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                                   THE UNIVERSITY OF WESTERN AUSTRALIA

               Minutes of the special meeting of the Senate held in the Watersports Complex, University,
                                 Nedlands on Monday, 27 February 2006, at 3.30 pm


          The Chancellor (Dr M Chaney) in the Chair, the Acting Pro Chancellor (Mr D Griffiths), the Vice-
          Chancellor (Professor A Robson), Dr S Baker, Professor S Bunt, Ms S Byers, Clinical Professor L
          A Cala, Ms D Casey, Mr M Chuk, Ms G Gooding, Dr A Howarth, Mr B Jardine, Mrs J Jones, Mr J
          Langoulant, Professor G Martin, Dr A McKinley, Ms E Smyth, Ms V Morgan, Mrs C Tang,

          By Invitation: student member elect (Mr A Thackrah), the Deputy Vice-Chancellor (Professor
          M Seares), the Pro Vice-Chancellor (Research and Innovation)(Professor D McEachern), the
          Executive Director (Finance and Resources)(Ms G McMath), the Executive Director
          (Academic Services) and Registrar (Mr P W Curtis), the President of the Academic Staff
          Association (Dr S Penrose), the Vice-President of the National Tertiary Education Union (Mr T
          Stewart), the representative of the Community and Public Sector Union (Mr J Wintle), the
          Director of Legal Services (Mr K Heitman), the Director of Public Affairs (Mr C Campbell-
          Fraser), the Acting Executive Officer, Vice-Chancellery (Mr D Durack).

          Mrs J Massey as Secretary.


          Mr L G Rowe, Mr M Zilko, the Deputy Warden of Convocation (Mr J Fogarty),Pro Vice-Chancellor
          (Academic)(Professor B Probert).

          1.       MEMBERSHIP

          The Chancellor welcomed Ms Dawn Casey to her first Senate meeting following her
          appointment as a co-opted member of Senate for the period 23 February 2006 to
          28 February 2010.

Senate    Members were also advised that Dr Sue Boyd had been appointed by the Governor as a
Members   member of the Senate for the period 2 March 2006 to 1 March 2010. Brief biographical
only…..   details are attached.

          The Chancellor took the opportunity to thank in his absence the outgoing Warden of
          Convocation, Mr Matthew Zilko, for his contribution to the Senate during 2004 and 2005. As this
          was also Mrs June Jones’ last Senate meeting after more than 12 years on Senate, the
          Chancellor invited the Vice-Chancellor to summarise Mrs Jones’ contributions to the Senate and
          its related activities over that period and to express the University’s appreciation for her work.

          RESOLVED - 1

          to record Senate’s appreciation for the valuable contribution made by Mrs June Jones during
          the period from 1993 to 2006.

          Mrs Jones offered her best wishes to the University in its future endeavours.

          2.       DECLARATION OF INTEREST

          The Chair invited members to declare interests in relation to any item on the agenda. No
          interests were declared.

3.      MINUTES


that the minutes of the meeting held on 12 December 2005 be confirmed.


Members noted the revised Principles for the Operation of Committees attached to the agenda.

It was also noted that these Principles were intended as general guidelines for all University
committees. In places where they were not directly applicable to Senate and Senate
committees, they should be read in conjunction with other policy documents, such as the
Senate Charter and Senate Code, which were more directly relevant to Senate and its



that the candidates named below be admitted to their respective degrees:

     Bachelor of Arts                                       ..   Emily Louise CAMINS
                                                                 Michael Ralph GRIFFITHS
                                                                 Zarin HILDITCH
                                                                 Tracey Lee LINTOTT
                                                                 Carla MARKS
                                                                 Thomas Mark RANDOLPH
                                                                 Steven James ROBERTS

     Bachelor of Arts with joint First Class Honours        ..   Elizabeth Margaret Louise GRALTON

     Bachelor of Arts with First Class Honours              ..   Michael Ralph GRIFFITHS

     Bachelor of Arts with Second Class Honours             ..   Lise COOPER
      (Division A)

     Bachelor of Commerce                                   ..   David CHUNG Chiew Keet
                                                                 Keng Seng Dominic LIM
                                                                 LIM Siew Hui Joanne
                                                                 Jonathan David WHYTE

     Bachelor of Computer and Mathematical Sciences         ..   Alexander Martin WILCZYNSKI

