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					A snapshot of University of California programs and services in your district                            It starts here
Assembly District 6 — Joe Nation, D – San Rafael                                                     UC alumni in this district: 17,555

  UC in Your District
  The University of California’s
  reach goes well beyond its 10
  campuses, five medical centers
  and three national laboratories.
  The University’s presence is felt in
  each of California’s 58 counties
  through a wide array of exemplary
  community partnerships, enriching
  cultural resources and innovative
  research programs. From health-
  care education for rural physicians
  to agricultural research advice for
  local farmers to college
  preparation efforts in nearly every
  public school, UC has a direct
  influence in your community. Find
  out more about UC programs in
  your district by visiting:

UC SAN FRANCISCO                                       UC AND THE WINE INDUSTRY                        UCSF HEALTH CARE

UCSF - near District 6, hosts a range of               The wine industry in District 6 is heavily      The UCSF Medical Center
programs in the region. UCSF is one of                 dependent on UC Davis' pioneering               provides services throughout
the area’s largest employers , contributing            technology and innovative cultural              District 6 and is among the
more than $1 billion annually to the Bay               practices. Selection of better yielding         world’s greatest health care
Area economy and spawning hundreds of                  clones of chardonnay at UC fueled               institutions. UCSF’s Family
biotechnology enterprises. Thousands of                dramatic changes in the industry, bringing      Practice Residency program at
non-university jobs are created by its                 its current value to $300 million. Growers      Sutter Medical Center in Santa
presence as a result of UCSF inventions,               rely on UC’s network of advisors at the         Rosa provides a host of community
technology or personnel. UCSF has                      Sonoma County UC Cooperative                    medical services to underserved
created 3 Nobel laureates and is a                     Extension office in District 6. The UC          populations in District 6 - such as
recognized leader in patient care,                     Mondavi Institute for Wine and Food             HIV treatment and education and
biomedical research, and health science                Science will serve as a global innovator in     targeted health outreach to Latinos.
education.                                             university-based wine and food programs
                                                       and will house the largest and m ost
                                                       prestigious wine and food science
                                                       academic program in the world.
A snapshot of University of California programs and services in your district                            It starts here
Assembly District 6 — Joe Nation, D – San Rafael                                                     UC alumni in this district: 17,555

                                  The Breast Cancer Early                                                               California Partners for
                                  Detection Program                                                                     Advanced Transit in
                                  Regional Partnership, at                                                              Highways (PATH), at
                                  the UCSF Comprehensive                                                                the UC Institute of
                                  Cancer Center, provides                                                               Transportation Studies
                                  breast cancer screening,                                                              brings together faculty
                                  diagnostic services, and out-                                                         and students with
                                  reach to low-income women                                                             private industry and
                                  over 40 in this district.                     state/local agencies to develop the research technologies that
UCSF is a national leader in breast cancer research, treatment                  will improve California's transport systems. PATH is working to
and prevention services.                    develop lasting solutions to the state’s public transit
In response to community and scientists’ concerns about high
breast cancer rates in Marin County - epidemiologists from                      The Mental Health Research Group at UC Berkeley School
UCSF and community investigators from Marin Breast Cancer                       of Social Welfare works with California counties to pursue
Watch began working together to document the disease in the                     timely research on issues in mental health such as residential
region. In 2002, the Marin Breast Cancer Research                               care, psychiatric emergency services and homelessness.
Collaborative was formed as a joint research project that             
pools the resources of UC Berkeley, UCSF and the UC-
affiliated National Laboratories as well as the Marin County                                             UC Cooperative Extension
Department of Health and Human Services and Marin Breast                                                 advisors in Marin and Sonoma
Cancer Watch.                                                         counties work with Northern
                                                                                                         California communities to disseminate
                              UC’s Early Academic                                                        research information on such
                              Outreach Program (EAOP)                                                    pressing issues as sudden oak
                              has provided academic support,                                             death and watershed management.
                              career advising, college                                                   They also foster projects like
                              counseling and                                                             Sonoma County 4-H’s ‘Agademics’,
                              motivational/skill-building                                                which guides elementary students
                              workshops to help over 85,000                                              through an agricultural science
                              California students realize their                                          project.
dreams of a college education. In the Bay Area, EAOP works
with disadvantaged students in 37 high schools and 39                           Medical students from the UCSF School of Medicine
middle schools in Alameda, Contra Costa, San Francisco,                         provide regular treatment to incarcerated individuals at San
Santa Clara and Sonoma counties.                            Quentin Prison as part of their training.

UC Davis’ Oiled Wildlife Care Network strives to ensure that                    For a complete listing of UC programs in your district, access
wildlife exposed to petroleum products in the environment                       our online database at:
receive treatment. The project’s services are offered at the
Marine Mammal Center in Sausalito in District 6.

The UC Berkeley Environmental Health Sciences Center
focuses much of its research on the link between breast
cancer and the environment and in 2002 co-sponsored a
special forum on the issue in Marin with the National
Institute of Environmental Health Sciences (NIEHS) and Marin
Breast Cancer Watch.

The UC Davis California Raptor Center rehabilitates injured
birds of prey and serves Yolo, Solano, Marin, Contra Costa,
Sacramento, Placer, Alameda, San Francisco, Glenn, San
Joaquin, and Sonoma counties. The center provides hands-on
training in the care and management of birds of prey and
provides educational programs to the general public and the
university community.