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									(They perform:) Thea Musgrave: Rorate Coeli and Four
Madrigals; Judith Lang Zaimont: Serenade: to Music and                              Music   CD52
                                                              Chamber Choir
                                                              Von Bingen,
11,000 Virgins: Chants for the Feast of St. Ursula                                  Music   CD68
1200 Curfews                                                  Indigo Girls          Music   CD27
4 by 4                                                                              Music   CD23
A Lammas Ladymass: 13th and 14th Century English Chant
                                                              Anonymous 4           Music   CD07
and Polyphony
                                                              William Grant Still
Afro-American Symphony; Gaelic Symphony, Op. 32               & Beach, Amy,         Music   CD56
                                                              Beach, Amy, &
American Romantics                                            Arthur Foote,         Music   CD69
An English Ladymass: Medieval Chant and Polyphony             Anonymous 4           Music   CD08
Ani DiFranco (The First Album)                                DiFranco, Ani         Music   CD17
Baroque for the Mass: Ursuline Composers of the 17th Century Various Artists        Music   CD60
Big Brother and the Holding Company, Featuring Janis Joplin   Joplin, Janis         Music   CD30
Blues Everywhere I Go                                         Odetta                Music   CD46
Breakdown                                                                           Music   CD20
Canticle of the Sun                                           Beach, Amy            Music   CD10
Casting the Circle: In a Seasonal Tapestry of Life            Beatty & Beatty       Music   CD12
Cheap Thrills - Big Brother and the Holding Company           Joplin, Janis         Music   CD31
Complete Recorded Works, Vol. 1                               Wallace, Sippie       Music   CD63
Complete Recorded Works, Vol. 2                               Wallace, Sippie       Music   CD64
Drag                                                          lang, k. d.           Music   CD36
Empress of Night                                              Beach, Amy            Music   CD11
Fan Mail                                                      TLC                   Music   CD59
Forget About It                                               Krauss, Alison        Music   CD35
                                                            Various Artists
Genre and Gender in Irish Music                             (Guillemette        2004   Music   CD71
                                                            Composers of the
Ghetto Songs from Warsaw, Vilna and Terezin                                            Music   CD55
                                                            Huayno Music of
Huayno Music of Peru - Volume 1 (1949-1989)                                            Music   CD25
Hunger                                                      Ian, Janis                 Music   CD26
I Got Dem Ol' Kozmic Blues Again Mama!                      Joplin, Janis              Music   CD32
Ingénue                                                     lang, k. d.                Music   CD37
Journeys: Orchestral Works by American Women                Various Artists            Music   CD05
Kaleidoscope: Music by African-American Women               Various Artists            Music   CD04
Life, Love and the Blues                                    James, Etta                Music   CD28
                                                            Crow, Sheryl &
Live from Central Park                                                                 Music   CD16

Live in Concert: New York City, June 13, 1999               Merchant, Natalie          Music   CD43
Ma Rainey                                                   Rainey, Ma                 Music   CD50
Ma Rainey’s Black Bottom                                    Rainey, Ma                 Music   CD49
Medieval Chant, Songs & Dances; 16th & 17th Century Songs   The Medieval               Music   CD53
New Beginning                                               Chapman, Tracy             Music   CD14
Not a Pretty Girl                                           DiFranco, Ani              Music   CD18
Not So Soft                                                 DiFranco, Ani              Music   CD19
Oxford American: Southern Sampler 2000                      Various Artists            Music   CD61
                                                            Carpenter, Mary
Party Doll and Other Favorites                                                         Music   CD13
Pearl                                                       Joplin, Janis              Music   CD33
                                                            The Jobim
Quarteto                                                    Morelenbaum                Music   CD29
Rare Pearls                                                 Joplin, Janis              Music   CD34
                                                            Sweet Honey in
Selections, 1976-1988                                                                  Music   CD58
                                                            the Rock
Shadowland                                                  lang, k. d.                Music   CD38
                                                             Renaissance City
Sing Out Women: A Tapestry of Song                                                     Music   CD51
                                                             Women’s Choir
Sings Ballads and Blues                                      Odetta                    Music   CD47
Something to Live For                                        Fitzgerald, Ella          Music   CD24
