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					Author                     Title                                                                       Year   Barcode

                           Research and the teacher : A qualitative introduction to school-based       2002   1060

                           Target an end of child poverty : Submission to the National Children's      2000   642

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and Ann Langston.          by Lesley Abbott and Ann Langston.

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                           edited by Lesley Abbott and Cathy Nutbrown.

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                           [edited by] Lesley Abbott and Ann Langston.

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                           learning difficulties / Richard Aird.

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Todd.                      impairment /.

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                           adolescents with modified print (ARP-VIA).

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                           and Penny Mukherji.

American Foundation        Connecting the dots : A parent's resource for promoting early braille              111
for the Blind.             literacy.

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                           research / Gary L. Anderson, Kathryn Herr, Ann Sigrid Nihlen.

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Author                     Title                                                                           Year   Barcode

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Richard Atkinson et al.

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                           include the needs of visually impaired people /.

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                           development / by Tricia Barthorpe and John Visser.

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                           mobility in blind children from birth to six years of age /

Bartimeus                  See you..! : A video on visual impairment and social development /              2002   936
                           [VHS video].

Bartiméus                  Stimulation of social competence in children and young people with a            2003   453
                           visual impairment : A guide for upbringing and education /

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Author                     Title                                                                        Year   Barcode

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                           foreword by Peter Riffle.

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                           guide / Simon Blake with Julia Bird and Lynne Gerlach.

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Spencer Johnson            prosperity /

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Author                     Title                                                                        Year   Barcode

Booth, Tony,               Index for inclusion : developing learning, participation and play in early   2004   1796
                           years and childcare / Tony Booth and Mel Ainscow.

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                           Mike Bottery.

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                           Jill Boucher.

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Murdoch (eds.)          disabilities

Bradley, Helen and         Making sense of the world: A guide for carers working with people            1994   188
Bob Snow.                  who have combined sensory and learning disabilities.

Braille Authority of the   British braille.                                                             1992   280
United Kingdom.

Braille Authority of the Braille mathematics notation                                                   1987   805
United Kingdom.
Mathematics Committee

Breen, Oonagh B.           Establishing a modern statutory framework for charities : Report on the      2004   880
                           public consultation for the Department of Community, Rural and
                           Gaeltacht Affairs /

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                           visually impaired and blind children /.

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British Educational        Revised Ethical Guidelines for Educational Research (2004).                         2071
Research Association.

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                           A review produced by the bfi's Exhibition Development Unit /.

Britton, James N.          Language and Learning                                                        1970   2695

Broadhead, Pat,            Children, families and communities : creating and sustaining integrated      2008   1316
                           services / Pat Broadhead, Chrissy Meleady and Marco A. Delgado.

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Broomfield, Hilary.        Overcoming dyslexia : resource book 2 / by Hilary Broomfield.                2006   1246

Brown, Erica               Loss, change and grief : An educational perspective /                        1999   391
St. Josephs Reference Library Catalogue Summer 2010                                                                    3
Author                   Title                                                                        Year   Barcode

Brown, Fraser and Chris Foundations of playwork / [edited by] Fraser Brown and Chris Taylor.          2008   1871
Taylor (Eds)

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                         disabilities as well as very limited vision /.

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                         collaborative practice in Scotland / edited by Marianna Buultjens and
                         Heather McLean.

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                         Madeleine Leonard.

CAFE                     Irish fundraising handbook 2003 - 2004 : Directory and guide to              2003   493
                         fundraising for non-profit work in the Republic of Ireland /

Calder, Martin C.        Children and young people who sexually abuse : new theory, research          2005   1775
                         and practice developments / edited by Martin C. Calder.

Calder, Martin C.        Working with children and young people who sexually abuse :                  2007   1776
                         taking the field forward / edited by Martin C. Calder.

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                         Martin C. Calder.

Caldwell, Phoebe.        From isolation to intimacy : making friends without words /                  2007   1313
                         Phoebe Caldwell ; with Jane Horwood.

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Author                  Title                                                                           Year   Barcode

Campbell, Anne.         Working with support in the classroom / edited by Anne Campbell and             2005   1354
                        Gavin Fairbairn.

