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									Organisation, Conference, Paper or other Information
„Biomass: carbon sink or carbon sinner?‟ report
„Growing Power – Bioenergy Solutions from Finland‟
„San Benito County Sourcebook of Biomass Energy‟ by Mark
"Agrobiogas" Program
"Biogas processes for sustainable development" by Uri Marchaim,
"Complete Book of Biogas"
"Development of Strategies and Sustainability Standards for the
Certificationwebsite for tar dewpoint calculations
"Thersites" internationally traded Biomass"
10 MWe Agrilectric Power Corporation
11th issue of our BUN-INDIA news letter
14th International Symposium on Analytical and Applied Pyrolysis
(Pyrolysis 2000)Biotechnology Association Conference
15th Australian
1939 British Institute of Fuel's "Modern Portable Gas Producer"
1st International Congress on Biomass for Metal Production &
Electricity Generation (8-11Exhibition on Biomass for Energy and
1st World Conference and Oct 2001, Brazil)
Industry power plant in Thailand
20 MWe
23rd Symposium on Biotechnology for Fuels and Chemicals
25 Years of TERI in India
2G - CENERGY Power Systems Technologies Inc.
2nd World Conference and Technology Exhibition on Biomass for
Energy, Industry and Climate Protection Exhibition on Biomass for
2nd World Conference and Technology
32 MW Industry and Climate Protection (Rome)
Energy, biomass-fuelled, integrated, combined-cycle power station
based on eucalyptus wood
3rd National Life Cycle Assessment Conference papers-
proceedings, July 2002, Gold Coast
4th Session of the Internet Conference on Material Flow Analysis
"Anaerobic Digestion of Organic Wastes - Process Parameters
A Diesel Engine Fuelled by Spent Vegetable Oil (Japan)
A Fuel Cell Primer: The Promise and the Pitfalls - by Tom Koppel
and Jay Reynolds Alternative for Mercer County, New Jersey
A Non-Incineration
A3 Energy Partners (Viessman-Kob biomass boilers and
ABARE's publication on forest plantations on cleared agricultural
land Earthbeat story - Burning Forests for Electricity Tasmania's
ABC Valley
HuonLandline Storey on Macadamia Nut Bioenergy Australia
Abengoa Bioenergy
Aboissa Óleos Vegetais – Brazil (vegetable oil trader from Brazil)
Accelerating the Uptake of Anaerobic Digestion in England: an
Implementation Plan combustion
Acoustic wave pulsed
ACT Greenhouse Strategy
ActionAid article on Food vs. Fuel
Activated Carbon
Activated Carbon Research Institute
Active Research
AD-NETT is a network of professionals working in anaerobic
digestion University Bioenergy Website
Adelaide of agro-industrial wastes in Europe and Canada.
Adoratec Organic Rankine Cycle (ORC) for Biomass
Adsorption Refrigeration
AdvanceBio LLC
Advanced Alternative Energy (hybrid biomass/wind system)
Advanced Biofuels USA
Advanced biofuels via pyrolysis
Advanced Biorefinery Inc
Advanced Biorefinery Inc.
Advanced Conversion Technology (Gasification) for Biomass
Projects Report Environment (ETSU)/INtegrated Spatial Potential
AEA Technology
Initiative for Renewable Energy In Europe)
AEBIOM European Biomass Association
AETF Review December 2002/January 2003 issue
AEW gasifiers
AFBnet international seminar on biomass cofiring
AFDC - Alternative Fuel News - Vol. 5, No. 1.
African Rural Energy Enterprise Development (AREED)
Ag Fiber Technology News
Agave for bioenergy
Agave paper – Global Change Biology – Bioenergy - Wiley
Ageratec AB - prefabricated biodiesel plant provider
Ageratec biodiesel processor
AGO's 2 Percent Renewables Workshops
AGO's paper on renewable transportation fuels
AGORES, the official EU website for renewable energy
Agricultural and Forestry Biomass Network (AFB-net)
Agricultural biogas technology
Agriculture and Natural Resources Online (ANRO) databases
AgriFuels – sorghum
Agro-Tech Communications
Agroforestry and Farm Forestry
AgSTAR Handbook and Software (anaerobic digestion)
AgSTAR home page (US EPA farm based digesters)
AgStar Program (USA EPA)
AgSTAR Program (USA)
Air and Waste Management Association
Air International Thermal Systems (AITS) – Organic Rankine
Cycle New Clones (poplar SRC Italy)
Alcohol and cotton oil as alternative fuels for internal combustion
Algae article
Algae as a binder for pellet manufacture
Algae as hydrogen fuel source article by Susan H Roschke
Algae bio-diesel potential
Algae bioenergy
Algae Biomass
Algae for transportation fuel
Algae Fuel Startups
Algae Lab (includes 36 minute video)
Algae Link
Algae media release BC Innovation Council
Algae Production Systems (USA)
Algae videos
Algal Biomass Organisation
Algal Biomass Organisation (US)
Algal Biomass Organisation guidelines for LCA studies
Alkali Deposit Studies (summary)
All Canadian Coal-Fired Heaters (boilers)
All Canadian Coal-Fired Heaters (boilers)
All Power Labs gasifier kits
Alliance for Synthetic Fuels in Europe
Allied Business Intelligence (market outlook for cogeneration
world wide)
Allied Business Intelligence (study on distributed generation)
Alpha Type Stirling Engine
AltEnergy Blog
Alternative Agricultural Research and Commercialization
Alternative fuel statistics in USA
Alternative Fuels (ethanol)
Alternative Fuels in the Automotive market - CONCAWE Report
Alternative Technology Association
Alternative uses for straw
AlterNRG (plasma gasification)
Altus Renewables
Altus Renewables
AMCOR Ltd (9 paper mills)
American Ag & Energy Council
American Bioenergy Association (ABA)
American Biofuels Council
American Biogas Council
American Farm Bureau Federation biodiesel site
American Kenaf Society
American Methanol Institute
American Scientist article on effect of poultry and pork production
on a river (relates to AD)
American Society for Testing and Materials (ASTM) (biomass
American Society of Agricultural and Biological Engineers
American Society of Agricultural Engineers
American Solar Energy Society
American Stirling Company (kits for demonstrating technology)
An Evaluation of Air Pollution Control Technologies for Small
Anaerobic Digester report
Wood-Fired Boilers at Craven Farms :a case study (1,000 cow
farm based digester)
Anaerobic Digester description (plug flow, 550 cows)
Anaerobic digester photos (AGRIN)
Anaerobic Digester primer
Anaerobic Digester Report for MSW –„Current Anaerobic
Anaerobic digesters – Practically Green
Digestion Technologies Used for Treatment of Municipal Organic
Anaerobic Digestion
Anaerobic Digestion
Anaerobic Digestion
Anaerobic Digestion
Anaerobic digestion
Anaerobic Digestion - Brazilian prototype project
Anaerobic Digestion -US Agstar program shows dairy and pork
producers how to manage manure profitably (Royal College of
Anaerobic Digestion – Polyethylene Digester
Agriculture, UK)
Anaerobic digestion (in German and English)
Anaerobic Digestion model
Anaerobic Digestion of food waste
Anaerobic digestion of organic material
Anaerobic Digestion of Organic Solid Waste – case studies in
Africa, India and Nepal
Anaerobic Digestion paper (lagoon at piggery)
Anaerobic Digestion Pilot Plant at Veolia (with animations)
Anaerobic digestion site
Anaerobic Digestion site
Anaerobic Digestion sites
Anaerobic Digestion Variants in the Treatment of Solid Wastes –
article Microbe Magazine waste (Nutri-Wave®)
Anaerobic Digestor for fish
Anaerobic digestors - small, low cost
AnAerobics Inc.
Andritz Biomass Pellet Press
Anergen (multicell AD)
Ankur Scientific biomass gasifiers (Indian small scale gasifiers)
Ankur Scientific, India (Biomass Gasification)
ANZSES Solar 2000 Conference
APEC Biofuels Taskforce
APEC Virtual Center for Environmental Technology Exchange
APEC Workshop on Implications of Bio-refineries for Energy and
Trade inPlasma Physics (electrostatic precipitators)
Applied the APEC Region
Aquaflow Algae to biofuels
Aquaflow Binomics (algae company from NZ)
Aquatic Species Close our report
Aracruz News No. 11 (article on eucalyptus power in Brazil)
ARBRE project
Arid Land Industrial Crops report (Purdue University) by A.E.
Thompson (wheat straw pulp mills)
Arkenol (ethanol)
ARRIP - Australian Rural Research in Progress databases (free
online) anaerobic digestion/waste treatment movie
Article - The Business of Biomass Cash Crops Yield New
Generation Options of a Simplified Wood Gas Generator for
Article "Construction
Fuelling Internal Combustion Engines in a Petroleum emergency"
Article on algal fuel for aviation
Article on Australia‟s oil depletion
Article on bioenergy in India
Article on Knetic Renewables‟ peach stone gasification project
Article: "Construction of a Simplified Wood Gas Generator for
Aruna Biomass Combustion Engines in
Fueling Internal gasifiers (10-100 kWe) a Petroleum emergency"
Arundo donax from James A. Duke. 1983. Handbook of Energy
Crops. Unpublished
Asessing Biofuels presentation UNEP
Ash Recycling
Asia Carbon Global
Asia Regional Cookstove Program
Asian Environment and Business Intelligence Resource Centre
Assessment of Pelletized Biofuels report by R. Samson and P.
Duxbury Engineering Works (Indian small scale gasifier)
Association for the Advancement of Industrial Crops (AAIC)
Association for the Advancement of Industrial Crops 2000 Annual
Meeting, St. of Diesel Specialists
Association Louis, Missouri- October 15-17, 2000
ATSE Biofuels for transport – a roadmap for development in
ATSE workshop report „Electricity Generation: Accelerating
Technological Change‟
Aurora Biofuels
Aurora Biofuels (algae)
Australasian Bioplastics Association
Australasian Emission Trading Forum
Australasian Virtual Engineering Library
Australian Academy of Science
Australian Biodiesel Consultancy (correction)
Australian Biodiesel Group
Australian Biodiesel Power
Australian Biodiesel Standards
Australian Biogas digesters
Australian Biomass (anaerobic digestion)
Australian Biomass Taskforce
Australian Biotechnology Association
Australian Cane Farmers Association
Australian Climate Exchange (ACX)
Australian CLIVAR Plan (Climate research)
Australian Emission Trading Forum
Australian Energy News
Australian Environmental Industry Directory
Australian Forest Growers
Australian Forest Growers Conference 2000
Australian Government Grantslink site
Australian Greenhouse Office
Australian Greenhouse Office book of RECP Funded projects
Australian Hemp Resource and Manufacture (industrial hemp)
Australian Institute for Energy
Australian Institute of Agricultural Science and Technology
(AIAST) Institute of Occupational Health (re pyrolysis biooil)
Australian Kelp Products (macro-algae)
Australian National Chemical Reference Guide
Australian National Hydrogen Study
Australian Salinity Action Network
Australian Science Future
Australian Sustainable Energy Related Web Sites (from UNSW)
Australian Sustainable Industry Research Centre Ltd (Monash
University – Gippsland Campus Churchill, Victoria)
Australian Venture Capital Journal
Australian Waste Database
Austrian Biofuels Institute
Austrian Biofuels Institute
Austrian Biofuels Institute
AVEL (Australasian Virtual Engineering Library)
Avongro bioenergy study report (oil mallees)
AVONGRO Wheatbelt Tree Cropping
AWARE (Australians Working for Alternative and Renewable
Axiom Energy
B9 Energy Biomass (N. Ireland- gasifiers)
Bamboo as biomass resource
Barbados Sugar Cane Industry Development, Inc.Five-Year
Business Plan for Sustainable Energies
Basel Agency
Baseline Technical and Economic Assessment of a Commercial
Scale Fischer-Tropsch Liquids Facility Report, April 2007
BBI International (ethanol)
BBN Asset Management (Biochar and Renewable Energy)
BC bioenergy strategy (Canada)
BDI Austria (biodiesel technology supplier)
BEAM network (algae)
Beginner's guide to Biogas
Beijing Laowan Bio-energy Technology Co., Ltd (boilers)
Beijing Laowan Bio-energy Technology Co., Ltd (boilers)
BEKON dry fermentation product
Bekon Dry Fermentation technologies
Bellwether Gasification Technologies‟ presentation
Belrose (Sydney) landfill gas power project
Benefits of Bioenergy IEA Report
Benign Energy : The Environmental Implications of Renewables
report Bank Pig farm AD case study
BEST Energies (pyrolysis)
BG Technologies (Indian gasifier technology)
Bhoruka (Indian Company developing bioenergy in Australia)
BHP's Centre for Metallurgy and Resource Processing
Sustainable Technology Centre- Sustainable Steelmaking Using
Bio Adapt International Pty Ltd – fast growing biomass
Bio-Mass to Bio-Gas
Bio-oil in Quebec
Bio-power site (waste vegetable oil)
Bio-Top (EU-South American biofuels cooperation)
Bioamass Gasifiers Supply List
Biobased Manufacturers Association (USA)
Biobased Products and Bioenergy Coordination Office (USA)
BioBowser (small scale anaerobic digester)
BioBowser youtube video of modular biogas digester
Biobutanol – BP and Dupont
Biocap web page (Canada)
Biochar (Cornell University)
Biochar (Eprida)
Biochar and Terra Preta
Biochar factsheet - CSIRO Land and Water 2009
Biochar interview with Lukas van Zwieten NSW DPI
Biochemical Sources of Fuels
BioCogen Pty Ltd (biogas)
Biocoup website
BioCycle archive
Biodegradable lubricants‟ research and interests
Biodegradable plastic from biomass
Biodiesel - home made processor
Biodiesel – do it yourself kitchen chemistry
Biodiesel – Greenergy UK (tallow)
Biodiesel – National Biodiesel Board
Biodiesel (German site)
Biodiesel (IFEU - Institut für Energie- und Umweltforschung
Heidelberg gGmbH)
Biodiesel (Wikipedia)
Biodiesel additives (UK)
Biodiesel and Petroleum Diesel Life Cycles Overview
Biodiesel and your vehicle
Biodiesel and your vehicle
Biodiesel bowser in San Francisco
Biodiesel Development Corporation
Biodiesel Education Centre University of Iowa
Biodiesel Equipment suppliers
Biodiesel Excise reforms
Biodiesel Facts
Biodiesel Industry Directory
Biodiesel industry directory (BBI)
Biodiesel Magazine (BBI International Media)
Biodiesel manufacture (two stage process for self manufacture)
Biodiesel motorbikes
Biodiesel Now
Biodiesel producers (list)
Biodiesel Production Equipment
Biodiesel report (Natural Resources Canada)
Biodiesel Resource
Biodiesel Revs Up - Chemical & Engineering News, 27 May 2002
Biodiesel site
Biodiesel site
Biodiesel sites
Biodiesel Sustainability Report from IEA Bioenergy Task 39
Biodiesel Systems (UK)
BioDME project
BIOEN (national Biomass and Waste Use Program of Croatia)
Bioenergy '98 Conference homepage
Bioenergy '98 Luncheon Address by David Morris on the
Carbohydrate Economy
Bioenergy & Biobased Products Roadmap
BIOENERGY 2003 - International Nordic Bioenergy Conference
Bioenergy Action Plan California documents
BioEnergy Action Plan for California.
