host microRNAs
227 Zimmermann JL, NicolausThiol-based, site-specific and covalent immobilization of
                       2010 T, Neuert G, Blank K
                             biomolecules for single-molecule experiments
228 Aharonov R, Rosenfeld N,Methods for distinguishing between lung squamous carcinoma
                       2009 Rosenwald S, Benjamin H
                             and other non small cell lung cancers
                       2009 Differences JE, Weidner microRNA microarray C, Sibata
229 Ahmed FE, Vos PW, Jeffries C, Wileyin mRNA and DA, Mota H, BonnerupexpressionC, Allison RR
                             profiles in human colon adenocarcinoma HT-29 cells treated
                             with either intensity-modulated radiation therapy (IMRT), or
                             conventional radiation therapy (RT)
230 Alberti M, Yacoub-GeorgeBiomolecular self-assembly of micrometer sized silica beads
                       2009 E, Hell W, Landesberger C, Bock K
                            on patterned glass substrates
231 Andresen H, Bier FF2009 Peptide microarrays for serum antibody diagnostics

                        Jeansoule expression profiling in L, Herszberg B, Chaffaux S, Guérin G, Mata X, Benech P, Canale M, Alibert O, Maltere P, Gidrol X
232 Barrey E, Mucher E,2009 Gene N, Larcher T, Guigand equine polysaccharide storage
                            myopathy revealed inflammation, glycogenesis inhibition,
                            hypoxia and mitochondrial dysfunctions
233 Bauer A, Kleeff J, Bier M, Identification of malignancy factors by analyzing cystic tumors Friess H
                        2009 Wirtz M, Kayed H, Esposito I, Korc M, Hafner M, Hoheisel JD,
                               of the pancreas

                        2009 An ABC transporter of Streptococcus pneumoniae involved in
234 Becker P, Hakenbeck R, Henrich B
                             susceptibility to vancoresmycin and bacitracin
                        2009 Novel long non-protein coding RNAs involved in J, Maizel A,
235 Ben Amor B, Wirth S, Merchan F, Laporte P, d'Aubenton-Carafa Y, Hirsch Arabidopsis Mallory A, Lucas A, Deragon JM, Vaucheret H, Thermes C, Crespi M
                             differentiation and stress responses
                        Ruano Y, de Lope AR, Fiaño C, and mechanisms associated with
236 Blesa D, Mollejo M, 2009 Novel genomic alterations Ribalta T, García JF, Campos-Martín Y, Hernández-Moneo JL, Cigudosa JC, Meléndez B
                             tumor progression in oligodendroglioma and mixed

237 Blixt O,Kumagai-Braesch Anticarbohydrate antibody repertoires in patients transplanted
                       2009 M, Tibell A , Groth CG, Holgersson J
                            with fetal pig islets revealed by glycan arrays
                       van Genomic aberrations in squamous cell Timens W, Postma DS,
238 Boelens MC, Kok K,2009 der Vlies P, van der Vries G, Sietsma H,lung carcinoma related Groen HJ, van den Berg A
                            to lymph node or distant metastasis

239 Boettger T, Beetz N, Kostin S, Schneider J, Krüger M, Hein L, Braun T
                             Acquisition of the contractile phenotype by murine arterial
                             smooth muscle cells depends on the Mir143/145 gene cluster
                       2009 Cation-independent mannose 6-phosphate receptor: a
240 Bohnsack RN, Song X, Olson LJ, Kudo M, Gotschall RR, Canfield WM, Cummings RD, Smith DF, Dahms NM
                             composite of distinct phosphomannosyl binding sites
                       2009 Epigenetic maintenance of A, Staege MS, Müller-Tidow
241 Burdach S, Plehm S, Unland R, Dirksen U, Borkhardtstemness and malignancy in C, Richter GH
                             peripheral neuroectodermal tumors by EZH2
                       2009 Profiling of T-cell receptor signaling M, Harshman K, Doucey MA
242 Brembilla NC, Cohen-Salmon I, Weber J, Rüegg C, Quadroni complex assembly in
                             human CD4 T-lymphocytes using RP protein arrays
                       2009 Effects of infiltrating lymphocytes and estrogen receptor on
243 Calabrò A, Beissbarth T, Kuner R, Stojanov M, Benner A, Asslaber M, Ploner F, Zatloukal K, Samonigg H, Poustka A, Sültmann H
                             gene expression and prognosis in breast cancer

244 Carbone R           2009 An advanced application of protein microarrays: cell-based
                             assays for functional genomics

                     2009 Characterization of cluster-assembled nanostructured
245 Carbone R, De Marni M, Zanardi A, Vinati S, Barborini E, Fornasari L, Milani P titanium
                            oxide coatings as substrates for protein arrays

                      2009 MicroRNA-155 Barras E, the interleukin-1 signaling pathway
246 Ceppi M, Pereira PM, Dunand-Sauthier I, modulates Reith W, Santos MA, Pierre P
                            in activated human monocyte-derived dendritic cells

247 Chan ML, Jaramillo 2009 Scanning magnetoresistance microscopy for imaging
                       G, Ahjeong S, Hristova KR, Horsley DA
                            magnetically labeled DNA microarrays

                        2009 Bisphosphonate Pecorari F, specific protein binding on
248 Cinier M, Petit M, Williams MN, Fabre RM, adaptors for Talham DR, Bujoli B, Tellier C
                              zirconium phosphonate-based microarrays
                        2009 Linking mechanistic and behavioral responses to sublethal
249 Connon RE, Geist J, Pfeiff J, Loguinov AV, D'Abronzo LS, Wintz H, Vulpe CD, Werner I
                              esfenvalerate exposure in the endangered delta smelt;
                              Hypomesus transpacificus (Fam. Osmeridae)
                      2009 Correlative Storelli of gene expression CD, Montinaro A, Distante A, Ciappetta P
250 D'Urso OF, D'Urso PI, Marsigliante S,analysis C, Luzi G, Gianfredaprofile and prognosis
                            in patients with gliomatosis cerebri

                      2009 Self-assembly of PNA-encoded peptides into microarrays
251 Debaene F, Winssinger N.

                     2009 Comparative expression A, Kaye PM, Smith DF
252 Depledge DP, Evans KJ, Ivens AC, Aziz N, Maroof profiling of Leishmania: Modulation in
                            gene expression between species and in different host genetic
                      2009 Molecular role of Sutter E, Galan K, Brisset AC, Roth Chadjichristos CE, Kwak BR
253 Derouette JP, Wong C, Burnier L, Morel S, Cx37 in advanced atherosclerosis: AI,micro-
                           array study

                     2009 Oxide fibre reinforced Boccaccini composites with ZrO2
254 Desimone D, Jayaseelan DD, Pang B, Lee WE, glass matrixAR

255 Diercks S, Gescher 2009 Evaluation of locked nucleic acids for signal enhancement of
                       C, Metfies K, Medlin LK
                            oligonucleotide probes for microalgae immobilised on solid
                      Cheng F, Gamble LJ, of photolithographic patterns using DG
256 Dubey M, Emoto K, 2009 Surface analysisTakahashi H, Grainger DW, CastnerToF-
                           SIMS and PCA

                      Takahashi H, Castner DG, surface DW
257 Dubey M, Emoto K, 2009 Affinity-based protein Graingerpattern formation by ligand self-
                           selection from mixed protein solutions
                      2009 Multiplex single nucleotide polymorphism (SNP)-based
258 Edwards KJ, Reid AL, Coghill JA, Berry ST, Barker GL
                           genotyping in allohexaploid wheat using padlock probes

                        Lithwick-Yanai G, David MB, Hoshen M, Glezerman M, with
259 Eitan R, Kushnir M, 2009 Tumor microRNA expression patterns associated Hod M, Sabah G, Rosenwald S, Levavi H
                              resistance to platinum based chemotherapy and survival in
                              ovarian cancer patients
260 Engelmann JC, RahmannModelling cross-hybridization on phylogenetic DNA T, Müller T
                     2009 S, Wolf M, Schultz J, Fritzilas E, Kneitz S, Dandekar
                          microarrays increases the detection power of closely related

                      MG, Differential gene expression in whitefly Bemisia tabaci-
261 Estrada-Hernández 2009 Valenzuela-Soto JH, Ibarra-Laclette E, Délano-Frier JP
                            infested tomato (Solanum lycopersicum) plants at progressing
                            developmental stages of the insect's life cycle

262 Even S, Charlier C, 2009 Staphylococcus aureus virulence expression is impaired by
                        Nouaille S, Ben Zakour NL, Cretenet M, Cousin FJ, Gautier M, Cocaign-Bousquet M, Loubière P, Le Loir Y
                              Lactococcus lactis in mixed cultures
                        2009 Up-regulation R, Pang KS
263 Fan J, Liu S, Du Y, Morrison J, Shipmanof transporters and enzymes by the vitamin D
                              receptor ligands, 1α,25-dihydroxyvitamin D3 and vitamin D
                              analogs, in the Caco-2 cell monolayer
                        2009 An advanced
264 Fechner P, Pröll F, Carlquist M, Proll G biosensor for the prediction of estrogenic effects
                              of endocrine-disrupting chemicals on the estrogen receptor

                       DF, Peumans WJ, Proost snowdrop and maize differ in their
265 Fouquaert E, Smith 2009 Related lectins from P, Balzarini J, Savvides SN, Damme EJ
                            carbohydrate-binding specificity

266 Fyson JR, Nagy Z, BowerFabrication of a patterned interference filter array deposited by
                      2009 CL
                           an atmospheric pressure vapour deposition technique

                      2009 Switching Carell T, Gaub HE
267 Gaub BM, Kaul C, Zimmermann JL, the mechanics of dsDNA by Cu salicylic aldehyde
                      2009 Lyons V, Beh induces a PJ, Dawes IW, in Saccharomyces
268 Gauci VJ, Beckhouse AG,Zinc starvation EJ, Rogersstress response Higgins VJ
                           cerevisiae that is mediated by the Msn2p and Msn4p
                           transcriptional activators
                       2009 Fluorescence lifetime imaging Mount, Ghazal labeled DNA
269 Giraud G, Schulze H, Bachmann TT, Campbell CJ, R A, of quantum dot P, Khondoker MR, Ross AJ, Ember SW, Ciani I, Tlili C, Walton AJ, Terry JG, Crain J

                       2009 Seromic analysis of antibody responses in non-small cell lung
270 Gnjatic S, Wheeler C, Ebner M, Ritter E, Murray A, Altorki NK, Ferrara CA, Hepburne-Scott H, Joyce S, Koopman J, McAndrew MB, Workman N, Ritter G, F
                             cancer patients and healthy donors using conformational
                             protein arrays
271 Gulati S, Smith DF, 2009 Deletions of neuraminidase and resistance to oseltamivir may
                        Air GM
                             be a consequence of restricted receptor specificity in recent
                             H3N2 influenza viruses
272 Halbeisen RE, Gerber AP Stress-dependent coordination of transcriptome and
                            translatome in yeast

                      2009 Affinity purification of ribosomes to access the translatome
273 Halbeisen RE, Scherrer T, Gerber AP

                     2009 Protein Seo S, in human sera for HS
274 Han MK, Oh YH, Kang J, Kim YP,profiling Kim J, Park K, Kimidentification of potential
                           lung cancer biomarkers using antibody microarray

                     2009 From experimental S
275 Hauser NC, Dukalska M, Fellenberg K, Rupp setup to data analysis in transcriptomics:
                           copper metabolism in the human pathogen Candida albicans

276 Hendrickson DG, Hogan DJ, McCullough HL, Myers JW, Herschlag D, Ferrell JE, Brown PO
                              Concordant regulation of translation and mRNA abundance
                              for hundreds of targets of a human microRNA
                       2009 N, Jones WD, Parker JS, Knudtson hybridization
277 Hester SD, Reid L, NowakComparison of comparative genomic K, Ward W, Tiesman J, Denslow ND
                              technologies across microarray platforms
278 Ho D, Falter K, Severin P,DNA as a force sensor in an aptamer-based biochip for
                       2009 Gaub HE
                       2009 Cordycepin interferes Jacquier A, Dichtl B
279 Holbein S, Wengi A, Decourty L, Freimoser FM, with 3' end formation in yeast
                              independently of its potential to terminate RNA chain
                      2009 Development and
280 Hong JW, Park JY, Fomina M, Gadd GM optimization of an 18S rRNA-based
                           oligonucleotide microarray for the fungal order Eurotiales
                     2009 Direct cell surface modification with DNA for the capture of
281 Hsiao SC, Shum BJ, Onoe H, Douglas ES, Gartner ZJ, Mathies RA, Bertozzi CR, Francis MB
                          primary cells and the investigation of myotube formation on
                          defined patterns
282 Hsu TL, Cheng SC, 2009 Profiling carbohydrate-receptor interaction with recombinant
                      Yang WB, Chin SW, Chen BH, Huang MT, Hsieh SL, Wong CH
                           innate immunity receptor-Fc fusion proteins
283 Hu S, Wong DT     2009 Lectin microarray

                       2009 Protein-protein interaction studies
284 Hurst R, Hook B, Slater MR, Hartnett J, Storts DR, Nath N on protein arrays: Effect of
                             detection strategies on signal-to-background ratios

                      2009 Optimized straight
285 Janissen R, Oberbarnscheidt L, Oesterhelt Fforward procedure for covalent surface
                           immobilization of different biomolecules for single molecule

                        2009 A gene expression S, Hazlett JA, Awasthi A, Woolley
286 Jeffs AR, Glover AC, Slobbe LJ, Wang L, He signature of invasive potential in AG, Marshall ES, Joseph WR, Print CG, Baguley BC, Eccles MR
                             metastatic melanoma cells
                        Frank D, Giese NA, is overexpressed J, Korc M, Kleeff J, and
287 Ketterer K, Kong B, 2009 Neuromedin UBauer A, Hoheisel in pancreatic cancerMichalski CW, Friess H
                             increases invasiveness via the hepatocyte growth factor c-Met
                       2009 Comparative analysis of AhR-mediated TCDD elicited gene
288 Kim S, Dere E, Burgoon LD, Chang CC, Zacharewski TR
                            expression in human liver adult stem cells

289 Kim YP, Park S, Oh2009 On-chip detection of protein glycosylation based on energy
                      E, Oh YH, Kim HS
                           transfer between nanoparticles

                      2009 Best practices for hybridization design in two-colour
290 Knapen D, Vergauwen L, Laukens K, Blust R
                            microarray analysis
                      2009 A, Kaneko MK, Ito H, Amano K, Chiba Y, Narimatsu antibody-
291 Kuno A, Kato Y, Matsuda Focused differential glycan analysis with the platformH, Hirabayashi J
                            assisted lectin profiling for glycan-related biomarker verification

                         Nilsson M, Strommenger B, of methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus
292 Kurt K, Alderborn A,2009 Multiplexed genotypingWitte W, Nübel U.
                              aureus isolates by use of padlock probes and tag microarrays

                       AL, Tamoxifen-elicited uterotrophy: cross-species and cross-
293 Kwekel JC, Forgacs2009Burgoon LD, Williams KJ, Zacharewski TR
                            ligand analysis of the gene expression program
                      2009 Comparison of rhizobacterial community composition in soil
294 Kyselková M, Kopecký J, Frapolli M, Défago G, Ságová-Marecková M, Grundmann GL, Moënne-Loccoz Y
                            suppressive or conducive to tobacco black root rot disease

295 Lalo H, Vieu C      2009 Nanoscale patterns of dendrimers obtained by soft lithography
                             using elastomeric stamps spontaneously structured by plasma
296 Lechner M, Schmitt 2009 Genomic island excisions in Bordetella petrii Lemoine Y, Gross R
                       K, Bauer S, Hot D, Hubans C, Levillain E, Locht C,
                       2009 Iron oxide/gold core/shell nanoparticles for ultrasensitive
297 Liang CH, Wang CC, Lin YC, Chen CH, Wong CH, Wu CY
                             detection of carbohydrate-protein interactions
298 Liu Y, Palma AS, Feizi T Carbohydrate microarrays: key developments in glycobiology

299 Lyle R, Béna F, Gagos S, Genotype-phenotype correlations in Down syndrome identified
                       2009 Gehrig C, Lopez G, Schinzel A, Lespinasse J, Bottani A, Dahoun S, Taine L, Doco-Fenzy M, Cornillet-Lefèbvre P, Pelet A, Lyonne
                             by array CGH in 30 cases of partial trisomy and partial
                             monosomy chromosome 21
                      2009 Fraering PC
300 Magold AI, Cacquevel M, Gene expression profiling in cells with enhanced gamma-
                            secretase activity
301 Mankidy PJ, Rajagopalan Surface initiated growth of poly(ethyl 2-cyanoacrylate)
                      2009 R, Pantano CG, Foley HC
                            nanofibers on surface-modified glass substrates
                      2009 Cytogenetic J, Matsui microarray expression
302 Marella NV, Malyavantham KS, Wang and cDNAS, Liang P, Berezney R analysis of
                            MCF10 human breast cancer progression cell lines
303 Mauritz R         2009 Substrate for nucleic acid amplification

304 Millard AD, Tiwari B2009 Oligonucleotide microarrays for bacteriophage expression
                       2009 Downey MJ, Mann NH, Scanlan cyanomyoviruses reveals
305 Millard AD, Zwirglmaier K,Comparative genomics of marine DJ
                              the widespread occurrence of Synechococcus host genes
                              localized to a hyperplastic region: implications for
                              mechanisms of cyanophage evolution
                        2009 Sequencing
306 Mir KU, Qi H, Salata O, Scozzafava Cyclic Ligation and Cleavage (CycLiC) directly
                             on a microarray captured template
                        2009 Presence of Z, Rems KRAS mutations correlates significantly
307 Mlakar V, Berginc G, Volavsek M, Storactivating M, Glavac D
                             with expression of tumour suppressor genes DCN and TPM1
                             in colorectal cancer
                        V, Cemazar pulses used Sersa G
308 Mlakar V, Todorovic2009 ElectricM, Glavac D, in electrochemotherapy and electrogene
                             therapy do not significantly change the expression profile of
                             genes involved in the development of cancer in malignant
                             melanoma cells
                       2009 Antibody-antigen exchange equilibria in a field of an external
309 Monson CF, Driscoll LN, Bennion E, Miller CJ, Majda M
                            force: design of reagentless biosensors
                       2009 Antibody-antigen equilibria in Majda M
310 Monson CF, Driscoll LN, Khoie S, Bennion E, Miller CJ,a field of magnetic forces:
                            Design of reagentless biosensors
                       2009 Lack of
311 Morey C, Kress C, Bickmore WA bystander activation shows that localization exterior to
                            chromosome territories is not sufficient to up-regulate gene
312 Muranyi P, Schraml 2009 Antimicrobial efficiency of titanium dioxide-coated surfaces
                       C, Wunderlich J

313 Nass D, Rosenwald2009 MiR-92b and miR-9/9* are specifically expressed in brain Sion-Vardy N, Tobar A, Kharenko O, Sitbon E, Lithwick Yanai G, Elyaki
                     S, Meiri E, Gilad S, Tabibian-Keissar H, Schlosberg A, Kuker H,
                          primary tumors and can be used to differentiate primary from
                          metastatic brain tumors
                     2009 Functional R, Lukkari T, Itävaara M
314 Nyyssönen M, Kapanen A, Piskonen genes reveal the intrinsic PAH biodegradation
                          potential in creosote-contaminated groundwater following in
                          situ biostimulation

315 Pasquer F, Pfunder 2009 Microarray-based genetic identification of beneficial organisms
                       M, Frey B, Frey JE
                            as a new tool for quality control of laboratory cultures

316 Pothof J, Verkaik NS, van IJcken W, Wiemer EA, Ta VT, van der Horst GT, Jaspers NG, van Gent DC, Hoeijmakers JH, Persengiev SP
                             MicroRNA-mediated gene silencing modulates the UV-
                             induced DNA-damage response
                        2009 Aptamer-antibody on-chip sandwich immunoassay for
317 Pultar J, Sauer U, Domnanich P, Preininger C
                             detection of CRP in spiked serum

                      2009 Gold nanoparticle chemiresistor
318 Raguse B, Barton CS, Müller KH, Chow E, Wieczorek L sensors in aqueous solution:
                           comparison of hydrophobic and hydrophilic nanoparticle films

                       2009 Use of H, King R, Kaysser-Kranich T, Shafer microarray to
319 Rahman A, Robinson W, Garren JMP® for optimizing a custom peptideC, Knipmeyer B
                            identify autoantibodies for multiple sclerosis
                       2009 Avoiding nonspecific interactions in studies of the plasma
320 Richens JL, Lunt EA, Sanger D, McKenzie G, O'Shea P
                            proteome: practical solutions to prevention of nonspecific
                            interactions for label-free detection of low-abundance plasma
                      2009 Validation Sjöberg protein profiles by a M, antibody array
321 Rimini R, Schwenk JM, Sundberg M,of serum R, Klevebring D, GrydualUhlén M, Nilsson P

                      2009 Zeta ME, Ward motile spores
322 Rosenhahn A, Finlay JA, Pettit potential ofA, Wirges W of the green alga Ulva linza
                            and the influence of electrostatic interactions on spore
                            settlement and adhesion strength
                        2009 Distinct roles of non-canonical poly(A) polymerases in
323 San Paolo S, Vanacova S, Schenk L, Scherrer T, Blank D, Keller W, Gerber AP RNA
                        Wyman S, Bendoraite A, and data Delrow J, Godwin AK,
324 Sarkar D, Parkin R, 2009 Quality assessmentSather C, analysis for microRNA Drescher C, Huber W, Gentleman R, Tewari M
                             expression arrays
                        2009 Evaluation
325 Sauer U, Bodrossy L, Preininger C of substrate performance for a microbial diagnostic
                             microarray using a four parameter ranking

                      2009 Physicochemical properties of Callow JA, Grunze M
326 Schilp S, Rosenhahn A, Pettitt ME, Bowen J, Callow ME,(ethylene glycol)-containing self-
                            assembled monolayers relevant for protein and algal cell
                     2009 DNA F, Rassbach A, Scholz HC, Neubauer H, Sachse
327 Schmoock G, Ehricht R, Melzermicroarray-based detection and identification of K, Mota RA, Saqib M, Elschner M
                            Burkholderia mallei, Burkholderia pseudomallei and
                            Burkholderia spp

                      2009 Transcriptome Frosch M, the interaction of Neisseria
328 Schubert-Unkmeir A, Schramm-Glück A, analyses inSchoen C
                           meningitidis with mammalian host cells

                      2009 A Gehrmann M, Izmailov A, Bohmann target amplification-
329 Schwers S, Reifenberger E, high-sensitivity, medium-density, andK
                            free planar waveguide microarray system for gene expression
                            analysis of formalin-fixed and paraffin-embedded tissue

                       2009 Down-regulation of HLA Class I and NKG2D ligands through a
330 Sers C, Kuner R, Falk CS, Lund P, Sueltmann H, Braun M, Buness A, Ruschhaupt M, Conrad J, Mang-Fatehi S, Stelniec I, Krapfenbauer U, Poustka A, Sch
                            concerted action of MAPK and DNA methyltransferases in
                            colorectal cancer cells
                      2009 Characterization of murine García-Vallejo JJ, van Vliet SJ,
331 Singh SK, Streng-Ouwehand I, Litjens M, Weelij DR, MGL1 and MGL2 C-type lectins:Saeland E, van Kooyk Y
                           Distinct glycan specificities and tumor binding properties

                       2009 Proteomic identification D, Welham KJ, Garimella V, Lind MJ,
332 Smith L, Qutob O, Watson MB, Beavis AW, Potts of putative biomarkers of radiotherapy Drew PJ, Cawkwell L
                            resistance: a possible role for the 26S proteasome?

