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									 A snapshot of University of California programs and services in your district                        It starts here
 Assembly District 69- Lou Correa, D- Santa Ana                                                    UC alumni in this district: 2,355

 UC in Your District
 The University of California’s reach
 goes well beyond its 10 campuses,
 five medical centers and three
 national laboratories. The
 University’s presence is felt in each
 of California’s 58 counties through
 a wide array of exemplary
 community partnerships, enriching
 cultural resources and innovative
 research programs. From health-
 care education for rural physicians
 to agricultural research advice for
 local farmers to college preparation
 efforts in nearly every public
 school, UC has a direct influence in
 your community. Find out more
 about UC programs in your district
 by visiting:


                                                                                           CALIFORNIA INSTITUTE FOR
UC IRVINE MEDICAL CENTER                         UC IRVINE                                 TELECOMMUNICATIONS AND
The UC Irvine Medical Center                     UC Irvine – near District 69, is one of   INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY
located near District 69, combines               the top American universities and
modern, cost-efficient technology and            has a $2.35 billion economic impact       To help ensure that California maintains
the latest research with the quality care        on Orange County. UC Irvine is            its leadership in the changing
and compassion of health professionals           responsible for the creation of more      telecommunications and information
who are among the world’s best. The              than 15,000 jobs in Orange County.        technology marketplace, the
UC Irvine Medical Center in Orange,              Noted internationally for its rich        University of California campuses at
the Long Beach Veterans Affairs                  academic programs, UC Irvine offers       San Diego and Irvine have created
Medical Center and the Long Beach                55 undergraduate majors, 49 minors        the California Institute for
Memorial Medical Center provide                  and a myriad of specializations. UC       Telecommunications and
cutting-edge medical research. UCI               Irvine also hosts a School of             Information Technology (Cal-(IT)².
Medical Center's 462-bed facility is             Education, a School of Management         The institute teams UC researchers
Orange County's only designated                  and the Henry Samueli School of           with leading California computer
comprehensive emergency service                  Engineering.                              companies to conduct research.
and Level I Trauma Referral Center.                                                        Research sites will be housed on
                                                                                           both the UCSD and UCI campuses.
A snapshot of University of California programs and services in your district                            It starts here
Assembly District 69- Lou Correa, D- Santa Ana                                                        UC alumni in this district: 2,355

Pathway is a collaborative project between UC Irvine, Santa                     UC Irvine’s Chemistry Outreach program has teams of
Ana College and the Santa Ana Unified School District. The                      graduate and undergraduate students visit Orange County
goal of the project is to increase the number of second                         schools to perform demonstrations and talk about chemistry.
language learners pursuing higher education. The program                        Since 1992, over 24,000 students have been reached –
works with fourteen schools in District 69, including Valley                    including those at Carr Middle, Foothill High, Saddleback
High in Santa Ana. www.gse.uci.edu/uciwp/pathway.html                           High, Santa Ana High, and Valley High all in District 69 – as
                                                                                well as Anaheim High. www.chem.uci.edu/~jsnowick/outreach
                            The Puente Project runs
                            programs at 51 community                                                  ArtsBridge is the arts education and
                            colleges and 35 high schools                                              outreach program of UC Irvine,
                            throughout California to increase                                         providing scholarships to UCI students
                            the enrollment and retention of                                           to teach the arts and conduct
                            educationally underserved                                                 workshops in the Orange County
                            students in four-year universities.                                       community. Artsbridge works with
In District 69, Puente works with four high schools in                                                Lowell Elementary, Diamond
Anaheim – including Anaheim High, four Santa Ana high                                                 Elementary, El Sol Elementary,
schools and Santa Ana Community College. Puente                                 Community Day School, Glen Martin Elementary and
students graduate from 4 -year universities at twice the average                Heninger Elementary in Santa Ana – all in District 69.
rate. http://www.puente.net                                                     www.arts.uci.edu/artsbridge

UC Irvine’s Physics Assembly works with underrepresented                        UC’s Design for Sharing purchases thousands of tickets to
students in grades four through eight. The program aims to                      events presented by UCLA Performing Arts. Tickets are
stimulate students’ interest in science and math through                        distributed through social service agencies for those who could
entertaining demonstrations that give life to physical concepts.                not otherwise afford to attend the events – including several
The program works with 44 schools in Santa Ana.                                 sites in District 69. www.performingarts.ucla.edu
                                                                                UC’s California Subject Matter Projects develop teacher
UC Irvine’s Humanities Out There (HOT) serves students in                       knowledge in major K-12 subject areas b y enhancing
seven schools in District 69, within the Santa Ana Unified                      instructional strategies, providing access to the techniques that
School District. Undergraduate tutors work with small groups                    improve student achievement, and developing ‘teacher-leaders’
of K-12 students on focused reading and writing exe rcises.                     – at over 500 California school districts. With the expertise of
http://hot.hnet.uci.edu                                                         teachers and UC faculty, the program annually trains thousands
                                                                                of teachers through intensive summer courses at schools
                                                                                throughout District 69 – including intensive science
                                                                                programs run at Canyon High and Foothill High.

                                                                                                           UC’s MESA (Mathematics,
                                                                                                          Engineering & Science
                                                                                                          Achievement) Program works to
                                                                                                          prepare educationally disadvantaged
California Partners for Advanced Transit in Highways                                                      students for four-year colleges at 11
(PATH), at the UCB Institute of Transportation Studies                                                    schools in District 69 – including
brings together faculty and students with private industry and                                            Carr Intermediate. The MESA
state/local agencies to develop the research technologies that                                            California Community College
will improve California's transport systems – including                         Program increases the number of math and science majors
developing solutions for the state’s public transit challenges.                 who successfully transfer and receive degrees from 4 -year
http://www.path.berkeley.edu                                                    universities and works with Santa Ana Community College.
UC Irvine’s America Reads & Counts Challenge was
launched to improve reading, language and math skills in
elementary school students and works at six sites in District                   For a complete listing of UC programs in your district, access
69 – including King Elementary. The program provides                            our online database at: www.universityofcalifornia.edu
individual and group tutoring by UCI undergraduates in the
work-study program. www.cfep.uci.edu/K12/AmericaReads

UC’s Division of Agriculture and Natural Resources
Cooperative Extension provides accessible and
comprehensive agricultural research information for local
growers, ranchers, governments and the larger community
through county advisors at the Orange County office.

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