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									Recruiting, Training and
Maintaining Volunteers
 For Disability Ministry
       Pastor Julie Keith
  Crossroads Christian Church
          Corona, CA
 ASK: are you here as a Disabilities
 Ministry Director- paid or volunteer-
 does your church have a ministry or
 are you just starting out- Are you the
 only person in your church striving to
 get something started or are there
 Volunteers are the life blood of any
  Disability ministry. Without volunteers
  your ministry will be limited in how
  effective it will be.
 If you are a lone ranger type of person-
  I can tell you that your ministry will not
  grow to the extent God would have it.
 small groups or Sunday school classes
 church‟s bulletin, newsletter
 announcements to be made from the
  pulpit when they are recruiting for
  various ministries.
 youth group
 Women‟s ministries
 Seniors ministries- classes
 Single‟s groups
 College groups
 Children‟s ministry- they might know
  of some teachers who are special
  education teachers
 Universities that have special ed
  Degrees, occupational therapy or
  physical therapy majors
 Wherever you find people who have a
  heart for God‟s Kingdom
 special campaigns/emphasis
   40 Days of Purpose
   Spiritual Gifts Emphasis
   Ministry Fairs
     During Bible Study/Small Groups
     Women‟s groups
     Men‟s group
     Sunday School class
     Website
   Church social events
   One on One Conversations
   Prayer groups
   Always be ready to share the blessings of
    your ministry and the opportunities for
    others to get involved.
 Be prepared
 Specific Ministry Position
 Volunteer application/packet
 Time Commitment You are asking for
 Develop relationship with a
 Share Ministry Opportunities
                THE NEED
 4 out of 5 marriages that produce a child with
  a disability or the spouse becomes disabled
  end in divorce
 95 % of families affected by disability are un-
 Disability affects 10-35% of our population
 Children with cognitive impairments are
  subject to abuse ten times more frequently
  than typical children and the incidence of
  abuse is in families where there is a disabled
  child is twice that of typical families
  Basis for Disability Ministry
“Then Jesus came to them and said „All
 authority in heaven and on earth has
 been given to me. Therefore, go and
 make disciples of ALL nations,
 baptizing them in the name of the
 Father and the Son and the Holy Spirit,
 and teaching them to obey everything I
 have commanded you. And surely I am
 with you to the very end of the age.”
     Example of Jesus‟ Own life
    He ministered with people who
           had disabilities
   Matthew 9:1-8     A man who has paraplegia
   Matthew 9:27-34   A man who is blind
   Mark 1:40-45      A man with leprosy
   Mark 5:21-27      A woman with excessive
 Mark 7:31-36        A man who is deaf
 Luke 4:38-44        Many people who had
                      disabilities and illnesses
 Luke 13:10-17       A woman who was crippled
An Individual does not understand
God through his mind or body but
by his spirit. 1Corinthians 2:9-12
“However, as it is written, No eye has seen no ear
has heard, no mind has conceived what God
prepared for those who love him but God revealed it
to us by His Spirit. The Spirit searches all things,
even the deep things of God. For who among men
knows the thoughts of a man except the man‟s spirit
within him? In the same way no one knows the
thoughts of God except the Spirit of God. WE have
not received the Spirit of the word but the Spirit who
is from God, that we may understand what God has
freely given us.”
  Basis for Disability Ministry
“Then Jesus said to his host, „When you give
a luncheon or a dinner, do not invite your
friends, your brothers or relatives, or your
rich neighbors; if you do they may invite you
back and so you will be repaid. But when
you give a banquet, invite the poor, the
crippled, the lame, the blind, and you will be
blessed. Although they cannot repay you,
you will be repaid at the resurrection of the
righteous.” Luke 14:12-14
   but never underestimate their
 spiritual growth and development
and what God is doing in their lives

All are needed in the body of Christ and must be
 united to work together. No part of the body of
    Christ is more important than other parts
       Romans 12 and 1 Corinthians 12-14
    How it effects volunteers
 Share Stories
 Personal Testimonies
 Spiritual blessings
 Develop new friendships
    Other Ways Of Recruiting
 Multi-media
 Resource center or welcoming center
          Volunteer application
 Personal Information – name, address, phone, over or
    under 18, marital status, Spouse‟s name, Children‟s
    names and ages, Driver‟s License, Occupation, Employer,
    Home church and how long attended.