                      2009 Glycan microarray analysis of Kornfeld S, Cummings RD, Smith DF
333 Song X, Lasanajak Y, Olson LJ, Boonen M, Dahms NM,P-type lectins reveals distinct
                            phosphomannose glycan recognition
                      2009 Generation C, Luyai A, Willard M, Smith DF, Cummings RD
334 Song X, Lasanajak Y, Rivera-Marrero of a natural glycan microarray using 9-
                            fluorenylmethyl chloroformate (FmocCl) as a cleavable
                            fluorescent tag
335 Song X, Lasanajak Y, Xia Fluorescent glycosylamides produced by microscale
                      2009 B, Smith DF, Cummings RD
                             derivatization of free glycans for natural glycan microarrays

                       2009 Novel fluorescent glycan Cummings RD
336 Song X, Xia B, Stowell SR, Lasanajak Y, Smith DF,microarray strategy reveals ligands
                             for galectins

                        2009 Devices and DWK, Milner analysing individual cells
337 Southern E, Meuleman W, Lueerssen, processes forN
                        2009 The alternative complement
338 Stapelberg MP, Williams RB, Byrne SN, Halliday GM pathway seems to be a UVA
                              sensor that leads to systemic immunosuppression
                        2009 Khim N, package: an universal P, Crameri A, Bouchier C, Mercereau-Puijalon O, Beck HP, Imwong M, Dondorp AM, Socheat D,
339 Steenkeste N, Dillies MA, FlexiChipSismeiro O, Chy S, Lim microarray with a dedicated
                              analysis software for high-thoughput SNPs detection linked to
                              anti-malarial drug resistance
                       Feasley CL, reduces galectin-1 Colucci JK, oxidative S, Mehta P,
340 Stowell SR, Cho M, 2009 Ligand Arthur CM, Song X, sensitivity to Karmakar inactivation Dias-Baruffi M, McEver RP, Cummings RD
                            by enhancing dimer formation
                       2009 Functional characterization Sardesai a Williams CE
341 Subramanyam S, Smith DF, Clemens JC, Webb MA, of HFR1, N,high-mannose N-
                            glycan-specific wheat lectin induced by Hessian fly larvae

342 Sun T, Fu M, Bookout AL,MicroRNA let-7 regulates 3T3-L1 adipogenesis
                       2009 Kliewer SA, Mangelsdorf DJ
                       2009 Antifouling potential Callow JA, A immobilized onto maleic
343 Tasso M, Pettitt ME, Cordeiro AL, Callow ME, of SubtilisinWerner C
                             anhydride copolymer thin films

344 Taylor ME, Drickamer K Structural insights into what glycan arrays tell us about how
                           glycan-binding proteins interact with their ligands
345 Thube SA, Budhwani SB, DNA microarray technology: The future
                      2009 Patel AM

346 Tsao EH, Kellam P, 2009 Microarray-based determination of the lytic cascade of human
                         Sin CS, Rasaiyaah J, Griffiths PD, Clark DA
                              herpesvirus 6B
                        2009 Comprehensive gene and microRNA expression profiling
347 Tzur G, Israel A, Levy A, Benjamin H, Meiri E, Shufaro Y, Meir K, Khvalevsky E, Spector Y, Rojansky N, Bentwich Z, Reubinoff BE, Galun E
                              reveals a role for microRNAs in human liver development
                        2009 Sarholz B, Piepho HP, genes putatively associated with
348 Uzarowska A, Dionisio G, Validation of candidate Xu M, Ingvardsen CR, Wenzel G, Lübberstedt T
                              resistance to SCMV and MDMV in maize (Zea mays L.) by
                              expression profiling
                      2009 Robust M, Dullemans AM, Bonants P, Kowalchuk GA, Schoen
349 van Doorn R, Slawiak M, Szemesdetection and identification of multiple oomycetes and CD
                            fungi in environmental samples by using a novel cleavable
                            padlock probe-based ligation detection assay
                       Löning T, Ylstra B, gain at 8q12.1-q22.1 is associated de Wiel
350 Vékony H, Röser K, 2009 Copy number Meijer GA, van Wieringen WN, van with a MA, Carvalho B, Kok K, Leemans CR, van der Waal I, Bloemena E
                            malignant tumor phenotype in salivary gland myoepitheliomas

                    2009 Glycans on influenza YF, Chen SW, Chen CM, Khoo KH, Cheng TJ, Cheng YS, Jan JT, Wu CY, Ma C, Wong CH
351 Wang CC, Chen JR, Tseng YC, Hsu CH, Hung hemagglutinin affect receptor binding
                          and immune response
352 Wang Z          2009 The peptide microarray-based assay for kinase functionality
                          and inhibition study

                     2009 Minimum Bainbridge TC, Webber D, Kinahan TJ, Lam WL, Vielkind JR
353 Watson SK, Woolcock BW, Fee JN,altered regions in early prostate cancer progression
                          identified by high resolution whole genome tiling path BAC
                          array comparative hybridization

354 Webb DP, Hutt DA, 2009 Packaging of microfluidic devices for fluid interconnection
                        Hopkinson N, Conway PP, Palmer PJ
                             using thermoplastics
                        2009 An enhanced single base H, Andino R, DeRisi JL
355 Webster DR, Hekele AG, Lauring AS, Fischer KF, Liextension technique for the analysis
                             of complex viral populations
                        P, Chen QR, Song YK, Durinck S, Cancer-Specific and Prognostic
356 Wei JS, Johansson 2009 microRNA Profiling Identifies Wen X, Cheuk AT, Smith MA, Houghton P, Morton C, Khan J
                             Signatures in Pediatric Malignancies
                        Reid Mechanistic investigation of the
357 Willis LM, Zhang R, 2009 A, Withers SG, Wakarchuk WW endo-alpha-N-
                             acetylgalactosaminidase from Streptococcus pneumoniae R6

                      2009 Antibody-based microarrays
358 Wingren C, Borrebaeck CA

359 Wong CH, Liang PH2009 Quantitative microarray of intact glycolipid CD1D interaction
                          and correlation with cell-based cytokine production

                       D, Jones A, Bai upregulated in Smith C, Pei K, Walker D, Lue
360 Xiong H, Callaghan 2009 ABCG2 is J, Rasquinha I,Alzheimer's brain with cerebral L-F, Stanimirovic D, Zhang W
                            amyloid angiopathy and may act as a gatekeeper at the blood-
                            brain barrier for Aß1-40 peptides
361 Zaugg C, Monod M,2009 Gene expression profiling in the human pathogenic M, Giddey K, Staib P
                      Weber J, Harshman K, Pradervand S, Thomas J, Bueno
                          dermatophyte Trichophyton rubrum during growth on proteins

                     HK, A glycoconjugate antigen Huang CY, Wilson IA, Blixt O, Dwek
362 Astronomo RD, Lee2008Scanlan CN, Pantophlet R,based on the recognition motif of a RA, Wong CH, Burton DR
                          broadly neutralizing human immunodeficiency virus antibody,
                          2G12, is immunogenic but elicits antibodies unable to bind to
                          the self glycans of gp120
                         2008 Taganov inhibition for
363 Baltimore D, O'Connell R,MicroRNAK, Boldin M the treatment of inflammation and
                              myeloproliferative disorders
                         2008 Contemporary North American Hoeven H7 viruses possess
364 Belser JA, Blixt O, Chen LM, Pappas C, Maines TR, Van influenzaN, Donis R, Busch J, McBride R, Paulson JC, Katz JM, Tumpey TM
                              human receptor specificity: Implications for virus
                      2008 CAMK1D amplification implicated in epithelial-mesenchymal
365 Bergamaschi A, Kim YH, Kwei KA, La Choi Y, Bocanegra M, Langerød A, Han W, Noh DY, Huntsman DG, Jeffrey SS, Børresen-Dale AL, Pollack JR
                           transition in basal-like breast cancer

                       2008 Interaction of biomolecules sequentially deposited at the same
366 Berthet-Duroure N, Leïchlé T, Pourciel JB, Martin C, Bausells J, Lora-Tamayo E, Perez-Murano F, François JM, Trévisiol E, Nicu L
                             location using a microcantilever-based spotter

                         2008 Glycan Andersson-Sand H, Hoffmann J, Razi N
367 Blixt O, Allin K, Bohorov O, Liu X, microarrays for screening sialyltransferase specificities

                           2008 Detection, prevention and treatment of breast cancer
368 Blixt O, Cristofanilli M, Huflejt ME
369 Blixt O, Han S, Liao 2008 Sialoside analog arrays for rapid identification of high affinity
                           L, Zeng Y,Hoffmann J, Futakawa S, Paulson JC
                                siglec ligands
                           2008 Genetic and computational identification of a conserved
370 Boutte CC, Srinivasan BS, Flannick JA, Novak AF, Martens AT, Batzoglou S, Viollier PH, Crosson S
                                bacterial metabolic module
                           2008 Inhibition of estrogen-mediated
371 Boverhof DR, Burgoon LD, Williams KJ, Zacharewski TR uterine gene expression
                                responses by dioxin
                      2008 A proteome chip approach reveals new DNA
372 Chen CS, Korobkova E, Chen H, Zhu J, Jian X, Tao SC, He C, Zhu H damage
                           recognition activities in Escherichia coli
                      2008 Control of the adaptive M, Rosenblatt-Velin to stress F, the
373 Croquelois A, Domenighetti AA, Nemir M, Leporeresponse of the heartN, Radtke via Pedrazzini T
                           Notch1 receptor pathway
                      CH, Serum antibody screening by surface plasmon resonance
374 de Boer AR, Hokke 2008Deelder AM, Wuhrer M
                           using a natural glycan microarray

                         Davey G, McGee C, genomic Elia G, Sweeney T, for variation in
375 Di Luca A, Hamill R,2008 Uncovering the Talbot A, and proteomic basis Cairns M, Mullen A
                             Irish pork quality
                        2008 A first generation atlantic halibut
376 Douglas SE, Knickle LC, Williams J, Flight RM, Reith ME Hippoglossus hippoglossus
                             (L.) microarray: application to developmental studies

                    2008 Polysaccharide mimicry of the epitope of the MR, Palma AS, Feizi T, Harvey DJ, Dwek RA, Crispin M, Scanlan CN
377 Dunlop DC, Bonomelli C, Mansab F, Vasiljevic S, Doores KJ, Wormaldbroadly
                            neutralizing anti-HIV antibody, 2G12, induces enhanced
                            antibody responses to self oligomannose glycans

                        Pettitt ME, Ostblom M, Du CX, Broo K, Ulva linza Callow J, on
378 Ederth T, Nygren P,2008 Anomalous settlement behavior ofCallow ME,zoosporesLiedberg B
                              cationic oligopeptide surfaces

                        2008 Interactions of zoospores of Ulva linza with arginine-rich
379 Ederth T, Pettitt ME, Nygren P, Du CX, Ekblad T, Zhou Y, Falk M, Callow ME, Callow JA, Liedberg B
                              oligopeptide monolayers
                        2008 Poly(ethylene glycol)-containing hydrogel surfaces for
380 Ekblad T, Bergström G, Ederth T, Conlan SL, Mutton R, Clare AS, Wang S, Liu Y, Zhao Q, D'Souza F, Donnelly GT, Willemsen PR, Pettitt ME, Callow ME, C
                              antifouling applications in marine and freshwater environments

381 Erfurth F, Tretyakov2008 Two-laser, large-field hyperspectral microarray scanner for the
                         A, Nyuyki B, Mrotzek G, Schmidt WD, Fassler D, Saluz HP
                              analysis of multicolor microarrays
                        2008 Genetic stability of D, live attenuated Bordetella C
382 Feunou PF, Ismaili J, Debrie AS, Huot L, Hot the Raze D, Lemoine Y, Locht pertussis
                              vaccine candidate BPZE1
                        2008 The "old" Euonymus europaeus SN, Van represents
383 Fouquaert E, Peumans WJ, Smith DF, Proost P, SavvidesagglutininDamme EJ a novel
                              family of ubiquitous plant proteins
384 Frey JC, Pasquer F 2007 Agricultural Biomarkers for Array Technology

                     2008 Array-based Egger M, ragweed and mugwort Aberger F, Lang
385 Gadermaier G, Wopfner N, Wallner M, profiling ofDidierlaurent A, Regl G,pollen allergens R, Ferreira F, Hawranek T

                       2008 Direct multiplexed measurement of gene expression Ferree S,
386 Geiss GK, Bumgarner RE, Birditt B, Dahl T, Dowidar N, Dunaway DL, Fell HP, with color-George RD, Grogan T, James JJ, Maysuria M, Mitton JD, Oliveri P,
                             coded probe pairs
                       K, Frickenhaus of assessing the Wiltshire KH, Medlin LK
387 Gescher C, Metfies 2008 FeasibilityS, Knefelkamp B, community composition of
                             prasinophytes at the Helgoland Roads sampling site with a
                             DNA microarray
                      2008 The LK
388 Gescher C, Metfiesa K, MedlinALEX CHIP - Development of a DNA chip for
                            identification and monitoring of Alexandrium

389 Glaser V            2008 Protein microarray uses abound

                       2008 Enhancement of reaction specificity at interfaces
390 Gotliv BA, Daube SS, Naaman R
                       2008 Identification of CUG-BP1/EDEN-BP target mRNAs in
391 Graindorge A, Le Tonquèze O, Thuret R, Pollet N, Osborne HB, Audic Y
                             Xenopus tropicalis
                       2008 Comprehensive comparison of protein microarray supports
392 Haake C, Stahl F, Walter JG, Reck M, Scheper T
                             using different spotting systems
                       2008 Mitochondrial serine acetyltransferase functions as a
393 Haas FH, Heeg C, Queiroz R, Bauer A, Wirtz M, Hell R
                             pacemaker of cysteine synthesis in plant cells
                       2008 A short-oligonucleotide microarray TJ, allows JC, Gasson
394 Harrington CR, Lucchini S, Ridgway KP, Wegmann U, Eaton that Hinton improved MJ, Narbad A
                             detection of gastrointestinal tract microbial communities
                       2008 Systematic identification of Brown recruited to argonaute 2
395 Hendrickson DG, Hogan DJ, Herschlag D, Ferrell JE, mRNAsPO
                             by specific microRNAs and corresponding changes in
                             transcript abundance
396 Hsu KL, Gildersleeve JC, A simple strategy for the creation of a recombinant lectin
                         2008 Mahal LK
                         2008 Universal ligation-detection-reaction microarray applied for
397 Hultman J, Ritari J, Romantschuk M, Paulin L, Auvinen P
                              compost microbes
                        2008 Glycomimetics and glycodendrimers as high affinity microbial
398 Imberty A, Chabre YM, Roy R
                        2008 Limmon GV, Tretiakov A, of a M, Saluz HP
399 Iqbal J, Hanel F, Ruryk A, Fabrication and evaluationDurstsequence-specific
                               oligonucleotide miniarray for molecular genotyping
                        2008 Global gene expression analysis of apple fruit development
400 Janssen BJ, Thodey K, Schaffer RJ, Alba R, Balakrishnan L, Bishop R, Bowen JH, Crowhurst RN, Gleave AP, Ledger S, McArtney S, Pichler FB, Snowden
                               from the floral bud to ripe fruit
                        2008 R, Schär J, Umesha KR, Luo activity in Listeria
401 Joseph B, Mertins S, StollGlycerol metabolism and PrfA Q, Müller-Altrock S, Goebel W
402 Kim YP, Oh YH, Oh 2008 Energy transfer-based multiplexed assay of proteases by
                         E, Ko S, Han MK, Kim HS
                               using gold nanoparticle and quantum dot conjugates on a
403 Kim YP, Park S, Oh2008 Chip-based energy transfer system between quantum dots
                      E, Oh YH, Kim HS
                           and gold nanoparticles for analysis of protein glycosylation

                     2008 o,p'-DDT elicits PXR/CAR-, not ER-, mediated Zacharewski
404 Kiyosawa N, Kwekel JC, Burgoon LD, Williams KJ, Tashiro C, Chittim B, responses in TR
                            the immature ovariectomized rat liver

                       2008 Differential genomic and proteomic profiling of glioblastoma
405 Koncarevic S, Urig S, Steiner K, Rahlfs S, Herold-Mende C, Sueltmann H, Becker K
                              cells exposed to terpyridineplatinum(II) complexes

                     2008 Comparative toxicogenomic Harkema JR, the hepatic effects
406 Kopec AK, Boverhof DR, Burgoon LD, Ibrahim-Aibo D,examination ofTashiro C, Chittim B, Zacharewski TR
                           of PCB126 and TCDD in immature, ovariectomized C57BL/6
                        André T, Roth G, Grosse-Hovest action G, Brock R
407 Köhler K, Ganser A,2008 Stimulus dependence of the L, Jungof small-molecule
                            inhibitors in the CD3/CD28 signalling network

                        2008 Recognition of acetylated oligosaccharides by human L-ficolin
408 Krarup A, Mitchell DA, Sim RB

                     2008 Recurrent Conrad DF, Brune C, Badner JA,
409 Kumar RA, KaraMohamed S, Sudi J,16p11.2 microdeletions in autism Gilliam TC, Nowak NJ, Cook EH Jr, Dobyns WB, Christian SL
                     2008 Development of a L, Omelka M, Grundmann GL, Moënne-Loccoz Y, Ságová-Marecková M
410 Kyselková M, Kopecký J, Felföldi T, Cermák16S rRNA gene-based prototype microarray
                            for the detection of selected actinomycetes genera

                      2008 Structural basis for mannose Mitchell EP, Varrot A, Sedo
411 Lameignere E, Malinovská L, Sláviková M, Duchaud E, recognition by a lectin from O, Imberty A, Wimmerová M
                           opportunistic bacteria Burkholderia cenocepacia

                      2008 First improvements in the Chevillard S, quantification of label-
412 Le Meur J, Menut D, Wodling P, Salmon, Throc PY, detection and Ugolin N
                           free nucleic acids by laser-induced breakdown spectroscopy:
                           Application to the deoxyribonucleic acid micro-array technology

                      2008 Deplanche minority variants within bovine respiratory
413 Leberre V, Baranowski E, Detection ofM, Trouilh L, François JM
                             syncytial virus populations using oligonucleotide-based
                       2008 Mutation in the transcriptional Stein R, Jeon contributes to
414 Lee JS, Krause R, Schreiber J, Mollenkopf HJ, Kowall J,regulator PhoP BY, Kwak JY, Song MK, Patron JP, Jorg S, Roh K, Cho SN, Kaufmann SH
                            avirulence of Mycobacterium tuberculosis H37Ra strain

                      M, Li Quantitative microarray analysis of Tsuji glycolipid-CD1d
415 Liang PH, Imamura 2008 X, Wu D, Fujio M, Guy RT, Wu BC, intact M, Wong CH
                            interaction and correlation with cell-based cytokine production

                       2008 Microarray study of gene expression in uterine VN
416 Litovkin KV, Ivanova OV, Bauer A, Hoheisel JD, Bubnov VV, Zaporozhanleiomyoma

                       2008 Identification JK, Hawthorn L
417 Lo KC, Stein LC, Panzarella JA, Cowellof genes involved in squamous cell carcinoma of
                            the lung using synchronized data from DNA copy number and
                            transcript expression profiling analysis

                      2008 Effect of Veillonella parvula on the antimicrobial resistance
418 Luppens SB, Kara D, Bandounas L, Jonker MJ, Wittink FR, Bruning O, Breit TM, Ten Cate JM, Crielaard W
                           and gene expression of Streptococcus mutans grown in a
                           dual-species biofilm
                        2008 Optimization of fluorescence enhancement for silicon-based
419 Marino V, Galati C, Arnone C
                      2008 Characterisation of morphology of self-assembled
420 Mehne J, Markovic G, Pröll F, Schweizer N, Zorn S, Schreiber F, Gauglitz G PEG
                            monolayers: a comparison of mixed and pure coatings
                            optimised for biosensor applications

                       2008 Comparison
421 Mir M, Alvarez M, Azzaroni O, Knoll W of different supramolecular architectures for
                              oligonucleotide biosensing
                        Simon V, Krautkramer E, Muranyi on Schwenger V, Goulimari P, Grosse R, Hahn M, Lichter P, Zeier M
422 Morath C, Reuter H,2008 Effects of mycophenolic acid W, human fibroblast proliferation,
                              migration and adhesion in vitro and in vivo
                       2008 Force-based analysis of multidimensional energy landscapes:
423 Morfill J, Neumann J, Blank K, Steinbach U, Puchner EM, Gottschalk KE, Gaub HE
                              application of dynamic force spectroscopy and steered
                              molecular dynamics simulations to an antibody fragment-
                              peptide complex

                      2008 Profiling protein Hall AB, Graham JR, Yen L, Gordon NF, Radding JA
424 Nadler TK, Rauh-Adelmann C, Murphy C, tyrosine phosphorylation: a quantitative 45-
                           plex peptide-based immunoassay

                       2008 Improving protein array performance: Bulleit RF, Storts and
425 Nath N, Hurst R, Hook B, Meisenheimer P, Zhao KQ, Nassif N, focus on washing DR
                             storage conditions

                       2008 Comparative LD, Tan toxicogenomic analysis of TCDD- and
426 N'Jai A, Boverhof DR, Dere E, Burgoontemporal YS, Rowlands JC, Budinsky RA, Stebbins KE, Zacharewski TR
                             TCDF-mediated hepatic effects in immature female C57BL/6
                      2008 Transcript profiling reveals new insights into the acclimation
427 Nodop A, Pietsch D, Höcker R, Becker A, Pistorius EK, Forchhammer K, Michel KP of
                            the mesophilic fresh-water cyanobacterium Synechococcus
                            elongatus PCC 7942 to iron starvation

                      2008 Analysis of wheat SAGE tags reveals evidence for widespread
428 Poole RL, Barker GL, Werner K, Biggi GF, Coghill J, Gibbings JG, Berry S, Dunwell JM, Edwards KJ
                           antisense transcription
                      2008 Tracking humoral responses using Sibani S, Montor WR, Pacek M, Wong J, Eljanne M, Sanda MG, Hu Y, Logvinenko T, LaBaer J
429 Ramachandran N, Anderson KS, Raphael JV, Hainsworth E, self assembling protein

                     2008 PR-13/Thionin
430 Rayapuram C, Wu J, Haas C, Baldwin IT but not PR-1 mediates bacterial resistance in
                          Nicotiana attenuata in nature, and neither influences herbivore
431 Rosenfeld N, Aharonov R,MicroRNAs accurately identify cancer tissue origin
                      2008 Meiri E, Rosenwald S, Spector Y, Zepeniuk M, Benjamin H, Shabes N, Tabak S, Levy A, Lebanony D, Goren Y, Silberschein E, T
                      2008 Genomic analysis of Matsui S
432 Rossi MR, Laduca J, Cowell JK, Srivastava BI,CD8+ NK/T cell line, 'SRIK-NKL', with
                            array-based CGH (aCGH), SKY/FISH and molecular mapping

                      2008 Makarov Gel-based microarrays in proteomics
433 Rubina AY, Kolchinsky A, Why 3-D?AA, Zasedatelev AS

                      2008 C, Lesse Moraxella catarrhalis
434 Ruckdeschel EA, KirkhamMining the AJ, Hu Z, Murphy TF genome: identification of
                           potential vaccine antigens expressed during human infection

                    J, Gerhold-Ay A, Jacob A, testing in HIV by arrayed primer
435 Schanné M, Bodem2008 Genotypic resistance Fellenberg K, Kräusslich HG, Hoheisel JD

                     2008 Detection of genetically modified canola using multiplex PCR
436 Schmidt AM, Sahota R, Pope DS, Lawrence TS, Belton MP, Rott ME
                           coupled with oligonucleotide microarray hybridization

                       2008 Use of cancer-specific yeast-secreted in AB, biotinylated
437 Scholler N, Gross JA, Garvik B, Wells L, Liu Y, Loch CM, Ramirez vivo McIntosh MW, Lampe PD, Urban N
                             recombinant antibodies for serum biomarker discovery

                        2008 Transcript profiling Becker A, Ibelings BW, Bok PsbO affects
438 Schriek S, Aguirre-von-Wobeser E, Nodop A,indicates that the absence of J, Staiger D, Matthijs HC, Pistorius EK, Michel KP
                             the coordination of C and N metabolism in Synechocystis sp.
                             PCC 6803
                     2008 aro mutations in Salmonella enterica
439 Sebkova A, Karasova D, Crhanova M, Budinska E, Rychlik I cause defects in cell wall
                           and outer membrane integrity
440 Seo YS, Sriariyanun2008 A two-genome microarray for the rice pathogens HH, Bogdanove A, Ronald P
                        M, Wang L, Pfeiff J, Phetsom J, Lin Y, Jung KH, Chou
                            Xanthomonas oryzae pv. oryzae and X. oryzae pv. oryzicola
                            and its use in the discovery of a difference in their regulation
                            of hrp genes
                        2008 Identification of Xanthomonas
441 Serrania J, Vorhölter FJ, Niehaus K, Pühler A, Becker A campestris pv. campestris
                              galactose utilization genes from transcriptome data
                        2008 DNA-microarrays identification of Streptococcus mutans
442 Shemesh M, Tam A, Kott-Gutkowski M, Feldman M, Steinberg D
                              genes associated with biofilm thickness
                        2008 The
443 Shi L, Perkins RG, Tong W current status of DNA microarrays