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                        intervention / edited by Barry Carpenter.

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Margaret Tholstrup.

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                        children / Theresa Casey.

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                        Theresa Casey.

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Dawn Kosman.            child /

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                        Services ; [written and compiled by Cathy Allenby and Judith

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                        in Northern Ireland /.

CECDE.                  Síolta, the National Quality Framework for Early Childhood Education :          2006   1580
                        handbook / Centre for Early Childhood Development & Education.

CECDE.                  Síolta, the National Quality Framework for Early Childhood Education :          2007   1571
                        Síolta research digests / Centre for Early Childhood Development &

CECDE.                  Síolta, the National Quality Framework for Early Childhood Education :          2006   1581
                        childminding user manual / Centre for Early Childhood Development &

CECDE.                  Síolta, the National Quality Framework for Early Childhood Education :          2006   1582
                        sessional services user manual / Centre for Early Childhood
                        Development & Education.

St. Josephs Reference Library Catalogue Summer 2010                                                                   5
Author                    Title                                                                        Year     Barcode

CECDE.                    Síolta, the National Quality Framework for Early Childhood Education /       2006     1583
                          Centre for Early Childhood Development & Education.

Central Remedial Clinic   Central Remedial Clinic : Helping people with physical disabilities /                 139

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                          mainstream education /.

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                          disabilities /.

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June E. Downing.          Multiple Disabilities : Promoting communication and learning skills.

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                          young people / Uttom Chowdhury and Mary Robertson ; illustrated by Liz
                          Whallett ; foreword by Tim Howard.

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                          edited by Alison Clark, Anne Trine Kj²rholt, and Peter Moss.

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                          ... [et al.].

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Patrick Holmes Sellors

Cobb, Rory and Suzy       Well prepared! : An illustrated guide to how examination and assessment 2001          752
McDonald.                 materials are modified /.
St. Josephs Reference Library Catalogue Summer 2010                                                                    6
Author                    Title                                                                      Year   Barcode

Cohen, Louis et. al.     Research methods in education.                                              2000   801

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                         Keith Morrison.

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Dan Vale                children and young people in the UK /

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                         visually impaired and have additional disabilities /.

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                         perspectives / edited by John Collard and Cecilia Reynolds.

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                         Mary Colley ; foreword by Victoria Biggs ; introduction by Amanda Kirby.

Collins, Margaret,       Circle time for the very young / Margaret Collins.                          2007   1529

Combat Poverty Agency A summary of the green paper on supporting voluntary activity                  1998   809

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                         edition 2004-2005 /

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                         Helen Fielding, and Mike Scott.

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and Julie Healy          Perspectives of 3-11 Year Olds.

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Corley, Gianetta          Partially sighted children                                                 1989   2558
St. Josephs Reference Library Catalogue Summer 2010                                                                7
Author                    Title                                                                      Year   Barcode

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J. Koenig (eds.)

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and Juliet Goldbart       learning difficulties /.

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                          / Helen Cowie and Dawn Jennifer.

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Frank J. Whittington

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                          and Gill Stevenson.

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T.,                       Jr., Rubens Belfort, Jr.

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Cuthbertson, Jamie et.    Let me read it! : Planning accessible information for pupils with visual   2002   758
al.                       impairment /

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and Anna Swenson.

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and Carol Farrenkorf (ed.)

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St. Josephs Reference Library Catalogue Summer 2010                                                                8
Author                   Title                                                                       Year     Barcode

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                         frameworks for school improvement planning / Brent Davies and Linda

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                         A practical guide /.

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                         practice with guidelines for service development /

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                         needs / Lesley Dee.

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                         Glenda Johnston.

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Amanda Hall Lueck,       Educational, family and medical perspectives, April 30, 2005.

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Denzin, Norman K. and The landscape of qualitative reserach : Theories and issues /                  2003     856
Yvonna S. Lincoln (eds.)

