NORTH WEST KENT F H S TAPE LIBRARY LIST We have been recording most meetings since September 1985 and the full list of tapes ava

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					                                  NORTH WEST KENT F H S
                                    TAPE LIBRARY LIST
We have been recording most meetings since September 1985 and the full list of tapes available is given below.
This list is updated regularly in the Society's Journal, NORTH WEST KENT FAMILY HISTORY SOCIETY
For UK members the tapes are available for hire from:-
Mrs Stella Nicholls, NWKFHS Tape Library, 1 Beacon Drive, Bean, Dartford, Kent, DA2 8BE
at a cost of £1.60 including postage and packing for 14 days. Cheques/POs payable to NWK FHS
To conform with copyright laws and undertakings given to speakers

C1     CONSTABLES & OVERSEERS Parish Administration in 17th & 18th centuries                                   David Hey. Sep 1988
C2     SO YOUR ANCESTOR WORK IN THE DOCKS Sources in the P.L.A.                                             Bob Aspinall. Sep 1988
C3     THE MARCH OF BRICKS AND MORTAR Architecture in the 19th century                                  Robert Thorne. Sep 1988
C4     AT THEIR CONVENIENCE - Sanitary Records as a source                                                  Diana Rimel. Sep 1988
C5     PUTTING THEM IN THEIR PLACE - importance of local history to family historians                  Colin Chapman. Sep 1988
C6     DEPTFORD - Records of a developing community                                                        Carl Harrison. Sep 1988
C7     BEYOND THE PARISH REGISTERS - using Non-Register parish records                                      Alan Rogers. Sep 1988
C8     A FINE AND PRIVATE PLACE - The 19th century cemetery movement                               James Stevens Curl. Sep 1988
LL1    A METROPOLIS IN TRANSITION                                                                          John Landers. Oct 1988
LL2    THEY CAME TO LONDON 1530 - 1830                                                                   Anthony Camp. Oct 1988
LL3    COMPELLED TO WEEP - Apprentices                                                                       Jim Golland. Oct 1988
LL4    DOCKLANDS; THE CHANGING SCENE                                                                           John Neal. Oct 1988
LL5    WHERE TO FIND LONDON RECORDS                                                                  Geoffrey Swinfield. Oct 1988
FHA1   GETTING STARTED                                                                                 Gillian Valentine. Sep 1992
FHA2   NEXT STEPS                                                                                             June Biggs. Sep 1992
FHE1   PROVING A FAMILY TREE                                                                           Norman Holding. Oct 1992
FHE2   A DAY IN THE LIFE OF A CENSUS ENUMERATOR                                          Jean Cole & Michael Sheppard. Oct 1992
FHE3   MANORIAL COURT and ARCHIVAL CLEANING and PRESERVATION                                 20 Actors & Sarah Archard. Oct 1992
TT1    PLAGUE IN THE HUNDRED OF BLACKHEATH                                                               Frances Ward. Sep 1999
TT2    THE WAR STORY OF THE PORT OF LONDON 1939 - 1945                                                  Robert Aspinall. Sep 1999
TT3    ENJOYING OLD CHURCHES, WORKING AND RETIRED                                                            Roy Tricker. Sep 1999
TT4    WOOLWICH - INHABITANTS AND INDUSTRIES                                                                Diana Rimel. Sep 1999
TT5    MIGRATION AND EMIGRATION IN 16TH AND 17TH CENTURY LONDON                                         Dr Michael Zell. Sep 1999
TT6    DIVING FAMILIES OF KENT                                                                          Dr John Bevan. Sep 1999
TT7    RECONSTRUCTING AN ELIZABETHAN PARISH COMMUNITY                                                   Susan Pittman. Sep 1999
TT8    DEPTFORD - TURNING THE TIDE                                                                           Jess Steele. Sep 1999
1      DISPOSAL OF THE DEAD                                                                                   Julian Litten Sep 1985
3      QUARTER SESSIONS RECORDS AND AGRICULTURAL LABOURERS                                                 Anthony Camp Jan 1986
4      COASTGUARD ANCESTORS                                                                                  Eileen Stage Feb 1986
5      LOOKING IT UP. (Oral & Photographic Archive of Bexley Local Studies)                                  Michael Scott Mar 1986
6      RUNNING A ONE NAME SOCIETY (mainly on Dalton surname)                                                     M. Dalton May 1986
7      PRE 1841 CENSUSES - Records of Name Listings Pre 1841                                             Colin Chapman Jun 1986
9      WORLD WAR ONE ARMY ANCESTRY                                                                      Norman Holding Sep 1986
11     BOOKEND-the book at the end of your research.                                                    Brian Stockman Nov 1986
12     THE CRYSTAL PALACE-a Social Portrait.                                                                 Barry McKay Nov 1986
14     ROGERS FAMILY OF RIVERHEAD HOUSE, SEVENOAKS                                                      Mrs D M Rogers Jan 1987
15     CASES IN CHANCERY                                                                  Joyce Hoad read by Joan Field Feb 1987
16     WATERMEN - Families/Jobs/Records                                                                        June Curtis Feb 1987
17     SIDETRACKED                                                                               Josephine Birchenough Feb 1987
18     HERALDRY FOR THE FAMILY HISTORIAN                                                                     John Bedells Feb 1987
19     HUGUENOTS AND THE GREATNESS SILK MILL                                                            Mrs J E T Horne Mar 1987
20     CONTENTS OF THE PARISH CHEST                                                                          Carl Harrison Mar 1987
