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									                              Title                                    Call Number            Location
Ghost stories of Alberta ~ Barbara Smith                     133.1 SMG 1993                 DOUCETTE
Genetic engineering ~ Lisa Yount, book editor                174.957 GE 2002                DOUCETTE
Stories from Adam and Eve to Ezekiel : retold from the Bible
~ by Celia Barker Lottridge ; illustrated by Gary Clement    220.95 LOS 2004                DOUCETTE

Clare and Francis ~ illustrated by Bimba Landmann ; text by
Guido Visconti, inspired by the biographies and written
                                                                 271.3 VIC 2004 PIC BK      DOU-PICBK
works of the two saints of Assisi collected in the Franciscan
The Tipitaka and Buddhism ~ Anita Ganeri                         294.3 GAT 2004             DOUCETTE
The Ramayana and Hinduism ~ Anita Ganeri                         294.5 GAR 2004             DOUCETTE
The Guru Granth Sahib and Sikhism ~ Anita Ganeri                 294.6 GAG 2004             DOUCETTE
The Torah and Judaism ~ Vivienne Cato                            296 CAT 2004               DOUCETTE
The Qur®an and Islam ~ Anita Ganeri                              297 GAQ 2004               DOUCETTE
âEtudes sociales                                                 300.76 ALMA 1997 V. 1      DOUCFRENCH
Canada's system of government ~ [Don Wells, editor]              320.471 WEC 2005           DOUCETTE
Canadian unity ~ [Don Wells, editor]                             320.471 WEC 2005           DOUCETTE
Canadian citizenship ~ [Don Wells, editor]                       323.6 CA 2005              DOUCETTE
Canada and the global village ~ [Don Wells, editor]              327.71 WEC 2005            DOUCETTE
Global resources : opposing viewpoints ~ Helen Cothran,
                                                                 333.7 GLO 2003             DOUCETTE
book editor
Learning disabilities ~ Henny H. Kim, book editor                371.926 LE 2004            DOUCETTE
Happy, happy Chinese New Year! ~ Demi                            394.2614 DEH 2003 PIC BK   DOU-PICBK
A pioneer Christmas : celebrating in the backwoods in 1841
~ written by Barbara Greenwood ; illustrated by Heather          394.2663 GRP 2003          DOUCETTE
The hidden alphabet ~ Laura Vaccaro Seeger                       411 SEH 2003               DOUCETTE
Le multi des jeunes : dictionnaire de la langue franðcaise ~
                                                                 443.1 VIM 1997             DOUCFRENCH
Marie-âEva de Villers
Vox first French picture dictionary : 500 brightly illustrated
                                                                 443.1 VO 2004              DOUCFRENCH
words to start speaking French
Recueil de lecture : 1re, 2e et 3e annâee                        448.64 RE(1-3) 2001        DOUCFRENCH
What's up, what's down? ~ by Lola M. Schaefer ; pictures by
                                                                 500 SCW 2002 PIC BK        DOU-PICBK
Barbara Bash
Convergence 8 : sciences, technologie, sociâetâe ~
auteurs/consultants, Lois Edwards ... [et al.] ; traduit de      507 GUC(8) 2002            DOUCFRENCH
l'anglais par Micháele Boileau et Christiane Foley
Convergence 8: guide d'enseignement ~ auteurs, Lois
Edwards ...[et al.] ; consultants `a l'âedition franðcaise,
                                                                 507 GUC(8) 2002 T V.1      DOUCFRENCH
Claude Malenfant, Nicole Ferguson ; traduit de l'anglais par
Micháele Boileau et Christiane Foley
Convergence 9: guide d'enseignement                              507 GUC(9) 2003 T V. 1     DOUCFRENCH
Sciences                                                         507.6 ALMA 1998 V. 1       DOUCFRENCH
Omnimaths 10 ~ George Knill ... [et al.] ; traduit de l'anglais
par Annie Desbiens et Miville Boudreault ; consultants pour
                                                                   510 OM(10) 2002           DOUCFRENCH
l'âedition franðcaise, Josâee Dallaire, Philippe Leclair

Omnimaths 11 ~ George Knill ... [et al.] ; traduit de l'anglais
par Annie Desbiens et Miville Boudreault ; consultante pour        510 OM(11) 2002           DOUCFRENCH
l'âedition franðcaise, Yvonne Lemay
Omnimaths 12 ~ auteurs, George Knill ... [et al.] ;
consultante áa l'âedition franðcaise, Yvonne Lemay ; traduit
                                                                   510 OM(12) 2002           DOUCFRENCH
de l'anglais par Annie Desbiens et Miville Boudreault

áA la dâecouverte de la calculatrice : la calculatrice, un outil
au service de l'enseignement et de l'apprentissage ~ Marion        510.78 CRA 1994           DOUCFRENCH
Cross, Peggy Morrow
Le livre complet de "Cube-a-link" : avec gâeoformes :
activiâes pour maternelle [áa] 4iáeme annâees ~ par Lynda          513 BOL 1991              DOUCFRENCH
Bowen, Nancy Moore
Chicka chicka 1, 2, 3 ~ Bill Martin, Jr. & Michael Sampson ;
                                                                   513.211 MAC 2004 PIC BK   DOU-PICBK
illustrated by Lois Ehlert
Stephen Hawking : quest for a theory of everything ~ by
                                                                   530.092 FES 1992          DOUCETTE
Kitty Ferguson
My light ~ by Molly Bang                                           531.6 BAM 2004            DOUCETTE
Lemons are not red ~ Laura Vaccaro Seeger                          535.6 SEL 2004 PIC BK     DOU-PICBK
Northern lights ~ Jill Kalz                                        538.768 KAN 2005          DOUCETTE
Everyday chemicals ~ Kathryn Whyman                                541 WHE 2005              DOUCETTE
Hydrogen ~ Nigel Saunders                                          546.21 SAH 2004           DOUCETTE
Carbon and the Group 14 elements ~ Nigel Saunders                  546.68 SAC 2003           DOUCETTE
Oxygen and the Group 16 elements ~ Nigel Saunders                  546.72 SAO 2003           DOUCETTE
Forces of nature : the awesome power of volcanoes,
                                                                   551.2 GRF 2004            DOUCETTE
earthquakes, and tornadoes ~ by Catherine O'Neill Grace
Weather ~ Rebecca Rupp ; with journal illustrations by
                                                                   551.6 RUW 2003            DOUCETTE
Melissa Sweet and experiment illustrations by dug Nap
Dancing elephants and floating continents : the story of
                                                                   557.1 WID 2003            DOUCETTE
Canada beneath your feet ~ John Wilson
Biology made simple ~ Rita Mary King with Frances
Chamberlain ; edited by Q.L. Pearce with William J. Pearce ;       570 KIB 2003              DOUCETTE
illustrated by Scott Nurkin
SETI : the search for alien intelligence ~ Peter Jedicke           576.839 JES 2003          DOUCETTE
Rain, rain, rain forest ~ Brenda Z. Guiberson ; illustrated by
                                                                   577.34 GUR 2004 PIC BK    DOU-PICBK
Steve Jenkins
Windswept : a passionate view of the prairie grasslands ~
text and photographs by Wayne Lynch ; assisted by Aubrey           577.44 LYW 2004           DOUCETTE
What's living in your backyard? ~ Andrew Solway                    577.554 SOW 2004          DOUCETTE
The Penguin atlas of endangered species ~ Richard Mackay
                                                                  578.68 MAP 2002           DOUCETTE

Amazing animal adventures around the world ~ with Brian
                                                                  590 KEA 2004              DOUCETTE
Welcome to the world of porcupines ~ by Diane Swanson             599.3597 SWW 1999         DOUCETTE
Giants of the ocean ~ Michael Bright and Robin Kerrod             599.5 BRG 2004            DOUCETTE
Welcome to the world of foxes ~ Diane Swanson                     599.775 SWW 1998          DOUCETTE
Rickie & Henri ~ by Jane Goodall ; illustrated by Alan Marks
                                                                  599.885 GOR 2004 PIC BK   DOU-PICBK

Out of control : brain function and immune reactions              612 OUT 2004              DOUCETTE
Interrupted journey : saving endangered sea turtles ~
                                                                  639.9 LAI 2001            DOUCETTE
Kathryn Lasky ; photographs by Christopher G. Knight
Cave paintings to Picasso : the inside scoop on 50 art
                                                                  709 SAC 2004              DOUCETTE
masterpieces ~ by Henry Sayre
L'art des Premiáeres Nations : tradition et innovation : guide
                                                                  709.7 ZUA 1995 T          DOUCFRENCH
d'enseignement 1 ~ W.M. Zuk, D.L. Bergland
âEducation musicale kodâalienne. Manuel de l'âeláeve. I ~
                                                                  780.7 PRED 1993           DOUCFRENCH
Richard Proulx ; [illustrations, Michel Lavigne]
Mes premiers pas comme entrainer au baseball : de bons
                                                                  796.357 ME 1993           DOUCFRENCH
conseils pour les nouveaux entraineurs
When I heard the learn'd astronomer ~ words by Walt
                                                                  811 WHW 2004 PIC BK       DOU-PICBK
Whitman ; pictures by Loren Long
The Lone Ranger and Tonto fistfight in heaven ~ Sherman
                                                                  823 AL278L FIC            DOUCETTE
The emperor's new clothes ~ Hans Christian Andersen ; re-
                                                                  823 AN227EC 2005 PIC BK   DOU-PICBK
cut, pinned and stitched by John A. Rowe
Hanging on to Max ~ Margaret Bechard                              823 B387H FIC             DOUCETTE
The greatest skating race : a World War II story from the
                                                                  823 B6438G6 PIC BK        DOU-PICBK
Netherlands ~ Louise Borden ; illustrated by Niki Daly
The little ships : the heroic rescue at Dunkirk in World War II
~ by Louise Borden ; illustrated by Michael Foreman               823 B6438L PIC BK         DOU-PICBK

The puddleman ~ Raymond Briggs                                    823 B768P PIC BK          DOU-PICBK
L'etranger ~ Albert Camus                                         823 C159E FIC             DOUCFRENCH
La peste ~ Albert Camus                                           823 C159PE FIC            DOUCFRENCH
Who will tell my brother? ~ Marlene Carvell                       823 C254W FIC             DOUCETTE
Pond goose ~ Caroline Jayne Church                                823 C473P PIC BK          DOU-PICBK
A week in the woods ~ Andrew Clements                             823 C591W FIC             DOUCETTE
The sight ~ David Clement-Davies                                  823 C59S FIC              DOUCETTE
Dance me outside : the illustrated screenplay ~ adapted to
the page by Nick Craine ~ from the screenplay by Bruce
                                                                  823 C847D FIC             DOUCETTE
McDonald, Don McKellar, John Frizzell ; based on the book
by W.P. Kinsella
Auschwitz ~ by Pascal Croci                                       823 C871A FIC             DOUCETTE
Mystery at the Club Sandwich ~ written and illustrated by
                                                               823 C956M2 PIC BK    DOU-PICBK
Doug Cushman
Iqbal ~ written by Francesco D'Adamo ; translated by Ann
                                                               823 D12I FIC         DOUCETTE
The greatest power ~ Demi                                      823 D395G PIC BK     DOU-PICBK
Born confused ~ Tanuja Desai Hidier                            823 D451B FIC        DOUCETTE
A wizard alone ~ Diane Duane                                   823 D85W FIC         DOUCETTE
BooBoo ~ Olivier Dunrea                                        823 D923B PIC BK     DOU-PICBK
Whale snow ~ Debby Dahl Edwardson ; illustrated by Annie
                                                               823 ED988W PIC BK    DOU-PICBK
Fagin the Jew ~ by Will Eisner                                 823 EI87F FIC        DOUCETTE
The several lives of Orphan Jack ~ by Sarah Ellis ; pictures
                                                               823 EL593S FIC       DOUCETTE
by Bruno St-Aubin
Of sound mind ~ Jean Ferris                                    823 F417O FIC        DOUCETTE
The oracle ~ Catherine Fisher                                  823 F531O FIC        DOUCETTE
Une barbe en or ~ Câecile Gagnon ; illustrâe par Daniel
                                                               823 G122B FIC        DOUCFRENCH
Libertâe-- surveillâee : roman áa six mains ~ texte, Câecile
Gagnon, Roger Poupart, Robert Souliáeres ; illustrations,      823 G122L3 FIC       DOUCFRENCH
Stâephane Poulin
The courtesan's daughter : a novel ~ by Priscilla Galloway
                                                               823 G138C FIC        DOUCETTE

What would Joey do? ~ Jack Gantos                              823 G157W FIC        DOUCETTE
The day the picture man came ~ by Faye Gibbons,
                                                               823 G3518D PIC BK    DOU-PICBK
illustrated by Sherry Meidell
Shattering Glass ~ Gail Giles                                  823 G392S FIC        DOUCETTE
Toad rage ~ Morris Gleitzman                                   823 G483T FIC        DOUCETTE
Fat kid rules the world ~ K.L. Going                           823 G561F FIC        DOUCETTE
Fat kid rules the world ~ K.L. Going                           823 G561F FIC        DOUCETTE
Alastair Graham's full moon afloat : all aboard for the
                                                               823 G7599A PIC BK    DOU-PICBK
craziest cruise of your life!
A team like no other ~ Georgia Graham                          823 G7603T PIC BK    DOU-PICBK
Tales from the waterhole ~ Bob Graham                          823 G76T PIC BK      DOU-PICBK
The goose girl ~ Shannon Hale                                  823 H135G FIC        DOUCETTE
Wee Winnie Witch's Skinny : an original African American
scare tale ~ Virginia Hamilton ; engravings by Barry Moser     823 H1809W3 PIC BK   DOU-PICBK

Thursday's child ~ Sonya Hartnett                              823 H256T FIC        DOUCETTE
Hole in the sky ~ Pete Hautman                                 823 H297H FIC        DOUCETTE
Maria Chapdelaine ~ based on the novel by Louis Hâemon ;
                                                               823 H376M 2004 FIC   DOUCETTE
paintings by Rajka Kupesic
The cats in Krasinski Square ~ by Karen Hesse ; illustrated
                                                               823 H4633C2 PIC BK   DOU-PICBK
by Wendy Watson
Power ~ Linda Hogan                                            823 H6775P FIC       DOUCETTE
Alfie wins a prize                                             823 H8741A2 PIC BK   DOU-PICBK
Vèogelein : clockwork faerie ~ Jane Irwin with Jeff Berndt       823 IR92V FIC        DOUCETTE
My chair ~ written by Betsy James ; illustrated by Mary
                                                                 823 J231M9 PIC BK    DOU-PICBK
Newell DePalma
The Divide ~ Elizabeth Kay                                       823 K18D FIC         DOUCETTE
My penguin Osbert ~ Elizabeth Cody Kimmel ; illustrated by
                                                                 823 K57M PIC BK      DOU-PICBK
H.B. Lewis
Coyote's new suit ~ Thomas King ; illustrated by Johnny
                                                                 823 K5871C7 PIC BK   DOUCETTE
A collection of Rudyard Kipling's Just so stories                823 K628C5 FIC       DOUCETTE
Humphrey, Albert, and the flying machine ~ Kathryn Lasky ;
                                                                 823 L337H PIC BK     DOUCETTE
illustrated by John Manders
The lightkeeper's daughter ~ Iain Lawrence                       823 L436L3 FIC       DOUCETTE
Sherman Crunchley ~ by Laura Numeroff and Nate Evans ;
                                                                 823 N917S PIC BK     DOU-PICBK
illustrated by Tim Bowers
Dalâi and the path of dreams ~ Anna Obiols ; illustrated by
                                                                 823 OB3D PIC BK      DOU-PICBK
Joan Subirana
La saison de l'exil ~ Francine Pelletier                         823 P364S FIC        DOUCFRENCH
The winter dragon ~ Caroline Pitcher ; [illustrated by] Sophy
                                                                 823 P681W PIC BK     DOU-PICBK
Goodbye to Griffith Street ~ story by Marilynn Reynolds ;
                                                                 823 R335G PIC BK     DOUCETTE
illustrations by Rennâe Benoit
The boy who saved baseball ~ John H. Ritter                      823 R514B FIC        DOUCETTE
Une poignee d'etoiles ~ Rafik Schami ; traduit de l'allemand
                                                                 823 SCH16P FIC       DOUCFRENCH
par Bernard Friot
A Christmas wish ~ by Marcus Sedgwick ; illustrated by
                                                                 823 SE28C PIC BK     DOU-PICBK
Simon Bartram
Bone. Vol. 2, The great cow race ~ Jeff Smith                    823 SM6G FIC         DOUCETTE
Now it is winter ~ written by Eileen Spinelli ; illustrated by
                                                                 823 SP45N PIC BK     DOU-PICBK
Mary Newell DePalma
The hobbit ~ J.R.R. Tolkien, illustrated by David Wenzel ;
                                                                 823 T577H 1991 FIC   DOUCETTE
adapted by Charles Dixon with Sean Deming
Jack Pine fish camp ~ written by Tina Umpherville ;
                                                                 823 UM6J PIC BK      DOUCETTE
illustrated by Christie Rice
Marigold's wings ~ Vlasta van Kampen                             823 V26M PIC BK      DOU-PICBK
My kindergarten ~ Rosemary Wells                                 823 W462M9 PIC BK    DOU-PICBK
Bear wants more ~ Karma Wilson ; illustrations by Jane
                                                                 823 W6945B3 PIC BK   DOU-PICBK
Anthologie littâeraire du Moyen ãAge au XIXe siáecle ~
[compilâe par] Michel Laurin avec la collaboration de Josâee     840.9 AN 2000        DOUCFRENCH
The Industrial Revolution ~ Sean Connolly                        909.81 COI 2003      DOUCETTE
Explorers : atlas in the round ~ Charlie Watson                  910.9 WAE 2001       DOUCETTE
Our Canadian flag ~ written by Maxine Trottier ; illustrated
                                                                 929.92 TRO 2004      DOUCETTE
by Brian Deines
Medieval towns, trade, and travel ~ Lynne Elliott                940.1 ELM 2004       DOUCETTE
Elsie's war : a story of courage in Nazi Germany ~ Frank
                                                             940.53161 DAE 2003   DOU-PICBK
Dabba Smith
Spain ~ Laurie Stoff, book editor                            946 SP 2004          DOUCETTE
China ~ by Tony Zurlo                                        951.05 ZUC 2003      DOUCETTE
Pakistan ~ by Gina DeAngelis                                 954.91 DEP 2004      DOUCETTE
Pakistan ~ Ian Graham                                        954.91 GRP 2004      DOUCETTE
Persepolis ~ Marjane Satrapi                                 955 SAP 2003         DOUCETTE
Three wishes : Palestinian and Israeli children speak ~ by
                                                             956 ELT 2004         DOUCETTE
Deborah Ellis
Palestine ~ Joe Sacco                                        956.9405 SAP 2001    DOUCETTE
Afghanistan in pictures ~ Alison Behnke                      958.1 BEA 2003       DOUCETTE
Afghanistan ~ by Hamed Madani                                958.1 MAA 2004       DOUCETTE
The Canadian identity ~ [Don Wells, editor]                  971 WEC 2005         DOUCETTE
Canada's road to independence ~ [Don Wells, editor]          971.05 WEC 2005      DOUCETTE
Nominal exchange rates, commodity prices and central bank
                                                             AC1 .T483 2002 K43   MACK-TOWER
policy ~ by Jonathan Kearns
Studies of talent markets ~ by Marko Tervièo                 AC1 .T483 2003 T47   MACK-TOWER
In the lifetime of a goat : writings 1984-2000 ~ Marilyn
                                                             AC8 .W37 2001        1LT-RESN
In the lifetime of a goat : writings 1984-2000 ~ Marilyn
                                                             AC8 .W37 2001        1LT-RES
2003 WASBE 11th conference. Nanset Wind Orchestra
                                                             ACC# C6682           9LT-AUDIO
[sound recording]
2003 WASBE 11th conference. The National Youth Wind
                                                             ACC# C6683           9LT-AUDIO
Ensemble of Great Britain [sound recording]
Solus [sound recording] ~ Heather Schmidt,
                                                             ACC# C6688           9LT-AUDIO
pianist/composer = pianiste/compositrice
Piano works [sound recording] : Tchaikovsky, Scriabin,
                                                             ACC# C6689           9LT-AUDIO
Stravinsky, Prokofiev ~ Simon Trpæceski, [piano]
Zar und Zimmermann [sound recording] : [komische Oper in
drei Akten = comic opera in three acts = opâera bouffe en
                                                             ACC# C6690           9LT-AUDIO
trois actes] ~ [music and libretto by Albert ] Lortzing

English country dances [sound recording] : 17th-c[entury]
                                                             ACC# C6691           9LT-AUDIO
music from the publications of John Playford
Caroline, or change [sound recording] : original Broadway
cast recording ~ [book and lyrics by Tony Kushner ; music    ACC# C6692           9LT-AUDIO
by Jeanine Tesori]
Opriécnik [sound recording] ~ Pyotr Il'yich Tchaikovski      ACC# C6693           9LT-AUDIO
L'uccellatrice [sound recording] ~ Jommelli                  ACC# C6694           9LT-AUDIO
11 piano sonatas [sound recording] : Klaviersonaten ;
                                                             ACC# C6695           9LT-AUDIO
Fantasia ; Andante ; Adagio ~ Haydn
Fine and dandy [sound recording] ~ [music by Kay Swift ;
                                                             ACC# C6696           9LT-AUDIO
lyrics by Paul James ; book by Donald Ogden Stewart]
Bounce [sound recording] ~ music & lyrics by Stephen
                                                                 ACC# C6697   9LT-AUDIO
Sondheim ; book by John Weidman
Ulisse [sound recording] : opâera en un prologue et deux
                                                                 ACC# C6698   9LT-AUDIO
actes ~ Dallapiccola
Aufstieg und Fall der Stadt Mahagonny [sound recording] ~
                                                                 ACC# C6699   9LT-AUDIO
Kurt Weill ; [text, Bertolt Brecht]
Les Borâeades [sound recording] ~ Jean-Philippe Rameau
                                                                 ACC# C6700   9LT-AUDIO

Vacunao [sound recording] ~ Los Muänequitos De Matanzas
                                                                 ACC# C6701   9LT-AUDIO

Lo mato si no compra este disco [sound recording] ~ Willie
                                                                 ACC# C6702   9LT-AUDIO
On the town [sound recording] ~ music by Leonard
Bernstein ; book & lyrics by Betty Comden and Adolph             ACC# C6703   9LT-AUDIO
Green, from an idea by Jerome Robbins
The gondoliers, or, The king of Barataria [sound recording] :
with dialogue ~ music by Sir Arthur Sullivan ; words by W.S.     ACC# C6716   9LT-AUDIO
The grand duke, or, The Statutory duel [sound recording] :
without dialogue ~ music by Sir Arthur Sullivan ; words by
                                                                 ACC# C6717   9LT-AUDIO
W.S. Gilbert. March & graceful dance from Henry VIII ; Di
ballo overture ~ Sir Arthur Sullivan
H.M.S. Pinafore, or, The lass that loved a sailor [sound
recording] : with dialogue ~ music by Sir Arthur Sullivan ;      ACC# C6718   9LT-AUDIO
words by W.S. Gilbert
Iolanthe, or The Peer and the Peri [sound recording] : with
dialogue ~ music by Sir Arthur Sullivan ; words by W.S.          ACC# C6719   9LT-AUDIO
The Mikado, or, the town of Titipu [sound recording] : without
dialogue ~ music by Sir Arthur Sullivan ; words by W.S.          ACC# C6720   9LT-AUDIO
Patience, or, Bunthorne's bride [sound recording] : with
dialogue ~ music by Sir Arthur Sullivan ; words by W.S.          ACC# C6721   9LT-AUDIO
The pirates of Penzance, or, The slave of duty [sound
recording] : with dialogue ~ music by Sir Arthur Sullivan ;      ACC# C6722   9LT-AUDIO
words by W.S. Gilbert
Princess Ida, or Castle Adamant [sound recording] : without
dialogue ~ music by Sir Arthur Sullivan ; words by W.S.
                                                                 ACC# C6723   9LT-AUDIO
Gilbert. Pineapple poll ~ music by Sir Arthur Sullivan ; arr.
Ruddigore, or the Witch's curse [sound recording] : without
dialogue ~ music by Sir Arthur Sullivan ; words by W.S.
                                                                 ACC# C6724   9LT-AUDIO
Gilbert. Cox and box ~ music by Sir Arthur Sullivan ; words
by F.C. Burnand
The sorcerer [sound recording] : without dialogue ~ music by
Sir Arthur Sullivan ; words by W.S. Gilbert. The zoo ~ music
                                                                ACC# C6725            9LT-AUDIO
by Sir Arthur Sullivan ; words by B. Rowe [i.e. B.C.
Utopia Limited, or, The flowers of progress : without
dialogue [sound recording]. [Macbeth Overture ; Victoria and
                                                                ACC# C6726            9LT-AUDIO
Merrie England (Suite No. 1) ; Marmion Overture] ~ music
by Sir Arthur Sullivan ; words by W.S. Gilbert
The yeomen of the guard, or, The merryman and his maid
[sound recording] : without dialogue. Trial by jury : without
                                                                ACC# C6727            9LT-AUDIO
dialogue ~ music by Sir Arthur Sullivan ; words by W.S.
Timothy Reynish live in concert with the University of
Kentucky Wind Ensemble [sound recording] ~ Timothy              ACC# C6728            9LT-AUDIO
The Firefly five language visual dictionary : English,
Spanish, French, German, Italian ~ Jean-Claude Corbeil,         AG250 .C63 2004       2LB-REF
Ariane Archambault
Pasts beyond memory : evolution, museums, colonialism ~
                                                                AM7 .B465 2004        MACK-TOWER
Tony Bennett
Starting right : a basic guide to museum planning ~ Gerald
                                                                AM11 .G46 2004        MACK-TOWER
George and Cindy Sherrell-Leo
Enlightening the British : knowledge, discovery, and the
museum in the eighteenth century ~ edited by R.G.W.             AM101 .L62 E55 2003   MACK-TOWER
Anderson ... [et al.]
The Cambridge history of philosophy, 1870-1945 ~ edited by
                                                                B72 .C36 2003         MACK-TOWER
Thomas Baldwin
Questions of tradition ~ edited by Mark Salber Phillips and
                                                                B105 .T7 Q47 2004     MACK-TOWER
Gordon Schochet
War, morality, and autonomy : an investigation in just war
                                                                B105 .W3 Z86 2004     MACK-TOWER
theory ~ Daniel S. Zupan
Ancient philosophy                                              B111 .K46 2004        MACK-TOWER
Prakôrti in Samkhya-yoga : material principle, religious
                                                                B132 .P72 J33 2002    MACK-TOWER
experience, ethical implications ~ Knut A. Jacobsen
Freedom through inner renunciation : âSaçnkara's
                                                                B133 .S5 M345 2002    MACK-TOWER
philosophy in a new light ~ Roger Marcaurelle
Cognition, man, and the world : perspectives in Jaina
                                                                B162.5 .M85 2004      MACK-TOWER
philosophy ~ edited by Asha Mukherjee
Virtue : essays in ancient philosophy ~ Kevin K.J. Durand
                                                                B168 .D87 2004        MACK-TOWER

The midwife of Platonism : text and subtext in Plato's
                                                               B386 .S43 2004         MACK-TOWER
Theaetetus ~ David Sedley
Questioning Platonism : continental interpretations of Plato ~
                                                               B395 .H95 2004         MACK-TOWER
Drew A. Hyland
Analyses of Aristotle ~ Jaakko Hintikka                        B485 .H56 2004         MACK-TOWER
Facing death : Epicurus and his critics ~ James Warren             B573 .W373 2004          MACK-TOWER
Lyco of Troas and Hieronymus of Rhodes : text, translation,
and discussion ~ edited by William W. Fortenbaugh,                 B577 .L84 L93 2004       MACK-TOWER
Stephen A. White
Aquinas ~ Ralph McInerny                                           B765 .T54 M45 2004       MACK-TOWER
The future for philosophy ~ edited by Brian Leiter                 B804 .F88 2004           MACK-TOWER
Subjectivity and irreligion : atheism and agnosticism in Kant,
                                                                   B808 .R39 2003           MACK-TOWER
Schopenhauer, and Nietzsche ~ Matthew Alun Ray
Handbook of evolution ~ edited by Franz M. Wuketits and
                                                                   B818 .H346 V.1           MACK-BLOCK
Christoph Antweiler
Utilitarianism : restorations; repairs; renovations : variations
on Bentham's master-idea, that disputes about social policy
should be settled by statistical evidence about the                B843 .B73 2004           MACK-TOWER
comparative consequences for those affected ~ David
The Blackwell guide to American philosophy ~ edited by
                                                                   B851 .B53 2004           MACK-TOWER
Armen T. Marsoobian and John Ryder
Lewisian themes : the philosophy of David K. Lewis ~ edited
                                                                   B945 .L453 L48 2004      MACK-TOWER
by Frank Jackson and Graham Priest
Anne Conway : a woman philosopher ~ by Sarah Hutton                B1201 .C553 H88 2004     MACK-TOWER
The Logical foundations of Bradley's metaphysics :
                                                                   B1618 .B74 A48 2005      MACK-TOWER
judgment, inference, and truth ~ James W. Allard
Tableau historique des prográes de l'esprit humain : Projets,
Esquisse, Fragments et Notes, 1772-1794 ~ Condorcet ;
                                                                   B1993 .T33 2004          MACK-TOWER
âeditâe sous la direction de Jean-Pierre Schandeler et
Pierre Crâepel
Fragments : conversations with Franðcois L'Yvonnet ~ by
Jean Baudrillard ; translated by Chris Turner ; with a             B2430 .B34 A5 2004       MACK-TOWER
foreword by Mike Gane
Jean Baudrillard : live theory ~ Paul Hegarty                      B2430 .B34 H44 2004      MACK-TOWER
Deleuze and music ~ edited by Ian Buchanan & Marcel
                                                                   B2430 .D453 D48 2004     MACK-TOWER
Portrait of Jacques Derrida as a young Jewish saint ~
                                                                   B2430 .D483 C5913 2004   MACK-TOWER
Hâeláene Cixous ; translated by Beverley Bie Brahic
Luce Irigaray : key writings ~ edited by Luce Irigaray             B2430 .I74 I75 2004      MACK-TOWER
Unforeseen history ~ Emmanuel Levinas ; translated from
the French by Nidra Poller ; foreword by Don Ihde ;                B2430 .L472 E5 2004      MACK-TOWER
introduction by Richard A. Cohen
The intervention of the other : ethical subjectivity in Levinas
                                                                   B2430 .L484 F79 2004     MACK-TOWER
and Lacan ~ David Ross Fryer
Kant on causation : on the fivefold routes to the principle of
                                                                   B2799 .C3 B39 2004       MACK-TOWER
causation ~ Steven M. Bayne
Adorno's negative dialectic : philosophy and the possibility of
                                                                   B3199 .A33 N435 2004     MACK-TOWER
critical rationality ~ Brian O'Connor
Karl Marx ~ Allen W. Wood                                          B3305 .M74 W64 2004      MACK-TOWER
The philosophy of Nietzsche ~ Rex Welshon                             B3317 .W44 2004       MACK-TOWER
I.A. Il§in--religioznyæi myslitel§ i literaturnyæi kritik ~ ëIìU.I.
                                                                      B4249 .I4 S64 2004    MACK-TOWER
The humor of Kierkegaard : an anthology ~ S²ren
                                                                      B4372 .E5 O32 2004    MACK-TOWER
Kierkegaard ; edited and introduced by Thomas C. Oden
Immediacy and reflection in Kierkegaard's thought ~ edited
by Paul Cruysberghs, Johan Taels, Karl Verstrynge                     B4377 .I48 2003       MACK-TOWER

Before the nation : Kokugaku and the imagining of
                                                                      B5243 .K6 B87 2003    MACK-TOWER
community in early modern Japan ~ Susan L. Burns
Africa's quest for a philosophy of decolonization ~ Messay
                                                                      B5305 .K43 2004       MACK-TOWER
Handbook of the history of logic ~ edited by Dov M. Gabbay
                                                                      BC15 .H36 2004 V. 1   IN-PROCESS
and John Woods
Handbook of the history of logic ~ edited by Dov M. Gabbay
                                                                      BC15 .H36 2004 V.3    MACK-TOWER
and John Woods
The power of logic ~ C. Stephen Layman                                BC61 .L138 2005       1LT-RES
Philosophy of logic : an anthology ~ edited by Dale Jacquette
                                                                      BC71 .P47 2002        MACK-TOWER

Thinking about logic : an introduction to the philosophy of
                                                                 BC71 .R43 1995             MACK-TOWER
logic ~ Stephen Read
Theories of truth : a critical introduction ~ Richard L. Kirkham
                                                                 BC171 .K57 1995            MACK-TOWER

Arguments and metaphors in philosophy ~ Daniel Cohen                  BC177 .C64 2004       MACK-TOWER
The logic of real arguments ~ Alec Fisher                             BC177 .F57 2004       MACK-TOWER
The reasons of love ~ Harry G. Frankfurt                              BC177 .F73 2004       MACK-TOWER
The power of critical thinking : effective reasoning about
                                                                      BC177 .V38 2005       MACK-TOWER
ordinary and extraordinary claims ~ Lewis Vaughn
Putting logic in its place : formal constraints on rational belief
                                                                      BC199 .B4 C37 2004    MACK-TOWER
~ David Christensen
If ~ Jonathan St. B. T. Evans, David E. Over                          BC199 .C56 E93 2004   MACK-TOWER
The law of non-contradiction : new philosophical essays ~
edited by Graham Priest, J.C. Beall, and Bradley Armour-              BC199 .C6 L39 2004    MACK-TOWER
Exploring philosophy : an introductory anthology ~ edited by
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Steven M. Cahn
Metaphysics : contemporary readings ~ [edited by] Steven
                                                                      BD111 .M486 1999      MACK-TOWER
D. Hales
Contemporary theories of knowledge ~ John L. Pollock and
                                                                      BD161 .P638 1999      MACK-TOWER
Joseph Cruz
The creative conscience as human destiny ~ Edward H.
                                                                      BD431 .S87 2004       MACK-TOWER
Personal identity ~ Harold W. Noonan                                  BD450 .N66 2003       MACK-TOWER
Space : in science, art, and society ~ edited by Franðcois
                                                                      BD620 .S68 2004       MACK-TOWER
Penz, Gregory Radick, and Robert Howell
The ontology of time ~ L. Nathan Oaklander                     BD638 .O25 2004           MACK-TOWER
Are we in time? : and other essays on time and temporality ~
Charles M. Sherover ; edited and with a preface by Gregory BD638 .S53 2003               MACK-TOWER
R. Johnson
The Ontario Psychological Association : the first fifty years,
1947-1997 : celebrating 50 years of excellence and
                                                               BF11 .O58 2004            MACK-TOWER
leadership ~ Raymond G. Berry, Hymie I. Day, editors

The Oxford companion to the mind ~ edited by Richard L.
                                                               BF31 .O94 2004            2LB-REF
The essential Vygotsky ~ edited by Robert W. Rieber, David
K. Robinson ; in collaboration with Jerome Bruner ... [et al.] BF121 .V94313 2004        MACK-TOWER

Social theory since Freud : traversing social imaginaries ~
                                                                BF175.4 .S65 E455 2004   MACK-TOWER
Anthony Elliott
Experimental cognitive psychology and its applications ~
                                                                BF201 .E97 2005          MACK-TOWER
edited by Alice F. Healy
Cognitive psychology in and out of the laboratory ~ Kathleen
                                                                BF201 .G35 2004          1LT-RES
M. Galotti
Cognitive psychology : connecting mind, research, and
                                                                BF201 .G65 2005          1LT-RES
everyday experience ~ E. Bruce Goldstein
Understanding consciousness ~ Max Velmans                       BF311 .V52 2000          MACK-TOWER
Psychology of reasoning : theoretical and historical
perspectives ~ edited by Ken Manktelow and Man Cheung           BF442 .P78 2004          MACK-TOWER
Pleasure and the arts : enjoying literature, painting, and
                                                                BF515 .B85 2004          MACK-TOWER
music ~ Christopher Butler
The inspiration of hope in bereavement counselling ~ John
                                                                BF575 .G7 C88 2004       MACK-TOWER
R. Cutcliffe ; foreword by Ronna Jevne
Foundations of nonverbal communication : readings,
exercises, and commentary ~ edited by Albert M. Katz and        BF637 .C45 F68 1983      MACK-TOWER
Virginia T. Katz
Essential counselling and therapy skills : the skilled client
                                                                BF637 .C6 N438 2002      MACK-TOWER
model ~ Richard Nelson-Jones
The verbally abusive relationship : how to recognize it and
                                                                BF637 .I48 E93 1996      1LT-RESN
how to respond ~ Patricia Evans
The psychology of leadership : new perspectives and
research ~ edited by David M. Messick, Roderick M. Kramer       BF637 .L4 P79 2005       BUS-REF

Same difference : how gender myths are hurting our
relationships, our children, and our jobs ~ Rosalind Barnett BF692.2 .B368 2004          MACK-TOWER
and Caryl Rivers
Regular guys : 34 years beyond adolescence ~ Daniel Offer,
                                                             BF692.5 .O36 2004           MACK-TOWER
Marjorie Kaiz Offer, and Eric Ostrov
Love of shopping is not a gene : problems with Darwinian
                                                                    BF698.95 .D34 2005      MACK-TOWER
psychology ~ Anne Innis Dagg
Why men won't ask for directions : the seductions of
                                                                    BF698.95 .F73 2004      MACK-TOWER
sociobiology ~ Richard C. Francis
Comparing theories of child development ~ R. Murray
                                                                    BF721 .T45 2005         1LT-RES
The first relationship : infant and mother ~ Daniel N. Stern ;
                                                                    BF723 .P25 S72 2002     MEDICAL
with a new introduction
Colors demonic and divine : shades of meaning in the
Middle Ages and after ~ Herman Pleij ; translated by Diane          BF789 .C7 P3313 2004    MACK-TOWER
Magic in medieval manuscripts ~ Sophie Page                         BF1593 .P34 2004        MACK-TOWER
Towards an archeology of the soul : a paratheatrical
                                                                    BF1999 .A45 2003        MACK-TOWER
workbook ~ Antero Alli & friends
The aesthetics of cultural studies ~ edited by Michael
                                                                    BH301 .C92 B47 2005     MACK-TOWER
The aesthetics of disappearance ~ Paul Virilio ; translated
                                                                    BH301 .S65 V5713 1991   1LT-RESN
by Philip Beitchman
Objectivity in ethics and law ~ Michael Moore                       BJ55 .O25 2004          LAW-1STFLR
Theories of the gift in South Asia : Hindu, Buddhist, and Jain
                                                                    BJ123 .G46 H45 2004     MACK-TOWER
reflections on dåana ~ by Maria Heim
Applied ethics : a reader ~ edited by Earl Winkler and
                                                                    BJ1031 .A67 1993        LAW-RES
Jerrold R. Coombs
What's wrong? : applied ethicists and their critics ~ David
                                                                    BJ1031 .B66 2005        MACK-TOWER
Boonin, Graham Oddie
The moral problem ~ Michael Smith                                   BJ1031 .S633 1994       MACK-TOWER
The encyclopedia of biblical ethics ~ general editor, R.K.
                                                                    BJ1199 .E52 2003        MACK-TOWER
Sikhs of the Khalsa : a history of the Khalsa rahit ~ W.H.
                                                                    BJ1290.5 .M38 2003      MACK-TOWER
Moral psychology : feminist ethics and social theory ~ edited
                                                                    BJ1395 .M67 2004        MACK-TOWER
by Peggy DesAutels and Margaret Urban Walker
The good in the right : a theory of intuition and intrinsic value
                                                                    BJ1472 .A83 2004        MACK-TOWER
~ Robert Audi
Encyclopedia of religious rites, rituals, and festivals ~ Frank
                                                                    BL31 .E565 2004         2LB-REF
A. Salamone, editor
Ten essential texts in the philosophy of religion : classics
and contemporary issues ~ edited by Steven M. Cahn                  BL51 .T399 2005         MACK-TOWER

Recognizing religion in a secular society : essays in
pluralism, religion, and public policy ~ edited by Douglas          BL65 .P7 R38 2004       MACK-TOWER
God's two books : Copernican cosmology and biblical
interpretation in early modern science ~ Kenneth J. Howell          BL240 .H68 2002         MACK-TOWER
Myth : a handbook ~ William G. Doty                             BL304 .D577 2004          MACK-TOWER
Biblical and classical myths : the mythological framework of
western culture ~ Northrop Frye and Jay Macpherson              BL312 .F79 2004           MACK-TOWER

Wholly woman, holy blood : a feminist critique of purity and
                                                                BL458 .W48 2003           MACK-TOWER
impurity ~ edited by Kristin De Troyer ... [et al.]
God and enchantment of place : reclaiming human
                                                                BL580 .B77 2004           MACK-TOWER
experience ~ David Brown
Handbook of classical mythology ~ William Hansen                BL723 .H36 2004           MACK-TOWER
The strangeness of gods : historical perspectives on the
                                                                BL793 .A84 H86 2004       MACK-TOWER
interpretation of Athenian religion ~ S.C. Humphreys
Aristomenes of Messene : legends of Sparta's nemesis ~
                                                                BL820 .A834 O44 2004      MACK-TOWER
Daniel Ogden
Philosophy of realism : a study based on Chåandogya
                                                                BL1124.7 .C536 A73 2003   MACK-TOWER
Upaniòsad ~ K.B. Archak
The Sanskrit hero : Karòna in epic Mahåabhåarata ~ by
                                                                BL1138.4 .K37 M34 2004    MACK-TOWER
Kevin McGrath
The Rama Jataka in Laos : a study in the Phra Lak Phra
                                                                BL1139.25 .S24 1996 V.1   MACK-TOWER
Lam ~ Sachchidanand Sahai
The Rama Jataka in Laos : a study in the Phra Lak Phra
                                                                BL1139.25 .S24 1996 V.2   MACK-TOWER
Lam ~ Sachchidanand Sahai
The camphor flame : popular Hinduism and society in India
                                                                BL1150 .F85 2004          MACK-TOWER
~ C.J. Fuller
Swami Vivekananda's vision of free India ~ Swami
                                                                BL1175 .V5 R36 1991       MACK-TOWER
Slouching towards Ayodhya : from congress to Hindutva in
                                                                BL1210 .D47 2004          IN-PROCESS
Indian politics ~ Radhika Desai
Hinduism and the clash of civilizations ~ David Frawley         BL1215 .C76 F73 2001      MACK-TOWER
Breaking the spell of Dharma and other essays ~ Meera
                                                                BL1215 .P65 N36 2002      MACK-TOWER
Origin of Jagannåath deity ~ Ja[sic]itamitra Prasad Singh
                                                                BL1225 .J3 S56 2003       MACK-TOWER
Fruits of worship : practical religion in Bengal ~ Ralph W.
                                                                BL1226.15 .W47 N53 2003   MACK-TOWER
The Saktas : an introduction and comparative study ~ by
                                                                BL1282.24 .P39 2004       MACK-TOWER
Earnest [sic] A. Payne
Yoga-Tantra and sensuousness in art ~ T.N. Mishra               BL1283.84 .M57 2003       MACK-TOWER
Vasantagauravam : essays in Jainism : felicitating Professor
M.D. Vasantha Raj of Mysore on the occasion of his seventy-     BL1310.5 .V37 2001        MACK-TOWER
fifth birthday ~ edited by Jayandra Soni
Jaina corpus of Koppaòla inscriptions, x-rayed ~
                                                                BL1325.9 .K66 N33 1999    MACK-TOWER
Nåagaråajaiah, Hampa
Jaina tradition in Indian thought ~ orginator Hira Lal Jain ;
                                                                BL1351.3 .J35 2002        MACK-TOWER
editor D.C. Jain
The sinister way : the divine and the demonic in Chinese
                                                                 BL1800 .V66 2004         MACK-TOWER
religious culture ~ Richard von Glahn
Women in Daoism ~ Catherine Despeux & Livia Kohn                 BL1923 .D47 2003         MACK-TOWER
Photos of the Gods' : the printed image and political struggle
                                                                 BL2015 .I6 P56 2004      MACK-TOWER
in India ~ Christopher Pinney
The Bhagats of the Guru Granth Sahib : Sikh self-definition
                                                                 BL2017.45 .P37 2003      MACK-TOWER
and the Bhagat Bani ~ Pashaura Singh
Three basics of Sikh religious thought : faith, grace, and
                                                                 BL2018.2 .S28 2004       MACK-TOWER
prayer ~ Satnam Kaur
The children of Abraham : Judaism, Christianity, Islam ~
                                                                 BM157 .P47 2004          MACK-TOWER
F.E. Peters ; with a foreword by John L. Esposito
Geniza-Fragmente zu Avot de-Rabbi Natan ~ in
Zusammenarbeit mit Christoph Berner, Wolfram Drews und
                                                                 BM506.4 .A943 G46 2004   MACK-TOWER
Ulrike Kèampf ; herausgegeben von Hans-Jèurgen Becker

Learning to read Midrash ~ Simi Peters                           BM514 .P48 2004          MACK-TOWER
Jews and Christians : people of God ~ edited by Carl E.
                                                                 BM535 .J4686 2003        MACK-TOWER
Braaten & Robert W. Jenson
A rabbi talks with Jesus ~ Jacob Neusner                         BM620 .N48 2000          MACK-TOWER
Holocaust theology : a reader ~ compiled and edited by Dan
                                                                 BM645 .H6 H658 2002      MACK-TOWER
Moses Maimonides : the man and his works ~ Herbert A.
                                                                 BM755 .M6 D38 2005       MACK-TOWER
Islam na territorii byvsheæi Rossiæiskoæi imperii :
çenëtìsiklopedicheskiæi slovar§ ~ [sostavitel§ i                 BP40 .I843 VYP.4         MACK-TOWER
otvetstvennyæi redaktor, S.M. Prozorov]
Islamic contestations : essays on Muslims in India and
                                                                 BP63 .I4 M47 2004        MACK-TOWER
Pakistan ~ Barbara D. Metcalf
Islamic political identity in Turkey ~ M. Hakan Yavuz            BP173.7 .Y38 2003        MACK-TOWER
The shade of swords : jihad and the conflict between Islam
                                                                 BP182 .A38 2003          MACK-TOWER
and Christianity ~ M.J. Akbar
Islamic mysticism : a short history ~ by Alexander Knysh         BP189 .K69 2000          MACK-TOWER
Eternal garden : mysticism, history, and politics at a South
Asian Sufi center ~ Carl W. Ernst ; foreword by Annemarie        BP189.7 .C49 E75 2004    MACK-TOWER
The Malcolm X encyclopedia ~ edited by Robert L. Jenkins,
                                                                 BP223 .Z8 L576 2002      2LB-REF
co-edited by Mfanya Donald Tryman
Controversial new religions ~ edited by James R. Lewis and
                                                                 BP603 .C66 2005          MACK-TOWER
Jesper Aagaard Petersen
The footprint of the Buddha ~ E.F.C. Ludowyk ; with an
                                                                 BQ356 .L93 1997          MACK-TOWER
introduction by H.A.I. Goonetileke
The Great thoughts of Gotama the Buddha ~ presented by
                                                                 BQ915 .G74 1996          MACK-TOWER
Ananda K. Coomaraswamy and I.B. Horner
Relics of the Buddha ~ John S. Strong                            BQ924 .S77 2004          MACK-TOWER
An introduction to Buddhism and Tantric meditation ~ The
                                                                 BQ4022 .B755 1996      MACK-TOWER
Dalai Lama
Introduction to Buddhism : an explanation of the Buddhist
                                                                 BQ4022 .K45 2002       MACK-TOWER
way of life ~ Geshe Kelsang Gyatso
Indian Buddhism ~ by T.W. Rhys Davids                            BQ4055 .D38 2001       MACK-TOWER
The humanism of Buddha ~ D. R. Jatava                            BQ4570 .H8 J38 1998    MACK-TOWER
Buddhist practice on Western ground : reconciling Eastern
ideals and Western psychology ~ Harvey B. Aronson                BQ4570 .P76 A76 2004   MACK-TOWER

Essence of mind training ~ Acharya Nyima Tsering                 BQ7645 .L35 N95 1997   MACK-TOWER
Gregory of Nyssa and the grasp of faith : union, knowledge,
                                                                 BR65 .G76 L35 2004     MACK-TOWER
and divine presence ~ Martin Laird
The Macarian legacy : the place of Macarius-Symeon in the
                                                                 BR65 .M334 P54 2004    MACK-TOWER
Eastern Christian tradition ~ Marcus Plested
Symbolic Blackness and ethnic difference in early Christian
                                                                 BR67 .B97 2002         MACK-TOWER
literature ~ Gay L. Byron
Aristotle East and West : metaphysics and the division of
                                                                 BR100 .B73 2004        MACK-TOWER
Christendom ~ David Bradshaw
Coming out in Christianity : religion, identity, and community
                                                                 BR115 .H6 W55 2003     MACK-TOWER
~ Melissa M. Wilcox
Science, action, and fundamental theology : toward a
theology of communicative action ~ Helmut Peukert ;              BR118 .P4813 1986      MACK-TOWER
translated by James Bohman
Christianity and conversion in India ~ by Indian Bibliographic
                                                                 BR121.2 .I53 1999      MACK-TOWER
Centre, Research Wing
Fair play : diversity and conflicts in early Christianity :
essays in honour of Heikki Rèaisèanen ~ by Ismo                  BR165 .D86 2002        MACK-TOWER
Dunderberg, Christopher Tuckett, and Kari Syreeni
Playing a Jewish game : gentile Christian judaizing in the
                                                                 BR195 .J8 M87 2004     MACK-TOWER
first and second centuries CE ~ Michele Murray
The letters of Dorothy Moore, 1612-64 : the friendships,
marriage, and intellectual life of a seventeenth-century         BR350 .M575 A4 2004    MACK-TOWER
woman ~ [compiled by] Lynette Hunter
Forgotten features of the founding : the recovery of religious
themes in the early American Republic ~ James Hutson             BR516 .H88 2003        MACK-TOWER

Christians in a secular world : the Canadian experience ~
                                                                 BR570 .B69 2004        MACK-TOWER
Kurt Bowen
Gangraena and the struggle for the English revolution ~ Ann
                                                                 BR755 .H83 2004        MACK-TOWER
Martyrdom and memory : early Christian culture making ~
                                                                 BR1601.3 .C37 2004     MACK-TOWER
Elizabeth A. Castelli
Schreibsucht : autobiografische Schriften des Pietisten
Ulrich Brèaker (1735-1798) ~ herausgegeben von Alfred            BR1653 .B73 S37 2004   MACK-TOWER
Messerli und Adolf Muschg
Working on the inside : the spiritual life through the eyes of
                                                                 BR1702 .B53 2003         MACK-TOWER
actors ~ Retta Blaney
Augustinian Cartesian index : texts and commentary ~
                                                                 BR1720 .A9 J36 2004      MACK-TOWER
Zbigniew Janowski
Cyril of Alexandria and the Nestorian controversy : the
                                                                 BR1720 .C9 W47 2004      MACK-TOWER
making of a saint and of a heretic ~ Susan Wessel
A dictionary of the Bible ~ W.R.F. Browning                      BS440 .B73 2004          2LB-REF
Restoration : Old Testament, Jewish, and Christian
                                                                 BS680 .R365 R47 2001     MACK-TOWER
perspectives ~ [edited by] James M. Scott
Biblical myth and rabbinic mythmaking ~ Michael Fishbane
                                                                 BS1183 .F57 2003         MACK-TOWER

The memoirs of God : history, memory, and the experience
                                                                 BS1192.6 .S653 2004      MACK-TOWER
of the divine in ancient Israel ~ Mark S. Smith
Exposiciâon del Libro de Job ~ Luis de Leâon ; estudio,
                                                                 BS1415 .L37 1992 V.1     MACK-TOWER
ediciâon y notas de Javier San Josâe Lera
Exposiciâon del Libro de Job ~ Luis de Leâon ; estudio,
                                                                 BS1415 .L37 1992 V.2     MACK-TOWER
ediciâon y notas de Javier San Josâe Lera
Bede : a biblical miscellany ~ translated with notes and
                                                                 BS1725.3 .B43 1999       MACK-TOWER
introduction by W. Trent Foley and Arthur G. Holder
A companion to the New Testament : the New Revised
                                                                 BS2341.2 .H35 2004       MACK-TOWER
Standard Version ~ by A.E. Harvey
Studying the Synoptic Gospels : origin and interpretation ~
                                                                 BS2555.52 .S75 2001      MACK-TOWER
Robert H. Stein
Ancient rhetoric and Paul's apology : the compositional unity
                                                                 BS2675.6 .R54 L66 2004   MACK-TOWER
of 2 Corinthians ~ Fredrick J. Long
Readings in Indian Christian theology ~ edited by R.S.
                                                                 BT30 .I5 R44 V.1         MACK-TOWER
Sugirtharajah and Cecil Hargreaves
Mind and emergence : from quantum to consciousness ~
                                                                 BT55 .C53 2004           MACK-TOWER
Philip Clayton
Feminist Christian encounters : the methods and strategies
of feminist informed Christian theologies ~ Angela Pears         BT83.55 .P43 2004        MACK-TOWER

The meaning of Jesus : two visions ~ Marcus J. Borg, N.T.
                                                                 BT202 .B646 2000         MACK-TOWER
The redemption : an interdisciplinary symposium on Christ
as Redeemer ~ [edited by] Stephen T. Davis, Daniel               BT203 .R43 2004          MACK-TOWER
Kendall, Gerald O'Collins
Jesus outside the New Testament : an introduction to the
                                                                 BT297 .V36 2000          MACK-TOWER
ancient evidence ~ Robert E. Van Voorst
The social setting of Jesus and the Gospels ~ edited by
                                                                 BT303 .S63 2002          MACK-TOWER
Wolfgang Stegemann, Bruce J. Malina, Gerd Theissen
Studying the historical Jesus : a guide to sources and
                                                                 BT303.2 .B63 2002        MACK-TOWER
methods ~ Darrell L. Bock
Honest to Jesus : Jesus for a new millennium ~ Robert W.
                                                                 BT303.2 .F86 1997        MACK-TOWER
Jesus in context : Temple, purity, and restoration ~ by Bruce
                                                                    BT590 .R57 C48 1997       MACK-TOWER
Chilton and Craig A. Evans
Los Miraglos de Santiago : Biblioteca Nacional de Madrid
                                                                    BT685.5 .M57 1991         MACK-TOWER
MS 10252 ~ estudio y ediciâon de Jane E. Connolly
Violence against women and children : a Christian
theological sourcebook ~ Carol J. Adams and Marie M.                BT704 .V56 1995           1LT-RESN
Fortune, editors
Full circle : spiritual therapy for the elderly ~ Kevin Kirkland,
                                                                    BV4435.5 .K57 1999        MACK-TOWER
Howard McIlveen
Anything but straight : unmasking the scandals and lies
                                                                    BV4437.5 .B47 2003        MACK-TOWER
behind the ex-gay myth ~ Wayne R. Besen
The Costa Rican Catholic Church, social justice, and the
                                                                    BX1436.2 .S39 2004        MACK-TOWER
rights of workers, 1979-1996 ~ Dana Sawchuk
Resisting the Third Reich : the Catholic clergy in Hitler's
                                                                    BX1538 .B4 S65 2004       MACK-TOWER
Berlin ~ Kevin P. Spicer
The Catholic Church and Russia : popes, patriarchs, tsars,
                                                                    BX1558 .D86 2004          MACK-TOWER
and commissars ~ Dennis J. Dunn
The Vatican-Israel accords : political, legal, and theological
                                                                    BX1628 .V38 2004          MACK-TOWER
contexts ~ Marshall J. Breger, editor
Yves Congar's vision of the church in a world of unbelief ~
                                                                    BX1746 .F59 2004          MACK-TOWER
Gabriel Flynn
Human sexuality and personhood : proceedings of the
workshop for the hierarchies of the United States and
Canada ~ sponsored by the Pope John Center through a                BX1795 .S48 H86 1990      MACK-TOWER
grant from the Knights of Columbus, Dallas, Texas,
February 2-6, 1981
Ana de Jesâus cartas (1590-1621) : religiosidad y vida
cotidiana en la clausura femenina del Siglo de Oro ~                BX4705 .A5685 A4 1995     MACK-TOWER
Concepciâon Torres
Developing the Lonergan legacy : historical, theoretical, and
existential themes ~ Frederick E. Crowe ; edited by Michael         BX4705 .L7133 C754 2004   MACK-TOWER
Adolf von Harnack : Christentum, Wissenschaft und
Gesellschaft : wissenschaftliches Symposion aus Anlass
                                                                    BX4827 .H3 A36 2003       MACK-TOWER
des 150. Geburtstages ~ herausgegeben von Kurt Nowak ...
[et al.]
Citizenship, community, and the Church of England : liberal
Anglican theories of the state between the wars ~ Matthew           BX5157 .G75 2004          MACK-TOWER
Early Mormon documents ~ compiled and edited by Dan
                                                                    BX8611 .E197 V. 1         IN-PROCESS
Early Mormon documents ~ compiled and edited by Dan
                                                                    BX8611 .E197 V. 2         IN-PROCESS
Early Mormon documents ~ compiled and edited by Dan
                                                                    BX8611 .E197 V.3          MACK-TOWER
Early Mormon documents ~ compiled and edited by Dan
                                                                  BX8611 .E197 V.4            MACK-TOWER
Early Mormon documents ~ compiled and edited by Dan
                                                                  BX8611 .E197 V.5            MACK-TOWER
Dictionnaire du recensement de 2001 ~ Statistigue Canada
                                                                  CA1 /BTE 92/ 378 XPF 2002   BLT-GOV

title                                                             call #                      locn
Dialogue entre les civilisations : actes des confâerences
                                                                  CB151 .D52 2002             MACK-TOWER
prononcâees au Palais des Nations, 2001-2002
Occidentalism : the West in the eyes of its enemies ~ Ian
                                                                  CB245 .B87 2004             MACK-TOWER
Buruma, Avishai Margalit
Encyclopedia of the Renaissance and the Reformation ~
Thomas G. Bergin, consulting editor ; Jennifer Speake,            CB361 .E52 2004             2LB-REF
general editor
The archaeology of personhood : an anthropological
                                                                  CC72 .F68 2004              MACK-TOWER
approach ~ Chris Fowler
Behaviour behind bones : the zooarchaeology of ritual,
religion, status and identity ~ edited by Sharyn Jones O'Day,     CC72.4 .I55 2002            MACK-TOWER
Wim Van Neer and Anton Ervynck
The future from the past : archaeozoology in wildlife
conservation and heritage management ~ edited by Roel             CC72.4 .I553 2002           MACK-TOWER
C.G.M. Lauwerier and Ina Plug
Public archaeology ~ edited by Nick Merriman                      CC75.7 .P83 2004            MACK-TOWER
Alluvial archaeology in Europe : proceedings of the Alluvial
Archaeology of North-West Europe and Mediteranian [sic],
18-19 December 2000, Leeds, UK ~ edited by Andy J.                CC77 .W48 A45 2000          MACK-TOWER
Howard, Mark G. Macklin and David G. Passmore

The archaeology of global change : the impact of humans on
their environment ~ edited by Charles L. Redman ... [et al.] CC81 .A73 2004                   MACK-TOWER

Developing and maintaining practical archives : a how-to-do-
                                                                  CD950 .H86 2003             MACK-TOWER
it manual ~ Gregory S. Hunter
Avtobiograficheskie "ëIìA" ot Avgustina do Avvakuma :
(ocherki istorii samosoznaniëiìa evropeæiskogo individa) ~        CT25 .Z374 2002             MACK-TOWER
ëIìU.P. Zareëtìskiæi
Goldenballs and the Iron Lady : a little book of nicknames ~
                                                                  CT108 .D45 2004             MACK-TOWER
Andrew Delahunty
Infinite variety : the life and legend of the Marchesa Casati ~
Scot D. Ryersson and Michael Orlando Yaccarino ; foreword         CT9991 .C36 R94 2004        MACK-TOWER
by Quentin Crisp
Jacob Burckhardt's social and political thought ~ Richard
                                                                  D15 .B8 S54 2004            MACK-TOWER
Experiments in rethinking history ~ [edited by] Alun Munslow
                                                                  D16 .E89 2004               MACK-TOWER
and Robert Rosenstone
Dialogue with the past : engaging students & meeting
                                                                  D16.14 .W48 2004        MACK-TOWER
standards through oral history ~ Glenn Whitman
The pursuit of history : aims, methods and new directions in
                                                                  D16.4 .G7 T67 2002      1LT-RES
the study of modern history ~ John Tosh
Reference sources in history : an introductory guide ~
                                                                  D20 .F74 2004           2LB-REF
Ronald H. Fritze, Brian E. Coutts, Louis A. Vyhnanek
Early modern military history, 1450-1815 ~ edited by Geoff
                                                                  D25 .E27 2004           MACK-TOWER
Theories, models, and concepts in ancient history ~ Neville
                                                                  D56 .M667 2004          MACK-TOWER
Cultural politics in Polybius's Histories ~ Craige B. Champion
                                                                  D58 .P7 C46 2004        MACK-TOWER

Fighting for Christendom : holy war and the crusades ~
                                                                  D157 .T94 2004          MACK-TOWER
Christopher Tyerman
Victory in the East : a military history of the First Crusade ~
                                                                  D161.2 .F73 1999        IN-PROCESS
John France
Victory in the East : a military history of the First Crusade ~
                                                                  D161.2 .F73 1999        MACK-TOWER
John France
Conspiracies and conspiracy theory in Early Modern Europe
: from the Waldensians to the French Revolution ~ edited by       D210 .C66 2004          MACK-TOWER
Barry Coward and Julian Swann
Rethinking military history ~ Jeremy Black                        D214 .B575 2004         MACK-TOWER
Gallipoli : making history ~ edited by Jenny Macleod              D568.3 .G33 2004        MACK-TOWER
Lawrence of Arabia : an encyclopedia ~ Stephen E.
                                                                  D568.4 .T33 2004        2LB-REF
Over here : the First World War and American society ~
                                                                  D570.1 .K44 2004        MACK-TOWER
David M. Kennedy
World War I memories : an annotated bibliography of
personal accounts published in English since 1919 ~               D640 .A2 L46 2004       2LB-REF
Edward G. Lengel ; consulting editor, Martin Gordon
Dear Harry : the firsthand account of a World War I
                                                                  D640 .H55 2003          MACK-TOWER
infantryman ~ by Norma Hillyer Shephard
The World War II desk reference ~ with the Eisenhower
Center for American Studies ; director, Douglas Brinkley ;        D740 .W667 2004         2LB-REF
editor, Michael E. Haskew
The Field Marshal's revenge : the breakdown of a special
                                                                  D743 .W524 2004         MACK-TOWER
relationship ~ by Charles Whiting
Bloody Buron : Canada's D-Day +1 ~ John Gilbert                   D755.6 .G55 2004        MACK-TOWER
Fields of fire : the Canadians in Normandy ~ Terry Copp           D756.5 .N6 C585 2003A   MACK-TOWER
Fields of fire : the Canadians in Normandy ~ Terry Copp           D756.5 .N6 C585 2003A   MACK-TOWER
Fields of fire : the Canadians in Normandy ~ Terry Copp           D756.5 .N6 C585 2003A   MACK-TOWER
The end : Hamburg 1943 ~ Hans Erich Nossack ; translation
and foreword, Joel Agee ; photographs, Erich Andres               D757.9 .H3 N67 2005     MACK-TOWER
On shaggy ridge : the Australian Seventh Division in the
Ramu Valley from Kaiapit to the Finisterres ~ Phillip Bradley    D767.813 7TH .B73 2004   MACK-TOWER

The Royal Navy's Home Fleet in World War II ~ James P.
                                                                 D771 .L48 2003           MACK-TOWER
Thunderbirds for peace : diary of a transport squadron ~
                                                                 D792 .C2 M72 2004        MACK-TOWER
Laurence Motiuk
Sources of the Holocaust ~ edited by Steve Hochstadt             D804.19 .S68 2004        MACK-TOWER
The art of memory : Holocaust memorials in history ~ edited
by James E. Young ; with contributions by Matthew Baigell        D804.3 .A78 1994         MACK-TOWER
... [et al.]
The Holocaust and its religious impact : a critical
assessment and annotated bibliography ~ Jack R. Fischel          D804.3 .F583 2004        2LB-REF
and Susan M. Ortmann
Photographing the Holocaust : interpretations of the
                                                                 D804.32 .S77 2004        MACK-TOWER
evidence ~ Janina Struk
Memorial volumes to Jewish communities destroyed in the
Holocaust : a bibliography of British Library holdings ~         D804.348 .T34 2004       2LB-REF
compiled by Ilana Tahan ; foreword by Sir Martin Gilbert
Jehovah's Witnesses and the Third Reich : sectarian politics
                                                                 D804.5 .P46 2004         MACK-TOWER
under persecution ~ M. James Penton
The hand of compassion : portraits of moral choice during
                                                                 D804.65 .M66 2004        MACK-TOWER
the Holocaust ~ Kristen Renwick Monroe
The labyrinth of dangerous hours : a memoir of the Second
                                                                 D805.5 .A97 T79 2004     MACK-TOWER
World War ~ Lilka Trzcinska-Croydon
The Colditz myth : British and commonwealth prisoners of
                                                                 D805.5 .S35 M33 2004     MACK-TOWER
war in Nazi Germany ~ S.P. MacKenzie
Medicine and victory : British military medicine in the Second
                                                                 D807 .G7 H37 2004        MACK-TOWER
World War ~ Mark Harrison
Hitler, the Allies, and the Jews ~ Shlomo Aronson                D810 .J4 A76 2004        MACK-TOWER
The shadow warriors of Nakano : a history of the Imperial
Japanese Army's elite intelligence school ~ Stephen C.           D810 .S7 M47 2002        MACK-TOWER
War and the new disorder in the 21st century ~ Jeremy Black
                                                                 D860 .B56 2004           MACK-TOWER

Global politics : origins, currents, directions ~ Allen Sens,
                                                                 D860 .S76 2005           1LT-RESN
Peter Stoett
Whose world order? : Russia's perception of American ideas
                                                                 D860 .T78 2004           MACK-TOWER
after the Cold War ~ Andrei P. Tsygankov
The European culture area : a systematic geography ~ Terry
                                                                 D907 .J65 2002           MACK-TOWER
G. Jordan-Bychkov and Bella Bychkova Jordan
Resituating culture ~ edited by Gavan Titley                     D1055 .R47 2004          MACK-TOWER
The making of EU foreign policy : the case of Eastern
                                                                 D1065 .E973 S63 2004     MACK-TOWER
Europe ~ Karen E. Smith
Renewing the Atlantic partnership : report of an independent
task force sponsored by the Council on Foreign Relations ~
Henry A. Kissinger and Lawrence H. Summers, co-chairs ;      D1065 .U5 R36 2004           MACK-TOWER
Charles A. Kupchan, project director

Conflict after the Cold War : arguments on causes of war
                                                                  D2009 .C66 2005         MACK-TOWER
and peace ~ edited by Richard K. Betts
A free though conquering people : eighteenth-century Britain
                                                                  DA16 .M365 2003         MACK-TOWER
and its empire ~ P.J. Marshall
The Victorians at war, 1815-1914 : an encyclopedia of
                                                                  DA68 .R38 2004          2LB-REF
British military history ~ Harold E. Raugh, Jr
History of the Liverpool privateers and letters of marque :
with an account of the Liverpool slave trade, 1744-1812 ~ by      DA77 .W54 2004          MACK-TOWER
Gomer Williams ; introduction by David Eltis
Reminiscences of a naval officer : a quarter-deck view of the
war against Napoleon ~ Captain A Crawford ; introduction by       DA88.1 .C8 A3 1999      MACK-TOWER
Tom Pocock
Nelson's fleet at Trafalgar ~ Brian Lavery                        DA88.5 1805 .L38 2004   MACK-TOWER
Sir John Fisher's naval revolution ~ Nicholas A. Lambert          DA89.1 .F5 L36 1999     MACK-TOWER
Sir John Fisher's naval revolution ~ Nicholas A. Lambert          DA89.1 .F5 L36 1999     MACK-TOWER
Archaeology from art : exploring the interpretative potential
of British and Irish Neolithic rock art ~ Edward Evans            DA90 .A1 B73 NO.363     MACK-TOWER

Materials of manufacture : the choice of materials in the
working of bone and antler in northern and central Europe         DA90 .A1 B732 NO.1193   MACK-TOWER
during the first millenium AD ~ edited by Ian Riddler
Stones and bones : formal disposal of the dead in Atlantic
Europe during the Mesolithic-Neolithic interface 6000-3000
BC : archaeological conference in honour of the Late
Professor Michael J. O'Kelly : proceedings of the Stones          DA90 .A1 B732 NO.1201   MACK-TOWER
and Bones Conference in Sligo, Ireland, May 1-5, 2002 ~
edited by Gèoran Burenhult ; co-editor, Susanne
Regional perspectives in archaeology : from strategy to
                                                                  DA90 .A1 B732 NO.1203   MACK-TOWER
narrative ~ Richard Tabor
Archaeological site formation : understanding in lake margin
                                                                  DA90 .A1 B732 NO.1211   MACK-TOWER
contexts ~ Allan Gavin Thayer Morton
Quantitative identities : a statistical summary and analysis of
Iron Age Cemeteries in North-Eastern France, 600-130 B.C.         DA90 .A1 B732 NO.1226   MACK-TOWER
~ Thomas L. Evans
Enter the past : the e-way into the four dimensions of
cultural heritage : CAA 2003, Computer Applications and
Quantitative Methods in Archaeology ; proceedings of the
                                                                    DA90 .A1 B732 NO.1227   MACK-TOWER
31st conference, Vienna, Austria, April 2003 ~ edited by
Magistrat der Stadt Wien, Referat Kulturelles Erbe,
Stadtarchèaologie Wien
The Middle-Upper Paleolithic transition in Israel :
                                                                    DA90 .A1 B732 NO.1229   MACK-TOWER
technological analysis ~ Josette Sarel
Violent interactions in the Mesolithic : evidence and meaning
                                                                    DA90 .A1 B732 NO.1237   MACK-TOWER
~ edited by Mirjana Roksandic
Ruling England, 1042-1217 ~ Richard Huscroft                        DA195 .H97 2005         MACK-TOWER
Anglo-Saxon propaganda in the Bayeux tapestry ~ Meredith
                                                                    DA196 .C54 2004         MACK-TOWER
A second domesday? : the hundred rolls of 1279-80 ~
                                                                    DA220 .R33 2004         MACK-TOWER
Sandra Raban
Sources and debates in English history, 1485-1714 ~ edited
                                                                    DA310 .S68 2004         MACK-TOWER
by Newton Key and Robert Bucholz
A companion to Tudor Britain ~ edited by Robert Tittler and
                                                                    DA315 .C66 2004         MACK-TOWER
Norman Jones
Debates in Stuart history ~ Ronald Hutton                           DA375 .H88 2004         MACK-TOWER
The prince and the Infanta : the cultural politics of the
                                                                    DA396 .A22 R43 2003     MACK-TOWER
Spanish match ~ Glyn Redworth
Commonwealth principles : republican writing of the English
                                                                    DA403 .S38 2004         MACK-TOWER
revolution ~ Jonathan Scott
The cavaliers in exile, 1640-1660 ~ Geoffrey Smith                  DA406 .S646 2003        MACK-TOWER
1659--the crisis of the commonwealth ~ Ruth E. Mayers               DA425 .M39 2004         MACK-TOWER
The Atterbury plot ~ by Eveline Cruickshanks & Howard
                                                                    DA501 .A8 C78 2004      MACK-TOWER
The Victorians since 1901 : histories, representations and
                                                                    DA566.4 .V53 2004       MACK-TOWER
revisions ~ edited by Miles Taylor, Michael Woolff
Annotated bibliography of works about Sir Winston S.
Churchill ~ Curt J. Zoller and Richard M. Langworth, editors        DA566.9 .C5 A64 2004    2LB-REF

Roy Jenkins : a retrospective ~ edited by Andrew Adonis
                                                                    DA591 .J44 R69 2004     MACK-TOWER
and Keith Thomas
A medieval moated site and windmill : excavations at
Boreham Airfield, Essex 1996 ~ by Rachel Clarke ; with
                                                                    DA670 .E13 E273 NO.11   MACK-TOWER
contributions by Nigel Brown ... [et al.] ; illustrations by Iain
Bell ... [et al.]
A moated rectory at Wimbotsham, Norfolk ~ by Andy Shelley
; with contributions from Sue Anderson ... [et al.] ; and           DA670 .E13 E273 NO.12   MACK-TOWER
illustrations by Steven Ashley
Propaganda and the Tudor state : political culture in the
                                                                    DA670 .W49 C66 2003     MACK-TOWER
Westcountry ~ J.P.D. Cooper
The British government and the city of London in the
twentieth century ~ edited by Ranald Michie and Philip           DA684.25 .B75 2004             MACK-TOWER
The analysis of urban animal bone assemblages : a
                                                                 DA690 .Y6 Y59 1976 V.19 PT.2   IN-PROCESS
handbook for archaeologists ~ by T.P. O'Connor
The wars of Scotland, 1214-1371 ~ Michael Brown                  DA779 .B76 2004                MACK-TOWER
Lines on the landscape, circles from the sky : monuments of
                                                                 DA880 .O6 G37 2004             MACK-TOWER
Neolithic Orkney ~ Trevor Garnham
Ireland, Germany, and the Nazis : politics and diplomacy,
                                                                 DA964 .G3 O23 2004             MACK-TOWER
1919-1939 ~ Mervyn O'Driscoll
Hungarian-British Diplomacy, 1938-1941 : the attempt to
maintain relations ~ Andrâas Bâan ; translation by Tim           DB926.3 .G7 B3613 2004         MACK-TOWER
Wilkinson ; foreword by John Lukacs
The fall and rise of a nation : Czechoslovakia 1938-1941 =
Pâad a vzestup nâaroda. éCeskoslovensko v lâetech 1938-
                                                                 DB2206 .B42513 2004            MACK-TOWER
1941 ~ by Edvard Beneés ; introduced and edited by Milan
Ruricius of Limoges and friends : a collection of letters from
Visigothic Gaul ; letters of Ruricius of Limoges, Caesarius of
Arles, Euphrasius of Clermont, Faustus if Riez, Graecus of
Marseilles, Paulinus of Bordeaux, Sedatus of Nãimes,             DC33.2 .R87 1999               MACK-TOWER
Sidonius Apollinaris, Taurentius and Victorinus of Frâejus ~
translated with introduction, commentary and notes by Ralph
W. Mathisen
Politics and history in the tenth century : the work and world
                                                                 DC36.98 .R53 G54 2004          MACK-TOWER
of Richer of Reims ~ Jason Glenn
The world of Gregory of Tours ~ edited by Kathleen Mitchell
                                                                 DC69.8 .G7 W67 2002            MACK-TOWER
and Ian Wood
From rogue to everyman : a foundling's journey to the
                                                                 DC133.3 .B66 2004              MACK-TOWER
Bastille ~ L.L. Bongie
Historical dictionary of the French Revolution ~ Paul R.
                                                                 DC147 .H36 2004                2LB-REF
The French revolution and Napoleonic era ~ Owen Connelly
                                                                 DC148 .C732 2000               1LT-RESN