Surfacing                                                                              Music   CD41
Sylvia Hotel                                                 Wheeler, Cheryl           Music   CD65
Telling Stories                                              Chapman, Tracy            Music   CD15
The Best of African Singer/Songwriters                                                 Music   CD03
The Best of Joan Baez                                        Baez, Joan                Music   CD09
The Book of Secrets                                                                    Music   CD39
The Freedom Sessions                                                                   Music   CD42
The Rough Guide: The Music of North Africa                   Various Artists           Music   CD01
The Rough Guide: The Music of South Africa                   Various Artists           Music   CD02
The Visit                                                                              Music   CD40
                                                             Zaimont, Judith
The Vocal-Chamber Art                                                                  Music   CD67
The We That Sets Us Free: Building a World Without Prisons   Justice Now        2004   Music   CD72
                                                             Near, Holly, &
This Train Still Runs                                                                  Music   CD44
                                                             Ronnie Gilbert
To Ella                                                      Odetta                    Music   CD48
To Venus and Back                                            Amos, Tori                Music   CD06
Ultimate Nina Simone                                         Simone, Nina              Music   CD54
Ultimate Sarah Vaughan                                       Vaughan, Sarah            Music   CD62
                                                             The Crescent
Vive La Différence: String Quartets by 5 Women from 3
                                                             Quartet, The              Music   CD57
                                                             Alard Quartet
When I Look In Your Eyes                                     Krall, Diana              Music   CD70
With a Song in My Heart                                      Near, Holly               Music   CD45
                                                            Pilgrim, Nina,
Women’s Voices: Five Centuries of Song                      Smith, Edward &               Music             CD66
                                                            Heyman, Steven
Your Little Secret                                                                        Music             CD22
A Bigamist's Daughter                                       McDermott, Alice       1988   Text    PS3563. C355B5 1988
A Century of Women                                          Covey, Alan, ed.      1988    Text    HQ1154 .C38 1994
A Century of Women: The History of Women in Britain         Rowbotham,
                                                                                  1992    Text    HQ1593 .R688 1999
and the United States                                       Sheila
A Comrade is as Precious as a Rice Seedling: Poems          Aguilar, Mila D.      1987    Text    PR9550.9.A34 C65 1987
                                                            Carter, Brenda,
                                                            Insko, Kavan,
A Dream Compels Us: Voices of Salvadoran Women                                    1979    Text    HQ1497 .D74 1989
                                                            Loeb, David, &
                                                            Tobias, Marlene
A Feminist Ethic Of Risk                                    Welch, Sharon D.      1990    Text    BJ1275 .W42 2000
A Great Love                                                                      1982    Text    PG3476.K58 A27 1982
                                                            Anderson, Bonnie
A History of Their Own: Women in Europe                     S. & Zinsser,         1988    Text    HQ1587 .A53 1988
                                                            Judith P.
A Killing In This Town                                      Vernon, Olympia       2006    Text    PS3622.E75K55 2006
A Life of One's Own                                         Field, Joanna         1974    Text    BF575.H27 M54 1981
A Man and Two Women                                         Lessing, Doris        1963    Text    PR6023.E833 M35 1963
                                                            Shure, Suzy,
A Media Guidebook for Women                                 Burnett, Iris &       1995    Text    n/a
                                                            Brown, Martha
                                                            Little, Priscilla &
A New Perspective: Southern Women's Cultural History from
                                                            Vanghan, Robert,      1995    Text    HQ1438.A13 N48 1989
the Civil War to Civil Rights
A Room of One's Own                                         Woolf, Virginia       1957    Text    PN471 .W6 1929a
A Slipping-Down Life                                        Tyler, Anne           1970    Text    PZ4.T979 S1
A Virtuous Woman                                            Gibbons, Kaye         1990    Text    PS3557. I13917V57 1990
A Woman Like That: Lesbian and Bisexual Writers Tell
                                                               Larkin, Joan, ed.    1999   Text   PS153.L46 W66 1999
Their Coming Out Stories
A Woman of Genius: The Intellectual Autobiography of           Peden, Margaret
                                                                                    1986   Text   PQ7296.J6 R413 1982
Sor Juan Ines de la Cruz                                       Sayers, ed.
