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									Organisation             Acronym Aim                                                Sector            Address                            Telephone      E-Mail             Web Site                Locations
                                                                                                      in UK                              in UK                                                     in Tanzania

2 Serve Trust                       advance education of mathematics, science       education         Rosemary, Northwood Lane,          02392 463060
                                    and early years and to the Christian religion                     Hayling Island, Hamps PO11 0LR

3 E Foundation                      promote and develop education actuarial         education         Larch, 1 Blandford Road, Reigate   07760 272505   enquiries@3efound
                                    sciences                                                          RH2 7DP                                 

Aang Serian                         preserve and promote indigenous wisdom,         education,        Hazeldene, School Road, Old        02380 402575        Eluwai (Monduli district)
                                    raise self esteem of youth, encourage cross-    environment       Bursledon, Southampton, SO31            
                                    cultural and inter-religious dialorue and                         8BW
                                    enhance education

Abantu for Development              training and information for development,       education,        1 Winchester House, 11 Cranmer     0207 8200066   directorate@abantu.
                                    particularily for women                         gender            Road, London SW9 6EJ                              org

Act 4 Africa                        deliver HIV/AIDS awareness and health           health, education Laurel House, 3 Lauriel Mount,     01702 224500   admin@act4africa.c
                                    education through its local teams                                 Richmond Road, Bowdon,                  
                                                                                                      Altringham WA14 2TU

Action Aid Tanzania      AATZ       eradicate poverty                               relief            Hamlyn House, MacDonald Road, 0207 5617561        admin@actionaidtz.     Dar es Salaam
                                                                                                      London N19 5PG                                    org      
                                                                                                      Freepost BS4868, Chard,

        Organisations in Tanzania
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Organisation               Acronym Aim                                              Sector            Address                           Telephone       E-Mail              Web Site                       Locations
                                                                                                      in UK                             in UK                                                              in Tanzania

Action for Children in     AfC      work to break cycles of conflict                relief            Silverbirch House, Longworth,     01865 821380    info@actionchildren.        Arusha, Usa River
Conflict                                                                                              Abingdon, Oxon X13 5EJ                            org

Action for Disability      AFD      support of the poorest disabled people in       health            Hunters Moor Regional             0191 219 5695   traceymole@actionf   Bomangombe (Hai district)
                                    developing countries                                              Rehabilitation Centre, Hunters          
                                                                                                      Road, Newcastle upon Tyne NE2

Action Health                                                                       health

Action in Africa                    relieve poverty, sickness, distress in the      education, relief, 6 Crofton, Woodfield Lane,       01372 275846                                                       Nyaishozi (Kagera region),
                                    Nyaishozi area and the advancement of           health             Ashtead, Surrey KT21 2BH

Action in Community        ACE      support charities and NGO's which aim to        health            6 Varsity Row, Mortlake, London   0208 8762905    ace-
Environment                         reduce HIV/AIDS in rural communities                              SW14 7SA                                

Action on Disability and   ADD      work with disabled people for positive change   disability        Vallis House, 57 Vallis Road,     01373 475723    gail.johnston@add.                  Mwanza, Shinyanga, Tabora, Lindi, Mtwara,
Development                                                                                           Frome, Somerset BA11 3EG                                                             Coast region

Adopt A Granny             AAG                                                      elderly

        Organisations in Tanzania
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Organisation              Acronym Aim                                               Sector         Address                              Telephone         E-Mail               Web Site                        Locations
                                                                                                   in UK                                in UK                                                                  in Tanzania

Africa and Asia Venture            provide well structured year out programmes      education      10 Market Place, Devizes SN10        01380 729009                 Arusha, Moshi

Africa Inland Mission     AIM      plant the church and general development work religion,         2 Vorley Road, Archway London        0207 2811184                 Kondoa
                                                                                 development       N19 5HE

African Child Trust       ACT      support the education of orphans and          education         Hannam House, 5A Russell Hill        0845 838 5314     office@africanchildtr   Chumbangeni, Moshi, Tanga
                                   vulnerable children of needy widows to enable                   Parade, Russell Hill Road, Purley,           
                                   them to achieve their full potential                            Surrey CR8 2LE

African Children's Fund            enable every child to gain access to primary     education      Silver Birch House, Cow Lane,        01865 820570      peter@africanchildr Arusha region
Ltd                                education                                                       Longworth, Abingdon OX13 5EJ                 

African Conservation      ACF      work towards the protection and conservation     environment,   P.O. BOX 602, Chichester PO19        0039 0332781031   info@africanconser       Lake Eyasi, Karatu district
Foundation                         of Africa's endangered wildlife and their        education      9FY                                          

African Great Lakes                relieve poverty in the area of the great lakes   develpoment    8 Vowchurch Way, Stoke on Trent
Agency in Staffordshire                                                                            ST2 0AB

       Organisations in Tanzania
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Organisation                Acronym Aim                                               Sector           Address                            Telephone       E-Mail               Web Site                      Locations
                                                                                                       in UK                              in UK                                                              in Tanzania

African Initiatives                 support social justice organisations with a focus development,     Brunswick Court, Brunswick         01179 150001    info@african- Arusha region, Arusha, Endulen (Arusha
                                    on debt, trade, community advocacyand             advocacy, gender Square, Bristol BS2 8PE                                                    region), Arumeru district, Ngorongoro,
                                    pastoralist & hunter-gatherer land issues                                                                                                                                 Serengeti, Olduvai

African Joy Limited                 relieve poverty and distress in the third world   relief           464 Lichfield Road, Sutton         0121 308 1016
                                    particularily Africa                                               Coldfield B74 4EL                                  uk

African Leadership And      ALARM   advance the Christian faith, education and        religion,        East Mead, Wolvershill Road,       01934 823577    waltmanya@hotmail                Morogoro, Dar es Salaam, Arusha, Lushoto,
Reconciliation Ministries           relieve persons in need, hardship or who are      education        Banwell, Avon BS29 6DR             01189 775769    .com                                               Moshi
                                    aged or sick                                                       419 Reading Road, Winnersh,
                                                                                                       Wokingham RG41 5HU

African Medical and         AMREF   empower disadvantaged people in Africa to         health           J4 4th Floor, Charles House, 375                             Dar es Salaam, Kilimanjaro, Kagera region,
Research Foundation                 enjoy better health                                                Kensington High Street, London                     g                 www.amref-                       Kigoma region, Kilombero, Mtwara, Mwanza,
                                                                                                       W14 8QH                                                                 Shinyanga, Kilosa, Mkuranga district, Rukwa,
                                                                                                                                                                                                             Kisarawe, Magu district, Iringa district,
                                                                                                                                                                                                             Mkuranga district

African Network                     benefit Africans in the UK and overseas           relief           Flat 1, Hallam House, Gosling Way, 0207 7358216                                                       various
International                                                                                          London SW9 6JN

African Orphans Aid         AOAA    support the education and health of orphans       education, health, 25 Coom's Walk, Edgware HA8      0208 4001054    evergreentrust@psil         Tanga
Appeal                              with their extended families                      orphans            0AT                                    

        Organisations in Tanzania
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Organisation                 Acronym Aim                                                Sector           Address                             Telephone      E-Mail              Web Site                    Locations
                                                                                                         in UK                               in UK                                                          in Tanzania

African Palms Association           relieve poverty and promote education and           relief, education, 46 Brandon Street, London SE17    0207 7030719                                                   Masasi region,
                                    religion particularily in the Masasi area           religion           1NL

African Pastors'             APF    provide local training and related literature in education,          2 Binley Avenue, Binley, Coventry   02476 448068   africanpastors@aol.      Tabora Diocese
Fellowship                          relevant languages and basic equipment for       development         CV3 2EE                                            com
                                    ministry and encourage the indigenous church
                                    to provide personal welfare for pastors

African Rainforest Trust     ARC    promote the conservation of the rainforests of      environment      41 Exeter Road, London NW2 4SE                     london@africanrainf   Ruvu, Pande, Lulanda, Udzungwa
                                    Africa especially the Eastern Arc                                                                             

African Sisters of St Mary          relieve financial hardship among people living      development,     21 Eastley Crescent, Warwick                       africansisters@me.c   Kilimani (Masasi), Mtandi (Masasi), Newala,
(CCM) Support Group                 in Tanzania and Zambia                              religion         CV34 5RX                                           om                                              Mtwara, Sayuni (Njombe), Njombe, Tanga,
                                                                                                                                                                                                            Korogwe, Kwa Mkono (Handeni), Ilala (Dar
                                                                                                                                                                                                            es Salaam), Liuli

African Social Health        ASHA   relieve poverty and distress                                         Rafiki Centre, 19 Regent Road,      01782 769266
Agency                                                                                                   Hanley, Stoke-on-Trent ST1 3BT      01782 683003   .uk

African Wildlife             AWF    together with the people of Africa, works to        environment      Milton Cottage, The Playing Close, 07608810149     africanwildlife@awf.                Kilimanjaro, Maasai steppe
Foundation                          ensure the wildlife and wild lands of Africa will                    Charlbury, Chippng Norton OX7                      org
                                    endure forever                                                       3QP

Africoncern                         advance education and relieve poverty mainly        education        1 Upper Terrace, Stanleytown,                      info@africoncern.or
                                    by the provision of educational facilities                           Ferndale, Mid Glamorgan CF43                       g

        Organisations in Tanzania
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Organisation             Acronym Aim                                                  Sector             Address                           Telephone       E-Mail               Web Site                     Locations
                                                                                                         in UK                             in UK                                                             in Tanzania