Reform, revolution and French global policy, 1787-1791 ~
                                                                 DC148 .W525 2003               MACK-TOWER
Jeremy J. Whiteman
Secret service : British agents in France, 1792-1815 ~
                                                                 DC157 .S66 1999                MACK-TOWER
Elizabeth Sparrow
Napoleon and the British ~ Stuart Semmel                         DC202.7 .S46 2004              MACK-TOWER
Napoleon in Egypt ~ edited by Irene A. Bierman ; with an
                                                                 DC225 .N37 2003                MACK-TOWER
introduction by Afaf Lutfi Al-Sayyid Marsot
Counterpoint to Trafalgar : the Anglo-Russian invasion of
Naples, 1805-1806 ~ by William Henry Flayhart III ; foreword     DC227 .F53 2004                MACK-TOWER
by James C. Bradford and Gene A. Smith
Moscow 1812 : Napoleon's fatal march ~ Adam Zamoyski             DC235 .Z35 2004                MACK-TOWER
The French betrayal of America ~ Kenneth R. Timmerman
                                                               DC415 .T56 2004        MACK-TOWER

Bonnes villes du Poitou et des pays charentais (XIIe-XVIIIe
siáecles) : actes du colloque tenu áa Saint-Jean-d'Angâely,
les 24-25 septembre 1999, áa l'occasion du 8e centenaire       DC611 .P746 B66 2002   MACK-TOWER
des chartes de commune ~ âeditâes par Robert Favreau,
Râegis Rech, Yves-Jean Riou
The war against Catholicism : liberalism and the anti-
Catholic imagination in nineteenth-century Germany ~           DD118 .G76 2004        MACK-TOWER
Michael B. Gross
Power and property in medieval Germany : economic and
                                                               DD125 .A76 2004        MACK-TOWER
social change c.900-1300 ~ Benjamin Arnold
Nobles and nation in Central Europe : free imperial knights
in the Age of Revolution, 1750-1850 ~ by William D.            DD193 .G63 2004        MACK-TOWER
Godsey, Jr
The Kaiser : new research on Wilhelm II's role in imperial
Germany ~ edited by Annika Mombauer and Wilhelm Deist          DD229 .K325 2003       MACK-TOWER

Carl Peters and German imperialism, 1856-1918 : a political
                                                              DD231 .P4 P47 2004      MACK-TOWER
biography ~ Arne Perras
Hitler and Churchill : secrets of leadership ~ Andrew Roberts
                                                              DD247 .H5 R63 2003      MACK-TOWER

Working towards the Fèuhrer : essays in honour of Sir Ian
                                                               DD256.5 .W67 2003      MACK-TOWER
Kershaw ~ edited by Anthony McElligott and Tim Kirk
The file : a personal history ~ Timothy Garton Ash             DD286.4 .G37 1998      MACK-TOWER
Spectacular power in the Greek and Roman city ~ Andrew
                                                               DE71 .B45 2004         MACK-TOWER
The battle of Salamis : the naval encounter that saved
                                                               DF225.6 .S87 2004      MACK-TOWER
Greece--and western civilization ~ Barry Strauss
Alexander the Great ~ Nigel Cawthorne                          DF234 .C39 2004        MACK-TOWER
Encyclopedia of the Byzantine Empire ~ Jennifer Lawler         DF504.5 .L38 2004      2LB-REF
Authority in Byzantine provincial society, 950-1100 ~
                                                               DF591 .N48 2004        MACK-TOWER
Leonora Neville
Red acropolis, black terror : the Greek Civil War and the
origins of Soviet-American rivalry, 1943-1949 ~ Andrâe         DF849.52 .G47 2004     MACK-TOWER
The Greek Civil War : essays on a conflict of exceptionalism
and silences ~ edited by Philip Carabott and Thanasis D.       DF849.52 .G74 2004     MACK-TOWER
Rome and its frontiers : the dynamics of empire ~ C.R.
                                                               DG59 .A2 W47 2004      MACK-TOWER
Pompeii : a sourcebook ~ Alison E. Cooley and M.G.L.
                                                               DG70 .P7 C663 2004     2LB-REF
Tarquinia : an Etruscan city ~ Robert Leighton                 DG70 .T35 L45 2004     MACK-TOWER
Das nachrepublikanische Finanzsystem : Fiscus und Fisci in
                                                               DG85 .A47 1995          MACK-TOWER
der frèuhen Kaiserzeit ~ von Michael Alpers
The historians of ancient Rome ~ edited by Ronald Mellor       DG207 .H57 2004         MACK-TOWER
The annals ~ Tacitus ; translated, with introduction and
                                                               DG207 .T3 W66 2004      MACK-TOWER
notes by A.J. Woodman
A history of Rome ~ Marcel Le Glay, Jean-Louis Voisin,
Yann Le Bohec ; translated by Antonia Nevill ; preface and
                                                               DG209 .L4413 2005       MACK-TOWER
new material by David Cherry ; additional material by Donald
G. Kyle
Tiberius Caesar ~ David Shotter                                DG282 .S46 2004         MACK-TOWER
Constantine and the Christian empire ~ Charles Matson
                                                               DG315 .O33 2004         MACK-TOWER
The last pagan : Julian the Apostate and the death of the
                                                               DG317 .M87 2003         MACK-TOWER
ancient world ~ Adrian Murdoch
Love & death in Renaissance Italy ~ Thomas V. Cohen            DG445 .C643 2004        MACK-TOWER
Silvio Berlusconi : television, power and patrimony ~ Paul
                                                               DG583.8 .B47 G56 2004   MACK-TOWER
The Medici women : gender and power in Renaissance
                                                               DG737.42 .T66 2003      MACK-TOWER
Florence ~ Natalie R. Tomas
Lorenzo de' Medici and the art of magnificence ~ F.W. Kent
                                                               DG737.9 .K46 2004       MACK-TOWER

Estudis sobre la cultura Catalana a Sardenya ~ Joan
                                                               DG975 .S3 A75 2001      MACK-TOWER
Armanguâe i Herrero
Exercise of arms : warfare in the Netherlands, 1568-1648 ~
                                                               DH186.5 .E94 1997       MACK-TOWER
edited by Marco van der Hoeven
The army of Flanders and the Spanish Road, 1567-1659 :
the logistics of Spanish victory and defeat in the Low         DH186.5 .P35 2004       MACK-TOWER
Countries' Wars ~ Geoffrey Parker
Russia : a reference guide from the Renaissance to the
                                                               DK36 .B67 2004          2LB-REF
present ~ Mauricio Borrero
Istoriëiìa Rossii : 1938-2002 ~ A.S. Barsenkov, A.I. Vdovin
                                                               DK38.8 .B37 2003        MACK-TOWER

Leaders of Russia and the Soviet Union : from the Romanov
                                                               DK40 .P36 2004          2LB-REF
dynasty to Vladimir Putin ~ John Paxton
Taming the wild field : colonization and empire on the
                                                               DK113 .S86 2004         MACK-TOWER
Russian steppe ~ Willard Sunderland
The camera and the Tsars : the Romanov family in
                                                               DK113 .Z44 2004         MACK-TOWER
photographs ~ Charlotte Zeepvat
Modernizing Muscovy : reform and social change in
seventeenth-century Russia ~ edited by Jarmo Kotilaine and     DK114 .M63 2004         MACK-TOWER
Marshall Poe
The Petrine revolution in Russian culture ~ James Cracraft
                                                               DK133 .C73 2004         MACK-TOWER

Count Sergei Witte and the twilight of imperial Russia : a
                                                               DK254 .W5 H37 2004      MACK-TOWER
biography ~ Sidney Harcave
Telling October : memory and the making of the Bolshevik
                                                                  DK265 .C67 2004       MACK-TOWER
Revolution ~ Frederick C. Corney
Revolutionary Russia : new approaches ~ edited by Rex A.
                                                                  DK265 .R485 2004      MACK-TOWER
Intervention in Russia, 1918-1920 : a cautionary tale ~ by
                                                                  DK265.4 .H83 2004     MACK-TOWER
Miles Hudson
The Red Army, 1918-1941 : from vanguard of world
                                                                  DK266.3 .Z56 2004     MACK-TOWER
revolution to US ally ~ Earl F. Ziemke
Sacrifice of the generals : Soviet senior officer losses, 1939-
1953 ~ Michael Parrish ; with the assistance of Martin            DK268 .A1 P36 2004    MACK-TOWER
Gordon, consulting editor
The life and times of Andrei Zhdanov, 1896-1948 ~ Kees
                                                                  DK268 .Z43 B68 2004   MACK-TOWER
ëIìUriæi Andropov : neizvestnoe ob izvestnom ~ Roæi
                                                                  DK275 .A53 M44 2004   MACK-TOWER
The end of the Cold War and the causes of Soviet collapse
                                                                  DK286 .B57 2004       MACK-TOWER
~ Nick Bisley
The collapse of the Soviet Union, 1985-1991 ~ David R.
                                                                  DK288 .M37 2004       MACK-TOWER
The legacy of the Soviet Union ~ edited by Wendy Slater
                                                                  DK293 .L44 2004       MACK-TOWER
and Andrew Wilson
Russkiæi Sever : çetnicheskaëiìa istoriëiìa i narodnaëiìa
kul§tura XII-XX veka ~ otvetstvennyæi redaktor I.V. Vlasova       DK501.4 .R87 2004     MACK-TOWER

Lithuania : past, culture, present ~ [editor, Saulius éZukas ;
authors, E. Aleksandraviécius ... et al. ; translators, Vida      DK505.54 .L58 1999    MACK-TOWER
Urbonaviécius, Jonathan Smith]
Harvest of despair : life and death in Ukraine under Nazi rule
                                                                  DK508.833 .B47 2004   MACK-TOWER
~ Karel C. Berkhoff
Russia in search of itself ~ James H. Billington                  DK510.32 .B55 2004    MACK-TOWER
Identifikaëtìsiëiìa identichnosti : çetnosoëtìsiologicheskie
                                                                  DK510.33 .G83 2003    MACK-TOWER
ocherki ~ M.N. Guboglo
Chechnya diary : a war correspondent's story of surviving
                                                                  DK511 .C37 G65 2003   MACK-TOWER
the war in Chechnya ~ Thomas Goltz
Russian-Muslim confrontation in the Caucasus : alternative
visions of the conflict between Imam Shamil and the
Russians, 1830-1859 ~ edited by Thomas Sanders, Ernest            DK511 .D2 R87 2004    MACK-TOWER
Tucker and Gary Hamburg ; with an extended commentary
"War of Worlds" by Gary Hamburg
Nationalism and the drive for sovereignty in Tatarstan, 1988-
                                                                  DK511 .T17 K66 2000   MACK-TOWER
92 : origins and development ~ Sergei Kondrashov
Sankt-Peterburg : 300 let istorii ~ avtory, E.V. Anisimov ...
[et al.] ; redakëtìsionnaëiìa kollegiëiìa, R.Sh. Ganelin, V.M.    DK568 .S25 2003       MACK-TOWER
Koval§chuk (otvetstvennyæi redaktor) ... [et al.]
State power and community in early modern Russia : the
                                                                DK651 .M46 D38 2004    MACK-TOWER
case of Kozlov, 1635-1649 ~ Brian L. Davies
Attic fine pottery of the archaic to Hellenistic periods in
Phanagoria ~ by Catherine Morgan ; edited by G.R.               DK651 .P52 M67 2004    MACK-TOWER
Prehistoric foragers of the Cis-Baikal, Siberia : proceedings
of the first conference of the Baikal Archaeology Project ~
                                                                DK771 .B3 B35 2002     MACK-TOWER
Andrzej Weber and Hugh McKenzie, editors

The Viking ~ Alan Baker                                         DL65 .B28 2004         MACK-TOWER
Land, sea and home : proceedings of a conference on
Viking-period settlement at Cardiff, July 2001 ~ edited by      DL65 .C46 2001         MACK-TOWER
John Hines, Alan Lane and Mark Redknap
The Anglo-Swedish alliance against Napoleonic France ~
                                                                DL796 .J67 2004        MACK-TOWER
Christer Jorgensen
Sweden's relations with Nazism, Nazi Germany, and the
Holocaust : a survey of research ~ editors, Stig Ekman, Klas
                                                                DL867.5 .S94 2003      MACK-TOWER
êAmark ; co-editor for the English version of this survey,
John Toler ; [translation, David Kendall]
Running with reindeer : encounters in Russian Lapland ~
                                                                DL971 .L2 T66 2004     MACK-TOWER
Roger Took
Conquerors and chroniclers of early medieval Spain ~
translated with notes and introduction by Kenneth Baxter        DP96 .C6613 1999       MACK-TOWER
The making of a nation in the Balkans : historiography of the
                                                                DR83 .D37 2004         MACK-TOWER
Bulgarian revival ~ by Roumen Daskalov
Turkey : a modern history ~ Erik J. Zèurcher                    DR477 .Z87 2004        MACK-TOWER
The Serbs ~ Sima M. âCirkoviâc ; translated by Vuk Toésiâc
                                                                DR1230 .S46 C57 2004   MACK-TOWER

Bosnia and Herzegovina : a polity on the brink ~ Francine
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Encyclopedia of ancient Asian civilizations ~ Charles F.W.
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A history of the Islamic world ~ Fred James Hill & Nicholas
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Encyclopedia of the modern Middle East and North Africa ~
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edited by Philip Mattar
Encyclopedia of the modern Middle East and North Africa ~
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edited by Philip Mattar
Encyclopedia of the modern Middle East and North Africa ~
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edited by Philip Mattar
Encyclopedia of the modern Middle East and North Africa ~
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edited by Philip Mattar
Understanding the contemporary Middle East ~ edited by
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Deborah J. Gerner and Jillian Schwedler
Correspondances orientalistes entre Paris et Saint
Pâetersbourg (1887-1935) ~ Sylvain Lâevi ... [et al.] ; lettres
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Bongard-Levin, Roland Lardinois, Aleksej A. Vigasin, [eds.]

Conflicts in the Middle East since 1945 ~ Beverley Milton-
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Edwards and Peter Hinchcliffe
Between war and peace : lessons from Afghanistan to Iraq ~
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Victor Davis Hanson
Containing Arab nationalism : the Eisenhower doctrine and
                                                                  DS63.2 .U5 Y37 2004   MACK-TOWER
the Middle East ~ Salim Yaqub
Sumer and the Sumerians ~ Harriet Crawford                        DS72 .C73 2004        MACK-TOWER
Inside Iraq : the history, the people, and the politics of the
world's least understood land ~ edited by John Miller and         DS79.65 .I56 2002     MACK-TOWER
Aaron Kenedi ; introduction by David Rose
Iraq : from mandate to independence ~ Ernest Main                 DS79.65 .M34 2004     MACK-TOWER
Televising war : from Vietnam to Iraq ~ Andrew Hoskins            DS79.739 .H67 2004    MACK-TOWER
A war against truth : behind the lines of the invasion of Iraq
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~ Paul William Roberts
Media at war : the Iraq crisis ~ Howard Tumber and Jerry
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The Philistines in transition : a history from ca. 1000-730
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B.C.E. ~ by Carl S. Ehrlich
The Jewish enlightenment ~ Shmuel Feiner ; translated by
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Chaya Naor
Eyewitness to Jewish history ~ Benjamin Blech                     DS116 .B54 2004       MACK-TOWER
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The path to Geneva : the quest for a permanent agreemen,
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Peace under fire : Israel/Palestine and the International
Solidarity Movement ~ edited by Josie Sandercock ... [et al.] DS119.76 .P43 2004        MACK-TOWER

Sharing the land of Canaan : human rights and the Israeli-
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Palestinian struggle ~ Mazin B. Qumsiyeh
The missing peace : the inside story of the fight for Middle
                                                                   DS119.76 .R67 2004      MACK-TOWER
East peace ~ Dennis Ross
Studies in Persian period history and historiography ~
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H.G.M. Williamson
Negotiating diaspora : Jewish strategies in the Roman
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Empire ~ edited by John M.G. Barclay
A history of Israel ~ Ahron Bregman                                DS125 .B74 2003         MACK-TOWER
God, guns and Israel : Britain, the First World War and the
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Jews in the Holy Land ~ Jill Hamilton
War in Palestine, 1948 : strategy and diplomacy ~ David Tal
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Still life with bombers : Israel in the age of terrorism ~ David
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Israel, diaspora, and the routes of national belonging ~
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Jasmin Habib
Jews in post-Holocaust Germany, 1945-1953 ~ Jay Howard
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The last days of the Jerusalem of Lithuania : chronicles from
the Vilna ghetto and the camps, 1939-1944 ~ Herman Kruk ;
                                                                   DS135 .L52 V5613 2002   MACK-TOWER
edited and introduced by Benjamin Harshav ; translated by
Barbara Harshav
Reluctant cosmopolitans : the Portuguese Jews of
seventeenth-century Amsterdam ~ Daniel M. Swetschinski             DS135 .N5 A684 2000     MACK-TOWER

Life strictly forbidden ~ Antoni Marianowicz ; translated by
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Alicia Nitecki
A Jewish renaissance in fifteenth-century Spain ~ Mark D.
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Antisemitism : a reference handbook ~ Jerome A. Chanes
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The butcher's tale : murder and anti-semitism in a German
                                                                   DS146 .G4 S63 2002      MACK-TOWER
town ~ Helmut Walser Smith
A brief history of Saudi Arabia ~ James Wynbrandt ;
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foreword by Fawaz A. Gerges
Britain's revival and fall in the Gulf : Kuwait, Bahrain, Qatar,
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and the Trucial States, 1950-71 ~ Simon C. Smith
A modern history of Oman : formation of the state since
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1920 ~ Francis Owtram
Frontier fictions : shaping the Iranian nation, 1804-1946 ~
                                                                   DS299 .K36 1999         MACK-TOWER
Firoozeh Kashani-Sabet
At home in diaspora : South Asian scholars and the West ~
edited by Jackie Assayag and Vâeronique Bâenâeèi                   DS339.9 .U6 A89 2003    MACK-TOWER
Modern Afghanistan : a history of struggle and survival ~
Amin Saikal ; with assistance from Ravan Farhadi and Kirill      DS361 .S25 2004              MACK-TOWER
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Gujarat, the making of a tragedy ~ edited by Siddharth
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Ideas and society : India between the sixteenth and
                                                                 DS423 .V36 2004              MACK-TOWER
eighteenth centuries ~ Eugenia Vanina
Gem in the lotus : the seeding of Indian civilisation ~
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Abraham Eraly
Panorama of Harappan civilization ~ D.P. Sharma, Madhuri
                                                                 DS425 .S542 2003             MACK-TOWER
The people and culture of Bengal : a study in origins ~
                                                                 DS432 .B4 C55 V.1 PT.1       MACK-TOWER
Annapurna Chattopadhyaya
The people and culture of Bengal : a study in origins ~
                                                                 DS432 .B4 C55 V.1 PT.2       MACK-TOWER
Annapurna Chattopadhyaya
Postcolonial passages : contemporary history-writing on
                                                                 DS436 .P67 2004              MACK-TOWER
India ~ edited by Saurabh Dube
The Maåaötöhir-ul-umaråa : being biographies of the
Muhammadan and Hindu officers of the Timurid sovereigns
of India from 1500 to about 1780 A.D. ~ by Nawwåab
òSamòsåam-ud-Daula Shåah Nawåaz öKöhåan and his son              DS461.9 .A1 S5313 1999 V.1   MACK-TOWER
°Abdul òHayy ; translated by H. Beveridge ; revised,
annotated, and completed by Baini Prashad

The Maåaötöhir-ul-umaråa : being biographies of the
Muhammadan and Hindu officers of the Timurid sovereigns
of India from 1500 to about 1780 A.D. ~ by Nawwåab
òSamòsåam-ud-Daula Shåah Nawåaz öKöhåan and his son DS461.9 .A1 S5313 1999 V.2                MACK-TOWER
°Abdul òHayy ; translated by H. Beveridge ; revised,
annotated, and completed by Baini Prashad

India's partition : the story of imperialism in retreat ~ D.N.
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Thoughts and philosophy of Dr. B.R. Ambedkar ~ C.D. Naik
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Chatto : the life and times of an anti-imperialist in Europe ~
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Nirode K. Barooah
Mahatma Gandhi : a great life in brief ~ Vincent Sheean          DS481 .G3 S5334 1968         MACK-TOWER
Death and afterlife in a Tamil village : discourses of low
                                                                 DS485 .M28 P49 2004          MACK-TOWER
caste women ~ Nathalie Peyer
Many heads, arms, and eyes : origin, meaning, and form of
                                                                 DS503 .S75 1997              MACK-TOWER
multiplicity in Indian art ~ by Doris Meth Srinivasan
Understanding Australia's neighbours : an introduction to
                                                                 DS504.5 .K59 2004            MACK-TOWER
East and Southeast Asia ~ Nick Knight
Southeast Asia : the human landscape of modernization and
                                                                DS521.62 .R55 2003    MACK-TOWER
development ~ Jonathan Rigg
Southeast Asia : a historical encyclopedia from Angkor Wat
                                                                DS524 .S68 2004 V.1   2LB-REF
to East Timor ~ edited by Ooi Keat Gin
Southeast Asia : a historical encyclopedia from Angkor Wat
                                                                DS524 .S68 2004 V.2   2LB-REF
to East Timor ~ edited by Ooi Keat Gin
Southeast Asia : a historical encyclopedia from Angkor Wat
                                                                DS524 .S68 2004 V.3   2LB-REF
to East Timor ~ edited by Ooi Keat Gin
A short history of South-East Asia ~ edited by Peter Church
                                                                DS525 .S56 2003       MACK-TOWER

The history of Siam, 1688 : originally published in two
volumes in Lyons by Horace Molin 1692 ~ Marcel Le Blanc ;       DS577 .L43 2003       MACK-TOWER
translated and edited by Michael Smithies
History as propaganda : Tibetan exiles versus the People's
                                                                DS734.7 .P69 2004     MACK-TOWER
Republic of China ~ John Powers
China : its history and culture ~ W. Scott Morton, Charlton
                                                                DS735 .M65 2005       MACK-TOWER
M. Lewis
T'ang China : the rise of the East in world history ~ S.A.M.
                                                                DS749.35 .A37 2004    MACK-TOWER
New Qing imperial history : the making of Inner Asian
Empire at Qing Chengde ~ edited by James Millward ... [et       DS754.82 .N49 2004    MACK-TOWER
Opium, soldiers and evangelicals : England's 1840-42 war
                                                                DS757.5 .G45 2004     MACK-TOWER
with China and its aftermath ~ Harry G. Gelber
Encyclopedia of Mongolia and the Mongol empire ~
                                                                DS798.4 .A88 2004     2LB-REF
Christopher P. Atwood
Taiwan : a political history ~ Denny Roy                        DS799.816 .R69 2003   MACK-TOWER
Russian views of Japan, 1792-1913 : an anthology of
Russian travel writing ~ edited and translated by David N.      DS809 .R87 2004       MACK-TOWER
Samurai, warfare and the state in early medieval Japan ~
                                                                DS838.5 .F75 2004     MACK-TOWER
Karl F. Friday
Yoshimasa and the Silver Pavilion : the creation of the soul
                                                                DS865 .A82 K44 2003   MACK-TOWER
of Japan ~ Donald Keene
Durable peace : challenges for peacebuilding in Africa ~
                                                                DT30.5 .D87 2004      MACK-TOWER
edited by Taisier M. Ali and Robert O. Matthews
War, evil, and the end of history ~ Bernard-Henri Lâevy ;
                                                                DT30.5 .L4813 2004    MACK-TOWER
translated by Charlotte Mandell
What went wrong with Africa : a contemporary history ~ Roel
                                                                DT30.5 .V44 2004      MACK-TOWER
van der Veen
Ancient Egypt : a very short introduction ~ Ian Shaw            DT61.S57 2004         MACK-TOWER
Engineering the Pyramids ~ Dick Parry                           DT63 .P37 2004        MACK-TOWER
The Fatimid Armenians : cultural and political interaction in
                                                                DT72 .A75 P37 1997    MACK-TOWER
the Near East ~ by Seta B. Dadoyan
From slave to pharaoh : the black experience of ancient
                                                                  DT83 .R43 2004            MACK-TOWER
Egypt ~ Donald B. Redford
Domination and resistance : Egyptian military activity in the
southern Levant, ca. 1300-1185 B.C. ~ by Michael G. Hasel         DT87 .H37 1998            MACK-TOWER

The history of Egypt ~ Glenn E. Perry                             DT100 .P47 2004           MACK-TOWER
Historical dictionary of ancient and medieval Nubia ~
                                                                  DT159.6 .N83 L63 2004     2LB-REF
Richard A. Lobban, Jr
The archaeology of Fazzan ~ Edited by David J. Mattingley
                                                                  DT221 .A73 V.1            MACK-TOWER

From slave trade to empire : European colonisation of Black
Africa, 1780s-1880s ~ edited by Olivier Pâetrâe-Grenouilleau DT352.65 .F76 2004             MACK-TOWER

Britain, Kenya and the cold war : imperial defence, colonial
                                                                  DT433.575 .P47 2004       MACK-TOWER
security and decolonisation ~ David A. Percox
West Africa's security challenges : building peace in a
troubled region ~ edited by Adekeye Adebajo, Ismail Rashid        DT476.5 .W45 2004         MACK-TOWER

Women creating patrilyny : gender and environment in West
                                                                   DT515.45 .B58 S64 2004   MACK-TOWER
Africa ~ Audrey Smedley
The significant role of initiation in the traditional Igbo culture
and religion : an inculturation basis for pastoral catechesis of
                                                                   DT515.45 .I33 O73 2004   MACK-TOWER
Christian initiation ~ George Nnaemeka Oranekwu

The Pygmies were our compass : Bantu and Batwa in the
history of west central Africa, early times to c. 1900 C.E. ~ DT650 .B372 K55 2003          MACK-TOWER
Kairn A. Klieman
The end of apartheid in South Africa ~ Lindsay Michie Eades
                                                              DT1757 .E23 1999              MACK-TOWER

Mandela's world : the international dimension of South
                                                                  DT1974 .B37 2004          MACK-TOWER
Africa's political revolution 1990-99 ~ James Barber
Apartheid's festival : contesting South Africa's national pasts
                                                                  DT2405 .C3657 W58 2003    MACK-TOWER
~ Leslie Witz
American empire in the Pacific : from trade to strategic
                                                                  DU30 .A44 2004            MACK-TOWER
balance, 1700-1922 ~ edited by Arthur Power Dudden
Isabel Flick : the many lives of an extraordinary Aboriginal
                                                                  DU117.2 .F55 A3 2004      MACK-TOWER
woman ~ Isabel Flick and Heather Goodall
Whitefella jump up : the shortest way to nationhood ~
                                                                  DU123.4 .G74 2004         MACK-TOWER
Germaine Greer
Nyoongar people of Australia : perspectives on racism and
                                                                  DU125 .N97 V36 2002       MACK-TOWER
multiculturalism ~ by Rosemary Van den Berg
Discovering the Sikhs : autobiography of a historian ~ W.H.
                                                                  DU419.3 .M35 A3 2004      MACK-TOWER
The history of New Zealand ~ Tom Brooking                         DU420 .B76 2004           MACK-TOWER
The rise and fall of Te Hemara Tauhia ~ Paul Goldsmith            DU422.82 .T38 G65 2003    MACK-TOWER
Gypsies, from the Ganges to the Thames ~ Donald Kenrick
                                                                DX115 .K459 2004       MACK-TOWER

Vision et visages de la Franco-Amâerique ~ [under the
                                                                E29 .F8 V57 2001       MACK-TOWER
direction of] Dean Louder, Jean Morisset et âEric Waddell
Caring for American Indian objects : a practical and cultural
                                                                E77 .C32 2004          MACK-TOWER
guide ~ edited by Sherelyn Ogden
History's shadow : Native Americans and historical
                                                                E77 .C67 2004          MACK-TOWER
consciousness in the nineteenth century ~ Steven Conn
Cultural politics and the mass media : Alaska Native voices
                                                                E78 .A3 D35 2004       MACK-TOWER
~ Patrick J. Daley and Beverly A. James
Archaeology on the edge : new perspectives from the
northern plains ~ edited by Brian Kooyman and Jane Kelley       E78 .A34 A735 2004     MACK-TOWER

Potlatch people : Indian lives and legends ~ Mildred Valley
                                                                E78 .B9 T54 2003       MACK-TOWER
Converting California : Indians and Franciscans in the
                                                                E78 .C15 S37 2004      MACK-TOWER
missions ~ James A. Sandos
Aboriginal policy research : setting the agenda for change ~
edited by Jerry P. White, Paul Maxim and Dan Beavon             E78 .C2 A57 2003 V.1   MACK-TOWER

Aboriginal policy research : setting the agenda for change ~
edited by Jerry P. White, Paul Maxim and Dan Beavon             E78 .C2 A57 2003 V.2   MACK-TOWER

First peoples in Canada ~ Alan D. McMillan, Eldon
                                                              E78 .C2 M26 2004         MACK-TOWER
Living rhythms : lessons in aboriginal economic resilience
                                                              E78 .C2 W89 2004         MACK-TOWER
and vision ~ Wanda Wuttunee
Trail to Wounded Knee : the last stand of the Plains Indians,
1860-1890 ~ Herman J. Viola ; [foreword and afterword by
                                                              E78 .G73 V56 2003        MACK-TOWER
George P. Horse Capture with Daylight Horse Capture]

Coyote warrior : one man, three tribes, and the trial that
                                                                E78 .N75 V36 2004      MACK-TOWER
forged a nation ~ Paul VanDevelder
Indian views of the Custer fight : a source book ~ compiled
                                                                E83.876 .I53 2004      MACK-TOWER
and edited by Richard G. Hardorff
Finding my talk : how fourteen Native women reclaimed their
                                                                E96.5 .G698 2004       MACK-TOWER
lives after residential school ~ Agnes Grant
Promises of the past : a history of Indian education in the
                                                                E97 .D445 1993         MACK-TOWER
United States ~ David H. DeJong
American Indian education : a history ~ Jon Reyhner,
                                                                E97 .R49 2004          MACK-TOWER
Jeanne Eder
Alaska native political leadership and higher education : one
                                                                E97.65 .A4 J45 2004    MACK-TOWER
university, two universes ~ Michael Jennings
Assimilation's agent : my life as a superintendent in the
Indian boarding school system ~ Edwin L. Chalcraft ; edited      E97.65 .N67 C43 2004   MACK-TOWER
and with an introduction by Cary C. Collins
Indian why stories : sparks from War Eagle's lodge-fire ~
Frank B. Linderman (Co skee see co cot) ; illustrated by
Charles M. Russell (Cah ne ta wah see na e ket), the             E98 .F6 L56 2004       MACK-TOWER
cowboy artist ; introduction to the stories in verse by Sarah
Waller Hatfield
Native American storytelling : a reader of myths and legends
                                                                 E98 .F6 N38 2004       MACK-TOWER
~ edited by Karl Kroeber
Ordinal position and role development of the firstborn
American Indian daughter within her family of origin ~ Le        E98 .K45 S55 2004      MACK-TOWER
Anne E. Silvey
The poor Indians : British missionaries, Native Americans,
                                                                 E98 .M6 S74 2004       MACK-TOWER
and colonial sensibility ~ Laura M. Stevens
Native American placenames of the United States ~ William
                                                                 E98 .N2 B75 2004       MACK-TOWER
Tlingit art : totem poles & art of the Alaskan Indians ~ by
                                                                 E98 .T65 B64 2003      MACK-TOWER
Maria Bolanz and Gloria C. Williams
Red pedagogy : Native American social and political thought
                                                                 E98 .T77 G73 2004      MACK-TOWER
~ Sandy Grande
Footprints on the land : tracing the path of the Athabasca
                                                                 E99 .C59 F66 2003      MACK-TOWER
Chipewyan First Nation
Traditional land use study ~ Athabasca Chipewyan First
                                                                 E99 .C59 T73 2003      MACK-TOWER
Peguis : a noble friend ~ Donna G. Sutherland                    E99 .C6 S88 2003       MACK-TOWER
Living in the Land of Death : the Choctaw Nation, 1830-1860
                                                                 E99 .C8 A44 2004       MACK-TOWER
~ Donna L. Akers
New perspectives on the first Americans ~ edited by Bradley
                                                                 E99 .C832 N49 2004     MACK-TOWER
T. Lepper and Robson Bonnichsen
Healing through art : ritualized space and Cree identity ~
                                                                 E99 .C88 F23 2004      MACK-TOWER
Nadia Ferrara
Okfuskee : a Creek Indian town in colonial America ~
                                                                 E99 .C9 P55 2004       MACK-TOWER
Joshua Piker
Herbal remedies of the Lumbee Indians ~ Arvis Locklear
                                                                 E99 .C91 B68 2004      MACK-TOWER
Boughman and Loretta O. Oxendine
The Plains Sioux and U.S. colonialism from Lewis and Clark
                                                                 E99 .D1 O85 2004       MACK-TOWER
to Wounded Knee ~ Jeffrey Ostler
Comock : the true story of an Eskimo hunter who survived
with his family for ten years on an otherwise deserted island,
returning to the mainland only by great ingenuity & daring ~
as told to and by Robert Flaherty ; with photographs Flaherty    E99 .E7 C64 2003       MACK-TOWER
took of Comock's Friends & neighbors, and drawings made
by them ; edited by Edmund Carpenter
Les Inuit de l'Arctique canadien ~ textes recueillis par
                                                                 E99 .E7 I587 2003    MACK-TOWER
Pauline Huret ; prâeface de Micháele Therrien
No man's river ~ Farley Mowat                                    E99 .E7 M687 2004    MACK-TOWER
Historical dictionary of the Inuit ~ Pamela R. Stern             E99 .E7 S84 2004     2LB-REF
Taprarmiuni kassiyulriit = Stebbins dance festival ~ as told
by Anatole Bogeyaktuk and Charlie Steve ; interviews by
Rose Anna Dan Waghiyi and Mary Alexander Wondzell ;
                                                                 E99 .E7 T27 2004     MACK-TOWER
transcribed and translated by Sophie Shield with Marie
Meade ; edited by Ann Fienup-Riordan

De religione : telling the seventeenth-century Jesuit story in
Huron to the Iroquois ~ edited and translated by John            E99 .H9 D47 2004     MACK-TOWER
Kahnawáa:ke : factionalism, traditionalism, and nationalism
                                                                 E99 .M8 R45 2004     MACK-TOWER
in a Mohawk community ~ Gerald F. Reid
Mohawk Saint : Catherine Tekakwitha and the Jesuits ~
                                                                 E99 .M8 T4583 2005   MACK-TOWER
Allan Greer
La forãet vive : râecits fondateurs du peuple innu ~ Râemi
                                                                 E99 .M87 S38 2004    MACK-TOWER
The Navajo as seen by the Franciscans, 1898-1921 : a
                                                                 E99 .N3 N25 2004     2LB-REF
sourcebook ~ edited by Howard M. Bahr
Blanket weaving in the Southwest ~ Joe Ben Wheat ; edited
                                                                 E99 .N3 W465 2003    MACK-TOWER
by Ann Lane Hedlund
Chief Joseph, Yellow Wolf, and the creation of Nez Perce
                                                                 E99 .N5 M38 2004     MACK-TOWER
history in the Pacific Northwest ~ Robert R. McCoy
Chief Daniel Bread and the Oneida nation of Indians of
                                                                 E99 .O45 B744 2002   MACK-TOWER
Wisconsin ~ Laurence M. Hauptman, L. Gordon McLester
Viet Cong at Wounded Knee : the trail of a Blackfeet activist
                                                                 E99 .P58 A3 2004     MACK-TOWER
~ Woody Kipp
Rivers of gold : the rise of the Spanish Empire, from
                                                                 E123 .T56 2003       MACK-TOWER
Columbus to Magellan ~ Hugh Thomas
The cultural geography of colonial American literatures :
                                                                 E143 .B38 2003       MACK-TOWER
empire, travel, modernity ~ Ralph Bauer
The Antebellum Period ~ James M. Volo and Dorothy
                                                                 E166 .V65 2004       MACK-TOWER
Denneen Volo
Photographers, writers, and the American scene : visions of
passage ~ by James Enyeart ; with Greg Glazner, literary
                                                                 E169.02 .P47 2002    MACK-TOWER
editor, Arthur Ollman, co-curator, Lynda Rodolitz, production
Hip, the history ~ John Leland                                   E169.1 .L393 2004    MACK-TOWER
The Gilded Age ~ Joel Shrock                                     E169.1 .S452 2004    MACK-TOWER
Probing popular culture on and off the Internet ~ Marshall
                                                                 E169.12 .F57 2004    MACK-TOWER
Desolation's march : the rise of personalism and the reign of
amusement in 21st-century America ~ by Stephen Paul             E169.12 .F66 2004     MACK-TOWER
Encyclopedia of American history ~ Gary B. Nash, general
                                                                E174 .E53 2003 V.1    MACK-TOWER
Encyclopedia of American history ~ Gary B. Nash, general
                                                                E174 .E53 2003 V.2    MACK-TOWER
Encyclopedia of American history ~ Gary B. Nash, general
                                                                E174 .E53 2003 V.3    MACK-TOWER
Encyclopedia of American history ~ Gary B. Nash, general
                                                                E174 .E53 2003 V.4    MACK-TOWER
Encyclopedia of American history ~ Gary B. Nash, general
                                                                E174 .E53 2003 V.5    MACK-TOWER
Encyclopedia of American history ~ Gary B. Nash, general
                                                                E174 .E53 2003 V.6    MACK-TOWER
Encyclopedia of American history ~ Gary B. Nash, general
                                                                E174 .E53 2003 V.7    MACK-TOWER
Encyclopedia of American history ~ Gary B. Nash, general
                                                                E174 .E53 2003 V.8    MACK-TOWER
Encyclopedia of American history ~ Gary B. Nash, general
                                                                E174 .E53 2003 V.9    MACK-TOWER
Encyclopedia of American history ~ Gary B. Nash, general
                                                                E174 .E53 2003 V.10   MACK-TOWER
Encyclopedia of American history ~ Gary B. Nash, general
                                                                E174 .E53 2003 V.11   MACK-TOWER
Founding mothers : the women who raised our nation ~
                                                                E176 .R63 2004        MACK-TOWER
Cokie Roberts
American political leaders ~ Richard L. Wilson                  E176 .W56 2002        2LB-REF
The American presidency ~ edited by Alan Brinkley and
                                                                E176.1 .A427 2004     MACK-TOWER
Davis Dyer
The reader's companion to the American presidency ~
                                                                E176.1 .R38 2000      2LB-REF
edited by Alan Brinkley and Davis Dyer
Encyclopedia of presidential campaigns, slogans, issues,
and platforms ~ Robert North Roberts and Scott John             E176.1 .R63 2004      2LB-REF
History, frontier, and section : three essays ~ by Frederick
                                                                E179.5 .T938 1993     MACK-TOWER
Jackson Turner ; introduction by Martin Ridge
Encyclopedia of Cuban-United States relations ~ Thomas M.
                                                                E183.8 .C9 L46 2004   2LB-REF
Dangerous de-liaisons : what's really behind the war
between France and the U.S. ~ Jean-Marie Colombani &            E183.8 .F8 C65 2004   MACK-TOWER
Walter Wells ; edited by Luc Jacob-Duvernet
Hong Kong and the Cold War : Anglo-American relations,
                                                                E183.8 .G7 M36 2004   MACK-TOWER
1949-1957 ~ Chi-kwan Mark
Engaging India : diplomacy, democracy, and the bomb ~
                                                               E183.8 .I4 T35 2004     MACK-TOWER
Strobe Talbott
Lyndon B. Johnson and the politics of arms sales to Isreal :
                                                               E183.8 .I7 B48 2004     MACK-TOWER
in the shadow of the hawk ~ Abraham Ben-Zvi
Amerika : Russian writers view the United States ~ edited by
                                                               E183.8 .R9 A645 2004    MACK-TOWER
Mikhail Iossel and Jeff Parker
The Columbia documentary history of race and ethnicity in
                                                               E184 .A1 C55 2004       2LB-REF
America ~ edited by Ronald H. Bayor
The liberty of strangers : making the American nation ~
                                                               E184 .A1 K46 2005       MACK-TOWER
Desmond King
Colonial subjects : Puerto Ricans in a global perspective ~
                                                               E184 .P85 G76 2003      MACK-TOWER
Ramâon Grosfoguel
Sources of the African American past : primary sources in
                                                               E184.6 .F56 2004        MACK-TOWER
American history ~ Roy E. Finkenbine
Trouble in mind : Black southerners in the age of Jim Crow ~
                                                               E185.6 .L58 1999        MACK-TOWER
Leon F. Litwack
A stone of hope : prophetic religion and the death of Jim
                                                               E185.61 .C5327 2004     MACK-TOWER
Crow ~ David L. Chappell
The Greenwood encyclopedia of African American civil
rights : from emancipation to the twenty-first century ~
Charles D. Lowery and John F. Marszalek, editors ; Thomas      E185.61 .E54 2003 V.1   2LB-REF
Adams Upchurch, associate editor ; foreword by David J.
The Greenwood encyclopedia of African American civil
rights : from emancipation to the twenty-first century ~
Charles D. Lowery and John F. Marszalek, editors ; Thomas      E185.61 .E54 2003 V.2   2LB-REF
Adams Upchurch, associate editor ; foreword by David J.
Civil rights crossroads : nation, community, and the Black
                                                               E185.615 .L38 2003      MACK-TOWER
freedom struggle ~ Steven F. Lawson
The new H.N.I.C. (Head Niggas in Charge) : the death of
                                                               E185.86 .B69 2004       MACK-TOWER
civil rights and the reign of hip hop ~ Todd Boyd
The portable John Adams ~ edited with an introduction by
                                                               E302 .A262 2004         MACK-TOWER
John Patrick Diggins
Franklin : the autobiography and other writings on politics,
                                                               E302.6 .F7 A2 2004      MACK-TOWER
economics, and virtue ~ edited by Alan Houston
Winfield Scott and the profession of arms ~ Allan Peskin       E403.1 .S4 P47 2003     MACK-TOWER
Recollections of a former slave ~ James L. Smith ; with an
                                                               E444 .S65 2004          MACK-TOWER
introduction by Rosalyn Howard
Abraham Lincoln ~ Thomas Keneally                              E457 .K46 2003          MACK-TOWER
We are Lincoln men : Abraham Lincoln and his friends ~
                                                               E457.2 .D66 2003        MACK-TOWER
David Herbert Donald
The most fearful ordeal : original coverage of the Civil War
by The New York times ~ by the writers of of The New York
                                                                  E464 .M67 2004          MACK-TOWER
times ; introduction and notes by James M. McPherson

Freedoms journey : African American voices of the Civil War
                                                                  E540 .N3 F73 2004       MACK-TOWER
~ edited by Donald Yacovone
The Progressive era : primary documents on events from
                                                                  E661 .B878 2004         MACK-TOWER
1890 to 1914 ~ Elizabeth V. Burt
Independent nation : how the vital center is changing
                                                                  E743 .A95 2004          MACK-TOWER
American politics ~ John P. Avlon
Eisenhower and the art of warfare : a critical appraisal ~ D.J.
                                                                  E836 .H39 2004          MACK-TOWER
Blowback : the costs and consequences of American empire
                                                                  E840 .J636 2004         MACK-TOWER
~ Chalmers Johnson
Good Muslim, bad Muslim : America, the Cold War, and the
                                                                  E840 .M325 2004         MACK-TOWER
roots of terror ~ Mahmood Mamdani
Ellsworth Bunker : global troubleshooter, Vietnam hawk ~
                                                                  E840.8 .B845 S33 2003   MACK-TOWER
Howard B. Schaffer
Modernization as ideology : American social science and
                                                                  E841 .L38 2000          MACK-TOWER
"nation-building" in the Kennedy era ~ Michael E. Latham
Nixon at the movies : a book about belief ~ Mark Feeney           E856 .F44 2004          MACK-TOWER
Nixon's shadow : the history of an image ~ David Greenberg
                                                                  E856 .G74 2003          MACK-TOWER

Impeaching Clinton : partisan strife on Capitol Hill ~ Nicol C.
                                                                  E886.2 .R34 2004        MACK-TOWER
Rae & Colton C. Campbell
The choice : global domination or global leadership ~
                                                                  E895 .B79 2004          MACK-TOWER
Zbigniew Brzezinski
The sheriff : America's defense of the new world order ~
                                                                  E895 .G73 2004          MACK-TOWER
Colin S. Gray
Bush league diplomacy : how the neoconservatives are
putting the world at risk ~ Craig R. Eisendrath and Melvin A.     E902 .E37 2004          MACK-TOWER
Hating America : the new world sport ~ John Gibson                E902 .G53 2004          MACK-TOWER
Citizens of the empire : the struggle to claim our humanity ~
                                                                  E902 .J45 2004          MACK-TOWER
by Robert Jensen
Bush country : how Dubya became a great president while
                                                                  E902 .P63 2004          MACK-TOWER
driving liberals insane ~ John Podhoretz
An ordinary person's guide to empire ~ Arundhati Roy              E902 .R69 2004          MACK-TOWER
A hole in the world : an unfolding story of war, protest and
                                                                  E902 .S34 2004          MACK-TOWER
the new American order ~ Jonathan Schell
Bush on the couch : inside the mind of the president ~ Justin
                                                                  E903.2 .F73 2004        MACK-TOWER
A. Frank
Chain of command : the road from 9/11 to Abu Ghraib ~
                                                                  E903.3 .H47 2004        1LT-RESN
Seymour M. Hersh
Chain of command : the road from 9/11 to Abu Ghraib ~
                                                                  E903.3 .H47 2004       1LT-RES
Seymour M. Hersh
Chain of command : the road from 9/11 to Abu Ghraib ~
                                                                  E903.3 .H47 2004       1LT-RES
Seymour M. Hersh
The Franco-Americans of New England : dreams and
                                                                  F15 .F85 R6213 2004    MACK-TOWER
realities ~ Yves Roby ; translated by Mary Ricard
The Lobster Coast : rebels, rusticators, and the struggle for
                                                                  F27 .A75 W66 2004      MACK-TOWER
a forgotten frontier ~ Colin Woodard
Champlain's Island : an expanded edition of Ste. Croix
                                                                  F27 .W3 G35 2003       MACK-TOWER
(Dochet) Island ~ by William Francis Ganong
American Jezebel : the uncommon life of Anne Hutchinson,
the woman who defied the Puritans ~ Eve LaPlante                  F67 .H92 L37 2004      MACK-TOWER

Stories of freedom in Black New York ~ Shane White                F128.9 .N3 W48 2002    MACK-TOWER
Encyclopedia of the Great Plains ~ David J. Wishart, editor
                                                                  F591 .E54 2004         MACK-TOWER

Men of the West : life on the American frontier ~ Cathy
                                                                  F596 .L85 2004         MACK-TOWER
Confronting race : women and Indians on the frontier, 1815-
                                                                  F596 .R55 2004         MACK-TOWER
1915 ~ Glenda Riley
Britain, Canada, and the North Pacific : maritime enterprise
                                                                  F880 .G68 2004         MACK-TOWER
and dominion, 1778-1914 ~ Barry M. Gough
The last giant of Beringia : the mystery of the Bering Land
                                                                  F951 .O54 2004         MACK-TOWER
Bridge ~ Dan O'Neill
Indian and nation in revolutionary Mexico ~ Alexander S.
                                                                  F1219.3 .G6 D39 2004   MACK-TOWER
The king's living image : the culture and politics of viceregal
power in colonial Mexico ~ by Alejandro Caäneque                  F1231 .C265 2004       MACK-TOWER

The new world of Martin Cortes ~ Anna Lanyon                      F1231 .C67 L36 2004    MACK-TOWER
Popular piety and political identity in Mexico's Cristero
                                                                  F1234 .B88 2004        MACK-TOWER
Rebellion : Michoacâan, 1927-29 ~ by Matthew Butler
Mexico : an encyclopedia of contemporary culture and
history ~ Don M. Coerver, Suzanne B. Pasztor, and Robert          F1234 .C627 2004       2LB-REF
M. Buffington
Mexico's democracy at work : political and economic
dynamics ~ edited by Russell Crandall, Guadalupe Paz, and         F1236 .M4865 2005      MACK-TOWER
Riordan Roett
Reconciling modernity : urban state formation in 1940s
                                                                  F1391 .L4 N49 2004     MACK-TOWER
Leâon, Mexico ~ Daniel Newcomer
A political and economic dictionary of Latin America ~ Peter
                                                                  F1406 .C35 2004        2LB-REF
A history of Latin America ~ Benjamin Keen, Keith Haynes
                                                                  F1408.3 .K42 2004      MACK-TOWER
Latin America : a social history of the colonial period ~
                                                                  F1412 .B76 2005          MACK-TOWER
Jonathan C. Brown
Spanish Bourbons and wild Indians ~ David J. Weber                F1412 .W43 2004          MACK-TOWER
Ancient Maya : the rise and fall of a rainforest civilisation ~
                                                                  F1435 .D46 2004          MACK-TOWER
Arthur Demarest
Romancing the Maya : Mexican antiquity in the American
                                                                  F1435 .E88 2004          MACK-TOWER
imagination, 1820-1915 ~ R. Tripp Evans
Yaxcaba and the caste war of Yucatan : an archaeological
                                                                  F1435.1 .Y27 A44 2004    MACK-TOWER
perspective ~ Rani T. Alexander
Threatening others : Nicaraguans and the formation of
national identities in Costa Rica ~ Carlos Sandoval-Garcâia       F1557 .N5 S2613 2004     MACK-TOWER

Fidel Castro : a biography ~ Thomas M. Leonard               F1788.22 .C3 L46 2004         MACK-TOWER
Race and politics in the Dominican Republic ~ Ernesto
                                                             F1941 .A1 S34 2000            MACK-TOWER
Introduction to the pan-Caribbean ~ edited by Tracey Skelton
                                                             F2183 .I58 2004               MACK-TOWER

Gold and power in ancient Costa Rica, Panama, and
Colombia : a symposium at Dumbarton Oaks, 9 and 10
                                                           F2230.1 .G64 G65 2003           MACK-TOWER
October 1999 ~ Jeffrey Quilter and John W. Hoopes, editors

Colombia : a brutal history ~ Geoff Simons                        F2271 .S56 2004          MACK-TOWER
The saddest country : on assignment in Colombia ~
                                                                  F2279 .C64 2004          MACK-TOWER
Nicholas Coghlan
Kinship with monkeys : the Guajâa foragers of eastern
Amazonia ~ Loretta A. Cormier ; with original illustrations by    F2520.1 .G69 C67 2003    MACK-TOWER
James P. Cormier
Conflicts & conspiracies : Brazil and Portugal 1750-1808 ~
                                                                  F2534 .M39 2004          MACK-TOWER
Kenneth Maxwell
The emperor's beard : Dom Pedro II and the tropical
monarchy of Brazil ~ Lilia Moritz Schwarcz ; translated from      F2536 .P422 S3913 2004   MACK-TOWER
the Portuguese by John Gledson
Race in another America : the significance of skin color in
                                                                  F2659 .A1 T45 2004       MACK-TOWER
Brazil ~ Edward E. Telles
Inca origins : Asian influences in early South America in
                                                                  F3429 .K44 2003          MACK-TOWER
myth, migration and history ~ Graeme R. Kearsley
Moche portraits from ancient Peru ~ Christopher B. Donnan
                                                                  F3430.1 .M6 D643 2004    MACK-TOWER

A brief history of Peru ~ Christine Hunefeldt               F3431 .H86 2004                MACK-TOWER
The Inca princesses : tales of the Indies ~ Stuart Stirling F3442 .S75 2003                MACK-TOWER
L'autre Marie Morin : une femme abandonnâee en Nouvelle-
                                                            F5063 .M7 M97 2004             MACK-TOWER
France : 1667-1748 ~ Marcel Myre
The museum called Canada : 25 rooms of wonder ~ essays
by Charlotte Gray ; book concept and curation by Sara
                                                               FC21 .G73 2004         MACK-TOWER
Angel ; design by Dinnick & Howells ; cover and interior
photography by Nancy Tong
Canada's immigrants, heroes and countrymen ~ Robin
                                                               FC26 .I6 A78 2001      MACK-TOWER
Arthur, Sam Bayat
Beauty tips from Moose Jaw : travels in search of Canada ~
                                                               FC76 .F47 2004         MACK-TOWER
Will Ferguson
Redress : inside the Japanese Canadian call for justice ~
                                                               FC106 .J3 M555 2004    MACK-TOWER
Roy Miki
Aspects de la nouvelle francophonie canadienne ~ sous la
                                                               FC137 .A87 2004        MACK-TOWER
direction de Simon Langlois et Jocelyn Lâetourneau
A little history of Canada ~ H.V. Nelles                       FC165 .N45 2004        MACK-TOWER
Interpreting Canada's past                                     FC170 .I57 2004 V.2    MACK-TOWER
The national parks of Canada ~ Foreword by David Suzuki ;
principal photography by J.A. Kraulis ; text by Kevin          FC215 .M386 2004       MACK-TOWER
Battle lines : eyewitness accounts from Canada's military
                                                               FC226 .B35 2004        MACK-TOWER
history ~ J.L. Granatstein, Norman Hillmer
Champlain : la naissance de l'Amâerique franðcaise ~ sous
                                                               FC332 .C53 2004        MACK-TOWER
la direction de Raymonde Litalien et Denis Vaugeois
Champlain : the birth of French America ~ edited by
Raymonde Litalien and Denis Vaugeois ; translated by           FC332 .C5313 2004      MACK-TOWER
Kèathe Roth
Jean Mauvide : de chirurgien áa seigneur de l'ãile
                                                               FC381 .M38 F68 2004    MACK-TOWER
d'Orlâeans au XVIIIe siáecle ~ Martin Fournier
Hometown horizons : local responses to Canada's Great
                                                               FC557 .R88 2004        MACK-TOWER
War ~ Robert Rutherdale
Life sentences : memoirs of an incorrigible Canadian ~ Keith
                                                               FC601 .S65 A3 2004     MACK-TOWER
The hidden Pierre Elliott Trudeau : the faith behind the
politics ~ edited by Richard Gwyn, John English, P. Whitney    FC626 .T788 H53 2004   MACK-TOWER
The secret trial : Brian Mulroney, Stevie Cameron and the
                                                               FC630 .K37 2004        MACK-TOWER
public trust ~ William Kaplan
At home in the world : Canada's global vision for the 21st
                                                               FC635 .W45 2004        MACK-TOWER
century ~ Jennifer Welsh
Worth fighting for ~ Sheila Copps                              FC636 .C66 A3 2004     MACK-TOWER
Atlantic Canada after Confederation : the Acadiensis reader.
volume two ~ editors, P.A. Buckner, Gail G. Campbell, David    FC2011 .A742 1999      MACK-TOWER
Lost and found in Acadie ~ Clive Doucet                        FC2041 .D678 2004      MACK-TOWER
L'Acadie âetoilâee : hommage au 400e anniversaire de
                                                               FC2041 .F75 2004       MACK-TOWER
notre fondation en Amâerique ~ Jacques-A. Frigault
Grand-Prâe : heart of Acadie ~ A.J.B. Johnston & W.P. Kerr
                                                                FC2314 .G72 J64 2004     MACK-TOWER

Fortress Halifax : portrait of a garrison town ~ Mike Parker
                                                                FC2346.4 .P37 2004       MACK-TOWER

A full house and fine singing : diaries and letters of Sadie
Harper Allen ~ [edited by] Mary Biggar Peck, Laurel Boone       FC2468 .A44 1992         MACK-TOWER

Louis J. Robichaud : a not so quiet revolution ~ Michel
                                                                FC2475.1 .R6 C67 2004    MACK-TOWER
Cormier ; translated by Jonathan Kaplansky
The right fight : Bernard Lord and the Conservative dilemma
                                                                FC2478.2 .P65 2004       MACK-TOWER
~ Jacques Poitras
Prince Edward Island : an (un)authorized history ~ written by
                                                                FC2611 .B43 1996         MACK-TOWER
Boyde Beck ; illustrated by P. John Burden
Exiles and Islanders : the Irish settlers of Prince Edward
                                                                FC2650 .I6 O37 2004      MACK-TOWER
Island ~ Brendan O'Grady
Le Quâebec, les Quâebâecois : un parcours historique ~
                                                                FC2911 .L48 2004         MACK-TOWER
Jocelyn Lâetourneau
Traitâe de la culture ~ publiâe sous la direction de Denise
Lemieux avec la collaboration de Gilles Bibeau ... [et al.]     FC2919 .T73 2002         MACK-TOWER

Borderland religion : the emergence of an English-Canadian
                                                                FC2943.5 .L578 2004      MACK-TOWER
identity, 1792-1852 ~ J.I. Little
Up the Great North Road : the story of an Ontario
                                                                FC3095 .P37 M33 2004     MACK-TOWER
colonization road ~ John Macfie
Toronto between the wars : life in the city 1919-1939 ~
                                                                FC3097.4 .C68 2004       MACK-TOWER
Charis Cotter
The Annex : the story of a Toronto neighbourhood ~ Jack
                                                                FC3097.52 .B38 2004      MACK-TOWER
Where have all of Toronto's Germans gone? : the state of
                                                                FC3097.9 .G4 V85 2004    MACK-TOWER
the German-Canadian identity ~ Manfred J. von Vulte
Heritage treasures : the historic homes of Ancaster,
Burlington, Dundas, East Flamborough, Hamilton, Stoney
                                                                FC3098.7 .E93 2004       MACK-TOWER
Creek and Waterdown ~ Susan Evans Shaw ; photography
by Jean Crankshaw
Robert Wetherell and Dundurn : an architect in early
                                                                FC3098.8 .D85 O88 2004   MACK-TOWER
Hamilton ~ Stephen A. Otto
Disasters of Western Canada : courage admist the chaos ~
                                                                FC3209 .D58 H65 2004     MACK-TOWER
Tony Hollihan
Rural life : portraits of the prairie town, 1946 ~ P. James
                                                                FC3367.3 .G54 2004       MACK-TOWER
Giffen ; edited and with an afterword by Gerald Friesen
People places : contemporay Saskatchewan place names ~
                                                                FC3506 .B368 2003        MACK-TOWER
Bill Barry
The days after yesterday : Rocky Mountain House/Nordegg
                                                                FC3695 .R62 R619 2003    MACK-TOWER
and area history
Edmonton in our own words ~ Linda Goyette, Carolina
                                                                   FC3696.4 .G69 2004       MACK-TOWER
Jakeway Roemmich
Historic walks of Edmonton ~ Kathryn Ivany                         FC3696.7 .I93 2004       MACK-TOWER
Three rivers beckoned : life & times with Calgary mayor Jack
                                                                   FC3697.26 .L48 A3 2004   MACK-TOWER
Leslie ~ Jean Leslie
First invaders : the literary origins of British Columbia ~ Alan
                                                                   FC3821 .T88 2004         MACK-TOWER
Rafe : a memoir ~ Rafe Mair                                        FC3830.1 .M35 A3 2004    MACK-TOWER
Bowen Island reflections ~ Edythe Anftey Hanen                     FC3845 .H36 2004         MACK-TOWER
Victoria's castles : a brief history of lovers, madmen,
millionaires and ghosts on Canada's imperial margins ~ Paul        FC3846.7 .C46 2004       MACK-TOWER
G. Chamberlain
Northern exposures : photographing and filming the
                                                                   FC3963.9 .P4 G45 2004    MACK-TOWER
Canadian North, 1920-45 ~ Peter Geller
Of man and beast : true tales from Yukon's wilderness ~
                                                                   FC4011.6 .O54 2004       MACK-TOWER
edited by Manfred Hoefs
A castle on the frontier : an immigrant's life journey from
                                                                   FC4024.1 .L36 A3 2004    MACK-TOWER
Holland to the Yukon, 1921-1987 ~ John Lammers
Diary of a lake : an intimate description of the natural history
of Glacier Lake and the Cirque of the Unclimbables, in the
words of scientists who were among the area's first pioneers       FC4195 .G56 D53 2002     BLT-AINA
~ with a foreword by David Raup ; edited by John Harris,
Vivien Lougheed
Geography and technology ~ edited by Stanley D. Brunn,
                                                                   G70 .G56 2004            MACK-TOWER
Susan L. Cutter, and J.W. Harrington, Jr
Earth ways : framing geographical meanings ~ edited by
                                                                   G70 .P455 2002           MACK-TOWER
Gary Backhaus and John Murungi
Unifying geography : common heritage, shared future? ~
                                                                   G70 .U54 2004            MACK-TOWER
[edited by] John A. Matthews and David T. Herbert
Designing geodatabases : case studies in GIS data
                                                                   G70.2 .A745 2004         MACK-TOWER
modeling ~ David Arctur, Michael Zeiler
GIS : a short introduction ~ Nadine Schuurman                      G70.212 .S38 2004        MACK-TOWER
Landscape visualization for First Nations : an extension
guide for First Nations, planners and educators ~ Stephen          G70.28 .S53 2004         MACK-TOWER
R.J. Sheppard, John L. Lewis, Caitlin Akai
Remote sensing and GIS accuracy assessment ~ edited by
                                                                   G70.39 .R46 2004         MACK-TOWER
Ross S. Lunetta, John G. Lyon
Landscapes for the world : conserving a global heritage ~
                                                                   G140.5 .F69 2004         MACK-TOWER
Peter Fowler
Start your own specialty travel & tour business : your step-
                                                                   G154 .A33 2003           BUS-REF
by-step guide to success ~ Rob and Terry Adams
Tourism and tourism spaces ~ Gareth Shaw and Allan M.
                                                                   G154.7 .S53 2004         BUSINESS
Tourism, diasporas, and space ~ Tim Edward Coles                   G155 .A1 C5139 2004      BUSINESS
Destination branding : creating the unique destination
proposition ~ [edited by] Nigel Morgan, Annette Pritchard      G155 .A1 D474 2004      BUSINESS
and Roger Pride
Management science application in tourism and hospitality ~
                                                               G155 .A1 M3355 2004     BUSINESS
Zheng Gu, editor
Strategic management for tourism communities : bridging
                                                               G155 .A1 M858 2004      BUSINESS
the gaps ~ Peter E. Murphy and Ann E. Murphy
New directions in rural tourism ~ edited by Derek Hall and
                                                               G155 .A1 N49 2003       MACK-TOWER
Lesley Roberts and Morag Mitchell
Marketing for tourism and hospitality : a Canadian
                                                               G155 .C2 H83 2004       BUS-REF
perspective ~ Simon Hudson
Selling British Columbia : tourism and consumer culture,
                                                               G155 .C3 D39 2004       BUSINESS
1890-1970 ~ Michael Dawson
Canadian sport tourism : an introduction ~ W.G. Pealo, G.
                                                               G155 .C3 P43 2004       MACK-TOWER
Behind the smile : the working lives of Caribbean tourism ~
                                                               G155 .C35 G58 2003      BUSINESS
George Gmelch
Great Himalaya : tourism and the dynamics of change in
Nepal ~ Sanjay Kumar Nepal, Thomas Kohler, Bernhard            G155 .N35 N45 2002      MACK-TOWER
Rudolf Banzhaf
Sustainable tourism : the tour operators' [sic] contribution   G156.5 .E26 S88 2003    MACK-TOWER
Tourists in historic towns : urban conservation and heritage
                                                               G156.5 .H47 O72 2000    MACK-TOWER
management ~ Aylin Orbaðsli
A pirate of exquisite mind : explorer, naturalist, and
buccaneer : the life of William Dampier ~ Diana & Michael      G246 .D36 P74 2004      MACK-TOWER
The sea has no end : the life of Louis-Antoine de
                                                               G256 .B6 S88 2004       MACK-TOWER
Bougainville ~ by Victor Suthren
Forgotten Empress : the Empress of Ireland story ~ David
                                                               G530 .E5 Z46 1998       MACK-TOWER
Encyclopedia of the Arctic ~ Mark Nuttall, editor              G606 .E53 2005 V.1      2LB-REF
Encyclopedia of the Arctic ~ Mark Nuttall, editor              G606 .E53 2005 V.2      2LB-REF
Encyclopedia of the Arctic ~ Mark Nuttall, editor              G606 .E53 2005 V.3      2LB-REF
The making of an explorer : George Hubert Wilkins and the
Canadian Arctic Expedition, 1913-1916 ~ Stuart E. Jenness      G635 .W54 J46 2004      MACK-TOWER

Polar castaways : the Ross Sea Party (1914-17) of Sir
Ernest Shackleton ~ Richard McElrea and David Harrowfield G850 1914 .R5 M38 2004       MACK-TOWER

Aòtlas-i millåi-i åIråan                                       G2255 .A67 V.17         2LT-ATLAS
Ground water in the Fort Union Formation in the Wolf Point
1 p0 s x 2 p0 s quadrangle, northeastern Montana
                                                               G4251 .C5 S250-MA 5-E   GALLAGHER
and adjacent North Dakota [cartographic material] ~ by R.N.
Ground water in the Fox Hills Sandstone and Hell Creek
Formation in the Wolf Point 1 p0 s x 2 p0 s
quadrangle, northeastern Montana and adjacent North         G4251 .C5 S250-MA 5-F       GALLAGHER
Dakota [cartograhic material] ~ by R.N. Bergantino and E.M.
Geologic map of the Billings 30§ x 60§ quadrangle, Montana
[cartographic material] ~ by David A. Lopez ; prepared in
cooperation with the U.S. Geological Survey and U.S.        G4251 .C5 SVAR-GM 59        GALLAGHER
Department of Energy National Petroleum Technology Office

Anderson and Knobloch coal horizons and potential for
methane development, Powder River Basin, Montana
                                                                G4251 .C5 SVAR-GM 60    GALLAGHER
[cartographic material] ~ by Wayne A. Van Voast and Paul
R. Thale
Areas of potential landslide hazard in the Billings area,
Yellowstone County, Montana [cartographic material] ~           G4251 .C5 SVAR-GM 61B   GALLAGHER
David A. Lopez and Marianne Sims
Areas of potential rock-fall hazard in the Billings area,
Yellowstone County, Montana [cartographic material] ~           G4251 .C5 SVAR-GM 61C   GALLAGHER
David A. Lopez and Marianne Sims
Areas of potential swelling-clay hazard in the Billings area,
Yellowstone County, Montana [cartographic material] ~           G4251 .C5 SVAR-GM 61D   GALLAGHER
David A. Lopez and Marianne Sims
Small mine permits in Utah, 2002 [cartographic material] ~
                                                                G4341 .H1 750 2002      2LT-MAP
by Roger L. Bon and Sharon Wakefield
Large mine permits in Utah 2002 [cartographic material] ~ by
                                                                G4341 .H1 900 2002      2LT-MAP
Roger L. Bon and Sharon Wakefield
Geology of the inner-southern California continental margin
[cartographic material] ~ H. Gary Greene and Michael P.
                                                                G4361 .C5 S250A NO.1A   2LT-MAP
Kennedy, editors ; graphics by James Dennis Williams

Geology of the mid-southern California continental margin
[cartographic material] ~ H. Gary Greene and Michael P.
                                                                G4361 .C5 S250A NO.2A   2LT-MAP
Kennedy, editors ; graphics by James Dennis Williams

Geology of the outer-southern California continental margin
[cartographic material] ~ H. Gary Greene and Michael P.
                                                                G4361 .C5 S250A NO.3A   2LT-MAP
Kennedy, editors ; graphics by James Dennis Williams

Geology of the central California continental margin
[cartographic material] ~ H. Gary Greene and Michael P.         G4361 .C5 S250A NO.5A   2LT-MAP
Kennedy, editors ; graphics by Bruce Edward Foggy
Geology of the north-central California continental margin
[cartographic material] ~ H. Gary Greene and Michael P.         G4361 .C5 S250A NO.6A   2LT-MAP
Kennedy, editors ; graphics by Ross Martin
Geology of the northern California continental margin
[cartographic material] ~ H. Gary Greene and Michael P.         G4361 .C5 S250A NO.7A     2LT-MAP
Kennedy, editors ; graphics by Ross Martin
Sankt-Peterburg [electronic resource] : 300 let na planakh i
kartakh = Saint Petersburg : three centuries in plans and
                                                                G7064 .S2 A25 2002        2LT-MAPP
maps ~ Rossiæiskaëiìa naëtìsional§naëiìa biblioteka

Historic maps of Armenia : the cartographic heritage ~
                                                                G7151 .S1 G35 2003        MACK-TOWER
Rouben Galichian
Rhumb lines and map wars : a social history of the Mercator
                                                                GA115 .M66 2004           MACK-TOWER
projection ~ Mark Monmonier
Making space : revisioning the world, 1475-1600 ~ John
                                                                GA231 .S46 2004           MACK-TOWER
Rennie Short
Physical geography : science and systems of the human
environment ~ Alan Strahler, Arthur Strahler ; in
                                                                GB54.5 .S87 2005A         1LT-RESN
collaboration with Christopher R. Burn, Robert Gilbert, O.W.
Physical geography : science and systems of the human
environment ~ Alan Strahler, Arthur Strahler ; in
                                                                GB54.5 .S87 2005A         1LT-RES
collaboration with Christopher R. Burn, Robert Gilbert, O.W.
Storm surge : a coastal village battles the rising Atlantic ~
                                                                GB459.4 .S27 2004         MACK-TOWER
William Sargent
Glaciers ~ Michael Hambrey and Jèurg Alean                      GB2403.2 .H36 2004        MACK-TOWER
The Patagonian icefields : a unique natural laboratory for
environmental and climate change studies ~ edited by Gino
                                                                GB2458 .P38 2002          MACK-TOWER
Casassa, Francisco V. Sepâulveda, and Rolf M. Sinclair

Natural disasters and sustainable development ~ Riccardo
                                                                GB5001 .E97 2004          MACK-TOWER
Casale, Claudio Margottini, (eds.)
Development and application of computer techniques to
environmental studies ~ editors, D.W. Pepper, C.A. Brebbia,     GE45 .D37 D48 1998        MACK-TOWER
P. Zanetti
Development and application of computer techniques to
environmental studies X ~ editors, G. Latini, G. Passerini,     GE45 .D37 I58 10TH 2004   MACK-TOWER
C.A. Brebbia
Public history and the environment ~ edited by Martin V.
                                                                GE50 .P83 2004            MACK-TOWER
Melosi and Philip V. Scarpino
Earth in mind : on education, environment, and the human
                                                                GE70 .O77 2004            MACK-TOWER
prospect ~ David W. Orr
Contaminants in the environment : a multidisciplinary
assessment of risks to man and other organisms ~ editors,       GE145 .C67 1994           MACK-TOWER
Aristeo Renzoni ... [et al.]
Culture and sustainability : a cross-national study of cultural
diversity and environmental priorities among mass public
                                                                  GE170 .C95 2003     MACK-TOWER
and decision makers ~ edited by Peter Ester ... [et al.]