21     GENEALOGY AND GENETICS                                                                              Dr G Swinfield May 1987
22     FAMILY HISTORY ON THE GROUND - Using Maps                                                            J Birchenough Jun 1987
23     SURVIVORS OF THE CHARGE OF THE LIGHT BRIGADE                                                            Ken Horton Jun 1987
24     CONCEPT OF NOBILITY IN THE 11th & 12th CENTURIES                                                       Mr R A Smith Jly 1987
25     HISTORY OF THE COMMON PEOPLE                                                                        Dr D Killingray Sep 1987
27     A BRUSH WITH THE LAW; From JP's Diaries                                                    Elizabeth Silverthorne Nov 1987
28     WILLS, LEGACIES AND DEATH DUTY RECORDS                                                                    Jane Cox Jan 1988
29     RAILWAY STAFF RECORDS IN THE P R O                                                               Mr Cliff Edwards Jan 1988
30     KEMSING; THE HOLDEN FAMILY                                                                          Victor Bowden Feb 1988
31     WATERMEN & LIGHTERMEN OF THE THAMES - About the Company of …..                                 Mr Barrett Wilson Mar 1988
32     ORAL TRADITIONS - National Sound Archive                                                                 Doc Rowe Jun 1987
33     THEY WENT TO AUSTRALIA - Using Prison and Transportation Records                                  Daphne Gifford May 1988
35     SURVIVORS OF THE CHARGE OF THE LIGHT BRIGADE Pt.2                                                        Ken Horton Jul 1988
36     FAMILY HISTORY ROMANCES-Detection and Romance                                                            June Benn Oct 1988
37     BIGAMOUS MARRIAGES                                                                                    Stella Colwell Oct 1988
40     THE POOR ARE ALWAYS WITH US                                                                           June Biggs Nov 1988
41     OVERTURE & BEGINNERS - Basic Beginners Talk and New Avenues                                            Jean Stirk Jan 1989
42     MEDICAL ARCHIVES FOR THE FAMILY HISTORIAN                                                            Janet Foster Jan 1989
44     TITHE MAPS; a Local History Study                                                                    Vic Bowden Feb 1989
45     THE HISTORY OF STAINED GLASS & IT'S USE TO GENEALOGISTS                                           Anne Goodman Feb 1989
47     FLEET & CLANDESTINE MARRIAGES                                                                      Stephen Hale May 1989
48     GYPSIES TINKERS & TRAVELLING PEOPLE                                                                 David Smith May 1989

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                                  NORTH WEST KENT F H S
                                    TAPE LIBRARY LIST
49    NORTH & EAST COAST COAL BOATS TO LONDON                                                               Alan Pearsall Jun 1989
50    COCKNEY LANGUAGE                                                                                            Mark Bell Jun 1989
51    MORMON CHURCH AND RECORDS (Background and How to use records)
52    ILLEGITIMACY AND THE FAMILY                                                                                  Jean Cole Jly 1989
53    DIALECTS AND PHONETICS                                                                                   Chris Barrett Jly 1989
54    PAPERMAKERS                                                                                               Jean Stirk Sep 1989
55    THE I G I AND HOW IT WORKS                                                                                    J Kitsell Sep 1989
58    STRANGERS IN PLACE - Migration and following trails                                                       Jean Stirk Nov 1989
59    FUN WITH FAMILY TREES                                                                                   Terry Moyle Nov 1989
60    HERALDRY & REGALIA - Work of The College of Arms                                                         F S Andrus Jan 1990
61    AGRICULTURAL LABOURERS - Using records to find out more about them                                   Anthony Camp Jan 1990
63    WORLD WAR 1 ARMY ANCESTRY Pt 2                                                                     Norman Holding Feb 1990
64    HAROLD'S ROAD TO HASTINGS - 1066                                                                   Mrs D M Rogers Feb 1990
65    THE RIVER THAMES; WATERMEN - Overview of their roles                                                   Diana Rimel Mar 1990
66    HISTORY OF THE RAILWAYS                                                                               Robin Linsley Jun 1990
67    RESEARCHING YOUR MILITARY ANCESTORS - Army/Militia/Yeomanry                                           Peter Boyden Jun 1990
68    CENSUS & OTHER RECORDS                                                                                       Jean Cole Jly 1990
69    LONDON DOCKLANDS PAST & PRESENT                                                                     Robert Aspinall Sep 1990
70    CIRCUS LIFE & CIRCUS FAMILIES                                                                       Robert Barltrop Sep 1990
72    FAMILIES IN DISPUTE - Courts                                                                             Joyce Hoad Oct 1990
74    PRINTING, ITS HISTORY & RECORDS                                                                           Don Paine Nov 1990
75    THE SPITALFIELDS PROJECT - Analysis of Skeletons from All Saints Church                               Margaret Cox Nov 1990
76    THE HUGUENOT SOCIETY                                                                                    Sue Highley Jan 1991
77    MANUSCRIPT SOURCES AT THE NATIONAL MARITIME MUSEUM                                                  Miss C McLeod Jan 1991
78    READING AND INTERPRETING OLD DOCUMENTS                                                                    Dr E Poole Feb 1991
79    GENEALOGY AND GENETICS 2.                                                                            Dr G Swinfield Feb 1991
