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					 A snapshot of University of California programs and services in your district                  It starts here
 Assembly District 16 — Wilma Chan, D- Oakland                                              UC alumni in this district: 20,617

 UC in Your District
 The University of California’s reach
 goes well beyond its 10 campuses,
 five medical centers and three
 national laboratories. The
 University’s presence is felt in each
 of California’s 58 counties through
 a wide array of exemplary
 community partnerships, enriching
 cultural resources and innovative
 research programs. From health-
 care education for rural physicians
 to agricultural research advice for
 local farmers to college preparation
 efforts in nearly every public
 school, UC has a direct influence in
 your community. Find out more
 about UC programs in your district
 by visiting:


UC BERKELEY                                      LAWRENCE BERKELEY NATIONAL                 UC PROJECT FIRST
UC Berkeley- near District 16, is one                                                       UC Project FIRST, launched by the
of the world’s leading academic                  The UC/DOE affiliated Lawrence             UC Berkeley Space Sciences Lab
institutions, generates a n ethnically and       Berkeley National Laboratory,              (SSL) and the UC Berkeley School of
culturally diverse student population            located on the hillside above UC           Education, allows federal work/study
and provides one of the finest learning          Berkeley, was the birthplace of the        students to work one-on-one with first
experiences available. UC Berkeley’s             cyclotron, the instrument which led to a   graders at Hoover Elementary
academic programs are recognized                 Golden Age of particle physics and         School, a low-performing Oakland
internationally for excellence and               revolutionary discoveries about the        school in District 16. Developed by
the faculty includes eight Nobel                 nature of the universe. The lab            an astronomer at SSL, the project uses
Laureates. UC Berkeley has one of the            employs a staff of 4,500 and has an        science and technology to develop
best university libraries in the nation as       annual budget of $350 million. The         literacy in children.
well as distinguished museums of                 Lab boasts nine Nobel Prizes - five in
anthropology, paleontology and                   physics and four in chemistry. Today,
science. UC Berkeley is the largest              the lab performs research in advanced
employer in Alameda County with                  materials, life sciences, energy
more than 18,000 employees and an                efficiency, and accelerators, as well as
annual total economic impact of                  hosting a variety of community
more than $1 billion statewide.                  programs.
A snapshot of University of California programs and services in your district                           It starts here
Assembly District 16 — Wilma Chan, D- Oakland                                                       UC alumni in this district: 20,617

The UC Berkeley School of Optometry's Meredith Morgan                           The California Policy Research Center (CPRC) applies UC’s
University Eye Center provides optometric eye care to                           research expertise to the analysis, development and
homebound patients in Alameda and Contra Costa Counties.                        implementation of state and federal policy. CPRC provides
Bedside visits are made to patients ' homes, convalescent                       policy-relevant UC led research on statewide issues, oversees
homes and living centers. The School of Optometry is the #1                     legislati vely mandated research projects, and disseminates
ranked optometric teaching institution in the United States.                    research findings through publications and special briefings.
http://www.caleyecare.com                                                       CPRC also hosts projects such as the Welfare Policy Research
                                                                                Project (WPRP), the California Program on Access to Care
                                                                                (CPAC), and the California-Mexico Health Initiative (CMHI).
                                  The History Through                           http://www.ucop.edu/cprc/
                                  Literature Project within the
                                  UCB International/Area                        The Bay Area Social Services Consortium (BASSC) is
                                  Studies department builds                     composed of county Social Service Directors and the graduate
                                  curriculums for K-12 teachers                 social work programs at UC Berkeley, CSU Sacramento, CSU
                                  on topics ranging from                        San Jose and CSU San Francisco. BASSC develops
                                  China’s literary history to the               educational, applied research and policy development programs
spread of Islam. Seminars and an online database of lesson                      in collaboration with county agency administrators and staff.
plans support thousands of teachers statewide.                                  http://cssr.berkeley.edu/bassc/
                                                                                                            The MESA (Mathematics,
The Mental Health Research Group at UC Berkeley's School                                                    Engineering & Science
of Social Welfare works with California counties to pursue                                                  Achievement) program works with
timely research on issues in mental health such as residential                                              K-12 schools throughout
care, psychiatric emergency services and homelessness. In                                                   District 16 to increase the number
Alameda County, the group’s research has provided an                                                        of math and science majors who
effective framework for mental health funding rates.                                                        successfully transfer and receive
http://socialwelfare.berkeley.edu                                                                           university degrees. MESA
                                                                                                            Success Through Collaboration
                                     UC Berkeley students                       (STC) works with American Indian tribes to meet the same goal
                                     provide one-on-one                         with respect to Native Americans. District STC sites include
                                     mentoring and academic                     the American Indian Public School and the Oakland Indian
                                     support to improve the                     Education Center.
                                     graduation and college
                                     admission rates of under-                  The Berkeley Pledge, within the School/University
                                     represented children in K-12               Partnership Program, matches UC outreach with K-12
                                     schools throughout the district,           schools. Faculty and students help with curriculum, teacher
                                     including Prescott Elementary              training, mentoring, summer school and in-class support. As a
                                     and King Middle in Oakland.                result, students in more than 40 Bay Area schools have
                                                                                dramatically improved their scores on standardized tests in
UC Berkeley’s Center for Community Wellness works with                          math, reading and writing.
Bay Area communities, government agencies and corporations
to develop wellness guides on aging, disability, health care and                                                 UC Cooperative Extension in
other life issues and implements programs in schools and                                                         Alameda County works with
prisons to help e mpower individuals.                                                                            families, agencies and
                                                                                                                 individuals in the Bay Area to
                                  The Puente Project runs                                                        improve nutrition, reduce child
                                  programs at 51 community                                                       obesity, engage youth in 4-H
                                  colleges and 35 high schools                                                   after-school activities such
                                  throughout California to                                                       as Nutri-Link, assist organic
                                  increase the enrollment and                                                    farms and enhance home
                                  retention of educationally                                                     gardening through the Master
                                  underserved students in four-                 Gardener program. Advisors assist people who are raising
                                  year universities and works                   their grandchildren and advise food stamp recipients on how to
with Merritt and Laney Colleges in District 16. Puente has                      shop for bargains. http://ucanr.org/
provided mentoring, teaching, and counseling for over 20,000
under-represented students. Puente students graduate from 4 -                   For a complete listing of UC programs in your district, access
year universities at twice the average rate.                                    our online database at: www.universityofcalifornia.edu