Mystery by 76IKdt


									Disc 1, Side A
Bulldog Drummond’s Revenge
Bulldog Drummond along with his pal Algy Longworth and fiancée Phyllis Claverling, come upon a severed arm
that is still attached to a valise filled with a new type of high explosive. Their investigation put them on the trail of
the evil Draven Nogais, who has run off with the top secret formula for the high explosives.
Starring John Howard
(1937) B&W 57 Minutes Unrated

Bulldog Drummond Escapes
This is the only Bulldog Drummond film to star the fabulous Ray Milland as our heroic adventurer who must once
more try to rescue his kidnapped fiancee, Phyllis Clavering. She is being held prisoner on a country estate by a
supposed friend who is scheming to steal her fortune. When her brother is killed, the perpetrators then stalk Bulldog
and his pal Algy Longworth.
Starring Ray Milland
(1937) B&W 67 Minutes Unrated

Bulldog Drummond in Africa
Bulldog’s wedding plans are put on hold when his fiancée Phyllis witnesses the violent kidnapping of long-time pal
and wedding guest Colonel Neilson of Scotland Yard. The chase leads to far away Morocco where a foreign spy
ring headed by the ruthless Richard Lane holds the Colonel prisoner.
Starring John Howard
(1938) B&W 58 Minutes Unrated

Disc 1, Side B
Bulldog Drummond’s Secret Police
Captain Hugh “Bulldog” Drummond is, yet again, all set to wed his long-suffering fiancée Phyllis Claverling. And,
yet again, the wedding must wait when the eccentric Professor Downie appears. The Professor informs Bulldog that
a fortune is buried on the Rockingham estate where he is to get married and he has the secret cipher that will lead
them to it.
Starring John Howard
(1939) B&W 56 Minutes Unrated

Bulldog Drummond Comes Back
The intrepid Captain Bulldog Drummond must try to rescue his kidnapped fiancée, Phyllis Claverling, who is being
held captive by Drummond’s old adversary Mikhail Valdin. The evil Valdin is wanted for the murder of an
American tycoon in his native Paris. Drummond is aided in his search by his butler Tenny and his pal Algy
Longworth, as well as Scotland Yard’s Inspector Neilson, a master of disguises.
Starring John Howard
(1937) B&W 64 Minutes Unrated

Bulldog Drummond’s Peril
Once again Captain Bulldog Drummond is about to wed his long-suffering fiancée Phyllis Clavering at her families’
Swiss villa. The wedding is postponed when the Swiss police officer who is guarding their wedding gifts is killed.
The murderer had a hidden agenda, as one of the gifts was an artificial diamond developed by the scientist father of
the couples’ friend Gwen Longworth.
Starring John Howard
(1938) B&W 67 Minutes Unrated

Disc 2, Side A
Dick Tracy Detective
Three gruesome murders have happened and Dick Tracy gets involved in the investigation. There is no apparent
connection between the deaths with the victims coming from every facet of society and economic status. The only
common denominator for these killings is the method of their demise…they were all slashed to pieces. Tracy must
use all of his skills and know-how to find the link in all the deaths that will lead him to the culprit before the killer
strikes again.
Starring Morgan Conway
(1945) B&W 61 Minutes Unrated

Dick Tracy Meets Gruesome
The inimitable Boris Karloff guest stars as the titular Gruesome, an escaped prisoner who is planning a daring bank
robbery. After discovering a gas some scientists have discovered that will temporarily paralyze a person, Gruesome
plots to use this as a means to carry out his robbery and make his escape without any witnesses. The robbers carry
out a daring daylight bank robbery and use the gas to paralyze all the bank’s employees and customers.
Unfortunately for them, one of the bank customers is Tess Truehart, Dick Tracy’s girlfriend, and she is unaffected
by the gas.
Starring Ralph Byrd
(1947) B&W 65 Minutes Unrated

Disc 2, Side B
Dick Tracy vs. Cueball
Dick Tracy (Morgan Conway) faces one of his most evil adversaries in the form of “Cueball”, a ruthless criminal
played by a very scary Dick Wessel. Cueball has been betrayed by his gang members, and is now disposing of them
one by one. Normally this would not have bothered the police who had long targeted the villains, but now Dick
Tracy himself is marked for death. It’s up to Tracy and his partners to track down this gangland killer before Tracy
is added to the list of victims.
Starring Morgan Conway
(1946) B&W 62 Minutes Unrated

The Shadow Strikes
Coming to the silver screen straight from your radios is The Shadow, Scourge of the Underworld, with the amazing
ability to cloud men’s minds thus appearing as nothing but a shadow to ordinary men. Lamont Cranston appears as a
man-about-town bachelor leading a care-free life but, when evil rears its ugly head; he assumes the mantle of The
Shadow to foil the plans of criminals wherever he finds them. In this case, The Shadow must solve the murder of a
wealthy gentleman who had just summoned his attorney in order to change his will but was murdered before being
able to do so. A long list of suspects from heirs to mobsters presents The Shadow with a challenge in finding
whoever was responsible for the murder.
Starring Rod LaRocque
(1937) B&W 61 Minutes Unrated

Disc 3, Side A
The Shadow: International Crime
Lamont Cranston (Rod LaRocque) is an amateur criminologist and the host of a daily radio program sponsored by a
local newspaper. What the public doesn’t know is that Cranston is also The Shadow, crime fighter with
extraordinary abilities and a bane to every criminal. Cranston becomes involved, through his radio program, with the
death of a prominent businessman that at first appeared to be a simple safe robbery. Uncovering more details about
the case, Cranston discovers a connection to this death with a group of foreign spies and saboteurs. Cranston must
assume the guise of his alter-ego in order to bring the enemy agents to justice.
Starring Rod LaRocque
(1937) B&W 62 Minutes Unrated

Mr. Moto’s Last Warning
Mr. Moto (Peter Lorre) is in Port Said investigating a plot involving the French and British governments. The
detective uncovers a scheme by foreign agents to mine the Suez Canal, thus destroying the French Fleet upon its
arrival, and place the blame upon the British government, causing a war. Mr. Moto must race against time and
assassins to stop the plot and expose the agents responsible for it before the fleet makes port.
Starring Peter Lorre
(1939) B&W 71 Minutes Unrated

Disc 3, Side B
The Mysterious Mr. Wong
Mr. Wong (Bela Lugosi) appears to be a mild mannered Chinatown merchant, but appearances can be deceiving.
By night he ruthlessly seeks the Twelve Coins of Confucius that will give him control of an entire Chinese province.
With eleven of the twelve coins in his evil grasp, a bloody killing spree gets the attention of news hound Jason
Barton (Wallace Ford) and his girlfriend Peg (Arlene Judge). The tenacious pair gets in over their head when they
find Wong’s headquarters.
Starring Bela Lugosi
(1935) B&W 60 Minutes Unrated

Mr. Wong – Detective
Boris Karloff stars in this feature as Mr. Wong, the first of six films about the detective. Mr. Wong (Karloff) is
called in to investigate the death of a chemical plant owner. As the other partners in the plant are found dead, the
detective must track down the killer before the plant’s latest find, a poisonous gas, is used by foreign agents.
Starring Boris Karloff
(1938) B&W 71 Minutes Unrated

Disc 4, Side A
The Sign of Four
Sherlock Holmes (Arthur Wontner) and Dr. Watson (Ian Hunter) are determined to protect Mary Morstan (Isla
Bevan), a frightened young woman who is threatened by an escaped murderer. The killer is looking for a stolen
fortune, and revenge on the man who stole it. Now he’s at Mary’s door and Holmes and Watson must look for
answers in a freakish carnival filled with pygmies and tattooed men. When Mary is kidnapped, it becomes a
desperate race against time.
Starring Arthur Wontner
(1932) B&W 75 Minutes Unrated

The Triumph of Sherlock Holmes
Sherlock Holmes (Arthur Wontner) and Dr. Watson (Ian Fleming) travel to Birlstone Castle to unravel a mysterious
murder. The trail leads to a secret American society of coal-miners called the Scowlers. As usual, that diabolical
villain Professor Moriarty (Lynn Harding in fine form) is the evil instigator who has allied with an American
mobster to kill a Pinkerton detective, who is trying to bring down the Scowlers.
Starring Arthur Wontner
(1935) B&W 75 Minutes Unrated

Disc 4, Side B
Murder at the Baskervilles
Sherlock Holmes (Arthur Wontner) and Dr. Watson (Ian Fleming) are on vacation and pay a visit to Baskerville
Manor, sight of one of their previous and most famous investigations. It seems that Sir Henry’s prized horse, Silver
Blaze, has been stolen and the stable boy has been murdered. When the horse’s trainer turns up dead on the moors,
the detective begins to suspect more fiendish schemes are at work and that his arch-enemy, Professor Moriarty (Lyn
Harding), is responsible.
Starring Ian Fleming
(1937) B&W 71 Minutes Unrated

The Woman in Green
Sherlock Holmes (Basil Rathbone) and his partner Dr. Watson (Nigel Bruce) are attempting to help Scotland Yard
in solving a series of strange, seemingly random murders. The gory common denominator is that each young female
victim has had her right forefinger severed. The investigation subsequently leads to an organization of hypnotists
and a beautiful but enigmatic woman. The diabolical Professor Moriarty, despite premature reports of his execution
in Montevideo, is thought to be implicated. Holmes and Moriarty face off in the climactic scene, when, briefly, it
appears that our hero’s nemesis may win the day.
Starring Basil Rathbone
(1945) B&W 65 Minutes Unrated

Disc 5, Side A
A Study in Scarlet
In this one-of-a-kind feature, Reginald Owen stars as Sherlock Holmes. The great detective is charged with
investigating the slayings of members of an organization known as “The Scarlet Ring”. When he visits the stately
home Mrs. Pyke, the widow of one of the deceased victims, Holmes must face his ultimate challenge. The climactic
scenes take place on a foggy night filled with shrieks, dark figures, hidden passages and a none-to-friendly Asian
man servant.
Starring Reginald Owen
(1933) B&W 77 Minutes Unrated

Sherlock Holmes and the Secret Weapon
Sherlock Holmes (Basil Rathbone) and Dr. Watson (Nigel Bruce) are searching for a kidnapped scientist whose
invention may decide the fate of World War II. Both the Allies and the Nazis are in a desperate race to possess it for
their own benefit. As Holmes and Watson close in on the missing scientist, they are confronted by their diabolical
nemesis, Professor Moriarty (Lionel Atwill), who has aligned himself with the Nazis.
Starring Basil Rathbone
(1943) B&W 68 Minutes Unrated

Disc 5, Side B
Terror By Night
Sherlock Holmes (Basil Rathbone) has been commissioned by Roland Carstairs to safeguard the fabulous Star of
Rhodesia diamond that is owned by his mother, Lady Carstairs. Holmes is convinced that the diamond will be stolen
on the train trip from Edinburgh to London; so he switches the real diamond with a fake. Unfortunately Roland is
murdered, and the thieves make off with the fake. Aided by Dr. Watson (Nigel Bruce), and Inspector Lestrade
(Dennis Hoey), Holmes tracks down the murderer and discovers the involvement of Colonel Sebastian Moran, the
henchman of his nemesis Professor Moriarty.
Starring Basil Rathbone
(1946) B&W 59 Minutes Unrated

Dressed to Kill
Sherlock Holmes (Basil Rathbone) and Dr. Watson (Nigel Bruce) are on the trail of a plot that threatens to destroy
the financial fabric of England. An unscrupulous prison inmate, who stole engraving plates from the Bank of
England, has hidden them in a series of music boxes. When the innocent owners of the music boxes start turning up
dead, it’s up to Holmes and Watson to find the remaining music box, before an unsavory collection of criminals do.
The repartee between Rathbone and Bruce is delightful as always.
Starring Basil Rathbone
(1946) B&W 108 Minutes Unrated

Disc 6, Side A
Nancy Drew: Reporter
Nancy Drew (Bonita Granville) is the daughter of prominent attorney Carson Drew, and she has a few things she
can teach him about the justice system. When a local paper sponsors a contest asking for story submissions from
school children, Nancy takes it very seriously. She decides to report on the inquest of the death of a woman who
was poisoned. Believing the young woman accused of the murder to be innocent, Nancy enlists the help of her
neighbor Ted and together they expose the identity of the real killer.
Starring Bonita Granville
(1939) B&W 68 Minutes Unrated

The Kennel Murder Case
Detective Philo Vance (William Powell) investigates the suspicious deaths of two brothers, who both belonged to a
prestigious Long Island kennel club. He is assisted in his efforts by the hilariously over-eager Sergeant Ernest
Health (Eugene Pallette). Detective Vance gets a chance to enjoy his love of canines while tracking down the
perpetrator, before they kill again in this entertaining feature.
Starring William Powell
(1933) B&W 73 Minutes Unrated

Disc 6, Side B
The Death Kiss
During the filming of the last scene of "The Death Kiss", a gangster movie, the leading man is actually killed. The
list of suspects into the death are long since the leading man was known to be a ladies man, having been with or
married to most of the women associated with the studio. When the police arrest the leading lady, a studio writer, in
love with her, starts to investigate the killing. Strange occurrences on the set and at the studio hamper the writer’s
investigation, but it doesn’t stop him from trying to prove the leading lady’s innocence.
Starring David Manners
(1932) B&W 74 Minutes Unrated

Discover Frank Sinatra at his finest in this adrenaline-filled thriller that tells the story of a cold-hearted assassin, who
is planning to assassinate the commander-in-chief, when his train passes through the sleepy town of Suddenly.
Sinatra and his equally ruthless henchmen commandeer a house that looks out onto the Presidential train stop. The
terrified family is held hostage as the clock counts down to a shattering conclusion.
Starring Frank Sinatra
(1954) B&W 76 Minutes Unrated

Disc 7, Side A
Unsuspecting businessman Walter Williams (Brian Donlevy) is the target of a plot by his scheming wife Irene
(Helen Walker). She and her paramour Jim Torrance (Tony Barrett) plan to dispose of her inconvenient husband by
orchestrating a car “accident”. Unluckily for the two lovers, it is Torrance who actually dies in the crash with
Williams surviving but is thought to have perished in the accident. When Williams realizes the world believes him
to be dead, he decides to change his identity and relocate in a small town where no one will recognize him.
Williams has just started to enjoy his new life, as well as found a new love, when a police detective comes to town
investigating the accident.
Starring Brian Donlevy
(1949) B&W 111 Minutes Unrated

