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Davenport-Perth Neighborhood Centre was formed about 25 years ago by the

city of Toronto to assist and support the low income people living in the west

end area. The centre is unique in that it provides two kinds of services to the

community that it serve. It is neighborhood centre and a community health

centre as well. The neighborhood centre is a non-profit organization while the

community health centre provides primary care for clients.

The Catchment Areas:      As shown in the diagram below Davenport-Perth

Neighborhood Centre serve Rogers Rd, Old Weston Rd and St Clair Ave W to

the north. To the south Bloor St W, Symington Ave, Dupont, and Dufferin, to

the East Ossignton Ave and Alberta Ave and to the West the Railway lines

towards the Junction area.
Mission:      “Davenport-Perth Neighborhood Centre supports people in its
neighborhood, especially those who face economic and/or social barriers, to
enrich their lives and the life of the community. The centre does this by
working in partnership with local residents and organizations to develop a
range of community, health, and social support initiatives that are responsive
to local needs and opportunities. They strengthen individuals and groups
through cooperative action that addresses the political, social, economic,
cultural, and spiritual life of this neighborhood.” (

The services provided by the centre are the followings:

Community Health Centers (CHCs):          As a non-profit organization that

provide primary health and health promotion programs for individuals,

families and communities. The health centre work with individuals,

families and communities to strengthen their capacity to take more

responsibility for their health and wellbeing, and provide education and

advice on helping families. The health centre has just received funding to

expand and build a new medical facility to expand their work within the


 Children Services

The Davenport-Perth Ontario Early Years Centre is a place where parents

and caregivers can bring their young children to play, get answers to

parenting questions, and find information on programs and services.
Children can participate in preschool activities that support their growth

and development. The Centre offers a variety of programs in different

locations across the Davenport community.

      Services Include: Early learning drop-in programs for
       parents/caregivers and children

      Parenting programs in Tamil, Portuguese, Mandarin and Spanish

      Parent education and support groups

      Health programs such as dietitian visits and public health nurses

      A pregnancy / pre-natal nutrition program

      Preschool programs that help children get ready for kindergarten

      Information and links to other services in the community

      Parent for actions now

      Ready for school connect: Ready for School Connects is a program for
       newcomers and their children to help ease the transition to school in

      Summer day programs for children between age 6 – 12 years old in
       March and July to August

Youth Services

Davenport-Perth Neighborhood Centre’s Youth Services provide service for
young person between 10-24 years of age. Youth can get involved in lots of
projects building their leader ship skills and get involved in your community.

      Free workshops,
      Community arts, cultural and recreational programs,
      Girls night out for girls 13 and 14 years old
      Youth leadership program
      Sassy for girls’ age 11 to 12 years old. “The program aims to develop
       communication and conflict resolution skills, provide anti-oppression
       training, social supports, and build self-esteem through the use of
       popular education, arts, and workshops.” (

      Wize-up (an after-school program, that provides homework assistance,
       and academic support)

      Training programs and volunteer opportunities!

Adult Services

The adult services provided by the DPNC community programs include:

      job search
      Upgrading literacy skills,
      nutritious meals and the opportunity to meet others in the community,
      Street Out-reach,
      Drop-Ins
      Settlement and Community Arts.

      Crisis Intervention

      Training programs and volunteer opportunities!

Seniors:    The centre provided services to individual from age 55 upwards
living within the catchment area, the services provided include:

      Fitness and wellness program for both men and women age 55+
      Community dining
      Arts program
      Music ( Voices from the scratch)
      Social group in different languages
      Monthly outings

Newcomer can access a variety of programs and services at the Davenport-
Perth Neighborhood Centre, such as:

     Getting help to look for work by attending Newcomer Job Search

     Meeting with a Settlement Counselor to support immigration and
      settlement issues

     Ready for School Connects help parents learn more about the Canadian
      school system and how to help their children prepare for school.

     Training programs and volunteer opportunities!
As each group did their presentation what stand out for me were women issues, poverty,
teenage pregnancy, problem facing new comers and refugees.
The Adam house is a unique place that provide shelter for refugees and new comers to Canada
for up to one year which give the new comers a piece of mind that they are not homeless in a
new country especially when they are coming from war torn country.
The different organizations and community centers like Davenport-Perth neighborhood centre,
Sistering, Immigration settlement adult program and Yonge Catholic Mission that provide
services like English as a second language and computer training program for adult. Thus allowing
new comers to retrain and volunteer to get the work experience they need in getting a job in
Canada, and helping to write up resume, prepare them with interview skills to meet the
Canadian standard is a great help towards job readiness in their new home. I like the idea of
Yonge Catholic Mission and Rosalie Hall providing scholarship for youth towards their college or
university education. This way letting them know that they are not alone in their struggle and
having a good education is the way out of the poverty circle.

All these information will help us as new ECE educators in working with family as most of the
time new comers’ first place of visit is to school and day care centers where they register their
children in order for them to go out and get a job to support their family. We can provide them
with advice and suggestions as to where to go and connect with services that they need.

As one of the presenter doing the Immigration settlement adult program said “she said I wish
that I have this kind of information when I was new to Canada.”

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