A Woman's Book of Days                                                              1994   Text   CT3202 .W47 1994
A Woman's Place                                                Stibbs, Anne         1993   Text   PN6084 .W6W65 1993
A Woman's View: How Hollywood Spoke to Women,                  Basinger,
                                                                                    1993   Text   PN1995.9.W6 B36 1993
1930-1960                                                      Jeanine
                                                               Tribe, Laurence
Abortion: The Clash of Absolutes                                                    1990   Text   HQ767.5.U5 T73 1992
About Chinese Women                                            Kristeva, Julia      1969   Text   HQ1767 .K7513 1986
Academic Women                                                 Bernard, Jessie      1964   Text   LB2837 .B4
                                                               Frances, Ph.D.
Accept This Gift                                               and Walsh,           1983   Text   BX9998 .A27 1983
                                                               Roger, M.D.,
Adiós Barbie: Young Women Write about
                                                               Edut, Ophira, ed.    1998   Text   BF697.5.B63 A35 1998
Body Image and Identity
Adolescence                                                    Lerner, Richard      2002   Text   HQ796 .L3815 2001
Adolescence: A Contemporary View                               Nielsen, Linda       1996   Text   HQ796 .N544 1996
                                                               Garrod, Andrew
                                                               C., Smulyan,
Adolescent Portraits: Identity, Relationships and Challenges   Lisa, Powers,        2002   Text   HQ796 .A3343 2002
                                                               Sally I. &
                                                               Kilkenny, Robert
Adventures of the Mind                                         Richard & Kobler,    1988   Text   CB425 .S357
                                                               John eds.

                                                               Friedland, Shirley
African Fabric Design                                                               1999   Text   NK8987 .F7497 1999
                                                               & Pina, Leslie
Afro American Women Writers 1746-1933: An Anthology            Shockley, Ann
                                                                                    1977   Text   PS508.N3 A36 1988
and Critical Guide                                             Allen
Against Our Will: Men, Women and Rape                                             1975    Text   HV6558 .B76
                                                             Winston-Salem        2002-
Against Their Will: North Carolina's Sterilization Program                                Text   HV4989
                                                             Journal              2004
Agnes Blannbekin, Viennese Beguine: Life and Revelations     Wiethaus, Ulrike     2002    Text   BV5095.B57 A3 2002
                                                             Stacey, Richard,
Ahead of Their Time: History of the Women's Legal Status
                                                             Kabak, Babette,      2004    Text   HQ1800.5
Committee, Founded 1975 in Johannesburg, South Africa
                                                             Ravenhill, Doris
All God's Children Need Traveling Shoes                      Angelou, Maya        1986    Text   PS3551.N464 Z463 1987
All I Really Need to Know I Learned in Kindergarten          Fulghum, Robert      1988    Text   BD431.F85 1988
                                                             Oates, Joyce
American Appetites                                                                1990    Text   PS3565.A8A775 1990
American Cassandra: The Life of Dorothy Thompson             Kurth, Peter         1987    Text   PN4874.T43 K87 1990
                                                             Bataille, Gretchen
American Indian Women: Telling Their Lives                   M. & Sanks,          1984    Text   E98.W8 B37 1984
                                                             Kathleen Mullen

An Astrological Herbal for Women                             Brooke, Elisabeth    1995    Text   BF1718 .B76 1995
An Atlas of the Difficult World: Poems 1988-1991             Rich, Adrienne       1991    Text   PS3535.I233 A84 1991
An Experience of Women: Pattern and Change in                Robertson,
                                                                                  1998    Text   HQ1588 .R6 1982
19th Century Europe                                          Priscilla
An Unfinished Woman                                          Hellman, Lillian     1969    Text   PS3515.E343 Z5
Ancient Mirrors of Womanhood: Our Goddess and Heroine
                                                             Stone, Cynthia       1979    Text   BL325 .F4 S76
And Not Afraid to Dare: The Stories of Ten
                                                             Bolden, Tonya        1998    Text   E185.96 .B567 1998
African-American Women
Angel                                                        Taylor, Elizabeth    1984    Text   PR6039. A928A83 1984
Angela Davis: An Autobiography                               Davis, Angela        1962    Text   E185.97.D23 A3 1988
Angela Davis: An Autobiography                               Davis, Angela Y.     1988    Text   E185.97.D23 A3 1988
Angels and Awakenings: Stories of the Miraculous             Grey, M.
                                                                                  1980    Text   PN6120.95.M54 A54
by Great Modern Writers                                      Cameron, ed.
                                                             Juno, A. & Vale,
Angry Women                                                                       1991    Text   NX180.F4 A53 1991
                                                             V., eds.