He Walked By Night
Based on the exploits of real life criminal Erwin Walker, the film portrays Roy Martin (Richard Basehart), a brilliant
thief and sociopath, who eludes the police by listening in to their radio communications. He alters his modus
operandi with each successive crime, leading the police to believe that multiple criminals are at work. When he
murders a police officer, it spells the beginning of the end for Martin and his career in crime.
Starring Richard Basehart
(1946) B&W 79 Minutes Unrated

Disc 7, Side B
Dan (Mickey Rooney) is an ingenuous mechanic who thinks he is irresistible to women. When he falls for a
beautiful blonde named Vera, he promises to wine and dine her, but lacks the funds to fulfill his pledge. Desperate,
he steals $20 from the shop’s register, thinking he can replace it before the shortage is discovered. When he comes
up short it precipitates his steady descent into a sordid life of crime. The magnificent Peter Lorre co-stars in this
dark classic.
Starring Mickey Rooney
(1950) B&W 79 Minutes Unrated

Eyes in the Night
Barbara Lawry (Donna Reed) has been dating a theatrical has-been, Paul Gerente (John Emery), much to the
displeasure of his former lover Norma (Ann Harding) who just happens to be Barbara’s step-mother. When Gerente
turns up murdered, Barbara assumes that a jealous mother is to blame. Blind detective Captain Duncan McClain
(Edward Arnold) is called in by Norma to help clear her of the murder and he finds that things are never as they
Starring Edward Arnold
(1942) B&W 80 Minutes Unrated

Disc 8, Side A
The Man on the Eiffel Tower
George Simenon’s legendary Paris detective, Inspector Maigret is brought vividly to life by the legendary Charles
Laughton. He will need all his analytical powers to track down an elusive killer. The villain, played by Franchot
Tone, is a self-impressed psychopath who has been persuaded to kill the aunt of scheming Edna Wallace (Jean
Wallace). Maigret must keep his patience until all the evidence is in place as he is taunted by the arrogant murderer.
Starring Burgess Meredith
(1949) Color 88 Minutes Unrated

Topper Returns
Topper (Roland Young) encounters a sarcastic ghost (Joan Blondell) who insists that our intrepid hero help her find
her murderer. The plot unravels in Carrington Hall, a fabulous haunted mansion, replete with mysteries and a
phantom that passes through solid stone. Beset by falling objects, dark, mysterious corridors and hidden traps,
Topper must persevere to solve the dark crime. Of course the setting would be incomplete without the dastardly
butler, the prissy housekeeper, a performing seal, Topper’s irascible chauffeur “Rochester” and Ms. Blondell’s
disappearing corpse.
Starring Roland Young
(1941) B&W 88 Minutes Unrated

Disc 8, Side B
The Green Glove
Glenn Ford stars as an American GI who travels back to France after the end of World War II, to try to recover a
jewel-encrusted glove, which had been pillaged from a country church during the hostilities. His quest leads him to a
beautiful young tour guide played by Geraldine Brooks, and an unsavory Nazi collaborator (George Macready),
whom he had fought during the war. Our former GI and the tour guide must try to stay one step ahead of some
mysterious religious followers, the authorities and his former Nazi rival in order to secure the treasure.
Starring Glenn Ford
(1952) B&W 88 Minutes Unrated

The Second Woman
Robert Young stars memorably in this dark mystery with more than its share of twists and turns. Young plays an
architect who remains devastated by the death of his wife-to-be in a tragic car accident. A friend, played by Betsy
Drake, helps him look into a series of “accidents” that are wrecking his life and all that he holds dear.
Starring Robert Young
(1951) B&W 91 Minutes Unrated

Disc 9, Side A
Fog Island
Businessman Leo Granger (George Zucco) is released from prison after serving time for embezzlement and returns
to his home on Fog Island. Granger was framed for the crime by one of his four trusted associates and holds them
responsible for his imprisonment and the murder of his wife. To seek his revenge for their misdeeds, he invites his
former partners to Fog Island under the pretense of sharing the embezzled funds. Instead he has devised a death-trap
for the parties responsible. The distrust of the guests for Granger and each other, along with the fog-shrouded
location, adds to the mystery. Leading the supporting cast is veteran villain Lionel Atwill. Also featured are Jerome
Cowan, Sharon Douglas, Veda Ann Borg and John Whitney.
Starring George Zucco
(1945) B&W 70 Minutes Unrated

They Made Me A Criminal
Meet Johnnie Bradford (John Garfield), a boozy pugilist who has just become the number one suspect in a murder
investigation. Not about to play patsy for a crime he didn’t commit, he goes on the lam, hiding out on a work farm
staffed by juvenile delinquents (The Dead End Kids) sent there for rehabilitation. Johnny decides to try and set the
kids back on the straight and narrow, but time is running out as a veteran detective (Claude Rains) closes in. Now
the fate of both Johnny and the kids hangs in the balance.
Starring John Garfield
(1939) B&W 92 Minutes Unrated
Disc 9, Side B
Franchot Tone plays Assistant District Attorney Howard Malloy, a man with a mission to avenge the brutal slaying
of his friend, who discovered that a group of supposed patriots were really members of a fascist hate group. Now
he’s determined to expose them for what they are. When the group sends Barbara Whitfield (Jean Wallace) to
seduce Malloy and ruin his career, she has misgivings, but is murdered before she can confess. With Whitfield dead,
Malloy is even more determined to bring “The Crusaders” to justice.
Starring Franchot Tone
(1949) B&W 71 Minutes Unrated

Meet Pepe Le Moko, a master thief who fled his native France with a treasure trove of gems. For two years now he
has lived in the infamous Casbah section of Algiers, ruling its tangled streets with avarice and cunning. The
government wants him taken out of circulation but the canny Inspector Slimane is willing to play a waiting game.
Pepe is reminded of the free spaces of his native land when a stunning Parisienne named Gaby turns his world
upside down and brings down the wrath of his Algerian mistress, Ines.
Starring Hedy Lamarr
(1938) B&W 96 Minutes Unrated

Disc 10, Side A
Murder With Pictures
Newsman Kent Murdock (Lew Ayres) has a reputation for scooping his competition. Meg Archer (Gail Patrick) is a
feisty young woman out to seek justice for those who wronged her father. When an expensive criminal attorney dies
on the job, a newspaper photographer captures it on film. When the photo goes missing, Murdock and Archer must
retrieve it to clear her name and bring the killer to justice.
Starring Lew Ayres
(1936) B&W 69 Minutes Unrated

The Stranger
In this legendary dark masterpiece, Orson Welles stars as Franz Kindler, a horrific Nazi war criminal who has
painstakingly erased all evidence of his identity. Edward G. Robinson plays Wilson, a War Crimes Commission
detective who is determined to track Kindler down. Only one man, Kindler’s former ally Meinike, knows the true
identity of the monster, so Wilson allows Meinike to leave in order to track him to Kindler. The trail leads to a
small Connecticut town but Meinike is killed before Wilson can trace him to Kindler. The suspense builds
relentlessly as the chase reaches its nerve-wracking conclusion.
Starring Orson Welles
(1946) B&W 96 Minutes Unrated

Disc 10, Side B
Murder at Midnight
A sophisticated party held in an old mansion goes horribly wrong when a gun used during a parlor game contains
real bullets instead of blanks. When the shooter ends up dead, the police and guests realize that the first death was
no accident and that they have a killer in their midst. The members of high society at the party, as well as the
detectives investigating the murders, are left with a mystery to solve before another party attendee ends up dead.
Starring Alice White
(1931) B&W 69 Minutes Unrated

Kansas City Confidential
Joe Rolfe (John Payne) is a hard-bitten ex-con who has plenty of luck and it’s all the bad kind. He finds himself set
up as a patsy who is picked up on suspicion of committing a robbery that was actually orchestrated by a former
Kansas City police officer Tim Foster (Preston Foster). On the lam, Joe takes on the identity of a dead hoodlum and
joins Foster’s gang in hopes of exposing the true villain and proving his innocence.
Starring John Payne
(1952) B&W 98 Minutes Unrated

Disc 11, Side A
Al Roberts’ life takes an unexpected and unpleasant turn when he decides to hitchhike to the West Coast in pursuit
of his girlfriend Sue. When the driver who gave him a ride turns up dead, Al decides that the police wouldn’t believe
him innocent and decides to dispose of the body and assume the man’s identity. Things go horribly wrong when he
in turn picks up a hitchhiker name Vera who sees through his story and promptly begins to blackmail him. After
agreeing to go along with her plans, he finds himself spiraling into darkness and despair.
Starring Tom Neal
(1945) B&W 67 Minutes Unrated

Too Late for Tears
On a secluded stretch of highway during one evening, a passing car throws a satchel of money into the back seat of a
couples’ car. Knowing the money was intended for someone else, the husband wants to turn it into the police but,
the wife tells him to keep it “for a while”. Soon, the couple is visited by a private detective claiming the money as
his own, but the wife wants to split it. Things take a definite twist when the wife decides her husband is a liability
and wants to keep him quiet, permanently.
Starring Lizabeth Scott
(1949) B&W 99 Minutes Unrated

Disc 11, Side B
Mystery Liner
Captain Holling (Noah Beery) is stripped of his command just prior to his ship’s departure after an apparent nervous
breakdown. When First Mate Downey (Boothe Howard) assumes command, he discovers that the ship will be
navigated by a remote-control device invented by Professor Grimson (Ralph Lewis). A gang of villains has figured
out how to intercept signals from the device and assume control of the ship. Murder, mayhem and suspicion ensue.
Starring Noah Beery
(1934) B&W 63 Minutes Unrated

Scarlet Street
Edward G. Robinson stars as despondent middle-aged banker Christopher Cross, an aspiring weekend artist who is
suffocating in a loveless marriage to an impossible woman. When he meets smart and sexy Kitty March (Joan
Bennett), he is mesmerized and fails to notice that her affections are for sale. Her unsavory boyfriend, Johnny Prince
(Dan Duryea) becomes convinced that the banker is wealthy and the unscrupulous pair plan to relieve him of his
money. This begins a cycle of theft and betrayal that soon escalates to murder and insanity.
Starring Edward G. Robinson
(1945) B&W 103 Minutes Unrated

Disc 12, Side A
Midnight Manhunt
Two competing reporters vie to be first to break the story of a body found murdered in a wax museum. The body
turns out to be Joe Wells, an infamous criminal who was shot in his hotel room and staggers into the museum where
he expires. Spunky reporter Sue Gallagher (Ann Savage) finds the corpse and is about to call in the exclusive when
Pete Willis (William Gargan), a fellow reporter and occasional lover, shows up and sniffs out the story. When the
killer (George Zucco) shows up, he is frustrated to find the body missing, removed by Clutch (Leo Gorcey) a
clueless museum worker.
Starring Ann Savage
(1945) B&W 63 Minutes Unrated

Murder By Television
The inventor of a new television transmission process refuses to sell his invention to any existing broadcast
companies and plans on revealing his invention through a debut broadcast. Midway through the initial broadcast,
the inventor is killed and when the police arrive to investigate the death, the inventor’s assistant is found murdered.
With plenty of suspects to choose from and all with a motive for the deaths, it falls on the Chief of Police and a
Federal Agent to figure out who did the crimes.
Starring Bela Lugosi
(1935) B&W 60 Minutes Unrated
Disc 12, Side B
The Moonstone
A young adventurer and his Hindu man-servant arrive at a mysterious mansion in order to deliver the Moonstone, an
amazing gem that had been stolen from a temple located deep in the Indian sub-continent. During the course of the
night, the fabled jewel is stolen and Scotland Yard Inspector Cuff is forced to investigate a mansion full of
suspicious and colorful suspects. Things become very serious when the thief resorts to murder and assault to cover
their tracks which forces Inspector Cuff to solve this mystery before worse things happen.
Starring Charles Irwin
(1934) B&W 62 Minutes Unrated

Great Guy
The New York Department of Weights and Measures has hired a new chief deputy inspector after the previous one
lands in the hospital. The new man is Johnny Cave (James Cagney) a recently retired boxer with plenty of attitude as
well as street smarts to do the job. After being on the job for a short time, Cave uncovers a scam, organized by a
crooked city alderman and some prominent merchants, to cheat the public out of their rightful goods while the
conspirators get rich. Cave must endure pressure from merchants and politicians alike while he attempts to expose
the corruption in his department.
Starring James Cagney
(1936) B&W 75 Minutes Unrated

Disc 13, Side A
The Mandarin Mystery
This early mystery is based upon the Ellery Queen novel entitled The Chinese Orange Mystery and features Eddie
Quillian as the famed sleuth. The theft of a $50,000 stamp and the subsequent murders of two people found in
locked rooms bring Ellery Queen in on the case. Queen must use all of his detective skills in order to find the killer
and prove the young stamp owner, whom he is interested in, is innocent.
Starring Eddie Quillian
(1937) B&W 53 Minutes Unrated

High Voltage
Carole Lombard appears in this early talkie of her career as Billie Davis, a female crook being taken to prison. Billie
and the rest of her bus full of passengers are stranded by a snowstorm and must take shelter in an abandoned church.
Upon arriving at the church, the passengers find it already inhabited by Bill (William Boyd), a drifter on the run
from the law. Uneasiness settles over the group as they are forced to follow Bill’s orders while waiting for a break in
the weather.
Starring Carole Lombard
(1929) B&W 62 Minutes Unrated

Disc 13, Side B
The Man Who Had Influence
This program is from the famous Emmy award-winning Studio One television series shown from 1948 to 1958 by
CBS and was a continuation of the successful radio series of the same name. This series brought to the small screen
some of the brightest and biggest stars, directors and writers of it’s time to present to the audience a dramatic feature
each week. In this story, the pampered son of an influential political advisor causes the death of a young woman and
must face murder charges.
Starring Robert Sterling
(1950) B&W 59 Minutes Unrated

The Strange Woman
In the logging town of Bangor, Maine during the 1820’s, a young woman who has lived with an abusive drunkard
father decides that men are to be used for her benefit. She falls under the watchful eye of an older lumber magnate
and she accepts his marriage proposal. Using his money to make a better life for herself, the young woman meets
her husband’s college age son and tells him she would marry him if his father was out of the picture. Unbeknownst
to the son, the woman has already set her eyes on another man, who is engaged to her best friend.
Starring Hedy Lamarr
(1946) B&W 100 Minutes Unrated

Disc 14, Side A
Half a Sinner
A young woman is suffering from the unwanted advances of an admirer and wishes to end them once and for all. In
her desperation to get away from her unwanted suitor, she steals a car and drives off to find some seclusion.
Unfortunately, the car contains the body of a murdered gangster and the young woman must now deal with this
situation along with the trailing would-be suitor.
Starring Heather Angel
(1940) B&W 59 Minutes Unrated

