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									                                  Welcome to Jeopardy!
To Play:
 Select a worksheet tab (from the bottom of the screen) with the game you would like to play. Press the Play button at
 the top of the worksheet.

  The Team Names screen will appear. Enter the team names. Team names should be no more the 6 characters long.
  Blank teams names will b omitted from the game. Team1 will be the first team to pick a category (do your coin toss at
  this point).
  Play Options. Game mode is intended to be used with a 'host', where the earnings are awarded before the answer is
  shown (like the current version of the tv game show). Study Mode earnings can be awarded before or after the answer
  is shown and multiple player are able to earn points. Rotation Options. Taking turns mode each team will
  sequentially take a turn choosing a category, then they will have the first opportunity to answer. If the team anwers
  incorrectly or passes, the next team in line will have an opportunity to guess, and so forth. The Buzzer mode, a buzzer
  ( bell, clap, tap or gesture) will indicate which team earns the first guess. The team to answer correctly will be able to
  choose the next category (like the current version of the tv game show).

  Hit the Play button and you are off to win some money (or bragging rights)!

  The Jeopardy matrix with the categories and dollar amounts will appear. The teams and their winnings are displayed
  at the bottom of the screen. The team name in red will choose the category. Clues are selected by hitting the dollar
  button of choice.

  A new screen will appear with a running clock, the clue and the teams and winnings. Each team has a correct and
  incorrect button. When a team produces the correct answer, hit the correct button and money will be added to their
  winnings. If a team answers incorrectly, hit the incorrect button and the dollar amount will be deducted from their
  winnings. A team may choose to pass without monetary consequence. Once a correct answer has been identified or
  all teams have guessed incorrectly, the correct question will appear automatically. If all of the teams have responded
  without a correct question, hit the Answer button and the correct answer will appear. For training purposes the answer
  will remain on screen for discussion until the Next button is executed. Then you are back to the Jeopardy matrix.

Daily Double:
 Yes, We have daily doubles! The team that selects the daily double will be the only team permitted to provide a
 correct or incorrect answer or pass (without consequence). An input box will appear describing you minimum and
 maximum wager. Enter your wager, hit enter and attempt your question!

  Daily Doubles is an option of the creator of the Jeopardy matrix. Your game may or may not have them.
Final Jeopardy:
  Once the Jeopardy matrix has been fully executed, the Final Jeopardy round will automatically begin. All teams with
  more than $1 in the bank will be permitted to play. Each team will be given an opportunity to place their wager
  (unfortunately, the wager will not be hidden from the opponents, the dollar amounts will appear on the correct and
  incorrect buttons for the team, just too much code for me!). Once all of the wagers have been placed, the clue will
  appear and the clock will start. After thirty seconds, each team will reveal their answer, select correct or incorrect.
  Passing is not permitted in the Final Jeopardy round. Once all of the answers have been posted, the correct answer
  and the game winner(s) will appear.

 Final Jeopardy is an option of the creator of the matrix. If the creator opted not to have a Final Jeopardy round the
 winner will be announced when the final question has been revealed.
Create your own game:
 Creating your own Jeopardy matrix is as easy as playing the game! Simply select the Template Worksheet tab, right
 mouse click, select Move or Copy from the pop-up menu. Next, check Create a Copy and hit Enter. A fully functional
 blank copy will appear. Rename your tab, and fill in the time (in seconds) and the matrix of categories, dollar amounts,
 clues and answers. DO NOT MOVE/INSERT ANY CELLS! This will cause errors when you try to play the game. For
 the optional Daily Doubles, change the font color of the clue to red. Final Jeopardy is optional. If you choose to forgo
 this round, simply leave the Final Jeopardy clue blank. To print, invoke the print option and the clues and answers will
 print. These are very helpful when facilitating the game. Please run through your game to make sure all of the
 categories and clues fit in the designated spots. Sometimes they get truncated if they are lengthy. Have fun!!
By Rebecca Malnar, Mathews Malnar and Bailey, Inc.,, July 2006.
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                                   Seven Tools of
               Lean                   Quality                   5S              Process Capability           Gage R&R                    DFSS

        Created by following
                                 Plot of frequency by   Sort, segregate and                                                        Inventor of robust
100     material through the
                                        interval              discard
                                                                               cp > 2.0 and cpk > 1.5    The first R in R&R.

