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									  A Journey of
Celebration of Life
ACPE National Office
      Arabella Young
 Died November 2008
 ACPE Conference Manager for many years
 2006 Recipient of the Helen Flanders
  Dunbar Award
 Retired after the 2006 Annual Conference
  in Tampa, FL
 Wife of the late ACPE Supervisor Don
East Central Region
Benjamin Preston Bogia
   Died November 2009
   Retired as CPE Supervisor from the University of
   Previously served as an Institutional Chaplain and
    CPE Supervisor in the:
      South Central Region at the Boys Industrial
       School in Topeka, KS, and
      Mid-Atlantic Region
   Regional Director in the South Central Region in
    the early 1980's
   Ordained in 1959 by the Presbyterian Church
Mid-Atlantic Region
          John Constello
   Died March 2010
   Director of Chaplaincy at Wake Medical Center
   Prior to this he served at the Triangle Chaplaincy
    Program in Raleigh, NC, and Pamona State Hospital
   Served as parish pastor, institutional chaplain,
    seminary professor, administrator, and conference
    presenter, as well as in the U.S. Navy
   One of the first CPE Supervisors in the Lutheran
    Church Missouri Synod and co-founder of Pan
    Lutheran Ministries
   Ordained by the LCMS in 1957
North Central Region
         Wilbur Hughey
   Died December 2008
   In his final position he supervised CPE part-time
    at the Iowa Lutheran Hospital in Des Moine and
    the Genesis Medical Center in Davenport, IA
   Prior to this he served as CPE Supervisor at:
      Iowa Methodist Medical Center in Des Moines,
       Iowa, and
      in Anna, Illinois and Harrisburg, Illinois

   Served in the U.S. Air Force
   Ordained in 1953 by the Disciples of Christ
James Frank Mossman
   Died January 2010
   Served as CPE Supervisor at Hastings State
   Retired from CPE to become a pastoral counselor
    at Lutheran Social Services of Minnesota and
    opened a private counseling practice
   Still attended North Shore continuing education
    events in the North Central Region on occasion
   Ordained by the Lutheran denomination and was
    part of the original Lutheran Advisory Council
            George P. Polk
   Died January 2010
   Served in the Advocate Health Care System, then the Evangelical
    Health System in the North Central Region
   Director of Pastoral Care / CPE Supervisor at Advocate Bethany
   Previously served as CPE Supervisor in the:
      Eastern Region in New York, and

      Mid-Atlantic Region in Virginia and Washington, D.C.

   One of the first African-American CPE Supervisors and first
    African-American to be nominated for President of ACPE
   Founding member of the ACPE Racial Ethnic Minority Task
    Force, predecessor to the Racial Ethnic Multicultural (REM)
   1994 Recipient of the NCR’s Distinguished Service Award
   Ordained by the United Church of Christ, active in parish ministry
        Donald Schmauz
   Died October 2009
   Chaplain and CPE Supervisor to the Mendota
    Mental Health Institution in Madison, from which
    he retired in 1966
   Previously served as Chaplain / CPE Supervisor at
    the Wisconsin School for Boys at Wales
   After retiring from ACPE, he became a master
    psychotherapist and healer, educating therapists
    and clergy
   Ordained to the Catholic priesthood in 1960,
    served as a parish priest as well
       John Rea Thomas
   Died November 2008
   Chaplain and CPE Supervisor in various hospitals for over
    30 years, retiring from Mendota Mental Health Institute
   Previously served as Chaplain and CPE Supervisor in:
      Cook County, Univ. of Illinois, and Univ. of Wisconsin
        Hospitals, and
      the Southwest Region at Austin State Hospital in TX

   Chaplain in the U.S. Naval Reserve and numerous parishes
   Part-time Regional Director of the North Central Region
    from 1967 until elected President of ACPE in 1979
   Ordained in the Presbyterian Church in 1944, honorably
    retired in the PCUSA and as Captain in the U.S. Naval
Carl Kahrs Mattson Towley
   Died January 2009
   Supervised last unit at Altru Hospital in Grand Forks, ND
   Previously served as CPE Supervisor in the:
      South Central Region as Director of the VA CPE Program
       in Kansas City, MO, and
      Northeast Region as Director of Pastoral Care at
       Berkshire Medical Center in MA
   Created the Berkshire Religious Resource Center to train
    students in the field of Clinical Pastoral Education
   Served two parishes in Wisconsin before serving in the U.S.
    Army as a chaplain in for 22 years, retired as full Colonel
   Ordained in 1958 by the Augustana Evangelical Lutheran
Northeast Region
Leicester R. Potter, Jr.
   Died July 2009
   Chaplain at Boston Medical Center for 39 years
   Director of Pastoral Care and Education at Boston
   Member of Quincy Community United Methodist
   Member of Masons-Scottish Rite 32nd Degree,
    Rural Lodge, Quincy, MA
   Ordained by the United Methodist Church
Pacific Region
           Gerald Walcutt
   Died April 2010
   CPE Supervisor at Sharp HealthCare, San Diego Hospital
    Association for many years
   Canon for Pastoral Care at St. Paul’s Cathedral, San Diego, CA
   Previously served as a CPE Supervisor in the:
      Southwest Region at San Antonio State Hospital,