Guest in the House
A young woman, who is emotionally unstable, stays at the home of her physician where she ends up meeting his
brother. The woman becomes obsessed with the man, in spite of the fact that he is happily married, and decides to
do everything in her power to win him over and prove her love. The dangerous actions of the young woman leads to
some tragic consequences for those involved.
Starring Ann Baxter
(1944) B&W 100 Minutes Unrated

Disc 14, Side B
Ten Minutes to Live
This crime drama from the 1930’s features an all African-American cast and the story centers upon a nightclub and
it’s collection of customers and staff. Jealousy and revenge play a part in the stories of patrons and performers at the
night club, with plenty of action and suspense thrown in for good measure, as well as some entertaining musical and
dance numbers. A fine example of the film-making efforts from the pioneer African-American directors and
production companies of the 1930’s, who made films that were typically excluded from mainstream movie houses
due to the prevailing attitudes of the time.
Starring A. B. Comatherie
(1932) B&W 58 Minutes Unrated

Fear In The Night
Vince Grayson (DeForest Kelley) is a young bank teller who awakens from a terrible nightmare, in which he and an
unknown woman murder a man in a mirrored room. At first thinking it was just a dream, Grayson discovers he has
bruises and other physical objects in his possession from the dream. Confiding in his brother-in-law, Detective Cliff
Herlihy (Paul Kelly) about his experience, Grayson is told by Herlihy that the story sounds unbelievable but he
agrees to investigate. During a family picnic, Grayson and Herlihy are forced to take shelter from a storm in a
remote mansion. During their stay in the mysterious home, the two find a mirrored room, just like the one in
Grayson's dream. This discovery leads to a climatic resolution to Grayson’s mysterious nightmare.
Starring DeForest Kelley
(1947) B&W 72 Minutes Unrated

Disc 15, Side A
The Wrong Road
A young married couple has found that life hasn’t been as easy as they anticipated so, they come up with a scheme
to rob the bank where the husband works, hide the money, serve their time, then recover the money after they’re
released from prison and the coast is clear. Everything seems to be going according to their plans but, when they are
out of prison, they find themselves trailed by an insurance agent trying to recovery the money and also the
husband’s former cellmate, looking for a share of the loot.
Starring Helen Mack
(1937) B&W 53 Minutes Unrated

The Naked Kiss
A prostitute decides to make a break from her lifestyle and travels to a small town, where she meets the sheriff and
has a tryst with him, causing him to order her out of town. In stead, the woman decides to get a legitimate lifestyle
and ends up working in the children’s ward of the local hospital, where she meets the handsome son of the town’s
rich family and friend of the sheriff. The woman tells her newfound boyfriend about her past, which doesn’t seem to
upset him at all, but some bizarre occurrences threaten to unravel the new-found happiness of our former call girl.
Starring Constance Towers
(1964) B&W 90 Minutes Unrated

Disc 15, Side B
Sinners in Paradise
A seaplane transporting an eclectic band of passengers to China is blown off course by a storm and crash lands in
the South Pacific near an uncharted island. With the pilots killed and the plane destroyed, the passengers make their
way to the island to seek refuge and assistance in getting rescued. The only inhabitant of the island is a convicted
murderer who came to the island some time ago to escape from his past and to find himself. While the passengers
contend with their own past misdeeds and must find it in themselves somehow to move past them and work together
to make it back to civilization, our beachcombing criminal must decide if he’s to let them use his boat to make it off
the island while he struggles with his growing feelings for one of the passengers.
Starring Madge Evans
(1938) B&W 64 Minutes Unrated

Affair in Monte Carlo
A young woman cares for a young man who leads an irresponsible life so she expresses her frustration to her
grandmother. The grandmother recounts to her the story of her own experience with a man she truly loved, who was
a compulsive gambler and on the edge of ruin. The grandmother relays to her the attempt she made to turn his life
around so they could lead a better one together.
Starring Merle Oberon
(1952) Color 90 Minutes Unrated

Disc 16, Side A
The Phantom Fiend
A city is gripped with terror as a string of horrifying murders have occurred and the authorities are desperate to
bring the killings to an end. At a boarding house run by a kind family resides a reclusive young man, who the
daughter of the boarding house operators is attracted to. Suspicions come up indicating that this quiet, simple man
may have more to do with the murders than anyone care to believe.
Starring Ivor Novello
(1932) B&W 63 Minutes Unrated

The Sleeping Tiger
A psychotherapist decides to try and rehabilitate an ex-convict by inviting him into his home, in order to work with
him in exchange for not turning him into the police, for his attempted break-in. The therapist’s wife is, at first,
resentful of his presence in her home and treats the man poorly. Eventually, the woman grows intrigued by the man
and his past and she then throws herself at him, in the hopes he will take her away from her mundane life. When the
ex-convict decides to rebuke her advances and try to live a straight and honest life, the wife takes steps to gain
revenge for her rejection.
Starring Alexis Smith
(1954) B&W 89 Minutes Unrated

Disc 16, Side B
Two adventurers arrive at a South Seas island with hopes of tracking down a sunken vessel carrying millions in
gold. When the owner of the local brothel and bar gets wind of the excursion, she works herself into part of the
money in exchange for her local connections. The adventurers must race against an incoming monsoon to retrieve
the treasure before the storm moves the treasure.
Starring John Carradine
(1943) B&W 82 Minutes Unrated

Slightly Honorable
An honest lawyer becomes the target of a corrupt politician who decides to frame the attorney for the murder of a
young woman. Desperate to clear his name, the attorney sets out to track down the real culprit with the help of his
assistant and some unexpected aid from a nightclub dancer. The trail to the real killer ends up leading our attorney to
someone connected to him a lot closer than he ever imagined.
Starring Pat O’Brien
(1940) B&W 85 Minutes Unrated

Disc 17, Side A
The Evil Mind
A phony mystic works an act with his wife in small venues across the country barely making a living to support the
two of them. When the man has a series of headaches, he discovers that he indeed has the power of predicting events
when in the presence of a young woman. Using his new found abilities, the man suddenly finds himself with fame
and fortune but at risk of losing his faithful wife.
Starring Fay Wray
(1934) B&W 80 Minutes Unrated

Love From a Stranger
A young woman wins a lottery and as a result travels to Europe for a vacation. While traveling, the young and naïve
lady meets a charismatic gentleman and, before she realizes what has happened, is married to him. The charm and
love shown to her by her new husband changes, when she refuses to sign a document that would turn over her
holdings to him for control. Our heroine finally realizes that her husband is not who he made her think he was and
must now protect herself from his evil schemes.
Starring Basil Rathbone
(1937) B&W 86 Minutes Unrated

Disc 17, Side B
Prison Shadows
A boxer is convicted of murder and sent to prison for hitting an opponent after the bell and the fighter dies.
Convinced that his punch couldn’t have caused the death, the fighter suspects that something else was the cause.
After being paroled and promoted in a new fight by his manager, the fighter is stunned when his opponent dies after
he knocks him out. Suspicious goings on in the locker room come to light that might help our fighter avoid another
lengthy jail sentence.
Starring Eddie Nugent
(1936) B&W 66 Minutes Unrated

One Frightened Night
An aging eccentric millionaire gathers his heirs and informs them that he intends to give his fortune to his
granddaughter, if she appears before midnight, otherwise the five of them will split the estate. Two women arrive
claiming to be the long-lost granddaughter, which upsets all of the other relatives. When one of the women ends up
dead, suspicion falls upon everyone who potentially would benefit from the elimination of the other heirs.
Starring Charley Grapewin
(1935) B&W 66 Minutes Unrated

Disc 18, Side A
Inner Sanctum
A young woman visits a fortune teller who predicts the woman will meet tragedy on a train. It turns out that the train
she is going to take is also carrying a man who’s just committed a murder and is trying to escape. Through an
interesting twist of fate, the young woman, the man and a young boy who witnessed the murder all end up staying at
the same boarding house in a small town, where the final outcome to this matter plays out to an interesting finish.
Starring Mary Beth Hughes
(1948) B&W 62 Minutes Unrated

An elderly woman is murdered in her home and the killer searches, to no avail, for the priceless rubies she was
reported to keep. Years later, a husband and wife move into the house and the wife appears to suffer from some
mental imbalance, according to the husband. What the wife doesn’t realize is that her husband was responsible for
the murder of the older woman, his aunt, and is now trying to once again search for her rubies. The supposed mental
problems the wife is suffering from are really brought about by the actions of the husband and his accomplice, the
Starring Anton Walbrook
(1940) B&W 84 Minutes Unrated

Disc 18, Side B
The Last Mile
A man is convicted of murder and sent to Death Row; all the while he has claimed his innocence for the crime.
Shortly after his arrival at the prison, a fellow inmate executes a jail uprising, freeing the prisoners and taking some
of the guards as hostages. While the man’s friends are outside the prison desperately trying to find evidence to free
him, he is forced to deal with the battle between the leader of the inmate uprising and the warden, who refuses to
give into any demands.
Starring Preston Foster
(1932) B&W 69 Minutes Unrated

A vacationing accountant is given a poison and is informed by a doctor he has a short time to live. The accountant
decides to spend his remaining time trying to track down the source of poison, find out who gave it to him and what
the reason was for it. As his time grows short, the accountant, accompanied by his secretary, gets closer to the truth
but also in greater peril.
Starring Edmond O’Brien
(1949) B&W 84 Minutes Unrated

Disc 19, Side A
Sucker Money
A phony spiritualist is working on a scam involving a banker’s daughter. He mesmerizes the daughter in the hopes
that it will lead him to extort money from the banker. One of the swami’s accomplices turns out to be an undercover
reporter working on a story to expose the spiritualist. When the reporter confides to the banker’s daughter his true
identity, another of the swami’s henchmen overhears and tells the phony mystic. Trapping the banker’s daughter and
the reporter, the spiritualist demands money from the banker or else.
Starring Mischa Auer
(1933) B&W 59 Minutes Unrated

The Chase
An unemployed veteran returns a wallet and gets an unexpected job as the chauffeur to a tough mobster. The
mobster’s enemies have a tendency to meet early and violent ends and this adds stress to the already nervous
chauffeur. When the mobster’s wife asks the chauffeur to help her in escaping from her husband, he ends up getting
framed for a murder and is forced to run not only from the authorities, but the mobster’s henchmen as well. Just
when you think the man is cleared of his problems, unexpected turns forces things to start all over again.
Starring Robert Cummings
(1946) B&W 82 Minutes Unrated

Disc 19, Side B
Woman in the Shadows
A man just released from prison moves out to the quiet and serenity of the woods. Due to his temper problems,
which caused him to be put in prison, he has decided to live alone in the hopes that he can find peace and stay on the
straight and narrow path. His idyllic life is shattered when a young woman bursts into his cabin and begs for help.
She’s on the run from a possessive and abusive boyfriend and desperately needs help, since the man is trailing her.
Our former convict attempts to help the woman and ends up in trouble with the law once again, in spite of the good
reason for his involvement in the matter.
Starring Melvyn Douglas
(1934) B&W 69 Minutes Unrated

The Scar (Hollow Triumph)
John Muller (Paul Henreid), a former medical student now career criminal is on the run from a crooked gambling
joint owner after stealing from the casino. Identified by his former gang members as the leader of the group, Muller
takes on the identity of a psychiatrist by the name of Dr. Bartok. Muller must make sure to continue the illusion
he’s created with Dr. Bartok’s identity.
Starring Paul Henreid
(1948) B&W 83 Minutes Unrated

Disc 20, Side A
The Mystery of Mr. Wong
The world’s largest sapphire, “The Eye of the Daughter of the Moon”, was stolen from a royal crypt in China and
eventually finds its way into the hands of a gem dealer with a less than stellar reputation. Knowing the gem has a
curse placed upon it, the dealer takes possession of it anyway and he receives a death threat, which he shares with
his house guest Mr. Wong (Boris Karloff), a detective. That evening the gem dealer throws a party and, during a
parlor game, he is shot to death when the lights go out. The home is filled with suspects and Mr. Wong must figure
out who is responsible for the killing as well as the true motives behind it, before he or someone else fall victim to
the killer.
Starring Boris Karloff
(1939) B&W 70 Minutes Unrated

Strange Illusion
A young man is troubled by recurring dreams in which his deceased father, a judge, warns him of a stranger’s
intentions against the family. When the young man’s mother introduces the family to a new gentleman she has
started to see, it turns out to be the man his dreams warned him about. After being sent away to a sanitarium, from
objecting to his mother’s impending marriage to the mysterious man and what his reasons are, he discovers
information there which proves his father’s death was not an accident and what the true motives are of his mother’s
Starring James Lydon
(1945) B&W 85 Minutes Unrated

Disc 20, Side B
The Strange Love of Martha Ivers
This Oscar-nominated drama features a marvelous cast including Barbara Stanwyck, Kirk Douglas, Van Heflin,
Lizabeth Scott and Judith Anderson in a tale of intrigue involving childhood friends and a mysterious death that
happened years before. Martha Ivers (Barbara Stanwyck) is the power behind things in the town of Iverston and is
married to Walter O’Neill (Kirk Douglas), the district attorney. When their childhood friend Sam Masterson (Van
Heflin) returns to town, it brings up powerful memories about their connection to the death of Martha’s rich aunt
years before and threatens to expose the truth.
Starring Barbara Stanwyck
(1946) B&W 116 Minutes Unrated

Man Who Cheated Himself
A veteran San Francisco police detective has been seeing a married socialite when she kills her husband, claiming he
was going to kill her. Hoping to keep his involvement with the married woman a secret, the detective helps her
cover up the murder by setting it up to look like the death was a result of a botched robbery attempt. The detective
thinks he is in the clear when he’s assigned to investigate the case but, his partner for this investigation is his own
brother, an up and coming detective that he’s taught everything he knows. Will the detective be able to keep his
brother from discovering his involvement in the death and discovering the truth behind the murder?
Starring Lee J. Cobb
(1950) B&W 80 Minutes Unrated

Disc 21, Side A
Cause For Alarm
While recovering from a heart attack, a gentleman mistakenly believes his wife is having an affair with his doctor
and the two of them are plotting to kill him. The man writes a letter to the D.A. detailing his suspicions about his
wife and his doctor and has his wife mail the letter. After she returns from mailing the letter, the man confronts his
wife about what he has written and becomes agitated to the point where he pulls a gun on her. The stress becomes
too much for the man and he immediately dies from another heart attack, forcing his innocent wife to try and get
back the letter before it gets to the D.A.’s office.
Starring Loretta Young
(1951) B&W 73 Minutes Unrated

