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               Philippe Oszuscik
             Compiler and Cataloger

                               ARH 100 SLIDE LIST
                David G. Wilkin, et al. Art Past Art Present, Fifth Edition, 2005

                        Preface: Explanation of the Numbering System

Each Photo CD image has an eight digit number, such as:
      01.040 Gianlorenzo Bernini, Apollo and Daphne, marb., 1622 (p. 20)
      01.150 Perugino, Christ Giving the Keys to St. Peter, fresco, 1482 (p.30).
      01.151 Perugino, Ibid. (DETAIL not in the book).

The first two numbers represent the chapter numbers and the last three represent the figure
number if it ends with a 0 or and added slide (map, detail, etc.) to the ARH 100 collection if the
right hand digit ends in 1, 2, etc..

         This catalog of slides includes all available information for each slide. Dimensions have
been rounded to the nearest 2 or whole number to facilitate typing. Realize that the dimensions
are approximations in most cases. Art Past/Art Present does not give birth and death data for the
artists, one of the weak aspects of the text. Nationality, birth and death dates have been provided
for all artists from the 15th century onwards. Dates for a few artists are not known and are
indicated by the century during which the artist was active. The schools of 15th century Italian
artists are also indicated. This catalog, therefore, will hopefully be a good and quick reference to
questions that students may have.

        An awkwardness of the Wilkins’ text is that he places most works in chapters of centuries
during which the work was made rather than grouping works of an artist who lives in two
centuries in the main century, style, or movement by which the artist is known. For example,
Leonardo da Vinci and Michelangelo will be in both the 15th century and 16th century chapters.
Likewise, Neo-classical and Romantic art will be in the 18th and 19th century chapters. This
catalog tends to place artists and movements together in one century.

        Also, Non-western Art is placed throughout the text by century which is awkward due to
the fact that some dynasties/periods do not really parallel Western Art developments. Islamic,
and Modern Neolithic Cultures are placed in one location in this catalog. South Asia, Southeast
Asia, and the Far East are grouped in three locations to roughly represent Ancient, Medieval, and
Modern periods.

It is hoped that this core of slides will become the core of CD ROM disks for classroom use.
                                 ARH 100--SLIDE LIST
                                  Introduction (1—25)
01.01 ANON. Tribute in Light: A Memorial to Those Who Lost Their Lives in the Sept.
              11, 2001 Attacks, NYC, March 11—April 13, 2002; repeated Sept. 11,
              2003. 44 searchlights.
01-01.1       Nam June Paik. Electronic Superhighway, Install with video monitors,
              laser disks, neon, 32x54', 1995.
01.02 Shirin Neshat, still from Sloiloquy, 1999. 16 mm film, treansferred to video, 17
01.03 Ancient Chinese, tc warrior, 210 bce. tc, Lintong, Xi’an, Shaanxi Provincial
       Museum, China.
01.04 Guo Xi, Early Spring. Northern Song Dynasty, hanging scroll, ink and color on
              silk, 5" l., 1072.
01.05 Gialorenzo Bernini. Apollo and Daphne. Marb, 8' ht, 1622-25.
01.06 Anon. Pond and Garden of Katsura Imperial Villa, n. Kyoto, Japan. Early Edo,
01.07 Frank Lloyd Wright, Fallingwater, Bear Run, Allegheny Mts, SW Penn, 1936,
01.08 Palladio, Villa Rotonda, Vicenza, Italy, c. 1567—70.
01.09 Palladio, Plan of Villa Rotonda.
01.10 Frank Lloyd Wright, Plan of Fallingwater, Bear Run, Allegheny Mts, SW Penn,
01.11 Frank Lloyd Wright, Interior of Fallingwater, Bear Run, Allegheny Mts, SW
              Penn, 1936.
01.12 Aerial view of the Forbidden City, Chinese capital city in Beijing. Yuan Dyn
              (1279—1368); rebuilt in the Ming ( 1368—1644) and Qing (1644—1911)
              Dyns. Refurbished during rule of the People’s Republic of China (1949—
01.13 Daniel Chester French, Minuteman, brz with granite base, 7' ht., 1874B75
              (Concord, MA).
01.14 David Smith, Cubi XIX, stainless steel, 9'5" ht, 1964. (Now in Tate Gallery,
01.15 Ritual Dancer wearing ptd. Wooden ABird of the Night@ (Butterfly) Mask and
              raffia body suit, wd, paint, and raffia, Bwa Culture, Burkina Faso, Africa,
              20th c.
01.14.1Judy Pfaff, Cirque, Cirque, install. With 9 miles of steel and alum. Tubing with
              glass orbs that extends across 70,000 sq. ft. of space, PA Convention
              Center, Philad., 1995.
01.16 Xu Bing, Celestial Book: Mirror for Analyziang the World, 1988. Install. With
              printed paper, Febr 5, 1989, Nat. Acad. Of Art, Beijing, China.
01.17 Pietro Perugino, Christ Giving the Keys to St. Peter, fresco, sistine Chapel,
              Vatican, Rome, 11'5"x18'8", 1482.
01.18 Piet Mondrian. Composition No. 8, o/c, 291/2 x 26 3/4,@ 1939B42.
01.19 Color Wheel.
01.20 Chinese hand scroll being studied by a scholar. (new color slide)
01.21 Kathe Kollwitz, Self-Portr. Litho, 8x7", 1934.
01.22 Leningrad Painter, Greek Potters at Work, DET of Vase painting, c. 450 BC.
01.23 Unknown Chinese Painter, Portr. Of Ni Zan, scroll, ink on paper, 11x24", Ming
              Dyn., 1340.

01.24 Johann Zoffany, The Life Drawing Class at the Royal Academy, o/c, 40x58", 1722
01.25 ANON., Woman decorating a calabash, Wodaabe Culture, NE. Nigeria, c. 1981.

                          PART 2: Prehistory (pp 23B33)
                     Paleolithic Period: 50,00 BC—8,000 BC
02.00 MAP of Prehistoric Europe and Africa, p. 25.
02.03 ANON, Plan of Lascaux Cave.
02.02 ANON, Bulls, rotunda, Lascaux Cave, Dordogne, FR, Paleolithic,15,000B13,000
02.02.1    ANON., Cattle, Horses, Bison, and Deer, axial gallery, Lascaux Cave,
           Dordogne, FR, Paleolithic, 15,000B13,000 BC.
02.04 ANON., Venus of Willendorf, stone, 4 3/8 A ht, 25,000B20,000 BC. Paleolithic.
                      Neolithic Period: 8,000 BC—3,000 BC
02.05 ANON., Pot, found in the River Thames n. Hedsor, Buckinghamshire, England, c.
           3100B2500 BC, t.c., Neolithic Age.
02.06 ANON., Animal Hunt, restoration of a shrine and painting, at level AIII.1. Çatal
           Huyuk, Anatolia, (Modern Turkey), c. 6000 BC. Neolithic (Çatal Huyuk
           Period, W. Asia in USA slide files).
02.07 ANON., Head, t.c., 13 2@ ht., Neolithic Period, Nigeria, Africa, 600 BCB250 BC.
02.08 ANON., Stonehenge, Salisbury Plain, Aerial View, Amesbury, England,
           Neolithic, 2750B1300 BC. 106' dia., outer circle of stone, tallest stone, c.
           24' ht.
02.08.1    ANON., Diagram of Stonehenge.
02.09 ANON., Hongshan Culture, Ritual Ctr., 50'x50', Dongshanzui, Lianoing Province,
           China, c. 3500B3000 BC.

02.10 ANON. Pig-dragon, Hongshan Culture, c. 3500 BCE, jade, 6.5” ht. Shanghai Mus,
          Shanghai, People’s Rep. Of China.

                     Modern Neolithic Period: 2,000 BC—Present.
02-120 See 010-013, 10B032 and 10B033, pp 14; p 492; p 493.
02-130 See 03-108 and 109, pp. 112B14.
02-140 See 04-060.
          Modern NeolithicPeriod: Mesoamerican Art: 100 BC—1500 AD
03.0 Map of Mesoamerica. (p. 133)
03.47 ANON. Colossal head, fr. San Lorenzo, La Venta, MX, middle Formative Period,
       Olmec, c. 900BC, basalt, ht 7’5”.
03.48 “       Mosaic pavement, abstract jaguar mask, one of three, La Venta, Tabasco,
       MX, 900—600 BC, 15’x20’
03.49 “       Ceremonial group of 16 Votive figs, Middle Formative Period, c. 1000 BC,
       serpentine, jade, , 6.5—7.25” ht.
03.50 03.50 Great Pyramid and ritual complex, La Venta, kTabasco, MX, 900—600
       BC, 1.5 miles l. 110’ ht.
03.131 ANON. Ceremonial Plaza, Teotihuacan, Mexico, 100 BC—750 AD, 13 sq. miles.
03.132 ANON. Fac of Temple of the Feathered Serpent, Teotihuacan, MX, 150 AD (ea.
       Head, 4 tons).
03.133 ANON. Repres. Of Tlaloc (god of rain), c. 400—650 AD.
     Modern Neolithic: North American Native Americans (2,000 BC—Present)
02.01 ANON., Great Serpent Mound, Peebles, Adams Co., OH, USA, Neolithic Period,
             Fort Ancient Culture (?), 1,254' l., c. 1070 AD.
10. 26 Anon. Kachina figures, Hopi culture, Arizona 20th c., cottonwood roots adorned
             with mineral paints and other natural materials.
10.27 ANON. Hopi Culture, Mask and Costume, Mix media, NM, 20th c.
10. 28 ANON., Hopi Culture, 1st Mesa, Walpi Village, Ariz., 19th/20th c.

                        PART 3: Ancient Art to 200 AD (35B129)

03-00 Map of Near East (p. 39)

03.01 ANON. Panathenaic Amphora with Runners, ptd. t.c., 24.5” ht., black fig. Style,
             Archaic, 520 BC.
03.02 Calchas Divining the Future, brz, engr. Back of a mirror, 6" dia., Etruscan, 400
03.04 ANON., Stag, Scythian, from Kostromskaya in the Kuban, Commonwealth of
             Russia, 7th—6th c. BC, gold, 12’’ ht.

                 Sumerian Art (3500B2100 BC) (pp. 42B43; 66B67; 81)
03.05   Celebrating Goddess of Fertility through Offerings of Fruit., Vessel, fr. Uruk, Iraq,
               alabester, 36" ht., 3200B3000 BC.
03.06   Worshippers and Deities, found at Temple of Abu, Tell Asmar, Iraq, gypsum, ht.
               Of tallest fig., 30", 2750 BC.
03.07   Storm God and Two Stags, Lintel from Temple oat Al-Ubaid, Iraq, copper sheets
               over wo0od core, 7'10" l., c. 2500 BC.
03.08   Ziggurat, Ur, Iraq, fired brick over mud-brick core, orig. ht, approx. 70', base
        210x150', c. 2100 BC.

      Assyrian and Early Persian Art (1000B600BC/ 500B332 BC) (pp. 80B81)
03.43 Human-Headed Winged Bull fr. Gate of Palace of Sargon II, Khorsabad, Iraq,
             limestone, 14' ht, 720BC.
03-43.1      IBID., DET.
03.44 Dying Lioness, fr. North Palace of Ashurbanipal, Nineveh, Iraq, c. 645B635 BC.,
             Asyrian. Period.
03.45 Royal audience Hall (Apadana) and stairs of Palace of Darius, Persepolis, Iran,
             Persian, c. 500 BC.
03.46 Bull Saddle Capital, fr. Palace of Darius, Persepolis, Iran, 12'3" wide, Persian, c.
             500 BC.
03.04 Stag, gold, from Kostromskaya in the Kuban, Russia, 12" ht., Scythian, 7thB6th c.

