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									                High tech organized crime and the “Mind Control” media cover story

        From the perspective of a computer scientist, victim, and technological crime unit applicant

                                      Written by Rhys Hovey, 2008
                                   B.C.S University of New Brunswick

Contrary to the majority of available information (through mass media, and internet) about high tech
organized crime, we have reached a catastrophic period in history. This may be one of the largest
conspiracies in American history, involving billions of dollars worth of technology, public figures and
corporations. It is conceivable that several groups are hiding underneath the same media cover story.
Reputable science from leading universities (MIT, Maryland, Oxford,…) and several corporations is in
direct conflict to a massive online / media propaganda outlet. Parts of this document may be “hard do
believe“ for non-scientifically trained readers, partially due to the online/television entertainment
propaganda explained in this document. This is a highly calculated crime, and several aspects of it are
reminiscent of TV programming and propaganda during the “cold war” period and the presidency of
Ronald Regan. It is with the utmost urgency that I warn people that the FBI and other law enforcement
agencies are NOT doing a very good job at catching these high tech criminals, and the list of victims is
growing rapidly, and includes some extremely young people, even children.

Major action may have to be taken in the following areas:

* Protection from surveillance / high tech “torture/harassment” of applicants to technological crime
fighting units.

* Basic awareness of cyber-law / biological privacy, starting at a young age. (even elementary school)

* Demystification about neurological computer science, bioengineering / biotechnology (AKA:
computational neuroscience, computational neurology, BCI, brain computer interface, brain machine

* Regulation of computer “bug” crimes, and ethics for computer science students, (whistle blowers
policies, cyber law).

* Awareness about the actual “state of the art” in computer automated surveillance, and so called “mind
control technology”, and the criminal propaganda outlets that attempt to confuse victims, lawmakers, and
crime fighters.

* The ideas and processes behind “information hiding” and automated internet censorship (internet, TV,
print) (covers, cults, secrets societies,..)

* The psychology of so called “Mind Control” and the abuse of the psychiatric system / committal laws.

* Investigation in FBI corruption in cyber crime units as well as units involving the Church of Scientology,
and the distinct possibility that this organization uses media and actors to "make themselves look stupid"
when indeed they are hiding the high tech mafia.

                                              Mind Control

Definitions and keywords:

Mind control is a scary and misleading term for a predominantly online propaganda collection, that acts a
hiding mechanism for illegal bioelectromagnetic weapons, modern surveillance equipment, and abusive
psychology techniques. Part of this online “scam” is the increasing set of pseudonyms , some include:
* Gang Stalking
* Psychotronics Abuse
* Ritual Abuse
* Covert Harassment
* Electronic Harassment
* V2K
* Covert Tracking
* Covert Surveillance
* Targeted individuals (TI’s)

The constant renaming, and convolution of such names is fueled by both the criminals and the victims
themselves. These names and definitions serve several purposes:

* The are scientifically inaccurate and do not point to real and obtainable research on relevant technologies

* They follow typical vague speech patterns associated with schizophrenia (ambiguous names, or
redundant in definition)

* Some are semantically / syntactically “set up” to be hidden online underneath similar high ranked
information in search engines (V2K and Y2K for example, or TI is Texas instruments) and made easier to
“google bomb”. (ex, search for V2K under google, or TI)

* Some are real technologies that will prove to be irrelevant when investigated ex: Electronic harassment
(prank phone calls, hacking, spamming, online threats)

* serve as a mechanism to convince victims that crime fighters are their enemies (NSA, CIA, FBI), so they
will not call for help, and will sound schizophrenic when they do.

It’s unfortunate that some of the victims, in attempts to cry for help, put their own theories / definitions
views about the crime, online. Often these people have no scientific background, and assume the
propaganda vocabulary, and thereby, make themselves seem more schizophrenic and discredited, and in
effect hide themselves further.