     Bachelor of Economics                                  ..   Medhat TAKLA

     Bachelor of Education                                  ..   Tracey Lee LINTOTT

     Bachelor of Environmental Design                       ..   Gemma Helene LEWIS
                                                                 Joseline Meutia SETIAWAN

     Bachelor of Jurisprudence                              ..   Bernard James LANGHAM

     Bachelor of Landscape Architecture with                ..   Phillipa BYRNE
      First Class Honours

     Bachelor of Science                                    ..   Thomas James ANDREW

     Bachelor of Science (Exercise and Health               ..   Shona Margaret Rae MacLEOD

     Master of Business Administration                  ..   Catherine Swee Hsien QUEK
                                                             Eugene TAY Chung Wern

     Master of Clinical Audiology                       ..   Howard Richard WALMSLEY

     Master of Educational Management with Honours      ..   Nancy Diana FAIRBURN

     Master of Science                                  ..   David Frederick James GEORGE

     Doctor of Education                                ..   Sin Yi CHUNG
                                                             Wai Hin MAN
                                                             Ning TSE
                                                             YIM Man Shun

     Doctor of Philosophy                               ..   Sotya ASTUTININGSIH
                                                             Alaina Jane GARTHWAITE
                                                             Sharyn Leanne GRAHAM
                                                             Juying JI
                                                             Katherine Lisa LEICESTER
                                                             Renuka SHRESTHA
                                                             Mia Uma WIEBKE


that candidates named below be awarded their respective diplomas:

     Graduate Diploma in Education                      ..   Bianca Renae ORR
                                                             Clare Elizabeth Frances REESON
                                                             David Christopher TRAYNOR
                                                             Nicole Elena ZENDILIS

     Graduate Diploma in Information Technology         ..   Bernard James LANGHAM

     Graduate Diploma in Oil and Gas Engineering        ..   Brendan James WHITE


that XIE Xiao Fang be awarded the Graduate Certificate in Business Administration.


Senate noted the following information on appointments, promotions and awards of tenure, in
accordance with Senate Resolution 274/00:

Appointment as Professor and Professorial Fellow
Senate noted that the positions of Professor and Professorial Fellow in Structural Biology had
been offered to two candidates recommended by the Senate Selection Committee.

Promotion to Professor
Associate Professor Tim Ackland (School of Human Movement and Exercise Science)
Associate Professor Paul Norman (School of Surgery and Pathology)

Promotion to Associate Professor
Dr Janet Fletcher (School of Psychology)
Dr Maria Harries (School of Social and Cultural Studies)
Dr Samina Yasmeen (School of Social and Cultural Studies)
Dr Moyaz Jiwa (School of Primary, Aboriginal and Rural Health Care)
Dr Gary Kendrick (School of Plant Biology)
Dr Murray Maybery (School of Psychology)

Promotion to Senior Lecturer
Ms Juli Coffin (School of Primary, Aboriginal and Rural Health Care)
Mrs Vivienne Blake (Organisational and Staff Development Services)

              Dr David Butler (School of Economics and Commerce)
              Dr Lynette Fernandes (Pharmacology, School of Medicine and Pharmacology)
              Dr Guijun Yan (School of Plant Biology)

              Award of Tenure
              Mr Philip Hancock (Graduate School of Management)
              Ms Catherine Jordan (Graduate School of Management)
              Professor Luba Kalaydjieva (Centre for Medical Research) and (Western Australian Institute
              for Medical Research)
              Dr Sharon Purchase (School of Economics and Commerce)
              Ms Christina Tan (School of Economics and Commerce)
              Dr Anh Tram Le (School of Economics and Commerce)
              Mr Gary Smith (School of Economics and Commerce)
              Dr Benedict White (School of Agricultural and Resource Economics)
              Dr Brenda Clare (Social Work and Social Policy, School of Social and Cultural Studies)
              Dr Susan Young (Social Work and Social Policy, School of Social and Cultural Studies)
              Dr Andrea Gaynor (History, School of Humanities)
              Dr Jeremy Martens (History, School of Humanities)
              Dr Peta Clode (Centre for Microscopy and Microanalysis)
              Dr Du Huynh (School of Computer Science and Software Engineering)
              Dr Julie Anne Lee (Graduate School of Management)

              Promotion to Senior Research Fellow
              Dr Ming Guo Li (Orthopaedics, School of Surgery and Pathology)

              Promotion to Senior Principal Research Fellow
              Dr Zheng-Xiang Li (School of Earth and Geographical Sciences)

              Promotion to Research Fellow
              Dr David Preen (School of Population Health)