Future as fairness : ecological justice and global citizenship
~ edited by Anne K. Haugestad & J.D. Wulfhorst                    GE170 .F88 2004     MACK-TOWER

Nature and the city : making environmental policy in Toronto
                                                             GE185 .C2 D47 2004       MACK-TOWER
and Los Angeles ~ Gene Desfor and Roger Keil
Controversies in environmental sociology ~ edited by Rob
                                                             GE195 .C72 2004          MACK-TOWER
The Greenpeace to Amchitka : an environmental odyssey ~
Robert Hunter ; photographs by Robert Keziere                GE195 .H864 2004         MACK-TOWER

New perspectives on environmental justice : gender,
                                                                  GE220 .N48 2004     MACK-TOWER
sexuality, and activism ~ edited by Rachel Stein
Not business as usual : using collaborative partnerships to
address environmental justice issues ~ [by Cory Fleming           GE230 .F54 2004     MACK-TOWER
and Katrena Hanks]
Culture, environmental action and sustainability ~ Ricardo
Garcâia Mira, Josâe M. Sabucedo Cameselle & Josâe                 GF3 .I57 2002       MACK-TOWER
Romay Martâinez, editors
Geography & geographers : Anglo-American human
                                                                  GF28 .G7 J63 2004   MACK-TOWER
geography since 1945 ~ R.J. Johnston, J.D. Sidaway
Cultural geography in practice ~ edited by Alison Blunt ... [et
                                                                  GF41 .C854 2003     MACK-TOWER
Environmental science : a global concern ~ William P.
Cunningham, MaryAnn Cunnningham, Barbara Woodworth                GF41 .C86 2005      MACK-TOWER
Envisioning human geographies ~ edited by Paul Cloke,
                                                                  GF41 .E62 2004      MACK-TOWER
Philip Crang, Mark Goodwin
The Routledge dictionary of anthropologists ~ Gerald
                                                                  GN20 .G3513 2004    MACK-TOWER
Gaillard ; translated by James Bowman
Reflections on anthropology : a four-field reader ~ edited by
                                                                  GN25 .R44 2004      MACK-TOWER
Katherine A. Dettwyler, Vaughn M. Bryant
Japan and national anthropology : a critique ~ Sonia Ryang
                                                                  GN46 .J3 R96 2004   MACK-TOWER

The bone woman : among the dead in Rwanda, Bosnia,
                                                                  GN69.8 .K64 2004    MACK-TOWER
Croatia and Kosovo ~ Clea Koff
The human story : a new history of mankind's evolution ~
                                                                  GN281 .D86 2004     MACK-TOWER
Robin Dunbar
Nudity : a cultural anatomy ~ Ruth Barcan                         GN298 .B37 2004     MACK-TOWER
Cultural bodies : ethnography and theory ~ edited by Helen
                                                                  GN298 .C85 2004     MACK-TOWER
Thomas and Jamilah Ahmed
Ethnobotany of the Gitksan Indians of British Columbia ~
Harlan I. Smith ; edited, annotated and expanded by Brian       GN301 .P37 NO.132         MACK-TOWER
D. Compton, Bruce Rigsby, Marie-Lucie Tarpent
The whaling Indians : legendary hunters ~ told by
Sa:ya:ch§apis, William, Frank Williams, Big Fred, Captain       GN301 .P37 NO.139         MACK-TOWER
Bill, and Qwishanishim
Whadoo tehmi long-ago people's packsack : Dene babiche
bags : tradition and revival ~ Suzan Marie, Judy Thompson       GN301 .P37 NO.141         MACK-TOWER

Lâevi-Strauss today : an introduction to structural
                                                                GN362 .D4513 2004         MACK-TOWER
anthropology ~ Robert Deliáege ; translated by Nora Scott
Indigenous peoples : resource management and global
                                                                GN380 .I5897 2003         MACK-TOWER
rights ~ Svein Jentoft, Henry Minde and Ragnar Nilsen
In the way of development : indigenous peoples, life projects
and globalization ~ edited by Mario Blaser, Harvey A. Feit,     GN380 .I598 2004          MACK-TOWER
and Glenn McRae
Gender in cross-cultural perspective ~ edited by Caroline B.
                                                                GN479.65 .G465 2005       1LT-RESN
Brettell and Carolyn F. Sargent
Same-sex cultures and sexualities : an anthropological
                                                                GN484.35 .S36 2005        MACK-TOWER
reader ~ edited by Jennifer Robertson
A companion to the anthropology of politics ~ edited by
                                                                GN492 .C66 2004           MACK-TOWER
David Nugent and Joan Vincent
The ethnopolitical encyclopaedia of Europe ~ edited by Karl
                                                                GN492 .E84 2004           MACK-TOWER
Cordell and Stefan Wolff
The sociology of ethnicity ~ Siniésa Maleéseviâc                GN495.6 .M353 2004        MACK-TOWER
Our emotional makeup : ethnopsychology and selfhood ~
Vinciane Despret ; translated from the French by Marjolijn      GN502 .D4713 2004         MACK-TOWER
de Jager
Latin American business cultures ~ Robert Crane, Carlos G.
                                                                GN564 .L29 L37 2005       BUS-REF
Rock art in Africa : mythology and legend ~ Jean-Loèic Le
                                                                GN799 .P4 L46 2004        MACK-TOWER
Quellec ; translated by Paul Bahn
Side-by-side survey : comparative regional studies in the
Mediterranean World ~ edited by Susan E. Alcock and John        GN848 .S56 2004           MACK-TOWER
F. Cherry
Cyprus before history : from the earliest settlers to the end
                                                                GN855 .C93 S74 2004       MACK-TOWER
of the Bronze Age ~ Louise Steel
Fol§klor Zapada i Vostoka : sravnitel§no-istoricheskie
ocherki ~ V.M. Zhirminskiæi ; [sostaviteli, B.S. Dolgin,        GR71 .Z557 2004           MACK-TOWER
S.ëIìU. Neklëiìudov]
Acadian tales from Cape Breton Island including The seven-
headed beast ~ collected by Anselme Chiasson ; translated       GR113.5 .C36 C5513 2004   MACK-TOWER
by Rosie Aucoin Grace
Catâalogo tipolâogico del cuento folklâorico espaänol.
Cuentos de animales ~ Julio Camarena Laucirica, Maxime      GR230 .C338 1997          MACK-TOWER
Catâalogo tipolâogico del cuento folklâorico espaänol. Tomo
IV. Cuentos - novela ~ Julio Camarena, Maxime Chevalier     GR230 .C343 2003          MACK-TOWER

Cuento tradiconal, cultura, literatura : siglos XVI-XIX ~
                                                                GR230 .C478 1999      MACK-TOWER
Maxime Chevalier
Phantom islands of the Atlantic ~ Donald S. Johnson             GR940 .J64 1994       MACK-TOWER
Encyclopedia of clothing and fashion ~ Valerie Steele, editor
                                                                GT507 .E53 2005 V.1   2LB-REF
in chief
Encyclopedia of clothing and fashion ~ Valerie Steele, editor
                                                                GT507 .E53 2005 V.2   2LB-REF
in chief
Encyclopedia of clothing and fashion ~ Valerie Steele, editor
                                                                GT507 .E53 2005 V.3   2LB-REF
in chief
The clothed body ~ Patrizia Calefato ; English translation by
                                                                GT525 .C2513 2004     MACK-TOWER
Lisa Adams
Dress and globalisation ~ Margaret Maynard                      GT525 .M39 2004       MACK-TOWER
Fashion : a Canadian perspective ~ edited by Alexandra
                                                                GT620 .F37 2004       MACK-TOWER
Wedding dresses from the Bowes Museum collection ~
                                                                GT1753 .G7 B68 2003   MACK-TOWER
Joanna Hashagen [curator]
Food and cultural studies ~ Bob Ashley ... [et al.]             GT2850 .F519 2004     MACK-TOWER
Revolution at the table : the transformation of the American
                                                                GT2853 .U5 L48 1988   MACK-TOWER
diet ~ Harvey A. Levenstein
Social solidarity and the gift ~ Aafke E. Komter                GT3040 .K66 2005      MACK-TOWER
Geisha : beyond the painted smile ~ edited by the Peabody
                                                                GT3412 .G45 2004      MACK-TOWER
Essex Museum
An Island Christmas reader ~ David Weale ; with illustrations
                                                                GT4987.15 .W43 1994   MACK-TOWER
by Dale McNevin & Joey Weale
The naked Olympics : the true story of the ancient games ~
Tony Perrottet ; illustrations by Lesley Thelander              GV23 .P47 2004        MACK-TOWER

A brief history of the Olympic games ~ David C. Young           GV23 .Y67 2004        MACK-TOWER
Encyclopedia of recreation and leisure in America ~ Gary S.
                                                                GV53 .E63 2004 V.1    2LB-REF
Cross, editor in chief
Encyclopedia of recreation and leisure in America ~ Gary S.
                                                                GV53 .E63 2004 V.2    2LB-REF
Cross, editor in chief
Leisure and recreation in Canadian society : an introduction
                                                                GV55 .K37 2004        MACK-TOWER
~ George Karlis
Recreation in the Renaissance : attitudes towards leisure
and pastimes in European culture, c. 1425-1675 ~                GV73 .A73 2003        MACK-TOWER
Alessandro Arcangeli
Leisure in urban Africa ~ edited by Paul Tiyambe Zeleza and
                                                                GV135 .L45 2003       MACK-TOWER
Cassandra Rachel Veney
The leisure industries ~ Ken Roberts                             GV188 .R63 2004          BUSINESS
Organization behaviour for leisure services ~ Conrad
                                                                 GV188.3 .U6 L37 2003     BUSINESS
Lashley and Darren Lee-Ross
Ways to the sky : a historical guide to North American
                                                                 GV199.44 .N67 S45 2004   MACK-TOWER
mountaineering ~ Andy Selters
Rock climbing : mastering basic skills ~ Craig Luebben           GV200.2 .L84 2004        MACK-TOWER
Turnen and sport : transatlantic transfers ~ Annette R.
                                                                 GV203 .T87 2004          MACK-TOWER
Hofmann (ed.)
Teaching cues for sport skills for secondary school students
                                                                 GV361 .F76 2005          MACK-TOWER
~ Hilda Anna Fronske
Football, crowds and cultures : comparing English and
                                                                 GV571 .A87 NO.13         MACK-TOWER
Australian law and enforcement trends ~ Ian Warren
Sport and festival in the ancient Greek world ~ edited by
David J. Phillips and David Pritchard ; contributors Ben         GV573 .S67 2003          MACK-TOWER
Brown ... [et al.]
Marrow of the nation : a history of sport and physical culture
                                                                 GV651 .M67 2004          MACK-TOWER
in Republican China ~ Andrew D. Morris
Hearts of gold : stories of courage, dedication and triumph
                                                                 GV697 .A1 Z44 2004       MACK-TOWER
from Canadian Olympians ~ Lorne Zeiler
Fair play : the ethics of sport ~ Robert Simon                   GV706.3 .S57 2004        MACK-TOWER
Critical moments during competition : a mind-body model of
sport performance when it counts the most ~ Roland A.            GV706.4 .C329 2004       MACK-TOWER
Mind games : inspirational lessons from the world's biggest
sports stars ~ Jeff Grout & Sarah Perrin ; foreword by Clive     GV706.4 .G75 2004        MACK-TOWER
Existential psychology and sport : theory and application ~
                                                                 GV706.4 .N467 2004       MACK-TOWER
Mark Nesti
High stakes : big time sports and downtown redevelopment
~ Timothy Jon Curry, Kent Schwirian, and Rachael A.              GV706.5 .C868 2004       MACK-TOWER
From ritual to record : the nature of modern sports ~ Allen
                                                                 GV706.5 .G86 2004        MACK-TOWER
Jews and the Olympic Games : the clash between sport and
politics : with a complete review of Jewish Olympic              GV709.6 .T39 2004        MACK-TOWER
medallists ~ Paul Taylor
Understanding sports coaching : the social, cultural and
pedagogical foundations of coaching practice ~ Tania             GV711 .C365 2004         MACK-TOWER
Cassidy, Robyn Jones and Paul Potrac
Arnheim's principles of athletic training : a competency-
                                                                 GV711.5 .K52 2003        1LT-RES
based approach ~ William E. Prentice
Strategic sports events management : an international
                                                                 GV713 .M365 2004         MACK-TOWER
approach ~ Guy Masterman
The sport business future ~ Aaron Smith & Hans Westerbeek
                                                                 GV713 .S624 2004         MACK-TOWER
Consuming sport : fans, sport, and culture ~ Garry Crawford
                                                                  GV715 .C73 2004          MACK-TOWER

The commercialisation of sport ~ edited by Trevor Slack           GV716 .C66 2004          MACK-TOWER
The Olympics : Athens to Athens 1896-2004 ~ [edited by
Matt Rendell ; forewords by Jacques Rogge and Michael             GV721.5 .A8413 2004      MACK-TOWER
Amped : how big air, big dollars, and a new generation took
                                                                  GV749.7 .B76 2004        MACK-TOWER
sports to the extreme ~ David Browne
Sea of dreams : racing alone around the world in a small
                                                                  GV832 .M39 2004          MACK-TOWER
boat ~ Adam Mayers
Turnaround : crisis, leadership, and the Olympic Games ~
                                                                  GV842 2002 .R66 2004     MACK-TOWER
Mitt Romney with Timothy Robinson
Taking in a game : a history of baseball in Asia ~ Joseph A.
                                                                  GV863.69 .R45 2002       MACK-TOWER
Beating the breaks : major league ballplayers who overcame
                                                                  GV865 .A1 S93 2004       MACK-TOWER
disabilities ~ Rick Swaine
The American Indian integration of baseball ~ Jeffrey
                                                                  GV867.64 .P69 2004       MACK-TOWER
Powers-Beck ; with a foreword by Joseph B. Oxendine
The rivals : the Boston Red Sox vs. the New York Yankees
: an inside history ~ the baseball writers of the New York        GV875 .N4 R58 2004       MACK-TOWER
Times and the Boston Globe
Lord's : the cathedral of cricket ~ Stephen Green                 GV927 .G74 2003          MACK-TOWER
Beckham ~ Ellis Cashmore                                          GV942.7 .B43 A3 2004     MACK-TOWER
Foul play : the inside story of the biggest corruption trial in
                                                                  GV942.7 .G76 T46 2003    MACK-TOWER
British sporting history ~ David Thomas
Offside racism : playing the white man ~ Colin King               GV943.9 .S64 K564 2004   MACK-TOWER
Football physics : the science of the game ~ Timothy Gay ;
                                                                  GV959 .G39 2004          MACK-TOWER
with a foreword by Bill Belichick
The fifty-year seduction : how television manipulated college
football, from the birth of the modern NCAA to the creation       GV959.5 .D86 2004        MACK-TOWER
of the BCS ~ Keith Dunnavant
Racquetball fundamentals ~ Jim Winterton                          GV1003.34 .R33 2004      MACK-TOWER
Sports car road racing in Western Canada ~ Tom Johnston
                                                                  GV1034.15 .A1 J64 2004   MACK-TOWER

Zinn's cycling primer : maintenance tips & skill building for
                                                                  GV1056 .Z56 2004         MACK-TOWER
cyclists ~ Lennard Zin
Runner's world guide to cross-training ~ Matt Fitzgerald          GV1061.5 .F58 2004       MACK-TOWER
Dictionary of toys and games in American popular culture ~
                                                                  GV1218.62 .A94 2004      MACK-TOWER
Frederick J. Augustyn, Jr
Characteristics of computer-mediated environments and
their impact on spending and choice ~ by Jennifer Dianne          GV1302.5 .C54 2003       MACK-TOWER
The video game theory reader ~ edited by Mark J.P. Wolf
                                                                  GV1469.3 .V53 2003       MACK-TOWER
and Bernard Perron
DanceForms 1.0 software for visualizing and chronicling
choreography : a practical guide ~ Rhonda Ryman with            GV1587 .R95 2003       MACK-TOWER
Lawrence Adams
Dancing identity : metaphysics in motion ~ Sondra Fraleigh
                                                                GV1588.3 .F725 2004    MACK-TOWER

How to make dances in an epidemic : tracking choreography
                                                                GV1588.6 .G47 2004     MACK-TOWER
in the age of AIDS ~ David Gere
The eloquent body : dance and humanist culture in fifteenth-
                                                                GV1588.6 .N48 2004     MACK-TOWER
century Italy ~ Jennifer Nevile
Dance as education : towards a national dance culture ~
                                                                GV1589 .B75 1991       MACK-TOWER
Peter Brinson
Il ballarino /cMarco Fabrizio Caroso                            GV1590 .C28 1581       MACK-TOWER
The story of Irish dance ~ Helen Brennan                        GV1646 .I8 B74 2004    MACK-TOWER
Les ballets de la cour de France au XVIIe siáecle : ou, Les
fantaisies et les splendeurs du Baroque ~ Georgie Durosoir      GV1649 .D87 2004       MACK-TOWER

La nouvelle danse franðcaise : crâeation et organisation du
pouvoir dans les centres chorâegraphiques nationaux ~       GV1649 .G85 2004           MACK-TOWER
Muriel Guigou
Krokodil im Schwanensee : Tanz in Deutschland seit 1945 ~
Hedwig Mèuller, Ralf Stabel, Patricia Stèockemann ;
                                                            GV1651 .M85 2003           MACK-TOWER
herausgegeben von der Akademie der Kèunste

Learning the essential sequence dances ~ T.A. Whitworth ;
                                                          GV1751 .W55 1997             IN-PROCESS
[foreword by Derek Arnold]
Learning the essential sequence dances ~ T.A. Whitworth ;
                                                          GV1751 .W55 1997             MACK-TOWER
[foreword by Derek Arnold]
The rough guide to choreography ~ edited by Donald Hutera
                                                          GV1782.5 .R68 2004           MACK-TOWER

Dance composition ~ Jacqueline M. Smith-Autard                  GV1782.5 .S63 2004     MACK-TOWER
L'atelier du danseur ~ Guylaine Massoutre                       GV1783 .M37 2004       MACK-TOWER
Masters of movement : portraits of America's great
choreographers ~ Rose Eichenbaum, photographs and text ;        GV1785 .A1 E53 2004    MACK-TOWER
Clive Barnes, foreword
Tocororo : a Cuban tale ~ Carlos Acosta, photographs by
                                                                GV1785 .A35 T63 2004   MACK-TOWER
Angela Taylor
George Balanchine : the ballet maker ~ Robert Gottlieb          GV1785 .B32 G67 2004   MACK-TOWER
All in the dances : a brief life of George Balanchine ~ Terry
                                                                GV1785 .B32 T43 2004   MACK-TOWER
Le marquis de Cuevas ~ Gâerard Mannoni                          GV1785 .C82 M36 2003   MACK-TOWER
Dolgoe puteshestvie s Dëiìagilevymi ~ Aleksandr Laskin          GV1785 .D5 L36 2003    MACK-TOWER
Margot Fonteyn ~ Meredith Daneman                               GV1785 .F63 D36 2004   MACK-TOWER
William Forsythe : Denken in Bewegung ~ Gerald Siegmund
                                                                GV1785 .F65 W53 2004   MACK-TOWER
(Hrsg.) ; Fotografien von Dominik Mentzos
Lionide Massine and the 20th century ballet ~ Leslie Norton
                                                                  GV1785 .M37 N67 2004      MACK-TOWER

Belinda Quirey and historical dance : proceedings of a
conference in celebration of the life and work of Belinda
                                                                  GV1785 .Q57 B45 1997      MACK-TOWER
Quirey, 1912-1996, held at Birkbeck College, London, 5
April 1997
Jerome Robbins : his life, his theater, his dance ~ Deborah
                                                                  GV1785 .R6 J69 2004       MACK-TOWER
Attitude! : eight young dancers come of age at the Ailey
                                                                  GV1786 .A35 F57 2004      MACK-TOWER
School ~ Katharine Davis Fishman
Getting closer : a dancer's perspective ~ Rosalie O'Connor
                                                                  GV1786 .A43 O36 2004      MACK-TOWER

Rosas ~ Anne Teresa de Keersmaeker                                GV1786 .R58 K44 2002      MACK-TOWER
Ballet beyond tradition ~ Anna Paskevska                          GV1788 .P37 2005          MACK-TOWER
Developing the whole dancer : issues and challenges for
ballet training institutions : a briefing paper commissioned by
the Howard Gilman Foundation and the Kenan Institute for          GV1788.5 .L48 2003        MACK-TOWER
the Arts at the North Carolina School of the Arts ~ by Mindy
N. Levine
OBA tap instructor [electronic resource]                          GV1794 .O28 1998          9LT-OFFICE
Dancing between two worlds : an aesthetic analysis of
                                                                  GV1796 .C145 D67 1994     MACK-TOWER
Capoeira Angola ~ by Kenneth Dossar
Merengue and Dominican identity : music as national unifier
                                                                  GV1796 .M45 S45 2004      MACK-TOWER
~ Julie A. Sellers ; foreword by Stephen C. Ropp
The morris tradition                                              GV1796 .M7 G37 1990Z      MACK-TOWER
The Morris tradition ~ [text by Sean Goddard]                     GV1796 .M7 G63 2004       MACK-TOWER
Rumba ~ Shirley Aymâe ; celebrity contributor, Marc
                                                                  GV1796 .R8 A96 1999       MACK-TOWER
Precious ; editor, June McMurdo
Something in the way she moves : dancing women from
                                                                  GV1799.4 .B86 2004        MACK-TOWER
Salome to Madonna ~ Wendy Buonaventura
The Disneyization of society ~ Alan Bryman                        GV1853.3 .C22 D573 2004   MACK-TOWER
Applications of case study research ~ Robert K. Yin               H61 .Y56 2003             MEDICAL
Applications of case study research ~ Robert K. Yin               H61 .Y56 2003             BUS-RES
Encyclopedia of evaluation ~ editor, Sandra Mathison              H62 .E545 2005            2LB-REF
Encyclopedia of social measurement ~ edited by Kimberly
                                                                  H62 .E55 2005 V.1         2LB-REF
Encyclopedia of social measurement ~ edited by Kimberly
                                                                  H62 .E55 2005 V.2         2LB-REF
Encyclopedia of social measurement ~ edited by Kimberly
                                                                  H62 .E55 2005 V.3         2LB-REF
Thinking the unthinkable : from thought to policy : the role of
think tanks in shaping government strategy : experiences
from Central and Eastern Europe ~ UNDP, Europe and the            H62.5 .C45 T55 2003       MACK-TOWER
Commonwealth of Independent States ; [authors, Branka
Andjelkoviâc ... [et al.]
Methods of meta-analysis : correcting error and bias in
                                                               HA29 .H8887 2004     BUSINESS
research findings ~ John E. Hunter, Frank L. Schmidt
Elementary statistics in social research ~ Jack Levin, James
                                                               HA29 .L467 2003      1LT-RES
Alan Fox
Statistical analysis in the behavioral sciences ~ James C.
                                                               HA29 .R35 1999       1LT-RES
The economics of public issues ~ Roger LeRoy Miller,
                                                               HB34 .N65 2003       1LT-RESN
Daniel K. Benjamin, Douglass C. North
The economics of public issues ~ Roger LeRoy Miller,
                                                               HB34 .N65 2003       1LT-RES
Daniel K. Benjamin, Douglass C. North
The economics of public issues ~ Roger LeRoy Miller,
                                                               HB34 .N65 2003       1LT-RES
Daniel K. Benjamin, Douglass C. North
Political events and economic ideas ~ edited by Ingo
                                                               HB74 .P65 E94 2004   MACK-TOWER
Barens, Volker Caspari, Bertram Schefold
Economic learning, experiments and the limits to information
                                                               HB74.5 .M58 2004     MACK-TOWER
~ Atanasios Mitropoulos
The evolving economy : essays on the evolutionary
                                                               HB97.3 .W58 2003     MACK-TOWER
approach to economics ~ Ulrich Witt
Institutional conflicts and complementarities : monetary
policy and wage bargaining institutions in EMU ~ edited by
                                                               HB99.5 .I56 2004     MACK-TOWER
Robert Franzese, Peter Mooslechner, and Martin Schèurz

The structural econometric time series analysis approach ~
                                                               HB141 .S77 2004      MACK-TOWER
edityed by Arnold Zellner and Franz C. Palm
Hidden order : the economics of everyday life ~ David
                                                               HB171 .F767 1997     1LT-RESN
Hidden order : the economics of everyday life ~ David
                                                               HB171 .F767 1997     1LT-RES
Hidden order : the economics of everyday life ~ David
                                                               HB171 .F767 1997     1LT-RES
The theory of incentives : the principal-agent model ~ Jean-
                                                               HB171 .L36 2002      MACK-TOWER
Jacques Laffont and David Martimort
Sex, drugs, & economics : an unconventional introduction to
                                                               HB171.5 .C69 2002    1LT-RESN
economics ~ Diane Coyle
Sex, drugs, & economics : an unconventional introduction to
                                                               HB171.5 .C69 2002    1LT-RES
economics ~ Diane Coyle
Sex, drugs, & economics : an unconventional introduction to
                                                               HB171.5 .C69 2002    1LT-RES
economics ~ Diane Coyle
Economics ~ Christopher T.S. Ragan, Richard G. Lipsey          HB171.5 .L543 2005   1LT-RES
Liberty, desert and the market : a philosophical study ~
                                                               HB523 .O67 2004      MACK-TOWER
Serena Olsaretti
The moral demands of affluence ~ Garrett Cullity               HB835 .C85 2004      MACK-TOWER
Political bargaining : theory, practice and process ~ Gideon
                                                               HB846.8 .D67 2001    MACK-TOWER
Doron and Itai Sened
Rationality and freedom ~ Amartya Sen                          HB846.8 .S46 2002    1LT-RESN
Rationality and freedom ~ Amartya Sen                         HB846.8 .S46 2002        1LT-RES
Global population policy : from population control to
                                                              HB883.5 .E24 2004        MACK-TOWER
reproductive rights ~ Paige Whaley Eager
Economic globalisation : social conflicts, labour and
environmental issues ~ edited by Clem Tisdell, Raj Kumar      HC54 .E26 2004           MACK-TOWER
Corporate citizenship and the evolving relationship between
non-governmental organisations and corporations ~ by
                                                              HC59 .A1 B73 NO.45       BUSINESS
Malcolm McIntosh and Ruth Thomas ; foreword by Mark
Innovation systems : World Bank support of science and
                                                              HC59.69 .W75 NO.32       MACK-TOWER
technology development ~ Vinod K. Goel ... [et al.]
Information technology and development : a new paradigm
for delivering the Internet to rural areas in developing      HC59.72 .I55 J363 2004   MACK-TOWER
countries ~ Jeffrey James
Inclusive aid : changing power and relationships in
international development ~ edited by Leslie Groves and       HC60 .I52 2004           MACK-TOWER
Rachel Hinton
New sources of development finance ~ edited by A.B.
                                                              HC60 .N495 2005          MACK-TOWER
Media, bureaucracies, and foreign aid : a comparative
analysis of the United States, the United Kingdom, Canada,
                                                              HC60 .V36 2004           MACK-TOWER
France and Japan ~ by Douglas A. Van Belle, Jean-
Sâebastien Rioux, and David M. Potter
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Zimmerman and Thomas Horan
Public private partnerships : the worldwide revolution in
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Grimsey, Mervyn K. Lewis
Capacity building for sustainable development : an overview
of UNEP environmental capacity development initiatives        HC79 .E5 C3648 2002      MACK-TOWER

Eco-efficiency, regulation, and sustainable business :
towards a governance structure for sustainable development
                                                           HC79 .E5 E2163 2004         MACK-TOWER
~ edited by Raimund Bleischwitz, Peter Hennicke

Eco-efficiency and beyond : towards the sustainable
enterprise ~ edited by Jan-Dirk Seiler-Hausmann, Christa      HC79 .E5 E226 2004       MACK-TOWER
Liedtke and Ernst Ulrich von Weizsèacker
The economic approach to environmental and natural
                                                              HC79 .E5 K33 2005        MACK-TOWER
resources ~ James R. Kahn
Environmental decision making and risk management :
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Turner, Stavros Georgiou, and Ian J. Bateman
Sustainable development and global community :
multidimensional approach to sustainable development ... ~      HC79 .E5 S7933 2003      MACK-TOWER
edited by George E. Lasker, Kensei Hiwaki
Digital economy : impacts, influences, and challenges ~
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Harbhajan S. Kehal, Varinder P. Singh, [editors]
Information technology policy : an international history ~
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edited by Richard Coopey
Knowledge economy, information technologies and growth ~
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edited by Luigi Paganetto
Poverty and exclusion in a global world ~ A.S. Bhalla and
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Frâedâeric Lapeyre
The trader's guide to key economic indicators ~ Richard
                                                                HC106.83 .Y35 2004       BUS-REF
The anxieties of affluence : critiques of American consumer
                                                                HC110 .C6 H645 2004      MACK-TOWER
culture, 1939-1979 ~ Daniel Horowitz
Arsenal of World War II : the political economy of American
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warfare, 1940-1945 ~ Paul A.C. Koistinen
Environmental protection : new approaches ~ John E.
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Poverty in the United States : an encyclopedia of history,
politics, and policy ~ Gwendolyn Mink and Alice O'Connor,       HC110 .P6 P69 2004 V.1   2LB-REF
Poverty in the United States : an encyclopedia of history,
politics, and policy ~ Gwendolyn Mink and Alice O'Connor,       HC110 .P6 P69 2004 V.2   2LB-REF
Clusters in a cold climate : innovation dynamics in a diverse
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A primer on western Canadian entrepreneurship ~ by
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Edward J. Chambers and Stuart E. Shaw
Greece in the European Union ~ edited by Dionyssis G.
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Dimitrakopoulos and Argyris G. Passas
Perspectives on the enlargement of the European Union ~
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edited by Cameron Ross
Inequality and the state ~ John Hills                           HC260 .I5 H55 2004       MACK-TOWER
Doing business in the Middle East : politics and economic
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crisis in Jordan und Kuwait ~ Pete W. Moore
Land, politics, and trade in South Asia ~ edited by Sanjay
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Ecology, colonialism, and cattle : central India in the
                                                                HC435 .S33 2004          MACK-TOWER
nineteenth century ~ Laxman D. Satya
Economic policy modelling for India ~ editors, V. Pandit, K.
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Southeast Asia transformed : a geography of change ~
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edited by Chia Lin Sien
Towards a knowledge-based economy : East Asia's
changing industrial geography ~ edited by Seiichi                HC460.5 .Z9 I558 2003   MACK-TOWER
Masuyama and Donna Vandenbrink
Korea after Kim Jong-il ~ Marcus Noland                          HC470.2 .N65 2004       MACK-TOWER
Studies on Ottoman social and political history : selected
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articles and essays ~ by Kemal H. Karpat
Resources booms and macroeconomic adjustments in
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developing countries ~ Mamta Banu Chowdhury
African development and governance strategies in the 21st
century : looking back to move forward : essays in honour of
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Adebayo Adedeji at seventy ~ Lawrence O.C. Agubuzu ...
[et al.]
Agenda setting and public policy in Africa ~ edited by
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Kelechi A. Kalu
Socio-economic challenges : the African context ~ Henry
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Rights, resources and rural development : community-
based natural resource management in Southern Africa ~           HC900 .Z65 R54 2004     MACK-TOWER
edited by Christo Fabricius ... [et al.]
Key concepts in management ~ Jonathan Sutherland and
                                                                 HD30.15 .S87 2004       BUSINESS
Diane Canwell
Offshoring IT : the good, the bad, and the ugly ~ Bill Blunden
                                                                 HD30.2 .B58 2004        BUSINESS

Information technology and human resource development ~
                                                                 HD30.2 .D83 2003        MACK-TOWER
V. D. Dudeja
Strategic knowledge management technology ~ Petter
                                                                 HD30.2 .G66 2005        MACK-TOWER
Information technology and the world of work ~ Daphne G.
Taras, James T. Bennett, Anthony M. Townsend, editors            HD30.2 .I5282 2004      BUSINESS

Knowledge management implementation challenges : case
studies from Singapore organizations ~ researched by
Patrick Lambe and Edgar Tan ; written by Patrick Lambe ;         HD30.2 .L36 2003        MACK-TOWER
with contributions by Eilif Trondsen and John Kenworthy

Leveraging corporate knowledge ~ edited by Edward Truch ;
foreword by Leif Edvinsson ; afterword by Tony Buzan      HD30.2 .L48 2004               MACK-TOWER

The practice of making strategy : a step-by-step guide ~
                                                                 HD30.28 .A3 2005        BUSINESS
Fran Ackermann and Colin Eden ; with Ian Brown
Strategic planning for public and nonprofit organizations : a
guide to strengthening and sustaining organizational            HD30.28 .B79 2004    BUSINESS
achievement ~ John M. Bryson
Guide to management research methods ~ Mandy van der
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Velde, Paul Jansen, and Neil Anderson
Managing and organizations : an introduction to theory and
practice ~ Stewart Clegg, Martin Kornberger, and Tyrone         HD31 .C54 2005       BUSINESS
Strategic flexibility : managing in a turbulent environment ~
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edited by Gary Hamel ... [et al.]
Detail process charting : speaking the language of process ~
                                                                HD38.153 .G73 2004   BUSINESS
Ben B. Graham
Directing the flow of product : a guide to improving supply
                                                                HD38.5 .S39 2004     MACK-TOWER
chain planning ~ Jeffrey H. Schutt
Management of project procurement ~ Charles L. Huston           HD39.5 .H86 1996     1LT-RES
Inventory best practices ~ Steven M. Bragg                      HD40 .B725 2004      BUSINESS
Innovation, entrepreneurship and culture : the interaction
between technology, progress and economic growth ~              HD45 .I552 2004      MACK-TOWER
edited by Terrence E. Brown, Jan Ulijn
Understanding innovation in Canadian industry ~ Fred Gault,
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The dream weavers : strategy-focused leadership in
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Geography and strategy ~ edited by Joel A.C. Baum, Olav
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Organizational culture and leadership ~ Edgar H. Schein         HD58.7 .S33 2004     BUSINESS
Managing change : cases and concepts ~ Todd D. Jick,
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Maury A. Peiperl
Understanding industrial and corporate change ~ edited by
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Giovanni Dosi, David J. Teece and Josef Chytry
Enterprise business architecture : the formal link between
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Encyclopedia of public relations ~ edited by Robert L. Heath
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Encyclopedia of public relations ~ edited by Robert L. Heath
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Responsibility in world business : managing harmful side-
effects of corporate activity ~ edited by Lene Bomann-          HD60 .R47 2004       MACK-TOWER
Larsen and Oddny Wiggen
Value added risk management in financial institutions :
leveraging Basel II & risk adjusted performance                 HD61 .B46 2004       BUSINESS
management ~ David P. Belmont
The new financial order : risk in the 21st century ~ Robert J.
                                                                  HD61 .S45 2003        BUSINESS
The challenge of international business ~ Peter J. Buckley
                                                                  HD62.4 .B83 2004      BUSINESS

International human resource management : a multinational
                                                                  HD62.4 .T388 2005     MACK-TOWER
company perspective ~ Monir H. Tayeb
Strategic partnerships : an entrepreneur's guide to joint
                                                                  HD62.47 .W35 2004     BUSINESS
ventures and alliances ~ Robert L. Wallace
The Jossey-Bass handbook of nonprofit leadership and
                                                                  HD62.6 .J67 2005      BUSINESS
management ~ Robert D. Herman and associates
How brands become icons : the principles of cultural
                                                                  HD69 .B7 H65 2004     BUSINESS
branding ~ Douglas B. Holt
Essentials of strategic project management ~ Kevin R.
                                                                  HD69 .P75 C35 2004    BUSINESS
Callahan, Lynne M. Brooks
Project management for business and engineering :
                                                                  HD69 .P75 N543 2004   MACK-TOWER
principles and practice ~ John M. Nicholas
Alliances, coalitions and partnerships : building collaborative
                                                                  HD69 .S8 R63 2004     MACK-TOWER
organizations ~ Joan M. Roberts
Competing strategies of socio-economic development for
small islands ~ edited by Godfrey Baldacchino and Robert          HD73 .C66 1998        MACK-TOWER
Fragments of development : nation, gender, and the space
                                                                  HD75 .B467 2004       MACK-TOWER
of modernity ~ Suzanne Bergeron
The science of economic development and growth : the
                                                                  HD75 .O59 2005        MACK-TOWER
theory of factor proportions ~ Clement C. Onyemelukwe
Big places, big plans ~ edited by Mark B. Lapping and Owen
                                                                  HD108.6 .B54 2004     MACK-TOWER
J. Furuseth
Sustainable property development : a guide to real estate
                                                                  HD596 .K44 2004       BUSINESS
and the environment ~ Miles Keeping, David E. Shiers
Society, economy, and the market : commercialization in
                                                                  HD876 .D38 2000       MACK-TOWER
rural Bengal, c. 1760-1800 ~ Rajat Datta
Selling your business : the transition from entrepreneur to
                                                                  HD1393.25 .S45 2004   BUSINESS
investor ~ edited by Louis P. Crosier
Eco-industrial strategies : unleashing synergy between
economic development and the environment ~ edited by              HD1393.5 .E36 2003    MACK-TOWER
Edward Cohen-Rosenthal with Judy Musnikow
Technology innovation and promotion in practice : pumps,
channels, and wells : reducing fuel consumption, emissions,       HD1741 .I4 T43 2002   MACK-TOWER
and costs ~ Gert Jan Bom ... [et al.]
Corporate governance and accountability ~ Jill Solomon and
                                                                  HD2741 .S65 2004      BUSINESS
Aris Solomon
Corporate governance : what directors need to know ~ Carol
                                                                  HD2745 .H36 2003      BUS-REF
Mergers and acquisitions : creating integrative knowledge ~
edited by Amy L. Pablo and Mansour Javidan                       HD2746.5 .M458 2004      BUSINESS

Micropolitics and Canadian business : paper, steel, and the
                                                                 HD2809 .C48 2004         MACK-TOWER
airlines ~ Peter Clancy
The Asian insider : unconventional wisdom for Asian
                                                                 HD2891.85 .B33 2004      BUSINESS
business ~ Michael Backman
Values at work : employee participation meets market
                                                                 HD3218 .M66 C54 1999     MACK-TOWER
pressure at Mondragâon ~ George Cheney
Co-operative membership and globalization : new directions
in research and practice ~ edited by Brett Fairbairn and Nora    HD3448 .C658 2004        MACK-TOWER
Just get out of the way : how government can help business
                                                                 HD3616 .D452 A53 2004    MACK-TOWER
in poor countries ~ Robert E. Anderson
The grabbing hand : government pathologies and their cures
                                                                 HD3850 .S55 1998         1LT-RESN
~ Andrei Shleifer, Robert W. Vishny
The grabbing hand : government pathologies and their cures
                                                                 HD3850 .S55 1998         1LT-RES
~ Andrei Shleifer, Robert W. Vishny
The grabbing hand : government pathologies and their cures
                                                                 HD3850 .S55 1998         1LT-RES
~ Andrei Shleifer, Robert W. Vishny
The crowns : a history of public enterprise in Saskatchewan
                                                                 HD4010 .S3 R43 2004      MACK-TOWER
~ Pat Rediger
Labour and globalisation : results and prospects ~ edited by
                                                                 HD4901 .L36 2004         MACK-TOWER
Ronaldo Munck
The mind at work : valuing the intelligence of the American
                                                                 HD4901 .R67 2004         MACK-TOWER
worker ~ Mike Rose
The time divide : work, family, and gender inequality ~ Jerry
                                                                 HD4904.25 .J32 2004      MACK-TOWER
A. Jacobs, Kathleen Gerson
Supporting families : the financial costs and benefits of
                                                                 HD4925.5 .G7 A33 2004    MACK-TOWER
children since 1975 ~ Stuart Adam and Mike Brewer
The diverse worlds of unemployed adults : consequences
for leisure, lifestyle, and well-being ~ Mark E. Havitz, Peter   HD5708 .H38 2004         MACK-TOWER
A. Morden, Diane M. Samdahl
Doing it : women working in information technology ~ by
                                                                 HD6073 .C6522 S36 2004   MACK-TOWER
Krista Scott-Dixon
Centuries of child labour : European experiences from the
seventeenth to the twentieth century ~ Marjatta Rahikainen       HD6250 .E82 R34 2004     MACK-TOWER

The changing role of unions : new forms of representation ~
                                                                 HD6508 .C44 2004         MACK-TOWER
Phanindra V. Wunnava, editor
Governments, labour, and the law in mid-Victorian Britain :
                                                                 HD6664 .C87 2004         MACK-TOWER
the trade union legislation of the 1870s ~ Mark Curthoys
Industrial relations : towards a theory of negotiated
                                                                 HD6961 .J67 2004         BUSINESS
connectedness ~ Jerome Joseph
Organizational relationships in the networking age : the
dynamics of identity formation and bonding ~ edited by       HD6971 .O74 2003               MACK-TOWER
Willem Koot, Peter Leisink, Paul Verweel
Shocking Mother Russia : democratization, social rights, and
pension reform in Russia, 1990-2001 ~ Andrea Chandler        HD7197.2 .C48 2004             MACK-TOWER

Private dwelling : speculations on the use of housing ~ Peter
                                                                   HD7287 .K568 2004        MACK-TOWER
Finding room : options for a Canadian rental housing
strategy ~ edited by J. David Hulchanski and Michael               HD7288.85 .C3 F56 2004   MACK-TOWER
The unintended consequences : family and community, the
victims of isolated poverty ~ James G. Banks and Peter S.          HD7304 .W3 B36 2004      MACK-TOWER
The reemergence of self-employment : a comparative study
of self-employment dynamics and social inequality ~ edited         HD8036 .R44 2004         MACK-TOWER
by Richard Arum and Walter Mueller
Paradise laborers : hotel work in the global economy ~
                                                                   HD8039 .H8 A35 2004      BUSINESS
Patricia A. Adler and Peter Adler
Does class matter? : colonial capital and workers' resistance
                                                                   HD8039 .J82 I482 2004    MACK-TOWER
in Bengal, 1890-1937 ~ Subho Basu
Managing energy price risk : the new challenges and
                                                                   HD9502 .A2 M34 2004      BUSINESS
solutions ~ edited by Vincent Kaminski
Why carbon fuels will dominate the 21st century's global
                                                                   HD9502 .A2 O37 2004      MACK-TOWER
energy economy ~ Peter R. Odell
Power for the people : protecting states' energy policy
                                                                   HD9502 .U52 T55 2004     MACK-TOWER
interests in an era of deregulation ~ Mary M. Timney
Oil : anatomy of an industry ~ Matthew Yeomans                     HD9560.5 .Y46 2004       BUSINESS
Hydro : the decline and fall of Ontario's electric empire ~
                                                                   HD9685 .C34 O583 2004    MACK-TOWER
Jamie Swift & Keith Stewart
The California electricity crisis : what, why, and what's next ~
Charles J. Cicchetti, Jeffrey A. Dubin, Colin M. Long              HD9685 .U63 C33 2004     BUSINESS

Outsourcing to India : the offshore advantage ~ Mark
                                                        HD9696.67 .I42 K63 2004             BUSINESS
Time for a model change : re-engineering the global
automotive industry ~ Graeme P. Maxton and John Wormald HD9710 .A2 M43 2004                 MACK-TOWER

Silent partners : taxpayers and the bankrolling of
                                                                   HD9711 .C34 B664 2004    MACK-TOWER
Bombardier ~ Peter Hadekel
Best practice tendering for design and build projects ~ Alan
                                                                   HD9715 .A2 G75 2003      MACK-TOWER
Griffith, Andrew Knight, Andrew King
Managing innovation in construction ~ Martyn Jones and
                                                                   HD9715 .A2 J66 2003      MACK-TOWER
Mohammed Saad
Construction economics : a new approach ~ Danny Myers
                                                                 HD9715 .A2 M94 2004     MACK-TOWER

Innovation in construction : a European analysis ~ Marcela
                                                                 HD9715 .E82 M56 2004    MACK-TOWER
Miozzo, Paul Dewick
Service innovation : organizational responses to
technological opportunities & market imperatives ~ editors,      HD9980.5 .S432 2003     BUSINESS
Joe Tidd, Frank M. Hull
The economic dynamics of modern biotechnology ~ edited
by Maureen McKelvey, Annike Rickne, Jens Laage-Hellman           HD9999 .B443 E27 2004   MACK-TOWER

Urban transport and the environment : an international
perspective ~ World Conference on Transport Research             HE305 .U687 2004        MACK-TOWER
Society and Institute for Transport Policy Studies
The Welland Canals corridor : then and now ~ Roberta M.
Styran, Robert R. Taylor ; colour photography by Thies           HE401 .W44 S79 2004     MACK-TOWER
See this world before the next : cruising with CPR
steamships in the twenties and thirties ~ David Laurence         HE945 .C3 J66 2004      MACK-TOWER
The Crow and the Kettle ~ by J.F. Garden                         HE2810 .C2 G35 2004     MACK-TOWER
Traffic safety and the driver ~ Leonard Evans                    HE5614.2 .E94 1991      MACK-TOWER
Country post : rural postal service in Canada, 1880 to 1945
                                                                 HE6651 .P37 V.1         MACK-TOWER
~ Chantal Amyot and John Willis
Special delivery : Canada's postal heritage ~ Chantal Amyot,
Bianca Gendreau, John Willis ; edited by Francine
                                                                 HE6655 .A49 2000        MACK-TOWER
Brousseau ; principal photography by Claire Dufour

Global economy and digital society ~ edited by Erik Bohlin ...
                                                                 HE7645 .I57 2002        BUSINESS
[et al.]
RTâE and the globalisation of Irish television ~ by Farrel
                                                                 HE8689.9 .I7 C67 2004   MACK-TOWER
The mobile connection : the cell phone's impact on society ~
                                                                 HE9713 .L58 2004        MACK-TOWER
Rich Ling
Barron's How to prepare for the GMAT, graduate
management admission test ~ Eugene D. Jaffe, Stephen             HF1118 .J33 2004        BUS-REF
The entrepreneurial shift : Americanization in European high-
technology management education ~ Robert R. Locke and            HF1140 .L63 2004        MACK-TOWER
Katja E. Schèone
International conflict and the global economy ~ edited by
                                                                 HF1359 .I525 2004       MACK-TOWER
Edward D. Mansfield
Why globalization works ~ Martin Wolf                            HF1359 .W52 2004        BUSINESS
The WTO and the multilateral trading system : past, present
                                                                 HF1385 .D37 2003        MACK-TOWER
and future ~ Bhagirath Lal Das
The political economy of trade, aid and foreign investment
policies ~ editors, Devashish Mitra, Arvind Panagariya            HF1411 .P636 2004        MACK-TOWER

Trade threats, trade wars : bargaining, retaliation, and
                                                                  HF1413.5 .Z46 2004       MACK-TOWER
American coercive diplomacy ~ Ka Zeng
Trade facilitation : the challenges for growth and
development ~ edited by Carol Cosgrove-Sacks and Mario            HF1417.5 .T73 2003       MACK-TOWER
The politics of trade, Anglo-French commerce on the
                                                                  HF3558 .I4 S56 2002      MACK-TOWER
Coromandel Coast, 1763-1793 ~ Arvind Sinha
Poland : a partner for developing countries                       HF3638 .D44 P65 1995     MACK-TOWER
Trading encounters : from the Euphrates to the Indus in the
                                                                  HF3770.3 .R38 2004       MACK-TOWER
Bronze Age ~ Shereen Ratnagar
Confidence : how winning streaks and losing streaks begin
                                                                  HF5386 .K36 2004         BUSINESS
and end ~ Rosabeth Moss Kanter
Business, science, and ethics ~ [R. Edward Freeman and
                                                                  HF5387 .B87 2004         BUSINESS
Patricia H. Werhane, editors]
The cheating culture : why more Americans are doing wrong
                                                                  HF5387 .C34 2004         MACK-TOWER
to get ahead ~ David Callahan
Profits with principles : seven strategies for delivering value
                                                                  HF5387 .J3228 2004       BUSINESS
with values ~ Ira A. Jackson and Jane Nelson
Organizational ethics : research and ethical environments ~
                                                                  HF5387 .M39 2004         BUSINESS
Charlotte McDaniel
The customer learning curve : creating profits from
                                                                  HF5415 .H466 2004        BUSINESS
marketing chaos ~ Karl Hellman, Ardis Burst
Mass affluence : seven new rules of marketing to today's
                                                                  HF5415.1 .N86 2004       BUSINESS
consumer ~ Paul Nunes, Brian Johnson
New perspectives on rural marketing : includes agricultural
                                                                  HF5415.12 .I5 R36 2002   MACK-TOWER
marketing ~ Ramkishen Y
Data mining techniques : for marketing, sales, and customer
relationship management ~ Michael J.A. Berry, Gordon S.           HF5415.125 .B47 2004     BUSINESS
Knowledge-based marketing : the twenty-first century
                                                                  HF5415.13 .C465 2004     BUSINESS
competitive edge ~ Ian Chaston
The marketing plan ~ William A. Cohen                             HF5415.13 .C632 2005     BUS-REF
Marketing management : text and cases ~ David L. Loudon,
                                                                  HF5415.13 .L67 2005      BUSINESS
Robert E. Stevens, W. Bruce Wrenn
Profit impact marketing strategy : retrospect and prospects ~
edited by Paul W. Farris and Michael J. Moore                     HF5415.13 .P76 2004      MACK-TOWER

Marketing management ~ Russell S. Winer                           HF5415.13 .W56 2004      1LT-RES
New product and brand management : marketing
engineering applications ~ Gary L. Lilien, Arvind                 HF5415.153 .L55 2003     MACK-TOWER
Questionnaire design : how to plan, structure, and write
                                                                HF5415.3 .B72 2004      BUS-REF
survey material for effective market research ~ Ian Brace
Consumer behavior ~ Leon G. Schiffman, Leslie Lazar
                                                                HF5415.3 .S344 2004     1LT-RES
Consumer behavior : buying, having, and being ~ Michael R.
                                                                HF5415.32 .S68 2004     BUSINESS
How customers think : essential insights into the mind of the
                                                                HF5415.32 .Z35 2003     BUSINESS
market ~ Gerald Zaltman
CRM at the speed of light : essential customer strategies for
                                                                HF5415.5 .G74 2004      BUSINESS
the 21st century ~ Paul Greenberg
Contemporary logistics ~ Paul R. Murphy, Jr., Donald F.
                                                                HF5415.6 .M87 2004      BUSINESS
Retailing management ~ Michael Levy, Barton A. Weitz,
                                                                HF5429 .L475 2005       1LT-RES
Sheryn Beattie
A store like no other : Eaton's of Winnipeg ~ Russ Gourluck
                                                                HF5465 .C34 E325 2004   BUSINESS

eBay global the smart way : buying and selling
internationally on the world's #1 auction site ~ Joseph T.      HF5478 .S46 2004        BUSINESS
Sinclair and Ron Ubels
Foundations of net-enchanced organizations ~ Detmar
                                                                HF5548.32 .S78 2004     1LT-RES
Fundamentals of human resource management ~ David A.
                                                                HF5549 .D43 2005        BUSINESS
DeCenzo, Stephen P. Robbins
Human resources business process outsourcing :
transforming how HR gets its work done ~ Edward E. Lawler       HF5549 .H8924 2004      BUSINESS
III ... [et al.]
Human resource development : a new perspective ~ author:
                                                                HF5549 .T59 2003        MACK-TOWER
T.D. Tiwari
Employment relationships in Canada, HROD 317                    HF5549.2 .C3 E47 2003   1LT-RES
Fragmenting work : blurring organizational boundaries and
disordering hierarchies ~ edited by Mick Marchington ... [et    HF5549.2 .G7 F73 2005   MACK-TOWER
Handbook of diversity management : beyond awareness to
competency based learning ~ edited by Deborah L. Plummer        HF5549.5 .M5 H36 2003   MACK-TOWER

The mismanagement of talent : employability and jobs in the
knowledge economy ~ Phillip Brown and Anthony Hesketh        HF5549.5 .S38 B76 2004     MACK-TOWER
with Sara Williams
The AMA trainers' activity book : a selection of the best
learning exercises from the world's premiere training        HF5549.5 .T7 A62 2004      BUSINESS
organization ~ edited by Carolyn Nilson
Training needs and capacity analysis : a tool for strategy
formulation : methodological guidelines ~ [written by Gèoran HF5549.5 .T7 N96 1997      MACK-TOWER
The real life guide to accounting research : a behind-the-
scenes view of using qualitative research methods ~ edited      HF5630 .R43 2004           BUSINESS
by Christopher Humphrey, Bill Lee
Financial and economic analysis for engineering and
                                                                HF5635 .R564 2004          MACK-TOWER
technology management ~ Henry E. Riggs
Dynamics of profit-focused accounting : attaining sustained
value and bottom-line improvement ~ by C. Lynn Northrup         HF5657.4 .N67 2004         BUSINESS

Understanding financial statements ~ Lyn M. Fraser, Aileen
                                                                HF5681 .B2 F72 2004        BUS-REF
Manager's guide to the Sarbanes-Oxley Act : improving
                                                                HF5686 .C7 G737 2004       BUSINESS
internal controls to prevent fraud ~ Scott Green
Effective organisational communication : perspectives,
                                                                HF5718 .B58 2004           MACK-TOWER
principles, and practices ~ Richard Blundel
Advertising by design : creating visual communications with
                                                                HF5823 .L345 2004          MACK-TOWER
graphic impact ~ Robin Landa
The legacy of Fischer Black ~ edited by Bruce N. Lehmann
                                                                HG63 .L44 2005             MACK-TOWER

The mathematics of financial modeling and investment
                                                                HG106 .F63 2004            BUSINESS
management ~ Sergio M. Focardi, Frank J. Fabozzi
The Warren Buffett way ~ Robert G. Hagstrom                     HG172 .B84 H34 2005        BUSINESS
The real Warren Buffett : managing capital, leading people ~
                                                                HG172 .B84 O46 2004        BUSINESS
James O'Loughlin
Supply chain and finance ~ editors, Panos M. Pardalos,
                                                                HG176.7 .S87 2004          BUSINESS
Athanasios Migdalas, George Baourakis
Master the media to attract your ideal clients : a personal
marketing system for financial professionals ~ Derrick Kinney   HG179.5 .K56 2004          BUSINESS

The monetary history of gold : a documentary history, 1660-
                                                                HG289 .M66 2004            MACK-TOWER
1999 ~ edited by Mark Duckenfield
Euros and Europeans : monetary integration and the
European model of society ~ edited by Andrew Martin and         HG925 .E97 2004            MACK-TOWER
George Ross
Capital account convertibility : monetary policy and reforms
                                                                HG1235 .T36 2003           MACK-TOWER
~ S.S. Tarapore
Internet banking : law and practice ~ Abu Bakar Munir           HG1708.7 .M86 2004         LAW-1STFLR
An accounting evaluation of performance of Indian public
sector banks ~ Mayuri J. Farmer ; foreword: Shri K.V. Lakum     HG3284 .F37 2003           MACK-TOWER
; preface: D.S. Parmar
The wage-price spiral : industrial country evidence and
                                                                HG3810 .I44 NO.WP-03-164   MACK-TOWER
implications ~ Magda Kandil
The political economy of exchange rate policy-making : from
                                                                HG3943 .K48 2004           BUSINESS
the gold standartd to the euro ~ Steven Kettell
Fundamentals of corporate finance ~ Richard A. Brealey,
                                                                HG4026 .B6967 2004         1LT-RES
Stewart C. Myers, Alan J. Marcus
Multinational business finance ~ David K. Eiteman, Arthur I.
                                                                HG4027.5 .E37 2004     1LT-RES
Stonehill, Michael H. Moffett
Effective economic decision-making by nonprofit
                                                                HG4027.65 .E345 2004   BUSINESS
organizations ~ Dennis R. Young, editor
The IPO decision : why and how companies go public ~
                                                                HG4028 .S7 D73 2004    BUSINESS
Jason Draho
Gambling and investing : do low-risk gamblers outperform
non-gamblers in the stock markets? ~ by Gregory William         HG4515.2 .F257 2003    MACK-TOWER
Institutional investors ~ E. Philip Davis and Benn Steil        HG4521 .D38 2001       MACK-TOWER
Portfolio theory and performance analysis ~ Noèel Amenc
                                                                HG4529.5 .A48 2003     BUSINESS
and Vâeronique Le Sourd
Hedges on hedge funds : how to successfully analyze and
                                                                HG4530 .H44 2005       BUSINESS
select an investment ~ James Hedges
Traders : risks, decisions and management in financial
                                                                HG4621 .T73 2005       BUSINESS
markets ~ Mark Fenton-O'Creevy ... [et al.]
Bond evaluation, selection, and management ~ R. Stafford
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Financial systems, corporate investment in innovation, and
venture capital ~ edited by Anthony Bartzokas and Sunil         HG4751 .F56 2004       BUSINESS
Derivatives demystified : a step-by-step guide to forwards,
futures, swaps and options ~ Andrew M. Chisholm                 HG6024 .A3 C45 2004    BUSINESS

Implementing derivatives models ~ Les Clewlow and Chris
                                                                HG6024 .A3 C584 1998   MACK-TOWER
Buying and selling volatility ~ Kevin B. Connolly               HG6024 .A3 C66 2000    MACK-TOWER
Options on foreign exchange ~ David F. DeRosa                   HG6024 .A3 D47 2000    MACK-TOWER
A course in financial calculus ~ Alison Etheridge               HG6024 .A3 E87 2002    MACK-TOWER
Fundamentals of futures and options markets ~ John C. Hull
                                                                HG6024 .A3 H848 2005   1LT-RES

Pricing and hedging of derivative securities ~ Lars Tyge
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Option pricing, interest rates and risk management ~ edited
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by E. Jouini, J. Cvitaniâc, Marek Musiela
Volatility and correlation : the perfect hedger and the fox ~
                                                                HG6024 .A3 R43 2004    MACK-TOWER
Riccardo Rebonato
Quantum finance : path integrals and Hamiltonians for
                                                                HG6042 .B33 2004       MACK-TOWER
options and interest rates ~ Belal E. Baaquie
Investment guarantees : modeling and risk management for
                                                                HG8781 .H37 2003       1LT-RES
equity-linked life insurance ~ Mary Hardy
Loss models : from data to decisions ~ Stuart A. Klugman,
                                                                HG8781 .K585 2004      MACK-TOWER
Harry H. Panjer, Gordon E. Willmot
Federal reinsurance for disasters                               HG9979.3 .T67 2002     MACK-TOWER
Fiscal deficit in the Pacific region ~ Akira Kohsaka, [editor]
                                                                  HJ1600.7 .F57 2004    1LT-RESN

Fiscal deficit in the Pacific region ~ Akira Kohsaka, [editor]
                                                                  HJ1600.7 .F57 2004    1LT-RES

Fiscal policy for development : poverty, reconstruction and
                                                                  HJ1620 .F62 2004      MACK-TOWER
growth ~ edited by Tony Addison and Alan Roe
Outlaws of the Lakes : bootlegging and smuggling from
                                                                  HJ6757 .B88 2004      MACK-TOWER
colonial times to Prohibition ~ Edwards Butts
Understanding classical sociology : Marx, Weber, Durkheim
~ John A. Hughes, Wes W. Sharrock, Peter J. Martin                HM24 .H84 2003        MACK-TOWER

Perversion and utopia : a study in psychoanalysis and
                                                           HM24 .W48 1996               MACK-TOWER
critical theory ~ Joel Whitebook
Cultural studies and education : perspectives on theory,
methodology, and practice ~ edited by Rubâen A.
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Gaztambide-Fernâandez, Heather A. Harding, Tere Sordâe-
The governance of relations in markets and organizations ~
edited by Vincent Buskens, Werner Raub, Chris Snijders     HM131 .R46 V.20 2003         BUSINESS

Human behavior and the social environment : shifting
paradigms in essential knowledge for social work ~ Joe M.         HM251 .S385 2004      1LT-RES
Theories of the information society ~ Frank Webster               HM258 .W43 2002       MACK-TOWER
Making it in public relations : an insider's guide to career
                                                                  HM263 .M64 2002       MACK-TOWER
opportunities ~ Leonard Mogel
Encyclopedia of social theory ~ editor, George Ritzer             HM425 .E53 2005 V.1   2LB-REF
Encyclopedia of social theory ~ editor, George Ritzer             HM425 .E53 2005 V.2   2LB-REF
The sociological ambition : elementary forms of social and
                                                                  HM435 .S55 2001       MACK-TOWER
moral life ~ Chris Shilling and Philip A. Mellor
Understanding Stuart Hall ~ Helen Davis                           HM479 .H35 D38 2004   MACK-TOWER
Choice theory : a very short introduction ~ Michael Allingham
                                                                  HM495 .A43 2002       MACK-TOWER

Rationalizing capitalist democracy : the Cold War origins of
                                                                  HM495 .A45 2003       MACK-TOWER
rational choice liberalism ~ S.M. Amadae
Choosing an identity : a general model of preference and
                                                                  HM495 .C43 2001       MACK-TOWER
belief formation ~ Sun-Ki Chai
Rational lives : norms and values in politics and society ~
                                                                  HM495 .C47 2000       MACK-TOWER
Dennis Chong
More damned lies and statistics : how numbers confuse
                                                                  HM535 .B474 2004      MACK-TOWER
public issues ~ Joel Best
Methods for testing and evaluating survey questionnaires ~
                                                                  HM538 .M48 2004       BUS-REF
edited by Stanley Presser ... [et al.]
Critical resistance : from poststructuralism to post-critique ~
                                                                  HM585 .H72 2004       MACK-TOWER
David Couzens Hoy
Rethinking society in the 21st century : critical readings in
sociology ~ edited by Michelle Webber and Kate Bezanson         HM586 .R48 2004       MACK-TOWER

Being there : new perspectives on phenomenology and the
analysis of culture ~ Jonas Frykman & Nils Gilje (eds.)         HM621 .B45 2003       MACK-TOWER

Culture and public action ~ edited by Vijayendra Rao and
                                                                HM621 .C85 2004       MACK-TOWER
Michael Walton
Hello, I'm special : how individuality became the new
                                                                HM621 .N52 2004       MACK-TOWER
conformity ~ Hal Niedzviecki
Raymond Williams's Sociology of culture : a critical
                                                                HM621 .W55 J66 2003   MACK-TOWER
reconstruction ~ Paul Jones
Self and society : studies in the evolution of consciousness
                                                                HM626 .T55 2004       MACK-TOWER
~ William Irwin Thompson
Counterculture through the ages : from Abraham to acid
house ~ Ken Goffman (a.k.a. R.U. Sirius) and Dan Joy ;          HM647 .S57 2004       MACK-TOWER
foreword by Timothy Leary
The problem of forming social capital : why trust? ~
                                                                HM708 .H47 2004       MACK-TOWER
Francisco Herreros
Community ~ Gerard Delanty                                      HM716 .D45 2003       MACK-TOWER
Generalized blockmodeling ~ Patrick Doreian, Vladimir
                                                                HM741 .D67 2005       MACK-TOWER
Batagelj, Anuéska Ferligoj
Institutional change and globalization ~ John L. Campbell       HM826 .C36 2004       MACK-TOWER
Social relations and social exclusion : rethinking political
                                                                HM826 .S66 2000       MACK-TOWER
economy ~ Peter Somerville
L'interculturel et l'âeconomie áa l'oeuvre : les marges de la
mondialisation ~ sous la direction de Daniel Castillo Durante   HM841 .I57 2004       MACK-TOWER
et Patrick Imbert
Interpersonal divide : the search for community in a
                                                                HM846 .B84 2005       MACK-TOWER
technological age ~ Michael Bugeja
The Paul Virilio reader ~ edited by Steve Redhead               HM846 .V57 2004       MACK-TOWER
TechnoFeminism ~ Judy Wajcman                                   HM846 .W35 2004       MACK-TOWER
Word of mouse : the new age of networked media ~ Jim
                                                                HM851 .B36 2004       MACK-TOWER
Community practice in the network society : local action,
global interaction ~ edited by Peter Day and Doug Schuler       HM851 .C665 2004      MACK-TOWER

Cyberprotest : new media, citizens, and social movements ~
edited by Wim van de Donk ... [et al.] ; foreword by Peter   HM851 .C95 2004          MACK-TOWER
Network city : planning the information society in Bangalore
                                                             HM851 .H45 2004          MACK-TOWER
~ James Heitzman
Dialogue on the Internet : language, civic identity, and
                                                             HM851 .H66 2004          MACK-TOWER
computer-mediated communication ~ Richard Holt
Digital communities in a networked society : e-commerce, e-
business, and e-government : the Third IFIP Conference on
E-Commerce, E-Business, and E-Government (I3E 2003),
                                                            HM851 .I45 2003              MACK-TOWER
September 21-24, 2003, Säao Paulo, Brazil ~ edited by
Manuel J. Mendes, Reima Suomi, Carlos Passos

The Internet in public life ~ edited by Verna V. Gehring          HM851 .I583 2004       MACK-TOWER
Hacktivism and cyberwars : rebels with a cause? ~ Tim
                                                                  HM851 .J67 2004        MACK-TOWER
Jordan and Paul A. Taylor
The laws of cool : knowledge work and the culture of
                                                                  HM851 .L56 2004        MACK-TOWER
information ~ Alan Liu
Shaping the network society : the new role of civil society in
cyberspace ~ edited by Douglas Schuler and Peter Day              HM851 .S528 2004       MACK-TOWER

Social theory and philosophy for information systems ~
                                                                  HM851 .S653 2004       MACK-TOWER
edited by John Mingers, Leslie Willcocks
Network culture : politics for the information age ~ Tiziana
                                                                  HM851 .T47 2004        MACK-TOWER
Digital nation : toward an inclusive information society ~
                                                                  HM851 .W55 2004        MACK-TOWER
Anthony G. Wilhelm
Online communication : linking technology, identity, and
                                                                  HM851 .W66 2005        MACK-TOWER
culture ~ Andrew F. Wood, Matthew J. Smith
Rebellious feminism : Camus's ethic of rebellion and feminist
                                                                  HM876 .B37 2004        MACK-TOWER
thought ~ by Elizabeth Ann Bartlett
Social movements, 1768-2004 ~ Charles Tilly                       HM881 .T55 2004        MACK-TOWER
The man who shocked the world : the life and legacy of
                                                                  HM1031 .M55 B53 2004   MACK-TOWER
Stanley Milgram ~ Thomas Blass
An introduction to ethnic conflict ~ Milton J. Esman              HM1121 .E84 2004       MACK-TOWER
The joy of conflict resolution : transforming victims, villains
and heroes in the workplace and at home ~ Gary Harper             HM1126 .H37 2004       MACK-TOWER

Brief history of social problems : a critical thinking approach
                                                                  HN13 .M42 2004         MACK-TOWER
~ Frank J. McVeigh, Loreen Wolfer
The future of the welfare state : crisis myths and crisis
                                                                  HN16 .C37 2004         MACK-TOWER
realities ~ Francis G. Castles
An unauthorized biography of the world : oral history on the
                                                                  HN17.5 .R56 2004       MACK-TOWER
front lines ~ Michael Riordon
What has happened to the quality of life in the advanced
                                                                  HN25 .W53 2004         MACK-TOWER
industrialized nations? ~ edited by Edward N. Wolff
Volunteering as leisure/leisure as volunteering : an
international assessment ~ edited by Robert A. Stebbins and       HN49 .V64 V645 2004    BUSINESS
Margaret Graham
Encyclopedia of American social movements ~ edited by
Immanuel Ness ; foreword by Stephen Eric Bronner and              HN57 .E535 2004 V.1    2LB-REF
Frances Fox Piven
Encyclopedia of American social movements ~ edited by
Immanuel Ness ; foreword by Stephen Eric Bronner and                 HN57 .E535 2004 V.2     2LB-REF
Frances Fox Piven
Encyclopedia of American social movements ~ edited by
Immanuel Ness ; foreword by Stephen Eric Bronner and                 HN57 .E535 2004 V.3     2LB-REF
Frances Fox Piven
Encyclopedia of American social movements ~ edited by
Immanuel Ness ; foreword by Stephen Eric Bronner and                 HN57 .E535 2004 V.4     2LB-REF
Frances Fox Piven
The autonomy myth : a theory of dependency ~ Martha
                                                                     HN59.2 .F56 2004        MACK-TOWER
Albertson Fineman
Taking the high road : communities organize for economic
                                                                     HN65 .R477 2002         MACK-TOWER
change ~ David B. Reynolds
Media society : industries, images, and audiences ~ David
                                                                     HN90 .M3 C76 2003       MACK-TOWER
Croteau, William Hoynes
Civility and its discontents : essays on civic virtue, toleration,
and cultural fragmentation ~ edited by Christine T. Sistare          HN90 .M6 C58 2004       MACK-TOWER

Social problems in Canada : conditions, constructions, and
                                                                     HN103.5 .F55 2005       MACK-TOWER
challenges ~ Augie Fleras
Building for success : explorations of rural community and
rural development ~ Greg Halseth and Regine Halseth,                 HN110 .Z9 C6 2004       MACK-TOWER
Changing places : environment, development, and social
                                                                     HN153.5 .L65 2004       MACK-TOWER
change in rural Honduras ~ by William M. Loker
The future of Europe's rural peripheries ~ edited by Lois
                                                                     HN380 .Z9 C6188 2004    MACK-TOWER
A new approach to rural development in Europe : Germany,
Greece, Scotland, and Sweden ~ edited by John Bryden and             HN380 .Z9 C647 2004     MACK-TOWER
Keith Hart
A great effusion of blood? : interpreting medieval violence ~
edited by Mark D. Meyerson, Daniel Thiery, Oren Falk                 HN380 .Z9 V545 2004     MACK-TOWER

France in crisis : welfare, inequality, and globalization since
                                                                     HN425.5 .S54 2004       MACK-TOWER
1980 ~ Timothy B. Smith
The passeggiata and popular culture in an Italian town :
folklore and the performance of modernity ~ Giovanna P.              HN488 .S27 D44 2004     MACK-TOWER
Del Negro
Rossiëiìa--novaëiìa soëtìsial§naëiìa real§nost§ : bogatye,
bednye, sredniæi klass ~ [otvetstvennye redaktory M.K.               HN530.2 .Z9 S635 2004   MACK-TOWER
Gorshkov, N.E. Tikhonova]
Pro-poor growth and governance in South Asia :
decentralization and participatory development ~ edited by           HN670.3 .A8 P76 2004    MACK-TOWER
Ponna Wignaraja, Sushil Sirivardana
The social construction of sexuality ~ Steven Seidman                HQ16 .S45 2003          MACK-TOWER
Sexuality in the time of AIDS : contemporary perspectives
from communities in India ~ editors, Ravi K. Verma ... [et al.] HQ18 .I4 S49 2004       MEDICAL

Kinsey : public and private ~ introduction by Jonathan
Gathorne-Hardy ; a brief history of Alfred Kinsey by Linda    HQ18.32 .K56 C66 2004     MACK-TOWER
Wolfe ; final shooting script by Bill Condon
The family of woman : lesbian mothers, their children, and
                                                              HQ75.53 .S85 2004         MACK-TOWER
the undoing of gender ~ Maureen Sullivan
Stonewall : the riots that sparked the gay revolution ~ David
                                                              HQ76 .C27 2004            MACK-TOWER
How to do the history of homosexuality ~ David M. Halperin
                                                              HQ76 .H28 2002            MACK-TOWER

Hungochani : the history of a dissident sexuality in southern
                                                                HQ76.3 .A356 E67 2004   MACK-TOWER
Africa ~ Marc Epprecht
Becoming a visible man ~ Jamison Green                          HQ77.8 .G35 G74 2004    MACK-TOWER
Love for sale : a world history of prostitution ~ Nils Johan
                                                                HQ111 .R5613 2004       MACK-TOWER
Ringdal ; translated from the Norwegian by Richard Daly
The prostitution of sexuality ~ Kathleen Barry                  HQ117 .B375 1995        1LT-RESN
Listening to Olivia : violence, poverty, and prostitution ~
                                                                HQ146 .C4 R37 2004      MACK-TOWER
Jody Raphael
Porn studies ~ edited by Linda Williams                         HQ471 .P62 2004         MACK-TOWER
The pecking order : which siblings succeed and why ~
                                                                HQ536 .C65 2004         MACK-TOWER
Dalton Conley
The two-income trap : why middle-class parents are going
                                                                HQ536 .W37 2003         MACK-TOWER
broke ~ Elizabeth Warren, Amelia Warren Tyagi
Working and caring over the twentieth century : change and
continuity in four generation families ~ Julia Brannen, Peter   HQ613 .B73 2004         MACK-TOWER
Moss, Ann Mooney
Faire les nopces : le mariage de la noblesse franðcaise,
                                                                HQ623 .R53 2004         MACK-TOWER
1375-1475 ~ par Geneviáeve Ribordy
More than kin and less than kind : the evolution of family
                                                                HQ728 .M57 2004         MACK-TOWER
conflict ~ Douglas W. Mock
The grandparent solution : how parents can build a family
team for practical, emotional, and financial success ~ Arthur   HQ734 .K57 2004         MACK-TOWER
War against the weak : eugenics and America's campaign to
                                                                HQ755.5 .U5 B53 2003    MEDICAL
create a master race ~ Edwin Black
Rethinking parent and child conflict ~ Susan Grieshaber         HQ755.85 .G73 2004      MACK-TOWER
Consuming motherhood ~ edited by Janelle S. Taylor, Linda
                                                                HQ759 .C66 2004         MACK-TOWER
L. Layne, and Danielle F. Wozniak
Maternal desire : on children, love, and the inner life ~
                                                                HQ759 .D4 2004          MACK-TOWER
Daphne de Marneffe
Mother outlaws : theories and practices of empowered
                                                                HQ759 .M68 2004         MACK-TOWER
mothering ~ edited by Andrea O'Reilly
Motherhood and disability : children and choices ~ Ora
                                                                HQ759.912 .P75 2004      MACK-TOWER
Sex and consequences : abortion, public policy, and the
                                                                HQ767 .L45 2004          MACK-TOWER
economics of fertility ~ Phillip B. Levine
Abortion from the religious and moral perspective : an
                                                                HQ767.2 .J64 2003        2LB-REF
annotated bibliography ~ George F. Johnston
Encyclopedia of applied developmental science ~ edited by
                                                                HQ767.84 .E52 2005 V.1   2LB-REF
Celia B. Fisher, Richard M. Lerner
Encyclopedia of applied developmental science ~ edited by
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Celia B. Fisher, Richard M. Lerner
Doing research with children and young people ~ edited by
                                                                HQ767.85 .D65 2004       MACK-TOWER
Sandy Fraser ... [et al.]
How it feels to have a gay or lesbian parent : a book by kids
                                                                HQ777.8 .S66 2004        MACK-TOWER
for kids of all ages ~ Judith E. Snow
Contemporary child care policy and practice ~ Barbara
                                                                HQ778.7 .G7 F39 2004     MACK-TOWER
Fawcett, Brid Featherstone and Jim Goddard
A blueprint for the promotion of prosocial behavior in early
                                                                HQ783 .B55 2004          MACK-TOWER
childhood ~ edited by Elda Chesebrough ... [et al.]
Children's responses to the screen : a media psychological
                                                                HQ784 .M3 V35 2004       MACK-TOWER
approach ~ Patti M. Valkenburg
Children and youth on the front line : ethnography, armed
conflict, and displacement ~ edited by Jo Boyden and            HQ784 .W3 C535 2004      MACK-TOWER
Joanna de Berry
Children, families & communities : contexts and
                                                                HQ792 .A8 C46 2004       MACK-TOWER
consequences ~ edited by Jennifer M. Bowes
After subculture : critical studies in contemporary youth
                                                                HQ796 .A38 2004          MACK-TOWER
culture ~ edited by Andy Bennett and Keith Kahn-Harris
Freaks, geeks, and cool kids : American teenagers, schools,
and the culture of consumption ~ Murray Milner, Jr              HQ796 .M53 2004          MACK-TOWER

America's teenagers--myths and realities : media images,
schooling, and the social costs of careless indifference ~      HQ796 .N53 2004          MACK-TOWER
Sharon L. Nichols, Thomas L. Good
The adolescent : development, relationships, and culture ~
                                                                HQ796 .R53 2005          MACK-TOWER
F. Philip Rice, Kim Gale Dolgin
All about the girl : power, culture, and identity ~ edited by
                                                                HQ798 .A56 2004          MACK-TOWER
Anita Harris
PeaceJam : how young people can make peace in their
                                                                HQ799.2 .V56 G54 2004    MACK-TOWER
schools and communities ~ Darcy Gifford
American youth cultures ~ edited by Neil Campbell               HQ799.7 .A54 2004        MACK-TOWER
Effective advocacy in family law ~ Patricia H. Wallace,
                                                                HQ838 .W344 2004         LAW-1STFLR
Debra Wallace
Same-sex marriage, pro and con : a reader ~ edited and
with a preface and an introduction by Andrew Sullivan ; with    HQ1033 .S26 2004         MACK-TOWER
research assistance by Joseph Landau
Divorcing marriage : unveiling the dangers in Canada's new
social experiment ~ Daniel Cere and Douglas Farrow,              HQ1034 .C2 D58 2004      MACK-TOWER
editors ; foreword by Maggie Gallagher
Changing worlds and the ageing subject : dimensions in the
study of ageing and later life ~ edited by Britt-Marie èOberg    HQ1061 .C523 2004        MACK-TOWER
... [et al.]
Fundamentals of feminist gerontology ~ J. Dianne Garner,
                                                                 HQ1061 .F86 1999         MACK-TOWER
Analysis of gambling activities as a programmatic option in
                                                                 HQ1061 .H485 2003        MACK-TOWER
senior centers : a dissertation ~ by Jennifer Higgins
The economics of an aging society ~ Robert L. Clark ... [et
                                                                 HQ1064 .U5 E265 2004     MACK-TOWER
Gender in the early medieval world : East and West, 300-
                                                                 HQ1075.5 .E85 G46 2004   MACK-TOWER
900 ~ edited by Leslie Brubaker and Julia M.H. Smith
The Greenwood encyclopedia of women's issues worldwide
                                                                 HQ1115 .G74 2003 V.1     2LB-REF
~ editor-in-chief, Lynn Walter
The Greenwood encyclopedia of women's issues worldwide
                                                                 HQ1115 .G74 2003 V.2     2LB-REF
~ editor-in-chief, Lynn Walter
The Greenwood encyclopedia of women's issues worldwide
                                                                 HQ1115 .G74 2003 V.3     2LB-REF
~ editor-in-chief, Lynn Walter
The Greenwood encyclopedia of women's issues worldwide
                                                                 HQ1115 .G74 2003 V.4     2LB-REF
~ editor-in-chief, Lynn Walter
The Greenwood encyclopedia of women's issues worldwide
                                                                 HQ1115 .G74 2003 V.5     2LB-REF
~ editor-in-chief, Lynn Walter
The Greenwood encyclopedia of women's issues worldwide
                                                                 HQ1115 .G74 2003 V.6     2LB-REF
~ editor-in-chief, Lynn Walter
Immigrant women tell their stories ~ Roni Berger                 HQ1154 .B468 2004        MACK-TOWER
Intercultural communication and creative practice : music,
dance, and women's cultural identity ~ edited by Laura           HQ1161 .I68 2005         MACK-TOWER
Unequal citizens : a study of Muslim women in India ~ Zoya
                                                                 HQ1170 .H37 2004         MACK-TOWER
Hasan and Ritu Menon
Varieties of feminist liberalism ~ edited by Amy R. Baehr        HQ1190 .V37 2004         MACK-TOWER
There she is, Miss America : the politics of sex, beauty, and
race in America's most famous pageant ~ edited by Elwood         HQ1220 .U5 T48 2004      MACK-TOWER
Watson and Darcy Martin
Women, peace and security : study submitted by the
Secretary-General pursuant to Security Council resolution        HQ1233 .W657 2002        MACK-TOWER
1325 (2000)
The future of women's rights : global visions and strategies ~
edited by Joanna Kerr, Ellen Sprenger, and Alison Symington      HQ1236 .F88 2004         MACK-TOWER

Gender, citizenship and governance : a global source book
                                                                 HQ1236 .G464 2004        MACK-TOWER
Trade and gender : opportunities and challenges for
developing countries ~ edited by Anh-Nga Tran-Nguyen and
Americo Beviglia Zampetti ; UNCTAD ; UN Inter-Agency            HQ1240 .T73 2004       MACK-TOWER
Network on women and gender equality, Task force on
gender and trade
Women and globalization ~ edited by Delia D. Aguilar and
                                                                HQ1240 .W642 2004      MACK-TOWER
Anne E. Lacsamana
The rise of the new woman : the women's movement in
                                                                HQ1419 .M37 2003       MACK-TOWER
America, 1875-1930 ~ Jean V. Matthews
Not my mother's sister : generational conflict and third-wave
                                                                HQ1421 .H46 2004       MACK-TOWER
feminism ~ Astrid Henry
Sisterhood questioned? : race, class and internationalism in
the American and British women's movements, c.1880s-            HQ1426 .B63 2004       MACK-TOWER
1970s ~ Christine Bolt
The F-word : feminism in jeopardy : women, politics, and the
                                                                HQ1426 .R69 2004       MACK-TOWER
future ~ Kristen Rowe-Finkbeiner
Seeing with their hearts : Chicago women and the vision of
                                                                HQ1439 .C47 F53 2002   MACK-TOWER
the good city, 1871-1933 ~ Maureen A. Flanagan
Masculine/feminine : practices of difference(s) ~ Nelly
Richard ; Silvia Tandeciarz and Alice A. Nelson, translators    HQ1547 .R5313 2004     MACK-TOWER

With all her might : the life of Gertrude Harding militant
                                                                HQ1595 .H35 W55 1996   MACK-TOWER
suffragette ~ Gretchen Wilson
Contemporary French feminism ~ edited by Kelly Oliver and
                                                                HQ1617 .C66 2004       MACK-TOWER
Lisa Walsh
Re-thinking sexualities in Africa ~ edited by Signe Arnfred     HQ1787 .R48 2004       MACK-TOWER
Throwing the stick forward : the impact of war on southern
                                                                HQ1793.5 .F58 2002     MACK-TOWER
Sudanese women ~ Mary Anne Fitzgerald
The idea and ideal of the town between late Antiquity and
the early Middle Ages ~ edited by G.P. Brogiolo and Bryan       HT115 .I34 1999        MACK-TOWER
World cities beyond the West : globalization, development,
                                                                HT119 .W64 2004        MACK-TOWER
and inequality ~ edited by Josef Gugler
Australian cities : continuity and change ~ Clive Forster       HT149 .A8 F67 2004     MACK-TOWER
Growth management and affordable housing : do they
                                                                HT166 .G74 2004        MACK-TOWER
conflict? ~ Anthony Downs, editor
The key to sustainable cities : meeting human needs,
                                                                HT166 .H36 2003        MACK-TOWER
transforming community systems ~ Gwendolyn Hallsmith
Small change : the art of practice and the limits of planning
                                                                HT166 .H365 2004       MACK-TOWER
in cities ~ Nabeel Hamdi
The latest illustrated book of development definitions ~
                                                                HT167 .M685 2004       MACK-TOWER
Harvey S. Moskowitz and Carl G. Lindbloom
Towards sustainable cities : East Asian, North American,
and European perspectives on managing urban regions ~
                                                                    HT241 .T69 2004         MACK-TOWER
edited by Andre Sorensen, Peter J. Marcotullio, Jill Grant

A field guide to sprawl ~ Dolores Hayden ; with aerial
                                                          HT321 .H374 2004                  MACK-TOWER
photographs by Jim Wark
Urban economics ~ Arthur O'Sullivan                       HT321 .O88 2003                   MACK-TOWER
Countryside planning : new approaches to management and
conservation ~ edited by Kevin Bishop and Adrian Phillips HT391 .C68 2003                   MACK-TOWER

Geographies of rural cultures and societies ~ edited by
                                                                    HT421 .G44 2004         MACK-TOWER
Lewis Holloway and Moya Kneafsey
The social work student's research handbook ~ Dominique
                                                                    HV11 .S727 2004         MACK-TOWER
Moyse Steinberg
Clinical assessment for social workers : quantitative and
qualitative methods ~ edited by Catheleen Jordan, Cynthia           HV40.35 .J67 2004       MACK-TOWER
A dream and a plan : a woman's path to leadership in
human services ~ Lorrie Greenhouse Gardella, Karen S.               HV40.46 .G37 2004       MACK-TOWER
Effectively managing human service organizations ~ Ralph
                                                                    HV41 .B775 2005         MACK-TOWER
Practicing social justice ~ John J. Stretch ... [et al.], editors
                                                                    HV41 .P74 2003          MACK-TOWER

Building donor loyalty : the fundraiser's guide to increasing
                                                                    HV41.9 .U5 S27 2004     MACK-TOWER
lifetime value ~ Adrian Sargeant, Elaine Jay
Handbook of social work with groups ~ edited by Charles D.
                                                                    HV45 .H33 2004          MACK-TOWER
Garvin, Lorraine M. Gutiâerrez, Maeda J. Galinsky
Social policy and social programs : a method for the
practical public policy analyst ~ Donald E. Chambers,               HV91 .C4425 2005        MACK-TOWER
Kenneth R. Wedel
A poetics of social work : personal agency and social
                                                                    HV105 .M64 2000         MACK-TOWER
transformation in Canada, 1920-1939 ~ Ken Moffatt
Social policy and the ethic of care ~ Olena Hankivsky               HV108 .H36 2004         MACK-TOWER
On the parish? : the micro-politics of poor relief in rural
                                                                    HV245 .H56 2004         MACK-TOWER
England, c.1550-1750 ~ Steve Hindle
Understanding research for social policy and practice :
themes, methods and approaches ~ edited by Saul Becker              HV248 .U53 2004         MACK-TOWER
and Alan Bryman
Living with risk : a global review of disaster reduction
initiatives ~ International Strategy for Disaster Reduction         HV551.2 .L58 2004 V.1   MACK-TOWER
Living with risk : a global review of disaster reduction
initiatives ~ International Strategy for Disaster Reduction         HV551.2 .L58 2004 V.2   MACK-TOWER
Preparedness and response for a nuclear or radiological
emergency : safety requirements ~ jointly sponsored by the
                                                                 HV551.2 .P74 2002       MACK-TOWER
Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations ...
[et al.]
Deadly frontiers : disaster and rescue on Canada's Atlantic
                                                                 HV555 .C2 B44 2001      MACK-TOWER
seaboard ~ Dean Beeby
Humanitarian space and international politics : the creation
                                                                 HV640 .Y36 2004         MACK-TOWER
of safe areas ~ Hikaru Yamashita
Understanding gender and culture in the helping process :
practitioners' narratives from global perspectives ~ Claire      HV689 .U53 2005         MACK-TOWER
Low Rabin
Supporting parents : messages from research ~ David
                                                                 HV700 .G7 Q56 2004      MACK-TOWER
Quniton ; foreword by Margaret Hodge
Prevention and coping in child and family care : mothers in
adversity coping with child care ~ Michael Sheppard with         HV700 .G7 S53 2004      MACK-TOWER
Mirka Grèohn
Child development : a practitioner's guide ~ Douglas Davies
                                                                 HV713 .D38 2004         MACK-TOWER

Children in institutions : the beginning of the end? : the
cases of Italy, Spain, Argentina, Chile and Uruguay ~            HV715 .C59 2003         MACK-TOWER
Innocenti Research Centre
Risk and resilience in childhood : an ecological perspective
                                                                 HV741 .R567 2004        MACK-TOWER
~ Mark W. Fraser, editor
Canadian symposium of child & family services outcomes :
creating a common national focus on outcome monitoring :
symposium readings and proceedings, February 20-22,              HV745 .A4 C36 2003      MACK-TOWER
2003, University of Ottawa ~ [editors, Kelly Ernst ... et al.]