Bioenergy and Carbon Trading discussion paper
Bioenergy articles
Bioenergy Atlas
Bioenergy Atlas
Bioenergy Atlas of Australia (RIRDC/AGO funded project)
Bioenergy Austria
Bioenergy Business Magazine (paid subscription)
Bioenergy Canada (BBI magazine)
Bioenergy Community
Bioenergy Conversion Factors
Bioenergy event calendar
Bioenergy Feedstock Information Network
Bioenergy from Finland
Bioenergy Gateway (wood to energy resource)
Bioenergy Glossary (US Oregon Department of Energy)
Bioenergy Information Network (US Oak Ridge National
Bioenergy Information Network (USA)
Bioenergy International
Bioenergy International newsletter
BioEnergy International, LLC
Bioenergy List Archives
Bioenergy List vehicle gasifiers
Bioenergy lists
Bioenergy paper from Berkley University
Bioenergy Project Using gasifier at Croyden UK
Bioenergy report ex RIRDC (check title and contents)
Bioenergy Research (Danish English language newsletters)
Bioenergy Roadmap (UK)
BioEnergy Solutions
Bioenergy Stoves list
Bioenergy wiki
Bioenergy World
Bioenergy's Role in the EU Energy Market - Report by BTG
BioEntrepreneur 2000 Workshop
Bioethanol – good explanations
Biofpr Journal
Biofuel at Journey to Forever
BioFuel Auction website (USA)
Biofuel Cities
Biofuel Cities Resources Centre
Biofuel Energy Systems Simulator
Biofuel Genomics -Fast growing polyploid biomass
Biofuel Genomics site (BFG)
Biofuel initiative Fuel for Life
Biofuel Partnership (BioCube biodiesel technology)
Biofuel Partnership‟s BioCube
Biofuel Production (IEA)
Biofuel talk by Weyerhaeuser VP Denny Hunter
Biofuels - Food or Fuel?
Biofuels – new source from bacteria
Biofuels and Agriculture – A Factsheet for Farmers
Biofuels and Climate Change
Biofuels Center of North Carolina
Biofuels Cities (EU)
Biofuels for Transportation: Selected Trends and Facts, World
Watch Institute
Biofuels Information
Biofuels Information Center (Alternative Fuels Data Center)
Biofuels Information Network
Biofuels Initiative
Biofuels News
Biofuels Partnership BioCube (biodiesel manufacturing at small
scale) Review
Biofuels subsidy report from Global Subsidies Initiative
Biofuels Works
Biofuels, Bioproducts & Biorefining (Biofpr)
Biogas - IEA Bioenergy Task 37
Biogas anaerobic digestion
Biogas and anaerobic digestion
Biogas and Bioenergy Centre, Germany
Biogas as Vehicle Fuel report
Biogas Australia
Biogas Australia Pty Ltd
Biogas beginner‟s tour (ex Paul Harris)
Biogas digesters
Biogas enrichment
Biogas enrichment equipment:
Biogas in China
Biogas Nord
Biogas Plants
Biogas Technology - Solution in Search of Its Problem, A Study of
Small-Scale Rural Technology Introduction and Integration' thesis.
Biogas technology primer
Biogas technology transfer to rural communities in Egypt, S. El
Biogas Upgrading for Vehicles – IEA Bioenergy Task 37
Shimi S. Arafa
Biogas utilization and its agricultural implications in Ghana,
Christine Osei-Safo
Biogas Wiki
Biogas Wiki
BioGas Works (P Lusk - anaerobic digestion)
BioGasol (ethanol)
Biogen Australian Newspaper article on IPO
BioGold Fuel Corporation (FT fuels)
BIOHEAT Project Promoting biomass heating in large buildings
and blocks Project (EU)
BioMara (European algae project)
BioMara (marine biomass)
Biomass Action Plan for EU
Biomass and Bioenergy Production for Economic and
Environmental Benefits (USDA Forest Services)
Biomass and Energy Crops II
Biomass appeal - Virent aims to supply cheap hydrogen power
(Capital Times, Madison Wisconsin article)
Biomass atlas of thermal properties - US DoE
Biomass Atlas site
Biomass Briquetting: Technology and Practices- 48pp REWP
Biomass Business Magazine
Biomass Businesses in the World
Biomass Case Studies
Biomass co-firing at a pulverized coal power plant in Florida
Biomass co-firing at a pulverized coal power plant:
Biomass co-firing at an IGCC
Biomass co-firing at an IGCC plant
Biomass Co-firing with coal
Biomass compactor (makes small burnable smoke free logs from
Sawdust)Cooking Stoves List
Biomass Development (Florida, USA)
Biomass Development Company
Biomass Development Company (Bradenton Florida)
Biomass Development Company (Florida, USA)
Biomass Development Company (US)
Biomass e-group
Biomass Energy Alliance
Biomass Energy and Carbon
Biomass Energy Atlas Website
Biomass Energy Businesses in the World
Biomass Energy Centre (UK)
Biomass Energy Europe (BEE)
Biomass Energy Foundation database of gasifier suppliers
Biomass Energy Research Association
Biomass Energy Research Association (BERA)
Biomass Engineering
Biomass Engineering
Biomass for Power Generation and CHP (IEA)
Biomass for Rural Development (NREL)
Biomass for Small Scale Heat and Power (BioMax 15)
Biomass for steel making – CSIRO
Biomass Fuel Gas Cooker
Biomass Fuel Gasifier Cooker
Biomass fuels to the rescue? article
Biomass Future Group (China)
Biomass gasification
Biomass Gasification Group - Danish Technical University
Biomass Gasification Group at the Danish Technical University
(DTU). Gasification Group, Technical University of Denmark
Biomass Gasification in China presentation
Biomass Gasification Reference List (CREST)
Biomass gasification.
Biomass gasifier
Biomass Gasifier for fire hazard reduction in California
Biomass gasifier power motor car
Biomass Grate Furnaces
Biomass growth in enriched CO2 atmosphere
Biomass Information Sources on Internet
Biomass Initiative website (US)
Biomass Initiative website and newsletter (US)
Biomass Magazine
Biomass Magazine
Biomass Net
Biomass Power (UK)\
Biomass Power Association (US)
Biomass Power from Poultry Litter – US Dept of Energy project in
Alabama Power Plant in California – precis of each one
Biomass Research and Development Initiative
Biomass Research and Development Initiative
Biomass Strategy – UK
Biomass Technology Group - expert system on producer gas
cleaning (demo version) Council (BTEC)
Biomass Thermal Energy
Biomass Thermal Energy Council (BTEC)
Biomass Thermal Energy Council (BTEC) - USA
Biomass to methanol
Biomass to Substitute Natural Gas
Biomass tools US
Biomass Trade Cenres (Europe)
Biomass tube fouling pictures
Biomass Utilization, Limits of (13 pp by David Pimentel, Cornell
University) (pyrolysis of wood for co-combustion)
BioMaxx Systems Inc.
BioMaxx Systems Inc. (Canada)
Biomethane from Dairy Waste: A Sourcebook for the Production
and Use of Renewable Natural Gas in California"
Bion concentrated livestock waste
Bion Technologies anaerobic digestors
BioPact (Pact between EU and African countries on bioenergy)
BioPreferred August Newsletter
Bioprocessing of Solid Waste & Sludge
Biorecycle Australia
Biorefinery Ireland
Biorefinery videos (Bazancourt and Ghent)
BioRegional Newsletter for November 2004
BIOS Bioenergy Systems (Germany)
BIOS Bioenergiesysteme GmbH (Austria)
Bios Energy (Austria)
Bioscan A/S (anaerobic digestion)
BioSolar (bioplastic film for backing photovoltaic cells)
Biotech Knowledge Centre (Monsanto)
Biotechnology Australia and the Office of Gene Technology
Regulator - announcement
Biotechnology Chemical Centre, Lund University, Sweden
Biotechnology Directory
Biotechnology India 2000
Biotechnology Industry Organisation (USA)
Biotechnology Victoria
BIOTEK (anaerobic digestion)
BioTop (biofuel cooperation between EU and Latin America)
BioTown, USA Sourcebook
Biotrade: International Trade in Renewable Energy From Biomass
byAgterberg and Faaij
BioWorks Australia (small scale biodiesel)
Bishop‟s Castle Biomass Power Project (UK)
Bites - Biofuels Technologies European Showcase
BITES (Biofuels Technologies European Showcase)
BIVKIN technology
Black and Veatch project for the European Bank for
Reconstruction Pty Ltd (mobile biochar manufacture)
Black is Green and Development
Black Liquor steam reforming and pulsed combustion
Blue Flame Stoker Boilers (boilers)
Blue Flame Stoker Boilers (boilers)
Blue Marble Energy (algae)
Blue Sun Biodiesel (USA)
Bocchino Technologies (Biogas)
Boosting Bioenergy in Europe
Box Ironbark Farm Forestry Network
Brandelle Industries (boilers)
Brandelle Industries (boilers)
Brazilian Association for Biodiesel Industries – ABIOdiesel
Brazilian Society for the Environment - BIOSFERA
Brewer's grains for biogas
Brewer's grains for biogas (Houston brewery)
Brightstar Environmental
Brightstar Synfuels Gasifier
Briquetting of agricultural wastes for fuel-FAO report
British Biogen book on wood fuel for energy – Good Practice
Guide BioGen, Trade Association of UK Bioenergy Industry
British Columbia Bioenergy Strategy
British Columbia Bioenergy Strategy
BRS Climate Change Newsletter
BTA (anaerobic digestion)
BTG Bio-oil properties
BTG home page
BTG-BTL pyrolysis to liquid fuel brochure
BTG's online list of gasifier manufacturers and installations
Building a Downdraft Gasifier
Bureau of Rural Sciences Climate Change Newsletters
Burlington Electric (Vermont gasifier)
Burlington, Vermont gasifier
Business Alliance for Commerce in Hemp
Business directory
Butalco gmbH (butanol)
butanol article
Caddet (IEA)
Caddet article 'Biomass offers integrated solutions in Australia'
Caddet article on Convertech‟s technology (see Opportunities
Corner below)
CADDET Australia Web site (recently upgraded)
Caddet Renewable Energy InfoPoint (article on biofuels)
CADDET Renewable Energy Technical Brochure 134, Batch
Anaerobic Digestion of Green Waste in a BIOCEL Converter
CADDET Renewable Energy Technical Brochure 136, A Multi-
Purpose Bioenergy Plant Producing Electricity, Heat and
CADDET Renewable Energy Technical Brochure 137, New
Energy-fro-Waste Plant in Dundee, Scotland, (UK)
CADDET Renewable Energy Technical Brochure 139, Installation
CADDET Renewable Energy a Coal-fired CHP Plant (Denmark)
of a Biomass-fuelled Boiler at Technical Brochures (downloadable
in PDF) refactory solutions
California Alliance for Distributed Energy Resources
California Bioenergy Action plan
California Biomass Collaboration
California Biomass Collaborative Cost Calculator
California Energy Commission Ethanol Survey
California Energy Commission report “Ethanol/Electricity from
Biomass” Energy Commission. Landfill Gas Powerplant
California Integrated Waste Management Board
California Low Carbon Fuel Standard presentation
California Renewable Energy Information
California Working Group of the Distributed Power Coalition of
Cambi Brisbane Water Plant
Camelina as Biodiesel feedstock article
Camelina biofuels feedstock
Camp Lejeune Energy from Wood Project
Camp Leujeurne Biomass Gasification Project
Canadian Agricultural Bioproducts Innovation Program (ABIP)
Canadian Agricultural New Uses Council
Canadian Association for Renewable Energy
Canadian Biomass Innovation Network
Canadian Biotechnology Innovation Network brochure
Canadian Biotechnology Innovation Network project list
Canadian Earth Energy Association
Canadian ethanol program (Office of Energy Efficiency)
Canadian Gasifier Limited
Canadian Gasifier Ltd.