              Adjunct/Clinical Appointments
            Name                    School/Centre                           Appointment                         Term of Office
Dr Murugasu Segasothy       Clinical Professor               Medicine and Pharmacology                       18.11.2005 31.12.2008
Dr Greg Sterrett            Clinical Professor               Surgery and Pathology                           18.11.2005 31.12.2008
Dr Rene Zellweger           Clinical Professor               Surgery and Pathology                           18.11.2005 31.12.2008
Mr Craig Burton             Adjunct Professor                Architecture, Landscape and Visual Arts         01.01.2006 31.12.2008
Dr Stuart Hicks             Adjunct Professor                Economics and Commerce                          01.02.2006 31.01.2009
Professor Richard Vaughan   Adjunct Professor                Anatomy and Human Biology                       01.12.2005 30.11.2008
Dr Peter McMinn             Clinical Associate Professor     Biomedical, Biomolecular & Chem Sciences        01.08.2005 31.07.2008
Dr Graeme Carroll           Clinical Associate Professor     Medicine and Pharmacology                       18.11.2005 31.12.2008
Dr Paul Van Buynder         Clinical Associate Professor     Population Health                               18.11.2005 31.12.2008
Dr Richard Mendelson        Clinical Associate Professor     Surgery and Pathology                           18.11.2005 31.12.2008
Dr Eve Blair                Adjunct Associate Professor      Centre for Child Health Research                18.11.2005 31.12.2008
Dr Sean Bydder              Clinical Senior Lecturer         Medicine and Pharmacology                       01.01.2006 30.06.2009
Dr Robert Graydon           Clinical Senior Lecturer         Primary, Aboriginal and Rural Health Care       01.12.2005 31.12.2008
Dr Andrew Jan               Clinical Senior Lecturer         Primary, Aboriginal and Rural Health Care       01.12.2005 31.12.2008
Dr Chandra Chandrasekhar    Adjunct Senior Lecturer          Electrical, Electronic & Computer Engineering   24.03.2006 09.02.2009
Mr James Steer              Adjunct Senior Lecturer          Medicine and Pharmacology                       01.01.2006 30.06.2009
Dr David Foo                Adjunct Lecturer                 Life and Physical Sciences                      01.01.2006 31.12.2008
Dr Kho Choon Joo            Adjunct Lecturer                 Life and Physical Sciences                      01.01.2006 31.12.2008
Professor Shawn Lum         Adjunct Lecturer                 Life and Physical Sciences                      01.01.2006 31.12.2008
Dr Le Minh Nguyet           Adjunct Lecturer                 Life and Physical Sciences                      01.01.2006 31.12.2008
Dr Mohan Ravuru             Adjunct Lecturer                 Life and Physical Sciences                      01.01.2006 31.12.2008
Dr Andrew Thomson           Adjunct Lecturer                 Life and Physical Sciences                      01.01.2006 31.12.2008
Dr Gregory Price            Adjunct Senior Research Fellow   Psychiatry and Clinical Neurosciences           01.01.2006 30.06.2009
Dr David Chandler           Adjunct Research Fellow          Psychiatry and Clinical Neurosciences           01.01.2006 30.06.2009

              Dean of Faculty
              Senate noted that the position of Dean, Graduate School of Education, Faculty of Education
              had been offered to Professor Bill Louden who will take up the position in March 2006.

Head of School
Associate Professor Dave Morrison (Psychology) for the period 1 July 2006 to 30 June 2011.


7.1    Membership of the Legislative Committee – Ref 06/04/011/043


that Ms Z Blair, Faculty Administrative Officer, Faculty of Education and Mrs J Barrett, Senior
Faculty Administrative Officer, Faculty of Economics and Commerce be appointed members
of the Legislative Committee for 2006.

7.2    Faculty of Law, Master of Public Administration in Collaboration with Curtin University
       of Technology – Ref F14294


(i)    to approve the introduction of a course, to be offered jointly with Curtin University,
       leading to the Master of Public Administration with effect from 2006;

(ii)   to approve the addition of the course to the Schedule of Course Regulations.



that the regulations for the following prizes be rescinded with a view to their establishment as
prizes with conditions:

Physiology (Level 2) Prize – Ref F1656
Ralf Schimmel Prize – Ref 10/07/013/093
Queen Elizabeth II Coronation Gift Fund Trust Prize in Obstetrics – Ref F3707
Queen Elizabeth II Coronation Gift Fund Trust Prize in Paediatrics – Ref F2788


9.1    Report of the meeting of the Chancellor’s Committee held on 10 February 2006 – Ref F746

9.1.1 Senate Committees – Allocation of Members – Ref F12475


that the allocation of members of the Senate to Senate standing committees for the period to
31 March 2006 be as recommended, with allocations through to 31 December 2007 to be
confirmed at the March Senate meeting.

