Steven C. Howes
Programming, Analysis, Project Mgmt - Ajax, CGI, DBI, EDI, ETL, HTML, .NET - ASP, C#, VB, RSS, Unix, XML
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                                                PROFESSIONAL SUMMARY

Senior Programmer/Analyst, Front End GUI & Back End Database Applications & Web Developer. Successfully served as Project
Manager/Leader, Shift Supervisor and Lead Developer in a variety of business service fields. Programming strengths lie in the areas
of Visual Basic 6.0 / 7.0 / ASP.NET / C#, .NET Framework & IIS, BBX, C/C++, HTML / XML / WML / CGI, XSLT, Korn/Perl/Unix
Shell/Sed/Awk, Javascript and PHP on various M.S. Windows / NT / XP / CE platforms, Unix based systems and IBM dumb
terminals. Extensive knowledge of several Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) and Extract, Transform/Transport and Load (ETL)
data conversion software packages and methodologies. Enjoy developing Asynchronous Java Script, ASP.NET, XML Document
XSLT (Ajax style) and LAMP (Linux, Apache, MySQL, PHP), WAMP(Windows, Apache, MySQL, PHP/Perl) browser
applications/interfaces. Have intermediate to advanced experiences developing ActionScript, Flash, Flex and Yii XML driven
webpage interfaces. Just recently started working with MacBook Pro and Mac OS(brand new user 2010) along with exposure to
various Open Systems Software Tools like: cURL, GIT, Jira, Zabbix, SOLR/Jettty Indexing and Hadoop.

Also experienced in COBOL II, MVS, ADABAS, DB2, INFORMIX, Ingres, MySQL, ORACLE PL/SQL, PostgresSQL, SYBASE,
NATURAL, SQL Server(SSI), Tandem(TIL) and other mainframe software and database applications and platforms. Wrote several
multi platform applications integrating HTML/XML, Java Script, Perl, CGI, DBI, PHP, SSI and SQL Server Data Transformation
Services tools. Created intricate online real time web page interfaces for various database cursors, views and hashref data lists
displays and utility programs.

                                                   CORE COMPETENCIES

Hardware: Mainframe, Micro, Mini, Altos, Amdahl, CDC, Data General, DEC Alpha, HP, Sun, IBM Series1, IBM / COMPAQ / DELL PC P4,
Tandem Cyclone / Himilayan, Telxon Barcode Scanners, IBM AS400, 4300 - ES9000 & RS/6000, Laptops, Pocket PCs & Smart Phones

Operating Systems: AIX, EDS, JES2/HASP, LINUX, OS/MVS/XA/ESA, OS/400, OS/VS, RTE, Univac 1100, UNIX, XENIX, OS/2 WARP, DOS,
POWER, WINDOWS 3.1 / 95 / NT / 98 / 2000 / XP / CE / Vista, 7.0, OS / 370 / 390

Data Communications: CICS (Command), DTS, EDI, Ethernet, ETL, LAN, Procomm+, Reflections, Roscoe, SNA/SDLC, SMTP, SOAP, TINYTERM,
TCP/IP, Token Ring, QManager, Attachmate, VAN, WIN, WAN, WAP, X12

File Management: BTAM, ISAM, KSAM, NFS, Pathway, File Stream, Serialized & De-Serialized, RDF / RSS / XML, TAL,

PC Products: AutoCAD, Lotus Notes, PCAnywhere, Visual Basic Interdev 6, Visual Studio 2003/2005/2008, Win 3.1– 2000/ME/CE/XP/Vista/7.0, Office
Suite, MOSS 2007, WSS 3.0, SharePoint Portal Server 2003, SharePoint Designer 2007, MS InfoPath 2007, Cognos, NetMeeting, Active Reports, Crystal
Reports, Powerbuilder 6.5-11.5, X-Windows, FoxPro 6, MindMapper, Macromedia Dreamweaver MX 2004, Nokia SDK, Sybase ECMap, IBM DataStage
TX/Ascential Mercator EDI Mapper,WinWap, UltraEdit 32