St. Josephs Reference Library Catalogue Summer 2010                                                                  9
Author                    Title                                                                     Year   Barcode

Department of.            Report of the Special Education Review Committee                          1993   2474

Department for            Working with teaching assistants : A good practice guide /.               2000   333
Education and

Department for            Code of practice on the identification and assessment of special          1994   330
Education, Welsh office   educational needs

Department of             Establishing a modern statutory framework for charities : Consultation    2003   882
Community, Rural and      paper /
Gaeltacht Affairs

Department of             Learning for life : White paper on adult education /                      2000   125
Education and Science

Department of             Education for persons with disabilities bill 2003                         2003   478
Education and Science

Department of             Qualifications (education and training) act, 1999.                        1999   631
Education and Science.

Department of             Rules and Programme for Secondary Schools 2004/05.                               1113
Education and Science.

Department of             Education for persons with special educational needs act 2004.            2004   829
Education and Science.

Department of             On My Own Feet : Educational Resource Materials for Substance Abuse              1956
Education.                Prevention.

Department of Health &    Working for children and families : exploring good practice / Child &     2004   1592
Children.                 Family Research and Policy Unit (WHB/NUI Galway).

Department of Health      Child care (Standards in Children's Residential Centres) Regulations,     1997   2003
and Children.             1996 : and, Guide to good practice in children's residential centres /.

Department of Health      Towards a full life : Green paper on service for disabled people /.       1984   395
and Children.

Department of Health      Children first : National guidelines for the protection and welfare of    1999   398
and Children.             children /.

Department of Health      Quality and fairness : A health system for you. Health strategy /.        2001   401
and Children.

Department of Health      National children's strategy (Draft) : Report on the consultations with   2000   402
and Children.             children, young people, adults and organisations /.

Department of Health      Draft national standards and criteria for the inspection of children's    2000   403
and Children.             residential centres.

Department of Health      National children's strategy : Our children - their lives /.              2000   413
and Children.

Department of Health      The health service reform programme.                                      2003   463
and Children.

St. Josephs Reference Library Catalogue Summer 2010                                                               10
Author                   Title                                                                           Year   Barcode

Department of Health     Child care act, 1991.                                                           1991   615
and Children.

Department of Health     National children's strategy : Report of the public consultation /.             2000   635
and Children.

Department of Health     National children's strategy : Report of the public consulation. Executive      2000   636
and Children.            summary /.

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                         Green Centre team.

Wheeler, Linda           The ADHD toolkit                                                             2010   2478

White, P.J.              The deafblind helpbook : Practical advice and information for those who      2001   792
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Winnick, Joseph P.       Adapted physical education and sport / Joseph P. Winnick, ed.                2005   1731

St. Josephs Reference Library Catalogue Summer 2010                                                                 45
Author                    Title                                                                          Year   Barcode

Winnicott, D.W.           The child, the family and the outside world                                    1991   375

Wolffe, Karen E.          Skills for success : A career education handbook for children and              1999   205
                          adolescents with visual impairments /

Wolffe, Karen E. and      Focused on : Assessment techniques /.                                          2000   154
Sharon Z. Sacks.

Wolffe, Karen E. Sacks,   Focused on: Social Skills for Teens and Young Adults with Visual               2000   1588
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                          behavioral modification / [by] Robert H. Woody.

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Ruebain.                  guide to SEN law for teachers, parents, advocates and advice workers /.

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                          have multisensory impairments /.

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Yussen, Steven R.         Child development, an introduction / Steven R. Yussen, John W.                 1982   2022

Zimmermann,               Instrumental music                                                             1995   319

St. Josephs Reference Library Catalogue Summer 2010                                                                    46
Journals, Magazines and Newsletters available in St. Joseph’s Library