Canadian Renewable Fuels Association
Canadian Renewable Fuels Association
Canadian Report on Biodiesel
Canadian report on Ethanol
Canberra Times article 4 Aug „Slimy scum may hold the key to
freedom from oil‟ on algae
Carbohydrate Economy
Carbohydrate Economy Clearinghouse (Institute for Local Self
Reliance) Research Group – Ireland
Carbon and Environment Daily
Carbon Credit Aggregation Program of the Iowa Farm Bureau
(anaerobic digestion)
Carbon Dioxide Science
Carbon Edge magazine
Carbon Negative Energy Production
Carbon Sequestration (US DOE)
Carbon Sequestration and Benefit of Selective Cuts (paper)
Carbon Store Pty Ltd (Mark Jackson)
Carbon Trader
Carbon Trading
Carbon War (historical account of global warming)
Carbonization & Torrefaction of Briquettes at
Carmatec Biogas Digestor (Zimbabwe)
Catholic University of Louvain - Biomass Energy Group (Belgium)
CEC Bioenergy Roadmap
Cellulosic Ethanol - Siemens
Cellulostic Ethanol Commercialization
Centre for Energy and Environmental Markets (CEEM) UNSW
Centre for Forest Tree Technology (business unit of Forest
Centre of Resource Solutions -Green-e Verification Report
Servicefor Vic Dept of Natural Resources and Environment)
(Californian green energy report)
Centre for Sustainable Environmental Sanitation at the University
of Science the Analysis and Dissemination of Demonstrated
Centre for and Technology Beijing
Energy Technologies
Cereplast biobased plastics
Changing World Technologies (bio-oil, specialty chemicals)
Charcoal and Activated Carbon Manufacture (CREST)
Charcoal and its Socio-economic Importance in Asia, Prospects
and Promotion
Charcoal for Co-firing - economics
Charcoal Kilns / Retorts
Charcoal making
Charcoal making
Charcoal making
Charcoal making
Charcoal making
Charcoal making (small scale)
Charcoal making burner (test results)
Charcoal manufacture site
Charcoal Museum homepage
Charcoal production and pyrolysis technologies. REUR Technical
Series No. 20, 1991, p.101 - 114, publ. by the Food and
Chariton Valley Biomass Project (Switchgrass in Iowa)
Check Biotech
Check Biotechnology
Chevron biofuels alliance with Weyerhaeuser
Chicken Litter Gasification
Chip Energy
Chippers and recycling granulators
Chiptec Wood Energy Systems
Chiptec Wood Energy Systems
Chongqing Fengyu Electric Equipment gasifiers
Choren Biomass to Energy site (Germany)
Choren Biomass to synthetic diesel plant
CHP Association (UK)
Clean Development Mechanism rulebook (Baker and McKenzie)
Clean Diesel Technologies
Clean Energy – Jobs for America‟s Future report
CleanTech Biofuels
Cli-Manage 2000
Climate Change Fuel Cell Program
Climate Change Newsletter, Volume 12, Number 2
Climate Change Research Strategy for Primary Industries
Climate Change: An Australian Guide to the Science and Potential
Impacts Strategies
CNIM (waste to energy plants in Europe)
CNN biomass segment
Co-digestion of Manure with Industrial and Household Waste
Co-Firing Existing Boilers with Solid Waste Burning, External
Combustors -burn be TECO's Polk from the "Papers" page
Co-firing test can at downloaded Power Station (USA)
Co-firing with coal incl brewer‟s grains
CO2 Forest Sinks Pty Ltd
Coalition for Hemp Awareness
Coalition seeking to increase MRET target to 10 percent
Coco-Nut Oil for Fuel (Samoa)
Coconut Oil Fuel Data
Cofiring at Albright Generating Station
Cogeneration and On-Site Power Production site
Collaboratory (renewable fuel)
Collex‟s Bioreactor technology
Collex‟s Bioreactor technology
Combustion Consultants Ltd (Waterwide)
Combustion Gasification Propulsion Lab.-Dept. of Aerospace
Engineering Indian Institute of Science Bangalore
Combustion Gasification Propulsion Laboratory (India - Prof
Mukunda) of Biomass Derived LCV Gas thesis summary
(Hoppesteynproperties of biomass
Combustion )
Combustion properties of biomass
Combustion, Gasification & Propulsion Laboratory (CGPL), Indian
Inst of Science
Commercial Prospects for Low Rainfall Agroforestry
Commission for Energy Regulation (Ireland)study
Common Purpose
Common Purpose Institute
Commonwealth and State Government Programs Supporting
Innovation in Firms World Energy Council's 17th Congress
Communique from
Community Power (USA 15 kW gasifier module)
Community Power Corporation (Biomax)
Community Power Corporation (gasifiers)
Community Power Corporation gasifiers
Community Power Corporation gasifiers
Community Power Gasifiers
Community Power site
Community Power Systems (small scale gasifier)
Comparison of biofuels study
Complete Biogas Handbook
Compost resource - Cornell University's Ag School
Conifer Sawdust Burner (Hern Iron Works)
Conrad Industries (pyrolysis of organic material)
Construction of a Simplified Wood Gas
Construction of a Simplified Wood Gas Generator for Fueling
Internal Combustion Engines(book)
Continuous Charcoal Process Technology
Conversion and Resource Evaluation Ltd.
Conversion webpage
Convertech (NZ based company)
Cooperative digesters in Denmark
Cooperative Research Centre for Carbon Accounting
Coppice Resources Ltd (UK)
Coppice willow in Belgium
Corky‟s groups (micro bioenergy)
Corn biomass ethanol article – crop that can break down it own
Corporation For Future Resources (anaerobic digestion of
Leucaena - energy crop)
Coskata biofuels
Cost comparison fuels
Cost Reduction in Bio-Diesel Production, B. Rice, A. Fröhlich and
R. Leonard, Crops Research Centre, Oak Park, Carlow, Ireland.
Costs of Biofuels article
Cotton Research and Development Corporation
Cotton: An Australian Success Story
Council on Sustainable Biomass Production (CSBP)
Cratech Biomass Integrated Gasification Gas Turbine paper
CRC Dryland Salinity
CRC for Carbon Dioxide Sequestration
CRC for Environmental Biotechnology (EBCRC)
CRC Forestry
CREST Bioenergy List archive
CREST gasification references page
CREST reference page for Bioenergy
CREST reference page for Charcoal
CREST reference page for Gasification
CREST Renewable Carbon web site
CREST Stoves Webpage - charcoal and activated carbon
Crorey Alternative Fuels (video)
Crorey Biomass Gasifier
Crorey Biomass Gasifier
Crorey Gasifier
Cryofuel Systems, Inc.(landfill gas clean-up)
CSIRO critique of the „Barnes‟ report on CO2 emissions from
native forest biomass
CSIRO Division of Energy Technology
CSIRO DWE 'futures to 2050' workshop series
CSIRO effluent irrigation project wins gold medal for 1999
CSIRO Forestry and Forest Products biosolids and effluent
guidelines and Water Salinity FAQ
CSIRO Land and Water's image library
CSIRO Life Cycle Assessment of alternative transportation fuels
CSIRO Life Cycle studies into transportation fuels
CSIRO-DIMA workshops on physical economy to 2050 and
beyond Tree Seed Centre:
CTI's World ClimateTech2000
Current initiations in biogas implementation, J Savickas A
Klementavicius Association of Biomass
CZ BIOM - Czech
Daily Energy and Environmental News site (USA)
Dairy Manure Management Technologies
Dairy Manure Management Technologies
Daka Biodiesel
Dalby Bio-Refinery
Danish Bioenergy Solutions - reliable and efficient June 2000 from
the Danish EnergyBiomass Technology
Danish Centre for Agency. It can be downloaded as 7 pdf type
Danish Centre for Biomass Technology
Danish Centre for Biomass Technology (network of 4
technological institutes)
Danmark Stirling engines
Dantrim biomass burners
Dasifier micro gasifier
Data on Biomass Fuels
Database on biofuels
De Montfort University, Applied Sustainable Technologies Group
DEC – Guidance Note: Assessment of Non-Standard Fuels
Decker Brand Boilers (boilers)
Decker Brand Boilers (boilers)
Decton Burn Systems (US)
DEFRA (UK) Biomass Taskforce Announcement
Defra UK - Draft AD Action Plan
Delft University of Technology, Dept. of Thermal Power
Dell-Point Technologies (boilers)
Dell-Point Technologies (boilers)
Densification of biomass
Department of Bioenergy, University of Southern Denmark
Department of Environment, Transport and the Regions (DETR) –
Green Fuelsof Land Management, Laboratory for Forest, Nature
Department Challenge -
and Landscape Research,Industry (DTI) Leuven (Belgium)
Department of Trade and Catholic Uni - £100m for renewable
Dept. of
energy Crop & Soil Sciences – Cornell University, USA
Dept. of Crop & Soil Sciences – Cornell University, USA
DEST Innovation Access Program
Details on 120 Cubic Metre Anaerobic Digester (DeMontfort
University School of Agriculture)
Detroit Stoker hydrograte in Argentina for burning sunflower hulls
and peanut hulls Biodiesel research
Dickinson College
Diesohol for Road Transport brochure (Qld EPA)
Diesohol for Road Transport brochure (Qld EPA)
Dimethyl Ether (liquid biofuel)
Directory of waste recycling and recovery operators in Tasmania
Discussion about Ethanol - April 19th, 2000, the Portland Hilton,
DISR paper on Developing Australia's Biotechnology Industry
Distributed Generation Resources (US Dept of Energy)
Distributed generation using fuel cells
Distributed Power Generation in a Deregulated Market -
discussion paper
Distributed-generation e-group
DK-TEKNIK (Denmark)
Doble monotube boiler (vehicle application)
DOE Joint Genome Institute
Doty Energy
Downdraft Gasification
Downdraft gasifier photos showing fuel (pine blocks) transition to
char (.jpg format)
Downdraft woodchip gasifier
DP CleanTech (Dragon Power)
DPIE forestry site
Dr Outhred's Seminar on The Effectiveness of Measures to
Support Distributed Generation in Australia
Draft Guidelines for Best Available Techniques and Best
Drax co-firing Practices willow
Environmentalusing SRC for Incineration of MSW (17pp)
Dry fermentation of biomass
Drying and Torrefying
DTI's Direct Methanol Fuel Cell
DTI‟s New and Renewable Energy Programme entitled
Technology Status Report – Biofuels
DTU (Danish Technical University)
Dual Chamber Bio-Digester System
Dual Chamber Digester System (Solwind – NZ)
DuPont Tate & Lyle Bioproducts
Dyadic International (biotech for ethanol production)
Dyadic International, Inc.(cellulases)
Dynamotive Technologies (pyrolysis and bio-oils)
E company (small wood gasifiers)
E-15 OxyDiesel Fuel
e-Carbon News (CRC for Greenhouse Accounting)
E-diesel explained (American Society of Agricultural Engineers)
E-Fuel Ethanol Micro-refinery
E3 Biofuels
E3 Consultants (Queensland)
Earth Biofuels Inc
Earthday (22 April 2003)
Earthpower Technologies (anaerobic digester at Camellia, NSW)
EarthWatts (proposed green electricity exchange)
Eat Low Carbon Food
Ebarex Kalina Cycle
EC Baltic Renewable Energy Centre, EC BREC
EC-ASEAN cogeneration site
eCarbon News April 2003
ECN Tar Dewpoint site
Eco Puck Energy (gasification)
Eco Show (Sydney July 2006)
Eco Sustainable Developments
Ecoforestry Institute
EcoIQ Energy gateway to bioenergy associations
Econergy Ltd (UK)
Economic Analysis of Biomass Energy – UK
Economic Research Service Reports (US) - Biodiesel
development: New of distributed power (5-11 and Genetically
Economist articles Markets for Conventional Aug)
Ecovolve (carbon negative energy via pyrolysis)
Ecowise newsletter
Education Centre for Innovation and Commercialisation,
University of No 7/2006 “How much bioenergy can Europe
EEA Report Adelaide (Sydney Campus)
Effective and Low-disturbing environment?"