Productivity: CA/UCC 1, 7 & 11, ACF2, SACL, RACF, ADR, Condor, Exec, File-Aid, Librarian, SCLM, Panvelet, RMS, TSO / SPF / PDF,
CSP, TeamPlayer, IQ Navigator, Outlook Calendar/Tasks & Project, MindJet MindManager X5/6, IIS & .NET Framework Beta 1.0 – 3.5/Compact 4.0

Databases: Access, Adabas, ADR-Datacom, BBX, Borland Database Engine, Condor, Dbase3/4/5/FoxPro, DB2, Informix 7.2/9.3/10, Ingres, MS-Jet,
MySQL, Oracle 8i-11g, Paradox, Pervasive, PostgresSQL, Progress, Prolog 6/6.5, SQL Server 7/2000/2005/2008, Sybase 11/12

Languages: ASL, Assembler, Basic, BBX, C/C++/C#, COBOL II, CLIST, Forte, Forth, Fortran, DHTML/WML/XML, Infobasic, Java/Jscript, JCL,
Natural, Pascal, Perl/CGI, PHP, Pick/E/English, REXX, PL/SQL, SQL, UNIX/Korn Shell, Stored Procs, TAL, TAOS, T-SQL, VB 6.0/.NET/VBA,.XSLT

Methodologies: Agile, Cycle Counting, eXtreme Programming, FIFO / LIFO, Gordon Graham, MindJet / MindManager, MRE, PMP, RAD, Real Time,
RUP, SCRUM, SDLC, SDM, Six Sigma DMAIC, Test First


*                    * HOWES-IT-GOING, St. Louis, MO – (click graphic)                                        Oct 02 – Present
W-2 & 1099 Contractor / Project Manager / Senior Programmer/Analyst / Technical Lead / Web Application Developer
   Independently Own and Designed domain/portal Personally maintain all Web Pages, Content,
    POP3 Email, SMTP & FTP Servers and all Web Site Traffic and Administration. Independent Contracting. (10/02 – Present).
   Reserved/Created ICANN Domain Registrations. Designed/Developed Web Pages, Web Services and Content for E-Bay
    Sales, various Small to Large-Sized Companies using C#, VB.NET, ASP.NET, Perl/CGI/DBI, PHP, MySQL, LAMP, AJAX,
    JavaScript, XML Sitemap and Search Engine Optimization, PayPal Payment Gateway and (06/06 -- Present).
   Sr. Quality Assurance Developer for Backend Database Support Systems processing Automated Testing and Performance
    Monitoring of Search Engine Marketing firm data. Team Member in a fast paced Daily Systems Change Approval Board
    meetings format shop; consisting of Development Teams, QA Testers, Marketing, Operations, System Admins and
    Installations. Wrote, debugged and maintained linux shell scripts, PHP programs, MySQL queries, Jira and GIT for source
    code control CABs and Zabbix for systems Performance Monitoring graphs and error logs. (11/10 – Present)
   Webpage/Web Service Developer interfacing several Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud (EC2) virtual machine images and the
    Google App Engine platform. Learned and Developed dynamic ActionScript, Flash .SWF, FLEX, XML driven website content.
    Online Home Improvement Store E-Commerce and CSM web pieces written in LAMP, Flex/Yii and XML. (10/09 – Present)
   Sr. Programmer Analyst, Objects Model Designer with 4 Team Members in Web Interface Design and Enhancements – LAMP,
    Moodle, M.V.C. and Open Source Systems for a Real Estate Education Courses Start Up Company. (08/09 – 10/09)

