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					 A snapshot of University of California programs and services in your district                           It starts here
 Assembly District 51 – Jerome Horton, D – Inglewood                                                            UC alumni in this district: 4,380

 UC in Your District
 The University of California’s reach
 goes well beyond its 10 campuses,
 five medical centers and three
 national laboratories. The
 University’s presence is felt in each
 of California’s 58 counties through
 a wide array of exemplary
 community partnerships, enriching
 cultural resources and innovative
 research programs. From health-
 care education for rural physicians
 to agricultural research advice for
 local farmers to college preparation
 efforts in nearly every public
 school, UC has a direct influence in
 your community. Find out more
 about UC programs in your district
 by visiting:

UCLA MEDICAL CENTER                              UC ARTS OUTREACH                             UCLA

UCLA Medical Center provides                     UC Santa Cruz’s African American             UCLA - near District 51, is one of the
services throughout District 51, and             Theater Arts Troupe is dedicated to          country’s top 10 research
is known for its pioneering                      providing an outlet for the creativity and   universities with more than 100
advancements in organ transplantation            talents of underrepresented students         majors offered to undergraduate
and ultrasound and is ranked number              through plays, presentations and             students. UCLA has a $4.34 billion
one in the West by U.S. News and                 workshops on campus and throughout           annual economic impact on the state
World Report. More than 300,000                  the community. The troupe provides           economy. The UCLA faculty is
people – including a                             scholarships, mentoring and                  distinguished internationally – with five
disproportionate share of the state’s            performances to K-12 schools and             current Nobel Laureates. UCLA
poor and uninsured – are cared for at            community colleges throughout Los            postgraduate schools include
UCLA Medical Center each year.                   Angeles, including Westchester               renowned schools of Education,
UCLA’s Mattel Children’s Hospital                High in District 51.                         Engineering, Law, Medicine, Nursing,
offers a full range of specialty health                                                       Public Health, Public Policy and
services for children. The Medical
                                                                                              Theater, Film and Television.
Center serves as a training site for
physicians and as a research center
that drives innovations in life -saving
drugs and surgical procedures.
A snapshot of University of California programs and services in your district                            It starts here
Assembly District 51 – Jerome Horton, D – Inglewood                                                             UC alumni in this district: 4,380

The world-renowned UCLA Jonsson Comprehensive                                                                    UC’s Early Academic
Cancer Center provides comprehensive cancer care services                                                        Outreach Program (EAOP)
and investigative clinical trials at a satellite clinic in Inglewood                                             has provided academic
in District 51. Patients who come to UCLA centers for cancer                                                     support, college counseling
care benefit from the most advanced forms of therapy available,                                                  and skill-building workshops
and from a variety of supportive services.                                                                       to over 85,000 California                                                                                   students to help them realize
                                                                                                                 their dreams of a college
The California Policy Research Center (CPRC) applies UC’s                                                        education. EAOP works with
research expertise to the analysis, development and                             several K-12 schools in the area, including Gardena High,
implementation of state and federal policy. CPRC provides                       Inglewood High and Morningside High in District 51.
policy-relevant UC-led research on statewide issues, oversees         
legislatively mandated research projects and disseminates
research findings. CPRC also hosts projects such as the                         UC’s Division of Agriculture and Natural Resources
Welfare Policy Research Project (WPRP), the California                          Cooperative Extension provides accessible and
Program on Access to Care (CPAC), the Latino Policy                             comprehensive agricultural research information for local
Institute and the California-Mexico Health Initiative (CMHI).                   growers, ranchers, governments and the larger community at
                                                                                the Los Angeles County office. UC advisors also work to
                             UC’s MESA (Mathematics,                            improve nutrition, reduce child obesity, ease the transition from
                             Engineering & Science                              welfare to work and engage 4-H youth in educational activities.
                             Achievement) works to prepare            
                             educationally disadvantaged
                             students for four-year colleges at                                                   The VA Greater Los Angeles
                             seven K-12 schools in District                                                       Healthcare System is an
                             51, including George W.                                                              affiliate of the UCLA Medical
                             Crozier Junior High. The                                                             Center and provides a full
                             MESA California Community                                                            range of medical care to
                             College Program increases the                                                        thousands of veterans in
number of math and science majors who successfully transfer                                                       the region. The system
and receive degrees from 4-year universities and works with El                                                    houses a teaching hospital
Camino Community College in Torrance.                                                                             and provides a full range of                                                            patient care services using state -of-the-art technology. An
                                                                                outpatient clinic is located in Gardena in District 51 and the
UC’s Design for Sharing purchases thousands of tickets to                       Vietnam Veterans Readjustment Counseling Center is
events presented by UCLA Performing Arts. Tickets are                           located in Culver City.
distributed through social service agencies for those who could
not otherwise afford to attend the events. The program works at                                                    The Veterinary Teaching
two sites in Inglewood in District 51.                                                                             Hospital at UC Davis is the                                                                                        only veterinary teaching
                                                                                                                   hospital in California and
UC Riverside’s CE-CERT program contributes to improved                                                             provides services to more
environmental quality and energy efficiency through                                                                than 27,000 animals each
interdisciplinary research and by providing educational                                                            year. The School of Vet
opportunities for the next generation of engineers, scientists                                                     Medicine’s new Kenneth L.
and policy-makers.                                                                         Maddy Equine Analytical
                                                                                                                   Chemistry Lab will provide
UniCamp operates educational and recreational programs for                      drug testing for California racehorses throughout the state,
children from low-income families at a site in Culver City.                     as well as studies evaluating the effectiveness of medications
UniCamp strives to build self-esteem, promote the value of                      and other products on racehorse performance.
education, and foster a sense of community.
                                                                                For a complete listing of UC programs in your district, access
The UCLA Mobile Eye Clinic provides free eye exams in the                       our online database at:
greater Los Angeles area at schools, agencies working w ith
abused and foster children and the elderly and homeless
shelters. Over 5,000 patients are treated each year.