444 Shin I, Zamfir AD, Ye B Protein carbonhydrate analysis: gel-based staining, liquid
                             chromatography, mass spectrometry, and microarray

                    2008 Generation of tumour-rejecting anti-carbohydrate monoclonal
445 Simon AK, Newsom-Davis T, Frayne ME, Ch'en PF, McMichael AJ, Screaton GR
                         antibodies using melanoma modified with Fas ligand

446 Son A, Nichkova M,2008 Luminescent lanthanide nanoparticles as labels in DNA
                       Dosev D, Kennedy IM, Hristova KR
                           microarrays for quantification of methyl tertiary butyl ether
                           degrading bacteria
                        2008 Glycosidase profiling with immobilised glycosidase-inhibiting
447 Steiner AJ, Stütz AE, Wrodnigg TM, Tarling CA, Withers SG, Hermetter A, Schmidinger H
                             iminoalditols--a proof-of-concept study

                        2008 Recent avian Paulson JC, exhibit increased propensity for
448 Stevens J, Blixt O, Chen LM, Donis RO,H5N1 viruses Wilson IA
                              acquiring human receptor specificity

                         2008 K, Flechtenmacher C, Pungs S, Hofele C, ERK5 but not
449 Sticht C, Freier K, KnöpfleActivation of MAP kinase signaling through Hahn M, Joos S, Lichter P
                               ERK1 expression is associated with lymph node metastases
                               in oral squamous cell carcinoma (OSCC)
                         2008 B, Müller-Altrock S, Goebel Listeria monocytogenes upon
450 Stoll R, Mertins S, JosephModulation of PrfA activity in W
                              growth in different culture media
                         2008 Imaging surface DG, Grainger chemistry: Correlation with cell
451 Takahashi H, Emoto K, Dubey M, Castner immobilizationDW
                              patterning on non-adhesive hydrogel thin films
                         2008 Lectin microarrays identify Goldstein IJ, Zhu H, Schneck
452 Tao SC, Li Y, Zhou J, Qian J, Schnaar RL, Zhang Y, cell-specific and functionally JP
                              significant cell surface glycan markers

                       2008 Glycoconjugate microarray based Angata T, Narimatsu H,
453 Tateno H, Mori A, Uchiyama N, Yabe R, Iwaki J, Shikanai T,on an evanescent-field Hirabayashi J
                            fluorescence-assisted detection principle for investigation of
                            glycan-binding proteins
454 Taussig MA, He M 2008 Repeatable Protein Arrays

                       Pietrusz JL, Matus IR, pairs M
455 Tian Z, Greene AS, 2008 MicroRNA-target Liang in the rat kidney identified by microRNA
                             microarray, proteomic, and bioinformatic analysis

                      2008 Galectin-1 promotes immunoglobulin production during
456 Tsai CM, Chiu YK, Hsu TL, Lin IY, Hsieh SL, Lin KI
                            plasma cell differentiation
                      2008 Off-target effects Benner specific for GFP
457 Tschuch C, Schulz A, Pscherer A, Werft W,of siRNAA, Hotz-Wagenblatt A, Barrionuevo LS, Lichter P, Mertens D
458 Tseng SY, Wang CC, Lin Glycan arrays on aluminum-coated glass slides CH
                      2008 CW, Chen CL, Yu WY, Chen CH, Wu CY, Wong

                     2008 Optimization of evanescent-field fluorescence-assisted
459 Uchiyama N, Kuno A, Tateno H, Kubo Y, Mizuno M, Noguchi M, Hirabayashi J lectin
                           microarray for high-sensitivity detection of monovalent
                           oligosaccharides and glycoproteins
460 Valverde C, Livny J,2008 Prediction of Sinorhizobium meliloti sRNA genes and
                         Schlüter JP, Reinkensmeier J, Becker A, Parisi G
                              experimental detection in strain 2011
                        2008 Microarray-based detection of antibiotic resistance genes in
461 van Hoek AHAM, Aarts HJM

                     2008 Glycan microarray of Globo H and AL, Wu CY, Wong CH
462 Wang CC, Huang YL, Ren CT, Lin CW, Hung JT, Yu JC, Yu related structures for
                            quantitative analysis of breast cancer
                     2008 Genome-wide expression patterns and the genetic
463 Wang J, Ross KG, Keller L
                            architecture of a fundamental social trait
                     2008 Targeting the carbohydrates on HIV-1: Interaction of
464 Wang SK, Liang PH, Astronomo RD, Hsu TL, Hsieh SL, Burton DR, Wong CH
                            oligomannose dendrons with human monoclonal antibody
                            2G12 and DC-SIGN
                       WP, Comparative efficacy of J, Yang ZY, Dell A, Haslam SM,
465 Wei CJ, Xu L, Kong 2008 Shi W, Canis K, Stevensneutralizing antibodies elicited by Wilson IA, Nabel GJ
                            recombinant hemagglutinin proteins from avian H5N1
                            influenza virus
466 Wilson R            2008 The use of gold nanoparticles in diagnostics and detection

                      2008 Protein microarray technologies for detection and identification
467 Wingren C, Borrebaeck CAK
                            of receptors and microsystems
                      2008 Direct J
468 Wong LS, Thirlway J, Micklefieldsite-selective covalent protein immobilization catalyzed
                            by a phosphopantetheinyl transferase
469 Wu P, Castner DG, 2008 Diagnostic devices as biomaterials: a review of nucleic acid
                      Grainger DW
                            and protein microarray surface performance issues

                     2008 Lau CK, Yu WC, Ngai P, Chu PW, cells in human liver cancer
470 Yang ZF, Ho DW, Ng MN,Significance of CD90+ cancer stem Lam CT, Poon RT, Fan ST

                       2008 Transformation of MCF-10A Matsui random mutagenesis with
471 Zientek-Targosz H, Kunnev D, Hawthorn L, Venkov M,cells by S, Cheney RT, Ionov Y
                            frameshift mutagen ICR191: a model for identifying candidate
                            breast-tumor suppressors
                      2008 Smith microarray analysis of Candida glabrata adhesin
472 Zupancic ML, Frieman M, GlycanD, Alvarez RA, Cummings RD, Cormack BP
                            ligand specificity
                      2007 Janssen KP, Casadome L, with abnormal mitosis completion
473 Abal M, Obrador-Hevia A,APC inactivation associatesMenendez M, Carpentier S, Barillot E, Wagner M, Ansorge W, Moeslein G, Fsihi H, Bezrookove V, Re
                            and concomitant BUB1B/MAD2L1 up-regulation

                        2007 D, Abrusan G, of CENP-C and K, Radlwimmer B, Ladurner AG, Warburton PE
474 Alonso A, Fritz B, Hasson Co-localization Cheung F, YodaCENP-H to discontinuous
                              domains of CENP-A chromatin at human neocentromeres
                        2007 Detection of endometrial A, Simón BL
475 Ametzazurra A, Nagore Daniel, Martínez Martínez secretion markers for assesment of
                        2007 Human parainfluenza
476 Amonsen M, Smith DF, Cummings RD, Air GM viruses hPIV1 and hPIV3 bind
                              oligosaccharides with alpha2-3-linked sialic acids that are
                              distinct from those bound by H5 avian influenza virus
                     2007 DNA microarray for detection of F, Witte resistance
477 Antwerpen MH, Schellhase M, Ehrentreich-Förster E, Bier antibioticW, Nübel U
                           determinants in Bacillus anthracis and closely related Bacillus

                         Markovics JA, Wolters P, Jablons D, pathologic epithelial-
478 Araya J, Cambier S,2007 Squamous metaplasia amplifies Hill A, Finkbeiner W, Jones K, Broaddus VC, Sheppard D, Barzcak A, Xiao Y, Erle DJ, Nishimura S
                              mesenchymal interactions in COPD patients
                        2007 Gene-resolution analysis of DNA CY, number variation using
479 Auer H, Newsom DL, Nowak NJ, McHugh KM, Singh S, Yu copyYang Y, Wenger GD, Gastier-Foster JM, Kornacker K
                              oligonucleotide expression microarrays
                        2007 Development RM, Minier SL, pericentromeric region BAC
480 Ballif BC, Hornor SA, Sulpizio SG, Lloydof a high-densityRorem EA, Theisen A, Bejjani BA, Shaffer LG
                              clone set for the detection and characterization of small
                              supernumerary marker chromosomes by array CGH

                        Roustan-Espinosa IM, and B, Schmitt S, Haas SA, Hild M, Katsuyama T, Paro R
481 Beisel C, Buness A,2007 Comparing activeKochrepressed expression states of genes
                            controlled by the Polycomb/Trithorax group proteins

                         2007 A retroviral strategy
482 Bilodeau M, Girard S, Hébert J, Sauvageau G that efficiently creates chromosomal
                                deletions in mammalian cells
483 Blixt O              2007 Multi-functional spacer for glycans
                         2007 Detection, prevention and treatment of ovarian cancer
484 Blixt O, Huflejt ME, Cristofanilli M
                     2007 High-throughput proteomics using antibody microarrays: an
485 Borrebaeck CA, Wingren C

                     2007 Global gene expression patterns of JC
486 Campbell EL, Summers ML, Christman H, Martin ME, Meeks Nostoc punctiforme in
                          steady-state dinitrogen-grown heterocyst-containing cultures
                          and at single time points during the differentiation of akinetes
                          and hormogonia
                      2007 Affinity of galectin-8 and its carbohydrate recognition domains
487 Carlsson S, Oberg CT, Carlsson MC, Sundin A, Nilsson UJ, Smith D, Cummings RD, Almkvist J, Karlsson A, Leffler H
                            for ligands in solution and at the cell surface
488 Chen S, Wilson DB 2007 Proteomic and transcriptomic analysis of extracellular proteins
                            and mRNA levels in Thermobifida fusca grown on cellobiose
                            and glucose
                       2007 Transcriptional MH, Lee CG, Safi H, Sayers B, Sardone I, Jones MB, Fleischmann RD, Peterson SN, Jacobs WR Jr, Alland D
489 Colangeli R, Helb D, Vilchèze C, Hazbón regulation of multi-drug tolerance and
                              antibiotic-induced responses by the histone-like protein Lsr2 in
                              M. tuberculosis
                       CH, General microarray M
490 de Boer AR, Hokke 2007Deelder AM, Wuhrer technique for immobilization and
                            screening of natural glycans
491 Derwinska K, Gheber LA, A comparative analysis of polyurethane hydrogel for
                       2007 Preininger C
                            immobilization of IgG on chips
492 Derwinska K, Gheber LA, Effect of surface parameters on the performance of IgG-
                       2007 Sauer U, Schorn L, Preininger C
                            arrayed hydrogel chips: a comprehensive study
493 Deviren G, Gupta K,2007 Detection of antigen-specific T cells on p/MHC microarrays
                        Paulaitis ME, Schneck JP

494 Do JH, Choi DK     2007 cDNA labeling strategies for microarrays using fluorescent
495 Douglas ES, Chandra RA,Self-assembled cellular microarrays patterned using DNA
                       2007 Bertozzi CR, Mathies RA, Francis MB
496 El Khoury G, Laurenceau Acid deprotection of covalently immobilized peptide probes on Rigal D, Wallach J, Cloarec JP
                       2007 E, Dugas V, Chevolot Y, Mérieux Y, Duclos MC, Souteyrand E,
                             glass slides for peptide microarrays
                       2007 The TFIID AK, Teletin M, Bole-Feysot C, Testoni B, Mantovani R, Metzger D, Mengus G, Davidson I
497 Fadloun A, Kobi D, Pointud JC, Indrasubunit TAF4 regulates keratinocyte proliferation
                             and has cell-autonomous and non-cell-autonomous tumour
                             suppressor activity in mouse epidermis

                      2007 The Zoete V, Métivier R, Tudor C, Anghel SI, Grosdidier
498 Feige JN, Gelman L, Rossi D, endocrine disruptor monoethyl-hexyl-phthalate is a A, Lathion C, Engelborghs Y, Michielin O, Wahli W, Desvergne B
                           selective peroxisome proliferator-activated receptor gamma
                           modulator that promotes adipogenesis
                        2007 Scavenger receptor C-type lectin binds to the leukocyte cell
499 Feinberg H, Taylor ME, Weis WI
                             surface glycan Lewis(x) by a novel mechanism
                        2007 Accuracy and reproducibility of protein-DNA microarray
500 Field S, Udalova I, Ragoussis J

                      2007 Comparative temporal Zacharewski TR
501 Fong CJ, Burgoon LD, Williams KJ, Forgacs AL, and dose-dependent morphological
                           and transcriptional uterine effects elicited by tamoxifen and
                           ethynylestradiol in immature, ovariectomized mice

                        2007 A role for BM, Wells JM
502 Friis LM, Pin C, Taylor DE, Pearsonthe tet(O) plasmid in maintaining Campylobacter
                        2007 High-resolution MA, Mastik M, Kluin PM, van der Wal JE,
503 Gibcus JH, Kok K, Menkema L, Hermsen mapping identifies a commonly amplified Schuuring E
                              11q13.3 region containing multiple genes flanked by
                              segmental duplications
                       2007 Smith-Magenis syndrome and Moyamoya disease DJ, Hatchwell E, Elsea SH
504 Girirajan S, Mendoza-Londono R, Vlangos CN, Dupuis L, Nowak NJ, Bunyanin a patient
                            with del(17)(p11.2p13.1)
                       CH, Current Lochhead surface chemistries
505 Grainger DW, Greef2007 Gong P, microarrayMJ

506 Gregersen PL, Holm PB Transcriptome analysis of senescence in the flag leaf of wheat
                           (Triticum aestivum L.)

507 Han MK, Seo MH, Lee D, Optimization of critical factors affecting the performance of an
                     2007 Kim SH, Park HS, Kim HS
                           allergen chip for the analysis of an allergen-specific human
                           IgE in serum
508 Harbers GM, Emoto2007 A functionalized poly(ethylene glycol)-based bioassay surface Lochhead MJ
                      K, Greef C, Metzger SW, Woodward HN, Mascali JJ, Grainger DW,
                           chemistry that facilitates bio-immobilization and inhibits
                           nonspecific protein, bacterial, and mammalian cell adhesion

                       2007 Multiplexed analyses of test samples
509 Heil JR, Schneider DJ, Nieuwlandt DT, Wilcox SK, Zichi D, Gander T, Eaton B, Gold L
                       2007 Punna S, Huang antibodies elicited by polyvalent display on
510 Kaltgrad E, Sen Gupta S, Anti-carbohydrateCY, Chang A, Wong CH, Finn MG, Blixt O
                             a viral scaffold
511 Kim J, Crooks RM 2007 Replication of DNA microarrays prepared by in situ
                             oligonucleotide polymerization and mechanical transfer
512 Kim J, Crooks RM 2007 Parallel fabrication of RNA microarrays by mechanical transfer
                             from a DNA master
                       2007 Protein Lee TG, Kim HS
513 Kim YP, Oh E, Oh YH, Moon DW,kinase assay on peptide-conjugated gold
                             nanoparticles by using secondary-ion mass spectrometric
514 Kim YP, Oh YH, Kim HS Protein kinase assay on peptide-conjugated gold nanoparticles

515 Kim YP, Oh YH, Oh 2007 Chip-based protease assay using fluorescence resonance
                      E, Kim HS
                           energy transfer between quantum dots and fluorophores

                         2007 Global correlation of genome van der Vlies P, Diepstra A, Atayar C, Poppema S, Küppers R, van den Berg A
516 Kluiver J, Kok K, Pfeil I, de Jong D, Blokzijl T, Harms G,and transcriptome changes in
                                classical Hodgkin lymphoma
                         2007 RA, Blank K, Gaub slippage
517 Kühner F, Morfill J, Neher Force-induced DNA HE
                          Jandrositz expression profiling Prokesch A, Paar C, Scheideler M,
518 Kulterer B, Friedl G,2007 Gene A, Sanchez-Cabo F, of human mesenchymal stem cells Windhager R, Preisegger KH, Trajanoski Z
                                derived from bone marrow during expansion and osteoblast
                        2007 DF, Gulati U, Cummings RD, recent
519 Kumari K, Gulati S, Smith Receptor binding specificity ofAir GM human H3N2 influenza
                        2007 Comparative genomic analysis of Tropheryma whipplei strains
520 La MV, Crapoulet N, Barbry P, Raoult D, Renesto P
                              reveals that diversity among clinical isolates is mainly related
                              to the WiSP proteins
                     2007 Quantitative analysis of carbohydrate-protein interactions
521 Liang PH, Wang SK, Wong CH
                          using glycan microarrays: determination of surface and
                          solution dissociation constants
                      2007 Palladium-catalyzed carbon-carbon bond forming reactions
522 Liu, DR, Kanan, MW, Rozenman, MM

                      2007 Gain of 1q is a potential univariate negative prognostic marker
523 Lo KC, Ma C, Bundy BN, Pomeroy SL, Eberhart CG, Cowell JK
                           for survival in medulloblastoma
                      2007 Overlay analysis of the oligonucleotide array gene expression
524 Lo KC, Rossi MR, Burkhardt T, Pomeroy SL, Cowell JK
                           profiles and copy number abnormalities as determined by
                           array comparative genomic hybridization in medulloblastomas

                      2007 Genome wide copy
525 Lo KC, Rossi MR, Eberhart CG, Cowell JK number abnormalities in pediatric
                           medulloblastomas as assessed by array comparative genome
                      2007 Candidate glioblastoma Hawthorn L, gene identification using
526 Lo KC, Rossi MR, LaDuca J, Hicks DG, Turpaz Y, development Cowell JK
                           concordance between copy number abnormalities and gene
                           expression level changes
                     2007 Use of high density antibody arrays to Garvik BM, discover
527 Loch CM, Ramirez AB, Liu Y, Sather CL, Delrow JJ, Scholler N, validate andUrban ND, McIntosh MW, Lampe PD
                           cancer serum biomarkers
                     2007 Solid Hoheisel cell carcinoma of the pancreas: differential
528 Loos M, Bergmann F, Bauer A, type clearJD, Esposito I, Kleeff J, Schirmacher P, Büchler MW, Klöppel G, Friess H
                           diagnosis of an unusual case and review of the literature

                     2007 Ependymoma gene expression profiles associated with
529 Lukashova-v Zangen I, Kneitz S, Monoranu CM, Rutkowski S, Hinkes B, Vince GH, Huang B, Roggendorf W
                            histological subtype, proliferation, and patient survival

                       2007 Domig KJ, Saarela M, and probiotic Bifidobacterium Amtmann E, Mayo B, Aarts HJM, Danielsen M
530 Mättö J, van Hoek AHAM,Susceptibility of human Belén Floréz A, Brockmann E,spp. to
                            selected antibiotics as determined by the Etest method

531 Mazzitelli L, Hancock RD, Co-ordinated gene expression during phases of dormancy J, Viola R, Brennan R, Hedley PE, Taylor MA
                        2007 Haupt S, Walker PG, Pont SD, McNicol J, Cardle L, Morris
                              release in raspberry (Rubus idaeus L.) buds

532 McKessar SJ, HakenbeckThe two-component regulatory system TCS08 is involved in
                     2007 R
                          cellobiose metabolism of Streptococcus pneumoniae R6

                       2007 Interference of components of the Hillen W, Goebel W,
533 Mertins S, Joseph B, Goetz M, Ecke R, Seidel G, Sprehe M,phosphoenolpyruvate Müller-Altrock S
                            phosphotransferase system with the central virulence gene
                            regulator PrfA of Listeria monocytogenes
534 Metfies , Medlin LK 2007 Refining cryptophyte identification with DNA-microarrays
                        2007 An C, Roosken P, Gualerzip identification of diatoms,
535 Metfies K, Berzano M, Mayer optimized protocol for the C, Medlin L, Muyzer G
                             flagellated algae and pathogenic protozoa with phylochips

                        2007 Karyotypic changes McQuaid D, Nowak N
536 Miliaras D, Conroy J, Pervana S, Meditskou S,detected by comparative genomic
                              hybridization in a stillborn infant with chorioangioma and liver
                       2007 A 55 Wikström P, Svensson K, Oyston PC, Titball RW
537 Milne TS, Michell SL, Diaper H,kDa hypothetical membrane protein is an iron-regulated
                             virulence factor of Francisella tularensis subsp. novicida U112

                         2007 Affinity-matured recombinant antibody fragments analyzed by
538 Morfill J, Blank K, Zahnd C, Luginbühl B, Kühner F, Gottschalk KE, Plückthun A, Gaub HE
                               single-molecule force spectroscopy
539 Morfill J, Kühner F, Blank B-S transition in short oligonucleotides
                         2007 K, Lugmaier RA,Sedlmair J, Gaub HE
                         2007 Light-dependent R, Mosser J, Schwartz C, Garnier L, Corellou F, Bouget FY
540 Moulager M, Monnier A, Jesson B, Bouvet regulation of cell division in Ostreococcus:
                               evidence for a major transcriptional input
                         2007 Immunoselection and characterization of human genomic
541 Murad H, Collet P, Brunner E, Schohn H, Bécuwe P, Devignes MD,aDauça M, Domenjoud L
                               PPAR binding fragment located within POTE genes

542 N.N.                 2007 BioStar 2006 2nd International Congress on Regenerative
                              Biology and ICBN 2006 2nd International Congress on Bio-
                              Nano-Interface, October 9-11, 2006, Stuttgart, Germany.
                       2007 An
543 Nicolaisen M, Bertaccini A oligonucleotide microarray-based assay for identification of
                              phytoplasma 16S ribosomal groups

                      2007 MicroRNA-155 is induced during the
544 O'Connell RM, Taganov KD, Boldin MP, Cheng G, Baltimore Dmacrophage
                           inflammatory response
545 Oh YH, Kim YP, Kim HS SUMO (small ubiquitin-like modifier) chip for analysis
                           of SUMO-conjugation to a target protein

                     2007 Chip-based analysis of SUMO
546 Oh YH, Hong MY, Jin Z, Lee T, Han MK, Park S, Kim HS(small ubiquitin-like modifier)
                            conjugation to a target protein

547 Ojha A, Hatfull GF 2007 The role of iron in Mycobacterium smegmatis biofilm
                            formation: the exochelin siderophore is essential in limiting
                            iron conditions for biofilm formation but not for planktonic
                        2007 A ratiometric lectin microarray approach to analysis of the
548 Pilobello KT, Slawek DE, Mahal LK
                             dynamic mammalian glycome
549 Pilobello T, Mahal LK007 Lectin microarrays for glycoprotein analysis
                      2007 Mycobacterial lipomannan Marrakchi H, Mari macrophage
550 Puissegur MP, Lay G, Gilleron M, Botella L, Nigou J, induces granulomaB, Duteyrat JL, Guerardel Y, Kremer L, Barbry P, Puzo G, Altare F
                             fusion via a TLR2-dependent, ADAM9- and beta1 integrin-
                             mediated pathway
                      2007 Transcriptional activation of miR-34a Moskovits to Bentwich Z, Oren M
551 Raver-Shapira N, Marciano E, Meiri E, Spector Y, Rosenfeld N,contributes N, p53-
                             mediated apoptosis
                      2007 Optimization of a microarray sandwich-ELISA against hINF-
552 Reck M, Stahl F, Walter JG, Hollas M, Melzner D, Scheper T
                             gamma on a modified nitrocellulose membrane
                      2007 Active and repressive chromatin are interspersed without
553 Regha K, Sloane MA, Huang R, Pauler FM, Warczok KE, Melikant B, Radolf M, Martens JH, Schotta G, Jenuwein T, Barlow DP
                             spreading in an imprinted gene cluster in the mammalian
                       2007 Hyphen-specific factors from Candida albicans
554 Rupp S, Johannes FJ, Sohn,K
                        Sangster arrays: an affordable alternative for genotyping
555 Salathia N, Lee HN,2007 IndelTA, Morneau K, Landry CR, Schellenberg K, Behere AS, Gunderson KL, Cavalieri D, Jander G, Queitsch C

                      2007 The der Mei of the adhesion of Grainger DW, Busscher HJ
556 Saldarriaga Fernández IC, vaninhibition HC, Lochhead MJ, clinically isolated bacterial
                            strains on multi-component cross-linked poly(ethylene glycol)-
                            based polymer coatings