                                 PHONE: (314) 426-0485  CELL: (314) 341-8885
                                  EMAIL: STEVE.HOWES@HOWES-IT-GOING.COM
                                  WEB SITE: HTTP://WWW.HOWES-IT-GOING.COM
                                                                               Steven C. Howes
Programming, Analysis, Project Mgmt - Ajax, CGI, DBI, EDI, ETL, HTML, .NET - ASP, C#, VB, RSS, Unix, XML
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   Developed LAMP(Linux, Apache, MySQL and Perl/PHP/Python) and Ajax(asynchronous javascript and xml) programs for
    cross browser interface applications servicing Liturgical Bible Publishing and online Christian internet systems. (07/08 – 06/09)
   Maintained/Enhanced a Mortgage Processing Portal and Document Management System. A portal for agents of a startup
    foreclosure mortgage processing company to view and enter information required to process a mortgage from loan origination
    through closing. BizTalk Server 2004, ASP.NET, C#, XML Web Services, SOAP Extensions, SQL Server. (07/08 – 12/08)
   Created a PowerBuilder 10 - 11.5 DataWindow.NET front end application for an Internet Recruiting Firm’s Oracle 10g/11g
    database system. Migrated various PowerBuilder 8.0 ODBC, Web.PB, Data Windows, Queries, Global Functions, Structures
    and Library Modules. PowerScript Language envoked event driven commands and functions across several User Object
    Modules, Controls, Menus & Windows. Performed Insert, Update and Delete of processed Employee/Job Applicant
    Information, Job Openings and Bidding Systems. (10/07 – 07/08)
   Sr. Application Architect creating unix ssh keygen digital certificates and rsync failover processes. Created IBM DataStage TX
    7.5 - X12 850, 867 EDI Maps with Email and Attachments utilities. Updated PureFTP application code and PGP Encryption
    routines in perl and korn shell scripts for Express Scripts and Curascript. Wrote automated spreadsheet macros and mailbox
    rules/alerts. (06/07 – 09/07)
   Worked for CPA firm writing C# and VB.NET Windows applications to create Client’s: IRS W-2, 1099 and 2006 Tax Returns.
    Used U.S. Federal, Missouri and Illinois State .PDF Document Templates for Input and Output Layouts. (12/06 – 06/07)
   C# ASP.NET Web Application Developer for Maritz - American Express Membership Rewards Team. Worked on Rewards
    Online Maintenance Tool, Web Catalog, USMR and SQL Server Database Synchronization, Multiple SQL Server DTS Local
    Packages and Agent Jobs. Non standard Shopping Cart Web Service Digital Signature Certificates .PFX used with .WSDL,
    .DISCO, UTF-8 Encrypted SOAP extensions, web.config files and WebTier Services. (04/06 – 06/06).
   Sr. Extract, Transform and Load (ETL) Application Developer for a new Sears Portrait Studios Digital Imaging Manufacturing
    Data Mart Informix 10 and SQL Server 2000 environment. Used Business Objects Data Integrator XI, SQL Server Enterprise
    Manager, Dbaccess and other tools for creating ETL Batch Jobs, Work Flows, Data Flows and Data Stores. Team Member in
    the detail design of MFG Data Mart Dimension, Staging and Fact Tables. (07/05 – 02/06).
   Team Member in the Requirements Gathering, Detail Design and Coding of a Web Based Tasking Collaborative Mechanism in
    an VB.NET and C# ASP.NET application. Subcontracted for Northrop Grumman MS at Scott AFB, IL. Wrote/debugged
    Oracle 10g Stored Procedure Packages using Toad and OEM; invoked by XML Data Readers and Web Grid Repeaters. All
    Web Forms and Services developed in the Visual Studio 2003 IDE. (09/04 – 05/05).
   Developed NCPDPv5.1 Claims Requests, Reversals and Responses handling 1 Million Express Scripts’ D.O.D. Pharmacy
    Claims Transactions each day using Mercator/DataStage 5.0 & 6.5 IDE. Designed Unix/C Shell pgms to report failed data
    mappings. Also fine tuned and supported complex X12 837 Transaction Sets Super Map Application. (01/04 - 06/04).