      Mid-Atlantic Region at Community Methodist Church, then

      Pacific Region in a number of institutions prior to Sharp

   Very active in the Pacific Region leadership
   Ordained by the Methodist Church, then to the priesthood by the
    Episcopal Church in 1969
   Memorial Eucharist to be held today, April 24, at St. Paul's
    Cathedral in San Diego, CA
South Central Region
             Joan Fleming
   Died February 2010
   As CPE Supervisor, developed CPE program at Saint
    Louis University Hospital
   Previously served as CPE Supervisor and developed CPE
    programs in:
      St. Louis, MO at St. Joseph Hospital and St. Louis State
       Hospital, respectively, and
      the Mid-Atlantic Region at St. Joseph Hospital in WV

   Prior to CPE she worked as a teacher and principal for 23
    years in schools in southern MN and served in several
   Entered the Sisters of Saint Francis Order in 1938
         Arthur M. Lucas
   Died January 2009
   Director of Spiritual Care and CPE Supervisor at Barnes-Jewish
    Hospital in St. Louis
   Prior to this he established hospital chaplaincy and ethics
    programs, as well as the Samaritan Counseling Center, at
    Heartland Health Center, St. Joseph, MO
   Helped found professional chaplaincy in Latvia and Kenya
   National consultant and trainer for U.S. Navy Chaplains
   Co-edited with Larry VandeCreek, The Discipline for Pastoral
    Care Giving: Foundations for Outcome Oriented Chaplaincy
   Very active in leadership roles in ACPE and APC
   Received the 2009 ACPE Helen Flanders Dunbar Award
   Ordained by the United Methodist Church in 1976
Southeast Region
            Don Cabaniss
   Died May 2009
   Supervised programs of CPE at Central State in
    Milledgeville, GA and at Georgia Baptist in
    Atlanta until his retirement
   Consultant to the Department of Corrections, State
    Board of Pardons and Parole, and the Georgia
    Building Authority
   Certified in 1966 as a CPE Supervisor by the
    Southern Baptist Association of Clinical Pastoral
    Daniel C. DeArment
   Died June 2009
   Last supervised part-time at Tampa General and at Florida Hospital
   Previously served as CPE Supervisor at Presbyterian in
    Philadelphia for 25 years in the Eastern Region
   Under his tenure, Presbyterian was instrumental in founding
    numerous CPE programs, and was one of the first to explore
    creative accreditation innovations, such as Satellite Centers
   Served ACPE as Chair of Standards and Accreditation, and ran for
    ACPE President in 1987
   Became ACPE's first International Committee Chair
   2008 Recipient of the ACPE Distinguished Service Award
   Named Emeritus Supervisor by the Eastern Region, which he twice
    served as Regional Chair
   Ordained by the Presbyterian Church
Herbert W. Hillebrand
   Died December 2008
   Last served as CPE Supervisor in Miami, FL
   Previously served as Hospital Chaplain and CPE
    Supervisor in the:
      Mid-Atlantic Region at Washington, D.C. General
      East Central Region at the University of Michigan
       Hospital, Ann Arbor, and
      Southwest Region at Oral Roberts City of Faith,
       Tulsa Oklahoma
   Also served at Wakari Hospital, Dunedin New Zealand
   Ordained by the United Church of Christ
           Marilyn Mayse
   Died November 2008
   Last served as CPE Supervisor at Florida Hospital in
    Orlando, FL
   Previously served as CPE Supervisor at:
      Baptist Medical Center in Birmingham, AL, and

      Shand’s Hospital in Jacksonville, FL

   Very active in the Southeast Region, holding numerous
    leadership positions over the years
   One of the early women ordained in the Southern Baptist
   Holy orders were then conferred on her as priest in the
    Episcopal Church in 1992
          Ralph Graham
   Died January 2009
   Retired from a distinguished thirty-year ministry
    as a CPE Supervisor within the Federal Bureau of
   In 1981 he became the Executive Project Director
    of the American Protestant Correctional Chaplains
   Ordained in the American Lutheran Church,
    which later became part of the Evangelical
    Lutheran Church in America

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