80    HOPS & HOP PICKERS                                                                                 Dr R P Hastings Mar 1991
81    THE NAME GAME                                                                           Mrs M Catty & Mrs A Gillett Mar 1991
83    ONE NAME SOCIETIES                                                                                 Brian Christmas May 1991
84    THE ACTRESS AND THE CHAUFFEUR - Basic Sources & Red Herrings                                       Jeanne Bunting May 1991
85    NON-CONFORMIST RECORDS AND THEIR BACKGROUND                                                            Alan Ruston May 1991
86    ARCHIVES ARE FUN - Records we should look at                                                            Joyce Hoad Jun 1991
87    THE CATHOLIC RECORD SOCIETY; Sources for the Family Historian                                    Rosemary Rendell Jun 1991
88    FAMILY HISTORY, GAME OR SCIENCE?                                                                     Anthony Camp Jun 1991
89    SETTLEMENT AND POOR LAW                                                                           Dr Colin Chapman Jly 1991
90    DEATH AND IT'S RECORDS                                                                                  Sally Fincher Jly 1991
91    A DAY IN A REGENCY HOUSE                                                                               Miss M Vinall Jly 1991
92    FROM THE PENINSULAR TO PASSCHENDALE - Research in Army Records                                    Dr Brian Oldham Sep 1991
93    SOME ORPHAN! (A problem in search of a solution)                                                  Mrs Pauline Saul Sep 1991
94    IMMIGRANTS TO LONDON                                                                                 Michael Gandy Oct 1991
95    SCOTTISH RECORDS FOR BEGINNERS                                                                  Mrs Marjorie Moore Oct 1991
96    DARTFORD-a short history.                                                                              Mr G H Kent Nov 1991
97    UNUSUAL SOURCES                                                                                    Brian Christmas Nov 1991
98    MY FAMILY AND MY ROSES - The Harkness Rose Family                                               Mr Peter Harkness Nov 1991
99    MAKING SENSE OF THE CENSUS - How & why data collected and used                                    Dr. Edward Higgs Jan 1992
101   THE CHANGING ROLE OF WOMEN IN LATE VICTORIAN ENGLAND                                            Mrs F Summerskill Feb 1992
102   SOURCES FOR FAMILY HISTORIANS AT THE Dr WILLIAMS LIBRARY                                               Alan Ruston Feb 1992
103   THE TRAINING SHIPS 'CHICHESTER' AND 'ARETHUSA' AT GREENHITHE                               Capt. Neil Baird-Murray Mar 1992
104   FAMILY HISTORY ARCHAEOLOGY - Heirlooms and Memorabilia                                              Derek Palgrave Mar 1992
107   DICKENS - MAN OF KENT                                                                          Mrs Thelma Grove May 1992
108   TRACING MERCHANT SEAMEN                                                                            Dr. Chris Watts May 1992
109   WAS YOUR ANCESTOR A EUROPEAN?                                                                      Michael Gandy May 1992
111   THE NEWSPAPER LIBRARY AT COLINDALE                                                                     Jill Allbrooke Jun 1992
112   THE MANOR, ITS RECORDS AND THE FAMILY HISTORIAN                                                           Peter Park Jun 1992
113   MANORIAL RECORDS                                                                                     Colin Chapman Jly 1992
114   MAD DOGS and STRAY PIGS; The Vestry and Parish Records                                                    Dr Ron Cox Jly 1992
115   THE HERITAGE INDEX An index of miscellaneous Documents and their contents                                Meryl Catty Sep 1992
116   BOOKS YOU'LL ENJOY Useful books for the Family Historian                                            Michael Gandy Sep 1992
117   LEAVE NO STONE UNTURNED - The famous and no so famous                                                  John E Vigar Oct 1992
118   TRACING BAPTIST RECORDS                                                                              Rev G E Breed Oct 1992
119   HOLDING HANDS WITH COLONIAL COUSINS - Sources in N.Z. and Australia                                          Jan Gow Oct 1992
120   THE TRIALS & TRIBULATIONS OF BUSINESS HISTORIANS                                                          John King Nov 1992
121   THE WORKHOUSE FAMILY- examples from Dartford workhouse                                                Dr J C Burne Nov 1992
122   POST OFFICE ARCHIVES                                                               Jean Farrugia & Tony Gammons Nov 1992
123   PICTURE POSTCARDS & PHOTOGRAPHS AS AN AID TO FAMILY HISTORY                                                 Ian White Jan 1993
124   THE CAREWS OF THE HUNDRED OF BLACKHEATH                                                    Joan Carew Richardson Jan 1993
125   ARMY RECORDS FOR FAMILY HISTORIANS                                                                   Simon Fowler. Feb 1993
126   CURIOUS KENT                                                                                          John E Vigar. Feb 1993
127   QUAKER RECORDS                                                                                       Sylvia Carlyle. Feb 1993
128   THE BISHOPSGATE INSTITUTE                                                                              David Webb. Mar 1993
129   DEATH AND BURIAL. Customs & Practices and their problems for the Family Historian.                    David Wright. Mar 1993
130   ASK THE FAMILY                                                                                      Mari Alderman. Apr 1993
131   AN 18th CENTURY JOURNEY BY STAGECOACH.                                                                Miss M Vinall. Apr 1993
132   WILLS.                                                                                                  June Biggs. May 1993