                                                             Gilbert, Kathleen
Annual Editions: The Family, 2009/2010                                            2009    Text   n/a
                                                           Mitha, Yameema,
                                                           Anwar, Musood,
Another Form of Stoning: Women at the Quarries                                1977   Text   HD6068.2.I4 A56 1989
                                                           Khan, Nighat, &
                                                           Pal, Asmaa
Any Four Women Could Rob the Bank of Italy                 Cornelisen, Ann    1983   Text   PS3553.0658A84 1983
Art and Letters                                                               1987   Text   N6537.O39 A4 1987
At Risk                                                    Hoffman, Alice     1988   Text   PS3558.03447A86 1988
Atlantic Monthly                                           None               1923   Text   AP2 .A8
Background Information for Graduate Studies                None               1998   Text   n/a
Backlash                                                   Faludi, Susan      1991   Text   HQ1426 .F35 1991
Bad Connections                                            Johnson, Joyce     1980   Text   PZ4.J69177 Bad
Bastard Out of Carolina                                    Allison, Dorothy   1992   Text   PS3551.L453 B37 1992
Battered Love: Marriage, Sex, and Violence in the Hebrew   Weems, Renita
                                                                              1995   Text   BS1505.2 .W38 1995
Prophets                                                   J.
                                                           National Museum
Beaded Splendor                                                               1994   Text   NK3650 .B425 1994
                                                           of African Art
Becoming a Man: Half a Life Story                          Monette, Paul      2004   Text   HQ75.8M64A3 1992
Behind the Screen: How Gays and Lesbians Shaped
                                                           Mann, William J.   2001   Text   PN2286.5 .M36 2001
Being Geniuses Together: A Binocular View of Paris,        Boyle, Kay &
                                                                              1973   Text   PS3525.A1143 Z5 1968
1920-1930                                                  McAlmon, Rob
Beloved                                                    Morrison, Toni     1987   Text   PS3563.08749B4 1988b
Beneath Paradise: A Collection of Poems from the Women
                                                           None               1995   Text   n/a
in Pacific NGOs
                                                           Brown, Barbara
Between Health and Illness                                                    1984   Text   BF575.S75B75 1984
Between Myth and Morning: Women Awakening                                     1975   Text   HQ1426 .J35
Beyond Belief: The Secret Gospel of Thomas                 Pagels, Elaine     2003   Text   BS2860.T52 P34 2003
Birds of America                                           McCarthy, Mary     1971   Text   PS3525.A1435 B5
Black Americana                                            Long, Richard A.   1970   Text   E185.5 .L65 1985x
Black Americana                                            Long, Richard A.   1970   Text   E185.5 .L65 1985x
Black Feminist Thought: Knowledge, Consciousness, and the       Collins, Patricia
                                                                                    2000   Text   HQ1426.C633 1999
Politics of Empowerment (Revised Tenth Anniversary Edition)     Hill
Black Intimacies: A Gender Perspective on Families and
                                                                Hill, Shirley A.    2004   Text   E185.86.H666 2004
Black Mothers: Songs of Praise and Celebration                  Taylor, Kristin     2000   Text   HQ759.T39 2000
Black Sexual Politics: African Americans, Gender, and the New   Clark
                                                                Collins, Patricia
                                                                                    2004   Text   E185.86.C58167 2004
Racism                                                          Hill
                                                                Van Clief-
Black Swan                                                                          2002   Text   PS3622.A585 B56 2002
                                                                Stefanon, Lyrae
Blackberry Winter: My Earlier Years                             Mead, Margaret      1980   Text   GN21.M36 A32 1984
Blues Legacies and Black Feminism: Gertrude "Ma" Rainey,
                                                                Davis, Angela       1998   Text   ML3521 .D355 1998
Bessie Smith, and Billie Holiday
Body Love: Learning to Like Our Looks and Ourselves             Freedman, Rita      1986   Text   HQ1219 .F74 1988
Boots of Leather, Slippers of Gold: The History of
                                                                Lapovsky &          1993   Text   HQ75.6.U5 K47 1993
a Lesbian Community
                                                                Davis, Madeline
Born for Liberty: A History of Women in America                 Evans, Sara M.      1974   Text   HQ1410 .E83 1989
                                                                Kaufmann, Polly
                                                                Welts, Smith,
Boston Women’s Heritage Trail: Four Centuries of                Bonnie Hurd,