References: Youtube, Google, Yahoo!, MSN, Wikipedia, “the mind control forum” (search under ANY of
the listed pseudonyms for mind control) The amount of video and testimony is overwhelming.

             Psychologically manipulative Propaganda: (blogs, videos, testimony, forums)

Much of this “goal oriented” propaganda about mind control is obvious, from the perspective of typical
psychological / persuasive sciences. I have observed the following patterns amongst the rapidly growing
online propaganda:

Well documented psychological procedures / processes in effect:

Classical conditioning, cognitive behavioral modification, negative / positive reinforcement, “follow the
leader effect”, competitive psychology, criminal psychology, psychological profiling, Maslow’s hierarchy
of needs and wants.

A sense of hopelessness achieved by propaganda

Psychologically, it is safe to say that victims often feel that there is no hope for them, after watching
propaganda videos on mind control, and believing that the government is “doing it to them“ and the FBI .
CIA are in consent of the attack on their lives. The purpose of this hopelessness, is most likely to convince
victims, not to call for help, to hide themselves, or to take the law into their own hands, or commit suicide
(and get thrown in jail, and discredited in case of trail, and to keep awareness about actual mind control
crimes down) Some examples of how this is achieves: (based on research of several online videos)
Saying that others have fought mind control and no-one has won, even people that are assumed to be strong
well connected leaders, like Jesse Jackson, or Martin Luther King, no one can get justice for mind control.

Saying that the government itself, as large powerful organization, simply lets it happen, or are the actual
criminals, and point to secretive organizations that cannot be “learned about” very easily, such as the

Saying that Mind Control is almost mythological in it’s age, not a “new high tech crime” (freemasons,
illuminati, skull and bones, scientology)

Giving “fake expert testimony” about how mind control simply cannot be solved, and government
corruption is inevitable and unbeatable.

Implying that such criminals rely on astrology and mythology over real sciences.

A sense of fear:

Very often a blatant attempt to scare the victims is in effect, by associating mind control with other
dangerous organizations and concepts that are more realistic or have a past history. This fear is meant to
further drive the victim into a panic or danger state, putting their lives at further risk. It is usually the
victims lack of knowledge about the subject or propaganda, in combination with their desperation, that
aides in the belief of this “bluffing”, as they hope for an answer. Much of the propaganda appears to be
“against” the criminals, when indeed the intent is to relay confusion and fear.

Video imagery and testimony being claimed related to “mind control” from online users of unknown
(See you tube, Yahoo Video, Targeted individuals, Ritual abuse, Scientology)

* Satanic Cults, KKK, Son of Sam, (Ritual Abuse, Scientology, Kidnapping stories,..)
* NAZI’s
* Gross / disturbing imagery (concentration camps,..)
* Murder Conspiracies
* Government conspiracies and secret drug programs (MKULTRA)
* Mass murder (Charles Manson)
* Charismatic Leaders

Overstatement of technology (as it relates to a fear producing mechanism):

The overstatement of technology not only serves to hide the real technologies, but can easily threaten those
who have little knowledge of physics, and a level of gullibility, enhanced by the introduction to mind
control technology, itself, as it is not widely accepted, and lied about in mainstream media. For example,
having fake claims online, that victims have had their “faces burned” or their sexual organs begin to
dysfunction. Some online patterns and examples:

* Active denial system (video shows protestors being chased)
* Microwave weapons (burn your face from orbit, fake “old looking“ secret documents)
* Lies about “ECHELON” and “MKULTRA” and various other code names
* Lies about the size and power of criminal organizations (the church of scientology have 10,000,000
members for example)
* Artificial life forms
* Aliens
* Implants
* UFO’s
* Roswell
Fake victims and fake victim resources

A lot of the propaganda also consists of fake victims, that will actively contact / blog with the real victims
and lead them further astray from getting real help, and giving real help to the authorities. These fake
victims and fake “saviors” are easily made online with basic “free” hard to trace internet accounts and
videos (you tube, face book, mind control forum, e-mail). They also may serve as a way to test and monitor
the actual victims, and find out, who is close to contacting the proper authorities with proper information,
acting as an early warning sign.