                   Egyptian Art (3200B1100 BC) (pp.44B57)
                                   OLD KINGDOM
03.01 MAP of Ancient Egypt (p. 42)
03.21 ANON., Mastabas, Reconstr. Drwg. With section., OK.

03.22 Imhotep, model of funerary district of Zoser with step pyramid, Saqqara, OK,
            2681B2662 BC.
03.18 ANON., Great Pyramids at Giza, OK, 2601B2515 BC.
03.23 ANON. Valley Temple of Khafre, limestone and red granite, Giza, Egypt, OK,
             2570B2544 BC.
03.20 ANON., Section of the Great Pyramid of Khufu, Giza., OK.
03.19 ANON., Great Sphinx.(King Khafre as god Hu), Giza, OK, 2570B2544 BC. [also
03.16 ANON., Votive Palette of King Narmer, slate, 25" ht., OK, 3150B3125 BC. (Also fig.
03.17 IBID.
03.09 ANON., Khafre, diorite, 5'6" ht., OK, 2570B2544 BC.
03.09.1      ANON., Mendaure and His Wife, Q. Khamerernebry, fr. Giza, slate, 54" ht.,
             2515 BC. [also: 02-020]
03.15 ANON., Ankhaf, ptd limestone, partially molded in plaster, 22" ht, 2570B2544 BC.
                                      NEW KINGDOM
03.10 ANON., Hatshepsut, Limestone, 6'6" ht, NK, 1478B1458 BC.
03.14 ANON., Diagram of Egyptian, Proportional system as reconstructed for the stature of
03.14.1      ANON., Akhenaten with Nefertiti and Their Children, Limestone, 13c15", NK,
             1348B1336 BC.
03.13 ANON., Throne of King Tut., gold, silver, glass paste, ceramic, inlaid calcite, 45" ht.,
             NK, 1336B1327 BC.
03.12 ANON., Temple of Ramesses II, Abu Simbel, ht. Of sc, 67', NK, 1279B1212 BC. [also
03.12.1      ANON., DET. Of colossal sculptures.
03.24 ANON., Courtyard, Great Temple of Amun-Mut-Khonsu, Luxor, NK, 1390B1352 BC.
03.25 ANON., Reconstr. Drwg. Of Typical Pylon gate of a Temple, NK.
03.26 ANON., Model of Hypostyle hall, Tmeple of Amun, Karnak, NK, 1294B1212 BC.
03.27 ANON., Plan of Temple of Knonsu, Karnak, NK, 1186B1154 BC.
03.28 ANON., Isometric Drwg with plan of Temple of Khonsu, Karnak, NK, 1186B1154 BC.
                                     Egyptian PAINTING
03.29 ANON., Ti Watching a Hippopotamus Hunt, Tomb of Ti, Saqqare, ptd limestone, 46"
             ht., OK, 2510B2460BC.
03.30 ANON., Pond in a Garden, frag. Fr. Tomb of Nebamun, Thebes, Paint on plaster wall,
             24x28", NK, 1400 BC.
                             Non-Western Art and Architecture
                        India (2100 BCB300AD) (pp. 58B59; 96B99)
03.31 Great Bath, granary and houses, Reconstruction View, Mohenjo-Daro, Indus Valley
             Culture, Pakistan, 2100B1750 BC.
03.31.1      Great Bath, granary and houses, Aerial View, Mohenjo-Daro, Indus Valley
             Culture, Pakistan, 2100B1750 BC.
03.32 Seal with Ithyphallic Figure, fr. Mohenjo-Daro, Indus Valley Culture, Pakistan, c. 1
             3/8" ht., 2100B1700 BC.
03.93 Great Stupa and East Torana, Sanchi, India, beg. 3rd c. BC/present design is 10B30 AD
             (Andhra Dyn.)
03.94 Great Stupa, Sanchi, plan and elevation.
03.95 Yakshi, from East Torana, Great Stupa, Sanchi, India, c. 10B30 AD. (Andhra Dyn.)
03.96 Bodhi Tree lintels fr. E. Torana, Great Stupa, Sanchi, India.

04.04 ANON. The First Semon, Sarnath, Uttar Pradesh, India, Gupta Period, c. 475 AD, stela,
      chunar sandstone, 5’3” ht., Buddhist.
04.05 ANON. Makara, frag. Of a throne for a deity, Nepalese Buddhist (Post Gupta), 13th c.,
      gilt copper, 15.25”
04.03 ANON. Descent of the Ganges, Mahamallapuram, India, Middle Pallava Period, c.
625—74 AD, carved natural granite cliff, 20’ ht., Hindu. Siva, Creation of the Ganges,
                     China: Shang Dyn. (1766B1122BC) (pp. 64B65)
03.40 Fang Ding, from Tomb, Henan Province, China, Shang Dyn, c. 1200 BC.
03.41 Pendant in shape of a Hawk, jade, 2 3/8" ht., Fr. Tomb of Lady Hao, Anyang, Henan
              Province, China, Shang Dyn., c. 1200 BC.
03.42 Diagram of Bronze casting in ancient China.
03.03 Fang Ding, fr. Tomb, Henan Province, China, Shang Dyn, c. 1150 BC.
03.89 ANON., Lady fr. Dai with Attendants, DET of T-shaped banner, found in Dai Tomb,
    Hunan Province, China, Han Dyn, c. 180 BC, ptd. Silk, 6'9"x3'.
03.90 ANON. Linge drwg. Of Flying Banner, c. 180 BC, polychrome ptg on silk, 6’9” ht.,
    Tomb of Lady Dai, Hunan Provincial Mus, China.
03.91 ANON. Ptd. Lacquer Ritual Vessel, 180 BC,ptd. lacquer, 16.5 “ ht. Tomb of Lady Dai,
    Hunan Proavincial Mus. China.
03.92 ANON. Jade Suit, burial of Princess Douwan, wife of Liu Sheng, L. 2nd c. BC, jade
    plaques held together with gold cord, 5’8” l., Tomb of Liu Sheng, Mancheng, Hebei,
03-01 Guang, brz, 12 2" l., 12th c., BC
01.12 Aerial view of the Forbidden City, Chinese capital city in Beijing. Yuan Dyn (1279—
               1368); rebuilt in the Ming ( 1368—1644) and Qing (1644—1911) Dyns.
               Refurbished during rule of the People’s Republic of China (1949—Present).

                     Japan (Shinto Religion) [in chapter 4, pp. 148B149]
04-220 ANON., Naiku (Inner) Shrine Complex, Shinto shrine, Ise, Japan, late 5thB6th c. AD
04-221 IBID, Detail of the Shodden shrine.
04-222 Map of South, Southeast Asia and Far East.
04-230 IBID., Plan of the temple and temple compound.
04-240 Ibid., Front elevation of the shodden (main sanctuary); earliest structure 690B97;
               rebuilt 1993.
04-231 IBID., Aerial View of the compound.
04-030 Warrior, 4.75" ht, 3rd-6th c. AD, Kofun Period.
                       Mesoamerican Art: Teotihuacan (pp. 126B129)
03-126 Ceremonial plaza at Teotihuacan, MX, c. 100 BCB750 AD. 13 sq. miles. (Aztec).
03-126.1       Map of Mexico and Honduras.
03-127 ANON., Ceremonial Group of 16 Figurines, in course of excavation in 1942, Olmec, c.
               1000 BC, serpentine, jade, and conglomerate figures, celts are jade; 7"B8" ht.,
               fr. La Venta, Tabasco, MX.
03-128 Facade of Temple of Feathered Serpent, Teotihuacan, MX, c. 150 AD.
03-129 Representation of Tlaloc (god of rain), c. 400B650 AD, drwg. From a fresco, palace
               wall of Zacuala, Teotihuacan.

           Aegean Art: Minoan and Mycenaean (1800 BCB1200 BC) (pp. 60B63)
03.33   Bull Leaping, fr. Palace at Knossos, Crete, Minoan, c. 1750B1450 BC.
03.34   Snake Goddess or Priestess, fr. Knossos, 11 5/8" ht, 1800B1550 BC.
03.35   Plan of Palace at Knossos, Crete, Minoan, c. 1800B1300 BC.
03.36   Queen=s Megaron, Palace at Knossos, Crete, Minoan, c. 1700B1400 BC.
03.37   Lion Gate, Mycenae, Mycenaean Period, Greece, limestone, 9'6" ht., 1300B1200 BC.
03.38   Plan and sections of Tholos Tomb, Mycenae, Greece, Mycenaean Period, 1300B1200
03.39   Funerary Mask, fr. Mycenae, gold, 12" ht., Mycenaean, 1550B1500 BC.

                        Greek Art (800B32BC) (pp. 70B95; 111)
03-00.3        Map of Ancient Greece, p. 71

03.68 Greek Orders [p. 83]
03.70 Diagram of the Evolution of the Doric Order from 560 BC--438BC.
03.69 Second Temple of Hera (460BC) [R], Paestum, Italy.
03.69.1        Plans of The Basilica and Temple of Ceres
03.69.2        Basilica (T. Of Hera), Paestum, Italy, 560 BC
03.69.3        Ibid., DET of Doric columns
03.56 Acropolis, reconstruction model, Athens, Greece, ca. 400BC [new]
03.71.2        Acropolis, Athens, photograph, 5th c. BC
03.71 Parthenon, by Kallikrates and Iktinos, exterior, 447--432BC [109x235']
03.72 Ibid., plan.
03.72.1        Ibid., model of exterior.
03.73 Ibid., model of interior; Athena by Phidias.
03.74 Ibid., diagram of exterior.
03.74.1        Propylea (and Athena Nike), by Callicrates, 426-420 BC
03.74.2        Erechtheum, Athens, 421--406BC
03.74.3        Ibid., DET of South Porch of Maidens
03.74.4        Choragic Monument, Athens, 350BC
03.74.5        Theater, aerial view, Epidaurus, 350BC
03.74.6        Ibid., ground view.
03.74.7        Altar of Zeus, Pergamum, Turkey, 181--159 BC
03.74.8        Ibid., DET of Sculpture, marb., 120x113', frieze ht. Is 7'6", 181-159BC
03.61 Kouros fr. The Tomb of Kroisos, Anavysos, marb., 6'4" ht. c. 520 BC
03.62 Kore from Chios, marb. (Painted), 22" ht., c. 510 BC
03.54.1        Apollo and the Battle of the Lapiths and Centaurs, marb, Temple of Zeus,
               Olympia, 468--460BC
03.54 Ibid., DET. Of Apollo.
03.63 Kouros (Kritian Boy), marb., 34" ht., 480BC
03.64 Poseidon (Zeus), brz, 460BC
03.65 Diagram of Lost Wax Bronze casting [color]
03.65.1        Charioteer, fr. A votive quadriga, Sanctuary of Apollo, Delphi, 71" ht., brz,
03.65.2        Ibid., DET. Of head.
03.66 Polykleitos, Doryphoros, marb.,84" ht., 450 BC
03.66.1        Ibid, modern brz. Copy, 450BC
03.75 Phidias (and workshop) sculptures on the Parthenon, Three Goddesses, 438--432BC
03.74 Ibid., Reconstructed E. Pediment of the Parthenon
03.76 Ibid., Horsemen, fr. N. Frieze of Parthenon, marb., 43" ht. [color]
03-801 Ibid., Elgin marbles, in British Museum, London.
03-802 Ibid., Warrior and Centaur, metope.
03.67.1        Praxiteles, Hermes with the Child Dionysus, marb., c. 350BC, 80" ht.
03.67 Praxiteles, Aphrodite of Knidos, marb., 80" ht, c. 350 BC
03.67.2        Lysippus, The Scraper, marb., 6'9" ht., 340 BC
03.85 Winged Victory of Samothrace, marb., 96" ht., 180--160BC
03.86 Alexander the Great with Amun Horns, Four-drachma coin, issued by Lysimachus,
               c. 300BC, silver, 1 1/8 dia.
03.88 Dying Trumpeter (Gaul), marb copy, fr. Pergamon, 220 BC
03.88.1        Ibid., DET of upper torso.
03.115 Laocoon, marb., 250BC, 96" ht., fr. Rhodes [illus. In Roman chapt., p. 119]Roman
                                        Greek Painting
03.59 2A&B Diagram of Typical Greek vase shapes [p. 75]
03.01 Panathenaic Amphora with Runners, ptd terracotta, 24.5" ht, c. 520BC
03.55 Vase with Mourners Around a Bier, tc., 61" ht, 750BC
03.55.1        Ibid., DET of Funeral Scene.
03.58 Exekias, Achilles and Ajax Playing Draughts, tc, 24" ht, 530BC (p. 34).
03.58.1        Ibid., DET.
03.60 Euphronios (and Euxitheos, potter), Death of Sarpedon During the Trojan War, tc, 18"
               ht, 515BC
01.22 Leningrad Painter, Greek Potters at Work (DET), Red Figure, c. 450 BC [or 01-200, p.