                                                                                                           When operators
       Map showing the value-
                                  Replaces written      Straighten, arrange,     This condition is       systematically obtain
200    added state throughout
                                    procedures              and identify        satisfied if cp = Pp.     different results on
            the process.
                                                                                                             certain parts.

                                                                                                                                A method of designing
                                                                                                                                 and developing new
                                                                               This capability statistic A measure of attribute
                                Something measurable     Shine, clean, and                                                      products and services
500            Muda
                                    versus time              inspect
                                                                               does not exist for a one- agreement between
                                                                                                                                 based on a series of
                                                                                 sided specification.        two raters.
                                                                                                                                    consecutive L

                                                                                   Of the common
                                                                                                                                   A problem solving
                                                                               process capability and       Each operator
         Minimum time per        Catalog of process     Standardize, revisit                                                     method that makes use
800          operation            input variables           frequently
                                                                               performance statistics,    measures each part
                                                                                                                                 of literature and patent
                                                                                 it has the smallest            once.

                                                                                 A subgroup design
                                                                                    method that
        A card or ticket that                                                      maximizes the                                   A cause and effect
                              Prioritizes the possible Sustain, monitor, and
1000   flows upstream in the
                                       causes           maintain the gains       variation between           10% to 30%          diagram is an example
              process                                                              subgroups and                                    of one of these.
                                                                                   minimizes the
                                                                                  variation within

  Jeopardy                                                                                                                            Quality Tools
                            Seven Tools of
              Lean                               5S       Process Capability          Gage R&R                 DFSS

100     Spaghetti diagram     Histogram         Seiri     Six Sigma process           Repeatability           Taguchi

                                                                                                          Define, Measure,
200    Time-Value Diagram     Flow chart        Seiton    Process is in control        Interaction        Analyze, Design,

500           Waste            Run chart        Seiso              cp                    Kappa                 QFD

                            Cause and effect
800          Takt time
                                               Seiketsu           Ppk              GR&R short study            TRIZ

                                                                                  Marginally acceptable
1000         Kanban           Pareto chart     Shitsuke   Rational subgroup            range for          Affinity diagram

  Jeopardy                                                                                                 Quality Tools
                                               Organizations/    Company Slogans            Company Slogans       Where are they now?
           Acronyms       Scary Words           Companies          (Automotive)             (Non-automotive)         (Companies)

                                                                Our goal is to build the
                                                                 highest quality cars The quality you need,         The things we do to
100        DMAIC      Summation operator           NIST
                                                                  and trucks in the      the price you want.         make you happy.

                                                                 When better cars are
                           2                                                                For the moments of       The dependability
200         AOQL          s (s-squared)            AIAG          built, _______ will
                                                                                                 your life.               people.
                                                                     build them.

                                                                                           Join ______ and we’ll
                      Small-lot distribution                    The relentless pursuit                                 The power of
500         PDCA
                         for defectives
                                                                   of perfection.
                                                                                            help you make good
                                                                                                                 intelligent engineering.

                      Two variables that are                                                Where people really
                                                                If you can find a better                            We earn our wings
800          BOK        independent are             QCI
                                                                      car, buy it.
                                                                                             care if you have a
                                                                                                                       every day.
                          ________?                                                             good time.

                                                                   We don’t make
                                                                                           All the news that’s fit
1000        MBWA        Constant variance          JUSE           compromises. We
                                                                                                  to print.
                                                                                                                   The voice with a smile.
                                                                   make ________.

Jeopardy                                                                                                                     Companies
                                                  Organizations/         Company Slogans        Company Slogans    Where are they now?
              Acronyms         Scary Words
                                                   Companies               (Automotive)         (Non-automotive)      (Companies)

           Define, Measure,                     National Institute of
100        Analyze, Improve,       Sigma          Standards and                 Ford                 Kmart                TWA
                Control                             Technology

           Average Outgoing                     Automotive Industry
200          Quality Limit
                                                   Action Group
                                                                               Buick                 Kodak               Maytag

                                                Supreme Court of the
500    Plan, Do, Check, Act    Hypergeometric
                                                   United States
                                                                               Toyota                ASQ               Oldsmobile

                                                 Quality Council of
800        Body of Knowledge     Orthogonal
                                                                        Lee Iacocca, Chrysler       Marriott         Eastern Airlines

                                                 Japanese Union of
            Management By
1000        Walking Around
                               Homoscedastic       Scientists and               Saab            New York Times        Bell Telephone

Jeopardy                                                                                                                    Companies
               Authors                Gurus             Inventors (People)     (Organizations)       Who said it?                Methods

                                                                                                                           Accept or reject a lot
           Quality Control                                                                         Do it right the first
100          Handbook
                                 Pareto Principle          Control chart         Six Sigma
                                                                                                                           based on observing a
                                                                                                                                few units.