produce without harming the Biofuels (Elobio)
Effluent-Irrigated Plantation Research
EIDN publications (e.g. Biomass in the Energy Cycle)
EIN News
EIN News
Ekologs briquettes
Electric Power Research Institute Journal article
Electricity Generating Facilities in NSW, January 2005
Electronic public library
Elobio: Biofuels and commodity markets
Elsevier Publishers- Biomass and Bioenergy
Emerging products and services from trees in lower rainfall areas -
Research factors for wood combustion (US EPA)
Emission Update No.2
Emmelev Mølle
EnAgri Magazine
ENAMORA gasifier
Endex industrial wood pellet pricing
ENDS Report 305, pp. 23-25, June 2000 (BASF gasifier)
Enecon Pty Ltd
Energieonderzoek Centrum Nederland (ECN) (Energy from
Biomass and Waste)
Energy & Environmental Research Center University of North
Dakota and Environment – Finland newsletter on renewables
Energy and Greenhouse Gas Balance of Biofuels for Europe – an
update – CONCAWE ReportSocio-Economic Development
Energy as an instrument for 2/02
(UNDP)balances in the growth of oilseed rape for biodiesel and of
wheat for bioethanol
Energy Central (Australia)
Energy Conversions and Equivalencies
Energy Developments Ltd
Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy Center (US)
Energy Farm (Norway)
Energy for a Changing World (EU)
Energy from waste a guide to opportunities in the UK (1.8 MB)
Energy from Waste Water
Energy from Wastewater
Energy Information Administration – renewable energy potential
map of SE USA Biomass Production
Energy Inputs for
Energy Locate (Elsevier)
Energy Options (small scale biodiesel)
Energy pellets firing Stirling Engine
Energy Power Resources (UK bioenergy company)
Energy Power Resources (UK)
Energy Power Resources (UK)
Energy Products of Idaho (co-firing using gasification report)
Energy Products of Idaho FBC power plants
Energy Quest, Inc.
Energy Tech (Austria)
Energy Technology Austria (German)
Energy Today
Energy White Paper – UK
Energy-Wise News (NZ)
Engineering Conferences, Courses and Events:
Enstech landfill lining and monitoring system
Ensyn Group Inc. (biobased fuels and bio-based chemicals)
Entech Renewable Energy Systems
Entimos biomass gasifier
Envergent Technology
Envirem Technologies Inc. anaerobic digestion plant
ENVIRO 2002 conference - Melbourne 7-12 April 2002
Enviro Carboniser (ex South Africa)
Enviroarc plasma arc technology
Environment Australia ethanol paper
Environment Industry Action Agenda
Environment Law and Policy Center- Farm Bill Clean Energy
Website (USA)
Environment Protection and Biodiversity Conservation Act 1999
Environmental Accounting and Reporting - Victorian State Inquiry
Environmental and Energy Study Institute
Environmental Energy, Inc.(EEI), - butanol
Environmental Engineering Corporation - Renewable Energy
Division (California)
Environmental Engineering Corporation (US)
Environmental Imperative for Renewable Energy: An Update, Dr.
Adam Serchuk,Media2000
Environmental April Services
Environmental Network (UNSW)
Environmental News Network article on poplars
Environmental Protection and Biodiversity Conservation online
Environmental Science, Economics, Management and Policy by
Kluwer academic publishers
Environmental Solutions International (bio-oil from biomass)
Enzyclopedia for Life Systems (UNESCO)
EPA NREL Web-based biopower mapping tool
ESD Consulting (Rod Bristow)
Estimating the Net Energy Balance of Corn Ethanol- An Economic
Research Service Report, by Hosein Shapouri, James A. Duffield
Estimating the Net Energy Balance of Corn Ethanol-by Hosein
Shapouri, James A. Duffield, and Michael S. Graboski. U.S.
Ethanol - make your own book
Ethanol & Fuel Cells: Converging Paths of Opportunity report
Ethanol and Biofuels Resources
Ethanol and Land Use Changes
Ethanol article from the Washington Post
Ethanol Boost
Ethanol Discussion Paper - Warren Centre
Ethanol Discussion Paper - Warren Centre
Ethanol Distillery Network
Ethanol from Bagasse News Release
Ethanol from Cellulose
Ethanol from Garbage Article; New York Times
Ethanol from gasification path and synthesis
Ethanol from Switchgrass article
Ethanol from Wood
Ethanol fuel cycle report “Effects of Fuel Ethanol Use on Fuel-
Ethanol fuel and Greenhouse Gas Emissions”, by M. Wang,
cycle Energyreports - Australian govt reports
Ethanol fueled Ford Taurus fact sheet
Ethanol Industry Directory (USA by BBI)
Ethanol Option website
Ethanol plant development handbook
Ethanol Producer Magazine
Ethanol Producer Magazine
Ethanol production from synthesis gas
Ethanol report “Comparison of USDA and Pimentel Net Energy
Ethanol report “How Much Energy Does It Take to Make a Gallon
of Ethanol?", David Lorenz and David Morris
Ethanol report (Natural Resources Canada)
Ethanol Research Pilot Plant at Southern Illinois University
Ethanol resource manual for Iowa
Ethanol Technologies Ltd (Russell Reeves)
Ethanol via plasma gasification
ETP Biofuels
ETP Forestry
ETP Plants for the Future
ETP Sustainable Chemistry
ETSU Report Technology Status Report - Embedded Generation
EU Electricity Studies
andBio-based economy
EU Bioenergy Network of Excellence
EU biomass Action Plan (Dec 2005)
EU defends biofuel goals amid food crises - article
EU directive for biofuels article
EU ecosolid fuel web page
EU policy relating to MSW bioenergy
EU, UK move on biofuel sustainability article
EucProd 2002,International Conference on Eucalypt Productivity,
Hobart, Tasmania, 10th Biofuels and food 2002
EuropaBio Fact Sheet - - 15th November
EuropaBio Fact Sheet - Biofuels and food (6pp)
EuropaBio Fact Sheet – Making biofuels sustainable
EuropaBio Fact Sheet – Making biofuels sustainable (3pp)
EuropaBio Factsheet: Biofuels and developing countries
EuropaBio Factsheet: Biofuels and developing countries (5pp)
EuropaBio Factsheet: Biofuels and land use
EuropaBio Factsheet: Biofuels and land use (4pp)
EuropaBio Factsheet: Biofuels: Environmental sustainability
EuropaBio Factsheet: Biofuels: Environmental sustainability
criteria (2pp)
European Biodiesel Board
European BioEnergy Services – EBES, AT
European Bioethanol Fuel Association
European Biofuels Technology Platform
European Biofuels Technology Platform newsletter
European Biogas Association
European Biomass Association
European Biomass Association
European Biomass Association
European Bioplastics Association
European Commission 'Campaign for Take-Off'
European Commission (2005): Biomass action plan
European Consortium EurObserv'ER (solid, liquid and gaseous
bioenergy)Energy Crops Internetwork
European Energy Crops InterNetwork (EECI)
European Environment Agency – Renewable Energies Success
Stories report (2.1 MB) Agency Reports
European Environmental
European Fuel Oxygenate Association
European Media Marketing (organisers of the World Sustainable
Energy Fair)
European Network of Energy Agencies Report on New Energy
European Renewable Energy Centers Agency - EUREC
European Renewable Energy Council - Biomass
European Technical Institute for Wood Energy (Institut Technique
            du Bois Energie)
European Union - White Paper on Renewable Sources of Energy
European Union and German incentives for increasing renewable
energy and combined heat Reports on (CHP)
European Union Research and power Renewables
European Waste Gasification presentation
Eventix (biochar and gasification)
Evergreen Energy (Kompogas)
Everything Biomass site
Evolve Cleaner Fuels (ethanol)
ExternE (EU site on externalities from fossil fuel)
Fachagentur Nachwachsende Rohstoffe e.V. (2006): Renewable
Resources in Industry
FAO (2004) Unified Bioenergy Terminology (UBET)
FAO 1985 Industrial charcoal Making Report (Contents)
FAO Bioenergy
FAO ethanol production material
FAO Forest Energy Forum
FAO Forestry Department's program on wood energy
FAO gasifier paper
FAO Regional Wood Energy Development Program (SE Asia)
FAO report -Alcohol and cotton oil as alternative fuels for internal
combustion engines
Farm Digesters in Northern Ireland
Farming with trees
Faster higher quality production of biomass
Fecon Bio-harvester (small diameter wood)
Fecon Resource Recovery Equipment and Systems
Federal Energy Technology Center (US DOE) - fuel cells overview
Federal Register Document Outlining New BCAP Rules
Feed-in tariff policy information
FERCO (Vermont gasifier)
FERCO Enterprises, Inc.
Fiber Futures Fiber Crop Mapping Project (Washington and
Oregon) (chicken litter power)
Fifth Conference of Parties (COP-5)
Financial Times energy newsletters and reports
Financing Biogas: A Reference manual for Microfinance
Institutions in Nepal report
Finnish Bioenergy
Finnish Bioenergy Report (PDF file)
Firewood Association of Australia
Firewood Code of Practice
First Bio-diesel Car Rental Operation in the World (Hawaii)
Fischer Tropsch Organisation
Fischer Tropsch Synthetic Fuels
Fixed Dome Biodigester
Flash Carbonization of Biomass report
Florida Center for Solid and Hazardous Waste Management (CCA
Florida wood)
treated Center for Solid and Hazardous Waste Management
(treatedFarm to Fuel Initiative
Florida wood research)
Fluidized bed gasifiers
Fluidyne gasification archive
Fluidyne Gasification (NZ)
Fluidyne Gasification pictures showing some machines with
coppice willow Archive (includes plans for small gasifier)
Fluidyne Gasifier
Fluidyne photos of gasifier (NZ)
Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO):
Sustainable Development Department - Energy
Food vs Fuel article
Forbes Magazine article on 'Supertrees' (Forbio - Brisbane
FORCE Technology, Denmark (now merged with dk-TEKNIK)
Forest and Wood Products Action Agenda
Forest and Wood Products R&D Corporation
Forest and Wood Products R&D Corporation (now relocated to
Melbourne) report “An Assessment of Biomass Harvesting
Forest Guild
Forest Mechanization and Biomass Supply Research Group
Forest Steward's Guild
Forest Stewards Guild
Forest2market (USA)
Forestry Commission Wood Fuel (UK)
Forests and carbon (PEFC certification)
Forum for European Australian Science and Technology
Forum for European-Australian Science and Technology
Forum for European-Australian Science and Technology
Cooperation Newsletter
Foster Wheeler
Foster Wheeler (gasification technology – Lahti)
Foster Wheeler technical papers
Foster Wheelers fluidised bed presentation
Fouling and slagging (Tom Miles)
French gasifiers (in French)
Fuel (movie on biofuels by Josh Tickell)
Fuel and Combustion Technology
Fuel and Fibre
Fuel and Fibre
Fuel Cell Energy
Fuel Cell Technologies to Use Renewable Biogas article
Fuel Quality website
Fuel Tax Reform for the Future
Fueling a new economy paper
Fuels for Schools
Future Energy Resources Company (FERCO) projects
Future for Renewable Energy: Prospects and Directions (EUREC)
Future Forestry Lecture (Hamish Kimmins UBC)
Future Fuels Middle East
G.A.S. Energietechnik
Garn wood boilers
Gas analyser (gasified biomass or coal)
Gas cleanup and upgrading
Gas treatment for biomass gasification (Dahlman filter technology)
Gasification (Tom Reid)
Gasification and Electricity Production paper
Gasification and use of wood gas in Jenbacher engines
Gasification at GTI, USA presentation
Gasification discussion list – new webpage
Gasification equilibrium Charts
Gasification Guide for small scale gasification.