                     2007 Modulation of gene expression profiles by hyperosmolarity
557 Schäfer C, Gehrmann T, Richter L, Keitel V, Köhrer K, Häussinger D, Schliess F
                           and insulin

                      2007 Evaluation of CL, Rodland KD, Zangar RC
558 Seurynck-Servoss SL, White AM, Baird surface chemistries for antibody microarrays

                      2007 Differential gene expression profiling of Streptococcus mutans
559 Shemesh M, Tam A, Steinberg D
                           cultured under biofilm and planktonic conditions
                      2007 Identification of candidate genes associated with
560 Shi C, Uzarowska A, Ouzunova M, Landbeck M, Wenzel G, Lubberstedt T cell wall
                           digestibility and eQTL (expression quantitative trait loci)
                           analysis in a Flint x Flint maize recombinant inbred line
                       2007 Wolf S, Andre T, Hummel W, in molecular interactions in
561 Stoevesandt O, Kohler K, A network analysis of changesBrock R
                             cellular signaling
562 Sun L, Liu D, Wang 2007 Microarray-based kinase inhibition assay by gold nanoparticle
563 Tao SC, Chen CS, Zhu H Applications of protein microarray technology

                       2007 A novel strategy for Sato T, Narimatsu H, Hirabayashi J
564 Tateno H, Uchiyama N, Kuno A, Togayachi A,mammalian cell surface glycome profiling
                             using lectin microarray
                       2007 Transport and deposition of zinc in the developing barley grain
565 Tauris B, Borg S, Gregersen PL, Holm PB

566 Tessier PM, Lindquist S Prion recognition elements govern nucleation, strain
                             specificity and species barriers
                        2007 C, Fiedler J, Kneitz S, van Laake clue to fetal gene
567 Thum T, Galuppo P, Wolf MicroRNAs in the human heart: a LW, Doevendans PA, Mummery CL, Borlak J, Haverich A, Gross C, Engelhardt S, Ertl G, Bauers
                             reprogramming in heart failure
568 Viñuelas J, Calevro 2007 Conservation of the links between gene transcription and
                        F, Remond D, Bernillon J, Rahbé Y, Febvay G, Fayard JM, Charles H
                             chromosomal organization in the highly reduced genome of
                             Buchnera aphidicola
                       2007 Contrasting evolution of expression differences in the testis
569 Voolstra C, Tautz D, Farbrother P, Eichinger L, Harr B
                             between species and subspecies of the house mouse

                       2007 An annotated cDNA library and microarray for large-scale
570 Wang J, Jemielity S, Uva P, Wurm Y, Gräff J, Keller L
                             gene-expression studies in the ant Solenopsis invicta

                      2007 L, Laser J, Aris V, Lee P, Mittal K, Soteropoulos P, Wei and
571 Wang T, Zhang X, ObijuruA micro-RNA signature associated with race, tumor size, JJ
                            target gene activity in human uterine leiomyomas

                     2007 Expression microarray analysis reveals genes associated with
572 Watson MB, Lind MJ, Smith L, Drew PJ, Cawkwell L
                          in vitro resistance to cisplatin in a cell line model

573 Watson SK, deLeeuw RJ,Cytogenetically balanced translocations are associated with
                     2007 Horsman DE, Squire JA, Lam WL
                           focal copy number alterations
                     2007 Cramer N, structure of Pseudomonas aeruginosa
574 Wiehlmann L, Wagner G, Population Siebert B, Gudowius P, Morales G, Köhler T, van Delden C, Weinel C, Slickers P, Tümmler B
                       2007 A, Jung of Hauser NC, Hernandez R, Williamson T, encoded
575 Wilson D, Tutulan-Cunita DeletionW, the high-affinity cAMP phosphodiesterasePiekarska K, Rupp S, Young T, Stateva L
                             by PDE2 affects stress responses and virulence in Candida
                      2007 X BL, binding protein XBP-1s transactivates the CV, Du
576 Wilson SJ, Tsao EH, Webb box Ye H, Dalton-Griffin L, Tsantoulas C, GaleKaposi'sMQ, Whitehouse A, Kellam P
                           sarcoma-associated herpesvirus (KSHV) ORF50 promoter,
                           linking plasma cell differentiation to KSHV reactivation from
                      2007 Dexlin of recombinant antibody microarrays for complex
577 Wingren C, Ingvarsson J, DesignL, Szul D, Borrebaeck CA
                             proteome analysis: choice of sample labeling-tag and solid
                      2007 Probing biology
578 Winssinger N, Pianowski Z, Debaene F with small molecule microarrays (SMM)

579 Xing Y, Borguet E 2007 Specificity and sensitivity of fluorescence labeling of surface
                        2007 Immunization by avian H5 Nabel GJ
580 Yang ZY, Wei CJ, Kong WP, Wu L, Xu L, Smith DF, influenza hemagglutinin mutants
                               with altered receptor binding specificity
                        2007 Genetic alterations in mouse medulloblastomas and
581 Zindy F, Uziel T, Ayrault O, Calabrese C, Valentine M, Rehg JE, Gilbertson RJ, Sherr CJ, Roussel MF
                               generation of tumors de novo from primary cerebellar granule
                               neuron precursors
582 Ahmed FE             2006 Microarray RNA transcriptional profiling: Part I. Platforms,
                              experimental design and standardization

583 Ahmed FE             2006 Expression microarray proteomics and the search for cancer

584 Alvarez RA, Blixt O 2006 Identification of ligand specificities for glycan-binding proteins
                             using glycan arrays
                        2006 Development of JM, Ehrentreich-Förster E, Bier FF, Kreuzer
585 Andresen H, Zarse K, Grötzinger C, Hollidtpeptide microarrays for epitope mapping of OJ
                             antibodies against the human TSH receptor

                       2006 BCL6 alternative breakpoint region Vlies P, Blokzijl T, Harms
586 Atayar C, Kok K, Kluiver J, Bosga A, van den Berg E, van derbreak and homozygous G, Davelaar I, Sikkema-Raddatz B, Martin-Subero JI, Siebert R, Pop
                              deletion of 17q24 in the nodular lymphocyte predominance
                              type of Hodgkin's lymphoma-derived cell line DEV

587 Avril T, North SJ, Haslam Probing the cis interactions of the inhibitory receptor Siglec-7
                        2006 SM, Willison HJ, Crocker PR
                              with alpha2,8-disialylated ligands on natural killer cells and
                              other leukocytes using glycan-specific antibodies and by
                              analysis of alpha2,8-sialyltransferase gene expression

                        2006 A mouse stromal response to tumor invasion predicts prostate
588 Bacac M, Provero P, Mayran N, Stehle JC, Fusco C, Stamenkovic I
                              and breast cancer patient survival
                        2006 Development of a lab-made
589 Bailly X, Béna G, Lenief V, de Lajudie P, Avarre JC microarray for analyzing the
                              genetic diversity of nitrogen fixing symbionts Sinorhizobium
                              meliloti and Sinorhizobium medicae
590 Bilitewski U         2006 Protein-sensing assay formats and devices

                         2006 Site-specific immobilization of genetically engineered variants
591 Blank K, Morfill J, Gaub HE
                              of Candida antarctica lipase B

592 Blixt Ola, Head S 2006 High throughput glycan microarrays
593 Bobik C, Meilhoc E, 2006 FixJ: a major regulator of the oxygen limitation response and
                        Batut J
                             late symbiotic functions of Sinorhizobium meliloti
                        2006 Arraying glycomics: a novel
594 Bohorov O, Andersson-Sand H, Hoffmann J, Blixt O bi-functional spacer for one-step
                             microscale derivatization of free reducing glycans
                      2006 Comparative toxicogenomic analysis of the JR, Mendrick DL,
595 Boverhof DR, Burgoon LD, Tashiro C, Sharratt B, Chittim B, Harkemahepatotoxic effectsZacharewski TR
                           of TCDD in Sprague Dawley rats and C57BL/6 mice

596 Boverhof DR, Kwekel JC, Dioxin induces an estrogen-like, estrogen receptor-dependent
                     2006 Humes DG, Burgoon LD, Zacharewski TR
                            gene expression response in the murine uterus

                        2006 Under Albersmeier of the active J, Pühler ingredient
597 Brune I, Becker A, Paarmann D, the influence A, Kalinowskideodorant A, Tauch A4-
                             hydroxy-3-methoxybenzyl alcohol, the skin bacterium
                             Corynebacterium jeikeium moderately responds with
                             differential gene expression

                      2006 Differential identification of Bacillus anthracis from
598 Burton JE, Oshota OJ, Silman NJ
                             environmental Bacillus species using microarray analysis

                       2006 Cell interaction microarray for blood phenotyping
599 Campbell CJ, O'Looney N, Chong Kwan M, Robb JS, Ross AJ, Beattie JS, Petrik J, Ghazal P
                       2006 Codon Fayard JM, Rahbe Y
600 Charles H, Calevro F, Vinuelas J,usage bias and tRNA over-expression in Buchnera
                             aphidicola after aromatic amino acid nutritional stress on its
                             host Acyrthosiphon pisum
                      2006 Cytokinesis signals PT, Viollier PH, PodJ polarity factor by a
601 Chen JC, Hottes AK, McAdams HH, McGrath truncation of theShapiro L
                           cell cycle-regulated protease

602 Cherbas L, Bogart K, Zou DGRC-2: Spotted oligonucleotide transcriptome microarrays
                        2006 Y, Cherbas P, Andrews J
                             for the Drosophila community
                        2006 Protein A, Santino A, Poltronieri P
603 Cimaglia F, D'Urso FO, Shevelev chips for screening of protease inhibitorprotease
604 Crapoulet N, Barbry2006 Global transcriptome analysis of Tropheryma whipplei in
                        P, Raoult D, Renesto P
                             response to temperature stresses
605 Cui S, Albrecht C, KühnerWeakly bound water molecules shorten single-stranded DNA
                        2006 F, Gaub HE

                       2006 Carbohydrate microarrays: survey of fabrication techniques
606 Culf AS, Cuperlovic-Culf M, Ouellette RJ

                      2006 Brys L, Wyns L, De Greve H, crystallization
607 De Kerpel M, Van Molle I, N-terminal truncation enables Bouckaert J of the receptor-
                              binding domain of the FedF bacterial adhesin
                      2006 In vivo-in Zacharewski TR
608 Dere E, Boverhof DR, Burgoon LD, vitro toxicogenomic comparison of TCDD-elicited
                              gene expression in Hepa1c1c7 mouse hepatoma cells and
                              C57BL/6 hepatic tissue
609 Deshpande AJ, Cusan M, Acute myeloid leukemia is propagated by a leukemic stem cell Kakadia P, Kuchenbauer F, Ahmed F, Delabesse E, Hahn M, Licht
                     2006 Rawat VP, Reuter H, Krause A, Pott C, Quintanilla-Martinez L,
                           with lymphoid characteristics in a mouse model of
                           CALM/AF10-positive leukemia
                       2006 FISH der array-CGH analysis of a complex chromosome 3
610 Dijkhuizen T, van Essen T, van and Vlies P, Verheij JB, Sikkema-Raddatz B, van der Veen AY, Gerssen-Schoorl KB, Buys CH, Kok K
                             aberration suggests that loss of CNTN4 and CRBN
                             contributes to mental retardation in 3pter deletions
                        NV, Design of carbohydrate multiarrays
611 Dyukova VI, Shilova2006 Galanina OE, Rubina AY, Bovin NV

612 Ehrbrecht A, Müller 2006 Comprehensive genomic analysis of desmoplastic B, Mincheva A, Pietsch T, Lichter P, Reifenberger G, Weber RG
                        U, Wolter M, Hoischen A, Koch A, Radlwimmer B, Actor
                             medulloblastomas: identification of novel amplified genes and
                             separate evaluation of the different histological components

613 Eisenstein M     2006 Protein arrays: growing pains
                     2006 Differential X, Murphy TF
614 Fernaays MM, Lesse AJ, Sethi S, Caigenome contents of nontypeable Haemophilus
                           influenzae strains from adults with chronic obstructive
                           pulmonary disease
                      2006 Effects of TR
615 Fong CJ, Burgoon LD, Zacharewski culture conditions on estrogen-mediated hepatic in
                           vitro gene expression and correlation to in vivo responses

                      2006 Towards specific J, Boonham N, Castagnone-Sereno P
616 François C, Kebdani N, Barker I, Tomlinsondiagnosis of plant-parasitic nematodes using
                            DNA oligonucleotide microarray technology: a case study with
                            the quarantine species Meloidogyne chitwoodi

                         2006 Recurrent coamplification of cytoskeleton-associated genes
617 Freier K, Sticht C, Hofele C, Flechtenmacher C, Stange D, Puccio L, Toedt G, Radlwimmer B, Lichter P, Joos S
                               EMS1 and SHANK2 with CCND1 in oral squamous cell
                       L, Schempp W, Conroy J, Nowak N, Müller S, Cooper number
618 Goidts V, Armengol 2006 Identification of large-scale human-specific copy DN, Estivill X, Enard W, Szamalek JM, Hameister H, Kehrer-Sawatzki H
                            differences by inter-species array comparative genomic
                      2006 Complex patterns of copy number variation at sites of
619 Goidts V, Cooper DN, Armengol L, Schempp W, Conroy J, Estivill X, Nowak N, Hameister H, Kehrer-Sawatzki H
                            segmental duplications: an important category of structural
                            variation in the human genome
                      2006 Identification of post-transcriptionally regulated Xenopus
620 Graindorge A, Thuret R, Pollet N, Osborne HB, Audic Y
                             tropicalis maternal mRNAs by microarray
621 Gu J, Iyer VR     2006 PI3K signaling and miRNA expression during the response of
                             quiescent human fibroblasts to distinct proliferative stimuli

                     Lee D, Lee DE, Noh GY, of JH, Kim SH, Kim HS
622 Han MK, Hong MY, 2006 Expression profilingLeeproteins in L-threonine biosynthetic
                          pathway of Escherichia coli by using antibody microarray

                     2006 Włoszczak W, Sikorski MM, Figlerowicz M
623 Handschuh L, Żmieńko A,Microarray-Hybridisierung mithilfe des Thermomixer comfort:
                           Der Einfluss unterschiedlicher Priming-Strategien auf die
                      2006 Utilising the left-helical conformation of S
624 Hauser NC, Martinez R, Jacob A, Rupp S, Hoheisel JD, Matysiak L-DNA for analysing
                            different marker types on a single universal microarray platform

                      2006 Gene Helmberg profiling of
625 Henderson B, Kind M, Boeck G,expression A, Wick G human endothelial cells exposed
                           to 50-Hz magnetic fields fails to produce regulated candidate
                      2006 Array
626 Herzog CR, Desai D, Amin S CGH analysis reveals chromosomal aberrations in
                           mouse lung adenocarcinomas induced by the human lung
                           carcinogen 4-(methylnitrosamino)-1-(3-pyridyl)-1-butanone

627 Hesse J, Jacak J, Kasper RNA expression profiling at the single molecule level
                         2006 M, Regl G, Eichberger T, Winklmayr M, Aberger F, Sonnleitner M, Schlapak R, Howorka S, Muresan L, Frischauf AM, Schütz GJ
                          Pflanz K, 3D black Walter J, Stahl F, Scheper T
628 Hollas M, Jallerat E,2006 New Praulich I,substrate for protein microarrays with improved
                               dynamic range
                          M, Katzer M, Landgrebe mRNA is
629 Horvay K, Claussen2006 Xenopus Dead end J, Pieler Ta localized maternal determinant
                               that serves a conserved function in germ cell development.

630 Hsu KL, Mahal LK 2006 A lectin microarray approach for the rapid analysis of bacterial
                       2006 Analyzing the dynamic bacterial glycome with a lectin
631 Hsu KL, Pilobello KT, Mahal LK
                             microarray approach
                       2006 Identification of novel tumour-associated genes differentially
632 Hummerich L, Müller R, Hess J, Kokocinski F, Hahn M, Fürstenberger G, Mauch C, Lichter P, Angel P
                             expressed in the process of squamous cell cancer

                         M, Reichmann analysis of K, Hahn M
633 Jakupović M, Heintz2006 MicroarrayP, Mendgen expressed sequence tags from
                              haustoria of the rust fungus Uromyces fabae
                        2006 Identification of K, Slaghuis J, Fuchs TM, Goebel W
634 Joseph B, Przybilla K, Stühler C, SchauerListeria monocytogenes genes contributing to
                              intracellular replication by expression profiling and mutant
635 Kaech S, Banker G 2006 Culturing hippocampal neurons
                      2006 Double-hexahistidine tag with high-affinity binding for protein
636 Khan F, He M, Taussig MJ
                           immobilization, purification, and detection on ni-nitrilotriacetic
                           acid surfaces
637 Kim J, Crooks RM 2006 Transfer of surface polymerase reaction products to a
                          secondary platform with conservation of spatial registration

                      2006 TA-3 maintains the differentiation of the luminal cell fate in the
638 Kouros-Mehr H, Slorach EM, Sternlicht MD, Werb Z
                            mammary gland
639 Kühner F, Erdmann 2006 Scaling exponent and Kuhn length of pinned polymers by
                       M, Gaub HE
                            single molecule force spectroscopy
                      2006 Antibody microarrays: JD, Wild DG
640 Kusnezow W, Syagailo YV, Goychuk I, Hoheisel the crucial impact of mass transport on
                            assay kinetics and sensitivity
                      2006 An open-access long JM, Jost B, Amiot F, Magnone V, Bole-Feysot C, Rostagno P, Virolle V, Defamie V, Dessen P, Williams G, L
641 Le Brigand K, Russell R, Moreilhon C, Rouillardoligonucleotide microarray resource for
                             analysis of the human and mouse transcriptomes

642 Lee CY, Gong P, Harbers Surface coverage and structure of mixed DNA/alkylthiol
                     2006 GM, Grainger DW, Castner DG, Gamble LJ
                            monolayers on gold: characterization by XPS, NEXAFS, and
                            fluorescence intensity measurements
643 Lo M, Bulach DM, Powell Effects of temperature on gene expression patterns in Adler B
                      2006 DR, Haake DA, Matsunaga J, Paustian ML, Zuerner RL,
                            Leptospira interrogans serovar Lai as assessed by whole-
                            genome microarrays
                      2006 Methamphetamine Schwartz gene expression patterns in
644 Mahajan SD, Hu Z, Reynolds JL, Aalinkeel R,modulates SA, Nair MP
                           monocyte derived mature dendritic cells: implications for HIV-
                           1 pathogenesis
                       Mertins S, Ecke R, Müller-Altrock S, Goebel inhibition of Listeria
645 Marr AK, Joseph B, 2006 Overexpression of PrfA leads to growthW
                            monocytogenes in glucose-containing culture media by
                            interfering with glucose uptake
646 McIntosh, MW       2006 Affinity-based serum proteomics for ovarian cancer early
                       2006 Picoeukaryotic plankton diversity at the Helgoland time series
647 Medlin LK, Metfies K, Mehl H, Wiltshire K, Valentin K
                             site as assessed by three molecular methods.
                       2006 Eukaryotic control Cheron A, cell cycle and differentiation in
648 Mergaert P, Uchiumi T, Alunni B, Evanno G, on bacterialCatrice O, Mausset AE, Barloy-Hubler F, Galibert F, Kondorosi A, Kondorosi E
                             the Rhizobium-legume symbiosis

                       2006 Surface characterizations of mono-, di-, and tri-aminosilane
649 Metwalli E, Haines D, Becker O, Conzone S, Pantano CG
                             treated glass substrates

650 N.N.              2006 miRNA Expression Profiling
                      2006 Prostate-specific antigen modulates genes involved in Gao
651 Nadiminty N, Lou W, Lee SO, Mehraein-Ghomi F, Kirk JS, Conroy JM, Zhang H, bone AC
                            remodeling and induces osteoblast differentiation of human
                            osteosarcoma cell line SaOS-2
                       2006 Dynamic force
652 Neuert G, Albrecht C, Pamir E, Gaub HE spectroscopy of the digoxigenin-antibody

653 Petrik J            2006 Diagnostic applications of microarrays

654 Preininger C        2006 DNA and protein sensor arrays

                     2006 Reliable amplification method SH
655 Rachman H, Lee JS, Angermann J, Kowall J, Kaufmannfor bacterial RNA

                       NA, Scheumann sensitivity enhancement Metwalli E, Becker O, Conzone SD
656 Redkar RJ, Schultz 2006 Signal and V, Burzio LA, Haines DE,through optical
                            interference coating for DNA and protein microarray
                      2006 Elucidation of stannin
657 Reese BE, Krissinger D, Yun JK, Billingsley ML function using microarray analysis:
                             implications for cell cycle control
                      2006 Different Morin N, Rahbé Y, Febvay G, Laugier C, Douglas
658 Reymond N, Calevro F, Viñuelas J,levels of transcriptional regulation due to trophic A, Fayard JM, Charles H
                             constraints in the reduced genome of Buchnera aphidicola
                         2006 P, Suvà ML, the FUS-CHOP fusion protein in primary
659 Riggi N, Cironi L, Provero Expression ofStehle JC, Baumer K, Guillou L, Stamenkovic I
                               mesenchymal progenitor cells gives rise to a model of myxoid
                      2006 Array CGH analysis of pediatric medulloblastomas
660 Rossi MR, Conroy J, McQuaid D, Nowak NJ, Rutka JT, Cowell JK
661 Sanchez JF, Lescar2006 Biochemical and structural analysis of Helix pomatia Imberty A, Mitchell EP
                       J, Chazalet V, Audfray A, Gagnon J, Alvarez R, Breton C,
                            agglutinin. A hexameric lectin with a novel fold.
                      2006 Comparaison de sols résistant ou non à la maladie du piétin-
662 Sanguin H, Gazengel K, Kroneisen L, Prigent-Combaret C, Grundmann G, Sarniguet A, Moënne-Loccoz Y
                            échaudage du blé par une approche puce à ADN
                            taxonomique 16S ciblant les bactéries rhizosphériques
                            phytoprotectrices du genre Pseudomonas
                       A, Oger-Desfeux C, Dechesne A, of a prototype 16S E, Vogel TM,
663 Sanguin H, Herrera 2006 Development and validation Simonet P, NavarrorRNA-based Moënne-Loccoz Y, Nesme X, Grundmann GL
                            taxonomic microarray for Alphaproteobacteria
                     2006 Potential of a 16S rRNA-based taxonomic microarray for
664 Sanguin H, Remenant B, Dechesne A, Thioulouse J, Vogel TM, Nesme X, Moënne-Loccoz Y, Grundmann GL
                           analyzing the rhizosphere effects of maize on Agrobacterium
                           spp. and bacterial communities
                      2006 Inhibitor and protein microarrays for activity-based recognition
665 Schmidinger H, Susani-Etzerodt H, Birner-Gruenberger R, Hermetter A
                            of lipolytic enzymes

666 Schmidt DD, Baldwin IT Transcriptional responses of Solanum nigrum to methyl
                              jasmonate and competition: a glasshouse and field study
667 Schweitzer B, Ball JA, Predki PF, arraysXF, Michaud GA use thereof
                        2006 Protein Zhou and methods of
668 Shen A, Higgins DE2006 The MogR transcriptional repressor regulates nonhierarchal
                              expression of flagellar motility genes and virulence in Listeria
                     2006 A bifunctional DE
669 Shen A, Kamp HD, Gründling A, HigginsO-GlcNAc transferase governs flagellar motility
                          through anti-repression

670 Sohn K, Senyürek I,2006 An in vitro assay to study the transcriptional response duringRupp S
                        Fertey J, Königsdorfer A, Joffroy C, Hauser N, Zelt G, Brunner H,
                             adherence of Candida albicans to different human epithelia

                       2006 I, Guisle I, improving experimental Lacombe D, Léger J, Arveiler B
671 Stef M, Simon D, BurgelinTesting andChevalier C, Delrue MA, parameters for the use of
                             low molecular weight targets in array-CGH experiments

                        2006 L, Taubenberger analysis of the hemagglutinins from
672 Stevens J, Blixt O, Glaser Glycan microarrayJK, Palese P, Paulson JC, Wilson IA
                               modern and pandemic influenza viruses reveals different
                               receptor specificities
                        2006 Glycan microarray
673 Stevens J, Blixt O, Paulson JC, Wilson IA technologies: tools to survey host
                              specificity of influenza viruses
                        2006 Prestle deficient mice show depressed cardiac contractile
674 Stypmann J, Janssen PM,LAMP-2 J, Engelen MA, Kögler H, Lüllmann-Rauch R, Eckardt L, von Figura K, Landgrebe J, Mleczko A, Saftig P
                              function without significant changes in calcium handling