Aga Khan Foundation      AKF       support disadvantaged communities                  development,      3 Cromwell Gardens, London SW7 0207 5916800                 Kinondoni (Dar es Salaam), Dar es Salaam
                                   irrespective of race, religion or political        education, health 2HB

Agape International                advance the Christain faith and to relieve         religion, relief   28B Coombe Road, New Malden,      0208 9498991    agapeinternational
                                   hardship and distress                                                 Surrey KT3 4QF                          

Agency for Cooperation   ACORD     work for justice nad social development as an      development        56-64 Leonard Street, London      0207 0650850   Mwanza district, Kagera district, Ngorongoro
and Research in                    alliance                                                              EC2A 4LT                                                                                            district

Agency for Co-operation ACORD      promote self-reliant participatory development development,           Dean Bradley House, 52 Horseferry 0207 2278600             Biharamulo district, Karagwe district,
and Research in                    to reduce poverty and address aspects of rights health, income        Road, London SW1P 2AF
Development                        and social justice                              generation

Agency for Personal      APSO      recruit people to work in the developing world development,          Bishop's Square, Redmond's Hill,   Ireland                  Dar es Salaam, Arusha, Tanga, Kilosa,
Service Overseas                   as part of Ireland Aid, the government's official education, health, Dublin 2, Ireland                  353 1478 9400                                                     Iringa, Moshi, Mweka (Moshi), Tengeru
                                   development assistance programme                  agriculture                                                                                                             (Arusha), Dareda (Babati),                   relieve poverty, sickness and distress             development        12 Briars Close, Nuneaton CV11    02476348494     admin@aid2africa.c           Nkwawangya (Machame)

Aids Orphan UK Trust               relieve the suffering, in particular of children                      Clyde House, 71 Belsize Road,
                                   who have been infecetd by HIV/AIDS                                    London NW6 4BA

       Organisations in Tanzania
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Organisation                 Acronym Aim                                             Sector           Address                            Telephone       E-Mail                 Web Site                Locations
                                                                                                      in UK                              in UK                                                          in Tanzania

Albertine Rift Coservation ARCOS    promote environmental conservation in the        environment      3-4 Wellbrook Court, Girton,       01223 277318
Society                             Albertine rift valley                                             Cambridge CB3 0NA

Al-Furqaan Welfare Trust            relieve poverty, advance education and           development,      324 Barnsley Road, Sheffield S5                   alfurqaanwelfaretrus
                                    promote good health                              education, health 7AD                                     

Alliance for a Green         AGRA   trigger comprehensive changes across the         agriculture,                                                        info@agra-   
Revolution in Africa                agricultural system                              develoment                                                

All Saints Church Link              assist Bwibuka parish in building their church   development      All Saints Church, Onslow          0208 657 0665   jdmarcus@cwcom.n                               Bwibuka (Tukuyu), Irente (Lushoto),
                                    and centre and Irente Children's Home                             Gardens, Sanderstead, South                        et
                                                                                                      Croydon CR2 9AB

Anti-Slavery International          work against slavery and related abuses          advocacy         Thomas Clarkson House, The         0207 5018920    antislavery@antisla        Dar es Salaam
                                                                                                      Stableyard, Broomgrove Road,             
                                                                                                      London SW9 9TL

APT Enterprise               APT    alleviate poverty, enhance individual's capacity development      29 Northwick Business Centre,   01386 700130       info@aptenterprise.    Kilimanjaro region
Development                         to participate more fully in society and to                       Moreton-in-Marsh, Glos GL56 9RF          
                                    generate economic development

       Organisations in Tanzania
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Organisation                 Acronym Aim                                             Sector         Address                          Telephone              E-Mail               Web Site                  Locations
                                                                                                    in UK                            in UK                                                                 in Tanzania


Arnold School Buigiri Link          support Buigiri village and the Rehabilitation   development,   Lytham Road, Blackpool FY4 1JG 01253 346391             registrar@arnold       Buigiri (Dodoma),
                                    Village for the Christain Blind Mission          education                                     01253 733125             kendalllee@btintern

Article 19 (Global                  campaign for freedom of expression               advocacy       Lancaster House, 33 Islington High 0207 2789292
Campaign for Free                                                                                   Street, London N1 9LH

Artumas Africa               AAF                                                     development,   C/O Clyde & Co Ref               0207 6231244, 01 403   shauna.mason@art     Mtwara, Ruhokwe (Lindi)
Foundation                                                                           education,     MSM/AWW/CHH/PLK, 51              286 6506     
                                                                                     income         Eastcheap, London EC3M 1JP

Asante Foundation                   train Christian leaders                          religion       Merland Rise Church, 39 Merefield 01737 851223          ady@asantefoundat
                                                                                                    Gardens, Tadwoth KT20 5JY         07761 930005
                                                                                                                                      08450 533267          ady.simba@virgin.n

       Organisations in Tanzania
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Organisation          Acronym Aim                                                  Sector        Address                           Telephone         E-Mail               Web Site                Locations
                                                                                                 in UK                             in UK                                                          in Tanzania

Ashcombe Tambaza                  link and visit                                   education     Ashcombe Road, Dorking RH4 1LY 01306 886312         info@ashcombe.sur Dar es Salaam
Schools Link                                                                                                                               

Ashoka UK                         is an international agency that invests in       income        Mezzanine Floor, Elizabeth House, 0207 4015484      ashoka_uk@compu
                                  individual social entrepreneurs leading          generation    39 York Road, London SE1 7NQ              
                                  innovative projects to improve their societies

Association of African AADF       promote good health through education and        health        313 Romford Road, Forest          0208 5191977
Development Foundation            poverty relief                                                 Gate,London E7 9HA

Assumption Lay        ALVP        provide all young people with opportunities that education, health 23 Kensington Square, London W8 0207 361 4752   cburns@rayouth.fre                           Iguguno, Sangiti, Singida, Moshi, Singachini
Volunteer Programme               will help them to reach their fullest potential by                 5HN                                   
                                  building up the human family across cultural,
                                  national and other divides

      Organisations in Tanzania
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Organisation           Acronym Aim                                                    Sector           Address                        Telephone       E-Mail              Web Site                  Locations
                                                                                                       in UK                          in UK                                                         in Tanzania

Aston - Makunduchi                 promote partnership between students,              education        Aston Comprehensive School,    0114 2872171    john-        Makunduchi, Zanzibar
Partnership                        teachers and parents in both locations                              Aughton Road, Swallownest,                     errington@aston-
                                                                                                       Sheffield S26 4SF                    

ATD Fourth World                   empower families living poverty their efforts to   relief           48 Addington Square, London SE5 0207 7033231            Dar es Salaam
                                   uphold their human rights and pay an active                         7LB
                                   role in the community

Aviation Resource        AVRICA    improve the health of rural people via aviation    health, relief   210 Downs Barn Boulevard, Downs 01908 608829            Makiungu (Singida district),
International Connecting           and the realisation of water projects and to                        Barn, Milton Keynes MK14 7QH
Africa                             provide equipment for NGO's

Azar                               advance education and relieve poverty              education        Springfield, Mountfield,       07730 509773    carolinepurdyvalenti          Dodoma
                                                                                                       Robertsbridge TN32 5LY         07951 074235

       Organisations in Tanzania
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Organisation            Acronym Aim                                                    Sector              Address                         Telephone       E-Mail                 Web Site                   Locations
                                                                                                           in UK                           in UK                                                             in Tanzania

Banana Tree Project                 support street children and orphans in Mwanza children,                Church farm House, Church Road, 01732 845791    edbeavington@hot
                                                                                  orphans,                 Ryarsh, West Malling ME19 5LB         

Bees for Development                help people to use the craft of beekeeping to      agriculture,        Troy, Monmouth NP25 4AB         016007 13648    info@beesfordevelo         Njiro (Arusha), Kipalapala (Tabora), Itigi
                                    improve their standards of living                  education                                                 

Berega Relief Equipment BREAD       relieve sickness and poverty by supporting    health, relief,          29 Park Road, Redhill RH1 2AG   01737 780924    catrionasanderson      soon?                      Berega (Kilosa district),
and Development Trust               Berega hospitalm, the local orphanage and the religion,                                                                @hotmail
                                    advancement of the Christian religion         education

Bethany Project                     help the most underpriveleged, deprived and        relief, children,   2 Aspen Fold, Oswaldtwistle,    01254 879694    gjpountain@btintern         Bethany (Magu district)
                                    vulnerable members of society especially           religion            Accrington, BB5 4PH                   
                                    orphaned children

Bible Training Centre               Advance the Christian religion through the Bible                       5 Bevisland, Swindon SN3 6AL    01793 331524,   info@btc-           Dar es Salaam
                                    Training centre                                                                                        07950 210227

Bicton Overseas         BOAT        provide education in particular agricultural       education           33 Ridgeway, Ottery St. Mary,   01404 813163    richardcoley@tiscali                              Tengeru (Arusha),
Agricultural Trust                  methods                                                                Devon EX11 1DX                        

        Organisations in Tanzania
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Organisation             Acronym Aim                                                  Sector           Address                           Telephone         E-Mail               Web Site                Locations
                                                                                                       in UK                             in UK                                                          in Tanzania

Book Aid International   BAI          support literacy by providing books and         education       39-41 Coldharbour Lane,            0207 733 3577         all regions
                                      encourage local publishers                                      Camberwell, London SE5 9NR