Technologies: IBM, Dell, Toshiba, Windows 98/NT/2000/XP/CE/Vista, Visual Studio 2003/2005/2008, MS Office Suite,
Informix, SQL Server 7/2000/2005/2008, Visual Basic 6.0/.NET/AppForge, Java, Perl, Pocket PC 2000/2002, Ultra Edit32,
XML/DTD/XSLT, IE, C#, VB.Net, ASP.NET, BizTalk, DTS, EDI, ETL, Ethernet, MS Access, Oracle 8i-11g Packages, TOAD,
SOAP, SMTP, RSS Feeds/Readers/Subscriptions, IIS & .NET Framework 1.0-3.5/Compact 4.0, MindJet MindManager X5, Six
Sigma Dashboard, Business Objects Data Integrator XI, Crystal Reports 6-XI, IBM Data Stage TX – Mercator EDI Mapper 5.0
– 7.5, Unix Korn Shell, SSH Keygen, RSYNC, PureFTP, PHP, MySQL, Electronic Commerce, Web Pages, Web Interfaces,
Web Services, MOSS 2007, WSS 3.0, SharePoint Portal Server 2003, SharePoint Designer 2007, MS InfoPath 2007,
PowerBuilder 6.5/7.0/8.0, PowerScript Language, PowerDesigner, PowerSite, LAMP(Linux, Apache, MySQL and
Perl/PHP/Python), Ajax(asynchronous javascript and xml), NuSphere Pro 5.8 PHP IDE, WinSCP 4.1.9 SSH & SCP PuTTY
0.60, Navicat Lite 8.2.11 Database Management, SQLyog MySQL GUI v8.13, ActionScript, Flash, Flex/Yii, Google App, EC2,
MacBook Pro / Mac OS(brand new user 2010), DB Visualizer, Jira, Zabbix, cURL, SOLR/Jetty, Hadoop


*                    * TEK SYSTEMS, St. Louis, MO                                                                  Aug 00 – Aug 03
Senior Programmer / Analyst / Project Leader – (click graphic)

*                 * J. NORMAN CONSULTING INC., St. Louis, MO                                                        Mar 98 – Aug 00
Senior Programmer / Analyst EDI – (click graphic)

*                * MERCY HEALTH PLANS, Chesterfield, MO                                                             Sep 97 – Jan 98
Systems Analyst / Programmer – (click graphic)

*        * LOWERY SYSTEMS INC., Fenton, MO                                                                          Oct 96 – Aug 97
Systems Engineer – (click graphic)

*                    * PROGRAMMING MANAGEMENT SOLUTIONS INC., Chesterfield, MO                                      Apr 96 – Sep 96
Programmer / Analyst/Team Leader – (click graphic)

*                 * HUTTIG SASH & DOOR, Chesterfield, MO                                                            Mar 94 – Apr 96
Programmer / Analyst – (click graphic)

                               PHONE: (314) 426-0485  CELL: (314) 341-8885
                                EMAIL: STEVE.HOWES@HOWES-IT-GOING.COM
                                WEB SITE: HTTP://WWW.HOWES-IT-GOING.COM
                                                                        Steven C. Howes
Programming, Analysis, Project Mgmt - Ajax, CGI, DBI, EDI, ETL, HTML, .NET - ASP, C#, VB, RSS, Unix, XML
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*          * MAY COMPANY, St. Louis, MO                                                                  Apr 92 – Feb 94
Production Control Analyst / Supervisor, Level 3 Programmer – (click graphic)

*            * UNITED VAN LINES, Fenton, MO                                                              Mar 90 – Apr 92
Senior Computer Operations Specialist – (click graphic)

*         * MASTERCARD INTL., St. Louis, MO                                                              Feb 89 – Mar 90
Main Console Computer Operator – (click graphic)

*            * US ARMY, Alabama, Germany                                                                 Apr 84 – Dec 88
Computer Machine Operator / Shift Supervisor / Programmer – (click graphic)


                   Continuing Education Program - Micro Computer Science Programming: Microsoft .NET, C#
                               UMSL Chancellor’s Certificate Program University of Missouri-St. Louis.

            A.A. Program, 1984(3.75 G.P.A) - Computer Science / Mathematics - B.S. Program, 1988(3.5 G.P.A.)
               Columbia College/ University of Maryland/ U.S. Army - Huntsville, AL and Schwetzingen, Germany


        Microsoft Certified: Solution Developer - MCSD VB 6.0 & .NET, Professional, Plus Internet - MCP/+ Internet
                                    Microsoft Certified Technical Specialist (MOSS2007)
                     National Computer Science Academy: – CP 400 HTML 4.0, – CP 420 JavaScript
 Brain Bench Certified: Internet Technology Fundamentals, Web Dev Concepts, CSS2, Active Server Pages, ASP.NET, C#
                                      EC Council Certified Ethical Hacker CEH 312-50

                              *                                                          *

                             PHONE: (314) 426-0485  CELL: (314) 341-8885
                              EMAIL: STEVE.HOWES@HOWES-IT-GOING.COM
                              WEB SITE: HTTP://WWW.HOWES-IT-GOING.COM

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