                                                                                    1999   Text   n/a
Boston Women                                                    Smoyer, Mary
                                                                Howland &
                                                                Wilson, Susan
Breaking the Earthenware Jar: Lessons from South                Hayward, Ruth
                                                                                    2000   Text   HV6250.4 .W65 F66 2000
Asia to End Violence Against Women and Girls                    Finney
                                                                McNeal, Robert
Bride of the Revolution: Krupskaya & Lenin                                          1974   Text   DK254.K77 M3 1972
                                                                Albrecht, Lisa &
Bridges of Power: Women's Multicultural Alliances               Brewer, Rose M.,    1994   Text   HQ1106 .B75 1990
                                                                Albrecht, Lisa &
Bridges of Power: Women's Multicultural Alliances               Brewer, Rose M.,    1990   Text   HQ1106 .B75 1990
Brown Girl, Brownstones: A Novel                                Marshall, Paule     1974   Text   PS3563.A7223 B7 1981
Building Bridges                                             Hamner, Doris M.      2002   Text   LC220.5 .H35 2002
Burn This and Memorize Yourself                              Alta                  1971   Text   n/a
                                                             Hull, Gloria, Bell-
                                                             Scott, Patricia, &
But Some of Us Are Brave                                                           1986   Text   E184 .7 .A44x
                                                             Smith, Barbara,
                                                             Jacobs, Ruth
Button, Button, Who Has the Button?                                                1985   Text   PS3560.A2557 B8 1988
                                                             Harriet, Ph.D.
                                                             Kuhn, Cynthia,
Buzzed                                                                             1998   Text   RM316.K84 1998
                                                             Scott, & Wilson,
By Her Own Boot Straps: A Saga of Women
                                                             Coates, Albert        1983   Text   HQ1426 .C6x
in North Carolina
CALLALOO, vol 19, #2                                        None                   1996   Text   NX506 .C34
                                                            Eisenstein, Zillah
Capitalist Patriarchy and the Case for Socialist Feminism                          1989   Text   HQ1426 .C244
                                                            R., ed.
Careerpreneurs: Lessons from Leading Women Entrepreneurs Moore, Dorothy
                                                                                   2000   Text   HD6072.6.U5 M66 2000
on Building a Career Without Boundaries                     Perrin
                                                            Toubia, Nahid,
Caring for Women with Circumcision                                                 1999   Text   RG104.2 .T68 1999
                                                            Brock, Rita and
Casting Stones: Prostitution and Liberation in Asia and the
                                                            Thistlethwaite,        1996   Text   HQ231.85.A5B76 1996
United States
Catherine Carmier                                            Gaines, Ernest J.     1981   Text   PS3557.A355 C36 1981
                                                             Milani, Leila
                                                             Rassekh; Albert,
CEDAW: The Treaty for the Rights of Women                    Sarah;                2004   Text   HQ 1154
Centers of the Self: Short Stories by Black American         Hamer, Judith A.
                                                                                   1998   Text   PS647.A35 C46 1994
Women from the Nineteenth Century to the Present             & Martin J. eds.
Charmed Circle: Gertrude Stein and Company                   Mellow, James R.      1997   Text   PS3537.T323 Z72
Chicana Feminisms: A Critical Reader                        Gabriela, et al.,   2003   Text   HQ1421 .C492 2003
Children: To Have or to Have Not: A Guide to Making and     Elvenstar, Diane
                                                                                1997   Text   HQ734 .E57 1982
Living with Your Decision                                   C.
Chinese Herbal Medicine                                     Reid, Daniel P.     1987   Text   RM666. H33R45 1987
Chinese Women in the Fight for Socialism                    Pen, Chi            1986   Text   HQ1768 .C47
                                                            Brush, Candida;
                                                            Carter, Nancy;
Clearing the Hurdles: Women Building High-Growth Business                       2004   Text   HD2341.C65 2004
                                                            Greene, Patricia;
                                                            Hart, Myra
Closet Devotions                                                                1998   Text   PR438.D48 R36 1998
                                                            Weiner, Annette
Cloth and Human Experience                                  B. & Schneider,     1989   Text   GT525 .C57 1989
                                                            Jane, eds.