Woman on the Run
A man witnesses a gangland murder and, fearing he would be targeted by the mob, goes into hiding to escape a
potential hit. The police find out about his involvement in the crime and approach the man’s wife, in the hopes she
will lead them to him. Thinking that he’s really running away from their marriage, the woman begins searching for
her husband, with the aid of a newspaper reporter working on the story. As the wife comes closer to finding her
husband, the killer responsible for the hit draws closer to his quarry, too.
Starring Ann Sheridan
(1950) B&W 77 Minutes Unrated

Disc 21, Side B
Hell’s House
This reform school melodrama features appearances by Bette Davis and Pat O’Brien. When Jimmy refuses to reveal
the identity of the man who hired him to answer phones at a bootlegging operation, he is sent off to reform school.
While serving his three years at the reform school, he befriends another youth named Shorty, who has a heart
ailment. The harsh conditions at the reformatory and the dire condition of his friend force Jimmy to escape the
school to seek help.
Starring Bette Davis
(1932) B&W 71 Minutes Unrated

A Life At Stake
A gentleman begins to suspect the mysterious accidents that have befallen him recently are not just a coincidence.
He begins to suspect that someone may be trying to kill him in order to collect on a life insurance policy. Could it
be his hard-driving business partner wanting to keep the company going or the partner’s bored but seductive wife
that is interested in the money? Will he discover the truth behind the accidents before someone does him in?
Starring Angela Lansbury
(1954) B&W 75 Minutes Unrated

Disc 22, Side A
The Limping Man
An American World War II veteran returns to England after six years to visit an old flame he met during the war.
Upon arriving at the airport, the American witnesses one of his fellow passengers getting gunned down by a sniper
and is questioned by the police. When he finally arrives at the woman’s residence, he discovers she had some
connections to the man who was killed, that cast both of them under a shadow of suspicion with the authorities. The
reunited lovers must remove the doubts in the minds of the police by tracking down the truth behind the shooting
and bring the true culprit to justice.
Starring Lloyd Bridges
(1953) B&W 76 Minutes Unrated

Four Deuces
Vic Morono (Jack Palance) is a Prohibition-era mobster with a grudge against rival gangster Chico Hamilton
(Warren Berlinger) and also a thing for women. Morono’s ways take a turn for the better when he meets the lovely
Wendy Rittenhouse (Carol Lynley) and falls in love with her. With the aid of his new-found girlfriend and his gang
of bumbling mobsters, Morono looks to end his rivalry and make a legitimate life for himself.
Starring Jack Palance
(1976) Color 87 Minutes Rated R

Disc 22, Side B
A batch of counterfeit twenty dollar bills begin showing that appear to be the work of Tris Stewart (Lloyd Bridges),
a counterfeiter already behind bars. Hoping to track down the location of Stewart’s plates and the person using them,
a prison break is arranged for Stewart with federal agents keeping an eye on his every move. Stewart and his
girlfriend hope to secure enough phony money to run off to another country, where they won’t be able to tell the
money is counterfeit, but complications arise when their partner has problems and an undercover federal agent
becomes involved.
Starring Lloyd Bridges
(1949) B&W 79 Minutes Unrated

The Pay Off
A young couple about to be married is robbed and the leader of the gang, whose member robbed them, takes pity
upon them. The gangster takes the couple under his wing and helps them out, much to the chagrin of the gang
members, who plot to dispose of their boss. When the young groom-to-be is implicated in a murder and is sentenced
to die in the electric chair, the gang boss must choose between helping the man or letting an innocent man die in
order to have the bride for himself.
Starring Lowell Sherman
(1930) B&W 71 Minutes Unrated

Disc 23, Side A
The Great Flamarion
The Great Flamarion (Erich Von Stroheim) is a trick-shot artist with a stage act consisting of himself and his two
assistants, Connie and Al Wallace (Mary Beth Hughes and Dan Duryea). Al has a drinking problem and Connie is
tired of the marriage, so she begins to pay more attention to Flamarion, hoping for a way out. When Al is shot by
Flamarion during the act on a suggestion from Connie, everyone’s lives take a drastic change.
Starring Erich Von Stroheim
(1945) B&W 78 Minutes Unrated

Parole, Inc.
A series of unjustified paroles of some hardened criminals have set off suspicions at the federal level of bribes being
paid to parole officials in exchange for releases. A federal agent assigned to the investigation goes undercover as a
prisoner in the hopes of gaining the confidence of those involved in the scam. As the agent’s investigation gets
closer to the truth behind the bribes, he finds himself in greater danger if his cover is blown.
Starring Michael O’Shea
(1948) B&W 71 Minutes Unrated

Disc 23, Side B
Baby Face Morgan
A young man is brought in to run his father’s insurance business by his father’s right-hand man after he passes
away. What he doesn’t know is that the business is just a front for his father’s real activity, running a protection
racket. The father’s right-hand man tries to keep the son from knowing what the business really is and the gang from
knowing the identity of the new gang leader, so he can truly run things from the background. Problems arise for
everyone when the son tries to run the insurance company as a legitimate business.
Starring Richard Cromwell
(1942) B&W 59 Minutes Unrated

The Woman Condemned
A female private investigator is trying to track down a radio singer when she is found with the woman’s corpse and
charged with her murder. The detective’s husband, a newspaper reporter, sets out to prove her innocence and his
investigation leads to a sanitarium run by a mysterious doctor. Throw in a gangster and a case of mistaken identity
and you’ve got a mystery that needs to be solved before the detective pays for a crime she has not committed.
Starring Claudia Dell
(1934) B&W 61 Minutes Unrated

Disc 24, Side A
There Was a Crooked Man
This program is from the famous Studio One television series shown from 1948 to 1958 by CBS and was a
continuation of the successful radio series of the same name. This series received multiple Emmy awards as well as
nominations and brought to the small screen some of the brightest and biggest stars, directors and writers of it’s time
to present to the audience a dramatic feature each week. This story centers upon a boarding house with an eclectic
group of residents and one member, Mr. Otis, who is found murdered.
Starring Robert Sterling
(1950) B&W 57 Minutes Unrated

Two Sharp Knives
This thriller, based upon a Dashiell Hammett story, has a murderer found dead and a search begins to track down the
killer responsible for his death. Brought to the small screen as part of the Westinghouse Studio One series, shown on
CBS from 1949 to 1958, this Emmy award winning series featured weekly performances by some of the top
performers of Broadway and Hollywood.
Starring Stanley Ridges
(1949) B&W 59 Minutes Unrated

The Inner Circle
A private investigator finds he is on the wrong side of the law when he is accused of murdering a well-known radio
personality. The person behind the murder accusation is his own secretary, who is trying to protect her sister who
has been formally charged with the crime. Working against a deadline, the detective tracks down all the suspects and
gathers them at the scene of the crime, the radio station, in order to re-enact the crime and expose the real killer.
Starring Adele Mara
(1946) B&W 57 Minutes Unrated

Disc 24, Side B
Things Happen At Night
A family has problems in their home when a spirit inhabits the body of the youngest daughter, causing all sorts of
mischief. An insurance investigator and a scientist come to the home in the hopes of tracking down the cause of the
problems and determine a poltergeist is to blame. After the scientist and the insurance investigator attempt to aid the
family by driving the spirit out of the girl, they end up with an unexpected complication when the poltergeist moves
into the body of the insurance investigator.
Starring Gordon Harker
(1948) B&W 56 Minutes Unrated

Flowers from a Stranger
A psychiatrist’s wife ends up struggling with her own mental illness when a mysterious delivery of flowers arrives
at their home. This program was part of the Westinghouse Studio One television series shown on CBS for ten years
starting in the late 1940’s. This series won many Emmy Awards and brought into your living room each week
performances by some of the greatest stage and screen actors and actresses of the day.
Starring Yul Brynner
(1949) B&W 59 Minutes Unrated

Plan For Escape
This drama was a presentation of the Emmy winning CBS series Studio One, a weekly dramatic program that ran for
ten seasons. This series originated as a weekly dramatic radio program that moved to television in the late 1940’s.
Viewers were treated to performances by some to the great actors and actresses of their time. The feature
performance here is about a gangster’s wife, tired of the lifestyle her husband’s career brings, given a possible
escape when her husband is killed by rival gangsters.
Starring Peggy Ann Garner
(1952) B&W 59 Minutes Unrated

Disc 25, Side A
Big Town After Dark
A female crime reporter sells her first novel to a publisher and gives her notice to the newspaper. The editor-in-
chief immediately assigns the owner’s niece to take on the job of crime reporting. When it appears the niece may be
connected to the local crime boss, the editor and the returning female crime reporter must uncover the truth before
the mob gets them.
Starring Hilary Brooke
(1947) B&W 69 Minutes Unrated
Born to Fight
An experienced fighter on the run from a crooked gambler he punched out meets and befriends a young aspiring
boxer. Seeing some talent in the youthful fighter, the older pugilist decides to train him and gets him set for a fight
with the Champ. When the gambler learns of the older fighter’s involvement with the bout, he sets out to ruin the
young fighter’s opportunity to get his revenge on his trainer.
Starring Frankie Darro
(1936) B&W 68 Minutes Unrated

Disc 25, Side B
A gang has been smuggling drugs from Mexico and two government agents working on the case set out to break up
the ring. Unfortunately, neither agent knows the other one is working on the same side and this leads to
complications, especially when they must pretend to be a married couple to avoid suspicion from the police. As their
distrust of each other shrinks as they spend more time together, the determination to stop this ring grows, as well as
the danger of being exposed for who they really are.
Starring Fred MacMurray
(1950) B&W 88 Minutes Unrated

The Girl in Lover’s Lane
Two drifters arrive via freight train at a small town and seem to get into trouble almost immediately. The younger
man, a rich lad running from home, is roughed up by some local thugs after flashing his money. The older man gets
in bigger trouble after the local coffee shop waitress he starts seeing is found murdered. Our two outsiders must
clear the one man’s name and find the true killer before a lynch mob gets a hold of them.
Starring Jack Elam
(1959) B&W 79 Minutes Unrated

Disc 26, Side A
The Phantom Broadcast
A popular radio crooner turns out to have a secret he desperately keeps from his fans. It turns out the crooner cannot
sing and his voice is provided by his hunchback accompanist. When the crooner is found dead, suspicion falls upon
the man’s latest girlfriend, whom the accompanist secretly loves so he decides to take the blame for the death to save
Starring Ralph Forbes
(1933) B&W 68 Minutes Unrated

The Most Dangerous Game
A ship wrecks just off of a remote island and it’s three passengers make it to shore and discover the island is owned
by a reclusive big game hunter. Offered the opportunity to stay at the owner’s home and refresh themselves, the
castaways take the man up on his gracious offer. Unfortunately, it wasn’t mentioned in the offer that the hunter has
now taken up to hunting people on his island and that the three “guests” are to be his next quarry.
Starring Joel McCrea
(1932) B&W 63 Minutes Unrated

Disc 26, Side B
Murder on the Campus
A man is murder in a tower and a young co-ed, working her way through school as a nightclub singer, is accused of
the deed. A young campus reporter, who has fallen for the co-ed, sets out to prove her innocence and track down the
real killer. All the clues lead to the nightclub where the girl performs and the sleazy owner of the establishment.
Starring Charles Starrett
(1933) B&W 73 Minutes Unrated

Death from a Distance
During a lecture at a planetarium, a shot rings out and, when the lights come up, an audience member is found dead.
Since the killer doesn’t have time to leave the planetarium, someone in the audience is the killer. A police detective
and a spunky female newspaper reporter must unlock the mystery of the killer’s identity and the reason behind the
Starring Russell Hopton
(1935) B&W 68 Minutes Unrated

Disc 27, Side A
The King Murder
A femme fatale with a habit of seducing wealthy men and then blackmailing them is found murdered. The detective
assigned to investigate her death uncovers more about her past than others were lead to believe. With a long list of
suspects, our detective must narrow the list down before the killer can slip away.
Starring Conway Tearle
(1932) B&W 67 Minutes Unrated

The Lady in Scarlet
A murder has taken place involving a prominent art dealer, which causes an investigator and his assistant to be
called in on the case. As the duo delves deeper into the murder, surprising revelations begin to pop up. Will our
lovelorn sleuths find the killer’s identity before they become his next victim?
Starring Reginald Denny
(1935) B&W 65 Minutes Unrated

Disc 27, Side B
Sinister Hands
A gathering at a millionaire’s home one night features a séance as the evening’s entertainment. While the séance is
taking place, the group is shocked to discover the millionaire has been murdered. The intrepid police detective
assigned to the case finds his hands full since everyone attending the party had a motive and the opportunity to kill
the millionaire.
Starring Jack Mulhall
(1932) B&W 65 Minutes Unrated

The Lady Confesses
Just prior to their wedding, a groom and his bride discover his first wife, missing and presumed dead, turns up alive.
Shortly after her sudden re-appearance, the wife is found dead and the husband is accused of her murder. The
fiancee, who believes he is innocent, decides to investigate on her own to find the real killer, no matter what danger
it brings her.
Starring Mary Beth Hughes
(1945) B&W 64 Minutes Unrated

Disc 28, Side A
Shoot to Kill
A gangster is framed for a crime by a corrupt District Attorney, who wants him out of the way. The gangster’s wife
wants to prove her husband’s innocence and expose the truth behind is conviction so, she gets a job as the District
Attorney’s assistant, in the hopes she can find the proof of the frame-up. Along the way, the gangster’s wife gets
some needed assistance from a newspaper reporter, who’s working on a story about the D.A., and as time goes on
the reporter becomes enamored with the gangster’s wife.
Starring Russell Wade
(1947) B&W 64 Minutes Unrated

Shadows on the Stairs
A London boarding house is the setting of this suspenseful tale with murder and numerous suspects. When a tenant
is discovered dead at the boarding house, it seems that most everyone residing there had a motive to kill him.
Tension mounts as the suspicions come to surface, leading through shocking twists and turns to the surprising
Starring Turhan Bey
(1941) B&W 63 Minutes Unrated

Disc 28, Side B
Prison Train
A prison train transporting convicts to Alcatraz is the setting for this gritty crime drama. A gangland boss is
sentenced to serve time at Alcatraz but fears for the safety of his younger sister. A rival gangster plans to kill the
mobster on the train to get revenge for the death of his son at the hands of the mobster, who was trying to protect his
Starring Linda Walters
(1938) B&W 64 Minutes Unrated

They Never Come Back
A boxer is forced to retire from the ring because he permanently injures his arm when he’s badly beaten during a
fight. He ends up getting a job as a bouncer at a nightclub, where he meets and falls in love with one of the dancers.
The nightclub owner is also in love with the girl and arranges to have the former fighter framed for stealing some
money from the club. To clear his name and help his girlfriend with paying back the money, which her brother had
actually stolen, he agrees to step into the ring one last time against a well-known fighter.
Starring Regis Toomey
(1932) B&W 64 Minutes Unrated

