Brisco Art Journals Adjusted Handout by cuiliqing


									Cathy Tanasse Art 2, 3 and 4 Alternative Journals adapted from Nicole Brisco’s sketchbook lesson from:

Students prepare the pages in a variety of creative ways, like paint washes on the pages, collaging, writing, cutting holes in some of the
pages, creating patterns. Alter the pages before we begin any assignments/observational drawing....Alternative journals should be
seen as a process oriented tool for thumbnailing, drawing, doodling, writing, documenting, etc. The following information is open to
interpretation and should challenge you to use your time wisely, be creative, use good craftsmanship, and follow directions. Students
should take the opportunity to get to know each other, and be more expressive with the journal. Look at the sketchbooks of Wayne
Jiang at /sketchbooks/index.html

Sketchbooks are an amazing opportunity to draw, visualize, write, thumbnail, or fill countless hours doodling and relaxing. Part of the
problem with sketchbooks is that artists see them as the enemy. They are white pages that command a perfect image. Consider using
your sketchbook as an extension of your personality as well as continuing to improve your artistic skills. Remember your sketchbook is
a tool to better yourself and not viewed solely as a grade.

Directions: Using the list below prepare pages in your sketchbook using your own individual flare. You will be graded on the completed
steps, your inventiveness, and craftsmanship. Each page can now be “used” and hopefully the white page syndrome of the sketchbook
will fall by the wayside. Remember you are not creating finished works, but creating interesting two page spread surfaces to draw onto.

Pages:                   Surface preparation:

One and two:           Create a two color wash on the pages with tempera or watercolor. Add tape transfers.

Three and four:        Collage highlighted text on the pages and wash over the page to subdue the texture.

Five and six:          Scribble on the pages with pencils and blend with a paper towel to create values.

Seven and eight:       Create color washes on adjacent pages then rip the edges and glue together.

Nine and ten:          Cut squares into the pages

Eleven and twelve:      Draw a childlike drawing on the pages and paint over it.

Thirteen and fourteen: Create a repetitive sgraffito pattern on the page using geometric shapes.

Fifteen and sixteen:    Find a simple object and cover the pages with simple contour drawings of it.

Seventeen and eighteen: Paint a page with watercolors and sprinkle with salt/rubbing alcohol

Nineteen and twenty: Texture on the page with paint and lift or scrape paint with towel or plastic wrap or sponge.

Twenty one and twenty two: Create a painting with stencils and splatters.

Twenty three and twenty four: Cover the page with writing (poetry, song lyrics, rambling…)

Twenty five and twenty six: Collage random pieces of memorabilia on the page.

Twenty seven and twenty eight: Cut strips of colored paper, weave some together and glue to the surface.

Twenty nine and thirty: Doodle on the page with a water soluble pen then spritz with a water bottle.

Thirty one and thirty two:     Trade books and have another student treat the surface of a page

Thirty three and thirty four: Tear a page out and re-collage onto another page.

Thirty five and thirty six:    Find a leaf outside. Represent the leaf in some way on the page.

Thirty seven and thirty eight: Other media exploration.
Thirty nine and forty:         Prep pages any way that you like.

Forty one and forty two:       Prep pages any way that you like.

Forty three and forty four:    Prep pages any way that you like.

Forty five and forty six:      Rip up a previous art journal entry and collage it in.

Forty seven and forty eight: Prep pages any way that you like.

Forty nine and fifty:          Prep pages any way that you like.

Fifty one and fifty two:       Prep pages any way that you like.

Fifty three and fifty four:    Prep pages any way that you like.

Fifty five and fifty six:      Prep pages any way that you like.

Fifty seven and fifty eight:   Prep pages any way that you like.

Fifty nine and sixty:          Prep pages any way that you like.

Remember that the pages should not be overwhelming. Be neat, use good craftsmanship, and beware of pages sticking together.

First Semester Every Tuesday (two page spreads which include some writing and some drawing):

    1.     Oct 6, 2009____________________________________________________________
    2.     Oct 13, 2009____________________________________________________________
    3.     Oct 20, 2009____________________________________________________________
    4.     Oct 27, 2009____________________________________________________________
    5.    Nov 2, 2009____________________________________________________________
    6.    Nov 10, 2009____________________________________________________________
    7.    Nov 17, 2009____________________________________________________________
    8.    Nov 24, 2009____________________________________________________________
    9.    Dec 2, 2009____________________________________________________________
    10.   Dec 8, 2009____________________________________________________________
    11.   Dec 15, 2009____________________________________________________________
    12.   Jan 5, 2010____________________________________________________________
    13.   Jan 12, 2010____________________________________________________________
    14.   Jan 19, 2010____________________________________________________________
    15.   Jan 26, 2010____________________________________________________________

    Second Semester Every Tuesday (two page spreads which include some writing and some drawing:

    16.   Feb 2, 2010____________________________________________________________
    17.   Feb 9, 2010____________________________________________________________
    18.   Feb 16, 2010____________________________________________________________
    19.   Feb 23, 2010____________________________________________________________
    20.   Mar 2, 2010____________________________________________________________
    21.   Mar 9, 2010____________________________________________________________
    22.   Mar 16, 2010____________________________________________________________
    23.   Mar 23, 2010____________________________________________________________
    24.   Apr 6, 2010____________________________________________________________
    25.   Apr 13, 2010____________________________________________________________
    26.   Apr 20, 2010____________________________________________________________
    27.   Apr 27, 2010____________________________________________________________
    28.   May 4, 2010____________________________________________________________
    29.   May 11, 2010____________________________________________________________
    30.   May 18, 2010____________________________________________________________

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