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                AND FALL
   What You’re Really Worth Never
Top 10
 The Social Mirror and the True
   Social Mirror- a       True Mirror – a
    reflection of how       reflection of the
    other people see        real you. Internal
    you. External –         – you look inside
    you look outside        for self-definition.
    yourself for the
    definition of who
    you really are.
 Your self-image becomes a reflection of how
  others see you.
 You begin to think that your reflection is the
  real you.
 If becomes your label and you get
  comfortable with it.
Break away from this. Be the Real You.
The Real you represents your best self and your
   Withstand peer pressure
   Try new things and get to know new people
   Deal with disappointment, mistakes, and
   Feel loved and wanted
 Cave into peer pressure
 Avoid trying new things
 Fall apart during tough times
 Feel unloved and unwanted
   Character is who you are, the qualities your

   Competence is what you’re good at, your
    talents, skills, and abilities.
low character, high competence -
 are people with no backbone or moral
  fiber. They waste their talents. They’re
  in a position to do so much good but
  don’t because thy think only of
low character, low competence -
  have real issues. They don’t care
  about other people nor do they care
  much about themselves.
high character, low competence –
 are good honest people, but haven’t
 challenged themselves to expand their
 abilities. Because they have a foundation
 of character, however, they have high
 potential of becoming a star. So many
 teens have their act together; they just
 need to push themselves a little more.
high character, high competence -
 have solid skills and are good people.
 These people have worked hard to
 develop their talents but not at the
 expense of others. They’re not perfect
 but they’re trying.
   Luckily, there are a lot more Hi – Pos and
    Stars than Piles and Squanderers.
   Everyone has the capability of becoming a
   First you must decide you want to make a
    change and then build your character and
Build character
 and competence
 one stone at a
   Integrity – Being true to what you know is
    right and being honest with everyone,
    including yourself.
   Service – Give back to people. “Service is like
    wetting your pants. Everyone can see what
    you’ve done, but only you can feel the
   Faith – Believing in something you can’t see.
    Faith or religious involvement of some sort
    can build self-worth in teens.
 Talents and Skills – Everyone is born with unique
  talents and skills. They won’t just happen to you –
  you have to happen to them. Don’t waste natural
 Accomplishments – Great power comes from
  accomplishing something you set your mind to.
 Physical Health – Getting in shape physically is a
  competence that needs to be learned through trial
  and experience. Physical health leads to better
  emotional health.
   Smart Decisions –
   Smart decision-making is the keystone of the
    Self-Worth Arch of Triumph. If you do this
    one right, all the other building blocks seem
    to fall into place. Having a healthy self-
    worth, the sixth most important decision
    you’ll every make, is the result of being smart
    about the previous five decisions.
What would you change about yourself?
 Better looking
 Better student
 More confident
 Better athlete
 Have a boyfriend/girlfriend
 More popular
 Harder worker
 When it comes to self-
worth, all of us have our
 El Guapo to conquer.
 What’s yours? Here are
the three common ones:
 Many teens wish they were better
 If you always look to the social
  mirror, you’ll always feel
 Inner Beauty is more important
  than the outer kind.
                               Beauty Tips
                           For attractive lips,
                       Speak words of kindness
                             For lovely eyes,
                      Seek out the good in people
                            For a slim figure,
                   Share your food with the hungry
                           For beautiful hair,
        Let a child run his or her fingers through it once a day
                                For poise
      Walk with the knowledge that you will never walk alone
         People, even more than things, have to be restored,
            Renewed, revived, reclaimed, and redeemed;
                       Never throw anybody out.
       The beauty of a woman is not in the clothes she wears,
     The figure that she carries, or the way she combs her hair.
         The beauty of a woman must be seen from in her eyes
Because that is the doorway to her heart, the place where love resides.
                             - Sam Levenson
 Let it roll off.
 If you knew how little time
 other people actually spend
 thinking about you, you
 wouldn’t care so much about
 what they think
 Two types of depression. The blues and clinical
 Normal ups and downs are called the blues. This lasts a
  few days.
 When you suffer from psychological or clinical depression,
  it is much more serious. This is something you can just
  wish away and it’s not a sign of personal weakness.
  Symptoms include: changes in sleep, appetite, and
  energy, lack of interest in activities that were once fun,
  feelings of sadness, guild, worthlessness, hopelessness,
  regular thoughts of death or suicide.
 If you have any of these symptoms, please know that they
  can be treated successfully though counseling nutrition,
  exercise, medicine, or a combination of any of these

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