Book-Cycle                            collect unwanted books and send some to         education       7 West Street, Exeter EX1 1BB      01392 420021      enquiries@book-      Buturi (Tarime), Moshi
                                      developing countries                                                                                       

Books for Boko                        improve educational standards in the primary    education       13 Highfield Drive, Uxbridge UB10 01895 235983       meiry@jaggar.fsbus                           Boko (Dar es Salaam), Tegeta (Dar es
                                      schools in Boko and at a nearby teachers'                       8AL                                                                          Salaam),
                                      resource centre

Books4Tanzania           B4Tz         source books for rural libraries and small      education       Hill Top, Bell Hill, Lindale, Grange- 01539 534012   webmaster@books    all regions
                                      educational projects                                            over-Sands, Cumbria LA11 6LD               

Born Free Foundation     BORN FREE reduce and end the suffering of wild animals     environment,      3 Grove House, Foundry Lane,  01403 240170       Juani Island (Mafia), West Kilimanjaro,
Limited                            both in the wild and in captivity and to protect education         Horsham, West Sussex RH13 5PL                        k                                            northern Tanzania, Mkomazi
                                   and conserve endangered species and their
                                   natural habitat and to educate the public about
                                   such issues

Brampton Tanzania Trust BTT           improve the quality of life by advancing such   education, health, 12 Craw park, Brampton, Cumbria 01697 73842       secretary@brampto   Uru (Moshi), Uru North (Moshi), Fumbuni
                                      areas as agriculture, education, health,        relief             CA8 1UZ                                                                 (Moshi), Ngasini (Moshi), Njari (Moshi), Mrawi
                                      transport and community development                                                                                                                               (Moshi), Ngumesi (Moshi), Msereni (Moshi),
                                                                                                                                                                                                        Ongoma (Moshi), Msuni (Moshi), Rononi

       Organisations in Tanzania
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Organisation              Acronym Aim                                              Sector             Address                          Telephone       E-Mail               Web Site                  Locations
                                                                                                      in UK                            in UK                                                          in Tanzania

Breakfast Club Tanzania            assist in the provision of school feeding       education          PO Box 81,Holyhead LL65 9AG      01407 749 292   support@breakfast-   Mtwara
                                   programmes in primary schools                                                                             

Bridge2Aid                         bridge the gap in primary dental care, oral     health, religion   PO Box 4173, Sheffield S6 9BW    0114 2326030    enquiries@bridge2a www.bridge2aid              Mwanza, Mwanza district
                                   health education and social care                                                                          

Bridgnorth African Project BAP     help the inhabitants of Sikonge to improve their development,      21 Farmlands Road, Bridgnorth,   01746 766330    bap@bap1.freeserv     Sikonge (Tabora region),
                                   own standard of living in a sustainable way      agriculture,      Shropshire WV16 5AX              01746 764359
                                                                                    education, health

Britain - Tanzania Society BTS     increase mutual knowledge, understanding and liaison               17 The Green, Southgate, London 0208 8868141     jillbowde@btinternet         Dar es Salaam
                                   respect between the citizens of Tanzania and                       N14 7EH                                          .com       
                                   the UK                                                                                                                         

British Council, World  WLT        promote development of equal, reciprocal,       education, health 10 Spring Gardens, London SW1A 0207 3894031       world.links@britishc              Dar es Salaam
Links Team, Education &            sustainable, long-term, curriculum based                          2BN                                      
Training Group                     school links to raise awareness of the global

       Organisations in Tanzania
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Organisation               Acronym Aim                                                Sector       Address                               Telephone       E-Mail               Web Site         Locations
                                                                                                   in UK                                 in UK                                                 in Tanzania

British Executive Service BESO        achieve a better quality of life by supporting education,    164 Vauxhall Bridge Road, London 0207 6300644, 0207     Dar es Salaam, Arusha, Tanga, Dodoma,
Overseas                              organisations and communities with advice and development,   SW1V 2RB                         8497857                                                    Masasi
                                      training that strengthens local economies      health,

British Institute in Eastern BIEA     undertake, participate and encourage research education      10 Carlton House Terrace, London 0207 969 5201
Africa                                into the history an d archaeology of Eastern                 SW1Y 5AH

Bromyard - Buhuri Link     B-B NRCP   develop links of mutual advantage for the two development,   11 Pear Tree Close, Bromyard HR7 01885 483721         tudorjones@waitros                    Buhuri (Tanga), Misifuni (Tanga), Teule
                                      communities on the basis of equal partnership education,     4BH                                                                          (Muheza), Mleni (Tanga)
                                      and arrange reciprocal visits                 agriculture,

Bromyard - Buhuri                                                                     education    c/o Herefordshire Council,         01432 260821       vward@herefordshir                    Buhuri (Tanga),
Schools Link                                                                                       Education Directorate, PO Box 185,          
                                                                                                   Blackfrairs Street, Hereford HR4

Bromyard Buhuri                       relieve poverty in Tanga region and to advance relief        Council Offices, 1 Rowberry Street,                   bromyard.towncoun                     Buhuri (Tanga)
Community Link                        education parictularily by supporting Buhuri                 Bromyard HR7 4DU                            

       Organisations in Tanzania
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Organisation             Acronym Aim                                                 Sector      Address                         Telephone       E-Mail                Web Site                   Locations
                                                                                                 in UK                           in UK                                                            in Tanzania

Buigiri School for the              enable blind and visually impaired children to education     The Almonds, Duck Lane, Welford 01789 750462    almonds@compuse                                  Buigiri (Dodoma),
Blind                               develop mentally, physically and spiritually in a            on Avon, Stratford upon Avon          
                                    Christian environment                                        CV37 8QD

Build for Change                    advance the education of pupils particularily at education   The Orchard, Aston Lane,        01746 710778    janecsnowden@aol.                                Umonga (Dodoma)
Charitable Trust                    Umonga Secondary School                                      Claverley, Wolverhampton WV5                    com

Buturi / Mankongoroo                supply water supply and development in Buturi development    48 High Street, Sidmouth EX10   01385513311                    Buturi (Tarime)
Project                                                                                          8EJ

Calderdale - Musoma                 foster cultural links between Calderdale Council liaison     3 Thorn Place, Todmorden OL14   01708 814807    john.rodgers@virgin                              Musoma
Asociation                          and Musoma Town Council                                      6AU                                             .net

Camara Learning                     use technology to improve education by           education   241a Portobello Road,           0207 243 7402   sarah@johnbrown.c       Songea, Morogoro
                                    recycling IT equipment and provide training                  London W11 1LT.                       

Campaign for Female      CAMFED     fight poverty and AIDS in rural communities by education,    22 Miller's Yard, Mill Lane,    01223 362648             Iringa district, Kilolo district (Iringa region),
Education                           educating girls                                advocacy      Cambridge CB2 1RQ                                                                                Kibaha district (Iringa region), Morogoro
                                                                                                                                                                                                  district, Kilombero district, Kilosa district

        Organisations in Tanzania
        toleo la kwanza                                                                                                Page 15                                                                                                11/10/2011
Organisation                Acronym Aim                                          Sector            Address                            Telephone      E-Mail              Web Site                       Locations
                                                                                                   in UK                              in UK                                                             in Tanzania

Camps International                run volunteer trips and camps to the local    development,      Whistlers, The Ridgeway,                          nopnorth@btinterne Korini Kusini (Moshi), Kidia (Kilimanjaro),
                                   community directly                            education,        Cranleigh GU6 7HW                                                                Mbokomu (Kilimanjaro)

Cardington - Lulindi Link                                                        education         The Old Bakery, Cardington,        01694 771383                                                      Lulindi (Masasi)
                                                                                                   Church Stretton, Shropshire SY6

Care in Action                     relieve sickness and preserve health          health            The Oracle, Wolseley               01889 883003
                                                                                                   Bridge,Stafford ST17 0XJ                          m

CARE International UK       CI     overcome poverty by creating lasting solutions education, health, 10-13 Rushworth Street, London   0207 9349334             
                                   to communities' most threatening problems      environment        SE1 0RB

Carpio-Pperez                      create, support and develop Tanzanian local   relief,           Flat A, 73 Melbourne Grove,                       maria@carpioperezf www.carpioperezfoundation.or Arusha district, Meru district
Foundation                         NGO’s projects                                development,      London SE22 8RJ                               g

       Organisations in Tanzania
       toleo la kwanza                                                                                                  Page 16                                                                                                11/10/2011
Organisation              Acronym Aim                                                Sector           Address                          Telephone       E-Mail               Web Site         Locations
                                                                                                      in UK                            in UK                                                 in Tanzania

Catholic Agency for       CAFOD    promote human development and social justice relief,               Romero Close, Stockwell Road,    0207 7337900
Overseas Development               in witness of the christian faith and gospel development,          London SW9 9TY                                   uk
                                   values                                       education

Celebration Church                 advance the Christian faith and relieve persons relief, religion   138 High Street, Delabole PL33   01840 213362    creative-
                                   in need                                                            9AJ                                    

Central Bureau for        CBIET    promote educational visits and exchanges          education        10 Spring Gardens, London SW1A 0207 3894419      wotw@britishcouncil   Dar es Salaam
International Education                                                                               2BN                                              .org
and Training

Central Tanganyika                 further the work of the Anglican church in the    religion         24 Bevis Marks, London EC3A      0207 2203312    david.ingmire@maz                     Dodoma
Diocesan Trust                     Diocese of Central Tanganyika                                      7NR                              0208 891 6534
                                                                                                      1 ST. Stephens
                                                                                                      Garden,Twickenham TW1 2LT