133   OXFORD CANAL FAMILY; Six Generations.                                                      Judith Kinnison Bourke. May 1993

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                               NORTH WEST KENT F H S
                                 TAPE LIBRARY LIST
134    ROYAL COMMISSION ON HISTORIC MONUMENTS; Searching for Pictorial records.                                 Ian Leith. May 1993
135    THE THOMAS CORAM FOUNDATION                                                                         Colin Masters. Jun 1993
136    WEDDING FASHIONS & PHOTOGRAPHY; 1800's-1900's.                                                      Avril Landsell. Jun 1993
136    THE GROWTH OF BRITISH EDUCATION AND IT'S RECORDS                                                 Colin Chapman. Jun 1993
138    THE EFFECTS OF THE NEW POOR LAW.                                                                         Jean Cole. Jly 1993
139    THE WAY WE TALK.                                                                                     Miss M Vinall. Jly 1993
141    TRAMPS AND TRADERS.                                                                                     Jean Stirk. Sep 1993
142    THE PRINCESS ALICE OR GREAT THAMES DISASTER.                                                     Barbara Ludlow. Oct 1993
143    HISTORY AND PITFALLS OF THE CENSUS.                                                                  Pauline Saul. Oct 1993
144    BURIED AT NUNHEAD.                                                                   Jeff Hart & Ron Woolacott. Nov 1993
145    SEVENOAKS NAVVY. The Story of Sevenoaks Railway Tunnel                                              Tessa Leeds. Nov 1993
146    SURVIVAL OF THE FITTEST - Victorian Health                                                     Nigel Underwood. Nov 1993
147    EDITH NESBIT (Author) in S E LONDON & KENT                                                        Nicholas Reed. Dec 1993
149    MASTERS OF THE SEAS.                                                                                   Meryl Catty. Jan 1994
150    PROBATE ACCOUNTS AS A SOURCE FOR FAMILY HISTORY                                                        Dr J Bower. Mar 1994
151    THE GUILDHALL LIBRARY                                                                              Irene Gilchrist. Mar 1994
153    A FARMING CENTURY IN THE DARENT VALLEY. (1892-1992)                                           William Alexander. Apr 1994
154    YEOMAN WARDER OF THE TOWER                                                                              Roy Reed. May 1994
155    ASPECTS OF BLACKHEATH OF INTEREST TO FAMILY HISTORIANS                                                 Neil Rhind. May 1994
157    WOMEN IN FAMILY HISTORY                                                                              Audrey Brown. Jly 1994
159    BELLRINGING AND IT'S ASSOCIATION WITH FAMILY HISTORY                                                 Valerie Payne .Jly 1994
160    A ONE NAME STUDY                                                                                     David Cufley. Sep 1994
161    THE SEAMAN'S WORLD IN THE 17th & 18th CENTURY ROYAL NAVY                                               Chris Ware. Sep 1994
162    SOME DIVING FAMILIES OF KENT- Whitstable and Dover families                                           John Bevan. Sep 1994
163    FLOGGING JOEY- A man with a mission (Smuggling)                                                      John Douch. Sep 1994
164    LINEN LININGS & BRASS FITTINGS-The Victorian Funeral                                                 Julian Litten. Sep 1994
165    THE PRESS AND THE MARCH OF HISTORY                                                                   David Linton. Sep 1994
166    VICTORIAN LIFE FROM OLD PHOTOGRAPHS                                                                     John Vigar. Oct 1994
167    SKELETONS IN THE CUPBOARD- Felons and Misdemeanours)                                                Audrey Gillett. Oct 1994
168    GENETICS IN GENEALOGY 3                                                                            Dr G Swinfield. Oct 1994
169    THE PUBLIC RECORD OFFICE. (Kew & Chancery Lane)                                                    Sarah Tyacke. Nov 1994
170    THE NEW EDITION OF THE I G I - History of IGI & using LDS Sources                                  Mr W A Neale. Nov 1994
171    ROBERT PEEL TO Pc. NEAL                                                                                 John Neal. Nov 1994
172    THE CASE OF MARIANNE FARNINGHAM                                                            Dr S Burgoyne-Black. Dec 1994
173    IMMIGRANTS IN KENT                                                                            Dr David Killingray .Jan 1995
174    HISTORY OF CINEMA IN NW KENT & SE LONDON                                                               Tony Moss. Jan 1995
175    IN SEARCH OF ANCESTRY                                                                                  Meryl Catty. Feb 1995
176    SCHOOL RECORDS AND YOUR ANCESTORS                                                                 Richard Moore. Feb 1995
177    HUNG, DRAWN AND QUARTERED - Exchequer and Chancery Records                                            Joyce Hoad. Mar 1995
178    LATE VICTORIAN SAILOR.                                                                         Michael Fountain. Apr 1995
179    NOTE TAKING FOR RECORD KEEPING                                                                       David Cufley. Apr 1995
180    THE 1913 ROYAL VISIT TO WOOLWICH - and Woolwich overview                                          Anthony Robin. May 1995
181    CRIMINAL ANCESTORS IN ENGLAND AND WALES - how to find them                                      David Hawkings. May 1995
182    HISTORIC CHATHAM DOCKYARD - History, Shipbuilding esp. Valiant                              Richard Holdsworth. Jun 1995
183    FAMILY HISTORY FOR BEGINNERS                                                            Judith Kinnison-Bourke. Jun 1995
184E   TOWER HAMLETS ARCHIVES                                                                            Jerome Farrell. Sep 1988
185E   INDIA OFFICE RECORDS                                                                                 Tim Thomas. Oct 1988