Title                            Description                                        Frequency     Publisher
The British Journal of Visual    BJVI is for all professionals concerned with       3 issues a    Sage Publications
Impairment                       children and adults who have a visual              year.
                                 impairment and is a forum for all views on
                                 related subjects.
JVIB – Journal of Visual          JVIB is the premier international,                Monthly       American
Impairment and Blindness         interdisciplinary journal of record on                           Foundation for the
                                 blindness and visual impairment                                  Blind (AFB)
The British Journal of Special   BJSE is concerned with a wide range of             Quarterly     Blackwell
Education                        special educational needs, and covers all                        publications
                                 levels of education pre-school, school, and
Support for Learning             Support for Learning examines the practical        Quarterly     Blackwell
British Journal of Learning      and theoretical issues surrounding the                           Publications
Support                          education of pupils with special educational
                                 needs in mainstream schools.
REACH                                                                               2 issues a    The Irish Association
Journal of Special Education                                                        year          of Teachers in
Needs in Ireland                                                                                  Secondary
NB – New Beacon                  NB is for all sight loss and eye health            Monthly       RNIB - UK
                                 professionals and covers the latest news and
                                 developments in rehabilitation and eye
Talking Sense                    A Magazine about Deafblindness                      3 issues a   SENSE -UK
TX SenseAbilities                Publication about Visual Impairments and           Quarterly     Texas School for the
                                 Deafblindness for Families and Professionals                     Blind and Visually
New literature on Sight          This publication lists and reviews new             6 issues a    RNIB
problems                         literature on all aspects of sight problems        year
                                 including health care, education, social
                                 provision, rehabilitation, daily living,
                                 recreation and leisure.
Special Magazine                 Provides information for those supporting          6 issues a    NASEN
                                 young people with special educational needs        year
YoungMinds                       Campaigning to improve mental health               6 issues a    YoungMinds
The Magazine                     among children and young people.                   year
Information Exchange             Information Exchange is a magazine for             3 issues a
                                 practitioners working in special education.        year

The Frontline of Learning        A Publication for workers and families at the      Quarterly     Frontline
Disability                       front line of learning disability. It provides a
                                 window on research and good practice, and a
                                 forum for people with learning difficulties and
                                 their advocates to exchange views and
Title                            Description                                        Frequency     Publisher
Access – The inclusive Design    Access is essential reading for all                Quarterly     RNIB
Journal                          professionals passionate about accessibility
                                 and good design.
The Educator (ICEVI)                                                                2 issues a    International Council
                                                                                    year          for Education of
                                                                                                  People with a Visual
St. Josephs Reference Library Catalogue Summer 2010                                                                    47
   On Track and The Braille         Joint Newsletter of The Confederation of          3 issues a     COTIS & UKABP
   Producer                         Transcribed Information Services and the          year
                                    United Kingdom Association of Braille
   Guidelines                       Magazine published by Irish Guide Dogs for
                                    the Blind
   NCBI News                         Magazine published by the NCBI                   6 issues a
Eq Equality news,               the Equality Authority's newsletter                   2 issues a     The Equality
                                                                                      year           Authority

   Inclusion Ireland                Inclusion Ireland newsletter                      Quarterly      National Association
                                                                                                     for People with an
   Voice                            Voice aims to highlight the queries and           Quarterly      Citizens Information
                                    concerns voiced by the users of information                      Board.
                                    and advice agencies and to document how
                                    these issues influence policy making at local
                                    and national level.
   Pure                             A magazine for young women aged 16-19,            Monthly        RNIB
   (contracted braille)             containing articles on love and relationships,
                                    fashion, health and beauty, plus interviews
                                    with the stars, "real-life" stories, horoscopes
                                    and a problem page.
   The Matilda Ziegler Magazine     The Matilda Ziegler Magazine contains             Monthly        The Matilda Ziegler
   (contracted Braille)             general-interest articles from American                          Foundation
                                    Newspapers etc

   Ready, Steady, Read              “Ready, Steady, Read” is aimed at adult           Monthly        RNIB
   (contracted braille)             readers new to braille, this magazine is a
                                    stepping stone between completing a braille
                                    course and tackling a book. It features
                                    gardening, humour, wildlife, celebrities and
   Work & Life                      IMPACT Trade Union magazine                                    IMPACT
   The Irish Times                  Newspaper                                       Daily
   The library also holds back issues of all the above journals/magazines and copies of numerous older, out of print

   St. Josephs Reference Library Catalogue Summer 2010                                                                 48

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