                       MP, NF-kappaB-dependent
675 Taganov KD, Boldin2006 Chang KJ, Baltimore D induction of microRNA miR-146, an
                           inhibitor targeted to signaling proteins of innate immune
                         BE, van der Vlies P, Kamminga tumor der Veen AY, Davelaar I, Terpstra P, te Meerman GJ, Gerbens F, Kok K, Buys CH
676 ter Elst A, Hiemstra 2006 Functional analysis of lungW, vansuppressor activity at 3p21.3

                      2006 Gene expression signature predicting pathologic complete
677 Thuerigen O, Schneeweiss A, Toedt G, Warnat P, Hahn M, Kramer H, Brors B, Rudlowski C, Benner A, Schuetz F, Tews B, Eils R, Sinn HP, Sohn C, Lichte
                           response with gemcitabine, epirubicin, and docetaxel in
                           primary breast cancer
                     2006 Self-assembled small-molecule microarrays for protease
678 Urbina HD, Debaene F, Jost B, Bole-Feysot C, Mason DE, Kuzmic P, Harris JL, Winssinger N
                           screening and profiling

                        2006 Schwarze Nitrocellulose als Substrat
679 Walter JG, Stahl F, Reck M, Hollas M, Melzner D, Scheper T für Protein Microarrays

                       Conlon EM, Lyon JL, Imamura expression in Bacillus subtilis
680 Wang ST, Setlow B,2006 The forespore line of geneD, Sato T, Setlow P, Losick R, Eichenberger P

                      2006 Switch from actin K, Häussinger D
681 Warskulat U, Andrée B, Lüsebrink J, Köhreralpha1 to alpha2 expression and
                            upregulation of biomarkers for pressure overload and cardiac
                            hypertrophy in taurine-deficient mouse heart
                      2006 Overexpression of heme oxygenase-1 in murine melanoma:
682 Was H, Cichon T, Smolarczyk R, Rudnicka D, Stopa M, Chevalier C, Leger JJ, Lackowska B, Grochot A, Bojkowska K, Ratajska A, Kieda C, Szala S, Dulak
                           increased proliferation and viability of tumor cells, decreased
                           survival of mice
                      ML, MicroRNA gene expression in the mouse
683 Weston MD, Pierce 2006Rocha-Sanchez S, Beisel KW, Soukup GA inner ear

                       2006 Development of the GENIPOL European A, Minchin SD, Watts
684 Williams TD, Diab AM, George SG, Godfrey RE, Sabine V, Conesaflounder (Platichthys PC, Chipman JK
                            flesus) microarray and determination of temporal
                            transcriptional responses to cadmium at low dose

                      2006 Antibody microarrays: current status and key technological
685 Wingren C, Borrebaeck CA
                      2006 Recombinant antibody microarrays - Key technological issues
686 Wingren C, Borrebaeck CA
687 Wu P, Grainger DW2006 Comparison of hydroxylated print additives on antibody
                          microarray performance

688 Abdo M, Irving B, Hudson Development of a cluster of differentiation antibody-based
                       2005 P, Zola H
                             protein microarray
689 Bahi A, Boyer F, Bussard Silencing dopamine D3-receptors in the nucleus accumbens
                       2005 G, Dreyer JL
                             shell in vivo induces changes in cocaine-induced

690 Bahi A, Dreyer JL 2005 Cocaine-induced expression changes of axon guidance
                            molecules in the adult rat brain
                      2005 Mehta array screening reveals a candidate ligand
691 Bochner BS, Alvarez RA, GlycanP, Bovin NV, Blixt O, White JR, Schnaar RLfor Siglec-8

                      2005 Temporal and dose-dependent hepatic gene expression
692 Boverhof DR, Burgoon LD, Tashiro C, Chittim B, Harkema JR, Jump DB, Zacharewski TR
                           patterns in mice provide new insights into TCDD-Mediated
                      2005 Development MJ, Polyanskaya N, Brehm J, Lloyd G, Silman
693 Burton JE, Oshota OJ, North E, Hudsonof a multi-pathogen oligonucleotide microarray NJ
                            for detection of Bacillus anthracis

694 Clarke J           2005 Microarrays - Solutions to the protein challenge
695 Di Giusto DA, King GC Special-purpose modifications and immobilized functional
                            nucleic acids for biomolecular interactions

                       2005 Oligonucleotide microarray analysis of differential transporter
696 Dransfeld O, Gehrmann T, Köhrer K, Kircheis G, Holneicher C, Häussinger D, Wettstein M
                            regulation in the regenerating rat liver
                       2005 Variation in gene expression profiles of peripheral blood
697 Eady JJ, Wortley GM, Wormstone YM, Hughes JC, Astley SB, Foxall RJ, Doleman JF, Elliott RM
                            mononuclear cells from healthy volunteers
698 Egener T, Roulet E,2005 Proof of concept for microarray-based detection of DNA-
                       Zehnder M, Bucher P, Mermod N
                            binding oncogenes in cell extracts
699 Flachs P, Horakova 2005 Polyunsaturated fatty acids of marine origin upregulate Ruzickova J, Sponarova J, Drahota Z, Vlcek C, Keijer J, Houstek J, Kopeck
                       O, Brauner P, Rossmeisl M, Pecina P, Franssen-van Hal N,
                            mitochondrial biogenesis and induce beta-oxidation in white fat

                      2005 Comparative
700 Fong CJ, Burgoon LD, Zacharewski TRmicroarray analysis of basal gene expression in
                           mouse Hepa-1c1c7 wild-type and mutant cell lines

                        2005 An optimized CI, Winkler J, Hescheler J, Sachinidis A
701 Gissel C, Voolstra C, Doss MX, Koehlerembryonic stem cell model for consistent gene
                             expression and developmental studies: a fundamental study

                      2005 A microarray-based
702 Gregersen PL, Brinch-Pedersen H, Holm PB comparative analysis of gene expression
                            profiles during grain development in transgenic and wild type
                      2005 Systematic comparison of surface G, Huber W, Arlt D,
703 Guilleaume B, Buness A, Schmidt C, Klimek F, Moldenhauercoatings for protein Korf U, Wiemann S, Poustka A

                      2005 Fast and reliable protein microarray production by a Zengerle
704 Gutmann O, Kuehlewein R, Reinbold S, Niekrawietz R, Steinert CP, de Heij B,new drop- R, Daub M
                           in-drop technique
                      2005 MK, Niekrawietz R, de Heij parallel production of living cell
705 Gutmann O, WintermantelDispensing of cells for highlyB, Zengerle R, Daub M
                      2005 Overlaps in the A, Küster H
706 Hohnjec N, Vieweg MF, Pühler A, Becker transcriptional profiles of Medicago truncatula
                           roots inoculated with two different Glomus fungi provide
                           insights into the genetic program activated during arbuscular
                       2005 DnaA HH
707 Hottes AK, Shapiro L, McAdamscoordinates replication initiation and cell cycle
                            transcription in Caulobacter crescentus
                       2005 Efficacy of autoantigen microarrays for detecting
708 Hsueh KC, Huang CM, Chen KJ, Hsu CH
                            autoantibodies in patients with systemic lupus erythematosus

                       2005 Application of a comprehensive subtelomere array in clinical
709 Kok K, Dijkhuizen T, Swart YE, Zorgdrager H, van der Vlies P, Fehrmann R, te Meerman GJ, Gerssen-Schoorl KB, van Essen T, Sikkema-Raddatz B, Buys
                             diagnosis of mental retardation
710 Kongstein OE, Bertocci U,In situ stress measurements during copper electrodeposition
                      2005 Stafford GR
                             on (111)-textured Au

711 Korf U, Wiemann S 2005 Protein microarrays as a discovery tool for studying protein-
                           protein interactions

                        2005 Covalent immobilization of recombinant fusion proteins with
712 Kufer SK, Dietz H, Albrecht C, Blank K, Kardinal A, Rief M, Gaub HE
                             hAGT for single molecule force spectroscopy
                        2005 A cross-species analysis of the rodent
713 Kwekel JC, Burgoon LD, Burt JW, Harkema JR, Zacharewski TRuterotrophic program:
                             elucidation of conserved responses and targets of estrogen
                       2005 Independence and reproducibility
714 Larkin JE, Frank BC, Gavras H, Sultana R, Quackenbush J across microarray platforms

                      MR, Molecular study LE, Lieberman FS, Grefe CN, Lamborn K, Pao W, Shih AH, Kuhn JG, Wilson R, Nowak NJ, Cowell JK, DeAngelis
715 Lassman AB, Rossi 2005 Raizer JJ, Abrey of malignant gliomas treated with epidermal
                           growth factor receptor inhibitors: tissue analysis from North
                           American Brain Tumor Consortium Trials 01-03 and 00-01

                      2005 Analysis of myelodysplastic syndromes with complex
716 Martinez-Ramirez A, Urioste M, Melchor L, Blesa D, Valle L, de Andres SA, Kok K, Calasanz MJ, Cigudosa JC, Benitez J
                            karyotypes by high-resolution comparative genomic
                            hybridization and subtelomeric CGH array
717 Minderman H, Conroy JM,In vitro and in vivo irinotecan-induced changes in expression NJ, Baer MR
                     2005 O'Loughlin KL, McQuaid D, Quinn P, Li S, Pendyala L, Nowak
                           profiles of cell cycle and apoptosis-associated genes in acute
                           myeloid leukemia cells
718 Monecke S, Ehricht 2005 Rapid genotyping of methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus
                            aureus (MRSA) isolates using miniaturised oligonucleotide
                        Conroy JM, McQuaid D, Cowell in pancreatic adenocarcinoma
719 Nowak NJ, Gaile D, 2005 Genome-wide aberrations J, Carter R, Goggins MG, Hruban RH, Maitra A
                        AM, The BAC resource: Tools
720 Nowak NJ, Snijders 2005Conroy JM, Albertson DG for array CGH and FISH
                        2005 Specific patterns of changes in wheat gene expression after
721 Pasquer F, Isidore E, Zarn J, Keller B
                              treatment with three antifungal compounds

                        2005 Microarray-based detection of 90 antibiotic
722 Perreten V, Vorlet-Fawer L, Slickers P, Ehricht R, Kuhnert P, Frey J resistance genes
                              of gram-positive bacteria
723 Piruska A, Nikcevic 2005 The autofluorescence of plastic materials and chips measured
                        I, Lee SH, Ahn C, Heineman WR, Limbach PA, Seliskar CJ
                              under laser irradiation
724 Preininger C, Sauer2005 Optimizing processing parameters for signal enhancement of
                         U, Dayteg J, Pichler R
                              oligonucleotide and protein arrays on ARChip Epoxy

                       2005 Oligonucleotide arrays for A
725 Quarta A, Mita G, Poltronieri P, Logrieco A, Visconti differentiation of fusarium spp
                              belonging to the liseola section
                        S, Venkataraman G, Paulson systems approach
726 Raman R, Raguram2005 Glycomics: an integratedJC, Sasisekharan Rto structure-
                              function relationships of glycans
727 Ratner DM          2005 Carbohydrate microarrays: Advancing the burgeoning field of
                       2005 Quantitative genotyping of single-nucleotide polymorphisms
728 Rickert AM, Ballvora A, Matzner U, Klemm M, Gebhardt C
                              by allele-specific oligonucleotide hybridization on DNA

                         2005 P, Suvà ML, of Ewing's sarcoma from primary bone marrow-
729 Riggi N, Cironi L, Provero DevelopmentKaloulis K, Garcia-Echeverria C, Hoffmann F, Trumpp A, Stamenkovic I
                               derived mesenchymal progenitor cells
                         2005 Identification of consistent novel submegabase deletions R,
730 Rossi MR, Gaile D, Laduca J, Matsui S, Conroy J, McQuaid D, Chervinsky D, Eddy in Chen HS, Barnett GH, Nowak NJ, Cowell JK
                               low-grade oligodendrogliomas using array-based comparative
                               genomic hybridization
                        2005 High expression of calcium-binding proteins, der Vlies
731 Rust R, Visser L, van der Leij J, Harms G, Blokzijl T, Deloulme JC, van S100A10,P, Kamps W, Kok K, Lim M, Poppema S, van den Berg A
                              S100A11 and CALM2 in anaplastic large cell lymphoma
732 Sachse K, Hotzel H,2005 DNA microarray-based detection and identification of
                         Slickers P, Ellinger T, Ehricht R
                              Chlamydia and Chlamydophila spp
                      2005 Patient-based C, Toedt G, Kramer H, Hambek M, Knecht R,
733 Schlingemann J, Habtemichael N, Ittrich cross-platform comparison of oligonucleotide Lichter P, Stauber R, Hahn M
                           microarray expression profiles

                          2005 Effective transcriptome Kramer H, Hahn M, Lichter profiling
734 Schlingemann J, Thuerigen O, Ittrich C, Toedt G, amplification for expression P
                               on sense-oriented oligonucleotide microarrays
735 Schlott T, Eiffert H, BohneChlamydia trachomatis modulates expression of tumor
                          2005 W, Landgrebe J, Brunner E, Spielbauer B, Knight B
                               suppressor gene caveolin-1 and oncogene C-myc in the
                               transformation zone of non-neoplastic cervical tissue
                       2005 An J, Laosinchai-Wolf W, Powers platform for accurate
736 Shingara J, Keiger K, Sheltonoptimized isolation and labeling P, Conrad R, Brown D, Labourier E
                             microRNA expression profiling

                      2005 Gene Huber W, in kidney cancer A, Vogt M, Gunawan B, Vingron M, Füzesí L, Poustka A
737 Sültmann H, von Heydebreck A,expressionKuner R, Buness is associated with
                           cytogenetic abnormalities, metastasis formation, and patient
                       2005 Evaluation of custom-made DNA microarrays for multilocus
738 Swiderek H, Claus H, Frosch M, Vogel U
                             sequence typing of Neisseria meningitidis
739 Szemes M, Bonants2005 Diagnostic application of padlock probes - multiplex detection
                        P, de Weerdt M, Baner J, Landegren U, Schoen CD
                             of plant pathogens using universal microarrays
                       2005 Mouse Siglec-F and human Siglec-8 are functionally
740 Tateno H, Crocker PR, Paulson JC
                             convergent paralogs that are selectively expressed on
                             eosinophils and recognize 6'-sulfo-sialyl Lewis X as a
                             preferred glycan ligand
741 Tomic V, Russwurm2005 Transcriptomic and proteomic patterns of systemic M, Bode K, Bloos F, Wippermann J, Wahlers T, Deigner HP, Thiery J, Reinhart
                      S, Möller E, Claus RA, Blaess M, Brunkhorst F, Bruegel
                          inflammation in on-pump and off-pump coronary artery bypass
                       van A multiplexed and miniaturized serological tuberculosis assay
742 Tong M, Jacobi CE,2005de Rijke FM, Kuijper S, van de Werken S, Lowary TL, Hokke CH, Appelmelk BJ, Nagelkerke NJ, Tanke HJ, van Gijlswijk RP, Veusk
                           identifies antigens that discriminate maximally between TB
                           and non-TB sera
                      2005 Microarray-based detection of protein binding and functionality
743 Wang Z, Lee J, Cossins AR, Brust M
                            by gold nanoparticle probes
                      2005 A substantial proportion of microsatellite-unstable Dijkhuizen T, Hollema H, Buys CH, Plukker JT, Kok K, Hofstra RM
744 Westra JL, Boven LG, van der Vlies P, Faber H, Sikkema B, Schaapveld M, colon
                            tumors carry TP53 mutations while not showing chromosomal
745 Xia B, Kawar ZS, Ju2005 Versatile fluorescent derivatization of glycans for glycomic
                        T, Alvarez RA, Sachdev GP, Cummings RD
746 Yang IV            2005 Creating and hybridizing spotted DNA arrays

                       2005 Position B
747 Zhang L, Hurek T, Reinhold-Hurekof the fluorescent label is a crucial factor determining
                            signal intensity in microarray hybridizations
                       2005 cDNA microarray analysis reveals novel candidate genes
748 Zieker D, Fehrenbach E, Dietzsch J, Fliegner J, Waidmann M, Nieselt K, Gebicke-Haerter P, Spanagel R, Simon P, Niess AM, Northoff H
                            expressed in human peripheral blood following exhaustive
                         2005 Detection of chromosomal imbalances in retinoblastoma DR,
749 Zielinski B, Gratias S, Toedt G, Mendrzyk F, Stange DE, Radlwimmer B, Lohmann by Lichter P
                               matrix-based comparative genomic hybridization
750 Bahi A, Boyer F, Gumy C,In vivo gene delivery of urokinase-type plasminogen activator
                         2004 Kafri T, Dreyer JL
                               with regulatable lentivirus induces behavioural changes in
                               chronic cocaine administration
                      2004 T, Schiffmann S, Gilbert I, force-based multiplex sandwich
751 Blank K, Lankenau A, MaiDouble-chip protein arrays: Hirler S, Albrecht C, Benoit M, Gaub HE, Clausen-Schaumann H
                            immunoassays with increased specificity

752 Blixt O, Head S, Mondala Printed covalent glycan array for ligand profiling of diverse
                       2004 T, Scanlan C, Huflejt ME, Alvarez R, Bryan MC, Fazio F, Calarese D, Stevens J, Razi N, Stevens DJ, Skehel JJ, van Die I, Burton
                             glycan binding proteins
                       2004 Burgoon and dose-dependent hepatic gene expression
753 Boverhof DR, Fertuck KC,Temporal-LD, Eckel JE, Gennings C, Zacharewski TR
                             changes in immature ovariectomized mice following exposure
                             to ethynyl estradiol
                     2004 2,3,7,8-Tetrachlorodibenzo-p-dioxin Zacharewski TR
754 Boverhof DR, Tam E, Harney AS, Crawford RB, Kaminski NE, induces suppressor of
                           cytokine signaling 2 in murine B cells
                       2004 Glass slides to DNA microarrays
755 Conzone, SD, Pantano CG
                       2004 Reproducible, low cost arraying achieved with a multiplexed
756 Conzone, SD, Redkar, R.J
                       2004 Reproducible multiplexed microarray approach
757 Conzone, SD, Redkar, R.J
758 de Fourmestraux V, 2004 Transcript profiling suggests that differential metabolic
                       Neubauer H, Poussin C, Farmer P, Falquet L, Burcelin R, Delorenzi M, Thorens B
                            adaptation of mice to a high fat diet is associated with
                            changes in liver to muscle lipid fluxes
                         Hoheisel JD, Kleeff J, Friess H, carcinoma of the pancreas: a new
759 Esposito I, Bauer A,2004 Microcystic tubulopapillary Bergmann F, Rieker RJ, Otto HF, Kloppel G, Penzel R
                             tumor entity?

                         2004 Birch-Hirschfeld E, Striebel herpes viruses by GP,
760 Földes-Papp Z, Egerer R, Detection of multiple human HM, Demel U, Tilz DNAWutzler P
                              microarray technology
                         2004 Double chip protein arrays T, Albrecht C, Lankenau A, Beste
761 Gilbert I, Schiffmann S, Rubenwolf S, Jensen K, Mai using recombinant single-chain FvG, Blank K, Gaub HE, Clausen-Schaumann H
                              antibody fragments

                      2004 Comparison of DNA immobilization efficiency on new and
762 Gong P, Grainger DW
                           regenerated commercial amine reactive polymer microarray
                        2004 Non-contact production of oligonucleotide De Heij B, Daub M,
763 Gutmann O, Niekrawietz R, Kuehlewein R, Steinert CP, Reinbold S, microarrays using Zengerle R
                             the highly integrated TopSpot nanoliter dispenser
764 Heidel A, Baldwin IT2004 Microarray analysis of salicylic acid- and jasmonic acid-
                             signalling in responses of Nicotiana attenuata to attack by
                             insects from multiple feeding guilds
                      2004 Microarrays in ecological research: a case study of a cDNA
765 Held M, Gase K, Baldwin IT
                            microarray for plant-herbivore interactions
766 Krol E, Becker A 2004 Global transcriptional analysis of the phosphate starvation
                            response in Sinorhizobium meliloti strains 1021 and 2011

                         2004 LexA-DNA bond strength by single molecule
767 Kühner F, Costa LT, Bisch PM, Thalhammer S, Heckl WM, Gaub HE force
                         2004 Quantitative DP, Ragoussis analysis of transcription factor
768 Linnell J, Mott R, Field S, Kwiatkowski high-throughputJ, Udalova IA
                                binding specificities
769 Lou Y, Baldwin IT 2004 Nitrogen supply influences herbivore-induced direct and
                                indirect defenses and transcriptional responses in Nicotiana
                     2004 Genome-wide analysis of transcriptional hierarchy and
770 Niehus E, Gressmann H, Ye F, Schlapbach R, Dehio M, Dehio C, Stack A, Meyer TF, Suerbaum S, Josenhans C
                           feedback regulation in the flagellar system of Helicobacter
                      2004 Kratzmüller T, Schweiss R, Werner to
771 Osaki T, Zimmermann R, Polyanion protection of silane bondsC silicon oxide revealed
                            by electrokinetic measurements
                      2004 Profiling R, Schutkowski M, Reimer U, Schneider-Mergener J
772 Panse S, Dong L, Burian A, Carus of generic anti-phosphopeptide antibodies and
                            kinases with peptide microarrays using radioactive and
                            fluorescence-based assays

773 Preininger C, Sauer2004 Photoactivatable copolymers of vinylbenzyl thiocyanate as
                       U, Kern W, Dayteg J
                            immobilization matrix for biochips
                       2004 Assessing the GG, Pieler dyeswap normalization to remove
774 Sanchez-Cabo F, Prokesch A, Thallingerefficiency of R, Trajanoskie Z
                            systematic bias from two-color microarray data

                      2004 Solanum nigrum: S, Lim ecological Baldwin IT
775 Schmidt DD, Kessler A, Kessler D, Schmidta modelM, Gase K, expression system and
                            its tools

                       TS, Microarray platform
776 Sieber SA, Mondala2004Head SR, Cravatt BFfor profiling enzyme activities in complex
777 Sobek J, Schlapbach R Substrate architecture and functionality defining the properties
                           and performance of DNA, peptide, protein and carbohydrate

                        2004 Enhancing sensitivity of human herpes virus diagnosis
778 Striebel HM, Birch-Hirschfeld E, Egerer R, Foldes-Papp Z, Tilz GP, Stelzner A with
                              DNA microarrays using dendrimers
779 Striebel HM, SchellenbergReadout of protein microarrays using intrinsic time resolved
                       2004 P, Grigaravicius P, Greulich KO
                             UV fluorescence for label-free detection

                        2004 Comparative analysis of dioxin response
780 Sun YV, Boverhof DR, Burgoon LD, Fielden MR, Zacharewski TR elements in human,
                              mouse and rat genomic sequences
                        2004 Translocations involving
781 Tchinda J, Dijkhuizen T, Vlies Pv P, Kok K, Horst J6p22 in acute myeloid leukaemia at
                              relapse: breakpoint characterization using microarray-based
                              comparative genomic hybridization
782 Voelckel C, Baldwin2004 Herbivore-induced plant vaccination. Part II. Array-studies
                            reveal the transience of herbivore-specific transcriptional
                            imprints and a distinct imprint from stress combinations

783 Voelckel C, Baldwin2004 Generalist and specialist lepidopteran larvae elicit different
                            transcriptional responses in Nicotiana attenuata, which
                            correlate with larval FAC profiles
784 Affara NA           2003 Resource and hardware options for microarray-based

                          Lalic-Multhaler M, Hirler S, force Gilbert
785 Albrecht C, Blank K,2003 DNA: a programmableMai T, sensor I, Schiffmann S, Bayer T, Clausen-Schaumann H, Gaub HE
                         2003 Quantitative assessment of factors
786 Belleville E, Dufva M, Aamand J, Bruun L, Christensen CB affecting the sensitivity of
                               a competitive immunomicroarray for pesticide detection

                        2003 A force-based protein Zivin R,
787 Blank K, Mai T, Gilbert I, Schiffmann S, Rankl J,biochip Tackney C, Nicolaus T, Spinnler K, Oesterhelt F, Benoit M, Clausen-Schaumann H, Gaub HE
                        2003 Method for detecting analytes
788 Bonenberger J, Hagenmaier S, Polackova J, von Kampen J