* Discrimination “stalking“: This is an online stalker, or computer AI, that continually tells the victims to
seek medical attention and that they have a mental illness. I am quite sure that I have even observed
computer automated version of this on several blog sites. (ABC news blog is suspected of having a
computer program that responds to certain keywords with an immediate response to “you sound mentally
unstable“ or “please seek medical attention”) as well as having censorship that masks in the form of a
computer “sever error“.

* Fake victims: Many of the contacts that are available and EASILY found, under the headings of “Mind
Control” that claim to be experts in the subject, are some of the most misleading people of all. Recently
(approx April 2008) I have personally noted frequent contact from other victims, all specifically calling
themselves “TI’s” like a bandwagon effect within the span of 1-2 months. I noted this term, and soon found
an associated propaganda video of unknown origin, associated with my own testimony (see Yahoo! video)
that outlined this term, as well as made several bold “visual suggestions” that other power figures such as
Martin Luther King and president J.F. Kennedy were “targeted individuals”, following this typical
propaganda formula. This again is a bad term for a victim of organized crime, because of the acronym TI is
monopolized by Texas Instruments online, as well as being somewhat self redundant. Again several online
personalities often suggest videos that are very misleading, and these personalities pretend to be
sympathetic victims. After 4 years of victimization by high tech organized crime, I have never have a
scientifically accurate video “suggested” to me by someone else.

Up to date examples of suspicious groups and online figures: (so called “experts” and activists)

Theodore Gunderson - He is claimed online to be an ex-FBI officer with “credentials”. He appears to be
being discredited on WikiPedia.

J.K. Ellis - Mind Control 101 newsletter,. Relates mind control to basic “mind tricks” for getting what you

Mind Control Forum - It is my belief that this page is ran by organized crime. They would not let me post
my personal testimony, and their high rank in search engines, is in line with the typical of the crime
formula in question.

Talking Brains - A blog from scientists (university of Maryland) talking about “mind reader technologies”
(computational neurolinguistics), directly contradicts press releases from (Ambien technologies, “The
Audeo”, as well as several from NASA)

Operation Clambake - Again, following the pattern of the scientology hater, being the source of

EFF / CCHR (electronic frontiers foundation, and Scientology’s Citizens Commission on human rights
abuse). From a victims perspective both of these groups gave me complete denial of attention. This would
coincide with the typical pattern of the criminals taking control over / forming, the aid groups themselves,
and monopolizing the online presence of being the “friend of the victim”.

ACLU- Unfortunately I have found that the ACLU is lying about the state of the art of mind control
technology, and claim that they are very suspicious about fMRI polygraphs, when indeed the first public
“mind reader” (voiceless speech recognition) has been unveiled, with several witnesses from hospitals, and
a major news network. Vague wordings around the term “mind reader” are also present in the ACLU
biotechnology section. The ACLU also seems to fit the online propaganda outlet which blames the
government for these crimes.

                The technology of high tech organized crime (Mind Control technology)

To my knowledge the main forms of technology used by these criminals are:

* Computer Hacking
* intentionally software engineered “backdoors”
* Web page customization / personalization
* Surveillance (several forms) Manual, Automated, Neural, Optical, high tech bugs, telephone,..
* “sound weapons” , ranging from very quiet ultrasound, to loud (as well as typical non-lethal weapons,
like buzzers / beepers)
* Psychological based Computer AI
* Long range MEG or EEG processing
* telephone rerouting
* a myriad of surveillance techniques

Personal Computer Hacking:

As a computer scientist, the tricks of the trade of hacking SOFTWARE itself, have not changed much, as
commercial operating systems (Windows, MacOS) continue to grow and evolve. The basic fundamentals of
computing have remained fairly consistent (networks, passwords, signals, encryption, reverse engineering).
Although it is much less known about the state of hardware based hacking, and EM interference crashing.
This means that the computer can be hacked or controlled by microwave or radio wave remote control, as
well as crashed with basic EM interference. One of the main purposes of computer hacking, from the
victims perspective, is to block communications to authorities, where necessary. One of the main purposes
of hacking from the criminals perspective, is no doubt major theft, espionage, even terrorism.