Inclusion : the next generation in child care in Canada ~
                                                                 HV745 .A6 I79 2004      MACK-TOWER
Sharon Hope Irwin, Donna S. Lero and Kathleen Brophy
Social work with children and families getting into practice ~
                                                                 HV751 .A6 B87 2004      MACK-TOWER
Ian Butler and Gwenda Roberts
Developing good practice in children's services ~ [edited by]
                                                                 HV751 .A6 D48 2004      MACK-TOWER
Vicky White and John Harris
Residential care : horizons for the new century ~ edited by
                                                                 HV862 .R47 2004         MACK-TOWER
Hans Gèoran Eriksson and Torill Tjelflaat
The surrendered child : a birth mother's journey ~ Karen
                                                                 HV874.82 .M36 A3 2004   MACK-TOWER
Salyer McElmurray
After adoption : the needs of adopted youth ~ Jeanne A.
                                                                 HV875.55 .H69 2003      MACK-TOWER
Howard, Susan Livingston Smith
On their own : what happens to kids when they age out of
the foster care system? ~ Martha Shirk & Gary Stangler ;         HV881 .S55 2004         MACK-TOWER
with a foreword by Jimmy Carter
Developing cross-cultural competence : a guide for working
with children and their families ~ edited by Eleanor W. Lynch    HV888.5 .D48 2004      MACK-TOWER
and Marci J. Hanson
Reaching out to Africa's orphans : a framework for public
                                                                 HV1337 .S83 2004       MACK-TOWER
action ~ Kalanidhi Subbarao, Diane Coury
Our runaway and homeless youth : a guide to understanding
                                                                 HV1431 .S58 2004       MACK-TOWER
~ Natasha Slesnick
No visible wounds : identifying nonphysical abuse of women
                                                                 HV1444 .M55 1996       1LT-RESN
by their men ~ Mary Susan Miller
Social work practice with the elderly ~ edited by Michael J.
                                                                 HV1451 .S63 2004       MACK-TOWER
Holosko and Marvin D. Feit
Social work with elders : a biopsychosocial approach to
                                                                 HV1461 .M384 2005      MACK-TOWER
assessment and intervention ~ Kathleen McInnis-Dittrich
The health and social care divide : the experiences of older
                                                                 HV1481 .G7 G53 2004    MACK-TOWER
people ~ Jon Glasby and Rosemary Littlechild
Human rights and disability : the current use and future
potential of United Nations human rights instruments in the
                                                                 HV1568 .Q56 2002       MACK-TOWER
context of disability ~ Gerard Quinn and Theresia Degener,
with Anna Bruce ... [et al.]
Making valuing people work : strategies for change in
services for people with learning disabilities ~ Rachel Fyson    HV3004 .F97 2004       MACK-TOWER
and Linda Ward
Demeaned but empowered : the social power of the urban
                                                                 HV4063 .A5 G73 2004    MACK-TOWER
poor in Jamaica ~ Obika Gray
The other empire : metropolis, India and progress in the
                                                                 HV4086 .L6 M37 2003    MACK-TOWER
colonial imagination ~ John Marriott
Encyclopedia of homelessness ~ David Levinson, editor            HV4493 .E53 2004 V.1   MACK-TOWER
Encyclopedia of homelessness ~ David Levinson, editor            HV4493 .E53 2004 V.2   MACK-TOWER
Citizens without shelter : homelessness, democracy, and
                                                                 HV4505 .F45 2004       MACK-TOWER
political exclusion ~ Leonard C. Feldman
Being young and homeless : understanding how youth enter
                                                                 HV4509 .K37 2004       MACK-TOWER
and exit street life ~ Jeff Karabanow
Making it work : the keys to success for young people living
                                                                 HV4546 .N49 H37 2004   MACK-TOWER
independently ~ Jamie Harding
Clinical supervision in alcohol and drug abuse counseling :
principles, models, methods ~ David J. Powell ; with Archie      HV5276 .P69 2004       MACK-TOWER
Chilling out : the cultural politics of substance consumption,
                                                                 HV5824 .Y68 B56 2004   MACK-TOWER
youth and drug policy ~ Shane Blackman
Punishment, places and perpetrators : developments in
criminology and criminal justice research ~ edited by Gerben     HV6024.5 .P86 2004     LAW-1STFLR
Bruinsma, Henk Elffers and Jan de Keijser
City limits : crime, consumer culture and the urban
                                                                 HV6177 .H39 2004       MACK-TOWER
experience ~ Keith J. Hayward
Burned alive : a victim of the law of men ~ Souad, in
                                                               HV6197 .P19 S6813 2004   MACK-TOWER
collaboration with Marie-Therese Cuny
Extremities : trauma, testimony, and community ~ edited by
                                                               HV6250.25 .E96 2002      MACK-TOWER
Nancy K. Miller and Jason Tougaw
Constructing victims rights : the Home Office, New Labour,
                                                               HV6250.3 .G7 R63 2004    MACK-TOWER
and victims ~ Paul Rock
The road to al-Qaeda : the story of Bin Låaden's right-hand
man ~ Montasser al-Zayyåat ; introduction by Ibrahim Abu-
                                                               HV6430 .Z38 Z3913 2004   MACK-TOWER
Rabi° ; translated by Ahmed Fekry ; edited by Sara Nimis

The age of sacred terror : radical Islam's war against
America ~ Daniel Benjamin, Steven Simon ; [with a new          HV6431 .B445 2003        1LT-RES
afterword by the authors]
Terrorism : a guide to events and documents ~ Michael
                                                               HV6431 .K76 2004         2LB-REF
Terrorism and U.S. foreign policy ~ Paul R. Pillar             HV6431 .P55 2003         1LT-RES
Understanding terrorism : psychosocial roots,
consequences, and interventions ~ edited by Fathali M.         HV6431 .U54 2004         MACK-TOWER
Moghaddam and Anthony J. Marsella
Attacking terrorism : elements of a grand strategy ~ Audrey
                                                               HV6432 .A88 2004         1LT-RES
Kurth Cronin and James M. Ludes, editors
Endgame : the blueprint for victory in the war on terror ~
                                                               HV6432 .M38 2004         MACK-TOWER
Thomas McInerney and Paul Vallely
Agricultural bioterrorism : a federal strategy to meet the
                                                               HV6432 .P37 2002         MACK-TOWER
threat ~ Henry S. Parker
Preparing makes sense : get ready now ~ U.S. Department
                                                               HV6432 .P73 2003         MACK-TOWER
of Homeland Security
After shock : September 11, 2001, global feminist
perspectives ~ Susan Hawthorne and Bronwyn Winter,             HV6432.7 .A35 2003       MACK-TOWER
Using murder : the social construction of serial homicide ~
                                                               HV6529 .J46 1994         MACK-TOWER
Philip Jenkins
Strange things done : murder in Yukon history ~ Ken S.
                                                               HV6535 .C32 Y836 2004    MACK-TOWER
Coates, William R. Morrison
Suicidal behaviour : theories and research findings ~ edited
                                                               HV6545 .S723 2004        MACK-TOWER
by D. De Leo ... [et al.]
Aboriginal youth : a manual of promising suicide prevention
strategies ~ authors, Jennifer White and Nadine Jodoin         HV6546 .B42 2004         MACK-TOWER

When teens abuse their parents ~ Barbara Cottrell              HV6626 .C68 2004         MACK-TOWER
In the adopted land : abused immigrant women and the
criminal justice system ~ Hoan N. Bui ; foreword by Merry      HV6626.2 .B85 2004       MACK-TOWER
Healing families; stopping violence : a program for parents
and children who have experienced family violence ~              HV6626.23 .C2 P54 2003   MACK-TOWER
authors: Shirley Piedt, Sandra Beggs
The social impact of riverboat casino gambling : using
objective local indicators to measure changes in the quality
                                                                 HV6721 .L8 P69 2003      MACK-TOWER
of life in a gambling community ~ by Helen C. Powell

The prevalence of problem and pathological gambling in a
Canadian university student population ~ by William Roy          HV6722 .C23 M386 2002    MACK-TOWER
Race and crime : a biosocial analysis ~ Anthony Walsh            HV6791 .W35 2004         MACK-TOWER
Crime stories : more of Manitoba's most notorious crimes ~
                                                                 HV6809 .M3 R428 2004     MACK-TOWER
Bill Redekop
Youth work with boys and young men as a means to prevent
                                                                 HV7431 .T58 2003         MACK-TOWER
violence in everyday life ~ by Gavan Titley
Law enforcement in a new century and a changing world :
improving the administration of federal law enforcement ~
                                                                 HV7431 .U55 2000         MACK-TOWER
report of the Commission on the Advancement of Federal
Law Enforcement
The Mounties : the first fifty years in Newfoundland and
                                                                 HV7642 .N48 M68 2004     MACK-TOWER
Labrador ~ edited by Gerald Leahy
Police as problem solvers : how frontline workers can
promote ogranizational and community change ~ Hans Toch          HV7921 .T633 2005        MACK-TOWER
and J. Douglas Grant
Terrorism and organized hate crime : intelligence gathering,
analysis, and investigations ~ Michael R. Ronczkowski            HV8079 .H38 R66 2004     MACK-TOWER

The watchful state : security police and opposition in Russia,
                                                                 HV8224 .D393 2004        MACK-TOWER
1906-1917 ~ Jonathan W. Daly
Lubianka : Stalin i Glavnoe upravlenie gosbezopasnosti
NKVD, 1937-1938 ~ sostaviteli, V.N. Khaustov, V.P.               HV8224 .L84 2004         MACK-TOWER
Naumov, N.S. Plotnikova
Killing as punishment : reflections on the death penalty in
                                                                 HV8699 .U5 B45 2004      MACK-TOWER
America ~ Hugo Adam Bedau
Global perspectives on social issues : juvenile justice
                                                                 HV9069 .Z35 2004         MACK-TOWER
systems ~ by Paola Zalkind and Rita J. Simon
Juvenile justice : theory, systems, and organization ~ James
                                                                 HV9104 .H675 2005        MACK-TOWER
Houston, Shannon M. Barton
Youth & crime ~ John Muncie                                      HV9145 .A5 M87 2004      MACK-TOWER
Religion, the community, and the rehabilitation of criminal
offenders ~ Thomas P. O'Connor, Nathaniel J. Pallone,            HV9276 .R45 2002         MACK-TOWER
The virtual prison : community custody and the evolution of
                                                                 HV9279 .R63 2004         MACK-TOWER
imprisonment ~ Julian V. Roberts
Spaces of capital : towards a critical geography ~ David
                                                                  HX550 .G45 H37 2001   MACK-TOWER
The Palgrave companion to North American utopias ~ John
                                                                  HX652 .A3 F75 2004    MACK-TOWER
W. Friesen and Virginia Lyons Friesen
Slovar§ sovremennogo zhargona rossiiskikh politikov i
                                                                  JA64 .R8 M635 2003    MACK-TOWER
zhurnalistov ~ A.V. Mochenov ... [et al.]
Positive political theory I : collective preference ~ David
                                                                  JA71 .A97 2000        MACK-TOWER
Austen-Smith and Jeffrey S. Banks
Politics from anarchy to democracy : rational choice in
political science ~ edited by Irwin L. Morris, Joe A.             JA71 .P65 2004        MACK-TOWER
Oppenheimer, and Karol Edward Soltan
Politics and the architecture of choice : bounded rationality
                                                                  JA74.5 .J65 2001      MACK-TOWER
and governance ~ Bryan D. Jones
The green state : rethinking democracy and sovereignty ~
                                                                  JA75.8 .E253 2004     MACK-TOWER
Robyn Eckersley
Liberal democracy and environmentalism : the end of
environmentalism? ~ edited by Marcel Wissenburg and               JA75.8 .L53 2004      MACK-TOWER
Yoram Levy
Green politics : dictatorship or democracy? ~ James
                                                                  JA75.8 .R33 2002      MACK-TOWER
Radcliffe ; consultant editor, Jo Campling
Political ecology : a critical introduction ~ Paul Robbins        JA75.8 .R63 2004      MACK-TOWER
Politics in time : history, institutions, and social analysis ~
                                                                  JA78 .P54 2004        MACK-TOWER
Paul Pierson
Order and legitimacy : political thought in national Spain ~
Francis Graham Wilson ; H. Lee Cheek, Jr. ... [et al.] editors    JA84 .S7 W55 2004     MACK-TOWER

The evolution of political knowledge : democracy, autonomy,
and conflict in comparative and international politics ~
                                                            JA84 .U5 E96 2004           MACK-TOWER
Edward D. Mansfield and Richard Sisson, editors

Imagining the American polity : political science and the
                                                                  JA84 .U5 G86 2004     MACK-TOWER
discourse of democracy ~ John G. Gunnell
Handbook of political communication research ~ edited by
                                                                  JA85 .H36 2004        MACK-TOWER
Lynda Lee Kaid
Tom Paine and revolutionary America ~ Eric Foner                  JC177 .A4 F66 2005    MACK-TOWER
Leo Strauss and the politics of American empire ~ Anne
                                                                  JC251 .S8 N67 2004    MACK-TOWER
The fate of the nation-state ~ edited by Michel Seymour           JC311 .F38 2004       MACK-TOWER
New state spaces : urban governance and the rescaling of
                                                                  JC319 .B74 2004       MACK-TOWER
statehood ~ Neil Brenner
The wisdom of crowds : why the many are smarter than the
few and how collective wisdom shapes business,                    JC328.2 .S87 2004     MACK-TOWER
economies, societies, and nations ~ James Surowiecki
Civil society in the Middle East ~ edited by Augustus
                                                                  JC337 .C584 V.1       MACK-TOWER
Richard Norton
Civil society in the Middle East ~ edited by Augustus
                                                                   JC337 .C584 V.2        MACK-TOWER
Richard Norton
Deep republicanism : prelude to professionalism ~ Donald
                                                                   JC421 .H64 2003        MACK-TOWER
C. Hodges
Democracy--an alternate view ~ John Riser                          JC423 .R57 2004        MACK-TOWER
Welfare state change : towards a Third Way? ~ edited by
                                                                   JC479 .W46 2004        MACK-TOWER
Jane Lewis and Rebecca Surender
Legitimacy and politics : a contribution to the study of
political right and political responsibility ~ Jean-Marc           JC497 .C6513 2002      MACK-TOWER
Coicaud ; translated and edited by David Ames Curtis
Rights, democracy, and fulfillment in the era of identity
politics : principled compromises in a compromised world ~         JC571 .I467 2004       MACK-TOWER
David Ingram
Bait and switch : human rights and U.S. foreign policy ~
                                                                   JC571 .M47 2004        MACK-TOWER
Julie A. Mertus
Human rights and development ~ Peter Uvin                          JC571 .U95 2004        MACK-TOWER
The Republican noise machine : right-wing media and how it
                                                                   JC573.2 .U6 B76 2004   MACK-TOWER
corrupts democracy ~ David Brock
Taking back America and taking down the radical Right ~
                                                                   JC573.2 .U6 T35 2004   MACK-TOWER
edited by Katrina Vanden Heuvel and Robert Borosage
America's right turn : how Conservatives used new and
alternative media to take power ~ Richard A. Viguerie and          JC573.2 .U6 V53 2004   MACK-TOWER
David Franke
Democracy and Northern Ireland : beyond the liberal
                                                                   JC574.2 .G7 L58 2004   MACK-TOWER
paradigm? ~ Adrian Little
The collapse of liberalism : why America needs a new left ~
                                                                   JC574.2 .U6 N63 2004   MACK-TOWER
Charles Noble
Liberalism : the genius of American ideals ~ Marcus G.
                                                                   JC574.2 .U6 R37 2004   MACK-TOWER
The Savage nation : saving America from the liberal assault
on our borders, language, and culture ~ Michael Savage             JC574.2 .U6 S28 2002   MACK-TOWER

Justice without borders : cosmopolitanism, nationalism, and
                                                                   JC578 .T36 2004        MACK-TOWER
patriotism ~ Kok-Chor Tan
Shattered voices : language, violence, and the work of truth
                                                                   JC580 .P47 2004        MACK-TOWER
commissions ~ Teresa Godwin Phelps
Liberty in troubled times : a libertarian guide to law, politics
                                                                   JC585 .W35 2004        MACK-TOWER
and society in a terrorized world ~ James Walsh
The aesthetics of free speech : rethinking the public sphere
                                                                   JC591 .R63 2003        MACK-TOWER
~ John Michael Roberts
The Intensification of surveillance : crime, terrorism and
warfare in the information age ~ edited by Kirstie Ball and        JC596 .I58 2003        MACK-TOWER
Frank Webster
National identification systems : essays in opposition ~
                                                                   JC596 .N38 2004        MACK-TOWER
edited by Carl Watner with Wendy McElroy
Private selves, public identities : reconsidering identity
                                                                 JC596.2 .U5 H45 2004   MACK-TOWER
politics ~ Susan J. Hekman
Realms of freedom in modern China ~ edited by William C.
                                                                 JC599 .C6 R43 2004     MACK-TOWER
The prospects for a regional human rights mechanism in
                                                                 JC599 .E18 H37 2004    MACK-TOWER
East Asia ~ Hidetoshi Hashimoto
Breaking silence : the case that changed the face of human
                                                                 JC599 .P3 W55 2004     MACK-TOWER
rights ~ Richard Alan White
American national security and civil liberties in an era of
                                                                 JC599 .U5 A44 2004     MACK-TOWER
terrorism ~ edited by David B. Cohen and John W. Wells
The book of rule : how the world is governed ~ [conceived
                                                                 JF51 .B65 2004         MACK-TOWER
and produced by NewEarthMedia]
Political science as puzzle solving ~ Bernard Grofman, editor
                                                                 JF51 .P625 2001        MACK-TOWER

Democracy in the Digital Age : challenges to political life in
                                                                 JF799 .W55 2000        MACK-TOWER
cyberspace ~ Anthony G. Wilhelm
Economic voting ~ edited by Han Dorussen and Michaell
                                                                 JF1001 .E28 2002       MACK-TOWER
Secrets of a century : the influence of espionage & secret
                                                                 JF1525 .I6 P37 2004    MACK-TOWER
agreements ~ Johnson Parker
The formation of national party systems : federalism and
party competition in Canada, Great Britain, India, and the       JF2011 .C46 2004       MACK-TOWER
United States ~ Pradeep Chhibber, Ken Kollman
America's inadvertent empire ~ William E. Odom and Robert
                                                                 JK31 .O34 2004         MACK-TOWER
Democracy in America ~ Alexis de Tocqueville ; translated
                                                                 JK216 .T6313 2004      MACK-TOWER
by Arthur Goldhammer
Congress at the grassroots : representational change in the
                                                                 JK1319 .F46 2000       MACK-TOWER
South, 1970-1998 ~ Richard F. Fenno, Jr
The new Progressive Era : toward a fair and deliberative
                                                                 JK1759 .L57 2000       MACK-TOWER
democracy ~ Peter Levine
Citizen democracy : political activists in a cynical age ~
                                                                 JK1764 .F73 2005       MACK-TOWER
Stephen E. Frantzich
Campaign and election reform ~ Harry Henderson                   JK1976 .H46 2004       MACK-TOWER
The buying of the President, 2004 : who's really bankrolling
Bush and his Democratic challengers--and what they expect
                                                                 JK1991 .L49 2004       MACK-TOWER
in return ~ Charles Lewis and the Center for Public Integrity

Grand Old Party : a history of the Republicans ~ Lewis L.
                                                                 JK2356 .G68 2003       MACK-TOWER
Constitutional odyssey : can Canadians become a sovereign
                                                                 JL65 1992 .R87 2004    MACK-TOWER
people? ~ Peter H. Russell
Advocacy groups ~ Lisa Young and Joanna Everitt                  JL186.5 .Y68 2004      1LT-RESN
Advocacy groups ~ Lisa Young and Joanna Everitt                  JL186.5 .Y68 2004      1LT-RES
Advocacy groups ~ Lisa Young and Joanna Everitt                  JL186.5 .Y68 2004      1LT-RES
Turning points : the election campaigns that changed
                                                                 JL193 .A87 2004         MACK-TOWER
Canada : 2004 and before ~ Ray Argyle
Building democracy in Latin America/ John Peeler                 JL966 .P44 2004         MACK-TOWER
Mexico's new politics : the PAN and democratic change ~
                                                                 JL1298 .A3 S55 2005     MACK-TOWER
David A. Shirk
Political parties in new democracies : party organization in
                                                                 JN12 .B54 2003          MACK-TOWER
Southern and East-Central Europe ~ Ingrid Van Biezen
Europe recast : a history of European Union ~ Desmond
                                                                 JN30 .D56 2004          1LT-RESN
The evolution of civil-military relations in East-Central
Europe and the Former Soviet Union ~ edited by Natalie L.        JN96 .A38 C5849 2004    MACK-TOWER
Mychajlyszyn and Harald von Riekhoff
The blood of our sons : men, women, and the renegotiation
of British citizenship during the Great War ~ Nicoletta F.       JN906 .G85 2002         MACK-TOWER
The roundtable talks of 1989 : the genesis of Hungarian
democracy : analysis and documents ~ edited by Andras            JN2067 .R68 2002        MACK-TOWER
Les Verts ~ Jo Drugan                                            JN3007 .V47 D78 2003    MACK-TOWER
Transformation of the German political party system :
institutional crisis or democratic renewal? ~ edited by          JN3971 .A979 T73 1999   MACK-TOWER
Christopher S. Allen
Training for organisational development ~ edited by
                                                                 JQ231 .T73 2002         MACK-TOWER
Raimann Pattanayak
Regional reflections : comparing politics across India's
                                                                 JQ298.8 .R44 2004       MACK-TOWER
states ~ edited by Rob Jenkins
Central Eurasia in global politics : conflict, security, and
development ~ edited by Mehdi Parvizi Amineh, Henk               JQ1080 .C46 2004        MACK-TOWER
Oil, transition and security in Central Asia ~ edited by Sally
                                                                 JQ1080 .O38 2003        MACK-TOWER
N. Cummings
China's democratic future : how it will happen and where it
                                                                 JQ1516 .G55 2004        MACK-TOWER
will lead ~ Bruce Gilley
From subjects to citizens : a hundred years of citizenship in
Australia and Canada ~ [edited by] Pierre Boyer, Linda           JQ4083 .F76 2004        MACK-TOWER
Cardinal and David Headon
Adventures in democracy : a history of the vote in New
                                                                 JQ5892 .A85 2003        MACK-TOWER
Zealand ~ Neill Atkinson
ArcGIS and the digital city : a hands-on approach for local
government ~ William E. Huxhold, Eric M. Fowler, and Brian       JS100 .H89 2004         MACK-TOWER
Governing ourselves? : the politics of Canadian communities
                                                                 JS1708 .M33 2004        MACK-TOWER
~ Mary Louise McAllister
A new city agenda ~ John Sewell ; foreword by Alan
                                                                 JS1711 .S49 2004        MACK-TOWER
Broadbent ; with comments from Cathy Crowe ... [et al.]
Governing the locals : local self-government and ethnic
                                                                  JS6117.3 .A2 L36 2004   MACK-TOWER
mobilization in Russia ~ Tomila Lankina
Empire and culture : the French experience, 1830-1940 ~
                                                                  JV1811 .E94 2004        MACK-TOWER
Martin Evans
Migration and immigrants : a volume in honor of Hans van
Amersfoort ~ edited by Jeroen Doomernik and Hans                  JV6035 .M538 2003       MACK-TOWER
Controlling immigration : a global perspective ~ edited by
                                                                  JV6271 .C66 2004        MACK-TOWER
Wayne A. Cornelius ... [et al.]
Defining America through immigration policy ~ Bill Ong Hing
                                                                  JV6483 .H56 2004        MACK-TOWER
; foreword by Anthony D. Romero
The state of migration management in Central America : an
                                                                  JV7412 .S73 2002        MACK-TOWER
applied research : final report
A binational study : the state of migration flows between
Costa Rica and Nicaragua : an analysis of the economic and
                                                                  JV7426 .B56 2001        MACK-TOWER
social implications for both countries ~ prepared for IOM by
the State of the Nation Project
Citizenship in European cities : immigrants, local politics,
and integration policies ~ edited by Rinus Penninx ... [et al.]   JV7590 .C58 2004        MACK-TOWER

The return to the land of Israel ~ Richard I. Cohen ; [edited
                                                                  JV8749 .P3 C64 1986     MACK-TOWER
by Judith Carp]
Arab migration in a globalized world                              JV8760 .R44 2003        MACK-TOWER
Ethics and statecraft : the moral dimension of international
affairs ~ edited by Cathal J. Nolan ; foreword by Joel H.         JX1255 .E84 2004        MACK-TOWER
The international law of occupation ~ with a new preface by
                                                                  JX4093 .B46 2004        MACK-TOWER
the author, Eyal Benvenisti
National laws and regulations on the prevention and
suppression of international terrorism = Dispositions
lâegislatives et râeglementaires nationales relatives áa la
                                                                  JX5420 .N38 2002        MACK-TOWER
prâevention et áa lþâelimination du terrorisme international ~
[prepared by the Codification Division of the Office of Legal
Multiple paths to knowledge in international relations :
methodology in the study of conflict management and               JZ1234 .M85 2004        MACK-TOWER
conflict resolution ~ edited by Zeev Maoz ... [et al.]
European approaches to international relations theory : a
                                                                  JZ1237 .F75 2004        MACK-TOWER
house with many mansions ~ Jèorg Friedrichs
Culture and international history ~ edited by Jessica C.E.
                                                                  JZ1251 .C85 2004        MACK-TOWER
Gienow-Hecht and Frank Schumacher
Observing international relations : Niklas Luhmann and
world politics ~ edited by Mathias Albert and Lena                JZ1251 .O27 2004        MACK-TOWER
Diplomacy ~ edited by Christer Jèonsson and Richard
                                                                  JZ1305 .D56 2004 V.1   1LT-RESN
Diplomacy ~ edited by Christer Jèonsson and Richard
                                                                  JZ1305 .D56 2004 V.2   1LT-RESN
Diplomacy ~ edited by Christer Jèonsson and Richard
                                                                  JZ1305 .D56 2004 V.3   1LT-RESN
The psychology of diplomacy ~ edited by Harvey J.
                                                                  JZ1305 .P79 2004       MACK-TOWER
Langholtz and Chris E. Stout
Constructing the world polity : essays on international
                                                                  JZ1305 .R84 1998       MACK-TOWER
institutionalization ~ John Gerard Ruggie
Power and responsibility in world affairs : reformation versus
                                                                  JZ1306 .P69 2004       MACK-TOWER
transformation ~ edited by Cathal J. Nolan
Future : tense : the coming world order ~ Gwynne Dyer             JZ1308 .D94 2004       MACK-TOWER
Democracy beyond borders : justice and representation in
                                                                  JZ1318 .K87 2004       MACK-TOWER
global institutions ~ Andrew Kuper
The decline of politics : governance, globalization, and the
                                                                  JZ1318 .M285 2003      MACK-TOWER
public sphere ~ Peter Marden
Manifesto for a new world order ~ George Monbiot                  JZ1318 .M66 2004       MACK-TOWER
A new world order ~ Anne-Marie Slaughter                          JZ1318 .S58 2004       MACK-TOWER
Global order and global disorder : globalization and the
                                                                  JZ1318 .S88 2003       MACK-TOWER
nation-state ~ Keith Suter
The dimensions of global citizenship : political identity
                                                                  JZ1320.4 .O29 2003     MACK-TOWER
beyond the nation-state ~ Darren J. O'Byrne
Colossus : the rise and fall of the American empire ~ Niall
                                                                  JZ1480 .F47 2004       MACK-TOWER
Power, terror, peace, and war : America's grand strategy in
                                                                  JZ1480 .M43 2004       MACK-TOWER
a world at risk ~ Walter Russell Mead
War and the American presidency ~ Arthur M. Schlesinger,
                                                                  JZ1480 .S35 2004       MACK-TOWER
NATO and the European Union : new world, new Europe,
                                                                  JZ1570 .N38 2004       MACK-TOWER
new threats ~ edited by Hall Gardner
Bridging the gap : ethnicity, legitimacy, and state alignment
                                                                  JZ1670 .J43 2004       MACK-TOWER
in the international system ~ Cindy R. Jebb
Peace and security across the Taiwan Strait ~ edited by
                                                                  JZ1720 .P43 2004       MACK-TOWER
Steve Tsang
Regional security in the Asia Pacific : 9/11 and after ~ edited
by Marika Vicziany, David Wright-Neville, Pete Lentini            JZ1980 .R44 2004       MACK-TOWER

The UN and global political economy : trade, finance, and
                                                                  JZ4972 .T69 2004       MACK-TOWER
development ~ John Toye and Richard Toye
Tests of global governance : Canadian diplomacy and
                                                                  JZ4984 .C66 2004       MACK-TOWER
United Nations world conferences ~ Andrew F. Cooper
The United Nations : confronting the challenges of a global
                                                                  JZ4984.5 .U536 2004    MACK-TOWER
society ~ edited by Jean E. Krasno
The United Nations : international organization and world
                                                                 JZ4984.5 .Z57 2005     MACK-TOWER
politics ~ Lawrence Ziring, Robert Riggs, Jack Plano
An insider's guide to the UN ~ Linda Fasulo                      JZ4984.6 .F37 2004     MACK-TOWER
Understanding the UN Security Council : coercion or
                                                                 JZ5006.7 .F46 2004     MACK-TOWER
consent? ~ Neil Fenton
World peace, mass culture, and national policies ~ William
                                                                 JZ5538 .O94 2004       MACK-TOWER
The politics of world federation ~ Joseph Preston Baratta        JZ5566 .B37 2004 V.1   MACK-TOWER
The politics of world federation ~ Joseph Preston Baratta        JZ5566 .B37 2004 V.2   MACK-TOWER
Inauspicious beginnings : principal powers and international
security institutions after the Cold War, 1989-1999 ~ edited
                                                                 JZ5588 .I53 2004       MACK-TOWER
by Onnig Beylerian and Jacques Lâevesque

Rational choice and security studies : Stephen Walt and his
                                                                 JZ5588 .R38 2000       MACK-TOWER
critics ~ edited by Michael E. Brown ... [et al.]
Atlanticism for a new century : the rise, triumph, and decline
                                                                 JZ5930 .H63 2005       MACK-TOWER
of NATO ~ Carl Cavanagh Hodge
NATO divided, NATO united : the evolution of an alliance ~
                                                                 JZ5930 .K37 2004       MACK-TOWER
Lawrence S. Kaplan
NGOs at the table : strategies for influencing policies in
areas of conflict ~ edited by Mari Fitzduff and Cheyanne         JZ6010 .N46 2004       MACK-TOWER
International intervention in the post-Cold War world : moral
responsibility and power politics ~ editors, Michael C. Davis    JZ6369 .I587 2004      MACK-TOWER
... [et al.]
Where is the Lone Ranger when we need him? : America's
search for a postconflict stability force ~ Robert M. Perito     JZ6377 .U6 P47 2004    MACK-TOWER

A life of H.L.A. Hart : the nightmare and the noble dream ~
                                                                 K230 .H37 L33 2004     LAW-1STFLR
by Nicola Lacey
Introduction to critical legal theory ~ Ian Ward                 K230 .W27 I58 2004     LAW-1STFLR
A critical introduction to law ~ Wade Mansell, Belinda
                                                                 K235 .M34 2004         LAW-1STFLR
Meteyard, Alan Thomson
Where law and morality meet ~ Matthew H. Kramer                  K247.6 .K73 2004       LAW-1STFLR
The ethics of deference : learning from law's morals ~ Philip
                                                                 K258 .S67 2002         MACK-TOWER
Epistemology and methodology of comparative law ~ edited
                                                                 K555 .C65 2002         LAW-1STFLR
by Mark van Hoecke
Protecting the virtual commons : self-organizing open source
and free software communities and innovative intellectual
                                                                 K564 .C6 W46 2003      MACK-TOWER
property regimes ~ R. van Wendel de Joode, J.A. de Bruijn,
M.J.G. van Eeten
Understanding unjust enrichment ~ edited by Jason W.
                                                                 K920 .U524 2004        LAW-1STFLR
Neyers, Mitchell McInnes and Stephen G.A. Pitel
State liability : tort law and beyond ~ Carol Harlow             K967 .H37 2004         LAW-1STFLR
Understanding TRIPs : managing knowledge in developing
                                                                   K1401 .A41994 R36 2003   MACK-TOWER
countries ~ M.B. Rao, Manjula Guru
Transactions and creations : property debates and the
stimulus of Melanesia ~ edited by Eric Hirsch and Marilyn          K1401 .T736 2004         MACK-TOWER
Mediation : a practical guide ~ Alan J. Stitt                      K2390 .S75 2004          LAW-1STFLR
Constitutionalism in the Charter era ~ [edited by] Grant
                                                                   K3165 .A6 C66 2004       LAW-1STFLR
Huscroft, Ian Brodie
Corporations and transnational human rights litigation ~
                                                                   K3240 .J67 2004          LAW-1STFLR
Sarah Joseph
International legal norms and migration : an analysis ~
                                                                   K3275 .A85 2002          MACK-TOWER
[author, T. Alexander Aleinikoff]
International environmental law and Asian values : legal
                                                                   K3585 .M87 2004          LAW-1STFLR
norms and cultural influences ~ Roda Mushkat
Sustainable development law : principles, practices and
prospects ~ Marie-Claire Cordonier Segger and Ashfaq               K3585 .S44 2004          MACK-TOWER
International sports law ~ James A.R. Nafziger                     K3702 .N34 2004          LAW-1STFLR
The public interest' in regulation ~ by Mike Feintuck              K3840 .F45 2004          MACK-TOWER
Basic legal instruments for the liberalisation of trade : a
comparative analysis of EC and WTO law ~ Federico Ortino           K3943 .O78 2004          MACK-TOWER

A cross-section of WTO law ~ by Marco C.E.J. Bronckers
                                                                   K4602.2 2000 .B76        LAW-1STFLR

Aspects of implementing the culpability principle both under
international and national criminal law ~ Marâia Inmaculada        K5066 .F73 2004          LAW-1STFLR
Francisco Francisco
Corporate regulation : beyond "punish or persuade" ~ Fiona
                                                                   K5069 .H35 1997          LAW-1STFLR
Apologie du terrorisme and "incitement to terrorism."              K5256 .A76 2004          MACK-TOWER
Remembering the past and preventing crimes against
humanity : seminar, Bucharest, Romania 7-10 May 2003 ~ a           K5301 .A6 M36 2003       MACK-TOWER
report by Mihai Manea (Romania)
From sovereign impunity to international accountability : the
search for justice in a world of states ~ edited by Ramesh         K5301 .F76 2004          MACK-TOWER
Thakur and Peter Malcontent
My neighbor, my enemy : justice and community in the
aftermath of ethnic cleansing ~ edited by Eric Stover,             K5301 .M9 2004           MACK-TOWER
Harvey M. Weinstein
The origins and evolution of Islamic law ~ Wael B. Hallaq          KBP55 .H35 2005          MACK-TOWER
Indigenous intellectual property rights : legal obstacles and
                                                                   KDZ481 .I96 2004         MACK-TOWER
innovative solutions ~ edited by Mary Riley
The Supreme Court of Nova Scotia, 1754-2004 : from
imperial bastion to provincial oracle ~ edited by Philip Girard,   KF101.9 .ZB2 S86 2004    LAW-1STFLR
Jim Phillips, and Barry Cahill
Black's law dictionary ~ Bryan A. Garner, editor in chief           KF156 .B53 2004          LAW-REF
Aggressive in pursuit : the life of Justice Emmett Hall ~
                                                                    KF345 .Z9 H29 V39 2004   LAW-1STFLR
Frederick Vaughan
Rancor & reconciliation in medieval England ~ Paul R.
                                                                    KF346 .H93 2003          MACK-TOWER
Distorting the law : politics, media, and the litigation crisis ~
                                                                    KF380 .H35 2004          MACK-TOWER
William Haltom and Michael McCann
Smith & Keenan's English law ~ Denis Keenan                         KF385 .ZC2 K44 2004      LAW-1STFLR
Law of internet security and privacy ~ Kevin J. Connolly            KF390.5 .C6 C6575 2004   MACK-TOWER
Hearing the children ~ edited by the Lord Justice Thorpe and
Justine Cadbury ; with a foreword by Dame Elizabeth Butler-         KF479 .H43 2004          LAW-1STFLR
Canadian child welfare law : children, families and the state
                                                                    KF540 .C34 2004          MACK-TOWER
~ [edited by] Nicholas Bala ... [et al.]
Property law : cases and commentary ~ Mary Jane
                                                                    KF570 .M59 2004          LAW-1STFLR
Mossman, William F. Flanagan
Land law ~ J.G. Riddall                                             KF570 .R48 2003          LAW-1STFLR
Bidding and tendering : what is the law? ~ Paul Sandori,
                                                                    KF902 .S364 2004         LAW-1STFLR
William M. Pigott
A guide to Canadian money laundering legislation ~ Alison
                                                                    KF1030 .R3 M34 2004      LAW-1STFLR
Cases & materials on the carriage of goods by sea ~ Martin
Dockray ; with the assistance of Katherine Reece Thomas             KF1104 .D63 2004         LAW-1STFLR

Australian maritime law ~ editor, M.W.D. White ; foreword,
                                                                    KF1109 .A87 2000         LAW-1STFLR
Sir Ninian Stephen
Cases on torts ~ Jane Swanton ... [et al.]                          KF1249 .C374 2002        LAW-1STFLR
What's a PIPEDA?                                                    KF1262 .W53 2003         LAW-REF
Insurance bad faith ~ Gordon Hilliker                               KF1301.5 .I58 H54 2004   LAW-1STFLR
Cases, materials and notes on partnerships and Canadian
business corporations ~ A. Douglas Harris ... [et al.]              KF1415 .ZA2 C37 2004     LAW-RES

British Columbia Business Corporations Act and
                                                                    KF1415 .ZA4 B738 2004    LAW-1STFLR
commentary ~ Geoffrey S. Belsher ... [et al.]
Canadian companies guide to the Sarbanes-Oxley Act ~
                                                                    KF1446 .A324 M33 2004    LAW-1STFLR
Leslie McCallum, Poonam Puri
Shareholder agreements : a tax and legal guide ~ [Jack
                                                                    KF1448 .B47 2004         LAW-1STFLR
Advertising and marketing law in Canada ~ Brenda
                                                                    KF1614 .P75 2004         LAW-1STFLR
Pritchard, Susan Vogt
Dental law in Canada ~ general editors, Jocelyn Downie,
                                                                    KF2910 .D3 D45 2004      LAW-1STFLR
Karen McEwen, William MacInnis
The law, standards, and ethics in the practice of psychology
                                                                    KF2910 .P75 L39 2004     MACK-TOWER
~ [edited by] David R. Evans
Moral rights and their application in Australia ~ Maree
                                                                 KF3012 .S35 2003        LAW-1STFLR
Staying legal : a guide to issues and practice affecting the
library, information, and publishing sectors ~ edited by Chris   KF3030.1 .S73 2004      LAW-1STFLR
Armstrong and Laurence W. Bebbington
Scandal nation : law and authorship in Britain, 1750-1832 ~
                                                                 KF3084 .T46 2003        MACK-TOWER
Kathryn Temple
Labour and employment law : cases, materials and
                                                                 KF3318 .L319 2004       LAW-RES
commentary ~ Labour Law Casebook Group
Workplace health and safety crimes : Bill C-45 and new
                                                                 KF3570 .K44 2004        LAW-1STFLR
Westray criminal offences ~ Norm Keith
From UI to EI : waging war on the welfare state ~ by
                                                                 KF3675 .C2313 2005      LAW-1STFLR
Georges Campeau ; translated by Richard Howard
The role of law in social work practice and administration ~
                                                                 KF3721 .S74 2004        MACK-TOWER
Theodore J. Stein
Environmental law and policy : nature, law, and society ~
                                                                 KF3775 .A7 P55 2004     LAW-1STFLR
Zygmunt J.B. Plater ... [et al.]
Constitutional law of Canada ~ Peter W. Hogg                     KF4482 .H642 2004       LAW-RES
The hateful and the obscene : studies in the limits of free
                                                                 KF4483 .C522 S93 2004   LAW-1STFLR
expression ~ L.W. Sumner
Essential constitutional law ~ Bede Harris ; general editor,
                                                                 KF4489 .H37 2004        LAW-1STFLR
David Barker
Land use and society : geography, law, and public policy ~
                                                                 KF5698 .P588 2004       MACK-TOWER
Rutherford H. Platt
The Waitangi Tribunal and New Zealand history ~ Giselle
                                                                 KF8205 .B97 2004        LAW-1STFLR
American Indian law in a nutshell ~ by William C. Canby, Jr
                                                                 KF8205 .C36 2004        MACK-TOWER

Empty nets : Indians, dams, and the Columbia River ~
                                                                 KF8210 .N37 U45 1999    MACK-TOWER
Roberta Ulrich
The myth of moral justice ; why our legal system fails to do
                                                                 KF8700 .R658 2004       LAW-1STFLR
what's right ~ Thane Rosenbaum
Civil litigation : a practical handbook ~ by David Stockwood
                                                                 KF8840 .ZB3 S79 2004    LAW-1STFLR

Questions from the bench ~ [Douglas S. Lavine]                   KF8915 .L377 2004       LAW-1STFLR
Evidence : principles and problems ~ by Ronald Joseph
                                                                 KF8935 .ZA2 D44 2001    LAW-RES
Delisle and Don Stuart
Negotiating synergies : a study in multiparty conflict
                                                                 KF9084 .B46 2004        LAW-1STFLR
resolution ~ Marjorie L. Benson
Criminal justice ~ Lucia Zedner                                  KF9223 .Z43 2004        MACK-TOWER
Canadian law and self defence : the fine line between
justifiable self-defence and criminal assault ~ Ted Truscott     KF9246 .T78 2004        LAW-1STFLR

In harm's way : the pornography civil rights hearings ~
                                                                 KF9444 .I54 1997        MACK-TOWER
edited by Catharine A. MacKinnon and Andrea Dworkin
Canadian search warrant manual 2005 : a guide to legal and
practical issues associated with judicial pre-authorization of
                                                               KF9630 .H88 2004             LAW-1STFLR
investigative techniques ~ by Scott C. Hutchison

The law of extradition and mutual assistance : international
criminal law, practice and procedure ~ Clive Nicholls, Clare
                                                                    KF9635 .N53 2002        LAW-1STFLR
Montgomery, Julian B. Knowles ; editorial assistant, Clare
Examination of witnesses in criminal cases ~ Earl J. Levy
                                                                    KF9672 .L49 2004        LAW-1STFLR

Medieval justice : cases and laws in France, England, and
                                                                    KJ147 .J36 2004         MACK-TOWER
Germany : 500-1500 ~ Hunt Janin
Code of good practice in electoral matters : guidelines and
explanatory report ~ European Commission for Democracy              KJC5272 .C63 2003       MACK-TOWER
through Law
Local consultative bodies for foreign residents : a handbook
                                                                    KJC6050 .G763 2004      MACK-TOWER
~ Sonia Gsir, Marco Martiniello
European Union law ~ Margot Horspool... [et al.]                    KJE947 .E875 2003       LAW-1STFLR
A critical introduction to European law ~ Ian Ward                  KJE947 .W373 2003       LAW-1STFLR
European environmental law ~ edited by Ludwig Krèamer               KJE6242 .E975 2003      MACK-TOWER
Conflicting integration : the environmental law of the
                                                                    KJE6242 .L68 2004       LAW-1STFLR
European Union ~ Elli Louka
Courts and conflict in twelfth-century Tuscany ~ Chris
                                                                    KKH7884 .W5313 2003     MACK-TOWER
Manu's code of law : a critical edition and translation of the
Måanava-Dharmaâsåastra ~ Patrick Olivelle ; with the                KNS127.3 .A4 E54 2005   LAW-1STFLR
editorial assistance of Suman Olivelle
A judge speaks out ~ Ajmal Mian                                     KPL110 .M53 A35 2004    MACK-TOWER
Human rights in Africa : from the OAU to the African Union ~
                                                                    KQC572 .M87 2004        MACK-TOWER
Rachel Murray
International institutional law : unity within diversity ~ Henry
                                                                    KZ4850 .S337 2003       LAW-1STFLR
G. Schermers & Niels M. Blokker
The chapter VII powers of the United Nations Security
                                                                    KZ5038 .D4 2004         MACK-TOWER
Council ~ Erika De Wet
International dispute settlement in an evolving global society
: constitutionalization, accessibility, privatization ~ Francisco   KZ6010 .O77 2004        MACK-TOWER
Orrego Vicuäna
Compliance with decisions of the International Court of
                                                                    KZ6275 .S38 2004        MACK-TOWER
Justice ~ Constanze Schulte
Internationalized criminal courts and tribunals : Sierra
Leone, East Timor, Kosovo, and Cambodia ~ edited by
                                                                    KZ6310 .I584 2004       LAW-1STFLR
Cesare P.R. Romano, Andrâe Nollkaemper, and Jann K.
The International Criminal Court and the crime of aggression
                                                                    KZ6374 .I58 2004        LAW-1STFLR
~ edited by Mauro Politi and Giuseppe Nesi
Oceans management in the 21st century : institutional
frameworks and responses ~ edited by Alex G. Oude                KZA1145 .O343 2004        MACK-TOWER
Elferink and Donald R. Rothwell
Legal and scientific aspects of continental shelf limits ~
edited by Myron H. Nordquist, John Norton Moore & Tomas          KZA1664 .U55 2003         LAW-1STFLR
H. Heidar
Failing our kids : how we are ruining our public schools ~
                                                                 LA412 .U54 2003           MACK-TOWER
Charles Ungerleider
Community participation and empowerment in primary
                                                                 LA1152 .C67 2003          MACK-TOWER
education ~ edited by R. Govinda, Rashmi Diwan
Culture and education : the social consequences of Western
schooling in contemporary Swaziland ~ Margaret Zoller            LA1606 .B66 2004          MACK-TOWER
Current policies and practices in European social
anthropology education ~ edited by Dorle Dracklâe and Iain       LB45 .C87 2004            MACK-TOWER
R. Edgar
The internet society : advances in learning, commerce, and
                                                                 LB1044.87 .I58 2004       MACK-TOWER
society ~ editors, K. Morgan, J.M. Spector
Getting straight A's ~ by Gordon W. Green, Jr                    LB1049 .G738 1993         MACK-TOWER
Study power : study skills to improve your learning and your
                                                                 LB1049 .L83 1998          MACK-TOWER
grades ~ by William R. Luckie & Wood Smethurst
Study smarter, not harder ~ Kevin Paul                           LB1049 .P38 1996          MACK-TOWER
Unspeakable acts, unnatural practices : flaws and fallacies
                                                                 LB1050 .S5824 2003        MACK-TOWER
in "scientific" reading instruction ~ Frank Smith
Motivating recreational reading and promoting home-school
connections : strategies from The reading teacher ~ Timothy      LB1050.2 .M68 2000        LDLR
V. Rasinski ... [et al.] editors
Explaining reading : a resource for teaching concepts, skills,
and strategies ~ Gerald G. Duffy ; foreword by Richard L.        LB1050.42 .D84 2003       MACK-TOWER
Movement and learning in the early years : supporting
dyspraxia (DCD) and other difficulties ~ Christine Macintyre     LB1139.35 .A37 M33 2004   MACK-TOWER
and Kim McVitty
Small-group reading instruction : a differentiated teaching
model for beginning and struggling readers ~ Beverly Tyner       LB1573 .T96 2004          LDLR

Reforming middle level education : considerations for
                                                                 LB1623.5 .R44 2004        MACK-TOWER
policymakers ~ edited by Sue C. Thompson
Bridging the literacy achievement gap, grades 4-12 ~ edited
by Dorothy S. Strickland and Donna Alvermann ; foreword          LB1631 .B74 2004          MACK-TOWER
by Ronald F. Ferguson
Teacher induction : the way ahead ~ Les Tickle                   LB1729 .T53 2000          MACK-TOWER
Outcomes assessment in higher education : views and
perspectives ~ edited by Peter Hernon and Robert E. Dugan        LB2331.63 .O88 2004       MACK-TOWER
Job search in academe : strategic rhetorics for faculty job
candidates ~ Dawn M. Formo and Cheryl Reed ; foreword by        LB2331.72 .F67 1999     BUS-RES
Ross Winterowd
The academic job search handbook ~ Mary Morris Heiberger
                                                                LB2331.72 .H45 2001     BUS-RES
and Julia Miller Vick
Student affairs : experiencing higher education ~ edited by
                                                                LB2342.9 .S777 2004     MACK-TOWER
Lesley Andres and Finola Finlay
Counseling the procrastinator in academic settings ~ edited
                                                                LB2395.4 .C68 2004      MACK-TOWER
by Henri C. Schouwenburg ... [et al.]
Teaching as inquiry : asking hard questions to improve
practice and student achievement ~ Alexandra Weinbaum ...       LB2822.75 .T42 2004     MACK-TOWER
[et al.]
Beginning teaching, beginning learning in primary education
                                                                LB2844.1 .N4 B44 2002   MACK-TOWER
~ edited by Janet Moyles and Gillian Robinson
Educational leadership and learning : practice, policy, and
                                                                LB2900.5 .L38 2000      MACK-TOWER
research ~ Sue Law and Derek Glover
Bullying in schools : how successful can interventions be? ~
edited by Peter K. Smith, Debra Pepler, and Ken Rigby           LB3013.3 .B854 2004     MACK-TOWER

Rampage : the social roots of school shootings ~ Katherine
                                                                LB3013.32 .N49 2004     MACK-TOWER
S. Newman ... [et al.]
School social work : practice, policy, and research
perspectives ~ [edited by] Robert Constable, Shirley            LB3013.4 .C66 2002      MACK-TOWER
McDonald, John P. Flynn
International Conference and Gobalisation and Challenges
for Education : foucs on equity and equality ~ compiled by
                                                                LC65 .I58 2003          MACK-TOWER
Yazali Josephine ; academic committee, M. Mukhopadhyay
... [et al.]
Family literacy : from theory to practice ~ Andrea DeBruin-
                                                                LC149 .F36 2003         MACK-TOWER
Parecki, Barbara Krol-Sinclair, editors
Family literacy : from theory to practice ~ Andrea DeBruin-
                                                                LC149 .F36 2003         LDLR
Parecki, Barbara Krol-Sinclair, editors
Literacy in the information age : inquiries into meaning
                                                                LC149.5 .L575 2003      LDLR
making with new technologies ~ Bertram C. Bruce, editor
Literacy in the information age : inquiries into meaning
                                                                LC149.5 .L575 2003      MACK-TOWER
making with new technologies ~ Bertram C. Bruce, editor
Gender in urban education : strategies for student
achievement ~ Alice E. Ginsberg, Joan Poliner Shapiro,          LC212.82 .G56 2004      MACK-TOWER
Shirley P. Brown ; foreword by David Sadker
A league table of educational disadvantage in rich nations      LC213 .L45 2002         MACK-TOWER
The power and promise of humane education ~ Zoe Weil            LC268 .W434 2004        MACK-TOWER
Citizenship education and lifelong learning : power and place
                                                                LC1091 .C574 2003       MACK-TOWER
~ Michael Williams and Graham Humphrys, editors
Israeli and Palestinian identities in dialogue : the school for
peace approach ~ edited by Rabah Halabi ; translated from          LC1099.5 .I75 D5313 2004   MACK-TOWER
Hebrew by Deb Reich
Creating successful inclusion programs : guidelines for
                                                                   LC1201 .H46 2004           LDLR
teachers and administrators ~ Martin Henley
Handwriting : not just in the hands : a comprehensive
                                                                   LC1590 .V74 1998           LDLR
resource ~ by Eileen Vreeland
Education and immigration : settlement policies and current
challenges ~ edited by Pirkko Pitkèanen, Devorah Kalekin-          LC3719 .E37 2002           MACK-TOWER
Fishman and Gajendra K. Verma
Assessment of culturally-linguistically diverse learners ~ Joe
                                                                   LC3731 .A87 2003           MACK-TOWER
P. Sutton & E. Jane Nowacek, guest editors
Learning about learning disabilities ~ edited by Bernice Y. L.
                                                                   LC4704 .L28 2004           MACK-TOWER
Recollections of Waterloo College ~ Flora Roy                      LE3 .W34 R69 2004          MACK-TOWER
Hotel asset management : principles & practices ~ edited by
                                                                   LTSO 309                   BUS-RES
Paul Beals, Greg Denton
Klaviersonate G-dur, Opus 31 Nr. 1 = Piano sonata in G
major, op. 31 no. 1 ~ Ludwig van Beethoven ;
                                                                   M23 .B43 OP.31 NO.1        MACK-TOWER
herausgegeben von Norbert Gertsch, Murray Perahia ;
Fingersatz von Murray Perahia
Sonata na fortepian = Sonata for piano ~ Witold Lutos±awski
                                                                   M23 .L88 S66               MACK-TOWER

Universi : liturgickâa véeta pro klavâir = ein liturgischer Satz
fèur Klavier = liturgical movement for piano ~ Petr Eben           M25 .E23 U65               MACK-TOWER

Tables : per pianoforte (2004) ~ Henri Pousseur                    M25 .P68 T33               9LT-PARTS
Abegg-Variationen : opus 1 = Abegg variations : op. 1 ~
Robert Schumann ; herausgegeben von Ernst Herttrich ;              M27 .S38 OP.1 H46          MACK-TOWER
Fingersatz von Walther Lampe
Estructura II : per a flauta ~ Xavier Benguerel                    M62 .B42 E88               MACK-TOWER
Introspecciâo : per a clarinet ~ Xavier Benguerel                  M72 .B44 I58               MACK-TOWER
Monologues of the unicorn : for guitar ~ Einojuhani
                                                                   M127 .R38 M66              MACK-TOWER
Adagio fèur die Orgel zu 4 Hèanden, WoO 33/1 ~ L. v.
                                                                   M181 .B46 WOO 33 A33       MACK-TOWER
Beethoven ; a cura di Maurizio Machella
Aus der Heimat : zwei Duette fèur Violine und Klavier =
From my native land : two duets for violin and piano ~
Bedérich Smetana ; herausgegeben von Milan Pospâiésil ;
                                                                   M221 .S63 Z14              MACK-TOWER
Fingersatz der Klavierstimme von Michael Schneidt ;
Fingersatz und Strichbezeichnung der Violinstimme von
Ernst Schliephake
Fratres : fèur Viola und Klavier (1997, 2003) ~ Arvo Pèart         M226 .P37 F73              MACK-TOWER
Solo D-Dur fèur Viola da gamba und Basso continuo = Solo
in D major for viola da gamba and basso continuo : Wq 137,
Helm 559 ~ Carl Philipp Emanuel Bach ; Einfèuhrung von
                                                                  M239 .V54 B28 H.559              MACK-TOWER
Michael O'Loghlin ; Generalbassaussetzung von Angela
Koppenwallner ; herausgegeben von Leonore und Gèunter
von Zadow
Duo : per a clarinet i piano ~ Xavier Benguerel                   M250 .B43 D86                    MACK-TOWER
Zwei Romanzen fèur Horn oder Violoncello und Klavier, op.
182 = Two romances for horn or violoncello and piano ~
                                                                  M257 .R34 OP.182                 MACK-TOWER
Joachim Raff ; nach dem Erstdruck herausgegeben von
Daniel Linehard
The evening bell : per arpa e pianoforte ~ Felix
                                                                  M273 .M46 E94 PARTS              9LT-PARTS
Mendelssohn Bartholdy
Inno patriottico con variazioni : per violino e chitarra ~
                                                                  M295 .P34 I55                    MACK-TOWER
Niccoláo Paganini
Trio-Sonate c-moll, fèur Flèote, Oboe und Basso continuo =
Trio sonata C minor, for flute, oboe and basso continuo : QV
                                                                  M317 .Q36 QV 2:ANH.5             MACK-TOWER
2:Anh.5 ~ Johann Joachim Quantz ; [herausgegeben von]
Werner Richter
Quartett fèur Oboe, Horn, Violoncello und Klavier = Quartet
for oboe, horn, violoncello and piano ~ Josef Rheinberger ;       M422 .R54 OP.191A                MACK-TOWER
herausgegeben von Kurt Meier
Streichquartette. Heft XI : Lobkowitz-Quartette, Opus 77 und
letztes Quartett, Opus 103 = String quartets. Book XI :
Lobkowitz-Quartets, op. 77 and last Quartet, op. 103 ~            M452 .H42 H.III NO.81-83 PARTS   9LT-PARTS
Joseph Haydn ; herausgegeben von = edited by Horst Walter

Divertimento fèur Streichquartett = for string quartet : 1914 ~
                                                                  M452 .S385 D58                   MACK-TOWER
Erwin Schulhoff ; hrsg. von Isolde von Foerster
Paranoid saxophrenia : for saxophone quartet (AATB) ~
                                                                  M457.2 .D53 P37                  MACK-TOWER
Denis DiBlasio
Fanfare for Carinthia : for four trumpets (natural or valved) :
                                                                  M457.4 .D38 F36                  MACK-TOWER
(2004) ~ Peter Maxwell Davies
Musica leggera : canone per moto contrario e a rovescio
(con un breve intermezzo) : per flauto e viola, con
                                                                  M485 .B47 M87                    MACK-TOWER
accompagnamento di violoncello e di tamburo basco sempre
ppp : (1974) ~ Luciano Berio
Telos 135 : for four natural trumpets and kettle drums :
                                                                  M585 .D38 T45                    MACK-TOWER
(2004) ~ Peter Maxwell Davies
Sinfonie Nr. 1 c-moll = Symphony no. 1 in C minor, op. 11 ~
Felix Mendelssohn Bartholdy ; herausgegeben von Ralf              M1001 .M53 OP.11 W44             MACK-TOWER
Sinfonia per archi ~ Beat Furrer                                  M1101 .F87 S96                   9LT-OVRSZ
Concertino per organo, due violini e basso, Hob. XVIII:10 ~
F.J. Haydn ; edizione moderna a cura di Maurizio Machella       M1105 .H39 H.XVIII NO.10   MACK-TOWER

Konzert in a-Moll aus der Oper "Emma und Eginhard" : fèur
Violine und Orchester = Concerto in A minor from the opera
"Emma und Eginhard" : for violin and orchestra, TWV 51:a2       M1112 .T44 TWV 51:A2       MACK-TOWER
~ Telemann ; herausgegeben von Wolfgang Hirschmann

Konzert in C-Dur aus der Oper "Der neumodische Liebhaber
Damon" : fèur Violine und Orchester = Concerto in C major
from the opera "Der neumodische Liebhaber Damon" : for          M1112 .T44 TWV 51:C3       MACK-TOWER
violin and orchestra, TWV 51:C3 ~ Telemann ;
herausgegeben von Bernd Baselt
Konzert in G-Dur fèur Violine und Orchester = Concerto in G
major for violin and orchestra, TWV 51:G7 ~ Telemann ;          M1112 .T44 TWV 51:G7       MACK-TOWER
herausgegeben von Siegfried Kross
Pezzi pianistici per bambini = Piano pieces for children ~
Nino Rota ; revisione critico-didattica a cura di Maria         M1378 .R68 P49             MACK-TOWER
Gabriella Bassi
El retablo de Maese Pedro = Master Peter's puppet show =
Les treteaux de Maãitre Pierre : 1919-1923 : adaptaciâon
musical y escâenica du un episodio de "El ingenioso
cavallero Don Quixote de la Mancha" de Miguel de
Cervantes ~ Manuel de Falla ; version franðcaise de             M1503 .F34 R48 C54         MACK-TOWER
Georges Jean-Aubry ; English version based on Shelton's
"Don Quixote" of 1620 by John Brande Trend ; edited by
Yvan Nommick ; supervising editor, Nicholas Hare

The Tony Awards songbook : piano, vocal, guitar                 M1507 .T66 2004            MACK-TOWER
Wonderful town : vocal selections ~ music by Leonard
Bernstein ; lyrics by Betty Comden and Adolph Green ; book      M1508 .B48 W66             MACK-TOWER
by Joseph Fields and Jerome Chodorov
Avenue Q : the musical : piano/vocal selections ~ music and
                                                                M1508 .L67 A94             MACK-TOWER
lyrics by Robert Lopez and Jeff Marx
Victor/Victoria : vocal selections ~ music by Henry Mancini ;
lyrics by Leslie Bricusse ; additional musical material by
                                                                M1508 .M35 V53             MACK-TOWER
Frank Wildhorn ; edited by Milton Okun ; [piano/vocal
arrangements by Edwin McLean]
Wicked : a new musical ~ music & lyrics by Stephen
                                                                M1508 .S38 W53             MACK-TOWER
Schwartz ; piano/vocal selections
Jerry Springer, the opera                                       M1508 .T54 J47             MACK-TOWER
èOt Arany-dal = Fèunf Lieder auf Texte von Jâanos Arany :
fèur Singstimme und Klavier = Five songs on poems by
                                                                M1621 .L54 A73             MACK-TOWER
Jâanos Arany : for voice and piano (1952) ~ Gyèorgy Ligeti
Zwei Wiegenlieder : fèur Gesang und Klavier (2002) ~ Arvo
                                                                  M1621 .P42 W58        MACK-TOWER
Goodnight Mister Tom : a musical in two acts ~ book and
lyrics by Michelle Magorian ; music and additional lyrics by      ML50 .C373 G66 2001   MACK-TOWER
Gary Carpenter
Give my regards to Broadway ~ music & lyrics by George M.
                                                                  ML50 .C63 G58 1981    MACK-TOWER
Cohan ~ book by Shubert Fendrich
Grease : a new school version 50's rock 'n roll musical ~
                                                                  ML50 .J29 G74 2004    MACK-TOWER
book, music and lyrics by Jim Jacobs and Warren Casey
This pet's allowed : a new musical for young audiences ~
                                                                  ML50 .K437 T45 1997   MACK-TOWER
book & lyrics by Irene N. Watts ; music by Bruce Kellett
Summer of '42 ~ book by Hunter Foster ; music and lyrics
by David Kirshenbaum ; based upon the novel and                   ML50 .K57 S86 2004    MACK-TOWER
screenplay by Herman Raucher
Perseus bayou ~ book by Mary Hall Surface ; lyrics by Mary
Hall Surface and David Maddox ; music by David Maddox             ML50 .M23 P47 2003    MACK-TOWER

The it girl ~ book by Michael Small and BT McNicholl ; music
                                                             ML50 .M35 I8 2004          MACK-TOWER
by Paul McKibbins ; lyrics by BT McNicholl
The taxi cabaret ~ conceived by Cara Reichel ; book, music,
                                                             ML50 .M646 T39 2004        MACK-TOWER
& lyrics by Peter Mills
The selfish giant : a children's musical based on the short
story by Oscar Wilde ~ music, lyrics and adaptation by
                                                             ML50 .P47 S45 2003         MACK-TOWER
David Perkins ; additional lyrics by Caroline Dooley

Murder at Cafe Noir : a comic tribute to the Bogart movies of
the 1940s ~ by David Landau ; music & lyrics by Nikki Stern ML50 .S725 M87 1999         MACK-TOWER

Noir suspicions : a comic interactive mystery in tribute to the
movie "Casablanca" ~ by David Landau ; music & lyrics by          ML50 .S725 N65 2004   MACK-TOWER
Nikki Stern
Hank Williams : lost highway : the music and legend of Hank
                                                                  ML50 .W543 H36 2004   MACK-TOWER
Williams ~ by Randal Myler and Mark Harelik
Puss in boots : a nursery rhyme entertainment ~ Caroline
                                                                  ML50 .Z99 P87 1984    MACK-TOWER
Uncle Ebeneezer : a Christmas carol ~ script and lyrics by
Phil Willmott, adapted from a story by Charles Dickens ;
score by Annemarie Lewis Thomas, adapted from classic
                                                                  ML50 .Z99 U53 2003    MACK-TOWER
carols and the tunes of Strauss, Prokofiev, Saint Saèens,
Grieg, Sullivan, Ponchielli, Bach and the music hall

Historical musicology : sources, methods, interpretations ~
                                                                  ML55 .M36 H57 2004    MACK-TOWER
edited by Stephen A. Crist, Roberta Montemorra Marvin
Fiori musicologici : studi in onore di Luigi Ferdinando
Tagliavini nella ricorrenza del suo LXX compleanno ~
                                                          ML55 .T14 2001               MACK-TOWER
raccolti da Franðcois Seydoux ; con la collaborazione di
Giuliano Castellani e Axel Leuthold
Shakespeare's songbook ~ Ross W. Duffin ; with a foreword
                                                          ML80 .S5 D84 2004            MACK-TOWER
by Stephen Orgel
The Penguin companion to classical music ~ Paul Griffiths
                                                          ML100 .G738 2004             9LT-REF

A topical guide to Schenkerian literature : an annotated
                                                               ML128 .T5 B47 2004      9LT-REF
bibliography with indices ~ by David Carson Berry
Maurice Ravel : a guide to research ~ Stephen Zank             ML134 .R36 Z36 2005     9LT-REF
Ottorino Respighi (1879-1936), an annotated bibliography ~
                                                               ML134 .R47 B37 2004     9LT-REF
Lee G. Barrow
Opera : a critic's guide to the 100 most important works and
                                                               ML156.4 .O46 T66 2004   2LB-REF
the best recordings ~ Anthony Tommasini
Benny Goodman : wrappin' it up ~ by D. Russell Connor          ML156.7 .G66 C65 1996   MACK-TOWER
Eight centuries of troubadours and trouváeres : the changing
                                                               ML182 .H35 2004         MACK-TOWER
identity of medieval music ~ John Haines
A history of baroque music ~ George J. Buelow                  ML193 .B92 2004         MACK-TOWER
Music in rural New England family and community life, 1870-
                                                               ML200 .P67 2004         MACK-TOWER
1940 ~ Jennifer C. Post
Bugle resounding : music and musicians of the Civil War era
                                                               ML200.4 .N38 2004       MACK-TOWER
~ edited by Bruce C. Kelley and Mark A. Snell
The queer composition of America's sound : gay modernists,
American music, and national identity ~ Nadine Hubbs           ML200.5 .H83 2004       MACK-TOWER