                      2003 Imaging TOF-SIMS analysis of oligonucleotide microarrays
789 Cheran LE, Vukovich D, Thompson M

790 Dobrowolski SF, Lin2003 Newborn screening for hemoglobinopathy by DNA microarray
                       Liew Genomics, proteomics RL, bioinformatics of human
791 Dos Remedios CG, 2003 CC, Allen PD, Winslow and Van Eyk JE, Dunn MJ heart
792 Glökler J, Angenendt P Protein and antibody microarray technology

                        P, Lochhead analysis of S, Greef proteins immobilized in
793 Grainger DW, Gong2003 Surface M, Metzger DNA and C
                             microarraying devices
794 Halitschke R, Gase 2003 Molecular interactions between the specialist herbivore
                       K, Hui D, Schmidt DD, Baldwin IT
                             Manduca sexta (lepidoptera, sphingidae) and its natural host
                             Nicotiana attenuata. VI. Microarray analysis reveals that most
                             herbivore-specific transcriptional changes are mediated by
                             fatty acid-amino acid conjugates
                      2003 An integrated Solovyev V, Busold transcriptional profiling
795 Hild M, Beckmann B, Haas SA, Koch B,gene annotation and C, Fellenberg K, Boutros M, Vingron M, Sauer F, Hoheisel JD, Paro R
                           approach towards the full gene content of the Drosophila
                      2003 Baldwin IT, responses
796 Izaguirre MM, Scopel AL, Convergent Ballare CL to stress. Solar ultraviolet-B radiation
                             and Manduca sexta herbivory elicit overlapping transcriptional
                             responses in field-grown plants of Nicotiana longiflora

                    2003 Antibody microarrays: an evaluation of production parameters
797 Kusnezow W, Jacob A, Walijew A, Diehl F, Hoheisel JD

                        2003 Dendrimeric coating Sokol S, Caminade AM, Majoral
798 Le Berre V, Trévisiol E, Dagkessamanskaia A, of glass slides for sensitive DNA JP, Meunier B, François J
                              microarrays analysis
                        2003 Simple
799 Monecke S, Leube I, Ehricht R and robust array-based methods for the parallel
                              detection of resistance genes of staphylococcus aureus
                        2003 Profile G, Breitenbach U, induced C, Steinlein P, Kramer
800 Schlingemann J, Hess J, Wrobel of gene expressionGebhardtby the tumour promotor H, Furstenberger G, Hahn M, Angel P, Lichter P
                              TPA in murine epithelial cells

801 Spiess AN, Mueller 2003 Amplified RNA degradation in T7-amplification methods
                       N, Ivell R
                             results in biased microarray hybridizations
                        2003 Virus Egerer R, on microarrays
802 Striebel HM, Birch-Hirschfeld E,diagnosticsFoldes-Papp Z

                       2003 B, Guiseppi-Elie chemistry and blocking strategies on DNA
803 Taylor S, Smith S, WindleImpact of surface A
                       2003 Enhancing results
804 Toegl A, Kirchner R, Gauer C, Wixforth A of microarray hybridizations through
                       2003 Optimization of high-density cDNA-microarray
805 Wrobel G, Schlingemann J, Hummerich L, Kramer H, Lichter P, Hahn M protocols by
                             'design of experiments'
806 Blossey R, Bosio A 2001 Contact line deposits on cDNA microarrays: a "twin-spot effect"

807 Iida K, Nishimura I 2002 Gene expression profiling by DNA microarray technology

                      2002 Antibody microarrays: promises and problems
808 Kusnezow W, Hoheisel JD
                      2002 Molecular basis for the substrate specificity of NIMA-related
809 Lizcano JM, Deak M, Morrice N, Kieloch A, Hastie CJ, Dong L, Schutkowski M, Reimer U, Alessi DR
                           kinase-6 (NEK6). Evidence that NEK6 does not phosphorylate
                           the hydrophobic motif of ribosomal S6 protein kinase and
                           serum- and glucocorticoid-induced protein kinase in vivo

                      2002 Improving performance in protein-based microarrays
810 Metzger SW, Lochhead MJ, Grainger DW
811 Chiem NH, Harrison1998 Microchip systems for immunoassay: an integrated
                           immunoreactor with electrophoretic separation for serum
                           theophylline determination
812 Simpson PC, Woolley AT,Microfabrication technology for the production of capillary
                     1998 Mathies RA
                           array electrophoresis chips
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DNA hybridizations on surfaces as applied to microarrays
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May 9 - 12, 2011
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XXXVIII-IAH Congress, Groundwater Quality Sustainability.-   link                                            yes
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yes: free access
(yes): free access for other version than final
(no): no free access via publisher, but elsewhere in the web
no: no free access

          Nexterion products
          Slide type                      Auxiliary materials         Keywords
          Nexterion Slide A or A+                                     genisphere; Vitis vinifera; grapevine
                                                                      leafroll associated virus; RNA
                                                                      extraction; spectrum plant total RNA kit

          Nexterion Slide NC

          Nexterion Slide E               Nexterion Block E           Corynebacterium glutamicum; carbon
                                                                      source-dependent transcriptional
                                                                      regulation; RamA; RamB; acetate
                                                                      metabolism; central metabolism; global
          Nexterion Slide H                                           circulating galectins; cell adhesion; auto
                                                                      anti-MUC1 antibody

          Nexterion Glass B or D                                      thiol-ene; cross-linking; Boltorn;
                                                                      poly(ethylene glycol); marine fouling;
          Nexterion Slide P                                           protein microarray; biotynilation;
                                                                      functional analysis; surface capture;
                                                                      protein kinase; biotin carboxyl carrier
                                                                      protein, inhibitor specificity

          Nexterion Slide H, Nexterion
          Slide H MPX-16, Nexterion
          Slide H MPX-48
          Nexterion Slide E               Nexterion Spot

          Nexterion Slide AL

          Nexterion Slide E               Nexterion Spot, Nexterion
                                          Oligo Prehyb

          Nexterion Slide E

          Nexterion Slide E               Nexterion Spot

          Nexterion Glass B, Nexterion
          Slide E
          Nexterion Slide E

          Nexterion Slide E

          Nexterion Slide H

          Nexterion Slide H                                           influenza; swine; human H1
                                                                      hemagglutinin; receptor; binding; sialic
          Nexterion Slide H

          Nexterion Glass D
Nexterion Slide H

Nexterion Slide E                                   Salmonella; LPS; rfaC; protein
                                                    secretion; motility; SPI-1
Nexterion Slide H

Nexterion Slide E                                   Myxozoa; Sparidae; Gene expression;
                                                    Microarray; Immune response;
Nexterion Glass D

Nexterion Slide A+                                  array CGH; breast cancer; metastasis;
                                                    suppressor genes; tetraspanins;
Nexterion Slide H                                   antibody microarrays; cell lysate;
                                                    membrane proteomics; membrane
                                                    proteins; protein microarrays
Nexterion HiSens E                                  metal enhanced protein chip;
                                                    melanoma biomarkers; polyelectrolyte
                                                    multilayers; xanthan; chitosan

Nexterion Glass B

Nexterion Slide E      Nexterion Spot               DNA microarray; protein microarray ;
                                                    HCV; time-to-result; point-of-care;
                                                    seroconversion panel
Nexterion Slide NC

Nexterion Slide NC-C                                cell signaling; kinase; phosphoprotein;
                                                    pre-analytical variablity; reverse phase
                                                    protein microarray; stability

Nexterion Slide E

Nexterion Slide H

Nexterion Slide H                                   glycan microarrays; natural glycan
                                                    microarrays; glycan-binding
                                                    specificities; Consortium for Functional
Nexterion Slide H                                   lectin; microarray; glycomics;
                                                    carbohydrate; glycan; glycosilation;
                                                    cancer; pathogen; differentiation
Nexterion Slide NC-C                                brain metastasis; breast cancer; lung
                                                    cancer; laser-capture microdissection;
                                                    protein microarray; proteomics; targeted
                       Nexterion IC-16 Incubation
Nexterion Slide H                                   epithelial ovarian cancer; biomarker;
                                                    glycan array; antibodies;serum
Nexterion Slide A+                                  Campylobacter jejuni; transcriptomics;
                                                    microaerobic growth; oxidative stress

Nexterion Slide E
Nexterion Glass B and D

Nexterion Slide AL

Nexterion Slide AL                                   actinobacterial community; gley soil;
                                                     soil organic matter; taxonomic
Nexterion Slide A or A+

Nexterion Slide H                                    microarrays; lectins; glycosylation;
                                                     cancer stem cells; immunology;
                                                     infectious diseases
Nexterion Slide H                                    carbohydrates; conjugation; glycans;
                                                     microarray; vaccine design
Nexterion Slide AL

Nexterion Slide E

Nexterion Slide E

Nexterion Slide H

Nexterion Slide E                                    adipocytes; adipogenesis; biomarkers;
                                                     microRNAs; miR-27; miR-519d;
                                                     obesity; chronic diseases; therapeutic
                                                     targets; adipogenic differentiation;
                                                     adipocyte biology; biogenesis;
                                                     inflammatory cytokines; anti-obesity
                                                     treatments; apoptosis

Nexterion MPX-16 Slides                              inkjet; microarrayer; protein microarray;
                                                     printing buffer; diagnostic microarray;
                                                     non-contact; JetSpyder;JetGuard;
                                                     microarray production; antibody
Nexterion Slide H

Nexterion Slide E              Nexterion Oligo Hyb

Nexterion Slide AL                                   TMV-like particles; bottom-up
                                                     assembly; nanotube array; biotemplate;
                                                     Si wafer; polymer blend lithography

Nexterion Slide NC

Nexterion Slide NC-N 16

Nexterion Slide E                                    plant virus; microarray; virus detection;
                                                     DNA chip; oligonucleotide
Nexterion Slide H

Nexterion Slide H, Nexterion                         glycopeptide; microarray; seromic
Slide H MPX-16                                       profiling; biomarkers; cancer;
                                                     autoantibodies; rectum; colon
Nexterion Slide H                                    glycan array; carbohydrate; multiplex
                                                     assay; ovarian cancer
Nexterion Slide H                                   recombinant lectin; microarray;
                                                    glycomics; glycosilation
Nexterion Slide H

Nexterion Glass D                                   analytical methods; glycochips;
                                                    influenza; MALDI;
Nexterion Slide AL

Nexterion Slide E                                   protein microarray; protein-protein
                                                    Iiteraction; receptor-ligand interaction;
                                                    Ig receptor; extracellular matrix

Nexterion Slide A                                   Cyanobacteria; microcystin/nodularia
                                                    synthetase genes; chip; qPCR;
                                                    molecular detection methods

Nexterion Glass B, Nexterion
Slide E

Nexterion Slide E               Nexterion Block E   Alcanivorax borkumensis; alkane;

Nexterion Slide E

Nexterion Slide H                                   Staphylococcus epidermidis; U2OS
                                                    osteoblasts; biomaterial-associated
                                                    infections; co-culture; PEG coatings;
                                                    race for the surface
Nexterion Slide NC

Nexterion Slide H                                   protein patterning, coating, surface
                                                    chemistry, affinity binding, adsorption,
                                                    covalend binding, hydrogel

Nexterion Slide A+, Nexterion
Slide AStar
Nexterion Slide AL

Nexterion Slide E                                   Neisseria meningitidis; FarR;
                                                    transcriptional regulation; growth phase
                                                    dependency; regulon

Nexterion Slide A+                                  neonatal hypoxia, schizophrenia,
                                                    animal model, PPI, gene expression;
                                                    clozapine; presynaptic genes; NMDA
Nexterion Slide E                                   antibody microarray; proteomic
                                                    profiling; dual-colour analysis; direct
                                                    sample labelling; plasma profiling;
                                                    multiplexed immunoassay
Nexterion Slide E

Nexterion Slide E               Nexterion Spot
Nexterion Slide E                                   coagulase-negative staphylococci;
                                                    starter culture; food; microarray; safety
                                                    assessment; QPS
Nexterion Slide H

Nexterion Slide A
Nexterion Slide H

Nexterion Slide H                                       glycan microarray; sialic acid; protein-
                                                        carbohydrate interaction; functional
Nexterion Slide E                                       protein array; protein microarray; cell-
                                                        free protein synthesis; protein
Nexterion Slide E                                       protein array; protein microarray; DNA
                                                        microarray; cell-free protein synthesis;
                                                        protein immobilisation
Nexterion HiSens E

Nexterion Slide H                                       antimicrobial; peptide; microarray; high-
                                                        throughput screening
Nexterion Slide E

Nexterion Slide E               Nexterion 70mer Oligo   cisplatin; electrochemotherapy;
                                Microarraying Kit       electroporation; invasion; melanoma;
Nexterion Slide E                                       array-CGH; astrocytoma; expression
                                                        profiling; glioblastoma; IDH; FGFR2

Nexterion Slide AL                                      Acidithiobacillus;bacteria; community
                                                        structure; microarray; primary
                                                        succession;soil development

Nexterion Slide H

Nexterion Glass B

                                Nexterion Spot

Nexterion Slide AL                                      spot synthesis; peptide array;
                                                        screening; cellulose membranes;
                                                        protein-protein interaction; protein-
                                                        peptide interaction; microarray
Nexterion Glass B                                       organic-inorganic hybrids; integrated
                                                        optics; UV-laser writing; Y-splitter;
                                                        passive optical networks
Nexterion Slide H                                       systems biology; proteome microarray;
                                                        antibody microarray; reverse-phase
                                                        protein array; lectin microarray

Nexterion Slide E

Nexterion Glass B                                       superhydrophobic surfaces;
                                                        superhydrophilic surface;
                                                        micropatterning; polymeric materials;
                                                        micro/nanostructures; microfluidics

Nexterion Slide E

Nexterion Slide E                                       analysis conditions; antibody array;
                                                        cellular protein; protein arrays
Nexterion Slide E                                       antibody microarray; protein extraction;
                                                        detergents; compartmentalized protein

Nexterion Slide A+, Nexterion                           protein microarray; biochip analysis;
Slide E                                                 SH3 domains; signal transduction;p
Nexterion Slide E                                          microRNA; Hsa-miR-182; Hsa-miR-
                                                           126; lung cancer
Nexterion Slide E                                          miRNA; molecular diagnostics; HCC;
Nexterion Slide E

Nexterion Slide H, Nexterion                               glycopeptide; synthesis;
Slide H MPX-16                                             chemoenzymatic; enzyme; microarray;
                                                           glycan array; autoantibodies; post-
                                                           modification (PTM)
Nexterion Slide E                                          lambda exonuclease; probe-target
                                                           position; DNA-chip; signal enhancement

Nexterion Slide E

Nexterion Slide H                                          glycan; carbohydrate; lectin; microarray;
                                                           glycan-binding protein; chip

Nexterion Slide E

Nexterion Glass B (cleanroom                               biomimetics; hierarchical structures;
cleaned)                                                   microstructures; self-assembly;
                                                           structure-property relationships
Nexterion Slide H                                          gene expression; inflammation;
                                                           peripheral blood mononuclear cells
                                                           (PBMCs); qRT-PCR; stress
Nexterion Slide E                                          hand made cloning; miRNA expression;
                                                           nuclear reprogramming; nucleus
                                                           transfer; preimplantation bovine
Nexterion Slide E                                          magnetic tunnel junction; DNA
                                                           microarray; scanometric; magnetic
                                                           particles; methyl tertiary butyl ether
                               Nexterion Spot, Nexterion
                               Block E

Nexterion Glass B                                          gold nanoparticles; chemiresistor;
                                                           sensor; self-assembled monolayers;
                                                           impedance; XPS
Nexterion Glass B

Nexterion Slide H                                          nanobioscience; glycomics;
                                                           microarrays; lectins; carbohydrates;
Nexterion Glass B

Nexterion Glass B or D                                     adhesion; diatoms; lower critical
                                                           solution temperature (LCST); Navicula
                                                           perminuta; stimuli; thermo-responsive
Nexterion Slide E              Nexterion Spot              COPD; respiratory bacteria; microarray;
                                                           real-time PCR

Nexterion Slide AL                                         grapevine; salt stress; subtractive
Nexterion Slide A+             Nexterion Spot

Nexterion HiSens E             Nexterion Hyb
Nexterion Glass B                                  fracture toughness; glass matrix
                                                   composites; light transmittance;
Nexterion Glass B                                  alkoxysilane; bosensors; deposition;

Nexterion Slide H                                  Human Immunodeficiency Virus; 2G12;
                                                   oligomannose; yeast; vaccine; GnT
                                                   Ideficient HEK 293S; kifunensine;
                                                   glycan array
Nexterion Glass B                                  surface functionalization; on-chip
                                                   peptide synthesis; peptide arrays;
                                                   immunoassay; antibody–antigen
                                                   interaction; combinatorial peptide
Nexterion Glass B or D                             protein microarrays; autoimmune
                                                   diseases; MAMVE copolymer; surface
                                                   chemistry; protein immobilization

Nexterion Slide E              Nexterion Hyb

                               Nexterion Spot

Nexterion Slide AL

Nexterion Slide E                                  CNS; diagnostic microarray; antibiotic;
                                                   biogenic amine; enterotoxin

                               Nexterion Spot II
Nexterion Glass B                                  integrated optics; passive optical
                                                   networks; organic-inorganic hybrids;
                                                   optical filters; optical cavities

Nexterion Slide E                                  angiogenic progenitor cells; endothelial
                                                   progenitor cells; microRNAs; ADMA;
                                                   coronary artery disease; migration;
                                                   reactive oxygen species; oxidative
Nexterion Slide E

Nexterion Slide E

Nexterion Slide A+ (?)                             testis; mitochondria; fatty acid β-
                                                   oxidation; immunohistochemistry;
                                                   electron microscopy; Leydig cell; Sertoli
                                                   cell; seminiferous epithelium
Nexterion Slide E                                  PECVD; amine functionalisation; cyclo
                                                   olefin copolymer; non specific binding

Nexterion Slide E                                  adipogenesis; PGC-1β

Nexterion Slide H

Nexterion Slide NC-W 16

Nexterion Slide E, Nexterion
Slide H
Nexterion Slide NC-W,                               antibody; specificity; reverse-capture
Nexterion Slide NC-D                                proteinmicroarray; bioinformatics;
                                                    traumatic braininjury
Nexterion Slide E                                   aging; senescence; miRNA microarray;
                                                    miR-17-92 cluster; p21 (CDKN1A); miR-
                                                    17; miR-19b; miR-20a; miR-106a

Nexterion Slide E                                   peptide array, cell-free protein synthesis

Nexterion Slide A

Nexterion Glass B                                   nanophotonics; plasmon resonant
                                                    nanoparticles; surface-enhanced
                                                    resonant Raman scattering; gold film;
Nexterion Slide E

Nexterion Slide AL                                  confocal microscopy; cross-linking;
                                                    immunochemistry; in vitro test;
                                                    nanoparticle; surface modification
Nexterion Slide E
Nexterion Slide E

Nexterion Slide E

Nexterion HiSens E                                  Betula papyrifera; clustering; CO2;
                                                    FACE experiment; gene expression;
                                                    microarray; ozone; paper birch
Nexterion Slide E                                   Betula pendula; gas exchange; leaf
                                                    senescence; long-term experiment; O3
                                                    ; phenology
Nexterion Slide H, Nexterion                        glycopeptide; post-translational
Slide H MPX-16                                      modification (PTM); one-bead-one-
                                                    compound (OBOC); split-mix;
                                                    microarray; O-glycosylation;
                                                    autoantibodies; enzymatic
                               Nexterion Hyb

Nexterion Slide AL                                  compatible interaction; reverse
                                                    transcriptase quantitative real-time
                                                    PCR; Plasmopara viticola; suppression
                                                    subtractive hybridization; Vitis vinifera

Nexterion Slide E              Nexterion Spot

Nexterion Slide H

Nexterion Slide H

                               Nexterion Block E,
                               Nexterion Hyb

Nexterion Slide H

Nexterion Slide E MPX-12                            antibody microarray; quellung;
                                                    serotyping; Streptococcus pneumoniae

Nexterion Slide H
Nexterion Slide E                                        Lactobacillus acidophilus; antibiotic
                                                         susceptibility; microdilution; microarray;
Nexterion Slide HS                                       biomarkers; proteomics; Oxford Gene
(discontinued)                                           Technology
Nexterion HiSens E                                       micro-RNA; mTOR; miR-155; miR-101

Nexterion Slide E                                        cryptophytes; North Sea; Phylochips;
                                                         phytoplankton structure; seasonality

Nexterion Slide E

Nexterion Slide E         Nexterion 70mer Oligo          lung cancer, tumor suppressors, cancer
                          Microarraying Kit, Nexterion   genetics
Nexterion Slide E         Nexterion Spot

Nexterion Slide A+

Nexterion Glass B or D                                   protein immobilization; plastic chips;
                                                         microarray; polymer networks
Nexterion Slide NC                                       biomarker; individualized therapy;
                                                         microarray; protein; phosphoprotein;
                                                         reverse phase protein microarray

Nexterion Slide E

Nexterion Slide AL                                       pollution impact; microbial perturbation;
                                                         microarray; chlorinated solvents;
                                                         bioindicator; bacteria; bhylochip

Nexterion Slide A or A+                                  carbohydrates; chemoselectivity;
                                                         dissociation constants; enzyme activity;
                                                         high throughput screening;
                                                         immobilization; microarrays; peptides;
                                                         protein binding; small molecules

Nexterion Slide E                                        mesothelioma; microRNA; prognosis

Nexterion Slide H

Nexterion Slide E

Nexterion Slide E

Nexterion Slide E                                        analytical biotechnology; biosensors;
                                                         protease; protease inhibitor; protein
Nexterion Slide H                                        glycan arrays; glycan microarrays;
                                                         lectin; motif analysis; glycan-binding
Nexterion Slide H                                        carbohydrates; glycomics; GST; gged
                                                         proteins; microarrays; recombinant
Nexterion Slide E         Nexterion Block E

Nexterion Slide H
Nexterion Glass B or D

Nexterion Slide E
Nexterion Slide E

Nexterion Slide H

Nexterion Slide AL                                  bacteria; bacterial metagenome;
                                                    cigarettes; pathogens; smoking; tobacco

Nexterion HiSens E             Nexterion Hyb        toxicogenomics; microarray; zebrafish;
                                                    dichloroaniline; pentachlorophenol;
                                                    cadmium chloride; dichlorophenol

Nexterion Slide E              Nexterion Block E,
                               Nexterion Hyb

Nexterion Slide E

Nexterion Slide E

Nexterion Slide E

Nexterion Slide H

Nexterion Slide E
Nexterion Slide A+                                  DNA microarray; Trypanosoma brucei
                                                    subspecies; tsetse fly mid-gut;
                                                    transmission cycle
Nexterion Slide A, Nexterion
Slide A+, Nexterion Slide E

Nexterion Slide E              Nexterion Spot II

Nexterion Slide A or A+                             hypoxia; microarray; presynaptic genes;
                                                    clozapine; PPI; animal model
Nexterion HiSens E                                  microRNA; high risk prostate
                                                    carcinoma; metastasis; miR-221;
Nexterion Slide H MPX-16                            autoantibody; o-glycosylation; o-
                                                    glycopeptide; podoplanin
Nexterion Slide E

Nexterion Slide E

Nexterion Slide E

Nexterion Slide A or A+ MPX-                        Bacillus subtilis; Bemisia tabaci; growth
16                                                  promoting rhizobacteria; iInduced
                                                    systemic response; jasmonic acid;
                                                    phenyl propanoids; salicylic acid

Nexterion Slide NC-C,
Nexterion Slide NC-N
Nexterion Glass B                                   organic-inorganic hybrids; integrated
                                                    optics; sol-gel; waveguides; Fabry-
                                                    Perot cavities; optical filters
Nexterion Glass B                               optomechanical composite; sol-gel
                                                coating; ZrO2
Nexterion Slide A, Nexterion                    background fluorescence; limit of
Slide AL, Nexterion Slide H,                    detection; LOD; nitrocellulose; protein
Nexterion Slide NC-D                            microarray
Nexterion Slide H, Nexterion                    autoantibodies; mucin; o-glycosylation;
Slide H MPX-16                                  o-glycopeptide; array
Nexterion Slide A              Nexterion Hyb

Nexterion Slide A or A+

Nexterion Slide A+                              mental retardation; developmental
                                                delay; copy number variation; whole
                                                genome array comparative genomic
                                                hybridization; gene dosage
Nexterion Slide AL                              competition; gene expression;
                                                reproduction; Solenopsis invicta; time-
Nexterion Slide H