186E   SPITALFIELDS HOMEWORKERS                                                                          Diane Atkinson. Feb 1989
187E   THE LONDON HOSPITAL AND IT’S ARCHIVES.                                                             Clare Daunton. Jan 1989
188E   THE HUGUENOTS IN SPITALFIELDS                                                                          David Webb. Jul 1989
189E   THE LAST UNTAPPED SOURCE.( Vault Burials 1500-1800 )                                                    Julian Litten Jul 1989
190E   UP BEFORE THE BENCH                                                                       Richard Samway Date Unknown
191E   EARLY CHILDHOOD IN THE GEORGIAN & VICTORIAN ERA’S                                             Elizabeth Murdoch. Apr 1990
192E   WORKING CHILDREN IN VICTORIAN & EDWARDIAN TIMES                                                     Mark Watson. Apr 1990
193E   APPRENTICES AND GUILDS                                                                        Geoffrey Swinfield. Apr 1990
194E   ESSEX RECORD OFFICE                                                                                        Janet Smith. 1990
195E   THE FIRST 50 YEARS OF CIVIL REGISTRATION                                                     Norman Stephens. Unknown
197E   HERALDRY FOR BEGINNERS.                                                                          Colin Chapman. Unknown
198E   UP THE ROMAN. ( A Bow Childhood )                                                                     Violet Short. Nov 1991
199E   YOUR VERY OWN ROGUES AND VAGABONDS.                                                            Eve McLaughlin. Unknown
200E   HOXTON AND SHOREDITCH.                                                                                  Jean Wait. Mar 1992
201E   SURNAME DISTRIBUTION.                                                                                Jeff Burnard. Unknown
202E   SALT LAKE CITY 1992.                                                                             Marjorie Ridout. Unknown
203E   BARKING: Church and People.                                                            Herbert Hope Lockwood. Jan 1993
205    RAILWAY STAFF RECORDS IN ENGLAND AND WALES.                                                       David Hawkings. Jul 1995
206    IRISH RESEARCH - PROBLEMS AND CURE.                                                                      Bill Davis. Sep 1995
207    VICTORIAN AND EDWARDIAN LONDON.                                                                      Diana Rimel. Nov 1995
208    HISTORY OF DIALECTS OF BRITAIN.                                                                       John Titford. Nov 1995
209E   THE ORIGINS AND EARLY HISTORY OF THE MUSIC HALL.                                                       Dick Playle. Jan 1996
210E   THE EAST END FURNITURE TRADE. 1840 - 1940.                                                         David Dewing. Jan 1996
211    FOR THE PRICE OF A STAMP (researching by letter)                                               Marion Brackpool. Jan 1996
212    HOW TO USE THE PRO KEW AND THE SALT LAKE CITY LIBRARY                                                 Joyce Hoad. Jan 1996
213    RESOURCES AT THE SOCIETY OF GENEALOGISTS LIBRARY, LONDON                                            Sue Gibbons. Feb 1996
214    THE BREADWINNER.                                                                                       Meryl Catty. Mar 1996
215    FAMILY HISTORY AND THE THEATRE.                                                                      Alan Ruston. Mar 1996

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                                NORTH WEST KENT F H S
                                  TAPE LIBRARY LIST
216    WELSH ANCESTRY.                                                                                    Mari Alderman. Mar 1996
217    THE HISTORY & SETTING UP OF THE NWK FHS HOUSEGROUPS.                                          Stella Szachnowski. Apr 1996
218    DISCOVERING WESTERHAM.                                                                     Mr Alan Taylor-Smith. May 1996
219    WHAT’S IN THE PARISH CHEST?                                                                     Richard Ratcliffe. May 1996
220    THE WORKHOUSE.                                                                           Judith Kinnison Bourke. May 1996
221    BOATS and BOATERS - Canals.                                                                         Avril Landsell. Jun 1996
222    MERCENARIES - 1828-1871.                                                                         Dr Peter Boyden. Jun 1996
223    FRAUDULENT REGISTRATIONS IN THE 1840’s.                                                                 Peter Park. Jun 1996
224    BREWING IN KENT.                                                                                          Ken Smith. Jul 1996
225    SALVATION ARMY - FAMILY TRACING.                                                                     Miss D Jarrett. Jul 1996
226    WHAT IS IN BROMLEY, LOCAL STUDIES LIBRARY.                                                           Simon Finch. Aug 1996
227    A CENSUS and SURVEY WORKSHOP -                                                                           Jean Stirk. Sep 1996
228    SHORT CUTS.                                                                                       Michael Gandy. Sep 1996
229    RECORDS OF VAGRANTS, GYPSIES AND TRAVELLERS IN KENT.                                               Gillian Rickard. Nov 1996
230    USING SETTLEMENT RECORDS.                                                                          Gillian Rickard. Nov 1996
231    NO MAN IS AN ISLAND.                                                                                   June Biggs. Dec 1996
232    SOURCES OF INFORMATION ON HUGUENOT SETTLERS.                                                          Sue Highley. Jan 1997
233    THE ORIGINS & HISTORY of the MUSIC HALL.- (Kent Orientated)                                             Dick Playle. Jan 1997
234    GENEALOGY AND GENETICS 4. (1997)                                                                  Geoff Swinfield. Feb 1997