Software hacking types/ keywords:

Exploits, Virus, Trojan horses, spy ware, malware, reverse engineered backdoors, password cracking, and
decryption, denial of service attacks, DNS cache poisoning.

With computer hacking, most of these hacks, if not all, are able to give complete control over the computer
system, to the criminals, for communications block-offs, communications fakery, online framing (sending
e-mails from your computer, to the police, or setting up terrorist activity points)

Web page customization / personalization

In attempts to confuse, or redirect a persons actions, or intentions, or incriminate victims, false web pages,
and/or personally contextualized web pages, (even public ones, like www.abcnews.com) may be presented
to victims. For example, fake police press releases online could be used to attempt to change the behavior,
by making the victim think that a certain event has happened, like a major trade has happened that has not,
or an arrest, or that a new law is being formed. It is possible, although difficult, for the entire “internet” to
be proxies for an individual, and filtered, and all appropriate government and police web pages, redirected
to servers owned by the criminals, what engage in large scale data warehousing (Yahoo, Google)


There are many different types of surveillance, ranging from optical, to neural / biological, as well as 3D /
volumetric surveillance technologies similar to SONAR. I believe a somewhat cost effective combination
of technologies is in use by major criminals, with their most important and well hidden being the long
range neural surveillance, capable of recognizing “subvocal or unspoken” speech, and that it is achieved
computationally through a somewhat similar means to “The audeo” (Ambien technologies,
www.theaudeo.com) but at long distances, via standard electromagnetic signals, similar to UHF/VHF TV
signals. The area of bioelectromagnetics is widely known via biomedical engineering. (fMRI, MEG, EEG,
PET,…) This unfortunate reality gives these criminals an extreme advantage, when it comes to industrial
espionage, and terrorism. Unprotected victims, are unable to inhibit the transmission of the majority of
unspoken language, including passwords, and credit card numbers, and psychological factors, for use in
computer automated “torture AI“. Non neural password generators are available.

(See dept of electrophysiology of language at U of Maryland)

Non Neural Password Generator (can be of help to victims):

Extremely high tech microwave / satellite tracking computer systems (shape tracking)

The tracking of a victim is likely accomplished by super computer controlled satellite arrays, and
electromagnetic / microwave signals, similar to fMRI signals. Hitachi also claims to be able to achieve
brain computer interface (BCI) with infrared techniques. It is highly unlikely that standard computer vision
or photogrammetry techniques are used, as it is known to be too accurate. The human body contains
several very unique biometric characteristics, (skull shape for example) that can be used as 3D points of
reference to orient MRI like snapshots, which in turn are fed to pattern recognition computers. These
technologies are even well known to basic Geographical information systems companies.

Basic computer automated surveillance equipment tested in shopping mall:
(contact any university computer vision dept for proof)

Sound / Ultrasound weapons (computer/AI controlled)

Of the utmost importance is the understanding of the sound/ultrasound weapons incorporated by these
criminals. This type of long range weapon makes these criminals very difficult to catch, and their victims
seem mentally ill. Through interviews with other victims and my own personal experience, I can verify that
this weapon, is a very quiet computer controlled AI system, that is used in conjunction with the long range
“subvocal speech” extraction technology. (See links above) This AI system, incorporates recognizable
algorithms originating from IBM style AI systems from the 70’s and 80’s up to more sophisticated pattern
recognition, and computation linguistics, and is often obvious, even error prone. If a victim is aware that
this is computer AI, it can be easy to fool, although it is likely that it has similar algorithms, similar to a
standard polygraph to aid in filtration of properly “true” input.