Disc 29, Side A
The Hoodlum
A career criminal is finally released from prison and he moves back home with his family, who have been put
through the wringer because of his activities. Taking a job at his brother’s gas station, the ex-convict spends much of
his time intimidating the customers and scheming to seduce a bank secretary, in order to use her for a planned bank
robbery. Meanwhile, he has seduced his brother’s fiancee, gotten her pregnant and abandoned her, which makes the
despondent girl commit suicide. All paths in the story lead to the fateful bank robbery and a final confrontation
between the criminal and his brother.
Starring Lawrence Tierney
(1951) B&W 61 Minutes Unrated

Dick Tracy’s Dilemma
In this latest adventure featuring top-notch police detective Dick Tracy (Ralph Byrd), our intrepid sleuth is called in
on an apparent fur heist. After looking into the case, Tracy thinks it may be a possible insurance swindle but soon
realizes it’s much more when one of his police informants turns up murdered. Armed with a new resolve and new
clues, Tracy and his sidekicks uncover a plot created by the fiendish criminal "The Claw".
Starring Ralph Byrd
(1947) B&W 60 Minutes Unrated

Disc 29, Side B
Black Gold
A young man holds onto an oil well, the only thing left to him by his departed father, whom was killed on the rig
when a rival oilman sabotaged it. A geologist convinces the young man to keep the well rather than selling out to the
rival oilman, whom he doesn’t know was responsible for his father’s death. The rival decides to blow up the man’s
oilrig and it becomes a race against time for the young man to stop him from succeeding.
Starring Frankie Darro
(1936) B&W 57 Minutes Unrated

Blonde Ice
A gossip columnist decides to seek her own headlines by marrying a succession of wealthy men, only to have each
one die under strange circumstances. As her social status increases, so does the prospect of the authorities
discovering the truth behind her husbands’ deaths. Will this cold and calculating seductress continue her rise up the
social ladder or will she misstep and cause her own downfall?
Starring Leslie Brooks
(1948) B&W 73 Minutes Unrated

Disc 30, Side A
Bridge of Sighs
A murder at a nightclub results in a man being sent to prison by the Assistant DA, in spite of the man’s innocence.
The convicted man’s sister, whom has been dating the Assistant District Attorney, decides to find out the truth
behind the murder. Using a false identity, the woman gets herself sent to the women’s prison in the hopes she can
find the evidence she believes is there to prove her brother is innocent.
Starring Onslow Stevens
(1936) B&W 66 Minutes Unrated

Circumstantial Evidence
A newspaper reporter decides to work on a story about circumstantial evidence, after a man is sentenced to death in
a case against him based solely on that very thing. Looking to fake a murder and have the circumstantial evidence
point to him, the reporter’s efforts take a strange twist when the man he is supposed to “kill” turns up dead. Now the
reporter, his fiancee and his friends must try to prove his innocence before he visits the Electric Chair!
Starring Chick Chandler
(1935) B&W 67 Minutes Unrated

Disc 30, Side B
During an ocean cruise, a crooked businessman has taken his company’s funds and his would-be girlfriend, an
actress, with him. After the businessman is found dead and his money turns up missing, the shipboard authorities
focus on the girlfriend as their main suspect. A reporter traveling on the cruise ship has other thoughts as to the
identity of the killer and must prove them right before an innocent woman is jailed.
Starring Aileen Pringle
(1931) B&W 63 Minutes Unrated

The Devil Diamond
A jewelry company purchases a diamond worth $250,000 but it comes with a curse upon whoever owns it. Hoping
to dispel the curse and make a large profit, the company decides it will have the gem cut up into smaller stones. An
employee of the company gathers a gang in the hopes they can steal the diamonds from the cutter once his job is
completed but complications arise due to unforeseen circumstances.
Starring Frankie Darro
(1937) B&W 61 Minutes Unrated

Disc 31, Side A
Double Cross
A police officer finds himself at odds with his father, the Chief of Police, while investigating the circumstances
surrounding a fellow officer who was killed during a police raid. Removed from the force by his father, the young
officer decides to investigate on his own by infiltrating the gang whose outfit was raided. Discovering a plot to
ambush and kill his father, the officer must try to stop the plan without tipping off the gang to his true intentions.
Starring Kane Richmond
(1941) B&W 61 Minutes Unrated

Ellis Island
After serving time in prison for a bank robbery where the money was never recovered, a convict finds himself about
to be deported from the US at the Ellis Island deportation center. There to see the convict off is his niece and some
rival gangsters hoping to get the location of the money from him. When the man escapes the center, an Immigration
Guard, his assistant and the convict’s niece set off in search for him.
Starring Donald Cook
(1936) B&W 67 Minutes Unrated

Disc 31, Side B
Exile Express
A young woman with hopes of becoming an American citizen finds her dreams dashed when she’s implicated in a
murder and, in spite of her innocence, is set to be deported. A reporter suspects the woman was framed and, in order
to prove her innocence, frees her. Now the two must track down the true culprits to the crime before the authorities
catch up with them, deporting her and jailing him.
Starring Anna Sten
(1939) B&W 71 Minutes Unrated

Hollywood Stadium Mystery
Just prior to beginning a championship bout, a boxer collapses and dies in the ring. The district attorney is pressed to
find the killer after it is discovered the boxer was murdered but, with an arena full of suspects, the job won’t be easy.
Added into the mix is a female mystery writer who looks to help the D.A. solve the murder.
Starring Neil Hamilton
(1938) B&W 66 Minutes Unrated

Disc 32, Side A
Hold That Woman
An agent for a process serving and repossession company reclaims a radio from a delinquent customer. What the
agent and his female partner discover is there’s more to the radio than meets the eye. It turns out the radio contains a
stash of stolen gems inside and both the crooks and the authorities are eager to track them down.
Starring James Dunn
(1940) B&W 67 Minutes Unrated

Midnight Limited
The “Midnight Limited”, the night train from New York to Montreal, is the scene of some robberies and murder at
the hands of “The Phantom Robber”. A detective and his female assistant are hard pressed to come up with the
identity of “The Phantom Robber” before he strikes again. It’s going to take a bit of luck and a lot of risk on the part
of the detective and his assistant to catch the villain.
Starring John King
(1940) B&W 61 Minutes Unrated

Disc 32, Side B
Murder At Dawn
Two couples are visiting the mountain laboratory of one of the women’s father, who is showing off his latest
invention to his friend, a judge. The lights go out and when they come back on, the judge is dead and the scientist is
missing. Our couples must now track down the missing scientist and uncover the truth behind the judge’s death.
Starring Jack Mulhall
(1932) B&W 62 Minutes Unrated

Murder at Glen Athol
The guests at a fancy party are shocked to discover a couple of their fellow partiers are dead. A mystery writer and
amateur detective happen to be attending the party so he and his aide set out to solve the crimes. This case won’t be
easy to solve with a house full of suspects and one of them being a killer on the loose.
Starring Irene Ware
(1936) B&W 64 Minutes Unrated

Disc 33, Side A
Murder By Invitation
An elderly matriarch wins a sanity case brought up by some of her relatives and, to show no hard feelings, she
invites them to her estate for a stay and the revealing of her heir. After the guests have arrived and settled in for the
night, one of the relatives turns up dead starting a series of murders. A newspaper reporter who has accompanied
one of the guests leads the investigation to find the killer before more murders can take place.
Starring Wallace Ford
(1941) B&W 67 Minutes Unrated

The Murder in the Museum
A city councilman investigating some nefarious goings on at a sideshow is murdered and the list of suspects is long.
The prime suspect’s daughter believes her father’s claim of innocence and teams up with a reporter to prove it. As
the pair draws closer to the truth behind the murder, the danger grows with each passing moment.
Starring John Harron
(1934) B&W 65 Minutes Unrated
Disc 33, Side B
I Cover the Waterfront
Reporter Joe Miller (Ben Lyon) has been promising his editor a big story on possible Chinese immigrants being
smuggled into the country through the city’s waterfront. Suspecting that Captain Eli Kirk (Ernest Torrence) is
responsible for the activities, his investigation is getting nowhere until he chances upon the captain’s daughter, Julie
(Claudette Colbert). At first romancing the girl to further his investigation, his feelings for her grow, which causes a
conflict with his story.
Starring Claudette Colbert
(1933) B&W 75 Minutes Unrated

The Dark Hour
Two murders end up uniting a pair of detectives, one brash and young and the other retired and sedate. These two
detectives with differing styles end up working well as partners while they piece the clues together. As the detectives
draw closer to the killer, the danger level rises for those around them.
Starring Ray Walker
(1936) B&W 64 Minutes Unrated

Disc 34, Side A
The Last Alarm
An arsonist has been terrorizing the city and his actions strike close to home for a recently retired firefighter. When
his friend is killed because of the latest fire, the retired firefighter decides he must help track down the man
responsible. With help from his daughter and her boyfriend, an insurance investigator, the firefighter hopes he can
track down the arsonist before he kills again.
Starring Warren Hull
(1940) B&W 61 Minutes Unrated

The Panther’s Claw
A tale filled with murder and blackmail is brought to the big screen featuring fictional detective Thatcher Colt. A
man is suspected of murdering a woman he had been secretly seeing. Things look worse for the man when a
business rival turns up dead but, Commissioner Colt thinks things aren’t as they seem.
Starring Sidney Blackmer
(1942) B&W 70 Minutes Unrated

Disc 34, Side B
The Red House
Pete Morgan (Edward G. Robinson) is an aging farmer, who harbors some dark secrets, living with his sister and his
adopted daughter. When the daughter asks her friend to help out with the chores, since Morgan cannot move as well
anymore on his wooden leg, the young man begins taking a shortcut through the woods to the farm, passing a red
house that Morgan forbids anyone to near. Curiosity gets the better of the daughter and friend, so they set out to
explore the mystery behind the red house, not knowing the secrets or the consequences they’ll face.
Starring Edward G. Robinson
(1947) B&W 100 Minutes Unrated

Tomorrow at Seven
A psychotic killer adds some suspense to his killing spree by warning his victims of their impending doom. When
the latest group of intended victims are staying together at a mansion, a crime novelist and some detectives must
discover the identity of the killer before another houseguest dies.
Starring Chester Morris
(1933) B&W 62 Minutes Unrated

Disc 35, Side A
Whistle Stop
A woman returns to her small hometown from Chicago, where she has made a success of herself. Upon her arrival,
she looks up an old love of hers and discovers that he’s still the listless small-time gambler she remembers he was
when she left for the big city. The woman settles back into town and begins a romance with a local nightclub owner,
an unsavory character that is also friends with her former love. A rivalry for the woman’s affection begins between
the two men and the nightclub owner decides to take some steps to eliminate his competition.
Starring George Raft
(1946) B&W 85 Minutes Unrated

Dishonored Lady
The fashion editor of a successful magazine is leading a stressful life due to her hard working days and long nights
of partying. Consulting a psychiatrist about her problem, she is told to simplify her life to take the stress away, so
she quits her job, moves to a Greenwich Village apartment and takes up painting again. When she meets a man
that’s interested in her, her past comes back to haunt her when a former acquaintance turns up dead and she’s
implicated in his murder.
Starring Hedy Lamarr
(1947) B&W 85 Minutes Unrated

Disc 35, Side B
Dr. Kildare’s Strange Case
Young Dr. Kildare (Lew Ayres) is back in this fourth film covering the exploits of Blair General Hospital’s popular
intern. In this latest tale, Kildare finds himself faced with a rival for his girlfriend’s affections, a brain surgeon who
happens to be in the middle of a string of patients who have died after surgery. When one of the surgeon’s patients
survives but appears to be suffering from dementia, Kildare puts the rivalry aside to help diagnose the true cause for
the deaths. Lionel Barrymore returns as Dr. Gillespie, the cantankerous head of the hospital and Kildare’s mentor.
Starring Lew Ayres
(1940) B&W 77 Minutes Unrated

Poppies are Also Flowers
With the illicit heroin trade covering Europe like a plague, the UN decides to investigate it by tracking it from the
source to the distributors. The UN investigators are able to add a radioactive isotope to the opium, with the hopes
they can use Geiger counters to track the drug shipment. As the drug progresses across the continents, you find all
sorts of nefarious characters with their interest in the opium.
Starring Trevor Howard
(1966) Color 99 Minutes Unrated

Disc 36, Side A
Night Life in Reno
A woman finds her husband in a compromising position and decides to seek a divorce from him. Heading to Reno to
secure a divorce, the woman learns it will take six weeks for her divorce to be granted. Finding she has to wait in
Reno for the six weeks, the woman ends up living the wild life and taking up with a married man.
Starring Virginia Valli
(1931) B&W 58 Minutes Unrated

Convicts At Large
A man breaks out of prison and during his escape; he forces an innocent architect to switch clothes with him. The
architect, now wearing the prisoner’s uniform, is forced to seek refuge from the law in a bar on the seedier side of
town. While there, he is mistaken for the convict by some thieves waiting for him and he falls for the singer working
at the club.
Starring Ralph Forbes
(1938) B&W 57 Minutes Unrated

Tough to Handle
A crooked nightclub owner targets lottery winners by swindling their winnings from them and killing them to cover
his tracks. When a newsboy’s grandfather becomes the latest victim of this plan, the newsboy partners with a
reporter to get to the bottom of the story. Complications arise when the newsboy’s sister gets work at the crook’s
nightclub and he takes an interest in her.
Starring Frankie Darro
(1937) B&W 56 Minutes Unrated
Disc 36, Side B
The President’s Mystery
This movie is based upon a story suggested at a White House luncheon by President Franklyn Delano Roosevelt.
The story is of a millionaire who is disillusioned with his personal life in spite of the wealth he has accumulated.
Hoping for a fresh start, the millionaire devises a plan to disappear and start a new life for himself all the while
taking his fortune with him. After he has done so, the millionaire finds some complications that crop up to interrupt
his new lifestyle.
Starring Henry Wilcoxen
(1936) B&W 80 Minutes Unrated

Racing Blood
A jockey decides to become horse trainer and purchases an injured horse from a stable owner. After nursing the
horse back to health and training it to be a thoroughbred racer, our jockey finds his chance to win the big race
threatened by a rival horse owner. Will our intrepid jockey make it to the track it time to race his wonder horse?
Starring Frankie Darro
(1936) B&W 61 Minutes Unrated