    Previous Ministry Experience – if served in a church
    before how long, dates of service, church name, position
    held, and a phone number
   Previous Church Attendance – a place for them to list at
    least the last two churches they have attended if
   Christian Testimony –Date became a Christian and a
    place for them to briefly describe events that led up to
    this- ask them about their current spiritual “condition”
   Personal References – at least two NON family references
    with complete name, address, phone, relationship and
    how long you have known them.
 Personal Background – ask the following questions:
    ever been arrested for, convicted of, or plead guilty or no
     contest to a criminal act ?
    Have you ever been accuse, arrested or convicted for any
     sexually-related crime?
    have you ever been accused, arrested or convicted for any
     abuse-related crime?
    do you use illegal drugs?
    Have you ever been hospitalized or treated for alcohol or
     substance abuse?
    Have you ever to your knowledge, been investigated by
     Child Protective Services, Adult Protective Services or any
     other governmental agency involved with the protection of
     children and/or dependent adults?
 If answered yes to any of the above questions please
 Why do you want to work with the Disabilities Ministry?
    Box or designated area with specific areas of ministry-
      make sure you have a place for the individual to check the
      areas he/she is interested in serving
 Permission to Check background- you want a statement that
  reads: I give the name of your church permission to check
  references, church history, personal or criminal background
  using the information provided. I understand that by
  submitting this application I am willfully permitting to this
  background check process. I understand the personal
  information learned from such background checks will be held
  confidential by Name of your church- then provide a place for
  person to sign and date
 Verification of truthfulness- statement declaring the information
  on application is correct
 Volunteer Agreement – back page of application- verifies that
  volunteer understands his/her role and expectations- such
  things as leaving all bad habits at home, show respect for all
  persons at all times, respect and follow instructions, abstain
  from alcohol drugs, smoking and using profanity when
  volunteering, wear modest clothing, respect personal property
  of participants, remember you are here to serve with
  participants keep them at the forefront and include in
  conversations, respect and cooperate with ministry team.
      Volunteer Orientation
 share the vision and mission of your ministry
 why ministry exists and is important
 disability related facts
 Biblical Basis
 Introduction to Persons with
  Developmental/Cognitive Impairments
 Dealing with challenging behavior
 Ways to prevent challenging behavior
 Discipline practices
 Consequences
 Safety tips and procedures
 Emergencies and incident/injury reporting
 Abuse reporting – churches are mandated reporters
 Fire safety
 Child abuse and neglect
 When to report suspicion of child abuse
 elder/dependent abuse
 when to report elder/dependent abuse
 guidelines for mandated reporters
 first aid for seizures
 Language usage guide
 Information sheets on specific disabilities- can be
  obtained from National Information Center for
  Children and Youth with Disabilities www.nichcy.org
  or call 1-800-695-0285
 Any other information that is pertinent to your
  specific disabilities ministry
 The best way for a volunteer to learn is
  to pair them up with other volunteers
  who have been serving longer or have
  more experience working with children
  and/or adults who have disabilities.
 Special Seminars, Trainings and
 Personality Profiles and Spiritual Gifts
     DISC
     Myer‟s Briggs
     Taylor Johnson Temperament analysis
     Personality Profile Test
     Spiritual Gifts Inventories
 Keep Ministry focus at the forefront
 Share personal stories
 Share any thank you‟s that come from
  the families
 Specific Commitments
 Teaching Teams
 Volunteer Appreciation
   Appreciation luncheons or dinners
   Send a gift certificate to a resturant or
    favorite store on the birthday
   Christmas cards and/or a small gift
   Thank you cards
   Take out for a meal
   Discount Coupon Books
   Inexpensive gift of personal taste
   Saying thank you after a job well done-
    reinforce how important the volunteer is to
    the ministry and church
      Spiritual Development
 Have a Bible study with your key leaders
 Make it a requirement that all volunteers are
  involved in a Sunday school class or small
  group or attend service on Sundays or
  alternative night if you have that
 Ensure that volunteers are not spending all
  of their time serving so they don‟t get to
 Spend time in prayer for each of your
 Check in with your volunteers how they are
  doing with their walk with God
     Empower to Ownership
 Teacher‟s plan and implement lessons and
 Event coordinators plan and implement
 Coordinators to plan activities and arrange
  for volunteers
 Volunteers given freedom to use their own
  giftedness and talents the way God created
  them- Don‟t be afraid if something is done
  differently than you would do it

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