Gasification in Texas Newsrelease
Gasification of charcoal, University of Hawaii, HNEI (Dr. Antal)
Gasification of MSW
Gasification processes for MSW report
Gasification Scrubbers for Particulate Control
Gasification syngas cleaning
Gasification System 200 kWe CHP discussion and draft
specification Producer Gas and Syngas fact sheet (8pp)
Gasifier – small scale with schematic
Gasifier (Arnt)
Gasifier (small scale) - Technical University of Denmark
Gasifier Action Research Project (India)
Gasifier Action Research Project (Indian Institute of Technology,
Gasifier construction details (small scale)
Gasifier design on the Gengas Page
Gasifier economics
Gasifier Inventory (BTG)
Gasifier manufacturers
Gasifier manufacturers
Gasifier manufacturers and installations
Gasifier Pictures (Fluidyne archive)
Gasifier report (FAO)
Gasifier site
Gasifier Stove system
Gasifier stove video and web page
Gasifier stoves A
Gasifier stoves B
Gasifier summary paper – Paul Anderson
Gasifier supplier list
Gasifiers (50-300 kW scale)
Gasifiers List of Suppliers
GasNet Newsletter
GAVE (Dutch Climate Neutral Gaseous and Liquid Fuels)
GE/Plug Power Fuel Cell
GEM (Green Electricity Market)
Gem BioFuels (Jatropha in Madagascar)
GEMIS (LCA model)
General Bioenergy
General Bioenergy
Genetically engineered trees
Gengassidan (gasification)
GERBIO - German Biogas and Bioenergy Society
German agency for renewable raw materials (FNR)
German anaerobic digestors
German Appropriate Technology Exchange- Information &
Advisory Biogas and Bioenergy Society GERBIO
German Service
German Biogas Industry
German Integrated Energy Farm
German Society for Sustainable Biogas and Bioenergy Utilization
GGAP Guidelines
Global Bio Energy Program
Global Bioenergy Partnership
Global Biofuels Center
Global Biomass Network
Global Biomass Network
Global Energy Exposition and Energex 2000 (USA)
Global Feed-in Tariffs
Global Green Solutions (algae)
Global NRG Ltd (waste to energy)
Global Renewable Fuels Alliance
Global Reporting Initiative - New Sustainability Reporting
Global Research Alliance (CSIRO, TNO, VTT et al)
Global Warming
Global Warming site
GlobalSpec - Engineering Search Engine
GM Launches Japan's 1st Commercial Fuel-Cell Vehicle
Go-Green (California)
Government of Alberts-Provincial Energy Strategy
Government of Sasketchewan‟s Ethanol site
Grain as a source of energy
Grass makes environmentally friendly biofuel - article
Grass pellet video from
Grassoline article in Scientific American
Great Lakes Bioenergy Research Center
Great Lakes Regional Biomass Energy Program (GLRBEP)
Great Lakes Regional Biomass Energy Program in WIRE module
Great Lakes Regional Biomass Energy Program publications
GreatPoint Energy (Methanol)
Green Biologics (butanol)
Green Collar Economy Web page
Green Crude Production
Green Electricity Marketplace
Green Gas Certification Scheme (UK)
Green LA
Green Oil Company (USA)
Green Pacific Energy
Green Power Marketing in the United States: A Status Report - by
Blair Swezey and Lori Bird, National Renewable Energy
Green Star Products has (algae and biodiesel technologies)
Green World On-line
Green World Online – biofuels resources
Greener Marketing: A Global Perspective on Greening Marketing
GreenField Ethanol Inc.
Greenfield Resource Options Pty Ltd
GreenFuel algae FAQ page
GreenFuel Technologies Corporation
GreenFuel Technologies Corporation
Greenfuel Technologies Incorporated
Greenhouse Challenge
Greenhouse Challenge Vegetation Sinks Workbook Summary (23
pages, 507 kb) Abatement Program Round 2
Greenhouse Gas
Greenhouse gas chemistry
Greenhouse Gas Impacts of Harvested Wood Products
Greenhouse Gases from Small-Scale Combustion Devices in
Developing Countries Network - newsletter
Greenhouse Reduction
Greening Australia
Greenlane Biogas (biogas upgrading)
Greentech Media Research report: Third and Fourth Generation
Biofuels: Directory
Greentie Technologies, Markets and Economics Through 2015.
Griffin Industries US (biodiesel)
Growing Carbon: A New Crop that Helps Agricultural Producers
Growing Energy on the Farm: of Agriculture )
and the Climate Too (USDept Biomass Energy and Agriculture –
article Fuel (biodiesel)
Growth Energy (ethanol lobby group)
GTZ (gasification of rice hulls)
Guardian article on Industrial Hemp
Gympie Timber Company
HAASE anaerobic digestion technology
HAASE anaerobic digestion technology
Haldor Topsoe Methanol production
Hamech automated wood waste boilers (from Poland)
Handbook Biomass Gasification, H.A.M. Knoef, ed. BTG, 2005,
Harvesting Clean Energy for Rural Development - Ethanol Report
Hawaii Natural Energy Institute
Hawaii Natural Energy Institute (charcoal)
Hazelwood Power
Hazen Research, Inc.
HBC Solid Fuel Online Catalogue (solid biomass boiler systems)
Health Benefits of Biodiesel
Heating values and Fuel properties
Hedeselskabet Denmark
Hefei Debo Bioenergy Science & Technology gasifiers
Hemp as Biomass for energy paper
Hemp Industries Association
Hemp Tech
Heuristic Engineering
Highlights from the Washington International Renewable Energy
Conference March 2008 at:
Historic small scale gasifiers
Home Biodiesel Kit
Home built Stirling engines (pictures)
Honeywell Parralon 75 kW microturbine technology verification
HORIZON Solutions Site
Hotrox Fire Logs (WA)
How Biomass Energy Works – Union of Concerned Scientists
How Green is Green (Environmental accounting methodologies
proposal) Energy Does It Take to Make a Gallon of Ethanol
How Much
(search for ethanol)
HRL bioenergy page
Hungary -EU Energy Centre
Hurst Boiler and Welding Co., Inc. (updated web address)
Husk Power (India)
Husk Power Systems
Hydrogen (via biomass)
Hydrogen from biomass – media release
Hydrogen from Biomass--State of the Art and Research
HydroMax® report
Challenges- advanced gasification technology
Ibicon A/S (2-G biofuels and green chemicals)
ICM Inc (US ethanol)
IEA Bioenergy
IEA Bioenergy Liquid Fuels Task
IEA Bioenergy Sept 1999 Task 17 Auburn USA Meeting
Proceedings Task 17 Albany Meeting Proceedings
IEA Bioenergy
IEA Bioenergy Task 17 proceedings from Auburn, Alabama
IEA Bioenergy Task 22, Techno-economic assessment
IEA Bioenergy Task 25
IEA Bioenergy Task 29
IEA Bioenergy Task 29 (Socio-economic aspects of bioenergy
IEA Bioenergy Task 29 (Socio-Economics Drivers in Implementing
Bioenergy Projects 29 bioenergy information site
IEA Bioenergy Task
IEA Bioenergy Task 29. Socio-Economic Aspects of Bioenergy
IEA Bioenergy Task 31
IEA Bioenergy Task 32
IEA Bioenergy Task 32 – Biomass Combustion and Co-Firing
(new address) Task 32 Biomass Combustion and Co-firing
IEA Bioenergy
IEA Bioenergy Task 33 (thermal gasification of biomass)
IEA Bioenergy Task 33 Gasification – Denmark Country report
IEA Bioenergy Task 33 Gasification – Finland Country report
IEA Bioenergy Task 33 Gasification – Germany Country report
IEA Bioenergy Task 33 Gasification – Swedish Country report
IEA Bioenergy Task 33 Gasification – USA Country report
IEA Bioenergy Task 36
IEA Bioenergy Task 36 (Energy from Integrated Waste
Management Systems) Energyaddress
IEA Bioenergy Task 36 – new from Municipal Solid Waste
IEA Bioenergy Task 37
IEA bioenergy Task 38 web site (Greenhouse Gas Balances of
Bioenergy Systems)
IEA CADDET Renewable Energy Centre Technical Brochures
IEA Greenhouse Gas R&D Program
IEA publications (including renewables and energy policies)
IEA Renewable Energy Website
IEA Renewable Energy Working Party Report 'The Evolving
Renewable Hydrogen from Biomass--State of the Art and
IEA Report Energy Market'
Research Challenges Biofuels report
IEA Second Generation
IEA Task 33 Biomass Gasification
IEA Website Dealing with Climate Change
IEES Conference on Ecological Engineering for Landscape
Services and Boilers (to 25-29 Nov 2001, NZ
IHT Biomass Products, 300 kW)
II International Symposium on Anaerobic Digestion of Solid Waste
IIsC Dasag gasifier (Chatel-St-Denis, Switzerland)
Implementation of and Possibilities for Renewable Energy in the
CaribbeanSolid special reference Cookstoves: A development
Improved with Biomass Burning to Trinidad and Tobago, Indra
Inbicon 125 pp REWP report
Increasing Security and Reducing Carbon Emissions of the U.S.
Transportation Sector: A Transformational Role for Coal with
India Biogas
Indian Gasification Technology
Indian Ministry of Non-Conventional Energy Sources
Indian Renewables site
Indirect fired turbine proposal paper
Industrial Agriculture – USA Clearinghouse (Kansas Technology
Enterprise Corporation) Journal
Industrial Biotechnology
Industrial Hemp for Biomass
Industrial Technology Research Institute (Taiwan)
Industrial Water World article on codigestion
Industry Canada Roadmap (Electrical Power Roadmap has a
INEOS on renewable
chapter Enterprises energy)
Infiniuel Biodiesel (algae to biodiesel)
Information and Advisory Services on Appropriate Technology
(anaerobic digestion) Renewables (2,600 links under
Information Links for
comprehensivebiomass residues
Information on heading list)
Initiative for Future Agriculture and Food Systems (IFAFS)
Innovate Australia (web site for Australia‟s 13 R&D Corporations)
Innovation Technologies (Ireland)
Innovative Energy Group (Arundo donax )
Institute for Agriculture and Trade Policy
Institute for Applied Ecology (Germany)
Institute for Hemp
Institute for Local Self Reliance (including the Carbohydrate
Economy) Sustainable Power (quality standards0
Institute for
Institute of Nonconventional & Hydrogen Energy Research
(INHER - India) Science and Technology (black liquor
Institute of Paper
Institute of Sustainable Futures (UTS)
Integrated Bio-Systems Forum
Integrated Bio-Systems Network (IBSnet) electronic seminar on
"How to install a polyethylene biogas digester" The Royal list
Integrated Biosystems Network – activities and publication
Integrated Pollution and Prevention Control-European Union
directive Tree Cropping Ltd
Integrated Waste Services Association (excellent source of
information on wte)
Intelligent Europe Gasification Guide
Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC)
International Bio-Energy (Singapore) Pte Ltd (charcoal)
International Business & Technologies Ltd
International Centre for Appropriate and Sustainable Technology
International Cogeneration Alliance
International Conference on Co-utilization of Domestic Fuels
International Conference on Co-Utilization of Domestic Fuels, 5-6
February, 2003 Florida USA ether) Association
International DME (Dimethyl
International Energy Agency (2007): Renewables in Global Energy
Supply. An IEA act Sheet
International Energy Agency report "Energy & Poverty"
International Federation Of Agricultural Producers (IFAP)
International Fertilizer Association
International Fuel Cells
International Network on Biofixation of CO2 and Greenhouse Gas
Abatement with Microalgae Biotechnology and Bioengineering
International Organization of
International Renewable Energy Agency
International Society of Sugar Cane Technologists Conference
International Sustainable Energy Exchange
International Sustainable Energy Exchange
International Wood Energy Institute of Europe (ITEBE)
Internet Conference on Integrated Bio-Systems Proceedings
Internet Conference on Material Flow Analysis of Integrated Bio-
Systems (IC-MFA-IBS), gasifiers)
IntoGreen (wood waste March - October 2000
Intrinergy Operating LP, USA - Pellets and CHP plants
Inventure Chemical (algae to jet fuel)
Iowa State University (bioenergy)
Irish Bioenergy Association
Irish Energy Centre
Is Ethanol Sustainable?
ISES Solar World Congress in Adelaide
ISES White Paper - Transitioning to a Renewable Energy Future
ISKA percolation technology (al la GRL Eastern Creek)
James and James
Japanese Biomass Gasifier – CRIEPI
Japanese Central Research Institute for Electric Power Industry
Japanese New Energy Foundation‟s Asia Biomass Energy
Researchers Invitation Program
Jatropha reality check
JBS Five Rivers Cattle Feeding gasification of manuare article –
Colorado USA
Jenbacher Engines
JF Bio-Energy (pyrolysis pilot plant - Canada)
JF BioEnergy Inc (new address)
JF Waste Energy Systems
Joanneum research establishment (Austria)
Johstone Shire Council ethanol study
Joil (Jatropha)
Joint BioEnergy Institute (USA)
Joint Institute for Energy and Environment
Joule Biotechnologies article on use of photobioreactor to produce
Joule Unlimited, Inc
Journey to Forever Biofuels library
Junk mail to energy briquettes in Journal of Chemical Innovation
Feb 2001 issue
Kansas Technology Enterprise Corporation (technology
development network)
Kent BioEnergy Corporation
Kentucky Enrichment Inc. (poultry and alternative energy)
King Grass presentation from Peking University
Kingdom Bioenergy Ltd (UK)
Kings College London (Prof David Hall)
KIV EfW demonstration in Slovakia
KMW Systems Inc. (boilers)
KMW Systems Inc. (boilers)
Kokonut Pacific (coconut oil)
Koolfuel (John Strawson: presenter at 2003 conference)
Kreido Biofuels
Kuenzel boiler design
LA Times article (2 Jan 01) on California biomass plant
Laimet Chipper from Finland
Land and Water Resources R&D Corporation
Landfill Methane Outreach Program (US)
Large-scale genomics and proteomics biofuels related research
projects in Canada
LB International
LEP Waste to Energy Pty Ltd
Lessons Learned from Existing Biomass Power Plants Report
Life Cycle analyses (biomass systems)
Life Cycle Analysis (LCA) on biodiesel
Life Cycle Analysis of a Biomass Gasification Combined-Cycle
System byStrategies Pty Ltd(1997).