The Shadow: Invisible Avenger
Lamont Cranston, who is secretly The Shadow, heads to New Orleans to investigate the disappearance of an old
friend. Arriving in town, Cranston and his aide Jogendra plan to visit a jazz musician residing there, to catch up on
old times. Discovering the man has vanished; Cranston must take up his alter ego to investigate what has happened
to his friend and find the person responsible for the crime.
Starring Richard Derr
(1958) B&W 70 Minutes Unrated

Disc 37, Side A
Cry of the Innocent
Steve Donegin (Rod Taylor) is an insurance salesman and former Green Beret dealing with the loss of his family in
a plane crash in Ireland. Heading to Ireland to investigate the crash, he teams up with a journalist (Joanna Pettet)
who is working on the story. The two discover that the crash wasn’t an accident and the intended target on the plane
was a scientist working on a secret formula.
Starring Rod Taylor
(1980) Color 93 Minutes Unrated

Paper Man
Five college students discover a computer glitch on the campus system and take advantage of it by creating a phony identity,
by supplying background data to the faulty computer. They hope to alleviate some boredom and also pull a credit card scam
using their new “student”. Unfortunately, their creation springs to life and threatens to destroy them.
Starring Dean Stockwell
(1971) Color 90 Minutes Unrated

Disc 37, Side B
The Cold Room
A British girl is traveling with her estranged father in order to attempt to rebuild their relationship. Shortly after they arrive in
East Germany, the girl begins to suffer from strange sensations and mental lapses, where she remembers events from World
War II that she could never have experienced herself. Is this a case of a mental breakdown, is it possible memories from a
past life or is she dealing with a rip in the fabric of time and she is actually experiencing the events for real?
Starring Amanda Pays
(1984) Color 95 Minutes Unrated

An ailing industrialist’s fortune brings out all of his money-worshipping relatives looking for a way to get their
hands on it. In order to make the money his, a young heir decides to do anything it takes to secure his inheritance.
Standing in the way of his plans are a beautiful sister-in-law and a lovely cousin, that has the young man plotting to
bed them both in order to get the money.
Starring Billy Zane
(1985) Color 105 Minutes Unrated

Disc 38, Side A
The Boxer
Robert Blake stars as Teddy Wilcox, a young boxer, new to town, who finds a manager/trainer to work with. On the
eve of his first fight, his trainer’s life is threatened when he is ordered to have Wilcox throw the bout. Wilcox wins
his fight, in spite of the trainer’s efforts to sabotage the fight, and Wilcox is accused of his trainer’s murder. Wilcox
must stay ahead of Captain Perkins (Ernest Borgnine), a detective trying to bring him in, and find the real killer to
clear his name.
Starring Robert Blake
(1971) Color 72 Minutes Rated R

Cat O’ Nine Tails
Franco Arno (Karl Malden) is a blind, former police detective who overhears a conversation regarding genetic
research at a pharmaceutical company’s medical institute. After a series of murders occur involving the research
facility, Arno partners up with reporter Carlo Giordani (James Franciscus), who is working on the story. Soon, the
retired detective and the reporter become targets as they race to uncover the identity of the killer.
Starring James Franciscus
(1971) Color 112 Minutes Rated PG

Disc 38, Side B
The Woman Hunter
A rich couple is vacationing in Mexico to mix business, work-related for him, with pleasure; the wife is recovering from a
recent accident. While relaxing, the wife sees a man recording numerous observations of her actions into a tape recorder.
Afraid the man is out to rob or harm her; she tries to report the matter to the police but, is dismissed as paranoid.
Starring Barbara Eden
(1972) Color 80 Minutes Unrated

Escape from Sobibor
Based upon a true story, this film tells the tale of the Nazi death camp located near Sobibor, Poland where prisoners
with no skills were sent to the gas chambers, while the rest were sent into forced labor. After an escape at a nearby
camp, the camp commandant vows to kill an equal number of prisoners for any who try to escape. The prisoners
come up with a plan to attempt a mass escape and free everyone, to avoid the repercussions.
Starring Rutger Hauer
(1987) Color 113 Minutes Unrated

Disc 39, Side A
Paco is an orphaned Colombian boy who makes his way to the city to find his last living relative. After making it to the city,
he finds his uncle, who is in charge of a gang of young thieves. Things become complicated for Paco when his uncle forces
him to join his band of criminals.
Starring Jose Ferrer
(1976) Color 97 Minutes Rated G

The Lucifer Complex
An intelligence agent is set off to investigate events surrounding some of the world’s leaders and he comes to a
shocking discovery. A plot by former Nazi scientists to clone the world’s leaders, in order to return the Third Reich
to power, has been undertaken and he must try to stop them from completing their evil plans. Tracking down the
headquarters of the Nazi scientists brings another surprise to the agent, when he uncovers the madman ultimately
behind the sinister plot.
Starring Robert Vaughn
(1978) Color 91 Minutes Unrated

Disc 39, Side B
A Tattered Web
A police sergeant discovers that his son-in-law is cheating on his daughter, so he confronts the other woman to resolve the
situation. Unfortunately, during his talk with the woman, he accidentally kills her. Now assigned to the case involving the
woman’s death, the sergeant attempts to place the blame on a derelict, which causes further problems for him as the
investigation continues.
Starring Lloyd Bridges
(1971) Color 75 Minutes Unrated

Target of an Assassin
An aging male nurse at a hospital in Africa is caring for an ailing politician, who survived an assassination attempt.
Diagnosed with a terminal illness and concerned with his family’s well-being, the nurse kidnaps the politician with the hopes
that the ransom will provide for his family after he’s gone. Unfortunately, the assassin who made the attempt on the
politician’s life is still after the man and now looks at the nurse as an object in his way towards his goal.
Starring Anthony Quinn
(1976) Color 105 Minutes Rated PG

Disc 40, Side A
Death Collector (Family Enforcer)
A kid from the streets of New Jersey becomes involved with mobsters and has aspirations in becoming a top gangland
enforcer. After collecting debts for the mob, the kid eventually makes a few mistakes and wants out of business. He soon
learns that you just can’t walk away from the mob. This film is notable for an early appearance by Joe Pesci as, what else, a
Starring Joe Pesci
(1976) Color 95 Minutes Rated R

Master Touch
Steve Wallace (Kirk Douglas) is a master safe cracker who has been finally released from prison after serving time for a
previous robbery. Looking to pull off one last heist and then retire, Wallace teams up with Marco (Giuliano Gemma), a circus
gymnast, to commit his biggest caper of his career. The two men plan on robbing $1 Million from a vault in a German
insurance company.
Starring Kirk Douglas
(1972) Color 96 Minutes Rated PG

Disc 40, Side B
Code Name: Zebra
A group of former soldiers band together to form an anti-crime unit that sets out to take on the Mafia. Working
outside the law, the group of dedicated fighters takes the fight to organized crime and tries to get them off the
streets. When some of the mobsters get out of jail, they set out to takedown the ex-military men in a final battle for
control of the city.
Starring James Mitchum
(1984) Color 81 Minutes Unrated

The Cape Town Affair
When a thief steals a purse on a South African bus, he ends up with more than he expected. The purse contains
secret information that puts the man in the middle of an espionage plot. The thief must try to stay ahead of the agents
looking for the missing information and the authorities out to arrest him for his criminal activities.
Starring James Brolin
(1967) Color 100 Minutes Unrated

Disc 41, Side A
A Dangerous Summer
An American businessman and his Australian partner are building an elaborate resort together. When the resort is
destroyed in a fire, an insurance investigator comes to review the case but meets an untimely death. The American
begins to suspect something is wrong with his partner and hopes to have the cause of the fire uncovered by the time
the senior insurance investigator arrives.
Starring Tom Skerritt
(1982) Color 100 Minutes Unrated
Mitchell (Joe Don Baker) is a sloppy, overweight, alcoholic police detective who sometimes appears to solve his cases by
luck rather than by skill. Between moments with his prostitute girlfriend Greta (Linda Evans), Mitchell is a tough cop who
seems to take the law seriously, in spite of his lifestyle and appearance. Mitchell’s latest case involves him trying to track
down a couple of drug runners in hopes of them leading him to the mob boss.
Starring Joe Don Baker
(1975) Color 96 Minutes Rated R

Disc 41, Side B
Please Murder Me
An attorney wins the acquittal of a woman accused of murdering her husband but is shocked to learn that she indeed
committed the crime. Feeling remorse and guilt for his part in setting a guilty person free, the attorney concocts a
scheme to trap the woman. He intends to have her murder him in order for her to be caught and placed in prison
where she should be.
Starring Raymond Burr
(1956) B&W 78 Minutes Unrated

The Squeeze
A retired safecracker, living in Mexico, is lured back to New York City for one last job. It seems the son of a long-time friend
is in trouble and the only way to save his life is for our safe man to work on one last heist. The safecracker discovers a
double-cross is in place that puts both his friend’s son and him in danger.
Starring Lee Van Cleef
(1978) Color 97 Minutes Rated R

Disc 42, Side A
A successful middle-aged business man is left alone on his birthday when his family heads out of town. During a evening
storm, the man lets two young women into his home to use the phone and wait out the storm for a ride. What ends up
happening is a twisted tale of seduction and torture as the two women reveal their true nature and intent to the unsuspecting
Starring Sondra Locke
(1977) Color 89 Minutes Rated R

Kill Cruise
Two young women approach a yacht captain and ask him to sail them to Bermuda. The depressed and alcoholic captain
agrees to take them, in spite of previously swearing off sailing for good. As the trip takes place, storms brew on the ocean in
the form of bad weather and also tension between the two girls and the captain.
Starring Jurgen Prochnow
(1990) Color 99 Minutes Rated R

Disc 42, Side B
The Sell Out
Sam Lucas (Richard Widmark) is a retired C.I.A. agent forced back into action at the request of his protégé, Gabriel Lee
(Oliver Reed). Lee had defected to the Soviet Union and now wants to return to the West, so he asks his former teacher for
help. Both the men are faced with great peril since both sides have sent out operatives to eliminate them.
Starring Richard Widmark
(1976) Color 88 Minutes Rated PG

Crime Boss
In this organized crime actioner, the new crime family head, Don Vincenzo (Telly Savalas), ascends to power and is
faced with a major struggle. Other members of the family and outside Mafia interests move to strike him down,
causing Don Vincenzo to battle for his life. Antonio Mancuso (Antonio Sabato), a new member of the crime family,
ends up adding to the firestorm swirling around the new Don.
Starring Telly Savalas
(1972) Color 93 Minutes Rated R
Disc 43, Side A
Bail Out
David Hasselhoff is part of a trio of bounty hunters on the trail of a wanted criminal who has a huge reward out for
his capture. The bounty hunters are heavily armed and wish to have nothing get in their way, including the police. In
spite of the resistance thrown in their way by the authorities, our group of bounty hunters set out to get their man, at
any cost.
Starring David Hasselhoff
(1989) Color 88 Minutes Rated R

The Night They Took Miss Beautiful
A plane containing five beauty pageant contestants is hijacked by some terrorists. The hijackers are looking for a shipment on
the plane containing a bacterial virus that could be used in germ warfare. The passengers and crew must not only deal with
the hijackers but, the possibility of exposure to the deadly organism.
Starring Chuck Connors
(1977) Color 99 Minutes Unrated

Disc 43, Side B
A wealthy visitor decides to make an extended visit to a small town and while there he befriends the town’s
frequently ridiculed midget. Also the visitor becomes torn with his affections for two women residing in the town.
Events take a bizarre turn as the visitor’s actions become increasing strange.
Starring Rutger Hauer
(1978) Color 88 Minutes Unrated

A deranged killer has been targeting corrupt New York City cops, attacking them and slashing their throats while
disguised as a fellow officer. A crooked cop, leading a double life as a drug dealer, fears that he and his partner will
be targeted by the killer and is shocked to find a strange young man at the doorstep of his secret apartment,
overlooking Central Park. Confirming his suspicions about the young man, the corrupt cop holds him prisoner at the
apartment and begins to torture him, to protect his secret, but finds the tables turned on him by the stranger, when
things don’t go as he planned.
Starring Harvey Keitel
(1977) Color 113 Minutes Rated R

Disc 44, Side A
Power, Passion and Murder
Set in 1930’s Hollywood, the story centers on a young actress whose career is on the upswing and things seem to be going
her way. A chance meeting with a married man sparks a passion that seemed to have been lacking in her life. Her romance
with this gentleman leads her to a downward spiral in her personal and professional career.
Starring Michelle Pfeiffer
(1983) Color 90 Minutes Unrated

Midnight Cop
A police inspector, still bothered by his accidental shooting of a child during a case, becomes involved in a murder
case. Assigned a new young assistant, he begins working with a prostitute in order to get more information on the
case and hopes of freeing the woman from her current lifestyle. All early indications lead the inspector to suspect a
local drug dealer of the crime but, as the investigation continues, he begins to believe that someone else wants
everyone to think the dealer is guilty.
Starring Michael York
(1988) Color 100 Minutes Unrated

Disc 44, Side B
The Stoolie
Roger Pitman (Jackie Mason) is a less than honest man who gets in trouble with the law, due to the activities of his brother.
Offering to entrap others with bait money supplied by the police, Pitman is able to secure his freedom. Greed sets in with
Pitman when he takes some of the police money and heads to Miami Beach for a new life with the police and the criminals
following close behind him.
Starring Jackie Mason
(1972) Color 90 Minutes Unrated

Cross Mission
A Latin American general runs his country with a firm hand and profits from the illegal drug trade, all the while
pretending to fight the smuggling for the benefit of the United Nations. A female photojournalist, who is covering a
story in the country, convinces the general’s right-hand man to change his ways and help bring down the corrupt
leadership of his former boss. Unfortunately, the general finds out about his man’s change of heart and decides to
eliminate him before any international agencies can find out the truth about his country.
Starring Richard Randall
(1988) Color 89 Minutes Rated R

Disc 45, Side A
The Manipulator
A has-been movie make-up man has gone over the edge by kidnapping an actress and hiding her on the back lot sound stage
of an old movie studio. While there, he forces the actress to perform scenes from various productions, all the while shouting
orders to imaginary crew members and spiraling further into madness. Faced with death through starvation or by his hand,
the actress must try to reason with a man who has clearly lost his mind.
Starring Mickey Rooney
(1971) Color 88 Minutes Rated R

Death in the Shadows
A young woman lives with her mother in a small village near Amsterdam, leading a quiet yet idyllic life. When the
mother is struck by a car and killed, the resulting autopsy reveals that she could not have been the young woman’s
birth mother. While the police attempt to trace the driver of the vehicle, the young woman begins to put together the
clues in order to find her true parents.
Starring Maayke Boulten
(1985) Color 97 Minutes Unrated