9.1.2 National Governance Protocols – Assessment of Compliance by DEST – Ref 7512

Members noted that the University had been notified that the Commonwealth Minister for
Education Science and Training was satisfied that the University was compliant with the
National Governance Protocols, subject to action being completed during the transitional period.

9.1.3 Senate Performance Survey and Senate Committee Performance Survey 2005 – Ref F8168

Members noted that these surveys would be listed for discussion at the March Senate meeting.

9.2         Report of the External Environment Committee

Members noted the report of the External Environment Committee meeting held on
14 December 2005.

10.         ANNUAL REPORTS

Members noted that the following Annual Reports had been received and were available in
the Vice-Chancellery on request:

        o    Fremantle Hospital Medical Research Foundation
        o    The Centre for Diabetes Research

            AUDIT ACT – REF 247

Members noted that the Financial Administration and Audit Act (FAAA) required the University
to submit an Annual Report including financial statements and performance indicators to the
Minister for Education for subsequent presentation to State Parliament by 31 March. Before
this presentation, the Auditor General was required to audit the financial statements and
performance indicators.

In order to meet this external deadline the Strategic Resources Committee had considered
the 2005 Financial Statements and Key Performance Indicators at its meeting on 23 February
and had recommended to Senate that it certify the Financial Statements and Key
Performance Indicators for submission to the Auditor General.

Members were advised that it was planned that the agenda for the March meeting would
provide an opportunity for further explanation and discussion of the Financial Statements and
Key Performance Indicators to ensure that Senate was fully informed on these matters. A
report on the audit of the documents by the Auditor General would be brought to the Senate
as soon as it became available.

The Chancellor advised that notwithstanding recent changes to the FAAA, there remained some
doubt as to whether the University was required to submit a draft report to the Minister in
advance of the audit opinion. However, if advice were received to the effect that a draft was still
required, the University would be able to comply with this request.

(Secretary’s Note: Subsequent to the meeting advice was received to the effect that
submission of a draft report to the Minister in advance of the audit opinion was not required.)


(i)         to receive the draft Annual Report of The University of Western Australia for 2005,
            including the Financial Statements and the Key Performance Indicators, subject to
            audit by the Office of the Auditor General;

(ii)        to approve the certification of the draft unaudited Financial Statements and Key
            Performance Indicators for submission to the Auditor General; and

(iii)       to authorise for transmission to the Minister the Annual Report including the audited
            Financial Statements and Key Performance Indicators.


Members had before the Vice-Chancellor’s reported dated 27 February 2006. The Vice-
Chancellor highlighted the following issues covered in or arising from his report: the positive
results of the 2006 admissions exercise; the changing external political environment; the
appointment of Professor Bill Louden as Dean of the Faculty of Education and confirmation of
the appointment of Professor William (Bill) Ford as Dean of the Faculty of Law; the election of
Professor Jörg Imberger as Foreign Associate of the United States National Academy of
Engineering, a rare honour for an Australian engineer; recent media articles on University
standards; the UWA Perth International Arts Festival including in particular indigenous
aspects; and the award of 155 undergraduate scholarships in 2006.

A brief discussion followed concerning the admissions exercise mainly focussing on the reasons
why some students chose to study at eastern states’ universities. Rather than offer high value
scholarships to a few students, UWA had chosen to spread the available scholarship funds over
more students. Nonetheless analysis of the current year’s data would be undertaken to study
movement of students in both directions. Some qualitative work was already undertaken on a
regular basis to ascertain the reason for students choosing to study interstate. In terms of the
overall enrolment numbers, it was noted that the University was slightly over-enrolled and that
this would be the subject of dialogue with DEST but that it was not expected that the extent of
the enrolment would result in financial penalty to UWA.

Members expressed pleasure at the positive report on the UWA Perth International Arts
Festival. It was agreed to send a letter of appreciation from the Senate.

Members noted with great pleasure that the following UWA graduates had been presented
with Australia Day Honours.