Music in Ohio ~ William Osborne                                ML200.7 .O4 O83 2004    MACK-TOWER
Unplayed melodies : Javanese Gamelan and the genesis of
                                                               ML345 .J3 P47 2004      MACK-TOWER
music theory ~ Marc Perlman
From Johnson's kids to Lemonade Opera : the American
                                                               ML400 .V55 2004         MACK-TOWER
classical singer comes of age ~ Victoria Etnier Villamil
Winter music : composing the North ~ John Luther Adams ;
                                                               ML410 .A33 A5 2004      MACK-TOWER
foreword by Kyle Gann
Louis Andriessen, De staat ~ Robert Adlington                  ML410 .A653 A65 2004    MACK-TOWER
The operas of Benjamin Britten : expression and evasion ~
                                                               ML410 .B75 S49 2004     MACK-TOWER
Claire Seymour
Bruckner's symphonies : analysis, reception and cultural
                                                               ML410 .B88 H67 2004     MACK-TOWER
politics ~ Julian Horton
Danny Elfman's Batman : a film score guide ~ Janet K.
                                                               ML410 .E39 H35 2004     MACK-TOWER
Elgar : child of dreams ~ Jerrold Northrop Moore               ML410 .E41 M643 2004    MACK-TOWER
Sacred passions : the life and music of Manuel de Falla ~
                                                               ML410 .F215 H48 2005    MACK-TOWER
Carol A. Hess
The music of Harry Freedman ~ Gail Dixon                       ML410 .F827 D59 2004    MACK-TOWER
Dancing to a black man's tune : a life of Scott Joplin ~ Susan
                                                                 ML410 .J75 C87 1994     MACK-TOWER
Andrew Lloyd Webber ~ John Snelson ; with a foreword by
                                                                 ML410 .L597 S64 2004    MACK-TOWER
Geoffrey Block, general editor
Gustav Mahler : letters to his wife ~ edited by Henry-Louis
de La Grange and Gèunther Weiss ; in collaboration with
                                                                 ML410 .M23 A413 2004    MACK-TOWER
Knud Martner ; first complete edition, revised and translated
by Antony Beaumont
Gustav Mahler : a life in crisis ~ Stuart Feder                  ML410 .M23 F43 2004     MACK-TOWER
The Cambridge companion to Mendelssohn ~ edited by
                                                                 ML410 .M53 C36 2004     MACK-TOWER
Peter Mercer-Taylor
Three modes of perception in Mozart : the philosophical,
pastoral, and comic in Cosái fan tutte ~ Edmund J. Goehring      ML410 .M93 G65 2004     MACK-TOWER

The correspondence of Camille Saint-Saèens and Gabriel
Faurâe : sixty years of friendship ~ [edited by Jean-Michel      ML410 .S15 A3 2004      MACK-TOWER
Nectoux] ; translated by Barrie Jones
Robert Schumann ~ [Barbara Meier]                                ML410 .S4 M45 2004      MACK-TOWER
Shostakovich and his world ~ edited by Laurel E. Fay             ML410 .S53 S56 2004     MACK-TOWER
Richard Wagner : the last of the titans ~ Joachim Kèohler ;
                                                                 ML410 .W1 K62713 2004   MACK-TOWER
translated by Stewart Spencer
The uncommon friendship of Yaltah Menuhin & Willa Cather
                                                                 ML417 .M46 R65 2004     MACK-TOWER
~ by Lionel Rolfe
Black diva of the thirties : the life of Ruby Elzy ~ David E.
                                                                 ML420 .E555 W43 2004    MACK-TOWER
Arrest the music! : Fela and his rebel art and politics ~
                                                                 ML420 .F34 O43 2004     MACK-TOWER
Tejumola Olaniyan
Tåo tåatau waka : in search of Måaori music (1958-1979) ~
                                                                 ML423 .M37 A3 2004      MACK-TOWER
Mervyn McLean
Oscar Asche, orientalism, and British musical comedy ~
                                                                 ML429 .A83 S56 2004     MACK-TOWER
Brian Singleton
The drama of opera : exotic and irrational entertainment ~
Myer Fredman ; with a foreword by Dame Joan Sutherland           ML1700 .F74 2003        MACK-TOWER
and Maestro Richard Bonynge
On Broadway : art and commerce on the great white way ~
                                                                 ML1711.8 .N3 A34 2004   MACK-TOWER
Steven Adler
Broadway : the American musical ~ Michael Kantor ;
                                                                 ML1711.8 .N3 K36 2004   MACK-TOWER
Laurence Maslon
First nights at the opera ~ Thomas Forrest Kelly                 ML1720 .K45 2004        MACK-TOWER
The happiest corpse I've ever seen : twenty-five years of the
                                                                 ML2054 .M668 2004       MACK-TOWER
Broadway musical ~ by Ethan Mordden
Film music : critical approaches ~ edited by K.J. Donnelly
                                                                 ML2075 .F535 2001       MACK-TOWER

Music in film : soundtracks and synergy ~ Pauline Reay           ML2075 .R43 2004        MACK-TOWER
Pills to purge melancholy : the evolution of the English
                                                                   ML2631.2 .P55 2004   MACK-TOWER
ballett ~ Lionel Pike
Modal subjectivities : self-fashioning in the Italian madrigal ~
                                                                   ML2633.2 .M38 2004   MACK-TOWER
Susan McClary
The church music of fifteenth-century Spain ~ Kenneth
                                                                   ML3047 .K74 2004     MACK-TOWER
Yellowface : creating the Chinese in American popular music
                                                                   ML3477 .M66 2005     MACK-TOWER
and performance, 1850s-1920s ~ Krystyn R. Moon
Jazz in search of itself ~ Larry Kart                              ML3506 .K37 2004     MACK-TOWER
Weather bird : jazz at the dawn of its second Century ~ Gary
                                                                   ML3507 .G53 2004     MACK-TOWER
Real country : music and language in working-class culture
                                                                   ML3524 .F69 2004     MACK-TOWER
~ Aaron A. Fox
Nuthin' but a "G" thang : the culture and commerce of
                                                                   ML3531 .Q56 2005     MACK-TOWER
gangsta rap ~ Eithne Quinn
Drone on! : The high history of Celtic music ~ Winnie
                                                                   ML3650 .C98 2004     MACK-TOWER
Czulinski ; illustrated by Mike Rooth
This business of artist management ~ Xavier M. Frascogna,
                                                                   ML3790 .F73 2004     MACK-TOWER
Jr. and H. Lee Hetherington
Capturing sound : how technology has changed music ~
                                                                   ML3790 .K38 2004     MACK-TOWER
Mark Katz
The musician as entrepreneur, 1700-1914 : managers,
                                                                   ML3790 .M83 2004     MACK-TOWER
charlatans, and idealists ~ edited by William Weber
Setting the record straight : a material history of classical
                                                                   ML3790 .S96 2004     MACK-TOWER
recording ~ Colin Symes
Satchmo blows up the world : jazz ambassadors play the
                                                                   ML3795 .V63 2004     MACK-TOWER
Cold War ~ Penny M. Von Eschen
Systems research in the arts : music, environmental design,
and the choreography of space ... ~ edited by George E.            ML3797.1 .S97 2002   MACK-TOWER
Lasker, Jane Lily, James Rhodes
Systems research in the arts : music, environmental design,
and the choreography of space ~ editors, George E. Lasker,         ML3797.1 .S97 2003   MACK-TOWER
Jane Lily, and James Rhodes
The music practitioner : research for the music performer,
teacher, and listener ~ edited by Jane W. Davidson                 ML3830 .M8823 2004   MACK-TOWER

Interpreting musical gestures, topics, and tropes : Mozart,
                                                                   ML3845 .H365 2004    MACK-TOWER
Beethoven, Schubert ~ Robert S. Hatten
Is language a music? : writings on musical form and
                                                                   ML3845 .L53 2005     MACK-TOWER
signification ~ David Lidov
Beyond structural listening? : postmodern modes of hearing
                                                                   ML3880 .B49 2004     MACK-TOWER
~ edited by Andrew Dell'Antonio
The opera lover's companion ~ Charles Osborne                      MT95 .O85 2004       MACK-TOWER
Johann Peter Salomon's scores of four Haydn symphonies
1791-1792 : edition with commentary ~ Michael E. Ruhling          MT130 .H39 R84 2004   MACK-TOWER

Organ technique : an historical approach ~ Sandra
                                                                  MT180 .S63 1986       MACK-TOWER
Trumpet technique ~ Frank Gabriel Campos                          MT440 .C35 2005       MACK-TOWER
Singing and the actor ~ Gillyanne Kayes                           MT820 .K38 2004       MACK-TOWER
Let's go zudie-o : creative activities for dance and music ~
Bobbie Gargrave and Helen MacGregor with Sheena
                                                                  MT948 .G28 2001       MACK-TOWER
Roberts ; illustrated by Dee Shulman ; videoclips filmed by
Jamie Acton-Bond
Let's go shoolie-shoo : creative activities for dance and
music age 5+ ~ Helen MacGregor and Bobbie Gargrave ;
                                                                  MT948 .M33 2003       MACK-TOWER
ilustrated by Carol Jonas ; CD produced by Stephen
Chadwick ; videoclips filmed by Jamie Acton-Bond
El rapto del arte : antropologâia cultural del deseo estâetico
                                                                  N72 .A56 G65 2002     MACK-TOWER
~ Josâe Antonio Gonzâalez Alcantud
The white rectangle : writings on film ~ Kazimir Malevich ;
                                                                  N72 .M6 M35 2002      MACK-TOWER
edited by Oksana Bulgakowa
White : whiteness and race in contemporary art ~ Maurice
Berger ; with contributions by Wendy Ewald, David                 N72 .R18 B47 2004     MACK-TOWER
Roediger, Patricia J. Williams
A/r/tography : rendering self through arts-based living inquiry
~ edited by Rita L. Irwin and Alex de Cosson ; foreword by        N84 .A78 2004         MACK-TOWER
William F. Pinar
G.F. Watts portraits : fame & beauty in Victorian society ~
                                                                  N497 .W38 B78 2004    MACK-TOWER
Barbara Bryant ; foreword by Andrew Motion
New forums : art museums & communities ~ Bonnie Pitman
                                                                  N510 .P58 2004        MACK-TOWER
and Ellen Hirzy
Vastly more than brick & mortar : reinventing the Fogg Art
                                                                  N527 .B78 2003        MACK-TOWER
Museum in the 1920s ~ Kathryn Brush
Probing into the distance : Contemporary Art Forum,
Kitchener and area, [CAFKA.03] ~ [essay by Corinna
Ghaznavi ; artistic coordinator and foreword, Andrew Wright       N5030 .K58 P76 2004   MACK-TOWER
; designer, Gabriela Aceves ; editors: Virginia Eichhorn and
Ernest Daetwyler]
Gallo-Roman bronzes and the process of Romanization : the
                                                                  N5605 .P65 2002       MACK-TOWER
Cobannus hoard ~ by John Pollini
Treasures from Tuscany : the Etruscan legacy ~ [edited by
                                                                  N5750 .T74 2004       MACK-TOWER
Elizabeth Goring]
Heaven on earth : art from Islamic lands : works from the
State Hermitage Museum and the Khalili Collection ~ edited        N6264 .G7 L66 2004    MACK-TOWER
by M.B. Piotrovsky and J.M. Rogers
Observation and image-making in Gothic art ~ Jean A.
                                                                  N6310 .G58 2005       MACK-TOWER
Renaissance art and architecture ~ Gordon Campbell                 N6370 .C32 2004            MACK-TOWER
Art in theory, 1815-1900 : an anthology of changing ideas ~
edited by Charles Harrison and Paul Wood with Jason                N6450 .A78 1998            MACK-TOWER
Carnegie International 1999/2000 : Nov. 6, 1999-Mar. 26,
                                                                   N6487 .P57 C373 1999 V.1   MACK-TOWER
2000 ~ [curator, Madeleine Grynsztejn]
Carnegie International 1999/2000 : Nov. 6, 1999-Mar. 26,
                                                                   N6487 .P57 C373 1999 V.2   MACK-TOWER
2000 ~ [curator, Madeleine Grynsztejn]
Art of the avant-gardes ~ edited by Steve Edwards and Paul
                                                                   N6490 .A755 2003           MACK-TOWER
Art and its shadow ~ Mario Perniola ; translated by Massimo
                                                                   N6490 .P47413 2004         1LT-RESN
Verdicchio ; foreword by Hugh J. Silverman
Art incorporated : the story of contemporary art ~ Julian
                                                                   N6490 .S7185 2004          MACK-TOWER
Art today ~ Brandon Taylor                                         N6490 .T39 2005            MACK-TOWER
Hot bodies, cool style : new techniques in self-adornment ~
Ted Polhemus ; photography by Uzi PART B. ; practical              N6494 .B63 P65 2004        MACK-TOWER
advice section by Betti Marenko
Prosthetic gods ~ Hal Foster                                       N6494 .M64 F67 2004        MACK-TOWER
For the millions : American art and culture between the wars
                                                                   N6512 .S23 2004            MACK-TOWER
~ A. Joan Saab
De Kooning : an American master ~ Mark Stevens and
                                                                   N6537 .D43 S74 2004        MACK-TOWER
Annalyn Swan
Joseph Goldyne : the pull of the eye, the play of the hand ~
with texts by Eric Denker ... [et al.] and including a catalogue
                                                                   N6537 .G55 A4 2004         MACK-TOWER
raisonnâe of the edition prints by Thomas H. Garver

Do we think too much? I don't think we can ever stop :
                                                                   N6537 .H5695 A4 2004       MACK-TOWER
[Lonnie Holley, a twenty-five year survey] ~ Lonnie Holley
Donald Judd ~ edited by Nicholas Serota                            N6537 .J82 A4 2004         MACK-TOWER
Childsplay : the art of Allan Kaprow ~ Jeff Kelley ; with a
                                                                   N6537 .K27 K45 2004        MACK-TOWER
foreword by David Antin
Kitaj ~ Andrew Lambirth                                            N6537 .K535 L36 2004       MACK-TOWER
Blanche Lazzell : the life and work of an American modernist
~ edited by Robert Bridges, Kristina Olson, and Janet Snyder       N6537 .L37 B53 2004        MACK-TOWER

Ana Mendieta : earth body : sculpture and performance,
1972-1985 ~ Olga M. Viso ; with essays by Guy Brett, Julia
                                                                   N6537 .M44 A4 2004         MACK-TOWER
P. Herzberg, Chrissie Iles ; chronology by Laura Roulet

Robert Smithson ~ organized by Eugenie Tsai with Cornelia
Butler ; additional essay by Thomas Crow ; texts by
                                                                N6537 .S64 A4 2004            MACK-TOWER
Alexander Alberro ... [et al.] ; interview with Robert Smithson
by Moira Roth
Robert Smithson in Vancouver : a fragment of a greater
fragmentation ~ edited by Grant Arnold ; essays by Grant         N6537 .S64 A4 2004        MACK-TOWER
Arnold ... [et al.]
Andy Warhol : the late work ~ [edited by Mark Francis ;
concept, Mattjis Visser ; translation from the German by         N6537 .W32 A4 2004A V.1   9LT-OFFICE
Paul Aston and Michael Robinson]
James Macneill Whistler : uneasy pieces ~ by David Park
                                                                 N6537 .W4 C85 2004        MACK-TOWER
Chicano art for our millennium : collected works from the
Arizona State University community ~ principal authors,
Gary D. Keller, Mary Erickson, Pat Villeneuve ; contributors,
                                                                 N6538 .M4 K45 2004        MACK-TOWER
Melanie Magisos ... [et al.] ; curators, Gary D. Keller,
Angelica Docog, Tom Wilson ; photographer, Craig Smith

Exposer l'art contemporain du Quâebec : discours
d'intention et d'accompagnement ~ sous la direction de           N6545.5 .E9 E97 2003      MACK-TOWER
Francine Couture ; [textes de Rose-Marie Arbour... et al.]
Specific objects : Arabella Campbell, David Carter, Robbin
Deyo, Robyn Laba, Ingrid Mary Percy, Ken Singer, Ian
                                                                 N6545.65 .M5 S53 2004     8LT-PAM
Skedd ~ [essay by Kathy Slade] ; curated by Greg Bellerby
& Kathy Slade
Duotopias : artists + politicians ~ artist/animator: Robin
Pacific ; with Clarington-based artists and politicians: David
                                                                 N6547 .C53 P33 2004       MACK-TOWER
Cillespie ... [et al.] : the Visual Arts Centre of Clarington,
June 6-July 18, 2004
Intersections : 25 years of connecting at the Centre for Art
                                                                 N6547 .H34 I58 2004       MACK-TOWER
Tapes ~ edited by James MacSwain
Manif d'art : manifestation internationale d'art de Quâebec,
du 1er septembre au 15 octobre 2000 : premiáere âedition ~
[direction, Claude Bâelanger ; râedaction, Karine Villeneuve     N6547 .Q4 M36 2003        MACK-TOWER
... et al. ; traduction, Mark Hefferman, Karen Pick, Brigitte
Lying quiet : Donigan Cumming ~ Donigan Cumming, Peggy
                                                                 N6549 .C838 A4 2004       MACK-TOWER
Gale, David Liss ; Colette Tougas, translator
Nancy Edell, selected works, 1980-2004 ~ [curator, Ray
                                                                 N6549 .E46 A4 2004        MACK-TOWER
Quartet for the year 4698 or 5760 : improvisation for four
projectors : a multimedia project ~ by Laiwan ; with Lori
Freedman ; with a preface by Scott Watson ; texts by Jessie
                                                                 N6549 .L3353 A4 2004      MACK-TOWER
Lacayo ... [et al.] ; and chronologies by Brice Canyon ;
coordinated by Todd Davis and Jessie Lacayo ; edited by
Steve Bridger
Laurel Woodcock : play/pause/repeat                              N6549 .W66 A4 2004        MACK-TOWER
Unbidden : Jin-me Yoon ~ essays by Susan Edelstein and
                                                                 N6549 .Y66 A4 2004        MACK-TOWER
Susette Min ; foreword by Jann L.M. Bailey
Botero in the Museo Nacional de Colombia : new donation
2004 ~ direction, design and edition, Benjamâin Villegas ;
texts, Beatriz Gonzâalez, Santiago Londoäno Vâelez ;
                                                                N6679 .B6 A4 2004       MACK-TOWER
introduction, Elvira Cuervo de Jaramillo ; photography, J.
Hyde ; [English translation, Jimmy Weiskopf]

Embodied visions : Bridget Riley, op art and the sixties ~
                                                                N6797 .R54 F65 2004     MACK-TOWER
Frances Follin
Degas and the Italians in Paris ~ Ann Dumas                     N6853 .D84 A4 2004      MACK-TOWER
Picasso : the real family story ~ Olivier Widmaier Picasso
                                                                N6853 .P5 W53 2004      MACK-TOWER

Ghost ships : a surrealist love triangle ~ Robert McNab         N6888 .E7 M43 2004      MACK-TOWER
Artistic exchange and cultural translation in the Italian
renaissance city ~ edited by Stephen J. Campbell, Stephen       N6915 .A75 2004         MACK-TOWER
J. Milner
Leonardo da Vinci : the flights of the mind ~ Charles Nicholl
                                                                N6923 .L4 N53 2004      MACK-TOWER

The art of Rawas : conversations with Nazik Yared ~ edited
                                                                N7276.8 .R39 A4 2004    MACK-TOWER
by Heather Reyes
Reflections : in conversation with artists from Bangladesh,
India, Pakistan and Sri Lanka ~ edited by Jagjit Chuhan,        N7300 .R44 2004         MACK-TOWER
Fareda Khan, Sheila Madison
In the realm of gods and kings : arts of India ~ edited by
                                                                N7301 .I524 2004        MACK-TOWER
Andrew Topsfield
Cholamandal : an artists' village ~ edited by Josef James       N7308 .C46 C46 2004     MACK-TOWER
Elegant debts : the social art of Wen Zhengming, 1470-1559
                                                                N7349 .W46 C58 2004     MACK-TOWER
~ Craig Clunas
Ukiyo-e explained ~ David Bell                                  N7353.6 .U35 B46 2004   MACK-TOWER
See the music, hear the dance : rethinking African art at the
Baltimore Museum of Art ~ edited by Frederick John Lamp         N7380.5 .S44 2004       MACK-TOWER

In Senghor's shadow : art, politics, and the avant-garde in
                                                               N7399 .S4 H37 2004       MACK-TOWER
Senegal, 1960-1995 ~ Elizabeth Harney
Witness my shame ~ Shary Boyle                                 N7433.4 .B69 W57 2004    MACK-TOWER
The outline of history : a reconstituted index ~ by Daniel
Olson ; of the plain history of life and mankind by H.G. Wells N7433.4 .O47 O97 2004    MACK-TOWER

Artists talk : 1969-1977 ~ edited by Peggy Gale                 N7443.2 .A77 2004       MACK-TOWER
Art beyond representation : the performative power of the
                                                                N7475 .B65 2004         MACK-TOWER
image ~ Barbara Bolt
The nude : ideal and reality ~ [catalogue edited by Peter
                                                                N7572 .N8313 V.1        MACK-TOWER
Retratos : 2,000 years of Latin American portraits ~
                                                                N7595.5 .R48 2004       MACK-TOWER
Elizabeth P. Benson ... [et al.]
Spectacular bodies : the art and science of the human body
from Leonardo to now ~ [curated by] Martin Kemp, Marina          N7625.5 .S67 2000        MACK-TOWER
Early Buddhist art of China and Central Asia ~ by Marylin
                                                                 N8193 .C6 R48 V.2 PT.1   MACK-TOWER
Martin Rhie
Early Buddhist art of China and Central Asia ~ by Marylin
                                                                 N8193 .C6 R48 V.2 PT.2   MACK-TOWER
Martin Rhie
Lust unearthed : vintage gay graphics from the DuBek
                                                                 N8217 .H67 W36 2004      MACK-TOWER
collection ~ Thomas Waugh ; with Willie Walker
Currents of change : art and life along the Mississippi River,
1850-1861 ~ Jason T. Busch, Christopher Monkhouse,               N8224 .M67 B87 2004      MACK-TOWER
Janet L. Whitmore
Solvent gels for the cleaning of works of art : the residue
question ~ Dusan Stulik ... [et al.] ; edited by Valerie Dorge   N8560 .S65 2004          MACK-TOWER

Gotham restored : the preservation of monumental New
York ~ photographs by James Rudnick ; text by Thomas             NA108 .N48 R83 2002      MACK-TOWER
Greek architecture ~ Roland Martin                               NA270 .M3513 2003        IN-PROCESS
Secular buildings and the archaeology of everyday life in the
                                                                 NA370 .S43 2004          MACK-TOWER
Byzantine empire ~ edited by Ken Dark
Architecture in the age of divided representation : the
question of creativity in the shadow of production ~ Dalibor     NA500 .V47 2004          MACK-TOWER
Icons of Renaissance architecture ~ Alexander Markschies
                                                                 NA510 .M37 2003          MACK-TOWER

Architectures : modernism and after ~ edited by Andrew
                                                                 NA642 .A73 2004          MACK-TOWER
Zoomscape : architecture in motion and media ~ by Mitchell
                                                                 NA680 .S37 2004          MACK-TOWER
Tracing modernity : manifestations of the modern in
architecture and the city ~ edited by Mari Hvattum and           NA682 .M63 T73 2004      MACK-TOWER
Christian Hermansen
Supermodernism : architecture in the age of globalization ~
                                                                 NA682 .P67 I23 2002      MACK-TOWER
Hans Ibelings
Buildings of Louisiana ~ Karen Kingsley                          NA730 .L8 K56 2003       MACK-TOWER
Buildings of West Virginia ~ S. Allen Chambers, Jr               NA730 .W4 C48 2004       MACK-TOWER
ARO : Architecture Research Office ~ Stephen Cassell,
                                                                 NA737 .A74 A4 2003       MACK-TOWER
Adam Yarinsky
Eisenman inside out : selected writings, 1963-1988 ~ Peter
                                                                 NA737 .E33 A35 2004      MACK-TOWER
Beach houses : Andrew Geller ~ by Alastair Gordon                NA737 .G44 G67 2003      MACK-TOWER
The Sea Ranch-- : diary of an idea ~ Lawrence Halprin            NA737 .H26 A35 2002      MACK-TOWER
Philip Johnson/Alan Ritchie architects ~ introduction by Paul
                                                                 NA737 .P48 A4 2002       MACK-TOWER
Viänoly                                                          NA737 .V56 A4 2002       MACK-TOWER
Patrimoines modernes : l'architecture du vingtiáeme siáecle
áa Chicoutimi ~ Lucie K. Morisset, Luc Noppen, Patrick           NA747 .C55 M67 2004      MACK-TOWER
Barragâan : the complete works ~ preface and original
drawing by Alvaro Siza ; essays by Antonio Toca
Fernâandez ... [et al.] ; postscript and original drawing by
Antonio Fernâandez Alba ; photographs by Mariana
                                                                 NA759 .B35 A4 2003       MACK-TOWER
Yampolsky ... [et al.] ; with the special collaboration of the
Fundaciâon de Arquitectura Tapatâia ; contributors, Juan
Palomar Verea, Salvador Rodrâiguez, Antonio Ruiz
Barbarâin ; edited by Raâul Rispa
Barragâan : space and shadow, walls and colour ~ Daniáele
                                                                 NA759 .B35 P38 2002      MACK-TOWER
Pauly in association with Jâerãome Habersetzer
Eladio Dieste : innovation in structural art ~ Stanford
                                                                 NA929 .D5 E43 2004       MACK-TOWER
Anderson, editor
Hermann Kaufmann, Christian Lenz : Architektur und
                                                                 NA1011.5 .K38 Z73 2002   MACK-TOWER
Struktur = Architecture and structure ~ Walter Zschokke
Dominique Perrault : projects and architecture ~ with an
essay by Laurent Stalder ; [translation, Christopher Evans]      NA1053 .P45 A4 2002      MACK-TOWER

Jean Prouvâe, highlights : 1917-1944 ~ Peter Sulzer ; recent
photographs, Erika Sulzer-Kleinemeier ; [translated from         NA1053 .P72 A4 2002      MACK-TOWER
French into English, Gerald B. Binding]
Hans Kollhoff : Architektur = architecture ~ Bauten, Hans
Kollhoff, Helga Timmermann ; Essay, Fritz Neumeyer ;             NA1088 .K632 A4 2002     MACK-TOWER
Fotografie, Ivan Nemec
Timeless cities : an architect's reflections on Renaissance
                                                                 NA1115 .M39 2003         MACK-TOWER
Italy ~ David Mayernik
The villas of Palladio ~ watercolors by Giovanni Giaconi ;
                                                                 NA1123 .P2 W55 2003      MACK-TOWER
text by Kim Williams
Flying Dutchmen : motion in architecture ~ Kari Jormakka         NA1148 .J6713 2002       MACK-TOWER
Considering Rem Koolhaas and the Office for Metropolitan
Architecture : what is OMA ~ [compiled and edited by             NA1153 .K64 A4 2003      MACK-TOWER
Vâeronique Patteeuw]
Herzog & de Meuron : natural history ~ edited by Philip
                                                                 NA1353 .H47 A4 2002      MACK-TOWER
A history of architecture in the Carpathian basin, 1000-1920
                                                                 NA1429 .C3 P47 2001      MACK-TOWER
~ Csilla Ottlik Perczel
Mediterranean color : Italy, France, Spain, Portugal,
Morroco, Greece ~ photographs and text by Jeffrey Becom ;        NA1458 .B42 2003         MACK-TOWER
foreword by Paul Goldberger
Induction design : a method for evolutionary design ~
                                                                 NA1559 .W295 A35 2002    MACK-TOWER
Makoto Sei Watanabe
Casablanca : colonial myths and architectural ventures ~
                                                                 NA1590.2 .C37 C6513 2002   MACK-TOWER
Jean-Louis Cohen and Monique Eleb
Butabu : adobe architecture of West Africa ~ James Morris ;
                                                                 NA1598 .M67 2004           MACK-TOWER
text by Suzanne Preston Blier
Cool architecture : designing for cold climates ~
                                                                 NA2542 .C75 C66 2003       MACK-TOWER
[coordinating editor, Sarah Noal]
Building Without Borders : sustainable construction for the
                                                                 NA2542.35 .B86 2004        MACK-TOWER
global village ~ edited by Joseph Kennedy
Introduction to architectural science : the basis of
sustainable design ~ Steven K. Szokolay ; graphics               NA2542.35 .S96 2004        MACK-TOWER
assistance Christopher Brisbin
Planning and design strategies for sustainability and profit :
pragmatic sustainable design on building and urban scales ~      NA2542.36 .P58 2004        MACK-TOWER
Adrian Pitts
Closing the loop : benchmarks for sustainable buildings ~
                                                                 NA2542.36 .R63 2004        MACK-TOWER
Susan Roaf, with Andrew Horsley and Rajat Gupta
How buildings learn : what happens after they're built ~
                                                                 NA2542.4 .B73 1994         MACK-TOWER
Stewart Brand
Genetic architectures = Arquitecturas genâeticas                 NA2543 .T43 G46 2003       MACK-TOWER
New scapes : territories of complexity ~ Paola Gregory ;
                                                                 NA2543 .T43 G7413 2003     MACK-TOWER
preface by Antonino Saggio
Digital odyssey : a new voyage in the Mediterranean ~
Carmelo Baglivo, Luca Galofaro ; preface by Antonino             NA2728 .B3413 2003         MACK-TOWER
Hyperbodies : toward an e-motive architecture ~ Kas
                                                                 NA2728 .O6713 2003         MACK-TOWER
Consensus design : socially inclusive process ~ Christopher
                                                                 NA2750 .D39 2003           MACK-TOWER
Day with Rosie Parnell
Designing better buildings : quality and value in the built
                                                                 NA2750 .D478 2004          MACK-TOWER
environment ~ edited by Sebastian Macmillan
Space planning basics ~ Mark Karlen ; illustrations by Kate
Ruggeri and Mark Karlen ; building shell drawings CAD-           NA2765 .K37 2004           MACK-TOWER
generated by Peter Hahn
Gr(o)und : workshop 2002 ~ Lebbeus Woods, Guy Lafranchi
                                                                 NA2765 .W657 2003          MACK-TOWER

Daylighting : natural light in architecture ~ Derek Phillips ;
                                                                 NA2794 .P55 2004           MACK-TOWER
with a foreword by Carl Gardner
Elements ~ edited by Oscar Riera Ojeda ; introduction by
Mark Pasnik ; chapter headings and captions by James             NA2840 .E54 2003           MACK-TOWER
McCown ; photography by Paul Warchol
Brick : a world history ~ James W.P. Campbell ;
                                                                 NA4120 .C36 2003           MACK-TOWER
photographs by Will Pryce
Secrets of architecture ~ Atilla Arpat                           NA4600 .A76 2004           MACK-TOWER
American synagogues : a century of architecture and Jewish
community ~ Samuel D. Gruber ; photography by Paul                NA4690 .G78 2003        MACK-TOWER
Rocheleau ; edited by Scott J. Tilden
Ritual and ceremonious buildings ~ Sun Dazhang ;
                                                                  NA6043 .S8513 2002      MACK-TOWER
[translated by Zhong Guodong, Zhang Long]
10 + 1 designers : Commerce Design Montrâeal ~ [râealisâe
par Commerce Design Montrâeal ; textes, Hubert Beringer,
Sylvie Berkowicz, Emmanuelle Vieira ; sous la direction de
Marie-Josâee Lacroix = produced by Commerce Design                NA6214 .C2 B47 2004     MACK-TOWER
Montrâeal ; texts, Hubert Beringer, Sylvie Berkowicz,
Emmanuelle Vieira ; under the direction of Marie-Josâee
Quartier Ecopark : Bauart #1 ~ Markus Jakob ; [translations,
Joseph O'Donnell, Agnes Guillot-Liebenwein]                       NA6234 .S92 B475 2004   MACK-TOWER

Museum buildings : a design manual ~ Paul von Naredi-
                                                                  NA6690 .N3713 2004      MACK-TOWER
Rainer ; contributions by Oliver Hilger ... [et al.]
Symphony : Frank Gehry's Walt Disney Concert Hall ~
preface by Deborah Borda ; introduction by Frank Gehry ;
                                                                  NA6835 .L67 W357 2003   MACK-TOWER
with essays by Richard Koshalek ... [et al.] ; photography by
Grant Mudford
The Oita Stadium ~ text by Maggie Saiki                           NA6862 .J32 O573 2003   MACK-TOWER
Three California houses : the homes of Max Palevsky ~
                                                                  NA7235 .C3 B48 2002     MACK-TOWER
Aaron Betsky ; photography by Richard Barnes
Ontario house styles : the distinctive architecture of the
                                                                  NA7242 .O6 M55 2004     MACK-TOWER
province's 18th and 19th century homes ~ Robert Mikel
The 60s : Montrâeal thinks big ~ edited by Andrâe Lortie ;
                                                                  NA9016 .C3 M623 2004    MACK-TOWER
contributors, Marcel Fournier ... [et al.]
Toward the livable city ~ edited by Emilie Buchwald               NA9053 .H76 T69 2003    MACK-TOWER
Site unseen : laneway architecture & urbanism in Toronto ~
[edited by Brigitte Shim and Donald Chong ; foreword by
                                                                  NA9053 .S7 S58 2004     MACK-TOWER
George Baird ; essay by Charles Waldheim ; contributors,
Steffanie Adams ... [et al.]]
Passages : explorations of the contemporary city ~ Graham
                                                                  NA9095 .L58 2004        MACK-TOWER
The urban image of late antique Constantinople ~ Sarah
                                                                  NB85 .B38 2004          MACK-TOWER
Duane Hanson : portraits from the heartland ~ Erika Doss,
                                                                  NB237 .H34 A4 2004      MACK-TOWER
Wesla Hanson, Tin Ly
The garden of art : Vic Cicansky, sculptor ~ Don Kerr             NB249 .C52 K47 2004     MACK-TOWER
Part de vie, part de jeu : une incursion critique dans l'oeuvre
graphique et sculpturale de Michel Goulet ~ Josâee Bâelisle       NB249 .G674 A4 2004     MACK-TOWER
; [traduction, Susan Le Pan]
Evan Penny : absolutely unreal                                    NB249 .P455 A4 2004     MACK-TOWER
Sculpture and the pursuit of a modern ideal in Britain, c.
                                                                 NB467 .S38 2004          MACK-TOWER
1880-1930 ~ edited by David J. Getsy
Hand to earth : Andy Goldsworthy sculpture, 1976-1990 ~
edited by Terry Friedman and Andy Goldsworthy ; with             NB497 .G64 A4 2004       MACK-TOWER
contributions by Clive Adams ... [et al.]
Benvenuto Cellini : sculptor, goldsmith, writer ~ edited by
                                                                 NB623 .C3 C45 2004       MACK-TOWER
Margaret A. Gallucci, Paolo L. Rossi
American art in the Princeton University Art Museum. Vol. 1,
Drawings and watercolors ~ John Wilmerding, with an essay
                                                                 NC108 .W55 2004          MACK-TOWER
by Kathleen A. Foster ; contributions by Robert T. Cozzolino
... [et al.]
Italian master drawings at the Philadelphia Museum of Art ~
                                                                 NC255 .P45 2004          MACK-TOWER
essay by Ann Percy ; catalogue by Mimi Cazort
No more rules : graphic design and postmodernism ~ Rick
                                                                 NC998.45 .P67 P69 2003   MACK-TOWER
The invention of painting in America ~ David Rosand              ND205 .R67 2004          MACK-TOWER
Georgia O'Keeffe, a portrait ~ by Alfred Stieglitz ; [with an
                                                                 ND237 .O42 A4 1997       MACK-TOWER
introduction by Georgia O'Keeffe]
Don Resnick : a sense of place, May 14-June 12, 2004             ND237 .R47 2004          MACK-TOWER
In Monet's light : Theodore Robinson at Giverny ~ Sona
                                                                 ND237 .R596 J64 2004     MACK-TOWER
Johnston, with an essay by Paul Tucker
Gilbert Stuart ~ Carrie Rebora Barratt and Ellen G. Miles        ND237 .S76 A4 2004       MACK-TOWER
Land, water & light : Ken Danby landscapes : October 2 -
                                                                 ND249 .D34 A4 2004       MACK-TOWER
November 21, 2004
Des planches áa la palette ~ tableaux, Suzon Demers ;
                                                                 ND249 .D44 A4 2004       MACK-TOWER
poáemes, Joèel Beddows
Steve Gouthro : through the mill ~ Chris Reid, guest-curator,
                                                                 ND249 .G694 A4 2004      MACK-TOWER
writer ; Celia Rabinovitch, writer
Water : Lawren Harris and the Group of Seven ~ Joan
                                                                 ND249 .H37 M87 2004      MACK-TOWER
Legh Mulhall Kilpin : teacher, painter, printmaker ~ edited by
                                                                 ND249 .K48 A4 2003       MACK-TOWER
Barbara Winters ; essays by Geoffrey Carr ... [et al.]
Ozias Leduc áa la Cathâedrale : parcours-dâecouverte ~
                                                                 ND249 .L38 L33 2004      MACK-TOWER
[texte, Laurier Lacroix ; traduction, Steven Sacks]
Doris McCarthy : ninety years wise ~ by Doris McCarthy           ND249 .M193 A2 2005      MACK-TOWER
Guy Pellerin : la couleur d'Ozias Leduc = Guy Pellerin : the
                                                                 ND249 .P423 A4 2004      MACK-TOWER
colours of Ozias Leduc ~ Laurier Lacroix
Inventing Tom Thomson : from biographical fictions to
fictional autobiographies and reproductions ~ Sherrill Grace     ND249 .T48 G73 2004      MACK-TOWER

Another day on the beach ~ [edited by Annabel Longbourne
                                                                 ND497 .C38 A4 2003       MACK-TOWER
and Katherine Wood]
John Constable and the theory of landscape painting ~ Ray
                                                                 ND497 .C7 L35 2005       MACK-TOWER
Shipshape underway ~ James Dodds                                 ND497 .D64 A4 2003       MACK-TOWER
William Hodges 1744-1797 : the art of exploration ~ [edited
                                                                 ND497 .H63 A4 2004       MACK-TOWER
by Geoff Quilley and John Bonehill]
The golfers : the story behind the painting ~ Peter N. Lewis
                                                                 ND497 .L397 A66 2004     MACK-TOWER
& Angela D. Howe
William Scott ~ Norbert Lynton ; [prologue, John Russell]        ND497 .S34 L86 2004      MACK-TOWER
Stubbs and the horse ~ Malcolm Warner and Robin Blake ;
                                                                 ND497 .S82 A4 2004       MACK-TOWER
with an essay by Lance Mayer and Gay Myers
Paintings in the Musâee d'Orsay ~ edited by Serge Lemoine
                                                                 ND547 .L455 2004         MACK-TOWER

In the gardens of Impressionism ~ Clare A.P. Willsdon            ND547.5 .I4 W535 2004    MACK-TOWER
Discovering Impressionism : the life and times of Paul
                                                                 ND553 .D92 A84 2004      MACK-TOWER
Durand-Ruel ~ by Pierre Assouline
Guernica : the biography of a twentieth-century icon ~ Gijs
                                                                 ND553 .P5 V36 2004       MACK-TOWER
van Hensbergen
Giorgione : myth and enigma ~ edited by Sylvia Ferino-
                                                                 ND614 .G56 2004          MACK-TOWER
Pagden, Giovanna Nepi Scir`e
From Flanders to Florence : the impact of Netherlandish
                                                                 ND615 .N88 2004          MACK-TOWER
painting, 1400-1500 ~ Paula Nuttall
Italian paintings, 1250-1450, in the John G. Johnson
Collection and the Philadelphia Museum of Art ~ Carl             ND615 .P468 2004         MACK-TOWER
Brandon Strehlke
Peter Paul Rubens : a touch of brilliance : oil sketches and
related works from the State Hermitage Museum and the
                                                                 ND673 .R9 A4 2003        MACK-TOWER
Courtauld Institute Gallery ~ [editorial direction, Philippa
Drawn by the brush : oil sketches by Peter Paul Rubens ~
Peter C. Sutton, Marjorie E. Wieseman with Nico van Hout         ND673 .R9 S88 2004       MACK-TOWER

Dalâi ~ Linde Salber ; translated by Anne Wyburd                 ND813 .D3 S2513 2004     MACK-TOWER
Japan & Paris : Impressionism, Post impressionism, and the
Modern Era ~ with essays by Christine M.E. Guth, Alicia
                                                                 ND1054.5 .J37 2004       MACK-TOWER
Volk, Emiko Yamanashi ; catalogue entries by Redmond
Entwistle ... [et al.]
Portraits in the collection of the American Antiquarian
Society ~ Lauren B. Hewes ; essays by Lauren B. Hewes
and Linda J. Docherty ; catalogue of the portraits by Lauren     ND1311 .A465 2004        MACK-TOWER
B. Hewes ; edited by Caroline F. Sloat and Katherine A. St.
La grande parade : portrait de l'artiste en clown ~ exposition
organisâee par Pierre Thâeberge ; catalogue sous la
                                                                 ND1329.3 .C55 G73 2004   MACK-TOWER
direction de Jean Clair ; [traduction, Julie Desgagnâe]

Cul-de-sac ~ [Andrew T. Hunter]                                  ND1352 .C3 H86 2004      MACK-TOWER
Painted in Peel : the Peel landscape by the Group of Seven
& their contemporaries ; November 3, 2004 to January 2,
2005 ~ introduction by David Somers ; [catalogue essays by ND1352 .C36 P35 2004            MACK-TOWER
Joan Murray, Christine Boyanoski and Judy Daley]

Reflections of an era : portraits of 19th century New
Brunswick ships = Reflets d'une âepoque : portraits de
                                                                  ND1370 .E44 1987         MACK-TOWER
navires du Nouveau-Brunswick au XIXe siáecle ~ Robert S.
Elliot, Alan D. McNairn
The Claude glass : use and meaning of the black mirror in
                                                                  ND1505 .M3513 2004       MACK-TOWER
western art ~ Arnaud Maillet ; translated by Jeff Fort
Lawrence C. Goldsmith : a life in watercolor ~ [by Carl Little]
; foreword by Mel Gussow ; introduction by Carl Little            ND1839 .G65 A4 2004      MACK-TOWER

Erica Shuttleworth : sky + ground ~ Andrea Curtis ... [et al.]
                                                                  ND1843 .S55 A4 2004      MACK-TOWER

Graffiti world : street art from five continents ~ Nicholas
                                                                  ND2590 .G36 2004         MACK-TOWER
Ganz ; edited by Tristan Manco
Shahnama : the visual language of the Persian book of
                                                                  ND3399 .F5 S53 2003      MACK-TOWER
kings ~ edited by Robert Hillenbrand
Purchasing power : representing prostitution in eighteenth-
century English popular print culture ~ Sophie Carter             NE962 .P76 C37 2004      MACK-TOWER

Japanese kite prints : selections from the Skinner collection
                                                                  NE1326.5 .K58 S74 2004   MACK-TOWER
~ John Stevenson
Robert Kipniss : intaglios, 1982-2004, catalogue raisonnâe ~
introduction and documentation by Trudie A. Grace ; essay         NE1816.5 .K57 A4 2004    MACK-TOWER
by Thomas Pichâe Jr
A dictionary of modern design ~ Jonathan M. Woodham               NK1165 .W66 2004         9LT-REF
An introduction to design and culture : 1900 to the present ~
                                                                  NK1390 .S62 2004         MACK-TOWER
Penny Sparke
A modern life : art and design in British Columbia, 1945-
1960 ~ Alan Elder, Ian M. Thom, [editors] ; [with] Rachelle       NK1413 .A3 B75 2004      MACK-TOWER
Chinnery ... [et al.]
Eva Zeisel on design : the magic language of things               NK1510 .Z43 2004         MACK-TOWER
Folk furniture of Canada's Doukhobors, Hutterites,
Mennonites and Ukrainians ~ John Fleming & Michael                NK2441 .F56 2004         MACK-TOWER
Rowan ; photographs by James A. Chambers
Smocks at the Rural History Centre : a guide to the
collection ~ researched, compiled and presented by Tina           NK4890 .S58 O45 2000     MACK-TOWER
Forever Barbie : the unauthorized biography of a real doll ~
                                                                  NK4894.3 .B37 L67 1994   MACK-TOWER
M.G. Lord
Sâeguin Poirier ~ texte de Claude Sauvage                         NK5008 .S44 S28 2004     MACK-TOWER
The medieval stained glass of Wells Cathedral ~ by Tim
                                                                   NK5343 .A84 2004 PT.1   MACK-TOWER
The medieval stained glass of Wells Cathedral ~ by Tim
                                                                   NK5343 .A84 2004 PT.2   MACK-TOWER
The walrus said : a long silence is broken ~ Denis Blomfield-
                                                                   NK5943 .B66 2004        MACK-TOWER
The horses of St Mark's : a story of triumph in Byzantium,
                                                                   NK7952 .I82 F74 2004    MACK-TOWER
Paris and Venice ~ Charles Freeman
Private views : artists working today ~ edited by Judith
                                                                   NX180 .S6 P75 2004      MACK-TOWER
Art & the 60s : this was tomorrow ~ edited by Chris
Stephens and Katherine Stout ; with essays by Barry Curtis
                                                                   NX456 .A73 2004         MACK-TOWER
... [et al.] ; contributions by Lizzie Carey-Thomas ... [et al.]

Movement, manifesto, melee : the modernist group, 1910-
                                                                   NX456.5 .M64 C64 2004   MACK-TOWER
1914 ~ Milton A. Cohen
The guerilla guide to performance art ~ Leslie Hill, Helen
                                                                   NX456.5 .P38 H53 2004   MACK-TOWER
The royal road to the unconscious ~ a project by Simon
                                                                   NX456.5 .S57 M67 2003   MACK-TOWER
Morris ; in a collaboration with Howard Britton ... [et al.]
This is Burning Man : the rise of a new American
                                                                   NX510 .N49 D64 2004     MACK-TOWER
underground ~ Brian Doherty
Mâemoire vive ; +, L'algáebre d'Ariane ~ [Caroline Boileau ...
                                                                   NX513 .M6 M46 2004      MACK-TOWER
[et al.]]
Cheap meat dreams and acorns : Ken Gregory ~ Robert
                                                                   NX513 .Z9 G74 2004      9LT-OFFICE
Enright ... [et al.]
Rolph Scarlett : painter, designer, jeweler ~ Judith Nasby         NX513 .Z9 S33 2004      MACK-TOWER
Arte y escritura surrealistas, (1919-1939) : el oro del tiempo
~ Jack J. Spector ; traducciâon, Pedro Navarro Serrano             NX542 .A1 S6818 1997    MACK-TOWER

Encounters : the meeting of Asia and Europe, 1500-1800 ~
                                                                   NX628 .E63 2004         MACK-TOWER
edited by Anna Jackson & Amin Jaffer
Racing the cultural interface : African diasporic identities in
                                                                   NX629 .R33 2004         MACK-TOWER
the digital age ~ Sheila Petty, curator
100 artists see Satan                                              NX652 .D48 A15 2004     MACK-TOWER
The structure of time : language, meaning, and temporal
                                                                   P37.5 .S65 E93 2003     MACK-TOWER
cognition ~ Vyvyan Evans
Logicheskiæi analiz ëiìazyka : izbrannoe 1988-1995 ~
                                                                   P39 .L644 2003          MACK-TOWER
sostavitel§ i otvetstvennyæi redaktor N.D. Arutëiìunova
Language change and sociolinguistics : rethinking social
                                                                   P40.5 .L54 M37 2004     MACK-TOWER
networks ~ Jonathan Marshall
New directions for research in L2 writing ~ edited by Sarah
                                                                   P53.27 .N49 2002        MACK-TOWER
Ransdell and Marie-Laure Barbier
Using drama to bring language to life : ideas, games and
activities for teachers of languages and language arts ~    P53.297 .R63 2001           MACK-TOWER
Sheila Robbie, Tina Ruggirello, Bernie Warren
Statistical analysis for language assessment ~ Lyle Bachman
                                                            P53.4 .B333 2004            MACK-TOWER

A first look at communication theory ~ Em Griffin ; special
                                                                P90 .G75 2003           1LT-RES
consultant, Glen McClish
A first look at communication theory ~ Em Griffin ; special
                                                                P90 .G75 2003           1LT-RES
consultant, Glen McClish
On the philosophy of communication ~ Gary P. Radford            P90 .R34 2005           MACK-TOWER
The SAGE handbook of media studies ~ editor-in-chief,
John D. H. Downing ; associate editors, Denis McQuail,          P90 .S18 2004           MACK-TOWER
Philip Schlesinger, Ellen Wartella
Media analysis techniques ~ Arthur Asa Berger                   P91 .B446 2005          MACK-TOWER
The media in question ~ Robert Ferguson                         P91.3 .F47 2004         MACK-TOWER
Qualitative communication research methods                      P91.3 .L56 2002         MACK-TOWER
Communication research : strategies and sources ~
                                                                P91.3 .R824 2005        MACK-TOWER
Rebecca B. Rubin, Alan M. Rubin, Linda J. Piele
Asian media studies : politics of subjectivities ~ edited by
                                                                P92 .A7 A76 2005        MACK-TOWER
John Nguyet Erni and Siew Keng Chua
Communication history in Canada ~ edited by Daniel J.
                                                                P92 .C3 C65 2004        MACK-TOWER
The cognitive style of PowerPoint ~ Edward R. Tufte             P93.53 .M537 T84 2003   BUSINESS
Gender, modernity, and the popular press in inter-war Britain
                                                                P94.5 .W65 B56 2004     MACK-TOWER
~ Adrian Bingham
Women and media : international perspectives ~ edited by
                                                                P94.5 .W65 W595 2004    MACK-TOWER
Karen Ross and Carolyn M. Byerly
Intercultural communication : an advanced resource book ~
                                                                P94.6 .H65 2004         MACK-TOWER
Adrian Richard Holliday, Martin Hyde and John Kullman
Web.studies ~ edited by David Gauntlett and Ross Horsley
                                                                P94.6 .W43 2004         MACK-TOWER

Talk and social theory : ecologies of speaking and listening
                                                                P95 .E75 2004           MACK-TOWER
in everyday life ~ Frederick Erickson
The media, politics and public life ~ Geoffrey Craig            P95.8 .C73 2004         MACK-TOWER
The media and the making of history ~ John Theobald             P95.8 .T48 2004         MACK-TOWER
Intifada hits the headlines : how the Israeli press
misreported the outbreak of the second Palestinian uprising     P95.82 .I75 D67 2004    MACK-TOWER
~ Daniel Dor
The problem of the media : U.S. communication politics in
                                                                P95.82 .U6 M28 2004     MACK-TOWER
the twenty-first century ~ Robert W. McChesney
Media monoliths : how great media brands thrive and
                                                                P96 .E25 T86 2004       MACK-TOWER
survive ~ Mark Tungate
History and the media ~ edited by David Cannadine               P96 .H55 H57 2004       MACK-TOWER
The no-nonsense guide to global media ~ Peter Steven            P96 .I5 S74 2003        MACK-TOWER
Matters of opinion : talking about public issues ~ Greg Myers
                                                                 P96 .P83 M94 2004      MACK-TOWER

Media matrix : sexing the new reality ~ Barbara Creed      P96 .S45 C74 2003            MACK-TOWER
Global currents : media and technology now ~ edited by
                                                           P96 .T42 G58 2004            MACK-TOWER
Tasha G. Oren and Patrice Petro
Media, war, and terrorism : responses from the Middle East
and Asia ~ edited by Peter Van Der Veer and Shoma Munshi P96 .W35 M43 2004              MACK-TOWER

War, media, and propaganda : a global perspective ~ Yahya
                                                                 P96 .W352 U554 2004    MACK-TOWER
R. Kamalipour and Nancy Snow
Languages, symbols and the media : communication in the
aftermath of the World Trade Center attack ~ Robert E,           P96 .W36 L36 2004      MACK-TOWER
Denton, Jr., editor
Gesture : visible action as utterance ~ Adam Kendon              P117 .K46 2004         MACK-TOWER
The acquisition of complex sentences ~ Holger Diessel            P118 .D54 2004         MACK-TOWER
Age, accent, and experience in second language acquisition
: an integrated approach to critical period inquiry ~ Alene      P118.2 .M72 2004       MACK-TOWER
Assessing grammar ~ James E. Purpura                             P151 .P87 2004         MACK-TOWER
Optimality theory : constraint interaction in generative
                                                                 P158.42 .P75 2004      MACK-TOWER
grammar ~ Alan Prince and Paul Smolensky
The solid form of language : an essay on writing and
                                                                 P211 .B75 2004         MACK-TOWER
meaning ~ Robert Bringhurst
The first writing : script invention as history and process ~
                                                                 P211 .F57 2004         MACK-TOWER
edited by Stephen D. Houston
Adjective classes : a cross-linguistic typology ~ edited by
                                                                 P273 .A45 2004         MACK-TOWER
R.M.W. Dixon and Alexandra Y. Aikhenvald
The private, the public, and the published : reconciling
private lives and public rhetoric ~ edited by Barbara Couture,   P301 .P75 2004         MACK-TOWER
Thomas Kent
Rhetorical bodies ~ edited by Jack Selzer and Sharon
                                                                 P301.5 .S63 R48 1999   MACK-TOWER
Trust the text : language, corpus and discourse ~ John
                                                                 P302 .S575 2004        MACK-TOWER
Sinclair ; edited with Ronald Carter
Dire quasi la stäessa cosa : esperienze di traduzione ~
                                                                 P306 .E24 2003         MACK-TOWER
Umberto Eco
Nuevas perspectivas de los estudios de traducciâon ~
                                                                 P306.5 .N84 2002       MACK-TOWER
Josâe-Marâia Bravo, editor
Minimal semantics ~ Emma Borg                                    P325 .B65 2004         MACK-TOWER
Evidentiality ~ Aleksandra Y. Aæikhenval§d                       P325.5 .E96 A37 2004   MACK-TOWER
Reflecting the mind : indexicality and quasi-indexicality ~
                                                                 P325.5 .I54 C67 2004   MACK-TOWER
Eros Corazza
Russkaëiìa avtorskaëiìa leksikografiëiìa XIX-XX vekov :
                                                                 P327 .R876 2003        MACK-TOWER
antologiëiìa ~ [otv. redaktor ëIìU.N. Karaulov]
Indo-European perspectives : studies in honour of Anna
                                                                        P512 .D38 2004         MACK-TOWER
Morpurgo Davies ~ edited by J. H. W. Penney
Pueblos, lenguas y escrituras en la Hispania prerromana :
actas del VII Coloquio sobre Lenguas y Culturas
                                                                        P1081 .C65 1997        MACK-TOWER
Paleohispâanicas : Zaragoza, 12 a 15 de Marzo de 1997 ~
Francisco Villar y Francisco Beltrâan, eds
Religiâon, lengua y cultura prerromanas de hispania ~
                                                                        P1081 .R45 2001        MACK-TOWER
Francisco Villar y Ma. Pilar Fernâandez Alvarez, eds
Obras histâoricas de Nebrija : estudio filolâogico ~ Gregorio
                                                                        PA85 .N4 H56 1992      MACK-TOWER
Hinojo Andrâes
El Brocense y las humanidades en el siglo XVI ~ Carmen
Codoäner, Santiago Lâopez Moreda, Jesâus Ureäna                         PA85 .S2 B76 2003      MACK-TOWER
Bracero (eds.)
A natural history of Latin ~ Tore Janson ; translated and
adapted into English by Merethe Damsgaard S²rensen and                  PA2057 .J36 2004       MACK-TOWER
Nigel Vincent
Dizionario della lingua latina : [latino/ italiano, italiano/ latino]
~ Gian Biagio Conte, Emilio Pianezzola, Giuliano Ranucci                PA2365 .I8 C66 2004    2LB-REF

Classical literature : a concise history ~ Richard Rutherford
                                                                        PA3001 .R88 2004       MACK-TOWER

Titel und Text : zur Entwicklung lateinischer
Gedichtèuberschriften, mit Untersuchungen zu lateinischen
Buchtiteln, Inhaltsverzeichnissen und anderen                           PA3021 .S37 1999       MACK-TOWER
Gliederungsmitteln ~ von Bianca-Jeanette Schrèoder

Thucydides and Pindar : historical narrative and the world of
                                                                        PA3523 .H67 2004       MACK-TOWER
Epinikian poetry ~ Simon Hornblower
Pure pagan : seven centuries of Greek poems and
fragments ~ selected and translated by Burton Raffel ;                  PA3622 .P87 2004       MACK-TOWER
introduction by Guy Davenport
Euripides im Kontext zeitgenèossischer intellektueller
Strèomungen : Analyse der Funktion philosophischer
                                                                        PA3978 .E35 2003       MACK-TOWER
Themen in den Tragèodien und Fragmenten ~ von
Franziska Egli
The homeric hymns ~ translation, introduction, and notes by
                                                                        PA4025 .H8 A83 2004    MACK-TOWER
Apostolos N. Athanassakis
Xenophon of Ephesus : his compositional technique and the
                                                                        PA4500 .X3 O88 1995    MACK-TOWER
birth of the novel ~ James N. O'Sullivan
Die Erzèahlung von Alexander und Semiramis : kritische
Ausgabe mit einer Einleitung, èUbersetzung und einem                    PA5310 .D46 G46 2004   MACK-TOWER
Wèorterverzeichnis ~ besorgt von Ulrich Moennig
The Roman world of Cicero's De oratore ~ Elaine Fantham
                                                                        PA6296 .D7 F36 2004    MACK-TOWER
Ennius in der Forschung des 20. Jahrhunderts : eine
kommentierte Bibliographie fèur 1900-1999 mit
                                                                    PA6382 .S84 2003           MACK-TOWER
systematischen Hinweisen nebst einer Kurzdarstellung des
Q. Ennius (239-169 v. Chr.) ~ Werner Suerbaum
The complete elegies of Sextus Propertius ~ Sextus
Propertius ; translated with introduction and notes by              PA6645 .E5 K38 2004        MACK-TOWER
Vincent Katz
Vergils Aeneis und die antike Homerexegese :
Untersuchungen zum Einfluss ethischer und kritischer
                                                                    PA6825 .S355 1999          MACK-TOWER
Homerrezeption auf imitatio und aemulatio Vergils ~ von
Tilman Schmit-Neuerburg
Landscape perception in early Celtic literature ~ Francesco
                                                                    PB1099 .B46 2004           MACK-TOWER
Les verbes italiens : formes et emplois ~ Luciano Cappelletti
                                                                    PC1271 .C36 1997           2LB-REF

Il Ragazzini : dizionario inglese-italiano, italiano-inglese ~ di
                                                                    PC1640 .R33 2004           2LB-REF
Giuseppe Ragazzini
Sociolinguistic variation in seventeenth-century France :
                                                                    PC2074.7 .A98 2004         MACK-TOWER
methodology and case studies ~ Wendy Ayres-Bennett
A comprehensive French grammar ~ Glanville Price                    PC2112 .P75 2003           MACK-TOWER
Dictionnaire âetymologique du franðcais ~ Jacqueline
                                                                    PC2580 .P53 1992           2LB-REF
Dictionnaire de synonymes et contraires ~ Henri Bertaud du
                                                                    PC2591 .B47 2002           2LB-REF
Le Robert micro : dictionnaire d'apprentissage de la langue
                                                                    PC2628 .M52 1998           MACK-TOWER
franðcaise ~ râedaction dirigâee par Alain Rey
Baroques occitans : anthologie de la poâesie en langue
d'oc, 1560-1660 ~ textes prâesentâes, traduits et annotâes          PC3420 .F3 B37 2003        MACK-TOWER
par Robert Lafont
La langue franðcaise au Cameroun : analyse linguistique et
                                                                    PC3680 .C35 B55 2004       MACK-TOWER
didactique ~ Edmond Biloa
Observaciones crâiticas sobre la excelencia de la lengua
castellana ~ Antonio de Capmany ; ediciâon, introducciâon y         PC4073 .C255 1991          MACK-TOWER
notas de Carlos Cabrera Morales
The Spanish language today ~ Miranda Stewart                        PC4087 .S74 1999           MACK-TOWER
Estudios de grafemâatica en el dominio hispâanico ~ Josâe
                                                                    PC4143 .E88 1998           MACK-TOWER
Manuel Blecua, Juan Gutiâerrez y Lidia Sala (eds.)
Diccionario de sinâonimos y antâonimos ~ [editora: Carolina
                                                                    PC4591 .D535 2004          2LB-REF
A bibliography of Hispanic dictionaries : Basque, Catalan,
Galician, Spanish, Spanish in Latin America and the                 PC4611 .F32 2002 SUPPL.1   2LB-REF
Philippines ~ Maurizio Fabbri
Diccionario : dudas y falsos amigos : espaänol-inglâes ~
                                                                    PC4640 .C67 2004           2LB-REF
Andrew Coney
Harrap's dictionary, Spanish-English, inglâes-espaänol              PC4640 .H373 2003          2LB-REF
Tentative dictionary of medieval Spanish ~ compiled by
                                                              PC4715 .Z5 K37 2001   MACK-TOWER
Lloyd A. Kasten and Florian J. Cody
El habla del Campo de Jaca ~ Manuel Alvar                     PC4784 .J3 A48 1948   MACK-TOWER
Las gramaticas de la lengua Castellana desde Nebrija a
                                                              PC4796 .R36 1987      MACK-TOWER
Correas ~ Antonio Ramajo Caäno
Deutsch im Kontakt mit germanischen Sprachen ~ Horst
                                                              PD74.75 .D48 2004     MACK-TOWER
Haider Munske (Hg.)
The syntax of Old Norse : with a survey of the inflectional
morphology and a complete bibliography ~ Jan Terje            PD2313 .F33 2004      MACK-TOWER
A history of English language teaching ~ A. P. R. Howatt,
                                                              PE1065 .H68 2004      MACK-TOWER
with H. G. Widdowson
The genius of language : fifteen writers reflect on their
mother tongues ~ edited and with an introduction by Wendy     PE1421 .G46 2004      MACK-TOWER
Eats, shoots & leaves : the zero tolerance approach to
                                                              PE1450 .T78 2003      MACK-TOWER
punctuation ~ Lynne Truss
The Oxford dictionary of idioms ~ edited by Jennifer Speake
                                                              PE1460 .O94 2004      2LB-REF

The Penguin dictionary of English idioms ~ Daphne M.
                                                              PE1464 .G85 2001      2LB-REF
Gulland, David Hinds-Howell
The American heritage college thesaurus                       PE1591 .A44 2004      2LB-REF
The Oxford dictionary of catchphrases ~ compiled by Anna
                                                              PE1689 .F37 2002      2LB-REF
English as an academic language in Europe ~ Ulrich
                                                              PE2751 .A47 2002      MACK-TOWER
Ammon, Grant McConnell
Doing our own thing : the degradation of language and
                                                              PE2808.8 .M38 2003    MACK-TOWER
music and why we should, like, care ~ John McWhorter
Vocabulario vaquero = cowboy talk : a dictionary of Spanish
terms from the American west ~ by Robert N. Smead ;
                                                              PE3727 .C6 S64 2004   MACK-TOWER
foreword by Richard Slatta ; illustrations by Ronald Kil

Sprachdidaktik Deutsch : eine Einfèuhrung ~ von Wolfgang
                                                              PF3068 .G4 S74 2004   MACK-TOWER
Steinig und Hans-Werner Huneke
Tarnung, Leistung, Werbung : Untersuchungen zur Sprache
im Nationalsozialismus ~ Albrecht Greule, Waltraud            PF3087 .T37 2004      MACK-TOWER
Sennebogen (Hrsg.)
Am Anfang war der Text : 10 Jahre "Textgrammatik der
deutschen Sprache" ~ herausgegeben von Maria Thurmair         PF3434 .W45328 2003   MACK-TOWER
und Eva-Maria Willkop
Die Republik der Phrasendrescher : wortwèortliches einer
                                                              PF3689 .P78 2004      MACK-TOWER
verunglèuckten Sprache ~ Karl Hugo Pruys
Zur Erforschung des Frèuhneuhochdeutschen in Bèohmen,
Mèahren und der Slowakei : Vortrèage der internationalen
Tagung, veranstaltet vom Institut fèur Germanistik der
Pèadagogischen Fakultèat der Sèudbèohmischen                    PF5396 .Z87 2004            MACK-TOWER
Universitèat, éCeskâe Budéejovice 20.-22. September 2001
~ herausgegeben von Hildegard Bokovâa

Huddersfield ~ by Ugljeésa éSajtinac ; [translated] & English
version by Chris Thorpe ; from a translation by Duéska          PG1420.29 .A35 H8413 2004   MACK-TOWER
Istoricheskaëiìa grammatika russkogo ëiìazyka ~ V. I.
                                                                PG2101 .B67 2004            MACK-TOWER
Borkovskiæi, P. S. Kuzneëtìsov
Russkaëiìa ëiìazykovaëiìa lichnost§ : kody obraznoæi
                                                                PG2440 .S454 2003           MACK-TOWER
verbalizaëtìsii tezaurusa : monografiëiìa ~ L.A. Shestak
Slovo zhivoe i mertvoe ~ Nora Gal§ ; [sostavitel§ D.
                                                                PG2498 .G35 2003            MACK-TOWER
Kuz§min ; redaktor çE. Kuz§mina]
O lëiìudëiìakh : russko-angliæiskiæi slovar§ ~ L.A.
                                                                PG2691 .B67 2004            MACK-TOWER
Moskva i "moskovskiæi tekst" v russkoæi literature i
fol§klore : sed§mye mezhdunarodnye Vinogradovskie
                                                                PG2988 .M6 M68 2004         MACK-TOWER
chetniëiìa 23-25 marta 2003 g. ~ [redaktory-sostaviteli: I.A.
Belëiìaeva, N.M. Malygina]
Russkaëiìa literatura XI-XVII vv. : uchebnoe posobie ~ A. V.
                                                                PG3001 .A75 2003            MACK-TOWER
Arkhangel§skaëiìa, A. A. Pautkin
Khudozhestvennaëiìa fenomenologiëiìa izobrazheniëiìa
"serdechnoæi zhizni" v russkoæi klassike : A.S. Pushkin,
M.ëIìU. Lermontov, I.A. Goncharov, F.M. Dostoevskiæi, L.N.      PG3011 .B85 2003            MACK-TOWER
Tolstoæi : monografiëiìa ~ A.M. Bulanov

Literaturnyæi proëtìsess v Rossii : literaturno-kriticheskie
                                                                PG3016 .S556 2003           MACK-TOWER
raboty raznykh let ~ Andreæi Sinëiìavskiæi
Ot Pushkina do Kibirova : stat§i o russkoæi literature,
                                                                PG3051 .B64 2004            MACK-TOWER
preimushchestvenno o poçezii ~ N.A. Bogomolov
Fol§klornaëiìa paradigma russkoæi prozy posledneæi treti
                                                                PG3094 .S535 2003           MACK-TOWER
XX veka : monografiëiìa ~ L.N. Skakovskaëiìa
My : zhenskaëiìa proza russkoæi çemigraëtìsii ~ sostavitel§,
                                                                PG3203 .W64 M9 2003         MACK-TOWER
O.R. Demidova
Abzats : chast§ teksta, ob·edinennaëiìa obshchim smyslom
~ [sostaviteli ëIìU.G. Alekseev, V.V. Krasovskiæi]              PG3227.5 .A29 2002          MACK-TOWER

Russian stories : Pushkin, Lermontov, Gogol, Dostoevsky,
Turgenev, Tolstoy, Chekhov, Bunin, Babel ~ edited by            PG3286 .R87 2000            MACK-TOWER
Solomon Gromyko
Tëiìazhelo-zvonkoe skakan§e : zapiski Bomzha o Mastere i
                                                                PG3299 .P3 B66 1998         MACK-TOWER
Margarite ~ [I.I. Bomzh]
Stilevye osobennosti "Prestupleniëiìa i nakazaniëiìa" kak
sredstvo otrazheniëiìa mirovozzreniëiìa F.M. Dostoevskogo :
                                                            PG3325 .P73 B67 2004            MACK-TOWER
v pomoshch§ uchitelëiìu i ucheniku ~ A.V. Borodina

O tvorëiìashcheæi prirode slova : ontologichnost§ slova v
tvorchestve F.M. Dostoevskogo kak osnova "realizma v              PG3328 .Z7 P537 2004      MACK-TOWER
vysshem smysle" ~ Tat§ëiìana Kasatkina
Nikolaæi Vasil§evich Gogol : opyt biografii ~ Panteleæimon
                                                                  PG3335 .K82 2003          MACK-TOWER
Gogol§ i Italiëiìa : materialy mezhdunarodnoæi
konferenëtìsii "Nikolaæi Vasil§evich Gogol§: mezhdu
                                                                  PG3335 .Z8 M49 2002       MACK-TOWER
Italieæi i Rossieæi" ~ [sostaviteli Mikhail Vaæiskopf, Rita
Literatura o zhizni i tvorchestve M.ëIìU. Lermontova :
bibliograficheskiæi ukazatel§, 1978-1991 ~ [sostavitel§ O.V.      PG3337 .L465 2003         MACK-TOWER
Miller ; pod redakëtìsieæi G.V. Bakharevoæi]
Spor ob ogarèevskikh den§gakh : [Delo Ogarèeva-
                                                                  PG3337 .O4 Z65 2004       MACK-TOWER
Panaevoæi] ~ ëIìA.Z. Chernëiìak
Alexander Pushkin's Little tragedies : the poetics of brevity ~
                                                                  PG3357 .A54 2003          MACK-TOWER
edited by Svetlana Evdokimova
L.N. Tolstoæi i SShA : perepiska ~ [sostavlenie, podgotovka
tekstov, kommentarii, N. Velikanova, R. Vittaker]                 PG3379 .A1 2004           MACK-TOWER

Lev Tolstoæi i puti russkoæi istorii ~ A.V. Gulin                 PG3415 .H5 G85 2004       MACK-TOWER
Povyshennoe chuvstvo zhizni : mir Ivana Bunina ~ O. V.
                                                                  PG3453 .B9 Z886 2004      MACK-TOWER
Chetyrezhdy Chekhov ~ Bitov ... [et al.]                          PG3458 .C548 2004         MACK-TOWER
M. Gorkiæi : novyæi vzglëiìad ~ L. Spiridonova                    PG3465 .Z8 E97 2004       MACK-TOWER
Stikhi, proza, stat§i, materialy k biografii ~ A.D. Skaldin       PG3470 .S583 A6 2004      MACK-TOWER
Anna Akhmatova i Nikolaæi Gumilev : dialog dvukh poçetov
                                                                  PG3476 .A324 Z7289 2004   MACK-TOWER
~ Anastasiëiìa Kazanëtìseva
Peterburgskie sny Anny Akhmatovoæi : "Poçema bez
geroëiìa" : opyt rekonstrukëtìsii teksta ~ [sostavlenie, vstup.
                                                                  PG3476 .A324 Z7834 2004   MACK-TOWER
stat§ëiìa, rekonstrukëtìsiëiìa teksta, i kommentarii : S.A.
Roman Mikhaila Bulgakova "Master i Margarita" : opyt
kommentariëiìa ~ Irina Belobrovëtìseva, Svetlana Kul§ëiìus        PG3476 .B78 M33334 2004   MACK-TOWER

Pis§ma 1908-1967 v 2-kh tomakh ~ Il§ëiìa çErenburg ;
[sostavlenie, vstupitel§naëiìa stat§ëiìa, podgotovka teksta,
                                                                  PG3476 .E5 Z48 2004 V.1   MACK-TOWER
kommentarii, imennoæi ukazatel§, B.ëIìA. Frezinskiæi]
Pis§ma 1908-1967 v 2-kh tomakh ~ Il§ëiìa çErenburg ;
[sostavlenie, vstupitel§naëiìa stat§ëiìa, podgotovka teksta,
                                                               PG3476 .E5 Z48 2004 V.2     MACK-TOWER
kommentarii, imennoæi ukazatel§, B.ëIìA. Frezinskiæi]

Odnoçetazhnaëiìa Amerika ; Pis§ma iz Ameriki ~ Il§ëiìa Il§f,
Evgeniæi Petrov ; fotografii Il§i Il§fa ; sostavlenie i        PG3476 .I44 Z48 2003        MACK-TOWER
vstupitel§naëiìa stat§ëiìa, A.I. Il§f
Stikhotvoreniëiìa ~ Igor§ ëIìUrkov                             PG3476 .I8545 A6 2003       MACK-TOWER
Olakrez Narëtìsissa : proza Vladimira Nabokova v zerkale
                                                               PG3476 .N3 Z827 2003        MACK-TOWER
ëiìazykovoæi igry ~ G.F. Rakhimkulova
Novoe o Mikhaile Sholokhove : issledovaniëiìa i materialy ~
[redakëtìsionnaëiìa kollegiëiìa F.F. Kuzneëtìsov ... et al.]   PG3476 .S52 Z766 2003       MACK-TOWER

Dnevniki : v dvukh tomakh ~ Georgiæi çEfron ; izdanie
                                                               PG3476 .T75 Z464 2004 T.1   MACK-TOWER
podgotovili E.B. Korkina i V.K. Losskaëiìa
Dnevniki : v dvukh tomakh ~ Georgiæi çEfron ; izdanie
                                                               PG3476 .T75 Z464 2004 T.2   MACK-TOWER
podgotovili E.B. Korkina i V.K. Losskaëiìa
Poçet i kul§tura : konëtìseptosfera Mariny ëTìSvetaevoæi :
                                                               PG3476 .T75 Z7778 2004      MACK-TOWER
uchebnoe posobie ~ V.A. Maslova
Solnovorot ~ Vasiliæi Aksèenov                                 PG3478 .K69 S65 2004        MACK-TOWER
Vol§ter§ëiìanëtìsy i vol§ter§ëiìanki : starinnyæi roman ~
                                                               PG3478 .K7 V66 2004         MACK-TOWER
Vasiliæi Aksenov
Kladbishchenskie istorii                                       PG3478 .K78 K43 2004        MACK-TOWER
Zapomnite nas takimi ~ Valeriæi Popov                          PG3479 .T23 Z468 2003       MACK-TOWER
Zhizn' Zhuzhzhalina : [roman-misteriëiìa] ~ Nikolaæi
                                                               PG3479.6 .E98 Z55 2004      MACK-TOWER
Rydanie pastukhov ~ Vadim Fadin                                PG3480 .A24 R94 2004        MACK-TOWER
Khatshepsut ~ Natal§ëiìa Galkina                               PG3481 .A43 K53 2004        MACK-TOWER
Osennëiìaëiìa zhaba ~ Dmitriæi Gorchev                         PG3481.2 .R38 O84 2004      MACK-TOWER
Stikhi i poçemy ~ Naum Korzhavin                               PG3482.7 .R9 A6 2004        MACK-TOWER
Dokument.doc ~ Irina Luk§ëiìanova                              PG3483 .U577 D65 2004       MACK-TOWER
Veshchie sny tikhogo psikha : roman i povesti ~ Gennadiæi
                                                               PG3484 .I39 V47 2004        MACK-TOWER
Skuki ne bylo : pervaëiìa kniga vospominaniæi ~ Benedikt
                                                               PG3485.8 .R6 Z47 2004       MACK-TOWER
Strashnyi passazhir : romany ~ Aleksandr Segen§                PG3486 .E32 S77 2003        MACK-TOWER
Kalina Krasnaëiìa ~ sostavlenie, predislovie Roberta Manna
                                                               PG3487 .U5 K34 1994         MACK-TOWER