235    THE HISTORY OF COUTTS BANK.                                                                              Tracy Earl. Feb 1997
236    IRON INDUSTRIES IN THE WEALD.                                                                Jeremy Hodgkinson. Feb 1997
237    “I’M STUCK”. – Some ideas on how to become Un-stuck.                                              Geoff Swinfield. Mar 1997
239    UNUSUAL SOURCES.                                                                                         Jean Stirk. Apr 1997
240    A BEGINNER’S GUIDE TO THE P.R.O. KEW.                                                            Norman Holding. Apr 1997
241    CHISLEHURST PAST AND PRESENT.                                                                          Roy Hopper. Apr 1997
242    JOHN ROLFE & PRINCESS POCAHONTAS.                                                                     Joyce Hoad. May 1997
243    HAPPILY EVER AFTER – Marriage and Divorce.                                                           Beryl Hurley. May 1997
244    BACKGROUND TO NON- CONFORMISTS.                                                                    Michael Gandy. Jun 1997
245    USING S.O.G. SOURCES.                                                                            Miss E Churchill. Jun 1997
246    AN ENUMERATOR’S TALE.                                                                  Meryl Catty & Audrey Gillett. Jul 1997
247    WELSH FAMILY HISTORY                                                                               Mari Alderman. Sep 1997
248    LATTER DAY SAINTS’ RECORDS.                                                                               Liz Rubie. Nov 1997
249    HOW TO WRITE YOUR FAMILY HISTORY.                                                                     John Titford. Nov 1997
250    LAND RECORDS.                                                                                       Christine Hills. Dec 1997
251E   EAST & WEST INDIA DOCKS & DOCKLANDS.                                                                 Bob Aspinall. Jan 1998
252    HISTORICAL FIRE INSURANCE RECORDS                                                                David Hawkings. Feb 1998
253    BREWERS OF LONDON.                                                                                      Ken Smith. Mar 1998
254    SLOW BOAT TO PARADISE.                                                                                Jim Golland. Mar 1998
255    RESEARCHING IN THE P R O KEW.                                                                      James Guthrie. Apr 1998
256    CRAYFORD PEOPLE & THEIR HISTORY.                                                                      Ted Thomas. Apr 1998
257    GUILDS AND APPRENTICES.                                                                           Geoff Swinfield. May 1998
258    MAPS FOR THE LOCAL & FAMILY HISTORIAN                                                               Judith Hunter. May 1998
259    HIGHGATE CEMETERY.                                                                             Malcolm Holmes. June 1998
260    300 YEARS OF MUD AND CRIME. - The work of the Parish Officers.                                           Ron Cox. June 1998
261    QUARTER SESSIONS RECORDS FOR FAMILY HISTORIANS.                                                 Richard Ratcliffe. July 1998
262    AGAINST THE PEACE - Coroners records.                                                               Kathy Chater. July 1998
263    WOOLWICH DOCKYARD.                                                                                    Diana Rimel. Oct 1998
264    ELECTORAL REGISTERS, POLL BOOKS and BURGESS ROLLS.                                                       Jean Stirk. Oct 1998
265    MISSING FROM HOME, NOT IN THE CENSUS.                                                           Richard Ratcliffe. Nov 1998
266    PAPER TRAMPS AND OTHERS.                                                                                 Jean Stirk. Dec 1998
267    METROPOLITAN POLICE ARCHIVES.                                                                         Maggie Bird. Jan 1999
268    HUGUENOT RECORDS.                                                                                 Michael Gandy. Feb 1999
270    TREASURES OF THE INDIA OFFICE.                                                                       Molly Poulter. Feb 1999
271    DON’T CLIMB YOUR FAMILY TREES.                                                                         Ken Wilson. Mar 1999
272    DAYS OF HORSE TRAFFIC.                                                                            Robert Barltrop. May 1999
273    “DON’T RUB IT OUT”.                                                                                     Ian Waller. May 1999
274    TRANSPORTATION OF CONVICTS TO AUSTRALIA.                                                         David Hawkings. May 1999
275    WAS YOUR GRANNY A SUFFRAGETTE? (1999)                                                            David Doughan. June 1999
276    PROBLEMS WITH LONDON ANCESTRY. (1999)                                                            Michael Gandy. June 1999
277    THE BLOOMSBURY GROUP.                                                                              Elspeth Horne. July 1999
278    BRIGHT LIGHTS, BIG CITY – A case study in Migration                                                      Peter Park. Jul 1999
279    LESSER KNOWN SOURCES FOR THE FAMILY HISTORIAN.                                                        Eric Probert. Aug 1999
280    BRANDY FOR THE PARSON.                                                                               Audrey Gillett. Oct 1999
281    RESEARCHING BEFORE 1700.                                                                  C. R. Humphrey-Smith. Oct 1999
282    ANCESTORS ANONYMOUS.                                                                                   Meryl Catty. Nov 1999
283    RATCATCHERS                                                                                          David Cufley. Dec 1999
284    BLACK ANCESTRY IN ENGLAND                                                                           Kathy Chater. Jan 2000