       Organisations in Tanzania
       toleo la kwanza                                                                                                    Page 17                                                                            11/10/2011
Organisation             Acronym Aim                                                 Sector              Address                           Telephone       E-Mail            Web Site                     Locations
                                                                                                         in UK                             in UK                                                          in Tanzania

Centre for Alternative   CAT       inspire, inform and enable people to live more    environment,        Llwyngwern Quarry, Machynlleth,   01654 702400
Technology                         sustainably                                       education,          Powys SY20 9AZ

Centre of African Studies CAS      bring together expertise of African specialists   education           Thornhaugh Street, London WC1H 0207 8984370
                                   within the University of London                                       0XG

Centrer of Hope                    benefit children living in poverty and            relief, education   60A Princess Street, Luton LU1    0158 272 3996
Children's Charity                 sicknessand to promote education and health                           5AT

Changarawe Nursery                 support the school and community                  education           50 Chelsham Road, London SW4      0207 4986228    caroandmartin@talk   Changarawe (Morogoro region),
School Project                                                                                           6NP                                     

       Organisations in Tanzania
       toleo la kwanza                                                                                                       Page 18                                                                                           11/10/2011
Organisation               Acronym Aim                                                Sector             Address                             Telephone      E-Mail              Web Site                    Locations
                                                                                                         in UK                               in UK                                                          in Tanzania

Changing Worlds                     offer a variety of cultural experiences across education             11 Doctor's Lane, Chaldon, Surrey                  contact@changingw      Arusha
                                    the world and to help voulunteers get the most                       CR3 5AE                                  
                                    from their time abroad

Charitable Trust of the             relieve the poor and needy                        education          34 Bourtonville, Buckingham MK18 01280 823374      mail@oxfordspiresr Moshi
Rotary Club of Oxford                                                                                    7HZ                                      

Cheka Sana Children                 relieve poverty and hardship among children       children           16 Rose Walk, Purley CR8 3LG        0793 3512271   naomi.power@hotm www.chekasanachildrenstrust. Mwanza
Trust                               living on the street                                                                                                    com

Chidham Primary School                                                                education          Chidham Parochial Primary School, 01243 572380     www.chidham.w-                                  Tabora
                                                                                                         Chidham Lane, Chidham,                   
                                                                                                         Chichester PO18 8TH

Child - to - Child                  encourage and enable children and young           health, education Co-ordinating Office, Institute of   0207 6126648
                                    people to take an active role in health                             Education, 20 Bedford Way,                          uk
                                    promotion                                                           London WC1H 0AL

Childreach International            improve the lives of children in rural Tanzania   education          121 Coventry Road, Ilford IG1 4QT 0208 223 7066    firoz@childreach.or       Moshi, Lushoto

        Organisations in Tanzania
        toleo la kwanza                                                                                                        Page 19                                                                                       11/10/2011
Organisation                Acronym Aim                                             Sector        Address                             Telephone       E-Mail              Web Site                      Locations
                                                                                                  in UK                               in UK                                                             in Tanzania

Children Against            CHAD    relieve poverty of children, their sickness and children      Five Springs, Lower Broad Oak       01404 815899                Bujora (Mwanza region), Sengerema
Darkness                    Homes   distress and assist those who are disabled and                Road, West Hill, Ottery St. Mary,                   m                                                 (Mwanza district),
                                    advance their health and education                            Devon EX11 1XH

Children of Choba                                                                   education     5 Three Lions Mews, The Street,     01225 783653    info@childrenofcho        Choba (Boza village Pangani district)
                                                                                                  Holt, Trowbridge BA14 6QH                 

Children of Songea Trust            alleviate suffering of children and families    health        38/1 Canaan Lane, Edinburgh         0772 6524618                        www.childrenofsongeatrust.or Songea
                                    affected by poverty and HIV/AIDS within the                   EH10 4SU                                                      
                                    Songea District

Children's Eyesight Trust           support children by providing treatment for     health        22 Upper Grosvenor Street,          0207 629 5066   donations@theches             Dar es Salaam
                                    eyes                                                          London W1K 7PE                            

Chipukizi wa Yesu Trust             help a community in south west Tanzania to     relief,        5 Overton Park, Dyce, Aberdeen      01771 637230 Liuli, Ruvuma Anglican Diocese
                                    develop, based on its own resources especially development,   AB21 7FT                            01224 722691    .uk                  izi/
                                    through the music of the choir                 education

       Organisations in Tanzania
       toleo la kwanza                                                                                                 Page 20                                                                                                  11/10/2011
Organisation               Acronym Aim                                                Sector           Address                          Telephone      E-Mail              Web Site                   Locations
                                                                                                       in UK                            in UK                                                         in Tanzania

Christadelphian Meal a              share the blessings we receive from God with      children         PO Box 1178, Bristol BS39 4WT    01503 240193   info@meal-a-         Dar es Salaam
Day Fund                            those who are in real need in the less                             Colvase House, Widegates, Looe        
                                    developed parts of the world, as a practical                       PL13 1QA
                                    witness to our faith

Christian African Relief            sends goods to relieve extreme poverty            health           PO Box 554, Huddersfield HD1     01484 423453   cart@cartyorkshire.    Kilimanjaro region
Trust                               amongst the most needy, regardless of caste                        9ZQ                                   
                                    or creed, by local organisers

Christian Aid                       strengthen people to find their own solutions to relief, health,   35 Lower Marsh, Waterloo, London 0207 6204444   info@christian-   Ruvuma Anglican Diocese, South West
                                    the problems they face and to strive for a new agriculture         SE1 7RT                                                                       Tanganyika Anglican Diocese, Mpwapwa
                                    world transformed by an end to poverty and to                                                                                                                     Anglican Diocese, Central Tanganyika
                                    campaign to change the rules that keep people                                                                                                                     Anglican Diocese, Zanzibar Anglican
                                    poor                                                                                                                                                              Diocese, Tanga Anglican Diocese, Ludewa
                                                                                                                                                                                                      district, Uluguru Mts, Dodoma, Dar es

Christian Engineers in     CED      serve God through the practice of engineering development          22 Sherlock Close, Cambridge CB3 0871 2421110                Kilolo (Iringa region),
Development                         and by providing a professional technical                          0HW

        Organisations in Tanzania
        toleo la kwanza                                                                                                   Page 21                                                                                               11/10/2011
Organisation             Acronym Aim                                                  Sector        Address                           Telephone       E-Mail             Web Site                     Locations
                                                                                                    in UK                             in UK                                                           in Tanzania

Christian Medical        CMF       support medical mission through its members        health        157 Waterloo Road, London SE1     0207 9284694    peter.armon@cmf.o                various
Fellowship                                                                                          8XN                                     

Christian Outreach Relief CORD     show the love of Jesus by practical care of        relief,       1 New Street, Leamington Spa      01926 315301              Kasulu district, Kigoma region,
and Development                    vulnerable and disadvantaged people                development   CV31 1HP
                                   especially children and refugees

Christians Abroad                  help people engage in god's loving purpose for religion,         233 Bon Marche Centre, 241-251    0870 7707990            Isimalo (Mwanza), Kilimatinde, Rufiji, Moshi
                                   world development by the sharing of resources education          Ferndale Road, London SW9 8BJ                     .uk     
                                   and skills through specific practical skills

Christians Aware                   support international links of frienship through                 2 Saxby Street, Leicester LE2 0ND 0116 2540770    barbarabutler@chris

Chums Triangular Global CHUMS      link Somers Park Primary School UK,                education     Somers Park Primary School,       01684 572949    head@somerspark. Korogwe
Partnership                        Chumbageni Primary School Tanzania and                           Somers Park Avenue, Malvern,                  ault.aspx?page=3416
                                   Keys School Marylands USA ?                                      WR14 1SE

Church Mission Society   CMS       go forth to every part of the world and proclaim religion        Partnership House, 157 Waterloo   0207 9288681    name.surname@cm                  Dodoma, Mara, Tabora, Morogoro,
                                   the Good News to the whole creation                              Road, London SE1 8UU                                                            Kilimanjaro, Kagera

Cicely Foundation                  exist for deprived, vulnerable and needy           education     PO Box 6915, Christchurch BH23    01425 271 877   info@cicelyfoundati    Kimundo (Arusha), Moshi
                                   children                                                         3EY                                     
                                                                                                    Kingsley Mead, 13 Willow Way,
                                                                                                    Christchurch BH23 1JJ

       Organisations in Tanzania
       toleo la kwanza                                                                                                  Page 22                                                                                               11/10/2011
Organisation            Acronym Aim                                                Sector           Address                            Telephone       E-Mail              Web Site                   Locations
                                                                                                    in UK                              in UK                                                          in Tanzania

City of London Social              relieve poverty through supporting microfinance development      St Mary The Bow Church,            02072485139     justshare@stmaryle          Kilolo (Iringa region)
Investment Fund                    initiatives                                                      Cheapside, London EC2V 6AU               

Coaches Across                     use soccer as a vehicle for an educational    education          1 Nederale Close, Yarm TS15 9UE 01429 836 261      nickgates@coaches www.coachesacrosscontinents Kigoma, Ujiji
Continents                         process that creates a new generation of                                                                   .com
                                   leaders equipped to make considered decisions                                                                       m

Commonwealth Trade      CTUC       link trade union national centres and promote   employment       Congress House, Great Russell      0207 4671301    info@commonwealt       Dar es Salaam
Union Council                      international labour standards                                   Street, London WC1B 3LS                  