Awarded a Companion of the Order of Australia, former Chancellor, Dr Ken Michael

Awarded a Member in the Order of Australia, Dr Gregory Deleuil, Clinical Professor Kingsley
Faulner, Clinical Professor Sasson Gubbay, The Hon Ian Laurance, Mr Terance O’ Connor,
Ms Marguerita Stretch

Awarded a Medal of the Order of Australia, Miss Margaret Bunday, Mr Desmond Cain, Mrs
Lynette Clayton, Mrs Christina Dullard.


13.1 Audit and Review Committee – Ref 06/04/011/127

As part of the Senate’s ongoing programme of refining and improving its governance
arrangements, the Chancellor's Committee had agreed, in 2005, to review the terms of
reference and membership of the Audit and Review Committee, with the intention that a
similar review process would be followed with each of the Senate's key standing committees
in turn. To that end the former Pro Chancellor as the then Chair of the Audit and Review
Committee had reviewed a number of guides to audit committee best practice and discussed
the Audit and Review Committee with the Auditor General. The former Pro Chancellor had
then presented a number of findings for consideration to the Chancellor’s Committee. Details
of these findings and conclusions reached by the Chancellor’s Committee had been circulated
with the agenda papers.

The Chancellor summarised the three main elements of the proposed changes as follows:

       Membership – reducing overall numbers and restricting membership to external members;

       Role to include review of Annual Report including Financial Statements and
        Performance Indicators;

       Role to include, in consultation with the Deputy Vice-Chancellor, the appointment and
        assessment of the performance of the Manager Internal Audit.

The Chancellor noted also that it was intended to draw together the constitution and the charter
into one document at a later date in order to remove duplication and possible confusion.

The Chancellor described the proposed changes as being in line with changes in audit
committee practice in other organisations both nationally and internationally. He drew
attention to a survey of membership of audit committees at other Australian universities which
indicated that out of 22 universities which had responded, only 6 had internal members and
that 5 had recently made changes to remove internal members.

During discussion the following main points were made:

       In the past the Audit and Review Committee’s focus had been on operational probity
        with financial matters largely handled by the Strategic Resources Committee.

       Deletion of 1(1)(b) (“to investigate non-financial matters”) was seen by some to be
        removing the performance review aspect of the Committee’s role. However, it was
        pointed out that the Committee still had responsibility to receive and monitor reports
        on internal and external reviews and “to undertake any other tasks referred to it by
        the Senate”.

       Although the reasons for not including staff or students members were compelling,
        there was still a need for some members of the committee to have knowledge of the
        education sector in order that the Committee could undertake its full range terms of
        reference. It was suggested that this could be addressed by specifying in the co-
        option provision that the co-optees must include someone with expertise in the
        education sector.

       A request was made that a copy of the agenda be sent to the Guild President so that
        if there were items on the agenda of interest to students, the President could request
        that a student representative be invited to attend the meeting as an observer. No
        difficulties were envisaged with this request.

       The Committee’s primary focus would continue to be the audit programme
        developed by Internal Audit and the review programme established by the Deputy
        Vice-Chancellor and Chair of the Academic Board. The Senate would continue
        through receipt of the Committee’s minutes to monitor the Committee’s work and
        could suggest tasks at any time as it thought appropriate.

       In recent years the Audit and Review Committee had evolved into a Committee
        which examined and reviewed process rather than content. If, however, specialist
        knowledge was needed for any item, it would be the responsibility of the Chair to
        make sure that this knowledge was present either amongst the members or that a
        relevant person was invited to attend the meeting for a specific item.

There was general agreement that the changes proposed were in line with audit committee
practice elsewhere and that there were cogent reasons for the proposed changes provided
that provision was made to ensure that at least one of the co-optees had expertise in the
education sector.


to approve the amendments to the constitution and charter of the Audit and Review
Committee as recommended subject to the amendment of paragraph 2(b) to read as follows:

“(b) up to four external members co-opted by the foregoing to provide expertise in areas of
    need identified by the Committee, including in the education sector.”

          13.2 External Environment Committee Constitution – Minor Amendment – F11443

          RESOLVED – 12

          to approve a minor amendment to the constitution of the External Environment Committee
          such that the Deputy Vice-Chancellor no longer be a standing invitee of the Committee but
          continue to be invited on an ad hoc basis when matters pertaining to her portfolio are listed for


Senate    In accordance with the Timetable of Events in the Cycle of Planning and Accountability
Members   approved by Senate in August 2002. the second part of the meeting was devoted to a
only …    seminar on “Strategic Directions”. A summary of the seminar is attached.



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