Vidimaëiìa storona zhizni ~ Elena Shvarëtìs                    PG3487 .V33 V64 2003        MACK-TOWER
Uchastok : russkiæi narodnyæi detektiv ~ Alekseæi
                                                               PG3488 .L33 U43 2004        MACK-TOWER
Solzheniëtìsyn : proshchanie s mifom ~ Aleksandr
                                                               PG3488 .O4 Z84 2004         MACK-TOWER
Stikhotvoreniëiìa, poçemy, proza ~ Andreæi Voznesenskiæi.
                                                               PG3489.4 .Z6 A6 2000A       MACK-TOWER
Sovremenniki ob Andree Voznesenskom
Almaznyi fond : tri DOOSa ~ Andreæi Voznesenskiæi,
                                                                PG3489.4 .Z6 A687 2003   MACK-TOWER
Konstantin Kedrov, Elena Kaëtìsëiìuba
Melika ~ Sergeæi Zav§ëiìalov                                    PG3489.9 .V49 M45 2003   MACK-TOWER
Starichok s Bol§shoi Pushkarskoæi ~ Aleksandr Zhitinskiæi
                                                                PG3490 .H58 S73 2002     MACK-TOWER

Deklaraëtìsiëiìa nezavisimosti ~ ëIìAaroslav Mogutin            PG3549 .M56 D45 2001     MACK-TOWER
The Mroçzek reader ~ S±awomir Mroçzek ; edited by Daniel
                                                                PG7172 .R65 A28 2004     MACK-TOWER
Gerould ; [translated by Konrad Syrop ... [et al.]]
The fourth gate ~ by Pâeter Kâarpâati ; translated by Dennis
Kelly ; from a literal translation by Ildikâo Noâemi Nagy and   PH3281 .K28 N4513 2004   MACK-TOWER
Katalin Trencsâenyi
Car thieves ~ by âAkos Nâemeth ; translated by Châe
                                                                PH3291 .N46 A8813 2004   MACK-TOWER
Diccionario Hebreo-Espaänol : bâiblico, rabâinico, medieval,
                                                                PJ4835 .S6 T37 1995      2LB-REF
moderno ~ Judit Targarona Borrâas
Rabindranath Tagore : a biography ~ Uma Das Gupta               PK1725 .G86 2004         MACK-TOWER
Western tradition and naturalistic Hindi theatre ~ Diana
                                                                PK2098 .A8 Z63 2004      MACK-TOWER
The Oxford India Ghalib : life, letters, and ghazals ~ edited
                                                                PK2198 .G4 Z48 2003      MACK-TOWER
by Ralph Russell
The repentance of Nussooh = Taubat-al-Nasãuh : the tale of
a Muslim family a hundred years ago ~ by Nazir Ahmad ;
                                                                PK2199 .N35 T3813 2004   MACK-TOWER
translated from the Urdu by M. Kempson ; edited by C.M.
Epic threads : John Brockington on the Sanskrit epics ~
                                                                PK2917 .B74 2000         MACK-TOWER
edited by Greg Bailey and Mary Brockington
The eighty-four hymns of Hita Harivaòmâsa : an edition of
                                                                PK3794 .H5 C38 1991      MACK-TOWER
the Cauråasåi pada ~ [edited by] Rupert Snell
Bhaktirasåamòrtasindhu of Råupa Gosvåamin ~ translated
with introduction and notes by David L. Haberman                PK3798 .R83 B5313 2003   MACK-TOWER

Hatim's tales : Kashmiri stories and songs ~ recorded with
the assistance of Pandit Govind Kaul ; by Aurel Stein ; and
edited with a translation, linguistic analysis, vocabulary,    PK7035 .H37 A25 2004      MACK-TOWER
indexes, etc., by George A. Grierson ; with a note on the
folklore of the tales by W. Crooke
The acquisition of the Japanese oral narrative style by native
                                                               PL524.85 .M36 2004        MACK-TOWER
English-speaking bilinguals ~ Yoshimi Maeno
The key ; and, Diary of a mad old man ~ Junichiro Tanizaki ;
translated from the Japanese by Howard Hibbett                 PL839 .A7 A6 2004         MACK-TOWER

A Mencius reader : for beginning and advanced students of
                                                                PL1129 .E5 W35 2004      MACK-TOWER
classical Chinese ~ Donald B. Wagner
The monster that is history : history, violence, and fictional
writing in twentieth-century China ~ David Der-wei Wang           PL2443 .W33 2004        MACK-TOWER

Embracing the lie : Ding Ling and the politics of literature in
                                                                  PL2747 .P5 Z528 2004    MACK-TOWER
the People's Republic of China ~ Charles J. Alber
A bilingual edition of poetry out of Communist China ~ by
                                                                  PL2865 .X83 A245 2004   MACK-TOWER
Huan Xiang ; translated by Andrew G. Emerson
Literary culture in Taiwan : martial law to market law ~ Sung-
                                                                  PL3031 .T3 C44 2004     MACK-TOWER
sheng Yvonne Chang
A comprehensive Indonesian-English dictionary ~ Alan M.
                                                                  PL5076 .S74 2004        2LB-REF
Stevens and A. Ed. Schmidgall-Tellings
Epopâees africaines : Ndiadiane Ndiaye et El Hadj Omar
                                                                  PL8013 .F7 D56 2003     MACK-TOWER
Tall ~ Samba Diop
A history of South African literature ~ Christopher Heywood
                                                                  PL8014 .S6 H49 2004     MACK-TOWER

The syntax of Chichewa ~ Sam Mchombo                              PL8110 .C5 M35 2004     MACK-TOWER
Time in child Inuktitut : a developmental study of an Eskimo-
                                                                  PM55 .S93 2004          MACK-TOWER
Aleut language ~ by Mary D. Swift
Western Apache-English dictionary : a community-
generated bilingual dictionary ~ Dorothy Bray, editor ; in        PM2583 .W47 1998        MACK-TOWER
collaboration with the White Mountain Apache tribe
Languages of the pre-Columbian Antilles ~ Julian Granberry,
                                                                  PM5099 .A68 G73 2004    MACK-TOWER
Gary S. Vescelius
The Jarawara language of Southern Amazonia ~ R.M.W.
                                                                  PM6258 .D58 2004        MACK-TOWER
Dixon and Alan Vogel
The mixed language debate : theoretical and empirical
                                                                  PM7802 .M59 2003        MACK-TOWER
advances ~ edited by Yaron Matras, Peter Bakker
A handbook to literature ~ William Harmon                         PN41 .H64 2003          2LB-REF
Breve diccionario de tâerminos literarios ~ Demetrio
                                                                  PN44.5 .E88 2004        2LB-REF
Estâebanez Calderâon
Narrative ethics ~ Adam Zachary Newton                            PN49 .N49 1995          MACK-TOWER
Poiesis and possible worlds : a study in modality and literary
                                                                  PN54 .M37 2004          MACK-TOWER
theory ~ Thomas L. Martin
Literary terms and criticism ~ John Peck and Martin Coyle
                                                                  PN81 .P44 2002          2LB-REF

Post-theory, culture, criticism ~ edited by Ivan Callus and
                                                                  PN81 .P67 2004          MACK-TOWER
Stefan Herbrechter
Diez tesis sobre la crâitica ~ Grinor Rojo                        PN81 .R63 2001          MACK-TOWER
Postmodern literature ~ Ian Gregson                               PN98 .P67 G74 2004      MACK-TOWER
The book unbound : editing and reading medieval
manuscripts and texts ~ edited by Siãan Echard and                PN162 .B66 2004         MACK-TOWER
Stephen Partridge
Retâorica medieval : historia de las artes predicatorias ~
                                                                  PN183 .A43 2003         MACK-TOWER
Antonio Alberte
Rhetorical argumentation : principles of theory and practice
                                                                 PN207 .T56 2004           MACK-TOWER
~ Christopher W. Tindale
Medieval narrative : an introduction ~ Tony Davenport            PN671 .D38 2004           MACK-TOWER
Las danzas de la muerte : gâenesis y desarrollo de un
                                                                 PN682 .D4 I54 1997        MACK-TOWER
gâenero medieval (siglos XIII-XVII) ~ Vâictor Infantes
La nouvelle en Europe : de Boccace áa Sade ~ Didier
                                                                 PN816 .S67 2004           MACK-TOWER
Nationale Literaturen heute - ein Fantom? : die Imagination
und Tradition des Schweizerischen als Problem ~
                                                                 PN849 .S9 N42 2004        MACK-TOWER
herausgegeben von Corina Caduff und Reto Sorg

Should we burn Babar? : essays on children's literature and
                                                                 PN1009.5 .R32 K64 1995    MACK-TOWER
the power of stories ~ Herbert Kohl
Printed voices : the Renaissance culture of dialogue ~
                                                                 PN1551 .P75 2004          MACK-TOWER
edited by Dorothea Heitsch and Jean-Franðcois Vallâee
Women, modernism, and performance ~ by Penny Farfan              PN1590 .W64 F37 2004      MACK-TOWER
How to write about theatre and drama ~ Suzanne Hudson            PN1707 .H82 2000          9LT-REF
How to write about theatre and drama ~ Suzanne Hudson            PN1707 .H82 2000          MACK-TOWER
El personaje nihilista : La celestina y el teatro europeo ~
                                                                 PN1821 .M34 2001          MACK-TOWER
Jesâus G. Maestro
The cabaret ~ Lisa Appignanesi                                   PN1969 .C3 A66 2004       MACK-TOWER
Performing marginality : humor, gender, and cultural critique
                                                                 PN1969 .C65 G55 2004      MACK-TOWER
~ Joanne R. Gilbert
Women and comedy in solo performance : Phyllis Diller, Lily
                                                                 PN1969 .C65 L38 2004      MACK-TOWER
Tomlin, and Roseanne ~ Suzanne Lavin
This hour has seven decades ~ Patrick Watson                     PN1990.72 .W38 A3 2004    MACK-TOWER
Feeling Asian modernities : transnational consumption of
                                                                 PN1992.3 .J3 F44 2004     MACK-TOWER
Japanese TV dramas ~ edited by Koichi Iwabuchi
Not so prime time : chasing the trivial on American television
                                                                 PN1992.3 .U5 R67 2004     MACK-TOWER
~ Howard Rosenberg
Contemporary world television ~ edited by John Sinclair ;
                                                                 PN1992.5 .C66 2004        MACK-TOWER
associate editor, Graeme Turner
The continuing story of Irish television drama : tracking the
                                                                 PN1992.65 .S54 2004       MACK-TOWER
tiger ~ Helena Sheehan
The Sopranos and philosophy : I kill therefore I am ~ edited
                                                                 PN1992.77 .S58 S67 2004   MACK-TOWER
by Richard Greene and Peter Vernezze
Watching race : television and the struggle for blackness ~
                                                                 PN1992.8 .A34 G73 2004    MACK-TOWER
Herman Gray ; with a new introduction
Science fiction television ~ M. Keith Booker                     PN1992.8 .S35 B66 2004    MACK-TOWER
Spy television ~ Wesley Britton                                  PN1992.8 .S67 B75 2004    MACK-TOWER
African francophone cinema ~ Samba Diop                          PN1993.5 .A35 D56 2004    MACK-TOWER
Hitchcock with a Chinese face : cinematic doubles, Oedipal
triangles, and China's moral voice ~ Jerome Silbergeld           PN1993.5 .C4 S57 2004     MACK-TOWER
Film and community : Britain and France : from La Ráegle
                                                                  PN1993.5 .G7 B87 2004     MACK-TOWER
du jeu to Room at the top ~ Margaret Butler
Bollywood : a guidebook to popular Hindi cinema ~ Tejaswini
                                                                  PN1993.5 .I8 G36 2004     MACK-TOWER
Keeping it real : Irish film and television ~ edited by Ruth
                                                                  PN1993.5 .I85 K44 2004    MACK-TOWER
Barton and Harvey O'Brien
Guida alla storia del cinema italiano : 1905-2003 ~ Gian
                                                                  PN1993.5 .I88 B78 2003    1LT-RESN
Piero Brunetta
Un secolo di cinema italiano, 1900-1999 ~ Enrico Giacovelli
                                                                  PN1993.5 .I88 G52 V.2     1LT-RESN

Breve storia del cinema italiano ~ Paolo Russo                    PN1993.5 .I88 R87 2002    1LT-RESN
On the art of the cinema ~ Kim Jong Il                            PN1993.5 .K6 K54 2001     MACK-TOWER
American cinema's transitional era : audiences, institutions,
practices ~ edited by Charlie Keil and Shelley Stamp              PN1993.5 .U6 A456 2004    MACK-TOWER

Engaging film criticism : film history and contemporary
                                                                  PN1993.5 .U6 M48 2004     MACK-TOWER
American cinema ~ Walter Metz
The movie business book ~ edited by Jason E. Squire               PN1993.5 .U6 M67 2004     MACK-TOWER
Blockbuster : how Hollywood learned to stop worrying and
                                                                  PN1993.5 .U6 S49 2004     MACK-TOWER
love the summer ~ Tom Shone
100 American independent films ~ Jason Wood ; [preface,
                                                                  PN1993.5 .U6 W635 2004    MACK-TOWER
Scott McGehee and David Siegel]
The whole equation : a history of Hollywood ~ David
                                                                  PN1993.5 .U65 T463 2005   MACK-TOWER
Home in Hollywood : the imaginary geography of cinema ~
                                                                  PN1994 .B7513 2004        MACK-TOWER
Elizabeth Bronfen
Never coming to a theater near you : a celebration of a
                                                                  PN1995 .T84 2004          MACK-TOWER
certain kind of movie ~ Kenneth Turan
The cinematic theater ~ Babak A. Ebrahimian                       PN1995.25 .E27 2004       MACK-TOWER
Catching light : looking for God in the movies ~ Roy Anker
                                                                  PN1995.5 .A64 2004        MACK-TOWER

Documentary screens : non-fiction film and television ~ Keith
                                                                  PN1995.9 .D6 B43 2004     MACK-TOWER
Closely watched films : an introduction to the art of narrative
                                                                  PN1995.9 .E9 F33 2004     MACK-TOWER
film technique ~ Marilyn Fabe
Alternative Europe : eurotrash and exploitation cinema since
1945 ~ Edited by Ernest Mathijs & Xavier Mendik ; [foreword       PN1995.9 .E96 A46 2004    MACK-TOWER
by Jean Rollin]
Godzilla on my mind : fifty years of the king of monsters ~
                                                                  PN1995.9 .G63 T78 2004    MACK-TOWER
William Tsutsui
Smirk, sneer, and scream : great acting in horror cinema ~
                                                                  PN1995.9 .H6 C537 2004    MACK-TOWER
Mark Clark
The horror film ~ Peter Hutchings                                 PN1995.9 .H6 H8683 2004   MACK-TOWER
Perspectives on The Passion of the Christ : religious
thinkers and writers explore the issues raised by the             PN1995.9 .J4 P47 2004     MACK-TOWER
controversial movie
Journalism in the movies ~ Matthew C. Ehrlich                     PN1995.9 .J6 E38 2004     MACK-TOWER
The trouble with men : masculinities in European and
Hollywood cinema ~ edited by Phil Powrie, Ann Davies and          PN1995.9 .M46 T76 2004    MACK-TOWER
Bruce Babington
Dietrich's ghosts : the sublime and the beautiful in Third
                                                                  PN1995.9 .N36 C37 2004    MACK-TOWER
Reich film ~ Erica Carter
African Americans in cinema [electronic resource] : the first
                                                                  PN1995.9 .N4 A33 2003     MACK-TOWER
half century
Celluloid couches, cinematic clients : psychoanalysis and
psychotherapy in the movies ~ edited by Jerrold R. Brandell       PN1995.9 .P783 C45 2004   MACK-TOWER

Architecture for the screen : a critical study of set design in
Hollywood's golden age ~ Juan Antonio Ramâirez ;                  PN1995.9 .S4 R3613 2004   MACK-TOWER
translated and with a foreword by John F. Moffitt
Theatres of human sacrifice : from ancient ritual to screen
                                                                  PN1995.9 .V5 P59 2005     MACK-TOWER
violence ~ Mark Pizzato
Cowboys as cold warriors : the Western and U.S. history ~
                                                                  PN1995.9 .W4 C67 2004     MACK-TOWER
Stanley Corkin
Shooting cowboys and Indians : silent western films,
American culture, and the birth of Hollywood ~ Andrew             PN1995.9 .W4 S63 2003     MACK-TOWER
Brodie Smith
History films, women, and Freud's uncanny ~ Susan E.
                                                                  PN1995.9 .W6 L56 2004     MACK-TOWER
Feminist film studies : writing the woman into cinema ~
                                                                  PN1995.9 .W6 M424 2004    MACK-TOWER
Janet McCabe
Hot property : screenwriting in the new Hollywood/
                                                                  PN1996 .K439 2003         MACK-TOWER
Christopher Keane
In the realm of the senses = [Ai no corrida] ~ Joan Mellen        PN1997 .I48 M46 2004      MACK-TOWER
The matrix ~ Joshua Clover                                        PN1997 .M373 C66 2004     MACK-TOWER
Like a splinter in your mind : the philosophy behind the
                                                                  PN1997 .M373 L38 2004     MACK-TOWER
Matrix trilogy ~ Matt Lawrence
Nora ~ by Gerardine Meaney                                        PN1997 .N648 M43 2004     MACK-TOWER
Body and soul : the cinematic vision of Robert Aldrich ~
                                                                  PN1998.3 .A44 W55 2004    MACK-TOWER
Tony Williams
Claire Denis ~ Martine Beugnet                                    PN1998.3 .D465 B48 2004   MACK-TOWER
The montage principle : Eisenstein in new cultural and
critical contexts ~ edited by Jean Antoine-Dunne with Paula       PN1998.3 .E37 M66 2004    MACK-TOWER
Best in show : the films of Christopher Guest and company
                                                                  PN1998.3 .G84 M85 2004    MACK-TOWER
~ John Kenneth Muir
This terrible business has been good to me : an
autobiography ~ Norman Jewison ; foreword by John Patrick      PN1998.3 .J49 A3 2004     MACK-TOWER
Isaac Julien : Musâee d'art contemporain de Montrâeal, du 8
                                                               PN1998.3 .J84 G35 2004    MACK-TOWER
octobre 2004 au 9 janvier 2005 ~ Paulette Gagnon
All or nothing : the cinema of Mike Leigh ~ Edward Trostle
                                                               PN1998.3 .L447 J66 2004   MACK-TOWER
One man's documentary : a memoir of the early years of the
National Film Board ~ Graham McInnes ; Eugene Walz,            PN1998.3 .M399 A3 2004    MACK-TOWER
Martin Scorsese : a journey ~ Mary Pat Kelly ; with
forewords by Steven Spielberg and Michael Powell and an        PN1998.3 .S38 K46 2004    MACK-TOWER
afterword by Mark Cousins
George Stevens : interviews ~ edited by Paul Cronin            PN1998.3 .S74 A3 2004     MACK-TOWER
From Walt to Woodstock : how Disney created the
                                                               PN1999 .W27 B76 2004      MACK-TOWER
counterculture ~ Douglas Brode
Dictionnaire de la langue du thâeãatre ~ Agnáes Pierron        PN2035 .P54 2002          9LT-REF
Alternatives : debating theatre culture in the age of con-
fusion ~ Peter Eckersall, Uchino Tadashi & Moriyama Naoto      PN2049 .A48 2004          MACK-TOWER
The Back stage actor's handbook : the how-to and who-to-
contact reference for actors, singers, and dancers ~           PN2055 .B32 2004          MACK-TOWER
compiled and edited by Sherry Eaker
An actor's guide to getting work ~ Simon Dunmore               PN2055 .D88 2004          MACK-TOWER
The actors' yearbook 2005 : the essential resource for
anyone wanting to work as an actor ~ edited by Simon           PN2061 .A285 2004         MACK-TOWER
Dunmore and Lucia Latimer
The power of the actor ~ by Ivana Chubbuck                     PN2061 .C48 2004          MACK-TOWER
Actions : the actor's thesaurus ~ Marina Caldarone and
                                                               PN2071 .S65 C35 2004      MACK-TOWER
Maggie Lloyd-Williams ; [foreword by Terry Johnson]
Hot blooded : new monologues from the members of
                                                               PN2080 .H68 2001          MACK-TOWER
Youngblood ~ Amy Fox ... [et al.]
The Methuen book of modern monologues for women ~
                                                               PN2080 .M48 2004          9LT-REF
edited by Chrys Salt
Play the scene : the ultimate collection of contemporary and
classic scenes and monologues ~ [compiled by] Michael          PN2080 .P497 2004         9LT-REF
Schulman and Eva Mekler
She speaks : monologues for women ~ compiled and edited
                                                               PN2080 .S53 2004          MACK-TOWER
by Judith Thompson
Spare scenes : 60 skeletal scenes for acting and directing ~
                                                               PN2080 .T56 2005          MACK-TOWER
Diane Timmerman
The mind's eye : theatre and media design from the inside
                                                               PN2091 .S8 K73 2004       MACK-TOWER
out ~ Wayne Kramer
The city and the theatre : the history of New York
playhouses : a 250 year journey from Bowling Green to
                                                                  PN2277 .N5 H44 2004     MACK-TOWER
Times Square ~ Mary C. Henderson ; foreword by Gerald
Mixed nuts : America's love affair with comedy teams : from
Burns and Allen to Belushi and Aykroyd ~ Lawrence J.              PN2285 .E67 2004        MACK-TOWER
In the moment : my life as an actor ~ Ben Gazzara                 PN2287 .G455 A3 2004    MACK-TOWER
Cary Grant : a biography ~ by Marc Eliot                          PN2287 .G675 E45 2004   MACK-TOWER
Watchman, what of the night? ~ by Jed Harris                      PN2287 .H249 A3 1963    MACK-TOWER
Sidney Poitier : man, actor, icon ~ Aram Goudsouzian              PN2287 .P57 G68 2004    MACK-TOWER
Backstage Vancouver : a century of entertainment legends ~
                                                                  PN2306 .V34 R62 2004    MACK-TOWER
by Greg Potter and Red Robinson
Albert Millaire : entretiens ~ Jean Faucher                       PN2308 .M53 A5 2004     MACK-TOWER
Les actrices victoriennes : entre marginalitâe et
                                                                  PN2582 .W6 P47 2003     MACK-TOWER
conformisme ~ Muriel Pâecastaing-Boissiáere
A case for Shylock : around the world with Shakespeare's
Jew ~ Gareth Armstrong ; foreword by Judi Dench                   PN2598 .A745 A3 2004    MACK-TOWER

Nigel Hawthorne ; on stage ~ Kathleen Riley                       PN2598 .H385 R55 2004   MACK-TOWER
Secret dreams : the biography of Michael Redgrave ~ Alan
                                                                  PN2598 .R42 S87 2004    MACK-TOWER
Critical moments : Fintan O'Toole on modern Irish theatre ~
edited by Julia Furay and Redmond O'Hanlon ; with an              PN2602 .D8 O86 2003     MACK-TOWER
afterword by Fintan O'Toole
Teatr i literatura : sbornik stateæi k 95-letiëiìu A.A.
Gozenpuda ~ [redakëtìsionnaëiìa kollegiëiìa L.E. Gakkel§ ...      PN2721 .T435 2003       MACK-TOWER
et al. ; otvetstvennyæi redaktor-sostavitel§ V.P. Stark]
The mystery of Olga Chekhova ~ Antony Beevor                      PN2728 .T8 M95 2004     MACK-TOWER
The Oxford companion to Indian theatre ~ edited by Ananda
                                                                  PN2881 .O84 2004        9LT-REF
Acts of authority, acts of resistance : theater and politics in
                                                                  PN2883 .B53 2004        MACK-TOWER
colonial and postcolonial India ~ Nandi Bhatia
African theatre : southern Africa ~ editors, Martin Banham,
James Gibbs & Femi Osofisan ; guest editor, David Kerr ;          PN3000 .S6 A37 2004     MACK-TOWER
reviews editor, Martin Banham
Creating frames : contemporary indigenous theatre 1967-
                                                                  PN3011.5 .C37 2004      MACK-TOWER
1990 ~ by Maryrose Casey
Theatre Australia (un)limited : Australian theatre since the
                                                                  PN3014 .M55 2004        MACK-TOWER
1950s ~ Geoffrey Milne
A portrait of the artist as Australian : l'oeuvre bizarre de
                                                                  PN3018 .H85 S25 2004    MACK-TOWER
Barry Humphries ~ Paul Matthew St. Pierre
Directing amateur theatre ~ by Helen W. Sharman                   PN3151 .S53 2004        MACK-TOWER
Moral philosophers and the novel : a study of Winch,
                                                                  PN3347 .J62 2004        MACK-TOWER
Nussbaum, and Rorty ~ Peter Johnson
Truth or death : the quest for immotality in the western
narrative tradition ~ Thierry Hentsch ; translated by Fred A.     PN3383 .N35 H4613 2004   MACK-TOWER
Hardboiled & high heeled : the woman detective in popular
                                                                  PN3448 .D4 M59 2004      MACK-TOWER
culture ~ Linda Mizejewski
Oratory in action ~ edited by Michael Edwards & Christopher
                                                                  PN4012 .O73 2004         MACK-TOWER
Great Canadian speeches ~ selected and edited by Dennis
                                                                  PN4055 .C3 G74 2004      MACK-TOWER
Rhetoric of the Chinese Cultural Revolution : the impact on
Chinese thought, culture, and communication ~ Xing Lu             PN4096 .L82 2004         MACK-TOWER

Essentials of public speaking ~ Cheryl Hamilton                   PN4129.15 .H36 2003      MACK-TOWER
Women and journalism ~ Deborah Chambers, Linda Steiner
                                                                  PN4784 .W7 C46 2004      MACK-TOWER
and Carole Fleming
Journalism after September 11 ~ edited by Barbie Zelizer
                                                                  PN4853 .J68 2002         1LT-RESN
and Stuart Allan ; [with a foreword by Victor Navasky]
Here be dragons : telling tales of people, passion and power
                                                                  PN4913 .N494 A3 2004     MACK-TOWER
~ Peter C. Newman
Inventing tax rage : misinformation in the National post ~
                                                                  PN4919 .T63 N38 2004     LAW-1STFLR
Larry Patriquin
Science in the nineteenth-century periodical : reading the
                                                                  PN5124 .P4 S35 2004      MACK-TOWER
magazine of nature ~ Geoffrey Cantor ... [et al.]
The Oxford dictionary of modern quotations ~ edited by
                                                                  PN6080 .O94 2002         2LB-REF
Elizabeth Knowles
Dictionnaire de citations du monde entier ~ sous la direction
                                                                  PN6086 .D43 2000         2LB-REF
de Florence Montreynaud et Jeanne Matignon
Antologiëiìa satiry i ëiìumora Rossii XX veka ~ redkollegiëiìa,
                                                                  PN6210 .A586 2000 T.4    10LT
Arkadiæi Arkanov ...[et al.]
A culture of desert survival : Bedouin proverbs from Sinai
and the Negev ~ Clinton Bailey ; with a foreword by William       PN6519 .A7 B35 2004      MACK-TOWER
W. Hallo
Superman on the couch : what superheroes really tell us
about ourselves and our society ~ Danny Fingeroth ;               PN6714 .F56 2004         MACK-TOWER
foreword by Stan Lee
Dictionnaire des grandes ¶uvres de la littâerature franðcaise
                                                                  PQ41 .D494 1992          2LB-REF
~ sous la direction de Henri Mitterand
Exposure : revealing bodies, unveiling representations ~
                                                                  PQ145.1 .H8 E96 2004     MACK-TOWER
Kathryn Banks & Joseph Harris (eds)
The role of the image in the prose writing of Erasmus,
Rabelais, Marguerite de Navarre, and Montaigne ~ Gerard           PQ239 .S5 2003           MACK-TOWER
Expirer au fâeminin : narratives of female dissolution in
                                                                  PQ245 .M867 2003         MACK-TOWER
French classical texts ~ Mary Jo Muratore
A dream of stone : fame, vision, and monumentality in
nineteenth-century French literary culture ~ Michael D.        PQ283 .G37 2004              MACK-TOWER
Medieval saints in late nineteenth century French culture :
eight essays ~ edited by Elizabeth Emery and Laurie            PQ283 .M44 2004              MACK-TOWER
Les Juifves : tragâedie ~ Robert Garnier ; âedition critique
                                                               PQ1625 .G2 J8348 2004        MACK-TOWER
par Sabine Lardon
The Rabelais encyclopedia ~ edited by Elizabeth Chesney
                                                               PQ1694 .R3 2004              MACK-TOWER
De sa propre main : recueils de choses morales de
Dauphine de Sartre, marquise de Robiac (1634-1685) ~           PQ1917 .S8 Z83 2003          MACK-TOWER
Nancy M. O'Connor
The dispute ~ Marivaux ; in a new translation by Gideon
                                                               PQ2003 .D55 E54 2004         MACK-TOWER
Lester ; with a foreword by Anne Bogart
J.J. Rousseau : an afterlife of words ~ Eli Friedlander        PQ2040 .R53 F75 2004         MACK-TOWER
Genáeses du roman : Balzac et Sand : pour Nicole Mozet ~
textes râeunis par Lucienne Frappier-Mazur ; avant-propos      PQ2181 .G46 2004             MACK-TOWER
d'âEric Bordas
Modes of seduction : sexual power in Balzac and Sand ~
                                                               PQ2184 .E76 S35 2005         MACK-TOWER
Deborah Houk Schocket
Mallarmâe's ideas in language ~ Heather Williams               PQ2344 .Z5 W56 2004          MACK-TOWER
Albert Camus, Jean Sâenac ou le fils rebelle ~ Hamid Nacer-
                                                               PQ2605 .A38 Z7248 2004       MACK-TOWER
Khodja ; prâeface de Guy Dugas
Through the past darkly : history and memory in Franðcois
                                                               PQ2625 .A93 B65326 2004      MACK-TOWER
Mauriac's Bloc-notes ~ by Nathan Bracher
The growth of áA la recherche du temps perdu : a
chronological examination of Proust's manuscripts from         PQ2631 .R63 A8575 2004 V.1   MACK-TOWER
1909 to 1914 ~ Anthony R. Pugh
The growth of áA la recherche du temps perdu : a
chronological examination of Proust's manuscripts from         PQ2631 .R63 A8575 2004 V.2   MACK-TOWER
1909 to 1914 ~ Anthony R. Pugh
âEdith Thomas : a passion for resistance ~ Dorothy
                                                               PQ2639 .H56 Z74 2004         MACK-TOWER
Sources II ~ Marguerite Yourcenar ; texte âetabli et annotâe
par Elyane Dezon Jones ; prâesentâe par Micháele Sarde         PQ2649 .O98 S58 1999         MACK-TOWER

D'Hadrien áa Zâenon : correspondance 1951-1956 ~
Marguerite Yourcenar ; texte âetabli et annnotâe par Colette
Gaudin et Râemy Poignault ; avec la collaboration de
                                                             PQ2649 .O98 Z48 2004           MACK-TOWER
Joseph Brami et Maurice Delcroix ; âedition coordonnâee
par Elyane Dezon-Jones et Micháele Sarde ; prâeface de
Josyane Savigneau
Studi sul canone letterario del Trecento : per Michelangelo
Picone ~ a cura di Johannes Bartuschat, Luciano Rossi ;
                                                                   PQ4004 .P53 S88 2003     MACK-TOWER
con una bibliografia degli scritti a cura di Tatiana Crivelli

The Oxford companion to Italian literature ~ edited by Peter
                                                                   PQ4006 .O94 2002         10LT
Hainsworth and David Robey
The Oxford companion to Italian literature ~ edited by Peter
                                                                   PQ4006 .O94 2002         2LB-REF
Hainsworth and David Robey
Letteratura italiana : secoli ed epoche ~ Gian Mario Anselmi,
                                                                   PQ4013 .A67 2001         MACK-TOWER
Paolo Ferratini
Italian modernism : Italian culture between decadentism and
avant-garde ~ edited by Luca Somigli and Mario Moroni              PQ4088 .I83 2004         MACK-TOWER

Dante, cinema, and television ~ edited by Amilcare A.
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Pietro Bembo : lover, linguist, cardinal ~ Carol Kidwell           PQ4608 .K53 2004         MACK-TOWER
Flori, a pastoral drama ~ edited and with an introduction and
notes by Virginia Cox and Lisa Sampson ; translated by             PQ4617 .C27 F5613 2004   MACK-TOWER
Virginia Cox
Life of Castruccio Castracani ~ related by Niccoláo
Machiavelli and sent to Zanobi Buondelmonte anf Luigi
                                                                   PQ4627 .M2 V513 2003     MACK-TOWER
Alamanni, his dearest friends ; translated by Andrew Brown ;
[foreword by Richard Overy]
Pirandello : Six characters in search of an author ~ Jennifer
                                                                   PQ4835 .I7 S435 2005     MACK-TOWER
Canon heterodoxo : una reflexiâon crâitica de la literatura
espaänola ~ Antonio Enrique ; presentaciâon de Basilio             PQ6032 .E67 2003         MACK-TOWER
La poesâia italianista ~ âAlvaro Alonso                            PQ6042 .I5 A66 2002      MACK-TOWER
El Cid : historia, literatura y leyenda ~ [Ermelindo Portela ...
                                                                   PQ6049 .C53 C54 2001     MACK-TOWER
[et al.]
El linaje de Eva : tres escritoras espaänolas de postguerra :
âAngela Figuera, Celia Viänas y Gloria Fuertes ~ Marâia            PQ6055 .P38 2003         MACK-TOWER
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oro y modernidad ~ Gregorio Cabello Porras, Javier Campos
                                                                   PQ6057 .P64 2002         MACK-TOWER
Daroca, coords. ; Grupo de Estudios Literarios del Siglo de
Barroco : representaciâon e ideologâia en el mundo
                                                                   PQ6066 .F56 2002         MACK-TOWER
hispâanico, 1580-1680 ~ Fernando R. de la Flor
Neoestoicismo y gâenero popular ~ Kenneth Krabbenhoft              PQ6066 .K73 2001         MACK-TOWER
El porvenir de la palabra ~ Luis Goytisolo                         PQ6072 .G69 2002         MACK-TOWER
Los textos del 98 ~ al cuidado de Juan Carlos Ara y Josâe
                                                                   PQ6072 .T48 2002         MACK-TOWER
Carlos Mainer ; Josâe Carlos Mainer ... [et al.]
Leer y entender la poesâia : conciencia y compromiso
poâeticos ~ coordinadores: Martâin Muelas Herraiz, Juan          PQ6076 .L44 2002         MACK-TOWER
Josâe Gâomez Brihuega
Lâirica y poâetica en Espaäna, 1536-1870 ~ Russell P.
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El sueäno erâotico en la poesâia espaänola de los Siglos de
                                                                 PQ6081 .A48 2003         MACK-TOWER
Oro ~ Antonio Alatorre
El mito de Psique y Cupido en la poesâia espaänola del
siglo XVI : Cetina, Mal Lara y Herrera ~ Francisco Javier        PQ6081 .E73 2002         MACK-TOWER
Escobar Borrego
Estructuras retâoricas en el discurso poâetico de los siglos
                                                                 PQ6081 .M38 2002         MACK-TOWER
XVI y XVII ~ Josâe Antonio Mayoral
Invenciâon, difusiâon y recepciâon de la literatura popular
                                                                 PQ6091 .C38 2002         MACK-TOWER
impresa (siglo XVI) ~ Pedro M. Câatedra
Reprâesentation, âecriture et pouvoir en Espagne áa
l'âepoque de Philippe III (1598-1621) : colloque
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international, Florence, 14-15 septembre 1998 ~ sous la
direction de Maria Grazia Profeti et d'Augustin Redondo
La novela espaänola en el siglo XVI                              PQ6142 .N68 2001         MACK-TOWER
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sexualidad en la novela picaresca espaänola ~ Jannine            PQ6147 .P5 M575 2003     MACK-TOWER
Deslindes de la novela picaresca ~ Antonio Rey Hazas             PQ6147 .P5 R477 2003     MACK-TOWER
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Colombina (SV2) and the Cancionero de Egerton (LB3) ~
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ed. Dorothy Sherman Severin ; editorial assistant, Fiona
El cancionero castellano del s. XV de la Biblioteca estense
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de Mâodena ~ ediciâon de Marcella Ciceri
Libro de buen folgar ~ Manolus Abbat, Iulius Agnus Nepote
y otros troveros del mester de goliardâia ; ediciâon de Julio
                                                                 PQ6215 .S27 A33 1996     MACK-TOWER
Borrego Nieto, Manuel Marâia Pâerez Lâopez

Cancioneros en Baena : actas del II Congreso Internacional
Cancionero de Baena : in memoriam Manuel Alvar ~                 PQ6279 .B23 C36328 T.1   MACK-TOWER
ediciâon de Josâe L. Serrano Reyes
Obras completas ~ Gabriel Bocâangel y Unzueta ; ediciâon
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de Trevor J. Dadson
Obras completas ~ Gabriel Bocâangel y Unzueta ; ediciâon
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de Trevor J. Dadson
Life's a dream ~ Pedro Calderâon de la Barca ; a prose
                                                                 PQ6292 .V5 K53 2004      MACK-TOWER
translation and critical introduction by Michael Kidd
El gran teatro de la historia : Calderâon y el drama barroco ~
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Melchora Romanos, Florencia Calvo, editoras
Heroâinas con voz propia : el discurso femenino en los
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dramas de Calderâon ~ Lourdes Bueno
Lo hebreo en los Autos sacramentales de Calderâon ~
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Dominique Reyre
Estudios sobre Cristâobal de Castillejo : tradiciâon y
modernidad en la encrucijada poâetica del siglo XVI ~          PQ6321 .C5 Z85 2000    MACK-TOWER
Rogelio Reyes Cano
Don Quijote de la Mancha, el libro del esplendor ~
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Hermenegildo Fuentes Gutiâerrez
Cervantes y la magia en el Quijote de 1605 ~ Josâe Enrique
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Dâiaz Martâin
Los cuentos y las novelas del Quijote ~ Stanislav Zimic        PQ6353 .Z55 2003       MACK-TOWER
La tradiciâon âepica de Las mocedades de Rodrigo ~
Samuel G. Armistead ; traducciâon parcial a cargo de           PQ6375 .A76 2000       MACK-TOWER
Marâia Rosario Martâin Ruano
Humanismo y literatura en tiempos de Juan de Encina ~
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Javier Guijarro Ceballos (ed.)
Viva don Luis! : 1927 : Desde Gâongora a Sevilla ~
[ediciâon, Andrâes Soria Olmedo, con la colaboraciâon de       PQ6395 .V58 1997       MACK-TOWER
Alfredo Valverde... [et al.]]
Baltasar Graciâan : estado de la cuestiâon y nuevas
perspectivas ~ Jorge M. Ayala ... [et al.] ; coordinado por    PQ6398 .G4 B35 2001    MACK-TOWER
Aurora Egido y Marâia del Carmen Marâin Pina
Câantico espiritual y poesâia completa ~ San Juan de la
Cruz ; ediciâon, prâologo y notas de Paola Elia y Marâia
                                                               PQ6400 .J8 A6 2002     MACK-TOWER
Jesâus Mancho ; con un estudio preliminar de Domingo
Apuntes sobre la estructura parâodica y satâirica del
                                                               PQ6409 .Z56 2000       MACK-TOWER
Lazarillo de Tormes ~ Stanislav Zimic
Estudios sobre Fray Luis de Leâon ~ Ricardo Senabre            PQ6410 .L3 S355 1998   MACK-TOWER
Baltasar Elisio de Medinilla y la poesâia toledana de
principios del siglo XVII : con la edicâion de sus Obras
                                                               PQ6412 .M95 Z74 1999   MACK-TOWER
divinas ~ Abraham Madroänal Durâan ; prâologo de Vâictor
Garcâia de la Concha
Cancionero ~ Antâon de Montoro ; ediciâon crâitica de
Marcella Ciceri ; introducciâon y notas de Julio Rodrâiguez    PQ6415 .M8 A6 1990     MACK-TOWER
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Carla Perugini
Cinco silvas ~ Francisco de Quevedo ; estudio, ediciâon y
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notas de Marâia del Carmen Rocha de Sigler
Les visions de Quevedo, traduites par le sieur de la Geneste
~ âedition, introduction et notes par Marie Roig Miranda       PQ6423 .F545 2004      MACK-TOWER
La poesâia burlesca de Quevedo y sus modelos italianos ~
                                                                 PQ6424 .Z5 C33 2003     MACK-TOWER
Rodrigo Cacho Casal
El precio de la cortesâia : retâorica e innovaciâon en
Quevedo y Graciâan : un estudio de la Vida de Marco Bruto
                                                                 PQ6424 .Z5 K73 1994     MACK-TOWER
y del Orâaculo manual y arte de prudencia ~ Kenneth
Quevedo y la crâitica a finales del siglo XX (1975-2000) ~
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Victoriano Roncero, J. Enrique Duarte, editores
Quevedo y la crâitica a finales del siglo XX (1975-2000) ~
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Victoriano Roncero, J. Enrique Duarte, editores
Celestina : la comedia de Calisto y Melibea, locos
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enamorados ~ Pedro M. Câatedra ... [et al.]
Interludio de Calisto y Melibea : estudio, traducciâon y notas
~ Antonio Lâopez Santos y Rubâen Tostado Gonzâalez, eds          PQ6428 .I58 2001        MACK-TOWER

Petit traitâe de Arnalte et Lucenda : (1546) ~ Diego de San
Pedro ; âedition âetablie et annotâee par Vâeronique          PQ6431 .S4 A8814 2004      MACK-TOWER
Historia lastimera d'el prâincipe Erasto ~ [traducida por]
Pedro Hurtado de la Vera ; ediciâon crâitica, notas y estudio
                                                              PQ6433 .S53 1996           MACK-TOWER
preliminar de Anthony J. Farrell y Gregory Peter Andrachuk

Tamar's revenge ~ Tirso de Molina ; English version by
James Fenton after a literal translation by Simon Masterson      PQ6434 .V3813 2004      MACK-TOWER

Alfonso de Valdâes, autor del Lazarillo de Tormes ~ Rosa
                                                                PQ6437 .V27 Z75 2003     MACK-TOWER
Navarro Durâan
Fama pâostuma : a la vida y muerte del doctor frey Lope
Fâelix de Vega Carpio y elogios panegâiricos a la
inmortalidad de su nombre ~ Juan Pâerez de Montalbáan           PQ6469 .F36 2001         MACK-TOWER
(ed.) ; ediciâon crâ¸tica, estudio y notas de Enrico Di Pastena

La vida de San Alejo : versiones castellanas ~ estudio y
                                                                 PQ6498 .V23 1991        MACK-TOWER
ediciâon de Carlos Alberto Vega
Comparaciâon y contraste del erotismo en la ficciâon de
                                                                 PQ6498 .Z5 Z8 2003      MACK-TOWER
Marâia de Zayas y Carme Riera ~ Osvaldo Parrilla
The wisdom of eccentric old men : a study of type and
secondary character in Galdâos's social novels, 1870-1897        PQ6555 .Z5 B55 2004     MACK-TOWER
~ Peter Anthony Bly
El hueco ~ Marâia Victoria Atencia                               PQ6601 .T4 H84 2003     MACK-TOWER
El mundo helâenico en la obra de Ramâon Pâerez de Ayala
                                                                 PQ6629 .E64 Z745 1994   MACK-TOWER
~ Margarita de Hoyos Gonzâalez
Unamuno y Ortega : la bâusqueda azarosa de la verdad ~
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Mariano âAlvarez Gâomez
Three comedies ~ by Jaime Salom ; edited by Gregary J.
Racz and translated by Marion Peter Holt, Gregary J. Racz,         PQ6669 .A55 A24 2004       MACK-TOWER
& Phyllis Zatlin
Rua dos douradores ~ Adrian Gonzalez da Costa                      PQ6707 .O68 R83 2003       MACK-TOWER
Poâetica de la frontera andaluza : Antequera, 1424 ~
                                                                   PQ7011 .A58 L66 1998       MACK-TOWER
Francisco Lâopez Estrada
Rain forest literatures : Amazonian texts and Latin American
                                                                   PQ7081 .S3 2004            MACK-TOWER
culture ~ Lâucia Sâa
House of desires ~ Sor Juana Ines de la Cruz ; in a new
                                                                   PQ7296 .J6 E6613 2004      MACK-TOWER
translation by Catherine Boyle
Family and identity in contemporary Cuban and Puerto
                                                                   PQ7381 .S84 2004           MACK-TOWER
Rican drama ~ Camilla Stevens
The concert = El concierto ~ Ulises Rodríquez Febles ;
                                                                   PQ7390 .R65 C6613 2004     MACK-TOWER
translated into English by William Gregory
Reason obscured : nine plays ~ by Ricardo Monti ; edited
and translated, with an introduction, by Jean Graham-Jones         PQ7798.23 .O58 A245 2004   MACK-TOWER

Woman in dream ~ Ludwig Zeller ; [translated from the
Spanish by A.F. Moritz ; French translation by Jean Antonin PQ8098.36 .E44 M8513 2004         MACK-TOWER
Dictionary of literary characters ~ [managing editor, Una
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British writers. Retrospective supplement ~ Jay Parini, editor
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Living with a writer ~ edited by Dale Salwak                       PR107 .L58 2004            MACK-TOWER
Royalist women writers, 1650-1689 ~ Hero Chalmers                  PR113 .C53 2004            MACK-TOWER
A companion to early modern women's writing ~ edited by
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Anita Pacheco
Black British writing ~ [edited] by R. Victoria Arana and Lauri
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Black British literature : novels of transformation ~ Mark Stein
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The age of Chaucer ~ Valerie Allen                                 PR291 .A44 2004            MACK-TOWER
Pulp fictions of medieval England : essays in popular
                                                                   PR321 .P85 2004            MACK-TOWER
romance ~ edited by Nicola McDonald
The Gothic other : racial and social constructions in the
literary imagination ~ edited by Ruth Bienstock Anolik and         PR408 .G68 G68 2004        MACK-TOWER
Douglas L. Howard
Utopia, carnival, and commonwealth in Renaissance
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England ~ Christopher Kendrick
Redefining Elizabethan literature ~ Georgia Brown                  PR421 .B76 2004            MACK-TOWER
Holy estates : marriage and monarchy in Shakespeare and
                                                                   PR428 .M36 R39 2004        MACK-TOWER
his contemporaries ~ Sid Ray
Literature, nationalism, and memory in early modern
                                                                   PR428 .N37 S35 2004        MACK-TOWER
England and Wales ~ Philip Schwyzer
The time is out of joint : skepticism in Shakespeare's
                                                                PR428 .S53 B47 2004   MACK-TOWER
England ~ Benjamin Bertram
The English radical imagination : culture, religion, and
                                                                PR435 .M39 2003       MACK-TOWER
revolution, 1630-1660 ~ Nicholas McDowell
Wayward contracts : the crisis of political obligation in
                                                                PR438 .P65 K34 2004   MACK-TOWER
England, 1640-1674 ~ Victoria Kahn
The bawdy politic in Stuart England, 1660-1714 : political
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pornography and prostitution ~ Melissa M. Mowry
The selected essays of Donald Greene ~ edited by John L.
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The feminization debate in eighteenth-century England :
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literature, commerce and luxury ~ E.J. Clery
Literature & medicine during the eighteenth century ~ edited
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by Marie Mulvey Roberts and Roy Porter
Before the empire of English : literature, provinciality, and
nationalism in eighteenth-century Britain ~ Alok Yadav          PR448 .N38 Y33 2004   MACK-TOWER

Pope to Burney, 1714-1779 : Scriblerians to bluestockings ~
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Moyra Haslett
Romantic doubles : sex and sympathy in British gothic
                                                                PR468 .H65 D34 2002   MACK-TOWER
literature, 1790-1830 ~ Benjamin Eric Daffron
Educating the proper woman reader : Victorian family literary
magazines and the cultural health of the nation ~ Jennifer      PR468 .W6 P54 2004    MACK-TOWER
Marketing the author : authorial personae, narrative selves,
and self-fashioning, 1880-1930 ~ edited by Marysa Demoor        PR478 .A87 M37 2004   MACK-TOWER

The poetics of melancholy in early modern England ~
                                                                PR525 .M34 T74 2004   MACK-TOWER
Douglas Trevor
Poetical remains : poets' graves, bodies, and books in the
                                                                PR585 .D42 M38 2004   MACK-TOWER
nineteenth century ~ Samantha Matthews
Romanticism and Zen Buddhism ~ John G. Rudy                     PR585 .R4 R83 2004    MACK-TOWER
Saints and the audience in Middle English biblical drama ~
                                                                PR641 .S36 2004       MACK-TOWER
Chester N. Scoville
Mary Magdalene and the drama of saints : theater, gender,
and religion in late medieval England ~ Theresa Coletti         PR643 .M37 C65 2004   MACK-TOWER

Renaissance drama and the politics of publication : readings
                                                                PR651 .L47 2004       MACK-TOWER
in the English book trade ~ Zachary Lesser
Widows and suitors in early modern English comedy ~
                                                                PR658 .W53 P36 2004   MACK-TOWER
Jennifer Panek
Privacy, play reading, and women's closet drama, 1550-
                                                                PR678 .W6 S77 2004    MACK-TOWER
1700 ~ Marta Straznicky
Popular Victorian women writers ~ edited by Kay Boardman
                                                                PR830 .W6 P67 2004    MACK-TOWER
and Shirley Jones
Cosmographical glasses : geographic discourse, gender,
                                                                   PR839 .G46 R45 2004          MACK-TOWER
and Elizabethan fiction ~ Constance C. Relihan
Reading the body in the eighteenth-century novel ~ Juliet
                                                                   PR858 .B63 M38 2004          MACK-TOWER
Adventures in domesticity : gender and colonial adulteration
in eighteenth-century British literature ~ by Sharon Harrow        PR858 .D65 H37 2004          MACK-TOWER

Women, revolution, and the novels of the 1790s ~ edited by
                                                                   PR858 .W6 W66 1999           MACK-TOWER
Linda Lang-Peralta
Avuncularism : capitalism, patriarchy, and nineteenth-
                                                                   PR868 .C25 C58 2004          MACK-TOWER
century English culture ~ Eileen Cleere
Literature and medicine in nineteenth century Britain : from
Mary Shelley to George Eliot ~ Janis McLarren Caldwell             PR868 .M42 C36 2004          MACK-TOWER

Brainwashing : the fictions of mind control : a study of novels
                                                                   PR888 .B72 S44 2004          MACK-TOWER
and films since World War II ~ David Seed
Life writings. I ~ selected and introduced by Elizabeth
Skerpan-Wheeler ; general editors, Betty S. Travitsky and          PR1127 .E27 SER.2 PT.1 V.1   MACK-TOWER
Patrick Cullen
Life writings. II ~ selected and introduced by Elizabeth
Skerpan-Wheeler ; general editors Betty S. Travitsky and           PR1127 .E27 SER.2 PT.1 V.2   MACK-TOWER
Patrick Cullen
Mother's advice books ~ selected and introduced by Susan
                                                                   PR1127 .E27 SER.2 PT.1 V.3   MACK-TOWER
C. Staub
Writings on medicine ~ selected and introduced by Lisa
                                                                   PR1127 .E27 SER.2 PT.1 V.4   MACK-TOWER
Forman Cody
Poems on the underground ~ edited by Gerard Benson,
                                                                   PR1175 .P595 2001            MACK-TOWER
Judith Chernaik, Cicely Herbert
The Ancrene wisse : a four-manuscript parallel text ~ edited
by Tadao Kubouchi and Keiko Ikegami ; with John Scahill ...        PR1806 .K83 V.1              MACK-TOWER
[et al.]
Chaucer as children's literature : retellings from the Victorian
and Edwardian eras ~ Velma Bourgeois Richmond                      PR1872 .R53 2004             MACK-TOWER

The three-text Hamlet : parallel texts of the first and second
quartos and first folio ~ edited by Bernice W. Kliman and
                                                                   PR2807 .A2 K56 2003          MACK-TOWER
Paul Bertram ; introduction by Eric Rasmussen

Shakespeare's King Lear with The Tempest : the discovery
of nature and the recovery of classical natural right ~ Mark       PR2819 .M393 2004            MACK-TOWER
A. McDonald
Macbeth ~ edited by Roma Gill                                      PR2823 .A2 G55 2004          MACK-TOWER
The tempest ~ David Lindley                                        PR2833 .L56 2003             MACK-TOWER
Shakespeare and Marx ~ Gabriel Egan                                PR2970 .E34 2004             MACK-TOWER
Shifting the scene : Shakespeare in European culture ~
                                                               PR2971 .E85 S55 2004   MACK-TOWER
edited by Ladina Bezzola Lambert and Balz Engler
Shakespeare's second historical tetralogy : some Christian
                                                               PR2982 .S525 2004      MACK-TOWER
features ~ edited by Beatrice Batson
Shakespeare, national poet-playwright ~ Patrick Cheney         PR2984 .C54 2004       MACK-TOWER
Shakespeare's sonnets ~ Paul Edmondson and Stanley
                                                               PR2984 .E46 2004       MACK-TOWER
A theatergoer's guide to Shakespeare's characters ~ Robert
                                                               PR2989 .F34 2004       MACK-TOWER
Thomas Fallon
Distracted subjects : madness and gender in Shakespeare
and early modern culture ~ Carol Thomas Neely                  PR2992 .M3 N44 2004    MACK-TOWER

Shakespeare and the Mediterranean : the selected
proceedings of the International Shakespeare Association
                                                               PR3069 .M44 I58 2001   MACK-TOWER
World Congress, Valencia, 2001 ~ edited by Tom Clayton,
Susan Brock, Vicente Forâes
Plato's Republic and Shakespeare's Rome : a political study
                                                               PR3069 .R6 P37 2004    MACK-TOWER
of the Roman works ~ Barbara L. Parker
A history of Shakespeare on screen : a century of film and
                                                               PR3093 .R67 2004       MACK-TOWER
television ~ Kenneth S. Rothwell
William Cowper : religion, satire, society ~ Conrad
                                                               PR3384 .B78 2004       MACK-TOWER
Enchanted ground : reimagining John Dryden ~ edited by
                                                               PR3424 .E53 2004       MACK-TOWER
Jayne Lewis and Maximillian E. Novak
Two natures met : George Herbert and the incarnation ~
                                                               PR3508 .J83 2004       MACK-TOWER
Jeannie Sargent Judge
Sociable letters ~ Margaret Cavendish ; edited by James
                                                               PR3605 .N2 S63 2004    MACK-TOWER
Selected letters ~ Jane Austen ; selected with an
                                                               PR4036 .A4 2004        MACK-TOWER
introduction and notes by Vivien Jones
Searching for Jane Austen ~ Emily Auerbach                     PR4037 .A94 2004       MACK-TOWER
A fine brush on ivory : an appreciation of Jane Austen ~
                                                               PR4037 .J46 2004       MACK-TOWER
Richard Jenkyns
Jane Austen and the Enlightenment ~ Peter Knox-Shaw            PR4038 .P5 K56 2004    MACK-TOWER
Charlotte Brontèe ~ Carl Plasa                                 PR4169 .P58 2004       MACK-TOWER
Browning and Wordsworth ~ John Haydn Baker                     PR4242 .L5 B35 2004    MACK-TOWER
Coleridge's melancholia : an anatomy of limbo ~ Eric G.
                                                               PR4487 .M43 W55 2004   MACK-TOWER
Dickens and the social order ~ Myron Magnet                    PR4592 .S6 M33 2004    MACK-TOWER
Alice's adventures : Lewis Carroll in popular culture ~ Will
                                                               PR4611 .A73 B76 2004   MACK-TOWER
Ms. Holmes of Baker Street : the truth about Sherlock ~ C.
                                                               PR4624 .B73 2004       MACK-TOWER
Alan Bradley, William A.S. Sarjeant
An uncomfortable authority : Maria Edgeworth and her
                                                               PR4647 .U53 2004       MACK-TOWER
contexts ~ edited by Heidi Kaufman and Chris Fauske
Thomas Hardy's "Facts" notebook ~ edited by William
                                                                   PR4750 .F25 2004           MACK-TOWER
Thomas Hardy : a biography revisited ~ Michael Millgate            PR4753 .M54 2004           MACK-TOWER
The experimental impulse in George Meredith's fiction ~
                                                                   PR5017 .T4 S74 2004        MACK-TOWER
Richard C. Stevenson
Stateliest measures : Tennyson and the literature of Greece
                                                                   PR5581 .M29 2004           MACK-TOWER
and Rome ~ A.A. Markley
The unmasking of Oscar Wilde ~ Joseph Pearce                       PR5823 .P38 2004           MACK-TOWER
Mary Wollstonecraft : a literary life ~ Caroline Franklin          PR5841 .W8 Z657 2004       MACK-TOWER
The meaning of Byzantium in the poetry and prose of W.B.
                                                                   PR5908 .A75 M87 2004       MACK-TOWER
Yeats : the artifice of eternity ~ Russell E. Murphy
Elizabeth Bowen : the enforced return ~ Neil Corcoran              PR6003 .O6757 Z627 2004    MACK-TOWER
Gender, desire, and sexuality in T.S. Eliot ~ edited by
                                                                   PR6009 .L76 Z6635 2004     MACK-TOWER
Cassandra Laity and Nancy K. Gish
Three plays ~ Jonathan Hall                                        PR6018 .A55 A6 2004        MACK-TOWER
Rituals of literature : Joyce, Dante, Aquinas, and the
                                                                   PR6019 .O9 Z5322128 2004   MACK-TOWER
tradition of Christian epics ~ Gian Balsamo
A field guide to Narnia ~ Colin Duriez                             PR6023 .E926 C5328 2004    MACK-TOWER
The scientifiction novels of C.S. Lewis : space and time in
                                                                   PR6023 .E926 Z749 2004     MACK-TOWER
the Ransom stories ~ Jared Lobdell
C.S. Lewis : a life ~ Michael White                                PR6023 .E926 Z95 2004      MACK-TOWER
Henry Handel Richardson : a life ~ Michael Ackland                 PR6035 .I354 Z53 2004      MACK-TOWER
The world of the rings : language, religion, and adventure in
                                                                   PR6039 .O33 L636 2004      MACK-TOWER
Tolkien ~ Jared Lobdell
War and the works of J.R.R. Tolkien ~ Janet Brennan Croft
                                                                   PR6039 .O33 Z565 2004      MACK-TOWER

P G Wodehouse ~ Joseph Connolly                                    PR6045 .O53 Z59 2004       MACK-TOWER
Wodehouse : a life ~ Robert McCrum                                 PR6045 .O53 Z776 2004      MACK-TOWER
The intersecting realities and fictions of Virginia Woolf and
                                                                   PR6045 .O72 Z8758 2004     MACK-TOWER
Colette ~ Helen Southworth
The ecstatic bible : a new testament ~ Howard Barker               PR6052 .A5222 E37 2004     MACK-TOWER
Face the queen ~ Brian J. Burton                                   PR6052 .U67 F33 1983       MACK-TOWER
Pride and prejudice ~ Jane Austen ; adapted for the stage
                                                                   PR6052 .U67 P75 1995       MACK-TOWER
by Brian J. Burton
A tale of two cities : a play in two acts ~ by Brian J. Burton ;
                                                                   PR6052 .U67 T36 1989       MACK-TOWER
based on the novel by Charles Dickens
OJRIL : the completely incomplete Graham Chapman ;
unpublished scripts from Monty Python's pipe-smoking
                                                                   PR6053 .H358 O57 1999      MACK-TOWER
genius ~ Graham Chapman ; edited by Jim Yoakum ; [four
words] foreword by Eric Idle
Thomas Vinterberg, Mogens Rukov and Bo hr. Hansen's
                                                                   PR6055 .L34 F47 2004       MACK-TOWER
Festen ~ adapted for the stage by David Eldridge
M.A.D. ~ David Eldridge                                            PR6055 .L34 M34 2004       MACK-TOWER
Democracy : a play ~ by Michael Frayn                              PR6056 .R3 D46 2004        MACK-TOWER
The trumpet-major : based on the story by Thomas Hardy ~
                                                                PR6056 .R9 T78 2004       MACK-TOWER
Michael Fry
Plays one ~ Pam Gems                                            PR6057 .E457 A6 2004      MACK-TOWER
Goldilocks and the three bears : a traditional pantomime ~
                                                                PR6057 .R1556 G65 1996    MACK-TOWER
James Grace
Jack and the beanstalk : a traditional family pantomime ~ by
                                                                PR6057 .R1556 J33 1986    MACK-TOWER
James Grace
Tales from the Vienna Woods ~ a new version by David
                                                                PR6058 .A7545 T35 2003    MACK-TOWER
Harrower ; from a literal translation by Laura Gribble
Three war plays ~ Roger Howard                                  PR6058 .O885 A6 2004      MACK-TOWER
Selected short plays ~ Jennifer Johnston                        PR6060 .O394 A6 2003      MACK-TOWER
Shining city ~ by Conor McPherson                               PR6063 .C66 S55 2004      MACK-TOWER
The retreat from Moscow ~ by William Nicholson                  PR6064 .I235 R48 2004A    MACK-TOWER
The Stalin trilogy ~ David Pinner                               PR6066 .I5 A6 2004        MACK-TOWER
Art of darkness : staging the Philip Pullman trilogy ~ Robert
                                                                PR6066 .U484 H56 2003     MACK-TOWER
The mountain road ~ Christine Wilson                            PR6073 .I4397 M68 1958    MACK-TOWER
The ministry of pleasure ~ Craig Baxter                         PR6102 .A98 M56 2004      MACK-TOWER
Crap dad ~ by Mark Catley                                       PR6103 .A85 C73 2004      MACK-TOWER
Three women and a piano tuner ~ Helen Cooper                    PR6103 .O66 T57 2004      MACK-TOWER
Coming around again : the Armley story ~ by Andrew G.
                                                                PR6113 .A77 C66 2004      MACK-TOWER
Crazyblackmuthafuckin'self ~ by DeObia Oparei                   PR6115 .P37 C73 2002      MACK-TOWER
Shakespeare for my father : a one-woman play in two acts ~
                                                                PR6118 .E34 S53 2001      MACK-TOWER
by Lynn Redgrave
Damages ~ by Steve Thompson                                     PR6120 .H65 D36 2004      MACK-TOWER
Irish literature : background and guide to books ~ Mary
                                                                PR8711 .I75 2004          2LB-REF
Ketsin (editor)
World writers in English ~ Jay Parini, editor                   PR9080.5 .W67 2004 V.1    2LB-REF
World writers in English ~ Jay Parini, editor                   PR9080.5 .W67 2004 V.2    2LB-REF
Deferrals of domain : contemporary women novelists and
                                                                PR9084 .B76 2000          MACK-TOWER
the state ~ Martine Watson Brownley
Wheel and come again : an anthology of reggae poetry ~
                                                                PR9205.6 .W48 1998        MACK-TOWER
edited by Kwame Dawes
Midland ~ Kwame Dawes                                           PR9265.9 .D39 M54 2001    MACK-TOWER
Happy natives ~ by Greig Coetzee                                PR9369.4 .C64 H36 2002    MACK-TOWER
Shadow of an eagle : a play ~ by Bill Marshall                  PR9379.9 .M39 S53 2003    MACK-TOWER
Cafe Haiku ~ text by Zenbu Nometa ; photography by
                                                                PR9515.9 .N65 C34 2004    MACK-TOWER
Jeffrey Goldsmith
South Asian literature in English : an encyclopedia ~ edited
                                                                PR9570 .S64 S68 2004      2LB-REF
by Jaina C. Sanga
From Australia with love : a history of modern Australian
                                                                PR9612.6 .L68 F64 2004    MACK-TOWER
popular romance novels ~ Juliet Flesch
Morph ~ Brendan Cowell                                          PR9619.3 .C694 M67 2004   MACK-TOWER
These people ~ Ben Ellis                                        PR9619.3 .E45 T54 2004    MACK-TOWER
Minefields and miniskirts ~ adapted by Terence O'Connell,
from Siobhâan McHugh's Minefields and miniskirts                  PR9619.3 .O24 M56 2004   MACK-TOWER

Run Rabbit run ~ Alana Valentine                                  PR9619.3 .V35 R86 2004   MACK-TOWER
The carer ~ Alan Hopgood ; from an idea by Scott Ramsay
                                                                  PR9619.4 .H66 C37 2004   MACK-TOWER

Hedda Gabler ~ Henrik Ibsen ; adapted by Andrew Upton ;
                                                             PR9619.4 .U68 H44 2004        MACK-TOWER
[translation by Marit Andersen]
A chance meeting : intertwined lives of American writers and
                                                             PS129 .C55 2004               MACK-TOWER
artists, 1854-1967 ~ Rachel Cohen
Battlegrounds and crossroads : social and imaginary space
in writings by Chicanas ~ Maria Antáonia Oliver-Rotger       PS153 .M4 O45 2003            1LT-RESN

Religion in modern baseball fiction ~ Allen E. Hye                PS169 .B36 H94 2004      MACK-TOWER
The gender of freedom : fictions of liberalism and the literary
                                                                  PS169 .L5 D55 2004       MACK-TOWER
public sphere ~ Elizabeth Maddock Dillon
Upon further review : sports in American literature ~ edited
                                                                  PS169 .S62 U66 2004      MACK-TOWER
by Michael Cocchiarale and Scott D. Emmert
The list : the uses and pleasures of cataloguing ~ Robert E.
                                                                  PS217 .L57 B46 2004      MACK-TOWER
Screening the Beats : media culture and the Beat sensibility
                                                                  PS228 .B6 S749 2004      MACK-TOWER
~ David Sterritt
Blows like a horn : beat writing, jazz, style, and markets in
                                                                  PS228 .B6 W53 2004       MACK-TOWER
the transformation of U.S. culture ~ Preston Whaley, Jr
Unnatural selections : eugenics in American modernism and
                                                                  PS228 .E84 E54 2004      MACK-TOWER
the Harlem Renaissance ~ Daylanne K. English
Maverick autobiographies : women writers and the American
                                                                  PS271 .H35 2004          MACK-TOWER
West, 1900-1936 ~ Cathryn Halverson
Spaces of the mind : narrative and community in the
                                                                  PS271 .J34 2004          MACK-TOWER
American West ~ Elaine A. Jahner
The prairie in nineteenth-century American poetry ~ by
                                                                  PS310 .P67 O47 1994      MACK-TOWER
Steven Olson
Central man : the paradox of heroism in modern American
                                                                  PS350 .G84 2003          MACK-TOWER
drama ~ Rupendra Guha Majumdar
Fast cars and bad girls : nomadic subjects and women's
                                                                  PS366 .T73 P43 2004      MACK-TOWER
road stories ~ Deborah Paes de Barros
Living to tell about it : a rhetoric and ethics of character
                                                                  PS369 .P54 2005          MACK-TOWER
narration ~ James Phelan
Evolution and "the sex problem" : American narratives
                                                                  PS374 .S33 B46 2004      MACK-TOWER
during the eclipse of Darwinism ~ Bert Bender
Revolution and the word : the rise of the novel in America ~
                                                                  PS374 .S67 D38 2004      MACK-TOWER
Cathy N. Davidson
Birds in the hand : fiction and poetry about birds ~ edited by
                                                                  PS509 .B385 B57 2004     MACK-TOWER
Dylan Nelson and Kent Nelson
Emancipating pragmatism : Emerson, jazz, and
                                                                PS1638 .M34 2004          MACK-TOWER
experimental writing ~ Michael Magee
A new reading of The wings of the dove ~ Yasuko Tanimoto
                                                                PS2116 .W77 T36 2004      MACK-TOWER

Herman Melville's whaling years ~ Wilson Heflin ; edited by
                                                                PS2386 .H44 2004          MACK-TOWER
Mary K. Bercaw Edwards and Thomas Farel Heffernan
Eureka ~ Edgar Allan Poe ; edited with an introduction,
notes, and textual variants by Stuart Levine and Susan F.       PS2620 .A2 L48 2004       MACK-TOWER
Constance Fenimore Woolson : selected stories & travel
                                                                PS3361 .B74 2004          MACK-TOWER
narratives ~ edited by Victoria Brehm and Sharon L. Dean
Edward Albee : a research and production sourcebook ~
                                                                PS3501 .L178 Z695 2003    MACK-TOWER
Barbara Lee Horn
Paul Bowles : a life ~ Virginia Spencer Carr                    PS3503 .O87 Z6155 2004    MACK-TOWER
Paul Bowles : magic & Morocco ~ Allen Hibbard                   PS3503 .O87 Z663 2004     MACK-TOWER
Faulkner and war : Faulkner and Yoknapatawpha, 2001 ~
                                                                PS3511 .A86 Z6139 2001    MACK-TOWER
edited by Noel Polk and Ann J. Abadie
Vision's immanence : Faulkner, film, and the popular
                                                                PS3511 .A86 Z6896 2004    MACK-TOWER
imagination ~ Peter Lurie
Shelby Foote and the art of history : two gates to the city ~
                                                                PS3511 .O348 Z827 2004    MACK-TOWER
James Panabaker
Hunting with Hemingway : based on the stories of Leicester
Hemingway ~ Hilary Hemingway and Jeffry P. Lindsay              PS3515 .E37 Z6399 2001    MACK-TOWER

Kaufman & Co. : Broadway comedies ~ George S. Kaufman
                                                          PS3521 .A727 A6 2004            MACK-TOWER
with Edna Ferber ... [et al.]
Trouble in Tumbleweed ~ book by Tim Kelly                 PS3521 .E43225 T76 1995         MACK-TOWER
Windblown world : the journals of Jack Kerouac, 1947-1954
~ edited and with an introduction by Douglas Brinkley     PS3521 .E735 Z478 2004          MACK-TOWER

Mencken : a life ~ Fred Hobson                                  PS3525 .E43 Z636 1995     MACK-TOWER
Arthur Miller : a critical study ~ Christopher Bigsby           PS3525 .I5156 Z573 2005   MACK-TOWER
Adrienne Rich : the moment of change ~ Cheri Colby
                                                                PS3535 .I3 Z75 2004       MACK-TOWER
Cat on a hot tin roof ~ Tennessee Williams ; with an
                                                                PS3545 .I5365 C37 2004    MACK-TOWER
introduction by Edward Albee
A streetcar named desire ~ Tennessee Williams ; with an
                                                                PS3545 .I5365 S8 2004     MACK-TOWER
introduction by Arthur Miller
The journals of Mihail Sebastian ~ adapted by David Auburn
                                                                PS3551 .U186 J68 2004     MACK-TOWER

Bad axe : a play ~ b7 P.J. Barry                         PS3552 .A5945 B33 2004           MACK-TOWER
The crazy time : a comedy ~ by Sam Bobrick               PS3552 .O25 C73 2004             MACK-TOWER
New York water : a two character comedy ~ by Sam Bobrick
                                                         PS3552 .O25 N49 2004             MACK-TOWER
Secrets of the code : the unauthorized guide to the
mysteries behind the Da Vinci code ~ edited by Dan               PS3552 .R6795 D337 2004   MACK-TOWER
Burstein ; managing editor Arne de Keijzer ... [et al.]
Lips ~ Constance Congdon                                         PS3553 .O496 L57 2000     MACK-TOWER
The misanthrope ~ Moliáere ; a new version by Constance
Congdon ; from a literal translation by Virginia Scott           PS3553 .O496 M57 2003     MACK-TOWER

A mother ~ Constance Congdon ; based on Vassa
Zheleznova by Maxim Gorky ; translated by Tanya                  PS3553 .O496 M68 2004     MACK-TOWER
Thrall : a drama in two acts ~ by Alvin Cooperman                PS3553 .O627 T47 2003     MACK-TOWER
Beautiful bodies ~ Laura Shaine Cunningham                       PS3553 .U554 B43 2002A    MACK-TOWER
Plays ~ by Russell Davis                                         PS3554 .A9218 A6 2003     MACK-TOWER
The motion of light in water : sex and science fiction writing
                                                                 PS3554 .E43 Z475 2004     MACK-TOWER
in the East Village ~ Samuel R. Delany
Eight days (backwards) ~ Jeremy Dobrish                          PS3554 .O17 E55 2004      MACK-TOWER
The good body ~ Eve Ensler                                       PS3555 .N75 G66 2004      MACK-TOWER
Take me out ~ by Richard Greenberg                               PS3557 .R379 T35 2004     MACK-TOWER
Buffalo gal ~ A R Gurney                                         PS3557 .U74 B84 2002      MACK-TOWER
Mrs. Farnsworth ~ A.R. Gurney                                    PS3557 .U74 M77 2004      MACK-TOWER
Around the clock : a play ~ by Nick Hall                         PS3558 .A3725 A67 2004    MACK-TOWER
The curse of Ravensdurn : a comedy ~ by Nick Hall                PS3558 .A3725 C87 2004    MACK-TOWER
Mr. Scrooge's Christmas ~ [from Charles Dickens' "A
                                                                 PS3558 .I75 M7 1980       MACK-TOWER
Christmas carol" ; adapted by Thomas Hischak
Polish joke and other plays ~ David Ives                         PS3559 .V44 P65 2004      MACK-TOWER
Play yourself ~ by Harry Kondoleon                               PS3561 .O456 P63 2004     MACK-TOWER
From inner worlds to outer space : the multimedia
performances of Dan Kwong ~ Dan Kwong ; edited by                PS3561 .W66 A6 2004       MACK-TOWER
Robert Vorlicky
The ramplings : a new metaphysical farce in two acts ~ by
                                                                 PS3562 .E888 R36 2004     MACK-TOWER
Stephen Levi
The cook ~ by Eduardo Machado                                    PS3563 .A3114 C66 2004    MACK-TOWER
The Stendhal syndrome ~ by Terrence McNally                      PS3563 .A323 S8 2004      MACK-TOWER
Faustus ~ David Mamet                                            PS3563 .A4345 F38 2004    MACK-TOWER
Beloved : a novel ~ by Toni Morrison ; [with a new foreword
                                                                 PS3563 .O745 B45 2004     MACK-TOWER
by the author]
Toni Morrison's developing class consciousness ~ Doreatha
                                                                 PS3563 .O745 Z73 2004     MACK-TOWER
Drummond Mbalia
Toni Morrison and motherhood : a politics of the heart ~
                                                                 PS3563 .O745 Z797 2004    MACK-TOWER
Andrea O'Reilly
Dreaming on a Sunday in the Alameda and other plays ~
                                                                 PS3563 .O878 D74 2004     MACK-TOWER
Carlos Morton ; introduction by Marâia Herrera-Sobek
Dolma Ling : a pilgrim's progress across the Himalayas ~ by
                                                                 PS3563 .Y427 D65 1997     MACK-TOWER
Lucas Myers
Crumbs from the table of joy, and other plays ~ by Lynn
                                                                PS3564 .O795 A6 2004      MACK-TOWER
Eany-meany : (contributions to a serial killer) also known as
                                                                PS3566 .I89 E36 1989      MACK-TOWER
: the myth of Art Smith : a play ~ by Mark Pizzato
The treasure of the Sierra Madre ~ by Herb Robins               PS3568 .O23925 T74 2004   MACK-TOWER
Mr. Charles, currently of Palm Beach ~ by Paul Rudnick          PS3568 .U339 M7 2004      MACK-TOWER
Valhalla ~ by Paul Rudnick                                      PS3568 .U339 V35 2004     MACK-TOWER
Beautiful child ~ by Nicky Silver                               PS3569 .I387 B43 2004     MACK-TOWER
The disappearance of the three little pigs, or, Do you know
where your chitlins are tonight? : a goofy nursery land
                                                                PS3569 .T17 D57 2004      MACK-TOWER
comedy for grown-up kids in one act ~ by Billy St. John

