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									                           Knowledge of Gas Lighter
A gas lighter is a very useful product and one can find it being used in almost every household
world over. Many people use a gas lighter mainly for lighting their cigarettes and cigars. The gas
lighter usually contains pressurized fluids. The fluids which are pressurized can be liquid butane or
naphtha. From a safety point of view, these lighters have some provision that ensures it can light
the flame and also extinguish it. A common method to extinguish the flame is to cut out the supply
of fuel.

Many people have liked to collect gas lighters and treasure them also as they can choose from
many models and colors.One of the most reliable inventions of all times is the refuel butane gas
lighter when compared to other machines. The reason for that being it can last for a long time,
though the materials used in producing it are fragile. Many lighters do need some attention as they
are weak and frail, but these leaks and repairs are minor in nature.

Sometimes you can hear a hissing kind of noise coming from the lighter, which may be caused due
to a faulty valve. You can repair it yourself by pushing the release button few times. The faulty
valve should work. However, still if the valve doesn’t move, then there might be a major leak in
the gas lighter which can be a dangerous thing as the lighter can burst if used frequently.

It is better not to keep the gas lighter in your pocket as it can leak on to your clothes. The liquid
gas is harmful to the skin and not to mention the fact that it can cause fire accidents . In case, you
hear a hissing sound while using the gas lighter, you should not light your cigarette because the
hissing sound is due to a fault in the refilling valve or some other part of the gas lighter.

You need to be aware of the fact that the leakage of the gas can become worse at any time, which
is not only harmful for you but someone who is in close proximity of you. It is better not to try and
fix a leaking lighter yourself as you don’t want to injure yourself. You can consult professionals
who know about lighters. It is better to avoid using leaking devices like gas lighters as they contain
butane, which is a highly flammable gas.

The best way to increase the longevity of gas lighters is to use them properly. Sadly, many of you
use gas lighters roughly , which decreases their life spans. You might not want to keep a gas
lighter near flames or fire as the container can explode causing injuries. You don’t want to keep
meddling with the ignition area often as it can be harmful.

Finally, you never want to subject the gas lighter to some kind of abuse as once it starts hissing,
you are in harming yourself. Never use a hissing gas lighter, it is better to give it for repair, but if
the lighter can’t be repaired, then you might want to replace it in the best interest of your safety.

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