03.60.1       Achilles Painter, Woman and Maid, 450--440BC
03.87 Battle of Alexander the Great and King Darius of Persia, mosaic, 10'6" ht, c. 300BC,
03.57 Sosos, Unswept Floor, life-size objects, mosaic, 2nd c. BC (Roman copy by Heraclitus).
                              ETRUSCAN ART (pp. 68B69)
03.533 MAP
03.51 Ash Urn, fr. Lago, Italy, t.c., 18 2" ht., c. 650B600 BC.
03.52 Sarcophagus with Reclining Couple, fr. Cerveteri, Tuscany, Italy, t.c., 6'7" l., c.
                525B500 BC.
03.53 Hunting and Fishing, Tomb, Tarquinia, Italy, fresco, c. 510B500 BC.
03.53.1         IBID., DET.
03.02 ANON. Calchas Divining the Future, BRZ, w/ engraving, 400 BCE.
                                    ROMAN ART (pp. 100B125)
03.101.3        Map of Rome, 117--135.
03.101.4        Diagram of the Five Roman Orders
03.101.5        Diagram of the Arch/Arcade.
03.101 Temple of Portunus (Fortuna Virilis), Rome, 2nd c. BC
03.101.1        Ibid., plan.
03.101.2        Temple of Sibyl, Tivoli, E. 1st c. BC
03.102 Isometric projecton of House of Pansa, Pompeii, 2nd c BC
03.102.1        IBID., Plan.
03.103 House of Menander, atrium, Pompeii, Italy, 70 AD
03.103.1        House of gilded cupids, peristyle and tablinum, Pompeii, 1st c. AD.
03.103.2        Ruins of an insula, exter., Ostia, Italy, 2nd c. AD.
03.103.3        Restored view of an insula, Ostia, Italy, 2nd c. AD.
03.103.4        Maison Carree, Nimes, France, 14BC
03.128.8        Pantheon, exterior, Rome, 117--123AD.
03.128 Ibid., Reconstruction model.
03.130 Ibid., Interior, (view in 1740).
03.129 Ibid., Section.
03.126 Diagram of arches, arcade, vaults, domes.
03.127 Pont du Gard (bridge and aqueduct), n. Nimes, France, l. 1st c BC
03.127.1        Ibid., aerial view.
03.127.2        IBID., Close view.
03.121 Flavian Amphiteater (Colosseum), aerial view, Rome, 72--80/96AD
03.121.1        Ibid., exterior.
03.122 Ibid., model.
03.122.1        Ibid., restored view of the arena.
03.123 Ibid., isometric projection.
03.123.1        Ibid., 2nd floor, interior.
03.107 Reconstruction model of Roman Imperial Fora, Rome, w/ forum of Trajan, 98--117
03.107.1        IBID., as in E. 4th c. AD
03.108.1        IBID., Plan of the Roman Fora.
03.108 Ibid., Imperial Fora with Basilica Ulpia, plan.
03.124 Ibid., Interior, Basilica Ulpia, Rome, reconstruction, 98--117AD
03.114 City Plan, Thamugadis (Timgad), Algeria, founded 100AD
03.114.1        Ibid., Road to Timgad in N. Africa
03.111 Arch of Titus, Rome, 80AD
03.111.1        Arch of Constantine, Rome, 115AD
03.125 Basilica of Constantine, interior reconstruction, Rome, 115AD

03.125.1        Ibid., plan
03.125.2        Ibid., ruins.
03.109.1        Baths of Caracalla, Rome, restored view of the great room, 211--217AD
03.109 Ibid., plan.
03.129.2        Ibid., aerial views, restored and ruins.

03.100 Husband and Wife, grave relief, 1st c. BC, marb. 72" ht.
03.100.1       Roman Patrician with Portrait Heads of His Ancestors, barb, lifesize, 15AD
03.100.2       Portr. Of a Roman, marb., 80BC
03.100.3       Aulus Metellus, brz, 71" ht., 1st c. BC
03.105 Emperor Augustus, marb. w/ traces of gilt & paint, 84" ht, c. 15AD
03.106 Altar of Peace (Ara Pacis), marb., c. 39x35', 13-9BC [color]
03.106.1       Ibid., DET of Imperial Procession, marb.
03.106.2       Ibid., DET of Tellus, Earth Goddess Feeding Her Children, marb.
03.112 The Spoils of the Temple at Jerusalem Exhibited in Rome, marb rlf, Arch of Titus, 79"
               ht., 80AD
03.113 Column of Trajan, Rome, marb, 128' ht, l. of frieze, c. 625', 113AD.
03.113.1       Ibid., relief at the base.
03.110 Equestrian Monument of Emperor Marcus Aurelius, brz, over-lifesize, 161--180AD
03.110.1       Constantine, head and arm fragments, marb., 310-315.
03.110.2       Head, fragments and Reconstruction of Constantine, marb. Frags., c. 115AD
03.110.3 Head of Constantine the Great, marb., 8.5' ht.

03.118.1        First Style Decoration, Samnite Hs., Herculaneum, 2nd--1st c. BC
03.118 Garden, DET of 2nd Style, Villa of Livia, l. 1st c. BC, 10' ht., fresco.
03.116 Frieze of Dionysaic Mysteries, Villa of Mysteries, great room, 1st c. AD
03.117 Ibid., DET of the Flagellation
03.119 Diagram of fresco patches at Villa of the Mysteries
03.119.13rd Style (Ornate Style) painting, fr. Nero=s Golden House, 1st C. AD
03.104 4th Style Frescoed room from the House of the Vettii, Pompeii (& DET), 63--79AD
03.57 Heracleitus, The Unswept Floor, Roman copy of a Hellenistic mosaic by Sosos, 2nd c.
03.120 Still Life with Eggs and Thrushes, Hs of Julia Felix, Pompeii, 35x48", bef. 79AD
                  Chapter 4: Art from 200B1400 AD. [pp. 137B229]
                 MEDIEVAL ART and Non-western Medieval Periods

                  Jewish Art at Dura Europos: 212B250 (pp. 144B145).

04.09.1       MAP OF Early Christ, Byz., Islam, and Early Medieval Worlds. [p. 145]
04.09 West Wall with torah Niche, Synagogue, Dura Europos, Syria, 40’ l., 244-245.
04.10 Ibid., Det. Of Elijah Miracle

                        Early Christian Art: 2ndB500 (pp. 142B149)

04.13.1        St. Peters Basilica Church, reconstr. Of interior, Rome, c. 330AD
04.13 Ibid., cut-away view.
04.14 Ibid, plan.
04.16 Santa Costanza, plan, Rome, c. 354AD
04.16.1        Ibid., exterior.
04.15 Ibid., interior, nave.
04.15.1        Ibid., ambulatory.

04.11 The Three Hebrew Children in the Fiery Furnace, Cat. Of Priscilla, Rome,E. 3rd c.
04.11.1     Good Shepherd, Catacomb of S. Pietro and Marcellion, Rome, E. 4th c. AD,

04.12 Good Shepherd, marb., 39" ht., L. 3rd c.AD
04.12.1     Sarcophagus of Junius Bassus, marb., Grotto Vatican, Rome, 359AD
04.12.2     Ibid., DET of Christ on throne.

04.12.3        Passion Sarcophagus, 350-400, Catacomb of Domitilla, Rome
04.12.4        Chart of E.C. Symbols (p.158)

                                  Byzantine Art [pp 166-173]
04.24 San Vitale, Nave, Ravenna, Italy, 526--547.
04.24.1        Ibid., Exterior.
04.24.2        Ibid., plan and section.
04.25 Ibid., chancel with mosaics.
04.25.1        Ibid., DET of capital.
04.25.2        IBID., Nave from Chancel.
04.25.3        IBID., DET of Choir and Columns.
04.22 Isidorus and Anthemius, Hagia Sophia, Exterior, Istanbul, 532B537.
04.22.1        Isidorus and Anthemius, Hagia Sophia, nave toward apse, Istanbul, 532--537.
04.23 Ibid., plan and section.
04.23.1        Ibid., section with pendentives.
04.21 Ibid., Interior, vaults.
04.21.1        Sarcophagus of Archbishop Theodore, marb, 72" l., 7th c.

04.26 Justinian and Attendants, Ibid.
04.27 Theodora and Attendants, Mosaic, San Vitale, Ravenna, c. 547.
04.28 Ibid., DET of Justinian.
04.28.1       Ibid., DET of Justinian.
04.28.2       Abraham=s Hospitality and the Sacrifice of Issac, San Vitale, c.547.
04.19 Transfiguration of Christ, apse mosaic, Monastery of St. Catherine, Mt. Sinai, Egypt, c.
04.20 Mad & Child Enthroned with Sts. Theodore & George & Angels, encaustic/wd,
        27x19.5" 6th c.

                              Later Byzantine Art [pp 198B199]
04.68 San Marco, Nave, Venice, begun 1063. (photo instead of the painting by Canaletto).
04.68.1       Ibid., aerial view of the square and church.
04.68.2       Ibid., aerial view of the church.
04.68.3       Ibid., plan.
06.05 St. Basil the Blessed, Moscow, RU, 1554-60 (p.283)
06.05.1       IBID.

04.67.1      Prayer of Isaiah, fr. Paris Psalter, ms., vellum, 14x10", c. 900.
04.66 Virgin of Vladimir, t/p, 31x21", 12th c., created in Constantinople (in Russia today).
04.66.1      Diagram of a Tempera Panel.
04.67 Pantocrator, Dome mosaic, Daphni, Greece, c. 1100.
04.67.2      Ascension, Dome mosaic, San Marco, Venice, l. 12th c.
04.67.3      Scenes from Genesis, San Marco, mosaic.
04.67.4      Ibid., DET of Temptation of Adam and Eve.