Communication Workers CWUHA        deliver a smile to needy children               education        302A Barlow Moor Road, Chorlton 01618819450             Moshi
Union Humanitarian Aid                                                                              Park, Manchester M21 8AY

Community Development CODRA        relieve poverty and sickness in Mwanza region relief, health     29 Leyton Road, Southampton        023 8033 9871                                                  Mwanza region
and Relief Agency (UK)                                                                              SO14 0PW

Community               COMMENT    advance the education in all aspects of         health, education 36 Codicote Drive, Watford WD25   01923 446611    tashazoio@yahoo.c
Empowerment Trust                  HIV/AIDS                                                          9QY                               017815 833060   om

       Organisations in Tanzania
       toleo la kwanza                                                                                                  Page 23                                                                                                11/10/2011
Organisation           Acronym Aim                                                      Sector           Address                            Telephone       E-Mail             Web Site                     Locations
                                                                                                         in UK                              in UK                                                           in Tanzania

Community of the Sacred CSP        support the church and country through prayer liaison                 The Convent, Lower Road,         01372 457091                                                      Kwa Mkono (Handeni), Kilimani (Masasi),
Passion                            and personal contacts and help make known in                          Effingham, Leatherhead, Surrey   01243 786111                                                      Newala, Mtwara, Magila (Korogwe), Tanga,
                                   informal ways in England some of the bounty                           KT24 5JP                                                                                           Liuli, Njombe, Ilala (Dar es Salaam),
                                   and need of Tanzania                                                  The Corn Exchange, Baffins Lane,
                                                                                                         Chichester PO19 1GE

Community Projects     CPA         support impoverished people through                  relief, education, Aldenham, 2 Deer Park Lane,      0705 0048968    info@communitypro www.communityprojectsafrica. Arusha, Longido, Marangu (Kilimanjaro
Africa                             education and health                                 health             Tavistock, Devon PL19 9HD                 org                          region), Machame, Tinga Tinga (West

Computer Aid                       help reduce poverty through Information              education        Unit 10, Brunswick Industrial Park, 0208 3615540   info@computeraid.o          various
International                      Communication Technology solutions                                    Brunswick Way, London N11 1JL                      rg

Computers 4 Africa                 lift individuals and their families out of poverty   education        Raglan House, St Peter's Street,   0845 2008510    info@computers4afr Bukoba, Dar es Salaam
                                   by recycling IT equipment and providing                               Maidstone ME16 0ST                       
                                   training                                                                                                                 contact-

Concern Worldwide                  enable absolutely poor people to achieve major relief,                52 - 55 Camden Street, Dublin 2,   0207 7381033               Naumbu (Mtwara), Masasi, Pawaga,
                                   improvements in their life style which are     development,           Ireland                                                                                            Mahenge, Malangali (Iringa district), Dar es
                                   sustainable without ongoing support            education                                                                                                                 Salaam, Barafu (Dar es Salaam), Kibondo
                                                                                                                                                                                                            district, Karago (Kibondo district), Ludewa
                                                                                                                                                                                                            district, Lindi region,

       Organisations in Tanzania
       toleo la kwanza                                                                                                        Page 24                                                                                               11/10/2011
Organisation              Acronym Aim                                                Sector         Address                            Telephone      E-Mail             Web Site                     Locations
                                                                                                    in UK                              in UK                                                          in Tanzania

Concordia International            promote the well being of young people for the development,      2nd Floor, Heversham House, 20- 01273 422218      info@concordia-
Volunteer Projects                 development of intellect and character to      education         22 Boundary Road, Hove BN3 4ET 01273 422293
                                   encourage service to the community                                                                                 info@concordia-

Conserve Africa           CAF      promote a healthy, safe, fair and sustainable     environment,   1st Floor, 36 The Market Square,   0208 8078000   info@conservafrica.
Foundation                         future for the people of Africa by working with   tourism        Edmonton, London N9 0TZ                 
                                   local environmental and ecotourism groups

Copeland Rungwe       CRCL         develop friendship and understanding between education           St Benedict's RC High School, Red 01900 822904    rachel.hall@copelan      Mporoto, Rungwe (Tukuyu)
(Tanzania) Community               the two communities through projects in each                     Lonning, Hensingham, Whitehaven,        
Link renamed Cumbria-              community and exchanges to make the                              Cumbria CA28 8UQ                                  lyn_paul@btinternet
Rungwe Community Link              greatest impact on the greatest number                                                                             .com

Cranbrook School                   promote links with educational institutions in    education      Waterloo Road, Cranbrook, Kent     01580 711800   office@cranbrook.k,   Urambo, Mwanhala, Nzega
Tanzania Project                   Tabora Region                                                    TN17 3JA                                ,

       Organisations in Tanzania
       toleo la kwanza                                                                                                  Page 25                                                                                            11/10/2011
Organisation               Acronym Aim                                             Sector           Address                           Telephone        E-Mail              Web Site                      Locations
                                                                                                    in UK                             in UK                                                              in Tanzania

Crook Majengo & Mdawi                                                              education        Crook Primary School, Croft Street, 01388 762400   crook@durhamlea.o Himo, Moshi
Schools Link                                                                                        Crook DL15 8QG                           

Cross-Cultural Solutions           that people value cultures different from their health, education Tower Point 44, North Road,      0845 4582781/2   infouk@crosscultura www.crossculturalsolutions.or Rau (Moshi), Karanga (Moshi), Patandi
                                   own, are aware of global issues and are                           Brighton BN1 1YR                              g                             (Arusha)
                                   empowered to effect positive change by
                                   volunteering to work in sustainable community

Cumbria-Rungwe                     link two rural communities with similar, yet    education        83 Main Street, St Bees CA27 0AD 01946 822580                             Rungwe
Community Link                     different ways of life through student exchange
                                   vists, community projects, education
                                   scholarships and raising awareness and

Cwlwm Monduli                      relieve poverty and sickness in Monduli and relief, health,       63 Parcmaen Street, Carmarthen   01267 222869     poppy33@btopenw                                   Monduli
Carmarthen - Tanzania              advance education in both communities about education             SA31 3DR                         01267 253351
Link                               each other                                                        Meadcroft, Bro Sarnau,
                                                                                                     Rhydargaeau,Carmathen SA32
Daraja Trust                       make changes to rural life by bringing people   develoment,       274 Nuns Way, Cambridge CB4                             Njombe
                                   and government closer                           education, health 2NT

       Organisations in Tanzania
       toleo la kwanza                                                                                                   Page 26                                                                                                11/10/2011
Organisation            Acronym Aim                                                     Sector           Address                             Telephone       E-Mail             Web Site                     Locations
                                                                                                         in UK                               in UK                                                           in Tanzania

David Anderson Africa   DAAT       promote educational opportunities for                education        2 The Old School, Norfolk Street,   01223 360477              Dar es Salaam
Trust                              disadvantaged people and human resources                              Cambridge CB1 2LE
                                   development in Africa

Deaf Africa Fund        DAF        remit donations inaid of deaf people in income education              Chapel Cottage, 7 King Street,      01952 727093                                  Mramba (Mwanga), Moshi
                                   poor countries                                                        Much Wenlock TF13 6BL

Desk and Chair                     provide vocational education for needy           development,         95 Valley Road, Rickmansworth       01923 711000    a@deskchairfounda               Misungwi district, Nyashishi, Mwanza
Foundation                         children, access to clean water and other social education            WD3 4BL                                   
                                   and cultural needs.

Development and         DRT        provide information support to NGO's and             education, liaison 24 Milverton Crescent, Leamington 01926 424 995
Research training UK               charities for the relief of poverty in East Africa                      Spa CV32 5NQ
                                   and for education

Development Support     DSA        raise awareness by African women supporting health                    Talbot House, 204-226 Imperial      0208 429 5949   info@developments
Agency                             African women about health issues particularily                       Drive, Harrow HA2 7HH                     
                                   through education

       Organisations in Tanzania
       toleo la kwanza                                                                                                        Page 27                                                                                               11/10/2011
Organisation               Acronym Aim                                              Sector          Address                           Telephone      E-Mail                 Web Site                  Locations
                                                                                                    in UK                             in UK                                                           in Tanzania

Devon Aid Korogwe          DAK     relieve poverty, sickness and distress and the poverty,         West Chimsworthy Farm,        01837 871310        dak@water4korogw           Kwasemangube (Korogwe district), Magundi
                                   advancement of education amongst people in development          Germansweek, Beaworthy, Devon                                                       (Korogwe district), Ngombezi (Korogwe
                                   need in Korogwe district, in particular to support              EX21 5BH                                                                district)
                                   the people of Kwasemangube and Magundi                                                                            m

Diocese of Mount
Kilimanjaro Association
see Tanzania Church
Partnership Association

Disability Help Me Charity DHM     enable disabled people to improve their quality health, advocacy, 2 Urquhart Road                  07788925057    contact@disability-       Ukerewe
                                   of life and to fight for the removal of the barriers education    Thatcham                              
                                   which hinder disabled people                                      West Berkshire
                                                                                                     RG19 4RF

Donald Mackay Trust                support the work of churches, the Training for   education      9 Highway Lane, Keele, Newcastle 01782 661383     jandjlefroy@btintern
                                   Life programme for young people, assistance                     ST5 5AN                                 
                                   with the university education

Dorothy Wells Project              relieve sicknessand poverty and promote          development    Rose Cottage, Front Street, Esh,   07711983252    jimoconnor@utilitys http://dorothyswellprojecttanza Machame
                                   health                                                          Durham DH7 9QS                          