This AI often searches for information from the victim, in a “fill in the blanks” style of psychological trick.
For example “John hates _______” or “Id be good looking if I it weren’t for _______” “The worst
memory that I have is ______“ , “It hurts me when you ________“ will become audible to the victim, while
in front of the mirror, or other places (shower, bed, TV). These fill in the blanks style statements, are a
computer AI (and voice synthesizer) looking for the victims own personal weaknesses, so that they can be
reminded about them, quietly by this system, almost 24 hours a day. Once again, once sub vocal speech is
extracted, this AI technology is often less advanced than some video games.

This “sound weapon” can also be used to simply repeat the same abusive statement at the victim for hours
or days at a time, all the way up to simply planning “buzzers” and beeps at the user, similar to more loud
non-lethal weapons in use by police / FBI. I have personally been able to record this device, but it took me
quite some time, because these system is programmed to become more quiet when attempts are made to
record it, furthermore it is VERY quiet to start with, and is heavily “band pass filtered“ (narrow
frequencies). A recording can be found at: www.youtube.com/rhyshovey
For further information on how sound can be “localized” and directed in this way, a commercial and
simplified version of this technology is available. Rest assured that older engineers have no doubt much
more sophisticated version of this technology.

For a demonstration of “sub vocal speech extraction”:


This computer AI has many “scripts” which attempt to model the language or conversation of real world
situations, using voice synthesis. (illuminati cults, scientology, next door neighbors, virtual “fan clubs”,
satanic cults, scientists, CIA… ) This VERY often confuses the victim into thinking that actual people are
following them or are interested in them for some reason,, and that their own paranoia /ego is the reason for
the attack on their lives. This sounds very bad to police / FBI and often ends with the victim being
committed to a mental institution, with symptoms of delusions of grandeur or schizophrenia. It is the
computer controlled AI that makes the process economically feasible for the criminals, as they must
attempt to keep this large crime and it’s technology a secret, when their main purpose is no doubt large
scale theft and industrial espionage, and terrorism.

                 Basic strategy for public awareness in lue of mass media corruption

Given the nature of this crime and it’s secrecy, and the electronic communications blockage methods used
by these criminals, coupled with the known behavior of the FBI/RCMP as of September 2008, a basic
public awareness strategy can be taken, and in turn, the eventual capture and punishment of these criminals
can happen, thereby saving our children, and possibly even you, from being exploited by these corporate
and political criminals. Again, this is HIGHLY calculated crime, and the FBI may not have the
satellite/microwave technologies necessary to catch these criminals.

* use of Non neural password generators, and other non-biologically reliant password generators
(mechanical) when calling for help or spreading word, see also "TOR" online.

* continual in person “word of mouth” to law enforcement at all levels.

* continual usage of mass-media capable internet technologies (Youtube, Blogs, e-mails, video games,
mass mailing, e-mail crawler applications, e-mailing screen savers, in software public service messages,.. )
to contact the Dept of Justice, the FBI, the CIA, the Government accountability office (GAO), major and
minor media companies, police departments, and even university campus police departments, intelligent
agencies of other countries, INDIVIDUAL MEMBERS of human rights groups, any public figure.

* protests

* handing out pamphlets on streets

* word of mouth on streets

* word of mouth to other large groups: churches, YMCA, the promise keepers, the American auto
association, the NRA, SAG, ACTRA,..

This document is a work in progress, for updates please e-mail rhyshovey@yahoo.com or simply search for
Rhys Hovey online. I will continue to attempt to clarify this “sci-fi” like crime, as much as possible. Once
again, I am an applicant to various high tech crime units, that may have been blocked, representing a civil
war worthy pattern on corporate and political criminals, relying on internet, and biological technologies.
The FBI is not responding to this crime and the evidence is overwhelming to scientists. Please do your part
for the protection of our children, and spread this document, or file a complaint to your local police. I have
actual suspects that may help lead law enforcement to this criminals from several universities, including
MIT and U of Maryland, I would love to give their names to you.

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