Disc 45, Side B
Born To Win
A former hairdresser with an expensive heroin habit is faced with a dilemma. To help his girlfriend avoid a jail
sentence, he chooses to turn in his friends to some crooked police, all the while continuing his self-destructive
lifestyle. Eventually, his habit and his actions catch up with him and he is forced to make a hard decision about
himself and his life.
Starring Robert DeNiro
(1971) Color 84 Minutes Rated R

A Killing Affair
In rural West Virginia, a local mill foreman is found murdered and his widow is soon visited by a strange man. The drifter
claims to have killed her husband and then proceeds to stay at her home to elude those who are out to capture him. In spite of
her fears of the man, the widow is drawn to him emotionally and physically.
Starring Peter Weller
(1986) Color 100 Minutes Rated R

Disc 46, Side A
Murder Once Removed
A prominent doctor seems to have it all with a lavish lifestyle and a list of patients that is the envy of his peers. The only
problem for the physician appears to be a series of deaths involving some of his female patients. A detective investigating
one of the deaths discovers the doctor’s connection to the deaths and must try to solve the case before another death occurs.
Starring John Forsythe
(1971) Color 74 Minutes Unrated

Hollywood Man
A Hollywood action star is trying to finish his latest film but finds he is short the funding to complete the picture.
The film’s investor places some extreme demands upon the actor in order to provide the funding for finishing the
film and then takes steps behind the scenes to sabotage the production, in order to collect the assets of the actor. The
actor is forced to battle for his professional and physical life, all in the name of entertainment.
Starring William Smith
(1976) Color 107 Minutes Rated R

Disc 46, Side B
A greedy businessman covets his wife’s financial holdings and hopes to control them someday. In order to bring that day
closer, the man begins to work on the woman’s mental state, with a series of incidents designed to scare the already mentally
unstable woman to death. Once the woman commits suicide, the man gains her fortune but mysterious happenings force the
man to believe his wife’s spirit has come back to haunt him.
Starring Cliff Robertson
(1979) Color 100 Minutes Rated PG

Julie Darling
Julie (Isabelle Mejias) is a possessive teenage girl wishes to have her father all to herself, so she does nothing as her mother is
raped and murdered. Thinking that she and her father will be finally alone, she is shocked when her father turns up with a
beautiful fiancée. After witnessing her father and fiancée together, Julie begins to plot a similar fate for the fiancée that befell
her mother.
Starring Tony Franciosa
(1982) Color 100 Minutes Rated R

Disc 47, Side A
The Swap
A man, just released from prison, begins to look into the death ten years ago of his brother Sam (Robert DeNiro).
His investigation leads him to discover Sam’s past profession as a pornography film director. It appears that
someone connected to Sam’s work was responsible for his death, which drives our recently released convict towards
a climactic resolution to his search for Sam’s killer.
Starring Robert DeNiro
(1969) Color 92 Minutes Rated R

Night of the Sharks
David Ziegler (Treat Williams) is a diver making his living in Cancun, Mexico. After coming into possession of a disc sent
by his recently deceased brother, he is visited by some men looking for the disc; which contains information tying them to
some criminal activities. Not only is Ziegler faced with danger from the men, he must also contend with a vicious shark that
is guarding a sunken boat reportedly holding a fortune in gems.
Starring Treat Williams
(1987) Color 90 Minutes Rated PG-13

Disc 47, Side B
Beyond Justice
An heiress hires a former CIA agent to rescue her kidnapped son. The boy was taken by his grandfather, a powerful
and devout Emir. Accompanying the agent on the trip, the two must face many perils before their confrontation with
the boy’s grandfather.
Starring Rutger Hauer
(1992) Color 113 Minutes Rated PG-13

Cold Blood
A lonely woman observes three men chase down and shoot a man in front of her house. The three men see her
witness the event so they abduct her to prevent a possible call to the police and to have her care for the wounded
man. The woman and the injured man bond during their ordeal, decide to escape their captors and head on the run
from the criminals with their money.
Starring Rutger Hauer
(1975) Color 90 Minutes Unrated
Disc 48, Side A
Rogues’ Gallery
An intrepid photojournalist and an aggressive young female reporter are working on a story to interview an inventor
to discuss his latest creation, a revolutionary new listening device. After getting sidetracked by various individuals
and events, our two reporters eventually make it to meet with the inventor, only to find that he has been murdered.
Now under suspicion of killing the inventor, the two must search for the real killer to clear their names.
Starring Frank Jenks
(1944) B&W 60 Minutes Unrated

The Black Raven
A remote country inn, The Black Raven, is the setting for this mystery starring screen legend George Zucco. Zucco
is Amos Bradford, the proprietor of the inn that has a series of mysterious guests arrive during a raging storm. Many
of the guests unknowingly have connections to each other and things become very interesting when a murder and
$50,000 in embezzled money enter the picture.
Starring George Zucco
(1943) B&W 65 Minutes Unrated

Seven Doors to Death
A murder occurs at a building designed by a young architect, who falls under the suspicions of the police since he
happened to be in the area at the time. Realizing that every person residing at the building he designed had the
opportunity to commit the murder, the architect decides to investigate the killing in order to clear his name.
Starring Chick Chandler
(1944) B&W 64 Minutes Unrated

Disc 48, Side B
Five Minutes to Live (Door-To-Door Maniac)
Two would-be bank robbers hatch a plan to extort money from a bank president by holding his wife hostage and
demanding money in order to prevent her execution. Things grow complicated for the robbers when the bank
president threatens to not pay the money in order to eliminate his wife so he can run off with another woman.
Starring Johnny Cash
(1961) Color 74 Minutes Unrated

Lady Gangster
An aspiring actress ends up associated with a gang of bank robbers and as a result takes the fall for the gang’s bank
heist. She is sent to prison but hopes to use a bargaining chip against the gang in order to gain release from the
prison. She eventually participates in a daring prison break with the intent to clear her name and bring the true
criminals to justice.
Starring Faye Emerson
(1942) B&W 62 Minutes Unrated

The Sphinx
A murder occurs and an eyewitness places a millionaire at the scene of the crime based upon him asking for the
correct time from the eyewitness. Unfortunately, it’s proven that the millionaire is mute, with severed vocal cords,
and he is found innocent of the crime. When additional murders occur, a reporter becomes suspicious of the
millionaire and investigates him, while at the same time his girlfriend takes an interest in the millionaire and doesn’t
believe the reporter’s claims.
Starring Lionel Atwell
(1933) B&W 64 Minutes Unrated

Disc 49, Side A
The Beloved Rogue
John Barrymore stars memorably as Parisian literary giant Francois Villon, who is made King for a day by King
Louis XI in an effort to placate his subjects. Before the day is over, Villon must assemble a rag tag army of felons,
vagrants, and ladies of ill repute to defend his beloved city against an invading army from Burgundy.
Starring John Barrymore
(1927) B&W 99 Minutes Unrated

Submarine Alert
In a devious plot, the FBI unexpectedly fires a loyal radio engineer played by Richard Arlen. Embittered and
vengeful at his ill-treatment, he is the ideal bait for a team of Nazi saboteurs who are up to no good. Realizing that
he has been set up as part of an FBI plan to capture the Spy ring, the radio engineer works to help catch the Nazis as
well as help a fellow engineer who’s also been recruited by the saboteurs.
Starring Richard Arlen
(1943) B&W 66 Minutes Unrated

Disc 49, Side B
Captain Scarface
Foreign spies have a plot to blow up the Panama Canal which involves the kidnapping of an atomic scientist. While
traveling by tramp steamer to a secret South American headquarters, the spies and their captive scientist have to
reckon with Captain “Scarface” Trednor (Barton MacLaine), a less-than honest but patriotic man. Captain Trednor
uncovers the plans of the foreign agents and decides to fight for what’s right.
Starring Barton MacLane
(1953) B&W 70 Minutes Unrated

Under the Red Robe
Swashbuckler Gil de Berault (Conrad Veidt) is bound for the guillotine when he is given one last chance for a
pardon by Cardinal Richelieu (Raymond Massey). He must hunt down and dispose of a duke who is believed to be
leading a band of Huguenots, who are determined to overthrow Louis XIII. He infiltrates the Duke’s fortress, but
finds himself smitten by the duke’s attractive sister. Now he must find a way to preserve the duke’s life without
losing his own
Starring Conrad Veidt
(1937) B&W 80 Minutes Unrated

Disc 50, Side A
The Great St. Louis Bank Robbery
Based upon a true story, this film features a young Steve McQueen as the getaway driver for four bank robbers. The
thieves plan and rehearse the daring bank robbery hoping to make it a perfect crime. Once the actual robbery begins,
they find that they cannot account for all contingencies. Shot on location in St. Louis, the actual officers involved
with this case were used in the filming of this feature.
Starring Steve McQueen
(1959) Color 84 Minutes Unrated

Jail Bait
A rebellious young man ends up partnering with a career criminal, who leads down a path of crime, all the while the
young man keeps his activities a secret from his father, a plastic surgeon, and his sister. When the man’s activities
escalate to helping kill a policeman, the career criminal decides to blackmail the young man’s father. To keep his
son’s name clear of any charges, and to avoid any embarrassment to the family, the criminal wants the surgeon to
alter his appearance to aid him in eluding the law.
Starring Delores Fuller
(1954) B&W 72 Minutes Unrated

Disc 50, Side B
Dangerous Passage
A young American oil man learns that he is heir to a fortune, so he must travel from the oil fields of South America
via tramp steamer to arrive at Galveston, Texas to claim his inheritance. Traveling with his female attorney, the
young man must deal with several attempts on his life during the voyage.
Starring Robert Lowery
(1944) B&W 60 Minutes Unrated

Bulldog Courage
When a ruthless banker swindles a hard-working mine operator out of his claim, the unfortunate victim turns to a
life of crime robbing stagecoaches to support his family. When he is wounded during a hold-up, he struggles back to
his home and dies, where his son vows to avenge his father. After the young son has grown up, he returns to town to
bring the scheming banker to justice.
Starring Tim McCoy
(1935) B&W 60 Minutes Unrated

Tarzan and the Green Goddess
Tarzan has left his native Africa and ventured to the jungles of Guatemala in search of a missing friend. He teams up
with an expedition looking for a fabled lost city that contains the Green Goddess, a legendary jeweled idol
worshipped by the ancients. Tarzan and company travel through the steaming jungles; battling wild animals, the heat
and humidity; to suddenly find themselves at the lost city and surrounded by the descendants of the ancients.
Starring Herman Brix
(1938) B&W 72 Minutes Unrated

Disc 51, Side A
Mr. Robinson Crusoe
While sailing in the Pacific, Steve Drexel (Douglas Fairbanks Sr.), a wealthy yachtsman, bets his friends that he can
swim ashore a deserted island with nothing but a toothbrush and, after one year, can be found by them to be living a
comfortable lifestyle. After the bet is accepted, Drexel and his dog arrive on a South Seas island and set up an
amazing home, through the use of some incredible hand-made devices and the training of some local animals. To
complicate the situation, a native woman arrives on the island, trying to escape from an arranged marriage, with her
relatives in pursuit.
Starring Douglas Fairbanks Sr.
(1932) B&W 75 Minutes Unrated

The Capture
An American oil man in Mexico tracks down and kills a suspected payroll robber. Afterwards, he begins to doubt
the actual guilt of the man he’s killed, so he sets out to find the man’s family and meets his widow. Falling in love,
the two are married but the oil man still has guilt about his responsibility in the man’s death. Discovering the
identity of the true culprit, the oil man sets out to get him but the criminal is killed before he arrives. Now accused of
murdering the criminal, the oil man must face his conscience and the consequences for his deeds.
Starring Lew Ayres
(1950) B&W 91 Minutes Unrated

Disc 51, Side B
Who Killed Doc Robbin?
When creepy scientist Doc Robbin disappears after his lab blows up, he is presumed to have been murdered. Our
young hero Curley and his friends find out their buddy, lovable old Dan, is considered the primary suspect.
Starring George Zucco
(1948) Color 55 Minutes Unrated

Desperate Cargo
Two showgirls decide to leave South America and head back to America. They sweet talk the purser of a clipper
ship into giving them berths, but given his infatuation for one of the pair, the process proved fairly simple. In the
course of the voyage, a band of thieves attempts to take over the ship and make off with its cash cargo.
Starring Ralph Byrd
(1941) B&W 67 Minutes Unrated

The Devil’s Party
Four boys growing up in New York’s Hell’s Kitchen vow to meet once a year to renew their friendship. A short time
later, one of the boys accidentally sets fire to a building and another of the boys is convicted of the crime and sent to
reform school. Years later, the four boys are now grown and meet up again with the boys from reform school now a
gambler and nightclub owner, two of the boys are now policemen and the final boy has become a priest.
Starring Victor McLaglen
(1939) B&W 66 Minutes Unrated
Disc 52, Side A
British Intelligence
During the start of World War II, a German woman is invited into the home of a British family, where the patriarch
is a high ranking British official. The family does not know that their visitor is really a German spy, hoping to secure
some documents vital for the German war effort, and she is meeting another agent at the residence. It turns out the
family’s butler, portrayed by Boris Karloff, is the other agent who is to deliver the documents to the female spy.
Starring Boris Karloff
(1940) B&W 61 Minutes Unrated

Sword of Lancelot
This period action classic features Cornel Wilde, who also co-produced and directed this film, as Lancelot, the
bravest knight of the Round Table. Jean Wallace, Wilde’s wife, co-stars as Guinevere, wife of King Arthur and the
love of Lancelot’s life. Besides the romantic tale of Lancelot and Guinevere, the viewer is treated to an action-
packed story of the Knights of the Round Table battling the forces King Leodogran, who is trying to usurp King
Arthur from his throne and claim all of his lands for his own.
Starring Cornel Wilde
(1963) Color 116 Minutes Unrated

Disc 52, Side B
Cold Sweat
A reformed military ex-convict, Joe (Charles Bronson), runs into trouble when the gang he abandoned, led by Ross
(James Mason), comes demanding to use the fishing boat he captains. Their scheme is to pull off a drug heist and
escape to another country. They are out partly for revenge, as Joe's actions in an earlier outing with the gang gave
them all years in prison. Later, Joe's new wife Fabienne (Liv Ullmann) and her twelve-year-old daughter are
threatened by a sadistic rapist, Katanga (Jean Topart), but they haven't reckoned with Joe, who is now out for blood.
Starring Charles Bronson
(1970) Color 94 Minutes Rated PG

Tarzan’s Revenge
An African safari headed by a young woman, her parents and her fiancé are searching for big game across the
African plains and jungles. The young woman catches the eye of a jungle sultan that wishes to take her as a wife and
add her to his harem. When the sultan’s henchmen kidnap the young woman, it’s up to Tarzan to come to the rescue
and free her from the sultan’s evil clutches.
Starring Glenn Morris
(1938) B&W 70 Minutes Unrated

