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									FW: Mission Concepcion Athletic and Recreational Complex
FromSubject: Mission Concepcion Athletic and Recreational Complex

Fellow CYO Members

You are probably aware of the recent news reports concerning a proposal made by the Archdiocesan Office of youth Ministry
( CYO) to attempt to secure financial support from the Extension of the Venue tax for a multi-sports complex fro San Antonio.
 We are providing you with some background on how this came about….

In response to an invitation made by Bexar County Athletic Committee and Precinct 1 county Commissioner “ Chico”
Rodriguez , the Archdiocese of San Antonio submitted a plan for a Multi sport & multi use facility to be built on archdiocesan
owned land in the Shadow of Mission Concepcion. Our proposal will provide a one-of-a-kind facility in the archdiocese,
featuring 6 gymnasiums and a variety of sport fields. Going beyond its spiritual mission, The Archdiocese has served the needs
of the Community through its CYO athletic Program since 1945. At present The CYO program serves over 13000 catholic and
non-catholic youth

There is a Clear need in Bexar County for a complex where regional and State Basketball and Volleyball tournaments can be
held. The Facilities can be utilized as practice fields by the greater local community. I n addition the Gym complex can also be
used as a meeting facility for groups of 1000 to 4000 individuals. It will also fill the needs for regional and statewide softball,
baseball and track and field events.

On November 27th the Office of youth Ministry (CYO) made a presentation to the Bexar county Athletic Committee and on
December 4th they recommended to County Commissioners full-funding for our project at a price of $16,100,000. This
represented the largest single grant made to the many community projects which were proposed. We are grateful for the
confidence displayed by our public officials in the Ability of the Archdiocese to fulfill this ambitious Endeavor.

This is a unique opportunity for the Archdiocese to put to good use land that it has owned for nearly 300 yrs. The archdiocese
will retain ownership of the land and will own and operate all of the facilities that would be built. The Funds that would be
allocated are sufficient to cover the cost of planning and construction; therefore we will not be raising any funds to complete it.
The business Plan estimates that the facility will generate sufficient revenue to be both self-sufficient and Profitable.

The Project as it is proposed will include:

       A Gymnasium complex that includes 6 basketball or volleyball courts that can also be configured for 12 volleyball
        courts or 12 basketball practice courts.
       The Gym complex will also be built as a meeting space with exhibit areas, dressing rooms, a catering kitchen and
       A baseball field complex that will include 4 fields ( 200’,200’,250’,300’) along with restrooms, a concession stand,
        lighting and Bleachers.
       A softball field complex that will include 3 fields (125’, 200’. 200’) with a concession stand, restrooms, lighting and
        A lighted 8 lane track and field complex with bleachers.
       A full soccer field with 2 side fields, or a full football field, restrooms, lighting and bleachers with seating for 2000.
        A cross country track.
       Walking trail for individuals visiting Mission Concepcion and participants at the complex.
       Auxiliary components such as roads, lighting, ect.

     WE would like for everyone to pass this e-mail to your coaches, board members & ministers or to anyone involved in
    youth Ministry and to send a Thank you E-mail to Our County Commissioner “Chico” Rodriguez at as well as cc Bexar County Judge Nelson Wolff

    And let them know how this complex will benefit our youth and community !!! And Thank them for their Support!

Manuel Hernandez Jr


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