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Cyber Crime


									Cyber Crime

Bharti Keswani
M.C.M. MBA (I Sem) SSCET, Bhilai

Crime can be define as any thing which is restricted by law, but what about Cyber crime. Cyber crime can be called as any crime committed by using computer or an act that is punishable by the Information Technology Act. Cyber Crime is Growing due to large dependence on computer. This is the age of Nano-Technology, which promises to turn every atom in a glass of water into computer capable of performing a Billion operations per second. Now the question arise what kind of Crime should be consider as Cyber Crime. In May 2000 the Indian Parliament passed the Information Technology Bill, which is called as Information Technology Act 2000 (IT Act 2000). Cyber laws are contained in IT Act, 2000. Majority Of People are unaware of these Laws. Few of these are: Software Piracy, theft of computer source code, trademark violation etc. use of such Intellectual Property is Cyber Crime. Sale of Narcotics, Weapons and Wild Life etc. is Cyber Crime. The website which offer Online gambling is Cyber Crime. E-Mail which originate from one source & send it as it is originated from other source is a kind of cyber crime. Hacking any information is Cyber Crime. Printing Fake Mark sheet, Certificate, Currency Notes & revenues Stamps etc such Forgery comes under the category of Cyber Crime. Publishing or downloading obscene Photo is a Crime. Any Matter, which is, publish for the defaming of any particular person is Cyber Crime. So these are the few Issues, which is considered as Cyber Crime in IT Act 2000. Cyber Crime Investigation Cell handles all these kind of High-Tech crimes. Still there are few areas where Clear Guideline & Regulation is required. As the Internet is a borderless medium, cooperation between nations is also required for controlling cyber crimes.

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