Life Cycle Mann and Spath
Lignol Innovations
Lipp company (digestors for agricultural waste and energy crops)
liquefaction of landfill gas
Liquid Biofuels in NZ (BANZ)
List of Australian environment organisations registered with ATO
List of gasifier manufacturers
Literature Review for Biofuel Research
Live Fuels (algae)
LiveFuels, Inc (algae-based biofuels)
Longannet plant (cofiring wood and biosolids)
Los Alamos National Laboratory (gasification/fuel cells)
Los Angeles Country Sanitation District (landfill gas)
Louisiana-Pacific (adhesives from bark)
Low cost biodigesters
Low-cost Wood-gas stove
LS9 biofuels
Lund University, Biotechnology Department
Lurgi (gasification and combustion plant)
Lurgi bioenergy media releases
Macquarie Generation's news release regarding co-firing
Madera bioenergy plant (EPI site)
MAFF (three UK bioenergy gasification projects)
Making of the Källe-gasifier " (published in 1942)
Malahatenergy biomass gasifier technology
Malay BIOGOLD site
Mallee Sustainable Farming Project
Manual for a charcoal gasifier from Queensland:
Manual for the Home and Farm Production of Alcohol Fuel by
S.W. Mathewson:
ManureNet (Anaerobic digestion site)
Maps of biomass in Europe
Marcor Remediation Inc. Surplus Generating Assets to the worlds
energy sectors
Martezo gasifiers
Master's Thesis Life Cycle Assessment of a Short Rotation Willow
to electricity system
Masters thesis on anaerobic digestion for developing countries
Masters Thesis on gasification and pyrolysis tars (Claus Hindsgaul
Hansen) Flow Analysis of Sustainable Biomass Use for Energy
Maui Times Weekly article on Biodiesel (ex USA)
Maxxtec Organic Rankine Cycle plant
May 2009 GBEP Workshop on Indirect Land Use Change (iLUC)
MBD Biodiesel
Mcgyan Biodiesel process
ME3's biomass page
Media release on R&D funding for the Forest and Wood Products
Action release on the mandated renewable energy target
Media Agenda
Mediterranean Energy and Ecology Center
Mesquite, leucaena and prosopis trees- a new use:
Methane – the world‟s first ecolabelled fuel - article
Methane Capture and Use Workbook
Methane Capture Workbook (AGO)
Methane to Markets
Methane to Markets is Agriculture reports
Methanol Fuel from Trees article in Innovate Australia
Methanol Institute (USA)
Methanol presentation World Bank
Methanol supply and its role in the commercialisation of SPFC
vehicles executive summary
Metso Power
Michigan Renewable Fuels Commission
Michigan State University Product Center for Agriculture and
Natural Resources
Michigan State University's biofuel and bioenergy research
Micro Gas Turbine Operation with Biomass Producer Gas
MicroGen Energy (micro CHP using Stirling engines)
Milena gasification technology
Milena gasifier technology (ECN – The Netherlands)
Millenium Debate (Energy education – UK)
Ministry for Agriculture, Fisheries and Food (MAFF) - Energy
Minnesota Department of Agriculture: Minnesota for establishing
Crops Scheme - UK government support schemeEthanol Fuel
Program. Project (covers small scale biogas)
Mission Biofuels
Mitsui Babcock Technology and Engineering Co-firing report
“Development and Ethanol Systems for Co-Utilisation of Biomass
Mixed Alcohol of Low Cost report
Moisture metre
Monash Gippsland School of Engineering (November 1999
conference on energy)
Monash University Agribusiness Awards
Mongabay Biofuels report (Goldman Sachs)
Mother Earth Alcohol Fuel
Mother Earth News article on pellet heated stoves
Mother Earth News Gasifier
MP Corporation for the Development of Alternative Energy (Indian
gasification site)
MRET review
MSNBC bioenergy article
MSU Office of Biobased Technologies
MSW Gasification
MSW to Ethanol facility (Masada OxyNol)
MSW, Industrial and Biogas Anaerobic Digester sites
MTBE ban in Chicago
Municipal Solid Waste
Murdoch University notes on bioenergy (mainly energy
Murray Darling Basin Commission
N-Viro International (RDF cocombustion)
Nalco Mobotec Inc., (air pollution control equipment)
NASA TechTracs (includes biomass gasification)
Nathaniel Energy (biomass gasifier/combustor)
Nathaniel Energy Corporation (waste to energy)
Nation Builder water resources
National Action Plan for Salinity and Water Quality
National Algae Association
National Algae Association
National Approach to Waste Tyres report
National Association of State Energy Officials (NASEO) distributed
generation software
National Biodiesel announcement on biodiesel development
National Biodiesel Board (USA)
National Biodiesel Board: Commercial Biodiesel Production Plants
National Bioenergy Industries Association (USA)
National Biofuels Group
National Biomass Producers Association
National Clean Fuels
National Energy Foundation (UK) bioenergy portal
National Energy Technology Laboratory (USA)
National Ethanol Vehicle Coalition Annual Meeting
National Green Power scheme
National Non-Food Crop Centre (UK)
National Non-Food Crops Centre (UK)
National Renewable Energy Laboratory (Biomass Resource
Information Clearing House)
National Research Council report by National Academy Press
Nationals Industrial Products: Priorities for Research and
„Biobased Algae Association (USA)
Natural Capitalism - Creating the Next Industrial Revolution by
Paul Hawken, Amory & Hunter Lovins.
Natural Resources Canada analysis tools for renewables
Natural Step Environmental Institute
Natural Systems Limited
Nawaro Bioenergy – anaerobic digesters
NCRIS (national collaborative research infrastructure strategy)
NCRIS Biofuels (updated web page)
NECA third anniversary performance assessment
NEMMCO Statement of Opportunities 2001 - Executive Summary
Nepal Biogas Plant -- Construction Manual
Neste Biodiesel project in Finland
Net energy of ethanol with switchgrass information
NetEnergy - Journal of the Energy and Environment Division of
the Department of Industry, Science and Resources
Netherlands Energy Research Foundation
Netherlands Energy Research Foundation (ECN) Phyllis biomass
database (1400 records) formulation for energy conservation
New Athena Project (policy
and bioenergy) Essential Tools for a Sustainable 21st Century
New Biocatalysts:
Chemical Industry biomass standards
New CEN/TC 335 - Roadmap
New Crop Resource Online Program (Purdue University)
New Energy Resources Alliance
New Energy Resources Alliance (NewERA) (Canada)
New Package to Support Uptake of Biofuels
New Rules Project
New Rules Project(USA)
New Uses Council
New Uses Council
New Uses Council's Bioproducts Directory
New York Power Authority fuel cell using sewage gas
New York Times article on Ethanol
Next Erra Gasification (Canada)
Next Step Biofuels, Inc. (pellets)
NextStep Biofuels
NICERT, University of Ulster
NILE (New Improvements for Lignocellulosic Ethanol)
Ninth Regional Biennial Bioenergy Conference (Buffalo, NY, USA)
Nipissing University Biomass Innovation Centre
Nishant Bioenergy Consultancy (India- cook stoves)
Nishant Bioenergy Consultancy (India)
Non-Food Agro-Industrial Research Information Dissemination
Network Corporation Biodiesel Technology Unit
Nordic Bioenergy Conference and Exhibition 2003
Nordic Seminar on Thermochemical Conversion of Biofuels
North East Biofuels
North Queensland Bioenergy
Northern Ireland Centre for Energy Research & Technology
Northern Research and Engineering Corp (mico-turbines)
Northern States Power Company (25 MW biomass generated
power) Sydney Waste Board
Northwest Power Planning Council (USA)
Norwegian National Technology Program
NOVA - Australian Academy of Science (biomass information for
Novem (English site)
NREL Biomass
NREL database of USA renewable energy powerplants
NREL Microalgae
NREL Report TP-580-24772 „An Overview of Biodiesel and
Petroleum Diesel Life Cycles‟
NREL's photolibrary (new address)
NREL‟s biomass Life Cycle Analysis (LCA)
NREL/Regional Biomass Energy Program
NSW BioFirst Portal
NSW Greenhouse gas licence conditions paper by Outhred and
NollesSustainable Energy Development Authority
NSY Energy Engineering (gasifiers, briquetting)
NTNU - Norwegian University of Science and Technology -
Department of Hydraulicfrom Environmental Engineering
Numerous case studies and Caddet
Nuvera Fuel Cells (ethanol)
NYPA to Begin Testing Clean-Power Micro-Turbine Generator
NZ Bioenergy Knowledge Centre
NZ Bioenergy Strategy
Oak Ridge National Laboratories - Bioenergy Feedstock
Development Program
Oak Ridge National Laboratory site
OECD – Organisation for Economic Co-Operation and
OECD Workshop on Biomass and Agriculture: Sustainability,
Development (2004):Biomass and Agriculture , Vienna, Austria,
2003 Proceedings Technologies, Michigan State University
Office of Biobased
Office of Regulator General - Victoria
Office of Scientific and Technical Information - Biomass Research
Titles Listings
Office of the Biomass Program (US DOE) project factsheets
Oil crops and biofuel characteristics and yields
Oil from Algae
Oil palm and coconut biomass
Oil Palm Process Synopsis (3 volume handbook on palm oil
processing) (Skeppsta Maskin AB, Sweden)
Oil Presses
Oils and esters characteristics
Oklahoma Bioenergy Center
Olio Technology (small scale pellet mills – France)
Olive industry full report
Olive industry summary report
On the Applications of Renewable Energy Technology in Farm
Settlements, M.A.C. Chendo E.O. Ugoji
On-line registry of Renewable Energy Certificates
Ontario's forest biofibre policy
Ontario's Innovation Agenda and the Bioeconomy.
Opcon Powerbox (ORC)
Opinion Pieces on native forestry bioenergy SMH – Paddy
ORC paper from BIOS of Austria. Norbert Wildbacher.
Oregon Cellulose-Ethanol Study - Oregon Department of Energy
Oregon Department of Agriculture - Smoke Management and
Oregon Department of Energy, “Biomass Energy: Cost of
Field Burning
Oregon Department of Energy's Oregon Cellulose-Ethanol study
Oregon Office of Energy
Orenda (pyrolysis bio-oil fired gas tubine)
Organic Power gasifier (Norway)
Organic Rankine Cycle Turbogenerators
Organic Resource Technology Ltd (DiCom)
Organic Waste Systems (anaerobic digesters, Belgium)
Organic Waste Systems (anaerobic digesters)
Organic Waste Systems Dranco anaerobic digester
Organics Conversion Technologies
OriginOil (algae oil)
ORMAT biomass fueled power unit for rural electrification
ORNL biomass power for rural development
Osby Parca boilers (to 7 MW)
Our Forests (Victorian forestry)
Pacific Biodiesel, Inc (100%-recycled vegetable oil)
Pacific Ethanol California-based ethanol production
Pacific Heat and Power (ORC)
Pacific Natural Energy (modular biodiesel units)
Pallet Grinder
Palm oil plants
Papyrus Australia
Park Spark dog poo digester project
Parkwood Wood Pellet Stoves
Patent Search site
Paul Harris' beginners guide to biogas (new address)
PB Power
Pellet consumers & producers
Pellet Fuels Institute - pelletizing and ancillary equipment list
Pellet Fuels Institute equipment suppliers
Pellet screw press
Pellpress (modular pellet presses in containers)
Penn State's Biomass Energy Center
PennEnergy and Penn Well Inc. (online power industry news)
Perenia carbon services (Pacific Hydro and SMEC)
Perunding AME - Consulting Engineers (palm oil)
Petro Sun (algae)
PetroSun (algae to biodiesel)
Pew Center on Global Climate
Photo library of bioenergy material ex NREL
Photos of Low Cost Biodigesters
Phyllis composition of biomass and waste database
Pig manure to energy
Pig Power article
Pig Power article (anaerobic digestion of pig manure ex Canada)
Pilot Scale Anaerobic Digestion of Korean Food Waste for Biogas
Pinnacle‟s web site (wheat straw Lee S.C. Park
Recovery, J.P. Lee S.K. Lee J.S. based plastics)
Pittsburgh Coal Conference (Sept 2000, includes session on
biomass co-firing) for planning, managing and monitoring carbon
Plan Vivo system
sink for a Future (PFAF Database)
Plasma Arc conversion of waste to energy 1
Plasma Arc conversion of waste to energy 2
Plastic Tubular Biogas Digesters
Plug Power (methanol)
PMC Biomass LLC
POET video on cellulosic ethanol from corn cobs
Popular Poplars: Trees for many purposes
Portable straw-fuel gasifier cooker from China
Portagester mobileanaerobic digesters
Post Carbon Cities
Potential Contribution of Bioenergy to the Worlds Future Energy
Power Energy Fuels
Power Energy Fuels
Power Magazine
Power Technology
Powerhearth gasifier
Powerhearth gasifiers
Practically Green (Anaerobic Digestion)
Practically Green digesters
Prairie Grass Pellet Energy
Prairie Lands Bioproducts, Inc
Pratt and Whitney Power Systems
PRE consultants BV (Netherlands- Life Cycle Analysis software)
Precision Energy Services
Pressure Swing Adsorption (PSA) – gas cleaning
Price Waterhouse Coopers document “ The Future of Australian
Renewable Energy: a participants perspective”
Primafuel (algae)
Primen (energy market intelligence company - survey of
Pritchard Power (small steam engines)
Private Forestry North Queensland
PRM Energy Systems & Primenergy
Pro-Fab Industries Inc. (boilers)
Pro-Fab Industries Inc. (boilers)
ProBIOS: Promotion of Biofuels for Sustainable Development in
South and South-east Asia
Proc of the National Academy of Sciences USA
Process Industry Supplier Registry (USA)
Producer Gas for Motor Vehicles' - book (address correction from
last issue) Commission report on Biodiversity Economics and
Progressive Engineer (landfill gas- journal)
Pros and Cons of Bioenergy page
Proton Energy Systems (fuel cells)
Puffer Gas (Missouri wood gasifier)
PURAC (UK company that sells Ultrasonics for sludge treatment -
Sonix) University Center for New Crops and Plant Products
Purdue University Handbook of Energy Crops reference list
Purdue University list of crops including energy attributes
Pure Energy Corporation (oxygenated diesel)
Pure Energy Corporation (USA – biodiesel)
Pure Vision Technology
Pyrolyser / charcoal making stove & research
Pyrolysis and biodiesel
Pyrolysis Handbook
Pyrolysis of MSW (French- English summary)
Pyrolysis primer
Pyrolysis Web pages
Pyromid Inc.
