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									                                                                         Year 8 Brazil Scheme of Work

  Key Question                Content             Learning Objective            Activities               Resources              Key Words       Assessment      Homework
What is Brazil like?   1.   Brainstorm           To know the location    1. Students brainstorm    Atlas and map outline   Continent                         Find out 10 facts
                            Brazil.              of Brazil in the        Brazil in small groups    sheet                   South America                     about Brazil.
Where is Brazil?       2.   Map labelling        continent of South      2. Students label                                 Brazil                            Draw the
                            exercise             America                 Countries and their                                                                 Brazilian flag.
                                                                         capitals on an outline
                                                                         map of South
Where do people live   Identify the different    To be able to compare   1. Map main               Outline map of Brazil   Population
in Brazil?             regions of Brazil, and    regions in Brazil in         regions of Brazil    Key Geography           Distribution
                       examine differences       terms of population     2. Compare the            Places p18/19           Inhabitants
                       between them.             distribution.                regions in term of                           Densely populated
                                                                              population                                   Sparsely populated
What is the Amazon     Investigate climate,      To know the main        1. Watch rainforest       Video TRF – Natural     Buttress roots                    Write a poem
rainforest like?       flora and fauna of the    features of the              video                environments (32)       Lianas                            about the
                       rainforest.               Amazon rainforest.      2. Draw and label         Key Geography           Canopy                            Amazonian
                                                                              cross section of     Interactions            Emergents                         Rainforest, or
                                                                              the rainforest                                                                 Find out the
                                                                                                                                                             names of 20
                                                                                                                                                             animals which
                                                                                                                                                             live in the
                                                                                                                                                             rainforest, or
                                                                                                                                                             Write a post card
                                                                                                                                                             from the
How does the Forest    Examine the nutrient      To understand the       1.    Complete forest     Forest cycle            Humus
recycle itself?        cycle in the Rainforest   rainforest nutrient          cycle sheet          worksheet               Nutrients
                                                 cycle.                                                                    Recycle
Who lives in the       Examine the way of        To understand how       1.   Video                Video – GE Living in
rainforest?            the life of one of the    native Amazonians       2.   Complete Q 1- 4      the forest (33)
                       rainforests tribes.       are able to live in          Key Geography        Key Geography
                                                 harmony with the trf.        Places p26/27        Places
How does the            Compare and contrast    To be able to compare   1.   Draw climate         1.   Climate work      Precipitation
rainforest compare to   the rainforest          and contrast the             graphs for                sheets            Temperature
Hull?                   environment with that   climate and                  Manaus and the       2.   Comparison work
                        of Hull.                environment.                 rainforest (More          sheets
                                                                        2.   Describe and
                                                                             explain the
                                                                             between the two
                                                                        3.   Compare way of
                                                                             life in the
                                                                             rainforest and
What is happening in    Examine the impact      To know the impact      1.   Students watch       Video – Amazon         Deforestation                                 Design a poster to
the Amazon              of human                of ‘development’ in          Amazon Frontier      Frontiers (23)         Overgrazing                                   encourage people
rainforest?             development within      the Amazon                   video and take       Video – TRF – Man’s    Hydroelectric power                           to protect the
                        the Amazonian           Rainforest.                  notes during the     affect (32)            Ranching                                      TRF.
                        Rainforest and make                                  video.               Key Geography
                        valued judgements                               2.   Complete Q 1- 5      Places
                        about its future.                                    on p29 – of Key
Can development be      Examine the methods     To know the meaning     1.   Video –              Key Geography          Sustainable           Assessment
sustainable?            by which timber         of the term                  Sustainability and   Places                 development           question:
                        logging can be a        sustainable                  the forest                                                        Unless action is
                        sustainable industry.   development.            2.   Complete Q 1 – 4                                                  taken the
                                                                             on p37 of Key                                                     Amazon
                                                                             Geography                                                         rainforest will
                                                                             Places.                                                           be lost forever.
                                                                                                                                               What is can be
                                                                                                                                               done to reduce
                                                                                                                                               the damage to
                                                                                                                                               the rainforest?
                                                                                                                                               [ levels can be
                                                                                                                                               awarded by using
                                                                                                                                               the level description
What is Sao Paulo    Compare and contrast      To be able to contrast    1.   Students watch      Video – City of         Favela                              Imagine you live
like?                the living conditions     the living conditions          video comparing     Newcomers (23)          Shanty town                         in a Favela. Write
                     of the rich and poor in   of rich and poor               rich and poor Sao   Key Geography                                               a postcard to a
                     Sao Paulo.                people living in Sao           Paulo               Places                                                      pen friend in Hull
                                               Paulo.                    2.   Students compare                                                                telling them about
                                                                              life of rich and                                                                life in a slum area.
                                                                              poor in Sao Paulo
                                                                              Q1 – 5 p25 of
                                                                              Key Geography
How does Sao Paulo   Compare and contrast      To be able to compare     1.   Student             Key Geography           Economic
compare with the     the characteristics of    and contrast two               brainstorm          Places                  development
rainforest?          the two regions           regions in Brazil in           differences
                     (Rainforest and Sao       terms of economic              between the
                     Paulo).                   development.                   Amazon
                                                                              Rainforest and
                                                                              Southeast (Sao
                                                                              Paulo) of Brazil.
                                                                         2.   Complete Q 1- 4
                                                                              on p30/31 of Key
                                                                              Geography Places
How developed is     Compare and contrast      To be able to use PC      1.   PC Globe            PC Globe – Computer     GNP
Brazil?              development statistics    globe to compare                                   room Compare            Developed country
                     for Brazil and other      statistics for Brazil                              statistics for Brazil   Developing country
                     countries                 with other countries                               with other countries    Economic indicators
                     Examine the ways in       To be able to use         2.   Complete Q 1-5      Key Geography           Social indicators
                     which Brazil can be       development                    on p33 of Key       Places
                     described as more or      indicators to establish        Geography Places
                     less economically         Brazils level of
                     developed.                economic
How interdependent   Examine the way           To know how Brazil        1.   Video               Key Geography           Interdependence       End of unit   Find 10 things
is Brazil?           Brazil is set within a    is set within a global    2.   Complete Q1-5       Places                  Imports               assessment    that are exported
                     global context and        context and how it is          on p35 of Key       Video – Progress –      Exports                             from Brazil.
                     how it is                 interdependent with            Geography           but for whom? (23)      Trading surplus
                     interdependent with       other countries.                Places
                     other countries.

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