285    THE GREAT EXHIBITION OF 1851                                                                           Ann Carter. Feb 2000
286    THE SPIRIT OF INVICTA                                                                                   Bob Ogley. Feb 2000
287    THE CUTTY SARK                                                                                   Mr. R McKenna. Apr 2000
288    BRITISH ACCENTS & DIALECTS                                                                            John Titford. Apr 2000
289    DEATH BY GENTRY - 1805                                                                   Judith Kinnison-Bourke. Apr 2000
290    SOME MOTHER'S SON                                                                                    Peter Ewart. May 2000
291    QUEEN VICTORIA'S LEGACY                                                                          Geoff Swinfield. Sep 2000
292    SHOPS & SHOPKEEPERS                                                                                Audrey Collins. Oct 2000

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                              NORTH WEST KENT F H S
                                TAPE LIBRARY LIST
293   THE START OF THE INDUSTRIAL REVOLUTION IN DARTFORD                                      J Parkinson. Dec 2000
294   POVERTY, PORRIDGE, PAVLOVA                                                             Audrey Gillett. Feb 2001
295   RECORDS OF METHODISTS                                                               Richard Ratcliffe. Apr 2001
296   RESEARCHING AT THE PUBLIC RECORD OFFICE                                                  Joyce Hoad. Apr 2001
297   HOLDINGS OF LEWISHAM LOCAL HISTORY LIBRARY & ARCHIVES                                Mrs Jean Wait. May 2001
298   THE LESNESS ABBEY STORY                                                             Roger McKenna. Jun 2001
299   MISSING LINKS                                                                             Eric Probert. Jul 2001
300   PRESERVATION OF DOCUMENTS ETC FOR FAMILY HISTORIANS                                  John Mumford. Aug 2001
301   HISTORY OF WOODLANDS FARM                                                           David Vaughan. Sep 2001
302   THE HAPPIEST DAYS (Extracts from Croydon area school records)                          Dr. John Cox. Sep 2001
303   DUDFINS, LANGLES AND SCUMMERS                                                             Meryl Catty. Oct 2001
304   TRADITIONAL KENTISH CRAFTS, TRADES AND INDUSTRIES                                    Richard Filmer. Nov 2001
305   SHAKESPEARE'S GLOBE THEATRE                                                               Ann Carter. Dec 2001
306   BRICKMAKERS - SOURCES                                                                   David Cufley. Jan 2002
307   AT HOME WITH YOUR ANCESTORS                                                                Jean Stirk. Jan 2002
308   LIVERY COMPANIES & THE CITY OF LONDON                                                  Cyril Baldwin. Feb 2002
309   A VILLAGE REMEMBERED (KEMSING)                                                         Monty Parkin. Feb 2002
310   UNDERGROUND KENT                                                                       John E Vigar. Mar 2002
311   CHATHAM HISTORIC DOCKYARD                                                            Anthony Morse. Mar 2002
312   "QUEEN VICTORIA"                                                                          Ann Carter. Apr 2002
313   THE SALVATION ARMY                                                                    Dianne Jarrett. Apr 2002
314   THE ROYAL ARSENAL                                                                    Frances Ward. May 2002
315   TOWER HAMLETS LOCAL HISTORY LIBRARY & ARCHIVES                               Malcolm Barr-Hamilton. Jun 2002
316   A COMEDY OF ERRORS - A TALK FOR BEGINNERS                                           Richard Ratcliffe. Jul 2002
317   SMUGGLING                                                                             Derrick Fulford. Jul 2002
318   THE HISTORY OF WOOLWICH FERRY                                                         Tony Johnson. Aug 2002
319   CRIME AND PUNISHMENT                                                                        F. Oliver. Sep 2002
320   THE HUGUENOTS                                                                        Michael Gandy. Sep 2002
321   TO COIN A PHRASE - THE STORIES BEHIND PHRASES                                             Meryl Catty. Oct 2002
322   TALKING SHOP (update of tape 292)                                                     Audrey Collins. Oct 2002
323   "DEATH CLOUDS" - THE STORY OF MY GRANDDAD                                              Geoff Sewell. Nov 2002
324   CHANGING ROLE OF WOMEN                                                                Dr. John Ray. Nov. 2002
325   THAMES SAILING BARGES IN THEIR HEYDAY                                                Tony Farnham. Dec 2002
326   "THE SEARCH FOR ONE OF THE FEW" - AN AIRMAN OF WW2                                Norman Jennings. Jan 2003
327   NATURALISATION AND INTERNMENT IN THE FIRST WORLD WAR                              Dr Geoff Swinfield. Feb 2003
328   RECORDS OF THE POLICE MUSEUM                                                               Steve Earl. Feb 2003
329   MIGRATION                                                                               Laurie Page. Mar 2003
330   COMPANY & BUSINESS RECORDS FOR FAMILY HISTORIANS                                         Eric Probert. Apr 2003
331   "IT'S NOT WHAT YOU WRITE BUT THE WAY THAT YOU WRITE IT" - GRAPHOLOGY                Norma Sweeting. Apr 2003
332   FINDING A FAMILY - ADOPTION - 20 YEARS OF RESEARCH                                   Tony Farnham. May 2003
333   "THE WAR WITHOUT AN ENEMY" - THE ENGLISH CIVIL WAR                                     Audrey Gillett. Jun 2003
334   NONCONFORMISTS                                                                            John Hurley. Jul 2003
335   THE CROSSNESS ENGINES TRUST                                                             John Ridley. Aug 2003
336   EVACUEES - EXPERIENCES AND ORGANISATION                                                Jean Slattery. Sep 2003