Dr Challoner's High                                                                 education      Cokes Lane, Little Chalfont,       01494 763296   head@dchs.bucks.s          Mvumi (Dodoma district)
School for Girls - Mvumi                                                                           Amersham HP7 9QB                        
School Link

       Organisations in Tanzania
       toleo la kwanza                                                                                                  Page 28                                                                                             11/10/2011
Organisation                  Acronym Aim                                                Sector              Address                          Telephone       E-Mail                 Web Site                 Locations
                                                                                                             in UK                            in UK                                                           in Tanzania

EarthWatch Institute                   promote sustainable conservation of our           environment,        57 Woodstock Road, Oxford OX2    01865 318838    info@earthwatch.or Usambara Mts
(Europe)                               natural resources and cultural heritage by        education           6HJ                                                   e
                                       supporting scientific field research and

East Africa Career            EACGPA   promote services that enable informed          education              1 Milestone Road, Hitchin SG5 2TH 01642 435990                 Dar es Salaam
Guidance Practitioners                 educational, training and occupational choices

East Africa Children's                                                                   education, relief   37 Waldegrave Road, Brighton     01273 541582    eastafricachildrensp
Project                                                                                                      BN1 6GR                                

East African Playgrounds               provide local communities with their own          children            36 Delph Mount, Leeds LS6 2HS    07775 742 009   info@eastafricanpla www.eastafricanplaygrounds.o Kibaya
                                       playgrounds.                                                          PO BOX 472, Leeds LS6 9BU                      rg

East African Refugees                  benefit lone parents of East African origin in UK relief              151 Victoria Rise, London SW4    0207 627 2332
Lone Parents Association               and East Africa                                                       0PE

East African Wildlife Trust            promote the preservation of wildlife species      environment         40 Laleham Court, Chobham Road, 01483 715472
                                                                                                             Woking GU21 4AX

        Organisations in Tanzania
        toleo la kwanza                                                                                                         Page 29                                                                                       11/10/2011
Organisation              Acronym Aim                                                 Sector              Address                          Telephone       E-Mail               Web Site              Locations
                                                                                                          in UK                            in UK                                                      in Tanzania

East and Central Africa   ECAES    employ any resource and opportunity available education                Reading Business Centre, 33    0118 9589299      kossingo@hotmail.c                         Mbeya, Mlandizi (Coast region), Suji
Education Services                 to fight ignorance, disease and poverty through                        London Street, Reading RG1 4PS                   om                                         (Kilimanjaro), Kihurio (Kilimanjaro),

ECHO International        ECHO     supply quality assured pharmaceuticals and         health              Ullswater Crescent, Coulsdon     0208 6602220   Nyaragusu (Kasulu district)
Health Services Ltd                new and reconditioned medical equipment for                            CR25 2HR                         0192 6315301    uk
                                   non-commercial health providers on a not for                           1 New Street, Leamington Spa,
                                   profit basis                                                           CV31 1HP

EdUKaid                            support primary and secondary students who education                   28 - 29 Batten Road, Downton     07125 514612           Mikindani (Mtwara), Mnazi Moja (Mtwara),
                                   can not afford to go to school and their schools                       Business Centre, Downton,                        m                                          Lwelu (Mtwara)
                                                                                                          Salisbury SP5 3HU

Elimu na Maendeleo        ELNAMA   advance education and relieve poverty              education, relief   Top Floor, Willow Brook House,   01508 558394                          Bukoba district
Trust                                                                                                     The Common, Shotesham All        01508 550807    m
                                                                                                          Saints, Norwich NR15 1YD

Elimu Trust                        advance the christian religion by training bible   religion            Grove Chambers, Grove Road,      01934 417 768
                                   teachers and distributing text books                                   Weston-super-Mare BS23 2AA

Elton John AIDS                    support those suffering and at risk from           health                                                                             Mbeya region
Foundation UK                      HIV/AIDS

       Organisations in Tanzania
       toleo la kwanza                                                                                                        Page 30                                                                                         11/10/2011
Organisation               Acronym Aim                                             Sector        Address                            Telephone      E-Mail                Web Site                   Locations
                                                                                                 in UK                              in UK                                                           in Tanzania

Ely Cathedral - Zanzibar           support Zanzibar cathedral                      religion,     Chapter House, The College, Ely,   01353 667735   receptionist@cathe www.cathedral.ely.anglican.or Zanzibar
Cathedral                                                                          education     Cambs CB7 4DL                            g

Emmanuel International     EIUK    serve churches worldwide, giving practical help religion      Forum House, Stirling Road,        01243 537040              Iringa, Kilolo (Iringa region), Pawaga,
UK                                 and meeting spiritual needs                                   Chichester PO19 7DN                                                                               Uhambingeto

Empuaan                            provide information and tools to enable the     health        Honeysuckle Cottage, 4 Bury Lane, 01359250844                Maasai areas
                                   Maasai and other East Africans to protect                     Stanton, Bury St Edmunds IP31
                                   themselves from HIV and sexually transmitted                  2DF

Endowment Fund for                 promote research into coffee production in      agriculture   2 Temple Back East, Temple Quay, 0117 9173368     James.Teri@tacri.or                             Moshi
TACRI                              Tanzania and support coffee producers                         Bristol BS1 6EG                                   g,

Enfield Central African
Refugee centre

Environment and Health     EHAN    advance education within the UK and among education, relief   15 Boycroft Avenue, London NW9 020 8200 6018
Action Network                     named African countries and to relieve poverty                8AH

       Organisations in Tanzania
       toleo la kwanza                                                                                               Page 31                                                                                                11/10/2011
Organisation               Acronym Aim                                              Sector             Address                                Telephone       E-Mail               Web Site                       Locations
                                                                                                       in UK                                  in UK                                                               in Tanzania

Equity for Africa          EFA      alleviate poverty in a self sustaining way by   development        Great Tresenny, Grosmont,                              info@equityforafrica      Arusha, Moshi, Songea
                                    creating jobs through investing in small and                       Abergavenny, Gwent NP7 8HP                             .org
                                    medium sized enterprises by providing capital
                                    which would not otherwise be available, while
                                    preserving and hopefully growing capital

Erewash Mbeya Link                  supply medical equipment                        health             41 Pritchard Drive, Stapleford,        0115 9497894    lewis-                                             Mbeya
                                                                                                       Notts NG9 7GW                                

Evergreen Trust                     plant prosperity in Africa by empowering people agriculture,       10 Barley Mow Passage, Chiswick,       0208 7427267    enquiries@evergree          Kisauni (Pemba), Vitongoji (Pemba),
                                    to become self-sufficient through community     development        London W4 4PH                          0208 674 3065
                                    based development                                                  Unit 1, 126-128 Brixton Hill, London   01737 55 7890
                                                                                                       SW2 1RT
                                                                                                       5 Netherne Lane, Coulsdon, Surrey
                                                                                                       CR5 1NR
Eyesee Ltd                          relieve sickness and promote good health        health             32 West Parade, Worthing BN11          01903 602856              

Faith in Action                     advance the christain religion and to relieve   religion, relief   Emmanuel Cottage, Rusper Road, 01293 526424
                                    those in need                                                      Ifield, Crawley RH11 0LN

Faraja Support                      support orphaned and vulnerable children        children           24 Westdale Avenue, Glen Parva,        0116 2331519    info@farajasupport.       Arusha region, Kilimanjaro region
                                                                                                       Leicester LE2 9JP                            

Filmaid International UK   FAI UK   use the power of film to promote health,        health, education 9a Oriel Road, Fulwood, Sheffield, 01142 308332         filmaidinternaitonalu Nduta (Kibondo district), Mtendeli (Kibondo
                                    strengthen communities and enrich lives                           South Yorkshire S10 3TF            0207 313 9595                                      district), Karago (Kibondo district)
                                                                                                      Flat 2, 9 Colville Terrace, London                      faiuk@filmaidinterna
                                                                                                      W11 2BE                                       

        Organisations in Tanzania
        toleo la kwanza                                                                                                      Page 32                                                                                                     11/10/2011
Organisation              Acronym Aim                                              Sector           Address                          Telephone      E-Mail               Web Site                 Locations
                                                                                                    in UK                            in UK                                                        in Tanzania

Findings Trust                     support religious or charitable institutions   religion          Acorns, 27 South Road,           01494 728732   andrew.maclay@tes
                                                                                                    Amersham, Bucks HP6 5LU               

Five Talents UK                    establish and nurture small businesses through development,      4th Floor, Park House, 22 Park   0203 3260426   Iringa, Kilolo (Iringa region)
                                   microfinance initiatives and training by       education         Street, Croydon CR0 1YE          08450547525    .uk
                                   partnering with indigenous Anglican churches                     11 Woodside Road, Purley CR8     07914 855613

Flying Doctors' Service   FDS      provide assistance in medical emergencies      health            4 Grosvenor Place, London SW1X 0207 2016070 www.amref-                  Shirat, Musoma, Mugumu, Moshi, Sumve,
                                   throughout East Africa                                           7HJ                                             g               Mwanza, Rubya, Isingiro, Nyakahanga,
                                                                                                                                                                                                  Murgwanza, Biharamum, Sengerema
                                                                                                                                                                                                  (Mwanza district), Bukumbi, Kibondo, Kasulu,
                                                                                                                                                                                                  Kabanba, Kigoma, Kola Ndoto, Dareda
                                                                                                                                                                                                  (Babati), Haydom, Kiomboi, Hambi, Nzega,
                                                                                                                                                                                                  Nkinga, Urambo, Sikonge (Tabora region),
                                                                                                                                                                                                  Ndala, Makiungu (Singida district), Itigi,
                                                                                                                                                                                                  Kilimatinde, Berega (Kilosa district), Turiani,
                                                                                                                                                                                                  Dar es Salaam, Mafia, Ifakara, Iringa, Lugala,
                                                                                                                                                                                                  Kilwa, Lindi, Nachingwea, Masasi