Cloud 9                                                     Churchill, Caryl    1991   Text   PR6053.H786 C56 1983x
Codependent No More: How To Stop Controlling Others
                                                            Beattie, Melody     1987   Text   RC569.5.C63 B43 1987
and Start Caring for Yourself
Color, Sex, and Poetry: Three Women Writers
                                                            Hull, Gloria T.     1987   Text   PS153.N5H84 1987
of the Harlem Renaissance
Coming of Age in Academe: Rekindling Women’s Hopes          Martin, Jane
                                                                                1999   Text   LC197 .M37 2000
and Reforming the Academy                                   Roland
Coming of Age in Samoa                                      Mead, Margaret      1989   Text   DU813 .M4 2001
Communities of Women                                        Auerbach, Nina      1978   Text   PR830.W6 A9
                                                            Hirsh, Marianne
Conflicts in Feminism                                       & Keller, Evelyn    1972   Text   HQ1426 .C634 1990
                                                            Fox eds.
                                                            Odem, Mary J. &
Confronting Rape and Sexual Assault                         Clay-Warner,        1998   Text   HV6561 .C66 1998
                                                            Teske, Robin L.
Conscious Acts and the Politics of Social Change            & Tetreault, Mary   2000   Text
Consumed: Why Americans Love, Hate and Fear Food               Stacey, Michelle     1994   Text   GT2853.U5 S73 1994
Contemporary Feminist Theory                                   Rogers, Mary F.      1991   Text   HQ1190 .C668 1998

                                                               Kolander, Cheryl,
Contemporary Women's Health                                    Ballard, Denny,      1983   Text   RA778 .K7245 1999
                                                               Chandler, Cynthia

                                                               Ferree, Myra
Controversy and Coalition: The New Feminist Movement           Mare & Hess,         1985   Text   HQ1426 .F475 1985
                                                               Beth B.
Cotton Candy on a Rainy Day: Poems                             Giovani, Nikki       1978   Text   PS3557.I55 C6
Creating Circles of Power and Magic                            Libera, Caitlin      1994   Text   BF1578 .C66L53 1994
                                                               Duster, Alfreda
Crusade for Justice: The Autobiography of Ida B. Wells                              1970   Text   E185.97.B26A3 1970
                                                               M., ed.
D.A.W.N.: Development, Crises, and Alternative Visions:
                                                               Sen, Gita            1979   Text   HQ1240.5.D44 S46 1987
3rd World Women's Perspectives
Dancing Class: Gender, Ethnicity, and Social Divides in
                                                               Tomko, Linda J.      1999   Text   GV1588.6 .T66 1999
American Dance, 1890-1920
Daring to be Different: The Choice of Nonconventional          Stromquist, Nelly
                                                                                    1991   Text   LB2371.4 .S76 1991
Fields of Study by International Women Students                P.
Daughters of Caliban: Caribbean Women in the
                                                               Consuelo Lopez,      1997   Text   HQ1501 .D375 1997
Twentieth Century
Daughters of Isis: Women of Ancient Egypt                      Tyldesley, Joyce     1994   Text   HQ1137.E3 T95 1994
Days of Honey, Days of Onion: The Story of a
                                                               Gorkin, Michael      1986   Text   DS113.7 .G65 1993
Palestinian Family in Israel
Death Comes for the Archbishop                                 Cather, Willa        1971   Text   PS3505.A87 D4 1971
Deborah's Daughter                                             Gems, Pam            1995   Text   PR6057.E515 D4 1995
Dehumanizing Women: Treating Persons as Sex Objects                                 1991   Text   HQ1075 .L45 1985
Delinquents and Debutantes: 20th Century American              Inness, Sherrie A.
                                                                                    1971   Text   HQ777 .D39 1998
Girls' Cultures                                                ed.
Delta of Venus/Little Birds                                    Nin, Anais           1993   Text
                                                               Wagner, Linda
Denise Levertov                                                                     1967   Text   PR6023.E88 Z9
Dictionary of Literary Biography; Volume 45: American Poets,   Quartermain,
                                                                                    1986   Text   PS129.A545 1986
1880-1945                                                      Peter, ed.
Diversity and Entrepreneurship: Analyzing Successful          Smith-Hunter,
                                                                                   2003   Text   HD6072.6.U52N77 2003
Women Entrepreneurs                                           Andrea
Divine Secrets of the Ya-Ya Sisterhood                        Wells, Rebecca       1996   Text   PS3573.E4937 D58 1996
Domestic Violence and the Politics of Privacy                 Kelly, Kristin A.    2003   Text   HV6626.2 .K45 2003
Don't Be Afraid, Gringo: A Honduran Woman Speaks              Benjamin,
                                                                                   1984   Text   HN160.Z9 C62 1987
from the Heart                                                Medea, ed.