Christmas spirit ~ by Frederick Stroppel                        PS3569 .T754 C47 2004     MACK-TOWER
Those singing Sunday mornings : a comedy-drama in one
                                                                PS3570 .O32 T46 2004      MACK-TOWER
act ~ by Jean Lenox Toddie
The long Christmas ride home : a puppet play with actors ~
                                                                PS3572 .O3 L66 2004       MACK-TOWER
by Paula Vogel
Tales from the Daily tabloid : a play in two acts ~ by Jeanne
                                                                PS3573 .A42528 T35 2002   MACK-TOWER
Murray Walker
A voice in every wind ~ Qun Wang                                PS3573 .A4788 V65 2004    MACK-TOWER
Orange flower water ~ by Craig Wright                           PS3573 .R5334 O73 2004    MACK-TOWER
Writing about your life : a journey into the past ~ William
                                                                PS3576 .I66 Z478 2004     MACK-TOWER
Portraits ~ by Jonathan Bell                                    PS3602 .E548 P67 2004     MACK-TOWER
Bright ideas ~ by Eric Coble                                    PS3603 .O25 B75 2004      MACK-TOWER
Anna in the tropics ~ by Nilo Cruz                              PS3603 .R89 A66 2003A     MACK-TOWER
Hannah and Martin ~ by Kate Fodor                               PS3606 .O36 H36 2004      MACK-TOWER
Safe ~ by Tony Glazer and Anthony Ruivivar                      PS3607 .L397 S24 2004     MACK-TOWER
The theory of everything : a play ~ by Prince Gomolvilas        PS3607 .O5 T54 2002       MACK-TOWER
The last of Jane Austen : a comedy ~ by Shirl Hendryx           PS3608 .E53 L37 2004      MACK-TOWER
Things beyond our control : a play ~ by Jesse Kellerman         PS3611 .E45 T45 2004      MACK-TOWER
Nobody don't like yogi ~ by Tom Lysaght                         PS3612 .Y78 N63 2004      MACK-TOWER
The miser ~ by Moliáere ; a new translation and adaptation
                                                                PS3613 .A34 M57 2004      MACK-TOWER
by James Magruder
Whiteout : a full-length play ~ by Alan Newton                  PS3614 .E88 W55 2002      MACK-TOWER
Cavedweller ~ by Kate Moira Ryan                                PS3618 .Y36 C38 2004      MACK-TOWER
Manifest : a play ~ by Brian Silberman                          PS3619 .I54 M36 2003      MACK-TOWER
The story ~ by Tracey Scott Wilson                              PS3623 .I428 S76 2004     MACK-TOWER
Sins of Sor Juana : a play in two acts ~ by Karen Zacarâias
                                                                PS3626 .A5 S56 2001       MACK-TOWER

Refractions of Germany in Canadian literature and culture ~
                                                                PS8097 .G4 R44 2003       MACK-TOWER
edited by Heinz Antor ... [et al]
Littâerature amâerindienne du Quâebec : âecrits de langue
                                                                PS8235 .I52 L58 2004      MACK-TOWER
franðcaise ~ [compilâe par] Maurizio Gatti
Fiddlehead gold : 50 years of the Fiddlehead magazine ~
edited by Sabine Campbell, Roger Ploude and Demetres            PS8251 .F54 1995           MACK-TOWER
Surreal estate : 13 Canadian poets under the influence ~
                                                                PS8287 .S87 S87 2004       MACK-TOWER
edited by Stuart Ross
The Canadian Don Quixote : the life and works of Major
John Richardson, Canada's first novelist ~ [by David            PS8435 .I17 Z59 2004       MACK-TOWER
W.A. Fraser : a bibliography of the fiction ~ compiled by
                                                                PS8461 .R37 Z97 2004       MACK-TOWER
Thomas B. Vincent
C.G.D. Roberts : a bibliography of the fiction ~ compiled by
                                                                PS8485 .O12 Z94 V.1        MACK-TOWER
Thomas B. Vincent
The complete stories ~ Morley Callaghan ; introduction by
                                                                PS8505 .A41 A15 2003 V.1   MACK-TOWER
Alistair MacLeod
The complete stories ~ Morley Callaghan ; introduction by
                                                                PS8505 .A41 A15 2003 V.2   MACK-TOWER
Alistair MacLeod
The complete stories ~ Morley Callaghan ; introduction by
                                                                PS8505 .A41 A15 2003 V.3   MACK-TOWER
Alistair MacLeod
The complete stories ~ Morley Callaghan ; introduction by
                                                                PS8505 .A41 A15 2003 V.4   MACK-TOWER
Alistair MacLeod
The vision of Fred : friend of poets = ami des poáetes :
conversations with Fred Cogswell on the nature and function
                                                                PS8505 .O3 V57 2004        MACK-TOWER
of poetry ~ Fred Cogswell and Kathleen Forsythe ; with
selected bibliography by Wendy Scott
The best of Chief Dan George ~ by Chief Dan George ;
                                                                PS8513 .E65 A6 2004        MACK-TOWER
drawings by Helmut Hirnschall
Anne of Green Gables ~ L.M. Montgomery ; edited by Cecily
                                                                PS8525 .O57 A845 2004      MACK-TOWER
Yours, Al : the collected letters of Al Purdy ~ edited by Sam
                                                                PS8531 .U72 Z48 2004       MACK-TOWER
Fatal distraction ~ by Sonja Ahlers                             PS8551 .H53 F38 2004       MACK-TOWER
Proof of a tongue : poems ~ by Sandra Alland                    PS8551 .L54 P76 2004       MACK-TOWER
Crucible ~ by Shari Andrews                                     PS8551 .N2515 C78 2004     MACK-TOWER
At the edge of the frog pond ~ Nelson Ball                      PS8552 .A575 A85 2004      MACK-TOWER
Doctor Weep : and other strange teeth : stories ~ by Gary
                                                                PS8552 .A7928 D63 2004     MACK-TOWER
We happy few : a play ~ by Mark Blagrave                        PS8552 .L39 W4 2003        MACK-TOWER
Corner pieces ~ Lance Blomgren                                  PS8552 .L65 C67 2004       MACK-TOWER
Public works : poems ~ Ronna Bloom                              PS8552 .L66 P83 2004       MACK-TOWER
Labyrinthine ~ Lesley-Anne Bourne                               PS8552 .O837 L33 2004      MACK-TOWER
The last good day : a Joanne Kilbourn mystery ~ Gail Bowen
                                                                PS8552 .O845 L37 2004      MACK-TOWER

The trial of Charles Spencer Chaplin, Esq. ~ by Simon
                                                                PS8552 .R185 T75 2004      MACK-TOWER
I am a red dress : incantations on a grandmother, a mother,
                                                                   PS8553 .A6283 I36 2004    MACK-TOWER
and a daughter ~ Anna Camilleri
Orchidelirium ~ Dave Carley                                        PS8553 .A7288 O73 2004    MACK-TOWER
More than skin deep ~ Lien Chao                                    PS8553 .H227 M6713 2004   MACK-TOWER
Swimming toward the light ~ Joan Clark                             PS8553 .L376 S94 2002     MACK-TOWER
Summer of wonder : the misguided romance of Hap
                                                                   PS8553 .O53493 S86 2004   MACK-TOWER
Fitzpatrick ~ Bob Collins
Eleanor Rigby : a novel ~ Douglas Coupland                         PS8553 .O87 E64 2004      MACK-TOWER
In search of characters : hybridity : short stories in a two-act
                                                                   PS8554 .A423 I6 2004      MACK-TOWER
play with film sequences ~ by Esther A. Dagan
Azure ~ Brian Day                                                  PS8554 .A93 A88 2004      MACK-TOWER
Dead men of the Fifties ~ Pier Giorgio Di Cicco                    PS8554 .I248 D43 2004     MACK-TOWER
The Corrigan women ~ M.T. Dohaney                                  PS8554 .O46 C67 2004      MACK-TOWER
Reading like a girl ~ Rishma Dunlop                                PS8554 .U535 R43 2004     MACK-TOWER
Louis Riel and Gabriel Dumont : a short play ~ Lenny
                                                                   PS8555 .V48 L68 2004      MACK-TOWER
Singer : an elegy ~ George Fetherling                              PS8556 .E47 S56 2004      MACK-TOWER
In this house are many women : and other poems ~ Sheree
                                                                   PS8556 .I856 I6 2004      MACK-TOWER
Kiss the moon, kiss the sun ~ by Norm Foster                       PS8556 .O7827 K57 2004    MACK-TOWER
Self-help ~ by Norm Foster                                         PS8556 .O7827 S45 2004    MACK-TOWER
Frida : paint me as a volcano ~ by Keith Garebian ;
translated: Arlette Franciáere = Frida : un volcan de
                                                                   PS8557 .A673 F7513 2004   MACK-TOWER
souffrance ~ de Keith Garebian ; traduction: Arlette
Leftover love to kill ~ Len Gasparini                              PS8557 .A84 L44 2004      MACK-TOWER
An ordinary star : a novel ~ Carole Giangrande                     PS8557 .I24 O73 2004      MACK-TOWER
The life and times of Captain N. ~ Douglas Glover                  PS8557 .L67 L54 2001      MACK-TOWER
The south will rise at noon ~ Douglas Glover                       PS8557 .L67 S68 2004      MACK-TOWER
Kristjana Gunnars : essays on her works ~ edited by
                                                                   PS8557 .U54 Z74 2004      MACK-TOWER
Monique Tschofen
Something more miraculous ~ Don Gutteridge                         PS8557 .U82 S66 2004      MACK-TOWER
Love poems ~ Paul Hartal                                           PS8558 .A77693 L68 2004   MACK-TOWER
The voice of two women : the oneness of humanity ~ Gretta
                                                                   PS8558 .A7825 V65 2003    MACK-TOWER
Hashemi, Virginia McClure
The betrayer ~ Michael Hennessey                                   PS8558 .E5295 B48 2003    MACK-TOWER
Where the land gets broken ~ Walter Hildebrandt                    PS8558 .I42 W44 2004      MACK-TOWER
Be quiet ~ Margaret Hollingsworth                                  PS8558 .O53 B4 2003       MACK-TOWER
Wild dogs ~ Helen Humphreys                                        PS8558 .U546 W54 2004     SPC-12LT
Angela et Marina : tragicomâedie musicale ~ Nancy Huston ;
                                                                   PS8558 .U78 A68 2002      MACK-TOWER
en collaboration avec Valâerie Grail
Angel blood : the Tess poems ~ Kevin Irie                          PS8559 .R54 A65 2004      MACK-TOWER
In the beginning ~ Walfried Jansen                                 PS8560 .A578 I6 2004      MACK-TOWER
Back up and push ; or, The confessions of a reformed cynic
~ written and performed by Ted Johns as a one-man show             PS8560 .O36 B33 1992A     MACK-TOWER
Barnboozled : he won't come in from the barn, part II ~
                                                                PS8560 .O36 B37 2002       MACK-TOWER
written by Ted Johns
Inishbream : a novella ~ by Theresa Kishkan                     PS8561 .I8 I55 2001        MACK-TOWER
A man in a distant field : a novel ~ Theresa Kishkan            PS8561 .I8 M36 2004        MACK-TOWER
Giving something back ~ Robert Nicholas Kucey ;
                                                                PS8561 .U3 G58 2004        MACK-TOWER
illustrations by Chris Bebonang
Intimate strangers : the letters of Margaret Laurence &
                                                                PS8562 .A85 Z497 2004      MACK-TOWER
Gabrielle Roy ~ edited by Paul Socken
You, Kwaznievski, you piss me off ~ John Lavery                 PS8562 .A864 Y68 2004      MACK-TOWER
When she's gone ~ Steve Lundin                                  PS8562 .U65 W48 2004       MACK-TOWER
A wind on the heath : a memoir ~ Kenneth McDonald               PS8563 .D632 Z477 2003     MACK-TOWER
Putting on a show : theater for young people ~ Kathleen
                                                                PS8563 .D639 P88 2004      MACK-TOWER
The burden of snow ~ by Heather Simeney MacLeod                 PS8563 .L555 B87 2004      MACK-TOWER
According to Loon Bay ~ Hannah Main-van der Kamp                PS8564 .A4425 A64 2004     MACK-TOWER
The migration of butterflies : a novel ~ by Carol Malyon        PS8564 .A465 M54 2004      MACK-TOWER
Foozlers : a novel ~ Tom Osborne                                PS8566 .S35 F66 2004       MACK-TOWER
The dowry of education ~ Corrado Paina                          PS8567 .A35 D68 2004       MACK-TOWER
Alterations ~ George Payerle ; George Amabile, editor           PS8567 .A78 A68 2004       MACK-TOWER
Sons of the sun ~ Michel Philip ; [English translation by
                                                                PS8567 .H495 F5613 2000Z   MACK-TOWER
Barry Bardel]
Cherry bites ~ Alison Preston                                   PS8567 .R47 C54 2004       MACK-TOWER
Tent of blue ~ Rachael Preston                                  PS8567 .R475 T46 2002      MACK-TOWER
Nothing sacred : a journey beyond belief ~ T.F. Rigelhof        PS8569 .I34 Z47 2004       MACK-TOWER
Any day now ~ Denise Roig                                       PS8569 .O455 A68 2004      MACK-TOWER
The Glassblower's children : a play for young audiences ~
adapted for the stage by Michael Shepherd, from the book        PS8570 .H464 G53 2002      MACK-TOWER
by Maria Gripe
Miracles en sâerie : nouvelles ~ Carol Shields ; traduit de
                                                                PS8570 .H49 V3514 2004     MACK-TOWER
l'anglais par Benoit Lâeger
Intimations of a realm in jeopardy ~ Norm Sibum                 PS8570 .I27 I68 2004       MACK-TOWER
The drunken lovely bird ~ Sue Sinclair                          PS8570 .I658 D78 2004      MACK-TOWER
Seventeen tomatoes : tales from Kashmir ~ Jaspreet Singh
                                                                PS8570 .I6695 S48 2004     MACK-TOWER

Chimp : a comedy in two acts ~ by Keith Slater                  PS8570 .L34 C45 2004       MACK-TOWER
Fireflies in the magnolia grove ~ John Smith                    PS8570 .M575 F57 2004      MACK-TOWER
J. Alvin Speers' second 1,000 poems : initially comprising
poem books 13 to 23 initially ~ by The Drugstore Cowboy         PS8570 .P425 A6 2003       MACK-TOWER

Watch you don't fall : a novel ~ Bettina von Kampen             PS8573 .O63 W38 2004       MACK-TOWER
Blue tile ~ Nicola Vulpe                                        PS8573 .U47 B68 2004       MACK-TOWER
Everything that shines ~ story by David Weale ; illustrations
                                                                PS8574 .E163 E84 2001      MACK-TOWER
by Dale McNevin
Thomas Wharton's the logogryph : a bibliography of
                                                                PS8574 .H369 L65 2004      SPC-12LT
imaginary books
The absinth of desire ~ Elizabeth Rhett Woods                  PS8574 .O68 A67 2004     MACK-TOWER
The thing with feathers ~ Elizabeth Zetlin                     PS8577 .E47 T45 2004     MACK-TOWER
Masque ~ Rachel Zolf                                           PS8577 .O45 M37 2004     MACK-TOWER
The holy hours ~ Carolyn Zonailo                               PS8577 .O52 H65 2004     MACK-TOWER
Robinson's Crossing ~ Jan Zwicky                               PS8577 .W52 R63 2004     MACK-TOWER
Clearcut cause ~ by Steve Anderson                             PS8601 .N36 C64 2004     MACK-TOWER
A scrupulous meanness and other poems ~ Shyamal
                                                               PS8603 .A53 S37 2004     MACK-TOWER
Safety of war ~ Rob Benvie                                     PS8603 .E68 S34 2004     MACK-TOWER
What you used to wear ~ Charmaine Cadeau                       PS8605 .A34 W47 2004     MACK-TOWER
A dangerous remedy ~ by Peter C. Cavelti                       PS8605 .A937 D36 2004    MACK-TOWER
Prairie journey ~ Madeline Coopsammy                           PS8605 .O66 P73 2004     MACK-TOWER
Contemplations ~ Ruth Fenwick                                  PS8611 .E59 2004         MACK-TOWER
Leaving the narrow place ~ Dorothy Field                       PS8611 .I34 L43 2004     MACK-TOWER
Seeing red : the story of Little Red Riding Hood your mother
didn't tell you : a drama in two acts ~ by Eric Goudie         PS8613 .O84 S44 2004     MACK-TOWER

Healing wounded hearts ~ Fyre Jean Graveline                   PS8613 .R38 H43 2004     MACK-TOWER
Anthropy ~ Ray Hsu                                             PS8615 .S8 A84 2004      MACK-TOWER
The gray door ~ Patrick Jamieson                               PS8619 .A45 G73 2004     MACK-TOWER
Between the doorposts ~ Isa Milman                             PS8626 .I46 B48 2004     MACK-TOWER
Blackbodying ~ Dimitri Nasrallah                               PS8627 .A77 B63 2004     MACK-TOWER
Leaving Wyoming : a novel ~ by Leo Brent Robillard             PS8635 .O25 L43 2004     MACK-TOWER
Oh! Saskatchewan : poetry ~ by John Seierstad                  PS8637 .E35 O3 2004      MACK-TOWER
Head arrangements : twelve-string poems for Huddie
                                                               PS8637 .E95 H43 2004     SPC-12LT
Ledbetter ~ [David Seymour]
Off centre ~ by Caroline Shepard                               PS8637 .H46 O44 2004     MACK-TOWER
La littâerature quâebâecoise, 1960-2000 ~ par Hans-
                                                               PS9131 .Q4 G74 2004      MACK-TOWER
Jèurgen Greif et Franðcois Ouellet
Le mal-nâe : seize âetudes sur la poâesie quâebâecoise ~
                                                               PS9159.5 .Q42 C53 2004   MACK-TOWER
Pierre Chãatillon
La dâelivrâee : poâesie collective                             PS9283 .O64 D45 2003     MACK-TOWER
De l'autre cãotâe du pont : roman ~ Gilles Archambault         PS9501 .R34 D44 2004     MACK-TOWER
Les moines dans la tour : roman ~ Roch Carrier                 PS9505 .A75 M65 2004     MACK-TOWER
Gabrielle Roy : l'idylle et le dâesir fantãome ~ Alain Roy     PS9535 .O98 Z86 2004     MACK-TOWER
Titanus : parodie ~ Pierre-Guip Allard                         PS9551 .L3817 T58 2003   MACK-TOWER
Les secrets de la Sphinxe : lectures de l'¶uvre d'Anne-Marie
Alonzo ~ sous la direction de Janine Ricouart et Roseanna      PS9551 .L66 Z85 2004     MACK-TOWER
Laurentèides ; suivi de, Automnales : poáemes ~ Bernard
                                                               PS9551 .N87 L38 2004     MACK-TOWER
Antoun ; avec des photographies de l'auteur
Lecture des âeblouissements ~ Claude Beausoleil                PS9552 .E315 L43 2004    MACK-TOWER
Les essais de Jacques Brault : de seuils en effacements ~
                                                               PS9552 .R375 Z55 2004    MACK-TOWER
Frâedâerique Bernier
Je m'en vais áa Trieste : [poâesie] ~ Nicole Brossard          PS9552 .R66 J4 2003      MACK-TOWER
Laxton ; suivi de, La tentation d'Henri Ouimet : thâeãatre ~
                                                                PS9553 .E53 L38 2004     MACK-TOWER
Rhâeal Cenerini
Santiago : a novel ~ by Simone Chaput                           PS9553 .H3497 S36 2004   MACK-TOWER
Table de nuit : poáemes ~ Jean-Philippe Dupuis                  PS9554 .U7 T33 2004      MACK-TOWER
C¶ur par c¶ur ~ Roland Giguáere                                 PS9557 .I382 C64 2004    MACK-TOWER
Kafka m'a dit : nouvelles ~ Gary Klang                          PS9561 .L36 K34 2004     MACK-TOWER
L'amour du lointain : râecit en marge des textes ~ Sergio
                                                                PS9561 .O55 Z463 2004    MACK-TOWER
The tale of Don l'Orignal ~ Antonine Maillet ; translated by
                                                                PS9564 .A533 D613 2004   MACK-TOWER
Barbara Godard
Au moment de sa disparition : thâeãatre ~ Jean-Frâedâeric
                                                                PS9564 .E748 A8 2004     MACK-TOWER
The Madonna of the St. Denis Bar-B-Q : a feminist look at
motherhood ~ by Huguette O'Neil ; a memoir translated by        PS9566 .N4 B4613 2004    MACK-TOWER
Suzanne O'Connor
L'actrice : roman ~ Louise Portal                               PS9567 .O749 A64 2004    MACK-TOWER
L'annâee du big-mac : une piáece amâericaine : thâeãatre ~
                                                                PS9567 .R425 A66 2004    MACK-TOWER
Marc Prescott
Ispigiac : peuple de la mer : thâeãatre ~ Sylvain Riviáere      PS9569 .I94 I76 2004     MACK-TOWER
La salle des loisirs ~ Reynald Robinson                         PS9569 .O2395 S36 2003   MACK-TOWER
Cristoforo : strange tales of a singular traveller ~ Willie
                                                                PS9571 .H66 C7513 2004   MACK-TOWER
Thomas ; translated by Darcy Dunton
Le cahier rouge : roman ~ Michel Tremblay                       PS9571 .R46 C36 2004     MACK-TOWER
The alien house ~ [âElise Turcotte ; translated by Sheila
                                                                PS9571 .U71 M3513 2004   MACK-TOWER
Le rire du fou ~ FAO                                            PS9611 .A6 R57 2004      MACK-TOWER
Lentement la beautâe ~ Thâeãatre Niveau Parking ; Michel
Nadeau, en collectif avec Marie-Josâee Bastien ... [et al.] ;   PS9639 .H42 L46 2004     MACK-TOWER
avant-propos et postface de Gilles Pellerin
Hèohen, Tiefen, Zauberberge : literarische Wanderungen in
Graubèunden ~ Andreas Bellasi (Hrsg.) ; mit Fotos von           PT149 .S9 H65 2004       MACK-TOWER
Erich Gruber
Contemporary women's writing in German : changing the
                                                                PT167 .H35 2004          MACK-TOWER
subject ~ Brigid Haines and Margaret Littler
Szenarien kopfloser Herrschaft, Performanzen
gespenstischer Macht : Kèonigsfiguren in der
                                                                PT405 .B655 2004         MACK-TOWER
deutschsprachigen Literatur und Kultur des 20. Jahrhunderts
~ Claudia Breger
Ex bello ars, oder, Ursprung der "Deutschen Poeterey" ~
                                                                PT525 .K36 2004          MACK-TOWER
Nicola Kaminski
Eichendorff : der letzte Romantiker ~ von Armin Gebhardt        PT1856 .Z5 G43 2003      MACK-TOWER
Erlaubt ist, was gefèallt : der Dramatiker Goethe und seine
Beziehungen zum Berliner Theater ~ Hans-Hellmut Allers          PT1968 .A44 2004         MACK-TOWER
Goethe und Tischbein in Rom : Bilder und Texte ~
                                                              PT2067 .G64 2004         MACK-TOWER
herausgegeben von Petra Maisak
Theodor Storm : Chronik seines Lebens ~ Volker Griese         PT2528 .Z5 G75 2002      MACK-TOWER
Werke ~ Erich Kèastner ; herausgegeben von Franz Josef
                                                              PT2621 .A23 2004 BD.1    MACK-TOWER
Werke ~ Erich Kèastner ; herausgegeben von Franz Josef
                                                              PT2621 .A23 2004 BD.2    MACK-TOWER
Werke ~ Erich Kèastner ; herausgegeben von Franz Josef
                                                              PT2621 .A23 2004 BD.3    MACK-TOWER
Werke ~ Erich Kèastner ; herausgegeben von Franz Josef
                                                              PT2621 .A23 2004 BD.4    MACK-TOWER
Werke ~ Erich Kèastner ; herausgegeben von Franz Josef
                                                              PT2621 .A23 2004 BD.5    MACK-TOWER
Werke ~ Erich Kèastner ; herausgegeben von Franz Josef
                                                              PT2621 .A23 2004 BD.6    MACK-TOWER
Werke ~ Erich Kèastner ; herausgegeben von Franz Josef
                                                              PT2621 .A23 2004 BD.7    MACK-TOWER
Werke ~ Erich Kèastner ; herausgegeben von Franz Josef
                                                              PT2621 .A23 2004 BD.8    MACK-TOWER
Werke ~ Erich Kèastner ; herausgegeben von Franz Josef
                                                              PT2621 .A23 2004 BD.9    MACK-TOWER
Kafka : a very short introduction ~ Ritchie Robertson         PT2621 .A26 Z7747 2004   MACK-TOWER
Freundschaft im Exil : Thomas Mann und Hermann Broch ~
                                                              PT2625 .A44 Z5597 2004   MACK-TOWER
herausgegeben von Paul Michael Lèutzeler
Felix Salten--Wurstelprater : ein Schlèusseltext zur Wiener
Moderne ~ Siegfried Mattl, Klaus Mèuller-Richter, Werner      PT2637 .A52 W87 2004     MACK-TOWER
Michael Schwarz (Hg.)
Lautlos--sein letzter Auftrag : Roman zum Film ~ Stefan
Beuse ; nach einem Drehbuch von Lars-Olav Beier und           PT2662 .E86 L38 2004     MACK-TOWER
einer Idee von Mennan Yapo
Frau des Trinkers : Roman ~ Kurt Biesalski                    PT2662 .I46 F73 2002     MACK-TOWER
Bernsteintage : sechs neue Geschichten ~ Maxim Biller         PT2662 .I485 B47 2004    MACK-TOWER
Bis jetzt : Erzèahlungen ~ Antonio Fian                       PT2666 .I23 B57 2004     MACK-TOWER
Die Landschaft als literarischer Text : der Dichter Wulf
Kirsten : Festschrift anlèasslich der Ehrenpromotion durch
die Friedrich-Schiller-Universitèat Jena, 27. Mai 2003 ~      PT2671 .I77 Z74 2004     MACK-TOWER
herausgegeben von Gerhard R. Kaiser ; unter Mitarbeit von
Jan Rèohnert
Masurische Gnadenhochzeit ~ Herbert Somplatzki                PT2681 .O43 Z468 2003    MACK-TOWER
Marieluise ~ Kerstin Specht ; translated from the German by
                                                              PT2681 .P43 M3713 2004   MACK-TOWER
Rachel McGill
Das Schèone an den Mèannern ~ Gisela Steineckert              PT2681 .T368 S67 2003    MACK-TOWER
Reisen ist leben, dann wird das Leben reich und lebendig :
der dèanische Dichter Hans Christian Andersen und             PT8119 .R67 2004         MACK-TOWER
èOsterreich ~ von Sven Hakon Rossel
The plays ~ Strindberg ; translated by Gregory Motton           PT9811 .A3 M68 V.2         MACK-TOWER
Creating theatrical dreams : a Taoist approach to
Molander's, Bergman's, and Wilson's productions of              PT9812 .D72 H66 2003       MACK-TOWER
Strindberg's A Dream Play ~ Jai-Ung Hong
Miss Julie ~ August Strindberg ; English version by Richard
                                                                PT9812 .F8 E5 2003         MACK-TOWER
Blood ~ by Lars Norâen ; translated by Maja Zade                PT9876.24 .O7 B5613 2003   MACK-TOWER
Studies in the history of the exact sciences in honour of
                                                                Q124.97 .S78 2004          MACK-BLOCK
David Pingree ~ edited by Charles Burnett ... [et al.]
Un siglo de ciencia en Espaäna ~ [ediciâon, Josâe Manuel
                                                                Q127 .S7 S54 1998          MACK-TOWER
Sâanchez Ron]
Aristotle, On generation and corruption, Book I : Symposium
Aristotelicum ~ edited by Frans de Haas and Jaap Mansfeld       Q151 .A65 2004             MACK-BLOCK

The scientific endeavor : a primer on scientific principles and
                                                                Q162 .L44 2000             1LT-RESN
practice ~ Jeffrey A. Lee
The architecture of matter : Galileo to Kant ~ Thomas Holden
                                                                Q174.8 .H64 2004           MACK-BLOCK

Deflating information : from science studies to
                                                                Q175 .F76 2004             MACK-BLOCK
documentation ~ Bernd Frohmann
Science and its ways of knowing ~ John Hatton, Paul B.
                                                                Q175 .H375 1997            1LT-RESN
Scientific knowledge : basic issues in the philosophy of
                                                                Q175.3 .S32 1998           1LT-RESN
science ~ Janet A. Kourany
Epistemic cultures : how the sciences make knowledge ~
                                                                Q175.32 .K45 K57 1999      MEDICAL
Karin Knorr Cetina
Science, technology, and society : an introduction ~ Martin
                                                                Q175.5 .S3635 1998         MEDICAL
Bridgstock ... [et al.]
Knowledge and the world : challenges beyond the science
                                                                Q175.55 .K57 2004          MACK-BLOCK
wars ~ M. Carrier ... [et al.] eds
Leaps in the dark ~ John Waller                                 Q180.55 .D57 W35 2004      MACK-BLOCK
Conducting research literature reviews : from the Internet to
                                                                Q180.55 .M4 F56 2005       BUS-REF
paper ~ Arlene Fink
The essential guide to doing research ~ Zina O'Leary            Q180.55 .M4 O54 2004       MACK-BLOCK
Engaging knowledge : the inference of internet content
development and its meaning for scientific learning and         Q181 .C77 2004             MACK-BLOCK
research ~ Jennifer Cordi
Thing knowledge : a philosophy of scientific instruments ~
                                                                Q185 .B35 2004             MEDICAL
Davis Baird
LabVIEW for data acquisition ~ Bruce Mihura                     Q185 .M54 2001             MEDICAL
Writing and presenting scientific papers ~ Birgitta Malmfors,
                                                                Q223 .M35 2004             2LB-REF
Phil Garnsworthy, Michael Grossman
Emergence in complex, cognitive, social, and biological
                                                                Q295 .C66 2001             MACK-BLOCK
systems ~ edited by Gianfranco Minati and Eliano Pessa
Systems theory and practice in the knowledge age ~ edited
by Gillian Ragsdell, Daune West, and Jennifer Wilby                 Q295 .S968 2002           MACK-BLOCK

Machines who think : a personal inquiry into the history and
prospects of artificial intelligence ~ Pamela McCorduck             Q335 .M16 2004            MACK-BLOCK

Chiral algebras ~ Alexander Beilinson, Vladimir Drinfeld            QA1 .A51 C6 V.51          MACK-BLOCK
Linear logic in computer science ~ edited by Thomas
                                                                    QA1 .L645 NO.316          MACK-BLOCK
Ehrhard ... [et al.]
The universal book of mathematics : from abracadabra to
                                                                    QA5 .D37 2004             MACK-BLOCK
Zeno's paradoxes ~ David Darling
A first course in logic : an introduction to model theory, proof
theory, computability, and complexity ~ Shawn Hedman                QA9 .H44 2004             MACK-BLOCK

Reasoning in quantum theory : sharp and unsharp quantum
logics ~ by M. Dalla Chiara, R. Giuntini, and R. Greechie           QA10.35 .D35 2004         MACK-BLOCK

A history of the study of mathematics at Cambridge ~ by
                                                                    QA27 .E5 B35 2004         MACK-BLOCK
W.W. Rouse Ball
The essential Turing : seminal writings in computing, logic,
philosophy, artificial intelligence, and artificial life plus the   QA29 .T8 E87 2004         MACK-BLOCK
secrets of Enigma ~ edited by B. Jack Copeland
Mathematical olympiad treasures ~ Titu Andreescu, Bogdan
                                                                    QA43 .A53 2004            MACK-BLOCK
Computer sciences ~ Roger R. Flynn, editor in chief                 QA76 .C648148 2002 V.1    2LB-REF
Computer sciences ~ Roger R. Flynn, editor in chief                 QA76 .C648148 2002 V.2    2LB-REF
Computer sciences ~ Roger R. Flynn, editor in chief                 QA76 .C648148 2002 V.3    2LB-REF
Computer sciences ~ Roger R. Flynn, editor in chief                 QA76 .C648148 2002 V.4    2LB-REF
Real-time systems ~ by Jane W.S. Liu                                QA76.54 .L58 2000         1LT-RES
Multimedia wireless networks : technologies, standards, and
                                                                    QA76.575 .G36 2004        MACK-BLOCK
QoS ~ Aura Ganz, Zvi Ganz, Kitti Wongthavarawat
Software engineering : a practitioner's approach ~ Roger S.
                                                                    QA76.6 .P74 2005          1LT-RES
Executable UML : a foundation for model-driven architecture
                                                                    QA76.64 .M45 2002         MACK-BLOCK
~ Stephen J. Mellor, Marc J. Balcer
Object-oriented design heuristics ~ Arthur J. Riel                  QA76.64 .R55 1996         MACK-BLOCK
Computer science : a structured programming approach
                                                                    QA76.73 .C15 F67 2001     1LT-RES
using C ~ Behrouz A. Forouzan, Richard F. Gilberg
Data structures and algorithms in C++ ~ Michael T.
                                                                    QA76.73 .C153 G656 2004   1LT-RES
Goodrich, Roberto Tamassia, and David M. Mount
Numerical recipes example book (C++) ~ William T.
                                                                    QA76.73 .C153 N848 2002   MACK-BLOCK
Vetterling ... [et al.]
Numerical recipes in C++ : the art of scientific computing ~
                                                                    QA76.73 .C153 N85 2002    MACK-BLOCK
William H. Press ... [et al.]
Object-oriented discrete-event simulation with Java : a
                                                                 QA76.73 .J38 G365 2001   MACK-TOWER
practical introduction ~ Josâe M. Garrido
Data structures & algorithm analysis in Java ~ Mark Allen
                                                                 QA76.73 .J38 W453 1999   1LT-RES
Programming Perl in the .NET environment ~ Yevgeny
                                                                 QA76.73 .P22 M46 2003    MACK-BLOCK
Menaker, Michael Saltzman, Robert J. Oberg
Discovering real business requirements for software project
                                                                 QA76.758 .G65 2004       MACK-BLOCK
success ~ Robin F. Goldsmith
Software engineering process with the UPEDU ~ Pierre N.
                                                                 QA76.758 .R63 2003       1LT-RES
Robillard, Philippe Kruchten, with Patrick d'Astous
Computational biology : Unix/Linux, data processing and
                                                                 QA76.76 .D49 W86 2004    MACK-BLOCK
programming ~ Rèobbe Wèunschiers
Applications and innovations in intelligent systems XI :
proceedings of AI2003, the twenty-third SGAI International
Conference on Innovative Techniques and Applications of          QA76.76 .E95 S384 2003   MACK-BLOCK
Artificial Intelligence ~ Max Bramer, Richard Ellis, and Ann
Macintosh (eds.)
Data structures and algorithms in Java ~ Michael T.
                                                                 QA76.76 .J38 G66 2004    1LT-RES
Goodrich, Roberto Tamassia
The success of open source ~ Steven Weber                        QA76.76 .S46 W43 2004    MACK-BLOCK
Fuzzy logic and the Internet ~ Vincenzo Loia, Masoud
                                                                 QA76.87 .F89 2004        MACK-TOWER
Nikravesh, Lotfi A. Zadeh (eds.)
Application of neural networks to adaptive control of
                                                                 QA76.87 .N488 1997       MACK-BLOCK
nonlinear systems ~ G.W. Ng
Problems & solutions in quantum computing & quantum
                                                                 QA76.889 .S74 2004       MACK-BLOCK
information ~ Willi-Hans Steeb, Yorick Hardy
Digital arithmetic ~ Miloés D. Ercegovac, Tomâas Lang            QA76.9 .C62 E72 2004     1LT-RES
Welcome to the machine : science, surveillance, and the
                                                                 QA76.9 .C66 J46 2004     MACK-TOWER
culture of control ~ Derrick Jensen and George Draffan
Analysis, design, and implementation of data dictionaries ~
                                                                 QA76.9 .D3 B689 1988     MACK-BLOCK
Ken S. Brathwaite
Database systems : the complete book ~ Hector Garcia-
                                                                 QA76.9 .D3 G35 2002      MACK-BLOCK
Molina, Jeffrey D. Ullman, Jennifer Widom
Database management systems ~ Raghu Ramakrishnan,
                                                                 QA76.9 .D3 R35 2003      MACK-BLOCK
Johannes Gehrke
Text mining and its applications : results of the NEMIS
                                                                 QA76.9 .D343 I59 2003    MACK-BLOCK
Launch Conference ~ Spiros Sirmakessis (ed.)
Designing the user interface : strategies for effective human-
computer interaction ~ Ben Shneiderman, Catherine Plaisant       QA76.9 .I58 S47 2005     MACK-BLOCK

Design and application of hybrid intelligent systems ~ edited
by Ajith Abraham, Mario Kèoppen and Katrin Franke                QA76.9 .S63 I56 2003     MACK-BLOCK

Use case modeling ~ Kurt Bittner, Ian Spence                     QA76.9 .S88 B58 2003     MACK-BLOCK
Applied abstract algebra ~ David Joyner, Richard Kreminski,
                                                                QA162 .J69 2004      MACK-BLOCK
Joann Turisco
Topics in graph automorphisms and reconstruction ~ Josef
                                                                QA166 .L42 2003      MACK-BLOCK
Lauri, Raffaele Scapellato
Elementary linear algebra ~ Howard Anton                        QA184 .A57 2000B     1LT-RES
Approximation by algebraic numbers ~ Yann Bugeaud               QA221 .B78 2004      MACK-BLOCK
Algebraic number theory and diophantine analysis :
proceedings of the international conference held in Graz,
                                                                QA247 .A445 2000     MACK-BLOCK
Austria, August 30 to September 5, 1998 ~ editors, Franz
Halter-Koch and Robert F. Tichy
Cogwheels of the mind : the story of Venn diagrams ~
                                                                QA248 .E28 2004      MACK-BLOCK
A.W.F. Edwards ; foreword by Ian Stewart
Sets for mathematics ~ F. William Lawvere, Robert
                                                                QA248 .L385 2003     MACK-BLOCK
Topological rings satisfying compactness conditions ~ by
                                                                QA251.5 .U77 2002    MACK-BLOCK
Mihail Ursul
Intro stats ~ Richard D. De Veaux, Paul F. Velleman ; with
                                                                QA276.12 .D32 2004   1LT-RES
contributions by David E. Bock
Nonparametric and semiparametric models ~ Wolfgang
                                                                QA278.8 .N653 2004   MACK-BLOCK
Hèardle ... [et al.]
Planning, construction, and statistical analysis of
comparative experiments ~ Francis G. Giesbrecht, Marcia L.      QA279 .G54 2004      MACK-BLOCK
Bayesian statistics : an introduction ~ Peter M. Lee            QA279.5 .L44 2004    MACK-BLOCK
Numerical mathematics and computing ~ Ward Cheney,
                                                                QA297 .C42 2004      1LT-RES
David Kincaid
Mathematical analysis : approximation and discrete
                                                                QA300 .G5313 2004    MACK-BLOCK
processes ~ Mariano Giaquinta, Giuseppe Modica
Calculus of variations : mechanics, control, and other
                                                                QA315 .M33 2005      MACK-BLOCK
applications ~ Charles MacCluer
Operator functional state : the assessment and prediction of
human performance degradation in complex tasks ~ edited
                                                                QA319 .N38 2003      MACK-BLOCK
by G.Robert J.Hockey, Anthony W.K. Gaillard and
Oleksandr Burov
Operator algebras and their modules : an operator space
                                                                QA326 .B54 2004      MACK-BLOCK
approach ~ David P. Blecher, Christian Le Merdy
Fundamentals and applications of complex analysis ~
                                                                QA331.7 .C63 2003    MACK-BLOCK
Harold Cohen
An introduction to partial differential equations with MATLAB
                                                                QA371.35 .C65 2005   MACK-BLOCK
~ Matthew P. Coleman
Lie groups ~ Daniel Bump                                        QA387 .B83 2004      MACK-BLOCK
Mathematical modelling : case studies and projects ~ by Jim
                                                                QA401 .C35 2004      MACK-BLOCK
Caldwell and Douglas K.S. Ng
Optimal estimation of dynamic systems ~ John L. Crassidis
                                                                QA402 .C73 2004      MACK-BLOCK
and John L. Junkins
New trends in nonlinear dynamics and control, and their
applications ~ Wei Kang, Mingqing Xiao, Carlos Borges   QA402.3 .A1 L42 NO.295         MACK-BLOCK
Nonlinear control systems II ~ Alberto Isidori          QA402.3 .I852 1999             MACK-BLOCK
Convex optimization ~ Stephen Boyd, Lieven Vandenberghe
                                                        QA402.5 .B69 2004              MACK-BLOCK

Two-dimensional wavelets and their relatives ~ Jean-Pierre
                                                                 QA403.3 .T86 2004     MACK-BLOCK
Antoine ... [et al.]
Collocation methods for Volterra integral and related
                                                                 QA431 .B78 2004       MACK-BLOCK
functional differential equations ~ Hermann Brunner
Geometric computation ~ editors Falai Chen, Dongming
                                                                 QA448 .D38 G46 2004   MACK-BLOCK
Lines and curves : a practical geometry handbook ~ Victor
Gutenmacher, N.B. Vasilyev ; foreword by Mark Saul               QA459 .V3613 2004     MACK-BLOCK

Knots and links ~ Peter R. Cromwell                              QA612.2 .C75 2004     MACK-BLOCK
Knot theory ~ Vassily Manturov                                   QA612.2 .M36 2004     MACK-BLOCK
Hopf algebras : proceedings from the international
conference at DePaul University ~ edited by Jeffrey Bergen,      QA613.8 .I58 2002     MACK-BLOCK
Stefan Catoiu, William Chin
Singular points of plane curves ~ C.T.C. Wall                    QA614.58 .W35 2004    MACK-BLOCK
Chaos : a mathematical introduction ~ John Banks,
                                                                 QA614.8 .B36 2003     MACK-BLOCK
Valentina Dragan, Arthur Jones
Dynamical systems with applications using MATLAB ~
                                                                 QA614.8 .L98 2004     MACK-BLOCK
Stephen Lynch
Heavenly intrigue : Johannes Kepler, Tycho Brahe, and the
murder behind one of history's greatest scientific discoveries   QB36 .B8 G55 2004     MACK-BLOCK
~ Joshua Gilder and Anne-Lee Gilder
The transit of Venus : the brief, brilliant life of Jeremiah
                                                                 QB36 .H74 A84 2004    MACK-BLOCK
Horrocks, father of British astronomy ~ Peter Aughton
The universe and beyond ~ Terence Dickinson ; foreword by
                                                                 QB44.2 .D53 2004      MACK-BLOCK
Edward G. Gibson
Tools of radio astronomy ~ K. Rohlfs, T.L. Wilson                QB475 .R63 2004       MACK-BLOCK
The earth machine : the science of a dynamic planet ~
                                                                 QB631 .M37 2004       MACK-BLOCK
Edmond A. Mathez and James D. Webster
Five billion years of global change : a history of the land ~
                                                                 QB631 .W66 2004       MACK-BLOCK
Denis Wood
Mitigation of hazardous comets and asteroids ~ edited by
                                                                 QB651 .M57 2004       MACK-BLOCK
Michael J.S. Belton ... [et al.]
Jupiter : the planet, satellites, and magnetosphere ~ edited
by Fran Bagenal, Timothy E. Dowling, William B. McKinnon         QB661 .J87 2004       MACK-BLOCK

Fundamentals of astrometry ~ Jean Kovalevsky and P.
                                                                 QB807 .K678 2004      MACK-BLOCK
Kenneth Seidelmann
Observing variable stars, novae, and supernovae ~ Gerald
North ; (with accompanying CD-ROM by Nick James)                 QB835 .N67 2004         MACK-BLOCK

Dynamical evolution of globular clusters ~ Lyman Spitzer, Jr
                                                                 QB853 .S65 1987         MACK-BLOCK

Origins : fourteen billion years of cosmic evolution ~ Neil
                                                                 QB981 .T96 2004         MACK-BLOCK
deGrasse Tyson and Donald Goldsmith
The great beyond : higher dimensions, parallel universes
and the extraordinary search for a theory of everything ~        QC6 .H343 2004          MACK-BLOCK
Paul Halpern
Modeling reality : how computers mirror life ~ Iwo Bialynicki-
                                                                 QC6.4 .R42 B53 2004     MACK-BLOCK
Birula, Iwona Bialynicki-Birula
Nobel laureates and twentieth-century physics ~ Mauro
                                                                 QC7 .D33 2004           MACK-BLOCK
Physics for scientists and engineers : extended version ~
                                                                 QC21.2 .T56 2004        MACK-BLOCK
[Paul A. Tipler, Gene Mosca]
Modern physics for scientists and engineers                      QC21.3 .T39 2004        1LT-RES
Physics : principles with applications ~ Douglas C. Giancoli
                                                                 QC23 .G52 2005          MACK-BLOCK

Physics for scientists and engineers                          QC23 .S47 2004             MACK-BLOCK
Kinetic theory of granular gases ~ Nikolai V. Brilliantov and
                                                              QC168 .B75 2004            MACK-BLOCK
Thorsten Pèoschel
Upscaling of flow in porous media from a tracer perspective :
proefschrift ~ door Caspar Wilhelmus Johannes Berentsen       QC173.4 .P67 B47 2003      MACK-BLOCK

Exploring the quantum/classical frontier : recent advances in
macroscopic quantum phenomena ~ Jonathan R. Friedman             QC174.12 .E97 2003      MACK-BLOCK
and Siyuan Han, editors
Quantum physics : illusion or reality? ~ Alastair I.M. Rae       QC174.12 .R33 2004      MACK-BLOCK
Principles of quantum mechanics ~ R. Shankar                     QC174.12 .S42 1994      1LT-RES
Quantum entanglements : selected papers ~ Rob Clifton ;
                                                                 QC174.13 .C45 2004      MACK-BLOCK
edited by Jeremy Butterfield and Hans Halvorson
Quantum mechanics and the philosophy of Alfred North
                                                                 QC174.13 .E66 2004      MACK-BLOCK
Whitehead ~ by Michael Epperson
New research in quantum physics ~ Volodymyr
                                                                 QC174.14 .N49 2004      MACK-BLOCK
Krasnoholovets, Frank Columbus, editors
Quantum field theory of many-body systems : from the origin
of sound to an origin of light and electrons ~ Xiao-Gang Wen     QC174.45 .A6 W46 2004   MACK-BLOCK

Mathematical foundations of classical statistical mechanics :
continuous systems ~ D.Ya. Petrina, V.I. Gerasimenko and
                                                              QC174.8 .P4813 2002        MACK-BLOCK
P.V. Malyshev ; translated from the Russian by P.V.
Malyshev and D.V. Malyshev
Thermodynamic formalism : the mathematical structures of
                                                              QC174.86 .C6 R83 2004      MACK-BLOCK
equilibrium statistical mechanics ~ David Ruelle
The physics of structural phase transitions ~ Minoru Fujimoto
                                                                QC175.16 .P5 F85 2005       MACK-BLOCK

Radiation hydrodynamics ~ John I. Castor                        QC175.23 .R3 C37 2004       MACK-BLOCK
Quantum theory of the solid state : an introduction ~ by Lev
                                                                QC176 .K355 2004            MACK-BLOCK
Quantum gravity ~ Claus Kiefer                                  QC178 .K54 2004             MACK-BLOCK
Quantum gravity ~ Carlo Rovelli                                 QC178 .R68 2004             MACK-BLOCK
A guide to experiments in quantum optics                        QC446.2 .B32 2004           MACK-BLOCK
Introductory quantum optics ~ Christopher Gerry, Peter
                                                                QC446.2 .G47 2004           MACK-BLOCK
Elements of x-ray diffraction ~ B.D. Cullity, S.R. Stock        QC482 .D5 C84 2001          GEO-RES
Diffuse X-ray scattering and models of disorder ~ T.R.
                                                                QC482 .W45 2004             MACK-BLOCK
High energy cosmic rays ~ Todor Stanev                          QC485 .S73 2004             MACK-BLOCK
Semiconductor physics and devices : basic principles ~
                                                                QC611 .N43 2003             1LT-RES
Donald A. Neamen
The story of semiconductors ~ John Orton                        QC611 .O78 2004             MACK-BLOCK
Quantum theory of the optical and electronic properties of
                                                                QC611.6 .O6 H38 2004        MACK-BLOCK
semiconductors ~ Hartmut Haug, Stephan W. Koch
Multipole theory in electromagnetism : classical, quantum,
and symmetry aspects, with applications ~ R.E. Raab, O.L.       QC670 .R32 2005             MACK-BLOCK
de Lange
The physics of multiply and highly charged ions ~ edited by
                                                                QC702.7 .M84 P49 2003 V.1   MACK-BLOCK
Fred J. Currell
The physics of multiply and highly charged ions ~ edited by
                                                                QC702.7 .M84 P49 2003 V.2   MACK-BLOCK
Fred J. Currell
Space physics : an introduction to plasmas and particles in
the heliosphere and magnetospheres ~ May-Britt Kallenrode       QC718 .K34 2004             MACK-BLOCK

Physics of plasmas ~ L.C. Woods                             QC718 .W66 2004                 MACK-BLOCK
A personal history of CESR and CLEO : the Cornell Electron
Storage Ring and its main particle detector facility ~ Karl QC789.2 .U62 C67 2004           MACK-BLOCK
Building blocks of matter : a supplement to the Macmillan
encyclopedia of physics ~ edited by John S. Rigden          QC793.2 .B84 2003               2LB-REF

The quantum quark ~ Andrew Watson                               QC793.3 .Q35 W38 2004       MACK-BLOCK
Quark model and high energy collisions ~ V.V. Anisovich ...
                                                                QC793.5 .Q252 Q365 2004     MACK-BLOCK
[et al.]
X-ray Compton scattering ~ Malcolm J. Cooper ... [et al.]       QC794.6 .S3 X73 2004        MACK-BLOCK
Standards and codes of practice in medical radiation
dosimetry : proceedings of an international symposium, held
in Vienna, Austria, 25-28 November, 2002 ~ organized by         QC795.32 .R3 I58 2002 V.1   MACK-BLOCK
the International Atomic Energy Agency ... [et al.]
Standards and codes of practice in medical radiation
dosimetry : proceedings of an international symposium, held
in Vienna, Austria, 25-28 November, 2002 ~ organized by     QC795.32 .R3 I58 2002 V.2     MACK-BLOCK
the International Atomic Energy Agency ... [et al.]

Assessment of occupational exposure due to intakes of
radionuclides : safety guide ~ jointly sponsored by the
                                                                 QC795.8 .R3 A88 1999     MACK-BLOCK
International Atomic Energy Agency and the International
Labour Office
The magnetic Universe : geophysical and astrophysical
dynamo theory ~ Gèunther Rèudiger and Rainer Hollerbach          QC809 .M25 R83 2004      GALLAGHER

Atmospheric ozone : a millennium issue ~ by O.N. Singh
                                                                 QC879.72 .S56 2003       MACK-BLOCK
and P. Fabian
Testing of environmental transfer models using data from
the remediation of a radium extraction site : report ; theme 2
                                                                 QC912.3 .T47 2004        MACK-BLOCK
~ Remediation Assessment Working Group of BIOMASS

Acid rain science and politics in Japan : a history of
knowledge and action toward sustainability ~ Kenneth E.      QC926.57 .J3 W55 2004        MACK-BLOCK
Critical issues in weather modification research ~ Committee
on the Status of and Future Directions in U.S. Weather
Modification Research and Operations, Board on
                                                             QC928.7 .C75 2003            MACK-BLOCK
Atmospheric Sciences and Climate, Division on Earth and
Life Studies, National Research Council of the National
Defining the wind : the Beaufort scale, and how a nineteenth
century admiral turned science into poetry ~ Scott Huler     QC933 .H85 2004              MACK-BLOCK

The great sea island storm of 1893 ~ by Bill and Fran
                                                                 QC945 .M37 2004          MACK-BLOCK
Hurricane Hazel : Canada's storm of the century ~ Jim
                                                                 QC959 .C3 G54 2004       MACK-BLOCK
Climate change ~ edited by Michael A. Toman and Brent
                                                                 QC981.8 .C5 C5234 2004   MACK-BLOCK
Global climate change : the science, economics and politics
                                                                 QC981.8 .C5 G556 2003    MACK-TOWER
~ edited by James M. Griffin
Dying and dead seas : climatic versus anthropic causes ~
edited by Jacques C.J. Nihoul, Peter O. Zavialov, and Philip     QC981.8 .C5 N3815 2003   MACK-BLOCK
P. Micklin
Climate change and the Kyoto protocol's clean development
organism : Brazil, Bangladesh, Indonesia, South Africa ~
                                                                 QC981.8 .C5 O74 2004     MACK-BLOCK
Margie Orford ; with Stefan Raubenheimer and Barry Kantor
Understanding climate change feedbacks ~ Panel on
Climate Change Feedbacks, Climate Research Committees,
Board on Atmospheric Sciences and Climate, Division on          QC981.8 .C5 U53 2003    MACK-BLOCK
Earth and Life Studies, National Research Council of the
National Academies
Climate change : debating America's policy options ~ by
                                                                QC981.8 .C5 V53 2004    MACK-BLOCK
David G. Victor
Feeling the heat : frontline reports from a warmer world ~
                                                                QC981.8 .G56 F44 2004   MACK-BLOCK
edited by Jim Motavalli
How we can save the planet ~ Mayer Hillman, with Tina
                                                                QC981.8 .G56 H55 2004   MACK-BLOCK
Global warming : very short introduction ~ Mark Maslin          QC981.8 .G56 M38 2004   MACK-BLOCK
The impact of climate change on drylands : with a focus on
West Africa ~ edited by A.J. Dietz, R. Ruben, and A.            QC991 .A44 I47 2004     MACK-BLOCK
Fullerene-based materials : structures and properties ~
volume editor, K. Prassides ; with contributions by H. Alloul   QD1 .S8 V.109           MACK-BLOCK
... [et al.]
Chemistry : foundations and applications ~ J.J. Lagowski,
                                                                QD4 .C48 2004 V.1       2LB-REF
editor in chief
Chemistry : foundations and applications ~ J.J. Lagowski,
                                                                QD4 .C48 2004 V.2       2LB-REF
editor in chief
Chemistry : foundations and applications ~ J.J. Lagowski,
                                                                QD4 .C48 2004 V.3       2LB-REF
editor in chief
Chemistry : foundations and applications ~ J.J. Lagowski,
                                                                QD4 .C48 2004 V.4       2LB-REF
editor in chief
Alchemy tried in the fire : Starkey, Boyle, and the fate of
Helmontian chymistry ~ William R. Newman and Lawrence           QD18 .G7 N49 2002       MACK-BLOCK
M. Principe
Polymer chemistry : a practical approach ~ edited by Fred J.
                                                                QD28 .P6 P648 2004      MACK-BLOCK
Career management for chemists : a guide to success in a
                                                                QD39.5 .F48 2004        MACK-BLOCK
chemistry career ~ John Fetzer
Chemical analysis in the laboratory : a basic guide ~ I.
                                                                QD75.22 .M84 2002       MACK-BLOCK
Mueller-Harvey and R.M. Baker
Statistics and chemometrics for analytical chemistry ~
                                                                QD75.4 .S8 M54 2000     1LT-RESN
James N. Miller and Jane C. Miller
Understanding mass spectra : a basic approach ~ R. Martin
                                                                QD96 .M3 S65 2004       MACK-BLOCK
Metal-ligand bonding ~ Rob Janes and Elaine Moore               QD172 .T6 J36 2004      MACK-BLOCK
Silicon : evolution and future of a technology ~ P. Siffert,
                                                                QD181 .S6 S565 2004     MACK-BLOCK
E.F. Krimmel (eds.)
Microscale techniques for the organic laboratory ~ Dana W.
                                                                QD261 .M32 2001         MACK-BLOCK
Mayo, Peter Trumper, Ronald M. Pike
Modern methods of organic sythesis                              QD262 .C36 2004         MACK-BLOCK
Crystallization of polymers ~ Leo Mandelkern                    QD281 .P6 M36           MACK-BLOCK
Simulation methods for polymers ~ edited by Michael
                                                                QD381 .S555 2004        MACK-BLOCK
Kotelyanskii, Doros N. Theodorou
Encyclopedia of common natural ingredients used in food,
drugs, and cosmetics ~ Albert Y. Leung, Steven Foster           QD415 .A25 L48 2003     2LB-REF

Biochemistry ~ Reginald H. Garrett, Charles M. Grisham          QD415 .G29 2005         1LT-RESN
Biochemistry ~ Reginald H. Garrett, Charles M. Grisham          QD415 .G29 2005         1LT-RESN
Biochemistry ~ Reginald H. Garrett, Charles M. Grisham          QD415 .G29 2005         1LT-RES
Biochemistry : the molecular basis of life ~ Trudy McKee,
                                                                QD415 .M38 2003         MACK-BLOCK
James R. McKee
Chemical biology : a practical course ~ Herbert Waldmann,
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Petra Janning
Molecular light scattering and optical activity ~ Laurence D.
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Reactive intermediate chemistry ~ edited by Robert A. Moss,
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Matthew S. Platz, Maitland Jones, Jr
Femtochemistry and femtobiology : ultrafast events in
molecular science : VIth International Conference on
Femtochemistry, Maison de la Chimie, Paris, France, July 6-     QD716 .L37 I58 2003     MACK-BLOCK
10, 2003 ~ edited by Monique M. Martin and James T. Hynes

Encyclopedia of geology ~ edited by Richard C. Selley, L.
                                                                QE5 .E55 2005 V.1       GEO-REF
Robin M. Cocks, Ian R. Plimer
Encyclopedia of geology ~ edited by Richard C. Selley, L.
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Robin M. Cocks, Ian R. Plimer
Encyclopedia of geology ~ edited by Richard C. Selley, L.
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Robin M. Cocks, Ian R. Plimer
Encyclopedia of geology ~ edited by Richard C. Selley, L.
                                                                QE5 .E55 2005 V.4       GEO-REF
Robin M. Cocks, Ian R. Plimer
Encyclopedia of geology ~ edited by Richard C. Selley, L.
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Robin M. Cocks, Ian R. Plimer
GeoENV IV : geostatics for environmental applications :
proceedings of the Fourth European Conference on
Geostatistics for Environmental Applications held in
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Barcelona, Spain, November 27-29, 2002 ~ edited by Xavier
Sanchez-Vila, Jesus Carrera, and Josâe Jaime Gâomez-
Wavelets in geodesy and geodynamics ~ Wolfgang Keller           QE33.2 .W38 K45 2004    GALLAGHER
Introduction to environmental geology ~ Edward A. Keller        QE38 .K46 2005          GALLAGHER
Geologic excursions in the California deserts and adjacent
transverse ranges : fieldtrip guidebook and volume prepared
for the joint meeting of the Cordilleran Section--GSA and
                                                                 QE89 .G43 2001           GALLAGHER
Pacific Section--AAPG, April 9-11, 2001, Universal City,
California : fieldtrips 1-4 ~ compiled by George Dunne and
John Cooper
Geologic transect across the western Transverse Ranges ~
                                                                 QE90 .T75 G46 1986       GALLAGHER
editors, Thomas L. Davis and Jay S. Namson
Toronto rocks : the geological legacy of the Toronto region ~
                                                                 QE191 .E943 2004         GALLAGHER
Nick Eyles
Geology of the Baja California peninsula ~ editor, Virgil A.
                                                                 QE203 .B34 G46 1984      GALLAGHER
Frizzell, Jr
Kaolin genesis and utilization : a collection of papers
presented at the Keller '90 Kaolin Symposium ~ editors           QE389.625 .K36 1993      GALLAGHER
Haydn H. Murray, Wayne M. Bundy, Colin C. Harvey
Illite : origins, evolution, and metamorphism ~ Alain Meunier,
                                                                 QE389.625 .M48 2004      GALLAGHER
Bruce Velde
Introduction to ore-forming processes ~ Laurence Robb            QE390 .R63 2005          GALLAGHER
Precambrian ophiolites and related rocks ~ edited by T.M.
                                                                 QE462 .O6 P74 2004       GALLAGHER
Seismic reflection processing : with special reference to
                                                                 QE538.5 .U63 2004        GALLAGHER
anisotropy ~ S.K. Upadhyay
Paleogene of the Eastern Alps ~ edited by Werner E. Piller
                                                                 QE691.5 .P35 2001        GALLAGHER
and Michael W. Rasser
Microfacies of carbonate rocks : analysis, interpretation and
                                                                 QE719 .F58 2004          GALLAGHER
application ~ Erik Flèugel
Extinctions in the history of life ~ edited by Paul D. Taylor
                                                                 QE721.2 .E97 E95 2004    GALLAGHER

Catastrophes and lesser calamities : the causes of mass
                                                                 QE721.2 .E97 H347 2004   GALLAGHER
extinctions ~ Tony Hallam
American women conservationists : twelve profiles ~ by
                                                                 QH26 .H65 2004           MACK-BLOCK
Madelyn Holmes
Experimental approaches to conservation biology ~ edited
                                                                 QH75 .E96 2004           MACK-BLOCK
by Malcolm S. Gordon and Soraya M. Bartol
Getting biodiversity projects to work : towards more effective
conservation and development ~ edited by Thomas O.               QH75 .G47 2004           MACK-BLOCK
McShane and Michael P. Wells
Using the ecosystem approach to implement the convention
on biological diversity : key issues and case studies ~ R.D.     QH75 .S59 2003           MACK-BLOCK
Smith and E. Maltby
Guidelines for management planning of protected areas ~
                                                                 QH75 .T54 2003           MACK-BLOCK
Lee Thomas and Julie Middleton
Rewilding North America : a vision for conservation in the
                                                                 QH77 .N56 F65 2004       MACK-BLOCK
21st century ~ Dave Foreman
The rise of conservation in South Africa : settlers, livestock,
and the environment 1770-1950 ~ William Beinart                   QH77 .S62 B45 2003      MACK-BLOCK

Freshwater ecosystems and climate change in North
America : a regional assessment ~ edited by Colbert E.            QH102 .F74 1997         MACK-BLOCK
A dictionary of biology                                           QH302.5 .D48 2004       2LB-REF
The Penguin dictionary of biology ~ M. Thain, M. Hickman ;
                                                                  QH302.5 .T43 2004       2LB-REF
diagrams by Raymond Turvey
Explorations in basic biology ~ Stanley E. Gunstream              QH317 .G848 2005        MACK-BLOCK
Modeling and simulation in medicine and the life sciences ~
                                                                  QH323.5 .H67 2002       MACK-BLOCK
Frank C. Hoppensteadt, Charles S. Peskin
Kernel methods in computational biology ~ edited by
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Bernhard Schèolkopf, Koji Tsuda, Jean-Philippe Vert
The nature of biological systems as revealed by thermal
                                                                  QH331 .N375 2004        MACK-BLOCK
methods ~ edited by Dâenes Lîorinczy
Encyclopedia of bioethics ~ edited by Stephen G. Post             QH332 .E52 2004 V.1     2LB-REF
Encyclopedia of bioethics ~ edited by Stephen G. Post             QH332 .E52 2004 V.2     2LB-REF
Encyclopedia of bioethics ~ edited by Stephen G. Post             QH332 .E52 2004 V.3     2LB-REF
Encyclopedia of bioethics ~ edited by Stephen G. Post             QH332 .E52 2004 V.4     2LB-REF
Encyclopedia of bioethics ~ edited by Stephen G. Post             QH332 .E52 2004 V.5     2LB-REF
Geometric morphometrics for biologists : a primer ~ Miriam
                                                                  QH351 .G46 2004         MACK-BLOCK
Leah Zelditch ... [et al.]
Population biology : concepts and models ~ Alan Hastings
                                                                  QH352 .H37 1997         MACK-BLOCK

Consumer-resource dynamics ~ William W. Murdoch, Cheryl
                                                                  QH352 .M96 2003         MACK-BLOCK
J. Briggs, and Roger M. Nisbet
Population ecology : first principles ~ John H. Vandermeer
                                                                  QH352 .V36 2003         MACK-BLOCK
and Deborah E. Goldberg
The pursuit of perfection : aspects of biochemical evolution
                                                                  QH371 .C67 2004         MACK-BLOCK
~ Athel Cornish-Bowden
Molecular evolution : a phylogenetic approach ~ Roderic
                                                                  QH390 .P34 1998         1LT-RESN
D.M. Page, Edward C. Holmes
Genetics ~ Richard Robinson, [editor in chief]                    QH427 .G46 2003 V.1     2LB-REF
Genetics ~ Richard Robinson, [editor in chief]                    QH427 .G46 2003 V.2     2LB-REF
Genetics ~ Richard Robinson, [editor in chief]                    QH427 .G46 2003 V.3     2LB-REF
Genetics ~ Richard Robinson, [editor in chief]                    QH427 .G46 2003 V.4     2LB-REF
Extreme measures : the dark visions and bright ideas of
                                                                  QH429.2 .G35 B76 2004   MACK-TOWER
Francis Galton ~ by Martin Brookes
Genetics : a molecular perspective ~ William S. Klug,
Michael R. Cummings ; with contributions by Jon Herron,           QH442 .K58 2003         MACK-BLOCK
Charlotte Spencer, Sarah M. Ward
Recoding nature : critical perspectives on genetic
engineering ~ edited by Richard Hindmarsh and Geoffrey            QH442 .R426 2004        MACK-BLOCK
On cloning ~ John Harris                                          QH442.2 .H37 2004        MACK-BLOCK
The GMO handbook : genetically modified animals,
microbes, and plants in biotechnology ~ edited by Sarad R.        QH442.6 .G66 2004        MACK-BLOCK
The epistemology of development, evolution, and genetics :
                                                                  QH491 .B86 2005          MACK-BLOCK
selected essays ~ Richard M. Burian
The fetal matrix : evolution, development, and disease ~
                                                                  QH491 .G58 2005          MEDICAL
Peter Gluckman, Mark Hanson
Gene expression profiling : methods and protocols ~ edited
                                                                  QH506 .M39 V.258         MEDICAL
by Richard A. Shimkets
Flow cytometry protocols ~ edited by Teresa S. Hawley,
                                                                  QH506 .M39 V.263         MEDICAL
Robert G. Hawley
Nitric oxide protocols                                            QH506 .M39 V.279         MEDICAL
Basic cell culture protocols                                      QH506 .M39 V.290         MEDICAL
The Clean Development Mechanism : implications for
energy and sustainable agriculture and rural development          QH540 .E57 NO.6          MACK-BLOCK
projects ~ by Daniele Guidi, Gustavo Best
Between hazards of starvation and risk of predation : the
ecology of offshore animals ~ Z. Maciej Gliwicz ; introduction
                                                                  QH540 .E92 NO.12         MACK-BLOCK
(Otto Kinne) ; Z. Maciej Gliwicz: a laudatio (Winfried Lampert)

Regime shifts in lake ecosystems : pattern and variation ~
Stephen R. Carpenter ; introduction (Otto Kinne) ; Stephen        QH540 .E92 NO.15         MACK-BLOCK
R. Carpenter: A laudatio (Wolfgang Wieser)
Dictionary of environment & ecology ~ P.H. Collin                 QH540.4 .D53 2004        MACK-BLOCK
Fundamentals of ecology ~ Eugene P. Odum, Gary W.
                                                                  QH541 .O3 2005           MACK-BLOCK
Business & biodiversity : the handbook for corporate action
~ [team of authors from] Earthwatch Europe, IUCN - the
                                                                  QH541.15 .B56 B87 2002   MACK-BLOCK
World Conservation Union [and] World Business Council for
Sustainable Development
Balancing water for humans and nature : the new approach
in ecohydrology ~ Malin Falkenmark and Johan Rockstrom ;          QH541.15 .E19 F35 2004   MACK-BLOCK
with contributions by Hubert Savenije
Assembly rules and restoration ecology : bridging the gap
between theory and practice ~ edited by Vicky M.                  QH541.15 .R45 A87 2004   MACK-BLOCK
Temperton ... [et al.]
Forest canopies ~ edited by Margaret D. Lowman, H. Bruce
                                                                  QH541.5 .F6 F66 2004     MACK-BLOCK
Boreal forest of Canada and Russia = Taæiga Kanady i
                                                                  QH541.5 .T3 P82 2004     MACK-BLOCK
Rossii ~ W.O. Pruitt and L.M. Baskin
New types of persistent halogenated compounds ~ volume
                                                                  QH545 .A1 H36 V.3 PT.K   MACK-BLOCK
editor, J. Paasivirta
Cell and molecular biology : concepts and experiments ~
                                                                  QH577 .K37 2005          MEDICAL
Gerald Karp, Peter van der Geer
Stem cell research : new frontiers in science and ethics ~
                                                                   QH588 .S83 S74 2003    MACK-BLOCK
edited by Nancy E. Snow
The nucleolus ~ [edited by] Mark O.J. Olson                        QH596 .N83 2004        MACK-BLOCK
Cellular physiology ~ Mordecai P. Blaustein, Joseph P.Y.
                                                                   QH631 .B58 2004        MACK-BLOCK
Kao, Donald R. Matteson
Polarity in plants ~ edited by Keith Lindsey                       QK1 .A54 V.12          MACK-BLOCK
Plastids ~ edited by Simon Geir M²ller                             QK1 .A54 V.13          MACK-BLOCK
The moss flora of Britain and Ireland ~ A.J.E. Smith ; with
illustrations by Ruth Smith ; additional illustrations by A.J.E.   QK543 .S63 2004        MACK-BLOCK
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                                                                   QK861 .H4513 2005      MACK-BLOCK
with Fiona Heldt
Photosynthesis : regulation under varying light regimes ~
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V.S. Rama Das
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Egbert G. Leigh, Jr
Beyond the outer shores : the untold odyssey of Ed Ricketts,
the pioneering ecologist who inspired John Steinbeck and           QL31 .R53 T36 2004     MACK-TOWER
Joseph Campbell ~ Eric Enno Tamm
A history of the animal world in the ancient Near East ~
                                                                   QL85 .H57 2002         MACK-BLOCK
edited by Billie Jean Collins
No turning back : the life and death of animal species ~
                                                                   QL88 .E44 2004         GALLAGHER
written and illustrated by Richard Ellis
Protozoan plankton ecology ~ Johanna-Laybourn Parry                QL366 .L383 1992       MACK-BLOCK
The earth moved : on the remarkable achievements of
                                                                   QL391 .A6 S74 2004     KANANASKIS
earthworms ~ by Amy Stewart
Nematode behaviour ~ edited by Randy Gaugler and Anwar
                                                                   QL391 .N4 N43 2004     MACK-BLOCK
L. Bilgrami
Land snails of British Columbia ~ Robert G. Forsyth                QL430.4 .F67 2004      MACK-BLOCK
Damselflies of Alberta : flying neon toothpicks in the grass ~
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John Acorn
The black flies (Simuliidae) of North America ~ Peter H.
Adler, Douglas C. Currie, D. Monty Wood ; with a foreword
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by Daniel H. Janzen & illustrations by Ralph M. Idema &
Lawrence W. Zettler
Tropical butterflies of the world ~ J. Duane Sept                  QL560.6 .S47 2003      MACK-BLOCK
Sweetness & light : the mysterious history of the honeybee ~
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Hattie Ellis
The encyclopedia of animals : a complete visual guide ~
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[consultants, Fred Cooke ... et al.]
Freshwater fishes of the northeastern United States : a field
                                                                   QL628 .N92 W47 2004    MACK-BLOCK
guide ~ Robert G. Werner
A sheltered life : the unexpected history of the giant tortoise
                                                                   QL666 .C584 C49 2004   MACK-BLOCK
~ Paul Chambers
The venomous reptiles of the Western Hemisphere ~ by
Jonathan A. Campbell and William W. Lamar, with                QL666 .O6 C32 2004 V.1   2LB-REF
contributions by Edmund D. Brodie III ... [et al.]
The venomous reptiles of the Western Hemisphere ~ by
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contributions by Edmund D. Brodie III ... [et al.]
The new encyclopedia of birds ~ edited by Chris Perrins        QL672.2 .N48 2004        2LB-REF
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Birds and mammals of Ladakh ~ Otto Pfister                     QL691 .I4 P45 2004       MACK-BLOCK
Field guide to the birds of Australia ~ Ken Simpson &
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Nicolas Day ; with Peter Trusler
Winged migration ~ text by Jean-Franois Mongibeaux ;
prefaces by Jacques Perrin and Jean Dorst ; Galatâee Films
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photographers, Mathieu Simonet ... [et al. ; English
translation by David Wharry]
Mammalogy : adaptation, diversity, ecology ~ George A.
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Feldhamer ... [et al.]
The biology and conservation of wild canids ~ edited by
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David W. Macdonald and Claudio Sillero-Zubiri
Coyote : seeking the hunter in our midst ~ Catherine Reid      QL737 .C22 R45 2004      MACK-BLOCK
Macaque societies : a model for the study of social
organization ~ edited by Bernard Thierry, Mewa Singh, and      QL737 .P93 M29 2004      MACK-BLOCK
Werner Kaummanns
The cultured chimpanzee : reflections on cultural
                                                               QL737 .P96 M393 2004     MACK-BLOCK
primatology ~ W.C. McGrew
Among orangutans : red apes and the rise of human culture
~ Carel van Schaik ; photographs by Perry van Duijnhoven       QL737 .P96 S385 2004     MACK-BLOCK