Food And Agricultural     FARM-    reduce poverty by enabling African farmers and agriculture,      9-10 Southampton Place,          0207 4300440   farmafrica@farmafri     Babati, Hanang, Nou Forest, Mbulu, Arusha
Research Management       AFRICA   herders to make sustainable improvements to education            Bloomsbury, London WC1A 2EA           
                                   their well being

Forever Angels                     support orphaned and abandoned children        orphans, children 28 Carisbrook Drive, Winsford,   01606 554271   directors@foreveran    Mwanza
                                                                                                    Cheshire CW7 1LN                      

       Organisations in Tanzania
       toleo la kwanza                                                                                                   Page 33                                                                                            11/10/2011
Organisation              Acronym Aim                                              Sector            Address                               Telephone      E-Mail               Web Site                     Locations
                                                                                                     in UK                                 in UK                                                            in Tanzania

Foundation for          FINCA      provide financial services to the world's lowest- development     Rear office First Floor, 43-45 High                      Dar es Salaam, Morogoro, Dodoma, Ifakara,
International Community            income entrepreneurs so they can create jobs,                     Road, Bushey Heath, Bushey,                                                                            Iringa, Mbeya, Njombe, Mwanza, Mara,
Assistance UK                      build assets and improve their standard of living                 Herts WD23 1EE                                                                                         Shinyanga, Tabora, Bukoba

Franciscan Aid                     relieve poverty and advance education           relief            17 Treseders Gardens, Moresk,         01872 274101   clivecresswell@sup                                Rondo (Lindi)
                                                                                                     Truro, Cornwall TR1 1TR                    

Freeplay Foundation                improve access to information and education in education          56-58 Conduit Street, London W1S 0207 8512600   Arusha, refugee camps
                                   the developing world through sustainable radio                    2YZ

Friends of Amani                   support Amani Centre                            health, education Jaycroft, Elm lane, Lower Earley,                    amanitz@btinternet.               Chamwino (Morogoro)
Tanzania                                                                                             Reading RG6 5UG                                      com

Friends of Amani UK       G4G      support Amani Centre for Children               children,         Little Thatch, Etchilhampton,         01380 810078   martin.crabb@btinte      Moshi
                                                                                   education         Devizes SN10 3JL                             

Friends of Conservation   FOC      promote a balance between the needs of local environment,         16-18 Denbigh Street, London          0207 5920110               Kilimanjaro National Park, Serengeti,
                                   peoples and those of the wildlife            wildlife             SW1V 2ER                                                                                               Mkomazi National Reserve, Katavi National
                                                                                                                                                                                                            Park, Ngorongoro Conservation Area,

       Organisations in Tanzania
       toleo la kwanza                                                                                                     Page 34                                                                                                  11/10/2011
Organisation                 Acronym Aim                                                Sector              Address                          Telephone        E-Mail                Web Site                     Locations
                                                                                                            in UK                            in UK                                                               in Tanzania

Friends of Helper                     advance education, relieve poverty and            children            13 Papion Grove, Chatham ME5     01634 868709 Kigoma
                                      promote health in Western Tanzania                                    9BS                                               m                 wsletter%20may%2009.pdf
                                      particularily among children and women                                                                                  cptandyblake@yaho

Friends of KCMC              FOKCMC   support work of Kilimanjaro Christain Medical health                  16 The Crescent, Alexandra Park, 0238076 9219     friendsofkcmc@hot             Moshi
                                      Centre (KCMC) by fundraising, networking and                          Nottingham NG3 4JB                01782 627300
                                      offering opportunities for collaboration                              9 Highway lane, Keele, Newcastle,                 fokcmc@leppards.o
                                                                                                            Staffordshire ST5 5AN                             rg

Friends of Kiiwohede

Friends of Lamadi                     support the charitable activities of the Lamadi   development         45 Roewood Lane, Macclesfield    01625 613766                  Lamadi
                                      Development Agency                                                    SK10 2PQ                                                                p_Home.ikml

Friends of Masasi                     give support to the Diocese of Masasi,            religion, health,   6 Erme Park, Ermington, Ivybridge, 01548 830407   Gill@hucker01.fsnet                                Masasi
                                      specifically for health and education             education           Devon PL21 9LY                          

Friends of Mkombozi                   relieve poverty, sickness, distress and the       relief, health,     c/o Sir Robert McAlpine Ltd,     0207 8330868                 Moshi, Arusha
Centre for Street Children            advancement of education of homeless              education,          Yorkshire House, Grosvenor
                                      children                                          children            Crescent, London SW1X 7E

       Organisations in Tanzania
       toleo la kwanza                                                                                                           Page 35                                                                                         11/10/2011
Organisation           Acronym Aim                                                   Sector          Address                          Telephone       E-Mail               Web Site                       Locations
                                                                                                     in UK                            in UK                                                               in Tanzania

Friends of Mvumi                   support Mvumi Secondary School                    education       Eton College, Windsor SL4 6DW    07092 217443 www.friends-of-mvumi-       Mvumi (Dodoma district),
Secondary School                                                                                                                                      r.watson@etoncolle

Friends of Nzega       KNFA        support development projects initiated in Nzega education, health Dennings, Wallingford Road,      01548 853287    devonlane@eurobel                                   Nzega, Tabora
                                   District                                                          Kingsbridge TQ7 1NF                    

Friends of Peoples Close FPCN      a forum for the global movement of groups and wildlife,           33 Gould Close, Welham Green,    01707 885994    Office@fpcn-            Lake Eyasi, Arusha
to Nature Intercultural            individuals groups dedicated to the survival of advocacy,         Hatfield, Herts AL9 7EB          07092 018702
                                   tribal peoples who wish to retain their traditional environment
                                   lifestyles, in particular hunter-gatherers

Friends of St Anne's               support St Anne's hospital                        health          360, Southampton Road, Eastleigh, 01243 867072 Liuli
Hospital Liuli                                                                                       Hampshire, SO50 5QH               023 80618184                     ofstannshosp

Friends Of Tanzania                promote education by supporting local schools education,          13 Eve Road, Isleworth, Mddx TW7 0208 8929858 Kilimanjaro district, Arusha district, Tinga
                                                                                 development         7HS                                              k                                                Tinga (West Kilimanjaro)

       Organisations in Tanzania
       toleo la kwanza                                                                                                   Page 36                                                                                                  11/10/2011
Organisation                 Acronym Aim                                           Sector           Address                          Telephone        E-Mail                Web Site                      Locations
                                                                                                    in UK                            in UK                                                                in Tanzania

Friends of the Children of           provide funding, education and resources to   children         82 Dora Road, London SW19 7HH 020 8944 1648          www.friendsofthechildrenoftan Bukoba, Muleba district
Tanzania                             orphaned and disabled children                                                                                               

Friends of The Deaf of       FoDoT   support Tanzanians who are working with       disability,      152 Whitchurch Lane, Edgware,    0207 7238323                  Dar es Salaam
Tanzania                             hearing impaired children                     education        Middx HA8 6QL                    0208 952 0144

Friends of Urambo /          FUM     support and development for the people of     health, education, Tanner House, Sissinghurst Road, 01580 291969   rodsmith@btconnec                                   Tabora region, Urambo, Mwanhala, Ngezi,
Mwanhala                             Tabora region                                 development        Biddenden, Kent TN27 8EX                                                             Nzega, Mbooga (Nzega), Kaliua (Nzega),
                                                                                                                                                                                                          Mlimani (Nzega),

Friends of Youth in Need             support street youth and Maasai children      children, relief, PO Box 46280, London W5 1YD                                          Monduli
                                                                                   health, education

Frontier                                                                                            Monks Court, Newbury Road, East 0207 6132422                             Pemba, Mahenge Mts, Kilombero
                                                                                                    Hendred, Wantage, Oxfordshire                                 
                                                                                                    OX12 8LG

G F Foundation Ltd                   relieve hardship                              relief           2-26 Anthony Road, Saltey,       0121 327 2721    charity@gfcorporati
                                                                                                    Birmingham B8 3AA                       

       Organisations in Tanzania
       toleo la kwanza                                                                                                  Page 37                                                                                                     11/10/2011
Organisation             Acronym Aim                                                 Sector       Address                           Telephone      E-Mail              Web Site                      Locations
                                                                                                  in UK                             in UK                                                            in Tanzania

G P Ganatra Charitable             provide relief to the poor, the handicapped, the relief        109 Elmers End Road, Beckenham 0870 443 4323
Trust                              disabled, the sick, the aged and the victims of                BR3 4SY                        0208 7716431
                                   disaster and to advance education and religion                 21 Station Road, London SE25

Gap Activty Projects               provide an international year out experience for education, health 44 Queens Road, Reading RG1   0118 9594914                 Dar es Salaam, Morogoro, Mafinga (Iringa
                                   young volunteers that fosters independence,                        4BB                                          uk                                                region), Kilombero
                                   helps others and promotes global