                            Non-Western Art and Architecture

                              Hindu Art in India (pp. 172B173)
04-470 Kailasanatha, Ellora, India, Rashtrakuta Dyn., 760B800, 96" ht.
04-480 Kailasanatha, Plan.
04-020 Descent of the Ganges, Mahabalipuram, Pallava Dyn., 625B674.
04-021 Rathas, Mahabalipuram, Pallava Dyn., 625-674.
05-030 Mandala of Jnanadakini, Nygor, gouache, 33 x 29", L. 15th c.
05-180 Village Women Creating a Mandala, 1994.

                      Art in Cambodia: Angkor Wat (pp. 200B201)
04.69 Temple complex, Angkor Wat, (Kampuchea) Cambodia, E. 12th c.
04.71 Churning of the Sea of Milk, sc. Relf, interior gallery wall, AngkorWat, E. 12 th. C.
04.70 Plan of Angkor Wat, Camabodia.
04.69.1       IBID., Aerial view of Anghor Wat.

                            Art in China (pp. 164B167; 184B187)
04.33 Zhang Xuan, Court Ladies Preparing Newly Woven Silk, DET. Of 12th c. copy of 8th c.
              orig., hand scroll, color on silk, 14x57".
04.34 Bactrian Camel with Pack Saddle, Tang Dyn, 1st half 8th c., earthenware with color
              glaze, 37" ht..
04.32 Plan of Chang=an, Tang Dyn, 7B8th c.
04-420 Reconstruction of Linde Hall of Daming Palace, Chang=an. Tang Dyn, 7th c.
04.51 Li Cheng, Buddhist Temple in the Hills after Rain, Five Dyns., N. Song Dyn, c. 950,
              hanging scroll, ink and slight color on silk, 42" ht.
04.51.1       Ibid., Buddhist Temple..., DET of Fig. 50.
04.51.2       Ibid., DET.
04.53 Xia Gui, Sailboat in the Rain, fan-shaped album leaf, ink and light color/silk, 9x9",
04.53.1       IBID., DET.
04.06 Ni Zan, Rongxi Studio, 1372, Hanging scroll, ink/paper, 2’5.5” ht.
01.04 Guo Xi, Early Spring, N. Song Dyn, 1072, Hanging scroll, ink, and slight color on sild,
5’ l.
01.03 Ancient Chinese, t.c. warrior, 210 BC, t.c., Lintong, Xi’an, Shaanxi Provincial

                       Buddhist Art in Japan (pp. 168-171; 202-203)
04.36 Horyuji Complex, n. Nara, Japan, Asuka Per, 7th c.
04.37 Plan of Horyuji.
04.39 Diagram of Tou-Kung Bracketing, Det. Of eaves, Horyuji kondo.
04.38 Tori Busshi, Shaka Triad, Golden Hall (kondo), Horyuji, Asuka Period, 623, gilt brz.,
              5'9" ht.
04.72 Takayoshi, Third Illus. Of the Kashiwagi chapter of the Tale of Genji, L. Heian,
04.73Takayoshi, First Illus. Of Azumaya chapter of the Tale of Genji, L. Heian, 1120B30.

                        Royal Art of African Kingdoms (224-225)
04.89e The Great Mosque at Jenne, Mali (Afr), 13th c., reblt. 1907. Adobe
04.90 IBID., Interior.
04.91 Equestrian Figure, Ancient Mali, 13th—16th c., t.c., 2’3” ht.
04-110 Head of Queen Olokun, Ife Culture, Nigeria, 11thB15th c., brass, 36" ht.
04-1101       Map of Africa.
04-111 Altar Head, Edo Culture, fr. Benin Kingdom, Nigeria, 17th c.
04-112 Royal Ancestral Shrine, Benin Culture, Benin, Nigeria.
04-113 Head of a Woman, Yoruba Culture, fr. Ugba Laja Site, Owo, Nigeria, 15th c., 7" ht.

                             Islamic Art (pp. 174-177; 323-325)
04.42 Mosque, Cordoba, Spain, Interior, beg. 786.
04.42.1        Mosque, Cordoba, Exterior.
04.43 Mosque, Cordoba, plan.
04.44 Mosque, Cordoba, DET. Of Madksourah dome, 961B76. Colored stucco, tile, and glass
06.57 Sinan, Suleimaniye Mosque, Istanbul., 1551B58, exter.
06.58 Ibid., dome interior.
06.59 Ibid., plan.
06.55 Sultan Muhammad, The Feast of Sadeh and the Discovery of Fire by the Persian King
               MS fr. Tahmasp Shah-nameh., 9"x9", c. 1520-25.
06.60 Prayer Rug, Second half of 16th c., silk and cotton and wool, 5'8"x4'2"
06.56 Illum. frontispiece of a Koran, MS and Gold, Turkey, 953/1546-47.
                Early Medieval Period In Europe: Dark Ages [pp. 162-163]

04.29.1      Varia-Map of Early Medieval World 10th c.
            Painting and Metalwork of Anglo-Saxons and Hiberno-Saxons
04.29 Sutton Hoo Purse Cover, gold with Indian garnets and cloisonne enamels, orig. On an
                             ivory or bone background (lost) on wood, 8" l., c. 620AD
04.30 Carpet Page, from Lindisfarne Gospels, Ptd. By Bishop Eadfrith, Ms/vellum, 13.5x9
             3/4", 698.{color}
04.30.1      Ibid., Cross page. Lindisfarne Gospels, c. 700.
04.30.2      Ibid., DET.
04.31 Incarnation Page, fr. Book of Kells, ms on vellum, 13x9.5", c. 800?

                   Early Medieval Period: Carolingian Art [pp178-181]

04.47.1       Odo of Metz, Palace Chapel of Charlemagne, nave, Aachen, Germany, 792--
04.47.2       Ibid., Westwork.
04.47.3       Ibid., Plan and restoration drawing of exterior.
04.47 St. Gall monastery , c. 819. (Model instead of plan).

04.45.1      St. Matthew, fr. Coronation Gospel Bk, ms/vellum, 13x10", 800--810
04.45 St. Matthew, Gospel Bk of Archbishop Ebbo of Reims, ms/vellum, 10x9", 816--35

                      Early Medieval Perod: Ottonian Art [pp. 188-189]
04-00.1         St. Michael=s, nave., Heldesheim, Germany, 1001--1030.
0400.2 Ibid., Exterior, South elev.
0400.3 Ibid., plan and section.
04.46 Christ Washing the Feet of St. Peter, Gospel Bk of Otto III, ms, 8x6", 1000

04.46.1       Brz Doors with Scenes from Old and New Testament, St. Michaels,
              Hildesheim, c. 1015.
04.46.2       Ibid., DET of Adam and Eve Reproached by the Lord.

                           ROMANESQUE ART (pp 188--195)

04.60.2        Map of Romanesque Europe
04.60.3        Map of Romanesque Europe with Pilgrimage Routes, c. 1100.
04.60.4        Architectural Charts: arch, arcade. [Also see Roman diagram, page 134 (03-935
               & 03-118)]
04.60.5        Evolution of the vault.
04.60.6        Ribbed vaults.
04.60.7        Diagram of a Portal.
04.48 Cluny III, reconstruction drawing as in 1157 (1088-1130).[under Carolingian, p. 195]
04.60 St. du Foi, view of church and town, Conques, Fr., c. 1070--1090/1120, pilgrimage
04.60.1        Ibid., W. Facade.
04.62 IBID., Portal. (Another copy in Sculpture).
04.59 Ibid., plan.
04.58 Ibid., nave.
04.58.1        Ibid., DET of upper nave.
04.58.2        Ibid., ambulatory.
04.58.3        Ibid., Ex View of Church from N.E.

04.62 Last Judgment, West portal, St. Foi, 1120--35.
04.62.1       Ibid., DET of Last Judgment, tympanum and lintel.
04.61 Apostles Mission portal [Pentecost, John Bapt.], narthex portal to nave,
                       Ste. Madeline, Vezelay, Fr., 1120--1130.
04.61.1       Ibid., Mission of the Apostles (Pentecost: 7th Sunday after Easter; asso. with
              the apostles).
04.63 Gislebertus, Last Judgment Portal, Lintel and tympanum, Cathedral, Autun, France,
04.63.1       Ibid., Hell.
04.55 St. du Foi, reliquary, gold with jewels, L. 10th cent.
04.02 Reliquary in the Shape of a church, fr. Lower Rhine Region of Germany, gilt brz., 21"
              ht. 1170.

04.56 St. Mark, Corbie Gospel Book, France, ms/vellum, 11x8", 1025--50.
04.56.1       Anon. St. John the Evangelist, Normandy, France, mss., 1147
04.57 Bayeux Tapestry, King Harold Receiving a Messenger,stitchery on linen, 20" ht x 231',
04.57.1       Ibid., Battle of Hastings.
04.54 Christ in Majesty with Angels, Symbols of the Evangelists and Saints, San Clemente,
              Tahull, Spain, apse fresco, 13' dia., c. 1123
                     GOTHIC ART & ARCHITECTURE [pp. 204-223]
04.74.1        Map of Gothic Europe.
04.74.2        Diagram of Ribbed Vaults.
04.74.3        Quadripartite and Sexpartite ribbed bays.
04.84 Vaults constructed using round and pointed arches.
04.74.4        Diagram of a Gothic portal.
04.83 Isometric Projection of the parts of Chartres Cathedral.
04.74 St. Denis, Paris, ambulatory and chapels, 1137--1140.
04.74.6        IBID., View of ambulatory and chevet.
04.75.1        Ibid., plan of choir and ambulatory.
04.75 Ibid., plan, ambulatory, and nave.
04.92 Cathedral (Notre Dame), facade, Chartres, France, 1134-1513.
04.82.1        Ibid., aerial view from southeast.
04.81 Chartres, Notre Dame, Cathedral, plan, 1194--1220.
04.79 Ibid., nave.
04.80 Ibid., upper nave.
04. 86.1       Amiens Cathedral, facade, 1220-1250.
04.86 Amiens Cathedral (Notre Dame), DET of W. façade, c. 1220—35.
04.86.2                 Ibid., nave.
04.86.1        St. Maclou, Rouen, France, 1443-1519.
04.86.2        Cathedral, facade and cloisters, Salisbury, England, 1220-1250 ff.
04.86.3        San Francesco, nave, Asissi, Italy, 1228-53.
04.86.4        St. Sebaldus, choir, Nuremberg, Germany, 1361.

04.85.1       Cathedral, Chartres, west portals/ center jamb figures, Ancestors of Christ,
04.85.2       Ibid., DET of the King of Judea.
04.85 Beau Dieu, trumeau, central portal, Amiens, 1225-35.
04.85.3       Vierge Doree, trumeau, south portal, Amiens, c. 1250
04.77 Madonna of Jeanne d=Evreux, silver-gilt with enamel, 27" ht., 1339.
04.76 Abbot Suger=s Chalice, silver gilt, jewels, 1144.
05.56         Pieta, polychromed wd, 34.5" ht, German, E. 14th c. [Illustrated in Chapter 5, p.
                                Stained Glass and Painting
04.87 Cathedral, Chartres, Notre Dame de la Belle Verrierre, 12th c (center)/13th c. (Angels)
04.87.1       Ibid., DET.
04.88 Photo of Stained Glass work.
04.93 Cimabue, Mad. Enthroned with Angels and Prophets, tempera/wd, 1285, Florence,
04.92 Giotto, IBID., tempera/wd, 1300--1305, Florentine, Italy.
04.95 Giotto, Arena Chapel, 1306--10. FRESCO
04.94 Giotto, Pieta (Lamentation), Arean Chapel, 1303--05
04.96 Ibid., Last Judgment.
04.97 Diagram of an egg tempera painting.
04.98 Diagram of fresco painting.
04.78 Annunciation, London Hours (by an Italian), ms/vellum, 9x6", 1400--10
05.13 7A&B Limbourg Brothers, February, calender page from Tres Riches Heures du Duc

           de Berry, ms/vellum, 11.5x8", 1416. [Illustrated in Chapter 5, p. 240]
05.14 Limbourg Brothers, Crucifixion in the Darkness of the Eclipse, from Tres Riches
           ms/vellum, 11.5x8", 1416. [Illustrated in Chapter 5, p. 241]
                        LOW RENAISSANCE: ITALY [Chapt. 5]

   05-041     Map of 15 century Europe.