337   "WAS SHE A MURDERESS?"                                                              Richard Ratcliffe. Oct 2003
338   FORGOTTEN HEROES - PEOPLE WHO DIED IN WW1                                              Geoff Bridger. Nov 2003
339   CHATHAM DOCKYARD & THE PEOPLE WHO WORKED THERE                                        Peter Dawson. Jan 2004
340   WILLPOWER                                                               Meryl Catty & Audrey Gillett. Feb 2004
341   HOW DO YOU CROSS YOUR 'T's ?                                                        Norma Sweeting. May 2004
342   DOROTHY IN THE WORKHOUSE                                                    Judith Kinnison-Bourke. May 2004
343   CROSSING THE MEDWAY OVER 2000 YEARS                                                Dr James Gibson. Jun 2004
344   "PUT THAT LIGHT OUT" - CIVIL DEFENCE 1939-1945                                            Mike Brown. Jul 2004
345   NEWSPAPER RESEARCH                                                                        Peter Ewart. Jul 2004
346   HASTED                                                                                   Dr S Black. Sept 2004
347   KENT RECORDS IN THE NATIONAL ARCHIVES                                                Michael Gandy. Sep 2004
348   CORONERS' INQUESTS                                                                     Kathy Chater. Nov 2004
349   MARRIAGE AND COURTSHIP in 1800s                                                            Tom Doig. Dec 2004
350   A LITTLE BIT OF CHANTING - Education                                 Denise Baldwin & Kath Harding. Jan 2005
351   THE MUVVER TONGUE - THE COCKNEY LANGUAGE                                              Robert Baltrop. Feb 2005
352   THE CHATHAM SCANDAL Prostitution in the Victorian Medway Towns                          Brian Joyce. Mar 2005
353   THAMES LIGHTERMEN & WATERMEN                                                             Rob Cottrell. Apr 2005
354   DOODLEBUGS AND ROCKETS                                                                     Bob Ogley. May 2005
355   THE PARISH CHEST - LOCAL GOVERNMENT FROM ELIZABETH TO VICTORIA                          Dr Ron Cox. May 2005
356   HE JUST APPEARED OUT OF THIN AIR                                                         Joyce Hoad. Jun 2005
357   KENT ARCHAEOLOGICAL SOCIETY Its Work and Information Available                           Ted Connell. Jul 2005
358   MURDERED                                                                           Richard Ratcliffe. Aug 2005
359   DEFENDING LONDON'S RIVER                                                                Victor Smith. Sep 2005
360   HISTORY OF GUY FAWKES                                                                   Anne Carter. Nov 2005
361   EDEN VALLEY MUSEUM                                                                     Don Garman. Nov 2005
362   SENSATIONAL, SALACIOUS AND SAD KENT SCANDALS                                        Chris McCooey. Dec 2005
363   LICENCE TO MARRY                                                                          Meryl Catty. Jan 2006
364   USING THE SOG LIBRARY                                                                 Else Churchill. Mar 2006
365   PLAGUE IN THE HUNDRED OF BLACKHEATH                                                   Frances Ward. Apr 2006

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                                TAPE LIBRARY LIST
366   A VERY ENGLISH ENTERTAINMENT                                                                  Anne Carter. May 2006
367   THE ROYAL HOSPITAL SCHOOL AND GREENWICH HOSPITAL                                       Geraldine Charles. June 2006
368   FAMILY STORY OF LIFE ON THE RIVER THAMES                                                     Alan Holland. Aug 2006
369   BRITISH WILLS, ADMONS & DEATH DUTIES 1858 AND LATER                                           Eric Probert. Sep 2006
370   GREAT CRIMEAN WAR (INDEX 1854 - 1856)                                                 Major Brian Oldham. Nov 2006
371   CHRISTMAS ON THE HOME FRONT 1939 - 1945                                                       Mike Brown. Dec 2006
372   LDS RESOURCES FOR THE FAMILY HISTORIAN                                                      Sharon Hintze. Apr 2007
373   CONSTRUCTING A SURVEY OF THE POPULATION OF EDENBRIDGE                                          Lionel Cole. Apr 2007
374   THE CHILDREN OF JOHN COMPANY                                                           Geraldine Charles. May 2007
375   KENT HEROES, BRAVE, RESOURCEFUL AND TRUE                                                 Chris McCooey. June 2007
376   BRICKMAKING WITH REFERENCES TO NW KENT, CRAYFORD & DARTFORD                                  David Cufley. July 2007
377   SPIRIT OF INVICTA, 20c PEOPLE AND PLACES                                                        Bob Ogley. July 2007
378   TRADE ROUTES (The Growth of Highways)                                                       John Elderton. Sep 2007
379   READING OLD HANDWRITING                                                                    Mari Alderman. Sep 2007
380   HERALDRY FOR GENEALOGISTS                                                               Dr Richard Baker. Nov 2007
381   YESTERDAY'S PAPERS - A HUMEROUS LOOK AT OLD NEWSPAPERS                                       Monty Parkin. Dec 2007
382   MATCHMAKERS AND MATCHMAKING                                                                    Janet Rose. Jan 2008
383   WALSINGHAM AND THE DISSOLUTION OF THE MONASTERIES                                        Roger McKenna. Feb 2008
384   EDUCATION RECORDS FOR FAMILY HISTORIANS                                                  Richard Ratcliffe. Mar 2008
385   THE GHOST IN THE LOOKING GLASS - 19C WOMEN MAKING CLOTHES FOR THE RICH                             Lee Ault. Apr 2008
386   THE IGI - USEFUL OR NOT                                                                         Ian Waller. May 2008
387   LIFE IN THE WORKHOUSE                                                                       Helen Allinson. Jul 2008
388   THE VILLAGES OF EAST LONDON                                                               Peter Lawrence. Aug 2008

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