Disc 53, Side A
Drums in the Deep South
In a classic tale of torn loyalties, the movie tracks the tale of two friends from West Point, who are now officers on
opposing sides in the Civil War. Major Clay Clayton has been charged with delaying General Sherman’s advance on
Atlanta. To accomplish this, he takes a group of volunteers to the summit of Devil’s Mountain, in order to bomb the
trains on the Union supply line. His friend, Union Major Will Denning, is charged with stopping the rebels and plans
to blow up the mountain, not knowing his West Point roommate is in charge of the rebels occupying Devil’s
Starring James Craig
(1951) Color 86 Minutes Unrated

My Outlaw Brother
J. Dennis O’Moore (Mickey Rooney) is on a train trip out West to visit his brother Patrick (Robert Stack). While on
the train, he meets Texas Ranger Joe Walter (Robert Preston) who informs him that his brother is a wanted outlaw
and that he is assigned to track him down. At first, Dennis refuses to believe the ranger but, when evidence proves
the claims against his brother, he decides to track down Patrick himself and bring him to justice.
Starring Mickey Rooney
(1951) B&W 82 Minutes Unrated
Disc 53, Side B
Tarzan and the Trappers
Tarzan, the Lord of the Jungle, has been battling a poacher who has been taking the wild animals in Africa for
shipment to zoos, circuses and exhibitions around the world. After finally succeeding in stopping him, Tarzan must
now face a threat from the poacher’s brother, out to avenge his brother. The evil brother has partnered up with a big
game hunter who targets human prey for sport and has decided to make Tarzan the target of his ultimate hunt.
Starring Gordon Scott
(1958) B&W 70 Minutes Unrated

Project: Kill!
Although primarily known today for his comic roles, Leslie Nielsen used to excel as the heavy. In this intense action
feature, he stars as Jonathan Trevor, an American agent who defects and finds himself hunted by a group of drug-
fueled hit-men and his former partner Frank Lassiter (Gary Lockwood), in the sleazy underbelly of the Philippines.
He finds himself enslaved by drug addiction himself, but struggle to quit cold turkey under the ministrations of his
girlfriend (Nancy Kwan).
Starring Leslie Nielsen
(1976) Color 94 Minutes Unrated

Disc 54, Side A
Beneath the 12-Mile Reef
A father and son team, Mike and Tony Petrakis, make their living diving for sponges off the Florida coast. Their
catch is stolen by Arnold and the Rhys brothers, forcing Mike and his team to seek new sponges at the perilous 12
Mile Reef. Meanwhile, Tony meets and falls for Gwyneth Rhys, the sister of the men who took the sponge catch.
Tragedy strikes the Petrakis, which forces the younger Petrakis to keep the family business going on his own.
Starring Robert Wagner
(1953) Color 102 Minutes Unrated

The Last of the Mohicans
This impressive silent adaptation of the James Fenimore Cooper tale captures the essence of his work by keeping the
film’s storyline close to the written work. Set during the French and Indian Wars, our adventure centers on two
sisters trying to find their lost father, a British officer, while trying to avoid the French and their allies, the Huron.
Helping our heroines are Chingachgook and his son Uncas, the last of the Mohican tribe, and their friend and ally,
the frontiersman known as Hawkeye.
Starring Wallace Beery
(1920) B&W 73 Minutes Unrated

Disc 54, Side B
Funeral for an Assassin
A professional assassin has a vendetta against his former employer for their betrayal and his subsequent
imprisonment. The employer happened to be the South African government so the assassin plans on killing the top
officials in the government as repayment. Disguising himself as a black South African, the assassin is able to elude
the police officer trying to track him down, while he goes about his plot for revenge.
Starring Vic Morrow
(1977) Color 92 Minutes Rated PG

Prison Break
Barton MacLane stars as a tuna fisherman who has been wrongfully convicted of a murder he did not commit. His
exemplary behavior in prison ensures that he is up for early parole. He realizes, however, that his movements will be
limited, and he will be unable to join and wed his beloved. The only solution is to escape and hunt down the real
killer himself.
Starring Barton MacLane
(1938) B&W 73 Minutes Unrated

Side 55, Side A
Luca Canali (Mario Adorf) is a small-time criminal identified by the mob as the man who is responsible for a
missing shipment of heroin. The mob orders the man’s execution but don’t realize that he’s been framed. When
Canali’s wife is killed as a result of the mob ordered hit, he finds himself unable to prove his innocence and must
flee from the boss’s hit men (Henry Silva and Woody Strode). The only way that Canali can save himself from the
mob is to take the battle to them and get his revenge for his wife’s murder.
Starring Mario Adorf
(1972) Color 96 Minutes Rated R

Mr. Scarface
A mob enforcer is tired of his position in the organization, just shaking down borrowers delinquent on their
payments. When he meets up with another mobster, recently fired from his job and dissatisfied with his station in
life, the two compare stories and decide on a scheme to get what each one wants. They plan on conning the mob
boss out of enough money so they can retire in comfort, but tricking him will prove to be harder than they thought.
Starring Jack Palance
(1976) Color 85 Minutes Rated R

Side 55, Side B
Bloody Friday
After escaping from jail, a ruthless man organizes a gang of thieves for a bank robbery. The gang members are
easily manipulated by their egocentric leader and follow him in spite of his violent actions. During the robbery, the
gang is forced to take hostages in order to negotiate their escape. The gang leader proves his viciousness through
the treatment of the hostages and his own gang.
Starring Raimund Harmstorf
(1972) Color 97 Minutes Unrated

Bloody Wednesday
A very demented worker named Harry is fired from his job for irrational behavior. His long suffering brother keeps
him closeted in a hotel where he deteriorates into madness and severe hallucination. This tortuous journey
culminates in a killing spree at a burger joint.
Starring Roland Elmendorf
(1985) Color 90 Minutes Rated PG

Disc 56, Side A
My Boys Are Good Boys
Ralph Meeker and Ida Lupino play the long-suffering parents of a group of larcenous teens. The juvenile
delinquents have decided to add to their list of crimes by planning to rob an armored car. As may be expected,
events take an unpleasant turn for all involved.
Starring Ralph Meeker
(1978) Color 90 Minutes Rated PG

Trained to Kill U.S.A.
A Vietnam veteran returns home after fighting in the war with the hopes of living a peaceful life and to put the
horrors of the war behind him. The return to his rural home holds the promise of what he seeks until a gang of bikers
descend upon the community and wreak havoc. Forced to once again pick up arms, he recruits some of his old Army
buddies to help him in ridding the town of the thugs.
Starring Heidi Vaughn
(1975) Color 90 Minutes Rated R

Disc 56, Side B
Bird of Paradise
Joel McRae stars as a shipwrecked mariner, whose is rescued from a watery death by a pretty Polynesian girl, played
by the glamorous Dolores Del Rio. Naturally the two of them fall for one another, and all is blissful until the local
volcano decides to erupt without warning. Primitive customs being what they are, Ms. Del Rio finds herself slated to
become a sacrifice to the angry gods of the volcano. Meanwhile, our sailor plans an escape for the two of them, in an
attempt to save her from being sacrificed.
Starring Dolores Del Rio
(1932) B&W 80 Minutes Unrated

East of Borneo
In an unusually harrowing tale of marital discord, an African missionary flees into the jungles of Borneo when he
believes his wife to be unfaithful. In fact, her problem had really been just a case of overwhelming boredom, but
now she is determined to find her missing spouse. She sets off in pursuit, braving intense hardship and danger from
predators, both animal and human, to ultimately find her husband. But he is not in the type of situation as she
thought he would be and his discovery adds a different type of peril to her.
Starring Charles Bickford
(1931) B&W 77 Minutes Unrated

Disc 57, Side A
Jack London
In this exciting biographical adventure, we experience the incredible life of legendary author, adventurer and
journalist Jack London. Michael O’Shea stars as the legendary figure and Susan Hayward co-stars as his long
suffering wife Charmian. From ocean adventures to escapades in the Klondike, his amazing life is thrillingly
Starring Susan Hayward
(1943) B&W 82 Minutes Unrated

The Fast and the Furious
John Ireland stars as escaped convict Frank Webster, a convicted murderer who is out to prove his innocence. He
kidnaps Connie Adair, who is driving a tuned up muscle car to compete in a rally. She soon overcomes her fear of
her captor when she realizes that he has been driven to desperate measures by circumstance. Soon they become both
lovers and fugitives, hiding from the law and racing for the border under cover of the road race.
Starring John Ireland
(1954) B&W 73 Minutes Unrated

Disc 57, Side B
Two men arrive in Oklahoma to try and bring in an oil gusher, in order to claim a $25,000 prize. Once they’ve
bought their claim, the two men gather a derrick crew to help with the drilling, not knowing that the foreman has a
vendetta against one of the men. Through sabotaging the operation and the underhanded scheming of a confidence
man, the two oil men find themselves in dire straits.
Starring Richard Arlen
(1942) B&W 70 Minutes Unrated

The Uranium Conspiracy
This feature was shot in the midst of some of Europe’s most stunning scenery. The story focuses on the efforts of an
espionage agent, played by Italian heartthrob Fabio Testi, to secure a uranium shipment that has been targeted by an
enemy power.
Starring Fabio Testi
(1978) Color 96 minutes Unrated

Disc 58, Side A
The Swiss Conspiracy
The customers of one of Switzerland's most prestigious banks are being blackmailed, and the bank's President wants
it stopped. It’s time to call in former US Treasury agent David Christopher, who soon uncovers a diabolical
international scheme. He must survive hair-raising car chases and gunfights with the help of the beautiful Denise
with whom he becomes romantically entangled.
Starring David Janssen
(1976) Color 92 Minutes Rated PG

Border Cop
A border cop is trying to deal with a major problem in his patrol area. A major illegal immigrant smuggling ring has
been bringing people across the border from Mexico, to working in sweat shops and slaughter houses, for little wage
and horrible living conditions. The border cop befriends one of the immigrants and decides to help stop the
mistreatment by bringing down the ring leader.
Starring Telly Savalas
(1979) Color 90 Minutes Unrated

Disc 58, Side B
The Black Book
After the French Revolution, the new republic government is formed and an operative of this new government is
sent undercover to infiltrate the inner circle of Robespierre. The agent pretends to be a rogue, like Robespierre, with
the intention of finding a certain black book containing the names of friends and foes alike of the French scoundrel.
This book is vital in bringing down Robespierre and his attempt to take control of France from the new government
and the operative mission places him in the gravest danger, if his identity is revealed.
Starring Robert Cummings
(1949) B&W 89 Minutes Unrated

The White Orchid
An archeologist sets out to explore the jungles of Mexico to find and document the lost civilization of the Toltecs.
An attractive female photographer accompanies the expedition to photograph the findings and falls for the handsome
plantation owner who is guiding the group, although the archeologist has discovered feelings for her. Finding the
ancestors of the Toltecs living in a hidden city, the expedition begins to document them until an accidental death
places them all in great danger.
Starring William Lundigan
(1954) Color 81 Minutes Unrated

Disc 59, Side A
Outpost in Morocco
The commander of a French Foreign Legion outpost is escorting the Emir’s daughter to the palace and arrives to
discover rebellion being plotted by some of the Emir’s men. He learns the rebels plot to overthrow the Emir and
attack his outpost, in order to control the Emir’s lands. The commander must struggle with his need to insure his
garrison is safe and well-protected and his love for the Emir’s daughter and his want to protect her from harm.
Starring George Raft
(1949) B&W 92 Minutes Unrated

Port of New York
A drug smuggler runs his operation through a New York yacht club, spreading his criminal operation through the
use of ocean liners and their staff, to distribute the narcotics. A pair of undercover agents is assigned to track down
the source of the narcotics and bring down the drug ring. To get to the criminals, the agents must go under cover to
infiltrate the gang, which places them in greater peril the closer they get to the ringleader.
Starring Yul Brynner
(1949) B&W 82 Minutes Unrated

Disc 59, Side B
The incomparable Susan Hayward stars as a highly ambitious cattle rancher’s daughter who is out to stop the oil
companies from invading the sleepy Oklahoma town of Tulsa. Ironically, she ends up building her own oil empire
to the dismay of a local geologist played by Robert Preston. Fortunately, the cattlemen and the oilmen learn to work
together for the good of all.
Starring Susan Hayward
(1949) Color 90 Minutes Unrated

At the start of the War of 1812, an American sea captain is charged with running his ship, The Concord, through the
British naval blockade and sailing to France for gold bullion as a war loan. Taking along a former British captain as
first-mate, our captain is unaware that he and some of his recruits for the crew are planning on mutinying and taking
the gold for themselves. Once the gold is stored aboard the Concord and it sets sail for America, the mutineers strike
and assume control. Our captain must now retake the ship and defend it from the British Navy.
Starring Angela Lansbury
(1952) B&W 77 Minutes Unrated

Disc 60, Side A
Winterset was adapted from the successful Broadway play of the same name, with Burgess Meredith, Margo
Ciannelli and Eduardo Ciannelli reprising their roles. Meredith plays the son of an executed political radical, with
Margo Ciannelli portraying the women who loves him and stands by him. Despite being threatened by a mobster
with too much to hide, performed by Eduardo Ciannelli, he tracks down the judge who officiated at his father’s trial
to find him a broken man, ravaged by guilt and alcoholism.
Starring Burgess Meredith
(1936) B&W 77 Minutes Unrated

In Africa during the Second World War, British troops are battling Nazis for control of the continent. In British-held
territory, a commander has few sympathies for the native Arab population and even less for a woman he suspects is
a Nazi collaborator. When the British troops are forced to travel through dangerous territory to confront the
Germans, the commander must rely upon the mysterious woman as a guide for his forces.
Starring Gene Tierney
(1941) B&W 90 Minutes Unrated

Disc 60, Side B
Ransom Money
This crime drama features Broderick Crawford, Gordon Jump and Rachel Romen. A kidnapping scheme involving
millions of dollars is about to take place at the Grand Canyon. Unfortunately, things do not go as planned by the
Starring Broderick Crawford
(1988) Color 84 Minutes

Desert Commandos
At a key point in World War II, five German commandos are assigned to a top secret mission and parachuted into
the Sahara Desert, behind Allied lines. Their assignment is to make their way to Casablanca undetected in order to
assassinate their targets. The Allies top leaders, Roosevelt, Churchill and Stalin, are meeting in secret in order to
work out the details of the Allied assault on Europe. If the commandos succeed in their mission, they could change
the course of the war!
Starring Ken Clark
(1967) Color 96 Minutes Unrated

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