Filippo Brunelleschi, Flor., 1377--1446.
    05.30.1    Florence Duomo Dome, 1419--1445.
    05.30      Ibid., aerial view of dome.
    05.30.2    Ibid., diagram of dome.
    05.28      Santo Spirito, nave, Florence, begun 1436.
    05.28.1    Ibid., DET of nave.
    05.29      Ibid., plan.
Michelozzi Michelozzo, Flor., 1396--1472.
    05.35      Medici Palazzo, Florence, drwg. Of exter.1445--59
    05.35.1Ibid., Photo of exterior.
    05.34      Ibid., cortile.

Masaccio, 1401--1428, Florentine.
   05.18      Brancacci Chapel, Sta. Maria del Carmine, Florence, 1425--28. FRESCO,
              general view of left wall with Tribute Money.
   05.18.1    Ibid., Tribute Money.
   05.18.2    Ibid., Head of an Apostle.
   05.18.3    Ibid., Adam and Eve, diagram of a fresco.
   05.18.4    Ibid., Adam and Eve (cleaned).
   05.17      Trinity, with Virgin Mary, St. John, and donors, 1428, 21'10" ht.
Pierro della Francesca, c. 1420-92 (Umbrian)
   05.02      Resurrection, Fresco, c. 8’ x6.5’, c. 1460. Pinacoteca, Sansepolcro, Italy.
   05.08      Battista Sforza and Federigo da Montefeltro, o&t/wd, ea. 18.5 x 13”, 1474
Alessandro Botticelli, Flor., 1444-1510
   05.48      Spring (La Primavera), t/p, 6'8"x10'4", 1482.
   05.48.1    Ibid., DET.
   05.48.2    Ibid., DET of Mercury
   05.49 Birth of Venus, 5'9"x9'2", 1480, tempera on panel.
Perugino (Pietro Vanucci), Umbrian, 1445--1523.
   01.17      Giving Keys to St. Peter, fresco, Sistine Chapel, 1481.(See chapter 1 p.16)
   05.19      Ibid., Diagram of the perspective.
Domenico Ghirlandaio, Flor., 1449--1494,
   05.39      Portr. Of a Man and Grandson, tempera and oil/wd, 1480
   05.40      Portr of a Man on His Deathbed, silverpoint & brush, 11.5x12.5", c. 1480.

Alesso Baldovinetti, Flor., 1425-1499
   05.38     Portr. Of a Young Wouman, t/p, 25x16", c. 1465.

Andrea Mantegna, N. Ital., 1431-1506
  05.45    Camera Picta Frescos, 19'6"x26'6". 1465-74. In Ducal Palace, Mantua.
           Overall view of the room.
  05.45.1 Ibid., Oculus in Ceiling.
  05.45.2 Ibid., DET of oculus.
  05.46    Foreshortened Christ, tempera/canvas, 27x32", 1466.

Donatello, Flor., 1386--1466
   05.11      St. Mark, marb., 1411-15, 94" ht., orig. With metal.
   05.21.1 The Banquet of Herod, Siena Bapt., 23.5x23.5", c. 1425-27.
   05.21      Ibid., Diagram of the Perspective.
   05.37      David, bronze, 1430--35.
   05.07      Gattamelata, brz., 1445--50.
   05.07.1            Ibid., DET.
   05.12      Penitent Magdalene, polychromed wood & gilt, 74" ht., 1450s.
   05.12.1            Ibid., DET

Lorenzo Ghiberti, Flor., 1378-1455
   05.10.1    East Doors of the Baptistery (Gates of Paradise), Florence, 1425--52.
   05.10     Ibid., Portrait of Ghiberti.
   05.20     Ibid., The Story of Jacob and Esau, 1429--37.
Bernardo Rossellino, Flor., -----
   05-040    Tomb of Leonardo Bruni, marb., 1445.
Antonio del Pollaiuolo, Flor., 1431--1498
   05.36     Hercules and Antaeus, brz., 18" ht, 1470s.
Mino da Fiesole, 15c
   05.41     Piero de Medici, marb., 18" ht, 1453.
   05.41.1 Equestrian of Colleoni, brz., Venice, 1479-96.

              LOW RENAISSANCE: Northern Europe: Flanders [Chapt. 5]

Robert Campin, Flem., 1375-1444.
   05.15    Merode Altarpiece, 1424. 25 x 25", o/p, triptych.
   05.16    Annunciation, DET of center panel. OIL on wood.
   05.16.1 IBID., DET.
   05.27    Diagram of a typical oil painting on wood.

Hubert (1366-1426) and Jan van Eyck (1385-1441), Flem.
  05.22      The Altarpiece of the Lamb, Interior, 11.5' x 15'1".
  05.23      Ibid., Exter. 11.5'x7'7".
  05.23.1 Ibid., Head of Adam.
Jan van Eyck (1385-1441), Flem
   05.24     Arnolfini Wedding Portrait, o/wd, 32x23", 1434.
   05.25     Ibid., DET of mirror.
   05.26     Ibid., DET of dog.
   05.09     Jan van Eyck, Self Portr (in Red Turban), o/wd, 10x7.5", 1433.
Rogier van der Weyden, Flem., 1399-1464.
   05.02      Deposition, o/wd, 7'3"x8'7", 1435-38.
Hans Memling, Flem. (1430-1494)
   05.44a    Virgin and Child, o/wd, 54x43 cm, 1487.
   05.44b    Ibid., Portrait of Martin van Niewenhove, o/wd, 1487. (*There are two 4-52
             figs. In book.)
Hieronymus Bosch, Dutch, 1450--1516. (Found in the 16th c. Chapter)
   06.38     The Creation of Eve in the Garden of Eden; Garden of Earthly Delights; Hell.
             O/wd, 6.5x77" (center); 86.5x38" (ea. Wing). (pp. 308--09)
   06.39     Ibid., DET. Of center.
   06.39.1   Ibid., DET.

   HIGH RENAISSANCE: 16TH CENTURY [pp.279-331+Leonardo (All of Europe)]

   06.01.2   Map of 16th century Europe. [p. 281]
Leonardo da Vinci, (Flor.), 1462--1519.
   06.01.1    Self Portr, drwg., ca. 1510--15.
   06.01.3 Anatomy Study of the spine, pen and brown ink with wash, 11 1/4 x 8", c. 1510
   05.51     Vitruvian Man, Pen and Ink, 13.5X9.5", 1485--90.
   05.51.1 Comparative Anatomy, pen and ink, n.d.
   05.51.2 Mad. And Child with Cat, pen and ink, 5x4", 1478-80.
   05.51.3 Drawing of a Flying Machine, fr. Codex Atlanticus., pen&ink, c. 1490.
   05.52     View and Plan of Central Plan Church, 1489.
   05.50     Mad of the Rocks, Louvre version, 78x48", 1490-94
   05.50.1 Ibid., Drawing study for the angel, c. 1483.
   05.53     Last Supper, oil, tempera, varnish on wall, 14'x18'11", 1495--98.
   05.53.1 Ibid., cleaning and restoration DET.
   05.54     Ibid., Study for Judas.
   05.54.1 Burlington House Cartoon, 1498-99.
   05.54.2 Virgin and St. Anne, ca. 1502.
   06.17     Mona Lisa, o/wd,30.5 x 21” 1503
   06.18     IBID., computerized reconstruction by Naoko Gunji and Jane Vadnal that
             restores the orig. proportions of the ptg, with the columns to the sides framing
             the landscape & some color adjustment.
Michelangelo Buonarroti, Flor, 1475--1564.
   05.55     Pieta, marb, 1498--99. Vatican
   06.14     David, marb., 14'3" ht. (Over 17' ht w/ base).
   06.15     St. Matthew (orig. For the Flor. Duomo), 8'10" ht., 1504-08.
   06.16     Ibid., DET.
   06.31     Sistine Chapel Ceiling: 1508--12: Gen. View of Chapel (with Last Judgment)
   06.32     Caricature of the Artist painting on the ceiling, drwg. On a page of a sonnet,
   06.32.1 Eleazar and Matthan. 1508--1512. Fresco
   06.32.2 Ibid., DET of the Libyan Sibyl being cleaned.
   06.32.3 Ibid, Libyan Sibyl.
   06.30     Creation of Adam.
   06.30.1 DET of Creation of Adam.
   06.30.2 Medici Chapel w Tomb of Giuliano de Medici, 1524--34, marb., 23'x15' (bay of
             tomb), Florence, in New Sacristy.
   06.30.3 Ibid., DET of Dusk and Dawn.
   06.30.4 Ibid., DET of Giuliano.
   06.49     Last Judgment, general view., fresco, Vatican, Rome, 1534-41.
   06.02     Pieta, marb., 92" ht., c. 1547-55.
Donato Bramante, (1444-1514)
   06.25     1505 plan and medal showing design in 1506.
   06.26     Ibid., plan of 1505.
   06.27     Michelangelo, New St. Peters Basilica, Rome, Vatican, 1546-64 plan.
   06.28     Ibid., engraved view (in 1569)
   06.29     Ibid, logitud. Section of St. Peters (1569 engrv.)
06.29.1   Ibid., aerial view.
06.29.2   Ibid., dome.

Raphael, Umbria, 1483--1519
   06.07    Madonna and Child with St. John (La Belle Jardin), o/wd, 48x31.5", 1508.
   06.07.1 Donna Velata, o/c, 33.5x23.5", 1513.
   06.33     Frescoes, Stanza della Segnature, Vatican, Rome, School of Athens, 1509--11.
   06.33.1 Ibid., DET.
   06.34    Ibid., View of Theology and Disputa.

Bellini, Giovanni, Venetian.
    06.01.4 Feast of the Gods, DET., o/c, 5' 7"x7' 2", 1514.
Giorgione, Venetian, 1478--1510.
    06.35     Sleeping Venus, o/c, 43x69", 1510.
    06.37     Tempestuous Landscape with a Gypsy and a Soldier (The Tempest), o/c,
              30x29", 1505--10.
Titian,Venetian, 1477-1776. (Tiziano Vecelli).
    06.36     Venus of Urbino, o/c, 47x65", 1538
    06.42     Madonna of the Pesaro Family, o/c, 16x18'10", 1519--26.
    06.43     Ibid., general view.
    06.45     Ibid., Det of the Mad. and Child
    06.44     Assumption and Coronation of the Virgin, o/wd, 22.5'x11'10", 1516--18.
    06.47     Rape of Europa, o/c, 73x81", 1559--62.
    06.47.1 Ibid., DET.
    06.48     IBID., DET of fish.