Nexterion Slide E                               chalcone flavonoid; chemotherapy;
                                                molecular pharmacology; natural
                                                products; pharmacogenomics; tumour
Nexterion Glass D                               FISH; titanium dioxide; onco-
(ultrasonically cleaned)                        hematology; nanomaterial
Nexterion Slide E

Nexterion Slide A+

Nexterion Slide E

Nexterion Slide E                               mismatch repair; primers; probes;
                                                proteins; QC; RTqPCR;
                                                statistics; western blots

Nexterion Slide E              Nexterion Spot   self-assembly; DNA; silica bead;
                                                µ-contact printing
Nexterion Slide AL                              antibody; epitope; immunoassay; serum
                                                analysis; epitope mapping; peptide
                                                microarray; site-specific immobilization

Nexterion Slide H

Nexterion Slide E                               pancreatic carcinoma; cystic lesions;
                                                expression profiling; siRNA silencing;
                                                Fas-activated serine/threonine kinase

Nexterion Slide E

Nexterion Slide E

                               Nexterion Hyb    array-based comparative genomic
                                                hybridization; chromosome 19;
                                                oligoastrocytoma; oligodendroglioma;
Nexterion Slide H                               anticarbohydrate antibodies; blood
                                                groups; glycan arrays; islet
                                                transplantation; xenotransplantation
Nexterion Slide E                                    squamous cell lung carcinoma; array-
                                                     CGH; lymph node metastases; distant
                                                     metastases; LDM; chromosomal
Nexterion Slide E

Nexterion Slide H

Nexterion Slide E                                    PNET; Ewing tumor; stemness;
                                                     epigenetic regulation; metastasis
Nexterion Slide AL, Nexterion                        affinity capture; human CD4 T-cells;
Slide H                                              RPP arrays; signaling complex; TCR
Nexterion Slide E                                    breast cancer; computational
                                                     microdissection; prognosis; lymphocyte
                                                     infiltration; estrogen receptor

Nexterion Glass D (cleanroom                         protein microarrays;
cleaned)                                             nanobiotechnology; titanium oxide
                                                     (TiOx); biochips
Nexterion Glass D (cleanroom                         protein microarrays;
cleaned)                                             nanobiotechnology; titanium oxide
                                                     (TiOx); biochips
Nexterion Slide E                                    bic/miR-155; LPS; TAB2; TLR/IL-1

Nexterion Slide E                                    DNA microarray; biosensor; magnetic
                                                     imaging; magnetic tunnel junction (MTJ)

Nexterion Slide E

Nexterion Slide E               Nexterion Spot

Nexterion Slide E                                    gene expression patterns; gliomatosis
                                                     cerebri; polymerase chain reaction;
                                                     prognosis; PTEN;
Nexterion Slide A MPX-16                             microarray; peptide nucleic acid (PNA);
                                                     proteases; multiplexed screening;
                                                     combinatorila libraries
Nexterion Slide E               Nexterion Block E,
                                Nexterion Hyb

Nexterion Slide AL                                   atherosclerosis; connexin; gap junction;
                                                     tissue inflammation; matrix degradation;
                                                     plaque calcification
Nexterion Glass B

Nexterion Slide E                                    locked nucleic acids; oligonucleotide
                                                     probes; microalgae; sandwich
                                                     hybridisation; microarray
Nexterion Slide H                                    ToF-SIMS; principal component
                                                     analysis; photolithography; photoresist;
                                                     surface analysis; pattern

Nexterion Slide H

                                Nexterion Hyb        genotyping; polyploid; single nucleotide
                                                     polymorphism (SNP); wheat

Nexterion Slide E                                    microRNA; ovarian cancer; platinum
Nexterion Slide E (?)                               barcoding; biodiversity; DNA
                                                    microarray; green algae (Chlorophyta);
                                                    ITS2; species
Nexterion Slide A or A+ MPX-   Nexterion MPX-16
16                             Superstructures

Nexterion Slide E

Nexterion Slide E              Nexterion Block E,
                               Nexterion Hyb

Nexterion Glass D                                   reflectometric interference
                                                    spectroscopy (RIfS); endocrine
                                                    disruptor (EDC); estrogen receptor
                                                    (ER); biosensor; small interacting
                                                    peptides; label free
Nexterion Slide H                                   Galanthus nivalis agglutinin; glycan
                                                    array; cytoplasmic homolog; human
                                                    immunodeficiency virus;
                                                    agglutination; lectin
Nexterion Glass B or D                              titanium; aluminum oxide; interference
                                                    filter; atomic layer depostion; zZinc
                                                    oxide; color filter arraynone

Nexterion Slide A or A+

Nexterion Slide A+                                  zinc; Msn2/4p; Zap1p; Saccharomyces
                                                    cerevisiae; fermentation

Nexterion Slide E              Nexterion Spot       quantum dots (QD); fluorescence
                                                    lifetime imaging microscopy (FLIM);
                                                    DNA microarray; lifetime multiplexing
Nexterion Slide H-S                                 serum and plasma profiling; data
(discontinued)                                      normalization; tumor antigens; ELISA;
                                                    IgG; validation
Nexterion Slide H

Nexterion Slide E                                   ribosome; translation regulation; affinity-
                                                    purification; DNA microarrays;
                                                    translatome; yeast
Nexterion Slide E

Nexterion Slide H                                   antibody microarray; biomarker; lung
                                                    cancer; protein arrays; protein profiling

Nexterion Slide A+                                  DNA microarrays; data interpretations;
                                                    Candida albicans; copper metabolism

Nexterion Slide E

Nexterion Slide A+                                  arrayCGH; BAC array; HL-60

Nexterion Slide AL

Nexterion Slide E                                   cordycepin; ATP; poly(A); 39 end
                                                    formation; transcription; RNA;
                                                    Saccharomyces cerevisiae
Nexterion Slide E              Nexterion Spot LE    18S rRNA-based oligonucleotide
                               (discontinued)       microarray; Eurotiales; fungi;
Nexterion Slide AL

Nexterion Slide H

Nexterion Slide H                                   glycan; lectin; oral cancer; protein
Nexterion Slide H                                   cell-free; HaloTag; protein-protein
                                                    interaction; protein arrays; detection;
                                                    rabbit reticulocyte lysate
Nexterion Glass B or D                              surface chemistry; protein
                                                    immobilization; DNA immobilization;
                                                    peptide immobilization; atomic force
Nexterion Slide E

Nexterion Slide E                                   neuromedin U; neuromedin U receptor;
                                                    pancreatic cancer; c-Met; metastasis

Nexterion Slide E                                   human liver stem cell; TCDD;
                                                    comparative; liver; human;
Nexterion Slide H                                   glycosylation; glycoprotein; energy
                                                    transfer; gold nanoparticle; quantum
                                                    dot; biochip
Nexterion Slide A+

Nexterion Slide E

Nexterion Slide A+

Nexterion Slide E

Nexterion Slide AL                                  black root rot; Thielaviopsis basicola;
                                                    bacterial community; rhizosphere;
                                                    suppressive soil; taxonomic microarray

Nexterion Slide E

Nexterion Slide AL
Nexterion Slide H

Nexterion Slide H                                   carbohydrate-binding protein; glycolipid;
                                                    glycoprotein; neoglycolipid;
                                                    oligosaccharide; polysaccharide

Nexterion Slide AL             Nexterion Spot       Down syndrome; genotype-phenotype
                                                    correlations; chromosome 21; array
Nexterion Slide AL

Nexterion Slide A

Nexterion Slide A+

Nexterion Slide A, Nexterion
Slide A+
Nexterion Slide E              Nexterion Block E,   bacteriophage gene expression;
                               Nexterion Hyb        bacteriophage microarrays;
                                                    oligonucleotide probe design;
Nexterion Slide E               Nexterion Spot, Nexterion
                                Block E, Nexterion Hyb

Nexterion Slide H

Nexterion Slide E               Nexterion 70mer Oligo
                                Microarraying Kit, Nexterion
Nexterion Slide E               Nexterion 70mer Oligo
                                Microarraying Kit, Nexterion

Nexterion Slide AL

Nexterion Slide AL

                                Nexterion Spot

Nexterion Glass B                                              anatase; antimicrobial surfaces;
                                                               disinfection; photocatalysis; titanium
                                                               dioxide (TiO2)
Nexterion Slide E                                              microRNA expression; molecular
                                                               diagnostics; tumor classification

Nexterion Slide A+                                             bioremediation; functional gene; gene
                                                               array; polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbon;
                                                               air sparging;
                                                               nutrient infiltration
Nexterion Slide E                                              microarray; genetic identification;
                                                               cytochrome oxidase I; beneficials;
                                                               arthropods; quality control
Nexterion Slide E                                              cell cycle checkpoints; DNA damage;
                                                               microRNAs; stress granules

                                Nexterion Spot                 aptamer chip; C-reactive protein;
                                                               sandwich immunoassay; spiked serum

Nexterion Glass B

Nexterion Slide E MPX-16

Nexterion Slide E                                              plasma proteome; albumin;
                                                               thiocyanate; microarray; blood; cytokine

Nexterion Slide AL, Nexterion                                  antibody microarray; planar microarray;
Slide P                                                        suspension bead array; serum profiling;
                                                               antibody proteomics
Nexterion Glass B or D

Nexterion Slide E

Nexterion Slide E

Nexterion Slide E                                              microbial diagnostic microarray;
                                                               microarray substrates; immobilization;
Nexterion Glass B
                               Nexterion Spot       Burkholderia mallei; Burkholderia
                                                    pseudomallei; oligonucleotide
                                                    microarray; hybridization; multiplex
                                                    PCR; biotin labeling
Nexterion Slide E                                   Neisseria meningitidis; infection
                                                    biology; cellular microbiology; gene
                                                    expression; transcriptomics; microarrays

Nexterion Slide E

Nexterion Slide E                                   RAS; oncogene; DNA methylation;
                                                    HLA; immune suppression; signal
                                                    transduction; colorectal cancer
Nexterion Slide H                                   C-type lectins; MGL; carbohydrate
                                                    recognition; antigen presenting cells

Nexterion Slide E              Nexterion Block E,
                               Nexterion Hyb

Nexterion Slide H

Nexterion Slide H                                   glycan array; fluorescent labeling;
                                                    immobilization; functional glycomics

Nexterion Slide H

Nexterion Slide H                                   galectin; glycan microarray; fluorescent
                                                    labeling; immobilization; functional
Nexterion Slide H
Nexterion Slide E

Nexterion Slide AL MPX-12

Nexterion Slide H

Nexterion Slide H

Nexterion Slide E
Nexterion Glass B                                   immobilized enzymes; maleic anhydride
                                                    copolymers; Subtilisin Carlsberg;
                                                    antifouling; Ulva; Navicula
Nexterion Slide H                                   glycan array; glycan-binding receptor;
                                                    lectin; modeling; structure
Nexterion Glass B, Nexterion                        DNA microarray; gene array; DNA chip;
Glass D                                             biochip; genome; oligonucleotide chip

Nexterion Slide A or A+

Nexterion Slide E

Nexterion Slide A+

Nexterion Slide E MPX-16       Nexterion MPX-16
Nexterion Slide E

Nexterion Slide H                           flu vaccine; glycan binding; glycosylation

Nexterion Slide H MPX-16                    kinase; inhibition; peptide array;
                                            resonance light scattering (RLS);
                                            surface-enhanced Raman scattering
Nexterion Slide AL                          gleason grade; laser-assisted
                                            microdissection; whole-genome tiling
                                            path BAC array; high resolution aCGH;
                                            minimum altered genomic regions;
                                            TMPRSS2-ERG; INHBB; intrafocal
Nexterion Glass B                           bonding; fluidics; interconnections;
Nexterion Slide E

Nexterion Slide E

Nexterion Slide H

Nexterion Slide H                           antibody microarrays; disease
                                            proteomics; disease diagnostics; high-
                                            throughput proteomics; nanoarrays;
                                            oncoproteomics; protein expression
                                            profiling; recombinant antibodies

Nexterion Slide H

Nexterion Slide E

Nexterion Slide AL

Nexterion Slide H

Nexterion Slide E

Nexterion Slide H                           hemagglutinin; transmission; receptor
                                            binding; animal model

Nexterion Slide E                           breast cancer; genomic profiling; DNA
                                            amplification; oncogene; epithelial-
                                            mesenchymal transition; EMT

Nexterion Slide E                           microcantilevers; microarray;
                                            biomolecules; hybridization; protein
Nexterion Slide H                           carbohydrate; sialyltransferase;
                                            specificity; enzyme; glycan array
Nexterion Slide H
Nexterion Slide H

Nexterion Slide AL         Nexterion Spot

Nexterion Slide E
Nexterion Slide H

Nexterion Slide AL

                               Nexterion Spot              carbohydrate-binding protein detection;
                                                           glycan microarray; natural glycans;
                                                           serum screening; surface plasmon
Nexterion Slide E

Nexterion Slide E              Nexterion Spot, Nexterion   development; halibut; larva;
                               Block E                     metamorphosis; microarray;
Nexterion Slide H                                          2G12; glycan array; GnT I-deficient
                                                           HEK 293S; human immunodeficiency
                                                           virus; kifunensine; oligomannose;
                                                           vaccine; yeast

Nexterion Glass B                                          fouling; algae; self-assembled
                                                           monolayers; cationic peptides; Ulva;
Nexterion Glass B (cleanroom
Nexterion Glass B, cleanroom

Nexterion Slide E

Nexterion Slide AL                                         live attenuated vaccine; pertussis;
                                                           genetic stability
Nexterion Slide H

Nexterion Slide E, Nexterion
Slide E MPX-16
Nexterion Slide H                                          allergen microarray; molecule-based
                                                           allergy diagnosis; mugwort; ragweed

Nexterion custom coated
Nexterion Slide E

Nexterion Slide E                                          Alexandrium; DNA microarray;
                                                           hybridization; molecular probes;
                                                           paralytic shellfish poisoning (PSP)
Nexterion Slide H, Nexterion
Slide NC
Nexterion Slide E
Nexterion Slide E

Nexterion Slide NC             Nexterion Spot PB

Nexterion Slide E

Nexterion Slide E              Nexterion Spot modified

Nexterion Slide A, Nexterion
Slide E

Nexterion Slide H

Nexterion Slide A, Nexterion   Nexterion Spot, Nexterion
Slide A+, Nexterion Slide E    Spot modified, LEB I, LEB
                               II, LEB II
Nexterion Slide H                                adhesin; antiviral agents; dendrimers;
                                                 glycomimetics; lectins
Nexterion Glass B                                DNA microarray; genotyping; type-
                                                 specific oligonucleotide hybridization
Nexterion Slide E

Nexterion Slide E    Nexterion Block E,
                     Nexterion Hyb
Nexterion Slide H

Nexterion Slide H                                Galanthus nivalis agglutinin; glycan
                                                 array; cytoplasmic homolog; human
                                                 immunodeficiency virus; agglutination;
Nexterion Slide E                                DDT; liver; microarray; CAR;
Nexterion Slide E                                glioblastoma; proteomics; microarray;
                                                 platinum complexes; thioredoxin
                                                 reductase; free radicals
Nexterion Slide E                                PCB126; TCDD; TEF; liver; mouse;

Nexterion Slide H                                cell activation; drug development;
                                                 immunology; signal transduction;
                                                 T lymphocytes
Nexterion Slide H                                complement; the lectin pathway; L-
                                                 Ficolin specificity; recognition of
Nexterion Slide A+
Nexterion Slide AL                               Actinomycete diversity; cloning
                                                 soil communities; taxonomic microarray

Nexterion Slide H                                bacterial lectin; Burkholderia
                                                 cenocepacia; Pseudomonas
                                                 aeruginosa; Burkholderia cepacia
Nexterion Slide E                                LIBS; nucleic acid; micro-array;
                                                 phosphorus; statistical analysis

Nexterion HiSens E   Nexterion Spot, Nexterion   oligo-microarrays; BRSV; discrimination
                     MPX-16 Superstructures

                     Nexterion Spot II

Nexterion Slide H

Nexterion Slide E                                microarray; gene expression; uterine
Nexterion Slide A                                squamous cell carcinoma; array CGH;
                                                 gene expression analysis; data overlay;
                                                 GO; pathway analysis

Nexterion Slide E                                biofilm; resistance; species interaction

Nexterion HiSens E                               fluorescence enhancement;
                                                 interference; microarray;
                                                 aluminiumsilicon-copper alloy; µTAS
Nexterion Glass D (special                           surface chemistry; poly(ethylene
anorganic coating)                                   glycol); reflectometric interference
                                                     spectroscopy (RIfS); ellipsometry;
                                                     biosensor; atomic force microscopy
                                                     (AFM); polarisation modulation infrared
                                                     reflection absorption spectroscopy (PM-
Nexterion Slide H-S
Nexterion Slide E                                    adhesion; fibroblast; migration;
                                                     mycophenolic acid; proliferation
Nexterion Slide A                                    single molecule force spectroscopy;
                                                     atomic force microscope; molecular
                                                     dynamics simulations; energy
                                                     landscape; antibody-antigen interaction

Nexterion Slide H                                    tyrosine phosphorylation; signal
                                                     transduction; antibody microarray;
                                                     molecular profiling
Nexterion Slide H                                    protein array; HaloTag; protein-protein
                                                     interaction; protein stability; wheat germ
                                                     cell free expression
Nexterion Slide E                                    TCDD; TCDF; microarray; liver; mouse;

Nexterion Slide E            Nexterion Block E

Nexterion Slide E            Nexterion Spot

Nexterion Slide H                                    biomarkers; functional proteomics; high-
                                                     throughput; immunoassay; protein

Nexterion Slide E

Nexterion Slide E
Nexterion Slide A                                    SKY/FISH; CD8+NK/T; genomic
                                                     analysis; aCGH

Nexterion Slide H                                    biochips; DNA–protein recognition;
                                                     glycan arrays; hydrogel; prostate-
                                                     specific antigen; protein arrays
Nexterion Slide A

Nexterion Slide E                                    arrayed primer extension (APEX);
                                                     oligonucleotide microarray; human
                                                     immunodeficiency virus (HIV);
                                                     genotypic drug resistance testing
Nexterion Slide A+                                   canola; Brassica napus; genetically
                                                     modified; multiplex PCR;
                                                     oligonucleotide microarray
Nexterion Slide H

Nexterion Slide E

Nexterion Slide E            Nexterion 70mer Oligo
                             Microarraying Kit
Nexterion Slide A or A+        Nexterion Spot

Nexterion Slide E              Nexterion Block E    galactose metabolism; differential gene
                                                    expression; transcriptome
Nexterion Slide E

Nexterion Slide E              Nexterion Block E    DNA microarray; fabrication; gene
                                                    expression; microarray experimental
                                                    process; reproducibility; data analysis;
                                                    clinical applications; regulatory decision-

Nexterion Slide A or A+                             electrophoresis; gel-staining;
                                                    glycoprotein; liquid chromatography;
                                                    capillary electrophoresis; electrospray,
                                                    mass spectrometry; carbohydrate
                                                    microarrays; carbohydrate-protein
                                                    interactions; diagnosis; enzymatic
                                                    glycosylations; glycomics;
                                                    analysis; lectins

Nexterion Slide H                                   carbohydrates; CD95 ligand; GM4;
                                                    tolerance; tumour immunity

Nexterion HiSens E             Nexterion Spot       nanoparticles; lanthanide europium
                                                    oxide; dna microarrays; mtbe;
                                                    Methylibium petroleiphilum PM1
Nexterion Slide E                                   iminoalditol; iminosugar chip;
                                                    immobilisation; glycosidase
Nexterion Slide H                                   influenza; glycan array; hemagglutinin;
                                                    receptor specificity;
Nexterion Slide E

Nexterion Slide E              Nexterion Block E,
                               Nexterion Hyb
Nexterion Glass D

Nexterion Slide H                                   biomaker; cell differentiation; glycan
                                                    signature; lectin microarray; pathogen
Nexterion Slide E                                   evanescent; glycoconjugate; lectin;
                                                    microarray; specificity

Nexterion Slide E, Nexterion
Slide H
Nexterion Slide E              Nexterion Spot

Nexterion Slide H

Nexterion Slide E
Nexterion Slide H                                   fluorescent probes; glycan arrays; mass
                                                    spectrometry; microarrays; protein
Nexterion Slide E                                   evanescent-field; glycomics; high-
                                                    sensitivity; lectin microarray
Nexterion Slide E

Nexterion Slide E              antibiotic resistance; microarray;
                               oligonucleotides; salmonella; serovars;
Nexterion Slide H              array; diagnosis

Nexterion Slide AL

Nexterion Slide H              glycodendron; high mannose;
                               multivalency; HIV vaccine; antiviral
Nexterion Slide H

Nexterion Slide H, Nexterion
Slide NC
Nexterion Slide E, Nexterion
Slide H
Nexterion Slide H

Nexterion Slide H              microarray; antibody; dna; surface
                               chemistry; immobilization; assay;
                               diagnostics; assays; detection; protein
                               array; analysis
Nexterion Slide A

Nexterion Slide A

Nexterion Slide H

Nexterion Slide E

Nexterion Slide E

Nexterion Slide MPX-16

Nexterion Slide H

Nexterion Slide A+             diagnostic microarray; Bacillus
                               anthracis; Bacillus cereus; ATCC
                               10987; antibiotic resistance;
                               ciprofloxacin; doxycycline; rifampin;
Nexterion Slide A or A+

Nexterion Slide A+

Nexterion Glass B or D

Nexterion Slide E              antennapedia; bithorax; chromatin;
                               gene regulation; HOX

Nexterion Slide A+

Nexterion Slide H
Nexterion Slide H
Nexterion Slide H                                   affinity proteomics; antibody
                                                    microarrays; disease proteomics;
                                                    nanoarrays; oncoproteomics; protein
                                                    array; proteomics; recombinant
                                                    antibody microarray
Nexterion Slide A+

Nexterion Slide H                                   affinity; cell surface; galectin; sialic
                                                    acid; specificity
Nexterion Slide E              Nexterion Block E

Nexterion Slide A

Nexterion Slide E              Nexterion Spot

Nexterion Slide H                                   protein microarray; polyurethane; print
                                                    buffer; antibody immobilization
Nexterion Slide H

unknown (Nexterion Slide H?)                        p/MHC microarrays; T cells; antigens;
                                                    epitopes; TCR; high-throughput
                                                    screening; immune response
                                                    vaccines; infectious diseases

                               Nexterion dyes       gene expression; microarrays; RNA
Nexterion Slide AL

Nexterion Glass B or D

Nexterion Slide H                                   alopecia; hair cycle; growth factors;
                                                    EGF; TPA; Wnt pathway; homologous

Nexterion Slide AL

Nexterion Slide H

Nexterion Slide AL                                  affinity; cell extract; consensus; DNA-
                                                    binding domain; DNA-protein
                                                    interactions; hybridisation; transcription
                                                    factor; protein purification; protein-
                                                    binding microarray

Nexterion Slide E

Nexterion Slide A+                                  microarray; tetracycline;
                                                    Campylobacter; plasticity
Nexterion Slide E              Nexterion Block E,
                               Nexterion Hyb

Nexterion Slide A+                                  Smith–Magenis syndrome; MLPA; array-
                                                    CGH; 17p11.2 deletion; moyamoya;
                                                    cerebrovascular abnormalities
Nexterion Slide A, Nexterion    bioassay; carbohydrate array;
Slide A+, Nexterion Slide AL,   diagnostics; DNA array; glass slide;
Nexterion Slide E, Nexterion    hydrogel; microarray; nonspecific
Slide H                         binding; peptide array; polymer coating;
                                protein array; silane; surface chemistry;
                                surface immobilization

Nexterion Slide A               leaf senescence; microarrays; nutrient
                                remobilization; transcriptome; Triticum
Nexterion Slide E

Nexterion Glass D

Nexterion Slide H
Nexterion Slide H               antibodies; antigens; arrays;
                                carbohydrates; viruses
Nexterion Slide E

Nexterion Slide E

Nexterion Slide A+              assays; kinases; mass spectrometry;
                                nanoparticles; peptides

Nexterion Slide A+              protein kinase; phosphorylation; gold
                                nanoparticles; peptide; fluorescent
Nexterion Slide H               chip, protease, enzyme assay, FRET,
                                peptide, quantum dot

Nexterion Slide E               Hodgkin lymphoma; SAGE; array-
                                based CGH; IRAK1; FSCN1
Nexterion Slide A
Nexterion Slide E