Prairie ghost : pronghorn and human interaction in early
America ~ Richard E. McCabe, Bart W. O'Gara and Henry          QL737 .U52 M33 2004      MACK-BLOCK
M. Reeves ; illustrated by Daniel P. Metz
The physical measurement of bone ~ edited by C.M.
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Handbook of stress medicine and health ~ edited by Cary L.
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Circadian clocks ~ edited by Joseph S. Takahashi, Fred W.
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Turek, and Robert Y. Moore
Fundamentals of human neuropsychology ~ Bryan Kolb, Ian
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Q. Whishaw
Suprachiasmatic nucleus : the mind's clock ~ edited by
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David C. Klein, Robert Y. Moore, Steven M. Reppert
Cell signalling in prokaryotes and lower metazoa ~ edited by
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Ian Fairweather
Bioanalytical chemistry ~ Andreas Manz, Nicole Pamme,
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Dimitri Iossifidis
Principles of proteomics ~ Richard M. Twyman                     QP551 .T94 2004        MACK-BLOCK
DNA sequencing : optimizing the process and analysis ~
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edited by Jan Kieleczawa
The phylogenetic handbook : a practical approach to DNA
and protein phylogeny ~ edited by Marco Salemi and Anne-         QP624 .P485 2003       1LT-RESN
Mieke Vandamme
The encyclopedia of vitamins, minerals, and supplements ~
Tova Navarra ; foreword by Wendy Shankin-Cohen                   QP771 .E53 2004        2LB-REF

Brock biology of microorganisms ~ Michael T. Madigan,
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John M. Martinko, Jack Parker
Genetics and regulation of nitrogen fixation in free-living
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bacteria ~ edited by Werner Klipp ... [et al.]
Cultural heritage and aerobiology : methods and
measurement techniques for biodeterioration monitoring ~
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edited by Paolo Mandrioli, Giulia Caneva and Cristina
Living with germs : in sickness and in health ~ John Playfair
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The innate immune response to infection ~ edited by Stefan
H.E. Kaufmann, Ruslan Medzhitov, Siamon Gordon                   QR185.2 .I56 2004      MACK-BLOCK

Pathogenic fungi : host interactions and emerging strategies
for control ~ edited by Gioconda San-Blas, Richard A.            QR245 .P38 2004        MACK-BLOCK
Physiology in the American context, 1850-1940 ~ edited by
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Gerald L. Geison
Virtual bio-instrumentation : biomedical, clinical, and
healthcare applications in LabVIEW ~ Jon B. Olansen, Eric        QT34 .O43 2002         MEDICAL
Winter sports medicine : handbook ~ [edited by] James L.
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Moeller, Sami F. Rifat
Pharmacology and the nursing process ~ Linda Lane Lilley,
Scott Harrington, Julie S. Snyder ; with study skills content    QV4 .L55 2005          MEDICAL
by Richard E. Lake
Mosby's pharmacology in nursing ~ Leda M. McKenry,
                                                                 QV4 .M39 2003          MEDICAL
Evelyn Salerno
The mold in Dr. Florey's coat : the story of the penicillin
                                                                 QV354 .L39 2004        MEDICAL
miracle ~ Eric Lax
The $800 million pill : the truth behind the cost of new drugs
                                                                 QV736 .G628 2004       MEDICAL
~ Merrill Goozner
Drug discovery and design : medical aspects ~ edited by J.
                                                                 QV744 .D795 2002       MEDICAL
Matsoukas and T. Mavromoustakos
The pharmaceutical regulatory process ~ edited by Ira R.
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Microbial inhabitants of humans : their ecology and role in
                                                                 QW4 .W55 2005          MEDICAL
health and disease ~ Michael Wilson
Pseudomonas ~ edited by Juan-Luis Ramos                          QW131 .P693 2004 V.2   MEDICAL
Medical entomology for students ~ Mike W. Service                QX500 .S47 2004        MEDICAL
Making mice : standardizing animals for American
                                                                 QY60 .R6 R33 2004      MEDICAL
biomedical research, 1900-1955 ~ Karen A. Rader
Thompson & Thompson genetics in medicine                         QZ50 .T54 2004         1LT-RESN
Clinical applications of pathophysiology : assessment,
diagnostic reasoning, and management ~ Valentina L.              QZ140 .B73 2002        MEDICAL
Cancer in context : a practical guide to supportive care ~
                                                                 QZ200 .B74 2004        MEDICAL
James Brennan in collaboration with Clare Moynihan
Mouse models of human cancer ~ edited by Eric C. Holland
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Misconceptions about the causes of cancer ~ Lois Swirsky
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Gold ... [et al.]
Psychosocial aspects of pediatric oncology ~ editors,
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Shulamith Kreitler, Myriam Weyl Ben Arush
Medicine on a grand scale : Rudolf Virchow, liberalism, and
                                                                 R512 .V7 M38 2002      IN-PROCESS
the public health ~ Ian F. McNeely
Using knowledge and evidence in health care :
multidisciplinary perspectives ~ edited by Louise Lemieux-       R723.7 .U85 2004       MACK-BLOCK
Charles and Franðcois Champagne
Contemporary readings in biomedical ethics ~ Walter
                                                                 R725.5 .G53 2002       MACK-BLOCK
Using alternative therapies : a qualitative analysis ~
                                                                 R733 .L67 2004         MACK-BLOCK
Jacqueline Low
The mainstreaming of complementary and alternative
medicine : studies in social context ~ edited by Philip Tovey,
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Gary Easthope, and Jon Adams ; foreword by Bryan S.
The digital biomedical illustration handbook ~ Mike de la Flor
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Signals and systems in biomedical engineering : signal
processing and physiological systems modeling ~ Suresh R. R856 .D4675 2000              MACK-BLOCK
Micro- and nanotechnology for biomedical and
environmental applications : 26-27 January 2000, San Jose,
California, USA ~ Raymond P. Mariella, Jr., chair/editor ;
sponsored by U.S. Air Force Office of Scientific Research, R857 .B54 M53 2000           MACK-BLOCK
SPIE--the International Society for Optical Engineering,
[and] IBOS--International Biomedical Optics Society

Health privacy compliance and security of health information
                                                                 R864 .H43 2003         MACK-BLOCK
Hope in hell : inside the world of Doctors Without Borders ~
                                                                 RA390 .A2 B67 2004       MACK-BLOCK
Dan Bortolotti
New medical technologies and society : reordering life ~ Nik
                                                                 RA418.5 .M4 B76 2004     MACK-BLOCK
Brown and Andrew Webster
Health and the media ~ edited by Clive Seale                     RA440.5 .H39 2004        MACK-BLOCK
Intermediate care : what do we know about older people's
                                                                 RA564.8 .P48 2003        MACK-BLOCK
experiences? ~ Alison Petch
Assessment of occupational exposure due to external
sources of radiation : safety guide ~ jointly sponsored by the
                                                                 RA569 .A88 1999          MACK-BLOCK
International Atomic Energy Agency and the International
Labour Office
Methods for assessing occupational radiation doses due to
                                                                 RA569 .M48 2004          MACK-BLOCK
intakes of radionuclides
Radiological protection for medical exposure to ionizing
radiation : safety guide ~ jointly sponsored by the
                                                                 RA569 .R35 2002          MACK-BLOCK
International Atomic Energy Agency, the Pan American
Health Organization and the World Health Organization
The political economy of AIDS in Africa ~ edited by Nana K.
                                                                 RA643.86 .A37 P64 2004   MACK-BLOCK
Poku and Alan Whiteside
AIDS activist : Michael Lynch and the politics of community
                                                                 RA643.86 .C3 S55 2003    MACK-BLOCK
~ Ann Silversides
SARS, governance and the globalization of disease ~ David
                                                                 RA644 .S17 F53 2004      MACK-BLOCK
P. Fidler
Ayurveda : a way of life ~ Vinod Verma                           RA776.5 .V47 2001        MACK-BLOCK
Nutrition and well-being A to Z ~ Delores C.S. James, editor
                                                                 RA784 .N845 2004 V.1     2LB-REF
in chief
Nutrition and well-being A to Z ~ Delores C.S. James, editor
                                                                 RA784 .N845 2004 V.2     2LB-REF
in chief
Stress management : from basic science to better practice ~
                                                                 RA785 .L56 2005          MACK-BLOCK
Wolfgang Linden
Using workbooks in mental health : resources in prevention,
psychotherapy, and rehabilitation for clinicians and             RA790.8 .U85 2004        MACK-BLOCK
researchers ~ Luciano L'Abate, editor
The genetic imaginary : DNA in the Canadian criminal justice
                                                                 RA1057.55 .G47 2004      MACK-BLOCK
system ~ Neil Gerlach
Pathology and law : a practical guide for the pathologist ~
                                                                 RA1063.4 .D38 2004       LAW-1STFLR
Gregory G. Davis
Personality-guided forensic psychology ~ Robert J. Craig         RA1148 .C73 2005         MACK-BLOCK
Introduction to forensic psychology : clinical and social
psychological perspectives ~ Lenore E.A. Walker and David        RA1148 .W35 2003         MACK-BLOCK
L. Shapiro
Self-made madness : rethinking illness and criminal
                                                                 RA1151 .M57 2003         LAW-1STFLR
responsibility ~ Edward W. Mitchell
Radiation protection against radon in workplaces other than
mines ~ jointly sponsored by the International Atomic Energy
                                                             RA1247 .R33 R26 2003           MACK-BLOCK
Agency and the International Labour Office

Pathophysiology : concepts of altered health states ~ Carol
                                                                   RB113 .P67 2005          1LT-RES
Mattson Porth
Splicing life? : the new genetics and society ~ Peter
                                                                   RB155 .G57 2004          MACK-BLOCK
Glasner, Harry Rothman
Mind-body unity : a new vision for mind-body science and
                                                                   RC49 .D74 2003           MACK-BLOCK
medicine ~ Henry Dreher
Biomedical image analysis ~ Rangaraj M. Rangayyan                  RC78.7 .D53 R36 2005     1LT-RES
Melanie Klein ~ Julia Segal                                        RC339.52 .K54 S44 2004   MACK-BLOCK
Mind wide open : your brain and the neuroscience of
                                                                   RC341 .J64 2004          MACK-BLOCK
everyday life ~ Steven Johnson
Dementia : a clinical approach ~ Mario F. Mendez, Jeffrey L.
                                                                   RC386.2 .C85 2003        MACK-BLOCK
Drug-induced movement disorders ~ edited by Kapil D. Sethi
                                                                   RC394 .T37 D78 2004      MACK-BLOCK

Dyslexia, reading, and the brain : a sourcebook of
psychological and biological research ~ by Alan A. Beaton          RC394 .W6 B43 2004       MACK-BLOCK

Recovery in mental illness : broadening our understanding
of wellness ~ edited by Ruth O. Ralph and Patrick W.       RC439.5 .R43 2004                MACK-BLOCK
Mental health profiles for a sample of British Columbia'a
aboriginal survivors of the Canadian Residential School
System ~ prepared for The Aboriginal Healing Foundation by RC451.5 .I5 C67 2003             MACK-BLOCK
Raymond R. Corrado, Irwin M. Cohen, Corrado Research
and Evaluation Associates Inc
Healing and mental health for Native Americans : speaking
in red ~ edited by Ethan Nebelkopf and Mary Phillips       RC451.5 .I5 H43 2004             MACK-BLOCK

Social inequalities and the distribution of the common
mental disorders ~ edited by David Melzer, Tom Fryers,             RC455.2 .E64 S63 2004    MACK-BLOCK
Rachel Jenkins
Introduction to clinical psychology : science and practice ~
                                                                   RC467 .C648 2002         1LT-RES
Bruce E. Compas, Ian H. Gotlib
Bergin and Garfield's handbook of psychotherapy and
                                                                   RC480 .B46 2004          1LT-RES
behavior change
On call psychiatry ~ [edited by] Carol A. Bernstein ... [et al.]
                                                                   RC480.6 .O5 2001         MACK-BLOCK

Prozac as a way of life ~ edited by Carl Elliott and Tod
                                                                   RC483.5 .F55 P76 2004    MACK-BLOCK
The complexity of connection : writings from the Stone
Center's Jean Baker Miller Training Institute ~ edited by          RC489 .F45 C66 2004     IN-PROCESS
Judith V. Jordan, Maureen Walker, Linda M. Hartling
The power of spirituality in therapy : integrating spiritual and
religious beliefs in mental health practice ~ Peter A. Kahle,      RC489 .S676 K34 2004    MACK-BLOCK
John M. Robbins
Endings in clinical practice : effective closure in diverse
settings ~ Joseph Walsh ; foreword by Thomas M.                    RC489 .T45 W35 2003     MACK-BLOCK
Schizophrenia in late life : aging effects on symptoms and
                                                                   RC514 .H375 2005        MACK-BLOCK
course of illness ~ Philip D. Harvey
Alzheimer's disease ~ Ralph W. Richter, Brigitte Zoeller
                                                                   RC523 .R53 2002         MACK-TOWER
Overcoming depression : wholistic strategies that work ~ by
                                                                   RC537 .S33 2003         LDLR
Teeya Scholten
War and redemption : treatment and recovery in combat-
                                                                   RC552 .P67 D49 2004     MACK-BLOCK
related posttraumatic stress disorder ~ Larry Dewey
Autism and Asperger Syndrome : preparing for adulthood ~
                                                                   RC553 .A88 H69 2004     MACK-BLOCK
Patricia Howlin
Motivating substance abusers to enter treatment : working
with family members ~ Jane Ellen Smith, Robert J. Meyers           RC564 .S55 2004         MACK-BLOCK

Addiction as an attachment disorder ~ Philip J. Flores             RC565 .F57 2004         MACK-BLOCK
Prevention of problem gambling among adolescents :
development of an interactive multimedia program ~ by              RC569.5 .G35 S54 2003   MACK-BLOCK
Michael S. Shepard
Cardiac nursing ~ [edited by] Susan L. Woods ... [et al.]          RC674 .C33 2005         1LT-RES
The rise of Viagra : how the little blue pill changed sex in
                                                                   RC889 .L64 2004         MACK-BLOCK
America ~ Meika Loe
Optimization of radiation protection in the control of
occupational exposure ~ International Atomic Energy Agency         RC965 .R25 O68 2002     MACK-BLOCK

The biochemical basis of sports performance ~ Ron
                                                                   RC1210 .M383 2004       MACK-BLOCK
Maughan, Michael Gleeson
Concepts of athletic training ~ Ronald P. Pfeiffer, Brent C.
                                                                   RC1210 .P45 2005        MACK-BLOCK
Sports medicine : a comprehensive approach ~ [edited by]
                                                                   RC1210 .S644 2005       MACK-BLOCK
Giles R. Scuderi, Peter D. McCann
Foundations of athletic training : prevention, assessment,
and management ~ Marcia K. Anderson, Susan J. Hall,                RD97 .A53 2004          MACK-BLOCK
Malissa Martin
Orthopedic and athletic injury evaluation handbook ~ Chad
                                                                   RD97 .S833 2003         MACK-BLOCK
Starkey, Jeffrey L. Ryan
Taping techniques : principles and practice ~ edited by Rose
                                                                   RD113 .T37 2004         MACK-BLOCK
Gastrointestinal disease : an endoscopic approach ~ editors,
Anthony J. DiMarino, Jr., Stanley B. Benjamin ; section      RD540 .G37 2002               MACK-BLOCK
editors, Firas H. Al-Kawas ... [et al.]
Reproductive agency, medicine, and the state : cultural
transformations in childbearing ~ edited by Maya Unnithan- RG133.5 .R4565 2004             MACK-BLOCK
Women without a shadow : maternal desire and assisted
reproductive technologies ~ Silvia Tubert ;editorial
                                                             RG133.5 .T83 2004             MACK-BLOCK
consultant Anthony Molino ; translated by Mariano Peyrou

Pediatric exercise medicine : from physiologic principles to
health care application ~ Oded Bar-Or, Thomas W. Rowland RJ53 .E95 B37 2004                MACK-BLOCK

The presence of the therapist : treating childhood trauma ~
                                                                   RJ504.2 .L36 2004       MACK-BLOCK
Monica Lanyado
Asperger's syndrome : intervening in schools, clinics, and
communities ~ edited by Linda J. Baker, Lawrence A.                RJ506 .A9 A76 2005      MACK-BLOCK
Behavior disorders of childhood ~ Rita Wicks-Nelson, Allen
                                                                   RJ506 .B44 W43 2003     1LT-RES
C. Israel
Learning disabilities in India : willing the mind to learn ~
                                                                   RJ506 .L4 L436 2003     MACK-BLOCK
edited by Prathibha Karanth, Joe Rozario
Skin in water-colours : aquarelles from Hebra's Department
in Vienna, 1841-1843 ~ Stella Fatoviâc-Ferenéciâc, Gerd            RL46 .S65 2003          MACK-BLOCK
Plewig, Karl Holubar (eds.)
Hands-on sports therapy ~ Keith Ward                               RM701 .W37 2004         MACK-BLOCK
Rome at war : farms, families, and death in the Middle
                                                                   S431 .R67 2004          MACK-BLOCK
Republic ~ by Nathan Rosenstein
Medieval farming and technology : the impact of agricultural
change in northwest Europe ~ edited by Grenville Astill and        S452 .M43 1997          MACK-TOWER
John Langdon
Agrodiversity : learning from farmers across the world ~
edited by Harold Brookfield, Helen Parsons, and Muriel             S494.5 .A43 A39 2003    MACK-BLOCK
Agroforestry and biodiversity conservation in tropical
                                                                   S494.5 .A45 A474 2004   MACK-BLOCK
landscapes ~ edited by Gotz Schroth ... [et al.]
Flexible incentives for the adoption of environmental
technologies in agriculture ~ edited by Frank Casey ... [et al.]   S494.5 .I5 F54 1999     MACK-BLOCK

Intensive agriculture and sustainability : a farming systems
                                                                   S589.7 .I58 2004        MACK-BLOCK
analysis ~ edited by Glen C. Filson
Reclamation in the Rockies : proceedings of the Twenty-
First Annual British Columbia Mine Reclamation Symposium
and the Twenty-Second Annual Canadian Land Reclamation
Meeting convened at the Inn of the South, Cranbrook, British
Columbia, September 22 to 25, 1997 ~ organized by the
                                                             S621.5 .S8 B75 1997          MACK-BLOCK
British Columbia Technical and Research Committee on
Reclamation in conjunction with the Canadian Land
Reclamation Association ; in cooperation with B.C. Ministry
of Employment and Investment, Energy and Minerals
Division ... [et al.]
The Science of sustainable development : local livelihoods
and the global environment ~ Jeffrey Sayer, Bruce Campbell S928 .S28 2004                 MACK-BLOCK

Plant breeding : Mendelian to molecular approaches ~
                                                                   SB123 .P555 2004       MACK-BLOCK
editors, H.K. Jain, M.C. Kharkwal
Genetically modified language : the discourse of arguments
                                                                   SB123.57 .C66 2005     MACK-BLOCK
for GM crops and food ~ Guy Cook
In vitro application in crop improvement ~ editors, A. Mujib ...
                                                                   SB123.6 .I58 2004      MACK-BLOCK
[et al.]
Brassica ~ edited by E.C. Pua and C.J. Douglas                     SB317 .B65 B72 2004    MACK-BLOCK
Encyclopedia of hydrangeas ~ C.J. van Gelderen, D.M. van
                                                                   SB413 .H93 G45 2004    2LB-REF
Planting green roofs and living walls ~ Nigel Dunnett and
                                                                   SB419.5 .D85 2004      MACK-BLOCK
Noèel Kingsbury
Ecological aesthetics : art in environmental design : theory
and practice ~ initiated by Herman Prigann ; edited by Heike       SB472 .E28 2004        MACK-BLOCK
Strelow in co-operation with Vera David
Weathering and durability in landscape architecture :
fundamentals, practices, and case studies ~ Niall Kirkwood         SB472 .K58 2004        MACK-BLOCK

The dynamic landscape : design, ecology, and management
of naturalistic urban planting ~ [edited by] Nigel Dunnett and     SB473 .D95 2004        MACK-BLOCK
James Hitchmough
Governing through markets : forest certification and the
emergence of non-state authority ~ Benjamin Cashore,               SD387 .S69 C37 2004    MACK-BLOCK
Graeme Auld, Deanna Newsom
Positive impact forestry : a sustainable approach to
managing woodlands ~ Thom J. McEvoy ; foreword by                  SD387 .S87 M389 2004   MACK-BLOCK
Senator Jim Jeffords
Rehabilitation and restoration of degraded forests ~ David
                                                                   SD418 .L36 2003        MACK-TOWER
Lamb and Don Gilmour
The U.S. Forest Service : a history ~ Harold K. Steen ; with
                                                                   SD565 .S74 2004        MACK-BLOCK
a new preface by the author
Competing for advantage ~ Robert E. Hoskisson, Michael A.
                                                                   SGMA591                BUS-RES
Hitt, R. Duane Ireland
Red tides ~ edited by Tomotoshi Okaichi ... [et al.]            SH177 .A46 R43 2004   MACK-BLOCK
The North Atlantic fisheries : successes, failures, and
challenges ~ edited by Ragnar Arnason and Lawrence Felt         SH213.2 N67 1995      MACK-BLOCK

Wild country : the best of Andy Russell ~ [Andy Russell] ;
                                                                SK17 .R92 A3 2004     MACK-BLOCK
edited by R. Bruce Morrison
Classical falconry : a treatise on rook and crow hawking ~
                                                                SK321 .F69 2004       MACK-BLOCK
Nick Fox
In the shadow of the Rockies ~ Robert J. Adams                  SK354 .A33 A3 2003    MACK-BLOCK
Historical dictionary of Lesotho ~ Scott Rosenberg, Richard
                                                                ST787 .H34 2004       2LB-REF
F. Weisfelder, Michelle Frisbie-Fulton
Detection of radioactive materials at borders ~ jointly
                                                                T1 .I23 V.1312        MACK-BLOCK
sponsored by IAEA ... [et al.]
Response to events involving the inadvertent movement or
                                                                T1 .I23 V.1313        MACK-BLOCK
illicit trafficking of radioactive materials
Risk communication : a handbook for communicating
environmental, safety, and health risks ~ Regina E.             T10.68 .L86 2004      MACK-BLOCK
Lundgren, Andrea H. McMakin
Scientific papers and presentations ~ Martha Davis ;
illustrations by Gloria Fry ; cover and frontispiece by Sheri   T11 .D358 2005        MEDICAL
Wheeler Wiltse
The Chicago guide to writing about numbers ~ Jane E. Miller
                                                                T11 .M54 2004         MACK-BLOCK

Appropriating technology : vernacular science and social
                                                                T14.5 .A67 2004       MACK-BLOCK
power ~ Ron Eglash ... [et al.], editors
Cyberculture : the key concepts ~ David Bell ... [et al.]       T14.5 .C926 2004      MACK-BLOCK
The technological fix : how people use technology to create
                                                                T14.5 .T396 2004      MACK-BLOCK
and solve problems ~ edited by Lisa Rosner
Technological visions : the hopes and fears that shape new
technologies ~ edited by Marita Sturken, Douglas Thomas,        T14.5 .T422 2004      MACK-BLOCK
and Sandra J. Ball-Rokeach
Emergency response to hazardous material incidents              T55.3 .H3 U55 1999    MACK-BLOCK
Information technology control and audit ~ Frederick
                                                                T58.5 .I5573 2004     BUSINESS
Gallegos ... [et al.]
Information systems management in practice ~ [edited by]
                                                                T58.64 .I57 2004      MACK-BLOCK
Barbara C. McNurlin, Ralph H. Sprague, Jr
Advanced topics in information resources management. Vol.
                                                                T58.64 .K56 2004      MACK-BLOCK
3 ~ Mehdi Khosrow-Pour
Performance assurance for IT systems ~ Brian King               T58.64 .K58 2005      BUSINESS
The impact of academic research on industrial performance
~ National Academy of Engineering of the National               T58.8 .I55 2003       BUSINESS
Breakthrough : stories and strategies of radical innovation ~
                                                                T173.8 .S84 2004      MACK-BLOCK
Mark Stefik and Barbara Stefik
Technological choices for sustainability ~ Subhas K. Sikdar,
                                                                 T173.8 .T385 2004    MACK-BLOCK
Peter Glaviéc, Ravi Jain (editors)
Risk modeling, assessment, and management ~ Yacov Y.
                                                                 T174.5 .H35 2004     BUSINESS
Strategic technology management : building bridges
between sciences, engineering, and business management           T175.5 .S835 2003    MACK-BLOCK
~ edited by George Tesar ... [et al.]
European collaboration in research and development :
business strategy and public policy ~ edited by Yannis           T177 .E8 E94 2004    MACK-BLOCK
Caloghirou, Nicholas S. Vonortas, Stavros Ioannides
Great Maritime inventions, 1833-1950 ~ Mario Theriault           T227 .M37 T48 2001   MACK-BLOCK
Real world color management : industrial-strength
production techniques ~ Bruce Fraser, Chris Murphy, Fred         T385 .F67 2005       MACK-BLOCK
Pushing the limits : new adventures in engineering ~ Henry
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Ecological interface design ~ Catherine M. Burns, John R.
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Essentials of project and systems engineering management
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Engineering project management ~ edited by Nigel J. Smith
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Applied statistics for engineers and scientists : using
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Finite element analysis in manufacturing engineering ~
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Edward R. Champion, Jr
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Materials ~ edited by Oscar Riera Ojeda ; introduction and
captions by Mark Pasnik ; chapter headings by James              TA403.6 .M33 2003    MACK-BLOCK
McCown ; photography by Paul Warchol
Plane and geodetic surveying : the managment of control
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networks ~ Aylmer Johnson
An introduction to linear and nonlinear finite element
analysis : a computational approach ~ Prem K. Kythe,             TA646 .K98 2004      MACK-BLOCK
Dongming Wei
Structures : from theory to practice ~ Alan Jennings             TA658.2 .J46 2004    MACK-BLOCK
Free-standing tension structures : from tensegrity systems
                                                               TA663 .W36 2004          MACK-BLOCK
to cable-strut systems ~ Wang Bin Bing
Applications of advanced technologies in transportation
engineering : proceedings of the eighth international
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China Academy of Transportation Sciences, Ministry of
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Introduction to digital image processing with MATLAB ~
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Alasdair McAndrew
3D face processing : modeling, analysis, and synthesis ~
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Zhen Wen, Thomas S. Huang
Hydraulics in civil and environmental engineering ~ Andrew
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Chadwick, John Morfett, Martin Borthwick
Sods, soil, and spades : the Acadians at Grand Prâe and
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their dykeland legacy ~ J. Sherman Bleakney
Water resources and environmental history : June 27-July 1,
2004, Salt Lake City, Utah ~ sponsored by Environmental
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Paul A. DeBarry
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Pollution A to Z ~ Richard Stapleton, editor in chief          TD173 .P65 2004 V.1      2LB-REF
Pollution A to Z ~ Richard Stapleton, editor in chief          TD173 .P65 2004 V.2      2LB-REF
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~ editors: Barry Sadler and Mary McCabe
Green developments [electronic resource] : 200 green
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development case studies from around the world
Extractive industries in arid and semi-arid zones :
environmental planning and management ~ Joachim                TD195 .M5 E97 2003       MACK-BLOCK
Gratzfeld, editor
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remediation ~ Jeff Kuo
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F.C. Alley
Managing indoor air quality ~ H.E. Burroughs, Shirley J.
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Emissions of air pollutants : measurements, calculations and
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uncertainties ~ Rainer Friedrich, Stefan Reis (eds.)
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Training resource pack for hazardous waste management in
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Balkau and Maggie Thurgood for International Solid Waste
Association Working Group on Hazardous Waste, United       TD1030 .W56 2002             MACK-BLOCK
Nations Environment Programme Division of Technology,
Industry and Economics [and] Secretariat of the Basel
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Multi-Media Council, Environmental and Water Resources     TD1060 .E58 2004             MACK-BLOCK
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Wiley's remediation technologies handbook : major
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The handbook of road safety measures ~ edited by Rune
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Elvik, Truls Vaa
Economic impacts of intelligent transportation systems :
innovations and case studies ~ edited by Evangelos Bekiaris      TE228.3 .E26 2004      MACK-BLOCK
and Yuko J. Nakanishi
The bridges of Medieval England : transport and society,
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400-1800 ~ David Harrison
World Trade Center building performance study : data
collection, preliminary observations, and recommendations ~
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[report editor, Therese McAllister : chapter leaders and
authors, Gene Corley ... [et al.]
World Trade Center building performance study : data
collection, preliminary observations, and recommendations ~
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[report editor, Therese McAllister : chapter leaders and
authors, Gene Corley ... [et al.]
Architectural design in steel ~ Peter Trebilcock and Mark
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The tensioned fabric roof ~ Craig G. Huntington                  TH2449 .H86 2004       MACK-BLOCK
Building change-of-use : renovating, adapting, and altering
commercial, institutional, and industrial properties ~ Dorothy   TH3411 .H46 2004       MACK-BLOCK
Henehan, R. Dodge Woodson
Profit from building green : award winning tips to build
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energy efficient homes ~ Jeannie Leggett Sikora
Green remodeling : changing the world one room at a time ~
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David Johnston and Kim Master
A house of straw : a natural building odyssey ~ Carolyn
                                                                 TH4818 .S77 R63 2002   MACK-BLOCK
The good house book : a common-sense guide to
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alternative homebuilding ~ Clarke Snell
Information technology for energy managers ~ compiled and
                                                                 TH6012 .C36 2004       MACK-BLOCK
edited by Barney L. Capehart
Transsolar climate engineering ~ edited by Anja Thierfelder ;
texts by Helmut Jahn ... [et al.] ; essay by Wilfried            TH6025 .T73 2003       MACK-BLOCK
The solar house : passive heating and cooling ~ Daniel D.
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Solar-assisted air-conditioning in buildings : a handbook for
                                                                 TH7687.9 .S65 2004     MACK-BLOCK
planners ~ Hans-Martin Henning (ed.)
Renewable energy : its physics, engineering, use,
environmental impacts, economy and planning aspects ~            TJ163.2 .S65 2004      MACK-BLOCK
Bent S²rensen
Investment grade energy audit : making smart energy
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choices ~ Shirley J. Hansen, James W. Brown
Energy & high performance facility sourcebook ~ [edited by
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Katrina Buff]
Neural network control of robot manipulators and nonlinear
systems ~ F.L. Lewis, S. Jagannathan, A. Yeðsildirek            TJ211.35 .L49 1999       MACK-BLOCK

Nonlinear and adaptive control design ~ Miroslav Krstiâc,
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Ioannis Kanellakopoulos, Petar Kokotoviâc
Modern control engineering ~ Katsuhiko Ogata                    TJ213 .O355 2002         MACK-BLOCK
Strategies for feedback linearisation : a dynamic neural
                                                                TJ216 .S77 2003          MACK-BLOCK
network approach ~ Freddy Garces ... [et al.]
Introduction to microcontrollers : architecture, programming,
and interfacing for the Freescale 68HC12 ~ G.J. Lipovski        TJ223 .P76 L58 2004      MACK-BLOCK

Thermodynamics : an engineering approach ~ Yunus A.
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ðCengel, Michael A. Boles
Fundamentals of classical thermodynamics ~ Gordon J. Van
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Wylen, Richard E. Sonntag, Claus Borgnakke
Design, application, performance and emissions of modern
internal combustion engine systems and components :
proceedings of the 2003 Spring Technical Conference of the
ASME Internal Combustion Engine Division : presented at
2003 Spring Technical Conference of the ASME Internal      TJ782 .A52 2003               MACK-BLOCK
Combustion Engine Division : Salzburg, Austria, May 11-14,
2003 ~ sponsored by the Internal Combusion Engine
Division, ASME ; edited by Neil X. Blythe

Modeling for SI & diesel engines                                TJ789 .M58 2004          MACK-BLOCK
New combustion systems in SI & diesel engines, and
combustion & emission formation processes in diesel             TJ789 .N49 2004          MACK-BLOCK
Renewables and energy for rural development in Sub-
Saharan Africa ~ edited by Maxwell Mapako and Abel              TJ807.9 .A357 R46 2004   MACK-BLOCK
Renewable energy in Europe : building markets and capacity
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~ European Renewable Energy Council
Integrated renewable energy for rural communities :
planning guidelines, technologies, and applications ~ Nasir     TJ808 .E43 2004          MACK-BLOCK
El Bassam, Preben Maegaard
Liquid pipeline hydraulics ~ E. Shashi Menon                    TJ930 .M46 2004          MACK-BLOCK
IEEE/NEMI low-cost open architecture controller
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Principles of communications : systems, modulation, and
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noise ~ R.E. Ziemer, W.H. Tranter
Handbook of product and service development in
communication and information technology ~ edited by Timo       TK5102.7 .H36 2003       BUSINESS
O. Korhonen and Antti Ainamo
The 3G IP multimedia subsystem (IMS) : merging the
internet and the cellular worlds ~ Gonzalo Camarillo and        TK5103.2 .C36 2004       MACK-BLOCK
Miguel A. Garcâia-Martâin
Next generation wireless applications ~ Paul Golding            TK5103.2 .G65 2004       MACK-BLOCK
Wireless communications and networking ~ Jon W. Mark
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and Weihua Zhuang
An introduction to wireless technology ~ Gary S. Rogers,
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John Edwards
Wireless communication systems : advanced techniques for
                                                                TK5103.2 .W36 2004       MACK-BLOCK
signal reception ~ Xiaodong Wang, H. Vincent Poor
Mobile internet : enabling technologies and services ~ edited
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by Apostolis K. Salkintzis
Optical transmission systems engineering ~ Milorad Cvijetic
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Digital communications ~ John G. Proakis                        TK5103.7 .P76 2000       1LT-RES
Programmable networks for IP service deployment ~ Alex
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Galis ... [et al.]
Readings in cyberethics ~ [edited by] Richard A. Spinello,
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Herman T. Tavani
Cisco : a beginner's guide ~ Anthony T. Velte, Toby J. Velte
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TCP/IP essentials : a lab-based approach ~ Shivendra S.
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Panwar ... [et al.]
Fundamentals of network security ~ Eric Maiwald                 TK5105.59 .M348 2004     MACK-BLOCK
Managing your E-mail : thinking outside the inbox ~
                                                                TK5105.73 .C38 2003      MACK-BLOCK
Christina Cavanagh
Wireless network coexistence ~ Robert Morrow                    TK5105.78 .M67 2004      MACK-BLOCK
Community in the digital age : philosophy and practice ~
                                                                TK5105.83 .C66 2004      MACK-BLOCK
edited by Andrew Feenberg and Darin Barney
Storage networks explained : basics and application of fibre
channel SAN, NAS, iSCSI and InfiniBand ~ Ulf Troppens,          TK5105.86 .T76 2004      MACK-BLOCK
Rainer Erkens, Wolfgang Mèuller
Web standards solutions : the markup and style handbook ~
Dan Cederholm ; [foreword by Jeffrey Zeldman]                   TK5105.888 .C43 2004     MACK-BLOCK

LogicWorks 5 : interactive circuit design software ~ Capilano
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Computing Systems Ltd
Nanostructured magnetic materials and their applications ~
edited by Bekir Akta÷s, Lenar Tagirov, and Faik Mikailov      TK7871.15 .M3 N36 2003     MACK-BLOCK

RF and microwave power amplifier design ~ Andrei
                                                                TK7871.58 .P6 G74 2005   MACK-BLOCK
Adaptive antenna arrays : trends and applications ~ Sathish
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Chandran, editor
Microstrip and printed antenna design ~ Randy C. Bancroft
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Semiconductor nanostructures for optoelectronic
                                                                   TK7871.85 .S346 2004       MACK-BLOCK
applications ~ Todd Steiner, editor
CMOS imagers : from phototransduction to image
processing ~ edited by Orly Yadid-Pecht and Ralph Etienne-         TK7871.99 .M44 C555 2004   1LT-RES
The SQUID handbook ~ J. Clarke, A.I. Braginski, eds                TK7872 .S8 S78 V.1         MACK-BLOCK
Co-verification of hardware and software for ARM SoC
                                                                   TK7874 .A57 2004           MACK-BLOCK
design ~ Jason R. Andrews
Enabling technology for MEMS and nanodevices ~ edited by
                                                                   TK7875 .E53 2004           MACK-BLOCK
 H. Baltes ... [et al.]
Nanoenginered assemblies and advanced
micro/nanosystems : symposia held April 13-16, 2004, San
                                                                   TK7875 .N36 2004           MACK-BLOCK
Francisco, California, U.S.A. ~ editors: David P. Taylor ... [et
Electronic instrument design : architecting for the life cycle ~
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Kim Randal Fowler
Palmprint authentication ~ by David D. Zhang                       TK7882 .B56 Z49 2004       MACK-BLOCK
Analog interfacing to embedded microprocessor systems ~
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Stuart R. Ball
Optoelectronics and photonics : principles and practices ~
                                                                   TK8304 .K37 2001           1LT-RES
S.O. Kasap
Corrosion of research reactor aluminium clad spent fuel in
                                                                   TK9001 .I56 NO.418         MACK-BLOCK
Transition from operation to decommissioning of nuclear
                                                                   TK9001 .I56 NO.420         MACK-BLOCK
Management of waste containing tritium and carbon-14               TK9001 .I56 NO.421         MACK-BLOCK
Sediment distribution coefficients and concentration factors
                                                                   TK9001 .I56 NO.422         MACK-BLOCK
for biota in the marine environment
Documentation for use in regulating nuclear facilities : safety
                                                                   TK9152 .D63 2002           MACK-BLOCK
Flood hazard for nuclear power plants on coastal and river
sites : safety guide ~ International Atomic Energy Agency          TK9152 .F563 2003          MACK-BLOCK

Format and content of the safety analysis report for nuclear
                                                                   TK9152 .F64 2004           MACK-BLOCK
power plants : safety guide
Implementation of accident management programmes in
                                                                   TK9152 .I468 2004          MACK-BLOCK
nuclear power plants
Modifications to nuclear power plants : safety guide ~
                                                                   TK9152 .M63 2001           MACK-BLOCK
International Atomic Energy Agency
The operating organization for nuclear power plants : safety
                                                                   TK9152 .O635 2001          MACK-BLOCK
Organization and staffing of the regulatory body for nuclear
facilities : safety guide ~ International Atomic Energy Agency TK9152 .O74 2002        MACK-BLOCK

Safety assessment and verification for nuclear power plants
                                                                 TK9152 .S22 2001      MACK-BLOCK
: safety guide
Safety assessment of research reactors and preparation of
                                                                 TK9152 .S23 1994      MACK-BLOCK
the safety analysis report
External human induced events in site evaluation for nuclear
                                                                 TK9152.14 .E98 2002   MACK-BLOCK
power plants : safety guide
Regulatory inspection of nuclear facilities and enforcement
                                                                 TK9152.15 .R44 2002   MACK-BLOCK
by the regulatory body : safety guide
Safety considerations in the transition from operation to
                                                                 TK9152.2 .S24 2004    MACK-BLOCK
decommissioning of nuclear facilities
Engine lubricants, effects of fuels & lubricants on automotive
devices, and lubricant applications & new test methods           TL153.5 .E54 2004     MACK-BLOCK

Lots of parking : land use in a car culture ~ John A. Jakle
                                                                 TL175 .J34 2004       MACK-BLOCK
and Keith A. Sculle
Diesel exhaust emission control modeling                         TL214 .P6 D496 2004   MACK-BLOCK
In-cylinder diesel particulate & NOx control 2004                TL214 .P6 I52 2004    MACK-BLOCK
No numbered runways : floatplane pioneers of the West
                                                                 TL539 .S35 2004       MACK-BLOCK
Coast ~ Jack Schofield
The geology, geochemistry, mineralogy and mineral
beneficiation of platinum-group elements ~ edited by Louis       TN1 .C335 V.54        GALLAGHER
J. Cabri
CIM '97 Vancouver "New Frontiers For the Next Century"
[electronic resource] : 99th CIM Annual General Meeting :
Vancouver, British Columbia, April 27-May 01, 1997 :             TN5 .C365 99TH 1997   IN-PROCESS
technical program ~ Canadian Institute of Mining, Metallurgy
and Petroleum
Mining and indigenous lifeworlds in Australia and Papua
                                                                 TN121 .M58 2004       MACK-BLOCK
New Guinea ~ edited by Alan Rumsey and James Weiner
Seismic while drilling : fundamentals of drill-bit seismic for
exploration ~ by Flavio Poletto and Francesco Miranda            TN269 .H37 V.35       GALLAGHER

An introduction to geophysical exploration                       TN269 .K42 2002       GEO-RES
Hardrock seismic exploration ~ edited by David W. Eaton,
                                                                 TN269.8 .H367 2003    MACK-BLOCK
Bernd Milkereit, and Matthew H. Salisbury
Mining in the Arctic : proceedings of the 7th International
Symposium on Mining in the Arctic, Iqaluit, Nunavut,
                                                                 TN275 .I57 2003       MACK-BLOCK
Canada, March 30-April 1, 2003 ~ edited by John E. Udd,
Gertjan Bekkers
The knight and the blast furnace : a history of the metallurgy
of armour in the Middle Ages & the early modern period ~ by      TN703 .W55 2003       MACK-BLOCK
Alan Williams
Danger, death and disaster in the Crowsnest Pass mines,
                                                                TN806 .C22 C763 2004     MACK-BLOCK
1902-1928 ~ Karen Buckley
The Devonian of Western Canada : aspects of a carbonate
petroleum system ~ edited by J. Weissenberger and K.            TN860 .B8 V.49 NO.1      GEO-REF
Global challenges & technology integration [electronic
resource] : conference proceedings : 54th Annual Technical
Meeting, June 10-12, 2003, Calgary Stampede Roundup             TN860 .C3252 2003        GALLAGHER
Centre, Calgary, Alberta, Canada ~ Canadian International
Petroleum Conference
Advanced reservoir engineering ~ Tarek Ahmed, Paul D.
                                                                TN871 .A383 2005         GALLAGHER
Reservoir engineering handbook ~ Tarek Ahmed                    TN871 .A386 2001         GEO-REF
Security of natural gas supply through transit countries ~
                                                                TN880.5 .N38 2004        MACK-BLOCK
edited by Jens Hetland and Teimuraz Gochitashvili
Process plant simulation ~ B.V. Babu                            TP155.7 .B33 2004        MACK-BLOCK
Chemical process calculations manual ~ David Carr
                                                                TP155.7 .I35 2004        MACK-BLOCK
Plantwide dynamic simulators in chemical processing and
                                                                TP155.7 .L878 2002       MACK-BLOCK
control ~ William L. Luyben
Chemical reactor design ~ Peter Harriott                        TP157 .H37 2003          MACK-BLOCK
Materials and technology for hydrogen economy :
symposium held December 1-3, 2003, Boston,
                                                                TP245 .H9 M38 2004       MACK-BLOCK
Massachusetts, U.S.A ~ editors: Gholam-Abbas Nazri ... [et
Biotechnology and industry ~ G.E. Zaikov ... [et al.], editor
                                                                TP248.2 .B5645 2004      MACK-BLOCK

Academia to biotechnology : career changes at any stage ~
                                                                TP248.2 .G56 2005        MACK-BLOCK
Jeffrey M. Gimble
Biotechnology : between commerce and civil society ~ Nico
                                                                TP248.23 .B554 2004      MACK-BLOCK
Stehr, editor
Cross-cultural biotechnology ~ edited by Micheal C.
                                                                TP248.23 .C76 2004       MACK-BLOCK
Biocatalytic technology and nanotechnology ~ G. E. Zaikov,
                                                                TP248.25 .N35 B56 2004   MACK-BLOCK
Advances in fungal biotechnology for industry, agriculture,
and medicine ~ edited by Jan S. Tkacz and Lene Lange            TP248.27 .F86 A36 2004   MACK-BLOCK

Human dignity in the biotech century : a Christian vision for
public policy ~ Charles W. Colson and Nigel M. de S.            TP248.6 .H86 2004        MACK-BLOCK
Cameron, editors
Electrochemical systems ~ John Newman and Karen E.
                                                                TP255 .N48 2004          MACK-BLOCK
Diesel, alternative diesel, and gasoline performance &
                                                                TP343 .D53 2004          MACK-BLOCK
additives, and alternative & gaseous fuels
The hydrogen energy transition : moving toward the post
petroleum age in transportation ~ edited by Daniel Sperling       TP359 .H8 H895 2004       MACK-BLOCK
and James S. Cannon
The Shell Bitumen handbook ~ [John Read and David
                                                                  TP692.4 .B5 R43 2003      MACK-BLOCK
How to effectively recover free product at leaking
underground storage tank sites : a guide for state regulators     TP692.5 .H69 1996         MACK-BLOCK

The chemistry of fragrances ~ compiled by David Pybus and
                                                                  TP983 .C48 1999           MACK-BLOCK
Charles Sell
Photography ~ Barbara London ... [et al.]                         TR145 .P483 2005          MACK-BLOCK
A short course in photography : an introduction to black-and-
white photographic technique : including digital imaging ~        TR146 .L66 2003           MACK-BLOCK
Barbara London, Jim Stone
Phototextualities : intersections of photography and narrative
                                                                  TR185 .P56 2003           MACK-BLOCK
~ edited by Alex Hughes and Andrea Noble
A blinding flash of light : photography between disciplines
                                                                  TR185 .T66 2004           MACK-BLOCK
and media ~ David Tomas
44 comes to Clarington : Suzanne Merrett, Susan Dobson,
Sally Ayre, Janet Anderson : 07 25 to 08 22 2004 ~ [curator       TR646 .C32 B69 2004       MACK-BLOCK
Margaret Rodgers]
Roy Arden : fragments : photographs, 1981-1985                    TR647 .A72 2002           MACK-BLOCK
Uta Barth ~ Pamela M. Lee, Matthew Higgs, Jeremy Gilbert-
                                                                  TR647 .B375 L44 2004      MACK-BLOCK
Sophie Calle, m'as-tu vue ~ [catalogue editor: Christine
Macel ; English translations: Simon Pleasance, Charles            TR647 .C338 2003          MACK-BLOCK
Susan McEachern : structures of meaning = multiplicitâe de
                                                                  TR647 .K56 2004           MACK-BLOCK
sens ~ Andrea Kunard
Jeff Thomas : a study of Indian-ness ~ [introduction by Katy
                                                                  TR647 .T45 2004           MACK-BLOCK
McCormick ; essay by Richard William Hill]
Subtitles : on the foreignness of film ~ edited by Atom
                                                                  TR886.9 .S83 2004         MACK-BLOCK
Egoyan and Ian Balfour
The eye is quicker : film editing : making a good film better ~
                                                                  TR899 .P465 2004          MACK-BLOCK
by Richard D. Pepperman
British film editors : the heart of the movie ~ Roy Perkins
                                                                  TR899 .P47 2004           MACK-BLOCK
and Martin Stollery
Managing as designing ~ edited by Richard J. Boland, Jr.
                                                                  TS155 .M329 2004          BUSINESS
and Fred Collopy
Operations management for MBAs ~ Jack R. Meredith, Scott
                                                                  TS155 .M46 2002           BUSINESS
M. Shafer
Intelligent manufacturing systems 2003 (IMS 2003) : a
proceedings volume from the 7th IFAC Workshop,
                                                                  TS155.63 .I433 7TH 2003   MACK-BLOCK
Budapest, Hungary, 6-8 April 2003 ~ edited by L. Monostori
and B. Kâadâar and G. Morel
Information technology for manufacturing : reducing costs
                                                                  TS155.63 .I54 2004        MACK-BLOCK
and expanding capabilities ~ Kevin Ake ... [et al.]
Introduction to statistical quality control ~ Douglas C.
                                                                  TS156 .M66 2005           1LT-RES
Quality function deployment : how to make QFD work for
                                                                  TS176 .C63 1995           MACK-BLOCK
you ~ Lou Cohen
Manufacturing planning and control for supply chain
                                                                  TS176 .V63 2005           1LT-RES
management ~ Thomas E. Vollmann ... [et al.]
Microarrays and combinatorial technologies for biomedical
applications : design, fabrication, and analysis : 26-28
January 2003, San Jose, California, USA ~ Dan V. Nicolau,
                                                                  TS510 .S62 V.4966         MACK-BLOCK
Ramesh Raghavachari, chairs/editors ; sponsored ... by
SPIE--the International Society for Optical Engineering

Genetically engineered and optical probes for biomedical
applications : 27-28 January 2003, San Jose, California,
USA ~ Alexander P. Savitsky ... [et al.], chairs/editors ;        TS510 .S62 V.4967         MACK-BLOCK
sponsored ... by SPIE--the International Society for Optical
Mills in the medieval economy : England, 1300-1540 ~ John
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Designs for a healthy home : an eco-friendly approach ~
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Developing hospitality properties and facilities ~ edited by
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Josef Ransley and Hadyn Ingram
Food service workers safety guide ~ [prepared by the
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Canadian Centre for Occupational Health and Safety]
War ~ Gwynne Dyer                                                 U21.2 .D93 2004           MACK-TOWER
Armed forces and international security : global trends and
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warfare ~ Antonio Santosuosso
African Americans at war : an encyclopedia ~ Jonathan D.
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African Americans at war : an encyclopedia ~ Jonathan D.
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Gâenâeral Dollard Mâenard : de Dieppe au râefâerendum ~
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Pierre Vennat
Future armies, future challenges : land warfare in the
information age ~ edited by Michael Evans, Alan Ryan, and          U102 .F87 2004        MACK-TOWER
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Information operations : warfare and the hard reality of soft
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power ~ edited by Leigh Armistead
Security, strategy, and the quest for bloodless war ~ Robert
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Resisting rebellion : the history and politics of
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counterinsurgency ~ Anthony James Joes
Strategy for empire : U.S. regional security policy in the post-
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Cold War era ~ edited by Brian Loveman
The future is unmanned : remote systems in Canada's
defence and security ~ edited by David Rudd, David S.              UA600 .F88 2004       MACK-TOWER
The gallant Hussars : a history of the 1st Hussars Regiment,
1856-2004 ~ Michael R. McNorgan ; maps and drawings by             UA602 .H87 M37 2004   MACK-TOWER
Christopher Johnson
Future NATO security : addressing the challenges of
evolving security and information sharing systems and
architectures ; [proceedings of the NATO Advanced
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Research Workshop on Future NATO Security, 8-10 March,
2003, Prague, Czech Republic] ~ edited by Martin Edmonds
and Oldrich Cerny
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The information revolution in military affairs in Asia ~ edited
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by Emily O. Goldman and Thomas G. Mahnken
Defence : challenges and strategy ~ edited by Satish Tiwari
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Rogue state : how nuclear North Korea threatens America ~
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William C. Triplett, II
Combating proliferation : strategic intelligence and security
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policy ~ Jason D. Ellis and Geoffrey D. Kiefer
Adult wars, child soldiers : voices of children involved in
armed conflict in the East Asia and Pacific region ~ [United      UB418 .C45 A38 2002   MACK-TOWER
Nations Children's Fund]
British weapons acquisition policy and the futility of reform ~
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Warren A. Chin
Gunpowder and firearms : warfare in medieval India ~ Iqtidar
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Modern European military fortifications, 1870-1950 : a
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Britain and ballistic missile defence, 1942-2002 ~ Jeremy
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The submarine : a history ~ Thomas Parrish                        V857 .P37 2004        MACK-TOWER
Basics in medical education ~ Zubair Amin, Khoo Hoon Eng
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Medicine : preserving the passion in the 21st century ~ Phil
                                                                  W20 .M36 2003         MEDICAL
R. Manning, Lois DeBakey
What price better health? : hazards of the research
                                                                  W20.5 .C26 2003       MEDICAL
imperative ~ Daniel Callahan
Health professional and patient interaction ~ Ruth Purtilo,
                                                                  W21.5 .P87 2002       MEDICAL
Amy Haddad
On the take : how America's complicity with big business
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can endanger your health ~ Jerome P. Kassirer
Logic, signs, and nature in the Renaissance : the case of
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learned medicine ~ Ian Maclean
Making health spending work ~ Fred McMahon & Martin
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The Australian health care system ~ S.J. Duckett                  W84 .KA8 D83 2004     MEDICAL
Case management in health care ~ Peggy A. Rossi                   W84.7 .R67 2003       MEDICAL
Academic scientists at work : navigating the biomedical
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research career ~ Jeremy M. Boss and Susan H. Eckert
Toward a 21st century health system : the contributions and
promise of prepaid group practice ~ Alain C. Enthoven,
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Pathologies of travel ~ edited by Richard Wrigley and
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diseases in military conflict and civil strife, 1850-2000 ~ M.R. WA11.1 .S59 2004       MEDICAL
Smallman-Raynor and A.D. Cliff
Biomedical platforms : realigning the normal and the
pathological in late-twentieth-century medicine ~ Peter         WA31 .K43 2003             MED-CRUSE
Keating and Alberto Cambrosio
Oxford handbook of public health practice ~ edited by David
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Pencheon ... [et al.]
Oxford textbook of public health ~ Roger Detels ... [et al.]    WA100 .O92 2004            MEDICAL
Women's health during the childbearing years : a community-
                                                                WA309 .M38 2001            MEDICAL
based approach ~ Peggy Sherblom Matteson
Cold weather workers safety guide                               WA440 .C65 1999            MEDICAL
Health and safety committees reference guide                    WA440 .H43 2003            MEDICAL
Welders health and safety guide                                 WA440 .W44 2002            MEDICAL
Wellness in the workplace                                       WA440 .W45 2004            MEDICAL
Swedish health care system : recent reforms, problems and
                                                                WA540 .GS8 L64 2002        MEDICAL
opportunities ~ by Ragnar Lofgren
The rebirth of Medicare in Saskatchewan : steps toward an
accessible, high quality, and sustainable health care system    WA541 .DC2.1 S3 R36 2003   MEDICAL
~ Cynthia Ramsay and Nadeem Esmail
Noise control in industry : a basic guide                       WA776 .N65 2000            MEDICAL
Population health : concepts and methods ~ T. Kue Young
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Statistical methods for health care research ~ Barbara
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Hazard Munro
Hospice and palliative care handbook : quality, compliance,
and reimbursement ~ Tina M. Marrelli ; with assistance from     WB39 .M3655 2005           MEDICAL
Maureen A. Williams
Oxford handbook of acute medicine ~ Punit S. Ramrakha
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and Kevin P. Moore
Handbook of bioethics : taking stock of the field from a
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philosophical perspective ~ edited by George Khushf
Introduction to reference sources in the health sciences ~
compiled and edited by Jo Anne Boorkman, Jeffrey T.             WB100 .R64 2004            MEDICAL
Huber, Fred W. Roper
Patients first : the story of family medicine in Canada : the
College of Family Physicians of Canada ~ story text by Stan
Solomon ; photo research by Peter Taylor = Les patients
d'abord : l'histoire de la meâdecine familiale au Canada : le   WB110 .S65 2004            MEDICAL
Colleâge des meâdicins de famille du Canada ~ l'histoire par
Stan Solomon ; la recherche des images par Peter Taylor

Pocket companion for Physical examination and health
assessment ~ Carolyn Jarvis ; original illustrations by Pat
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Thomas ; assessment photographs by Kevin Strandberg

Surgical palliative care ~ edited by Geoffrey P. Dunn and
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Alan G. Johnson
IV therapy ~ Denise Macklin, Cynthia Chernecky                    WB354 .M33 2004       MEDICAL
Krause's food, nutrition, & diet therapy ~ [edited by] L.
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Kathleen Mahan, Sylvia Escott-Stump
Shots in the dark : the wayward search for an AIDS vaccine
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~ Jon Cohen
Johns Hopkins Hospital 2004-5 guide to medical care of
                                                                  WC503.2 .B37 2005     MEDICAL
patients with HIV infection ~ John G. Bartlett
HIV-associated cardiovascular disease : clinical and
                                                                  WC503.5 .H59 2001     MEDICAL
biological insights ~ edited by Giuseppe Ippolito ... [et al.]
I die, but the memory lives on : a personal reflection on Aids
~ Henning Mankell ; translated from the Swedish by Laurie         WC503.7 .M3613 2004   MEDICAL
The great influenza : the epic story of the deadliest plague in
                                                                  WC515 .B37 2004       MEDICAL
history ~ John M. Barry
Shoulder arthroscopy ~ Stephen J. Snyder ; illustrated by
                                                                  WE810 .S535 2003      MEDICAL
Robert W. Williams
Quick and accurate 12-lead ECG interpretation ~ Dale Davis
; illustrated by Patrick Turner, Leslie Foster-Roesler and        WG18.2 .D38 2005      MEDICAL
Deborah Lynam
Hemodynamic monitoring : invasive and noninvasive clinical
                                                                  WG106 .D37 2002       MEDICAL
application ~ Gloria Oblouk Darovic
ECGs & the heart ~ Cynthia Chernecky ... [et al.]                 WG140 .E36 2002       MEDICAL
Electrocardiography : a physiologic approach ~ David M.
                                                                  WG140 .M57 1993       MEDICAL
Cardiac electrophysiology : from cell to bedside ~ [edited by]
                                                                  WG330 .Z56 2004       MEDICAL
Douglas P. Zipes, Josâe Jalife
Liver surgery : operative techniques and avoidance of
complications ~ edited by F. Kèockerling and S.I. Schwartz ;      WI770 .L55 2001       MEDICAL
in cooperation with R. Adam ... [et al.]
Bladder biopsy interpretation ~ Jonathan I. Epstein, Mahul
                                                                  WJ504 .E64 2004       MEDICAL
B. Amin, Victor E. Reuter
Kempe's operative neurosurgery ~ Michael Salcman ... [et.
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Kempe's operative neurosurgery ~ Michael Salcman ... [et.
                                                                  WL17 .K46 2004 V.2    MEDICAL
Sleep deprivation : basic science, physiology, and behavior
                                                                  WL108 .S637 2005      MEDICAL
~ [edited by] Clete A. Kushida
Palliative care consultations in primary and metastatic brain
                                                                  WL358 .P35 2004       MEDICAL
tumours ~ [edited by] Sara Booth, Eduardo Bruera
Parkinson's : stepping forward ~ David A. Grimes                  WL359 .G75 2004       MEDICAL
Neurosurgery in Calgary : the first fifty years ~ complied and
edited by Doris H. Annear, Audrey M. Cerkvenac, Moira E.          WL368 .N49 2004       MEDICAL
Neurosurgery in Calgary : the first fifty years ~ complied and
edited by Doris H. Annear, Audrey M. Cerkvenac, Moira E.       WL368 .N49 2004        MEDICAL
Peripheral nerve lesions : nerve surgery and secondary
                                                               WL500 .P44 2004        MEDICAL
reconstructive repair ~ G. Penkert, H. Fansa
Understanding and treating fear of pain ~ edited by Gordon
J.G. Asmundson, Johan W.S. Vlaeyen, Geert Crombez              WL704 .U53 2004        MEDICAL

Life inside : a memoir ~ Mindy Lewis                             WM29.5 .L49 2002     MEDICAL
Principles of community psychology : perspectives and
applications ~ Murray Levine, Douglas D. Perkins, David V.       WM30.6 .L48 2005     MEDICAL
Domestic violence : a handbook for health professionals ~
                                                                 WM55 .S55 2004       MEDICAL
Lyn Shipway
Anxiety disorders in adults : a clinical guide ~ Vladan
                                                                 WM172 .S73 2005      MEDICAL
Sleep deprivation : clinical issues, pharmacology, and sleep
                                                                 WM188 .S53 2005      MEDICAL
loss effects ~ [edited by]Clete A. Kushida
Disembodied spirits and deanimated bodies : the
psychopathology of common sense ~ by Giovanni                    WM203 .S696 2004     MEDICAL
Substance use and gambling in the Alberta workplace,
2002, a replication study : summary report ~ [prepared by        WM270 .S83 2003      MEDICAL
AADAC Research Services]
Substance use and gambling in the Alberta workplace, 2002
: a replication study : technical report ~ [prepared by R.A.     WM270 .S84 2003      MEDICAL
Malatest and Assoc. Ltd.]
Tobacco and public health : science and policy ~ edited by
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Peter Boyle ... [et al.]
Fundamentals of regional anaesthesia ~ H.B.J. Fischer, C.A.
                                                                 WO300 .F57 2004      MEDICAL
Instrumentation for the operating room : a photographic
                                                                 WO517 .B84 2003      MEDICAL
manual ~ Shirley M. Tighe
The doctors' plague : germs, childbed fever, and the strange
                                                                 WQ11 .GA8 N85 2003   MED-CRUSE
story of Ignâac Semmelweis ~ Sherwin B. Nuland
When IVF fails : feminism, infertility, and the negotiation of
                                                                 WQ208 .T48 2004      MEDICAL
normality ~ Karen Throsby
Improving birth outcomes : meeting the challenge in the
developing world ~ Committee on Improving Birth
Outcomes, Board on Global Health ; Judith R. Bale, Barbara       WQ240 .I55 2003      MEDICAL
J. Stoll, and Adetokunbo O. Lucas, editors ; Institute of
Pocket guide to pediatric assessment ~ Joyce Engel               WS141 .E54 2002      MEDICAL
Diseases of the liver and biliary system in children ~ edited
by Deirdre A. Kelly ; foreword by Dame Sheila Sherlock            WS310 .D57 2004      MEDICAL

Pathology of pediatric gastrointestinal and liver disease ~
Pierre Russo, Eduardo D. Ruchelli, David A. Piccoli, editors      WS310 .P37 2004      MEDICAL

Pediatric gastroenterology and nutrition in clinical practice ~
                                                                  WS310 .P4345 2002    MEDICAL
edited by Carlos H. Lifschitz
Avery's diseases of the newborn                                   WS420 .S32 2005      MEDICAL
Textbook of neonatology ~ edited by Janet M. Rennie,
                                                                  WS420 .T49 1999      MEDICAL
N.R.C. Roberton
Young people and sexual health : individual, social, and
policy contexts ~ edited by Elizabeth Burtney and Mary Duffy      WS462 .Y66 2004      MEDICAL

Human disease for dentistry ~ Farida Fortune                      WU290 .F67 2004      MEDICAL
Brain and visual perception : the story of a 25-year
                                                                  WW11 .AA1 H83 2005   MEDICAL
collaboration ~ David H. Hubel, Torsten N. Wiesel
Staff development handbook for long-term care facilities ~
                                                                  WX162 .E45 2003      MEDICAL
Charlotte Eliopoulos, Katherine L. Seiler
Nurses taking the lead : personal qualities of effective
                                                                  WY16 .N85585 2000    MEDICAL
leadership ~ [edited by] Fay L. Bower
Nursing today : transition and trends ~ [edited by] Joann
                                                                  WY16 .N868 2003      MEDICAL
Zerwekh, Jo Carol Claborn
Core curriculum for maternal-newborn nursing ~ [edited by]
                                                                  WY18 .C67 2004       MEDICAL
Susan Mattson, Judy E. Smith
Winningham and Preusser's critical thinking : in medical
surgical setings : a case study approach ~ Barbara A.             WY18.2 .C75 2005     MEDICAL
Empire of care : nursing and migration in Filipino American
                                                                  WY29 .C46 2003       MEDICAL
history ~ Catherine Ceniza Choy
Mosby's handbook of patient teaching ~ Mary M. Canobbio
                                                                  WY49 .C36 2000       MEDICAL

Clinical medical-surgical nursing : a decision-making
reference ~ [edited by] Beverly George-Gay, Cynthia C.            WY49 .C55 2002       MEDICAL
Handbook of public and community health nursing practice :
a health promotion guide ~ Marcia Stanhope, Ruth N.               WY49 .S835 2001      MEDICAL
Code of ethics for nurses with interpretive statements            WY85 .C63 2001       MED-REF
Code of ethics for nurses with interpretive statements            WY85 .C63 2001       MEDICAL
Transforming nurses' stress and anger : steps toward
                                                                  WY87 . T44 2004      MEDICAL
healing ~ Sandra P. Thomas
The case manager's survival guide : winning strategies for
                                                                  WY100 .C36 2003      MEDICAL
clinical practice ~ Toni G. Cesta, Hussein A. Tahan
Fundamental concepts and skills for nursing ~ Susan C.
                                                               WY100 .D29 2005     MEDICAL
deWit ; photographs by Jack Sanders
Nursing care in the genomic era : a case-based approach ~
                                                               WY100 .J46 2005     MEDICAL
Jean F. Jenkins, Dale Halsey Lea
Fundamentals of nursing ~ Patricia A. Potter, Anne Griffin
                                                               WY100 .P68 2005     MEDICAL
Patient education in health and illness ~ Sally H. Rankin,
                                                               WY100 .R355 2005    MEDICAL
Karen Duffy Stallings, Fran London
Physical assessment for nurses ~ edited by Carol Lynn Cox
                                                               WY100.4 .P49 2004   MEDICAL

Advanced practice nursing : an integrative approach ~ Ann
                                                               WY101 .A38 2005     MEDICAL
B. Hamric, Judith A. Spross, Charlene M. Hanson
The practice of primary nursing ~ Marie Manthey                WY101 .M36 2002     MEDICAL
Leading and managing in nursing ~ [edited by] Patricia S.
                                                               WY105 .L43 2003     MEDICAL
Parish nursing : stories of service and care ~ Verna Benner
                                                               WY145 .C37 2002     MEDICAL
Carson and Harold G. Koenig
Medical-surgical nursing : health and illness perspectives ~
[edited by] Wilma J. Phipps ... [et al.] ; associate editor,   WY150 .M34 2003     MEDICAL
Carol J. Green
End-of-life care : clinical practice guidelines ~ Kim K.
                                                               WY152 .K84 2002     MEDICAL
Kuebler, Patricia H. Berry, Debra E. Heidrich
Critical care nursing : a holistic approach ~ [edited by]
                                                               WY154 .C75 2005     MEDICAL
Patricia Gonce Morton .. [et al.]
Manual of high risk pregnancy & delivery ~ Elizabeth Stepp
                                                               WY157 .G55 2003     MEDICAL
Gilbert, Judith Smith Harmon
Maternity & women's health care ~ [edited by] Deitra
                                                               WY157.3 .B48 2004   MEDICAL
Leonard Lowdermilk, Shannon E. Perry
Maternal-child nursing ~ Emily Slone McKinney ... [et al.]     WY157.3 .M35 2005   MEDICAL
Nursing care of children : principles and practice             WY159 .N836 2002    MEDICAL
Wong's essentials of pediatric nursing                         WY159 .W665 2005    MEDICAL
Acute mental health nursing : from acute concerns to the
capable practitioner ~ edited by Marc Harrison, David          WY160 .A27 2004     MEDICAL
Howard, and Damian Mitchell
Psychiatric nursing care plans ~ Katherine M. Fortinash,
                                                               WY160 .F67 2003     MEDICAL
Patricia A. Holoday-Worret
Principles and practice of psychiatric nursing ~ [edited by]
                                                               WY160 .P75 2005     MEDICAL
Gail Wiscarz Stuart, Michele T. Laraia
Patient care during operative and invasive procedures ~
                                                               WY162 .P47 2000     MEDICAL
[edited by] Mark L. Phippen, Maryann Papanier Wells
Locating medical history : the stories and their meanings ~
                                                               WZ40 .L63 2004      MED-CRUSE
edited by Frank Huisman and John Harley Warner
The way and the word : science and medicine in early China
                                                               WZ51 .L66 2002      MEDICAL
and Greece ~ Geoffrey Lloyd and Nathan Sivin
Malthus, medicine & morality : Malthusianism after 1798 ~
                                                                   WZ100 .M317 M35 2000   MEDICAL
edited by Brian Dolan
Dearest G ... yours WO : William Osler's letters from Egypt
to Grace Revere Osler ~ Lawrence D. Longo and Philip M.
                                                                   WZ100 .O84 O838 2002   MEDICAL
Teigen ; with a foreword by Charles G. Roland and a
postscript by Caroline-Isbelle Caron
Karl Pearson : the scientific life in a statistical age ~
                                                                   WZ100 .P43 P67 2004    MEDICAL
Theodore M. Porter
Benjamin Rush : patriot and physician ~ Alyn Brodsky               WZ100 .R87 B76 2004    MEDICAL
Soul made flesh : the discovery of the brain-- and how it
                                                                   WZ100 .Z56 2004        MEDICAL
changed the world ~ Carl Zimmer
Moments of truth : four creators of modern medicine ~
                                                                   WZ112 .D67 2003        MEDICAL
Thomas Dormandy
La physiologie ~ Jean Fernel ; [texte revu par Josâe Kany-
                                                                   WZ290 .F4714 2001      MEDICAL
Illness as metaphor ; and, AIDS and its metaphors ~ Susan
                                                                   WZ330 .S66 2001        MEDICAL
Medical writing in drug development : a practical guide for
                                                                   WZ345 .B66 1998        MEDICAL
pharmaceutical research ~ Robert J. Bonk
The people and culture of Bengal : a study in origins ~
                                                                   XX(1740488.1)          IN-PROCESS
Annapurna Chattopadhyaya
The people and culture of Bengal : a study in origins ~
                                                                   XX(1740488.1)          IN-PROCESS
Annapurna Chattopadhyaya
The people and culture of Bengal : a study in origins ~
                                                                   XX(1740488.1) Vol. 1   IN-PROCESS
Annapurna Chattopadhyaya
The people and culture of Bengal : a study in origins ~
                                                                   XX(1740488.1) Vol. 1   IN-PROCESS
Annapurna Chattopadhyaya
Aòtlas-i millåi-i åIråan                                           XX(1748377.1) V.13     IN-PROCESS
Aòtlas-i millåi-i åIråan                                           XX(1748377.1) V.15     IN-PROCESS
Aòtlas-i millåi-i åIråan                                           XX(1748377.1) V.16     IN-PROCESS
Etude du subjonctif dans trois oeuvres franðcaises du XXe
siáecle : Thâeráese Desqueyroux de Franðcois Mauriac, la
                                                                   XX(1771785.1)          IN-PROCESS
Voie Royale d'Andrâe Malraux et Terre des Hommes
d'Antoine de Saint-Exupâery ~ Bongsoon Nam
Naãitre, c'est se sâeparer : essais littâeraires et politiques ~
                                                                   XX(1783914.1)          IN-PROCESS
Bruno Roy
Materials, integration and packaging issues for high-
frequency devices : symposium held December 1-3, 2003,
                                                                   XX(1784050.1)          IN-PROCESS
Boston, Massachusetts, U.S.A. ~ editors, P. Muralt ... [et al.]

Estonia : identity and independence ~ edited by Jean-
Jacques Subrenat ; translated into English by David Cousins XX(1784054.1)                 IN-PROCESS
... [et al.]
Academia to biotechnology : career changes at any stage ~
                                                            XX(1795704.2)                 IN-PROCESS
Jeffrey M. Gimble
Simone de Beauvoir, Le deuxiáeme sexe : le livre fondateur
du fâeminisme moderne en situation ~ ouvrage dirigâe par            XX(1798901.1)         IN-PROCESS
Ingrid Galster
The impossible journey ~ Gloria Whelan                              XX(1738334.1)         DOUCETTE
Materiel d'evaluation pour la salle de classe (MESC):
                                                                    XX(1773207.1)         DOUCFRENCH
mathematiques elementaire
13 áa table! ~ Micháele Matteau ; [illustrations, Suzanne
                                                                    XX(1773608.1)         DOUCETTE
Life of Pi : a novel ~ Yann Martel                                  XX(1777317.1)         DOUCETTE
The legend of the Petoskey stone ~ by Kathy-Jo Wargin ;
                                                                    XX(1784017.1)         DOUCETTE
illustrated by Gijsbert van Frankenhuyzen
Weaving the rainbow ~ written by George Ella Lyon ;
                                                                    XX(1801115.1)         DOU-PICBK
illustrated by Stephanie Anderson
Corre manuscrito : una historia cultural del Siglo de Oro ~
                                                                    Z106.5 .S7 B68 2001   MACK-TOWER
Fernando Bouza
Rossiæiskoe knigoizdanie : koneëtìs XVIII-XX v. : izbrannye
                                                                    Z366 .D56 2004        MACK-TOWER
stat§i ~ E.A. Dinershteæin
Pechat§ i slovo Sankt-Peterburga : sbornik nauchnykh
trudov : Peterburgskie chteniëiìa ~ [redakëtìsionnaëiìa
                                                                    Z372 .P43 2003        MACK-TOWER
kollegiëiìa çE.M. Glinternik, L.E. Lëiìapina, E.M.
La Compaänia de Libreros de Salamanca : (1530-1534) ~
                                                                    Z412 .B43 2003        MACK-TOWER
por Vicente Bâecares Botas
Moving the mountain : historical patterns in gay book
publishing and academic thesis production : a Canadian              Z484 .S67 2005        MACK-TOWER
model ~ Alex Spence
First have something to say : writing for the library
                                                                    Z665 .C776 2003       MACK-TOWER
profession ~ Walt Crawford
Evidence-based practice for information professionals : a
                                                                    Z665 .E95 2004        MACK-TOWER
handbook ~ edited by Andrew Booth and Anne Brice
Information ethics in the electronic age : current issues in
Africa and the world ~ edited by Tom Mendina and                    Z665 .I497 2004       MACK-TOWER
Johannes J. Britz
Information literacy : essential skills for the information age ~
Michael B. Eisenberg, Carrie A. Lowe, Kathleen L. Spitzer ;         Z674.5 .U5 S65 2004   MACK-TOWER
foreword by Patricia Senn Breivik
Downsizing in academic libraries : the Canadian experience
                                                                    Z675 .U5 A865 2004    MACK-TOWER
~ Ethel Auster, Shauna Taylor
Beyond the basics : the management guide for library and
information professionals ~ G. Edward Evans and Patricia            Z678 .E89 2003        MACK-TOWER
Layzell Ward
[Printers' ornaments notecard]                                      Z688 .P74 B76 NO.37   SPC-12LT
Alice's adventures in Wonderland : frontispiece from first
                                                                    Z688 .P74 B76 NO.38   SPC-12LT
Canadian edition ~ artist George Walker
Innovative redesign and reorganization of library technical
services : paths for the future and case studies ~ edited by    Z688.5 .I56 2004      MACK-TOWER
Bradford Lee Eden
Libraries without walls 5 : the distributed delivery of library
and information services ~ edited by Peter Brophy, Shelagh Z699 .L49 5TH 2003         MACK-TOWER
Fisher and Jenny Craven
Seeking meaning : a process approach to library and
                                                                Z711 .K84 2004        MACK-TOWER
information services ~ Carol Collier Kuhlthau
Dictionary for library and information science ~ Joan M. Reitz
                                                                Z1006 .R45 2004       MACK-TOWER

Out of this world : why literature matters to girls ~ Holly
                                                                Z1039 .G57 B58 2004   MACK-TOWER
Virginia Blackford ; foreword by Carol Christ
Dictionary of pseudonyms : 11,000 assumed names and
                                                                Z1041 .R66 2004       2LB-REF
their origins ~ Adrian Room
Information skills survey for assessment of information
literacy in higher education : administration manual ~ Ralph    ZA3075 .C37 2003      MACK-TOWER
Using open source systems for digital libraries ~ Art Rhyno
                                                                ZA4080 .R49 2004      MACK-TOWER

Managing the digital library ~ Roy Tennant                      ZA4080 .T46 2004      MACK-TOWER
Digitizing collections : strategic issues for the information
                                                                ZA4080.5 .H84 2004    MACK-TOWER
manager ~ Lorna M. Hughes
Internet data collection ~ Samuel J. Best and Brian S.
                                                                ZA4228 .B47 2004      MACK-TOWER

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