                              16th Century: Mannerism in Italy
Parmigianino (Francesco Mazzola), Parmesan, 1503--1540.
   06.08      Madonna and Child with Angels and a Prophet (Mad with the Long Neck),
       o/wd,                       85x52, 1534--40.
   06.11      Self-Portr in a Convex Mirror, o/wd, 9.5" Dia., 1524.
Lavinia Fontana, Bologna, 1552-1614
   06.12      Self-Portr., o/copper, 6" dia., 1577.
Anguissola, Sophonisba
   06.13      Portrait of the Artist’s Three Sisters w/ Their Governess, o/c, 28”x 37”
Ludovico Carracci, 1555-1619.
   06.09      Mad and Child w Sts Jerome and Francis (Mad degli Scalzi), o/c, 84x60, 1590.
    Paolo Veronese (Paolo Caliari), Venetian, 1528--1588.
   06.63      Last Supper/Feast in the House of Levi, o/c, 18'3"x42', Accademia, Venice,
Jacopo Tintoretto (Jacopo Robusti), Venetian, 1518--1594.
   06.64      Last Supper, o/c, 12'x18'8", San Girogio Maggiore, Venice, 1592--94.
Benvenuto Cellini, Flor., 1501--1577.
   06.50      Saltcellar of Francis I, Gold and enamel, 10 x 13", 1543.
Giambologna, 1524-1608
   06.51      Rape of the Sabine Woman, marb., 13.5' ht, 1583.
Giacomo della Porta, 16c
   06-730     Facade, Il Gesu, Rome, c. 1575--84.
Giacomo da Vignola, 1507--1573
   06-710    Il Gesu, Plan.
   06-720    Inter of Il Gesu, Rome, 1575--84
Andrea Palladio, Venetian, 1508--1580.
   06.61     San Giorgio Maggiore, Gen. View, Venice, begun 1566.
   06.61.1   IBID., Facade.
   06.62     Ibid., interior.
   01-070    Villa Rotunda, Vicenza, Italy, 1566.
   01.09     Ibid., plan and section.
   01.08     Basilica, Vicenza, Italy, 1549.


El Greco (Domenikos Theotocopoulos), Spanish, 1541--1614.
   06.53     Toledo, o/c, 48x43", 1600-1610.

                            16th Century: Northern Europe

Albrecht Durer, German, 1471--1528.
   05.47     Demonstration of Perspective, wd. Cut, 1525. [p.267]
   06.10     Praying Hands, brush with white, on blue grounded paper, 11.5x8", 1508--09
   06.19     Adam and Eve, Engraving, 10x7.5", 1504
   06.21     DET., Adam and Eve, Engraving, 10x7.5", 1504
   06.20.1   Knight, Death, and the Devil, engraving, 9.5x7.5", 1513
   06.20     Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse, woodcut, 15.5x11", 1497--98.
   06.23     Diagram on woodcut, drypoint, metal engraving.
   06.22     DET.,Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse, woodcut, 15.5x11", 1497--98.

Matthias Grunewald, German, 1470/83--1531+
   06.40     Isemheim Altar piece, o/wd, 1512--15. St. Anthony; Crucifixiohn, St. Sebastian
             with Lamentation below (exterior), 9'9.5"x10'9" (center).
   06.41     Ibid., open to middle section. Annunciation; Mystical Nativity w Musical
             Angles; Resurrection (1st set wings open).
   06.46     Ibid.,DET of figure G-40
Albrecht Altdorfer, German, 1480--1538.
   06.01.5   Battle of Alexander and Darius, o/wd, 62x47", 1529.
Lucas Cranach the Elder, German, 1472-1553
   06.06     Martin Luther, o/wd, 1535.

Pieter Bruegel the Elder, Flemish, 1525-1569
    06.52     December Landscape (Hunters in the Snow), o&temp/wd, 46x64", 1565
    06.54     Peasant Wedding Feast, o/wd, 45x64", 1566.
    06.54.1   Ibid., DET.

                             17TH CENTURY [PP 332-377]

   07-001     Map of 17th Century Europe (see p. 335)

                                 Painting: South Europe.

Michelangelo Caravvaggio, Italian, 1560-1609.
   07.11.1 Entombment of Christ, o/c, 9'10"x6'8", 1603--04.
   07.11     Christ with the Doubting Thomas, o/c, 42x57.5", 1602--03
   07.12     Conversion of St. Paul, o/c, 90.5x70", 1601
Artemisia Gentileschi, Italian, 1597-1651
   07.13     Judith and Her Maidservant w the Head of Holofernes, o/c, 1625.
   07.09     Self-Portr as the Allegory of Painting, o/c, 38x29", 1630
Giovanni Battista Gaulli (asstd by Gianlorenzo Bernini), Italian, 1639--1706
   07.07     Triumph of the Name of Jesus, ceiling fresco with gilded stucco, Il Gesu, Rome,
             (assisted by Bernini)
Diego Velaquez, 1599-1660, Spanish.
   07.14     The Water Carier, o/c, 41.5x31.5", 1619
   07.41     Portr of Juan de Pareja, o/c, 32x27.5", 1650
   07.40     Las Meninas (Maids of Honor), o/c, 10'5"x9', 1656
   07.40.1 Ibid., DET.

                                 Painting: North Europe
Peter Paul Rubens, Flemish, 1577-1640.
   07.17     The Arrival and Reception of Marie de Medici at Marseilles, o/c, 13x10', 1621--
   07.18     Allegory of the Outbreak of War, o/c, 6'9"x11'4", 1638.
   07.08     Self-Portr w Isabella Brandt, o/c, 69x53.5", 1609-10
   07.52     Landscape with Chateau Het Steen, o/p, 51.5x90", 1635.
Frans Hals, Dutch, 1580-1666.
   07.03     The Merry Drinker, o/c, 32x26", 1628--30.
   07.21     Banquet of the Officers of the Civic Guard of St. George, o/c, 5'10.5"x8'5.5",
Judith Leyster, Dutch, 1610-1660
   07.10     Self-Portr. At Easel, o/c, 29x26", c. 1635.
Jan Vermeer van Delft, Dutch, 1632--1675.
   07.16     A maidservant Pouring Milk, o/c, 18x16", 1660.
Rembrandt van Rijn, Dutch, 1606--1669.
   07.22     The Militia Company of Captain Frans Banning Cocq (Night Watch), o/c,
             12'2"x14'7", 1642.
   07.34     Bathsheba w / King David=s Letter, o/c, 56x56", 1654.
   07.35     Return of the Prodigal Son, o/c 8'8"x6'8", 1662-68.
   07.35.1 The Jewish Bride, o/c, 48 x 65", 1662.
   07.36     Christ Preaching, etching w / drypoint, 6x8", 1652.
   07.37     Diagrams of etching and drypoint techniques (listed as 7-39 & 7-40)
   07.39      The Three Crosses, drypoint, 15x18", 1653.
   07.31      A Man Rowing a Boat on the Bullewyk, pen and brown wash w white, 5x8",
   07.32      Saskia in a Straw Hat, silverpoint on vellum, 7x4", 1633
   07.33      Two Women Teaching a Child to Walk, red chalk on paper, 4x5", 1637
Maria van Oosterwyck, Dutch, 17c
   07.44      Still Life with a Vanitas Theme, o/c, 29x35", 1668
Rachel Ruysch, Dutch, 1664-1750
   07.45      Flower Still Life, o/c, 30x24", after 1700.
Jacob van Ruisdael, Dutch, 1628--82
   07.51      The Dutch lands from the dunes at Overveen, o/c, 22x24.5", 1670
   07.51.1    DET.,The Dutch lands from the dunes at Overveen, o/c, 22x24.5", 1670
Louis Le Nain, French, 1593--1648.
   07.15      Peasant Family, o/c, 44.5x62.5", 1640
Nicolas Poussin, French, 1594--1675
   07.42      The Arcadian Shepherds, o/c, 34x47", 1660
   07.43      Landscape w/ Body of Phocion Carried Out of Athens, o/c, 47x70.5", 1648
Hyacinthe Rigaud, French, 1686-1766.
   08.06      Portrait of Louis XIV, o/c, 9'x6', 1701. (p. 382, in 18th c. chapt.)

                                    Italian Architecture
Carlo Maderno, Italian, 1526--1629 (facace) and Gianlorenzo Bernini, Italian, 1598--1680
   07.20.1   St. Peters Basilica, Vatican, Rome, aerial view, 1607--15
Gianlorenzo Bernini, Italian, 1598--1680
   07.20     Colonnade, St Peters, Vatican, Rome, beg. 1656. [longitud. Axis ca. 800']
Francesco Borromini, Italian, 1599-1667.
   07.28     San Carlo alle Quattro Fontane, facade, Rome, 1638--41
   07.27     Ibid., plan.
   07.26     Ibid., interior of dome.
                                     Spanish Colonial America
ANON., Cuba.
   08.09     Cathedral, Havana, Cuba, façade, beg. 1748—1777.

                              Northern Europe Architecture
Louis le Vau [1612--70] & Jules Hardouin-Mansart, [1646--1708], French
   07.46      Palace of Versailles, France, 1669--85. Garden facade.
   07.01     Ibid.,Salon de la Guerre.
   07.01.1   Ibid., Hall of Mirrors.
Andre le Notre, French, 1613--1700
   07.27     Gardens and park of Versailles, plan, 1661--68/ executed 1662--90.
   07.47.1   Ibid. Aerial view.

                              Seventeenth Century Sculpture
Gianlorenzo Bernini, Italian, 1598-1680
   07.19     Baldacchino, brz w gilding, 93.5' ht, St Peters, Vatican, Rome, 1624--33.
   01.05     Apollo and Daphne, marble, 96" ht, 1622-25. [color]
   07.02     David, marb, 67" ht, 1623
   07.06     Fountain of the Four Rivers, marb and travertine, w/ Egyptian obelisk, Piazza
             Navona, Rome, 1648--51.

07.06.1   Ibid., DET of the Rivers.
07.30     Conaro Chapel, and Ectasy of St. Teresa, marb and brz; etc., statue 11.5' ht,
07.29     Ibid., Ectasy of St. Teresa.
                       18TH CENTURY: ROCOCO [pp. 378B397]

   08-00.1    Map of 18th Century Europe (see p. 379)

Gabriel Germain Boffrand, French, 1677--1754
   08.02     Salon de la Princesse, Hotel de Soubise, Paris, France, 1736--39.
Johann Balthasar Neuman, German, 1687--1753
   08.18     Kaisersall (Imperial Hall), Episcopal Palace, Wurzburg, Germany, 1735--44.
   08.18.1   Ibid., Exterior.
Anon., Poland.
   08.03     Synagogue, Wolpa, Poland (destroyed), wood, 18th c.


Vigee-LeBrun, Elizabeth, French, 1755-1842
    08.08    Portrait of Marie Gabrielle de Gramont, Duchess de Caderousse, o/wd,
Labille-Guiard, Adalaide, French, 1749-1803
    08.10    Self Portrait with Students, o/c, 83x60", 1785.
Antoine Watteau, French, 1684--1721.
    08.12    A Pilgrimmage to the Island of Cythera, o/c, 51x76.5", 1717.
Jean-Honore Fragonard, French, 1732--1806
    08.13    Happy Accidents of the Swing, o/c, 32x25.5", 1767.
Sir Joshua Reynolds, English, 1723-1792
    08.22    Allegorical Portrait of Sarah Siddons as the Tragic Muse, o/c, 93x57.5", 1784
Thomas Gainsborough, English, 1727-1788
    08.23    Portr of Sarah Siddons, o/c, 50x39", 1783--85
Rosalba Carriera, Italian, 1675-1757
    08.21    Portr of Louis XV as a Young Man, pastel on paper, 18.5x14", 1720-21
William Hogarth, English, 1697-1764
    08.14    Marriage a la Mode, Scene II, o/c, 27.5x36", 1743.