Nexterion Slide H

Nexterion Slide A+

Nexterion Slide H

Nexterion Slide AL

Nexterion Slide A

Nexterion Slide A

Nexterion Slide A

Nexterion Slide A

Nexterion Slide H
Nexterion Slide E                                          pancreatic neoplasm; microarray;
                                                           expression profiling

Nexterion Slide E                                          ependymoma; subependymoma;
                                                           microarray analysis; overall survival; Ki-
Nexterion Slide E                                          Bifidobacterium; antimicrobial
                                                           susceptibility; tetracycline; probiotic;
                                                           human intestinal
Nexterion Slide A or A+                                    dormancy; forcing; gene expression;
                                                           microarray; raspberry buds

Nexterion Slide E              Nexterion Hyb

Nexterion Slide E

Nexterion Slide E              Nexterion Spot
Nexterion Slide E                                          diatoms; flagellated algae; molecular
                                                           probes; optimized protocol; phylochip

Nexterion Slide A+                                         array CGH; karyotype; chorioangioma;
                                                           placental hemangioma; liver
Nexterion Slide A

Nexterion Slide A

Nexterion Slide A
Nexterion Slide E              Nexterion Spot, Nexterion
Nexterion Slide H                                          peroxisome proliferator-activated
                                                           receptors; PPARs; PPAR target genes;
                                                           POTE genes
Nexterion Slide H

Nexterion Slide E                                          consensus PCR; disease diagnostics
                                                           and detection; Mollicutes;
                                                           phytoplasmas; 16S rRNA
Nexterion Slide E                                          cancer; inflammation; innate immunity;
Nexterion Slide E, Nexterion                               PTM (post translational modification);
Slide H                                                    SUMO
                                                           (small ubiquitin-like modifier); protein
                                                           microarray; cell-free
                                                           expression system
Nexterion Slide E, Nexterion                               SUMO (small ubiquitin-like modifier);
Slide H                                                    protein microarray; post translational
                                                           modification; chip-based analysis

Nexterion Slide E              Nexterion Spot, Nexterion
                               LEB 2 (discontinued)

Nexterion Slide H

Nexterion Slide H                                          lectin microarray; glycomics;
                                                           carbohydrate analysis; glycan profiling;
Nexterion Slide H

Nexterion Slide E

Nexterion Slide AL, Nexterion
Slide H
Nexterion Slide A+

Nexterion Slide E
Nexterion Slide AL, Nexterion                        microarray; indel; genotyping; mutant
Slide AL MPX-16                                      mapping
Nexterion Glass D                                    bacterial adhesion; poly(ethylene
                                                     glycol) coating; parallel plate flow
                                                     chamber; physiological fluids; infection;
                                Nexterion Spot II    insulin resistance; cell volume;
                                (discontinued)       translation; cyclins
Nexterion Slide AL, Nexterion                        ELISA; antibody; microarray; solid
Slide E, Nexterion Slide H                           support

Nexterion Slide E

Nexterion Slide A+

Nexterion Slide E

Nexterion Slide H MPX-16

Nexterion Slide H                                    DNA microarray construction; cDNA
                                                     libraries; chip substrate; protein-lipid
                                                     interactions; glycosylation
Nexterion Slide E                                    glycome; lectin microarray; live cells;
Nexterion Slide A+

Nexterion Slide H

Nexterion Slide E                                    cardiomyopathy; heart failure; fetal
                                                     heart; microRNAs
Nexterion Slide AL

Nexterion Slide H

Nexterion Slide AL

Nexterion Slide E

Nexterion Slide E               Nexterion Block E,
                                Nexterion Hyb

Nexterion Slide AL

Nexterion Glass B               Nexterion Spot       bacterial evolution; chip technology;
                                                     population genetics
Nexterion Slide A or A+

Nexterion Slide A or A+

Nexterion Slide H                                   antibody microarray; protein labeling;
                                                    proteome analysis; recombinant scFv;
                                                    solid support
Nexterion Slide A, Nexterion                        activity profiling; combinatorial libraries;
Slide A+, Nexterion Slide AL,                       diagnostic; screening; small molecule
Nexterion Slide E, Nexterion                        microarray (SMM)
Slide H

Nexterion Slide A,

Nexterion Slide H

Nexterion Slide A+

Nexterion Slide AL, Nexterion   Nexterion MPX-16
Slide E, Nexterion Slide H,     Superstructures
Nexterion Slide MPX-16,
Nexterion Slide MPX-48

Nexterion Slide AL, Nexterion                       classification; surface chemistry;
Slide E, Nexterion Slide H                          detection; capture agents; standards;
                                                    data analysis
Nexterion Slide H

Nexterion Slide AL                                  peptide microarray; epitope mapping;
                                                    TSH receptor; site-specific
                                                    immobilization; autoimmune disease;
                                                    muliplex immunoassay
Nexterion Slide E               Nexterion Hyb       DEV; Hodgkin’s lymphoma; NLPHL;
                                                    BCL6 ABR breakpoint; 17q24 deletion

Nexterion Slide H                                   NK cells; sialic acid; MALDI-TOF

Nexterion Slide AL

Nexterion Slide E               Nexterion Spot      microarray; array surface; genotyping;

Nexterion Slides                                    protein chips; arrays; phosphorylation;
                                                    protein activity; Immobilization

Nexterion Slide A                                   CalB; immobilization; poly(ethylene
                                                    glycol); protein engineering; surface
Nexterion Slide H
Nexterion Slide E               Nexterion Block E

Nexterion Slide H                                   microarray; oligosaccharide;
                                                    polysaccharide; reducing-end
Nexterion Slide E                                TCDD; toxicogenomics; liver; cross-
                                                 species comparison

Nexterion Slide E

Nexterion Slide E    Nexterion Block E           Corynebacterium jeikeium; human skin
                                                 flora; axillary odor formation;
                                                 oligonucleotide microarray; genome-
                                                 wide expression
                                                 profiling; deodorant ingredient
Nexterion Slide A                                Bacillus anthracis; bioterrorism;
                                                 differential identification; DNA
                                                 microarray detection; environmental
                                                 Bacillus species
Nexterion Slide H
Nexterion Slide AL

Nexterion Slide AL   Nexterion Spot              cell division; differentiation; microarray
                                                 analysis; pilus; proteolysis

Nexterion Slide E

Nexterion Slide E

Nexterion Slide A+

Nexterion Slide A+

Nexterion Slide H

Nexterion Slide H

Nexterion Slide E

Nexterion Slide E

Nexterion Slide E                                array-CGH analysis; mental retardation;
                                                 CNTN4; CHL1; CRBN; 3p- syndrome;
                                                 trisomy 3p syndrome
Nexterion Slide H                                glycochip; carbohydrate array;
Nexterion Slide E                                comparative genomic hybridization;
                                                 gene amplification; edulloblastoma;
                                                 molecular genetics; RPS6KB1

Nexterion Slide H
Nexterion Slide A

Nexterion Slide E                                cDNA microarray; 17β-Estradiol; in vitro
                                                 culture conditions; in vitro vs. in vivo
Nexterion Slide E    Nexterion Spot, Nexterion   diagnostics; Meloidogyne chitwoodi;
                     Block E                     microarray; root-knot nematode

Nexterion Slide E
Nexterion Slide A

Nexterion Slide A

Nexterion Slide E

Nexterion Slide E

Nexterion Slide E          antibody microarrays; cross-reactivity;
                           expression profiling; L-threonine
Nexterion Slide E

Nexterion Slide A or A,+
Nexterion Slide E

Nexterion Slide E

Nexterion Slide A or A+    lung adenocarcinoma; array CGH; 4-
                           butanone; chromosome instability

Nexterion Slide AL
Nexterion Slide NC

Nexterion Slide (unknown   XDead end; germ cell development;
coating)                   primordial germ cells

Nexterion Slide H

Nexterion Slide H

Nexterion Slide E          multistage carcinogenesis; papilloma;
                           squamous cell carcinoma; gene
                           expression profiling; self-organizing

Nexterion Slide A          Vicia faba; broad bean rust; EST;
                           biotrophy; haustorium; cDNA library
Nexterion Slide E

Nexterion Glass D
Nexterion Slide H

Nexterion Slide E

Nexterion Slide A

Nexterion Slide A

Nexterion Slide A or A+    affinity; ambient analyte theory;
                           antibody microarrays; diffusion;
                           kinetics; mass transport; protein
                           expression profiling; proteomics;
                           sensitivity; surface chemistry; two-
                           compartment model
Nexterion Slide H

Nexterion Slide H

Nexterion Slide A+

Nexterion Slide A                                            genomics; HIV infections;

Nexterion Slide E

Nexterion Slide H

                                 Nexterion Spot

Nexterion Slide E                Nexterion Hyb               antimicrobial activity; bacteroid;
                                                             endoreduplication; Medicago; nitrogen
Nexterion Glass B, Nexterion                                 glass surface; aminosilane;
Glass D                                                      microarrays; XPS; molecular
                                                             orientation; Raman
Nexterion HiSens E
Nexterion Slide A

Nexterion Slide E                                            AFM; force spectroscopy; digoxigenin;
                                                             antibody; loading rate; PEG;
                                                             nanostructure; epoxy silane
Nexterion Glass B, Nexterion                                 biochip; blood screening; blood testing;
Glass D, Nexterion Slide A,                                  cancer; infectious disease; in vitro
Nexterion Slide AL, Nexterion                                diagnostics; microarray; nucleic acid
Slide E                                                      testing; point-of-care; typing

Nexterion Slide A+, Nexterion    Nexterion Spot, Nexterion
Slide AL, Nexterion Slide E      Spot modified

                                 Nexterion Spot II           RNA amplification; microarray;
                                 (discontinued)              mycobacteria
Nexterion HiSens A                                           DNA microarray; protein microarray;
                                                             signal amplification; optical interference
Nexterion Slide E                                            stannin; TNF-α; HUVEC; microarray;
                                                             cell growth; cell cycle
Nexterion Slide AL

not specified Nexterion slides

Nexterion Slide A
Nexterion Slide H

Nexterion Slide AL                                           bacterial community; rhizosphere; soil
                                                             disease suppressiveness; 16S
                                                             taxonomic microarray; quantitative PCR

Nexterion Slide AL               Nexterion Hyb
Nexterion Slide AL

Nexterion Slide H                                  fluorescent probes; hydrolases;
                                                   inhibitors; protein microarrays; small-
                                                   molecule microarrays
Nexterion Slide E

Nexterion Slide E
Nexterion Slide A

Nexterion Slide A                                  flagella; Listeria monocytogenes;
                                                   MogR; DegU; GmaR; temperature-
                                                   dependent regulation; O-linked GlcNAc
Nexterion Slide A or A+                            Candida albicans ; adherence; DNA
                                                   microarray; in vitro assay; Caco-2; A-
Nexterion Slide E                                  array-CGH; low molecular weight
                                                   targets; deletions; high resolution;
                                                   Rubinstein-Taybi syndrome;
Nexterion Slide H                                  glycoarray; influenza; 1918 pandemic;
                                                   hemagglutinin; receptor specificity

Nexterion Slide H

Nexterion Slide E                                  contractile function; calcium;
                                                   mechanotransduction; danon disease;
Nexterion Slide E                                  immunity; microRNA; LPS; Toll-like

Nexterion Slide E              Nexterion Hyb

Nexterion Slide E

Nexterion Slide H, Nexterion                       combinatorial chemistry; microarrays;
Slide A+ MPX-16                                    nucleic acids; proteases; proteomics

Nexterion Slide A or A+,
Nexterion Slide E, Nexterion
Slide H, Nexterion Slide NC
Nexterion Slide AL             Nexterion Spot      sporulation; forespore; sigma factor;
                                                   transcriptional profiling;
                               Nexterion Spot II

Nexterion Slide E

Nexterion Slide E                                  cochlea; hair cell; inner ear; microRNA;
                                                   RNA interference
Nexterion Slide A

Nexterion Slide H

Nexterion Slide H
Nexterion Slide H                                            microarray; antibody; surface chemistry;
                                                             immobilization; assay; diagnostics;
                                                             shelf life
                                Nexterion Protein Labeling   antibody microarray; inflammation;
                                Kit (discontinued)           ELISA; c-reactive protein
Nexterion Slide AL                                           addiction; cocaine; dopamine D3
                                                             receptor; drugs of abuse; in vivo gene
                                                             transfer; lentivirus; plasticity; siRNA

Nexterion Slide AL

Nexterion Slide H

Nexterion Slide E                                            TCDD; microarray; liver; mouse;
                                                             temporal; dose response

Nexterion Slide E                                            microarray; multipathogen; detection;
                                                             Bacillus anthracis; anthrax; bioterrorism

Nexterion Slide MPX
Nexterion Slide H                                            aptamer; biosensor; electrochemistry;
                                                             nanoparticle; nanoscale

                                Nexterion Spot II            ASCT2; NKCC1; partial hepatectomy
Nexterion Slide E                                            interindividual variation; microarray;
Nexterion Slide AL

Nexterion Slide E                                            adipose tissue; carnitine
                                                             palmitoyltransferase 1; fish oil; flax-
                                                             seed oil; metabolism; mitochondria; n-
                                                             3 polyunsaturated fatty acids; PGC-1;
Nexterion Slide E                                            benzo[a]pyrene; aryl hydrocarbon
                                                             receptor; Hepa-1c1c7

Nexterion Slide H                                            CGR8 embryonic stem cells; gene
                                                             expression, microarrays; development

Nexterion Slide A+              Nexterion Spot, Nexterion    cDNA microarrays; gene expression;
                                Hyb                          phytase; safety assessment; transgenic
Nexterion Slide AL, Nexterion                                antibody microarrays; protein
Slide E, Nexterion Slide H                                   microarrays

Nexterion Slide E

Nexterion Slide E                                            cell dispensing; cell microarrays; EDC-
Nexterion Slide E               Nexterion Block E

Nexterion Slide AL              Nexterion Spot

Nexterion Glass B or D                                       autoantibodies; autoantigen microarray;
                                                             systemic lupus erythematosus

Nexterion Slide E, Nexterion    Nexterion Hyb                array comparative genomic
Slide E MPX-16                                               hybridisation; subtelomere array;
                                                             subtelomeric rearrangements; mental
                                                             retardation; multiple congenital
Nexterion Glass D                                            copper; metallic thin films;
                                                             electrodeposition; internal stresses;
                                                             grain boundaries; adsorbed layers;
                                                             stress relaxation; nucleation;
                                                             voltammetry (chemical analysis); rain
Nexterion Slide H                                            cDNA library; interaction; protein chip;
                                                             protein domain; protein microarray;
                                                             protein-protein; recombinant protein

Nexterion Slide AL                                           molecular recognition; SPR; AFM;
                                                             suicide coupler; hAGT; SNAP-tag
Nexterion Slide E                                            uterotrophic assay; microarray; species
                                                             comparison; ethynyl estradiol

Nexterion Slide A

Nexterion Slide A

Nexterion Slide E                Nexterion Hyb

Nexterion Slide A

                                 Nexterion Spot, Nexterion   antimicrobial resistance; DNA array;
                                 Hyb                         epidemiology, microarray; MRSA;
                                                             Staphylococcus aureus
Nexterion Slide A
Nexterion Slide A
Nexterion Slide AL                                           cDNA microarray; defence response;
                                                             gene expression pattern; plant
                                                             protection products; Triticum aestivum

                                 Nexterion Hyb

Nexterion Glass B

                                 Nexterion Spot, Nexterion   biochip; microarray; signal
                                 Spot modified               enhancement; ARChip Epoxy

Nexterion Slide H

Nexterion Slide H

Nexterion Slide H

Nexterion Slide AL, Nexterion                                allele-specific-oligonucleotide; DNA-
Slide E                                                      microarray; locus; polyploidy;
                                                             quantitative genotyping; single-
                                                             nucleotide polymorphism
not specified Nexterion slides

Nexterion Slide A

Nexterion Slide E                                            1q12–21 amplicon; ALCL; CALM2;
                                                             S100A10; S100A11
                                 Nexterion Spot, Nexterion   DNA microarray technology; species
                                 Hyb                         identification; chlamydia;
                                                             chlamydophila; clinical samples
Nexterion Slide E                                   comparative study; expression profiling;
                                                    head and neck cancer; oligonucleotide
                                                    oligonucleotide probes; reproducibility
                                                    of results; statistics and numerical data

Nexterion Slide E

Nexterion Slide E                                   Virtek Chip-Writer Pro (Bio-Rad), split
                                                    pins (TeleChem)

Nexterion Slide E                                   microRNA; miRNA; gene expression
                                                    profile; oligonucleotide microarray;
                                                    poly(A) polymerase
Nexterion Slide E

Nexterion Slide E               Nexterion Spot II   Neisseria meningitidis; typing; DNA
                                (discontinued)      microarrays; MLST
Nexterion Slide E MPX-16

Nexterion Slide H                                   6′-sulfo-sialyl-Lewis X; eosinophils;
                                                    functionally; convergent paralog; Siglec-
                                                    8; Siglec-F

Nexterion Slide E                                   immunology; cardiopulmonary bypass;
                                                    inflammation: leukocytes; molecular
Nexterion Slide E                                   tuberculosis; serology; microarray;
                                                    multiplexing; multi-variant analysis;
                                                    ROC analysis
Nexterion Slide AL, Nexterion
Slide H
Nexterion Slide E               Nexterion Hyb

Nexterion Slide H

Nexterion Slides                                    microarray; complementary DNA
                                                    (cDNA); oligonucleotide; gene
                                                    expression analysis; two-color
                                                    hybridizations; transcription profiling

Nexterion Slide A+

Nexterion Slide A+                                  thioredoxin; CD81; oxidative; marathon

Nexterion Slide E

Nexterion Slide AL                                  addiction; drugs of abuse; lentivirus
                                                    plasticity; rat; serine proteases

Nexterion Slide AL                                  sandwich immunoassay; protein array;
                                                    cytokine; specificity; cross-reactivity;
Nexterion Slide H                                   carbohydrate; lectin; microarray;
                                                    glycoprotein; glycolipid
Nexterion Slide E

Nexterion Slide E
Nexterion Glass B

Nexterion Slide AL

Nexterion Slide E                                           pancreas; microarray analysis;
                                                            DPC4/SMAD4; beta-catenin; p16INK4A

Nexterion Slide E                                           herpesvirus infections, diagnosis;
                                                            diagnostic tests
Nexterion Slide AL                                          multiplexing; protein array; recombinant
(derivatized with NHS ester)                                antibody; sandwich immunoassay

Nexterion Slide H                                           biological molecules - nucleic acids;
                                                            biological molecules - proteins; surface
                                                            chemical reaction
Nexterion Slide E

Nexterion Slide E                                           feeding guilds; herbivore resistance;
                                                            jasmonic acid; microarray; salicylic acid

Nexterion Slide E

Nexterion Slide E               Nexterion Block E           phosphorus; starvation; adaptation;
                                                            gene regulation

Nexterion Slide A+

Nexterion Slide AL, Nexterion
Slide E
Nexterion Slide E

Nexterion Slide E               Nexterion Spot II

Nexterion Glass B

Nexterion Slide AL                                          antibody profiling; anti-phosphopeptide
                                                            antibodies; assay developement;
                                                            kinase substrate profiling; peptide
                                Nexterion Spot, Nexterion
                                Spot modified
Nexterion Slide A+, Nexterion                               two-color microarrays; normalization;
Slide AL, Nexterion Slide E                                 LOWESS, dye-swap; replicates

Nexterion Slide E                                           Agrobacterium-mediated
                                                            transformation; herbivore-induced
                                                            volatile production; indirect
                                                            and direct defences; oligonucleotide
                                                            microarray; plant fitness; proteinase
Nexterion Slide H

Nexterion Slide A+ or A,
Nexterion Slide AL, Nexterion
Slide E, Nexterion Slide H

Nexterion Slide E                                           human herpes virus; DNA microarrays;
Nexterion Slide A+                                          fluorescence lifetime measurement;
                                                            label-free detection; protein intrinsic
                                                            fluorescence; protein microarrays;
                                                            protein-protein interaction
Nexterion Slide E

Nexterion Slide E               Nexterion Hyb               acute myeloid leukaemia; FRA6C
                                                            (6p22); array comparative genomic
Nexterion Slide E                                           Tupiocoris notatus; Manduca sexta ;
                                                            Nicotiana attenuata; microarray; PCA;

Nexterion Slide E                                           elicitors; fatty acid–amino acid
                                                            conjugates; induced plant defence;
                                                            noctuidae; sphingidae
Nexterion Slide A+, Nexterion                               microarray; robots; printing; substrates;
Slide AL, Nexterion Slide E                                 scanners; data capture

Nexterion Slide A+
Nexterion Slide A

Nexterion Slide E
Nexterion Slide AL, Nexterion
Slide E
Nexterion Slide E               Nexterion Spot, Nexterion
                                Block E
                                Nexterion Hyb

Nexterion Slide H

Nexterion Slide E                                           review; microarray technologies;
                                                            proteomics; proteins; antibodies
Nexterion Slide H

Nexterion Slide E               Nexterion Spot

Nexterion Slide A+

Nexterion Slide E

Nexterion Slide E                                           antibody; cross-linker; glass slide;
                                                            microarrays; surface modification
Nexterion Slide A+

                                Nexterion Spot, Nexterion   DNA Array; Staphylococcus aureus;
                                Hyb                         antimicrobial resistance
Nexterion Slide E                                           expression profiling; microarray; skin
                                                            carcinogenesis; SSH; tumour promoter

Nexterion Slide E               Nexterion Block E,
                                Nexterion Hyb
Nexterion Glass B, Nexterion                     virus diagnostics; DNA microarrays; on-
Glass D                                          chip synthesis; chemical
                                                 oligonucleotide synthesis; DNA
                                                 immobilization chemistry; dendrimers;
                                                 probe specifity; fluorescence detection

Nexterion Glass D

Nexterion Slide E                                biochip; microagitation; microarray;
                                                 hybridization; ArrayBooster
Nexterion Slide AL, Nexterion   Nexterion Spot
Slide E
Nexterion Glass B

Nexterion Slide E                                DNA microarray; oligonucleotide; gene
                                                 expression; oral biology; post-genomics

Nexterion Slides
Nexterion Slide AL

Nexterion Slide H
Nexterion Glass B

Nexterion Glass B, Nexterion                     DNA analysis; capillary array ;
Glass D                                          electrophoresis; confocal fluorescence
                                                 detection; multiplex sample injection,
                                                 glass micromachining; capillary
                                                 electrophoresis chips
      Third party protocols for SCHOTT Nexterion® products

#     Slide type                     Auxiliary materials     Title
    1 Nexterion Slide A, Nexterion                           Post-Processing of Corning Ultra GAPS Oligo Arrays and
      Slide A+                                               SCHOTT aminosilane oligo arrays
    2 Nexterion Slide E                                      Hybridization protocol for Ambion probe set printed on
                                                             Nexterion E slides
    3 Nexterion Slide E                                      Microarray hybridization using Thermomixer comfort: The
                                                             effect of different priming-strategies on signal intensity

    4 Nexterion Slide E                                      High Throughput Arrayed NF-kB Transcription Factor Profiling

    5 Nexterion Slide E                                      Gastrointestinal (GI) tract bacteria detection using a short
                                                             oligonucleotide microarray
    6 Nexterion Slide E              Nexterion Block E       Transcriptomics / Medicago truncatula handbook
    7 Nexterion Slide E, Nexterion                           Advalytix SlideBooster SB800 microarray hybridization station
      Slide E MPX-16, Nexterion                              User Guide
      Slide A, Nexterion Slide A
    8 Nexterion Slide NC-N                                   ProteoScan Cancer Lysate Array
    9 Nexterion Slide H                                      Fabrication et distribution de puces a ADN par depot
Version     Company/Institute                    Author(s)            URL
                                                 Buess M
 2006-01-17 Stanford: functional genomics facility          

           - Kreatech Biotechnologie            Pereira P, Santos M

           - Eppendorf                                               A, Wloszczak W, Sikorski MM, Figlerowicz M
                                                Handschuh L, Zmienko

           - Molecular Devices                  Miller S    

           - Institute of Food Research                     

  Nov. 2006                                                 
                                                Küster H, Becker A, Samac D, Tesfaye M
         3.2 Beckman Coulter Biomedical                     

          - Origene                                         
 2009-09-16 IGBMC                                           
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Eppendorf Application
Note 121, September 2005

MDS Analytical
Technologies Application
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