Pyrovac pyrolysis process
Queensland Boilers
Queensland Department of Mines and Energy/Office of
Sustainable Energy
Queensland Environmental Protection Agency
Queensland Farmers Federation – presentation on Bioenergy
Australia by Steve Schuck
Queensland Resource Exchange Register (RXR)
Queensland Water and Energy Sustainable Technologies Network
Queensland's Sustainable Energy Allies Directory
Re:char (biochar)
reeFuel (biodiesel)
REEGLE provides information on clean energy policy
Refocus magazine free subscription
Reform of the Renewables Obligation – UK
REFUEL biofuels roadmap for Europe
Regional Wood Energy Development Program in Asia
Reith Lectures in UK: Can Sustainable Development be made to
RENABIO real world?
work in the(Brazilian Bioenergy Association) – updated address
reNet (Austrian Bioenergy site)
Renewable Carbon Management LLC
Renewable Electric Plant Information System (REPiS). US
Department Energy (New South Efficiency and Renewable Energy
Renewable of Energy. Energy Wales) Bill 2007
Renewable Energy Action Agenda report
Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency Program
Renewable Energy Atlas of Australia
Renewable Energy Database
Renewable Energy Development Initiative
Renewable Energy employment study- Access Economics
Renewable Energy Focus (new web page)
Renewable Energy Focus (new web page)
Renewable Energy from Kitchen Waste
Renewable energy in France
Renewable Energy Industry Development (REID) program
component of RECP
Renewable energy news
Renewable Energy Plant Information System (REPiS) - 113 GW
grid connected plant
Renewable Energy Policy Project (USA)
Renewable Energy Policy Project-Environmental Principles for
Biomass Energy search engine
Renewable Energy
Renewable Energy Source
Renewable Energy Technology Roadmap
Renewable Fuels Association
Renewable Oil Industry (US)
Renewable Power Association (UK)
Renewables Canada
Renewables High School Debate-site sponsored by Natural Gas
Supply Association
Renewing India (biomass/bagasse)
Rentech, Inc. (Fischer Trosch syndiesel)
Report “Energy And Dollar Costs Of Ethanol Production With
Corn” by David Pimentel
Report „Cooking up a storm: Food, greenhouse gas emissions and
our changing climate‟
Report „Impacts of Selected U.S. Ethanol Policy Options‟
Report "Putting the Pieces Together: Commercializing Cellulosic
Ethanol," Development Handbook for the Thailand Biomass-
Report and
Based Power Generation and for the Australian Conservation
Report by Access Economics Cogeneration Within Small Rural
Foundation on land clearing
Report from Jaakko Poyry called "The need for Change -
Positioning Australia's Forestry Industry for the on dry wood
Report on a simple pyrolyser/combustor based
pellets report on significant economic and social benefits from
renewableCentre for Agriculture and the Environment (J
Research energy industry development
Moerschner) solve toxic wood-waste problem story
Resource Development Associates
Resource Development Associates (Philip Lusk -anaerobic
digestion) Efficient Agricultural Production Canada (REAP) links
Resource Efficient Agricultural Production Canada (REAP) links
Resource Efficient Agricultural Production-Canada
Resources for the Future (USA)
Rice Straw Demonstration Project Fund (California)
Rictec wood waste gasifier
RIRDC background paper on biomass production projects
RIRDC Media release on biomass projects
RIRDC paper 'Biodiversity in Agriculture and Agroforestry' (full
version)paper 'Biodiversity in Agriculture and Agroforestry'
RIRDC report „Sustaining the Productivity of Tree Crops on
Agricultural Land in South-Western Australia (01/09 CSF-53 A)‟
RIRDC's Agroforestry and Farm Forestry programs
RIRDC/LWRRDC/FWPRDC Joint Venture Agroforestry Program
RISI Wood Biomass Markets
RISI's Wood Biomass Market Report dispels 'overabundant waste
wood' myth
Road Transport study from UK which looks at biofuels and
Rocky Mountain Institute.
Role of Boreal Forests and Forestry in the Global Carbon Budget
Conference Network article: "Industry Argues That Ethanol
Rooster News
Rubber Manufacturers Association
Rural Industries Research and Development Corporation
SAFF Biodiesel
Saltland Pastures Association - Proposal For Revegetation of One
Million Hectares of Wheatbelt Saltland in Western Australia
Sattler (gas storage tanks) for the agricultural, industrial and
sewage treatment sector. Making Machine
Sawdust Briquette Charcoal
Sawdust Grinder
SCF Technologies
Schlattmann - biogas
Schmitt-Enertec wood gasifier CHP units
Science in
Scientific Engineering Centre "BIOMASS" (Ukraine site in English)
Scottish Bioenergy Cooperative Ventures
Screening and Crushing Services (NZ)
Seambiotic (Israeli algae company)
Search Engine for Renewables (24 sites)
Second Generation Vegetable Oil Fuels EU project
SEDA Sustainable Energy Jobs Report - Executive Summary
SEDA Sustainable Energy Jobs Report - Full Report
Seghers Képpel
Senate Committee report on 2%
Senter (Dutch agency with information on biomass Emission
Sewerage Unit trade)
Reduction sludge data
Shell Renewables
Shenzhen Puxin Science & Technology Co biogas
Shock wave compression motor
Short Rotation Coppice
Siemens Power
Siemens Technical Papers on Power Generation
Siloxane & VOC removal from BioGas
Simgae™ Algal Biomass Production System
Simple Technologies for Charcoal Making (FAO publication)
Sinor Synthetic Fuels Report
Small downdraft gasifiers
Small scale (10kW) biomass gasifier
Small Scale Anaerobic Digestion presentation Moss University of
Maryland biodigester (text in Spanish)
Small Scale
Small scale charcoal manufacture
Small scale downdraft gasifier
Small scale gasifer experimenter‟s kit
Small scale gasifier (excellent photos - Tom Blackburn)
Small scale gasifier photos and video
Small scale gasifiers
Small scale gasifiers
Small scale mobile gasifier
Small scale pellet mills
Small scale steam engines (500W- 25 kW)
Small steam boiler power plant
Small steam/electric plant bioenergy plant (20 hp)
Small-Scale Biodigester Designed and Built in the Philippines (by
Gerry Baron)Biomass CHP Plant and District Heating
Small-scale Electricity Generation from Biomass – Part 1:
Biomass Gasification Generation from Biomass – Part 2: Biogas
Small-scale Electricity
Smelting Iron Using Charcoal
SMH article on mallee tree crops
Society of Chemical Industry
Socio-economic implications associated with wider use of bio-
energy(Swedish company)
Sodra and wind energy technologies, P.Turyareeba
Soil and Water Conservation (US) 'Growing Carbon: A New Crop
that Helps Agricultural Producers and the Climate Too' report
Solagro (France)
Solar Energy Systems prospectus
Solazyme (algae)
Solazyme algae to fuel
Solazyme, Inc. (Algae)
Solid Biomass in Germany
Solid Waste Association of North America
Solix biofuels (Algae)
Solix Biofuels (algae)
Solstice – biomass fired cogeneration plant case study (Michigan)
SOPAC work on Biofuels
Sorghum Ethanol
Source Guides - Renewable Energy (3000 renewable energy
businesses) Corn Utilization Council (ethanol)
South Dakota
Southern Cross Agricultural Developments (AD and gasification
project in China) Power Co
Southern States
Southern States Power Company (biodiesel processing and
Southern States Power Company biodiesel demonstration
Soy Growers (USA)
Spectrum Renewable Energy
Spore reference to Bioenergy Australia
Stack Emission Plume Dispersion
Standard Tar Testing Guideline
standardized tar testing
Stanwell Corporation
StarColibri project
STATCO (biodiesel technology supplier US)
State Forests of NSW
State of California
Steam activated charcoal
Steam automotive technology
Steam Boilers - Maxitherm
Steam Dryers
Steam tables
Steve Shook's [the other Steve] forest directory website
(University of Idaho)
Stirling Biopower
Stirling engine
Stirling engine (NZ)
Stirling engine links
Stirling engine paper
Stirling engine using gasified pellets
Stirling Engines
Stirling Engines
Stirling Engines
Stirling Gasifier systems
Stirling Technology
STM Corporation (Stirling engines)
STM Power's Stirling Engines
Stoves – comprehensive list edited by Tom Miles
Straw 25 MW plant at Sanguesa Spain
Straw for Energy Produktion publication (53pp)
Strawsons Energy (coppice)
Study - Life Cycle Assessment of Renewable Fuel Production
from Canadian Biofuel Plants for 2008-2009
Sugar Information
Summary of a feasibility study of parallel combustion of biomass
at an existingBiomass Systems power plant
Summer Hill 600 MW coal-fired
Suncor's M.D.'s Speech notes at Emissions Trading Forum
SunGas Energy
Sunpower Stirling Engines
Sunshine Electricity
Supercritical gasification
Supercritical Water Gasification (BTG- Netherlands
Supercritical Water Gasification of Biomass
Supercritical Water Gasification of Biomass (Iowa State
University) (UK)
Supergen Project
Sustainability Internet Conference (Australia-2003)
Sustainable biofuels: prospects and challenges. Royal Society,
London, UK Business Hub Sweden
Sustainable Energy Day - 2000 Monash University on July 12
Sustainable Energy Industries Association (SEIA)
Sustainable energy industry egroup
Sustainable Energy: New Challenges For Agriculture And
Sustainable For Land Use Conference
Implications Insight magazine
Sustainable Minnesota
Sustainable Minnesota Newsletter Page
Sustainable Minnesota‟s Biomass Information Resources page
Sustainable Minnesota‟s ethanol and Biofuels page
Sustainable Palm Oil program
Sustainable Technology (UK) – integration of AD with wind and
Sustainable Technology Solutions Ltd (UK)
Svebio Swedish Bioenergy Association
SVZ (methanol and CHP from mixed biomass and waste
Sweden methane from wood chips
Swedish Biogas Centre – biogas
Swedish car powered by wood gasifier
SWEETFUEL (Sweet Sorghum)
Swenska biogas
Switchgrass co-firing at 650 MW Ottumwa Generating Station
Sydney Future Exchange Carbon Trading
Sydney Morning Herald article „Cane and chips a recipe for energy
disaster:(Advanced Plasma Power)
Syngas Greens‟
Syngas International
Syntec Biofuel
Syntec Biofuels
Synthetic transportation fuels conference presentation by Nexant
System Johansson Gasifier (Eskom Enterprises)
System Johansson Gasifiers
Talbott‟s Biomass/Airturbine System
Tallow Biodiesel article –
TAPPI (black liquor gasification)
TAPPI Bioenergy
Tar dew points calculations
Tar Measurement Standard for biomass
Tar Protocol project
TarWeb.Net site (BTG)
Tata Energy Research Institute (India, biomass gasification at 1
MWeEnergy Research Institute (India) gasifiers
Tata scale)
Taurus Energy
Technical and Economic Assessment of Small-Scale Fischer-
Tropsch Liquids Facilities
Technical University of Denmark
Technical University of Vienna's biomass database
Technology Development Group, University of Twente, Holland
Technology Review on microturbines and fuel cells
Teimop - Biomass as an energy source (article by Prof David Hall)
TEKES Technology Development Centre, Finland
Television for the Environment
TEPCO (re renewable energy legislation in Japan to subsidise
Terra Preta
TerraCarbon LLC
Texas Renewable Energy (bioenergy resources)
The American Energy Initiative
The Association for Secondary Raw Materials and Waste
Disposal, Germany
The Bioenergy Site
The BITES (Biofuels Technologies European Showcase)
The Carbon Trader Summary of Bonn Agreement (COP6B)
The Complete Biogas Handbook
The Complete Biogas Handbook
The Department of Bioenergy, University Of Southern Denmark
The Energy Crowd (including Carbon Free Weekly)
The European Union Biomass Action Plan
The European Union proposal on transportation biofuels target
The FAO (United Nations Food and Agriculture Organisation).