Gap Challenge                                                                                                                                                

Gatsby Charitable                  funds Tanzania Gatsby Trust and some             development   Allington House 1st Floor, 150   0207 4100330              various
Foundation                         regional work in agriculture science                           Victoria Street, London SW1E 5AE                 .uk

Gazelle Trust                      provide computers and technology in a            education     Monks Court, Newbury Road, East 07739 018541     e.e.turnbull@talk21.   Ugweno (Kilmanjaro region)
                                   community school in Tanzania                                   Hendred, Wantage, Oxfordshire   01235 833797     com
                                                                                                  OX12 8LG

       Organisations in Tanzania
       toleo la kwanza                                                                                                 Page 38                                                                                              11/10/2011
Organisation             Acronym Aim   Sector      Address                           Telephone      E-Mail              Web Site                      Locations
                                                   in UK                             in UK                                                            in Tanzania

George Abbott Mukidoma                 education   Woodruff Avenue, Guildford, GU1   01483 888000   office@georgeabbot Arusha
Schools link                                       1XX                                         ga/homepage/home

      Organisations in Tanzania
      toleo la kwanza                                                 Page 39                                                                                       11/10/2011
all regions
Arumeru district
Arusha district
Arusha region
Babati district
Bangalala (Same)
Barafu (Dar es Salaam)
Berega (Kilosa district)
Bethany (Magu district)
Biharamulo district
Boko (Dar es Salaam)
Bomangombe (Hai district)
Boza village Pangani district
Buguruni (Dar es Salaam)
Buhuri (Tanga)
Buigiri (Dodoma)
Bujora (Mwanza region)
Bukoba district
Bulongwa (Makete district)
Bunju (Pwani region)
Buswelu (Mwanza)
Buturi (Tarime)
Bwana Ng'ombe
Bwejuu (Zanzibar)
Bweni (Pangani)
Bwibuka (Tukuyu)
Central Tanganyika Anglican Diocese
Chaani (Zanzibar)
Chamwino (Morogoro)
Changarawe (Morogoro region)
Choba (Boza village Pangani district)
Coast region
Dar es Salaam
Dar es Salaam Anglican Diocese
Dar es Salaam coast
Dareda (Babati)
Dodoma district
Dodoma region
East Usambara
Eluwai (Monduli district)
Emau Hill (Amani)
Endulen (Arusha region)
Esilalai (Mto wa Mbu)
Fumbuni (Moshi)
Ghona (Moshi)
Gombe (Kigoma)
Hai district
Ikuyu (Kibakwe)
Ilala (Dar es Salaam)
Irente (Lushoto)
Iringa district
Iringa region
Isimalo (Mwanza)
Itili (Mbeya district)
Jambiani (Zanzibar)
Juani Island (Mafia)
Kabale (Bukoba)
Kabanga (Kasulu)
Kagera district
Kagera region
Kagongwa (Tabora region)
Kahama district
Kalalasi (Sumbawanga)
Kaliua (Nzega)
Karago (Kibondo district)
Karagwe district
Karanga (Moshi)
Karatu district
Kasulu district
Katavi National Park
Kayanga district (Kagera region)
Kibaha district (Iringa region)
Kibena (Njombe)
Kiboje (Zanzibar)
Kibondo district
Kibugumu (Dar es Salaam)
Kidenge (Kibakwe)
Kidia (Kilimanjaro)
Kigamboni (Dar es Salaam)
Kigoma region
Kihurio (Kilimanjaro)
Kikole (Kilwa district)
Kilimani (Masasi)
Kilimanjaro Anglican Diocese
Kilimanjaro district
Kilimanjaro National Park
Kilimanjaro region
Kilmanjaro region
Kilolo (Iringa region)
Kilolo district (Iringa region)
Kilombero district
Kilosa district
Kilwa district
Kilwa district villages
Kilwa Kivinje
Kilwa Masoko
Kimundo (Arusha)
Kindwitwi (Utete)
Kinondoni (Dar es Salaam)
Kiomoni (Tanga)
Kipalapala (Tabora)
Kipengere mountains
Kirua (Moshi)
Kisangi-Kimbarambara (Kilwa district)
Kisauni (Pemba)
Kiteto district (Arusha region)
Kitopeni (Lushoto)
Kitowo (Napaku)
Kivisini (Mwanga district)
Kivulini (Mwanga district)
Kola Ndoto
Kondoa Anglican Diocese
Korini Kusini (Moshi)
Korogwe district
Kwa Mkono (Handeni)
Kwanyangwe (Mwanga district)
Kwasemangube (Korogwe district)
Kwimba (Mwanza region)
Lake district
Lake Eyasi
Legho (Moshi)
Lindi district
Lindi region
Longido district
Ludewa district
Luhimba (Songea)
Lulindi (Masasi)
Lwelu (Mtwara)
Maasai areas
Maasai steppe
Mafinga (Iringa region)
Magila (Korogwe)
Magu district
Magundi (Korogwe district)
Mahenge district
Mahenge Mts
Mahomamakulu (Dodoma district)
Mailasita (Moshi)
Maji ya Chai (Arusha)
Maji ya Chini (Arusha)
Makete district
Makiungu (Singida district)
Makomu (Kyala)
Malangali (Iringa district)
Manchali (Dodoma district)
Manyara district
Manzeze (Dar es Salaam)
Mapinduzi (Tanga)
Mara Anglican Diocese
Mara region
Maramba (Tanga region)
Maranatha (Mbeya district)
Marangu (Kilimanjaro region)
Masasi district
Masasi region
Matumbi hills
Mbalizi (Mbeya region)
Mbeya district
Mbeya region
Mbokomu (Kilimanjaro)
Mbooga (Nzega)
Mbozi (Mbeya)
Mbule (Lushoto)
Menai (Zanzibar)
Meru (Arusha)
Meru district
Meserani (Arusha)
Migeregere (Kilwa district)
Mikindani (Mtwara)
Mikumi Mpya
Milingano (Amani)
Milo (Njombe)
Misifuni (Tanga)
Misungwi district
Mkomazi National Reserve
Mkuranga district
Mkuzi (Tanga region)
Mlandizi (Coast region)
Mleni (Tanga)
Mlimani (Nzega)
Mlingano (Tanga region)
Mnazi Moja (Mtwara)
Monduli district
Morogoro Anglican Diocese
Morogoro district
Morogoro region
Moshi district
Mpandangindo (Songea)
Mpwapwa Anglican Diocese
Mramba (Mwanga)
Mrawi (Moshi)
Msalato (Dodoma)
Msereni (Moshi)
Mshiri (Moshi)
Msuni (Moshi)
Mtandi (Masasi)
Mtendeli (Kibondo district)
Mtepwezi (Mtwara)
Mto wa Mbu
Mtwara district
Mtwara region
Mufindi district
Muganza (Kagera region)
Muleba district
Mvumi (Dodoma district)
Mwandiga (Kigoma region)
Mwanga district
Mwanza district
Mwanza region
Mweka (Moshi)
Mwera (Zanzibar)
Nangwa (Barabaig)
Naumbu (Mtwara)
Nduta (Kibondo district)
Ngara district
Ngaramtoni (Arusha)
Ngasini (Moshi)
Ngombezi (Korogwe district)
Ngorongoro Conservation Area
Ngorongoro district
Ngortot (Arusha)
Ngumesi (Moshi)
Njari (Moshi)
Njiro (Arusha)
Njombe district
Nkokoto (Tabora region)
Nkonkwa (Kigoma region)
Nkwawangya (Machame)
northern areas
northern Tanzania
Nou Forest
Nungwi (Zanzibar)
Nyaishozi (Kagera region)
Nyankanga (Musoma)
Nyaragusu (Kasulu district)
Ongoma (Moshi)
Pare Mts
Patandi (Arusha)
Peramiho (Songea)
Pongwe (Tanga)
Pugu forest
Pwani Mchangani (Zanzibar)
Pwani region
Rau (Moshi)
refugee camps
Rift Valley Diocese
Rocken Hill (Kahama district)
Rondo (Lindi)
Rononi (Moshi)
Ruaha Anglican Diocese
Rufiji district
Rugambwa (Bukoba)
Ruhatwe (Kilwa district)
Ruhokwe (Lindi)
Rukora (Kagera region)
Rukwa district
Rungwe (Tukuyu)
Ruvuma Anglican Diocese
Ruvuma region
Sanya Juu (Hai)
Sayuni (Njombe)
Sengerema (Mwanza district)
Shimbwe (Kilimanjaro region)
Sikonge (Tabora region)
Simanjiro (Arusha)
Simanjiro district
Singida district
Singida region
Songoro (Dodoma)
Sonu (Moshi)
South West Tanganyika Anglican Diocese
Southern Highlands
Stone Town (Zanzibar)
Suji (Kilimanjaro)
Sumbawanga district
Tabora Diocese
Tabora region
Tanga Anglican Diocese
Tanga district
Tanga region
Tanga ward (Songea)
Tarangire NP
Tegeta (Dar es Salaam)
Temeke (Dar es Salaam)
Tengeru (Arusha)
Teule (Muheza)
Tideso (Bukoba)
Tinga Tinga (West Kilimanjaro)
Uchira (Moshi)
Ugweno (Kilmanjaro region)
Uluguru Mts
Umonga (Dodoma)
Uru (Moshi)
Uru North (Moshi)
Usa River
Usambara Mts
Uyogo (Tabora region)
Vitongoji (Pemba)
West Kilimanjaro
West Meru
western Tanzania
Wilunze (Dodoma district)
Yamba (Amani)
Yamba (Tanga region)
Zanzibar Anglican Diocese

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