rubric_for_realistic_still_life_drawing by oFqnyJB9


									Rubric – realistic still life drawing- Mikki Kim

Criteria               Advanced               Proficient             Emerging
                       Achievement            Achievement            Achievement             Unsatisfactory
                       100-90                 89-80                  79-70                   69-0
 4 different          4 different            3 different            2 different             1 thumbnail sketch
    thumbnail          thumbnail sketches     thumbnail sketches     thumbnail sketches      in one point of
    sketches in 4      in 4 different point   in 3 different point   in 2 different point    view
    different point    of view                of view                of view
    of view

Composition            Negative space is      Negative space is      Negative space is       Large amount of
 good use of          clearly activated.     showing some           showing little          negative space
   positive and        All four corners       visual inerest w/      interest with focal     with no focal point
   negative space      are different and      focal point off        point in the middle
 focal point          interesting with a     center                 of paper
                       focal point off
Contour line
Quality                Beautiful soft         Outline is visible     Heavy outline           No control of
 soft, barely         outline, barely        with some control      making object look      pressure on the
    visible outline    visible to the                                a little flat. Little   pencil
    of objects         viewer                                        control of pressure
                                                                    on the pencil
Accurate drawing       Objects appear         Most proportions       Attempts are made       Proportion and
 proportions          realistic due to       and relationships      to draw the subject     relations of object
    are correct        clear observation      are correct.           but without close       appear unrealistic
 relationship of      of proportion and                             observation.
    one shape to       shape relations.
    another is
Shading to show        Clear evidence of      4-3 different          3-2 values, values      No attempts of
form                   more than 4            values, most           are not blended         creating different
 full range of        different well         values blended and     well and objects        values and objects
    values such        blended values,        edges appear to be     appear flat.            are flat and not
    as:- highlights,   crisp, clean edges     crisp.                                         realistic at all
    gradual &cast      making objects
    shadow etc..       look realistic
 objects appear
    3D through
    good use of
Craftsmanship          Paper is spotless      Paper has few          Paper has               Paper is a mess
 paper is clear       and clear of           smudges , some         smudges, wrinkles,      with lots of
    of smudges,        blemishes, paper is    wrinkles and little    folds, and messy        smudges, wrinkles,
    wrinkles, folds    not wrinkled or        evidence of erasing    erasing marks           folds and lots of
    and erasing        folded and no                                                         heavy erasing
    marks              evidence of erasing                                                   marks
Class participation    Willingly raised      .Made some           Had to be called on   Did not give any
* class critique and   hands to give great   remarks and          to give feed backs.   comments even
class work ethic       pos. & neg. feed      commented on         Distracted others     when called upon.
                       backs. Worked         peers work.          while working on      Wasted time and
                       diligently every      Worked pretty well   the assignment        did very little work
                       day without           every day
                       wasting time

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