The Gallagher Review of the indirect effects of biofuels
production. Renewable Fuels Agency Economic Black Hole-
The Hydrogen Economy - Energy and
The Journal of Industrial Ecology - special edition on bioenergy
and bio-based products Ecology - special edition on bioenergy
The Journal of Industrial
and bio-based products and Farm Production of Alcohol Fuel
The Manual for the Home
The Pellet Heaters Association
The Queensland Greenhouse Strategy
The Small Power Generation Bible book
The UK White Paper „Our energy future – creating a low carbon
economy‟ Biomass for Power Generation in the U.S. (Report)
The Use of
The Wood Energy Group
The Wood Energy Group (convenor Andrew Lang)
Thermal Acoustic Stirling Engine & 265 pp book
Thermal Depolymerisation process to make bio-oil from turkey
Thermalysis for producing diesel from waste
Thermochemical Conversion Of Swine Manure: Temperature And
Pressure Responses paper
Thermogenics biomass gasifiers
Thermogenics boilers
Thermoselect (waste to energy)
Thermplant biomass boilers
Thermya S.A – torrefaction
Thetford chicken litter power plant
Third Generation Biofuels article
Thomas Koch Energy
Three stage gasifier (Thomas Koch)
Ti Tree Bioenergy Australia
Ti Tree bioreactor site
Tianren Environment Co., Ltd (biogas)
Tigney Technology Incorporated (organic material refinery)
TNO Institute of Environmental Sciences (Netherlands)
Tobacco as biomass
TOR Plasma Energy Converter (PEC) (pyrolysis)
Torrefied Wood
Torrified wood pellets
Toups Technology (conversion of waste into clean burning fuel
and carbon black)
TPS Plants (Swedish gasification technology)
Transnational Technology (Jim Arcate) articles on charcoal energy
Transnational Technology LLC
Transport and Technology R&D Center, Center for Transportation
Research, Argonne National Laboratory, US DoE (alternative
Transportation Fuels Analysis (AIChE - government relations
Tree Oils India
Tree Power
Trees, Water and Salt: an Australian guide to using trees for
healthy in Renewable Energies (Canadian-Association for
Trends catchments and productive farms Research Update No.1
Renewable Energies)
Trigen-Cinergy Solutions (wood cogeneration)
Truck running on gasified biomass
TV Energy Limited (UK)
Two stage gasification from DTU
Tyre gasification and pyrolysis
U.S. Department of Energy, Alternative Fuels Data Center
U.S. Energy Association
U.S. EPA methane outreach program
U.S. Sustainable Energy Corp. (biofuels and bioenergy)
UBECA (United BioEnergy Commercialization Association)
UK Bioenergy capital grants programme (April 02)
UK Biofuels Media
UK DTI home page
UK energy white paper, Our Energy Future - Creating a Low
Carbon Economy
UK Royal Commission on Environmental Pollution (RCEP)
biomass report
UK's new Renewable Transport Fuels Obligation (RTFO)
Ultrasonic unit for sludge treatment
UN Asia Pacific Centre for Agricultural Engineering and Machinery
Understanding Anaerobic Treatment -- 2/00, Pollution Engineering
UNEP Bioenergy Issue Paper Series
UNFCCC (Framework Convention on Climate Change)
Union of Concerned Scientists
United Nations University/Institute of Advanced Studies, Tokyo
United Soybean (plastics from soybeans)
United States Combined Heat and Power Association
Units and Conversion factors (biomass and fossil fuels_
Universal Bioenergy, Inc.
University of Adelaide (Paul Harris' beginners guide to biogas)
University of Florida Digester Design
University of Florida has developed a technique to reduce toxic
pollution from burning pesticide-treated wood
University of Idaho's Biodiesel Information
University of Melbourne Paper On Wood Carbonisation (Connor,
Viljoen) of Nebraska Biodiesel from Tallow
University of Toronto
University of Tropical Agriculture Fondation (AD and gasifier)
University of Tropical Agriculture Foundation (sustainable use of
University of Utrecht technical farming systems)
natural resources in integratedpublications including bioenergy
University of Wisconsin Bioenergy Page
University of Wisconsin Forest Products Laboratory (bioenergy)
UNSW energy seminar presentations (e.g. Outhred)
Untha shredding technology (Austria)
Updraft gasifier
US Biomass Power Association (BPA)
US anaerobic digestor list
US Association of Air and Waste Management
US Bioenergy
US Biofuels
US Biomass Roadmap (energy and biobased products)
US consumer attitudes to renewables
US Department of Energy
US Department of Energy - Office of Energy Outrearch
US Department of Energy. Alternative Fuels Data Centre
US Department of Energy. Energy Efficiency and Renewable
Energy Network
US Department of Environment draft report on carbon
sequestration science and technology
US Dept of Agriculture (biodiesel)
US DOE co-firing projects
US DOE report ' Emission and Reduction of Greenhouse Gases
from Agriculture and Food Manufacturing'.
US Energy Information Administration
US Energy Information Administration Page on Renewable Fuels
US Energy Information Administration Publications
US EPA - Climate Change and Waste
US EPA - greenhouse gas emissions from selected materials in
municipal solid waste biomass page
US EPA Air Pollution
US EPA Landfill Methane Outreach Program (LMOP)
US EPA Outdoor Wood-fired Hydronic Heaters Program
US EPA's Landfill Gas Outreach Program
US National Algae Association
US National Algal Biofuels Technology Roadmap
US National Biodiesel Board
US Native Forest sustainability issues sites
US tax law on renewable energy incentives (including open and
closed loop biomass)
US Technology Roadmap for Plant/Crop-based Renewable
USA Biobased Products and Bioenergy Roadmap
USA Biobased Products and Bioenergy Vision
USA biomass publications
USA Biomass Research and Development Initiative
USA Executive Order to triple the use of bioenergy
USA Farm Bill Renewable Energy site
USA federal procurement of biobased products
USA National Biodiesel Board
USA National Bioenergy Centre article
USA National Energy Policy
USA straw merchants association
USA Technology Roadmap for Plant/Crop-Based Renewable
Resources 2020,Products solicitation
USDA Biobased projects
USDA Forest Service, Resource Valuation and Use Research
USDA pamphlet (4pp) on no till practices for biomass production
USDA Web-based workshop: "Opportunities in Agriculture: A
USDA‟s FAQ Page about BCAP
Vision for USDA's Food and Agricultural Research in the 21st
Used bioenergy plants for sale
Used equipment (including boilers- USA)
Using Waste, Swedish City Cuts Its Fossil Fuel Use – NY Times
Utah Biodiesel links
Utilisation of Biomass in Large Power Plant, Mid Term Review
Utrecht University, Department of Science, Technology and
Society algae
Valcent High Density Vertical Algae Bioreactor
Valley Ag Power (US)
Växjö kommun, 2002; Fossil fuel free Växjö
Vegetable oil in lister diesel
Vehicle biomass gasifiers
Velocys Fischer Tropsch synfuels small scale production
Venture Capital Web Sites:
Venzin project (ELSAM – Denmark)
Veolia‟s Woodlawn and Ti-Tree Bioreactor projects
Verenium (cellulosic ethanol)
Vermont Methane Project
Vermont Sustainable Jobs Fund (grass pellet energy)
Vertigro Energy (algae to biofuels)
Victorian Government Releases Greenhouse Strategy Discussion
Paper Government's greenhouse discussion paper.
Victorian in-forest native forest biomass article from The Age
Victron Energy (whispergen Stirling engine)
VIDIR Biomass (small straw combustion system)
Vidir straw gasifier - Canada
Virent (hydrogen from biomass)
VTT Energy
VTT's publication, 'Safe handling of renewable fuels and fuel
VW‟s synthetic biomass fuel strategy
Wankel (rotary Engine) for producer gas
Warren Centre for Advanced Engineering
Wartsila Engines
Waste Biomass Use at the New Oslo International Airport
(Norway) Technologies (rotating retort gasification system)
Waste Gas
Waste News
Waste Strategy 2007 – UK
Waste Streams article on alternative energy
Waste to Energy (WTE) & Biomass in California.
Waste to energy technology (Canadian)
Waste wood for fuel
Waste2Tricity (gasification)
WaterSmart Environmental (AD ex USA)
Waukeshau engine video – manufacturing process
Web-agri search engine
WebConX (links to biodiesel, ethanol, methane and biomass
technologies and issues)
Well to Tank Efficiency Report of Biofuels (2001)
Werribee (Melbourne) covered lagoon sewerage gas project
West Virginia Alternative Fuels Data Center

Western Australia draft Sustainable Energy Strategy

Western Australian Technology & Industry Advisory Council
(TIAC)report, "Biotechnology West: Strengths, Weaknesses and
Western Bioenergy Project (UK)

Western Regional Biomass Program
Western Renewable Energy Generation Information Systems –
Western Sydney Waste Board
Westwind Technology (bamboo)
What's New on EREN
Whisper Gen Stirling cycle generator
Whisper Tech Ltd., Christchurch, New Zealand (Stirling engines)

Whitfield Bio Logic wood pellet combustors
Whole tree 50 MW plant feasibility study (13pp)

Whole Tree Energy Power Plant (2005)
Why Waste-To-Energy Should Be In Any Country's Renewables
Portfolio Standard article
Winrock International - activities in sugar cane energy
Wisconsin Focus on Energy Web page
Wisconsin Focus on Energy Web page
WMAA Energy from Waste site
Wood Alcohol
Wood boiler 1
Wood boiler 2
Wood chip experimental boiler
Wood Chip Gasifier Supplies Heat to Small Community
Wood chippers list
Wood combustor (to 10 MW)
Wood Energy Barometer for 2003

Wood energy group
Wood for Alcohol Fuels - Summary Report (8k)
Wood for Alcohol Fuels - Using farm forestry for bioenergy - The
JVAP Research Update Series No.7(03/018 EPL-2A) - Full report
Wood for energy production report (Denmark)
Wood fuel pack
Wood fuels handbook from Europe
Wood furnace
Wood gas as engine fuel
Wood Gas as Engine Fuel report
Wood Gas For Engines – free downloadable book

Wood Gas Producers from South Africa

Wood gasification for electric generation video
Wood gasifiers for vehicles
Wood gasifying boilers
Wood Heat Organization Inc.
Wood Pellet Energy
Wood Pellet Guide
Wood pellet market and trade
Wood Pellets
Wood Pellets in New Zealand
Wood resources in Victoria

Wood to Ethanol plant technical details (Tavda Hydrolysis Plant,
Siberia, Russia)
Wood to ethanol processes article
Wood Waste - UK

Wood Waste as a Substitute for Coal (The Netherlands)
WoodGas CampStove
Woods Hole Research Centre Carbon Cycle tutorial
World Bank: Impact of Biofuels on Commodity Prices “Not As
Large” as Originally Thought
World Bioenergy 2004
World Bioenergy Association
World Bioenergy Association
World Bioenergy Association
World Biomass Network
World Business Council on Sustainable Development (2006):
Biomass Issue Brief: Energy And Climate
World Congress on Industrial Biotechnology and Bioprocessing

World Future Council
World registry of biofuel plants
World Soybean Statistics
World Sustainable Energy Day 2003
WorldisGreen (Blog)
WWF data on role of biotechnology for greenhouse gas reduction
Xylowatt gasifiers
Yahoo newsgroup on wood energy in the UK
ZeaChem (third generation ethanol)
Zilkha Biomass Energy
Zilkha direct fired biomass system (1.5 MWe)
link 1
s.htm eprint/2004/915/9150010.pdf
omass/Biodiesel/ (Output Technologies NYC)
http://www.biomasse- oil for fuel.pdf
A25years.pdf then search for TP-430-21612
ure.html (summary report)
0.html .
5MQNTF?OpenDocument email:
d%20series%20plan.html,inc.htm and
residual.htm and
html /biopower.html
26midtermreview.pdf (then click on Business Opportunities)
a.asp wood.htm
biofuels-on-commodity- prices-not-as-large-as-originall/
link 2
02/RE_info/biomasscase.htm (summary articles relating to


Full report (162k)
link 3 (summary articles relating
to MSW)
Full report:
(300k, 47 pp)
Full report:
link 4
Summary (26k) (Australian Venture Capital Association)
link 5 (ASX Enterprise Market)
link 6
link 7
link 8
link 9
link 10

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