                                                              Patricia, Guy-
                                                              Sheftall, Beverly,
Double Stitch: Black Women Write About Mothers
                                                              Jacqueline, Sims-    1991   Text   PS509.M6 D6 1991
and Daughters
                                                              Wood, Janet,
                                                              Miriam, Fultz,
Dreaming the Dark: Magic, Sex and Politics                    Starhawk             1988   Text   BF1566. S766 1988
Early American Women: A Documentary History, 1600-1900        Woloch, Nancy        1997   Text   HQ1410 .E15 2002
Eat Thunder and Drink Rain                                    Davenport, Doris     1982   Text   PS3554 .A8599E2 1982
Ecofeminist Natures: Race, Gender, Feminist Theory,
                                                              Sturgeon, Noel       1997   Text   HQ1233 .S78 1997
and Political Action
Eden: A Novel                                                 Vernon, Olympia      2003   Text   PS3622.E75E34 2003
Egalia's Daughters: A Satire of the Sexes                                          1985   Text   PT8951.12.R34E313 1985
Elisabeth Vigee Le Brun: The Odyssey of an Artist in an Age of
                                                               May, Gita           2005   Text   ND553.V5325.M39 2005
Elizabeth Bishop: The Complete Poems, 1927-1979               Bishop, Elizabeth    1983   Text   PS3503.I785 1983
Ellen Foster                                                  Gibbons, Kaye        1988   Text   PS3557. I13917E4 1988
Ellen Terry: Player in Her Time                               Auerbach, Nina       1987   Text   PN2598.T4 A94 1987
Embracing Your Father: How to Build the Relationship You've
                                                              Nielsen, Linda       2004   Text   HQ755.85 .N528 2004
Always Wanted with Your Dad
Empowering Women of Color                                     Lorraine M. &        1999   Text   HV1445 .E45 1999
                                                              Lewis, Edith A.
Engendering the Political Agenda: The Role of State, Women's
                                                             INSTRAW              2000   Text   HQ1236. E537 2000
Organizations, and the International Community
                                                             Mill, John Stuart
Essays on Sex Equality                                       & Mill, Harriet      1995   Text   HQ1154 .R745
                                                             Mill, John Stuart
Essays on Sex Equality                                       & Mill, Harriet      1994   Text   HQ1154 .R745
                                                             Kvam, Kristen E.,
Eve & Adam: Jewish, Christian, and Muslim Readings           Schearing, Linda
                                                                                  1999   Text   BS1235.3 .E87 1999
on Genesis and Gender                                        S., & Ziegler,
                                                             Valarie H., eds.
Executing Race: Early American Women's Narratives of Race,
                                                             Harris, Sharon M.    2005   Text   PS149.H37 2005
Society, and the Law
Expecting Adam: A True Story of Birth, Rebirth,
                                                             Beck, Martha         1999   Text   RG629.D68 .B43 1999
and Everyday Magic
Experiencing Race, Class, and Gender in the United States,   Rusciano,
                                                                                  2008   Text   HN59.2.E96 2008
5th Ed.                                                      Roberta Fisk
                                                             Berkin, Carol,
Exploring Women's Studies: Looking Forward, Looking Back     Pinch, Judith,       2006   Text   HQ1180.E87 2006
                                                             Appel, Carole
                                                             Tack, Martha W.
Faculty Job Satisfaction: Women and Minorities in Peril                           1992   Text   LB2333.2 .T33 1993
                                                             & Patitu, Carol L.
                                                             Sadkar, Myra &
Failing at Fairness: How America's Schools Cheat Girls                            1991   Text   LC212.82 .S27 1994
                                                             Sadkar, Myra &
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for Governor
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for Group Leaders)                                      Harriet, Ph.D.
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American Dream
On Her Own: Growing Up in the Shadow of the
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American Dream
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1998 Edition
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Zelda                                                        Milford, Nancy         1970   Text   PS3511.I9234 Z8 1983
Zelda                                                        Milford, Nancy         1970   Text   PS3511.I0234 Z8 1970

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