                                                                                                   The most ineffective
                                                                                                       workers are
                                                                                                                             Used to validate
                                                         Cause and effect                         systematically moved
200        Out of the Crisis       Zero Defects
                                                                                                 to the place where they
                                                                                                     can do the least
                                                                                                  damage: management.

                                                       Two-sample quick test
                                                                                                 There is no substitute Plot of defects per unit
500        Quality is Free      Statistical Thinking    for means based on     Baldrige Award
                                                                                                   for knowledge.             versus time.

                                                                                                                            The difference
                                                                                                                           between teaching
                                                                                                   We have met the
800    Total Quality Control      Loss Function          Parameter Design       Deming Prize
                                                                                                 enemy, and they is us.
                                                                                                                         yourself to hit a golf
                                                                                                                        ball and taking lessons
                                                                                                                         from Jack Nicklaus.

                                                                                                                           Matrix method that
                                                                                                 Extraordinary claims         prioritizes and
1000          The Goal         Theory of Constraints Design of experiments          QFD          require extraordinary     translates customer
                                                                                                       evidence.           needs into product

Jeopardy                                                                                                                                 People
            Authors     Gurus      Inventors (People)                            Who said it?           Methods

100          Juran       Juran         Shewhart              Motorola               Crosby         Acceptance Sampling

                                                                               Scott Adams, The
200         Deming      Crosby         Ishikawa               Toyota
                                                                               Dilbert Principle

                                                         US Department of
500          Crosby     Deming           Tukey
                                                                                   Deming                 u chart

                                                                                                   Benchmarking, quote
800        Feigenbaum   Taguchi         Taguchi                JUSE                  Pogo
                                                                                                    by Steven George

1000        Goldratt    Goldratt         Fisher         Kobe Shipyard, Japan        Sagan          QFD House of Quality

Jeopardy                                                                                                        People
                Insurance              Fast Food               Beverages            Candy Aisle          Personal Care       Household Cleaning

             15 Minutes Could
                                                                                Melts in Your Mouth,
 100         Save You 15% or          I'm Lovin' It       Now, 100% Natural
                                                                                 Not in Your Hand.
                                                                                                     Because I'm Worth It.        Shout It Out

       Like a Good Neighbor,
                                                                                Two for me, none for For Healthier mouths,
 200      ______ _____ is    Think Outside the Bun          Obey Your Thirst
                                                                                        you.             Use _______.
                                                                                                                               Streak Free Shine

                                                                                 For a Good Clean
            We Keep You Legal                              The Champagne of                            A Totally Organic     A clean you can smell.
 500            For Less.
                                       Eat Fresh.
                                                             Ginger Ales.
                                                                                 Feeling, no Matter
                                                                                                          Experience.        A clean you can trust.

        Put Yourself in Good                             Unleash the Power of                          Keep Cool, Smell
 800          Hands.
                                  I'm Thinking _____.
                                                               the Sun.
                                                                                  The Freshmaker
                                                                                                                                 It's That Fresh

            Think Easier, Think                                                   Break Out of the      Look Sharp, Feel
1000           _________.
                                  Do What Tastes Right        Is It In You?
                                                                                     Ordinary.              Sharp.
                                                                                                                             It's Good to be Home

They have hops                                           Brilliant!

 Jeopardy                                                                                                                                 Slogans
            Insurance     Fast Food         Beverages       Candy Aisle    Personal Care     Household Cleaning

 100          Geico       McDonald's          7-Up           M & M's           L'Oreal             Shout

 200        State Farm    Taco Bell           Sprite           Twix           Listerine           Windex

                                        Canada Dry Ginger
 500        Safe Auto      Subway
                                                            Orbit Gum      Herbal Essences        Pine Sol

 800         AllState       Arby's        Sunny Delight       Mentos         Old Spice            Febreze

1000        Progressive    Wendy's           Gatorade       Butterfinger       Gillette           Air Wick

They have hops                         Guinesse

 Jeopardy                                                                                               Slogans






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