                                  Sculpture & Minor Arts
Egid Quirin Asam, German, 1692-1750
   08.19     Assumption of the Virgin, DET, ptd & gilded stucco and stained glass,
Monastery                                   Church, Rohr, Germany, 1721--23.
Thomas Chippindale, English, 1718-1779.
   08.19.1   Bed (attrib.), wd, (japanned in red and gilt,) 1750-54.

ANON. Portugal.
  08.07    The Ocean’s Coach, carved and gilded wd, silk & iron, 11’9” x22’2”, 1716

                          Non-Western Art: 16thB18th Centuries

Note: All Non-Western slides are located at the end of drawer 2 after the 20th Century. Theses
works are in Chapters 16, 17, and 19)

   07-471     Map of China, Korea, and Japan. (p. 375).


   06-020     Porcelain dish decorated with chrysanthemum patterns, 18" dia., Ming Dyn.,


   06-760     Anon., Teahouse, Momoyama Period, c. 1573B1615, Yokohama, Japan.
   06-770     Anon., Cold water jar., stoneware, 7" ht. , Momoyama period, L. 16th c., Japan.
   06-780     Sesshu, Winter Landscape, Ashikaga Period, Hanging scroll, ink and slight
              color, 18" ht, c. 1500, Japan.
   06-790     Soami. Dry garden of Daisenin of Daitokuji, Ashikaga Period, E. 16th c.
   07-520     Sotatsu, Pair of six panel byobu (Matsushima Screens), ink, color, gold/p, Edo
              Period, 4'9x11'8, 17th c. (2 slides)
   07-530     Anon., Gen. View of Shoin, Katsura Imperial Villa, Kyoto, E. Edo, 1620B63,
   07-540     Plan of Shoin, Katsura Imperial Villa, 1620B63, E. Edo.
   09-300     Katsushika Hokusai, (Late Edo), The Great Wave, from Thirty-six Views of
              Mount Fugi, wood block print, 9.5" x 14.75", c. 1823B29.
   09-030     Kunisada, (Late Edo), A Woman Frightened by Thunder, woodblock,
              14.5x10", 1849B53.
   18TH--19TH CENTURY (Neoclassicism & Romanticism) [pp. 383B397; 400B433]
          [ File these 18th c. slides in the early 19th century section to ca. 1860]
   09-001     Map of 19th Century Europe, 1785-1815

                                       Palladian Revival
Lord Burlington (Richard Boyle, 3rd Earl of Burlington), English, 1694--1753.
   08-002    Chiswick House, n. London, 1720-25. CF Palladio Villa Rotunda, Vicenza,
   08-003    Ibid., Interior, with Palladian jib window.
                                        Roman Revival
Robert Adam, English, 1728--92; John Adam, 1721--92.
   08-031    Syon House, near Chiswick, fireplace in entrance hall, 1762.
   08-030    Osterly Park, Fireplace, Entrance Hall, Middlesex, Eng., 1761
   08-032    Ibid., Etruscan room, 1775.
   08-033    Ibid., Facade, began 1761.
Thomas Jefferson, US, 1743-1826
   08-240    State House of VA, Richmond, 1785; CF Maison Carree, Nimes, c. 14BC,
   08-241    Photo of the State House of Virginia.
   08-250    Univ. Of Virginia, Charlottesville, VA, Library, 1818.
   08-251    Ibid., aerial view of the campus, 1809-1825.
   08-260    Monticello, Charlottesville, VA, 1768--82/1796--1809.
Jean-Francois-Therese Chalgrin, French, (w/ others)
   09-200    Arc de Triomphe, Paris, 164' ht, 1806-36

                                       Greek Revival
Sir Robert Smirke, English, 1780--1867
    08-004   British Museum, facade, London, 1823
James Dakin (1808-1852), Charles Dakin (1810-1839) & James Gallier (1798-1868), US,
    08-005   Gov. St. Presbyterian Church, Mobile, 1836
    08-006   Oakleigh, facade, Mobile, 1833
    09-360   Gaineswood, Demopolis, west and south entrances, AL, 1842--1860
    09-361   Ibid., north and west elevations.
    09-362   IBID., gen. View in color.

               Emotional Current (Romantic Style; Picturesque revivals)

                                    Gothic Revival
Horace Walpole, English, 18th c.
    09-001    Strawberry Hill, n. London, 1748-50
Sir Charles Barry and Augustus W.N. Pugin, English, 1812-1852
    09-350    Houses of Parliament, London, 1836--70.
Frank Wills, US, 19c
    09-002    Trinity Episcopal Church, Mobile, 1854.
Alexander Jackson Davis, US, 1803-1892

09-360   William Rotch House, New Bedford, MA, 1845.
   09-450     John A. and Washington A. Roebling, Brooklyn Bridge, New York,

                                  Neo-Classical Painting

Benjamin West, US (England), 1738--1820
   09-004    Agrippina Landing with Ashes of Germanicus, o/c, 1768.
John Singleton Copley, US, 1738-1815
   08-150    Portr. Of Paul Revere, o/c, 35x28.5, 1768--70
Angelica Kauffmann, Swiss (England), 1744--1819
   08-080    Self-Portr. Hesitating Between the Arts of Music and Painting, o/c, 4'10"x7'2",
   08-280    Cornelia, Mother of the Gracchi, o/c, 40x50", 1785
Johann Zoffany, EN,
   01-210    The Life Drawing Class at the Royal Academy, o/c, 40x58", 1772
Jacques-Louis David, French, 1748--1825
   08-007    Oath of the Horatii, o/c, 1784.
   08-270    Death of Socrates, o/c, 51x78, 1787
Jean-Auguste-Dominique Ingres, French, 1780--1867
   09-210    Jupiter and Thetis, o/c, 11'4.5"x8'5", 1811.

Antonio Canova, Italian, 1757--1822
   09-191    Pauline Bonaparte as Venus, marb., 1807--08
   09-190    Napoleon, marb., 11' ht., 1806
Horatio Greenough, US, 1805--52
   09-220    George Washington, marb., 11'6" ht., 1832--41
Harriet Hosmer, US, 1830-1908
   09-120    Clay model of Thomas Hart Benton, c. 1862
Edmonia Lewis, US, 1845-?
   09-130    Forever Free, marb, 41" ht., 1867

                                      Romantic Style
Benjamin West, US (England), 1738-1820
   08-290    Death of General Wolfe, o/c, 59.5x84", 1770 (listed in Neo-classical section by
Theodore Gericault, French, 1791--1824
   09-250    Raft of the Medusa, o/c, 16'x23.5', 1818-19
Eugene Delacroix, French, 1798--1863
   09-010    Liberty Leading the People, o/c 8.5'x10'8", 1830
   09-011    Massacre of Scio, o/c, 1822--24.
Francisco Goya, Spanish, 1746--1828
   09-230    3rd of May, 1808, o/c, 8'9"x13'4", 1814.
   09-100    Self-Portr Being Attended by Dr., Arrieta, o/c, 45.5x31", 1820.
   09-240    Great Courage! Against Corpses!, etching/aquatint, 4x6", 1810--15

John Constable, English, 1776--1837
   09-270    Haywain, o/c, 51x73", 1821
Joseph Mallord William Turner, English, 1775--1851
   09-290    The Slave Ship, o/c, 36x48", 1840
Casper David Freidrich, German, 1774--1820
   09-280    Abbey in an Oak Forest, o/c, 1809--10.
Thomas Cole, U.S., 1801-1848
   09-380    Schroon Mountain, Adirondacks, o/c, 39x63", 1833.
George Caleb Bingham, U.S., 1811-1879
   09-390    Fur Traders Descending the Missouri, o/c, 29x36", 1845.

Francois Rude, French, 1784-1855
   09-260     The Departure of the Volunteers of 1792 (La Marseillaise), limestone, 42' ht.,
Jean-Baptiste Carpeaux, French, 1827-1875
   09-580     The Dance, plaster model, 15'ht, 1867-68.
   09-581     Ibid., Final work, limestone, Opera House, Paris, 1867--1870s.
Marcello (Adele D=affry, Duchess Castiglione-Colonna), French,
   09-590     Pythia, brz, 9.5' ht., 1870
          Mid and Late Nineteenth Century Art [pp. 404--408; 412-13; 430--469]
                                   Painting & Graphics
Honore Daumier, French, 1808-1879
    09-320      Rue Transnonain, April 15, 1834, Lithograph, 11.5x17.5, July 1834
    09-330      Freedom of the Press: Don=t meddle with It. Litho, 11.5x17.5, March
    09-340      Chart of the lithography technique
Gustave Courbet, French, 1817-1877
    09-400      The Stone Breakers, o/c, 5'3"x8'6", 1849
    09-410      A Burial at Ornans, o/c, 10'3.5x21'9", 1849
Emanuel Leutze, US (b. Germany), 1816-1868
    09-420      Washington Crossing the Delaware, o/c, 12.5x21.25', 1851
Rosa Bonheur, French, 1822-1899
    09-430      The Horse Fair, o/c, 8'x16'7.5", 1853/ retouched 1855.
Edouard Manet, French, 1832-1883
    09-520      Le Dejeuner sur l=herbe (The Picnic), o/c, 7'x8'10", 1863
    09-530      Olympia, o/c, 51x75", 1863
    09-040      A Bar at the Foilies-Bergeres, o/c, 37.5x51", 1881-82
CF Kunisada (Japanese)
    09-030      A Woman Frightened by Thunder, woodblock print, 1849-50 (See Far
East after 20
                century in the slide drawers)
Claude Monet, French, 1841-1926
    09-610      Impression--Sunrise, o/c, 19.5x25.5, 1872.
    09-020      Rue Saint-Denis Festivities on June 30, 1878, o/c, 30x20.5", 1878.
    09-620      Gare St. Lazare, Paris, o/c, 32.5x40", 1877.
Auguste Renoir, French, 1841-1919
    09-630      A luncheon at Bougival (Boating Party), o/c, 51x68", 1881.
    09-640      Ibid. DET
Edgar Degas, French, 1834-1917
    09-650      The Rehearsal, o/c, 18x24", 1873--74
Berthe Morisot, French, 1841-1895
    09-660      Marine (Harbor at Lorient), o/c, 17x29", 1869
Mary Cassatt, US (French), 1844-1926
    09-670      The Boating Party, o/c 35.5x46", 1893--94
Thomas Eakins, US, 1844-1916
    09-680      Portr of Dr. Samuel Gross, o/c, 1876
Henry O. Tanner, 1859-1937
    09-690      The Banjo Lesson, o/c, 48x35", 1893
 Winslow Homer, US, 1836-1910
    09-720      The Fog Warning, o/c, 30x48", 1885
    09-730      The Blue Boat, w.c. over pencil/paper, 15x21.5", 1892.
Nadar (Gaspard-Felix Tournachon), French, 1820B1910.
    09-540      George Sand, albumen print, 8x6, 1864.
    09-550      Diagram of a camera.
Oscar Rejlander, Dutch,
    09-560      The Two Paths of Life., combination albumen photo print, 16x31, 1857.
Julia Margaret Cameron, English.

