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					                                    Apps for Writing!

   Apps for Creative Writers                   Apps for the Writing Process
      - writing prompts by            - Outliner
      - A Novel Idea*                             - The Brainstormer (creative writing slant)
      - Scripts Pro                               - English Writing
      - 100 Word Story                            - Essay Writing Workstation
                                                  - The Night Before Essay Planner
                                                  - SimpleMind+ Mindmapping*
   Apps for English Language Learners             -   Winc*
      - Idioms                                    -   Idea Sketch*
      - Flashcards*
      - English Prepositions*
                                               Apps for Grammar
                                                  - Pearson Grammar Prep (series)
   Reference Apps                                 - Grammar Girl App
       -                         - Oxford A to Z of Grammar and Punctuation
       -   My MLA
                                               Word Processor Apps
                                                 - Writings
   Misc. Apps                                    - Notebooks
      - Kindle                                   - iA Writer
       -   iBooks                                - Audionote—Notepad and Voice Recorder
       -   Pandora                               - Moleskine*
                                                 - DraftPad*
       -   EZ PDF Reader
       -   Keynote*
       -   Inkling* up or Mo’s notepad
       -   Leap doc                            For Fun
                                                  -   Prose with Bros
       -   Dropbox*                               -   Words with Friends
       -   Resume Writing                         -   Scrabble
       -   Kaplan GRE*                            -   Hexalex

*App is available free of charge!
Seton Hill Writing Center Enhances Creativity with Apps
         On Monday, Kim Pennesi, Coordinator of the Writing Center, hosted a workshop entitled
“Using Apps to Enhance the Writing Process.” Several Seton Hill (SHU) juniors presented
helpful iPad applications, showed examples of how they are used, and gave the participants time
to try the applications themselves.
         Junior Josie Rush presented the “SimpleMind Xpress-Mindmapping” application, a
bubble chart app that is helpful for visual learners who want to organize multiple thoughts that
have a common theme. It is also a great for brainstorming ideas in an organized way.
         Pennesi recognized that some iPad applications can be confusing at first, but argued that
the benefits outweigh the initial difficulties. She encourages students to come to the Writing
Center for help when they are having difficulty using an application. “If there’s something that
you don’t know how to do, ask us. If we don’t know how to do it either, we’ll work with you to
figure it out,” said Pennesi.
         Junior Alyssa Sanow’s presentation of the outlining application Simple Outliner is an
example of an application that is challenging to figure out at first, but can be very a very helpful
organizational tool. Outlining applications make it easier to realize which areas need more
information and are an easy way to reorganize ideas.
         Junior Katie Hillman demonstrated the “Idea Sketch” application, which combines the
brainstorming bubble charts and organizational outlines mentioned above. This app allows the
user to switch information back and forth between a bubble chart format and a more structured
outline format.
         Rhiannon Morich presented “Winc,” a note card app that can create a collection of note
cards in a more organized way. This application makes it easier to keep track of multiple sets of
note cards and is less expensive than going out and buying hundreds of notecards.
         Pennesi then wrapped up the workshop by briefly discussing applications that are good
resources, like the New York Times and “TED” apps. She also wanted iPad users to know that
websites can be saved to the home screen of an iPad and used just like apps are.
         Harry Damerow, a participant in the workshop, thought this workshop was very
informative and useful. “Honestly, for my Thinking and Writing classes, I use these apps when
I’m brainstorming. They’re very helpful,” he said.
         All of the applications discussed at this workshop are available for free. For more
information, go to the Writing Center page under Campus Resources on Griffin Gate and click
the “Using Apps to Enhance the Writing Process supplemental handout link.

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