09-570   Alfred Lord Tennyson, silver print photo, 10x8, 1865.
Paul Gauguin, French, 1848-1903
   09-740     The Vision After the Sermon, o/c, 29x36.5", 1888.
   09-750     Where do we come from? What are we? Where are we going? O/c,
Georges Seurat, French, 1859-1891
   09-760     A Sunday Afternoon on the Island of La Grande Jatte, o/c, 6'9.5"x10'1",1884-86
Henri de Toulouse-Latrec, French, 1864-1901
   09-050     At the Moulin Rouge, o/c, 48.5x55", 1892.
Vincent van Gogh, Dutch, 1853-1890
   09-110     Self Portr with Bandaged Ear and Pipe, o/c, 20x18", 1889
   09-770     The Night Cafe, o/c, 27.5x35", Sept. 1888.
   09-780     The Starry Night, o/c, 29x36", June 1889.
Paul Cezanne, French, 1839-1906
   09-790     Still Life with Basket of Apples, o/c, 24.5x31", 1890--94.
   09-800     Mont Ste.-Victoire, o/c, 25.5x32", 1904--06
Edvard Munch, Norwegian, 1863-1944
   09-830     The Scream, 0il, pastel, and casein on cardboard, 36x29", 1893
   09-840     The Frieze of Life exhibition (photo), at Leipzig, 1903.
Henri J. Rousseau, French, 1844-1910
   09-090     The Sleeping Gypsy, o/c, 4'3"x6'7", 1897.

Frederic-Auguste Bartholdi, French,
   09-060    Liberty Enlightening the World (Statue of Liberty), hammered copper over
             wrought iron pylon (by G. Eiffel), 111'6" ht., 1870--86.
   09-070    CF diagram of construction by Eiffel.
Edgar Degas, French, 1834-1917
   09-150    Little Fourteen-Year-Old Dancer, wax, silk, satin, hair, 39" ht, 1881.
Auguste Rodin, French, 1840-1917
   09-700    The Burghers of Cailais, brz, 82.5" ht., 1884--86
   09-710    Monument to Balzac, plaster, 9'10" ht., 1893--97
Daniel Chester, French
   01-110    Minuteman, brz w/ granite base, 1874-75.

Joseph Paxton, English, 1801-1865
   09-440     English Crystal Palace, London, 1850--51 (destroyed).
John Augustus Roebling, U.S., 1806-1869
   09-450     Brooklyn Bridge, NYC, 1869--83
Gustave Eiffel, French, 1832-1923
   09-460     Eiffel Tower, Paris, 1887--89, photo at night.
   09-461     Ibid., photo during day.
William le Baron Jenney, U.S., 1832-1907
   09-470     Det. Of Steel-frame construction/ Fair Store, Chicago, 1890.
Charles Garnier, French, 1825-1898
   09-490     The Opera, Paris, facade, 1861--75.
   09-491     Ibid., grand staircase.
Henry Hobson Richardson, U.S., 1838-1886
   09-500     Allegheny Courthouse & Jail, Pittsburgh, 1884--88., print.
Charles McKim (1847-1909), Rutherford Mead (1846-1928), and Stanford White (1853-
   09-510     Public Library, Boston, 1887--95.
Louis Sullivan, U.S., 1856-1924
   09-810     Wainwright Building, St. Louis, 1890-91
   09-820     Carson-Pirie-Scott Store, Chicago, 1899/1903--04/1906.
Francois Hennebique, French
   09-480     Diagram of monolithic reinforced concrete joint; patented 1892.
                             20th Century Art and Architecture
Selected works are included in the ARH 100 slide drawers. Other works will be found in the
main collection.

                                        Industrial Design

10-02 Pininfarina (designer), Cistalia 202 GT car, alum. body, 49' x57.5" x 12'5", Turin, Italy.

10-43  Wright, Frank Lloyd (US), Robie House, exterior, Chicago, Ill., 1909.
10-44  IBID., Dining Room.
10-45  IBID., plan of upper and lower floors.
10-70  Rietveld, Gerrit (DU), Schroder House, exterior, The Netherlands, 1923B24.
10-71  IBID., plan.
10-72  IBID., Interior.
10-73  Gropius, Walter (B. GR, US), Bauhaus, Dessau, Germany, Exter. of Workshop wing,
10-74 IBID., Plan.
10-75 IBID., Student Dormitory room.
10-96 van der Rohe, Mies, (b. GR, US), Seagram Building, NYC, Exter., 1956-58. (Asst. by
       Philip Johnson).
10-101 Le Corbusier (SW), Notre-Dame-du-Haut, exter., near Belfort, France, 1950B54.
10-102 IBID., plan.
10-103 IBID., Interior.
10-127 Graves, Michael (US), Portland Public Service Bldg., Oregon, model.
10-130 Eisenman, Peter, Wexner Center for the Visual Arts, Columbus, OH, aerial view,
10-131 Rogers, Richard and Renzo Piano (EN), Georges Pompidou Nat. Arts and Culture
Center, Paris, 1971B72.


10-12 Brancusi, Constantin (RO), The Kiss, limestone, 23" ht., 1909.
10-66 Duchamp, Marcel (FR), Bottle Rack, Fountain, and other works (reproduced), install.,
10-107 Rauschenberg, Robert (US), Monogram, Combine, 3'6" x 6' x6', 1959.
10-122 Smithson, Robert (US), Spiral Jetty, rock, salt crystals, earth, 160' dia., Great Salt Lake,
       UT, 1969B70.

10-130 Graves, Nancy (US), Canoptic Legerdemain, stainless steel, alum mesh, resin, paper,
       7'1" ht., 1990.
10-144 Bing, Xu (CH), Celestial Book: Mirror for Analyzing the World, install. with printed
       paper, 1988B89.
10-146 Whitehead, Rachael (EN), Six Spaces, resin, dimensions variable, 1994.
10-149 Kabakov, Ilya (RU), We Are Leaving Here Forever, Install with mixed media,
       Pittsburgh, 1991B92.
10-150 Jenny Holzer (US), Untitled, Guggenheim Mus. Installation, NYC, 1989B90.
10-159 Turrell, James (US), Roden Crater Project, near Flagstaff, AR, 1974Bpresent (and ff. to
       c. 2010). Volcanic field.
                                   Painting and Graphics

10-30  Matisse, Henri (FR), The Joy of Life, o/c, 5'8.5" x 7'9 3/4" 1905-06.
10-31  Matisse, Henri(FR), The Dance, o/c, 8'5" x 12'8", 1909-10.
10-41  Picasso, Pablo (SP), Les Demoiselles D=Avigon, o/c, 8' x 7'8", 1907.
10-48  Picasso, Pablo (SP), Still Life with Chair Caning, collage and o/c, 10.5 x 13.7", 1911-
10-49 Picasso, Pablo (SP), Three Musicians, o/c, 6'7" x 7'4", 1921.
10-88 Picasso, Pablo (SP), Guernica, May 1BJune 4, 1937, o/c, 11'5" x 25'6", 1937.
10-89 Picasso, Pablo, IBID, photo of work in progress.
01-19 Kollwitz, Kathe (GR), Self-Portr., litho., 1934.
10-62 Marc, Franz (GR), The Larage Blue Horses, o/c, 3'5" x 5'11", 1911.
10-08 Bakst, Leon (FR), Faun, w.c. and gouache, gold/paper, 1912.
10-61 Kandinsky, Wassily (RU), First Abstract Watercolor, w.c./p, 19x25", v. 1913.
10-56 Goncharova, Natalya Sergeevna (RU), Electric Light, o/c, 41x32, 1913.
10-57 Malevich, Kasimir, Suprematist Composition: White on White, o/c, 31x31", 1918.
10-63 de Chirico, Giorgio (IT), The Melancholy and Mystery of a Street, o/c, 34 x 28 2@,
10-69 Arp, Jean (Hans)(SW), Collage Arranged According to the Laws of Chance, pasted
       paper, 19x13.5", 1916B17.
10-69b Arp, Jean, Mountain, Table, Anchor, Navel, o/cdbd, 1925.
10-68 Hoch, Hanna (GR), Cut with the Kitchen Knife, collage, 45 x 35 2@, 1919.
10-65 Klee, Paul, Ad Parnassum, o/c, 39x42", 1932.
10-65b Klee, Paul, Dance, Monster to My Soft Song, w.c. and transfer/p, 1922.
10-67 Schwitters, Kurt (GR), Merzbild, mixed media collage, 1920.
01-16 Mondrian, Piet (DU), Composition No. 8, o/c, 29x26", 1939B42.
01-16b Mondrian, Piet, Diamond Painting in kRed, Yellow and Blue, o/c, 1921B25.
10-78 Ernst, Max(GR), Two Children Are Threatened by a Nightingale, o/wd, 27x22x4",
10-78b Ernst, Max, Europe After the Rain, o/c, 21x58", 1940B42.
10-79 Dali, Salvador (SP), Persistence of Memory, o/c, 9 2@x13", 1931.
10-11 O=Keefe, Georgia (US), Evening Star III, w.c./p, 9 x 12", 1917.
10-76 Rivera, Diego (MX), Night of the Rich, fresco, Mex. City, 1923B28.
10-23 Kahlo, Frida (MX), The Two Fridas, o/c, 5'9x5'9", 1939.
10-82 Demuth, Charles (US), I Saw the Figures 5 in Gold, o/bd, 36x30,1928.
10-83 Sheeler, Charles (US), American Landscape, o/c, 24x31", 1930.
10-04 Beckman, Max (US), Departure, o/c, 1932B33.
10-09 Hopper, Edward (US), Nighthawks, o/c, 1942.
10-87 Lawrence, Jacob (US), Toussaint L=Ouverture Series, NO.10...., 11x17", 1937B38.
10-22 Lawrence, Jacob (US), Self-Portrait, gouache/p, 23x31", 1977.
10-97 Pollock, Jackson (US), Convergence, o & enamel/c, 8'x13', 1952.
10-121 Martin, Agnes, Night Sea, o/c, 1963.
10-10 Warhol, Andy, Green Coca Cola Bottles, o/c, 1962.
10-135 Kozloff, Joyce (US), Los Angeles Becoming Mexico City Becoming Los Angeles, w.c.,
       lithos, collage/p, 22'x87", 1992B93.
10-24 Neel, Alice (US), Nude Self-Portrait, o/c, 54x40", 1980.
10-142 Kruger, Barbara (US), Untitled (You Rule by Pathetic Display), photo, 6'1x4'1", 1982.
10-150 Holzer, Jenny (US), Untitled, selections from Truisms, etc., install. with tricolor LED
       signboards, Sol. R. Guggenheim Museum, NYC, 1989B90.

10-136 Kiefer, Anselm (GR), Midgard, o & emulsion/c, 11'10" x 19'10", 1980B85.
10-129 Polke, Sigmar (R), Hochstand, a/cotton, 10'8x7'4", 1984.
10-137 Colescott, Robert (US), Les Demoiselles d=Alabama: Vestidas, a/c, 8'x7'8", 1985.
10-16 Haring, Keith (US), Art in Transit, NYC, 1982
10-06 The Names Project (US), Aids Memoridal Quilt, as displayed facing the White House,
       Oct. 1996.
10-148 Baumgarten, Lothar (GR), The Tongue of the Cherokee: DET., Install. with painted,
       laminated, and sandblasted glass, at Carnegie Mus. of Art, Pittsburgh, 100x43',


10-38 Stieglitz, Alfred (US), Equivalent, Chloride print, 1930.
10-39 Cartier-Bresson, Henri (FR), Sunday on the Banks of the Marne, gel. slv. print, 1938.

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